Cabin Fever Makes Me CRAZY - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious antics of Appsro and the gang, then you'...
Cabin Fever Makes Me CRAZY - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
Cabin Fever Makes Me CRAZY - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Cabin Fever Makes Me CRAZY - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that Cabin Fever Makes Me CRAZY video? It's my absolute favorite!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one cracks me up every time! I mean, who wouldn't go crazy being stuck in a cabin in The Long Dark?

neebs: Exactly! All work and no play make Appsro a dull boy, right?

appsro: Haha, you got that right! But hey, at least we can always watch that video to keep us entertained, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious antics of Appsro and the gang, then you're gonna love this latest video. It's all about balancing work and play, and let's just say Appsro might need a little reminder of that!

In this video, we see Appsro getting caught up in the daily grind, but his friends are quick to get him back on track with some much-needed fun and games. As always, the chemistry between the Neebs Gaming crew is on point, and you can't help but crack a smile as they navigate through their latest adventure.

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put it right here10.6393.54
and I would love to get back outside oh14.465.28
I'm already warm look at that17.6994.521
put my head back outside19.747.22
cool that wind died down a bit22.228.2
here we go survey set26.966.939
oh what30.426.0
hot thing you got a good day33.8994.5
yeah all right all right get out and36.425.159
explore hmm where should I go38.3995.16
I'm just waiting on you know how's the41.5793.181
I could go back and look at the lake44.765.119
remember when I got lost46.863.019
gorgeous night here53.765.959
except for the damn wolves poking around55.444.279
all right63.2392.601
we've got balls inside yep67.827.68
oh God there we go all right come on oh72.085.88
crap I tore some clothes75.55.799
not kill it77.964.9
how many of them around around me right81.2992.941
no the gun didn't kill it84.244.82
close did he tear86.9395.241
looks like everything's okay89.066.46
it's ruined92.186.1
okay oh that might have been my scarf95.526.32
okay I can deal with that98.283.56
I'm pretty good right now oh I see that118.564.58
deer again I think120.784.32
I feel like I'm in a place where I don't123.144.36
even need to shoot it because uh125.15.659
I got food you know127.53.259
I was here135.482.839
there's some of those docks I found when138.722.879
it was foggy140.284.26
oh hey buddy there you go be careful141.5994.681
if you fall in the ice don't keep moving144.544.08
three times146.284.98
like a dummy148.624.979
all right now I do remember seeing in151.264.619
this little opening in the rocks153.5994.681
maybe there's something back here abstra155.8794.921
like a river yeah there's like the158.285.58
little small mouth of the lake that160.86.079
turns into a river163.863.019
what if this was the leash for a dog I170.0993.481
found a dog house171.9593.78
and then like a little pole with a173.583.9
it looks like a pulley and a rope thing175.7394.021
in the middle yeah might have been for177.484.259
the dog dog leash179.765.04
yeah anything in the dog house nothing181.7394.921
nothing yeah I was hoping to be some dog184.83.48
food in there all right all right I'm186.664.68
gonna go in here I need wood that's what188.285.7
I'm doing I just grabbed some I am191.345.039
on a wood Mission yep that's what I'm193.986.119
doing today so let's see chairs 38196.3795.531
minutes come on baby200.0993.841
my Karen203.944.56
oh yeah what does that mean205.85.1
oh there's a rope208.53.78
look at that210.94.199
okay gonna climb it yeah I think so212.287.2
how's my everything's good right215.0996.78
I'm good I didn't climb this219.484.5
yeah I'm climbing it221.8795.0
here goes223.982.899
yep okay oh that's making my making me229.7996.3
tired isn't it234.123.48
uh yeah a little bit236.0993.601
that should be all right it's going down239.74.58
easier I hope I think so241.265.339
you know what I don't think there's much244.283.7
up here but I don't have a bed roll on246.5992.461
found the candy bar249.067.039
further episode here it goes251.364.739
ah spring risk there we go257.067.359
all right oh man I'm so tired now261.187.4
there's another road oh God really yeah264.4197.141
oh I just ran into this rope and I268.584.96
thought I'd take a look271.564.56
and I'm starting to wish I didn't273.543.9
apparently I didn't search these276.123.54
cabinets before I just found some decent277.443.78
nothing in the oven though we got a281.223.84
fridge I don't even search this kitchen283.1994.321
before I'm a Nut what's wrong with you I285.064.38
don't know what's wrong with me so I'm287.524.679
gonna survey from right here289.446.62
if nothing else I can do that292.1993.861
was off that way299.884.2
that way I'm worried about getting down304.082.66
though right now305.223.18
because my eyeballs are like308.44.31
red you know311.343.78
so you think I can climb back down this317.463.56
I don't think I do334.9792.901
I'm down that road oh wait what about338.6395.221
an energy bar341.44.92
I think it actually gives343.866.8
you fake news I'm doing it either way346.324.34
come on351.4793.961
all right I think I got a good chunk of353.124.72
wood I didn't find some food in here I'm355.445.4
leaving this house about energy drink357.845.34
energy drink should give you energy yes360.844.68
and I'm not risking this imagine I fell363.184.019
off this rope and that's it365.522.58
I'm dragging it368.13.659
here we go369.64.439
oh yeah there we go371.7594.38
oh man now I can climb the next one but374.0393.541
no I'm not376.1393.681
I'm coming back for this377.584.2
all right379.826.219
tragedy averted good job babes381.788.34
right I got 16 pieces of reclaimed wood386.0395.521
that's not gonna last me for a little390.125.22
while yeah I will okay so now I need391.566.359
food I did I picked up a little bit395.344.5
I'm gonna shout out on some salty397.9195.12
crackers 600 calories399.843.199
it doesn't seem like a lot you got403.1993.301
plenty of water405.365.24
oh yeah I'm good on water okay406.54.1
oh boy temperature okay gotta go411.845.1
hey rabbit you want to race oh I think414.844.38
I'm faster I'm faster than this rabbit416.944.199
holy crap419.224.36
shamed I only got two legs421.1393.961
just step outside see if I see anything425.14.52
kill for food426.5393.081
I need something429.93.56
wolves about435.3194.72
I'll eat some more meat oh dude I see a437.6994.861
wolf immediately yes440.0396.5
oh all right I'll take you442.563.979
come here455.366.22
get your hair at your face got him457.6397.201
all right all right461.583.26
be at the top of that rope I mean I'm467.343.419
looking back here from a distance and I469.022.94
just see like470.7593.66
just rock I don't know471.966.44
really what could be worth it up there474.4193.981
yo all right got a good chunk of wolf479.583.959
so that'll keep me fed oh man do I still483.5394.56
have the risk of parasites that's485.946.86
getting higher four percent now yeah488.0994.701
so funny494.6995.421
left the nasty ones yeah496.1393.981
like Pages that'd be a better name for500.524.88
this Lake502.9792.421
Peaches I like it oh where oh [ __ ]507.89.039
little scavenger516.83911.17
oh crap what'd you do I got intestinal528.245.7
I didn't even eat these things yet what533.945.579
does that work uh because I had a four537.423.9
percent chance to get it already oh no539.5193.661
that's not good541.323.18
um all right so what does this mean543.184.68
intestinal parasites okay antibiotics544.55.82
10 doses of547.864.74
10 of 10 doses550.323.72
or some552.64.739
tea oh God my cabin fever risk I still554.044.26
don't know what that means that's the557.3392.101
most [ __ ]558.33.12
thing I need to stay indoors because I559.443.839
got intestinal parasites is all I can561.424.02
eat [ __ ] wolf meat563.2795.341
that don't work out no at all565.444.92
let's see I think it's freshy tea I568.623.18
might need570.363.539
okay I'll warm up some resched tea was571.83.78
it Russian tea or herbal tea what have I573.8994.921
got here I got a lot of herbal tea575.585.939
ton of herbal tea not a lot of rushy tea578.824.079
do I have any581.5194.681
more reshi mushrooms can I make582.8995.961
it isn't good it isn't good three591.05.64
minutes until many oh boy what about my593.2796.381
antibiotic situation596.643.02
all right maybe we'll go ahead and use600.484.52
those on that602.2792.721
drink some of this yep let's do that607.825.76
maybe that'll help614.043.6
what are we looking at here intestinal615.8993.901
parasites we're warming up nine of ten617.645.04
doses I gotta take619.85.46
that many antibiotics in fact the game622.683.839
right now have an intestinal parasite625.263.54
everybody multiple daily treatments you626.5193.721
will continue to weaken until treatment628.84.979
has run its full course maximum one dose630.246.06
per day oh God633.7794.441
oh god names636.33.42
this ain't good638.223.78
thanks again no this thing's good I got639.725.34
intestinal parasites okay I can't I642.06.12
can't eat any more of this wolf meat645.065.16
or could I like now that I already got648.124.58
it or is that just gonna make it worse650.224.98
all the other treatment I'm doing no652.74.06
that sounds like what usually happens655.23.42
when you're not supposed to eat656.763.1
something okay658.622.64
all right now I gotta think661.263.56
I feel like I want to scour all those664.824.54
other houses around me for any more uh667.0795.221
do I have any antibiotics here no672.33.9
there's a medical cabinet over here I674.643.3
just realized there's a little timer up676.23.06
here in the left corner when you're677.943.3
adding wood to the fire that makes it679.264.38
easier doesn't it yeah681.245.64
you probably knew that all the time683.644.86
yeah the top tells you how long it's686.884.26
gonna I just learned see 39 minutes do688.54.44
this air fuel691.143.9
56 yeah692.943.48
the whole time they thought of695.043.359
I'm tempted to eat this wolf meat698.3993.62
I mean I already have the parasite so702.9593.961
that does it take longer to go away the704.823.66
um I don't know all right I'm gonna I'm708.483.68
gonna try because that's 800 calories710.645.72
let's see what this does okay712.164.2
okay net reverted or anything717.484.5
okay no still got nine out of ten doses719.943.06
so yeah you know what I'm getting721.982.16
completely full723.03.3
feet up on that stuff huh yeah may as724.144.68
well already got the parasites726.34.8
yeah maybe as we'll do that728.824.44
because now oh man I'm worried about my731.15.479
health like if I sleep733.263.319
what else is what else bothering me737.163.84
spraying with Cabin Fever oh no I gotta739.143.0
get out otherwise I'm gonna go crazy741.03.24
Cabin Fever742.145.24
okay 54 minutes 54 minutes744.246.0
what time is it Sun's going down747.385.94
God all right750.243.08
God I should have started cooking these756.723.299
all right I'll wait a little bit until758.73.86
they're done760.0192.541
take that off put these over here for763.14.859
emergency later765.8995.221
and the sun going down ah is it too late767.9596.221
to go up try to kill a deer771.124.68
regular meat774.183.54
I gotta get out otherwise I'm gonna get775.83.659
Cabin Fever777.723.359
oh ridiculous thing okay still a little779.4592.701
light out781.0794.101
we'll go deer hunting782.163.02
there I go I'll just look in the corner787.1397.921
26 35 43. it's great man the guy that789.187.86
decided to put numbers up there that's795.065.339
the man or woman right797.046.239
yeah been there the whole time bad fuel800.3995.221
that's like a car telling you how fast803.2793.961
you're going just by looking at the you805.624.1
know dashboard807.242.48
okay there's no deer out here hey what813.33.96
I'm gonna do I'm gonna go into a lot of815.6393.901
these houses that have been in before817.263.72
let's check their medicine cabinets see819.542.94
if I have any extra antibiotics because820.983.539
I think I'm gonna need them822.483.659
and I know I've passed up a lot of824.5193.06
antibiotics because I was like oh I826.1393.301
don't need these right now827.5795.721
now I'm in a situation where I do829.443.86
leave me alone well leave me alone833.364.32
go to this one I'll go to this one fine837.725.22
ground it yeah being crowd at840.543.75
stupid Mighty [ __ ]842.9413.399
nothing in these houses over here neebs856.3396.161
it sucks man yeah no antibiotics there859.564.98
are a few more though around I wish you862.53.899
were here I got antibiotics I got864.544.799
plantar fuel I got I got a good chunk866.3996.0
but I guess I need to take one every day869.3395.94
nine of them that's insane nine872.3994.641
you gotta take nine antibiotics that's877.045.099
what it told me879.422.719
you can also treat it with some rushy883.262.28
well there you go you can find some885.544.02
mushrooms I think886.925.76
that's a promise herbal tea I need to889.565.1
look at that again892.684.74
I'm gonna come over to this house894.664.859
see if there's any medicine cabinets in897.424.76
here I missed899.5192.661
all right I managed to get a decent914.04.54
night's sleep memes yeah yeah you know916.83.899
better uh not really still got this918.544.02
parasite thing so I think what I need to920.6993.301
do today922.563.36
do I have much food on me no I need to924.03.36
grab some food I'm gonna go out and look925.924.02
for mushrooms mushrooms yeah cause those927.365.039
rescue mushrooms they uh they will929.944.86
hopefully help heal these parasites932.3994.74
let's see grab a little bit of food for934.84.38
the road937.1393.721
I don't want to work on that coat so bad939.183.599
but uh I'm also worried about this Cabin940.863.9
Fever thing so yeah I just need to spend942.7794.141
a day out and about doing stuff944.765.16
hopefully no wolves no bears946.924.919
let me look at my map what if I've951.8393.8
discovered mushrooms somewhere already953.5194.861
oh yeah okay down there where are we at955.6395.32
we're right here the town side so yeah I958.384.139
just need to walk down the road to those960.9596.081
cottages and I can get mushrooms962.5194.521
made it over to the cabin yeah and I970.045.64
already see some mushrooms972.543.14
a ton of reshi tea so I bite off some976.627.82
oh you're not gonna kill me yet game984.447.69
I got up early this morning993.484.14
oh there's my deer again995.4594.68
he's an early bird too there he goes997.624.5
he's out for a jog1000.1393.571
good morning jog1002.123.6
well you know I'm still waiting on my1005.725.4
stuff to cure right but I haven't1008.065.76
searched this area too much1011.124.8
it's kind of back where I came in1013.825.04
through that train tunnel okay1015.924.8
and then down this hill where I got wood1018.864.32
the other day1020.724.859
and we're cool or not okay I'm just1023.184.56
gonna go and map stuff out yeah probably1025.5794.26
should map a little something out I1027.743.66
doubt the visibility is too good right1029.8393.681
let's get some cold1033.8194.6
mooseberg's right over there though hey1036.43.279
you stay away from me wolf I'm not1038.4193.181
carrying anything on me unless you like1039.6792.571
there we go open up the map a little1044.3195.681
more okay so I came in here I went up1047.05.76
here I did that1050.06.78
I haven't mapped any of that okay1052.765.52
let's head down this hill see what we1056.783.68
tell you what these wolves must know I1064.43.6
live here1066.143.84
every time I come home there's like a1068.04.44
few of them hanging around1069.983.6
all right I'm gonna just book it for the1072.443.0
yep nope they can get me going straight1075.445.599
on the door idiot1078.142.899
fool okay1083.4194.441
oh I really want to work on this stuff1086.123.72
but anyway yeah these parasites let's1087.863.78
see all right let's1089.844.44
make some reshi tea1091.645.46
where do I do that that would be yes1094.287.019
prepared reshi mushrooms1097.16.74
all right1101.2992.541
let's see I got some rose hip D I'm1109.2994.061
gonna heat up1112.0392.88
I'm Gonna Stand by this fire for a1113.363.54
get my temperature back up and keep1116.94.019
man it's nice being up this early oh I1120.9195.101
see some birds1123.863.9
what are you excited about that I wonder1126.023.659
if I can get over there and not get lost1127.764.58
and come back1129.6792.661
right but also maybe I should paint a1135.25.96
one of these confirm that1141.53.5
I'll do one of these1145.224.2
like it you're thinking man it might1150.083.06
okay get this tea oh yeah T's ready all1153.146.06
right I'm gonna get my temperature all1157.344.5
the way up before I go though1159.25.76
all right so now I have one two three1161.846.12
four resheties1164.965.7
I think I gotta drink one of them a day1167.966.3
so that on top of the1170.666.36
four more antibiotics I have I1174.265.82
might be able to find more tea as I go1177.024.68
something is chewing into my health pool1180.083.92
parasites I don't think it's a parasite1184.283.899
so I hope it's not the parasites what1186.54.799
else would it be yeah I don't know1188.1795.281
okay I feel like I should run for it I1191.2994.321
got a knife I'm gonna wait but it's kind1193.464.74
of getting foggier as I go you know1195.625.34
maybe I just take this tea oh crap it1198.24.68
what it had like three minutes left I1200.963.959
turned around it was gone1202.884.08
you gotta be kidding me earn something1204.9194.081
man I was watching it like a hawk I1206.964.26
turned for two seconds I'm not a very1209.04.5
astute Hawk are you yeah whoever does1211.225.459
time in this game is on something1213.55.1
that was insane I don't have a problem1216.6793.301
with it1218.63.12
it was like five minutes oh look at the1219.984.319
birds and look back it's burnt no you1221.724.74
did something it's crazy that was my one1224.2994.801
job was to look at that t and wait for1226.465.66
it to get you know close to burned1229.15.939
ah I swear well there's two timers right1232.124.24
because then when you first put it on it1235.0392.401
if I take a t no the tea was just heated1237.445.46
it was like just ah I'm too mad I'm just1239.664.28
all right go for it that should not have1243.944.8
I'm gonna get Cabin Fever like this this1248.745.02
bar keeps going up and I was just1251.63.72
outside half the day and it's not going1253.765.039
down so I guess it's just gonna happen I1255.326.66
guess you just have oh whoa oh we got a1258.7994.801
wolf we got a wolf who's coming in1261.984.079
strong and where the birds are1263.65.64
and don't be a hero1266.0597.201
I don't mean to fight you today1269.245.939
you can walk away I'm just here to see1273.264.7
what the birds are doing1275.1792.781
we're the birds what are they circling1279.56.179
he's not gonna let this go abstra they1283.283.779
usually don't1285.6793.781
birds are right there what are they I1287.0594.62
bet there's somebody1289.465.06
I gotta do this1291.6792.841
here he comes1295.525.399
there we go nice names1297.946.4
sir this didn't have to happen1300.9195.701
okay Birds1304.344.68
what is it1306.627.039
they're right here oh that's a body1309.024.639
Max is up soda yeah1314.5396.421
mix up for burning my tea I think1318.444.2
thanks for the soda Birds1320.965.249
Kevin free for risk is is at 99 percent1329.0597.081
have you been outside all day1333.145.279
no I've been inside all day1336.144.2
I can't go outside outside today I'm1338.4195.88
like let's do it oh yeah right okay1340.346.3
that is the biggest [ __ ] I find it1344.2995.941
here I'm happy in here Cabin Fever1346.645.17
I want to work on things1350.243.96
I've never experienced Cabin Fever in1354.24.02
this game so I have done I do not know1356.124.86
oh there it is I got Cabin Fever1358.224.74
right so1360.985.04
what does that do1362.965.4
not sleep indoors for 24 hours spend1366.023.28
some time what1368.364.74
side okay you will be unable to sleep1373.15.6
indoors for 24 hours what1375.986.6
fine I'll go sleep in a car that is1378.78.4
ridiculous Cabin Fever I'm happy in here1382.587.32
yeah I don't like that one I don't like1387.16.42
the tea thing anyway right1389.93.62
good dude oh I can't see in here now1424.225.939
it's night time all right I'm gonna go1427.525.279
outside and uh I'm gonna go sleep in a1430.1595.101
car oh good thing your boots are done1432.7994.26
there we go find my way to the door1437.0595.641
sounds nice out there tonight pop out of1439.584.32
you need to just build a fire next to1443.92.7
the car1445.584.4
no I don't think I need to do that1446.66.42
let's see can I sleep in the car1449.985.5
because it won't let me uh do that okay1453.026.84
so if I go rest camp crap rest1455.487.679
yeah it's warm in here two three yeah I1459.866.6
can sleep in here sure good night good1463.1594.26
can't sleep inside so stupid1467.4194.701
come on steak there it is okay1474.865.16
now I'm just gonna take this steak with1478.1594.38
me maybe I'll take a torch with me why1480.023.3
put it out there we go1484.15.04
oh I want my can1486.865.4
grab my can there we go okay1489.144.919
oh wow oh I'm crouched that's what's1492.263.12
all right make my way back to the train1495.387.1
tracks just gonna follow this rock wall1497.6594.821
right to the tree1502.826.18
oh Clark stop start Don't Start the Fire1505.246.819
get out of the fire okay looking at me1509.04.679
yeah I started starting a fire now the1512.0594.341
wolf barking at me1513.6792.721
not attacking me oh probably gonna fire1516.826.88
up where are you oh I see your green on1520.44.139
[ __ ]1523.74.579
really adds a few of this1524.5393.74
you [ __ ] her off1531.73.54
geez idiots well yeah I woke up from the1539.06.059
car and uh it was cold1542.7794.081
I'll build a fire1545.0593.421
trying not to hang out indoors you know1546.862.76
yeah trying to spend a little time being1549.622.939
an outdoorsy man1550.883.96
because uh apparently I'm getting1552.5594.081
Captain paper1554.844.98
oh here we go okay I'm back to the train1556.645.34
tracks man you know what I kind of want1559.824.26
to survey this area because this is1561.984.14
roughly where I came in oh I see this1564.084.02
it's got a backpack1568.15.48
crunchy stuff granola bar there you go1570.865.28
oh and a body1573.584.0
I missed this when it came through the1576.143.899
first time empty or did I1577.584.079
so yeah this is where I came into this1580.0394.801
area there's a train tunnel oh wait1581.6595.181
those hips1584.844.199
okay wolves will you just leave me alone1586.843.939
I'm just trying to hang out outside I1589.0394.74
got to spend 11 more hours Outdoors1590.7794.801
yeah I tried1593.7795.221
I don't even see him hear him though1595.585.459
I see some more stuff hold up gotta go1599.04.159
yeah sounds like he's right on top of me1604.966.959
yeah oh there you are yeah1607.484.439
yeah you won't get too close you don't1612.2796.121
like this fire do you oh my god see this1614.66.86
you see this1618.45.8
get out of here1621.464.06
shoot him1624.22.94
shot at him1625.523.0
you got the main bullets you can just1627.143.12
start shooting at people man I got like1628.524.98
17 bullets on me actually I mean1630.265.399
I got like 22 bullets1633.55.159
you know what I just found them matches1635.6595.281
for the first time in a long time1638.6594.441
that's good because I've been using some1640.944.76
matches now1643.12.6
antibiotics I wish I could give these to1647.0593.36
in a bandage all right and what's in1650.4193.901
this one1653.04.32
come on Hatchet nope empty1654.326.839
Hatchet is the new pants you know yes1657.325.459
yes and the good thing is I guess I'm a1661.1593.181
little lighter but it'd be nice to break1662.7793.361
wood down quicker yeah now it sucks1664.343.78
having to do all that by hand1666.145.639
my temperature's going down1668.126.38
with my boots1671.7792.721
and I even got a warmth bonus1676.0393.361
I got boots that are worth bonus1677.93.0
temperatures still going down out here1679.44.139
and I'll buy a fire1680.94.92
snowing pretty hard I'm gonna have to go1683.5393.841
well that game don't want me to go1687.384.14
inside cause I got Cabin Fever1689.04.98
so damn dumb oh yeah it's starting to1691.525.24
snow real hard1693.982.78
sticks sticks man every stick I find1699.54.98
that just1702.7994.441
solidifies my survival1704.484.92
look at this I'm just sitting there and1707.244.4
eat all that quartered meat that I've1709.46.44
butchered make water and tea1711.644.2
wolves are talking to each other memes1722.0594.74
uh they're saying there's a Madman with1724.484.24
a gun living at the gas station Don't Go1726.7994.281
Near it1728.722.36
let me calling for backup1736.883.02
yeah you're gonna do this to me now1748.2794.341
aren't you game1750.022.6
yeah what you got oh a damn blizzard1752.9195.681
what yeah I know I can't like the torch1758.64.64
There Goes My campfire1763.2793.201
I'll lose it right out can you put it on1769.824.62
the other side yeah I could go to the1771.863.6
back of the building and build another1774.442.459
[ __ ] it won't have to do that though1776.8994.38
back in the car and take another nap1778.3995.341
not really God I can't see a thing out1781.2794.701
over here I can be shielded yet shielded1791.484.14
on this side1793.763.539
you know what could build a fire next to1795.623.48
these pallets and then break these1797.2994.461
pallets apart1799.12.66
can't even sustain this wire1808.15.28
and the wind change direction1810.345.76
burned out both my fires crap1818.845.28
all right I'm just gonna have to hang1822.7993.24
out inside1824.126.439
Suds coming up at least let's see1826.0394.52
it's nice new move can't even use the1835.642.639
dark all right give me kind of like my1838.2795.78
torch in here1841.522.539
my friend1846.5594.141
yeah I got to know he's still out there1848.8993.721
yeah I think I'm pretty close back to1850.74.62
the cabin so I got all this wood and1852.625.039
this is gonna go uh it's too foggy I'm1855.325.18
gonna go back inside1857.6592.841
where you at Kevin1860.5392.901
ah look at you you look so majestical1864.025.1
is that a word no1867.23.42
no yeah1869.123.72
just a cult is not a word okay you know1870.625.84
what can I start working on1872.843.62
what is it I need more cured gut huh1876.6795.461
oh yeah oh yeah you know what I'm gonna1882.264.74
get more Cabin Fever I don't even care1885.5592.641
guess what I'm starting to craft neebs1888.23.859
a dreamcatcher skin coat1892.14.14
started it it's gonna take me 25 hours1896.245.58
I'm just gonna slowly work on it but I'm1900.023.46
gonna have this coat1901.826.029
they finally calm down1910.2995.321
I'm down all right I need to go hunting1915.624.76
I need a deer or anything okay1920.486.12
let's go cut a couple steaks and read a1923.8996.841
book with all my stuff Jesus so many1926.66.679
wolves here1930.742.539
all right let's go out to the lake see1934.0595.581
if we can find a deer1936.53.14
temperature's not bad I think these uh1940.483.819
These Boots are working1942.5593.36
yeah I thought my temperature's not even1944.2992.941
going down out here it looks like it's1945.9192.88
but I ain't cold1948.7995.401
all right what do I see out here1951.2795.62
come on Dan give me a deer1954.25.78
not you1956.8993.081
all right1966.083.599
I'm gonna have to take him I'm gonna1967.364.24
have to take him1969.6793.321
there you go you idiot1971.65.38
yep run buddy1980.03.32
I'll kill you all if I have to tell him1983.446.52
tell your friends1987.446.06
dear Danny D I don't see one damn deer1989.965.76
out on this Lake1993.55.899
I need to hunt1995.723.679
all right gonna go away from the wolves2001.1794.22
see if I can find something oh wait you2005.7993.421
know what the2007.5394.101
that's what I'll do I'll fish today2009.225.54
we're talking2011.643.12
actually babes yeah let's see some deer2018.66.6
I would love to kill a deer2026.3994.081
tell you what I'm gonna do though2034.484.799
I'm gonna get on the other side of him2037.124.02
so if I shoot him hopefully he runs away2039.2796.38
from me and back towards the house2041.144.519
try at least2049.722.78
man I'm getting sleepy hungry2053.024.26
that I need this deer meat I can't2058.243.72
survive on Wolf meat2060.0995.481
wolf meat will kill me2061.963.62
I think the weather's clearing up for me2066.524.46
though so that's a good thing2067.8993.081
15 40 of bullets six in the chamber2072.284.7
to the man2077.83.72
the one that I want2079.783.619
who who2081.523.839
can't believe you let me get this close2083.3993.341
the headshot2088.8395.84
come back come back2090.4194.26
right into my path2098.645.38
yeah oh I brought him down one shot one2104.025.69
shot one damn shot2108.043.02
all right2111.065.16
that is my first deer that's awesome2113.326.32
fire actually it's not cold out here so2116.227.42
how long 11 14 20 minutes 30 minutes2119.646.04
nine pounds temperature is fine2123.644.02
temperatures damn fine ain't worried2125.684.56
about it all right let's Harvest more2127.665.34
I'm a greedy [ __ ] ready knife so2130.245.879
maybe yeah let's Harvest some more come2133.05.82
on get it all get it all2136.1194.881
oh now I'm stinky but I am loaded with2141.04.72
deer meat2143.923.84
man look at all that deer meat okay I'm2145.724.139
gonna eat a cattail just to get me back2147.762.94
that's a lot of deer meat though that is2150.73.35
awesome that's great2152.84.799
thank you2170.283.0

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