Ark: Valguero Supercut - Part 2

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can't get enough of their hilarious antics and epic adventures in Ark Valguero. A...
Ark: Valguero Supercut - Part 2
Ark: Valguero Supercut - Part 2

Ark: Valguero Supercut - Part 2

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another supercut of Ark: Valguero! I gotta say, this is definitely one of my favorite videos.

simon: Oh, absolutely! Part 2 of the Valguero supercut is just pure gold. The editors really outdid themselves on this one.

appsro: I couldn't agree more, Simon. The way they captured all our ridiculous antics in Ark is just priceless. This video is a masterpiece.

neebs: And let's not forget, it's the perfect Thanksgiving weekend treat for all our fans. Who needs turkey when you have this supercut to feast your eyes on?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me, you can't get enough of their hilarious antics and epic adventures in Ark Valguero. And guess what? Part 2 of their supercut is here just in time for Thanksgiving weekend! I mean, who needs turkey when you've got Neebs and the gang causing chaos in the world of Ark?

I know we're all missing our regular dose of Neebs Magic Dumpster, but don't worry, the editors needed a break so we get to enjoy these awesome supercuts instead. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button because you definitely don't want to miss out on any of the action.

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I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of Neebs and the crew. Whether they're playing Minecraft, GTA V, or Subnautica, they always bring the laughs and the excitement. So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and let's dive into Part 2 of the Ark Valguero supercut together. It's going to be epic!

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well shoot I guess this is as high as I26.7796.641
can go I might as well go ahead and try29.886.26
this out33.422.72
oh nice40.526.58
ah big plans for this place Cold Stone42.867.26
big plans47.13.02
Simon yeah something killed Terry I know54.5595.5
okay Terry must have been right outside57.844.44
I'm going out that's right enough of60.0594.381
this son of a [ __ ] come on where is he62.283.839
I don't know up to the left last I saw64.443.9
to the left that's where it was last I66.1194.86
saw but I thought okay oh wait where68.343.72
well I don't know there's something70.9793.061
really bloody over here look it just72.064.14
died I think okay let's go over there74.046.0
the hell is you was it you oh yeah I was76.25.64
come on there's an alpha something just80.044.8
passed it really yeah well I'm going I'm81.845.04
going into it right behind you come on84.844.7
you son of a [ __ ] you ate Terry86.885.34
you think you could just come into our89.544.96
area you mess with the mob you get the92.224.98
mop teeth huh yeah and there's an94.55.7
avocado right there can we do it Alpha97.25.04
Kono oh there's the tree you would think100.24.26
maybe but I would really hope the alpha102.244.199
thing no I'm not taking any chances I'm104.463.54
just kill yourself a [ __ ] and back away106.4393.54
all right back away all right we got108.04.14
somebody following here come come yeah109.9794.021
we've got all uh well you could have112.144.019
those other ones follow you too I know I114.03.899
could have but I didn't okay all right116.1593.6
let's just go back in and we don't want117.8993.481
that Alpha around we need to take it out119.7595.601
oh God are we gonna do it we have to121.383.98
that throws Revenge time man yeah well128.7594.261
Earnhardt's ready to hunt some jellyfish131.283.539
for Christmas how long you been waiting133.023.719
for this day man ever since those134.8193.841
jellyfish attacked me oh I got a136.7394.08
Megalodon on me but sorry Megalodon I'm138.664.28
not after him I'm happy140.8195.701
oh look at this look at this I'm gonna142.945.68
eat them I'm gonna eat them well don't146.524.32
just eat them right through the middle148.624.259
see if they attack you oh yeah they150.844.44
don't affect the whale at all you know I152.8793.901
learned about this dolphin what's that155.283.3
uh you can shoot from his back really156.784.62
that's super helpful okay Help Me Help158.584.739
Me yep you gotta oh boy I'm still161.43.6
getting hit by something oh it's a shark163.3194.92
oh is my stamina damn easy easy I got165.04.92
this [ __ ] oh boy hold on Mike's damn it168.2393.241
is low hold on I gotta stay still help169.923.42
me uh the Dolphins running here we go171.485.66
here we go okay Dolphins where you going173.343.8
dolphin just running from me179.726.159
yeah hey look he's an idiot man he just183.125.16
run around crazy we just got him well he185.8794.801
obviously wasn't a good team member188.284.92
sorry all right well this didn't go190.684.199
according to plan all right I'm out of193.23.78
here the ocean still sucks but did you194.8794.86
kill jellyfish I did I killed one all196.984.56
right well I want a Sarco anyway so199.7394.5
Sarco yeah that means we gotta go to the201.544.38
swamp you know how I feel about swamps204.2393.481
you love the swamps I hate this walk as205.924.819
much as you love jellyfish207.723.019
ready yep all right this is stupid of211.25.22
course it's stupid if they don't all214.7394.321
attack it's very stupid216.424.56
are they make sure they're set to attack219.063.899
somebody just said my three I told you220.984.38
to set yourself I said I wasn't doing it222.9594.5
now are we supposed to just go into this225.364.32
table that's what you said let's go back227.4593.901
and start over that okay we're going229.683.6
back why wouldn't you do it because I231.363.959
said if you're in charge go ahead and do233.284.58
it I gave you three to be interested235.3195.521
I said three quit yelling at me you [ __ ]237.865.5
all right [ __ ] face we're starting we're240.844.38
starting off bad let's let's get back243.365.76
into uh I forgot to do this uh it's245.225.7
attacked your target it's already set249.124.02
this whole fight was for nothing maybe250.924.8
they're all set at attack already every253.143.779
one of them and look at this guy coming255.723.479
right behind us secretaries coming yeah256.9193.72
we should probably do it let's probably259.1994.94
should let's do it look at this world260.6396.06
what's going on game on come on you264.1394.741
little [ __ ] gamer266.6994.56
I'm not even fighting at anything yeah268.884.86
I'm fighting271.2592.481
this was a cluster but it's good289.524.36
practice yep eliminated the threat all291.664.74
right good job guys293.883.48
Cold Stone this place is looking great297.365.339
man and valgaro like the real estate299.885.4
market here is virtually untouched so302.6994.101
this is a new Venture for us it's305.283.72
something a little bit different you306.83.22
know because we've been doing kind of309.02.84
the same thing just killing everything310.025.82
ruling the land but in this scenario we311.846.04
are going to make a lot of people happy315.844.799
let's see if we can go you know maybe uh317.885.28
sell a couple Lots here and find some320.6395.461
potential buyers but man this place is323.164.62
incredible it's going to make sandals326.14.26
resort look like a kill shelter Arc327.787.34
valgaro real estate market is open330.364.76
I love our family yeah they're very nice336.2596.22
they are they're very much uh we took it339.724.8
they took after Tina that's for sure yes342.4794.081
they did sell uh well every now and then344.523.899
you get this nice little green top of346.563.3
the head that's that's a little bit of348.4193.361
Sal love but oh is that what it is yeah349.864.02
that's what's from South that's the Sal351.785.22
yeah so we get one more cell hey guys353.888.34
hello hello hey hey oh hi holy [ __ ] yeah357.06.96
dude that's a lot of T-Rex yeah we're362.223.78
not messing around yeah right on and363.964.079
we've only just begun good on you good366.04.08
on you hey a lot of incest really yeah368.0394.021
that's disgusting okay you guys look370.083.6
like you've been working hard yeah we372.063.24
have well look at I know one thing about373.683.54
hard work is sometimes we forget to take375.34.08
care of ourselves and relax so true very377.224.62
true you know yeah and uh I actually379.384.5
just stumbled onto an opportunity where381.844.979
I've started developing uh some resort383.885.46
property okay and I was wondering if you386.8194.201
guys would be interested is this a389.343.72
timeshare thing not a timeshare you're391.024.26
actually purchasing a piece of property393.066.0
in premium Resort land okay no now if395.285.94
I'm purchasing the property can I then399.065.52
turn it into a timeshare absolutely oh401.225.58
yeah that sounds like a good thing404.583.6
because I hear timeshare is a good way406.82.58
to make money there's a couple of other408.182.639
guys here in the server that might be409.382.939
into a time share if you know what I410.8193.181
mean who's that or maybe absuro and412.3193.481
neebs will probably sucker them into it414.03.6
I think we should find out if they are415.82.88
interested otherwise it'd be a total417.62.7
waste of time we'll see what do you look418.682.88
at I mean we don't even know we're just420.32.82
talking yeah we're just talking we're421.563.18
just talking having grabbing some coffee423.123.54
maybe maybe we should do coffee we don't424.744.079
have coffee I'll take a look I mean I426.663.84
wouldn't mind looking you want to take a428.8194.021
look yeah yeah okay well there's there's430.54.62
no homes yet because I I want a home432.843.9
though yeah I know you would have you435.123.18
would definitely have a home it is436.743.179
beautiful I've got I've already got some438.34.739
docks there and uh getting ready to uh439.9195.701
install some nice walls in a restaurant443.0394.741
oh look all right five-star restaurant445.623.479
you can have a restaurant and you're447.783.18
gonna build my house and it's a nice449.0994.021
piece of property yeah and the price450.964.079
isn't much I don't I'm just curious453.124.919
about everything uh for one plot of land455.0394.741
which you can build on or I can build458.0394.801
your home uh I just need 200 element459.786.12
dust let me take a look462.845.66
right over the hill leaves that swapland468.9195.321
we want a place like on the edge of the471.725.039
swampland right I don't know do we I474.243.359
mean you want to build right in the476.7591.861
middle of the swamp I don't want to477.5993.0
build in the swamp anyhow I thought you478.623.54
were really on board with this no the480.5993.481
only thing I'm on board with is I want482.164.2
to see a Santa hat on a Sarco okay it's484.084.86
the only thing on my list today okay and486.364.38
building a swamp that we might live in488.943.539
swamp base why in the world would you490.744.14
want to live in a swamp because it makes492.4794.921
you a stronger person well so does the494.884.56
the harsh cold environment but you497.44.139
always [ __ ] about going there I don't499.444.14
want to live in the cold no I'm saying I501.5395.16
don't want nothing well we gotta meet in503.584.5
the middle somewhere we did meet in the506.6992.461
middle we're the place where it's508.082.58
gorgeous we're supposed to be figuring509.163.119
out where we're building this base okay510.663.119
well you figure it out it's yours your512.2793.481
base oh is that how you're gonna be yeah513.7794.021
that's how I'm going to be515.764.68
oh God should I answer it yeah may as517.83.599
this is working on some fantastic real528.664.799
estate gross ass swamp530.5195.461
I know I'm with him533.4595.521
just property why no no could you take a535.985.76
put us on your do not call list yeah not538.983.74
I don't want to buy property you see542.723.16
this place is like you can build544.82.46
anywhere why would we want to buy545.884.04
property here547.262.66
diving board all right diving board okay552.64.02
you've intrigued me with a diving board555.242.76
I'll check it out but later not556.623.98
interested today558.02.6
yeah sure sure hey needs there's a rock564.423.3
over here to the left maybe land on that566.045.04
okay the stamina up okay okay see it567.725.46
that rock yeah no it was it was the one571.083.6
right kind of right behind us oh that573.183.24
yeah okay that seemed like a decent Rock574.683.36
to at least land on yeah we can build on576.423.359
it huh that's if this is where you want578.043.18
to build fire oh I just saw a frog579.7793.601
forgot how cool frogs were581.223.72
we're gonna need protection out there588.564.779
that uh I still need a name for the591.04.2
place but uh we can think about that593.3393.841
later but I'm gonna need protection and595.23.42
I don't want anything scary I don't want597.183.42
a bunch of T-Rex so I figured we'd get598.624.98
something that looks uh fun uh but is600.66.0
yet also very effective and uh these603.65.52
little bird Raptors can be [ __ ] so I606.63.6
was thinking about getting a bunch of609.123.36
those they kind of look uh very I don't610.24.44
know Caribbean in a way they have nice612.485.039
feathers so uh we're gonna have to clear614.646.0
out these guys and take their eggs617.5196.601
because you can't tame them so just this620.646.96
bear eat them up eat them up they can624.125.88
latch on to you but I don't think they627.65.04
will they do blood damage and holy [ __ ]630.05.16
that's a lot of blood damage sorry you632.645.879
are bleeding so much Cold Stone uh this635.166.48
is awful and I hate it for you but we're638.5195.521
good and uh now we can just loot this641.644.98
whole place of eggs and we have our very644.045.46
festive uh security guards for the646.627.399
island so let's take a look649.54.519
uh this guy654.423.9
definitely don't want a scorpion we want656.044.5
something that says hey this place is658.326.079
fun but don't [ __ ] with us660.543.859
babes yeah we're in luck oh yeah Sarco664.626.36
right here stuck in the trees667.86.42
um trees huh yeah wild female level 108670.985.46
it ain't bad kind of Blends in you see674.224.26
the [ __ ] see her I'm trying to look676.446.0
where you're looking oh yeah I do yeah I678.485.28
got the I got the saddle with me should682.443.54
we go for it yeah I'm trying to see if683.763.84
she if she can climb up here all right685.983.96
well you ready ready three two one687.64.76
yeah I agree well uh can we knock out699.445.92
the bearings too uh may as well here we702.664.919
go oh boy don't come up here don't come705.363.78
up here look at this base this base707.5793.601
holds them out man yeah you got shots709.144.62
yep is he down already I think I think711.184.8
he's down oh okay wow awesome awesome713.763.86
all right now715.984.34
the goose is loose717.625.44
okay well fine we want the Sarco not the720.324.78
Baryonyx all right oh where'd she go oh723.064.019
where'd she go oh wait we got ladders725.13.479
yeah we got ladders good job good job727.0794.5
charcoal come on did it run728.5796.361
where'd it go oh okay there it is come731.5795.401
on baby got a shot is it trying to get734.943.36
away or is it trying to figure out how736.982.94
to get to us they're not you wouldn't738.33.06
think they'd be running from us let739.923.04
alone me and you741.364.799
hey Simon hey man place is looking good747.86.52
thank you let me tell you oh this turn751.625.1
keeps on going backwards how do you get754.324.74
it set to do the same thing every time I756.724.559
I don't know I just turn it and I I759.063.42
don't know it's a pain in the butt761.2792.521
listen you know what I didn't realize762.484.56
huh that the giant uh diving board is763.85.219
right next to our place you just767.044.02
realized that just real well because it769.0193.661
takes up it takes up very little real771.063.6
estate like you you like my front porch772.684.56
I had it on oh wow that's nice yeah I774.664.979
also waited on in the back too so things777.243.839
are things are moving along you got779.6393.0
yourself a lot of the hell's going on781.0793.121
here well this is our muscle remember782.6393.181
with security I didn't want it to be784.23.24
intimidating like the wyvern over there785.823.9
so I got a bunch of these guys this is a787.444.32
security team Jeffrey oh all of their789.723.84
names are Jeffrey and I actually wanted791.764.62
to try them out really yeah I wanna I793.564.56
wanna see them in action I'll Attack796.382.94
something and I was wondering if you798.122.58
wouldn't mind going with me I'm fine799.322.639
with that I just gotta dump off some800.73.6
stuff I like Jeffrey you know what makes801.9593.901
me think of it makes me think of because804.32.64
you know they're kind of weird looking805.863.0
it makes me think of Jeffrey Goldblum806.945.04
Jeffrey Goldblum and so you're on you're808.864.44
that good of friends that you call him811.984.919
Jeffrey yeah or Jeff yeah yeah we're not813.35.64
that close anyway I like him a lot he's816.8994.261
got a show on National Geographic he's a818.945.339
weird dude he's extremely weird yeah821.164.799
yeah all right let me dub stuff and then824.2793.12
I'll help you and we'll do stuff with825.9595.361
things okay sounds good all right827.3993.921
all right everybody831.544.979
let's do this you ready for this let's833.768.16
go come on and we'll go this way836.5198.221
in the morning with the rising Zord841.926.2
gonna run all day do the running's done844.747.86
you just can't be a big strong T-Rex848.128.14
unless we're talking ancestrual sex852.66.96
sound off856.265.579
kicking that ass859.564.68
making them babies861.8394.641
tapping that ass864.245.76
oh good job guys this is great we're866.485.44
gonna do this maybe this is the only870.03.839
time we'll do it I'd like to do it daily871.923.359
but I'm just not going to commit to that873.8393.661
you're doing great though you're doing875.2794.461
maybe yeah what do you call that thing881.064.719
on the saddle that sticks in their mouth884.044.739
uh gag it's not a gag doesn't gag them885.7794.981
does it yeah I don't know man yeah they888.7794.381
all have it sarcos got it quetzel's got890.764.259
it right it looks uncomfortable he893.163.119
wouldn't think it's yeah I don't think895.0193.18
that's his purpose right you know I like896.2795.341
about being here what just danger yeah I898.1994.801
mean it's kind of test man yeah we901.622.579
should go out we've been kind of903.02.94
sticking around here but uh I'm ready904.1993.661
for I'm ready for a little expiration as905.943.54
much as I hate this place you dare me907.863.779
jump in this water yeah jump in that909.483.96
water all right but you like have a911.6393.361
rifle out and like913.444.079
got it you ready oh wait I got a915.04.199
tranquilizer darts in here hold on let917.5195.101
me switch to not tranquilizer darts all919.1995.221
right I'm gonna jump in I gotta make it922.623.14
out alive924.423.96
man I feel alive here I go you ready do925.764.3
it do it come on see your [ __ ] crack go928.384.019
what's gonna happen oh it is low930.064.5
visibility what am I looking at what is932.3994.56
that that a rock a monster I don't know934.565.1
nothing okay I don't even know if I'm936.9594.861
going up or down oh wait going up I939.664.44
don't even see you good oh hey there you941.824.139
are oh there you are okay geez yeah I944.13.9
lost you nothing's attacking me yep I945.9593.601
think you may have a pro I can't tell if948.04.139
that's a piranha near you or oh it's a949.565.06
frog it's a frog okay got952.1394.861
not as dangerous I thought I'll see a954.624.0
snake or something across the way okay957.03.779
well hey speaking of across the way I958.623.36
would like to try to make it to the960.7793.06
Obelisk okay I've never been under there961.983.719
so maybe you will take the uh the963.8393.541
Baryonyx and the sarcos with the gags in965.6993.301
the mouth and we'll have a little a gag967.385.22
off all right gag each other969.05.699
oh look at this what a nice day on972.65.64
vacation hello sir how are you hey get974.6995.64
him hey get him Jeffrey what do you978.244.38
think you're doing Jesus help me guys980.3395.901
get him Jeffrey yeah982.626.42
thank you I tell you the response could986.244.18
have been a little quicker okay well989.043.299
just needs more practice I'm just saying990.424.5
if I'm walking around yeah you know I992.3394.86
don't want to I if they're right there I994.924.08
expect to put the response time all997.1993.721
right let's uh let's see what about this999.04.199
thing all right get in over here oh okay1000.924.44
now let's use it right away to get it1003.1994.981
look at that wow all right I like them1005.365.52
man these guys are awesome it's quick I1008.184.92
I would like to find something even1010.884.199
bigger though but you should always have1013.13.599
at least what do you have any you got of1015.0794.2
these six of them five oh yeah but you1016.6995.161
know what up the up the way from Coolio1019.2795.64
Del Mar is a whole like den of these1021.867.14
things Den or Gaggle Gaggle yeah good1024.9195.941
well the more the merrier as long as1029.03.54
they're friends I like to see these guys1030.863.66
they're colorful too if we see something1032.543.539
really big on the way I want to try to1034.523.24
latch on to the side of it that's what I1036.0793.181
want I want to see that that's good1037.762.7
entertainment okay1039.263.539
Nancy look you were all worried about1042.7993.241
moving out here weren't you well now1044.784.019
that we got a level whatever Sarco with1046.044.98
an ascendant saddle I'm not too worried1048.7993.721
anymore it's actually it's a kind of1051.023.6
it's kind of nice we could actually uh1052.523.42
move everything from the other base out1054.623.299
here nope and live here forever no no I1055.943.599
don't want to live out here forever I'm1057.9193.421
going for a swim you sure answer quick1059.5393.301
don't you yep I feel like you don't even1061.344.02
think about it I do okay I'm a quick1062.845.219
thinker or you didn't think or I thought1065.364.62
and I thought oh God what do you call it1068.0593.781
[ __ ] I'm coming absolutely [ __ ] it1069.985.76
out I'm coming yep I got you man Sunny D1071.846.06
I love that move by the way oh the twist1077.94.86
yeah what if I can twist this bug1080.724.319
limb Mr lemons are you gonna sit there1082.763.72
let those things bite you in the butt1085.0394.26
what are you doing is he on passive ah1086.484.8
you better check him that might be the1089.2993.661
problem you know what I don't know how1091.284.62
to do what that little knockout move is1092.964.56
that like let me go in the water you1095.94.019
ready okay yeah okay he's following you1097.525.58
I think I changed him oh okay sorry do I1099.9195.581
hit like C he's the lemons what are you1103.14.56
doing did he do a twist do I do attack1105.54.98
something oh that's it right click did I1107.664.74
knock out a uh what you call it I don't1110.484.02
know I'm fighting a bug okay can we1112.44.32
focus on me yeah we can after I get this1114.54.08
bug off of my ass don't you want to see1116.724.86
me knock it down something come here1118.585.76
piranha oh wow oh he's doing it he's1121.586.24
going off Mr Lemon I can do it too we'll1124.345.64
take all of them oh like a frog did I1127.824.08
knocked out I knock a frog out how does1129.984.14
a crocodile not mine a bug and kill it1131.94.68
in one bite that's the question we all1134.123.86
ask ourselves1136.584.76
snakes snakes Bugs1137.986.1
see this is why I answered quickly when1141.344.06
you asked if I wanted to live out here1144.084.44
what a paradise it's not a paradise it's1145.46.36
a hell hole that's what shake that she1148.525.88
wouldn't have said that oh Mr lemons is1151.765.22
dead killed by a piranha her lemons you1154.46.24
big dummy just us all right push forward1156.987.14
rest in peace lemons I can't move why I1160.645.1
don't know oh it's a frog he's licking1164.123.66
you nah just I think I'm over encumbered1165.744.319
with meat oh boy that's what she said1167.784.139
why are you good what have you done I1170.0593.781
don't know what have I done go back to1171.9193.5
base okay1173.844.02
this is why I said I don't want to live1175.4194.681
hyenas up here yep I know and I'm not so1180.144.98
uh confident in your guys I don't know1183.323.3
how quick they're gonna be how many1185.124.2
hyenas we got boy Whoa they just ran1186.625.52
right by whoa whoa hey guys guys hello1189.324.739
secure on what the hell's happening1192.144.56
what's going on with the damn server1194.0594.86
I don't know but I just shot it one of1196.74.56
them hey boys don't you want to give me1198.9194.741
Troubles of my my security can kill you1201.264.74
yeah right here let's let's go after him1203.664.74
come on guys come on oh they're1206.04.919
hightailing it oh they are high talented1208.46.12
because they're scared man team Jeffrey1210.9197.741
team Jeffrey Goldblum team Jeffrey1214.527.019
Colton indeed all right we've got1218.665.22
something big is that a mammoth sure is1221.5393.721
that's what we were looking for let's1223.884.2
see if I can get this to latch on let's1225.265.22
see we want them all to jump on not just1228.084.2
yours I don't I don't know how to do1230.484.199
that this is new for me oh you told me1232.284.259
that they might not even try all right1234.6794.201
here we go let's try to get them do it1236.5395.821
by themselves come on okay let's go oh1238.886.06
these damn things are coming at me this1242.364.62
is not a good thing oh I got you here1244.943.739
you go1246.984.98
I'm scared I'm not that scared no we1248.6796.641
gotta I gotta know they're jumping on uh1251.966.98
one of them I jumped off you did yeah1255.326.84
come on we got him we only lost one oh1258.947.119
we we lost one yeah son of a donut again1262.167.019
we've got a whole den of them just right1266.0595.941
up the way little hyena dance get out of1269.1796.24
here listen so far I like them anyway I1272.04.919
mean you know what it was a little bit1275.4194.021
hairy you need a few more but I'm happy1276.9194.341
with the perk1279.443.45
wait is he okay so he's faster than me1289.366.16
oh of course all right we gotta fight it1292.346.54
why I'm frozen yeah me too okay we're1295.525.82
back okay now we're back yep that's1298.884.919
stupid what a stupid day yeah okay okay1301.344.56
okay let's see where's the water there1303.7994.321
so this way this way all right fantastic1305.94.139
oh yeah we learned a lesson don't hit1308.123.78
those flying guys I don't think did I1310.0393.901
hit that did you hit it yeah I think one1311.93.54
of us I might have accidentally hit it1313.944.2
could have been me oh well what is that1315.443.96
what's glowing there in there is that1318.143.36
like one another thing oh crap that's1319.44.44
one of those uh feathery Raptor dust oh1321.54.38
it's don't touch that don't touch them1323.845.94
do not touch it okay1325.883.9
let's see High Ground I'm going I'm1347.53.64
going high I'm going high bugs just run1349.763.48
just run for the bugs okay lift it up1351.144.94
yep there's there okay1353.242.84
you fight the birds we're done fighting1357.224.18
birds I don't want to fight the birds1359.484.559
oh and look straight ahead oh green1361.45.399
lights that's it okay I think that's it1364.0395.281
we made it we made this so yeah wow we1366.7994.561
made it to the Obelisk huh we're back to1369.323.839
moving here again1371.363.78
nope we're not moving here at all okay1373.1594.52
oh oh wait there's one of those uh1379.343.78
platypus Birds over there be careful1381.23.9
platypus bird you know what I'm talking1383.124.1
about oh God yeah1385.14.92
can we go behind that waterfall1387.225.38
um you wanna find out because uh we can1390.025.34
build a temp replicator here or we could1392.65.579
uh portal to the Guardians Sanctuary1395.364.5
gamma you know what that means I don't1398.1792.88
know what that means at all is that a1399.862.939
boss fight neither all right you gonna1401.0593.421
chase that bird what are you doing is he1402.7994.681
cool oh is he the coolest he's nope he's1404.485.3
not cool1407.482.3
we live here now don't act like you all1411.225.199
right make room oh he's tough he's tough1414.085.04
there he is yeah come on come on come on1416.4194.5
he's not getting bloody yeah he's not1419.125.16
flooding ow all right here we go oh yeah1420.9194.681
there we go we got him we got him we got1424.283.62
him come on come on go down1425.66.86
you messed with the wrong doer yeah1427.96.779
fingers come out1432.466.04
yeah all right okay now I want to see if1434.6795.62
we can go behind this water oh that1438.54.2
would be a dream what a dream that would1440.2993.971
all right hi what's going on down here1451.1595.281
well there's an Allosaurus that I think1453.984.079
that's an Allosaurus that is infiltrated1456.444.44
the base but um security team Jeffrey is1458.0594.321
in place let me go ahead and get them1460.884.62
and uh show you what they can do okay1462.385.22
I'd love to see that yeah how you been1465.54.2
uh great I went for a yogg this morning1467.65.459
with the T-Rex's uh morning yog how do1469.76.24
you like what I've done so far Simon1473.0595.1
it's expected at this point you're1475.944.979
you're a great Builder listen it's very1478.1596.9
basic but I have a plan good so I'm just1480.9196.301
gonna keep on going with it see what1485.0593.841
happens good all right is that1487.223.78
Allosaurus oh yeah he's still down there1488.94.2
it's out yeah you got your eyeballs on1491.04.74
him yeah all right Alpha Team Jeffrey1493.16.48
security go get it go ahead and okay oh1495.746.14
wow well well well well well well I do1502.2996.88
feel safe here fighting this guy what1507.24.14
come on come on come on you guys let's1509.1794.081
go don't need to mess with the duffa1511.344.079
well where'd Terry go Terry I see Terry1516.6794.86
what's Terry doing down there Terry just1519.144.2
wanted a piece of the action I see yeah1521.5394.561
Terry we got to take care of Terry I saw1523.347.52
Terry in my by knock I'm sorry1526.14.76
I see you you two have been hanging out1531.1595.201
a while that's right we have a little1533.94.8
bit Yeah Terry I could see you both of1536.365.64
my panic but not well I'm uh stoked to1538.74.92
see all this everything's going well1542.03.539
this is a lovely place what a great1543.626.13
diving board good day good day great day1545.5396.12
okay so the top of a waterfall hey looks1551.6596.181
like a cave here yeah oh yeah check this1554.486.12
out how big is this waterfall well it's1557.843.9
the same one that led down to the1560.62.699
Obelisk right it's above the Obelisk1561.743.9
yeah okay A little light in there for a1563.2994.26
Caven it really is yeah it kind of1565.643.3
doesn't make any sense1567.5593.301
you think it might be over but it looks1568.944.14
better right yeah yeah do I have a light1570.865.34
I don't know yep oh nope that's a that's1573.085.579
a that's a high school okay is it oh1576.25.64
that's a hatchet okay you got a torch1578.6595.281
that'll work that's pretty cool isn't it1581.844.86
yeah this is nice is there anything in1583.944.739
here is it just a big there's a dillow1586.74.32
it's a big hole probably a little too1588.6795.041
sure of himself all right I'm gonna scan1591.026.06
the walls here scan them yeah scan okay1593.725.04
look at them what are you doing making a1597.084.079
photocopy no scared let's get in the1598.764.019
area see if there's anything in here are1601.1594.081
you looking for enemies or anything1602.7795.221
right you figure they'd hide a cave like1605.244.38
this it'd be something in here but uh1608.03.659
you know God this place seems empty this1609.623.539
has happened to us before shooting if1611.6592.52
you're gonna design a map you're gonna1613.1593.0
put this cave and like reward the1614.1793.541
exploration you know yeah but it's a1616.1592.281
good place1617.722.459
nothing in here I don't know it's a good1618.444.08
base place it is a good base place all1620.1794.441
right so back to swamp base yep all1622.525.34
right we gotta run okay because you've1624.624.38
seen them out there right oh because1627.864.939
it's dangerous yes exactly yeah1629.06.6
I like it Simon are you going for like a1632.7995.38
birthday cake look yeah kinda yeah that1635.64.8
was what the original plan I was like oh1638.1793.301
I can make this look like a birthday1640.42.879
cake I can make it fun we might be two1641.483.54
different colors so I might paint the1643.2794.38
house like a cake maybe really maybe huh1645.024.139
I mean what the hell I don't know I was1647.6593.12
trying something different yeah it looks1649.1593.061
great hey and you know what and I1650.7793.421
mentioned this to Simon there's no HOA1652.224.8
no taxes the the Only Rule is get weird1654.25.54
get weird yeah that's right1657.024.68
we're probably gonna need some more of1659.744.24
those uh Jeffries what's a Jeffrey uh1661.74.2
the security Team all those uh the the1663.984.98
fuzzy the feathery things yep Jeffrey1665.95.1
okay they're all named Jeffrey you know1668.963.24
what thick I know it's probably a little1671.03.299
too early to bring it up but um got a1672.23.959
property you might be interested in you1674.2993.36
know we'll talk I don't want to bring it1676.1593.421
up now well you did you brought it you1677.6593.241
just brought it up I don't want to bring1679.583.3
it up though why'd you bring it up then1680.93.96
what's up1682.884.08
I think you heard me1684.865.4
yeah I did yep so then you did hey you1686.964.62
guys are doing great here I'm gonna go1690.263.419
back and check on the kids1691.583.719
um yeah I don't think you're actually1693.6793.6
even doing that which part I think1695.2993.841
you're just [ __ ] off somewhere that's1697.2793.241
what I think I think he's cheating on1699.142.94
you they're alive because of me they're1700.524.259
alive because of me they exist they're1702.084.92
the reason no they're not alive because1704.7794.621
of you okay well I love you guys so much1707.07.23
tell Sal I said eat his chicken I will1709.47.34
see how fast you are now I can run I'm1716.745.2
just taking it slow and easy okay like1719.725.22
this is my walk that's your walk just1721.946.3
want to make sure here's the Obelisk so1724.945.339
oh God I'm all turned around this is the1728.243.84
path isn't it I think so well we gotta1730.2793.78
go we definitely have to go downhill yep1732.084.5
so if we just go downhill I think we'll1734.0594.74
end up where we need to be I feel like1736.584.32
we're going the right way oh yeah1738.7994.321
yeah yeah yeah all right you got some1740.94.279
bugs behind you oh now they're on me1743.125.46
okay hold on yeah let me get let me get1745.1795.141
near you and I'll uh hold on hold on1748.583.719
well damn it you want to get rid of the1750.324.08
bugs don't you I do all right hold on1752.2993.36
let me look at let me look at the1754.43.86
[ __ ] map1755.6592.601
oh wait I gotta go into look at this1762.144.56
there's a lot of people who are really1764.384.799
sure of themselves today1766.75.94
these little guys waited I mean just1769.1795.801
quit it here sir get out of here you're1772.644.919
gonna get hurt in the crossfire why1774.984.439
would you even come back this way1777.5594.321
it's your own fault all right follow me1779.4194.681
take it easy I think we're heading1781.884.679
towards the swamp Lake this1784.16.36
Lake yep oh yeah I see a clearing up1786.5596.12
here this is looking good yep galapasaur1790.464.38
would you oops get out of here just just1792.6794.111
the lock Source head off come on baby1798.084.92
all right yeah this is it you found it1800.144.899
uh yeah this has got to be our league1803.05.34
yep okay I see the rock okay okay all1805.0394.62
right we're swimming what do you think1808.343.059
happens when I jump in the water with a1809.6594.981
torch on my saddle I don't know oh yep1811.3995.101
went out all right mine's on just follow1814.643.6
my light yep1816.53.36
what was that the jump is that a1818.244.14
Baryonyx I don't know Baryonyx can he1819.864.38
knock me out1822.383.56
okay okay1824.244.28
where are you1825.946.42
that's the bad guy awesome1828.523.84
I'm here where'd you go where'd you go1832.7794.481
where'd you go all right I see you needs1835.885.58
I see Sunny D Sunny D hey all right I1837.266.26
got Sunny D to follow me1841.464.68
it's a thing it's a thing it's a piranha1843.526.12
it's a piranha okay all right1846.143.5
he's right below us is he follow him he1850.124.419
may be fighting the piranha no yeah he's1852.625.34
underwater fight the piranha oh we gotta1854.5397.101
save him he's right below me okay1857.963.68
yeah no no not forever you're out of1882.343.83
your mind1885.0819.49
so Simon yeah it's coming together huh1906.826.04
it's looking great man yeah let me uh1910.2794.14
let me just show you around a little bit1912.863.66
if you don't mind yeah right here this1914.4193.841
little fishing area if you like to sit1916.524.019
down and fish this is yeah I'll be1918.264.44
fishing from my own back porch but yeah1920.5394.14
you have that but I know just showing1922.74.199
you a little bar area here a little1924.6794.74
hangout place got uh some condos here1926.8994.681
condos how many people how many people1929.4194.26
uh two family three oh wow yeah there's1931.583.78
a lot more than that isn't it yeah it's1933.6793.961
it's communal commute oh okay listen1935.364.74
listen will everyone be banging well I1937.644.56
got some of the best workers in the1940.14.62
business to come in and do all this yeah1942.24.56
let me just say we have a very special1944.724.86
and close relationship you all oh so1946.765.76
you're all okay I get it wink wink Barry1949.585.94
you're already close gotcha uh swim up1952.525.1
bar right here oh I love a swim up bar1955.524.08
look at this magnificent Bridge listen1957.623.96
this might be one of my favorite things1959.64.319
ever in the world yep yep we've got some1961.584.8
Bungalows over here uh Bungalows oh for1963.9195.281
the poor people perfect yeah yeah and uh1966.385.039
Dora's gonna love this right here what1969.23.9
do you mean Dora huh I'm gonna be1971.4193.901
slamming on those jams slamming on the1973.15.28
jams yes slam a jam baby yep and uh the1975.324.979
Crown Jewel just follow me this way oh1978.384.14
yeah at my house well I that's the crown1980.2994.86
that's the second place Crown Jewel okay1982.524.68
come on come on over here she's not open1985.1594.861
yet what's this the restaurant this is1987.24.859
the five-star restaurant that is the1990.023.779
name of it it's right next to my place I1992.0593.84
like the location yeah it's it's1993.7994.561
stumbling distance you know yeah but but1995.8994.62
well it's not really five stars but we1998.364.439
know this I mean I can be your first2000.5195.04
Raider you got any food I do2002.7996.541
um come on yeah come on in let's eat2005.5595.161
all right so remember don't tell them2009.343.54
what we need the egg for yeah you should2010.723.66
probably do the taco that's it I'll do2012.883.179
the talking you're not a good liar okay2014.383.779
well good and then sit back shut up well2016.0593.541
I'm not gonna be quiet because that'll2018.1593.301
be weird Oh yeah talk but don't talk2019.63.36
about the egg yeah I'll talk about this2021.462.4
I'll talk about other stuff yeah all2022.963.3
right hold on here we go you're Alias oh2023.864.62
hey guys is that bad no Simon here2026.264.38
where's he he's up at some Resort2028.485.46
whatever okay hey um listen we're uh2030.644.62
we're we're making a little place out at2033.943.18
the swamp where are you at I'm I'm in2035.264.62
the middle of the of my babies oh hey oh2037.124.32
hey I'll meet you up there yeah come up2039.883.299
here come up here yeah come on up there2041.444.2
we got a proposition for you all right2043.1794.201
yeah I like those sometimes all right2045.643.3
remember shut the [ __ ] up cautiously no2047.382.82
I talk about other things talk about2048.942.179
other things2050.23.12
how's the weather2051.1195.5
how was football great yeah listen we're2053.326.2
out at the swamp end what are you guys2056.6195.52
no I have a shield hold that up let's2059.524.599
put it up oh that's better all right2062.1394.801
that's a shield go ahead okay listen uh2064.1194.5
we're we're out at the swamp and it's2066.943.06
really dangerous out there we need some2068.6192.401
protection we were wondering if we could2070.02.399
get a T-Rex egg from you so we could2071.023.119
have a little T-Rex baby you want a2072.3994.5
T-Rex egg yes that's a pretty big deal I2074.1394.441
know I mean but I mean look you got a2076.8993.601
bunch right yeah we have 10 now okay2078.583.599
exactly so you know could you could2080.54.32
could we adopt one of your T-Rex's one2082.1794.801
little baby wow2084.824.14
um well I'm just gonna have to ask you a2086.984.8
couple questions uh all right shoot2088.967.26
are you two married uh no weather's so2091.786.72
nice all right stop are you at least 252096.224.619
years of age yes both how old are you2098.56.119
neebs uh favorite day today what's wrong2100.8395.461
with him like it answer the question2104.6194.561
okay all right next question as long as2106.34.02
well I'll just be dealing with you2109.183.659
apparently are you a legal resident of2110.325.88
valguero uh yeah absolutely okay have2112.8395.341
you ever had a T-Rex before oh yeah yeah2116.23.659
many times many times okay where are2118.182.52
they at2119.8592.161
um I think they're on the uh the server2120.73.12
we left fair enough yeah they're alive2122.024.2
and well I think what do I get from this2123.824.5
uh oh I don't okay I don't know what uh2126.223.84
what do you want I'll think about that2128.324.019
and you're lucky I mean we just had Sal2130.065.64
Jr this morning really but this little2132.3396.181
baby came out too one sec ready yeah you2135.74.44
passed the test I just I wish you the2138.523.9
best with this okay oh yeah we're gonna2140.144.199
take good grab that I don't want that2142.424.14
that spoiled me yeah I know2144.3394.341
um which one that one uh here we go2146.564.92
fertilized oh my God I'm so reluctant2148.684.0
but as long as far as it's in a good2151.484.139
home boy these windmills huh yeah those2152.684.38
windmills are pretty cool to Rally2155.6194.441
Captain Small Talk great okay I'll think2157.064.86
of what I need and I will let you know2160.063.48
but I cannot wait to see this dumpling2161.923.9
all growns up oh yeah and protecting you2163.545.16
awesome because this is a good line Sal2165.825.22
and Tina have made oh well good yeah2168.74.32
we're gonna take good good care of it2171.044.86
yeah we'll uh we'll catch you later oh2173.025.22
man watch out yeah enjoy this weather2175.94.92
yeah okay I'm2178.245.78
tearing up a little bit2180.823.2
Simon I want you to meet our head chef2185.564.86
chef Jeffrey Jeffrey but I like to call2187.8396.541
him Jeffrey oh very nice yeah and I I'm2190.426.06
sure you have questions about the menu I2194.384.62
do you see we have a uh nice your boa2196.484.92
Farm up in the Northwest let's see2199.04.38
here's one of our jaboas right here from2201.44.14
the jerboa Farm I just I want you to2203.386.239
watch the process on flame and then all2205.547.2
right Chef Jeffrey2209.6194.381
yep wow yep now I have to uh regurgitate2214.05.88
it and then cook it up yep there we go2217.725.58
some sweet sweet jerboa meat from uh2219.885.82
apps Rose jerboa Farm that's nice and2223.34.319
let me uh let me cook it up in our2225.74.08
industrial cooker I've heard well why2227.6193.421
don't you take a once you take a seat2229.783.6
take a seat and uh and I'll bring you uh2231.045.4
your meal here shortly okay I I yeah I2233.384.92
can't seem to sit the right way but2236.443.78
you're at the wrong table okay this is2238.34.08
your table over here oh wow are you in2240.224.02
doralius this is like when when you go2242.383.719
into a restaurant you're like hey our2244.244.26
table please okay all right I didn't2246.0994.321
realize you would hope that I could2248.53.66
choose the table that I wanted and why2250.423.54
don't you have a balcony huh there's a2252.163.48
balcony is there any tables out there2253.964.1
hey hey2255.642.42
I want to sit out there okay okay calm2258.225.76
down five star restaurant hey it's not2260.8596.061
even open it's not just it's you're the2263.984.8
first we're just testing this out I know2266.923.78
but damn it there's an outside of here2268.786.0
all right vacation then have a seat man2270.77.2
so far management here sucks there we go2274.786.12
all right all right Simon yes let me2277.96.98
give you your meal this is nice out here2280.93.98
oh the crown jewel of course uh actually2285.3594.72
your meal's right next to you on the on2288.43.48
the ground I dropped it five five second2290.0793.78
rule right right all right go ahead have2291.884.88
a seat let's see2293.8592.901
your meal two stars done what sorry two2298.5996.48
stars service is a lot I just gave you a2302.264.56
free meal listen there's not even a2305.0793.481
staff here I'm just trying it out all2306.823.36
right let's see it's okay it's good2308.563.24
let's just not be mad at each other I'm2310.183.06
trying to enjoy my vacation all right2311.83.36
we're gonna need to get more jabos once2313.243.3
more people show up yeah I know whatever2315.163.48
this is this has been fun and Danny but2316.543.78
I need to go home I need to see my2318.643.959
babies okay all right do you need a ride2320.324.92
can you please yeah all right so let's2322.5994.441
do that all right thank you all right2325.244.2
five stars so far honestly with the ride2327.044.38
you're at three and a half Stars2329.443.54
did you lead them away I think so you2332.985.52
see any Nest uh oh there's one right2335.684.8
there below us oh God there's more stuff2338.54.619
yep see any eggs in that Nest uh do2340.484.56
perfect all right here but these guys2343.1193.301
yeah I'll lead them I'll lead them over2345.042.94
here lead them off the cliff okay come2346.424.64
on boys come on boys2347.985.879
dumb animals one more cat yep get that2351.064.299
cat Okay that clip all right I'm gonna2353.8593.541
drop you over here by the nest yeah okay2355.3594.141
there's a scorpion so oh I'll take care2357.43.54
of the Scorpion here drop it again2359.53.48
running around yep yep yep yo before the2360.945.48
Scorpion oh please wait2362.983.44
here we go here we go where you at2371.523.819
basketballs damn it stay still you son2373.545.539
of a [ __ ] you okay2375.3393.74
what why can't you pick me up2379.5995.401
okay gotcha I was about to say is it2382.5995.121
because I got this egg2385.02.72
cell Junior2389.923.54
guys just warm art2391.544.14
I'm not gonna say what happened earlier2393.463.72
but because you guys don't need to know2395.683.48
you don't need to know there's ten of us2397.184.58
well there's more ten of us2399.165.88
oh guys okay I'm just gonna let it go2401.766.7
I'm gonna move on Happy Day the rally is2405.047.68
Simon Daddy's home what hey hey Daddy's2408.468.6
home oh is he how are you doing2412.728.16
fine so hey how's everybody doing where2417.065.62
have you been where have I been I've2420.883.36
been at our I've been at our other place2422.683.12
I've been getting him ready for the fam2424.243.9
oh yeah father of the year yeah what do2425.83.84
you mean bam we're not moving the fam2428.143.06
there yeah but we want to be able to2429.643.54
have a place to get away don't we don't2431.24.02
wait I feel like I'm away you know every2433.185.04
day here I'm thankful for wow oh hey I2435.225.22
don't know if you met Sal Junior but you2438.224.32
missed the birth what do you mean yeah2440.445.159
Sal Junior you wouldn't know wow why2442.544.74
don't you get over it man there's2445.5992.881
nothing to get over look at the2447.282.94
shittiest parent2448.484.86
are you a good dad I'm a great dad all2456.8394.061
right we have ten now that there's Sal2459.523.0
Junior that's number 10 go ahead and2460.95.219
name the rest I don't know the names2462.526.24
sit okay you don't see that that is a2466.1194.441
you know I don't see the I put meat in2468.763.54
their mouths when's the last time you2470.563.779
done the house about two weeks ago yeah2472.34.62
yeah yeah but you don't know about names2474.3394.02
you know give me you know what give me2476.923.84
four give me five names I'll give you a2478.3595.941
pasta fazool yep one Tina yep Sal Junior2480.765.0
yeah well now2484.35.279
come on all right angel hair yeah slam a2485.765.98
jam give me one more2489.5794.76
um Pete yeah get out2491.746.48
okay fine listen I'm here though let's2494.3396.76
do this I just want to say hi oh hi hey2498.225.7
hey yeah how are you I'm great you got2501.0994.801
to see the place it's really coming2503.923.78
along yeah you really should check it2505.93.36
out I will but I'm just so busy taking2507.73.36
care of the kids you know how about this2509.263.359
I'll stay home with the kids I'll2511.063.539
babysit you go and go with thick at some2512.6193.601
point you do your thing learn your kids2514.5993.541
names you [ __ ] you know what learn how2516.224.08
to take a break and stop being a wine or2518.144.26
you [ __ ] where where's the do we I got2520.33.6
another baby around here well guess what2522.43.24
if you were around you would have seen2523.93.719
the last egg but I happened to give it2525.643.78
to an adoptive family2527.6193.781
what the hell are you talking about I2529.423.72
was helping some friends with protection2531.45.16
helping what's waves and abstro ask for2533.145.04
a T-Rex egg and you know what they owe2536.563.9
me a favor now but you missed out on2538.185.34
being a good dad you gave it away no one2540.465.639
of our babies you weren't around don't2543.524.8
even start with wasn't around mother of2546.0994.801
the year give away the babies my dad's2548.325.279
not around I'm the father here what are2550.94.5
you kidding me and the mother I don't I2553.5992.641
don't even know what you're doing you're2555.42.939
getting that baby back where is our baby2556.244.5
I think they needed protection in a2558.3395.881
swamp Simon a swamp yeah and a baby do a2560.745.82
swamp well no with them yeah oh with the2564.224.139
idiots I love how you act like you care2566.564.14
so much now no I care because I'm a good2568.3595.941
parent yeah thick yeah swap me Swap Meet2570.75.94
no swamp me like get me to the swamps2574.34.14
help me yeah yeah please can you take me2576.644.92
this one yeah shut up it's fun to act2578.446.26
like you care now isn't it2581.563.14
all right neebs I think we only got one2586.423.899
shot at this maybe which which one you2588.163.959
looking at ah see him he's right he's on2590.3193.54
the ground right in front of you uh I2592.1194.5
think so he's a level 68. he's a Kappa2593.8594.381
sukis right near it okay all right well2596.6193.781
we gotta we have you can't aggro this2598.243.599
thing we got to drop the egg and it has2600.43.36
to eat the egg yep so we just got to2601.8393.24
drop the egg near it so I'm gonna get2603.765.04
you right above him okay and you drop2605.0796.421
that egg okay am I right above him I've2608.84.08
got me uh you're as close as you're2611.53.48
gonna get try it okay we may have to2612.884.62
recover this egg come on drop it so hit2614.986.66
that I do out big egg down okay2617.58.099
um uh go for it snake come on go for it2621.646.719
huh go for it he won't go for it if he's2625.5994.441
pissed off but if he didn't look pissed2628.3593.421
off nope should we just wait and see2630.044.799
what happens yeah maybe okay come on2631.784.38
where'd he go did he go into the woods2636.163.84
he's coming back ah you took off but2637.8393.901
there's another snake not too far maybe2640.04.98
he'll go for it oh that's a 68. all2641.745.04
right come on buddy oh there's two down2644.983.54
there geez this is getting dangerous2646.784.74
don't step on that egg hey oh oh is he2648.524.28
going for it2651.524.64
okay okay all right we got it all right2652.86.88
all right okay okay uh where is it uh2656.164.72
where's our snakes right right in front2659.682.76
of us I think is this our snake nope2660.883.06
that's not his name2662.444.919
they go I don't know uh Brown oh crap oh2663.945.1
yeah oh our Titan Ball killed a Titan2667.3593.0
Bowl did you drop me2669.043.059
did you make no I didn't drop you I'm2670.3594.021
hurting down here okay where is our2672.0993.661
Tight Ball where which one's our Titan2674.383.84
Boa okay oh God okay yeah all right it's2675.763.78
Madness down there is it the green one2678.223.359
uh he's the one behind the paracer okay2679.543.9
I'm dropping you ready oh you're talking2681.5794.201
to me yeah okay or you need to drop2683.444.8
yourself okay oh that's right oh wait oh2685.784.2
wait I can pick it maybe I can pick it2688.245.28
up oh boy you got us you got us both uh2689.985.52
yeah that was perfect wait is this one2693.525.599
ours uh yeah it is2695.53.619
okay this one's ours are you sure yes2699.668.28
he's got green working yeah baby2702.968.02
we have never had a Titan bow before yep2707.946.1
that is awesome this is [ __ ] thick2710.985.82
he says he says that that I'm not like2714.044.079
there just because I don't know their2716.84.319
names like I have a bad memory you know2718.1194.861
that right of course but it's not only2721.1194.5
that look how many damn things you have2722.984.8
I mean what do you mean even like how2725.6193.901
many animals you have it's hard to keep2727.783.079
track of that even2729.525.099
yes and I am supportive I do I I tell2730.8596.161
you I think I'm a good man I'm a good2734.6195.341
father you absolutely are you know and I2737.025.339
think through Alex is lucky to be living2739.966.96
with me he's lucky oh hey there's uh2742.3597.861
Neves and Astros Place [ __ ] yeah hello2746.927.08
so hey what's up guys hey sorry you got2750.225.639
caught up in very bad parenting by the2754.03.3
rallies but I'm gonna have to have that2755.8593.841
egg back thank you very much oh we don't2757.34.319
have the egg anymore did you see the2759.74.68
weather uh Hey the the gigs of me2761.6195.041
there's no need to lie anymore we fed2764.384.439
your egg to a snake come here you gotta2766.664.08
be kidding me but hey look at this we've2768.8193.181
never had one of these2770.743.8
there it goes2772.02.54
oh I swear to God oh no no all right2774.725.32
hold on we're start we're Sarco close2778.423.12
grab grab them I'll keep an eye on him2780.043.36
Sarco claws to the rescue step in there2781.544.38
God damn it I'm dragging in my way oh2783.44.08
crap there's piranhas and all kinds of2785.923.659
stuff oh here comes Sarco claws where is2787.483.72
he he's right there beside you you're2789.5793.78
good okay okay we're good it's okay with2791.26.06
me uh he's bloody yep needs yeah listen2793.3596.181
you're telling me that but the egg was2797.266.96
fed to that snake so now the baby like2799.546.9
one of my babies [ __ ] we got the names2804.226.06
yeah Sarco no one of my babies is inside2806.446.84
the belly of a snake Simon what I'm2810.286.839
telling you is what have you seen what a2813.286.9
pretty day it is thank you welcome it's2817.1195.581
a very nice day today it really is I2820.184.04
can't even pretend to be angry anymore2822.74.02
Where Do We Go From Here well you could2824.224.66
tell them about the restaurant it's a2826.725.639
piece of [ __ ] it's not it's not oh who's2828.886.18
a cute snake hey come this way you idiot2832.3594.5
come here come here now you know what2835.063.84
technically the snake is mine because2836.8594.701
it's it's more my it's my baby2838.95.64
yeah it was weird it was it was our baby2841.564.66
if there's a saddle for the snake and2844.543.36
Simon should ride at home can I do that2846.224.139
I don't think that's our snake yeah and2847.93.6
I don't think you can make a saddle for2850.3593.121
the snake I think this is part my snake2851.54.74
no we'll I will share this Nate if you2853.484.379
want to come by and visit the snake we2856.243.72
can give you visitation rights or the2857.8594.74
family I got a better idea what okay you2859.964.159
ready look2862.5994.381
two eggs those could be your new babies2864.1195.5
Oh what are they eggs for they're those2866.985.639
feathered things they are Jeffries it's2869.6194.381
a Jeffrey egg it's a Jeffrey egg2872.6194.021
fertilized yeah all right that works2874.05.64
good for you boys I wish I cared more2876.644.74
but to tell you the truth I'm not a very2879.643.479
good father2881.382.69
we know2883.1192.401
all right good hunt Sal2885.524.74
providing all that meat for your family2888.3396.421
providing unlike some [ __ ]2890.267.44
um you went up a level congrats yeah you2894.764.8
are going to be a 204 and guess who2897.75.52
missed it all yeah Simon did what a2899.567.559
surprise Daddy's home [ __ ] off you know2903.226.42
what you better watch it okay I'll watch2907.1194.98
it I'll watch our kids yeah I know2909.644.199
that's the least you can do it's all2912.0995.22
I've done yeah we're here what how about2913.8396.121
this what's that tell me what that is2917.3196.481
it's a dianakis egg yeah okay take it2919.967.68
why take it okay all right what's the2923.86.18
point of that give birth to that what as2927.646.36
a reminder of how you murdered our baby2929.986.48
I didn't murder a baby you are a2934.04.68
murderer I didn't murder I'm singing2936.464.8
about you murdering a baby since you're2938.684.02
a child thick what the [ __ ] is he2941.264.02
talking about well it appears that2942.76.0
abstro and neebs use the egg from their2945.287.2
T-Rex to tame a Titan Boa2948.76.08
really yeah they didn't need protection2952.484.859
they just wanted to tame a Titan Boa2954.784.78
yeah that probably will serve no purpose2957.3393.901
and will die within the next couple days2959.563.9
yeah right and they just decided to go2961.243.599
over to you2963.464.02
you know ding dong over here ding dong2964.8394.5
who just happens to just I don't know2967.484.8
give away babies to whoever just for fun2969.3394.621
because for some reason you like to do2972.283.36
that not sure how it's in your business2973.963.6
since you're never here uh it's my2975.644.32
business because it's my family I built2977.565.4
this freaking house and I've helped fill2979.966.24
this wall do not tell me this is yours2982.965.04
because I tried to get a better house2986.23.78
just a little place that we could go and2988.03.359
spend time together me and you2989.984.139
one-on-one oh I'm so over this are you2991.3594.621
really yeah well you're not the only one2994.1194.081
right good yeah2995.983.9
um well you know what I guess2998.23.659
technically they still are getting2999.884.92
protection technically you still murder3001.8595.601
her baby shut up hey hey hey hey hey hey3004.85.34
easy guys why don't you just I don't3007.464.3
know maybe hop on a bird and head over3010.144.699
to culo Del Mar3011.766.8
ah welcome to Luxurious culo Del Mar3014.8397.061
balguero's very own Paradise is waiting3018.565.799
just for you white sand Beach's crystal3021.94.62
clear water and a staff that will give3024.3594.26
you that white glove treatment you've3026.524.92
always needed thirsty why not swim up to3028.6195.161
our very exclusive and exquisite Beach3031.444.44
Bar don't forget to give your lady some3033.783.96
pocket change the drinks aren't cheap3035.883.959
maybe after a drink at the bar you want3037.744.26
to grab something to eat you can do so3039.8394.801
at our five-star restaurant literally3042.05.22
named five-star restaurant ladies this3044.644.26
will give you a break from cooking but3047.223.839
you will have to clean your plate that3048.94.08
is we like to joke around a bit around3051.0594.02
here you may be asking if there's a3052.983.78
senior discount unfortunately there's3055.0793.361
not because we don't want old people3056.763.78
here don't get too comfortable Simon3058.444.5
culo Del Mar has plenty of amazing3060.544.319
waterfront properties available for rent3062.944.8
or for purchase but watch your step it's3064.8596.421
a long ways down [ __ ] and speaking of a3067.746.119
long ways down culo Del Mar offers3071.286.14
valguero largest diving board3073.8597.26
culo Del Mar Paradise for everyone even3077.425.8
women Kulu Delmar is not sexist needs3081.1193.841
gaming does not approve of sexism big 443083.222.94
was told to say this by other people3084.964.639
culo Del Mar3086.163.439
all right neebs I found this place up in3092.045.4
the hills what is it well oh there's a3094.385.0
button all right I'm pushing the button3097.444.8
oh yeah okay this is like an old ruin3099.386.04
old Mayan Temple okay so what the button3102.246.119
do uh it opened the door3105.426.0
yep oh hey hit the door the door's on a3108.3596.061
timer that could have been bad3111.425.52
uh yes you probably could so leave the3114.424.88
animals here3116.942.36
you didn't even look inside though okay3119.44.26
well well do I leave ding dong out here3121.743.72
it's just a weird uh you're gonna need3123.663.54
me there to push the button while you go3125.463.359
in let me peek inside maybe there's a3127.22.52
way to open3128.8193.961
all right this is a risk I'm in any3129.725.58
buttons I don't see any buttons okay uh3132.783.6
we're going to come up there and I'm3135.32.279
about to wait outside while you go in3136.382.88
and look oh wait no there's a button in3137.5793.361
here so I think I can open the door once3139.264.98
it closes okay now push it doing it yep3140.944.74
all right so we can get in and out3144.244.02
perfect perfect animals though I don't3145.684.139
know let me let me go a little deeper3148.262.78
this is stupid are you gonna stay on3151.044.72
yeah yeah maybe stay on this is dumb3153.185.04
okay I'm coming up on a room with some3155.766.66
light uh-huh this is a big room still no3158.227.44
threats okay it's a big area though3162.426.96
boy okay okay oh God that's a deep oh3165.665.939
there's a deep hole here I don't I don't3169.383.78
know whether to bring the animals or not3171.5993.901
if anything bring a flyer in here I mean3173.163.72
is this something you can jump we got a3175.53.72
frog oh wait it looks like we could jump3176.885.64
down oh jump down yeah yeah there's like3179.225.099
some water here leads down into a big3182.524.86
hole okay so maybe something that could3184.3195.461
swim the Frog and then the uh oh God I3187.384.32
fell oh God oh God okay that was almost3189.783.68
yeah looks like we can jump down what do3193.464.24
you think maybe the the new frog and the3195.8393.661
um the the little guy puts a little3197.73.06
crocodile little alligator little3199.52.7
alligator little cute little alligator3200.763.299
yeah I mean they're we've we've talked3202.23.3
about they're Expendable so let's go for3204.0592.701
it let's go for all right we got to3205.52.76
bring them up here all right I am coming3206.764.5
back all right I'm trying to jump up oh3208.266.66
god oh crap though names yep I fell are3211.265.16
you uh are you gonna live are you gonna3214.923.54
live do not come down here do not come3216.423.24
down here3218.465.099
so don't come down there3223.5594.76
oh yeah tickle nips old tickle nibs I3231.686.7
like the name it's a good name it's3235.684.5
weird that it's not a Jeffrey but you3238.383.66
know it's fine yeah I mean it's tickle3240.184.2
nip's full name is tickle nips Jeffrey3242.044.92
no it's not tickle Jeffrey nips hey this3244.384.439
is just as much mine you had nothing to3246.963.899
do with it I brought it here yeah you3248.8194.201
weren't here when it was born again okay3250.8593.901
let's not go there okay we don't need to3253.023.78
go there all right so yeah what is the3254.764.44
plan I can't have a proper Resort3256.84.44
without having swimming with the3259.24.74
dolphins as a feature oh gotta make sure3261.245.46
no prego's allowed to swim with them no3263.944.74
pregos dolphins are horny yeah you can't3266.73.24
know plus they're all they get weird3268.682.76
we're on prego's just saying because3269.942.879
they're horny is this a real thing yes3271.442.94
well put up a sign I can't believe you3272.8193.481
don't know this okay go on we'll get the3274.383.959
sign all right okay okay also no3276.34.74
menstruating go on okay we just take3278.3394.921
Nessie out yes get some Dolphins yes3281.045.1
stuff them in the cryopod done boom boom3283.265.24
all right we'll do this real quick3289.0792.721
come on ding dong get in all right ding3291.85.2
dongs in you behind me yep3294.424.02
so this is just we're getting my stuff3297.03.48
back okay so if you fly ding dong I'll3298.443.96
grapple on the ding dong uh-huh and then3300.483.18
you can lower me down there all right3302.43.179
but uh follow me okay all right you got3303.663.78
the Torches so yeah stay behind me yep3305.5793.54
all right I see my uh I see the green3307.443.84
light for my stuff wow yeah it's pretty3309.1194.861
cool it's nice this is crazy I love it3311.285.279
okay so so you died down there dot down3313.984.2
there so now I'm gonna grapple on the3316.5593.901
ding dong get what she said3318.184.919
um yeah that works okay finally and uh3320.465.52
oh you need me to come down a bit huh uh3323.0994.921
yeah come on Lower me down okay now3325.984.44
there's bats down here oh no so if it3328.024.02
yeah like I said if it gets too hairy we3330.423.78
could just we can get out okay see my3332.043.36
stuff yeah just keep bringing me down3334.23.859
keep bringing me down3335.42.659
oh man this all right stop stop stop3338.785.799
stop Yes lower it oh yeah get out of3342.3594.341
here get3344.5792.121
here yeah my stuff is gone damn it I had3348.3594.621
some good [ __ ] in there too well we got3350.943.6
a lot of stuff back at other base we can3352.982.879
make a trip home and rebuild an3354.543.72
ascending Pike all that other stuff man3355.8594.921
we'll just do a little uh drop hunting3358.265.16
yeah drop button all right but we need3360.784.68
to come back here eventually with the3363.425.54
boys that's a plan man3365.463.5
your call I don't know it's a good idea3370.8594.381
dolphin upper left dolphin upper left up3372.784.68
left oh I think I no that's a Stingray3375.243.74
I see it up top straight left direct3378.985.74
left and up oh yeah yeah okay yeah3381.665.04
Megalodon's coming let me take care of3384.723.78
this okay that sounds good you know no3386.75.1
Simon hello looking at you wow hey Simon3388.55.4
yeah don't pull that like I'm just gonna3391.84.38
watch [ __ ] well I mean what do you do it3393.93.78
all the time I'm sick of it what do you3396.182.879
expect me to do tell me what to do3397.683.48
Captain let me get some meat there we go3399.0594.8
all right I've got some meat okay uh3401.164.02
where'd that dolphin go right there3403.8593.781
right by the meat right by the meat ah3405.185.159
yes do we hop out now do we do things3407.645.28
um I'm covering you are we shooting the3410.3394.26
dolphin don't no no no it's pass3412.924.26
obtained oh you put fish meat in your3414.5994.561
zero slime well watch out for that Mana3417.183.899
I've got my eyes on the man because I'm3419.164.74
a gamer there are a bunch of jelly damn3421.0795.581
Jelly's coming rolling in window see I3423.94.14
feel like they're kind of leaving us3426.663.06
alone oh she's nice no no they're3428.045.299
they're coming closer to Nessie3429.723.619
hilarious that's a fun noise3435.93.74
kind of busy right now bud got one there3439.8195.081
we go two down come on let's see we're3442.3194.981
gonna [ __ ] it up guys a [ __ ] like3444.95.52
really badly attacked here care to help3447.36.0
me I'm already unconscious come back and3450.425.159
get me in my place please coming dying3453.33.84
rallies can you grab him what do I do3455.5793.181
how do I just grab him yeah just grab3457.144.199
them oh shoot CPR I'm a red man I'm3458.764.5
gonna oh I just went by him oh please3461.3394.861
grab me I want to I see here we go up oh3463.266.359
boy there we go here I come oh my god oh3466.25.04
it feels like all right they're ready I3469.6193.96
guess to the shore maybe well it's kind3471.245.04
of the best place oh my scuba tank broke3473.5794.26
that's that's cool you left me oh you're3476.283.48
swimming though get back to Nessie I'm3477.8394.5
trying this is a [ __ ] show you're a [ __ ]3479.764.559
show holy I'm just saying this is a [ __ ]3482.3393.78
show I didn't say you were but thanks3484.3193.3
for calling me a [ __ ] show well3486.1194.161
appreciate it3487.6195.281
ah it's a [ __ ] show neebs what's wrong3490.284.299
well I got back I was organizing3492.93.84
inventory then an alligator jumped out3494.5793.78
and grabbed me took me to the middle of3496.743.0
the lake and ate me you gonna be all3498.3593.301
right yeah I just need to rebuild my3499.743.54
inventory so I think I'm gonna take ding3501.663.0
dong and just go on a drop Adventure3503.282.579
because what else have I got to do today3504.663.12
and I can go with you you know you want3505.8593.781
to yeah you shouldn't be alone right now3507.784.2
you're talking uh you know all right3509.643.36
yeah all right so you're gonna build3511.982.76
something to protect all these guys well3513.04.079
I'm working on it so the big door oh3514.744.079
that that's wonderful I like that a lot3517.0793.72
I think if we just fortified this wall3518.8193.48
right here I think they're all coming on3520.7993.361
this side okay do we want to do that3522.2994.081
real quick and then go yep let's drop3524.164.5
these walls then it's on a drop3526.384.86
Adventure I like it okay I'll help you3528.664.26
build I'm a good Builder but I have3531.243.48
nothing I feel like Simon right now no3532.923.36
there's a bunch to go check out Marriott3534.723.54
up there you get all kinds of stuff okay3536.284.38
we got other stuff right that's right3538.266.0
that's right uh Titan is that a rainbow3540.666.24
look at that look at your day turning3544.264.5
around the rainbow today hold on I want3546.95.54
to see this rainbow where is it oh yeah3548.765.88
that's a damn right yeah you know what3552.443.7
that's the symbol I'm gonna find some3554.643.54
good stuff in a drop today that's right3556.144.32
man I'm gonna be I'll be pimped out with3558.184.86
gear and it's that's a sign no one says3560.463.34
that's a symbol3563.042.779
oh my God I'm retreating ish I don't3565.8195.8
know what to do manta's on oh God I3569.223.96
gotta I gotta live I gotta live got eyes3571.6193.421
on the Mantis okay I'm gonna shoot him3573.184.379
I'm gonna try to get away oh [ __ ] oh3575.044.92
they're coming towards me oh no that's3577.5596.441
me ah you idiot oh3579.968.42
God what's up3584.04.38
oh boy thick I know a couple guys not3592.646.52
gonna be so happy about that he's all3596.644.82
I'm guessing Nessie got thicked hey you3602.285.519
know we still saw a rainbow yeah so it3605.044.68
was it was a sign right it was a symbol3607.7994.5
it was a symbol yeah it's gonna be a3609.724.8
good one beloved messy it's gonna be a3612.2994.141
real good day this Wall's going up who3614.523.66
doesn't love a good wall I don't love3616.444.46
anything right now okay I want to die3618.186.36
or go looting yeah I guess I'm going3620.95.02
Luke are you done with that wall yet I3624.542.94
was gonna help build but then I got3625.924.679
depressed let's hope that'll wow okay3627.485.359
ignore my window placement just whatever3630.5995.76
uh yeah let's do it I painted the snake3632.8395.801
kind of like a dick that made me happy I3636.3593.841
couldn't find any really like colors3638.643.78
that matched so it was like tan and pink3640.24.08
I tried to make the tip pink yeah I3642.423.659
didn't want to get personal but that3644.283.779
made me curious yeah right it's it's3646.0793.841
it's the best I could do with what I was3648.0593.841
given let's take these off passive we'll3649.923.659
just put them on uh whatever and then3651.94.38
we'll head out yeah yeah loot we'll find3653.5797.941
some good stuff good loot oh God3656.285.24
uh let me get my stuff they didn't use3661.744.92
Nessie for anything anyways and I tamed3664.53.96
it I tame it I can kill it y'all3666.663.959
remember Cooter right rest in peace baby3668.465.96
going down down3670.6193.801
take all boom oh no baby oh [ __ ] we're3676.766.64
getting out of here3681.962.96
made it out let's go oh it's updating3684.926.399
I hate that noise sounds like I'm3688.766.16
choking on a [ __ ] but I'm not guys yeah3691.3196.841
hey hey I got a whale oh wow what are3694.926.06
you doing man hey you know what what3698.165.22
guess what doesn't hurt whales jellyfish3700.984.139
yeah you know what you know what hurts3703.383.3
what we had3705.1194.141
you huh what was that something because3706.684.56
the thing's dead oh you could have3709.264.559
delivered that better thing what was his3711.246.02
name I forgot yeah3713.8193.441
it's good to have a sense of humor in3719.463.0
the time of this massive [ __ ] up array3720.8393.301
yeah yeah go ahead and throw your litter3722.463.899
on our beach cool it's a new name of3724.143.9
this place litter Beach it's not yeah3726.3594.44
but you really honestly you should have3728.044.38
known what do you mean what you're being3730.7993.3
very defensive and that obviously means3732.423.3
that you know you screwed up I did but3734.0993.72
we can get another one of those okay I3735.723.599
don't know what made you think that it3737.8193.0
was healthy when you're like it's fine3739.3193.24
just because it's fighting back doesn't3740.8193.48
mean it's fine you know that right3742.5594.321
here's the thing is that it seemed like3744.2994.861
we were doing well against the jellyfish3746.884.739
or at least I was but other things3749.164.38
started to attack so a lot of those3751.6193.781
times hindsight is 20 20. what do you3753.543.84
mean oh so you were doing well but we3755.43.6
weren't I I don't know I couldn't tell3757.383.3
oh there was just a bunch of yelling and3759.02.88
gargling there wasn't a lot of3760.682.939
communication there wasn't there was3761.883.36
just screaming good luck with your3763.6193.361
Dolphins no you're not I'm wiping my my3765.243.599
hands clean of this I think I'm scared3766.983.359
no I think I just don't want to attach3768.8394.201
myself to you anymore really just for3770.3394.561
today just for taking a little break hey3773.044.019
wow I gotta go water things yeah I'm3774.93.84
gonna go watch them water things do you3777.0593.961
need help nope really good at watering I3778.746.2
know sure you are probably the best3781.023.92
let's go for that one okay I found an3785.165.04
ascendant uh not a pike it's a lance oh3787.444.5
a lance how do I use a lance knock your3790.23.18
foes off their mounts I can only use3791.943.119
that when I'm riding a horse Yuki you3793.384.08
got a uh unicorn for that oh good yeah3795.0594.861
oh oh you know what look at this what3797.465.28
this oh look at that this okay this must3799.924.26
be that dump Thick's always going on3802.743.54
about uh he's trying to sell his3804.184.86
property here yeah hmm all right give me3806.284.44
the other drop give me near that drop3809.043.6
this place is nice you wanna live here3810.723.02
not really got a thatch Foundation some3813.745.02
thatch walls what is this a fiomia3816.724.74
saddle we don't need that I know junk3818.764.92
I'm gonna leave it here okay so this is3821.463.54
the place that keeps going on about3823.683.54
right it's nice yeah with the tallest3825.04.02
diving board in the world dick likes to3827.223.42
waste my animals I'm about to waste this3829.023.779
piece of [ __ ] oh are you serious you3830.643.6
don't even know if it was him I mean it3832.7992.641
was probably him but you don't know if3834.242.64
it was him hadn't been him he's the one3835.442.13
selling this place3836.883.769
is the ladder still there yeah all right3845.0594.601
I won't destroy the ladder I'll leave3847.7994.081
that for him wow that is pretty cool all3849.664.38
right actually I lied I'm destroying the3851.885.52
ladder no it is on all right pick me up3854.045.279
let's get out of here see that's a3857.43.419
symbol of a good day yeah you know what3859.3194.26
that's a good symbol I like that rainbow3860.8195.641
was worth something after all ah Sweet3863.5794.76
uh neeb's Rapture okay names are up so3868.3395.321
come in this thick 44. that's a big 10-43871.144.26
44. yeah3873.664.439
yeah hey guys uh I don't know if you saw3875.45.159
or heard the news Nessie yeah what was3878.0994.321
that about man she just3880.5594.26
she just messed up she messed up she3882.424.32
just went and did her own thing oh yeah3884.8193.78
yeah okay and I was trying to help her I3886.744.14
was like No Nessie I feel like you're3888.5994.081
feeding me a line no [ __ ] right now [ __ ]3890.883.6
I'm telling you the truth and nessie's3892.683.659
just sitting there like jiggling around3894.484.8
like I can't do anything but in reality3896.3394.5
she probably could have but it was3899.283.779
jellyfish again yeah3900.8394.141
yeah we'll get another one we got the3903.0593.421
whale hey we'll get another one I just3904.982.94
wanted to come clean and let you know3906.483.359
that it was her fault so you're gonna3907.923.06
you know what yeah eventually you know I3910.984.639
gotta get some dolphins3912.8392.78
what your diving board messed up yeah3916.764.78
yeah it was sitting there things were3919.383.9
attacking it and I tried to help but it3921.543.66
messed up really yeah diving boards3923.283.6
really really wonky was there anybody3925.23.899
around it at the time we tried to help3926.884.02
we couldn't oh you did yeah we did we3929.0993.421
did we jumped in there tried to help it3930.93.959
okay my diving board the tall the3932.524.559
tallest in valguire okay yeah but like I3934.8594.081
said all right if another Nessie shows3937.0793.181
up another diving board might show up3938.944.26
okay well you know what thick out mule3940.265.64
wanna go for a ride3943.25.82
Simon hey yo hey where you at I am just3945.94.86
landing on the roof of the house what's3949.023.599
up uh can you see me over here where are3950.764.2
you at over by the uh the kangaroo ruse3952.6194.261
where are the kangaroos I'm just gonna3954.964.26
let you figure that out oh Jesus since3956.883.84
you're here so often you know you're the3959.223.3
things out stop it we've got you know3960.723.78
what you want to turn around you idiot3962.523.539
that's all t-rex is over there why are3964.52.64
you looking over there everything else3966.0593.0
is over here but you'd know anyway I'm3967.143.9
not gonna push that stop look at we had3969.0593.721
a little uh we had another they had one3971.044.559
there you are yeah right here okay look3972.784.74
it I named it I hope you like the name3975.5993.72
I'm sure you've named everything well3977.524.2
you're never around I know stop saying3979.3193.961
that you like the name it's really good3981.724.98
baby jumpy Jumpy's baby jumpy oh just3983.285.1
jumping oh it's a baby because it's a3986.73.839
baby you're like jumping oh man let me3988.383.78
tell you my goal is because you're never3990.5393.121
around I'm gonna name everything the3992.162.76
stupidest [ __ ] you've ever heard from3993.662.82
here on and then just see how you like3994.923.96
it how long do I have to stay here like3996.484.139
if I'm here be around when something's3998.884.32
born that's all or just I've spent most4000.6194.321
of my time here how's that yeah I might4003.23.24
go out and about for a while just go4004.942.58
ahead and I'll hang out with the fam4006.443.48
feed them uh level them up okay good4007.524.799
anything else nice to meet you one that4009.924.32
I'm gonna ignore because I'm not a good4012.3193.601
you know what I'm just gonna accept the4014.243.24
fact that you know what I'm nothing okay4015.923.179
is that what you want this is a good4017.483.359
psychological flip I like this is this4019.0993.061
what you want I like what you're going4020.8393.181
for there you go I'm abandoning you4022.163.6
let's not let the negativity of of4024.024.559
thickery bring us down today okay that's4025.764.319
true why don't we just go to the4028.5793.48
vacation house just spend a little bit4030.0793.78
of time together and just kind of tied4032.0593.961
to thick just me I know but we can do4033.8593.601
something bad there and hurt you know4036.023.299
what we need to do what jump off that4037.464.68
diving board oh that's yeah that would4039.3194.441
be fun that'll take the problems away4042.145.58
that'd be a lot of fun yeah let's do it4043.766.059
get me down there this is it man it's4047.723.899
gonna be the good one now send it Pike I4049.8193.3
bet gonna make the whole day worth it4051.6194.761
yep right here okay4053.1193.261
I got an ascendant metal shield oh4057.3395.381
that's not terrible what is this in a4060.744.2
blueprint for a Mastercraft Sarco saddle4062.724.8
okay maybe use that and then a water jar4064.945.52
got a water jar you like water I do cool4067.524.86
and uh yeah there's a blueprint that I4070.463.3
don't want what was it it's like an4072.384.979
adobe door oh a door yeah okay well you4073.765.039
want to use your new Shield try it out4077.3593.98
oh wow look at this what has happened4081.525.079
this is neat never seen this yeah see oh4083.724.68
what a good symbol yeah that was cool4086.5994.98
nice symbol yeah first a rainbow and now4088.45.1
that what a day it's simple for4091.5795.061
something else is about to die4093.53.14
ah guys Nessie right felt like it was4097.3396.181
kind of kind of a time but anyways hey4101.125.46
went out today looking for dolphins and4103.526.6
didn't realize that I didn't eat them we4106.586.139
have a unicorn4110.122.599
absor to thick 44 apps for a thick 44.4118.945.48
hey uh or my unicorn went4124.584.34
oh so you have him isn't4130.44.14
it I don't really know I don't really4133.2793.241
care but hey I want that unicorn back4134.544.279
I'll give you4139.464.62
not Finders Keepers Fighters Keepers4141.984.199
listen if I don't get my unicorn back4144.084.8
does culo Del Mar Place yeah it's not4146.1795.361
gonna look so pretty4148.882.66
drop might have had a load of C4 in it4151.8197.38
these houses are gonna start to go thick4159.1993.48
starting with the one that looks like a4161.2393.181
birthday cake4162.6794.981
yeah I'm looking at it right now not4164.424.799
only is the house gonna go but your4167.666.5
friend's up there guns whoever that is4169.2194.941
to do anything4181.7193.421
you hear that fact I did you said that4189.2794.601
was the house shaped like a birthday4192.53.78
cake yeah4193.885.359
oh he's gonna be mad at you yeah4196.285.88
no I got a little bit more so you better4199.2394.48
start thinking about getting that4202.163.24
unicorn back maybe I'll blow up4203.7193.721
something you give a [ __ ] about like why4205.43.839
no no4207.443.84
I don't I'll look around maybe I'll find4209.2394.261
something I'll find something then call4211.284.58
me back4213.52.36
T-Rex eggs you're kidding right now I4221.445.5
want another one no or two more no you4224.1795.161
kind of no this is our family I thought4226.944.08
it was gonna go to a good cause it did4229.343.66
go to a good cause yeah but you know not4231.023.719
like a you know what I mean yeah but4233.03.42
this is this feels more like a better4234.7393.42
cause because our snake we have is4236.425.04
lonely okay well that needs a mate okay4238.1595.761
um listen remember how you guys owe me4241.464.259
something for that egg uh no we gave4243.923.96
salmon an egg no no no you didn't make4245.7193.48
the deal with Simon that was me he not4247.883.299
bring the egg back no that's not what my4249.1994.801
point is you still owe me like you can't4251.1794.441
hear something or someone else and say4254.04.8
that that covered our thing okay okay so4255.624.559
we want to get what I want to get an4258.83.66
argentavis oh an argentavis yep and then4260.1794.261
you'll give me an egg no no no this is4262.464.8
what you owe me now we're Square no then4264.444.32
you give me another egg how do you do a4267.264.02
favor no no no if you owe me something4268.764.08
you doing something for someone else4271.283.419
doesn't make you good with me you're not4272.843.66
seeing the movie Pay It Forward no this4274.6993.901
is enough no this is how you do business4276.53.78
this sounds like a Pay It Forward that's4278.63.119
how you do business4280.284.02
um let's do the argentavis yeah could4281.7194.141
you make a saddle for me too I can't4284.34.56
make a saddle oh then then the egg there4285.865.819
we go hey hey then absolutely I will4288.865.22
give you an egg yep okay I can make a4291.6793.841
saddle right here cause I got tons of4294.083.24
stuff oh awesome oh yeah cause they're4295.526.32
like a cool okay let's see4297.324.52
crafting in the one saddle sweet you4302.026.1
want it I mean I guess so I can wait4306.383.839
until I get an argentavis I'll keep it4308.123.38
in ding dong here4310.2194.141
no I'll give you hold on I'm gonna grab4311.54.659
the egg oh really well I'm not gonna4314.363.18
give it to you until it's all said and4316.1593.121
done okay you're gonna carry it this4317.544.86
whole time yep that's weird4319.286.12
four this is stick 44 again I've placed4325.525.1
more bombs4329.064.139
on another house4330.623.78
kind of looks like a little like a4333.1992.941
little massage parlor4334.43.6
yeah it looks nice looks like something4336.144.019
you'd want to be at some place I'd want4338.06.44
to get a happy ending in you say exactly4340.1594.281
all right4345.923.18
are you there4351.082.659
try to consider here this damn property4354.924.5
I've looked around I'm not interested in4357.045.159
any of this crap least4359.425.16
okay I might start back on the dive4362.1994.601
board I better see mule safe in my hands4364.584.26
all right all right and wait that wasn't4366.83.419
the deal the deal was you get another4368.842.7
oh he's gonna do that anyways but like4371.544.98
I'm not building the dive board to you4374.543.6
get another Nessie that's what started4376.523.92
all this4378.142.3
we'll see4381.263.12
yeah we'll see me blow this damn house4382.643.92
don't [ __ ] with me thick you bastard4389.026.58
oh crap boy oh no needs oh yep are you4395.66.119
okay we're good oh boy okay I got two of4399.083.619
a bunch of them there's so many cats4402.6998.821
come here is this cat oh yeah okay4406.125.4
what did you kill one yeah4413.084.02
it's been a while all right reloaded4438.6995.261
don't shoot ding dong nope don't wanna4441.624.86
you got him yeah4443.964.56
that's the way to start now we can start4446.484.44
okay now we get an Argentina everybody4448.525.0
okay I was just confused4450.925.04
huh what level's that one there's two of4453.525.44
them oh boy he's coming after him I4455.965.66
think oh they want that mate4458.966.68
three of them there's so many okay4461.626.76
let me grab you huh let me grab you yeah4465.645.68
I suppose oh geez oh boy come back come4468.386.839
back uh yeah yeah ready yep oh you're so4471.325.06
y'all greased up this morning yeah I4476.384.0
greased it up okay you know what level4478.763.899
that thing was no I couldn't really get4480.384.319
any like I saw like 48 they all seem to4482.6595.161
be right in that middle area Okay uh 48.4484.6995.101
well are you being picky nope I'm not4487.823.72
picky all right let's try to figure this4489.82.879
out you ready should we we're getting4491.542.58
that one let's sit down right here okay4492.6795.101
boom Landon yeah jumping off are you4494.127.02
ready here we go come on man oh here oh4497.784.26
thank you4501.144.26
did I get him no no4502.047.32
you can uh oh there's dogs on him there4505.46.24
we go what level was that 48 that was4509.365.28
the 48. ding dong stay there okay very4511.645.4
excuse me yeah I got my trunks we're4514.644.74
moving what are you gonna do uh I'll4517.044.02
distract them I'll just I'll distract4519.383.06
him with the shield okay oh it's coming4521.063.48
at you here we go okay I got the shield4522.445.82
okay you drank it yep shrink it oh oh4524.547.32
wait down here we go keep running oh4528.266.06
he's coming back oh you got him oh that4531.864.98
was like two what what level was this4534.325.339
probably like a two level two well I4536.844.92
mean it went down so quick this might be4539.6593.781
the easiest thing ever well there you go4541.763.65
hey you want to do this dick4551.35.879
well I want you to get off my property4554.065.7
and get all the C4 out of here I can't4557.1795.701
do that until I have uh until I have my4559.764.74
unicorn back and hey don't try anything4562.883.66
tricky because I'm not the only one here4564.54.5
with a Detonator who else is here well4566.544.38
not here but I gave Specific4569.04.56
Instructions to neebs if he sees me die4570.925.52
he pulls the trigger does he know how to4573.564.98
use a Detonator he absolutely does I've4576.443.86
trained him4578.544.679
and when he pulls the trigger uh your4580.35.26
friend I believe's name is Jeffrey4583.2195.281
Jeffrey Jeffrey has Bob's placed all4585.565.099
around him Victor you better not mess4588.55.04
with Jeffrey4590.6596.121
bastard all right after you win but4593.546.179
here's what I want remove all the C4 and4596.785.76
I'll give you your unicorn back but then4599.7195.52
you have to take me to the location of4602.546.3
your cave that you found oh wait which4605.2395.641
one the one you died in oh yeah easy4608.843.96
yeah no problem I'll gladly show you4610.883.359
that piece of [ __ ] all right here's what4612.82.7
I want you to do I want you to land Your4614.2393.061
Dragon over across there we'll meet at4615.53.6
the waterfall bridge no weapons all4617.33.54
right no weapons and we'll try anything4619.14.16
thank you4624.2197.02
where's my unicorn thing oh please4626.065.179
oh there it yeah there you are buddy all4635.2396.661
right did you take all the C4 out of4639.264.74
there oh not yet I'll go get the C44641.95.1
right now all right how you been by the4644.03.15
uh not too bad it's like losing my4648.323.06
diving board everything's been pretty4650.33.12
good uh this place is coming along okay4651.383.72
been scouting out some some more4653.423.84
property I'm really interested in that4655.14.26
cave that you died in oh yeah listen4657.263.84
that place yeah if we go back to that4659.363.299
place we gotta like yeah we gotta take4661.13.599
everybody that place is a nightmare oh4662.6593.901
we can scout it with the uh with the4664.6993.661
women's just to see everything we'll4666.563.659
need oh yeah taking the dragons in there4668.363.9
that might be a good idea yeah dragons4670.2193.181
will probably fare a whole lot better4672.262.88
than what we're bringing in there that's4673.44.16
for certain4675.142.42
I'm sorry that was a complete complete4694.34.48
[ __ ] up on my part I take full4697.42.759
responsibility you don't have to get a4698.782.82
Nessie now I'll rebuild your diving4700.1592.101
I'll still show you the cave you give me4702.268.31
15 seconds and I'll be over this yeah4705.6796.351
all right you rebuild the diving board4715.2194.621
you still want to see that cave though4718.6992.761
yeah yeah oh yeah yeah we'll do that4719.844.22
first let's go4721.462.6
all right neighbs what's the plan man4725.7194.98
I'll tell you what Sammy Davis Jr is a4728.05.94
beast oh is that who named him yeah and4730.6995.401
you have earned this my friend ready4733.945.58
yeah there you are sir thank you so much4736.16.0
they're so big aren't they yeah Isn't4739.524.62
that cool it's so cool you want to go4742.14.02
with me to feed it to a snake now you4744.143.78
know that's not a uh that's just a4746.123.72
regular egg like um oh it's not4747.924.799
fertilized nah you didn't specify that4749.846.359
part but I appreciate it what's that4752.7196.0
sure you are you're a trickster okay4756.1994.621
it's a response I expected okay I am a4760.824.08
trickster I'm eating this for dinner4763.285.22
then there you go thank you so much okay4764.95.6
yeah I guess that's it up here huh is4774.443.18
this this thing where we don't hang out4776.62.04
enough to have anything to talk about4777.623.059
anymore it kind of is that I thought4778.643.599
about getting Simon one of these but4780.6794.621
then I was like yeah okay you know maybe4782.2395.101
I'll give him this one if I find it I4785.34.98
don't know gotcha so that's it I think4787.344.56
that's it yeah it is a little awkward we4790.282.939
don't see each other much you're going4791.92.279
I guess I'm gonna head home yeah what4794.1793.48
are you gonna do4796.284.32
um I don't know huh you'll probably4797.6594.441
gotta feed the kids you know what I mean4800.63.36
you want to fight something together not4802.14.92
with this thing nah we jump out our4803.965.58
weapons we leave the birds here are you4807.026.06
still okay stay Sammy stay ding dong uh4809.544.8
they're at least an hour bonding we have4813.083.96
to reconnect okay4814.345.7
okay later bud all right4822.865.32
I found one like day one just failed one4839.326.22
yeah there it is all right oh yep4842.6594.321
careful all right so this is a little4845.542.88
tricky hopefully we can take the dragons4846.984.199
in here okay but you gotta hit this4848.424.62
button yeah you gotta run in all right4851.1793.661
you ready yeah I will let you go first4853.045.22
okay hit it go go come on am I want to4854.845.46
pull the torch out okay all right make4858.262.88
sure you're in there because that4860.32.82
thing's gonna close and go in all the4861.143.86
way I'm gonna see the Dragon's Tail okay4863.124.92
his Tail's not gonna get hit is it4865.05.739
Dragon okay dragon's fine all right pull4868.044.139
your torch out there should be a button4870.7393.121
in there I want you to do the same thing4872.1793.0
for me4873.863.54
opening the door right all right all4875.1794.56
right yo there we go oh yeah all right I4877.44.259
see oh it's dark hold on let me pull the4879.7393.541
torch out4881.6593.961
and I just saw something I know what you4883.284.56
saw yeah hitting that room there ah the4885.624.68
crystal up there yeah but uh down below4887.844.08
that's what we got to worry about okay4890.34.8
here we go oh man uh yeah it's gonna be4891.924.86
tight quarters it's basically for these4895.15.34
dragons [ __ ] on Ice oh my God here we4896.786.24
go going down thick going down4900.445.06
oh [ __ ] fats4903.026.02
I'm coming down4905.53.54
okay I'm turning everything I see let me4913.7194.861
get these guys4917.543.96
I'm about to freeze all these bats I'm4918.585.099
about to burn them4921.56.84
whoa yeah Fire Bats not anymore dead4923.6798.581
bats okay I'm poisoned4928.347.16
oh [ __ ]4932.266.0
jumped off4935.57.739
no more faster coming in guys4938.264.979
la la la4954.047.199
that was abstract okay so I hit nine4961.2398.46
and then I think it's right clicked4966.083.619
I got your back too I'm here but you4986.83.939
know I know you you're off wandering4989.362.52
around me half the time you're not4990.7392.161
paying attention to what's going on4991.883.839
what's that exactly4992.94.98
I'm already seeing the morphodons flying4995.7194.141
around well that's what we're after how4997.883.42
do you tame those again4999.864.68
lock them out okay let's see if we're5001.35.419
gonna go three High here5004.545.46
but the morphodons you hit one and then5006.7196.281
the whole family comes after you ah the5010.05.94
family yeah ticks everybody off but I5013.04.44
think if we have a bunch of these guys5015.943.6
going into that cave that'll be awesome5017.443.42
because they're little yeah they're5019.543.119
little then we can uh you know they'll5020.863.78
be like our attack dogs we can say go5022.6594.441
get those bats they can also be a5024.645.16
distraction and a sacrificial5027.14.5
distraction I've done something like5029.84.02
that before yeah exactly either way5031.63.84
it'll be fun we just gotta see if we can5033.823.18
get a bunch of them in here so neebs5035.443.239
don't get attached to any of these I5037.03.6
can't promise anything man you better5038.6793.301
yeah no you better promise you're not5040.63.48
gonna get attached to them well I happen5041.984.8
to like flying foxes and they remind me5044.084.86
of those so they look nothing like a fox5046.785.1
you see these things flying fox yes they5048.945.58
look nothing like a fox flying yes they5051.884.68
look nothing like a vlog box yes they do5054.524.56
no they don't just the wings okay well5056.564.44
yeah flying's the only thing they5059.084.44
haven't common okay whatever let's let's5061.04.5
don't get them killed well you take a5063.523.24
good look at one of their faces they're5065.54.08
not cute yeah it's beautiful look it5066.765.18
came to me5069.582.36
shoot him okay wow I think my trap works5073.2394.98
better than yours yeah damn it actually5076.483.239
might actually yeah you can bowl these5078.2193.541
guys are there any other ones around yes5079.7194.081
if I attack him that one's gonna attack5081.763.12
uh should we risk it four no the biscuit5084.886.42
biscuit let's stick to the plan fill the5088.65.04
Trap dude follow that one okay we got5091.34.74
your back you ready yeah5093.644.5
ball at him are they attacking me no5096.043.36
you're good you're good you're good5098.143.0
nothing's attacking me okay let's see5099.43.6
where did I have my drinks my trunks are5101.144.32
on I think one's on the way is it really5103.03.84
oh yeah he's coming in5106.846.24
mama okay I gotta go out here shoot okay5110.026.719
is he unconscious oh oh he wants me stop5113.085.34
it you're gonna be my friend you want me5116.7394.081
to come in ah crap this thing is not5118.424.86
unconscious yet I kill it you're doing5120.824.62
great oh it's blowing away are they not5123.283.419
mad at you I don't know they're coming5125.444.14
back I don't know I'm up stop it I'm5126.6995.341
gonna run away oh there it goes yep5129.584.2
there goes the Hilton it's the Marriott5132.044.26
yep hold on let me go get him oh yeah I5133.786.08
see him he's chasing Marriott here we go5136.36.24
each turn back come back this way just5139.863.76
keep building5142.544.04
so in your absence I got us in5146.585.5
argentavis yeah and what's with this5149.84.98
dude well this is Sammy Davis Jr not5152.084.139
that you care about the name but um5154.784.14
that's a great name by the way I I just5156.2194.44
care about the name okay yeah and this5158.923.719
one showed up then this one showed up5160.6593.841
this was out front5162.6394.02
um but it's named wandering Willy yep5164.54.32
handsome Feller here's the thing going5166.6594.261
to the inventory bunch of meat right let5168.824.08
me drop the spoiled meat and then a note5170.924.86
and it says if you find Willy please5172.96.72
return him to neebs neebs5175.786.419
um are you thinking maybe what I'm5179.625.82
thinking I'm thinking that we need to uh5182.1995.161
take these glasses off paint this thing5185.444.62
and pretend like we never saw him you're5187.365.58
you're yeah this isn't wandering Wheelie5190.065.52
at all no this is this is now uh Joe5192.945.34
Lewis former heavyweight champion from5195.585.46
when I was a child long name it is but5198.284.62
it's a good name just keep it at Joe5201.044.32
Lewis maybe let's do Joe Lewis and let's5202.94.319
just what I guess he should just be5205.363.6
all right I think the trap's done and uh5208.965.04
the ark gods have given us a gift it5211.34.8
must work man yeah there's a tear down5214.04.32
lodged in there right you're going some5216.14.44
big I love it though yeah oh look you5218.323.96
can as soon as we get him in here you go5220.544.32
top you got all this room to shoot in5222.285.399
okay let's see if I can get this tear5224.863.6
more yeah Bubba let's get over here I5228.465.6
got a shot from here5231.45.819
he's down okay he's a lightweight all5234.063.94
um tell you what why don't we get uh5238.03.36
Bernice out of the way okay I don't want5239.54.26
her getting into trouble okay yeah hey5241.365.04
nibs hey man all right where are these5243.763.78
guys at5246.42.4
I see5247.542.699
there's a couple of them over there5248.84.02
should I use the boat I put it there in5250.2394.681
case you needed it so you do what you5252.825.839
got to do these parasers are kind of5254.923.739
that's okay5265.35.939
down goes one yeah all right here we go5266.6396.52
yeah dick take care of that guy yeah5271.2394.081
yeah all right where are these where are5273.1594.261
these idiots at come on you going for it5275.324.2
after I think so there's a bunch of them5277.423.6
across the way God I wonder if I can hit5279.524.82
one from here and be a big shot5281.026.96
get it nope get him I got a scope yeah5284.345.319
well I do two hold on let me put that5287.983.659
bad boy on I don't want to come for me5289.6593.661
because I'm up here understood there's5291.6393.06
one out here over the water all right5293.323.12
scopes on yep5294.6994.201
all right let me just find one and I'll5296.445.16
take the shot yeah right there5298.94.92
what it was right on shot right in the5301.64.02
water man he's right in front of you how5303.824.399
you gonna miss that5305.622.599
okay I aimed a little above him do we5308.264.26
have drop is there bullet drop in this5310.783.899
game Maybe5312.524.74
come the hell on what is this all right5314.6794.681
here we go this is gonna be damn it you5317.263.54
should try out for Stormtrooper school5319.364.379
yeah no [ __ ] scope is awful5320.84.26
I don't want to hit that baryana okay5323.7393.781
here we go here we go lead him ah damn5325.064.56
it I killed him wait is that if I killed5327.523.84
him does it piss off his buddies you5329.625.22
would think so oh there he goes5331.366.96
oh I got him is he mad5334.845.819
here we go run you better run out5338.323.359
all right watch out Vic don't get in my5341.6792.161
is the door open door is open out5343.844.62
and get in here who's closing the door5347.1392.58
behind me well I guess I'm closing my5348.462.94
own damn door here we go good job all5349.7194.081
right you got one proud of you Vic you5351.45.52
are in my [ __ ] way God shut the door5353.86.3
I'm trying to talk to me do not talk to5356.923.92
I'm hitting me I can't I don't know why5360.844.12
the door isn't closing God damn it did5363.14.32
it get out is he out no one arm's out is5364.965.04
there one in there I'm going back in I'm5367.424.259
going back in oh he's in there close the5370.03.84
door all right we got two of them two of5371.6793.721
them in here oh it's in there with you5373.844.859
sweet and then I'm going out this way5375.46.0
The Hop oh my God is he flying out of5378.6995.341
the windows he might be God damn it hey5381.44.68
kill this thing I don't know man I5384.042.88
didn't know they could fly through5386.082.4
Windows yeah that changes everything5386.923.9
this entire base is worthless well we5388.484.32
can catch other things in it you close5390.823.96
the windows yeah we can put those things5392.83.359
on every one of these windows God we5394.784.26
gotta feel all that oh boy gotta build5396.1595.221
window things that was what your idea5399.045.94
needs okay my fault5401.386.0
well there we go Simon I tell you you5404.984.32
know what the one thing that might that5407.384.259
might give us away here the feet were5409.34.859
what like a bright yellow they always5411.6394.5
are though are they always bright yeah5414.1594.98
yeah we're fine there okay yeah I didn't5416.1395.401
think they were always that color yeah I5419.1394.5
like yellow bird feet former heavyweight5421.546.96
champion Joe Lewis Welcome to our uh our5423.6395.701
we will be better to you than neebs was5432.825.7
yeah cause clearly I mean honestly what5436.04.5
apparently you you we're never gonna let5438.525.159
you just wander no exactly that's why we5440.55.219
took that part of your name away that's5443.6793.841
right uh because it's not allowed here5445.7193.121
we're not going to be negligent right5447.524.139
and we added Joe Lewis and now you are a5448.845.76
darker complexion he's like an older Joe5451.6595.881
Lewis with gray hair and wings and wings5454.67.1
with a beak Joe Lewis but a bird5457.545.36
exactly that and we will not be I just5462.94.96
came up with a new word what negligent5465.6995.341
it's a it's a Reacher we're not5467.865.58
negligent I love it I do too let's keep5471.044.5
that keep that with just me and you yeah5473.444.199
yeah I like that oh my goodness did you5475.543.599
see what happened with that court case5477.6394.741
that person was so negligent he was yeah5479.1395.641
just let that animal go wander right or5482.384.859
killed his wife right well I mean God5484.784.919
that just got dark well it's a court5487.2393.841
case we don't know all the details I5489.6994.921
know we don't she might have deserved it5491.085.579
deserves it5496.6594.02
nobody all right welcome to the fam5498.344.14
welcome to the film now let's go do5500.6793.54
things what are we gonna do today champ5502.483.42
we need to do something more than just5504.2195.161
this yeah I know uh go out and kill5505.97.259
things with the birds huh go out okay or5509.385.339
go out and just go out on a nice flight5513.1593.301
with the birds yeah we can do that too5514.7194.98
yeah yep right now yep okay let's do it5516.465.219
okay I'm gonna get the slow one I'm on5519.6995.161
the champ all right5521.6795.581
all right neebs take two this is it man5524.864.44
I feel good we got the windows closed we5527.263.959
got this tear it on I'm just gonna lure5529.34.8
them as many as I can yeah so uh yeah5531.2194.861
dick please try to stay out of my way5534.13.9
okay you're in a good spot just hang up5536.083.42
there yep5538.05.04
here we go watch your stamina that's a5539.55.88
low-level pterodon you're not wrong okay5543.043.96
I'm just gonna take a nip5545.384.08
a nipster all right I nip get up wait5547.03.84
till you got a cloud following you5549.463.84
that's why I'm I'm working on it oh oh5550.845.64
crap what got it you got a bunch man5553.34.919
Perfect all right it's got to be called5556.485.04
something uh Gaggle uh some sort of dick5558.2195.221
you may want to move uh they might go5561.523.3
towards you if you're right there I'm5563.443.239
getting out of here oh don't fly5564.823.72
straight towards me you can go anywhere5566.6795.04
else shut up look at this all right here5568.544.92
we go I'm sacrificing this Pteranodon5571.7194.02
this pteranodon's name is mate okay all5573.465.1
right get in here fate holy cow yeah oh5575.7394.681
God why did this open why did this open5578.564.02
I can say open God damn it what's going5580.424.02
on in there I don't know closing it up5582.584.38
all right we got a punch you in there5584.444.98
I'm in here okay I'm getting now okay5586.964.8
all right any uh excess you see on the5589.426.239
side okay knock them out oh outside the5591.767.14
outside outside okay crap I wish we got5595.6595.58
them all all right well there's one on5598.93.96
the outside here uh they're gonna come5601.2393.48
after me as soon as I shoot oh no yeah5602.865.22
yeah yeah you do the old wyvern bites5604.7195.281
start knocking them out all right yeah5608.084.74
bring your guns yep5610.06.5
yeah look at him line them up5612.823.68
another [ __ ] bite us yeah hit me5617.6995.261
through the wall yeah oh man my my leg's5620.6794.141
broken I'm hurt5622.964.14
you knocked out or dead5624.825.58
he looked dead he dead5627.14.76
oh crap is that5633.2194.851
that's the spider pig5635.086.069
oh no oh God okay uh uh you're gonna5645.427.299
don't don't fight him don't fight where5650.1395.58
did you go oh Jesus that's the freaking5652.7197.201
big ass spider oh boy where are you this5655.7195.881
is not a place that I should be flying5659.924.56
around these webs seem dangerous is that5661.66.539
you down there Joe what what what did5664.487.739
the Joe what the world5668.1396.861
come on5672.2192.781
in the world would you do that for Joe5679.7198.52
oh God all from a freaking cougar that5683.767.18
flew up from nowhere I've got it on my5688.2395.061
okay I got him uh that was a good idea5725.1594.301
oh the frog is stuck come on frog I5729.466.239
stuck are you too heavy oh maybe yeah5732.45.9
give him the volume5735.6992.601
thick you guys go to sleep man you're5744.6995.641
gonna be a part of the neeb's tribe it's5748.04.02
gonna be great well I shot him right in5750.343.839
the mouth look at this it's like a straw5752.026.659
oh I got one I got one yeah 100 oh5754.1796.54
there's I got a shot oh yeah right there5758.6794.161
we got you baby5760.7195.401
you go down uh I don't see any more5762.845.2
Wings oh my God if we what's going on in5766.123.36
there can we take a peek there's no way5768.043.24
we knocked all these out I think there's5769.484.62
one still flying it was the frog the5771.285.28
frog did it that would be crazy I knew5774.15.72
the Frog would come in handy5776.563.26
what the hell happened Simon yeah it was5779.866.24
a one of those like jumpy cats that came5782.387.02
out of nowhere what and now I really5786.15.579
yeah what nothing I'm just thinking of5789.45.52
the the damn you know parts of Davis oh5791.6795.581
the champ former former champ well you5794.923.96
know what we weren't even supposed to5797.263.479
have that we weren't this is basically5798.883.6
neeb's fault this is neeb's fault he's5800.7394.321
very negligent and he got his RG killed5802.484.14
he did he ended up getting his hard to5805.062.94
kill all we're doing is trying to take5806.623.059
care of it that's what we were doing I5808.03.3
just had a really good shot of that poop5809.6793.661
coming out of that butthole right there5811.34.379
best shot of the poop ever I've had nice5813.345.22
that's great but yes very negligent he5815.6795.701
was how about how about we just don't5818.564.8
talk anymore about this there's nothing5821.383.42
to talk about it never even happened5823.364.319
best best news of the day though what my5824.84.439
stuff was just on one of those log5827.6793.901
Bridges oh did you get that poop oh no5829.2394.261
but it was not a good enough angle yeah5831.583.9
I hate I missed it I'm just gonna hang5833.54.32
with the kids good like maybe me and you5835.483.719
we could watch some TV tonight or maybe5837.823.839
we can watch the Sun set yeah wanted5839.1994.321
like old like old time it's been a long5841.6593.241
time buddy5843.525.28
long time I'll get the wood I'll get the5844.96.08
that one's incubating dick oh wow that's5851.6994.661
gonna go quick 30 something seconds yep5854.384.259
how about the other ones uh let's see5856.363.72
looking good looking good yeah yeah5858.6393.241
thank you baiting you got food for him5860.083.72
can't see I got I got some food in my5861.883.839
pocket the only thing starving to death5863.83.78
let me get some food oh yeah these can5865.7194.141
go quick oh I've never seen little5867.584.86
babies of these have I no we we don't5869.865.4
really deal with these do we no5872.444.799
put away my sword so I don't spook them5875.265.82
and we gotta oh yeah there we go all5877.2395.641
right look at him oh look at him go look5881.084.619
at him scoot he's a scooter yeah I got5882.883.96
the other one I'm gonna name this one5885.6993.601
scooter triplets that just had triplets5886.844.92
you got triplets yeah same old ones5889.34.74
imprint damn it imprint God there's like5891.763.6
I don't want to interact with a torch I5894.043.24
want to interact with a little [ __ ] oh I5895.363.72
named this one scooter because he5897.285.04
scooted Scooter's mine guess yeah all5899.084.619
right now we gotta feed these little5902.323.06
bastards you gotta get those triplet5903.6993.841
names what's a triplets that's a famous5905.385.819
Trio I I don't I don't know all right so5907.545.52
put a little food in the river right yep5911.1993.781
what's the name of the Jonas Brothers5913.063.659
you can name them all Jonas because5914.983.239
there's three of them right okay so we5916.7193.181
just name every each one of them Jonas5918.2193.601
let's call him the Jonas Brothers we5919.94.08
don't want to look up the names I know5921.825.94
one name what Joe Joe Jonas uh-huh then5923.985.42
Jim Jones5927.765.28
Jim and Jerry Jerry Jonas the Jonas5929.46.95
Brothers got him5933.046.26
I failed you Simon how well not really a5939.36.82
sun is there nope and there's no and I5943.6594.261
it sets up at about a fire right yeah5946.123.48
you're gonna get the wood for the yep I5947.923.12
got wood in that campfire over there5949.63.72
because I forgot that yeah I got I got5951.044.199
sun over in one of those chests we did5953.324.14
this here yeah man I'll tell you what5955.2395.521
what those beams coming off of it the5957.465.1
little beams of light they make your5960.764.32
hair look great do they oh that's sweet5962.564.38
I didn't know we were compliment each5965.082.7
um I really like your hat it makes you5967.784.62
look threatening but in a good way thank5970.35.339
you so much yeah I like the contrast of5972.46.58
color between your mustache and your fro5975.6394.921
um what you got I uh I like your uh your5980.566.48
clothing choices yeah you know most5984.44.799
people would think wow I look stupid but5987.043.96
you but you are brave enough to wear it5989.1994.921
right right5991.05.699
let's go for a walk okay yeah that's6004.6397.0
looking good there we go I need to test6009.2394.701
these boys out see any threats around6011.6394.741
I'm looking6013.944.66
and see something over there6016.383.96
over the threat oh there's one of those6018.63.78
guys a tickle monster tickle monsters6020.345.46
okay what level is it I don't know we6022.385.58
just go for it go for it ah crap I lost6025.84.62
him in the bushes oh boy I lost the6027.964.56
visual oh I see him here we go hello6030.423.84
there go miles there don't you have to6032.523.659
tell those guys to attack uh shouldn't6034.263.84
they attack my target I don't know6036.1793.721
attack my target6038.13.3
oh they own him6039.94.16
I got him unite swoop6044.544.64
he's twisting6053.063.54
hello Mr mule I knew you were a magical6057.564.9
Beast you hang out here inside Marriott6060.425.04
okay you stay safe don't go anywhere6062.465.52
should be should be fine should be fine6065.464.58
don't want anything to happen to you6067.984.98
babes yeah where are we at on this uh6070.045.619
dimorphodon thing I just gotta get them6072.964.86
out of follow me so there's a bunch of6075.6594.381
am I I think am I the only guy uh doing6077.825.28
Birds yes okay yeah you're the bird6080.044.86
master and if you die I'll take care of6083.14.079
them okay let me get them I'll be there6084.93.66
in a second I don't know how you're6087.1793.661
gonna manage all those birds memes with6088.566.119
uh my managing skills oh boy we'll leave6090.845.22
a couple in case we want to breathe more6094.6793.48
you know you got it your little lips are6096.063.119
going to be tired from all that6098.1593.421
whistling I can whistle all day baby I6099.1794.261
know you better get some chapstick okay6101.585.34
is this like enough yeah yeah yeah yeah6103.445.58
that's a good pile of them did I leave a6106.924.5
few behind yeah you did uh yeah good all6109.024.92
right I'm ready all right to the cave to6111.423.78
the cave6113.944.589
so what the hell are we doing here guys6123.443.46
all right well Vic and I are gonna go6125.463.12
into this cave and we're gonna clear out6126.93.96
this uh bottom area and then you guys6128.583.96
coming after that with the birds and we6130.863.72
need to go to another area where the the6132.543.78
birds will come into play all right6134.583.119
Birds they're more Fanatics I think6136.323.48
they're called yeah okay it's Simon6137.6993.901
durelli's you're there for Firepower and6139.83.899
backup yeah we die we're just we're out6141.64.079
yeah so I built that little shed behind6143.6994.201
you so there's a bed there I mean we'll6145.6795.101
see I mean okay probably yeah okay6147.94.2
there's beds in there and there's6150.783.06
parachute so you can get it go back in6152.14.32
and parachute down get stuck okay here's6153.843.72
the Sass we're here to help you know6156.422.819
what I mean yep we're here thank you6157.563.119
yeah I thought you sound like you're6159.2392.701
here to help but you also sound like off6160.6793.901
we die we're out here in the SAS6161.944.38
corresponding goofing off isn't a bad6164.583.36
thing let's not let's not drag this out6166.322.94
I mean we're here to help don't don't6167.942.94
give a [ __ ] if we want to goof off all6169.264.62
right we'll help mostly okay nice I like6170.884.98
these guys oh I do too it means you're6173.883.42
like Snow White right now with all the6175.864.14
birds and [ __ ] around her yeah man you6177.34.859
got level UPS gotta level these boys up6180.04.08
they're good looking you ready to go in6182.1594.741
hell yeah we gotta uh Open this gate6184.084.74
this door yeah Simon come over here hit6186.93.66
this button for us right here okay I got6188.825.52
it hold on flip flop all right let's go6190.566.079
quick yep going quick going quick quick6194.345.16
and then we go we go right behind you oh6196.6394.54
yeah you guys stay there because they6199.53.54
were waiting we're waiting unless you6201.1793.48
guys want to come in after us and then6203.043.119
uh but watch out that door that door6204.6593.661
closes up well maybe you get squished6206.1593.301
let's get it6208.323.14
going in6209.465.219
I didn't make it lights hello hold on6211.465.14
Simon I think I'll be stuck in the6214.6795.161
middle of it yeah there I am6216.66.559
thank you you're welcome6219.843.319
the further in okay oh we had a bird to6223.284.72
out too ah cool uh it's very dark in6226.084.579
here I don't like it6228.02.659
I got you I got a little6234.063.24
like you want to understand a lot of6235.982.759
people are already in front of you you6237.33.6
can't take points yeah I think they're6238.7394.261
already down here I'm back Point all6240.93.779
right we're the back Point why aren't we6243.03.239
together because they're on liverns and6244.6793.48
they're faster maybe exactly yeah well6246.2393.721
we're right here all right so yeah the6248.1593.241
hole's right up here tick you ready to6249.964.32
do this yeah let's uh make sure we do I6251.44.68
say it but make sure we don't fall into6254.284.2
the water right why is that well because6256.083.96
we're on Flyers when you land in water6258.483.179
you should know this oh Flyers yeah I6260.042.639
can go in the water though I'll go6261.6592.761
swimming yeah oh no there's things6262.6793.601
that'll shock you yeah we don't want it6264.425.06
in there Simon yep6266.283.2
oh here we go okay I am not in the water6269.824.919
I am not in the water either start6272.764.439
fighting dick yep yep oh God it's so6274.7395.46
tight here tight it's so tight6277.1996.121
um now I'm turned around more6280.1996.92
yeah I'm burning stuff6283.326.24
well I don't I still don't know what6287.1193.881
we're supposed to be doing here just6289.562.82
chill down and they're gonna kill6291.03.78
everything yeah and then the cave gets6292.383.9
Tighter and we gotta squeeze through a6294.783.359
small area so the wyverns can't go oh so6296.283.24
we're going down Okay so we're just6298.1392.821
chilling in a minute yeah all right6299.523.38
great good luck down there there you go6300.964.259
oh yeah6302.94.36
scorpion on your butt over there I can't6305.2192.821
here I go yeah hold on yeah6308.044.619
you're a mess you're a [ __ ] well I6310.54.26
couldn't see a Dillo oh here we go there6312.6594.101
we go6314.765.82
Fire and Ice I need to rest Bernice a6316.765.979
second come on Bernice get your stamina6320.584.74
up baby a little chicken little chicken6322.7393.9
you got chicken you got a little6325.323.54
everything okay man it's hot as hell in6326.6393.901
here look at those bats just hanging out6328.864.02
over there all right no shoot one yeah6330.545.94
bring him over bam come here bats oh you6332.885.58
killed it well that was an accident you6336.484.44
like some bro centipede Bernice I hope6338.465.8
you like scorpion tail mom6340.926.02
what bird turns incoming I was worried6346.945.799
about it my birds are pooping oh gotcha6350.1594.5
so heads up Babes you guys got6352.7394.741
parachutes right uh is there water yeah6354.6594.681
there's water but there's also crap in6357.482.82
the water I don't know if you had a6359.342.339
parachute you might be able to Glide the6360.34.56
safety a little easier okay I have a6361.6794.921
parachute actually I got enough for all6364.863.37
of us thank you6366.68.16
shoots we're coming down is it safe yeah6374.764.08
it should be safe I'm watching all right6376.84.14
right behind you Simon behind me I'm6378.843.96
behind you yeah we're behind you you go6380.943.239
I'm gonna watch you back all right so6382.85.18
I'm gonna be yeah okay all right6384.1793.801
I want to land on your parachute I'm6402.384.0
like right in you now okay we don't get6404.6993.301
tangled all right never good is it6406.383.96
should I land by you thick you guys I've6408.05.9
got a flashlight on you guys see me6410.346.72
the dimorphodons oh yeah see you guys6413.95.2
first gotcha I got a torch on them right6417.064.38
out by a beach yeah yeah come towards me6419.14.98
oh nope that's the other that's the6421.444.14
other thing better I mean this thing's6424.082.88
like a giant Circle6425.583.539
I want to know what these little snail6426.964.02
things are in the water well it looks6429.1193.901
like a looks like a chambered nautilus6430.984.62
yeah are they alive I mean like is it6433.024.38
just like a set prop or what what's6435.63.84
going on here that'd be a weird problem6437.43.42
if I6439.443.84
go oh if I go in the water I uh oh they6440.825.16
move they move they move yep hey neebs6443.284.98
hello all right well that's step one6445.986.02
step one we're ready for step two6448.263.74
thank you6454.2195.5
yeah I might as well I got that point6457.045.679
good I have a I have a silly plan what's6459.7194.861
silly about it I like silly playing yeah6462.7193.42
the silly or stupid it might be stupid6464.584.92
yes yes stupid plane stupid Brave and6466.1394.921
dangerous all right quit talking about6469.53.179
it what is it all right I'm gonna6471.063.8
grapple up to the oh wait a minute6472.6794.861
what what what what is it it's one of6474.865.14
those uh centipedes I think he's dead6477.544.92
all right metal centipede all right so6480.03.719
I'm gonna grapple to the top of the6482.463.48
ceiling okay fly down with my wingsuit6483.7196.42
oh like a Batman oh grapple up once I6485.947.5
get the artifact then fly back down to6490.1396.121
you guys the bats attack everything we6493.444.66
go home with an artifact6496.263.06
oh are you carrying that is that dead6499.323.6
well I was gonna carry it but I can't do6501.063.48
the lead at the same time all right now6502.924.34
hold on so yeah right over these uh6504.545.82
stalactites select mics on the ground6507.264.6
that's right right over there so that's6510.363.54
a there's a lake I'm pretty sure with6511.863.96
centipedes and all kinds of bad [ __ ] in6513.96.0
it yep hold on I'm I'm taking a peek uh6515.825.7
what do you see you think coming at us6519.93.719
let's see hold on I'm gonna clear out6521.524.92
some things here dillo's dead I'll light6523.6194.921
you all right I see some bats over there6526.444.44
some yeah centipedes in the water man I6528.543.659
kind of want to take care of these6530.883.299
electric things but you know what why6532.1994.561
not just go for danger do it danger let6534.1794.741
me get be silly with it okay no I'll go6536.765.28
this way all right give second I have to6538.925.66
equip everything6542.042.54
check all right pick up attached how do6546.1796.901
I let go leave see yep yeah and then6549.6596.441
wingsuit wing suit remember6553.087.4
I think so I'm there oh man6556.14.38
we're looking really good we got an6587.05.44
artifact mission accomplished huh well I6589.444.14
mean while we're down here let's keep6592.442.759
exploring yeah don't go in that water6593.584.68
though that water hell no oh yeah6595.1994.861
jealous you just lost all your armor I6598.263.359
think that's all right oh here comes6600.063.559
that electric thing it's6601.6196.0
electrical yep oh the rally is you full6603.6196.52
of naked now heck yeah thank God I've6607.6195.1
been waiting all day make some Fiber6610.1394.56
clothes are we pushing forward yeah yeah6612.7193.841
why not yeah he was instead of Crossing6614.6994.02
that Lake let's go left yes sir that6616.564.26
might be the safer route come on birds6618.7193.96
let's do it we could have honestly just6620.823.72
gone around yeah I mean the whole uh the6622.6793.54
whole weak suit and dive down it was it6624.543.72
was fun very dramatic look at this oh6626.2193.661
could you just walk walk right up here6628.264.2
oh lots of stuff over here Scorpio all6629.884.339
right oh sorry6632.466.259
for the freaking shiny thing yeah yeah6634.2197.621
the brute got bats coming in6638.7196.161
the demorphodons I'm coming don't shoot6641.845.879
my demorphodons6644.882.839
help me out well yeah I'm trying not to6649.2194.661
shoot the demorph Baton I can't tell the6652.023.06
difference between the two more for dogs6653.882.88
and the bats now one looks like a bat6655.085.7
there we go we lost a rally centipede6656.765.939
yeah what it gets from being naked6660.783.78
another centipede coming in centipede6662.6994.741
where got him nice level 34. I'm sorry6664.565.04
you're sick what do you mean sick you're6667.445.64
sick too oh crap oh stay away from me is6669.65.34
rabies gonna kill me both of you haven't6673.084.02
yep I'm dead no yeah stay away from us6674.944.44
okay okay I think I have it too but6677.13.9
here's the deal we live in the swamp I6679.382.759
think we can get all the stuff we need6681.03.36
to make uh medicine pretty easily all6682.1393.961
right but how fast6684.363.18
um yeah I'm dying like are we ready to6686.13.36
leave stay away from me up you ran over6687.544.32
here to me oh you're sick too we're all6689.464.259
sick hold on I got we got we got to go6691.863.9
back all right okay run all right let's6693.7193.601
go do it all right let's get right to6695.763.359
the wall says I'm only sick for like 406697.323.6
seconds or something but isn't your6699.1193.721
isn't your health going way down it is6700.923.96
yeah this was mine oh God but yeah it6702.844.26
keeps uh it keeps refreshing yep so the6704.883.839
bed is refreshing it's not good6707.13.66
everybody behind me oh man my my6708.7194.261
sickness is like killing me quick yeah6710.763.78
me too I think we're killing each other6712.983.6
by being close to each other I'm behind6714.544.139
I'm I'm falling back I've got seven6716.583.659
medicine but I doubt I could I mean it6718.6793.181
won't give me something it won't cure6720.2392.88
you'll just buy you a couple of seconds6721.864.259
well whatever I'm gonna die oh boy as6723.1196.921
far as you can I what does it matter6726.1193.921
uh here I go all right I'm just gonna6740.424.42
die right here I'm by Bernice and then6743.14.639
I'll just parachute back6744.842.899
all right I'm not sick babes6748.985.28
I wish I had something to blow Simon up6754.564.98
with oh wait a minute6756.964.259
uh yeah6759.543.24
let me see if I can blow his body up6761.2195.48
with this uh grenade6762.783.919
all right I'm not gonna chance it I'll6771.964.679
blow him up another day thank God I have6774.35.61
the immune system of cockroach6776.6394.56
okay this is a weird spawn6781.1994.581
I'm back6790.6995.02
whoa episode I see ya oh6792.485.52
oh the dimorphodon are the dimorphodons6795.7193.841
following you nope they're following you6798.03.119
or Bernice they must be following6799.563.72
Bernice yeah man is this the cave we6801.1194.08
came from or no it's the other one in it6803.283.24
it's the one over here hold on hold on6805.1993.061
hold on I think your body's in this cave6806.524.44
somewhere or in the at least the pathway6808.264.919
that gets to this cave I think it's yep6810.964.02
it's right there I see my stuff all6813.1795.641
right good ah here we go here we go so6814.985.759
wait our bodies don't have rabies do6818.824.26
they uh I saw the little spinny thing on6820.7395.341
Simon but then it went away okay uh it6823.085.7
looks like it's off of me so here we go6826.085.76
and just a little bit of Boom you care6828.785.12
if I shoot one of these snails6831.846.0
snail no I don't uh yeah I'm just kind6833.95.5
of thinking about it there's a lot of6837.843.899
them and I'm not certain what they do6839.44.68
there's snails in the water oh look at6841.7394.861
everything yeah just shot him can we go6844.086.72
what did it do it oh you gave me some6846.67.38
something with my eye oh I'm sick all6850.84.98
right so don't mess with the snails they6853.984.679
are 100 to do that are you gonna die uh6855.784.98
let me see yeah my Health's going down6858.6595.121
but only for 30 seconds I should be okay6860.766.979
I should be fine I should be fine6863.786.22
that's a good one6867.7392.821
all right I'm gonna follow you we're6870.564.24
getting out of here I am with the6873.1793.841
dimorphodons behind me uh let me take a6874.83.899
look I want to make sure they get out of6877.025.219
here uh I don't see them this would be a6878.6995.401
good home for them yeah I'll just leave6882.2393.781
them here screw it right yeah we're6884.15.599
really busy yeah I got things to do6886.023.679
follow me Simon Okay I feel like that6890.824.799
mission went rather well I mean6893.344.44
considering I didn't care yeah look out6895.6195.821
at the water uh-huh now turn around oh6897.785.52
yeah see anything uh see anything6901.443.36
different something different let me see6903.33.66
do I see anything different I see uh6904.84.98
because we got a couple kangaroos we6906.965.1
have a uh we have a little family member6909.784.379
we didn't have before yeah two is it6912.063.48
this guy right here got a new stego and6914.1593.901
a Carno I like that yeah I thought the6915.544.199
Carno was new the Cardinal doesn't looks6918.063.96
like the Cardinal is missing an arm oh I6919.7394.5
mean do they ever have any arms or they6922.024.199
all look like this crazy I don't know6924.2393.96
I've never had one they look freaking6926.2195.761
nuts we've never had one oh yeah my6928.1996.301
goodness okay can I can I name oh it's6931.984.259
already named if you've noticed well I I6934.53.119
haven't because I don't have my hood on6936.2393.241
because I'm great well see if uh see if6937.6192.941
you approve of the name it'll be all6939.482.42
Mary Magdalene sure she's a [ __ ] I6941.95.2
think Mary was a [ __ ] no Mary was a6945.2393.361
[ __ ] yeah but you know what she made6947.13.32
her way she did6948.65.4
our arms yeah and this is stag Brady you6950.424.719
know the you know that [ __ ] without6954.03.6
arms they get paid extra why because6955.1394.201
they're special yeah but some people6957.63.78
have a fetish man everyone's got arms6959.344.379
everyone most people have arms when you6961.383.92
find someone that doesn't have an arm6963.7193.841
Simon just because you pay them more6965.34.419
doesn't mean that's the norm I'm just6967.563.96
saying they're special6969.7194.741
okay okay all right great what is wrong6971.525.28
with these damn stubs I don't know are6974.463.84
all of them like this or is this one6976.82.939
just like this because I think I would6978.33.0
have noticed that before it's like6979.7393.121
they've been chopped off what could you6981.33.66
possibly do with that nub I don't know6982.863.359
let's go around let's find another6984.962.94
Cardinal and see if they're like this no6986.2193.361
we don't of course they are no we don't6987.93.239
get a special card wait this might be6989.584.38
special we no there's no way you don't6991.1396.06
have no no way oh no way you have no6993.965.52
idea well we'll find a car note that6997.1994.321
that damn thing out of my face6999.484.96
let's go find a Chrono okay7001.524.199
got a baby's back7005.7195.4
oh hey what's up noobs yep uh can we not7007.6995.641
leave our Birds next time I mean yeah if7011.1193.54
you if you wanted to what do we need him7013.343.6
for protection in case you get attacked7014.6593.841
by something do you see what you're7016.943.42
riding yeah exactly that is protection7018.53.78
oh yeah look at a little pile off here7020.363.839
they come they did great yeah honestly7022.283.66
they did really good it's like a bouquet7024.1993.96
of weird looking birds it's like a mean7025.945.4
Cloud so I'm thinking we got these guys7028.1596.861
um we live in the swamp now uh7031.346.06
yeah I'm sick of the swamp why would you7035.024.24
won't get out of the swamp look at this7037.44.38
place we got all these birds we7039.264.74
Birds somewhere else and I was gonna7041.784.439
like put species eggplants everywhere7044.04.199
now listen species X plants yes we7046.2193.301
should take those and move those to7048.1992.881
wherever but you seriously want to stay7049.523.9
here I mean it's exciting it keeps you7051.086.019
alive doesn't it no I don't know7053.425.94
I mean alive inside I don't mean like7057.0994.721
like literally alive yeah no I die a lot7059.364.14
here okay but I feel like we would die7061.823.54
less we had those plants all right Liz7063.54.199
if you want to set up plants go for it I7065.364.14
need a beetle and I heard beetles are in7067.6995.04
the wyvern cave and Maybe thickness7069.55.94
where the river and caves I mean he's7072.7394.38
got he he's got to get the Weavers okay7075.444.259
wyvern King as well can you take me7077.1195.401
there yeah of course all right uh my7079.6995.641
wyvern's up in this okay time to go geez7082.524.619
I don't want to miss this calls down7085.343.24
going along for this right are you going7087.1394.261
too yeah all right road trip air trip7088.585.84
there's no Road7091.43.02
all right right over here right right7095.33.359
over here all right careful now don't be7096.863.72
sneaky oh it's looking it's looking is7098.6593.98
it looking where is it what do you mean7100.585.099
no because I didn't see him oh damn look7102.6394.841
at those messed up hands I know they're7105.6794.02
so weird it is the same isn't it God I7107.483.42
want another one I kind of want a family7109.6993.181
I want a Jesus of Nazareth why don't you7110.93.719
knock him out and we'll do a Jesus of7112.883.239
Nazareth now because we're not in a safe7114.6192.941
spot it's gonna run out of our asses7116.1193.721
well I mean do you have the do you have7117.564.32
the things to shoot it trank yeah yeah7119.844.62
do you oh what do you have I got nothing7121.884.62
I was going to look at something I got a7124.463.48
pistol that's what I got I just went7126.53.42
into our house let's get this bad boy we7127.944.08
need that come on we need it come on7129.924.739
Jesus wants to join our clan do you7132.024.5
wanna we need some stuff well you need7134.6593.721
to go get stuff well it'd be great to7136.523.48
get them trapped well then let's get him7138.383.839
in the trash I lost them so did I oh no7140.03.84
it's right down here okay just want to7142.2194.621
bump it in the Trap get the Trap get in7143.845.399
the Trap I'm gonna try to get him in the7146.843.96
truck go in the Trap I'll sacrifice7149.2395.761
myself hey yeah oh I'm in the Trap yep7150.86.899
of course I'm in the Trap come on come7155.04.38
on down here in the Trap7157.6994.221
S I fell in the Trap7159.387.08
ah damn it killed it you did yeah son of7161.927.719
a well I trapped the Simon you did hey7166.465.88
tame me there's no taming you oh no7169.6396.321
there isn't I'm too wild7172.343.62
what's your plan memes what do you want7177.0993.941
to do uh where are these beetles oh7179.1793.841
don't don't fall into the river that's a7181.043.24
lot of that's a lot of dragons down7183.022.88
there man go where the hey that's the7184.283.48
plan go where the wyverns aren't and7185.94.56
there's just a beetle well I think the7187.764.919
best thing to do is lead the wyverns7190.464.62
away where's the start of the trench7192.6794.98
right over here follow me I don't know7195.084.019
how Beatles would live in an environment7197.6593.781
like this this is horrible guys they're7199.0994.14
down there in the lava where it's nice7201.444.38
and warm now if you want I can fly7203.2394.5
through real quick and get all the7205.823.6
wyverns out of there yeah lead them away7207.7393.781
here we go7209.425.279
these guys coming in oh yeah yeah let me7211.525.159
get a few more Cold Stone you're like7214.6994.44
the Millennium Falcon of wyverns you7216.6794.861
know you're not you're not that strong I7219.1394.261
mean you are but you need to kick every7221.544.139
once in a while but you're the best7223.44.98
fastest ship in the galaxy do the Kessel7225.6795.161
Run in less than I don't know talking7228.384.56
nerd talk hey guys come on7230.843.96
all right so we're just gonna come over7232.944.259
here and do a quick peek Cold Stone's7234.84.62
got us covered so we should be good oh7237.1994.681
wait right right there coming right here7239.424.92
oh holy crap this is gonna be easy oh7241.884.1
that's it that's too easy7244.344.56
that's so easy it's boring no I want to7245.985.92
go in here we can always go back and get7248.95.759
those I don't see and oh wait nope7251.95.46
spiders I don't want spiders spiders7254.6596.121
scorpion man look at this place okay wow7257.365.7
what a dump there's a wyvern egg7260.785.879
and no beetles which is what we came for7263.065.4
oh wait I just I think I see a beetle7266.6594.681
over there by that snake oh perfect okay7268.464.5
um it's my first time here it's kind of7271.343.839
wanted to check it out uh-huh okay a7272.963.6
shot oh wait are the birds gonna attack7275.1793.601
it oh no spiders are shooting at us all7276.563.0
right are you gonna let me get that7278.782.22
Beetle what's happening the one down7279.563.3
there or the easy one oh whichever well7281.04.139
the easy one's easiest okay I just7282.863.12
wanted to come down here and check7285.1392.341
things out never been down here before I7285.982.639
thought you were giving me tough love or7287.481.94
okay what was that that was a man just7289.425.739
hey guys I saw that all right uh we7292.344.2
think there's two beetles right here at7295.1592.641
the top of the hill oh yeah we're7296.544.679
grabbing these nice centipede all right7297.86.66
you ready for a drop off and a boom oh7301.2195.581
crap you know what what I forgot turds I7304.465.04
need turds now we need turds turds hold7306.84.2
on bro I mean yeah one of these things7309.54.56
has to [ __ ] man I mean it produced just7311.04.56
took a big old dub hold on don't let it7314.063.059
expire I'm where is it not come out7315.563.26
behind Bernice behind Bernice7317.1193.841
you said turn and it happened there's7318.825.68
like two of them this might be mine grab7320.965.04
it come on baby all these little guys7324.53.9
poop yeah Everybody Poops you know we7326.04.38
don't read no I know that but I don't I7328.43.42
didn't know if like yeah can you get7330.383.299
them to all the poop at once yeah how do7331.823.96
you whistle poop got it hey we got one7333.6794.801
got it yeah that was easy all right I'm7335.784.08
ready for pickup pick them up thick7338.484.02
coming in hot yep and nice turds Bernice7339.865.4
keep them coming thank you memes7342.55.41
tabernice sales now7345.268.18
look at this one7353.447.0
oh boy wow what I don't know they're7356.265.919
just everything's small like even those7360.444.08
disgusting short little arms are I don't7362.1793.42
even know why they're there they're7364.522.28
pointless you know what we're gonna do7365.5993.481
you know some people clip to clip the7366.84.5
Tails we're gonna clip the arms they're7369.083.72
already clipped they see no but we can7371.33.6
clip them even more all right important7372.86.06
you know this is the son of7374.97.5
um Mary Magdalene and uh Jesus of7378.866.12
Nazareth okay so it's their son yeah so7382.44.14
what would what would their son's name7384.983.84
be you tell me or that you're the more7386.543.84
christiany one I know but the Christian7388.824.62
one would would never say that Jesus had7390.384.739
a child because he was perfect and never7393.443.719
had sex according to the Christians yeah7395.1193.241
but we're saying it different we're7397.1593.48
writing our own Bible right so ask the7398.364.319
person who doesn't go to the Bible like7400.6393.661
a Bible name you're the person Joseph7402.6794.44
Joseph was this the father of like we're7404.35.299
gonna name uh yeah7407.1194.98
no no you don't even know what you're7409.5994.321
why would Jesus of nether his name is7413.925.319
child because our Bibles has got twists7416.546.36
I say I say no I say we're gonna name7419.2395.88
them after Jesus's uncle that nobody7422.94.799
knows what's his name Jack Jack yeah7425.1195.04
Jesus's uncle named Jack you just ruined7427.6994.02
this whole Bible thing all right let's7430.1593.721
go for Joseph then Joseph it is hey7431.7194.761
little Joseph7433.882.6
yeah these are looking good neebs thanks7437.384.719
man how many want to plant what how many7440.03.54
around here do you want to plant I'm7442.0993.181
thinking like five to eight five to7443.543.9
eight yeah that was probably enough what7445.284.02
was enough what how many you got uh7447.444.679
three three no you only three's enough7449.35.58
no we need like a bunch I mean I always7452.1194.321
walk around with birds yeah I mean7454.883.299
walking around with birds is fine but I7456.443.84
I like these plants being here just to7458.1794.92
eliminate anything that approaches us I7460.284.859
mean anything anything you still want to7463.0994.321
shoot things sometimes yeah well right7465.1393.96
now I kind of want to go uh swamp7467.423.42
hogging because we need poop right for7469.0993.721
the beetle no look we have created the7470.845.339
perfect uh ecosystem in this uh what are7472.825.279
we calling this this trap room yeah the7476.1793.721
birds and the unicorns in there now7478.0994.14
they're all pooping the poop goes into7479.94.5
the beetle the beetle makes fertilizer7482.2394.92
also all the spoiled meat and like7484.44.44
narcoberries you grab go into the7487.1593.601
Unicorn because he's a mortar and pestle7488.844.319
it's perfect we don't want that hog see7490.763.899
one right there you can get the hog if7493.1593.841
you want I'm going I'm going swamp7494.6595.0
hogging okay7497.02.659
oh boy I'm going deeper into the swamp7507.6394.661
this is probably stupid yep you're doing7510.263.72
something dumb out there come on Swap7512.33.14
did you get him no not yet I'm still7515.444.84
chasing Chase his own oh wait what are7518.1794.681
you doing kill entertainment tame it oh7520.285.04
really oh wait it was this one yeah the7522.864.14
one with the thing in your foot go down7525.323.419
swamp hard are you sure you want a swamp7527.04.02
her I mean they poop all the time I eat7528.7394.621
all the time our pooping problem is7531.024.26
solved our pooping problems are already7533.364.2
solved oh I got snakes at the lavazors7535.284.68
on me you're feeding it I'm coming back7537.565.039
they ate you to death swamp Hawking was7539.964.739
a bad idea I know it's real said when7542.5993.661
you went out there now it's a7544.6994.821
Dilophosaurus shotgun swap shotgun okay7546.265.6
swamp go noon7549.526.159
what's this I found a snail whoa what do7551.867.06
we do with that we gotta make a cake all7555.6795.52
right uh how to make cakes I ain't7558.925.239
making no damn cake7561.1992.96
do you see like I'm looking at this7564.54.679
little hand underneath like the spice7566.6595.0
scope yeah7569.1792.48
hey what's up carry on how you guys7571.784.959
doing good great good just keep it down7574.464.02
please look at this one's sleeping the7576.7393.601
little nub we got we have a little a7578.483.36
baby growing what are you talking about7580.343.899
man they're so weird I don't I wish they7581.844.74
weren't there I know they're very7584.2394.86
strange we have to clip them huh I say7586.584.86
we clip it right above where you think7589.0994.62
the wrist would be well let's make it7591.444.739
even nubbier I know but it's better than7593.7194.561
it's better than what we have I mean I7596.1793.96
say we I'd rather take off too little7598.283.899
than too much you know what we're being7600.1395.341
so not you know what you're beautiful as7602.1796.48
you are Joseph of Nazareth or you're a7605.484.98
freak why'd you name it Joseph of7608.6593.96
Nazareth because it's Jesus's son who7610.465.219
named it after his father I was I don't7612.6194.441
really know you should have named it7615.6793.54
after his Uncle Jack Jack Christ yes7617.064.28
that's what I said Jack Jack7619.2194.5
yeah it could have been Jack Christ hey7621.344.24
are you guys ready for a thick 447623.7194.38
challenge it involves fun you guys are7625.583.9
gonna have fun doing this I do like fun7628.0994.02
yeah fun school it involves mountain7629.485.88
climbing with climbing devices oh like7632.1195.1
from aberration those yeah climb and7635.364.44
pick things yeah I'm sorry I'll have7637.2194.681
this done but I'm down okay let's let's7639.83.96
do that I've got some picks for you and7641.94.5
you guys are going to get a artifact7643.766.06
there we go uh names completed yeah I'm7646.45.04
down for artifact cool ladies and7649.823.66
gentlemen Christ of NASA Uncle Jack7651.446.06
Christ there we go I love it yeah all7653.486.54
right okay let's do challenge challenge7657.56.5
time be good Jackie Jack7660.027.02
that's one of those bastard Gators you7664.05.139
got it I might have it oh he's running7667.044.32
yeah get out of here coward you good7669.1394.201
yeah don't need to pay attention uh7671.363.48
maybe not I've done a pretty good job I7673.343.359
I I've cleared out a lot of trees over7674.843.779
here so we got like a nice like a no7676.6994.5
man's land okay with these uh when these7678.6195.401
seeds pop up oh yeah and uh making a7681.1994.261
Cake's probably not gonna happen is it7684.022.94
not I'm gonna start I'm gonna start a7685.462.88
little farm right here so we'll have all7686.963.36
the ingredients down the road oh okay7688.344.259
what is this what does a snail do I7690.324.379
don't know it'd be fun to find out would7692.5993.901
it they probably give you like I don't7694.6993.781
know of Infinite Source of polymer or7696.54.44
something well that'd be cool mint paste7698.484.86
in my in my head yeah in my head I just7700.944.38
go it's a snail and it's worthless yeah7703.344.02
so once you cook it7705.324.02
um cook it yeah like oh like crunch7707.363.48
fritters you think it tastes like no7709.343.12
it's like escargot that's what snail is7710.843.42
that's cargo yeah oh but I do love some7712.463.779
[ __ ] hey the weather turned nice again7714.264.68
nice yeah is it time for adventure yeah7716.2394.621
we should go Adventure uh what do you7718.942.88
we need to go back to uh home base and7723.53.96
we need to take that artifact you've got7725.93.48
in your pocket yep and we need to put it7727.464.08
on a pedestal okay all right so we don't7729.383.18
want to lose it how are we getting there7731.543.599
uh dragon that's it easiest quickest way7732.564.2
you want to put the uh dimorphodons up7735.1394.08
I'm gonna take these with me slow though7736.764.439
oh that's right okay I gotta wait for an7739.2193.601
hour yeah just put them up for now yep7741.1992.94
you grab the dragon I'll put things away7742.823.359
doing it gotta go wide these things7744.1394.141
aren't good at turning oh I like being a7746.1795.721
wide girl [ __ ] yeah7748.283.62
I'm not even sure how to get off guys oh7758.025.98
you already started wait no I was just7761.94.44
trying to practice you did it space bar7764.04.56
look it'd be easy enough for you guys to7766.344.02
fly up there and get the artifact but7768.563.84
there's no fun in that additionally 107770.364.739
of our audience are female in a recent7772.45.04
focus group it seems that we have to7775.0994.681
sort of cater to them and if you guys7777.444.44
wouldn't mind removing your shirts while7779.784.08
climbing okay hold on and make sure7781.884.02
you're nice and like oiled up if you7783.863.66
could please well I'll be sweaty in no7785.94.799
time yeah good I'm naturally oily and7787.526.54
really really flex and cater to our7790.6995.881
female demographic if you could here we7794.064.02
are give them the full show if you know7796.583.18
what I mean you're talking about your7798.084.5
shoes yeah man leaving the gloves making7799.764.56
a race a little bit of a race Simon yeah7802.583.9
I guess I don't even know how to change7804.324.379
oh we should put uh sleep mags down bam7806.484.199
oh because I'm gonna die I'm gonna fall7808.6994.321
yeah I'm gonna die too yeah so bam oh7810.6795.161
good okay and I'm ready for this so7813.024.56
where's the starting point uh right here7815.844.08
you're gonna go to the tippy top of this7817.584.92
spire yeah what it is is it a Spire what7819.925.1
is this just you say when to go and we7822.57.82
go all right and then three two one7825.025.3
if if there's some way that you can make7834.53.719
your nipples Hearts please do it I don't7836.5993.301
even know how to get started and your7838.2192.841
the ladies love it I don't know how this7841.063.659
like I don't even know how I'm doing7844.7193.641
this but it's doing it something I don't7846.6195.06
I don't get it there's a lot7848.363.319
yeah like the understanding approach uh7859.2395.38
just just switching it up are you doing7862.763.54
all right well I'm not going I'm7864.6193.661
watching why are I I thought you were7866.33.899
part of the challenge no he's a pro at7868.284.56
this [ __ ] no this is for you guys okay7870.1995.221
all right hold up our focus group said7872.844.379
that you two were the sexiest that's7875.423.779
what I heard it was almost like watching7877.2193.661
a Bravo series whenever they were7879.1993.661
watching you guys all right looks like7880.883.839
somebody's a little higher than others7882.864.799
yeah yeah or other but Simon there you7884.7194.92
go you're getting it I'm like a damn7887.6594.381
climber did he get it he's he's up to7889.6394.741
the next level just if you could clinch7892.044.5
your butt a little bit more just tighten7894.384.08
it up I don't want to even be able to7896.543.9
squeeze a greased BB up there okay7898.464.739
Grease Grease you can't get a grease PB7900.446.179
it's so tight here am I even climbing in7903.1997.02
the right spot I hope so climb until you7906.6196.06
can't oh wow doralius what you are7910.2194.741
looking fantastic my nipples are hard7912.6795.821
now yeah all right I looking fantastic I7914.965.34
don't know oh there you go oh Simon yeah7918.54.44
hold on I'm God these fingers oh there7920.35.16
you are huh I'm looking I'm looking at7922.944.679
your lats look at these your delts your7925.464.44
glutes look at the shoulders look at the7927.6194.681
of my butts sweating a little bit I7929.96.44
thought Simon was glutes free uh-huh7932.34.04
no you got the assignment how far away7939.446.659
are you I don't know oh I see he's close7941.6597.141
yeah uh he's got a ways to go still does7946.0994.981
he really yeah and my pick's gonna break7948.84.64
try to grab Andre ah there's the smart7957.6796.181
man did he grab on it no he he parachat7960.7395.821
come on baby come on baby7963.865.759
is this am I going up right next to the7966.565.94
shaft yeah yeah and is that the Spire7969.6194.681
though you're you're yeah yeah you're7972.53.84
going right right up to where you're7974.34.16
supposed to go oh Simon I like that7976.344.799
salmon salmon salmon oh boy you're not7978.465.44
that far away from it yeah we're good7981.1394.381
you're doing great they're allies where7983.93.719
are you I was doing great and then you7985.524.98
fell yeah uh you're about where doralius7987.6194.98
was when he fell maybe a little closer7990.54.139
actually you're quite a bit closer all7992.5994.56
right man come on baby come on baby7994.6396.281
don't without you laughing at7997.1597.2
uh we do you got one in your pocket8015.843.64
that's the one you're putting down right8018.1592.701
now I thought this would be four I8019.483.06
thought this was the fourth one oh it's8020.863.66
only the third one I think uh yeah I8022.544.559
think that's number three okay three and8024.524.199
that's how many we have all these empty8027.0993.781
ones yep oh I think if I'm not mistaken8028.7193.781
I think there's ten total so we got8030.884.14
seven more correct oh boy we can do it8032.54.56
we've done this before yep yeah it's8035.024.5
just a slow process of uh finding caves8037.063.78
going in there and getting things8039.522.76
actually that swamp cave we were in8040.842.759
where we got uh where we got this one8042.283.12
there was another one in there there's8043.5993.48
two in there yeah this is it's a secret8045.42.94
we'll get yeah we'll worry about that8047.0792.941
later though so okay what you want to do8048.343.48
now ah man that is a very good question8050.023.36
that is a very very good question8051.824.379
honestly I don't know but we should do8053.384.859
something I thought about planting uh8056.1994.44
egg species around the map dangerous8058.2394.141
areas you have like a little Safe Haven8060.6394.141
to go to hey that is not a bad idea you8062.383.96
know what eventually we got to go into8064.783.48
that spider cave we should make a base8066.343.6
right beside that big spider cave8068.263.419
something we can house animals in okay8069.943.42
that we can just dump into the spider8071.6793.601
cave eventually okay and maybe plant8073.364.259
some species X around there and also I8075.283.6
want one of those kitty cats that can8077.6194.381
climb trees out okay is that the plan uh8078.884.62
that's kind of the plan shall we go set8082.03.0
up a redwood base yeah I'll go8083.52.82
downstairs grab some supplies for8085.03.42
building and we'll hit the road all8086.323.919
right that sounds it's fun new place8088.424.92
yeah why not Bernice we're going to the8090.2395.521
forest baby8093.342.42
man are you made a putty what happened8096.845.2
that looks weird what's going on down8099.523.54
um just look at it looking at my body oh8103.065.88
like a chewed up piece of gum yeah I8106.1795.281
like it I'm gonna continue on okay me8108.945.4
too boy Simon you remember chefry no8111.466.179
five-star restaurant yes no I do he died8114.346.54
oh how'd he die uh Astro blew him up on8117.6395.641
accident oh abstro he's known to do that8120.883.839
yeah I was wondering why you weren't at8123.283.6
his funeral yeah well I didn't really8124.7193.9
give a [ __ ] about him yeah I missed it8126.884.56
too hey um speaking of blowing stuff up8128.6195.221
apps are also blew up your your condo8131.445.4
there like what yeah he was like I'm8133.844.98
gonna blow this place up he didn't do8136.843.6
that yeah he did he blew it up I don't8138.823.72
believe you he did all right well I8140.444.139
don't know he found a bunch of C4 in a8142.543.72
drop and he blew it up I'm gonna have to8144.5792.941
talk to that boy you should seek8146.262.819
Vengeance we'll see it looks like you're8147.523.179
trying to stir the pot nope stop8149.0793.54
stirring speaking of stirring I'm I'm8150.6993.601
watching your ass stir around while8152.6192.641
attempting you're going sideways my8155.263.3
friend well it's because I can't go8157.2393.0
straight they're Alias how close are you8158.564.26
I don't know it feels closest the ladies8160.2395.581
are gonna love this get out the mop okay8162.825.839
I'm up on a okay am I here8165.824.819
yay you got it artifact should I meet8170.6395.741
you up there yeah do it yeah come on8174.5794.02
challenge yourself we're gonna do am I8176.384.259
even going the right direction is it up8178.5994.5
yeah that's right well I mean yeah but8180.6394.741
it might but I'll do it along the shaft8183.0995.701
yep you are getting along the shaft just8185.385.719
nicely my friend okay8188.85.28
I peed a little when when you slipped8191.0995.681
there good oh man is it straight up from8194.085.04
here yeah just go up man I can see the8196.784.14
sweat running in between your thighs8199.124.68
like from your your ball sack come on8200.927.639
come on come on come on come on come on8203.84.759
shouldn't I get one of these too oh hey8210.06.7
Simon yes yeah access inventory yeah and8212.4397.881
I'm getting mad oh yeah and dance8216.76.42
oh yeah all right well you guys gonna8220.326.159
make the big leap yes here we go there's8223.126.18
the big leaf big leap sorry are we on8226.4795.16
the wrong side no yeah kind of all right8229.34.44
I'll go to you8231.6395.241
oh he died8233.743.14
how good day8237.123.72
well there it is neebs okay where do you8240.884.139
think a good place to build a base would8243.3994.381
be uh right on the edge right on the8245.0194.441
edge like get on balcony and look down8247.783.3
oh wait you know what there's a there's8249.463.3
a little water hole right below us oh8251.083.66
yeah water nearby too yeah water nearby8252.765.82
is good water and Edge okay8254.745.939
yeah maybe we can get some tree sap and8258.584.019
honey while we're here yeah all right8260.6794.561
snail cake I'm gonna land us okay all8262.5994.38
right this place probably has this old8265.244.56
type of threats I imagine tear Birds man8266.9794.2
they got snails here look at this oh8269.84.559
beautiful there's one look at that okay8271.1795.581
oh there's a bear two bears bears yes8274.3593.961
there's two bears oh I'm excited about8276.763.12
this place it's so much better than a8278.323.72
slump okay now remember bears are kind8279.883.36
of cool unless you get really really8282.042.639
close to them they get a little crazy8283.243.3
sometimes yeah but other than that8284.6793.38
they're cool I think he's running away8286.543.96
but uh let's see where do we want to8288.0594.601
establish this base this water hole is8290.53.84
deeper than I thought yeah where's the8292.663.479
edge of the thing edge of the thing8294.343.42
should be8296.1393.661
should be it's right over there it's all8297.763.54
it's where I'm looking on the other side8299.83.36
here okay so maybe we should build on8301.34.74
this side okay find a spot well we'll8303.164.859
start laying down Foundation yeah let me8306.043.3
see I want to look around a little bit8308.0193.361
you know oh it's a big log over here8309.343.96
maybe we can incorporate that it's a big8311.384.94
logs big tree that fell down up yep8313.35.219
yeah a little little Fire in the Sky8316.325.319
that's how you do it okay beautiful so8318.5195.821
yeah maybe somewhere around here okay uh8321.6393.96
you got turdon's chasing your feet8324.343.98
you're jumping on me okay you cop uh Jim8333.125.62
Jonas on fire I'm sorry I'm sorry Jeff8336.824.26
Jonas I didn't mean to okay what is that8338.743.42
what is this8341.082.519
hold on8342.163.479
eat him eat his stupid little face wait8343.5993.721
that's you jeez it's hard to see out8345.6393.601
here you mean that's me you can't tell8347.323.6
me from a trodon well I'm sorry you8349.245.239
blend in you got that green shirt8350.923.559
do we do we both do we set them both8355.245.46
down I think that will drive needs crazy8358.0595.761
so yes oh they haven't both done wood8360.75.279
yeah because we could have one at our at8363.823.84
our place that's true you have one at8365.9793.841
your place Simon I don't I don't even8367.664.26
see mine oh there it is yeah go ahead do8369.824.319
it do it do it do it I'm not exactly8371.923.84
sure how to do it okay you're gonna8374.1394.021
access the inventory oh yeah the trophy8375.763.5
and then drag it bam yeah Jam right yeah8379.2610.719
yeah that's cool yeah wow we have four8385.247.08
artifacts we don't mess around yeah8389.9793.901
we're not master how many do we need8392.323.84
five more yeah three or four Is that8393.883.96
real I don't know but we could realize8396.165.1
one two three four five six more weren't8397.844.8
the guys supposed to be getting one or8401.264.139
two today I don't know but I know uh the8402.645.4
spider cave has two ah yeah I'm good all8405.3993.96
right so the spider cave you know what8408.042.58
that you know what he wants to do with8409.3593.301
spider cave right yeah I'm good what do8410.624.14
you mean I'm good I'm I don't no I think8412.664.14
we might need to sacrifice now it won't8414.763.84
be a sacrifice it'll be a Slaughter of8416.84.38
spiders one big spider we'll talk two8418.64.14
big spiders I'm gonna go home but okay8421.182.94
he's going home he doesn't even want to8422.742.699
talk about the fact that we might be8424.122.88
killing some T-Rexes yeah I don't want8425.4393.301
to talk about that all right easy you're8427.04.859
gone you left all right Simon what let's8428.745.28
sit in their chairs oh that'd be nice8431.8595.401
huh let's do it right here see this8434.025.339
chair I bet you I don't even know whose8437.263.96
chair this is but it smells like abstra8439.3593.96
it is abstra's chair yeah mine smells8441.223.719
like meeps I think it's weird that they8443.3193.961
uh it's weird that they do that they8444.9394.201
label their chairs yeah I think it's8447.283.84
weird too but honestly you need to come8449.143.96
to grips with the fact that they want to8451.124.02
sacrifice some of our babies I'm gonna8453.13.92
take a [ __ ] in this chair8455.144.679
let's take a [ __ ] out here yeah [ __ ]8457.024.839
there you sit there and I'll pee a8459.8193.481
little bit in one of their rooms like8461.8592.96
their bedrooms8463.34.679
all right so check it out this is where8464.8194.481
we put all the materials for the build8467.9794.441
yep uh forget foundations okay tree8469.36.42
house oh yeah Treehouse Foundation the8472.425.58
big the big round thing big hey and and8475.724.92
they connect to other trees yes and we8478.06.3
have like an Ewok village yes yes oh8480.646.42
yeah we're doing that okay8484.35.639
um we're gonna need more stuff we're8487.064.14
wasting ammo8489.9393.981
oh did you just kill my pickup Max oh8494.765.52
[ __ ]8497.9792.301
damn it8501.3593.181
I thought he was waiting to take my8504.64.799
sorry like he's just waiting till it8509.3994.861
leaves your shot I feel awful now8514.685.759
all right8518.523.79
hey let's go8520.4399.051
thank you8529.743.0
this might be our best base yet oh8533.74.0
listen yeah the base is cool you know8536.23.36
what I'm more excited about8537.75.22
um dinner kitty cat oh I want a kitty8539.565.52
cat I want kitty cat too and I made some8542.924.14
bear traps some big bear traps okay you8545.083.359
can't follow these unless you have chain8547.063.18
Bowlers okay apparently they're here8548.4393.481
somewhere but they're rare so we have to8550.244.14
go explore the woods and search the8551.924.68
sweet sweet kitty cat are we going on8554.384.68
foot are we taking Bernice oh man more8556.63.37
challenging on the foot8559.064.28
bed Jack oh yeah I got a little Loft8563.343.7
over here oh okay yeah check it out8565.3594.5
let's go up the ladder two beds yeah you8567.045.7
and me snuggling man I love that yeah8569.8595.04
don't roll off this place is cool okay8572.744.56
one foot then yeah you know what I'm8574.8994.261
down for a little bit of Danger on foot8577.34.139
we got beds we can do it we got grapples8579.164.8
so we can get back up here yep all right8581.4396.081
sweet kitty cat time8583.963.56
all right doralius yeah uh adventure and8589.8995.701
stupidity they come in different shapes8592.8994.92
and sizes yeah right right today both8595.64.08
come in this shape and size of me and8597.8195.401
you uh this was not an idea of big 44 or8599.686.48
doralis but who's who just someone who8603.224.44
recommended that this would be a fun8606.163.12
okay I'm down for that so we need an8609.285.159
artifact yeah we're getting them like8612.284.86
crazy lately yep I'm gonna speed up okay8614.4395.821
I'm gonna hang on I'm gonna try to stay8617.145.42
away from the lava yeah8620.265.7
definitely Cold Stone super fast oh my8622.567.799
god oh I get hurt too much wow okay8625.967.32
toasty no that actually helps that feels8630.3594.361
really good yeah yeah8633.283.84
God we gotta lose this bastard and8634.724.139
that's not happening no it's not because8637.124.08
I think we're probably heavy yeah you8638.8593.661
have too much stuff8641.24.8
should I shoot it I can't ah okay stop8642.527.44
it I need I'm gonna need to rest oh I8646.07.02
took off my I might fall I took off my8649.965.66
oh [ __ ] do you have a parachute8653.026.24
again so I was here here okay see here8655.626.22
oh it's right on us right on us maybe if8659.265.099
you stop it's above you yep it's above8661.845.7
I'm hitting it should I get off uh yes8664.3596.12
um feel free to shoot it if you can tell8667.546.899
us apart I took the egg is it bad what I8670.4796.241
took an egg that is bad oh wow no no no8674.4393.621
no no no8676.723.84
drop in the egg I don't have it I never8678.064.54
took the egg okay we killed it all right8680.564.56
perfect oh [ __ ] the fireworks are coming8682.64.94
that's a bad move I just see another8687.8997.781
review oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh anything8690.466.899
happens to this8695.684.28
oh my Cold Stone8697.3595.101
uh doralius8699.967.06
shouldn't have taken the egg land8702.464.56
we lost him8710.562.9
oh I like it here deeps I like it too8715.3593.421
this is so much better than the swamp8717.283.78
very naturey I mean it's just as good as8718.785.52
a swamp I'd say oh better look at this8721.065.4
tall trees oh I like it but I like it8724.33.72
too I'm not getting attacked by8726.463.479
alligators okay I'm sure there's8728.023.72
something here to attack us but no8729.9394.801
alligators oh really what's that cat the8731.744.4
don't shoot each other8736.146.82
that can be bad right okay all right8738.426.82
turn around which way we're going this8742.964.56
way yep we're going this way damn it's8745.245.34
pretty damn it's pretty yep heard you oh8747.526.74
big foot okay do we want a Bigfoot uh8750.586.359
well I mean the cool thing is is they8754.265.139
can climb those strings all the grapples8756.9394.081
that's right could be a way up and down8759.3993.601
oh heck yeah I was thinking about going8761.024.64
to get ravages8763.02.66
yeah it's not my fault so berries8773.223.759
all right where is that article ah there8782.25.159
it is8786.043.18
man this would have been great if8787.3593.601
rallies would have stayed on this thing8789.224.74
and not taking an egg8790.964.88
we're gonna need this one8793.964.62
artifact of the sky Lord8795.844.84
man it's cold stone I gotta get you out8798.584.14
of here buddy8800.684.74
the internet would have burned down had8802.724.62
you died my friend8805.424.2
and I would have burned with it8807.344.2
I've been like Cooter all over again but8809.623.239
I think8812.8593.301
maybe not let's go get rallies and we'll8814.04.76
get his stuff back8816.162.6
95 one more barrier to do it yep one8821.525.26
more Berry in the butt yeah this guy's a8824.84.2
level 104 too that's awesome he's a8826.783.9
beast let's name him Beast he'll be good8829.04.92
to have uh if we need him yeah oh wait8830.684.62
can we paint him blue and name a beast8833.923.0
like the X-Men oh yeah that's a good8835.33.059
I was gonna say Colonel Sanders but8838.3594.021
Beast is better yeah he looks like a8840.163.96
beast I can put a suit on him little8842.384.32
white suit a little tie that actually be8844.124.319
cool too but uh yeah no I want to do the8846.75.1
blue X-Men yeah sometimes they're good8848.4394.741
movies I know it's a bases from8851.83.12
sometimes they're not8853.183.179
yeah Kelsey Grammer made a good beat so8854.923.36
didn't he uh I wanted to see more of him8856.3594.681
as Beast Kelsey is that Fraser yeah8858.284.26
Frazier I didn't know he was the Beast8861.042.819
yeah he was based in a few of those8862.544.58
movies that's crazy8863.8593.261
wait where's it going where are you8867.963.46
going wait where's he going now he's8869.9794.401
following me okay8871.422.96
now do we uh keep hunting or we go paint8875.884.96
him first oh man8878.686.44
um where the [ __ ] are we I got a map8880.844.28
yeah we may as well I don't want to lose8888.843.82
this guy maybe go back pain him head8890.84.2
back out yeah yeah this guy is awesome8892.664.38
all right face this way follow me oh8895.03.26
yeah okay8897.043.72
throw me come here bunny8898.267.32
come here peace oh I love this guy8900.768.219
Vic yeah my apologies don't worry about8905.585.38
it those are pretty eggs man like8908.9793.781
they're really hot I know exist I know8910.963.24
and it was right there you dropped me in8912.762.94
front of one and it was like oh he wants8914.23.54
me to grab this egg no that wasn't it8915.73.9
but yeah it was there lesson learned8917.743.6
we're gonna get your stuff we have the8919.64.08
artifact it was a high up Nest you know8921.344.92
that yeah yep that's all I noticed and8923.683.9
then just nothing but fire and death8926.263.36
after that all right okay I'm looking8927.583.96
behind us and uh seems to be all clear8929.625.66
so far yeah oh watch out loud8931.546.06
Cold Stone I feel like those Mansions8935.285.199
has gotten dralius oh there's a guy dang8937.64.62
it what if I get really some stuff just8940.4793.84
take it back to him8942.223.36
hold on8944.3194.261
I got got one of these bastards8945.585.64
following me get my stuff I feel like8948.584.5
there's a voice from Beyond grave8951.224.74
calling me to get his stuff baby and8953.085.279
I'll do it because the rallies is my8955.964.68
friend damn right8958.3593.841
best friends8960.644.759
go away some maneuvers8962.23.199
it's a friend today8968.565.28
it's whatever it's rough but it looks8970.426.62
like I can probably go in and get it8973.846.12
stay high there's the artifact on your8977.046.16
person it is well that's not8979.966.54
it's hard all right here we go8983.25.84
this one8986.52.54
get your guys's stuff don't grab the egg8989.625.9
got it8992.82.72
but we're good thank you so much Nick8995.627.58
you're welcome I love you8999.73.5
is this the X-Men song9012.85.92
yeah it's the X-Men song how do you9016.284.539
remember the xmax man song man I was a9018.723.78
child of the 90s I grew up watching9020.8193.841
X-Men okay I've heard it but it didn't9022.55.46
really stick every Saturday morning it9024.665.159
was awesome okay all right so what9027.962.88
should we do now we're still looking for9029.8193.421
a kitty cat yep I wish the cat would9030.844.68
just attack us yeah oh I see an obelisk9033.244.199
way out there I feel like I have a good9035.524.02
plan for when the tech the cat attacks9037.4393.42
except for these bear traps I think9039.543.6
that's gonna work man I hope so I got9040.8593.901
tranquilizers and I can actually I can9043.144.38
shoot from this guy oh really yeah chick9044.765.54
chick max oh wait that's a copy okay9047.525.1
scared me get some bugs bugs are coming9050.34.9
too oh there they are there they are oh9052.624.14
be careful you got one of these big guys9055.23.659
all right piss him off should we just9056.766.96
run run away get out of here yeah9058.8594.861
it is9064.0211.54
oh Badger coming coming Roger I'm coming9075.565.02
he's attacking Beast get on your thing9078.8994.5
oh no I can't stab him stab him he's on9080.585.58
me I'm like [ __ ] up oh no he's not on9083.3995.42
me he's chasing oh whoa there we go9086.164.88
you're a beast9088.8195.54
X-Men can you guys just go back behind9095.844.18
the tree and like get a connecting shot9098.72.52
so you don't just get attacked by the9100.024.2
badger out of nowhere yeah oh wow Neves9101.225.599
look at the view yeah oh wow9104.226.98
Simon and doralius live that little uh9106.8194.381
weapons weapons weapons I can shoot bees9113.426.24
they help me shoot your ass9116.75.34
yeah there you go9119.664.37
you're Alias yeah you're right it is a9132.746.46
problem which part oh the egg oh yeah9135.964.979
let's go that's what we're doing did you9139.24.98
need okay yeah might as well now you9140.9396.301
need me for this no oh that's where I9144.185.82
died that one time oh yeah don't go9147.244.98
faster this time don't go too low oh9150.04.74
you're right oh I'm trying to dodge yeah9152.224.92
Bob and weave all right looking behind9154.745.4
us all clear okay now last time I was9157.144.56
like thinking real hard in my head I had9160.143.24
a bunch of thoughts and then it all came9161.73.36
to be it's as if you heard them that's9163.384.92
neat yeah I was hearing some some voices9165.065.759
in my head yeah9168.35.22
telling me okay I think it's right here9170.8196.241
to the left maybe the egg yep9173.524.86
um that's a negative there's zero egg9177.064.02
there oh there's an egg there huh but is9178.385.599
it a oh yeah that's the one you drop oh9181.086.84
shoot how quick we forget oh hold on I9183.9797.0
am up yeah okay it's a good spot for me9187.926.32
I like it here oh boy9190.9796.84
hey how did you get it I got you oh you9194.245.199
didn't get that no now I'm bringing you9197.8193.301
in for that for the egg okay here we go9199.4394.261
all right all right and uh there it is I9201.125.52
got the egg and here we go again do you9203.76.199
huh do you have a grapple9206.643.259
damn it9215.666.779
[ __ ] we should have been prepared9217.74.739
starting to think we're not gonna find9223.743.78
one of these cats yeah I haven't seen a9225.33.599
cat all day I think they live in the9227.523.299
trees or something no we well we know9228.8993.841
they live in the trees I hadn't seen any9230.8194.741
underground okay maybe we should tame a9232.745.28
flyer and lure one out that way well we9235.565.64
have a wyvern do you want to melt yeah9238.024.919
what do you want plus you've seen them9241.23.9
bears everywhere okay you want a bear a9242.9394.341
bear be fun yeah we can get you a bear9245.14.379
see you bear hold on let me get a good9247.284.539
view on top of these rocks in 100 Bears9249.4794.081
now that I want one that's usually how9251.8194.321
it goes isn't it yep see a big old elk9253.565.04
nope don't chase me what's this don't9256.145.1
chase me oh it's a trodon yeah that's9258.64.2
the the worst the worst part about this9261.243.42
place is the the trodons the only other9262.84.26
crap you see a bear I don't see a bear9264.666.06
oh I do see a bear okay looking directly9267.066.18
at him okay let's get this bear you have9270.724.139
air traps you got your Tarts ready yeah9273.242.88
do you have the I have the Big Bear9274.8592.58
traps do you have the big ones I got9276.124.44
little ones let's see how it goes okay9277.4393.851
to get him9280.5610.52
yeah he's not hurting me though okay9291.085.44
we're good he might run if he runs you9293.885.099
gotta get Chase uh okay let's see how9296.524.799
many more shock darts do I have got five9298.9793.96
more of these darts top darts I got a9301.3194.681
ton of these regular drinks so uh come9302.9395.46
on baby what do I name this guy maybe oh9306.04.34
he's running okay okay9308.3994.5
maybe do your bear trap9310.346.34
he's going slow come up go down small9312.8995.401
bear trap didn't work at all man yeah9316.683.719
you need the big ones with a bear I mean9318.33.72
what I don't even know why they call it9320.3993.061
very small bear hold on he's getting9322.024.379
bloody okay I think he's stuck give him9323.464.38
a minute hold on I have uh do I have9326.3994.681
regular drink darts wait he go down uh9327.845.28
did he looks like he went down oh he did9331.085.42
okay man we're stupid9333.125.88
yeah I know this seems redundant in9336.55.2
Groundhog dayish but um you ever brought9339.04.62
like leftovers in put them in the fridge9341.73.42
and then they just disappear and you9343.623.66
know Simon probably took him yeah I feel9345.124.859
like he does that with my beer I had9347.285.159
dinner today I bought last night knowing9349.9794.141
it was going to be dinner today okay9352.4394.441
gone it's gone you brought it in today9354.125.1
yeah put it in the fridge today Scott9356.885.099
day's not even half over and but but9359.223.96
Simon's gone9361.9794.101
and so is my leftover9363.185.94
so do the math I'm a damn sleuth here9366.084.48
yeah it's not really math it's just9369.123.96
obvious yeah it's like tradition we're9370.564.56
gonna have to lose these [ __ ] God9373.083.66
yeah I don't want to die today you know9375.122.64
what I mean well now you're probably9376.742.76
gonna die again I know all right there's9377.763.719
three now yeah I know that's better if9379.53.6
we can uh if we can lure them over here9381.4793.0
Something's Gonna Get me from the ground9384.4795.101
in it okay well played Vic that confused9385.8596.381
them are you coming back around now yeah9389.587.02
it was a Cubano like ah dude I know how9392.246.159
much you love those too pork belly in9396.65.339
this one too no yeah dude what does he9398.3995.941
think like when he's home he's a guy9401.9394.141
yeah look at his sandwich that I don't9404.344.559
remember buying like how do you enjoy9406.084.8
that it's weird It's gotta be weird like9408.8993.601
coming home with a kid that's not yours9410.884.92
yeah yeah that was cool what what's your9412.54.52
Dolby a all right how we looking9417.026.16
doralius I'm hungry well yeah besides9420.185.219
that okay straight ahead right here okay9423.184.5
um behind us uh clear right now all9425.3995.601
right let's do this like quickly9427.683.32
you said it was clear I'm on fire9431.547.24
the hell is that it was clear probably9435.245.46
thinking about that Cubano so much that9438.785.64
he forgot to look for wyverns9440.75.46
man this is way better yeah that's what9444.423.36
I was saying that that's the type of9446.163.36
trap you need to catch oh wait you know9447.783.06
what did I hit the wrong button what9449.524.74
hold on so I got to okay oh I hit the9450.845.94
wrong button then I gotta wait how do I9454.264.98
set it uh I think I think it sets in a9456.784.26
second which is really crazy but I guess9459.243.48
they do that for PVP that a lot of9461.042.939
people just throw them down yeah there9462.722.94
it goes there it goes I'll lower9463.9793.541
something in all right be ready to kill9465.663.779
something okay I'm ready9467.524.799
oh I see something yep yep nope oh he's9469.4395.04
ignoring me look at this9472.3193.841
okay so I think this was trodons in it9474.4794.981
throw it on so hit it maybe a little bit9476.164.68
of the big trap maybe it'll lock his9479.463.72
head off okay take those things man he's9480.843.479
not even worried about me right now9483.184.139
what's going on here oh he's throwing9484.3195.941
okay wait I'm running yep oh wow I'm not9487.3195.301
so slow oh he's fast9490.264.62
oh he jumped right right jump right over9492.624.779
it okay come on get away from our bear9494.885.599
get on this side of the truck9497.3993.08
through it yep I don't know if that's9500.523.24
designed for those guys9502.144.7
here we go okay9503.765.76
let's get him Jimmy Jonas ain't doing a9506.845.979
damn thing Jimmy what's up Jimmy how you9509.524.74
doing with Jim media and he's knocked9512.8196.801
out for you all right do I have a minute9514.265.36
I think I got some stemberries9520.224.2
make you feel better at least oh9530.065.16
what a waste of time all right cover in9535.224.8
the bear covering the bear Jimmy Jimmy9537.725.94
come back to papa needs all right uh9540.025.74
these bear traps are dumb all right well9543.663.6
I want to see them like catch something9545.763.599
like a like a terror bird I'll be right9547.263.98
there's another proton yeah they're9551.245.32
everywhere around here I hate them we9554.764.2
don't need shirt on I know I want to9556.564.08
know something bigger is he still on me9558.963.32
yep oh yeah but he's still on you yeah9560.644.83
oh he got me9562.286.25
did I kill it okay9569.064.78
you're fine oh are you still okay I9571.8593.661
didn't work at all did it no can we9573.843.36
reset that no we just [ __ ] ourselves9575.524.76
can we reset that9577.23.08
sorry base but you should know better oh9580.744.68
I can't ride him9584.043.0
he's stuck on I gotta demolish this9585.424.439
thing can't open it yep there we go now9587.044.56
I'm back on9589.8593.601
I was all for nothing we know it works9591.63.12
on these guys at least if we want9593.462.76
another Bigfoot yep which we don't need9594.723.3
to do that these guys ever oh yeah you9596.223.0
couldn't you couldn't tame one that you9598.023.9
trapped because you're passive exactly9599.225.4
oh we caught a Pteranodon are you9601.925.939
serious yeah that's crazy knock him out9604.625.64
what are the chances yeah you're right9607.8594.741
it's it's fake that's we're gonna use9610.264.44
him for our little kitty cat lure next9612.64.56
time yes yes yes next time knock him out9614.76.56
next time on X-Men9617.164.1
let's try this again9627.785.52
I think I can do it by myself9630.126.239
where did that thing come from it looks9633.38.36
clear think maybe look up this time9636.3595.301
clearly Simon9647.64.92
oh no I can't move oh no9653.3596.58
oh no oh no9656.784.539
oh no9659.9393.38
no no no no no no9663.422.0
oh there's no way9674.8193.321
miss you friend I didn't uh I didn't9701.524.08
know wyverns were gonna come through the9704.283.3
ceiling because that's what happened9705.64.08
internet I know you're gonna say it was9707.584.8
thick but it wasn't and now I'm stuck9709.687.94
with the damn 2020 Tesla pickup truck9712.385.24
I think 44. hello9718.023.9
no I'm in the middle of mourning over at9720.123.96
Cold Stone died9721.924.34
I don't know like another minute what9726.264.9
are you coming I'm waiting on you oh9729.183.66
okay yeah yeah yeah no I'll be there9731.164.92
just uh say a few more things uh this9732.844.639
was Cold Stone's favorite spot9736.084.68
overlooking culo Del Mar properties are9737.4796.101
going quick so please call and get yours9740.763.96
reserved today9743.584.88
all right neebs on my way9744.723.74
yeah 2020 Tesla pickup made for the man9750.246.42
who's never worked a day of manual labor9754.744.22
in his life9756.663.86
yes sir come check this out make sure9760.526.339
it's all right okay you're over by by9763.3196.421
the uh by the party table yep yep yep9766.8595.401
all right what do we got here in loving9769.746.68
memory of Sammy Davis Jr what a shame9772.267.559
and Doris sandwich because you took my9776.425.8
sandwich yes I took your sandwich but9779.8195.04
you know what happened yeah did you do I9782.224.2
need to explain this again I don't think9784.8593.661
so okay good well I didn't eat it you9786.423.899
you should explain what a shame though9788.524.98
what a shame is the name of the pterodon9790.3195.04
that that we tamed that we were going to9793.53.24
go and use when we were looking for9795.3593.721
stuff yeah and then before you got you9796.744.199
got both of them killed yeah I got both9799.084.62
the uh our Flyers killed yep the least I9800.9394.081
could have done was take your sandwich9803.73.119
this happened after the sandwich thing9805.023.9
yeah I just did it early well if I was9806.8193.961
nourished from the sandwich I would have9808.923.84
been able to focus better listen and9810.783.36
this wouldn't have happened like we're9812.763.12
even and I said I would get you9814.143.24
something to eat you gotta let it go9815.883.54
yeah well no I did let it go you're the9817.383.24
one who keeps what are you talking about9819.422.7
you made a sign right here and you9820.623.42
brought me over to it and it says uh9822.123.779
indoor sandwich I was not letting it go9824.043.359
all right let's focus9825.8993.721
um let's focus we need well we need9827.3994.861
flyers another female Rex because those9829.625.16
two poor girls over there yep we've torn9832.264.139
we've torn their private we don't have9834.783.119
to talk to all like we don't have to get9836.3993.42
that specific about it I know but their9837.8993.96
privates are very important after what I9839.8193.301
said we could have just stopped with9841.8593.181
that we're gonna get a female T-Rex just9843.124.8
right with fresh privates yep like maybe9845.044.56
not one that's giving birth shut your9847.923.62
neebs hey Nick hey9851.545.62
we go coming in with your fungal wood9855.064.44
friend yeah bring the fungal inside put9857.165.88
it in the uh work table uh Smithy Smithy9859.55.7
yeah yeah you're right there Hi hey man9863.044.26
just throw it in there yeah I need one9865.23.779
of these thank you for being there for9867.34.62
me for my loss yeah hey have you moved9868.9796.061
on not really but we're trying well did9871.925.64
you bring a Weber yeah the 2020 Tesla9875.045.1
pickup truck okay yep oh you went with9877.564.56
that name you kept it uh well I haven't9880.143.6
thought of a different name so if you9882.123.12
have any if you have any that you like9883.743.84
just throw it out there but fine with9885.244.02
that app store is not here look at him9887.584.92
he's on vacation okay must be nice huh9889.267.52
yeah yeah that's nice it's a vacation9892.54.28
where is my oh there we go hold on Beast9897.146.28
we're gonna set you up here uh maybe hmm9899.886.5
maybe right here yeah yeah do it yeah9903.426.12
and then we'll try that okay you brought9906.384.54
a good bit of fungal with so we can try9909.543.359
things out I've been here before with9910.924.979
the uh you know the monkey trying trying9912.8995.161
to do this just be careful his name's9915.8996.301
the Beast the Beast oh okay well uh yeah9918.067.44
do your thing man oh okay yeah it's9922.25.1
falling my butthole puckered for you9925.53.96
yeah good job though you're looking9927.34.2
great these can just hop up and down now9929.464.82
did you see like where did it go level9935.125.38
12 back over here okay level 12 it's9937.85.099
very should be very easy and I'm not9940.54.62
picky if it's not no no it's not for9942.8994.381
like fighting I know it's for9945.125.46
fornication yes I know but the higher9947.285.039
the level the better because the higher9950.583.66
the level meaning there she is it's9952.3193.841
gonna help see her yes but I'd be happy9954.243.659
with this one um how are we gonna do9956.163.9
this I don't actually I don't see her 129957.8994.141
level 12. this is gonna be easy should9960.064.799
be oh because you're right happy too I9962.046.66
want missed oh yep oh yeah oh boy is it9964.8597.381
on me uh yeah got him again right in the9968.76.42
butt all right hey we can maybe does it9972.246.06
follow me yeah probably so oh yeah I'll9975.126.0
Grumpy's like still following yeah come9978.35.76
on come on now there we go never hit9981.125.52
okay I like this still coming come on9984.065.16
now my uh I probably lost Mike come out9986.648.219
my bird oh yeah oh [ __ ] I just fell down9989.227.32
the mountain oh no all right he's9994.8593.721
fighting somebody else yeah I lost my9996.544.8
wing where am I and I'm just gonna shoot9998.586.859
him yeah all right I'm right on inside10001.347.139
her butt right on her butt I could see10005.4395.941
that fresh spoon10008.4792.901
I think it is a problem what's the10012.285.079
problem hey this this thing's the10015.024.379
problem I'm gonna die oh is it down it's10017.3595.481
down oh thank God10019.3993.441
thick Yep this part needs your help with10022.8994.181
because it's more dangerous as I go down10025.73.6
here okay so I'm just snapping these10027.084.08
because there's bats and stuff down here10029.34.139
sure yeah I've seen them what are you10031.165.22
doing exactly I'm gonna do some uh10033.4395.88
species is it eggplant down there so we10036.386.059
can fight the spider oh yeah good look10039.3195.761
forward to that all right there we go oh10042.4394.741
yeah you know what you need is a10045.084.739
tepayera that'd be perfect man this guy10047.185.0
is always10049.8192.361
no way you shoe now shoot now you know10062.569.04
corralius oh [ __ ] yes Simon I think I'm10068.425.28
killing this guy I just realized what10071.63.9
are you doing oh boy I think I was10073.73.48
supposed to feed him what are you doing10075.55.76
oh boy uh I had a baby you had a baby10077.188.92
options how do I feed this guy oh no10081.267.959
let's just keep you away I exactly I'm10100.845.5
not responsible enough yeah I've proven10104.04.439
that go out to the board I don't know10106.343.78
how to add it to the board though click10108.4393.721
on the floor hold on I've never done10110.124.08
this before they got a brain and10112.163.779
otherwise this egg wouldn't be I just10114.25.159
shot the board it says click on it wow I10115.9396.42
clicked on it wow punching it hit e hit10119.3594.261
e on it10122.3592.841
and I picked up Stone10123.624.16
yep yeah wow oh there it is right son10127.787.3
okay peace uh baby boo Simon's baby boo10131.4796.0
oh man I think it's Simon's baby boo you10135.084.319
barely you barely opened your eyes10137.4794.981
barely I was so impressed so that was10139.3994.58
baby boo10142.467.34
is dead now it's in loving memory10143.9795.821
here we go that's redundant I don't care10151.05.319
what'd you do hey where'd the other10154.644.259
names go screw the other names I didn't10156.3195.061
know it was gonna erase it10158.8996.601
these plants have a pretty long range so10161.386.7
spider is so close yeah like also watch10165.54.38
out for the little spiders they can be10168.082.64
right here10169.883.18
oh you have a spot yeah it's it's10170.724.08
clicking here so10173.064.28
yeah maybe something like that10174.85.94
now if I can get the uh come on Stick10177.345.44
you're looking good10180.744.44
it's not coming for me huh no is he10182.785.1
stuck I don't know looks like he's stuck10185.185.639
oh is that stamina or did I just land I10187.884.74
think you just landed oh good I'd rather10190.8194.201
do it straight below I need some more10192.625.699
foundations hold on okay they're in10195.025.7
Tesla yep it can hold stone foundation10198.3197.681
and that's it Tesla innovation10200.725.28
all right hey buddy what is is this like10244.646.96
some sort of like Minnesotan thing what10248.4796.84
baby baked PD okay say the name again10251.65.7
not the baby part because that's just10255.3194.741
temporary baked peedy10257.34.2
does that sound like anything you've10260.064.62
eaten in your life yeah but it's not10261.55.52
you don't like baked ziti I love baked10264.684.98
ziti fake Petey's no good might be good10267.025.94
it might be good actually yeah it's10269.665.58
Speedy how are you even confused by that10272.964.62
though well I mean well it's because I10275.244.26
don't know I don't know but I was yeah10277.583.42
you always [ __ ] about the names but you10279.54.819
don't really contribute no I don't [ __ ]10281.03.319
good names I might name somebody Carol10291.24.98
no we've got a flow with this mobster I10293.64.86
know we then you can continue to go10296.184.02
ahead but don't give me [ __ ] I give you10298.464.14
props okay good names you got good names10300.25.279
thank you okay uh what next it's10302.65.58
obviously a male that's no good so as10305.4794.981
soon as it's ready to to do the boom10308.184.679
boom we should get on it let's I don't10310.463.96
know what to do now I don't either good10312.8594.021
start though we've got two new T-Rexes I10314.424.019
say let's get another female even though10316.883.24
it's the same damn thing but you know me10318.4393.96
I like it I'm down I'm feeling like I'm10320.123.9
I'm in the groove do you want to get10322.3993.661
another female then you want to get10324.024.14
another female I mean that one was so10326.064.98
close it was so easy okay what do you10328.165.9
want to do uh bad10331.043.02
and Bam okay try that you want me I10335.246.06
think so uh well how about Rio in can10338.665.1
you jump off and reel in yep yep yep yep10341.34.28
yep there we go oh yeah10343.764.5
this isn't a good idea we we have the10345.585.02
wrong uh animal10348.264.679
for this oh yeah cause I got stuck okay10350.64.08
well we don't have any argentavis here10352.9393.241
and you're flying right through all the10356.183.96
trees but uh there's you live in the10358.223.179
forest okay I don't know what to do10360.142.759
about that oh do you have an altitude10361.3992.54
I see it there is my green thing is it10363.9395.621
down on the ground it's like at the very10367.8193.12
bottom yeah on the very bottom of the10369.564.259
ground so I'm gonna start going down10370.9396.361
all right amazing not so much not so10373.8196.301
much okay are you are you there uh close10377.34.979
a little bit to uh can you see the way10380.125.279
I'm facing I'm stuck in a rock okay10382.2795.821
really want to get unhooked can I do you10385.3995.641
have another grapple hold on maybe I can10388.16.02
yep oh10391.043.08
um you see where my water pipe is10395.123.779
pretty much right below the water pipe10397.043.84
on the very bottom okay hold on let's10398.8995.58
fly super slow here I am oh God10400.885.099
the wrong10404.4794.561
animal so you want me to go down yeah10405.9795.941
you have to get ready to die again up10409.045.46
just be ready okay I'm trying to be10411.925.64
there you ready okay I've disconnected10414.55.52
have a disconnect it sees you I'm10417.564.56
disconnected I'm going to my bag come on10420.024.56
baby come on oh it's in the fog okay10422.124.199
take it home oh it's coming spider's10424.583.0
coming uh where are you I gotta shoot10426.3193.301
you with the thing we'll shoot you with10427.583.359
excuse me10429.624.44
oh crap did I miss I'll miss I need to10430.9395.581
pick up oh boy I need a pickup I'm10434.064.02
running away from the spider do it do it10436.523.48
you might be running to another spider10438.085.42
okay I'm in the middle of the river10440.03.5
what do you think Simon I think that I'm10446.245.039
I'm nervous I'm not nervous but I'm10448.584.8
wondering if we should just nip this in10451.2794.741
the butt or bud I don't know we I don't10453.385.54
think there's any nipping this yeah10456.025.16
nip it in the bud but what's the level10458.924.54
of the did you look to see the level of10461.184.38
this particular Alpha let's take a peek10463.464.56
ski because if it's a I don't even know10465.564.2
if it makes a difference but where'd it10468.023.36
go it's all it's all hiding back there10469.765.04
now huh yeah get sneaky I lost a lot oh10471.386.36
way back there uh that's a pair of so10474.85.04
come on let's move it to the right yep10477.746.0
up it's a level 12 Alpha T-Rex dude come10479.847.08
on man you ready to bring the kids10483.745.76
listen whoops I'm fine with bringing the10486.924.68
kids you can lead the way but how many10489.55.46
kids are we bringing hmm10491.66.12
holy crap I didn't realize there's drops10494.964.74
over here yeah you want to go get it uh10497.723.42
like your monkey I was gonna live a10499.72.46
beast so it feels like you're doing10501.142.52
something yeah man that scares me every10502.163.239
time put them to work I'll uh I'll cover10503.664.199
you come on base there we go all right10505.3995.281
uh wow okay but don't act like you get10507.8594.201
there real fast because then he feels10510.683.299
like no no I'm behind you I'm doing that10512.063.12
on purpose oh you're getting there first10513.9793.061
Beast look at you oh look how fast you10515.183.599
are beast can I just access this for his10517.044.68
back man wait this trap doesn't have10518.7795.841
meat and berries in it10521.726.36
oh come on hey you know what what's in10524.624.72
there we'll just act like it was good10528.083.6
good job Beast hey great job Bailey did10529.344.139
good yep everyone gets a trophy today10531.685.28
yep all right wow more things okay back10533.4795.101
to the house say grab the stuff and then10536.964.319
we're on it alrighty10538.584.14
oh my God they're just attacking10541.2793.381
I'm out here ain't there they're on a10544.664.48
killing oh my God we didn't we shouldn't10547.043.54
have you know what though if anything10549.143.48
that's fine they'll level up okay yeah10550.583.84
no they they deserve it but we need to10552.623.779
bring them over yep we're I'm heading10554.424.14
there now all right and I think look at10556.3994.08
this I have in my point of view I don't10558.563.86
have a gun but I have a gun10560.4794.741
that's fun God I can't even wow10562.426.04
invisible rifle come on guys okay good10565.225.759
have fun have fun kill okay here we go10568.464.5
guys let's focus there's there's this10570.9794.8
guy boys boys all right here we go do10572.964.319
they follow me God you know what I10575.7794.021
probably took girls with me you that was10577.2794.321
the number one rule I know and you know10579.83.72
what I started to get them to move to10581.64.56
follow me what are you doing what do you10583.524.14
mean what you're running ahead without10586.163.659
any T-Rexes where are they oh they're10587.663.72
supposed to be following me aren't they10589.8193.061
what are they doing down here they're10591.383.66
just killing guys where are they I don't10592.884.26
know but they're down here leave these10595.045.64
things alone real focus focus focus all10597.147.44
right everyone Simon everyone have them10600.685.7
all follow you or something like this10604.583.779
whole it's attack our targets what we10606.384.2
want not just attack everything well I10608.3594.681
mean I have I set my two on aggressive10610.584.199
the other ones I have no clue I don't10613.043.3
either all right here we go let's just10614.7793.12
take care of business right that's what10616.345.639
I'm hoping to do no what make plant got10617.8997.92
killed why what who gives a [ __ ] oh my10621.9796.42
God that was our that's how was Meg10625.8194.561
plant killed I'm shooting this T-Rex10628.3993.42
over here I shouldn't have done that10630.383.66
what are you doing why are you all your10631.8194.981
head what are you guys doing we gotta10634.045.1
Simon why we gotta Focus here I don't10636.84.679
know what happened we have to call them10639.144.56
okay good let's roll killed something10641.4794.081
that's right we need to calm these guys10643.76.48
I think if Meg plant died where was the10645.567.44
threat oh look at this We Are Gonna Kiss10650.185.94
everyone goodbye why because I can't10653.05.22
believe big plant's dead and and now and10656.124.199
it wasn't even by that thing nothing10658.225.58
yeah let's move on from that10660.3196.301
ready thick yeah man I guess we gotta10663.86.84
place the spouts uh drop the uh the crop10666.627.319
flats and then plant the seeds without10670.645.24
getting killed by a giant spider okay10673.9394.92
and we're up here probably in the cave10675.886.28
okay good that's where I want him come10678.8596.061
on spout one spout's on two spouts on10682.166.659
nice squat crop plot uh one down they10684.925.76
might be a little crooked but you got10688.8194.981
this uh excess inventory all right it's10690.686.719
irrigated oh boy okay oh man all right10693.85.34
stay right there oh we didn't name him I10697.3992.88
started to feel bad like I forgot his10699.143.42
name you don't have a name oh the10700.2795.04
Pteranodon yep one of those one of those10702.566.839
is it working seated what's that uh it's10705.3196.481
spider yelling at you okay he's coming10709.3995.46
out of the cave okay okay I think that's10711.85.519
seated that's up yep we got growth and10714.8594.861
uh oh yeah we got two Groats come on10717.3194.46
tear it on10719.727.08
okay come on free10721.7795.021
all right he's coming what what is it10737.724.679
heavy it is well I think he's chasing10740.3594.08
the bird coming hot and heavy oh it is10742.3995.101
coming hot are these all ready I don't10744.4394.38
know man because you are the man for10747.52.88
that and I'm gonna be but are you doing10748.8194.741
anything no I'm keeping an eye on this I10750.386.78
can see it so no do focus on the thing10753.566.48
100 nope Simon you're on the ground you10757.165.34
change their behavior how many times10760.043.96
we're gonna have to change your behavior10762.54.14
I'm not doing it fast enough and I'm10764.05.34
[ __ ] up so why do you want just do it10766.643.96
please all right Simon I'll just do10769.343.18
everything you got oh do everything you10770.64.32
got it so I won't warn you like when10772.523.72
when something's happening when I'm10774.923.12
screaming hey be careful I could see him10776.242.76
when you're on the ground you could have10778.042.76
done this well that's something I don't10779.04.14
know which one to do it to all of them10780.85.28
I'm still confused you've already done10783.144.82
certain ones10786.085.34
God I don't want to be with you anymore10787.965.08
feel like killing this whole family10791.425.479
right now oh wow yeah10793.043.859
just to see if I can piss it off so I10797.085.04
can come over here yep okay10799.2795.401
look at me I'm doing something I'm10802.124.84
working where is it I don't know when10804.685.28
I'm shooting it let's go what do you10806.964.56
mean let's go we're gonna go kill it10809.964.14
okay let's kill it I just did a whole10811.524.259
bunch of stuff10814.15.94
yes I did yes son where are they going10815.7796.901
how are you doing who knows what you10820.044.62
sent them to I know when something goes10822.684.139
wrong you're just blame it on me10824.664.26
right I'm done I'm done with your drama10826.8194.62
you're done with your drama oh my God10828.925.399
here we go here we go here we go10831.4394.38
come on everybody10834.3194.401
where's the rest10835.8196.12
cool hey guys Simon you should be10838.724.24
shooting now10841.9394.081
um I am going to come on everybody no10842.965.34
one's dying no10846.024.339
dying no one died10851.184.35
so good come on come on10855.764.86
yes let's go home it's dead10861.9799.241
right dead yes 2020 Tesla pickup I hate10866.185.759
I'm going in here for this artifact and10871.9394.38
I hope we both die especially you though10874.044.56
I'm Gonna Fly a little slower10876.3193.96
just in case10878.64.62
uh the name I could change it I could10880.2795.521
but uh it just there's a stigma with it10883.226.12
like the 2020 Tesla pickup truck is for10885.86.059
a man who carries a satchel who's not10889.344.86
even technically a man10891.8594.681
getting the artifact10896.543.42
got it10898.463.72
lucky I let you live Tesla pickup truck10899.966.5
might not be so lucky next time10902.184.28
any other color other than blue10912.645.62
um yeah yeah I feel I feel like we made10916.044.92
beasts all blue you know yeah I thought10918.265.099
they were buddies okay the blue buddies10920.964.2
well this is I'm gonna call them blue10923.3594.761
cheese so uh I'll do that right now10925.165.1
didn't you name the pterodon something10928.124.06
to do with cheese oh his name's10930.264.32
different it's uh nacho cheese bear10932.183.54
track yeah but he actually looks like10934.582.46
but this is just blue blue cheese isn't10937.044.8
blue it's kind of got a blue tint to it10939.624.5
I think doesn't it does it I don't think10941.845.16
so well I'm gonna put some orange and10944.125.4
yellow on his saddle okay that'll be10947.03.96
nice right well yeah that'll be more10949.523.6
cheesy yeah what are we getting into10950.963.6
um I've planted the species X traps10954.565.04
they're still growing oh yeah I saw your10957.53.899
little uh yeah little pipes down there10959.63.719
look at all those pipes yep man you lay10961.3993.901
some good pipe I'm a good pipe layer10963.3194.321
everyone says that yep what you gonna do10965.35.28
well I still would like a kitty cat yeah10967.645.7
well I can ride blue cheese now and yeah10970.584.68
it's a little too orange isn't it no way10973.344.5
okay yeah look at this like look at10975.265.46
these guys together huh I mean they look10977.845.639
good ah just circle around yeah yeah10980.725.46
look at this oh yeah okay all right all10983.4794.681
right I'll take it we're like I'll take10986.184.44
it team it's like we got jerseys on blue10988.165.52
jerseys yeah with the blue jersey uh10990.625.94
teammates yeah we can dance too we're10993.684.04
gonna go10996.563.419
all right I'm gonna need a dragon to get10997.724.3
down oh really yeah I don't think I'm10999.9794.201
gonna bury his jump are you serious yeah11002.025.22
the Bears jump okay you can make that11004.185.58
jump with a bear come on bear come on11007.246.3
okay you made it but I'm gonna need a11009.765.7
dragon to get back up11013.549.49
the [ __ ] is wrong with you Simon get out11035.585.319
of the bed I'm trying what is it to get11038.745.64
out oh there we go I'll punch out of the11040.8995.361
bed get down here we go11044.384.28
come on what is it to get out though11046.265.139
you're standing Simon I know I said what11048.664.659
is it to get out what do you mean what11051.3993.0
button do you have to hit I hit11053.3192.941
everything well you're out now I know11054.3995.96
but what so I can learn oh I don't know11056.264.099
okay we need to learn how to control11061.745.32
these dinos yes particularly the T-Rex11063.9394.801
you look like a big bag of [ __ ] did no11067.062.6
okay ready yep I'm ready grandma died on11069.666.54
make one follow you how about which one11074.144.86
Cavatelli okay don't outside come on11076.26.52
Simon come on baby come on baby babe11079.05.58
bring your sweet little ass out here11082.724.139
Simon come on sweetie Pete and your11084.584.56
sweet little ass come on baby we'll get11086.8593.781
the door behind you all right thank you11089.143.78
all right now we're in a time of danger11090.643.66
we're in training how are you gonna11092.922.399
react because you didn't know what the11094.34.86
hell to do did you when when when the11095.3196.54
last time oh I I already forgot you11099.165.1
eyeball me what happened you eyeballing11101.8596.54
me no sir no sir you are not my type sir11104.266.12
all right fair enough do you know how to11108.3994.201
look at this dinosaur without going into11110.383.84
its inventory to make it attack your11112.64.74
target hold down no get the [ __ ] back11114.226.0
what get back yes it's easy now you11117.344.559
don't need to get close to it just face11120.225.639
it and hold down T boom yep look at that11121.8996.481
yep take it far away pick attack your11125.8594.92
target right there okay gonna pick11128.384.979
attack your target whistle passive11130.7794.921
whistle the whistle attack this target11133.3596.0
they don't have all day maggot11135.76.659
all right John Wilkes tooth it's good to11139.3594.62
be back here with you even though this11142.3594.681
is a [ __ ] hey we are gonna need pigs11143.9796.241
lots of pigs and I need a pig pen best11147.045.22
people to call for a pig pen Simon11150.225.759
adralis uh Simon rallies come in11152.267.139
man that was loud [ __ ] Hey whenever we11155.9796.121
fight that boss whatever the boss is to11159.3994.801
keep your precious T-Rex is alive we're11162.14.679
gonna need pigs lots of pigs11164.25.279
and I need a pig pen I need a pig pen11166.7795.841
close to your base11169.4793.141
um not not sure yet I can go through11183.164.26
some stuff and uh where you guys can11185.684.82
come up with some sort of price11187.423.08
okay okay well I'm gonna go get this uh11195.525.339
artifact in the radiation Zone and uh11197.9795.101
yeah man11200.8593.521
a pig pen11203.085.22
I would say at least six pigs11208.35.12
why is he talking like a robot man enjoy11216.75.52
your day goodbye all right hey guys11219.046.239
remember me I ate your asses last time I11222.225.42
was here11225.2792.361
okay I think I did whistle pick attack11227.75.32
your target I did well I Whistle attack11230.9794.8
your target okay I think it said whistle11233.024.379
attack your target oh I don't know how11235.7795.761
this works sir yeah did it say well come11237.3996.361
on now buddy you don't get to be the one11241.546.18
The Great Character uh11243.763.96
hey mother Jammer yeah how you doing11263.226.219
yeah oh no11267.04.66
look at what's gonna happen to your butt11269.4396.301
hey boy not doing it huh you're not11271.665.94
whistle that's the whistle you have to11275.743.42
whistle at the Target11277.63.839
um nothing happened and you're supposed11279.164.619
to be teaching me you done good today11281.4395.161
hey soldier who let you into the11283.7794.2
you a confident son of a [ __ ] ah you11287.9795.88
shut your mouth you shut your mouth hey11291.14.32
hey we should figure that out for the11293.8597.641
next time no no no no no there you go11295.426.08
there you go I'll give you 20 little11302.346.639
kicks in your ball sack11306.345.79
you'd like it wouldn't you11308.97912.691
all right11330.465.76
this is a loot box I believe I'm a safe11333.045.52
I'm gonna check it out John Wilkes stay11336.226.12
here roll red saddle I already have one11338.566.36
play with uh Dave roll a roll rat in a11342.345.519
little while all right let's see where I11344.925.46
better get this thing's close by around11347.8596.181
here I'm stuck stuck okay I'll go the11350.386.479
other way no it's small11354.047.02
hard to see where it at where it at so11356.8598.101
I'm gonna have to kill you oh I see it11361.067.919
come on let's whip their tails 20 is11364.967.56
getting hurt 20 oh 20 is down are you11368.9796.3
running smacking you around John Wilkes11372.525.04
I just broke it damn I broke one of11375.2794.021
these weird looking fungi trees down11377.562.52
it's okay I'll pay for it yep you're11380.086.84
nobody or nothing your crab legs all11383.3194.441
here we go great job great job let me uh11387.765.7
just grab this11391.724.74
boom Oh and uh some sort of scorched11393.464.979
Earth item down there that the devs11396.464.08
decided to just put in here for the [ __ ]11398.4394.92
of it okay you're kind of hard to are11400.545.399
you stuck sir11403.3596.781
oh God what's happened I fell11405.9396.061
this is trouble John Wilkes uh why would11412.05.12
this even be here11415.844.559
so here's the idea I'm gonna take this11421.124.5
tear down I'm gonna fly up into the11423.8194.141
trees and hopefully I'll get attacked by11425.623.9
a cat yeah11427.963.899
I know so let's see I don't want to fly11429.523.419
that way because that's towards the11431.8593.261
spider cave yeah11432.9395.34
I'll go I'm gonna go this way okay hey11435.124.9
we should race I'm gonna race through11438.2793.961
the woods on what I'm on the bear but11440.024.74
you fly low ready go the way I'm going11442.244.98
all right go and go11444.764.559
oh you're pretty fast yeah with that11447.224.5
bear you you gather some speed I'm11449.3194.681
picking up speed keep going I'm right11451.724.62
behind you oh yeah yep you want as fast11454.05.279
as you can I am you are I am I never11456.345.059
take you baby11459.2795.281
blue cheese Bears fast yeah he is hold11461.3995.201
on what we got here awesome those bear11464.564.08
sloth you follow me yep right behind you11466.64.799
I don't see anything I'm gonna jump11468.645.4
one's a kernel okay gotta watch stamina11471.3997.741
I gotta land Terror Birds okay11474.045.1
okay so run I'm running okay you don't11481.064.14
have a choice do you I'm running I'm11483.044.859
coming I'm catching up to you okay and11485.24.44
I'm gonna give him the old behind the11487.8994.261
rock hide and put some face11489.645.04
bring it Terror birds that was fun that11492.165.159
bear is quick he's coming it's on here11494.685.099
we go you want some blue cheese bear I'm11497.3195.281
gonna break it he would have a chance11499.7797.7
nope well keep looking for cats11502.64.879
all right John Wilkes tooth we are stuck11508.428.1
but I have a fantastic idea I hope I11510.9397.441
just so happen to have a cryopod on me11516.524.28
so all I gotta do11518.386.12
cryopod you here we go here we go11520.86.519
yay come out here11524.54.08
let's see11527.3194.441
get somewhere kind of say oh yep all11528.586.18
right Yep this is good are you kidding11531.763.63
all right neebs yeah see these trees out11538.544.26
here in front of this Lake OH is there11541.04.979
trees out here yeah of course yeah I am11542.85.84
going this way11545.9792.661
this one oh that walked over the cliff11548.8593.721
okay I mean it's not that big of a cliff11550.63.299
what do you mean it's not a big Cliff11552.584.02
look at it but you can look like you can11553.8995.291
slowly Mosey Down that11556.63.78
you gotta go there you go okay all right11560.385.16
going up uh-huh find the kitty kitty11563.26.42
okay oh there we go yeah come on kitty11565.547.56
kitties anyone out here ah all right11569.624.8
when you get down to the bottom of the11573.14.44
cliff go right okay I'm at the bottom11574.425.6
going right11577.546.26
wish you could see these things11580.026.94
uh thermal vision night vision thermal11583.84.66
vision I know they have night vision11586.963.12
goggles in this game I don't know how to11588.462.939
get them never done it remember those11590.082.94
snow birds I could see like heat11591.3993.721
signatures oh yeah I wish we could have11593.024.02
snowbirds am I still going around the11595.123.12
yeah I'm all the way at the entrance11598.243.6
where we put the sign all those years11600.165.819
ago IHOP yep I have still have not seen11601.846.26
any cats I'm about to give up on this11605.9794.8
hmm don't count your cats before they11608.15.92
hatch I never would cats don't hatch I'm11610.7794.981
at the entrance what's your favorite11614.024.74
IHOP uh thing to order is it like a11615.765.34
strawberry pancakes or something no I'm11618.764.08
not a big fan of Pancakes to be honest11621.13.96
with you whipped cream no probably just11622.843.72
your you know standard bacon and eggs11625.065.24
yep eggs yeah11626.563.74
God all right I could be wasting this11630.885.12
oh hey11636.3996.201
time to go come on come on come here boy11638.9793.621
time to go11643.544.4
all right John Wilkes tooth we have11648.044.859
exhausted all options I'm calling for11650.083.6
uh this is thick 44 calling anybody who11653.684.44
could possibly come to the radiation11656.745.4
area and help me I am stuck you'll need11658.125.699
a bird11662.144.2
hello oh hi Simon11663.8195.66
oh hello rallies11666.343.139
the game's all here yeah11669.643.62
yeah well I'm uh there's a seems to be11674.264.139
some sort of a glitch and I'm just kind11677.23.9
of floating here between two rocks uh in11678.3994.38
the radiation Zone11681.13.24
so I would need some sort of bird11682.7794.141
extraction one two three not it11684.345.78
I'm on a bear not it11686.923.2
I have some Taffy anyone want any oh uh11690.346.12
no what well that was happy11693.2796.021
it's like um11696.462.84
is it11707.3193.671
seriously guys I I need help11720.225.12
need help11727.02.399
uh you go down into the aberration area11729.3995.121
47.3 58.811735.04.0
you'll have to fly in fast uh if you11739.64.14
have if you have a hazmat suit that'd be11742.062.64
[ __ ]11746.385.58
probably not yeah11748.186.66
wait how did I get suckered into this11751.964.74
I don't have a hazmat suit we have a11754.845.96
mega hazmat suit wow11756.74.1
you're probably right11762.7793.481
is there a way to kill myself you can11767.84.26
punch it you can take your armor off and11769.844.5
punch yourself to death yeah if you're11772.063.78
at a radiation zone won't you just11774.343.3
irradiate if you take all the stuff off11775.843.24
all right11777.644.2
yeah here we go you guys want to listen11779.086.08
to this well it happens11781.843.32
right now oh God this is happening11786.2792.611
some of that Taffy would you Simon oh11795.18.0
my halfway done not too much longer11799.27.619
did you say banana11803.13.719
it's a variety pack11808.8993.08
artificial strawberry flavor is really11814.23.53
always weird too11816.464.349
all right11821.9393.0
he did oh I think now he's dead thank11825.2793.801
all right let's go get this stuff back11829.084.06
all right catch you guys later all right11831.3993.421
toodles good talk11833.144.56
get him okay okay I'm dizzy face but I'm11844.8596.521
pulling out of it okay blue cheese got11849.14.5
him that's my plate where's he going oh11851.385.22
all right name it can't find the heel11866.4393.681
okay yeah11870.123.54
I can't get my stamina up because I'm11878.083.84
getting attacked by bugs and compies yep11879.9394.981
I hear yep I'll eat the bugs that's what11881.924.859
she said11884.923.479
how how much longer you want to keep11886.7794.08
doing this I don't know man11888.3994.92
I'd like to have one of those Bearcats11890.8594.561
but yeah if it's just hard to find them11893.3194.141
I'm annoying we might just need to build11895.423.78
something to get our animals up top like11897.464.74
a like a ramp to another tree and then a11899.26.36
walkway to our tree or some doors it's a11902.25.1
big Works project yeah I mean really11905.563.18
what we're here for is that spider cave11907.33.96
anyway yeah right yeah you're working on11908.744.38
the uh the species how many plants you11911.265.24
got down there I've planted like uh11913.125.72
two of them okay11916.56.46
that is a bug too okay get up Yuri's not11918.847.72
down yet we got him okay how many plants11922.966.24
I think five I think I've planted five11926.564.86
so far I think we should think we need11929.24.32
more I mean we could yeah plant them all11931.424.14
day if you want to all right let's go11933.522.36
trees on the way back and if we11937.3596.0
great if not screw it deal love it11939.526.56
race you11943.3592.721
percent chance you're gonna die uh I11951.765.04
just need you to get me close oh yeah11953.9795.761
you are not of aberrant descent you need11956.87.8
you to get me close to my stuff and then11959.748.94
get John wilk's tooth and we get out you11964.67.32
are expendable uh right now that's what11968.686.179
it's turned into for you I11971.925.46
phone's going off people know I'm11974.8594.861
filming I'm famous on YouTube11977.384.92
okay where's my stuff11979.725.639
I don't see the AHA yeah you only got a11982.33.84
little bit11985.3593.661
it's just a little bit I know it hurts11986.147.08
I've been there and uh yeah so11989.025.64
man I better not I thought I was gonna11994.667.199
flow John Wilkes let's go11998.086.48
all right Sister Mary toots we'll have12001.8595.821
we'll have you follow but yeah you're12004.566.419
just gonna die behind us pretty sure all12007.686.66
right I should see it pretty soon and I12010.9795.581
know you're behind me I know12014.346.0
I I feel bad too you have no idea how12016.566.66
painful it is to for me to hear you back12020.344.5
Nation poisoning12024.844.8
it's okay you're almost there you're12027.36.24
you're almost home in a better place I12029.646.54
know I'm almost there I think if I can12033.544.38
just maneuver around all this [ __ ]12036.183.42
Sister Mary toots12039.65.0
gone far too soon12043.084.719
it looks pretty cool yeah so uh this12055.9395.861
thing only goes it has to be operated12059.74.32
from up here what so that's why I got12061.84.38
the rope ladder over there see it oh12064.024.56
okay yeah so you get you come back you12066.184.139
climb the ladder and then you come up12068.584.56
here and then you go hey hop on uh with12070.3195.281
the bear or just me uh both of you all12073.144.44
right ready for uh take up you in the12075.64.58
middle yep okay and then up12077.585.58
and I just keep pulling this lever until12080.185.32
can you not hold it nah it's like a12083.164.319
crank thing seriously what do you mean12085.53.96
why can't you just hold it I'm saying12087.4793.901
this future is it no but it should be12089.463.3
this thing should just go get get get12091.383.66
and boom you're up it's a mountain cabin12092.763.719
you got to work with things a little bit12095.044.02
appreciate the uh the journey almost12096.4795.701
there a little further okay is that it12099.067.02
the level can you uh give it a shot yeah12102.188.0
yeah no this works great doesn't it Oh12106.087.26
serious you can't come up here no it's12110.184.24
not letting me I'm like glitching all12113.342.76
over the place12114.424.859
to go here maybe oh that looks good that12116.15.759
looks good that looks good now turn it I12119.2795.58
gotta back up kind of turn there yeah12121.8595.42
yeah oh no no okay12124.8595.281
hey I'm on ah Perfect all right I'll12127.2795.561
never use that again like clock work oh12130.144.259
boy that was a giant waste of time12132.843.18
building that have you seen blue12134.3994.261
Cheese's new level up animation uh yeah12136.024.62
can I do it yeah this is great I'm gonna12138.663.96
put it into his uh put it into his12140.644.82
health there you go12142.622.84
updates are fun12149.964.68
all right what do you think Simon I12154.646.82
think that this is more than enough yeah12157.8595.821
that should do it right oh please what12161.465.04
did he say enough for six yeah six how12163.684.74
big are these pigs I don't remember I we12166.55.54
I've never had one hey12168.426.359
it's a fine pigpen there isn't it I12172.045.38
gotta pick him and Talons and uh I'd12174.7794.441
like to drop it in there go ahead drop12177.423.72
it in the pig man all right here we go12179.223.48
buddy I'm ready12181.144.28
yeah why why'd you drop it there thick12185.425.92
well you missed that point here I come12188.226.0
let me see I'm I'm coming back in all12191.344.32
right if you could just grab it watch12194.224.139
out watch out oh I got him see is it in12195.665.819
there oh boy oh boy my my guys probably12198.3595.96
set to attack oh it is oh they both are12201.4793.881
it's not semicolons12206.846.019
wow uh the brain is yeah Pig farming12222.3195.921
ain't easy I say boys12225.3594.021
um neutral there we go you stay right12229.385.58
there now oh there we go are you in12232.266.679
Pig's in eggs in I've got some drinks12234.967.019
it's got some reach don't underestimate12238.9395.021
all right get set the brain off of it12241.9794.441
hold on a second oh yeah I should do12243.964.91
that uh Tesla I'm gonna wait12246.423.8
this is so dumb I hate it can we get12250.225.219
this thing out of here yeah12252.847.22
oh my God why what what's going on okay12255.4397.621
pigs what do you mean why you could why12264.089.06
your mama all day hey fit yeah12268.149.08
something happened to Simon12273.144.08
you put a lift12281.13.9
where is this pipe uh you just follow12282.545.04
the pipe you see it yeah I think I do12285.05.279
just follow it too there's no maybe I've12287.584.38
lost it it's hard to see around this12290.2794.141
Dragon hold on okay yeah obviously12291.964.38
somewhere along this trench all right12294.425.58
you see the pipe uh pipe bye bye you see12296.345.099
it where's the pipe Oh I thought we're12300.03.72
cut oh there it is see it uh no I don't12301.4394.681
oh there yeah I do see it I do see it we12303.724.86
go down here huh you'll see the plants12306.124.26
now this thing's very hard to maneuver I12308.584.62
know it's because it's a dragon ding12310.384.32
dong ding dong would have been great for12313.22.64
this that would have been great for this12314.73.119
we can still up get him12315.844.2
um uh what is that that's a bat okay a12317.8194.561
bat yeah we got bats coming at us you're12320.044.56
going to fight the bats okay well I12322.386.2
can't fight the bat can I fight him12324.63.98
you in here12337.884.8
babes babes12342.686.34
abstract you there12345.265.679
uh hey I spawned back at Mountain Base12349.023.419
because I'm gonna grab ding dong and12350.9394.701
then uh we'll have ding dong12352.4393.201
and uh oh there he is hey guys has this12355.885.14
always been how I walk when I hold a12359.3994.761
walkie-talkie yeah12361.023.14
no I have no idea what you're talking12368.3593.101
number 2412371.462.72
Kiefer that's his name he's gonna he's a12374.345.58
show with a kid the curly hair and he12378.123.9
runs straight down12379.925.1
okay yeah no this is a weird way to way12382.023.74
to run yeah12385.022.64
I don't think so was he good at math in12387.662.88
the movie is that why you're asking me12389.3994.741
that it's a show 24. uh nope those are12390.546.0
numbers though good reference all right12394.143.96
we'll bring dig down get here let's try12396.542.699
this again12398.12.22
you ready boo boo yeah boo-boos yeah12402.7796.0
um why do we do that I don't know I just12406.263.84
said are you ready I mean I don't even12408.7793.361
where is the and they're both over here12410.14.32
yeah yeah yeah they're fine I don't know12412.144.259
if I set mine to the right thing do it12414.424.019
then I don't know it is set aggressive12416.3994.08
level that's not true we don't need that12418.4394.681
aggressive's no good aggressive level12420.4795.76
passive and this one says neutral yeah12423.124.859
aggression level you said aggressive12426.2393.841
level sorry there you go they both seem12427.9793.661
safe yeah they should be safe we're good12430.084.02
to go oh clear up all clear I don't know12431.644.16
if he's even nervous12434.14.82
hello boys hello12435.85.26
let's try this again we got it all12438.924.0
worked out get it right little pig12441.063.839
little pig let me in don't miss don't12442.925.66
you miss you missed yes12444.8993.681
okay I shot him twice don't kill me12450.7395.941
oh no12458.462.84
someone's terabonds uh angry but I got12464.045.34
the pig why is his turn on still dude12467.15.339
what is we just talked about12469.386.66
he had he had tear it out on your next12472.4395.941
sweep I'll get it no I'm coming in yeah12476.044.8
bring it dropping that little sucker oh12478.384.92
there it goes it's in there okay but get12480.845.04
up can you get on that thing try it out12483.35.76
out don't kill me don't nope rallies12485.886.54
nope can you get it oh I want to let me12489.067.799
why why why oh that's a it's hit me oh12492.426.12
boy and screw it I'm gonna take this12496.8595.481
sucker out oh my God all right12498.543.8
can you get to your body uh it's spiders12508.384.5
right below us12511.383.54
let me over here I tell you what if I go12512.883.359
down there maybe I can leave the spiders12514.923.059
away yeah if you get him further away12516.2395.401
yeah hey hold on let me turn around oh12517.9796.661
yep okay he sees me he smells me or is12521.645.4
he coming to me oh he's turning oh he12524.643.299
just takes a while to turn around12527.043.54
doesn't he yeah come on Megan come on12527.9395.04
begging you go on begging hey get away12530.584.38
from this [ __ ] yeah that's right this12532.9794.441
way you burn him up you burn him up hold12534.964.019
on I gotta make sure this bird's on like12537.423.24
neutral or something I'll be back in a12538.9793.661
second burning your bag am I I don't12540.664.02
think so be careful though trying to12542.644.74
trap okay nope oh he hit me with a step12544.685.34
be careful with the stuff uh we're gonna12547.386.899
put them on neutral okay oh yeah yeah I12550.026.0
hear you screaming come on is it clear12554.2794.861
yeah oh okay yeah you might be clear12556.024.44
yeah go ahead go ahead I got a12559.143.9
distracted okay oh you're right on it12560.464.819
ding dong okay here we go12563.044.8
uh yeah get it get it get it take it all12565.2795.561
I can be clear yep take it all okay I'm12567.845.46
taking off take it off too12570.845.46
should I try to turn these plants on uh12573.34.559
yeah I've been wanting to see that ah12576.33.479
ding dong this sure is crowded I can't12577.8595.161
see anything but feathers okay12579.7795.401
okay careful12583.024.2
I'm gonna turn one on we'll put it to uh12585.185.04
change only wild creatures high range12587.226.48
right high range yeah okay whoa whoa12590.226.179
whoa oh he's shooting stuff at you yep12593.74.5
it's the plant fighting back I can't12596.3993.96
tell don't look like it okay coming back12598.25.279
down hey ding dong fell down oh no he's12600.3595.12
down below12603.4794.321
I don't even keep shooting me with stuff12605.4795.741
oh crap okay I I got big dog beside me12607.85.76
spider's moving into the cave and this12611.223.78
thing is it's shooting if you want to12613.562.759
jump down here and get ding dong now's a12615.02.76
really good chance because he's coming12616.3195.04
back spider's coming back yep hurry up12617.765.58
I don't see him where is it he's right12621.3594.801
okay now he's up [ __ ] now he's attacking12623.345.72
him nope don't do that all right get him12626.165.819
you better save that bird I can't I12629.064.299
don't can't see where he went I'm stuck12631.9793.901
in the plants he's right to my right to12633.3595.701
your rights Bernice's health is getting12635.885.76
low okay I guess I'll just jump down huh12639.065.719
do it just do it man12641.646.179
come here okay I gotta get Bernice out12644.7794.721
of here man yep ding Dong's coming come12647.8195.481
on baby come on baby come on12649.53.8
ding dong save12656.162.84
what's up man we got a problem he can't12659.545.02
get out the door's not big enough okay12662.344.439
so what is this the first one that12664.564.44
you've gotten what is this the first one12666.7794.741
that you've gotten yes so leave them in12669.04.979
well I'm gonna but leave them in that's12671.523.959
what we gotta we gotta take that other12673.9793.42
one down like immediately it'll be okay12675.4795.221
now set him set him to what happened12677.3994.861
well do you know how to do that I mean12680.73.18
because obviously you know I mean you do12682.262.76
because you're the [ __ ] King12683.883.0
apparently you know whatever you heard12685.025.12
yeah so go ahead and do it smarty pants12686.885.88
hey that boy oh it looks like we have a12690.145.58
team uh he needs12692.762.96
I'm sure it is Buddy get lower so we12706.883.82
could just shoot it while you hold it12709.4394.091
all right hold on ready12710.74.579
got one on it they get one yep that's12715.2796.281
two let's get it like a good five each12719.344.62
in and then uh we'll do the drop maybe I12721.563.839
don't know if we're doing it right well12723.963.72
I'm hitting it hold on all right drop in12725.3994.801
the pen drop them in drop in the pen you12727.683.66
sure you don't want to hit it with some12730.24.5
more weeping come on the pen was the12731.345.16
original idea we're gonna hit it with12734.73.9
some arrows knock this one we have done12736.54.5
that you didn't knock it out I know we12738.64.08
didn't we got a head start that was will12741.03.66
it be knocked out in your hands yeah oh12742.684.2
let's just keep doing that though Jesus12744.664.64
no excitement at all this is no thrill12746.885.099
no thrill yeah let's do something stupid12749.34.78
how about that oh yeah oh yeah because12751.9794.741
you because you never do anything stupid12754.086.14
now what's the point of the pen12756.723.5
it's working a little bit after a little12761.04.72
bit why is it is it only one doing it it12763.624.739
might just be the angle so the maybe we12765.726.0
need some lower uh yeah maybe on the12768.3595.88
other side perhaps yep can we build a12771.725.099
platform down here like a walkway uh we12774.2394.321
could build whatever we want to I don't12776.8193.061
think this one plant I don't know why12778.562.82
these aren't doing it yeah I don't know12779.883.18
what those are doing either get back in12781.384.08
your hole get back in your house spider12783.064.62
oh you don't like that do you chicken12785.464.5
[ __ ] look at these other ones all right12787.684.2
away all right no he's turning around12789.964.439
now oh is he oh wait no no no now he's12791.884.859
he's indecisive oh yeah all right hey12794.3994.621
well listen I think this might require12796.7395.101
some more engineering yeah I'd say so12799.024.98
we're going to take the pipes lower get12801.845.54
them more on the level take that12804.07.279
all right gotta build up up12807.387.72
yeah eat his ass boy these uh that makes12811.2795.62
me think these plant balls don't do much12815.14.139
damage honestly they're taking that much12816.8994.88
to kill one throw it on about the spider12819.2395.941
yep okay yeah there it goes yeah we12821.7796.04
might need to build Auto turrets huh12825.184.799
yeah Auto turrets might be the better12827.8194.441
way to go they do more damage12829.9796.26
of it we got more building to do sir12832.263.979
hey boys oh hey got another Pig okay12837.424.74
let's we're gonna shoot him while you're12840.8993.0
holding them no well you got a better12842.163.36
idea I'm dropping something for you get12843.8994.981
under me oh you see that yep yep the12845.526.18
[ __ ] off me ebola's yep got him I got 1012848.884.32
of them all right time that's your job12851.74.079
oh my God split them up split them up so12853.24.739
you can uh you know in case one goes12855.7793.361
after the other I thought we already12857.9393.42
agreed that you thought we'd agreed you12859.143.96
were gonna be bowling man no we didn't12861.3594.201
agree on that you said it I said no so12863.13.9
listen you don't want to do it that's12865.563.0
fine but you have the option you want to12867.03.479
lay it on me that's fun let's go you12868.564.02
want me to drop this thing right here12870.4794.681
um sure let's do it get ready why12872.584.38
wouldn't you drop them in in the thing12875.164.44
in the thing go ahead here I'll drop12876.964.08
them in the thing I I didn't know if the12879.63.12
other ones were in there but yeah this12881.043.899
one looks really healthy too there we go12882.726.24
ready yep bring it drop in now perfect12884.9395.361
bullet bowling oh now it would have been12890.35.26
nice if someone was smacking already12893.73.84
well I know I said you didn't have to do12895.564.799
it right yeah get ready with that keep12897.544.68
keep ready with that Bola keep right12900.3593.901
just do another one right now12902.225.099
can I just do this one now bam good12904.265.34
you're too good Gotta Be You gotta12907.3194.321
figure it out oh [ __ ] [ __ ] why are you12909.63.96
doing that guys guys doing that what are12911.645.4
you doing why stop it no I haven't said12913.567.2
to not that God son of a [ __ ] go ahead12917.045.46
just eat them just eat them they're12920.764.2
hungry no it's not gonna We're not gonna12922.54.62
stop it there you go you deserve to die12924.964.68
come on12927.124.22
are you kidding12929.644.679
nobody's kidding nobody would ever kid12931.345.519
about this12934.3192.54
oh our plants are working oh good yeah12937.3193.781
what do they say I don't know what are12939.662.699
they after oh they're shooting bats12941.13.9
perfect good hey that works out uh we12942.3594.38
need to get lower yeah they killed those12945.03.06
bats pretty quick we need to get lower12946.7393.601
yeah is the spider gonna be able to get12948.064.08
you here what about right here right12950.343.54
here do it do it okay I placed the12952.143.92
foundation see that Foundation oh yeah12953.884.14
every time we get close to the wall I'm12956.063.46
just gonna drop it that's the thing so12958.024.799
uh make a note oh okay I'm down again uh12959.525.1
here we go spiders looking at us uh nope12962.8193.0
turning around now I've turned it back12964.622.64
around now guys you're doing a Jay guy12965.8192.641
he's doing a little dancing he's cute12967.263.36
pay any attention to me please yeah go12968.464.62
somewhere else sucker oh there we go now12970.624.38
we're talking got some Foundation going12973.085.659
okay uh12975.03.739
oh hey plants are going nuts hey there's12979.7395.04
three of them firing now love it12982.925.54
generator is up12984.7796.481
don't feel good does it it does not feel12988.463.939
good how does it feel to get poison12991.262.88
balls in the face I bet it don't feel12992.3993.361
okay boys all right right in the pen12995.764.2
pick okay this is gonna be a nice and12998.2794.681
easy that could work nice and easy buddy12999.965.399
I'd say go ahead and you're you always13002.966.06
right there oh no it didn't no whip it13005.3595.46
around whip it around all right uh whip13009.023.24
my hair back and forth come on what are13010.8193.0
you doing buddy um I'm gonna hide now13012.264.38
I'm gonna hide got you all right going13013.8194.801
back on the Rock back on the Rock okay13016.644.32
take two act like it never happened yep13018.627.08
never and action hey thick hey how's13020.967.08
everything going coming in really wide13025.73.9
what's going on there yeah what happened13028.043.18
you're supposed to drop it into ten13029.63.6
three take three take three okay all13031.225.3
right hey hey13033.26.32
oh Shaquille O'Neal wow Michael Jordan13041.686.34
now they're Sports people yeah13045.265.16
these guys are gonna keep your rexes13048.024.98
alive and well this is to benefit all of13050.426.12
us yes how big how oh level 44 that's13053.05.22
fine you know what we need to do we need13056.544.68
to have some babies that down baby there13058.226.719
we go yes Cindy eat all the meat good13061.226.42
job today guys we've really done a lot13064.9394.5
I'm very proud of us we've got a good13067.644.56
flow going it only took six picks to13069.4394.681
figure it out six big day13072.23.119
leaves how we doing uh give me a second13075.3194.5
this takes a minute I like purple cable13077.64.56
demolish we got a bunch of old junk13079.8194.62
needs to go all right hey a couple more13082.165.579
plants are working another Outlet okay I13084.4395.04
gotta hit by a thing I got a uh turn13087.7394.261
this man I can't see anything oh geez13089.4794.081
yeah all right yeah he's blasting his13092.04.2
green goo at you okay13093.565.28
and change from13096.26.96
this two wild creatures13098.847.32
yay is he getting bloody no13108.023.32
all right at this rate he'll be dead in13113.55.739
about six eight weeks are numbered13116.04.57
I mean wait your number13119.2396.481
she looks High I mean I know you're a13125.724.2
fire dragon or a wyvern whatever they13128.063.299
call you but you got your tongue all13129.923.24
hanging out you're like panting like a13131.3594.321
dog like a big old hound dog that hangs13133.164.68
out in the back it's just old and lazy13135.684.02
it's tongue sticking out and he just13137.843.96
poops poops everywhere it just drags it13139.73.659
all over the yard and then you gotta13141.83.3
pick it up but it's slimy you don't do13143.3595.101
that deeper knees I throw dick hey oh13145.14.74
there he is13148.464.38
that Tesla pickup truck 2020. oh yes I13149.845.639
hope this thing dies today all right you13152.844.74
ready to do this hell yeah I got one13155.4794.081
artifact to go forward it's hidden deep13157.584.08
in the caves I like going deep into13159.563.839
caves all right I'm hitting the button13161.662.94
no go go go go go13164.65.759
yeah my own we're going deep13166.346.72
hey there's Simon hey I had uh something13170.3594.321
I wanted to do today I think what you13173.063.48
doing with ebola uh it was in my hand13174.683.78
from last time so I just left it here13176.545.84
okay don't get any funny ideas13178.463.92
um but you could put them in your butt13183.023.299
that's kind of like anal beads uh for13184.3993.661
this time is it a little bit too early13186.3194.141
to be talking about anal beads I think13188.064.98
this is the second scene oh perfect13190.464.979
um it's raft yeah wanted to try13193.044.68
something okay this is my wrap that I13195.4394.261
built it's our our wrapped I might add13197.723.3
it on to it it's all right you did add13199.72.76
on I'm gonna add on to what you added on13201.023.66
to perfect and we're going to see if we13202.464.62
can make it more barge-ish for13204.684.799
um the inevitable transportation of our13207.085.04
babies I would love how big do you think13209.4794.141
we can make it I don't know it's more13212.123.359
about how wide can we make the platform13213.624.319
that's the goal right now these are13215.4793.901
foundations too bad we can't put13217.9393.54
foundations on top of Foundations yeah I13219.384.26
know but I can put like um I could put13221.4794.941
like uh like uh13223.645.82
these whoops that's not how you do it13226.426.519
what'd I just do gotcha I did it I13229.465.46
followed you yeah I was just kidding13232.9393.181
you gotta hurt you right don't shoot me13234.922.7
please no I'm just gonna hold this up a13236.126.02
little bit okay was it worth it foreign13237.624.52
I guess we'll start when you wake up you13245.9795.221
dumb dick13248.62.6
all right take light em up all right13255.085.659
okay here we go13258.524.76
don't do that piece of [ __ ]13260.7393.961
there we go everything will die and burn13264.76.039
and freeze oh my God look at all those13268.3994.621
scorpions something oh at the lapis or13270.7394.381
just spit in my face that's some old13273.025.64
horse [ __ ] oh sorry dick I can't see it13275.125.94
I am on fire you got bats heading over13278.664.26
to you I think well no they're okay13281.063.54
they're in that wall over there all13282.924.8
right here we go nope I'm stuck look at13284.65.219
all those Vance and scorpions Bernice is13287.725.719
doing great oh yeah here we go13289.8193.62
I do not want rabies there we go13296.084.92
Paradise baby13298.65.259
best combination ever all right let's13301.04.42
clear these scorpions out of here watch13303.8593.96
out I don't want a burger yeah still got13305.424.019
a bat over there here I'm gonna lure him13307.8193.801
that's what it is man that bat flipped13311.9797.181
out you see that I did nice job now on13315.146.06
to step two unfortunately we're gonna13319.163.54
have to leave our cute little dragons13321.24.52
that's okay13322.73.02
oops boy a little full hey hey13326.7795.221
um I'm not gonna shoot you no I know13330.52.819
because that's just a waste of time but13332.03.84
that was a lot of fun it was fun except13333.3194.441
for the fact that you you took it to the13335.843.72
next level13337.764.92
um why did you do that again fun well I13339.565.28
mean you shot me in the leg a lot of fun13342.684.559
though closer to the penis actually13344.845.46
right so how big do you think how how13347.2394.681
wide do you think you're just doing13350.33.72
science now we're gonna see how far it13351.924.08
lets me go wide but this is a good start13354.023.839
I'm pretty happy with how it's going so13356.03.42
far but we're gonna have to try to get13357.8593.42
what's the goal on how many to get on13359.423.059
there we're gonna try to get like four13361.2792.881
I'd be happy with I mean like if we13362.4793.361
could get three at a time that's a great13364.163.659
start isn't it that's true so we'll just13365.843.54
give me a few of those ceilings please13367.8193.901
one second okay because I kind of want13369.384.5
to start doing stuff now finish this no13371.724.08
oh now you wanna I do but I want to go13373.883.78
and expand it more on the other side yep13375.84.559
yep yep so how far can you go out here I13377.664.079
don't know I think that might be the end13380.3593.301
but that's just a guess no okay so you13381.7393.901
just throw out some for me nope that's13383.664.079
not for me unless you want it give me13385.645.04
give me some walls please calm down13387.7395.521
please there they are you liar how about13390.684.259
what is that is that really I don't know13393.264.01
you just have to look at it okay there13394.9393.721
I think it's right here thick okay you13398.664.92
got an ax uh I do and thank goodness for13401.2393.601
the online community because look at13403.582.76
this like how are you supposed to know13404.843.479
that this is a secret engine entrance to13406.343.78
a place I have no idea all right but I13408.3193.481
think yeah it might be right here there13410.123.06
we go hopefully there's not like13411.83.3
something nasty on the other side of13413.184.74
this thing we're gonna find out13415.18.16
okay I can't uh all right can't see ah13417.927.319
oh this is spooky all right I tell you13423.263.059
what I'll be the light guy you take13425.2392.761
Point all right I've got a light at the13426.3193.301
end of my gun too so that's good that's13428.02.939
good but a little bit more light never13429.625.34
hurts no not at all looks clear so far13430.9396.621
nice oh oh boy13437.627.119
yeah bats oh that's a lot of bats damn13441.045.98
all the bats I thought we were gonna be13444.7394.62
a little bit more prepared for this uh13447.025.58
well I don't I didn't want to bring it13449.3595.58
out here but I do have something that13452.65.219
might be able to help us I think I know13454.9394.561
what you're talking about ladies and13457.8194.201
gentlemen boys and girls I introduced to13459.53.479
John Wilkes tooth holy crap I thought13462.9793.901
you were gonna talk about a rocket13465.7392.881
launcher no oh cause that would have13466.883.479
helped now hold on there he just came13468.623.9
out of that cryopod so he's uh13470.3594.741
uh yeah a little bit he's fine well I13472.524.62
think there's like a weakness huh yes13475.13.66
that is that is going down should we13477.144.139
wait for it to go down completely uh I13478.764.979
guess we can let's do it because I also13481.2795.04
brought a friend of mine13483.7396.461
Sarco close yeah13486.3196.141
where's this [ __ ] paint13492.466.1
is that not is that not working not like13496.164.26
in this outer spot but that would be13498.563.78
perfect if we were able to lay something13500.424.92
I think it's a like maybe that will be13502.345.099
um hold on Let's Do Science13505.343.899
um but it's in the way of dinosaurs hold13507.4393.481
on a second okay I just want to do13509.2393.061
science real quick okay well we haven't13510.923.42
finished the outside because if you put13512.34.679
that there does that help that it does13514.344.979
now take that pillar away and see if13516.9794.38
that wood stays or leave the pillar13519.3194.141
leave the filler let's build on and then13521.3593.661
maybe a little bit yeah but then we're13523.462.88
gonna put it on the pillow over here13525.023.6
just do me a favor and then we'll do a13526.343.54
little bit of science here if you think13528.623.119
that this is enough Let's do let's try13529.883.24
to push it a little bit more just so we13531.7394.2
can get a full Square we'll push it bam13533.125.46
oh wait that one's made better take the13535.9394.941
other one out and do it like that13538.586.0
yes I used to be a builder oh it's not13540.885.74
connected over here though so that's not13544.583.659
health so no so why don't you take that13546.623.18
pillar out and put it up the same way13548.2392.641
you did the other one and then maybe13549.83.84
that'll help me I don't excuse me no no13550.886.14
this one here this no13553.643.38
it did take this one out and now put it13557.384.479
in the same as the one you just took out13560.4793.901
you got me I can't you can feel me13561.8594.5
brother I can't okay I can't get up you13564.384.32
can though I can you can do it you're so13566.3594.861
positive all the time you can do it I13568.74.86
love how positive I know right seriously13571.225.82
all the time I have um here we go13573.566.06
bam okay that was the answer right that13577.044.14
was the answer and it's still not13579.624.319
working do it Simon it didn't work13581.184.139
you know what does work does work what13583.9394.201
that hold on all right we got the one13585.3194.08
extra you never know that might grab13588.142.7
somebody's toe keep it from falling off13589.3993.601
yeah it's true all right so we're good I13590.844.38
guess that's it13593.04.5
all right how's uh how's spino spino13595.224.259
doing he is fine all right I'm gonna13597.53.239
come I'm gonna get these bats from13599.4792.88
across the way you ready we're just13600.7393.12
gonna get him over here then yeah let's13602.3593.0
just keep doing that13603.8594.08
now they're coming in oh boy oh boy it's13605.3594.801
Christmas time okay she'll be back up a13607.9393.84
little I'm backing up I'm back back up13610.163.06
yeah they come here they come here they13611.7794.46
come start chopping13613.223.019
up all of us Chomp I feel like I'm just13616.75.94
eating your ass Mike right okay turn13618.9795.601
around yeah13622.644.38
coming I'm coming I'm coming come on13624.584.3
Circle claws I brought you in here to13627.025.24
fight why are you being a puss13628.883.38
spino is a much better choice than this13635.025.68
stupid alligator hell yeah still got one13637.526.259
that's still alive right yeah13640.73.079
I'm having bad ass for breakfast yep uh13645.8196.221
there we go oh we got more we good we13649.225.34
good looks good all right now I think we13652.046.8
can carry on can you eat it crack it out13654.564.28
yep bring them in bring them in here we13663.164.72
go yeah you're just gonna have to go13665.543.899
around me I feel like you're now you're13667.885.22
my ass yep I feel like delicious I feel13669.4397.101
like I'm getting raped here I mean13673.13.44
to the right I ain't gonna do nothing13686.3195.201
yeah keep going through these caves yep13689.04.979
nice and slow nice and slow awesome oh13691.524.919
man I hope John Wilkes can make it13693.9795.161
through here oh13696.4394.321
uh can we can you put him back in the13699.143.0
um I'll have two of them so so wait is13702.143.78
there cool down on these cryopods13704.3594.321
because can I yeah all right I can get13705.924.92
uh Circle claws back in13708.684.559
on Sarco yep all right I got him there13710.845.059
there we go13713.2392.66
Yep looks like we gotta swim13720.887.12
right Simon huh this doubling up thing13724.9394.981
it's better than I mean it's all we can13728.03.779
do considering we can't like fill in13729.924.26
these gaps too far out right nothing13731.7793.781
should really help I'm thinking man13734.182.759
wouldn't it be nice if we can get five13735.563.78
oh okay what do you think it's not just13736.9393.96
double stacking over here how'd you get13739.343.18
that one to work over and I got a lot of13740.8993.181
them to work yeah but like right here13742.523.36
there don't know it's ridiculous I don't13745.885.34
know Simon I don't know why is it not13748.9393.84
let me do these well I don't know it's13751.223.24
weird just those all right well whatever13752.7794.681
believe me but I hate how I know of13754.465.1
course you do but we can't sacrifice not13757.464.08
having high walls everywhere because it13759.563.299
doesn't work right there yeah but it13761.542.939
should work over here of course it13762.8593.481
should can't place there are already too13764.4794.26
many structures on this platform oh13766.344.439
there's too many on the platform all13768.7393.421
right well whatever man how many do you13770.7792.401
think we're gonna get it we're gonna be13772.163.06
able to get four at least I'm guessing13773.183.9
four all right let's do it nah it's13775.223.78
driving me nuts how this looks13777.083.779
while it drives you nuts I'm going to13779.03.42
start the test all right go ahead and13780.8593.481
get get them on I'll be ready to uh take13782.424.5
off go ahead uh uh Vinnie we're gonna13784.344.55
start with the Vista13786.923.3
all right you got the light tick I got13790.224.679
the light I'm your light guy cool I got13793.223.48
a Harpoon Gun all right are we ready13794.8994.261
ready as we'll ever be let's do it let's13796.75.3
do it let's go13799.162.84
yeah going13806.563.96
this is this is why we need the scuba13811.044.64
came prepared [ __ ] yeah for that13815.8593.941
dilophosaur I'm gonna Harpoon got him in13818.125.159
the head do it you missed it here I'm13819.85.04
gonna get him this time for real bam13823.2795.341
that got him okay good Lord let me take13824.846.66
my scuba gear off yep13828.624.88
wanted to go first but that makes sense13833.55.319
that's fun okay maybe two at a time I13835.764.8
think three I mean we could probably do13838.8193.721
three no you gotta get the thing is you13840.564.259
have to get if you see how Sal is on13842.543.72
here and you think we can fit for your13844.8194.441
bat [ __ ] crazy I'm not batshit crazy I13846.264.44
think that you're standing right in the13849.263.0
middle I'm not in the middle I'm off to13850.73.48
the left it's a big thing it's a T-Rex13852.264.38
yeah I know so how about this do you see13854.184.02
how do you see how you see how I'm right13856.643.9
here yeah I do okay let's see let's do a13858.24.739
little spin skeek okay great how's that13860.545.66
that's how we wanted it to go13862.9393.261
well should we kind of go uh to the left13866.845.16
get that drop and then then grapple over13869.34.08
wait wait what do you want to do I don't13872.02.7
know I'm just I'm still trying to get13873.382.76
the layout of this place yeah I know13874.73.42
it's crazy13876.144.92
um I see it uh directly on the other13878.125.159
side of of the other side of this like13881.064.259
weird glowy thing all right so here's13883.2793.841
what I think we need to do yeah um go13885.3194.261
left maybe get that drop can you make13887.124.739
that jump can't jump I have a feeling13889.585.1
I'm gonna have to leave him here oh yeah13891.8594.261
I might have to do the same because yeah13894.683.299
Sarco can't jump either13896.123.9
take him with me but all right hold on13897.9795.34
all right I'm right behind you oh wow13900.024.919
that's one hell of a jump oh wait a13903.3193.361
minute wait a minute match over there13904.9394.561
wait a minute what I came prepared13906.685.099
oh you [ __ ] but we're still gonna need13909.53.899
to Grapple all right are you are you13911.7793.54
gonna make that jump I don't know I13913.3993.361
guess uh13915.3194.381
can you do it oh we'll do something yeah13916.764.44
yeah you know what I might be able to do13919.72.82
that all right I'm gonna do a run jump13921.22.88
I'll give you some light all right right13922.523.0
there right there all right stay right13924.082.94
there I think your lights your lights my13925.523.719
guidance I'm a Beacon of Hope Oh this is13927.026.54
a risk yeah yeah great job oh baby proud13929.2395.961
of your athleticism13933.564.56
I'm scared all right I see the purple13935.26.46
that's that's the drop that's our goal13938.125.94
do you got a bottle of wine I don't have13941.664.319
a bottle of wine see that would be or13944.064.259
champagne champagne I don't know which13945.9794.26
one it is do they they still do that13948.3194.261
that's a thing yeah breaking it yeah did13950.2394.261
they do that with the Titanic I don't13952.583.96
know hey you should maybe get up side13954.53.779
maybe sit on one of the Saddles so13956.543.42
you've got a good visual of our of our13958.2793.54
babies okay I'll go a little bit of13959.967.34
Aurora up here yeah that's the game13961.8199.241
all right look at this yep well we could13967.35.679
do I mean this is such a quick delivery13971.064.44
system if we do this in two trips how13972.9794.5
many do we have Tim you said we're not13975.54.319
moving we're not moving are you trying13977.4796.481
to trying to drive yes hold on we were13979.8196.361
just stuck go the opposite way yeah no13983.963.66
you were going the wrong way this is13986.184.759
great look at all the Tails13987.623.319
it's our own song it was Gilligan's14000.965.5
Island it was the but it was different14004.4794.141
because we made it our own yep yeah14006.464.439
we've done good things there we did we14008.624.92
were very productive those guys died14010.8995.241
all right14017.163.119
all right how we looking uh let's make14023.145.46
sure the area awareness is clear what I14025.64.92
got him okay look at the Beast it is14028.65.46
found in the drop [ __ ] now down here we14030.528.36
grapple that high watch me picture okay14034.064.82
oh I guess I can14042.665.94
oh oh boy come on come on come on yeah14048.67.54
you get it we have the artifact of the14052.546.899
Devourer nice move14056.145.4
that that's not gonna summon [ __ ] is it14059.4395.101
because no I'm busy all right have they14061.544.68
ever summoned things I don't know14064.544.08
sometimes this game [ __ ] with us okay14066.224.5
now here's the fun part I gotta get out14068.624.44
of here I should have given you my14070.725.639
wingsuit ah yeah honestly oh do you have14073.065.879
a parachute uh maybe hey look it looks14076.3594.801
like there's a uh a way out over there14078.9394.021
I'm kind of looking in a direction and14081.163.3
yes I do have a parachute that's a good14082.965.22
idea oh there's a way out I think so we14084.467.979
need we need our animals remember do we14088.186.96
look at you look at me I was hoping to14092.4394.201
kind of drift towards you but I'm not14095.144.38
this was pointless I see that where are14096.645.94
you okay yeah come this way okay this is14099.525.64
where I saw that exit come on get up get14102.584.98
up damn it stuck down here do you have14105.163.96
any more I have grapples I got one more14107.563.299
grapple so I'll do well I actually got14109.124.819
it I did I brought three yeah14110.8596.301
nice oh yeah okay this might be an exit14113.9395.201
this body of water here yeah but do you14117.163.539
want to try to give it back for the for14119.144.2
the guys man sucks to leave him I know14120.6993.961
do you know how much [ __ ] we would get14123.342.88
if we left him here can't leave them14124.663.119
yeah we got to save them don't we you14126.223.54
know what uh I have some grapples you14127.7793.181
got grapples in the wings why don't you14129.763.12
get give me your right right right right14130.963.54
right right right why don't you grapple14132.883.359
high and then fly over there that's true14134.54.739
I'm gonna grapple onto that dong hanging14136.2395.221
down from the ceiling yep dog just watch14139.2394.921
out for those bats yep14141.467.38
okay here we go up and go man go hold14144.167.039
that dog let go14148.845.58
put that dropping14151.1994.54
oh God it's on me now isn't it14157.625.859
oh tits14160.8594.361
okay sorry you died I still have a14163.4793.601
couple grapples baby I can pull this off14165.224.86
the spikes kill you14173.564.98
neaves come on Rescue Mission can we14176.4394.621
rescuing uh we gotta rescue the spino14178.544.08
and the Sarco they're caught down in14181.063.9
that big cave is this uh it's like a14182.624.8
good crowd right uh yeah yeah yeah yeah14184.963.96
that's a good crowd all right I'm14187.423.479
closing them up mule you stay safe you14188.924.8
dumb animal all right uh are you on the14190.8995.04
dragon why is the dragon up there14193.724.32
um I'm not on oh here there he goes hey14195.9393.54
there he goes yeah why is the dragon14198.043.3
even up I don't know man probably14199.4793.181
attacking something hold on let me see14201.343.12
if I can get it oh there you are there14202.665.039
you are hey okay poop gotcha all right14204.465.519
Bernice I'm right behind you man all14207.6994.2
right let's go uh we gotta go up here I14209.9793.3
think Dick's waiting for us okay14211.8993.42
remember my uh my little birds are a bit14213.2794.221
slow oh yeah yeah so we'll take it easy14215.31928.45
thank you14249.8410.18
here we go again14260.024.679
the old Dragon are you guys gonna be14261.965.92
freezing fire and stuff yep yeah careful14264.6996.0
there I'm gonna keep my birds out then14267.885.519
don't want you burning them well we14270.6993.961
could make it a point not to do fire14273.3993.661
okay yeah hey we won't do fire if you14274.664.199
want to come down okay we're coming14277.065.28
except on this one bat whoa okay oh14278.8595.04
there's a bat on you all right take them14282.343.96
out boys nice well bring them you gotta14283.8993.661
tell you I gotta tell you there's more14286.32.88
for guys to attack them right uh they14287.563.9
should be on it there they go it's a bad14289.186.38
Buffet get to it here come more bats14291.464.1
oh wow okay one to morph it on down two14295.625.8
dimorphodons down no ah but that's okay14298.2394.74
they're Expendable y'all are helping14301.423.6
though right oh yeah yeah man it's hot14302.9793.901
in here it's so hot in this cave I don't14305.023.12
know what do you got on I got my shirt14306.883.359
off because yeah it is a little warm all14308.144.5
right I'll change my pants oh hey easy14310.2395.221
Bernice easy how we looking looking14312.644.74
pretty good yeah over here just taking14315.463.54
care of every everything on the other14317.383.54
side that could possible just came back14319.04.199
they must be done Yep they're done Rock14320.923.66
and Roll All right we have to go on foot14323.1993.601
now Nick you got those pokeballs I do14324.584.92
wonderful yeah I guess uh uh we can14326.84.8
leave ding dong here with Bernice okay14329.53.66
sounds good all right you guys ready14331.65.0
ready all right follow me14333.163.44
so Simon yeah do you think a an14336.8195.281
argentavis can fit through this back14340.424.439
partner yeah yeah aren't they bigger14342.14.92
well no they are but that's way too big14344.8593.601
you can't have anything like that and14347.023.299
where are you putting the door what door14348.463.779
where are we gonna should we put a door14350.3193.96
we've never talked about a door oh we14352.2393.54
didn't talk about a door shouldn't we14354.2793.301
put a door don't you think a door would14355.7793.721
work better like did you not I thought14357.583.48
you were bringing well I've just brought14359.53.42
the stuff that we've used previously14361.063.48
like I didn't know we were adding stuffs14362.924.62
okay okay well uh do whatever you're14364.544.92
gonna do well no no we're a team I know14367.543.12
we're a team but I don't know what the14369.463.06
plan is I would say let's go get a door14370.664.14
I didn't know the door thing still want14372.523.9
to be a team let's be a team how do you14374.83.599
want to be a team Pat what should I do14376.424.92
as a team member make a door okay I'm14378.3994.321
gonna have to go back to where I gotta14381.342.519
go we're gonna have to get some wood14382.722.88
it's gonna take a while we're surrounded14383.8595.301
by wood okay let's get a door14385.63.56
an automatic thing to have no I didn't14394.4394.601
bring an automatic thing to have an ax14397.064.379
yeah not me sometimes you need wood I14399.044.14
know but I brought wood well then why14401.4394.561
are we getting wood oh boy I don't14403.184.679
understand your brain it's all good man14406.04.38
listen listen I think I did what was14407.8594.201
your original question sometimes what14410.382.939
was your original question sometimes I14412.063.54
look at you and I and I hope that that14413.3195.46
big fluffy or or like purple thing on14415.65.339
your head is full of brain yeah14418.7794.141
um what uh what was your first question14420.9394.201
that you had for me how's your day no no14422.924.62
hey do you think that an argentavis will14425.145.04
fit through here yep nah okay let's move14427.544.739
on from that one perfect hey you want to14430.184.32
make a door nah we never used a door14432.2794.861
before why would we I don't14434.56.14
we're good yeah we are14437.143.5
how did y'all find this we had to look14440.6994.78
it up online because yeah there's no14443.084.08
other way to know about it is there no14445.4792.641
I'm strong here we go all right oh yeah14448.124.26
these these don't kill you but they look14450.524.2
like a thing that will kill you later oh14452.383.96
spikes God what a dumb way to ah and14456.345.099
also yeah I shouldn't oppress W on the14458.7395.221
keyboard while on my glider suit so14461.4394.681
don't do that yeah I brought a new14463.965.899
friend what I brought a new friend oh14466.128.279
sniper rifle very sexy oh yeah here they14469.8596.161
come asking for these scorpions Mr14474.3994.621
shotgun come on baby okay I'm here don't14476.024.679
shoot me I'll try not to hey these guys14479.022.879
were stuck on the Rocks this is working14480.6993.24
out yeah it's great these birds set to14481.8994.021
attack my target do you want that yeah14483.9393.601
yeah well I don't know what maybe14485.923.479
neutral all right I got this new sniper14487.543.06
app I'm gonna try it out don't don't14489.3995.521
step in front of me man oh okay14490.66.299
they said to attack my target do it14494.924.439
neebs okay yep I'm getting behind them14496.8994.8
this is where we had the oh yeah this is14499.3594.5
where the spino and the other guy came14501.6994.5
in and came in handy last time oh yeah14503.8596.12
okay itty bitty titty boy kill him oh14506.1996.12
boy okay all right bats are killing I14509.9794.321
think we wanna this uh that cluster bats14512.3194.021
over there where we oh God no no no I14514.33.66
think I just I I I did what do you call14516.343.96
it a desktop yep that's a desktop let's14517.964.319
hug the left and see how far we can get14520.33.42
without these things coming out I mean14522.2792.821
there's a good distance right now that's14523.722.94
a good chance for the dimorphodons to14525.13.78
attack but all right let's hurry we'll14526.664.739
hug it we'll hug it yeah14528.885.96
hmm okay14531.3993.441
pretty sure another one another one14536.16.28
yeah I have been tranquilized a little14539.8595.161
slow on the reaction there Birds14542.385.359
got him beautiful all right can we sneak14547.965.819
around or any more in there you know14550.8994.8
what yeah hug hug maybe we can sneak14553.7793.96
right around scorpion14555.6994.74
I don't want to shoot you he's okay I14557.7394.441
got him beautiful all right yeah you14560.4393.661
know if if we hug I don't think the bats14562.183.66
are gonna bother us soon they're so14564.13.96
close I'll watch him maybe he's stuck in14565.843.72
that rock we're good we're good come on14568.063.419
just stay super close Beach all right my14569.564.02
bird's behind me yeah excellent all14571.4794.101
right get your scuba gear on boys14573.584.44
I didn't bring a scuba gear you don't14575.584.239
need it you don't need it no you don't14578.023.48
need it we found that out last that last14579.8192.971
yeah I see I see where the thing is yeah14591.4795.26
it's coming it's coming all right I'm14594.6994.5
going nice and slow yeah there it comes14596.7395.521
there it comes I'm gonna go slow there14599.1995.481
out hello you okay it went after me14607.086.22
instead is it stuck in there I don't14611.4394.76
know all right let's load it up salmon14613.35.78
let's load it up help me14616.1996.901
it's too big to fit through this Gap14619.086.94
are you shooting it I shot it once what14623.14.839
are you shooting away one of our things14626.024.08
is doing something yeah you gotta be on14627.9393.481
that well I thought you put it on14630.13.48
neutral you that's your bird I thought14631.426.0
that's your neutral bird hello bird oh14633.586.84
my gosh good thing he's weak time to go14637.425.46
maybe I'll track my bird14640.426.38
trank you drank my bird14642.883.92
and you're already up in the air aren't14651.64.599
you what do you mean14655.123.56
I'm sorry were you the one that caused14668.9394.54
this whole problem maybe let's knock14671.4395.221
this guy out save him from our animals14673.4795.521
so that was all you yeah every bit of it14679.06.12
yeah and I and I did really well you did14682.64.82
all right14685.122.3
it's [ __ ] Birds yeah [ __ ] you14689.8195.101
yeah okay there we go all right there's14695.084.38
one to morph it on yep I'll go get the14697.7792.941
others if you guys want to move forward14699.463.66
uh okay should we tell these guys I know14700.723.66
you're here you're kind of the14703.122.88
dimorphodon king oh you on your way here14704.383.3
then did they all just come over did14706.03.359
they did they all come over did they all14707.683.96
swim well no I guess there's enough air14709.3594.441
there they can just uh do it anyway okay14711.644.92
well let's move forward ah John Wilkes14713.84.8
tooth I see him already Sweet they're14716.563.78
still there what about uh Circle claws14718.64.5
oh they're both right there sweet guys14720.346.0
we came to rescue you we're sorry okay14723.16.379
it looks pretty clear in here yep hey14726.346.059
you knew I was coming back you knew14729.4795.581
what's up baby14732.3995.101
oh I just gotta get on you real quick14735.065.02
okay that's in you now on uh14737.56.199
uh get on yeah yeah14740.083.619
right here we need to grab what's that a14746.924.26
Loot Crate over there yes okay the14748.7793.96
artifact's on the other side it's like14751.183.84
yeah it's over that way well should we14752.7395.341
clear all these bats and stuff out yeah14755.024.799
yeah we go that way it wouldn't hurt why14758.083.42
don't you we uh yeah why don't we lure14759.8194.08
some bats here I'm on it come on bats14761.54.5
all right we got some that are aggro14763.8997.08
they're coming get on come out foreign14766.04.979
okay I ran out of those up there we go14793.4396.521
yeah all right this one should go down14797.264.8
quick it's gonna be so quick it's gonna14799.965.16
be kind of sad and oh one of them's14802.066.06
awake is it away oh well let's get this14805.125.4
sucker down quick all right your bird's14808.124.739
flying or maybe it's not awake no it was14810.524.56
just probably eaten all right all sleepy14812.8595.58
yeah out male female don't have a baby14815.086.739
before you know it yep yep14818.4393.38
well done yep oh that is a jump isn't it14827.686.66
no it's not it's not so bad okay yep14831.165.52
okay just in case I thought I was gonna14834.344.32
fail that we're good all right let's14836.683.42
clear this out real quick make sure14838.662.579
there's nothing around the corner right14840.13.599
okay okay all right we're looking good14841.2396.24
yeah uh crap did you how many parachutes14843.6996.24
you bring I have like I had like ten oh14847.4794.5
can I have one maybe two just in case14849.9395.161
nope I have two oh can I have one can we14851.9795.34
we can make these right yeah well I only14855.13.96
need one yeah just give me one first or14857.3193.42
tell you what neebs you got uh grappling14859.063.48
hooks uh yep I got those two well then14860.7393.421
yeah you go for the artifact it's right14862.544.08
up there oh I go for it yeah yeah oh boy14864.164.56
okay where is it you see you see a14866.623.96
little pink light I'm looking at it yep14868.723.96
Oh it's way up there yeah you gotta yeah14870.583.899
you gotta kind of come over here careful14872.683.84
do not touch those spikes down there but14874.4793.84
you gotta yeah shoot a grapple go up14876.523.839
grab it and then parachute back down14878.3195.101
right where I See the Light yeah yeah14880.3595.221
the paint sure yeah okay14883.427.439
oh wow that worked okay beautiful and14885.589.06
yep I'm up all right grab it and14890.8597.441
devour that's it got it we had some14894.645.58
meals called devour frozen meals the14898.34.5
other day yeah because uh all the14900.224.74
restaurants are shut down all right14902.84.08
where are you guys oh I got a parachute14904.964.26
huh uh that'd be the best yeah can you14906.884.5
see me yeah I see you yeah just drop a14909.225.219
parachute over to us okay and uh I think14911.386.0
it's that parachute yeah beautiful I14914.4394.621
think you just took a poop go forward14917.385.899
please oh man it makes me so happy14919.067.1
that was it huh we got it14923.2794.591
look at this this view is amazing it's14930.2395.2
coming oh it's coming oh yeah all right14932.8595.34
it's coming baby all right that's what14935.4394.88
she said get in there get in there14938.1994.2
yep I'm running around running around14940.3197.12
got my call yeah right hey buddy how's14942.3997.741
my baby doing okay you're my baby boo14947.4394.861
okay make sure your bird is off I don't14950.144.32
know what to put him on now I think it's14952.34.62
still let's see should be fine should be14954.464.319
fine help me take it out buddy right14956.924.62
look at this yep it's all working now14958.7794.62
that other one was ugly anyway can we14961.544.199
agree on something what I messed up with14963.3994.8
the with the animal settings but this14965.7394.921
trap works just fine and you you know it14968.1994.141
does work fine so we meet in the middle14970.664.02
we somehow we meet in the middle and and14972.344.68
you still get to verbally abuse me and14974.684.44
everything's okay red copy that yeah14977.025.879
copy copy that this one's Gonna Be My14979.124.94
this is your baby my baby my baby girl14984.065.4
you know what you know what this one is14991.8594.021
here we go14997.063.719
that one's easy that one's easy14998.145.339
heck yeah my name's okay I thought we15000.7794.021
were like just gonna do we stop15003.4793.3
Adventure in front of us potentially15004.84.92
because this is as far as we got oh yeah15006.7795.641
a pool with electric eels how deep is15009.725.04
this how deep is your love I don't know15012.425.1
not very deep I see things in there is15014.763.96
that another electric thing over there15017.522.7
is that the one you killed15018.724.32
uh there's one if they're still alive15020.225.88
got it what is it that little squid oh15023.045.58
yeah squid suck15026.15.219
with the Nautilus yeah uh maybe they're15028.624.199
non-aggressive you want to look into15031.3192.401
check that out jump in there and let me15034.683.9
know no no you15036.664.079
man I didn't know I brought a bunch of15038.583.18
good stuff I thought we were just15040.7392.401
grabbing some dinos and getting out of15041.764.139
here I'll do it I'll do it oh God oh God15043.145.66
there's those uh electric eel lobsters15045.8996.42
I hate lobsters they're Bottom Feeders15048.86.04
though right so if we stay off the15052.3194.62
bottom maybe we'll be okay I tell you15054.844.68
what oh God oh God what is that where is15056.9393.741
it coming from15059.524.5
Adam where did he come from are we15060.685.259
supposed to go this way maybe I don't15064.023.78
even know I don't know we should test it15065.9394.021
but hey whoever tests it needs to not15067.84.32
have a cryopod and not have the good15069.966.2
stuff okay you're correct here15072.124.04
our gorgeous specimens honestly I'm15078.147.24
really curious on on who the child is15082.1996.721
going to favor I think you should get it15085.386.18
on with peach fuzz over here well yeah15088.924.319
of course but I'm already talking about15091.563.78
their offspring yeah but let's just get15093.2394.321
them excited first okay well let's uh15095.343.96
but I want which ones it's gonna feel15097.564.919
real good what's that well yeah what I'm15099.34.979
talking to them Simon what do you well15102.4793.3
yeah I know but I was just wanted to15104.2793.54
talk about the color yeah what's yours15105.7794.5
name right now it's just bub oh yeah bub15107.8194.261
and Beach fuzz yeah because they're the15110.2794.2
only non-italians right so far are they15112.084.56
nothing no everything not T-Rex is not15114.4794.681
Italian oh is it I forget yeah it's all15116.644.799
right yeah so think about it peach fuzz15119.167.079
is gold an egg just dropped out oh hello15121.4396.661
they were already they were doing things15126.2393.841
when we thought they were just meeting15128.14.56
let me grab that yeah uh tonight we're15130.085.399
gonna have a baby oh boy yeah oh boy15132.664.68
everyone get ready it's gonna be a baby15135.4793.661
tonight it's amazing how you guys did15137.343.3
that because you you didn't even touch15139.143.48
each other oh I hope you look like the15140.643.64
orange one15142.625.489
what are you [ __ ] Lobster15159.7796.861
okay okay let's15161.964.68
this is terrifying15173.583.08
that's right15184.045.22
yeah all right15186.3592.901
and is there a way out up there well15191.346.18
there's there's a there's more cave15193.687.04
we don't know where we're going15197.523.2
and lights on and birds hold your breath15202.8596.061
you ready all right let's go stay off15206.224.32
the bottom15208.924.88
watch the robsters15210.543.26
but better safe than sorry hey there you15218.08.279
boys are we may have awesome Birds15221.524.759
okay man I should have brought one but I15227.165.039
didn't know all right shall we venture15230.3994.261
forward into the unknown yeah sure let15232.1994.74
me uh get the scuba gear off okay15234.665.579
seems pretty clear so far all right all15236.9395.701
right all right right behind you don't15240.2395.7
want to die all right oh boy oh you see15242.645.639
something yeah come on up here it kind15245.9394.081
of looks similar to what we entered oh15248.2793.361
see a button and a door uh you guys with15251.645.04
me I don't see any other buttons do you15254.524.74
no no hopefully it's not like that other15256.684.08
bull crap15259.263.38
oh boy okay oh I know where we're at you15262.649.299
do yeah oh yeah hey where is it okay15266.887.68
now we gotta we gotta parachute down and15271.9394.201
get um Bernice15274.565.04
yeah we're up top wow okay perfect damn15276.146.42
I don't I need a parachute15279.65.339
okay Simon um we're gonna have to make15282.564.66
air conditioners for the argentavis egg15284.9394.92
to hatch apparently yeah but uh you get15287.225.7
to name this little babes I see15289.8595.101
I think so you haven't named any of them15292.925.1
I know so you've been doing the Italian15294.965.46
dishes you're very good at naming well I15298.024.5
also the the two new ones over here baby15300.425.22
uh we got bada bing and bafangul those15302.525.28
are very nice so just the Italian theme15305.644.679
yeah not so much just Britain not15307.85.099
doesn't it there you go what is it I15310.3193.721
don't know but don't we have to feed it15312.8994.221
yeah do you do it oh God this is yours15314.047.699
well then put food in it hold on15317.124.619
whoa whoa Jesus what what happened I15328.3997.601
just I want a tail now oh you're a tail15333.843.96
but I think I put 20 meat in there I15336.04.08
mean to tell it to eat no I meant name15337.85.96
it name it name it and it's a female15340.087.68
any suggestions really I mean any help15343.766.82
this one's all you well it's gonna be a15347.765.719
little bit or I'll just name it15350.586.06
Susan no seriously I guess I'm taking15353.4795.201
over Susan no15356.645.16
pressure having to do it right15358.686.12
now and about Susan Susan15361.85.479
now it's Italian there you go15364.86.26
isn't this what it is15367.2793.781
go ahead Nick all right I'm right behind15373.765.019
you oh yeah eels are back oh don't get15376.684.92
stuck why is this view so dumb why do15378.7794.261
they do this to me go third person15381.63.0
that's what I do15383.044.199
yep I'm third person all right which15384.64.679
side which15387.2393.601
I think we're going slow enough that15389.2793.0
we'll see it15390.843.66
this is Pleasant this is nice are the15392.2794.741
bats back uh probably everything else is15394.54.68
you can't see it's fogging up it's all15397.023.719
foggy down here all right I know pretty15399.183.599
sure I know what side the birds are on I15400.7393.24
really just want to get15402.7792.521
alive yeah15403.9793.121
Bernice Tesla I hate you but I'm back15408.627.72
all right ding dong time to go come here15412.684.92
all right let's just get out of here15416.344.139
thick all right oh15417.64.14
don't worry15420.4795.821
yeah this might suck yeah but it might15437.4795.141
work I mean that we're doing this for15440.9393.0
the egg it'll work I'm just saying the15442.623.84
part that sucks is uh it's gonna be a15443.9394.981
more hostile area and I've got the15446.465.22
snowflake you know I know but I didn't15448.924.559
know it was going to be very hostile but15451.683.42
then looking down right there I see he's15453.4794.741
very hostile hostile things but we could15455.15.759
find a not hostile place like high up15458.224.38
where we could try this where there15460.8593.301
isn't many things like at one of these15462.63.599
Peaks up here look at how hostile this15464.164.5
peak is well not that Peak all right can15466.1994.321
you follow me yeah we just don't want to15468.664.079
go too high it'll get too cold we need15470.524.5
to make fur stuff all right right here15472.7395.101
right where look where I'm going that15475.025.879
Peak that Peak we're gonna see what's up15477.844.74
there if there's nothing up there I mean15480.8993.661
if it's Ice Cube we can't be there well15482.584.08
I mean right now I got a snowflake yeah15484.563.419
I know but if it's Ice Cube we can't15486.662.88
beat it well if it's Ice Cube I mean15487.9793.601
should we have some fur then yeah we're15489.543.239
gonna have to get that that'll be one of15491.583.48
the first steps well let's see this yeah15492.7795.721
our little Outpost15495.063.44
so Simon and dorelius have built a boat15501.85.62
for their T-Rexes and they are going to15504.7794.321
need to bring them over to the spider15507.423.779
cave so we can battle the spider okay15509.14.32
now the problem is we either got to take15511.1994.261
them all the way around this Ridge to15513.423.42
the right or all the way around this15515.463.54
Ridge to the left okay so instead of15516.844.859
doing that you want to elevator no like15519.04.14
we have a debate no no those things are15521.6992.821
worthless I was just gonna build a ramp15523.143.059
a ramp yeah because they could park15524.523.54
right here on this beach down here and15526.1993.66
we can walk them up there and walk them15528.064.74
up a ramp and boom spider cave uh okay15529.8594.62
just like a big ramp that goes way out15532.84.08
in the water no it starts down here and15534.4794.861
goes up this Ridge I don't okay I'll15536.883.96
just watch your back okay you playing15539.343.18
bodyguard today and I'll carry all your15540.842.76
what's the name of your uh I forget what15543.64.08
those things are called all the time his15545.644.74
name is Americano oh he looks Americano15547.685.54
ding dong you look good too15550.384.979
okay when you're right next to the fire15555.3594.261
I lose my snowflake15557.225.28
fur yeah we do and there's a storm out15559.625.279
there there's a storm out there still15562.54.38
storming I hear it doesn't really look15564.8993.96
like it's storming though15566.884.319
there's a little stormy a little bit15568.8593.721
it's not too bad it seems like it's nice15571.1993.78
though it does look nice windy though15572.584.14
that feels good shut the door when you15574.9793.3
come in all right well thank you I was15576.723.36
gonna but then you just told me to do it15578.2794.5
and then did it oh yeah yeah take your15580.085.699
dick out right if you could do that warm15582.7796.181
it by the fire nah why not you kind of15585.7797.341
go that angle way too often you realize15588.967.62
erotic I know but we're friends I don't15593.124.659
know if that just automatically15596.583.359
guarantees whip your dick out it does15597.7793.66
when you're where there's a fire and15599.9393.42
you're alone with a man in the middle of15601.4394.021
nowhere that's what you do you whip your15603.3593.721
dick out at fires I mean in the middle15605.465.399
of nowhere with a man oh hello oh I'm15607.086.659
freezing thick yeah come on in take your15610.8594.861
shirt off rub your nips I don't want to15613.7393.421
take my shirt off I just want to come in15615.723.599
and warm up yeah come on in warm up I15617.164.739
know metal is that you're on is so oh15619.3194.62
you got that that armor is very cold15621.8993.661
right now I've got the I've got the15623.9395.42
chitin Get It Off by the fire and then15625.568.82
it does feel nice so ignore Simon thick15629.3597.061
um happy to see you up here yeah I was15634.384.319
looking to catch a couple of uter anuses15636.425.059
sorry uteranus15638.6995.16
antibiotics [ __ ] of a creature but if15641.4794.061
you have one tamed it'll buff your15643.8594.201
dinosaurs oh we're just gonna hatch an15645.544.5
argentavis and maybe tame something as15648.063.24
well while we're off here well maybe you15650.042.64
guys can help me I was gonna build a15651.34.2
wacky trap oh no wait it's gonna be15652.685.46
wacky I don't know what kind of whack is15655.54.5
going to be involved but it'll be wacky15658.143.42
listen if you want people to help you15660.03.359
with stuff you gotta describe things15661.564.679
better wacky now wacky is not a good15663.3594.681
description I don't want to do anything15666.2394.981
wacky except whip out dicks well if you15668.044.859
want to what yeah I mean right here in15671.223.78
front of the fire yeah I'm gonna okay15672.8993.96
maybe maybe the storm's passed out there15675.04.14
huh yeah I hope so yeah maybe not maybe15676.8593.781
you can come over here think and whip15679.143.86
out your dick15680.646.12
I want this ramp to ramp up I want to15683.06.1
start at the top oh wait why does that15686.764.139
work I don't know whatever all right but15689.13.66
I'm gonna leave that pillow there okay15690.8994.141
do I have my demolish okay oh good God15692.764.019
oh that's gonna be a good day for you15695.044.62
hey building in this game is so dumb I15696.7795.101
feel like one of those uh cops you know15699.663.84
when they got the inmates working what15701.883.54
like on a uh chain Chain Gang or15703.53.239
something like that well it's just you15705.422.939
it's just a chain you could be the Chain15706.7393.401
man absolutely15708.3594.85
stuck so he's around half the time and15713.4796.041
then bye then I say App Store what are15717.4793.361
you doing over there and I say shut up15719.522.94
y'all dog keep your hands where I can15720.843.42
see them shut your mouth Now dog get15722.464.859
back to work and then if I then you'll15724.264.86
be like can I take a break and get some15727.3193.721
water I'd be like no you just had a15729.123.48
break keep working so wait I thought15731.043.18
these would line up why are they lining15732.63.54
up then I watch your back I'm watching15734.223.479
you but I'm also watching your back case15736.143.36
someone tries to hurt you is this a15737.6993.901
thing this thing a threat you don't want15739.54.92
Americano me to get angry Safari's not15741.64.799
bothering you keep working for you why15744.424.2
isn't this connecting uh pee looking yep15746.3995.221
okay I got Americano thanks for watching15748.625.52
my back man hey we're getting there you15751.625.6
earned yourself a water break15754.143.08
I got him15765.685.679
wow thanks for your concern I'm sure I15767.645.58
was concerned I can't see you you're in15771.3593.96
the damn bushes I know you're concerned15773.226.139
not everything I say is sarcastic15775.3194.04
all right so I'm just gonna set it down15780.34.26
right here this is it I mean you would15782.884.019
think this would work oh I gotta go take15784.563.66
that off nice there's a damn rainbow15786.8994.201
here I know it's it's serendipitous of15788.224.92
you know expecting a new child always15791.13.78
happens after a snowstorm it's just15793.143.059
gonna roll down the hill what's it say15794.884.08
too cold too cold that's good though15796.1994.5
yeah what if we put it closer to the15798.963.66
fire up well how about in the house in15800.6993.721
the house oh it's right yeah that's15802.625.579
right be a good place for it to be great15804.427.519
too cold too cold should I throw it off15808.1996.54
no baby yeah put it on the fire put it15811.9395.141
on the fire okay crooked egg because it15814.7395.881
was too hot before correct too cold we15817.085.88
need to make more ah what if we pull out15820.625.699
our dicks nope yeah yeah yeah yeah no15822.967.319
that's right incubating on it oh nice my15826.3197.38
brains goodness yeah brains and smarts15830.2795.881
right do you have the things that will15833.6996.181
keep it alive of course you do yeah well15836.167.319
he knows he's my man over there yeah I15839.885.519
get that weird dynamic guys I'll take15843.4793.84
care of this you just uh oh now it's too15845.3994.621
cold again uh anyone else have a a torch15847.3194.88
yep pull it out15850.025.28
ah this is a torch I don't have a torch15852.1995.04
I should but there we go15855.35.639
we should really make some for uh armor15857.2394.66
yeah that's what we're gonna do next15860.9393.42
yeah okay I've already got some in that15861.8994.92
piece of [ __ ] Tesla I got out back I15864.3593.661
think it's gonna be a great truck I15866.8192.701
think think you're a man who cares a15868.024.32
purse I don't what I think sometimes a15869.525.52
person is the right thing to to use for15872.345.22
more powerful faster truck is purse15875.045.04
worthy that's completely not functional15877.565.879
you have no idea I do know what function15880.086.319
is please and you're weird not weird15883.4396.661
normal human boy you guys ever think15886.3996.34
about getting some paint some dye and uh15890.14.56
and Spruce your outfits up a little bit15892.7394.681
oh oh no no no no no I have a wasted15894.664.8
time that is can I paint can I paint15897.424.559
this baby yeah well yeah let me raise15899.463.779
the baby a little bit you guys should15901.9793.0
probably get fur while I'm doing that we15903.2393.181
can't do that but I have paid the baby15904.9793.561
you can claim it imprint it yep15910.924.859
imprinted and just temporary name which15913.564.919
is irksa that's what my the keys came up15915.7795.221
with all right I'm gonna access okay you15918.4794.26
guys go ahead I got this all right but15921.03.479
there's there's you just dropped it oh15922.7393.24
my God you just you just killed it15924.4794.441
killed it with a package yeah you kill15925.9794.321
it it's gonna make it please you know15928.924.92
more than me hold on hold on yeah yeah15930.35.22
all right just picked that up off it's15933.843.12
yeah out of here probably got brain15935.523.54
damage we're coddling it I've also never15936.964.26
picked up a wolf and shook it to death15939.064.379
it's a great feeling I'm gonna try it15941.225.16
you haven't lived until you've shaken a15943.4395.661
wolf to death15946.382.72
you know I can reach those from here oh15957.084.0
really yeah all right well then I'll15959.643.48
start building on the next one so if I15961.086.96
just uh there and then I can reach yep15963.127.26
yep yeah there we go Beautiful Beast how15968.045.58
you doing down there he's good oh did15970.385.34
you need that one you probably did oh15973.624.14
let's see if it's the ramp yeah that15975.723.78
works pretty good nice all right so they15977.763.3
walk up there we're gonna be able to15979.52.819
start flattening this thing out soon15981.062.879
you're going to do the next one because15982.3193.721
I can't uh those got to be up to my15983.9393.781
level for me to reach them easy got it15986.042.819
all right I'll start building on the15987.723.92
next one here I go15988.8592.781
killer [ __ ] mess that up boy you get out15996.05.1
of here wait that's my job for your15999.062.9
ah this little [ __ ] okay hey quit being16001.968.92
out look jeez I'm coming you there you16006.6998.321
go one another one another attack I'm16010.888.0
coming ripping tear16015.023.86
got here too late we took all my work16019.849.229
hey you get back to work right16029.84.019
what you see anything thick yeah there's16038.64.08
wolves right underneath you16040.9393.481
there are yeah16042.684.08
do you know how to pick anything up uh16044.424.559
is it left or left click16046.764.74
I'm gonna do it argentavis in a little16048.9793.8
I'm down there I'm gonna watch16052.7796.0
nope guess what getting it now nope no16060.3197.801
I'm not is it C maybe I think no I would16064.646.24
think it's like uh maybe see your right16068.123.72
whoops that was me sorry sorry don't hit16071.844.979
me don't hit me let's do this oh that's16074.066.299
probably that's it that's it all right16076.8195.34
I'm gonna get my stamina get your16080.3594.021
stamina back I'm watching these guys all16082.1594.2
right watch them oh and by the way I'm16084.384.74
freezing cold yeah we we need to kill16086.3595.101
them it's not freezing cold I know but16089.123.72
I'm just saying that this is hey hey16091.464.38
there's one coming at you come on baby16092.845.099
am I supposed to hold it no you just16095.844.319
click it I clicked it wouldn't you think16097.9393.781
I would have grabbed in there16100.1594.981
come on baby come on16101.726.78
huh I thought I was getting closer I'm16105.144.98
like does it look like I'm getting close16108.54.02
oh no because you're not picking one up16110.123.96
no it just looks like you're flying in16112.523.36
circles I probably am here they come16114.085.279
damn you to hell this is not I probably16115.886.359
am if I'm gonna go nice and slow I'm16119.3594.62
gonna pick this guy up right here yep16122.2394.08
just take her something nice and soft16123.9794.981
and nutty and go16126.3196.201
try if I right click hold on16128.967.68
and boom there you go now look left16132.527.36
click come on yes come on feel it come16136.646.42
on feel its bone snap fear the light16139.887.5
leave its body yes16143.064.32
it's a beautiful night babes yep but uh16153.8196.281
it looks like um beast has lost his16157.764.019
paint is it just because it's night we16160.13.12
can't yeah because then once you turn16161.7793.781
the light on poop huh yeah yeah it's16163.225.759
weird okay it's like gray blue gray blue16165.564.679
that's like when you see those pictures16168.9793.18
and they go is this strawberry red but16170.2393.721
it's not it's gray because the colors16172.1594.2
around it yeah maybe so it's kind of16173.966.18
kind of creepy like is my Mohawk gray um16176.3597.38
like on one side uh bam there there it16180.146.78
is much better that's kind of grayish16183.7395.221
yeah I mean it's definitely but like16186.924.2
over here beside him like yep you guys16188.963.84
match and then when you turn your light16191.125.22
off great great Mohawk that's wild looks16192.85.399
a little Bluer Than him yeah16196.343.96
weird color's relative isn't it yep16198.1995.101
what's all this sound wow16200.36.3
that came out of nowhere oh no campfire16203.36.179
lights oh he's in our camp he's stuck in16206.64.82
our camp oh wait16209.4794.741
oh Beast end up ding dong tearing them16211.424.54
up I'm gonna shoot him in his butt yep16214.226.36
same here yeah we got him jump ding dong16215.967.019
how's Beast Beastie okay in there oh16220.583.739
you didn't have a chance boy16224.3195.991
that's a big door right there all right16245.86.099
screw it we'll just wait screw it are we16248.685.86
waiting yes how about you knock them out16251.8994.5
give him a little kick out I don't think16254.544.319
we do that with a newborn we can and16256.3994.5
this is not uh it's not just prince it's16258.8594.221
the argentavis formerly known as Prince16260.8995.521
oh that's good so why don't you nudge16263.088.199
the let's just be patient hey guys hey I16266.427.62
got some metal oh sweet we're almost in16271.2794.861
first city all right so let's Place16274.045.58
let's uh let's let's do this then Dora16276.145.82
the bars are on that come on you guys16279.624.14
are on that oh okay fine I thought maybe16281.962.819
you wanted to be a part of this you're16283.762.46
gonna sit in there and just watch it16284.7793.481
wait what's going on nothing he's over16286.224.019
there he's being a weirdo with the baby16288.265.28
let me see look at you yeah look at you16290.2396.781
oh yeah16293.543.48
oh yeah well probably use some more let16297.144.2
me go let me go to test one steal from16298.767.139
Tesla hopefully Tesla Stars whoa16301.347.559
what'd you do nothing what did you hit16305.8994.201
the bird no16308.8994.861
I feel like he did go ahead let's go16310.15.339
here sorry I'm gonna give you some food16313.763.92
all right neebs laying down the last bit16318.2796.04
of ceiling you're doing great oh come on16321.7395.821
work come on work yep that's my job to16324.3195.941
tell you to work work get back to work16327.564.32
and okay16330.263.62
from here looks like it's done16334.63.78
you wanna try it yeah you uh we don't16338.685.679
have a T-Rex no I don't have a T-Rex I16342.084.859
could walk up with the bird16344.3593.721
I mean16346.9392.76
T-Rex should16348.083.119
have been up here we might have to take16349.6993.481
them up one at a time which might be a16351.1993.061
little bit of a pain in the butt but hey16353.183.179
your Beats going all the way around I'm16354.265.639
a T-Rex pretend I'm a T-Rex no you're a16356.3597.08
bird but I'm a T-Rex oh perfect so far16359.8996.84
so good perfect yep ah there's a little16363.4395.641
bit of Hiccup there okay A little nub16366.7394.2
sticking up yeah that little nub might16369.083.54
hopefully it won't be a problem oh yeah16370.9393.781
come on yeah and then we do this and16372.624.44
then we're straight it's gonna be like16374.724.62
tightrope T-Rex tightrope that'll be our16377.064.32
thumbnail whenever we do that people16379.344.559
love it all right regular oh I'm16381.385.999
Serpentine okay you're doing that yeah16383.8996.96
and Bam get it that ought to do it man16387.3796.961
we did it good job yes all right bring16390.8595.76
on the T-Rexes all right there's gonna16394.344.619
be a spider it's gonna wish we hadn't16396.6195.121
missed this thing16398.9592.781
all right oh there it is huh oh that's16402.346.82
weird you put on your shirt and shoes16407.2994.201
first and then your pants yep well I16409.164.26
changed I changed things up you know16411.53.719
what some people put the same the socks16413.423.0
and the shoes on the same way their16415.2193.601
whole life I change it every week you16416.424.199
put the shoes on before the socks right16418.823.479
always it's how good you are yeah16420.6194.861
clothing doralius what's going on uh you16422.2994.801
know what we're gonna come out we're16425.484.26
coming out yeah that's a bad way because16427.15.279
we gotta that's a bad way how about16429.744.321
where it's facing right now break that16432.3794.641
wall ah16434.0612.959
hey baby I can see it's beak uh-huh16437.685.039
um right there16441.56.959
uh you need help come on look at you do16442.7198.56
I need help all right maybe yeah16448.4595.102
probably that yeah we go come on baby16451.2794.981
come out come on out see your parents16453.5615.959
come on and yeah16456.267.14
hey look at you I'm gonna be flying this16459.525.859
one Simon it's stronger than Mom it16463.45.819
looks just like peach fuzz what you mean16465.3796.301
bub or this one no it looks just like16469.2195.181
the club it looks like exactly16471.685.939
sorry this one is peach fuzz yeah it's16474.46.52
just like the peach sorry yeah yeah hey16477.6196.0
uh Prince formerly known as argentavis16480.924.68
uh I do have to tell you that you are16483.6195.461
very low level and Mom's lower level FP16485.65.519
and peach fuzz right I mean they're16489.083.84
gonna die you don't have to why are you16491.1194.34
coming in here talking about it16492.926.119
policy low level leave it you don't have16495.4595.98
high value listen if we just work you16499.0394.981
know that's not true Peach was beautiful16501.4396.241
peach fuzz is beautiful but worthless16504.026.179
hey guys thanks for the uh yeah the fur16507.685.961
yeah first thing16510.1993.442
that was a Reacher oh you could leave16514.1194.781
now effect okay leave on this piece of16516.3792.851
[ __ ]16518.92.059
feel free to leave that piece of [ __ ]16520.9594.66
here we'd be happy to kill it no16523.2195.541
probably gonna drown it16525.6193.141
we're looking for whole yeah a hoe a16534.5614.738
sign while I was up here there it is16537.683.9
there it is right below us okay look at16539.2994.92
that oh wait a water hole Yeah like a16541.584.619
sinkhole okay16544.2194.32
um and you want to go in that I mean I'm16546.1994.92
intrigued by it yeah yeah you're telling16548.5393.961
me you're not intrigued by a water hole16551.1192.881
I mean that was dangerous you know water16552.53.779
kills people sometimes all right I'm16554.03.9
going to where am I going to put16556.2792.76
her name maybe like right here did I16557.93.059
drop you yeah but it's shallow so16559.0395.041
beautiful it's okay oh wow I think this16560.9594.5
will just suck you in if you get too16564.084.139
close I don't know man how are we16565.4595.102
getting out of this hole uh well I got16568.2194.922
some grapples with me okay might be able16570.5614.08
to Grapple out it's one of those days16573.1412.939
where we just throw caution to the wind16574.6413.898
huh uh yeah16576.085.061
you okay16578.5392.602
um you got a parachute on you and maybe16584.7795.34
one of us should go first you want that16587.1195.221
first one two three got it okay you16590.1193.6
gotta pick me up with the river and if16592.343.95
it if I can't yeah uh yeah16593.7194.14
come on16597.8594.5
all right up I'm already seeing16599.3794.66
something crap I can't see him first16602.3593.121
oh no there's raptors raptors yep I16605.486.239
can't sit on the water oh okay should I16609.5613.539
get the dragon16611.7193.541
um hold on where's my number here we go16613.15.279
this is what I need come on oh god oh16615.266.98
[ __ ] names I slipped16618.3793.861
there's some shallow stuff over here I'm16622.666.16
fighting killed it okay good you brought16625.6994.561
it to me I could have done I got a boom16628.823.241
I should okay I should have threw16630.263.48
Americano off my shoulder maybe he could16632.0613.779
help fight okay we're stuck in a water16633.743.66
hole yeah we're not gonna go get out of16635.843.539
here no no we're not I mean we can grab16637.43.18
them but I don't even know if we can get16639.3792.041
out of here16640.584.52
oh we're in a pickle16641.423.68
okay thick what do you want to do you16647.664.981
Uranus we're gonna need it to buff all16649.9394.86
your sweet sweet T-Rexes I mean they're16652.6414.078
buff already but they're pretty imagine16654.7994.621
just imagine the possibilities do you16656.7195.342
guys want to do that and I could16659.425.279
um go prep our T-Rexes for what's to16662.0614.859
come I don't know what to help prepped16664.6994.621
means well okay it's it's called feeding16666.923.66
leveling up things that you've never16669.322.879
done but you can help pick because16670.583.299
you're really good with the trappings16672.1993.901
and stuff you're like thick he is he's16673.8794.621
got this Instinct that is unparalleled16676.14.619
oh yeah I can't wait to learn from you16678.55.279
well I'm just building a wacky trap I16680.7194.32
can't wait to hear all about it I'm16683.7793.18
gonna okay yeah Simon let's uh let's16685.0394.141
let's hop Skidoo as they say in my16686.9595.281
country you guys be careful okay all16689.184.74
right I'll try to I'll try to keep bub16692.244.31
Alive come on bub16693.925.91
is this the same like world that fake16706.665.5
had a base built in yeah very well may16709.6995.76
be wow look at this this is cool it16712.164.799
looks awesome but yeah now I'm just16715.4593.66
expecting a terrible terrible things16716.9593.48
down here but there's plenty of16719.1192.701
resources so we could probably build16720.4392.94
anything we need to get out of here yes16721.823.78
you are correct fungal wood I'm not16723.3793.121
worried about getting out of here I'm16725.63.3
worried surviving that's gonna be the16726.54.26
hardest thing americana's got our back16728.93.959
listen America I love Americano but look16730.765.22
at him he's worthless he's a little he's16732.8595.702
a little tough but he's but he's tiny16735.984.44
you'll die easily he dances like a16738.5613.959
butterfly and stings like a bee16740.424.799
what are we coming up to here I haven't16742.524.5
seen anything yet this is it's almost16745.2194.201
too quiet you know what I mean super16747.025.099
quiet people say it's quiet oh wow look16749.425.58
at this view that is crazy look at that16752.1194.442
Arch down there it looks like a gateway16755.03.6
to a Disney World or something yeah16756.5614.138
Disney World we can go hang out with16758.65.099
Goofy I don't know how goofy made the16760.6994.981
cut what do you mean like when they're16763.6995.221
trying out to be in the show I just said16765.685.699
thanks we'll call you goofy and then I16768.923.959
wouldn't call him the show what are you16771.3792.34
all about16772.8793.24
I assume they had some sort of auditions16773.7194.561
at Disney World no no absolutely not16776.1193.839
Google was a character was created years16778.285.96
ago yeah but you could have done better16779.9584.282
all right Simon this is just a bunch of16784.8784.682
[ __ ] that I found in drops that I had16786.746.6
into Tesla here and it's a trap yeah why16789.565.64
not because we're gonna get a unit rate16793.345.038
us to come from this way and he's gonna16795.25.4
be like Oh I'm gonna try to get you but16798.3784.142
he's gonna be on this side trying to get16800.64.618
us and he can't because it's crazy look16802.524.5
at me right now I'm completely trapped16805.2184.322
unless I go that way right so in other16807.024.98
words it's like a crappy wall it's this16809.545.338
is this is like just Patchwork trap you16812.04.74
just walk into it and you're trapped in16814.8783.662
the uteranus that I want is right above16816.743.92
he's just up here yeah okay so I see him16821.866.518
so do you want me to lead them yeah if16826.14.14
we can he's dealing with these guys16828.3784.682
these mammoots I don't know if he's16830.244.8
gonna lose this fight or not but he's16833.064.8
like a 108 I believe and how how strong16835.045.22
is the mammoot I don't know maybe we16837.863.84
should help I was gonna help him out16840.263.66
okay we could do that but then all the16841.73.66
mammutes will come after us wait just16843.923.18
let him do his thing we should have been16845.363.96
drinking it down well I didn't want it16847.14.198
to lose the fight to the mammoot because16849.323.8
if he gets knocked out16851.2984.982
all right hey lead him around I just16853.125.14
shot him but now he's he's going before16856.283.9
you I know he is I want him right here16858.264.92
buddy it's all right well I got him16860.185.34
after me didn't I okay you did right16863.185.94
okay hey stupid [ __ ] he's just [ __ ]16865.526.9
off let's see all right that seems to be16869.128.22
good he is stuck it worked dude oh now16872.426.718
he's getting mad at the rhino16877.345.22
good I'm going right over to him I don't16879.1385.342
know about right over to him why not16882.564.68
just stay by your uh stay by your bird16884.485.34
man is is my bird gonna attack him16887.244.44
though doesn't look like it but16889.823.66
something might attack your bird while16891.683.6
you're shooting I I just would keep your16893.484.68
bird close I made a mistake already I'm16895.285.04
off of it now I just I keep on shooting16898.164.558
I keep on getting this oh oh he's16900.324.02
running off what you think you're doing16902.7183.24
you got to say it with a little more16904.343.298
spunk say hey what do you think you're16905.9583.532
you ready I don't know what you're doing16911.9585.042
but I guess follow me I don't like not16913.766.0
knowing the plan today oh not knowing16917.05.218
the plan's kind of fun it's like we're16919.764.92
gonna die no no no no I got this i got16922.2184.74
this this seems like a little safe Arch16924.685.278
right here okay so if things go to [ __ ]16926.9585.882
we can hang from this okay gotcha hope16929.9584.322
things won't go to the ship because I16932.844.14
got an idea okay I brought16934.284.08
this guy16936.983.12
oh you think that's gonna trap a spider16938.364.92
I think this might trap a spino you know16940.15.4
they probably won't last long yeah but16943.284.74
uh you have pillars I have pillars if we16945.54.62
can trap them long enough and it can16948.024.68
hold him long enough okay we can we can16950.125.58
box him in oh boy I I think this can16952.75.04
work so I'm going to quit pillars uh16955.73.42
yeah make sure you can quickly get16957.744.02
pillars I'm gonna shoot a spino we16959.123.72
should have half the pillars in place16961.763.37
already huh yeah not a bad idea16962.845.16
all right16968.04.82
four and one can't wait16969.743.08
on the ground okay here we go up get the16974.05.16
[ __ ] back there okay what's that oh I'm16976.824.38
dehydrated I got a canteen the hell out16979.164.558
of the way okay come on back up back up16981.24.28
oh boy here we go here we go here we go16983.7185.16
oh he's in is he in traffic okay I'm16985.487.56
here go around back go round back yep16988.8784.162
oh god oh get him get back here probably16993.285.98
because we ran back all right all right16997.74.92
come on yeah all right oh boy he's out16999.265.118
he just keeps getting out oh my God oh17004.3784.302
my God get in get him get him get in you17006.943.84
stupid idiot I'm going up I gotta drink17008.686.14
my water come on be safe17010.784.04
oh boy okay drinking water can he get us17015.545.918
here Marvin trains okay yeah drinks I17018.765.34
think we might be okay good trap huh uh17021.4584.862
no terrible trap I don't know how he got17024.14.02
out those bear traps they're worthless17026.323.18
aren't they no I'm not talking about the17028.122.46
bear traps I'm talking about all the17029.52.7
pillars we had built around him yeah17030.583.48
well we didn't quite get it completely17032.24.258
closed yet he's trying to get away17034.065.1
already no you don't settle down get a17036.4583.662
little higher get a little higher there17039.163.0
we go we got this man it's gonna work17040.124.518
first try17042.162.478
man we are too good at this17045.2985.982
I'm chasing this some [ __ ] right here17049.244.5
you son [ __ ] okay that's it that is the17051.284.438
guy right yeah there's two of the boys17053.745.04
right on top of you yeah17055.7185.822
in a bad way all right we want the the17058.784.8
lighter one the green one he's still17061.544.32
running like a like a baby is this guy17063.584.08
this guy is right here what do you think17065.863.778
he's doing this guy looks like he's the17067.664.32
green one yeah right here we might have17069.6384.142
to kill this other one I wish I could17071.983.478
shoot from this damn bird that'd be17073.785.098
great all right stop it you stop it stop17075.4585.522
it I'm stuck ah they built a trap all17078.8784.202
right hold up which guy is it the17080.984.68
lighter colored one I well it looks like17083.083.9
you're [ __ ] off with the one that's17085.663.36
not lighter color is that true from that17086.985.398
one all right we're doing good oh [ __ ] A17089.024.56
bunch of allosauruses over here17092.3784.742
allosauri Allosaurus this is this is is17093.585.4
that that's pronounced I found the green17097.124.2
one I know I'm right by okay oh God you17098.983.96
just leave you're leaving me off sore17101.323.78
eye over here all right come on buddy17102.945.278
follow me he's running scared he could17105.15.58
smell my huge [ __ ] and he's nervous17108.2185.102
that's exactly why he's running Simon I17110.684.74
know all these guys are scared of the17113.324.978
big dick come on guy it's okay the17115.425.52
ladies too the ladies and the men all17118.2985.722
scared of the big [ __ ]17120.943.08
oh crap okay hold on shoot man I forgot17136.987.658
to give you Narco berries that's pretty17142.05.218
clever though I gotta say you know what17144.6385.102
my buddy abstro has a uh a bed roll17147.2185.642
nearby don't run they're messing this up17149.745.54
for us17152.862.42
here we go we just gotta do it come on17156.14.8
come on come on come on okay good deal17158.1384.142
good deal good deal that water was deep17160.92.94
enough I went to the bottom of this17162.283.24
water hole look like is that Dave enough17163.844.28
hoverboards anymore17169.625.32
oh I'm just taking that leap of faith no17171.97.08
no I should have left down further17174.944.04
this thing is tough come on oh it's a17189.546.22
112. so tame this get us out of here17193.185.76
safely yeah how are we doing on uh the17195.764.32
um I knocked it out but it's a different17200.084.08
one than before that one ran away well17201.8784.26
at least we have one and I'm gonna feed17204.164.82
him trilobites whatever works17206.1385.58
all right Simon all right shooting them17208.984.6
now if he doesn't come after me right17211.7183.962
now there's a serious problem and then17213.586.36
just keep shooting oh come on hello17215.686.118
there you go17219.943.6
hold on oh he's probably almost in17221.7984.642
position there we go17223.545.48
that's it he's in there nice doc all17229.026.4
right Hey listen what is it what level17233.1384.562
is he oh he's breaking [ __ ] what what17235.424.26
level is he again I have no idea I17237.73.32
didn't look at his level17239.684.92
76. I guess it's taking six well it's17241.025.38
not bad Jesus we can't even knock this17244.65.118
thing out yet yeah Gates all we got out17246.48.04
oh no that's a problem Oh Andy check it17249.7187.782
down and he's down get up get down here17254.445.34
oh I don't have any meat oh [ __ ] uh all17257.55.0
right hold on hold on17259.782.72
hey okay we got it okay there wonderful17263.26.3
we got some muscle okay not much muscle17266.985.94
level level 15 15. and we'll leave a17269.55.218
little meat okay we got some muscle17272.924.02
should we push I think again according17274.7184.682
to the map I think we gotta go that way17276.943.84
um behind you let's don't get this thing17279.44.08
killed by a crab yeah or anything all17280.785.098
right time to go I'm gonna hug the left17283.484.738
so uh yeah avoid the river the river is17285.8784.022
where like all the all the mean things17288.2183.24
hang out there's all kinds of mean17289.93.18
things in this direction we're going oh17291.4583.602
I know but the river was probably the17293.083.718
meanest you've done some research and17295.063.6
this is the way to go huh no I have done17296.7983.602
no research we are in Uncharted17298.663.78
Territory my friend okay so you're just17300.45.0
walking yes17302.445.518
there's a there's a Sunny D oh at17305.44.66
Baryonyx yeah ooh can we tame one of17307.9583.662
those I got Ebola I think you can bowl17310.063.238
of those oh you can hold on let's put17311.623.36
this thing on Peaceful yep right right17313.2984.982
right in a hurry better hurry hold on17314.987.38
Behavior stance passive all right don't17318.285.82
pass it hit it with the train dark all17322.363.48
right hold on let me reload and then get17324.16.198
behind me okay yep we'll do spam it's it17325.844.458
there's a cool down it won't work oh God17332.15.8
this is a level 116. no holy [ __ ] we may17334.664.44
have picked a fight we didn't want to17337.93.12
pick we got this just keep on hitting17339.13.538
him uh come get behind me I'm putting my17341.023.858
bear trap down okay come over here17342.6384.08
maybe he'll run into the bear trap17344.8784.84
that'd be wonderful oh he's running17346.7185.58
don't bullet our own he's falling is17349.7184.5
hold on let me get the spino out of the17352.2984.442
way come here oh okay he's coming back17354.2183.842
he's coming back okay come on come on17356.743.12
come on come on he's hiding behind him17358.064.02
he went down he went down oh holy [ __ ]17359.864.8
holy [ __ ] we did that man we're so good17362.084.558
at this oh things were looking bad17364.663.478
things are looking up memes things are17366.6384.762
looking up small batteries17368.1383.262
okay guys I don't know what happened17372.824.68
while we were gone but I'm glad it came17375.526.3
back six baby T-Rexes really you guys17377.57.92
been busy and uh come the evening when17381.825.22
it's a little cooler I've got a another17385.424.798
T-Rex egg in my pocket what what are you17387.045.758
wow I think we're at well once we hatch17390.2187.102
that egg 21 21 T-Rexes guys good work17392.7988.702
holy crap oh man thank God I feed you17397.326.398
cause you know the other person that's17401.54.74
here every now and then yeah I I'm not17403.7184.5
gonna say okay but I got you covered17406.244.02
guys and we're gonna go on a little trip17408.2186.0
very soon and yes as my good friend17410.266.42
thick would say some of us will die17414.2184.382
football Warriors17416.683.84
I'm not even gonna go we're going to be17418.63.18
fine but uh you're all beautiful17420.525.278
beautiful creatures Jesus17421.787.16
getting their [ __ ] on17425.7983.142
all right did I just shoot him17433.365.76
for what let's yeah yeah shoot it Byron17435.4587.202
we got him it's on it's games come to us17439.125.28
come to us just Spike he's looking at me17442.664.86
boom oh it came up so fast he came up17444.44.738
really bad come over to us why aren't17447.524.14
they fighting hey oh wait fight look17449.1384.74
what we just gave him the old Dodge roof17451.664.02
tricked him all right let's just move17453.8783.542
all right these guys are set to attack17455.683.118
your target I don't know why they go oh17457.423.98
he's coming back17458.7982.602
hey Jesus Christ17462.525.82
okay come on push forward come on dinos17466.125.88
oh I got a spinos sale a spinal sail yep17468.347.64
oh sweet cool sail out of here17472.03.98
what the hell we should we should kill17477.845.74
this eel okay there we go level 76 crab17479.925.64
up ahead feel like uh I feel like we can17483.583.54
take that crap17485.563.78
you're risking it all aren't you well17487.124.258
what do you want to do not get killed by17489.343.48
the crack I don't want to get killed by17491.3783.722
the crab either that's an obvious thing17492.824.74
bam got him I hope he gets stuck in17495.16.56
those trees please get stuck in there17497.564.1
and fight17506.7984.462
now oh boy17507.8783.382
those either come on17512.684.278
masters of the underworld and that there17518.745.96
my friend is a spino level17521.747.8
104. oh boy that's not good at all17524.76.48
hello hello17529.544.56
hey oh my God yeah good luck trying to17531.184.42
find your way through this looks like a17534.13.858
train station in India what's going on17535.65.94
yeah just life life is going on hey17537.9585.802
speaking of life oh God I can't even get17541.543.48
through here I want to show you17543.764.198
something dralius you see me I'm behind17545.027.02
you uh hey yeah hey look at that look at17547.9585.902
this look at this17552.045.338
boom hey oh look at that that's really17553.866.098
cool yeah it's a uteranus he's a son of17557.3785.402
a [ __ ] look at you guys they're they're17559.9584.802
like all like they're so welcoming yeah17562.783.358
I've done a lot of work with them it17564.763.3
takes time you got to put the effort in17566.1384.802
early it's gonna end up like this17568.066.18
God this is overwhelming yeah this is17570.946.358
overwhelming Simon you can talk17574.244.5
and he's gone mute he's gone mute Simon17578.743.66
I know you probably don't want to say17581.1383.0
much because you feel guilty about being17582.45.28
a [ __ ] parent but this is real I'll I'll17584.1386.902
hey I'll be like a puppeteer hey I'm not17587.687.02
a [ __ ] parent I do things yeah but do17591.046.12
you yeah like that time I did that thing17594.74.98
and I made the name oh yeah I remember17597.165.218
when you gave one like five meat I know17599.684.92
all their names they're pasta pizza17602.3785.122
parents me's and use yeah yeah we we17610.486.42
sure is thank you17614.325.52
some very solid words Simon truly17616.95.42
all right come on kids come on come on17622.7184.382
this way come on kids I'm just scared17624.4585.462
the crap out of me okay get up come on17627.15.278
kids come on I was able to do it I'm a17629.924.378
dumb I'm a dumb little man I'm a dumb17632.3783.542
little man and I was able to do it oh17634.2985.16
God spino yep you need help Yeah well17635.926.18
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh17639.4584.92
and crab no no things are bad no no17642.14.74
things have gotten bad don't do that I17644.3784.132
got shots okay okay17646.843.618
kids come on kids oh no we're gonna lose17650.4585.642
that spine17654.14.92
okay we got the Baryonyx we got the17656.14.98
Baryonyx I'm shooting the spino17659.024.14
where is the Baryonyx why is the17661.085.02
Baryonyx helping yeah Barry Oh leaves17663.165.4
yep where is the marionyx I don't know I17666.14.68
didn't see it die hell I'm coming I'm17668.568.48
shooting oh there it is oh god oh [ __ ]17670.789.358
go to your bed I'll try to kill these17677.047.178
things I got you I got you oh he's17680.1388.482
running fine you live to see another day17684.2184.402
he's clearly came back to me now I gotta17690.766.538
reload hold on we're gonna get it just17693.8787.322
got it he did did we lose Barry I think17697.2986.302
we lost everything rap but we made17701.23.11
no good Lord why do every time you die17706.2983.84
they give you all this crap let's put it17708.343.18
back where it was right and then don't17710.1383.062
don't give you the crap just everything17711.523.778
huh just a bunch of what is all this17713.25.16
yeah the Skins everywhere oh my pants17715.2986.122
are broken but gloves are broken oh frog17718.365.938
behind you yep yeah he loves to scare17721.425.58
people dude frogs are fast we we could17724.2984.682
get a couple of frogs hold on see if we17727.03.42
make saddle what's a frog saddle look17728.983.238
like we can make it in a mortar and17730.424.378
pestle with chitin and rock we have17732.2184.562
cotton and rock I have tons of chitin17734.7984.5
beautiful all right we can get two frogs17736.785.66
we get out of here ribbit ribbit17739.2984.992
ribbit ribbon17742.4411.938
the swamp memes there gotta be frogs17754.3784.122
here somewhere is this technically a17756.824.38
swamp I mean it kind of feels swampy but17758.55.16
with the spinos and well I guess crabs17761.24.2
don't really hang out in swamps normally17763.664.08
nope but we did see a Sarco yeah true17765.45.22
spinos no snakes though yeah we need to17767.744.08
kill something though we need a we need17770.622.46
a little bit more hide because we can17771.823.78
make one frog saddle already made it17773.085.16
yeah but we need to make another yeah oh17775.64.56
what are you there you go oh perfect I17778.244.44
see some hide up here Hide yeah yeah17780.164.44
yeah oh wait what's that the Frog though17782.684.26
I haven't seen a frog yet but uh we can17784.63.66
get hide off this guy Neves you might17786.943.42
want to look away he looks so innocent17788.266.618
no hey sorry buddy17790.367.26
all right no we got it oh boy oh crap17794.8784.242
what do you see what uh what are those17797.623.92
sorry Onyx okay17799.125.758
he's walking away I'm pulling out my ax17801.545.52
they're less powerful in the land so17804.8784.5
hey all right yeah lots of hide17807.064.238
beautiful okay well that's done all17809.3783.302
right we got to hide we can make another17811.2983.84
set but now we just need the Frog oh17812.684.98
frog crap what there's a frog and but17815.1384.74
the Baryonyx is over there oh oh yeah I17817.664.32
see it all right let's kill the Baryonyx17819.8783.482
and knock out the Frog oh and I see17821.983.12
another frog in the distance too yep17823.363.66
very Onyx burst okay yep Baryonyx first17825.13.538
hold on let me reload my shotgun all17827.023.0
right you with me17828.6384.382
um yep yep yep yep all right let's do it17830.025.76
get a shot in come on here we go now I'm17833.024.56
gonna Bowl him oh he's fighting that17835.783.48
thing keep shooting him okay running17837.583.6
behind me it becomes at you copy that17839.266.6
okay yep there he stays down okay well17841.188.16
done hey more hot yep ah now can I can I17845.865.58
bowl the Frog oh can you bowl a frog to17849.344.878
be good to know okay do it there he is17851.446.62
Bounce I don't want to waste this17854.2183.842
come on17875.43.238
sitting there yeah Takes a Minute all17878.743.78
right now I'm going to shoot the Frog17881.1382.66
I lost it in the bushes oh there you go17883.7984.322
yep hit him17886.364.32
you need to get in there tight is he not17888.124.9
right there it goes there it goes you're17890.684.02
chasing I don't know oh you better be17893.023.66
careful come on17894.75.58
yep nope oh God okay why doesn't that17896.685.64
work that's crazy right that should work17900.284.8
I mean it's a bear trap yep um I'm gonna17902.324.68
keep shooting this thing all right in it17905.083.62
he's right in it17907.04.68
beautiful okay I'm picking up a bear17908.75.28
ah come in app store names uh needs an17913.986.72
astro come in Napster napes17917.23.5
uh hello17920.742.96
yeah neebs and I are stuck in a giant17923.74.84
underground Cavern taming frogs sounds17926.24.56
fantastic listen we're thinking about17928.543.36
bringing these teeth what are you guys17930.763.06
doing over here Simon's whipping me yeah17931.93.42
I mean like kind of whipping each other17933.823.6
okay so we were thinking about maybe17935.324.978
transporting these uh T-Rex hey my radio17937.429.44
now hello hello my name's nick44 yeah17940.2986.562
if you're gonna steal the radio talk you17946.924.18
know what I mean like okay I don't want17949.63.118
this thing anymore17951.13.6
here I just dropped it behind you17952.7183.842
doralis you talked I don't want to hold17954.73.42
on the ground you guys are on the ground17956.564.318
a copy over here one copy how copy17958.125.22
Corrales is back here17960.8783.182
uh so I guess we'll bring them over17964.064.158
where's the ramp17965.55.28
okay it's like it's right across from17968.2184.24
you guys uh if you're standing on you17970.783.06
guys Doc and you're looking across the17972.4583.562
Oh you mean Straight Ahead remember when17980.14.68
you said to the left left17982.7184.982
I don't see it dip [ __ ] you're not17984.785.16
looking to the left all right17987.75.84
all right there it is17989.943.6
you have to see it17997.123.018
okay well18005.186.36
we will get on it okay18008.126.16
have fun where you are with the frogs18011.545.04
and such18014.282.3
yeah we'll see in a bit18016.623.66
there's a bear and I have a bear trap um18020.284.92
well we should get frogs that was the18023.163.54
plan you know that was the plan that was18025.22.88
the dream think of how much stuff we can18026.73.36
put in the bear imagine us hopping18028.085.218
through the swamp cave and then we I18030.065.94
don't know one bear one frog two men I18033.2984.142
need to put this guy on passive I guess18036.04.138
uh yeah or hop yeah I guess he can't do18037.445.16
anything all right uh Frog's on passive18040.1384.802
all right I am going to put down a bear18042.64.198
trap yep yep18044.945.84
wait a minute for it waiting for it18046.7983.982
we still gonna get that frog though we18051.543.78
can if you want to I feel like we were18053.523.18
gonna have a moment all right hold on18055.322.46
I'm gonna I'm gonna give him a Little18056.73.06
Love tab remember that time all right he18057.783.598
has a couple frogs in the swamp cave18059.763.66
remember that dude all right here he18061.3783.542
comes no you don't because it didn't18063.422.878
happen come here Pooh bear no I'm18064.923.48
focused on something you just yes me too18066.2984.042
here we go here we go18068.44.38
Bears in the Trap Bears airs in the Trap18070.344.298
bears in the Trap bears bears in the18072.783.48
Trap take him down take him down take18074.6383.362
him down like those pink stripes I know18076.264.378
he's cute nice yeah come on go down go18078.04.4
down big boy I can't follow this guy18080.6384.702
he's wearing he's loose already okay18082.44.96
he's running he's running he's running18085.344.42
okay chase him I don't want to make this18087.363.96
[ __ ] ah this is what I was trying to18089.764.618
avoid he'll come back maybe oh there's a18091.325.898
Sunny D okay18094.3782.84
for a little bit but not long18102.324.058
yeah I was hoping he'd run18104.73.598
come on oh yeah there's a spino over18106.3784.08
there and oh God he's down right beside18108.2984.5
a spy now he went down he went down but18110.4584.382
there's a spider right beside him okay18112.7985.042
well we have to fight it the spino yeah18114.844.14
what level18117.844.14
I don't know it's my nose possibly going18118.984.92
away nope some pissed the spider off18121.984.08
he's running okay oh no he's turning18123.94.44
around he's eating the bear let's get a18126.063.02
okay perfect18129.083.718
all right guys I'm uh I'm gonna do the18132.926.1
turn around all right I'm hoping I'm on18136.683.778
and up here I mean I don't think we've18139.023.42
ever had seven on here before no we18140.4583.542
haven't we're setting new records here18142.444.56
that is a sight boys all right I bet it18144.03.68
going to help us was killed ah yeah well18147.686.76
you know yeah things happen out here18151.985.398
it's crazy world yes uh how many trips18154.445.34
is this gonna be you think uh at least18157.3784.942
four no no18159.785.46
well you know what but we're not just18162.324.478
taking these guys aren't we gonna be18165.243.718
taking other other in the whole group18166.7984.022
anything that's dangerous I think huh18168.9584.26
okay yeah so definitely three trips yeah18170.825.398
three trips at least three yeah we18173.2184.682
should minimize it to three this way18176.2183.66
whoever's left over gets to live okay18177.93.72
yeah okay I like that all right all18179.8784.08
these guys are we got um Sal and Sal18181.624.62
Junior on this particular trip look at18183.9584.26
that happy father son trip yeah we like18186.243.898
to keep them together that's pretty nice18188.2184.202
for them make sure they're ahead and let18190.1384.802
us know where the best place to land is18192.425.878
yeah I mean actually uh find the ramp we18194.944.38
still don't even know what the hell18198.2982.822
we're looking for do we18199.324.68
the Intel we've need yeah the forward18201.127.28
unit exactly let us know okay18204.04.4
what's your name yours uh I didn't I18208.624.62
couldn't think of anything yet oh really18211.263.72
you're Froggy Fresh yeah I'm Froggy18213.243.84
Fresh okay all right let's get out of18214.984.14
here yep maybe the name will come to me18217.084.32
by the end of this journey we gotta keep18219.123.598
an eye on these guys stamina I don't18221.42.88
want to jump too much or run too much18222.7183.842
yeah we can just kind of casually stroll18224.285.098
yeah out of here well we gotta find our18226.564.64
way out of here I think it's this way18229.3785.34
I'm not a hundred percent uh usually I18231.25.86
trust your directions so feeling pretty18234.7184.5
good okay again not 10018237.065.22
confused in place so uh it's18239.2184.862
understandable you going this way yeah18242.283.12
I'm gonna go up and then go to the right18244.083.0
I feel like avoiding the river is the18245.44.738
smartest thing to do true I agree Rivers18247.085.34
can be dangerous you know why18250.1383.782
because they're loaded with spinos and18252.424.14
crabs yeah what kind of what kind of18253.924.08
bird is that over there see in that blue18256.563.6
bird too yeah I think it's Majestic18258.03.2
isn't it18260.163.42
what is that what you're looking at here18261.24.598
wow like I've ever seen one of these18263.584.86
guys what in the world what are you are18265.7983.84
you cool18268.442.34
what a beautiful creature can we take it18270.786.24
can we get one what's going on here do18273.9584.982
we knock it out do we do we feed it in18277.024.32
the butt is it is it a passive team oh18278.944.438
yeah it's a food it's a passive you got18281.344.378
a you got a food let's see is it a berry18283.3785.882
put taming food in last item does it eat18285.7185.762
something crazy is it meat this thing's18289.264.3
called a feather light feather light18291.484.398
but taming food nope it's not meat oh18295.8784.122
what does it eat does it eat like stupid18298.683.18
mushrooms or something stupid mushrooms18300.04.74
something from this biome like oh what18301.867.018
it was a what do you call this auric18304.747.138
mushroom sweet don't fly you're really18308.8784.382
making this difficult yeah you're gonna18311.8783.122
ruin this for us we've never seen one of18313.263.66
you and we really want to keep you come18315.04.138
on come over here and land18316.925.218
calm down come on mushroom gotta be18319.1387.262
hungry got it yep gonna do it hey18322.1387.802
yeah now miss featherby miss featherby18326.46.12
yeah is that what you're calling it it's18329.944.26
a Feather Lake I don't know my my head18332.522.82
just wouldn't miss featherby miss18334.23.42
featherby I'm sure I'll spell it the way18335.345.0
you meant it to be can I pick her up18337.624.62
look at this18340.344.6
this is perfect I love her what a great18342.245.28
adventure I love her back to the frogs18344.945.22
oh yeah all right it was worth it to18347.524.08
come down here just for Miss featherby18350.165.28
yep right behind you yeah all right18351.66.358
let's figure out a way out of here18355.445.82
all right backing on up backing on up18357.9586.0
there you go Sal kind of a18361.265.82
gonna be tight over here I'm not I I18363.9585.222
thought there was a ramp well it's not18367.084.52
right here should we get these guys18371.7185.382
there one by one or should we have them18374.825.04
yeah take him as a group that'd be18377.15.038
that'd be better the best thing to do18379.864.32
would be to get these watched we need18382.1383.722
these watched while we're going back for18384.184.198
more that's true we do don't we that's18385.864.62
my point well can Simon Drive the boat18388.3785.402
you can go back oh God can Simon Drive18390.487.38
the boat I I okay then maybe Simon and I18393.785.7
can stay here and we can get we can get18397.863.48
them up there that's what I'm thinking18399.483.96
we can I can do this all together what18401.343.78
do you think as a team18403.445.46
yep oh guys okay uh18405.125.758
we're gonna have some problems what what18408.95.76
is this brontosaurus that's in the way18410.8786.782
up we do have a tough team yeah we do18414.665.04
guys I'm gonna take this saddle and I'm18417.664.32
heading back all right all right Simon18419.75.518
Let's uh let's move in here on this uh18421.985.34
this Bronto as much as I don't want to18425.2184.202
do this18427.326.24
should be attacking attacking okay18429.427.81
all right oh I see the ramp18433.5628.94
this has been a pretty peaceful trip so18462.54.66
far yeah because we're away from the18465.664.5
water and maybe so all right I named my18467.164.92
frog what'd you name it since yours is18470.164.86
Froggy Fresh yeah ain't him hip hop ah18472.085.52
beautiful wrapping frogs you have to18475.024.198
come up with a frog wrap because I'm not18477.63.42
going to come up with a frog wrap oh I'm18479.2184.442
gonna come up with a frog wrap oh Raptor18481.026.6
Raptor a couple Raptors [ __ ] oh two oh18483.665.88
wait what Raptors did turtle turtle18487.623.9
killed it way to go Turtle there's18489.543.78
another Raptor there's two Raptors in18491.523.32
front of us18493.324.558
run and jump over them you think they're18494.845.56
pretty fast and they can catch us18497.8784.322
tell you what why don't we try the Run18500.43.058
and Jump we might be able to lose them18502.23.12
can you can you just stay behind me yeah18503.4585.062
stay behind me and you got your stamina18505.326.3
okay just practice all right ready yep18508.524.5
here we go18511.623.598
this is the perfect time for your frog18513.024.98
wrap come down here18515.2182.782
uh no I'm not doing the Frog wrap oh18526.944.07
it's a handoff18529.55.919
nice nice all right let me get up there18537.867.3
make sure it's all good oh yeah oh yeah18541.325.46
I don't see anything too dangerous up18545.163.96
here this is fun I don't know why yeah I18546.783.48
don't know why anyone would have a18549.122.64
problem with this that's good times18550.264.26
right there okay is this a safe spot you18551.765.82
feel oh yeah I mean it's a giant T-rex18554.526.06
so it's true yeah it's gonna be safe18557.585.82
okay as safe as it gets as safe as it18560.586.74
gets it's a great movie all right18563.46.72
back down the ramp here we go we got18567.325.62
this a little stuck here there we go oh18570.124.38
wait are you coming up still well I'm18572.943.06
gonna try to that was the plan right18574.56.08
Bubba yeah Bubba thanks boo-boo18576.04.58
with a Bronto that's gonna be food for18582.565.5
days yeah18586.55.36
bronto's done all right all righty yeah18588.066.2
and we're up I think yeah almost groovy18594.2612.72
groovy yep okay okay yep we got this18600.7986.182
I feel like this is the moment for you18607.164.78
and uh what do you mean like you know 1018609.544.38
years from now we'll be at a bar having18611.944.08
a beer I'm gonna move that time in a18613.924.44
cave we both had all we had was frogs18616.024.38
Yeah yeah maybe but I feel like a bear18618.363.48
that the moment would have been just18620.43.42
just as good I think I don't think you18621.843.9
remember we had we had a bear and a Frog18623.823.18
you wouldn't even remember that the18625.742.88
biggest thing for me is Miss featherby18627.03.12
that's how I'm gonna remember this trip18628.624.08
is that oh it's one of those guys yep18630.125.42
little Bulldog those things are cute18632.75.58
featherby no no featherby featherby's18635.544.9
the Highlight I love her18638.283.3
all right I'm gonna speed up a little18640.444.38
bit oh God conserve yours what ravagers18641.586.18
it's gonna be uh I know they're fast18644.825.16
we're faster and we can jump okay don't18647.764.32
lose me they're coming they're coming18649.983.54
gonna keep hitting up oh boy boy he's18653.525.04
trout okay all right I'm free hold on18656.344.74
okay do you still see me yep I still see18658.563.96
you I'm Not Looking Back I'm just18661.083.12
running yep that's a that's a smart18662.523.84
thing to do yep okay I don't even know18664.24.92
how close he is oh God there's a pile of18666.364.92
raptors up here no jump onto this18669.125.338
mushroom yep I'm circling oh there's a18671.285.64
lot of crap up here what's mushroom it's18674.4585.402
just any of them just get some hype18676.926.06
that's what I did okay take two18679.867.16
no no what happened18682.984.04
why am I off the Frog the Raptors18687.25.098
come on18702.424.5
thank you18724.6384.782
no don't you dare let me see don't you18744.985.26
dare they only get fall damage if you're18748.265.34
on them oh perfect dare oh wow come on18750.246.54
okay okay I'm I'm coming up coming up18753.65.1
behind I I can't even see I'm just18756.784.018
focusing on staying straight oh yeah18758.75.84
okay you got one still on you18760.7983.742
you're a good leader hold on go18765.565.738
he's going good for you I'm gonna get18768.845.458
two of them following me come on finally18771.2984.92
up follow me up please please all right18774.2984.202
well okay I'm gonna go uh comb the beach18776.2183.482
real quick make sure we don't have a18778.53.66
straggler copy all right coffee oh I got18779.75.16
one almost almost come on lady come on18782.165.7
hey guys sorry we're late hey um how's18784.865.34
it going pretty good we got T-Rex's18787.864.32
stuck in every crooked Nanny around here18790.24.62
that's right we do crooked nanny I think18792.184.98
it's nook and cranny is it I think so18794.824.558
I've been saying it wrong yep how long18797.163.9
have you been saying it like that I18799.3783.242
don't say that much so I'm probably okay18801.063.238
I don't know you may want to call some18802.623.96
folks yep if you can remember anybody18804.2984.142
you said that around just call him be18806.584.138
like hey I'm not a total idiot well18808.443.6
they've already made up their mind at18810.7182.842
this point so it's probably too late18812.043.96
crew very true18813.563.88
you doing after are you trying to pick18816.04.02
it Simon no no I was just Landing oh18817.444.018
okay I think they're trying to Peck him18820.023.6
I wasn't trying to pick him just get it18821.4584.202
get his bits Simon I'll just ride this18823.623.66
one up okay all right well I got this18825.663.36
one here's follow me give me a sec come18827.283.66
on all right then go ahead I already got18829.023.84
one up this way let's see if I can get18830.943.358
another one I'm right behind you let's18832.865.12
do this oh wow yeah it followed you hey18834.2986.782
they're very well trained they're very18837.984.6
well trained I spent a lot of time with18841.085.04
them wow oh boy how many more T-Rexes do18842.585.6
we have to get up this is it this is it18846.124.74
this is the Army and look at them18848.186.0
they're in every uh Kraken ninny18850.865.7
crooked Manny18854.183.82
funny about that18856.564.26
hey thick yeah we got a little18858.04.5
congestion over here I figured I'd take18860.824.08
care of that real quick okay okay yeah18862.55.04
do your thing then okay let's see what18864.95.58
you got there just a slingshot oh18867.545.16
oh wait why aren't they attacking it why18870.483.898
aren't they attacking that guy it really18872.73.48
backfired I had them all to attack my18874.3784.26
Target and he was clearly my target okay18876.185.4
well uh now it's trying to get hey guy18878.6385.762
hey what are you guys doing hey I like18881.584.86
that blue monkey oh yeah this is Beast18884.46.38
you gotta hug anything oh God18886.444.34
it did yeah what's going on with that18891.25.74
did you try the the period but oh yeah18894.05.1
how you do that again you're trying to18896.944.018
Wrangle animals just give it up let's18899.13.66
see uh this guy's gonna try to get me18900.9584.022
and I've got all these here we go oh all18902.765.42
right okay that's how you do it boys18904.986.3
you got that brono there too uh just18908.184.72
give him a little uh this little poke18911.283.48
all right18912.94.38
yeah okay well that was a mess all right18914.764.198
all clear you guys want to follow me to18917.283.96
the base yeah yeah all right follow the18918.9585.782
Blue Monkey I oh18921.243.5
are they all just gonna stay out here I18967.1384.922
guess yeah we'll just put them down down18969.94.68
here below the base right sure seems18972.063.84
like the best place for him until the18974.583.24
spider fight which we finally could do18975.93.36
today but turns out we're not quite18977.824.22
prepared for it what we need a gas mask18979.265.82
oh apparently that's spider Cave's real18982.045.678
gathy oh so today we gotta go to18985.084.558
Resource run all right memes remind me18987.7183.842
what we need for these gas masks uh you18989.6383.602
just do you do black pearls I'll do18991.563.6
everything else okay black pearls hey18993.243.058
thick you wanna go with me to get black18995.164.44
pearls you to get black pearls names I'm18996.2987.16
going with you yeah we can Bond yeah18999.67.278
like James19003.4583.42
thank you19007.822.6
oh noobs yeah we haven't really done19011.7986.282
anything together in valguero have we ah19015.624.74
not since we remember we went uh hyena19018.085.66
hunting that was fun19020.363.38
film like Simon when I don't remember19023.9587.5
I remember that that was a big bonding19028.664.478
thing between you and me you want to19031.4583.362
fight something together not with this19033.1385.222
thing nah we jump out our weapons to19034.825.7
leave the birds here are you still okay19038.365.4
stay Sammy stay ding dong uh they're at19040.524.32
least in our bonding we have to19043.763.6
reconnect okay19044.844.798
there it's dead that doesn't count let's19047.365.04
go home okay that was fun good seeing19049.6386.262
you hi everybody all right19052.46.72
it made an imprint I tell you what what19055.96.3
did we do we went hyena hunting19059.126.98
remember you killed one19062.29.04
yeah I do oh man oh what a memory I19066.17.0
wonder if you'll remember today we19071.243.54
should do something so you remember it19073.13.778
make a sign or okay you got to tell me19074.783.48
what we're doing by the way19076.8783.122
well we're getting uh we're just going19078.265.34
shopping we need some oil tree sap oh19080.05.16
we're just getting a little shoppings19083.64.98
done yeah like shopping day yeah so19085.165.16
we'll stop at the marina first how do19088.584.92
you say whale is it whale how is this a19090.325.638
question like when I say well what do19093.54.26
you think I think you're saying like19095.9584.68
well like a water wheel or like a mammal19097.764.378
I mean that that's what it sounds like19100.6383.542
no no I mean well it depends on the19102.1384.202
context I suppose uh go ahead and try me19104.184.198
with some proper context I'm gonna get19106.344.56
some oil from my whale now now it19108.3783.482
sounded like you were trying to say19110.92.818
whale proper there I'm just confused at19111.863.9
what you're what point is your question19113.7184.942
whale whale19115.766.66
be careful what where all right so where19118.666.82
the whale should be whale should be in19122.427.02
here whale whale19125.483.96
what a horrible place to live yeah it's19133.544.54
dangerous it was one of our first bases19136.44.978
uh-huh oh okay okay just watch our backs19138.087.62
I'm gonna check out uh the whale19141.3788.642
oh wow only 20. that's a Megalodon nope19145.76.178
this one that is a whale copy that yeah19150.023.42
I see it now all right well that's how19151.8784.382
you say it huh what good deal we got19153.444.32
some oil hey let's move on to the next19156.264.08
base oh wow this is yeah this is great19157.763.5
yeah thanks well easy easy well done19161.266.48
ah well that was fun yeah again yep all19171.165.32
right now we got to take care of those19175.4583.84
electric eels yep I'm poisoned oh God19176.484.38
already I think I have I think I have19179.2984.022
the bat disease oh [ __ ] you've got Rama19180.864.14
I'm out of here I'm getting away from19183.322.818
you I'm getting away from you I should19185.03.42
be okay do it yeah cause yeah that's19186.1384.622
where we messed up last time yep just uh19188.424.44
stay away19190.764.14
my health is going down something fierce19192.864.68
I'm scared thick you'll be okay well I19194.94.94
say that just to make you feel better19197.545.16
I'm not sure if you'll be okay I don't19199.844.42
even have any cooked food man I can't19202.73.78
keep holding him prepared just gonna19204.266.9
take a take a shot killed one and uh oh19206.487.318
you're cured good another I think19211.164.32
there's just two left over here on my19213.7983.84
side yeah I see a third one down there19215.485.42
oh yeah can you get it another one yep19217.6385.58
how tough do you think these things are19220.94.478
man I don't know but uh yeah my health19223.2184.442
is down so you got to do this this is on19225.3783.902
you bubba yeah19227.663.718
yeah with that fancy sword of yours you19229.283.48
can take anything though I believe in19231.3782.722
I don't know about that let me take a19234.15.52
look and see what's down here19236.63.02
I'm gonna shoot boom back away19239.665.1
and if it gave me like oh I see you19241.824.5
gotta you got a pack of Dilophosaurus19244.764.44
coming at you yeah so here's what19246.325.638
happens when those things hit you they19249.25.58
they they do some sort of anti-buff that19251.9585.722
makes everything wanna attack me really19254.785.82
yep I think it's some sort of like19257.685.08
there's a pheromone thing too like I'm19260.65.1
man I got I'm gassy like I've got some19262.765.28
sort of gas coming off of me like a gas19265.74.74
ass that's why we need the gas mask all19268.045.66
right you're nasty [ __ ]19270.443.26
what else you ever seen one of these19275.04.378
yeah oh I know what it is I've got a19279.4585.68
I've got a few I placed one and uh just19282.54.74
didn't produce I don't know what I did19285.1384.142
wrong I do well it never I never got19287.243.84
anything from it it's weird you want to19289.283.54
go grab an oil out of that one yeah I'm19291.083.62
gonna go look see what I was doing wrong19292.824.44
hmm but look at that look at that19294.74.84
there's oil in here there's no oil in19297.264.618
mine and it's mine's pumping away what'd19299.545.7
you do what what'd you do I don't know19301.8786.182
what did you do did you break it ah it's19305.244.82
pumping away what's going on over there19308.064.8
so Smoky here what's going on what19310.065.2
happened over there what what the hell19312.865.098
is this what would you do I didn't do19315.264.1
oh okay I got the oil smoke grenade oh19319.367.18
you little ding dong man we're bonding19323.95.94
this is so fun hope you remember it19326.546.15
let's go okay19329.845.298
oh I see one he's right below everything19335.1385.442
oh he's down he's down nice okay but19337.344.618
yeah there's still lobsters down there19340.583.9
yep ooh should I risk it no you19341.9585.402
shouldn't come on yeah remember what19344.485.7
happened uh last time with lobster ah19347.364.74
Lobster's there lobsters down all right19350.186.26
going for it okay I think down here oh19352.18.778
come on in the water19356.444.438
all right how many do we need let's see19364.244.66
I think it's eight per mask let me take19366.924.378
a look here damn it I only got two I'm19368.93.898
gonna go down and try to harvest myself19371.2984.142
not sure how this is gonna go19372.7987.382
oh my death oh there's one still alive19375.446.24
oh yeah19380.183.198
oh heading up19381.684.44
I'm harvesting with lobster getting some19383.3784.062
lobster right now what if I use my19386.123.54
chicken all right hey I just got seven19387.444.98
more black pearls nice we don't have19389.664.38
enough here we can go underground and19392.424.08
get out of trilobites at the river oh19394.045.82
yeah yeah yeah okay my town trilobite19396.55.6
all right doralius yeah we're gonna grab19402.564.98
Crystal polymer I'm gonna make a19405.1383.782
chemistry station while we're here19407.542.58
because we got all the stuff already19408.923.78
yeah you just tell me what's your what19410.124.98
you tell me talk to me just come in the19412.75.098
basement and there should be some like19415.15.88
Crystal and stuff over here and uh one19417.7984.562
of these either the blue one or the19420.983.238
green one right back here you're telling19422.363.3
me you're telling me to get it or you19424.2183.602
just yeah just talking Crystal grab19425.663.78
stuff like that you know Crystal19427.824.26
whatever how how much though like what19429.445.938
did you do drill yes19432.085.718
whatever did you do19435.3785.902
you already did this joke names19437.7986.402
together we're cut UPS aren't we oh I19441.284.42
can't move I'm too full what's it yeah19444.23.598
you guys sure know how to have a good19445.74.56
time yep oh it doesn't affect your menus19447.7985.462
though so you're good right yeah I'm uh19450.265.4
I'm over encumbered chemistry station19453.265.458
turn on Craft one we're gonna need19455.668.84
polymer uh-huh check what you do19458.7188.462
what are you doing on the ground oh did19464.55.218
you [ __ ]19467.182.538
yeah but I can't go anywhere now because19473.984.898
you're bowling how am I gonna top that19477.085.82
trick yeah you got a lot to19478.8786.062
what was that did that do anything19482.93.96
I don't I didn't I didn't do anything19484.943.438
what was it19486.865.9
wow what did you do19488.3784.382
Nick yeah I got a trailer bite right in19502.526.42
front of me okay come on come on oh and19505.346.118
a Sarco all right trilobite eat it we'll19508.944.018
take care of that Sarco can I pick up a19511.4584.5
Sarco let me see oh yeah Black Pearl wow19512.9584.862
you can't pick up a circle I was about19515.9584.462
to say there's no way19517.824.76
I didn't realize19520.425.44
that's wonderful come on crap Daddy come19522.584.84
on come on you want to fight I'll fight19525.863.66
you I'll fight you all right oh it's19527.423.3
another trilobite19529.524.29
yeah and he's trying to get you don't19534.344.36
let that trailer back get away that's19537.3783.782
what we're here for oh okay all right19538.74.258
come on Sarco all right sarco's out19541.164.02
trilobites he ran into the water all19542.9584.202
right cover me thick you going in going19545.187.22
in oh okay hold up hold up hold up19547.165.24
got that eel over there oh there you are19553.05.68
there you are oh wait I can't fire that19556.165.12
in the water of course19558.682.6
man he was gonna face about to19561.74.178
electrocute you need that trilobite hold19563.544.08
on I gotta clear this thing out19565.8784.742
do it get him nice you see the trailer19567.626.48
bait uh no here19570.626.8
dick I'm looking19574.19.198
the cowards try to fish all right19577.425.878
get up get away from me get away from me19586.2985.142
oh you're gonna die no reloading no19588.865.35
shoot the damn gun Bernice19591.446.3
good job where'd that thing come from I19599.7184.442
don't know I turned around it was here19602.05.58
holy [ __ ] where did it come from all19604.164.978
right keep scouring the beach we need19607.584.46
more travel fights19609.1382.902
neebs this is where I got killed here19612.1385.762
once I'm looking at two Bearcats right19615.324.2
now yeah it was one of those little19617.93.898
[ __ ] what do you want to believe we19619.524.198
saw them here because they're rare19621.7983.42
that's right when I spent days looking19623.7185.0
for them so um19625.2183.5
it's a bad time to attack them though19631.4582.522
because we got all the stuff we just19632.93.898
needed to gather yeah well we know where19633.984.2
they are they'll probably move but they19636.7983.302
look pretty poised and ready don't they19638.183.66
yeah you think they're gonna stay there19640.14.34
I don't know okay19641.844.878
we'll never find them again if we leave19644.446.22
uh it's right by this uh the little log19646.7186.462
that goes across the little Bridge yep a19650.664.2
log is a great reference point in the19653.184.14
woods I thought so as well noobs thank19654.866.56
you yep lead the way19657.324.1
all right I think I think we got enough19661.8785.122
pearls yeah just I hope so oh19663.688.038
I found a bird bird oh this one's purple19667.06.4
oh wait it ate mushrooms it ate some19671.7183.66
kind of mushroom oh God which one was it19673.43.84
it's a male this one's this one is a19675.3783.202
male oh19677.244.02
they eat mushrooms yeah they eat19678.585.138
mushrooms okay so we gotta find we gotta19681.264.98
find mushrooms thick where are you I'm19683.7184.322
to your left are you looking at a19686.243.058
different oh you're looking at a19688.042.838
different one are there two of them19689.2984.262
there's a blue one over here I got a19690.8784.962
purple one over here oh my god there are19693.564.62
colors we gotta get them both we gotta19695.843.66
get them both we'll get them both and19698.182.458
then we can make little Little Feather19699.53.18
babies collect the whole set which one19700.6384.802
did they eat a little I forgot which one19702.685.4
they ate it might be the Aquatic all19705.445.04
right right hey is that is that the one19708.084.98
you like no it's not aquatic okay you19710.485.52
know what try uh aggravate oh it's a19713.067.8
it's acerbic acerbic ooh ooh land you19716.07.02
little demon land you little your little19720.863.96
your little blue demon yeah I'm waiting19723.023.84
for this to land too I need to put some19724.823.72
ass fake in your ass19726.863.9
come on19728.544.74
ignore that bug Bernice you behave it's19730.766.26
not Acer magnetic is it not no19733.288.64
[ __ ] I just came on it's it's the arik19737.027.84
arik okay gotcha Jesus Christ these19741.924.378
mushrooms okay okay come on come on come19744.864.14
on oh Mr feather bottom I've already19746.2984.5
named you I've already named you you19749.05.04
could be mine come on get hungry oh yes19750.7985.642
yes oh you get him I I think I think19754.044.8
mine's prettier I like yours a lot look19756.444.438
at that I may feel it one day can I turn19758.845.458
these things on like uh hold on what you19760.8785.76
stay here you they're lights turn light19764.2984.58
all right hey let's head home do it19774.4585.222
oh we're looking good doralis yeah I19801.3784.802
love your bar this is straight out that19804.3783.902
door behind you yeah straight out there19806.184.198
to the left you'll find a tree tap just19808.283.96
go look in that tap and grab some sap19810.3783.5
that's right19812.244.52
hey guys19813.8786.702
we come bearing gifts of black pearls is19816.765.8
this the tree tap what's up neebs hey19820.583.66
amster yeah you want me to stick these19822.563.0
black pearls here in this chemistry19824.243.0
section oh wow look at you got another19825.564.5
bird oh yeah Mr feather bottom Dick's19827.246.3
got one too oh yeah look at that one oh19830.065.94
and it's purple and you guys are those19833.544.32
things are great hair nibs did you paint19836.04.2
them no they came they came this way oh19837.863.778
are you serious yeah they were made for19840.23.9
us that's crazy beautiful who's a pretty19841.6384.922
bird who's a pretty bird pretty bird19844.14.74
like your arms doralius you know like19846.564.02
you got feathers for hands yeah I like19848.843.84
this too they're fun and I uh I tell you19850.584.2
what not a not a speck of dust in our19852.683.118
how's it going nibs is it cooking um I19855.7985.282
forget how to use this is it uh uh come19858.326.058
on does it need a fuel is that what's19861.085.76
going on chemistry station yep let me19864.3784.202
take a gander yeah getting these19866.844.02
gasoline and power oh gasoline and power19868.585.58
just gasoline and power did we build a19870.865.82
generator for this last time uh we might19874.163.54
15 minutes later we built it19877.76.12
yep Howard chemistry station for that19881.064.318
one little burner I don't even get that19883.824.02
for this one little burger here yep okay19885.3785.162
I'm gonna make uh that many substrate19887.845.038
absorbent substrate then we go here I'll19890.544.04
turn that off so we don't waste the gas19892.8784.742
turn it off just turn off the generator19894.585.32
well you know be more specific the19897.625.58
generator yeah you weren't specific19899.96.3
yep here we go they're crafted yep yep19903.26.24
we getting a yep yep yep yep okay I19906.25.22
gotta make uh two another absorbent but19909.444.018
here's three masks we got three you19911.428.038
ready yes two three oh yeah yeah come19913.4588.522
here come here here we go did you grab19919.4584.34
one thick right up here19921.986.06
grab it thick put it on that throw look19923.7986.58
a little your face is okay you like that19928.044.258
looks like you got a little tiny face oh19930.3783.902
my god look what it did to my face look19932.2983.962
everyone's got it yeah it should be19934.284.5
bigger shouldn't they yeah it feels19936.264.92
really weird in this what is this stuff19938.784.38
oh I just gotta gotta check it oh that's19941.183.778
hurting me I don't have a mask yet oh19943.164.4
what'd you do19944.9582.602
all right boys we've been prepping for19958.9585.982
this day for a long time yes yeah you19961.16.72
guys ready yeah pretty ready the plan's19964.945.34
simple we go in uh we take the T-Rexes19967.824.978
and we kick some spider butt and we get19970.284.5
artifacts and yes we are looking for19972.7983.482
artifacts right that's in the cave19974.783.12
behind the spider yes spider first19976.284.98
artifact second okay all right good talk19977.95.94
does anybody have any questions no um19981.264.618
how how are we going I don't think so I19983.845.52
do I do how are we uh uh mixing up the19985.8785.882
control of the T-Rexes how how are we19989.364.32
gonna do that19991.764.5
they're all just gonna attack19993.684.198
okay take them all in there and just set19996.263.538
them to attack all right all right done19997.8784.142
let's do it all right didn't say break19999.7985.102
okay break break break you can go this20002.024.38
way it's not every day we get to do20004.96.318
break no it's not stop stop it20006.44.818
why is the door closing it's an20011.284.96
automatic oh God20013.784.92
not a good break20016.245.599
thank you20030.243.0
guys there's an alpha Raptor bring them20054.65.56
to the T-Rex's we're all stuck is that20057.826.0
you I'm running Simon Francisco we're20060.166.718
all stuck get that T-Rex that Alpha that20063.824.8
Alpha raptor is fighting that one T-Rex20066.8784.622
right well that's that pasta I'm not20068.624.74
gonna go get the T-Rex the T-Rex can20071.54.02
fight no it's actually though but yeah20073.364.5
yeah if we get that one I know I think I20075.524.698
think it's gonna do well against them20077.864.62
we're good we're good now we got it20080.2184.682
we're good now we got it yeah20082.486.96
oh wow thank you well done okay oh yeah20084.96.52
we got an egg are you guys ready to go20089.443.84
down to the spider cave or I don't want20091.424.378
to lay beds nope nope I'm ready to go20093.284.98
I'm not ready Simon Simon says no what20095.7984.142
do you need Simon well I just got20098.263.0
attacked and then all of a sudden you're20099.943.9
like let's go I'm not ready uh I have20101.264.74
not okay exactly sure what I'm supposed20103.844.378
to be doing okay I think I think I've20106.04.74
not been here before I know I know we we20108.2184.5
have it either we hop on a T-Rex uh20110.743.3
we're gonna go down this little Hill20112.7183.902
here and uh into the spider cave you'll20114.044.02
know the spider cave when you see it20116.622.94
because there's gonna be like cobwebs20118.063.78
everywhere could you guys just wait a20119.563.96
hey I see you down there oh God20139.485.12
yeah up here okay this way yeah oh hey20146.49.12
memes your plants are working yeah20151.424.1
oh yeah guys yeah what's up drivers we20161.167.478
missed Sal Jr's birthday ah 201 so yeah20164.747.398
happy birthday cell Junior20168.6383.5
hope sales ready for a spider fight20173.325.42
because here she comes oh yeah20174.943.8
her eyes20191.586.6
and here we go20194.6383.542
oh yeah20209.345.618
oh you little [ __ ] [ __ ] no she's20216.286.54
going to go down how are we looking I20220.04.378
don't know I don't know I don't see any20222.824.08
blood yet I do not see anything20224.3785.542
bites too20226.93.02
no not Jimmy Buffett oh yeah she's got20239.165.638
she gonna die20242.566.92
come on Unstoppable20244.7984.682
all right20253.263.24
spider was a [ __ ]20264.067.2
man that was the best T-Rex gangbang20271.265.92
I've ever seen boys good job so far all20274.2985.362
right we pushing forward20277.184.74
I don't know if all the T-Rexes are20279.664.84
following us but I got one or two that20281.924.5
are up my ass and don't allow me to go20284.55.04
anywhere what's up what's up Vic I don't20286.425.7
see anything at the cave entrance but it20289.544.14
gets kind of narrow in there from what I20292.123.178
understand so maybe we should each take20293.684.32
a T-Rex leave these other ones back here20295.2986.542
and we go in you guys good with that I'm20298.05.7
not good with anything I can't ride this20301.845.28
[ __ ] thing in here sucks well that's20303.74.56
what we're saying if you just have one20307.122.22
we don't have all the other ones20308.262.118
I got one I have one none of them are20310.3785.742
following me Nick you see the other the20313.7185.58
the other spider in here anywhere no I20316.124.86
don't pick him I'm picking my head in20319.2985.102
I'm not complaining no listen fight two20320.986.0
spiders that's great the ark gods have20324.44.86
shined their light upon us today what's20326.984.8
this guy doing here hanging out yeah is20329.264.68
he the like the welcome guy maybe he's20331.784.2
the guy that killed the other spider oh20333.944.5
I doubt it but if you did Sir we thank20335.984.318
you oh let's push all right push forward20338.443.858
all right pushing forward20340.2986.482
I'm the Caboose no I'm the Caboose I20342.2986.282
wanted to be the Caboose why I always20346.784.38
liked the Caboose it was red it was fun20348.584.2
there's probably food in there well20351.163.42
you're enough of an ass to be a caboose20352.784.438
so I can see that well you're the20354.584.04
man I don't know if you guys are gonna20358.623.94
be able to fit the rest of the way down20360.584.138
here oh we're gonna have to abandon the20362.566.3
rexes here possibly uh-oh I can't wait I20364.7186.962
don't know I hate riding these things uh20368.864.08
oh this might be the end usually20371.683.0
spelunking and T-Rex this is the best20372.944.08
way to go there's a sheep down here yeah20374.685.458
we're stuck that's a good sign20377.024.858
this is where it stops boys why have we20380.1384.142
stopped because we're stuck I I've told20381.8784.802
you three times that's it huh end of the20384.285.22
road for uh the T-Rex's Nick stuck too20386.685.76
nope he went through he went through if20389.54.32
you guys want to come down here and help20392.443.778
fight whatever's down here then you're20393.824.08
gonna have to do it on foot all right20396.2183.962
all right let's see everybody hopping20397.93.85
we're going on foot20400.184.739
all right you guys stay and be good20405.64.42
you'd be good all right you're our20407.744.2
muscle man all right if you buff us or20410.023.778
is it just animals you can buff just20411.943.54
animals all right we need to keep our20413.7983.362
eyes out because we're looking for three20415.485.1
artifacts in here boys okay lots of lots20417.165.94
of stuff okay I don't have a clear shout20420.584.62
out your Tails anyway there's bugs a lot20423.14.92
of bugs oh my God oh my God that's a lot20425.26.24
of bugs hopefully crap yep oh I got a20428.025.82
shot over here up here on the ledge oh20431.444.68
yeah oh I might get knocked out don't20433.845.878
get knocked out no no promises get them20436.124.98
big you're doing great I'm gonna lead20439.7183.5
them back20441.15.06
Spiderman yeah20443.2186.942
spider fire okay all right make sure uh20446.165.86
yeah feed that uh feed that Yuri make20450.163.66
sure it's health so that's our tank we20452.023.6
don't want that thing dying I wish I had20453.824.5
a repair tool that just oh yeah repair20455.626.0
Tour on this just right in this butt yep20458.327.1
all right yep I'm feeding it20461.627.018
I named it Randy friendly by the way20465.426.16
Andy friendly huh yep is that a20468.6384.562
reference to something I don't get it20471.584.74
sound like a fun name Randy all right20473.26.3
going in is this the gas is this the gas20476.324.8
oh yeah wait are we getting hurt put20479.53.26
your gas mask on20481.124.44
oh boy20482.766.22
no hold on that's the gas oh yeah hold20485.565.34
oh boy bugs on you all right Randy20490.94.68
friendly come on oh guys I am so close20493.065.04
to Dad yep let's let's stay back and20495.584.02
cook some of this meat and heal up wait20498.13.42
for thick all right yeah yeah guys yeah20499.64.82
back up back up back up everybody ready20501.526.3
I know back up20504.426.51
steaks are cooking sweet good and uh six20512.326.42
bird you you lost your bird I don't know20516.943.6
what happened to Mr feather bottom I20518.743.96
wonder if you like were hitting f a lot20520.543.598
trying to get on dinos and threw him20522.72.82
accidentally and he might be back there20524.1383.482
hey anybody order blue cheese with their20525.524.438
salad all right20527.624.018
I love it20529.9585.042
yeah hey let me get my bird okay so my20531.6384.802
HUD was off and I didn't realize I was20535.04.2
dying yeah so surprised that's a thing20536.444.5
who's in charge of blue cheese bear20539.25.0
because I'm pretty attached to him20540.945.42
blue cheese20544.24.96
hey I'm gonna go get my stuff okay okay20546.366.46
okay you got a gas mask yeah I do all20549.165.34
right hey you didn't see Mr feather20552.823.54
bottle by the way did you yeah he was20554.54.2
way back there when we were he's like on20556.365.22
the trail with the dinos okay but he's20558.76.438
protected yeah yeah maybe20561.583.558
so there's a little entrance down here20582.364.48
oh no those aren't spiders those are20586.844.32
those are okay yep yep all right let's20588.4585.18
push forward20591.162.478
oh I got a leech on me son of a [ __ ]20594.9585.522
that's a lot of bugs back to the bear20607.027.26
I know all these bugs oh leeches20615.95.978
oh God20620.044.54
so many spider I can't even see what's20621.8784.322
coming at us oh yeah spider coming20624.585.6
through here we go oh I'm injured20626.23.98
oh no no no20630.665.46
all right I guess we're waiting I killed20633.76.54
that sounded like you killed thick I20636.127.48
killed there oh no crap20640.246.1
and your bags are down there wait20669.47.738
all right right behind you boys all20677.1385.342
right all right all these bugs I I can20679.2985.542
take care of easily but this sword20682.485.04
destroys them there's a regular sword20684.844.958
destroy them yeah cause I have a regular20687.524.5
sword yeah yeah this is just a skin for20689.7984.982
my sword more bugs coming in I'll take20692.024.618
it yeah get the bugs20694.784.58
there you go20696.6382.722
all right the bugs are down go there we20699.765.4
go we stand to the left stay left20702.346.0
all right so we can remember can I cut20705.166.2
through this stuff wow20708.345.82
damn it thick oh sorry I was trying to20711.364.54
cut through you broke my [ __ ] gas20714.165.54
mask I have another Jesus Christ20715.96.84
all right looks like it splits either20722.744.74
right or left I'm going this way oh20724.7185.042
right behind you all right well we'll20727.487.04
remember that over there someday oh bugs20729.768.458
Bud sort out here we go get them boys20734.526.46
get em [ __ ] Masters watch out I'm gonna20738.2185.942
try oh God oh God I'm poisoned I'll keep20740.985.34
your lit up get him Sam get me lit up I20744.164.74
can't see him am I hitting them yeah20746.325.28
another one just sign it back up I don't20748.95.1
want to hit you I can't even see him I20751.64.198
know you got oh they're all over deep no20754.04.558
names you got a spider behind you I got20755.7986.482
in a lot of bugs oh Lord oh I'll take20758.5586.622
care of the bugs all right20762.285.518
I'm taking care of the bugs and the20765.185.26
spiders you're the best holy cow20767.7986.782
what a Fun Cave geez lots of many bugs20770.446.84
poison thick get this bug two bucks20774.585.058
a level oh yeah look this is a level 25620783.665.76
how fun this place is they've been here20789.426.36
for like thousands of years20792.343.44
all right this bug crap has gotta end um20795.8785.462
hey nacho I need you for a second we're20799.423.48
gonna go down to the garden for a second20801.343.538
I need some Citronelle and some Rock20802.94.02
carrot root we're going to make some box20804.8785.462
break here we go yes sir yes sir a20806.925.58
little bit of these look at those right20810.344.08
it's like I'm one of those shopping uh20812.53.66
cooking shows with the guy with the20814.424.26
spiky hair you get a few minutes to buy20816.165.04
something you go make a dish20818.684.58
all right20821.25.42
there we go20823.263.36
come on neebs got seven minutes until20826.685.86
your stuff goes away what's taking him20830.263.6
so damn long20832.543.418
hey do you guys have an icon next to20833.865.64
your gas mask yeah yeah the the lid up20835.9585.582
yeah what's that for yeah looks like20839.53.54
like a bright Little Star is that what20841.543.06
you're talking about yeah yeah what's20843.044.5
that for it means my bird's on it means20844.65.1
your bird's on okay oh okay well there20847.543.3
you go20849.72.82
come on20850.844.218
standing up20852.522.538
all right we're gonna go slow now I'm20859.9584.982
just gonna ah blue cheese bear so happy20862.06.78
to see you okay you guys watch Nacho20864.946.18
um yeah he's a little hurt but all right20868.784.678
you guys good watch each other be back20871.125.82
up excuse me20873.4585.6
thank you20876.942.118
okay yeah20879.587.5
there you go hey let me grab this first20882.97.058
then I got presents oh presents you know20887.084.92
how I'm a farmer Warrior right hey we20889.9584.26
know you're a farmer all right let's see20892.03.958
oh yeah one of those oh grab some of20895.9587.322
that oh yeah all right did everybody get20898.96.5
where's our point I'll be on point you20914.044.38
guys provide light out of the sword out20916.7185.42
your bugs hold up20918.425.92
what what is it20922.1385.222
looking good already20924.348.6
he did ow oh crap oh he broke my gas20927.369.58
masks nice20932.944.0
that's true20941.75.32
oh no idiot I said back up20943.425.94
come on you gotta share the blame on20947.023.118
are you putting your mind I'm above guy20950.1386.0
I put on both repellent yeah20953.624.758
damn hero nice thick aside from killing20958.426.26
allies got it oh I'm almost dead20961.425.34
what's going on here he's almost there20964.685.378
why are you almost fast gas mask I'm20966.764.98
thinking gas mask everyone check your20970.0583.552
gas mask20971.744.94
let's move forward this thing can't be20976.685.56
too much farther but water I know what20979.2984.142
to do here20982.244.62
what hey watch that guy why'd you throw20983.445.76
him off keep him because I gotta go in20986.863.778
the water I'm picking them up you can20989.24.32
swim let's follow him Simon follow him20990.6385.462
ready all right go I can with the bird20993.525.038
great my favorite part of cases20998.5585.82
44 you gotta make it21001.345.5
yeah Danger21004.3784.26
it's a friendly swim in a cave how21006.843.85
dangerous should that be oh boy21008.6384.402
needs almost21013.044.12
yeah you see21017.167.978
okay yeah apparently oh gosh oh hey look21018.7410.058
what we got here boys oh yeah artifact21025.1385.342
of the pack21028.7985.34
right beautiful can we get two I don't21030.486.36
know yep Simon can you uh just two can21034.1384.262
you get one Simon well it's not there's21036.843.9
nothing there these nuts but okay but I21038.45.22
hey I am special you're special to us21040.744.5
thank you and I will see you you're at21043.623.12
the bird almost like the whole time you21045.243.42
were swimming yes yeah I told you you21046.744.8
could I didn't know all right all right21048.664.138
let's go back and make sure they don't21051.543.86
lose their stuff21052.7982.602
all right I hope nothing has respawned21056.94.72
because these games are stupid sometimes21059.583.298
oh God that's21061.622.54
that's right21062.8783.142
oh man21064.166.96
I'm almost dead anyway oh boy oh boy21066.025.1
I see my stuff21071.843.538
I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming21075.5584.0
all right you're here where's your stuff21078.183.0
your stuff should be here I grabbed it21079.5584.802
oh hey Dave hey hey hey hey oh you made21081.185.52
it back yeah we got the artifact behind21084.364.4
sure you didn't want to hit it with your21089.93.238
sword stick and just kill your friends21091.684.8
man you cannot listen one bit when I21093.1384.782
said shut the [ __ ] up a second you21096.483.658
didn't listen to me because we had bug21097.924.02
spray on and if you and I had stayed21100.1383.602
perfectly still the buttons must have21101.943.9
[ __ ] attack this can we just scale21103.743.6
that our gas masks deteriorate21105.843.958
you need to tear your wipe your ass21109.7984.102
oh no what happened to you wow21119.09.54
my friend21125.0583.482
should we think he's gonna get you in21132.63.538
your sleep well yeah but that's funny21134.164.68
that's that's good too it's all it's all21136.1387.102
good let's go get his stuff oh yeah21138.844.4
there we go21144.7983.242
that might be a little tight squeeze but21159.784.64
I believe there's sulfur in here21161.587.2
and yeah let's see anything after me21164.426.82
looking good looking good we need this21168.785.16
to make propellant which is in turn21171.247.318
going to make a flame thrower fuel I'm21173.946.42
encumbered I'm not gonna let this happen21178.5584.382
to me again so yeah we're just gonna21180.364.74
spend a little time here it's Siri uh21182.944.8
we're gonna say hey y'all see Siri busy21185.15.458
last time you saw him he was an egg you21187.744.86
probably don't even recognize him that21190.5585.882
now even recognize you and yes I stole21192.67.5
you I'm a bad guy fine whatever but you21196.446.26
live a good life21200.12.6
Simon yeah sorry man yeah where you at21205.027.5
ah it's like a house of mirrors but it's21209.46.0
T-Rex ankles yep I see you I see you21212.525.58
straight through Bubba oh21215.44.26
that's uh what's up that's really21218.13.9
something down there I know it's not fun21219.665.04
I'm over it I'm I'm I give you all the21222.04.5
credit you were the mama and I was the21224.74.14
absentee father oh don't let's not even21226.55.28
go there there's okay uh angel hair had21228.846.24
a had a new little buddy oh really she21231.786.56
had a baby21235.083.26
I have to all right can I I'd like to be21238.945.08
a part of naming this one with you as a21241.624.438
okay when we're back home and things are21244.023.68
a little bit more normal21246.0584.32
you know what no21247.74.42
thank you oh come on let me name one21250.3784.882
look at all these you21252.123.14
oh okay well we'll see if it's a boy or21264.5583.82
girl we've got two if it's a boy we'll21266.943.48
think about it oh yeah and you know what21268.3783.602
I'm kind of against that because that is21270.423.958
crap Pizza it really is but it's the21271.984.5
best of it's the best of it's not pizza21274.3784.442
that I know I'm close not even what you21276.484.56
you think that Pizza Hut's better are we21278.825.28
gonna go back to this no but hey if it's21281.045.94
a girl what about Mama John oh man okay21284.14.32
Simon you're gonna have to think of some21286.983.84
names no come on Papa John Mama John21288.424.5
whatever work listen the mom we're gonna21290.824.02
try to do something with pasta because21292.926.02
the mom is uh Angel there okay21294.846.84
all right uh all right we're waiting on21298.944.66
thick and uh21301.684.92
bringing some friends too huh sure21303.65.76
there's a dude up there what what where21306.66.66
pop and Shawn yeah21309.363.9
honey I'm home21318.63.68
you inside neebs ah hey see this21322.288.46
surprise me surprise you yeah21327.486.36
fantastic nothing in it no ammo okay21330.744.96
I've got the stuff to make it and I21333.844.44
believe you're the chemist the farmer21335.73.96
The Warrior21338.283.358
yeah hey are you taking your feather21339.664.558
light in the cave uh yeah unless you21341.6384.022
want to did you want to borrow them I21344.2184.74
hooked him up check them out oh look at21345.667.44
him yes dying a gas poisoning yeah you21348.9586.802
look so safe21353.12.66
all right uh motor and pestles over here21355.8785.5
you can make propellant all right this21359.345.878
is in the fabricator Mikasa su casa Mi21361.3787.68
Casas mi casa thank you21365.2187.142
oh hey Bigfoot hey with the delivery guy21369.0585.942
going to pick up here yeah he had to21372.364.62
deliver some delicious Peppa Pig21375.05.1
actually made Papa John's Pizza there's21376.985.88
a bunch on the ground sir yep about the21380.15.278
oh what about average time you know what21382.864.438
you know what I had once that was really21385.3784.802
awful Papa Murphy's oh well that's kind21387.2984.442
of on you though it kind of puts it on21390.183.118
you you're the one that made it no21391.743.66
that's a chain well I didn't make it21393.2983.902
myself somebody else did it but I just21395.44.52
thought it sucked21397.22.72
no I just said okay21407.9584.382
wow wow21416.363.48
I feel like I just got molested you're21423.324.478
come on I think we're good now huh wow21427.7987.202
I'm like crowd surfing on T-Rexes okay I21430.986.3
have no idea what's happening lost on a21435.04.08
maze of ass and feet yeah come through21437.284.26
the Hall of ankles guys there you go yep21439.085.4
hello all right all right what's the21441.544.32
deal all right where's where's Steve's21444.484.26
dick uh you should be coming all right21445.866.38
uh oh there he is21448.743.5
all right it's uh gonna be a bunch of21473.2986.16
crap keep your peepers peeled21476.345.78
oh what is that tight boat oh21479.4586.982
there you go there you go21482.124.32
another one burn in hell another two21487.346.06
there's more spiders21490.263.14
oh man my demorphodon's on fire oh no I21493.75.88
didn't do that21498.2984.522
oh watch out21499.587.138
damn oh my gosh21502.827.78
wow I've been shooting it oh boy it's21506.7185.102
another one21510.64.58
oh my God21511.823.36
there's Bugs21518.95.08
Bunny yeah I got the bug spray on but21521.124.3
like I said if you attack them then21523.983.42
they'll go aggro they'll attack you yeah21525.423.66
I don't have it on so I need to put it21527.44.5
on right there okay putting bug spray on21529.084.33
damn Jesus21531.97.16
oh no Simon take strikes again21552.025.1
all right guys it seems kind of21560.9583.822
cluttered in here when we're all21563.2183.482
fighting together why don't I go ahead21564.784.56
try to clear out things from a distance21566.75.098
you guys get geared up and I'll come21569.344.56
back for you okay I like it go put that21571.7984.222
flamethrower to use man okay will do21573.94.44
lots of snails21576.025.26
new life well not anymore all right all21578.343.958
I'm Looking Good Feeling Good21582.2986.202
oh uh this this guy coming21586.027.14
you got him yeah beautiful all right21588.57.78
come on yeah it's much better clearing21593.165.76
stuff out like one person kind of go21596.286.54
goes in and just kind of yeah boy's21598.926.78
clutter pick 44 Pest Control is this a21602.824.318
dead Ender is21605.74.258
lots of bugs let's make use of this21607.1387.222
flame thrower go for it Ellen Ripley21609.9584.402
bad time to go can't take a bathroom21641.184.5
break with this crowd yep21643.624.678
this way I know we didn't go down21652.524.198
all right dick go ahead all right got my21656.7187.782
job got my bug spray we got the spray on21660.365.518
then yeah oh we really should have to21664.53.718
worry about is tight boas and maybe the21665.8785.902
centipedes yeah21668.2183.562
yeah I see Titan bows to the right21671.947.198
thank you go another one careful there21675.685.94
are bugs21679.1385.642
I just shot that I didn't see the bug oh21681.624.9
leeches gotta be careful with leeches21684.784.32
too God damn leeches but it looks like21686.526.198
oh there's another tank boss21689.13.618
everybody's got bug spray on right yeah21697.7983.84
yeah don't shoot bugs don't shoot21699.66.0
spiders okay yeah just snakes yeah yeah21701.6386.0
there's a there's a way left here should21705.64.02
we check that out yes because that other21707.6384.262
way looks familiar yeah we went we went21709.624.32
straight last time so let's go this way21711.94.738
okay oh this is interesting you're21713.945.118
hey go for it man yep there's my gas21728.2985.442
mask yep I'm I'm staying right here I21731.046.12
just got it okay and he's a farmer and a21733.744.86
scout who knew21737.163.478
if you find any pants over there I call21738.66.6
them okay uh yep there's there's a cave21740.6389.062
it goes deeper okay what do I see what21745.26.78
do you see I see a lot of smoking there21749.75.4
oh wait wait wait what big glowing ball21751.986.898
oh that's good yes it looks like it21755.15.82
could be an artifact oh yeah what do we21758.8784.752
got uh21760.925.34
yeah hell yeah21766.264.86
come on back hero all right I'm gonna21768.54.36
back up let's let him he should be able21771.124.62
to make that jump alrighty so do this21772.864.14
with you don't think I need to Grapple21775.742.7
for another one all right it's up to you21777.02.52
if you want to waste the gravel but I21778.443.54
think yeah it's up to you man I want to21779.524.74
be safe trust me yeah the grapple is the21781.984.92
Safeway today I'm gonna risk it all21784.264.56
right I got I got 20. I want 20 cents on21786.92.76
I bet you a Papa John's Pizza oh that's21789.666.6
worth that's worth about 20 cents right21793.085.218
come on babes I need you to [ __ ]21796.266.74
yourself all right you ready [ __ ] it up21798.2984.702
nice I'm splitting that money all right21806.666.398
let's keep going all right so we got an21810.843.48
artifact and we want to get that21813.0582.702
artifact out of here before we continue21814.324.28
probably the safe thing to do yeah21815.765.64
is that the last artifact no there's one21818.64.66
more probably buried down that way21821.44.558
somewhere let's just do it yeah let's do21823.265.52
it this will be fine yeah I'm gonna run21825.9584.322
back with the artifact and put it in a21828.784.5
T-Rex keep it safe all right do it come21830.284.8
on I think I go this way make sure you21833.286.14
got bug spray on yes sir and sunscreen21835.0810.218
come on bird Squad21845.2984.66
need to find a trustworthy T-Rex to hold21848.044.62
this artifact with ah there's our guy21849.9585.222
you are perfect because you look21852.664.5
different than all the other ones21855.184.26
buddy if you could just hold this21857.165.04
artifact of the strong for me you got21859.444.858
too much stuff in you21862.24.08
tell you what I'll trade you your21864.2985.16
berries for this artifact oh you can't21866.284.56
even hold this thing21869.4584.982
oops okay well21870.846.118
thank you for uh your willingness and if21874.443.9
you don't mind I'm gonna keep those21876.9583.18
berries because I know you're a meat21878.343.298
eater all right you know what if you21880.1382.402
don't mind I'm just gonna build a little21881.6383.0
box here somewhere and just put it in a21882.543.78
box if you can watch it here's a tree21884.6383.902
right on21886.325.78
get back Birds I'm chopping21888.543.56
all right so yeah these are the bugs21893.523.538
just walk right past the bugs we're all21895.3784.402
good we got our spray on should be fine21897.0585.522
uh-huh all right oh God there's so many21899.784.66
oh this is nerve-wracking I think we21902.584.218
went right last time we went down21904.444.92
got your shots there's a lot of bugs21906.7985.282
around there's a lot of bugs21909.368.06
all right Tim run damage21912.085.34
all right so yeah they were just after21921.243.78
Simon so yeah let's let's push forward21923.043.838
there's a hole that breaks up to the21925.023.66
right too we went right last time let's21926.8784.08
go this way all right right behind you21928.685.82
think okay really21930.9583.542
it feels official though yeah it does21935.366.34
this is where I'd put an artifact if I21939.25.08
yeah I'd I'd have it right here21941.74.74
this is [ __ ] this is I'm staying21946.443.72
right here I don't even care I don't21948.783.48
even care I'm done so come back for you21950.165.46
guys right good to see you geez Louise21952.267.74
it's ridiculous all right diamond neebs21955.626.838
yeah where are you at putting the uh21960.06.74
artifact go past uh where are you21962.4584.282
what in this nice I made this21971.65.98
oh never seen such craftsmanship it's21975.423.84
gorgeous is that where you put the21977.582.7
uh yeah I pulled so we can find it21980.284.14
easier okay well good we'll have a I got21982.53.9
a good idea I'll stand right here and21984.424.02
I'll make and then if you scream and say21986.44.92
Hey where's the pole I'll say pull I21988.445.46
love it because let's try it out okay21991.326.36
ready yeah okay here we go wait what do21993.96.6
I say again you say Pole I don't like21997.685.278
that okay say whatever you want to say22000.53.5
where's the artifact oh22004.06.458
yeah I don't know if this works yeah22010.4583.42
well I mean it's better than nothing22012.263.6
it's kind of like to come wait with you22013.8784.202
okay yeah I don't suggest you going back22015.865.66
in there it sucks in there22018.083.44
oh it says this area doesn't seem as22022.7185.442
buggy no it's a good thing oh my God22025.2185.702
holy [ __ ] that's a big Chasm there's a22028.165.6
trap right there crap22030.926.06
I don't want it man uh I don't want any22033.765.378
I kind of want it but yeah how would you22036.984.978
get out of there oh there's a jump which22039.1385.702
I'm pretty sure I can make okay come on22041.9584.552
guys yeah22044.844.84
spray application well there's no bugs22056.684.0
around here this has been kind of a22059.184.14
bug-free area it's nice not to say they22060.685.038
won't show up uh-huh wait nine what a22063.324.38
better the better gas basket hold on let22065.7184.322
me try something22067.74.08
let's even be able to breathe here all22070.044.38
right bugs nope okay and you can breathe22071.783.72
here if you guys want to take your mask22074.424.378
off I'm gonna be safe okay I feel the22075.55.218
uh uh why are you screaming pull I22082.66.4
thought we were doing a game I know but22087.084.378
right like but I didn't know like then22089.05.28
you do it you go and that just next to22091.4586.5
my pole now you gotta jump oh22094.286.358
this is different I like the original22097.9585.022
pole the original poll is just one same22100.6384.802
or just higher but there's Pole looks22102.985.28
better we gotta do poles it's poles22105.445.518
isn't it okay22108.264.5
wow uh I don't know you suck at this I22112.767.798
do I I like the original yeah Pole22117.085.46
I'm gonna go down here I can play that22120.5584.682
yeah and then watch this22122.547.14
I remember where it used to be oh22125.244.44
Pace matters22131.364.5
oh wait it's out here down here guys22133.664.898
follow me okay okay okay all right22135.865.88
nothing nothing we're cool we're cool22138.5585.282
dancing folks oh my goodness all of the22141.745.34
sorts ah smile I got hit what why did I22143.846.14
get wet why'd I get whipped22147.085.4
okay I'm not gonna I'm not gonna I can't22149.985.318
get your bug spray run out I I no it's22152.485.34
full oh the bugs are coming oh God oh22155.2983.92
God oh22157.824.68
God oh God sorry doralius Jesus yeah22159.2184.84
he's walking right in front of me oh no22162.55.7
oh boy why why thank you still here yeah22164.0586.542
behind you oh do you still have that22168.25.28
flamethrower I do oh God oh God damn it22170.64.14
I'm coming to you I'm coming to you get22173.484.14
that flavor already okay light them up22174.745.058
holy crap fall back fall back22179.7987.322
falling back fall back inside out stop22182.844.28
oh God blessed uh Jesus no I bug spray22187.187.06
why does the bug spray no I'm free I'm22191.94.38
free come on run run run run run oh I'm22194.243.718
out of stamina I'm Adam stamina come on22196.283.9
Stanley please please please please22197.9584.5
please please22200.183.3
all right six I'm gonna become one with22215.625.08
the bugs what are you talking about I'm22218.64.74
gonna be the bug man the bug man you're22220.74.8
gonna be a bug yeah I'm gonna cover22223.345.34
myself in kite and bug spray and become22225.55.7
one one with the bugs so that we can22228.684.198
finally conquer this cave and get that22231.23.72
last freaking artifact okay well I22232.8784.322
support you in your decision uh how do22234.924.138
you suggest we do that you know those22237.23.54
spiders those little the little guys the22239.0583.362
erados I think they're called arenos22240.745.16
yeah they are a passive team22242.426.36
passive team really yeah you feed them22245.94.44
spoiled meat and they'll be your friend22248.784.5
forever ah all right I'm gonna move in22250.345.82
okay do you have spoiled meat I do all22253.284.74
right go ahead go ahead and put the bug22256.165.57
spray on yum yum yum yum yum yum yum22258.0210.44
all right Simon come on out all right22272.084.62
oh okay all right yeah22277.787.0
off sorry I should probably lead the way22281.64.8
but I don't know where I'm going no you22284.783.598
don't have to leave a horrible idea you22286.45.478
follow us oh yeah I hated here so much22288.3786.302
anxiety written already why does22291.8784.662
everybody hate this I love it okay what22294.684.44
are you talking about I mean if it22296.544.918
wasn't like a death area I think it's22299.123.838
nice what the hell just knocked down a22301.4583.42
tree over there see22302.9583.962
um so here sir oh that's what we need22304.8785.302
you ready yes22306.926.42
mushrooms whoa22310.185.86
let me know if anything's behind me uh22313.344.32
yes oh there's three of them22316.043.9
next to each other which one are we22317.664.86
going at but we wanna once we attack one22319.943.96
they're all going to attack so it can22322.523.538
get ugly oh you know what bug spray oh22323.94.46
all attacked22328.72.598
another Circle yeah I got him yeah hey22332.269.038
snake snake snake kill me I'm trying I'm22336.8785.622
trying to find I'm not good with this22341.2983.242
thing okay you got it right good start22342.55.4
yep okay I I uh can we just put this guy22344.545.758
on attack because me on him is useless22347.94.398
why yeah22350.2985.34
okay I'll take over yeah all right I22352.2984.542
don't wanna I don't want to ride that22355.6384.022
thing uh yeah this thing's wonky isn't22356.844.92
it uh yeah he doesn't turn very well22359.664.94
yeah no22361.762.84
so Simon we're gonna get three of these22372.583.46
so we can bring them down and we're22374.843.06
gonna get one of those crab things it's22376.043.54
gonna be fun it's gonna be great I'm22377.93.478
sure it's gonna be great but I think22379.583.24
that we should just try to get one22381.3783.962
because we're barely Staying Alive with22382.825.1
with us babes here what do you think22385.346.32
Buddy uh we're gonna have to get three22387.923.74
is there a spider call besides that I22395.684.72
like some sort of uh yeah yeah how's it22398.424.16
no it's more of a clicky22404.1383.962
one with the bugs22408.865.358
indeed that is22410.66.48
not interested in you go away yeah22414.2184.66
you're the point man I may have a sword22417.084.558
and a crossbow yep we'll get more22418.8786.362
spiders coming or not spiders snakes get22421.6385.82
out of here just leave me alone you son22425.245.638
of a [ __ ] all right spider what is it22427.4586.68
of course that's a Titan Bowl22430.8783.26
oh all right all right let's see a22434.183.778
spider thing okay let's test this out22436.164.02
got my bug spray on all right bugs are22437.9584.882
leaving me alone22440.182.66
damn it get back to me I can't I can't22457.544.72
I'm caught I'm caught in a spider22460.825.058
gangbang oh no yeah22462.267.458
oh no intro22465.8783.84
didn't abstra say he wanted to be like22471.15.44
one with the bugs and stuff uh he was22474.084.798
gonna work on the cave so I found him I22476.544.14
heard a solution about bugs but yeah22478.8783.18
he's definitely one with the bugs now22480.683.68
he's inside one Bravo22482.0585.182
and what is going on man what are you22487.244.96
doing explain yourself names please do22490.164.68
you love it I don't know so far I think22492.25.4
it doesn't suck what's the purpose of it22494.844.798
do you think the top of this pole is out22497.64.26
of the reach of the parisers the top of22499.6384.382
the top of the pole no very tough22501.865.82
probably not in this game the damage you22504.024.76
you need to have one more22508.783.96
yeah no sense in like taking a chance22514.95.44
when we just would have to come back and22518.2983.902
make it taller might as well go one way22520.343.298
yeah right you know what I mean just one22522.23.3
more right but don't you think that22523.6383.42
these things could be destroyed pretty22525.53.958
easily by them stomping they're stoned22527.0584.622
they should be okay okay until they're22529.4583.902
knocked the hell out I don't think they22531.684.56
can break stone I've never seen it okay22533.364.68
to take some time but I think we'd be22536.243.84
fine with that just go one more higher22538.044.38
this is gonna be so great I don't know22540.086.24
yep well we'll see22542.427.08
ah yes you are my friends you will not22546.327.62
touch me oh man I hate those guys22549.56.36
they love me though I'm becoming one22553.946.38
okay I will be the bug person22555.864.46
all right you see any spiders uh not yet22561.1384.022
I'm gonna move in a little deeper22563.663.24
getting deeper all right watch out for22565.164.138
Leeches here oh that's right I think if22566.93.78
you have the the spray on the leeches22569.2983.122
don't bother you either I hope to God22570.683.958
those things suck yeah they do literally22572.425.52
oh Tight Ball Titan Bower oh yeah he's22574.6386.842
coming in he's coming in oh damn it oh22577.946.24
good God good god oh good God oh there's22581.484.92
so many no I mean just now attacking me22584.186.42
no God okay oh God I think I may have I22586.45.58
may have accidentally shot a leech when22590.62.52
I was shooting the fight kill everything22591.983.36
I'm gonna get knocked out oh no don't22593.124.5
take yeah can you pick that sleech off22595.345.94
me yeah yeah yeah hold on [ __ ] there's22597.626.24
so many I know I know you get the22601.284.2
leeches off me oh it takes a long time22603.864.018
to remove them really okay there we go22605.485.78
thank you okay glad I have you down22607.8785.882
that was my fault I think when I was22611.264.118
trying to shoot the Titan bow I show you22613.764.26
I shot the leech slight chance I might I22615.3785.162
might get knocked out oh what did I just22618.024.88
hear I just heard22620.542.36
what do we got here uh22646.426.16
of course you don't have any stitches22649.585.218
there's no stand berries in your butt I22652.583.9
need you to look I need you to wake up22654.7983.602
72 is over there behind you Simon behind22676.165.52
me that's what we want which one that22679.523.48
one though I'm pointing at right there22681.684.14
yeah you want to go for it there's two22683.04.2
of them over there the one that's in22685.822.818
front of the other one you better shoot22687.23.0
they're getting away22688.6384.622
boom boom all right a drinks you got22690.26.06
drinks armed right I do he's coming for22693.266.14
me baby come hurry back22696.265.64
I'm not gonna shoot until doralis gets22699.44.6
back salmon you're the man this guy's22701.93.478
just sitting here and then the other guy22704.03.058
right behind him is I'm shooting them22705.3784.982
both okay I'm up right here I'm up this22707.0585.462
is working perfectly all right you got22710.363.63
your tracks let's do it22712.528.88
what's going on buddy I'm taking one for22771.624.56
the team is what's going on I'm about to22773.7185.222
die but I won't let this one go oh this22776.185.878
one's back oh God shot the wrong guy oh22778.945.82
I'm in trouble that one's so bloody I22782.0584.5
know he hurts that's the one I've been22784.763.48
shooting oh down22786.5585.042
two down I think I just hit him I got22788.246.36
him you got one I think the one that it22791.65.4
was Bloody got him down I got him but22794.64.02
I'm gonna watch out which are22797.04.74
unconscious uh unconscious but I don't22798.625.338
have anything I don't have anything to22801.743.96
throw down I don't have anything to put22803.9584.042
in them22805.72.3
all right thick are you ready for some22808.044.38
Next Level [ __ ] yep uh this is a22809.785.22
high level cave you can't tame things at22812.426.42
high level caves what yeah it's like22815.05.638
they they went out of their way to make22818.843.538
like to figure out how to make it less22820.6383.602
fun so you're not gonna be one with the22822.3785.462
bugs not yeah you know what all right I22824.246.058
I got another idea I'm getting this damn22827.844.52
artifact one way or another okay22830.2984.382
following your lead man what are you22832.364.24
doing dick I love you but I might have22834.684.58
to solo this22836.62.66
needs yeah we lost two I think22839.328.68
yep one yeah yeah it's a 40. I thought22843.945.858
this was the 70 something okay it's22848.05.04
almost it's almost tamed fine God so22849.7984.322
what the hell are we gonna start22853.042.82
shooting these other guys let's go for22854.123.96
it oh no what are you doing what do you22855.864.62
mean okay what what do you mean what if22858.084.378
I wasn't attacking us all right go for22860.483.6
it um I just didn't want to be attacked22862.4583.982
until this was all right22864.086.92
oh Simon yep oh boy okay22866.444.56
we just need two more22875.925.02
um Palace can you pull this all right22878.94.38
I'm leech off my face yeah I sure will22880.944.018
once I beat this22883.283.42
possible bug22884.9584.382
okay ready oh wait now I'm on fighting22886.75.66
that one ah22889.343.02
that's true22892.524.438
yeah thick that's true where are you at22894.326.86
yeah yeah right beside you oh22896.9587.622
you're sneaky no hey I am going to try22901.185.5
to sneak through this whole damn cave22904.584.378
and I have an idea yeah we need some22906.684.44
sort of a safe word or code word a code22908.9584.68
word is Bill Murray Bill Murray perfect22911.124.8
oh man you know what if I hear Bill22913.6385.522
Murray I'm coming to your rescues22915.924.7
here we go22919.164.398
I gotta be real careful because I can22923.5586.16
barely see it here22927.54.02
I don't want to accidentally step on a22929.7182.702
oh siree22932.425.28
wait how's my bug repellent doing all22935.085.58
right doing okay right now22937.72.96
this way they'll never see me22941.184.45
never see me22944.244.138
put some hiss22948.3787.252
oh okay nope did you see me of course he22958.14.4
saw me22961.582.878
oh God22962.55.138
come on come on damn it22964.4585.84
[ __ ] off22967.6382.66
oh Bill Murray played the voice of22982.844.78
I think22987.622.54
to level 80 guys okay I like it you22990.986.6
ready yep bring it iron22994.346.298
okay oh yeah we got his attention good22997.586.058
but is he stuck in trees he's free here23000.6384.342
we go23003.6384.682
uh I love ladders in this game23004.985.738
come on let's come up this one noobs23008.325.34
better angle yep oh yeah there we go23010.7184.862
it's nice time on that one nice one they23013.664.32
don't have friends uh [ __ ] it all up23015.584.32
yeah I'm coming up in front of you23017.983.96
Dallas don't shoot me in the face okay23019.94.68
all right come on back bud you come back23021.948.1
go away oh Oak what's wrong oh uh I23024.588.638
almost fell off oh that is oh I just23030.047.04
killed yeah oh and pine sorry Spruce23033.2188.042
Cedar this is fun I successfully named23037.085.5
the tree yesterday it was pretty23041.265.9
impressive really how is that impressive23042.587.62
I said I bet it's a birch she looked it23047.166.34
up it was a birch oh yeah oh boy I'll go23050.26.3
down okay all right I'm taking a Hail23053.56.18
Mary shot yeah leaves farmer Warrior and23056.56.48
tree Namer pursues the Pariser here we23059.686.42
go talks about himself yeah23062.985.88
man work with us don't you want to go in23066.15.82
a cave boy he's really running yeah he's23068.867.98
down over here down uh question back up23071.929.62
I'm back up back up coming to you sir23076.844.7
all right got my stuff back where are23082.445.618
you at I'm in the cave I went in to look23085.784.438
for you just to see if Bill Murray23088.0584.622
actually did the voice of Garfield he23090.2184.942
did the voice of Garfield I knew it down23092.685.94
644 yes oh did you walk past these23095.166.58
spiders yep that you can't tame yeah I23098.624.8
mean I think we could do this cave we23101.743.478
just gotta not go out of our way to not23103.423.84
touch bugs ah there you are hey there23105.2184.5
you are yeah my bug I need to apply bug23107.264.618
spray really soon23109.7185.102
bug spray apply oh they're coming after23111.8786.062
me oh did you not run run run run I23114.825.88
tried to think oh God don't run towards23117.946.92
me driving towards me run the other way23120.77.32
okay okay here here go this way dick23124.865.8
Rock White Rock white thick come back23128.025.24
no no no23130.662.6
hug the wall23134.765.92
hug everything oh God they just put them23136.846.9
everywhere oh Tight Ball tight boa do23140.685.9
not shoot a bug23143.742.84
Misty Christ23147.945.58
just just use the sword I'm going I'm23150.7184.722
going to crawl23153.524.438
get away from me oh my God no23155.445.118
[ __ ] sick this might be all on you man23157.9586.202
run run hey oh yeah23160.5586.042
okay don't get it I'm Stacks fast fast23164.166.82
I've been whipped no thick no go on23166.68.72
without me I'm shooting them23170.984.34
oh that's bro23189.9587.622
hey Garfield how you doing Garfield23193.087.9
lasagna it's Bill Murray oh23197.588.52
who hates Mondays yeah you hate Mondays23200.987.318
hey neebs23206.14.42
yeah man there's a beautiful white one23208.2985.462
out here level 108. and this is what we23210.525.4
want right there coming up and sniffing23213.765.038
yeah we could name it powder that sounds23215.924.62
good I'm gonna go ahead and uh get the23218.7984.26
saddle and I'm gonna build a catapult23220.546.3
okay perfect hey hey powder a future23223.0586.602
powder is that is that named after that23226.845.64
Odd Movie from like a long time ago I23229.664.92
think it was a heartwarming movie Simon23232.484.5
uh powder had magic powers and was uh23234.584.138
bullied and all that stuff just happened23236.985.04
to be very powdery oh you know what I23238.7184.682
mean he was in a small town and all23242.022.82
these like23243.43.898
just [ __ ] you know high schoolers23244.845.34
giving them [ __ ] yeah and now this one23247.2984.562
here I'm gonna give this one [ __ ]23250.183.36
because it's different too I don't know23251.863.06
if that's the angle we were going with23253.543.24
with this we're we're accepting this23254.924.44
part of our family and it's in okay I23256.785.46
tell you what you look ugly powder23259.366.48
you're an ugly piece of dog [ __ ] Simon23262.246.12
wow what is wrong with you you said23265.844.2
family right I thought that's how you23268.364.68
treat family oh yeah you're right you're23270.045.82
right that is the that's the true love23273.045.4
all right this one's almost done 98.523275.864.698
hey boy lookie lookie bring him back to23280.5588.16
base we'll get it settled up coming back23284.684.038
all right dick if I remember we get down23289.03.9
here this is kind of close to where we23290.625.12
died last time23292.96.478
nice good job ignore the bugs they don't23295.747.38
even exist bugs what bugs23299.3786.302
yeah all right there should be okay type23303.124.96
bullets coming in yep don't hit the bugs23305.684.14
all right I'll let you I'll let you do23308.083.84
the shoot because I got a shotgun he's23309.824.318
stuck it might spray a little bit Nice23311.924.26
Shot thick all right there should be a23314.1385.302
little ramp down here to the right23316.183.26
brought through these guys without23319.484.62
touching them which I'll see23321.2184.882
oh [ __ ]23326.322.898
we're good we're good23330.8785.062
oh no after all lasagna23335.947.3
okay okay23343.242.6
oh yeah there we go you got it yep I23346.0586.782
make this jump come on oh Beauty yeah23350.084.26
very nice internet23352.846.118
okay how about this up yeah that's23354.348.458
badass now I'm gonna build some ammo you23358.9586.18
need rocks there we go we got rocks23362.7985.16
today could have gone so much worse yep23365.1386.182
yep yep I agree I like what I see set23367.9585.702
your rifles on track and let's go grab23371.325.52
that 10 was it 108 10823373.666.62
Coming For You powder23376.843.44
holy crap Vic yeah I think I see an23380.625.82
artifact really yeah it's kind of cut23383.684.86
over there by that wavy looking thing23386.446.858
coming see it right up there oh yeah23388.547.64
this is this is it23393.2986.102
that's you that's your celebration yeah23396.186.16
right now it is look there's tons of23399.45.158
mushrooms and gases around I'm gonna say23402.345.6
some crazy [ __ ] okay Kumbaya23404.5585.522
[ __ ] can you get through over23407.947.118
there I think so don't touch anything oh23410.087.74
shoot tight23415.0586.602
okay lots of them good job dick okay23417.827.58
walk right past this wild um23421.667.02
[ __ ] I hit I hit the [ __ ] lizard the23425.45.86
the centipede I killed it though oh God23428.684.86
oh God anything else anything else fall23431.264.56
back to a safe spot if you need to I'm23433.545.9
killing Titan good I'm good23435.823.62
oh it's right there oh my God oh my God23440.325.15
oh my God artifact23443.085.669
now we get the [ __ ] out of here I don't23449.684.22
[ __ ] tits oh oh thick just hoof it23456.2987.602
run running let's get the [ __ ] out of23460.9585.902
here all right let's go23463.92.96
hey can you know these trees down23473.16.64
oh we got bugs crap okay yeah clear some23475.984.898
of these trees out so we got a clear23479.742.52
say I'd say that's a pretty clear shot23482.265.9
salmon you gotta drive I'm shooting I23500.585.94
don't know what you're talking about23503.682.84
you're screaming so loud I can't even23507.244.84
understand what you're saying23509.624.08
could have been a rock to the back of23512.084.26
the head I don't know oh I got Stanberry23513.74.66
he's gonna make your mouth a little dry23516.346.439
I'm not on it get it yeah got him23524.767.5
yeah yeah23529.62.66
go down oh God we're gonna wire it why23535.485.88
can't I move him are we stuck on23539.684.1
something why won't it move uh poisoned23541.366.3
get it names get him right there oh come23543.786.598
on Focus I don't know23547.667.2
come on oh so I can't move all right go23550.3788.042
down powder kill him23554.863.56
the boaters don't knock out the things23559.242.88
well I think we have the answer right in23560.682.82
front of our face don't we well they23562.124.22
knock out crabs23563.52.84
oh yeah yeah dangerous journey I believe23580.1387.0
it got some piercers everything about23584.5586.66
this area is dangerous so now I these23587.1386.902
guys are slow so I'm gonna try to I'm23591.2184.382
gonna try to make mine one of the23594.044.678
fastest ones ever if it lives past today23595.66.3
okay we got piranhas in here are they23598.7185.882
gonna attack us but you're on a big23601.95.64
you're good all right help me keep an23604.65.458
eye out for a pass stuck on a okay log23607.546.06
okay uh yeah it's tight in here yes23610.0585.282
there's an alligator coming there is23613.66.538
it's all right Simon that's okay uh uh23615.347.23
it's very it this is not a good place23620.1383.862
first person helps does it of course a23624.06.84
little bit when you're following23627.946.54
you you do you're passing yeah that's a23630.847.86
fast enough passing I'm going for it23634.488.88
I need to level up yeah baby where where23638.77.358
are we heading though exactly we're23643.364.5
trying to go find that water hole so we23646.0583.362
can go find the crabs we're gonna get23647.863.72
crabs salmon we're gonna go get crabs23649.424.798
all right so are these parishes supposed23651.585.28
to help us get the crabs yeah because uh23654.2184.982
well this one is the front all right and23656.864.68
what's with the colors I mean it looks23659.24.438
good but wait is that a specific theme23661.544.38
or did you just feel like doing doing23663.6385.16
that mine's very basic because it's the23665.924.32
lowest level and it's probably gonna die23668.7983.602
so I put Skull and Bones on it and named23670.245.1
it dead meat I like it and mine's called23672.45.818
don't worry so I thought uh who doesn't23675.346.118
worry Jamaicans flop23678.2184.772
look at that thick it's beautiful it's23684.586.24
it's gorgeous all 10 of them which one's23687.826.478
your favorite uh oh this one easily yeah23690.826.42
yeah looks like that from Star Wars23694.2985.722
which one the floating one with a needle23697.246.66
oh takes Princess Leia and oh yeah Harry23700.024.98
yeah poke yep my favorites right here oh23705.05.74
yeah I could see why I could see why and23708.583.478
I can see how you could also like this23710.743.42
one here that's true that one that one's23712.0584.08
nice too oh hey from what I understand23714.164.558
we didn't need all these for the the23716.1384.442
boss well I mean it depends I mean yeah23718.7183.722
we only need a few for the easy boss23720.583.298
fight and then there's the medium boss23722.443.06
fight list that's the hard boss fight23723.8783.722
but thick let's let's see what I'd be be23725.54.2
real yeah we're not gonna do23727.63.48
we're not going to do the hard boss23729.73.3
fight no it's probably the medium we're23731.083.36
down to this team we're gonna do the23733.03.84
easy because yeah the easy is the hard23734.445.938
for us exactly we're incompetent exactly23736.845.94
but uh so let's figure out our next move23740.3784.702
we have all the artifacts23742.786.06
and I think now Mr father bottom what23745.084.718
are you doing23748.843.42
it's so rambunctious yep a little hey23749.7984.26
scam but we need to get all those23752.263.72
T-Rexes over there that we have in the23754.0583.482
spider cave and we got to get them to23755.983.5
the red Obelisk23757.546.38
bye black boy and your black boy23759.487.658
my black boy your black boy gotta set23763.925.218
that black on fire23767.1386.0
now oh23769.1384.0
oh is that a Jamaican song I don't know23774.585.718
but it's in a jamaican-ish way23777.946.08
regardless it's a fun song is what it is23780.2987.382
makes me think of Beetlejuice oh yeah23784.027.06
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice say it one more23787.686.038
time fatal oh we were close to having23791.087.218
them up here oh Beetlejuice I said it23793.7184.58
ah this is gonna be a job isn't it dick23804.7184.66
it is it's a job I don't want to do but23807.2184.202
it's got to be done yep and we don't23809.3783.362
want salmon to do it because he's just23811.423.24
gonna [ __ ] the whole time yeah we'll23812.743.24
get our pitching out of the way now okay23814.663.78
let's let's you and I do 15 seconds of23815.984.5
bitching and then no more you know what23818.443.56
I'm not even gonna do it23820.484.56
no no you do it you do it for me I don't23822.05.558
want to move these dinosaurs I I don't23825.044.44
know how to drive them they're really23827.5584.5
hard to move and I can't see and I'm23829.485.34
just gonna complain this isn't my job23832.0586.602
I'm here to make people laugh and that's23834.828.42
it I'm the funny one you guys are ugly23838.664.58
you nailed it yeah all right come on23843.425.138
down here step one Fick we gotta get23846.6383.962
these guys to maybe the uh the the the23848.5584.08
tree base and then maybe we can drop off23850.63.358
the dragons and figure out the best23852.6383.542
route from there yeah I was figuring I23853.9583.242
figured we'd just come down here with23856.182.698
out the dragons because they're not23857.23.42
gonna follow the dragons they're gonna23858.8784.022
get hung up yeah how do they might23860.624.2
follow the dragon hold on let me I bet I23862.94.978
mean we can walk the dragons yeah okay23864.825.28
yeah I'll get some to follow me and it's23867.8783.42
actually nice with the dragons because23870.12.58
you can you know if you're in a tight23871.2984.802
spot you can fly out yep like this well23872.686.0
I said it and now I'm stuck on [ __ ]23876.14.98
Papa John here23878.685.16
move Papa John's who's not stuck on Papa23881.085.298
all right sometimes you just gotta kill23886.9582.942
the things in front of you though23888.74.08
sometimes but if it's a Triceratops then23889.94.2
it'll just anger the others and you23892.783.24
don't need to deal with that no hey23894.13.6
looks like there's a waterfall over here23896.025.82
check this out oh it's a little wow look23897.79.12
at the fridge oh not gonna fit in there23901.847.798
that's two wives yeah let's take a look23906.825.28
though are you jumping off yeah hop down23909.6384.08
come check this out I don't really wanna23912.13.118
I can't really see the immediate23913.7184.022
surroundings yeah I mean I could do this23915.2183.74
is beautiful23917.746.44
oh my God these are beautiful wow23918.9588.862
I see it you gotta see the red tree in23924.185.86
the waterfall Are you seriously not23927.823.8
gonna come see this23930.045.04
like for real is it really that nice I23931.625.8
mean is it incredible it's incredible23935.085.94
that says a lot all right I'm coming I'm23937.427.638
coming too where the hell is he23941.024.038
you don't want to miss this okay this is23952.06.0
very very nice wow wow I mean why23954.765.1
wouldn't we have a house here geez I23958.03.18
don't know23959.863.54
this water's a bit loud but23961.184.68
but pretty I look I would this is like23963.44.44
white noise I'd sleep beautifully every23965.864.38
night oh my god listen to that until you23967.844.378
got murdered and so they got murdered23970.243.26
and that'd be fine23972.2183.482
I'm listening to this beautiful water23975.73.06
I'll take it as a sign of something23978.765.66
a successful day23981.043.38
g-stick this is a mess it's terrible you23984.586.18
know what here I got an idea23988.184.378
um why don't you have all of them follow23990.763.958
you and I can be the one kind of hanging23992.5584.5
back and I'd be like the sheep or no I'm23994.7184.982
sorry the T-Rexes are the Sheep I'll be23997.0585.16
like the sheep dog okay so you do all23999.74.38
the regling and then uh if they get24002.2183.0
stuck which they're gonna get stuck24004.082.76
because they keep getting stuck I'll be24005.2184.022
the guy that hops on the dinosaur and24006.844.618
goes nope nope you get back in line okay24009.244.08
we can try it yeah and I think that24011.4583.42
might be the way to go so you just worry24013.323.36
about moving forward and not worry about24014.8783.542
keeping the ball I think we got them all24016.684.378
out of the spider cave though yeah nope24018.424.08
there's still one hanging back here who24021.0583.542
is that I'm guessing it's a pasta name24022.54.98
oh yeah this is It's parm parmesan's24024.65.64
back here parmesan yeah and meatballs24027.486.318
back here too come here meatball24030.243.558
feel like we're getting close I hope24034.025.4
anyway this is gorgeous up here oh yeah24036.364.74
over here no I don't want to live up24039.423.84
here I'm happy to be doing a trail walk24041.14.38
though no I mean like yeah I'm very24043.264.14
impressed with the whole area like even24045.483.18
when we were walking over that bridge24047.43.238
earlier on like the columns are really24048.665.16
nice oh what this is it guys oh sweet24050.6387.442
successful I do that's our goal that's24053.828.7
our goal okay I gotta get some energy24058.088.7
back and a Jeep back so right here24062.527.38
there's a giant hole24066.786.96
it goes down into a Cave System okay so24069.96.058
oh boy I don't know if this is gonna24073.744.02
work but someone's gonna have to try24075.9583.962
well jumping in there with their ferrism24077.765.878
probably man dead meat huh probably you24079.926.298
would think yeah and maybe the safest24083.6384.262
thing is I think in Oregon if you jump24086.2183.24
off your animal just before you hit the24087.93.478
ground you don't get hurt as bad can't24089.4583.142
see the ground24091.3784.862
yeah it's only like maybe 40 50 feet24092.66.58
deep okay this is science uh at its24096.244.74
finest all right ready24099.184.44
I'm ready ready guys I loved you very24100.984.318
um and I'm lying when I say that right24105.2986.442
godspeed godspeed good luck24107.484.26
fine oh you're good perfect and there's24116.285.46
another waterfall up here but I'll wait24120.183.3
for you guys to go oh God this is a what24121.743.84
what is this come on come on down24123.483.96
someone come and help me all right I'm24125.583.86
coming facing the damn thing I'm coming24127.445.0
I'm not fighting anything except for the24135.446.0
wall I'm coming in24138.0583.382
yeah oh yeah we lived Perfect all right24141.64.5
now we're just gonna make our way over24144.9583.482
here don't jump off make sure all the24146.16.118
harassers are hold on healthy24148.445.88
you got all those uh yeah yeah all right24152.2184.802
I got the party okay sounds good we got24154.324.5
a big old log to go over they they24157.023.66
follow pretty good so we're in good24158.824.92
shape yep except for spaghetti figure it24160.685.278
out spaghetti no not that way spaghetti24163.745.28
spaghetti [ __ ] spaghetti oh wait24165.9584.982
spaghetti's doing the Skyrim horse thing24169.024.26
I Believe In You spaghetti you can do it24170.944.858
and we look at spaghetti damn it hey24173.284.8
wait stop dick oh wait nevermind there24175.7984.382
you go go spaghetti24178.084.26
all right tell you what I think uh I24180.183.24
think everybody's following you I'm24182.342.64
gonna double back make sure we didn't24183.425.0
lose any okay24184.983.44
you ready for this I think you can make24189.845.118
this but but don't do the second one24192.0587.82
okay here we go here we go good boy24194.9584.92
yeah good you all good yeah you're24204.246.0
getting up here and waiting okay so any24207.65.52
any hints any tips just do it man just24210.246.6
go for it do it you're the man all right24213.128.178
doing it yeah come on baby24216.844.458
oh yeah nice24221.75.098
I don't know how to get up on this lift24224.73.48
I don't know how to get up on this fine24226.7983.362
yeah well it's fun come on baby you24228.185.038
can't get up on the lift okay look at24230.165.96
love God24233.2182.902
yeah all right all right yo now now what24236.67.5
oh I'm sinking come on baby24240.243.86
we can't get it up on it oh come on come24245.124.598
on there we go you got it you got it24247.864.74
come in come uh like a sideways angle oh24249.7184.682
yeah come on baby excess this up here24252.65.9
come on take some time24254.44.1
thank you24261.662.12
okay I'm gonna try to hug the wall over24266.367.72
here yeah yeah this could be uh this24270.486.84
could be the end guys you're good man if24274.085.52
you can uh scale that wall yeah I think24277.325.36
you're oh let's get down to okay24279.66.38
yeah oh yeah24282.687.84
looking good yeah don't worry okay this24285.988.738
is the bigger drop uh-huh as well go for24290.526.3
it Simon that's promising all right I'm24294.7185.302
doing it I'm starting24296.823.2
did you get some damage or no I don't24307.345.92
think I got any it just it shows no good24310.5585.522
I got a little damage I think yeah oh24313.265.58
there you go I've got some damage good24316.085.84
job come on don't worry you got it24318.846.6
okay yep a little bit there okay not bad24321.925.76
okay I think uh I think we gotta go this24327.685.198
way the Obelisk is over there so I think24330.544.08
if we take this path to the right down24332.8784.142
okay we're just gonna have to kind of24334.624.258
swim over there we can just swim them24337.023.358
down to that Lake would be good so the24338.8782.882
way that I'm going right now take them24340.3784.26
this way yes go down that path okay a24341.764.26
couple of stragglers I'll see if they'll24344.6384.682
follow me all right man this is madness24346.026.118
I know it's a cluster it's a cluster but24349.324.26
hey at least we're out in nature you24352.1383.182
know good little walk to the woods what24353.583.36
is that a pegas Max24355.323.66
get out of my way but it's a beautiful24356.944.98
area it is it's gorgeous and my favorite24358.984.5
thing about Mr feather bottom is he24361.923.9
makes little uh um fireflies around me24363.484.92
yeah notice that yeah I like the little24365.824.62
fireflies they're cute all right can we24368.43.84
get them over this lip uh there's a one24370.444.32
one made it yeah just get them well if24372.243.78
we walk them down this River we can get24374.762.878
down to the lake get down to the lake I24376.022.82
think we can make it we're getting close24377.6384.762
I mean the Obelisk is right there24378.843.56
I'm gonna try this way first nibs okay24382.625.28
come on down24387.95.158
okay phase one complete phase one good24389.525.52
this is the questionable phase walking24395.048.16
turning okay phase two complete oh boy24399.0587.32
you good all right gotta do a uh 8024403.27.018
point turn right quick 80 point turn and24406.3786.722
that's down to 40. 40 points does that24410.2185.942
mean 80 degree uh I think it's just the24413.14.74
amount of times oh yeah like a24416.163.6
three-point turn that's like three back24417.843.718
and forth yep yep yep okay here we go24419.767.038
gotcha Yep this is okay24421.5585.24
I like those noises I know you do okay24430.285.14
that one hurt a little bit but I feel24433.743.478
like I'm in a pretty good spot I'm gonna24435.424.44
put my torch on my butt hug it just24437.2185.102
hugging the far left correct just always24439.865.278
hugging the Rocks all right and I don't24442.324.8
see where I'm supposed to land here so24445.1383.84
so should I just hug the rocks and go24447.123.72
off this little ledge go off the24448.9782.762
all right instinct24451.746.54
come on baby come on come on baby come24454.55.458
on come on24458.283.358
oh God24459.9583.18
down the hole24461.6384.08
instincts put me in the hole and I'm24463.1383.482
oh on the other side oh my God24466.624.82
that's the happiest avocado I think I've24471.924.42
ever seen I like your dance sir you're24474.365.96
looking good feeling good I love it24476.343.98
just killed Winnie the Pooh oh Father24480.544.14
it's called the old mother dance it's24482.74.5
what he's doing all right man just24484.684.94
around the corner we should be good oh24487.24.8
yeah yeah yeah24489.624.358
oh hey there's another Carno thing up24492.03.958
here that might be Alpha stuck as hell24493.9783.0
I'll take care of this Carno all by24496.9783.542
I'm about to burn your ass24500.524.618
come up get him oh yeah oh yeah come on24505.1387.382
oh boy you're a tough one huh oh you're24510.04.5
you're a tough one oh wow you are bring24512.525.82
him over here oh yep nope stuck in his24514.56.78
there we go come on come on come down I24518.344.798
got some friends I want you to meet yeah24521.284.58
come right over here24523.1384.862
oh he's over there are you running24525.865.26
scared now come on this way yeah come on24528.05.04
this way I got some buddies of mine yeah24531.124.438
you meet Tina and Sal and uh Domino's24533.044.758
and [ __ ] Chef Boyardee24535.5585.462
do we have a Domino's in here all right24537.7984.782
well we got everything else don't we I24541.023.06
think we have a Papa John's if we don't24542.583.78
have a Domino's yeah we're nobody if we24544.085.82
have a dominoes oh boy all right T-Rexes24546.364.858
are at the Obelisk let's go get the24549.93.54
a little bit of Speed come on crystal24553.446.48
there we go just stick it stick it stick24555.746.54
it okay yeah24559.925.82
I'm here okay yeah I'm here good okay24562.287.54
all right hold on Buddy okay I have one24565.746.96
cryopod we should have had three24569.824.558
cryopods that have made things a lot24572.73.96
easier it's true I'm gonna try to jump24574.3784.142
oh boy I'm gonna try to jump onto your24576.663.6
dinosaur you ready yes24578.525.42
okay and oh boy24580.266.6
all right I've already put24583.945.38
um actually no do you have a parachute I24586.866.358
have a parachute I believe equip it it's24589.327.08
it's in my zero slot okay perfect I'm24593.2186.062
gonna put a cryopod into the dinosaur24596.46.12
okay so I'm gonna get out of here and24599.285.82
it's gonna be your responsibility24602.524.438
um here we go it's a cryopod your24605.14.02
dinosaur you're gonna have to coordinate24606.9583.662
this all right you're gonna have to24609.124.08
cryopod the dinosaur and then once you24610.624.14
have them you're gonna start falling you24613.24.2
got to hit that parachute okay finger on24614.765.34
on zero so if I hit it if I hit the24617.45.6
that's in my hop bar and I left it right24620.16.958
zero all right okay you're doing it I'm24623.06.34
not moving yeah just keep going keep24627.0586.5
going now parachute I already did yeah24629.344.218
thank you sir thank you well well24642.25.14
instructed I'd agree with patience love24644.76.08
and kindness that's me in a nutshell24647.345.82
come on get back up what am I not24650.787.62
getting off on Simon I screwed up yep24653.165.24
all right all right here I come I'm24660.686.24
going for it yeah you are come on baby24664.445.22
catch some of that wall please yeah we24666.924.08
caught a bit of it24669.664.38
doozy so be careful we're doing great oh24671.04.378
I'm gonna Dismount just in case you okay24675.3787.382
yeah yeah I'm perfect24679.026.3
I'm coming down I gotta do a little butt24682.764.36
down I'm only halfway full back on the24685.324.34
hill oh boy oh boy24687.126.24
jumped out yeah I don't stop24689.667.62
here he comes hello24693.363.92
that's right baby we're getting some24697.827.5
crabs all the crabs that's what she said24700.54.82
this is a lucky drop yeah I think so uh24714.7985.742
yeah from my left cover my left hop it24718.684.08
off cover your left cover when you left24720.544.86
I'm covering the left too you know oh24722.767.82
okay so please drop 14 glow sticks hello24725.48.158
all right let's go to the Rave they24730.586.78
still do those right sure every night24733.5587.08
okay dead meat we got a job for you my24737.364.84
I want dead meat to stick around I do24742.25.58
too run quite fun here we go yeah this24744.9585.062
looks better yeah this looks better24747.785.518
Easy that wasn't bad this drops okay24750.026.76
okay I'm gonna hug the left side on this24753.2984.862
attempt because it looks like a little24756.783.178
a little damage not bad there we go okay24759.9586.0
I'm down we'll kind of down you get at24763.326.12
least for starting yeah so far so far oh24765.9586.84
yep that hurt a little bit easy easy24769.446.81
okay we're down24772.7988.161
I'm downstairs where are you at I'm on24781.945.018
the second floor oh I see a little green24784.745.34
thing running around okay I'm coming all24786.9586.722
right okay boom nice nice Shield see24790.086.058
what nice Shield oh yeah man I found an24793.684.56
ascendant shield and an ascendant sword24796.1384.142
so I'm ready to do some you know sword24798.244.8
fight hell yeah but check this out you24800.285.16
ever seen one of these no oh my God what24803.044.5
is that uh well it says it's a mining24805.444.68
tool and I've never seen it or played24807.545.22
with it so I made one and yeah now I'm24810.125.22
gonna go test it out oh I want to see so24812.764.378
apparently this thing's supposed to mine24815.343.538
anything I wonder if it works on trees24817.1384.262
and rocks all right see what happens all24818.8784.5
oh you're like a Ghostbuster Jesus oh24823.3786.482
yeah okay okay nice yeah metal24825.9588.722
Flintstone oh this oh24829.867.5
that's awesome oh we gotta try it on a24834.684.42
metal like yeah I want to see what it24837.364.68
does to metal is that new yeah I've24839.14.8
never seen this thing before what what24842.043.78
does it do with a dinosaur oh I'm sorry24843.93.898
I see some metal over here oh I think it24845.824.68
I think he likes it oh really you're24847.7984.702
tickling him yeah24850.56.18
get him get him over here yeah here let24852.55.378
me drop some of this stuff so I can pick24856.683.798
up the metal all right24857.8785.882
holy God you get a lot I got like 36224860.4786.222
metal oh my God that's insane this thing24863.765.28
is fantastic oh yeah I feel like a24866.74.88
you look like a Ghostbuster you're gonna24871.745.7
get in that trap Slammer24874.326.12
oh boy what something built here that's24877.445.4
me and abstro we built that beauty oh24880.444.26
spinal just beyond right by the water24882.843.92
how far24884.74.438
we may want to lure it this way huh24886.765.02
spider we're about to take that spino24889.1384.382
out so why don't we sharp peppering in24891.784.92
from here okay yeah three two one fire24893.526.24
got a shot got a shot is he coming oh24896.75.7
there's a crab there is a crap right24899.766.36
there oh my god oh boy is he coming he's24902.45.34
fighting the crab this is fighting the24906.125.22
crab that spino is bloody already so24907.748.52
yeah yep dad love it love it oh boy what24911.347.26
is it what is it it's a level that looks24916.264.798
different too I swear it's a level 7624918.65.878
perfect oh nice what do you think neeps24921.0586.202
76 sounds pretty good to me24924.4785.16
it seems about perfect for me it's not24927.264.48
too weak it's not too strong should I24929.6384.442
move this back yeah let's move them back24931.744.08
I'm wondering if we couldn't build a24934.084.32
Little Rock safe house over there yeah24935.824.86
and someone get in it yeah the crab will24938.43.72
go for them but we'll we'll knock him24940.685.878
out yeah that is a solid idea you built24942.126.358
the house I'll be your beat24946.5583.722
all right watch my back I'll start24948.4784.052
building okay24950.284.22
yeah I'm so excited follow me follow me24954.54.718
follow me okay what's up oh yeah yeah24957.04.02
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah come down24959.2183.602
here to the lake okay A little Pond24961.023.9
don't jump in this Pond we call it a24962.825.158
crazy Vision Pond oh okay but let's see24964.926.298
where's a good spot for this baby right24967.9785.182
okay there24973.167.26
Foundation coup de gras boom no way24975.3788.5
that's a toilet hell yeah it is don't24980.425.68
mind if I do oh well you're gonna do24983.8783.902
your business right here oh yeah hey24986.13.3
apparently if we we attach it to an24987.783.84
irrigation pipe I think it uh I think it24989.44.558
does stuff okay yeah hold on I brought a24991.623.598
couple so just give me a second all24993.9582.462
yeah let's see I'm not God I've never24997.684.44
laid water pipes so I'm an idiot in this25000.1385.16
field okay uh how does this work oh [ __ ]25002.124.5
all right no give me a minute I need to25005.2982.76
figure this damn it I need to figure25006.624.258
this out okay25008.0585.16
hey Simon yeah25010.8785.1
this is how I conquer my fear this is25013.2185.34
well because of the whole I get it yeah25015.9785.16
it's like the spider of this you know I25018.5584.982
mean I guess so but crabs are very25021.1384.262
different than spiders and you're not25023.544.08
yeah but this is very different than25025.44.02
crabs needs is getting really close25027.624.32
neighbors be careful up there bud I see25029.426.32
him I see yeah I see him yeah25031.943.8
all right keep on doing it and I'm gonna25036.5585.942
be bait correct you are like here and25038.546.3
you see the crab you go and you take25042.56.298
maybe a shot uh but don't hurt him shoot25044.845.16
him with something shoot him with25048.7982.642
something that doesn't hurt and then you25050.04.08
run back to here and you go in this25051.445.16
thing like this yeah shut the door okay25054.085.1
but listen I got it I could shoot him25056.64.5
with the track Dart no I should have one25059.184.14
bullet no we don't want to hurt him at25061.13.958
all it's coming guys come here come here25063.324.26
you don't want to hurt them at all we25065.0585.24
don't want to hurt him at all25067.582.718
keep telling me about this drink thing25070.847.08
just get in here get in here go get here25073.6387.622
at least you're on the back yeah I'm25077.927.74
here safe this is crazy25081.264.4
okay oh he's coming to bed25085.9586.162
yeah I'll just keep moving okay I'm25089.683.94
gonna go back towards Simon oh I don't25092.123.858
want to hurt it25093.625.338
oh sorry I shot at it once sorry sorry25095.9785.32
sorry shut the doors down there I'm25098.9585.742
trying to hit me it's down it's down25101.2985.062
we're good yes now he he's oh my God25106.366.34
he's running mate hey buddy it's dead25110.06.84
it's dead it's dead son of a [ __ ] I25112.76.358
might have hit too many uh leg shots I25116.844.44
was trying for the body damn it that's a25119.0585.482
touchy that's touchy25121.285.82
well thick I I think I hooked it up25124.544.838
correctly but something happened and now25127.13.66
I'm stuck looks like someone didn't25129.3783.122
flush their poop down can I flush this25130.765.36
thing can you oh I don't see anything25132.56.12
oh boy this is this is how I wanted my25136.125.08
day to go oh yeah this is like a bidet25138.625.46
with a tongue yeah I'm getting a real25141.24.62
deep clean here I shouldn't have to eat25144.085.16
for a while seriously I don't know how25145.826.54
to get out of this thing ah oh yeah I'm25149.246.3
stuck are you stuck in here oh God okay25152.365.16
the toilet all right I'm not I'm not I'm25155.543.598
becoming less and less of a fan of the25157.524.08
toilet uh we gotta get out well here we25159.1384.92
are you and I forever I'm I'm seeing25161.64.5
hold on stay still thick stay still okay25164.0585.82
oh wow hold on this is this is25166.14.68
um turn and like face the water okay25170.785.22
oh yeah look I can see like I can see25173.64.5
the back of your throat oh good your25176.04.798
tongue uh what if I try to log out and25178.14.198
then come back in try it yeah tell you25180.7982.882
what you try it and we'll see what it25182.2984.322
does okay hold on logging out oh there25183.685.458
oh God still inside you and I think you25186.625.4
passed out on top of me this is a25189.1384.382
wonderful day I'm having a great time25192.025.66
thick who says dreams don't come true25193.524.16
come on Betty there you go he sees me25198.4589.782
okay come on baby come on baby25203.09.0
come on baby it's fun hello25208.244.44
keep on coming looking good summon25212.684.6
alrighty you're ready thank you thank25215.2984.382
you all right in your little hidey hole25217.284.92
you backing me up neebs uh you ready to25219.684.32
go back a little bit yeah let's do it oh25222.24.16
boy it's coming right oh boy25224.06.12
I know don't even don't even move you've25226.366.76
got it don't even move don't even worry25230.125.82
about it this is disposable I won't move25233.125.098
until we start dying oh it's running25235.944.5
running nope just let him run let him25238.2184.08
run yeah don't waste any more ammo all25240.444.46
right running25242.2982.602
I'm just gonna get up its ass hey hey25248.29.34
come on okay what are you doing look I'm25254.545.22
not I'm not shooting at you I'm shooting25257.547.08
okay come on baby that's right that's25259.768.1
right that's a true hero uh-huh come on25264.626.72
get over here no am I that tough am I25267.865.698
that intimidating go at it babes go at25271.344.57
it neebs25273.5586.662
oh that was a leg that was a hit25293.264.08
at the hit oh don't move don't move25297.447.26
don't shoot now come on no that's too25300.945.438
oh boy come on buddy oh25306.3787.322
I gotta go around these rocks25310.584.92
and I stand by we'll cut him off at the25313.72.58
here yeah yeah yeah25316.284.38
a little bit of blood not bad let me25320.665.898
turn let me turn up25322.823.738
oh I'm out oh crap I didn't make enough25328.95.44
all right we got hold on I got more25332.05.34
metal in the Forge he's gonna get away25334.345.78
this time25337.342.78
hey hey all right I got something I want25342.165.138
to try okay where are you at I'm right25344.845.28
behind you hey hey I'm right here uh25347.2985.282
this is a transponder if I stick it25350.124.258
let's see if I can stick it to you okay25352.584.398
is it on yeah I can track your ass now25356.9785.682
oh like a scram bracelet like I'm a25360.923.538
celebrity on house arrest something like25362.663.24
that here let me get on the river and25364.4583.6
I'll test it out you can track me well25365.93.658
uh well yeah I was gonna have you go out25368.0582.762
and hide in the woods and see if I could25369.5583.182
find you but you took off already okay25370.824.68
well I can come back it's fine hold on25372.745.04
coming back25375.55.04
I love hide and seek all right all right25377.784.858
I'm gonna turn my HUD completely off25380.544.08
yeah yeah let's play hide and seek you25382.6383.24
go out there and you hide in the woods25384.623.06
and I'll see if I can't find you okay25385.8785.062
I'm gonna count to 10.25387.686.298
count to 20. okay well count to 20.25390.943.938
we're gonna do it really we're gonna25393.9782.4
speed this up so the audience don't have25394.8783.662
to sit here listen to me count the 20.25396.3785.542
yeah we're not gonna bore them one two25398.5410.82
three four five six okay seven okay okay25401.9210.9
ready or not here comes that's out how25409.365.56
the hell am I supposed to track him come25412.823.68
find me25414.924.378
and throw does this thing beep or25416.54.718
something at least when I push the25419.2984.382
button okay now hold on I think I have25421.2184.74
let me turn my hood back on did you not25423.684.98
see me what's going on oh okay oh man I25425.9583.722
was really hoping it would work25428.663.2
differently than this25429.686.72
you found me hey it basically just shows25431.867.3
up green like there he is oh so uh here25436.45.22
I'll I'll destroy this transponder okay25439.165.34
actually there you go thank you that was25441.624.56
fun just wanted to test it out yeah25444.56.2
blame though never use it again okay25446.184.52
all right come into the house just25458.9784.66
making sure he's on me come on baby yeah25461.186.0
it's on you it's on you stop right there25463.6386.152
I'll just do that to annoy it hey25467.185.729
okay don't move25478.7183.76
okay that's a good shot yeah we got a25480.743.3
good shot why are you running already25482.4785.882
two good shots come on back uh I'm not I25484.047.08
don't know it's crazy already running25488.366.778
okay I'll get him hey bucko I'm not done25491.128.23
with you he's not done with you bucko25495.13811.362
all these artifacts in the house at25506.54.42
night look awesome it looks like a rave25508.764.4
I love it25510.924.86
hey speaking of Rave and colors did you25513.164.0
know that you could change the color on25515.784.018
your flare gun I did not know that oh25517.164.68
yeah if you drag paint to the flare gun25519.7984.862
okay theoretically this should be purple25521.846.06
now let's see all right shoot it nope25524.666.478
that uh looks white kind of white matter25527.95.04
looks nothing like purple not purple25531.1384.442
that looks white okay no hold on try it25532.946.0
again I'll drag right onto it okay all25535.585.16
right see now that's it that's a red25538.946.018
that looks red now that's a red nice25540.747.38
so yeah I learned that today is a day of25544.9584.362
ah you just flashed me25549.326.3
did I yeah sorry ah again God I can't25551.7186.122
say I'm flying you're like a ball of red25555.624.8
right now what's happened this is why25557.843.958
they tell people not to play with25560.423.958
fireworks Jesus get off my Ghostbuster25561.7984.862
gun I wonder if you can Harvest metal25564.3784.742
and element and electronics from Tech25566.664.68
creatures let's go find a tech creature25569.123.31
hell yeah25571.346.029
ah crap he started turning the wrong way25595.844.26
hold on Dallas25597.926.48
say win stop stop stop there stop now25600.16.1
make sure they're not hitting the pillar25604.43.3
they're hitting the pillar it's no good25606.23.48
well you tell me it looks like a foot25607.74.4
that looks like a head on his butt okay25609.685.458
that looks like a butt hit nice butt hit25612.14.72
that was a waste that was a waste you25615.1384.742
gotta chase you gotta chase I'm out baby25616.824.68
there's another one right up here oh my25621.54.5
God yeah trap them in there oh okay25624.025.4
right here okay I'll go for it I can't I25626.06.74
can't it's too close okay hold on okay25629.4210.638
yeah that's right yeah yeah dang it yeah25632.7410.058
real bloody yeah that was right in the25640.0585.74
butt okay I'll Circle yeah don't let him25642.7986.622
get to that water real quick25645.7983.622
apparently it's hurting him and I'm25659.865.68
right underneath them oh go trap come on25662.2985.16
don't hit me in the head no oh no you25667.4584.5
don't have a shot oh crap you don't have25669.744.138
a shot it's too far I'm gonna knock him25671.9584.5
in the butt with one of these Pebbles is25673.8785.462
he gonna jump down this oh25676.4584.892
the head is that was that it was that it25683.428.55
hold on hey it's um contest yeah yeah25686.666.02
God bless you Simon you you listen you25702.284.96
did a great job I didn't think it was25705.443.778
gonna happen it was my little boo-boos25707.244.92
but I've got a great name guys what25709.2185.042
patience patience just caught them25712.165.18
little boo-boos I always needs patience25714.266.18
the name is patience now no it's not I25717.344.32
don't like it I don't like it either25720.444.88
neither of them other things25721.663.66
oh that's a pretty one thing oh yeah all25727.4585.462
right let me just try it regularly okay25730.44.38
anything that didn't look like it's25732.924.2
doing anything oh hey yeah just just25734.783.598
walk in front of me just walk in front25737.124.32
good this place is a mess oh I know all25738.3785.162
right thick I need you to murder this25741.444.018
thing you don't have to ask me twice25743.544.14
wait one more good shot all right yep25745.4583.542
he's trying to get away with me don't25747.683.06
hit me please don't shoot me I'm not25749.06.02
around me ah hold still25750.744.28
there we go all right now try it give me25755.686.698
some light let's see Tech parasaur can I25759.085.718
harvest let's go25762.3786.0
uh thick it's a failure ah you would25764.7985.08
think that would work yeah yeah that'd25768.3783.482
be a great way to get ticked yeah come25769.8784.742
on wild card at least give us this fix25771.864.56
it well at least we got a cool25774.624.338
Ghostbusters gun25776.426.18
I'm gonna slim you I want to go play25778.9586.242
okay that's it baby25789.6385.642
hello my friend25792.6385.022
we should always keep a glow stick on25795.285.14
his forehead let me uh where do I even25797.664.978
get to that I'm in it right now what do25800.425.58
you want me hold on I got it okay you25802.6386.542
know how to spell patience I do but I'm25806.05.458
not the one typing it the best crab name25809.185.76
you could imagine oh yeah crab rangoon25811.4587.082
just Rangoon for I know but it's Rangoon25814.947.56
yeah I love rangoons yeah me too I love25818.548.72
this one too you are adorable you are25822.58.36
adorably haunting like really this is25827.267.18
haunting it is man especially with the25830.866.58
glow stick on its Noggin is yeah that25834.445.64
was a good shot oh so we're the first25837.445.278
few Mission successful boys now we just25840.086.138
gotta get out of this cave alive25842.7183.5
if I end up dying somebody make sure25851.9784.602
they grab this cryopod out of me okay25854.843.9
you know I'm grabbing that thing before25856.584.32
you die that's how quick I'm not losing25858.744.38
this crab listen I know we're a mobile25860.94.92
Tactical Unit this is tactically sound25863.126.12
yes how far do we go like paratroopers25865.824.34
parasaurs we just go as far as we can go25870.164.78
before we could see it can you see it25873.1384.202
yet I can see it I can see it too all25874.944.88
right here we go25877.342.48
got it make sure you don't shoot your25881.623.46
Paris or in the back of the head I don't25883.6382.642
want to25885.083.478
but what's he after I'm missing25886.287.76
everything all right it's coming okay25888.5585.482
I'm coming over buddy25896.443.84
come on huh you're bloody you're bloody25900.8787.242
and you're scared yeah who's scared yeah25904.766.0
yeah that's right25908.125.04
okay all right now we got to do that all25910.764.44
the way through this cave so feed your25913.165.18
dinos and let's roll out25915.25.58
all right thick in order to do this boss25918.344.298
fight we got to get a few things we need25920.784.018
five Allosaurus brains five Argent TV25922.6385.102
Talons five Sarco skins five sauropod25924.7985.222
vertebrae and five Titan bowl of Venom25927.744.8
okay now I know what you're thinking man25930.024.38
it's super easy to just go to the swamp25932.544.08
with our dragons and just you know chop25934.44.2
away and get the stuff we need and yeah25936.624.858
we could do that or we could kill what25938.64.858
we need with plastic explosives I like25941.4786.32
plastic explosives yeah25943.4586.84
like this like this thick where's that25947.7983.942
yellow mine oh damn it there's a gallon25950.2982.76
minus over here is gonna blow up there25951.743.3
over here like on the treadmill it's25953.0583.9
like he's on a treadmill yeah yeah like25955.044.098
let's see25959.5586.302
nice yeah25962.263.6
let's go hunting for allosauruses25968.324.558
I'd like to get out of this River yeah25973.584.26
but there's a crab over there I don't25976.163.24
know if we can climb That Rock And25977.843.42
there's Simon we may have to Rifle this25979.43.02
uh yeah we could do that I'm ready when25982.424.0
you are25985.42.818
I'm firing I'm not seeing the hit25986.424.2
markers it's weird yep there we go25988.2183.902
saddle up I don't see anything here25990.624.82
ready yeah I'm ready yeah25992.123.32
I didn't see how big he is is he a big25996.2184.722
one he's the same size as the others I25998.9583.6
mean is he a high level oh I don't know26000.943.3
I didn't see any of that oh here comes26002.5582.522
another one26004.243.84
oh this one's oh come on finally bloody26005.085.1
get in there Simon Simon come on we need26008.084.08
you I was backing up to go get the other26010.183.68
he's right in the middle thank you26013.865.438
oh yeah you're doing a horrible job yep26016.5585.022
I am all right this one's down I'll see26019.2984.802
you guys later no no Simon we're gonna26021.584.2
need you hey meet you back at the base26024.13.48
yeah I'll see you later quick question26025.785.22
okay quick question yeah uh I know I26027.586.18
don't have a crab saddle uh do you guys26031.06.058
have one by chance no you know what I26033.765.1
don't have one oh hey you're back oh hi26037.0584.5
Simon yeah uh we would need blue gems26038.865.4
and I haven't seen any blue gems okay um26041.5584.682
well hopefully we'll see some blue gems26044.263.66
you want to try getting up here hold on26046.243.718
let me call Astro because we've been26047.925.4
finding Saddles and drops forever and I26049.9584.92
just keep putting them away so I don't26053.324.62
think we can get up here come in you can26054.8784.952
do it realized maybe climb that rock26057.945.219
pretty good26063.283.84
um why was I calling26064.9585.52
saddle saddle crab saddle crab thing oh26067.127.58
yeah can you check my uh saddle storage26070.4784.222
yeah canker news26076.4783.202
what a waste of time okay all right uh26087.546.12
so we got one26091.02.66
no whenever we'll whenever we get out of26096.15.06
the cave we'll call you back26098.22.96
I'm on it he's bloody you're good come26109.3789.782
on baby come on baby ah yeah26112.66.56
ah culo Del Mar yes Coolio the sun hey26120.4787.062
Allosaurus Straight Ahead oh really26125.864.198
already oh that guy yep that's an26127.545.54
Allosaurus is it yeah oh boy oh boy26130.0586.602
believe so okay so I'm gonna go up I'm26133.085.92
gonna plant the C4 on the Allosaurus and26136.664.02
then you pick me up and then I'll blow26139.05.34
it copy that all right here I go26140.685.4
so you're gonna have to pick me up quick26144.343.66
fix oh there's three of them up there26146.084.92
now oh really oh boy oh boy I got their26148.04.62
attention oh God where'd they come from26151.04.558
thick coming there wait I got another26152.625.28
one oh wait is there a cool down on C426155.5585.222
because if there's a cooldown oh what26157.96.26
the [ __ ] [ __ ] yeah run26160.786.438
I'm trying all right26164.168.52
why won't this block did it blow it blew26167.2185.462
big pick me up I'm trying26175.926.878
accurate with this thing hell no oh Mr26179.324.978
feather bottom26182.7983.282
oh boy they're here oh no come on Jesus26187.427.02
I just spawned it a headache I had a26191.825.1
Love Shack26194.442.48
up Jeffrey's get him26198.165.52
your white glove service is bar none26200.047.12
yeah okay I'm back in doralius's Love26203.685.52
Shack oh God why are all the love checks26207.166.2
here on the Beach come on man26209.24.16
what is it is every little Hut I spawn26214.445.618
into just here on the beach okay good26217.2986.062
where's Bernice Bernice oh come here oh26220.0586.302
did we wait did we get him yeah Jeffries26223.366.96
took care of him hey good job Jeffries26226.366.118
all right I'm gonna go dig through my26230.324.2
six or seven green bags I got right now26232.4784.442
and find the C4 copy that that's gonna26234.524.02
work on the Titan bows when we blow up26236.924.36
the tight bows that's gonna be great26238.544.22
all right there's a small one small26242.764.538
small jumper yeah we've been through26245.265.038
yeah man you should see the jumps we've26247.2984.742
done I remember it wasn't long ago at26250.2982.462
um no no not even26252.766.24
bro I think the exit is straight across26255.346.5
there there's like some illuminated uh26259.05.42
crystals across the way26261.846.218
all right man you're yours so we got it26264.425.32
so much faster than mine Simon it's26268.0584.08
pretty impressive yeah I uh I've leveled26269.744.8
up a lot of speed I'm at like 11526272.1385.522
percent gotcha okay sorry neebs didn't26274.544.258
mean to interrupt that was just26277.663.84
mind-blowing at this raw speed to my26278.7984.26
left you didn't interrupt I'm just26281.53.18
killing time you know that's what I'm26283.0583.66
doing small talk in it you know small26284.685.278
boy be careful here I'm tired right26286.7184.622
behind me right behind me right behind26289.9584.382
me what's up boy oh crap yep yep oh crap26291.345.4
oh and I can't I'm coming I'm tired26294.345.298
tired I'm tired too probably because26296.746.54
that was the worst time for yeah oh okay26299.6385.58
now at least it's coming26303.283.96
all right all right we're good you're26305.2183.882
getting I'm right here I'm coming I26307.243.058
don't know I'm coming around coming26309.13.92
around she's probably facing yeah26310.2985.882
all right there we go can't really steer26313.025.08
this guy very well why we're so tired26316.183.48
what are you doing dude you just kind of26318.14.52
sit in there and just watching I'm26319.666.12
good for you kid nice yeah everybody26322.624.358
great yeah we're great thank you all26326.9784.562
right well keep moving forward we still26329.54.5
haven't even like done anything with our26331.545.758
own or crab thing no we're getting it26334.05.04
out of here safely Simon we're being26337.2984.92
smart about this yeah because I hope26339.044.918
there's a payoff at the end are we going26342.2183.362
to be able to play with it of course26343.9583.362
we're going to play it would be fun of26345.583.54
course we're going to we all died I'm26347.324.318
not gonna come on I didn't even hear26349.124.438
what Nevis was saying okay it doesn't26351.6384.682
matter does it ever matter no no I26353.5584.562
actually thought I'm better off not once26356.324.7
has it ever mattered26358.122.9
because it feels nice out here oh I can26366.045.46
feel the breeze as I hunt for sarcos and26368.55.4
snakes did you have some sort of C4 plan26371.55.218
for snakes and sarcos yeah I did you see26373.94.92
this whole little green area I bet all26376.7184.142
the snakes and sarcos are hiding in that26378.824.26
that jungle Bush behind you thick oh26380.864.92
yeah okay I'm thinking we carpet bombed26383.084.558
this entire area I'm thinking you pick26385.783.9
me up in your dragon take me up high26387.6384.74
I'll parachute down and oh I'm gonna lay26389.685.278
waste to them all okay pick me up pick26392.3784.322
me up oh God that's a snake right there26394.9584.26
dick there's a snake on me oh how did26396.73.9
you not see this this was right below26399.2183.66
everything okay cool did I get any Titan26400.64.5
bow about him I don't know did you hold26402.8785.302
on let me check oh he's got a bag yeah26405.16.3
two titan bullet Venom so all right26408.185.32
we're halfway there think pick me up in26411.42.83
the Dragon26413.510.28
you still got no pants on26423.785.56
and I prefer it that way ooh Let My26426.45.46
Ding-A-Ling sing probably feels great it26429.344.618
does all right I'm gonna start dropping26431.863.54
here we go26433.9583.302
wait what does that say play can't play26435.45.28
C4 charge no ground or snap Point God26437.266.42
damn it Arc all right God why do you26440.686.24
ruin my fun we do my plan okay whoa whoa26443.685.458
okay what's your plan I need to take all26446.923.42
your clothes off and empty out26449.1385.122
everything consider it done26450.343.92
all right now we're on the right path26455.744.738
okay I've just been believing you the26458.024.08
whole time you know I I don't know I26460.4783.542
wouldn't know yeah It's Tricky down here26462.13.66
but yeah there's this uh long kind of26464.023.42
ramp cave that takes us back to the26465.764.26
surface okay and this is the ramp cave26467.446.3
ramp okay it looks familiar it's a good26470.025.278
call that we got three neebs I'm gonna26473.743.6
give you some props for that no offense26475.2983.84
I'm just sick of riding on these guys26477.345.58
man and and being nah they suck dude I26479.1385.16
thought we were gonna lose one by now I26482.922.4
can't believe they're all three still26484.2984.022
alive that meat has been very very you26485.324.38
know what it might be just like going26488.323.478
the opposite of what we've just to26489.74.38
proved that we're so tough that's what26491.7984.442
they were thinking yeah all right I'd26494.083.24
probably be the only one that gets out26496.242.7
of here all right I need to rest up dead26497.323.54
meat's a little [ __ ] yeah we'll take a26498.943.6
quick breather now at the top of this26500.863.9
cave that's where abstra and I met our26502.545.938
demise last time ah so what from what26504.766.18
there was uh there was ravagers there26508.4784.862
was Raptors and then there was a I think26510.944.32
there was an alpha Carno beyond that so26513.343.84
hopefully he's got they don't have a26515.264.68
chance against these bad asses I hope26517.184.94
okay you're gonna put that on me26522.545.88
boy all right and all I gotta do is go26528.426.218
find a Sarco they're down there all26532.186.618
right I see it on for it yeah26534.6384.16
Sarco let me know when to blow it oh26539.324.86
I'll let you know trust me all right I'm26541.366.96
being a swap boy oh that's a Sarco oh26544.186.48
come get me come get me come get me no26548.324.8
over no not there over here hey hey hey26550.665.88
hey hey hey hey hey oh yep yep yep yep26553.125.58
yep oh yeah Get Ready To Fly I think26556.545.16
all right killed it perfect all right26564.16.0
let me go get that sweet sweet Sarco26567.44.38
work yeah you ready to do another one26571.785.96
boy am I26574.1383.602
everybody keeping their stamina up yeah26578.5584.142
I haven't ran in a while so I'm ready to26580.546.0
I run all the time I got the stamina of26582.78.04
a of a 18 year old man oh really okay26586.547.018
yeah well just keep in mind we don't26590.745.218
know what's over this uh Crest here so26593.5584.622
make sure you got oh boy see you right26595.9583.662
there you see it to the left I don't26598.183.68
know what it is26599.625.88
an avocado we need to get side by side26601.865.56
so when he attacks we're in a good26605.54.558
attack a group attack that is a good26607.424.62
idea give me a second give me a second26610.0584.82
shot here anymore26612.042.838
okay okay here we go I think I have a26616.5585.382
shot okay I think I do too I have I26619.544.5
think I have a shot I think something26621.943.06
you're not gonna get right here beside26624.044.32
me I wasn't here look I'm peeking ready26625.07.53
okay let's do it yep Oh God sounds okay26628.365.96
come on come on going down I hate you26634.328.68
went over there okay yep so I'll get in26639.766.18
right two oh yeah all right I gotta get26643.06.24
around oh come on oh yeah yeah come on26645.945.16
baby good meat you all right I'm trying26649.243.96
to get in there that meat's Fearless I'm26651.15.778
you know he's [ __ ] rocks God damn it26653.27.16
okay okay okay okay26656.8783.482
he's not even letting me jump yeah he's26662.525.4
not even letting me juice26665.082.84
crap my Health's holding up okay come on26669.07.42
ah beautiful blue sky there we go oh26693.07.718
come on almost made it with that come on26698.685.278
all right nibs yeah let me see my babe26700.7185.942
all right and call app store please all26703.9583.442
yep standby26707.44.478
sir come in this is neebs26709.65.84
come in episode is neebs26711.8787.562
yeah good26715.444.0
ah thick did that work26723.946.3
hell yeah oh beautiful all right all we26726.2186.24
need now is some sauropod skins and we26730.244.86
are good to go26732.4585.52
what the hell's that noise oh26735.15.22
oh here we go hold on completely forgot26737.9785.0
about these idiots26740.322.658
yeah I'm here yeah yes yeah what26745.543.918
nope three cryopods26753.043.8
and a crab saddle yeah I've got the crab26758.864.38
pods I don't have any crab salad no okay26761.23.54
I can get the crab salad from the uh26763.243.058
from the other base so I gotta fly back26764.743.0
to base and then you guys came out of26766.2983.562
that cave26767.745.218
I know where you're at26769.866.16
well I need to fly back to the cave and26772.9587.68
then get the crab salad okay okay fine26776.026.75
oh there's my boys hey hey what's going26795.788.62
on what's going on hey y'all yeah hey26800.926.42
hold on let me land man I think we were26804.45.158
in sync on that you see that I did we26807.344.5
were like exotic dancers you guys start26809.5586.0
a boy band yeah oh yeah all right neebs26811.846.18
yeah man here you go baby uh thank you26815.5585.58
very much and Bam a one crab saddle I26818.025.698
gotta see this thing oh that's right are26821.1385.16
we doing it right here of course it is26823.7187.282
your crap and I will give it to you26826.2984.702
is you're doing26831.65.44
there you go there is the uh doohickey26834.524.438
and the saddle what do you do with the26837.044.678
doohickey uh you gotta equip it and then26838.9585.162
expel the crab okay well you you could26841.7184.92
have done that all right um yeah why26844.123.9
didn't you do that why you make him do26846.6383.362
that'd be so fun to watch him do it yeah26848.023.48
sure let's do it yeah let's let's watch26850.03.18
him struggle in menus for a minute and a26851.54.32
half no no it's gonna be really quick26853.186.32
bam watch out heads up26855.823.68
there's a crab on my head it looks so26860.765.15
much bigger26863.625.359
all right let's uh all right what what's26883.25.04
it do oh [ __ ]26886.184.02
a little bit of a jump thing I'm sure26888.243.58
you can charge it I'm guessing Okay26890.24.38
charge and jump that's a pretty good job26891.826.12
geez yeah not a bad jump now at all can26894.584.62
you guys see me let me get back over26897.944.38
here it seems like it threw things up so26899.210.16
Bam Bam Bam stamp bam snipping all right26902.327.04
um Let me watch out watch out real quick26909.944.938
okay all right all right26911.3783.5
ready oh no yeah I feel bad for that26916.925.82
hey can you pick me up and toss me I26933.95.5
don't know try it is that possible can26936.945.1
you pick up your friends yes I'm in your26939.45.478
class toss me across the lake26942.046.74
wow okay oh my God26944.8783.902
this thing's great I love it I love it26954.7186.062
what you doing there sitting with my26961.865.98
cute jaboa making snowballs okay so this26964.844.798
this is like uh seems like it's pretty26967.844.68
official yeah right we're coming to the26969.6385.222
end here right right yeah the end of26972.524.438
valguero the boss fight not today but uh26974.863.54
we need to we need to we got a lot of26976.9584.5
prep to do yeah and behind you guys uh26978.44.738
well Simon and Dallas you'll see there's26981.4584.562
a box yeah I see those I gathered a lot26983.1384.92
of the ascendant stuff or at least26986.024.02
upgraded stuff that nobody was using26988.0585.282
okay so I'm in I assumed you had vanilla26990.045.22
kite and stuff on right now yeah yeah26993.344.68
this is oh yeah is he are we doing this26995.264.798
now why wouldn't we well just don't26998.024.02
break it before the boss fight okay I27000.0584.022
won't okay grab it and don't break it27002.045.04
okay okay put it in a safe spot yeah27004.085.34
it's safe on my body that's great yeah27007.085.34
okay what about bullets what kind of27009.424.86
weapons you guys using for the fight I27012.424.26
have an assault rifle I'll be using a27014.284.858
sniper rifle that I have okay primitive27016.685.64
long neck rifle or a master shotgun for27019.1387.74
me I'm using snowballs no quit it okay27022.326.6
so simple rifle ammo You Gotta Throw27026.8783.902
that at somebody else answer I can't I27028.923.42
think I think it just throws it straight27030.782.88
and you're you're the you're the guy27032.344.878
that's straight okay okay27033.666.718
simple rifle ammo Advanced rifle ammo27037.2184.84
maybe we'll make some extra you're using27040.3783.902
a shotgun oh no I just have one and you27042.0584.08
know worst case it's in my inventory you27044.284.438
asked okay we got some training we we're27046.1385.702
gonna uh well go ahead Jake won't you27048.7184.202
why don't you tell them what we're doing27051.842.76
with Simon don't tell him just show him27052.924.02
okay yeah27054.64.08
yeah sure all right three two one break27056.944.16
guys we ready for this uh yeah I mean27073.826.7
I'm not exactly sure what the rules are27078.0585.16
I'm gonna get to my position here and um27080.525.16
well fickle explain it to you all right27083.2185.34
Simon you have four targets yes on the27085.684.378
Range here if you look out where I'm27088.5583.302
looking in between this area there's27090.0583.182
gonna be four targets you're gonna shoot27091.862.82
at I'm gonna call them out you're gonna27093.244.2
shoot them doralis is going to uh let us27094.685.34
know if they've hit or not at least this27097.445.76
far one the far one yes okay the far one27100.025.038
all right Shooter's ready on the right27103.25.16
uh I'm on the am I on the right just do27105.0586.0
you say red you just answer ready ready27108.365.46
Shooters ready on the left I get ready27111.0586.0
all Shooters ready on the firing line go27113.825.22
ahead big dig over from here all right27117.0584.74
Simon are you ready here we go ready all27119.044.32
right ready yep on the left and right27121.7985.16
turn around oh yeah three oh sorry wait27123.365.518
wait wait all right go go turn around27126.9583.722
you said turn around why don't you just27128.8784.382
do turn around no I'm gonna say three27130.684.86
and that's the one you shoot so one27133.264.86
soldiers right now soldiers are dying27135.544.14
can you just say to go and then I'll go27138.124.74
turn around turn around shoot dummy27139.685.58
number three three oh damn it that's27142.864.858
what you're doing God yep all right tell27145.265.038
me number four damn it that's a Miss27147.7185.102
that's a mess I'm shooting again do it27150.2984.742
again all right against all right all27152.823.96
right that's a hit that's dead center27155.044.08
great shot dummy number three number27156.784.438
boom dummy number two number two did I27161.2184.682
get three27164.943.538
on headshot it's like you did yeah yeah27165.95.1
and dummy number four number four oh27168.4785.702
please these guys are too easy that's a27171.05.478
mess that's that's another mess27174.184.86
step out in front of the range you're27176.4786.102
gonna be dodging uh incoming fire where27179.045.46
so where's it coming from you don't know27182.583.298
where it's coming from but you gotta hit27184.53.42
those targets no Simon buy me right here27185.8784.022
right here quickly move back quickly27187.923.718
what what right here right here all27189.92.88
right I wonder you're still gonna shoot27191.6383.42
the dummies Dodge incoming fire shoot27192.783.96
the dummies zombie number four dummy27195.0584.802
number four [ __ ] dodging fire dodging27196.746.66
fire got him Diamond number one dummy27199.867.38
number one oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah dummy27203.45.28
number three Tell me number three oh27207.243.66
come on come on I ain't fooling around I27208.683.958
ain't fooled around oh I just got27210.95.3
tranquilized what was that about okay27212.6386.202
Simon dummy number two27216.25.88
number two27218.843.24
okay you know that's a paintbrush27252.444.538
Where'd I put this thing yep there we go27254.75.46
yeah how does it work just crank it up I27256.9785.282
think right click to uh crank it up here27260.164.68
we go got it and then just uh pointed27262.264.698
yeah oh yeah27264.846.0
that is insane now we also need Flint oh27266.9585.982
there he is hey there he is and uh above27270.844.92
and a boom and it in see all right well27272.945.538
no you have to switch back to it to walk27279.444.84
oh really weird it's like it holds it in27281.944.5
there oh yeah27284.284.438
yeah that's cool Bernice come on this27286.444.26
now that's now see this is gonna be27288.7183.602
interesting can I pick you back up here27290.74.62
stay there uh-huh okay I can fly I can27292.324.978
move yeah yeah just hold on to your27295.325.0
tools got it27297.2983.022
yeah we're gonna go a little slow but I27300.9784.062
got you we could do it though yeah we27303.363.3
could do it all right actually no I27305.043.66
can't I'm at full stop okay drop a27306.664.74
couple things uh nope nope not doing it27308.76.258
don't give me no I'm doing it27311.46.3
all right Simon yeah moving target27314.9584.542
practice right there's a man out there27317.73.3
you're on a Manhunt you are going to27319.53.36
hunt him and you're gonna shoot him yeah27321.03.32
I'm not scared27322.865.04
I see you how you doing buddy are we27324.325.158
did you get him yeah already already hey27329.4787.0
piece of [ __ ] hey why don't we like27333.64.8
designate a time to actually start your27336.4784.16
little oh oh gosh27338.44.68
he's got to be moving he's got to be27340.6383.942
moving it's like I didn't even stop we27343.083.42
didn't start there was no starts moving27344.584.5
target practice moving I apologize all27346.55.4
right yeah all right return to27349.084.76
possessions go to one go to one you know27351.94.38
when I it can shoot just let me know27353.846.1
yeah now yeah you now try hey loser yep27356.286.24
I can't there's dinosaurs in the way hey27359.944.618
loser you can move around Simon go ahead27362.523.74
and move around that's what I'm gonna do27364.5585.282
hey can't get me fatty pants uh I can't27366.266.1
you talk too loud you know that okay oh27369.844.68
do I wow yeah somebody's doing a lot27372.364.46
okay you set up a [ __ ] someone's doing27376.825.2
a lot of missing I'm not really shooting27379.7984.382
that much because I can't oh well I'm27382.024.56
seeing them Zip by my head oh yeah all27384.185.6
right well I guess I'm close27386.583.2
oh did I get you there oh no all right27393.9787.262
hold on a second27398.4582.782
hey come on now get him27402.447.38
once oh oh did you make something mad27406.6386.522
did I Simon hit the deck in caught the27409.826.22
grenade hit the deck incoming grenade27413.167.218
there you go good man as27416.044.338
some rules get it for Simon the rule is27421.864.8
I suck and and I'm gonna do whatever I27424.7984.982
can to try to kill you yeah clearly yeah27426.667.58
but you still can't son of a [ __ ]27429.784.46
assault rifle and I still can't get it27436.024.038
I don't think way too many bullets27444.1386.522
oh God it took you got him Simon it only27447.546.24
took about a hundred bullets okay don't27450.664.558
forget to stuff your balls in his mouth27453.784.14
after you kill him okay what button is27455.2185.182
for that27457.922.48
all right and27463.3785.1
boom you have a chest right there in the27465.9784.0
middle of the room well yeah because uh27468.4783.422
to put all this metal in to make this27469.9783.542
one ascended thing I have to move all27471.93.898
this other crap out of our Smithy right27473.524.5
yeah I just went over that with some27475.7985.222
with some armor recently yep yep yep yep27478.024.38
so yeah just clearing this thing getting27481.023.958
this is the easiest way to do it yep uh27482.45.22
behind it we're getting tons of uh27484.9784.862
charcoal which we're gonna need for the27487.623.598
bullets oh yeah we're gonna make a lot27489.842.458
of bullets hopefully the other guys27491.2182.642
aren't wasting them doing stupid [ __ ]27492.2984.382
yep you're making an ascended uh rifle27493.866.42
thing yeah long neck rifle uh-huh and27496.685.298
what are you doing over there I just27501.9784.722
never did a thing in the room this small27504.544.56
before you know where'd he go27506.73.84
oh there he is27509.13.8
okay yeah sorry God don't use this thing27527.2985.76
indoors nope27530.043.018
Simon yes in the arctagon is your first27533.187.42
mortal enemy the are we really starting27538.085.218
with this yeah we're starting with that27540.65.34
don't quit listen this is how it goes27543.2984.882
they can't hurt me27545.945.518
and her fight fight all right hey buddy27548.188.14
sorry actually but this isn't fair okay27551.4588.162
oh boy inside oh okay all right good job27556.325.52
Simon thank you that was a it was a good27559.623.9
one was that we should have uh your27561.843.718
second world enemy coming very soon27563.525.58
coming in with the second enemy oh no27565.5586.362
Simon Okay and he picked me up oh you27569.14.74
yeah you don't want to do that no don't27571.925.538
worry I didn't mean to all right27573.843.618
I'll get you yeah and then I'll go like27581.785.14
this because I I cheat sometimes get in27584.344.378
get in the arctagon Simon doesn't count27586.924.2
if you're if you're out oh all right27588.7184.08
I believe we have a third uh mortal27592.7985.702
enemy coming do we coming in with your27595.745.1
third opponent Simon all right27598.56.74
good luck Simon oh God this27600.844.4
you gotta get better27614.95.2
okay so now what my stuff get back in27617.43.978
there Simon27620.14.458
hold on hold on I'm back in the rain27621.3786.58
oh no you don't oh he wants to fight me27624.5584.842
let me show you what a warrior looks27627.9585.282
like no the warrior breathes fire what27629.45.6
are you doing27633.245.42
good match Simon27635.03.66
oh here she is oh blue where do you want27639.266.28
the dummy yeah just anywhere out here I27643.3784.08
don't know maybe over here to the left27645.544.438
ah how about the roof I don't care just27647.4584.082
put it somewhere we don't go on the roof27649.9783.422
enough do we we don't then we have a27651.543.598
grill up there we got a grill we built27653.43.478
this nice roof we never use it it's true27655.1383.122
oh you know what that reminds me we're27656.8782.942
gonna need a lot of food not for us but27658.264.198
for all those damn Hogs yeah yeah okay27659.825.0
that's easy we got wyverns that's true27662.4587.042
maybe over here yeah yeah27664.824.68
there there she is all right okay I'll27669.924.66
run back over here so do you have a27673.083.478
normal long neck rifle as a matter of27674.585.1
fact I do hold on and here it is all27676.5585.702
right let's test this out okay so you27679.684.5
were the normal one you you take take27682.265.28
the shot me first okay and I got a scope27684.185.458
it's gonna be a bull oh man I'm shaky27687.545.098
keep it together neebs Bulls up27689.6384.622
all right what was the number I didn't27692.6383.482
look that's the whole point of this I27694.264.02
think the scope might have been okay hip27696.123.42
nope I didn't see anything there's no27699.543.78
number why is there no number I thought27701.583.478
there was a there should be a number how27703.323.6
come or no number why is we have a bad27705.0585.16
dummy nothing is our dummy broken ah27706.925.638
come on what's wrong with you all right27710.2184.322
there's something you gotta do to this27712.5584.022
thing I don't know training dummy never27714.543.15
been a thing before27716.584.42
I don't know all right shoot it with27730.045.918
that okay no not with that okay27732.186.06
no why would it just need to warm up27735.9583.902
it's not an old car what the hell is27738.243.84
going on yeah all right now I'm gonna27739.863.48
shoot it with you you're getting it27742.086.36
break it up let him have it yeah27743.345.1
so deep this does not do as much damage27750.94.8
as I would think yeah27753.665.36
what a dumb dummy27755.73.32
you ready Simon uh I'm ready guys I27759.188.58
think so yeah okay and oh oh boy oh got27761.63810.5
him hit the fire got him again yeah I27767.766.84
feel so much power okay that was good so27772.1384.562
good at things you have an automatic27774.64.8
rifle though I have a single shot oops27776.75.098
there goes another one there we go got27779.43.54
got him oh27782.946.118
is it after that where is it oh oh right27786.2986.782
above us got it second boom no I didn't27789.0586.5
get it how do we do guys27793.084.86
where are you at horrible I'm right here27795.5584.542
I don't need I don't even see him half27797.944.74
the time don't don't throw me don't27800.14.198
throw me really still want more don't27802.685.1
don't throw me don't throw me27804.2985.76
did I catch you did I shoot you you27807.784.698
I didn't hit him but we all win though27818.124.78
oh yeah this is a this is a much better27822.96.898
dummy yep I got a 270 my health is 27027825.65.76
right now okay 2 727829.7983.542
270 and this rifle just does a damage of27831.365.098
100 yeah that's a standard rifle okay27833.347.1
well here we go you ready yep27836.4583.982
well it does more than 100 obviously27841.264.378
Uh crap um abstract we're gonna need27845.6385.222
armor I think yeah it says weapon damage27848.2184.74
is 100 but I don't know how much damage27850.864.26
that does yeah I don't really understand27852.9584.382
the percent thing yeah how do you27855.124.62
calculate weapon damage in this so we I27857.344.44
guess I should have27859.745.1
or turn that paint too uh should have uh27861.785.278
I should wear some sort of armor yeah27864.843.36
you want to throw it on like a chess27867.0583.182
piece yeah you'll throw on the chest27868.24.14
piece well I gotta go find one go find a27870.244.318
chess piece all right27872.344.618
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah it's looking27874.5584.262
pretty good yep full health standard27876.9583.84
kite and chest piece go for it all right27878.825.36
and boom yeah wow27880.7987.68
didn't die uh health is down to 212 when27884.186.52
I checked oh I'll go repair the27888.4784.622
Chesapeake Spirit backpack 212. remember27890.74.2
that 212.27893.14.56
okay uh chess piece is repaired all27894.95.34
right hold on inventory27897.665.638
oh you didn't put the chess piece on27900.246.18
all right boys we're gonna do some uh27903.2986.142
fall training okay27906.425.76
what right but the battlefield is27909.444.6
dangerous and unpredictable in many many27912.183.538
ways and you might have to deal with27914.044.64
certain uh the dude27915.7187.74
out of here Ladies God so basically you27918.686.34
just have to react to the environment27923.4584.02
and take out the uh any potential27925.025.278
threats okay okay all right and then27927.4785.882
what like oh okay here we go you don't27930.2988.402
know you never know fix up hey hey get27933.367.64
ready Simon okay27938.77.018
I'm up and I'm out oh yeah baby27941.07.0
I I don't think I'm gonna be very far27945.7184.982
yeah that wasn't a real good throw no oh27948.05.1
boy I'll survive anyway27950.76.54
are you flying yes I am Simon here yeah27953.18.06
right here see me oh boy27957.243.92
Anything Can Happen Simon okay I didn't27962.4784.362
know that that's what we were doing27965.765.16
anything can happen anything can happen27966.846.78
never mind Target eliminated well done27973.625.72
that's right you got it left let me put27980.4585.042
the armor on I know but it's so silly27983.163.898
okay but we can't do that do you27985.53.18
remember the number27987.0584.982
um 216. was it I think it was 212. damn27988.685.698
it 216 212 somewhere in there don't27992.045.16
shoot me I won't oh boy27994.3784.312
that's one last one I promise27997.23.14
the pilot needs dummies it's the best28000.345.218
day ever28003.22.358
ladies eat your heart out look at this a28005.745.5
lot of man meat all right abstro we're28008.784.8
doing it this time no matter what okay28011.244.08
ah I already made one I was wondering28013.582.878
how long it was going to take you I28015.322.638
think you're gonna play that that long28016.4583.42
okay so now I think this I mean this is28017.9583.122
an ascendant rifle I think it's just28019.8783.42
gonna murder you immediately uh if it28021.083.478
does it's better than the other one28023.2982.942
isn't it well yeah we figured that all28024.5584.5
right you ready ready28026.246.3
wow didn't kill me and my health is at28029.0586.482
only 83 okay so the difference between28032.546.418
83 and 2 12 or 216. I'm not a math guy28035.548.54
neither dude that's like 160 something28038.9586.862
16. right so the ascendant rifle is28045.824.26
powerful than the other rifle28048.324.818
we knew this28050.085.638
yes sir you have done well you have28055.7184.902
finished your training the next time we28058.74.74
go into battle it shall be against the28060.626.598
end bosses yeah I I Knight you uh-huh28063.446.0
like that Simon I don't know I don't28067.2185.042
think I learned anything today you did28069.445.518
okay yep it'll you'll realize it over28072.264.378
the next few days that's how training28074.9583.542
works oh all right so it's kind of like28076.6384.142
all right all right well that's like28078.55.458
like you got an STD yeah oh yeah like an28080.785.76
STD like it's gonna of knowledge an STD28083.9585.822
of knowledge indeed doralius yes preach28086.546.96
brother so when I start to itch or ooze28089.785.46
with plus that means that's what I'm28093.53.12
learning it's all knowledge knowledge28095.244.26
okay okay28096.628.97
just to make it clear I'm not the uh I'm28113.084.84
not the leader of this I just fit in the28115.6384.92
middle you know you fit perfectly in the28117.925.28
middle right yeah meant to be almost28120.5585.58
okay well hey it's a monkey in the28123.24.56
middle not the leader28126.1383.542
yeah but we don't have a monkey do we no28127.764.198
we don't have a monkey no can we get28129.684.86
this party started yeah guys so I've28131.9584.5
already put some of the random things in28134.544.5
the Obelisk here that we need to to get28136.4586.062
this party started and uh apsro has all28139.045.518
the what are those what are those things28142.526.32
called uh artifacts28144.5584.282
so where is aptro28149.024.858
hello boys28163.7185.102
oh look who it is28168.825.28
there you go yeah28171.3986.542
yeah her majesty is here hello28174.17.118
so did anybody in the Deadpool I wonder28177.946.34
put down uh boss fight I did be28181.2184.74
interesting uh unicorn dies yeah well28184.282.938
they're gonna lose anyway this unicorn28185.9582.882
is not gonna die in this boss fight no28187.2184.622
it makes me get mad28188.844.618
come on all right Dora you're gonna need28191.844.52
to stay still can't get into this room28193.4585.222
it's in my guess little creature sorry28196.364.3
excuse me all right you're nervous you28198.683.778
know shove your thumb up its ass calm it28200.663.558
down a minute does that work28202.4584.142
shoved your thumb up a crab's ass good28204.2185.26
it's very soothing all right boys are we28206.64.878
ready yeah yeah28209.4783.722
oh yeah28211.4785.202
give him a pig I mean come on come on28213.25.778
come on28216.684.32
it doesn't matter if you get on him28218.9783.642
because I think once we uh once we go28221.03.24
over it'll kick you off immediately28222.624.14
makes me comfortable FYI just go with it28224.245.218
okay and hey remember don't make the28226.765.34
monkey angry okay oh yeah that's right28229.4584.742
okay do not piss off the monkey don't28232.14.198
even go near the monkey here we go boys28234.25.12
all right oh boy28236.2983.022
all right let's go boys28240.3984.08
I see oh already purples oh already28245.866.88
purple come on dragon come on Dragon are28249.864.92
we shooting the dragon come on come on28252.743.08
come on28254.783.72
okay come on bring in the dragon bring28255.824.0
in the dragon come on I'll meet it right28258.53.66
here I'm meeting it right here come on28259.823.96
all right I'm going to attack the dragon28262.165.0
it's going going through Texas28263.785.518
why are you stopping on the cliff go get28267.164.058
the dragon will you get the dragon28269.2985.542
please there we go there they are28271.2186.74
Come On28274.846.0
Healing them up peel them up all right28277.9586.402
that monkey is far away and he doesn't28280.846.66
give a [ __ ] about us28284.363.14
we're getting this Dragon boys and of28290.7184.142
course coming in Man of course coming in28292.8784.02
I'm shooting now focus on the dragon28294.864.618
focus on the dragon I'm shooting the man28296.8986.06
down oh that's a lot of fire oh yeah28299.4784.82
buffing hard28302.9584.5
all right okay we're doing good this28304.2985.68
dragon's going down guys this dragon is28307.4585.1
going the [ __ ] down oh yeah over here28309.9785.48
baby come on baby dragon's Dead28312.5585.522
all right look at the Manticore lower28315.4585.622
the Manticore Wrangle the rexes stuck28318.085.218
under there okay let's do it I'm already28321.085.058
shooting them all right28323.2986.08
from a distance28326.1383.24
sit down baby sit down I'm waiting we28330.6384.302
want to see if we can bring him in and28333.7982.34
get him to lay it if we can get him to28334.944.458
land we want here he comes28336.1385.702
oh no that was a fake out that was a28339.3985.08
fake out come on baby monkey is still28341.844.68
far away good to know look he's still28344.4784.08
far away doing good don't piss off the28346.523.42
monkey remember that's the golden rule28348.5583.962
boys that's right baby should we uh God28349.944.5
should we move out a little bit no is28352.524.858
that a nice day he's shooting he's28354.445.038
shooting just shot that freaking what's28357.3784.08
gonna make him sit what's gonna make him28359.4785.222
sit come on oh oh wow the rallies you're28361.4586.122
getting nice oh yeah don't go too far28364.74.74
though bring it back nope I'm not coming28367.583.54
back this is a glitch I've heard oh wait28369.443.48
it's Landing I'm coming in let's go here28371.123.98
we go28372.922.18
[ __ ]28376.545.4
you son of a [ __ ]28378.2185.862
looks like it might be no it's not28381.943.82
Landing plan you son of a [ __ ] we only28384.084.34
got 15 minutes28385.762.66
I am on monkey Duty follow me you see28390.084.08
this unicorn look at this sexy little28392.7182.42
don't you want to watch this unicorn28395.1384.122
come on look at this unicorn follow me28397.3984.802
why aren't you following me follow me oh28399.265.4
[ __ ] okay come on come on monkey we're28402.24.98
gonna shoot him monkey monkey I'm right28404.664.5
here I'm right here monkey oh yeah oh28407.184.26
God the little monkeys yep the little28409.164.02
monkeys I'm trying to get that he's not28411.443.48
following me I'm shooting him I'm28413.183.9
looking at him I'm doing everything to28414.924.02
get the monkey to follow me and he's not28417.084.138
following me I'm gonna fight him in the28418.944.5
bed all right let's let's do the monkey28421.2184.74
stay back and shoot it stay back as far28423.443.68
a monkey28427.123.12
he's honest means run run needs run he's28430.7185.562
on me yeah he's on us I believe follow28433.74.56
us okay yeah let's lead him back into28436.284.56
this corner holy [ __ ] yeah you guys28438.264.618
focus on that man of course why isn't he28440.843.84
Landing yeah you know this is a glitch28442.8783.062
I've heard about in this boss fight28444.683.68
where the uh the Mana Court doesn't land28445.945.72
oh wow28448.363.3
why is this T-Rex coming over here he's28452.445.38
a dummy I don't know what to do now just28455.124.32
let him go at it I guess oh God he's28457.823.96
gonna die he's so gonna die I know just28459.446.32
shoot the monkey I'm shooting the monkey28461.783.98
oh yeah28471.2183.942
yeah oh yeah28473.0584.102
we're taking the monkey on man all right28478.368.34
come on baby28483.163.54
died no we got it we've got it we've got28487.125.758
it oh yeah28490.8785.1
oh God neebs yeah get these these little28492.8784.84
monkeys off me I got hit with [ __ ] they28495.9783.66
threw [ __ ] to me come on come on come on28497.7184.92
come on God oh God I am pooping in my28499.6384.022
okay I'm running towards a T-Rex I need28517.6384.802
to get on a T-Rex all right who wrote28520.14.92
The Who won the Deadpool mule was killed28522.444.56
by the man the pit Mega pit oh God28525.024.68
they're in a boss fight oh no oh28527.04.26
make these T-Rex's move otherwise28529.74.518
they're all gonna fall asleep28531.262.958
did I did I lure the monkey I thought28534.944.06
names were still having the monkey he28537.1384.802
won't listen to me focus on the monkey28539.05.42
give us a bump give us a bump28541.944.74
all right here come the hill I'm28544.424.298
shooting I don't wanna I can't see the28546.684.86
monkey I don't want to shoot my God it's28548.7185.42
so close it's so close28551.546.9
oh this monkey come on leave do you heal28554.1387.0
us I'm healing baby oh eat that monkey28558.444.618
god he keeps calling his stupid Gonna28561.1384.862
Hurt that's gonna hurt oh God everybody28563.0584.702
we're getting hit by the purple [ __ ]28567.765.138
this is the most [ __ ] boss fight oh28570.026.438
God no we're doing good we're doing good28572.8983.56
surround him oh God man of course oh God28577.66.118
I am caught28581.0582.66
oh god listen that monkey's going down28584.267.32
quick monkey's going down28588.53.08
I got it28602.624.12
it's Buffet yep oh the monkey's going28604.75.82
down that man is going down no he lift28606.745.54
it up maniko is up focus on the monkey28610.524.858
come On Monkey oh man we got a lot of28612.285.08
places T-Rex is here we got a lot of28615.3784.942
bloody T-Rexes here28617.362.96
to land28645.74.72
oh lamb come on just get on the ground28647.785.9
so we can hurt you oh crap28650.425.34
he's coming down he's coming down get28653.685.218
all the uh T-Rexes28655.763.138
he's down he's down get all the T-Rexes28661.125.08
on him come on come on come on come on28664.283.778
here we go here we go we might have him28666.24.938
in a good spot right now28668.0583.08
where's he at where's he at go ahead28682.7185.982
yeah get the get the T-Rex is following28686.64.68
and when he lands we bum rush his ass28688.73.92
diving rush rush rush28692.626.758
come on come on come on he's out of my28696.4586.302
face he's in my face28699.3783.382
is looking good28709.8984.122
get back in there I'm getting in here28712.124.5
I'm getting in here28714.024.8
this might be good come on we got him28716.623.4
locked in we're doing a lot of good28718.825.398
damage we gotcha come on I mean come on28720.028.18
come on let me come on28724.2187.202
[ __ ] he's up he's up he's up guns pull28728.25.14
off those guns I don't think I've missed28731.424.08
in about nine shots on him not gonna lie28733.344.138
he's coming down he's coming down attack28735.56.74
attack Rush yeah let's go28737.4784.762
come on ah damn it as soon as I got28743.7183.072
there all right28745.8782.362
please on him oh man three and a three28748.246.638
and a half minutes remaining boys he's28752.663.78
coming back down he's Landing or he's28754.8783.6
coming low oh that was his fake land28756.443.84
come on land you son of a [ __ ] I'm28758.4783.962
Gonna Bump so we're ready for it here we28760.284.32
go oh nope nope he's faking us out he's28762.444.56
figuring us out come on do it like28764.65.34
Warren and buff it yeah I'm gonna buy28767.04.978
your company because I believe in its28769.944.1
future value he's Landing28771.9785.882
let's attack ah I wish I could have been28774.047.9
there ah now he landed okay he's back in28777.866.118
the morning three minute warning taking28781.944.32
those shots taking those shots Focus28783.9784.442
fire Ram he's coming down he's coming28786.264.618
down he's Landing get it move it in28788.424.26
there we go28790.8785.222
Nick what are you doing I don't know eat28792.686.378
his ass28796.12.958
I mean come on I mean28808.367.92
come on28813.15.32
did we get any cool stuff probably28816.283.518
element that we'll never use to make28818.423.298
Tech stuff that we'll never use his ass28819.7984.08
that that's it I know I'm not there but28821.7184.562
I don't care I'm talking damn it I hear28823.8785.162
you in spirit Simon yes you do uh buff28826.284.98
us one more time before we go just for28829.044.4
good spirits28831.264.98
come on yes remember let us remember our28833.445.8
unicorn mule we made it pretty much the28836.244.64
entire Series yeah yeah28839.243.8
ah now we get the [ __ ] out of valguero28843.045.61
all right28847.727.309
fellow survivors humans yep and animals28877.3988.282
doing a speech dwellings no I I was a28882.9784.32
Survivor I could relate to that yeah28885.684.218
yeah I'm sorry28887.2986.062
like let's stop okay it's been a28889.8986.24
wonderful Journey a dangerous Journey28893.365.42
what did you say28896.1385.442
yeah I'll come down come there and talk28898.784.118
about it I thought you said you want me28901.583.058
to do a speech I didn't say a word there28902.8984.08
until you addressed28904.6385.102
listen I suggesting I did was I suggest28906.9784.562
when you hear a little like little28909.744.26
little snipple I'll call it a sniffle28911.544.8
you don't stop here you don't stop your28914.04.2
whole speech for it keep going with the28916.344.86
speed with the speech and again nothing28918.25.178
happened carry on please28921.25.698
my fellow survivors it has been an honor28923.3787.26
to survive with you to fight with you28926.8986.962
from the first starter base that28930.6385.5
dwellius and Simon started on the coast28933.864.98
yeah it seems to never leave from sorry28936.1385.882
about that like a 40 year old kid man28938.845.94
yeah y'all remember that we did fine I28942.024.858
enjoyed the I that that's the biggest28944.785.518
wall I ever built what go ahead do the28946.8785.882
marina base I mean the majority I'm sure28950.2985.34
when I bill and the lands of danger28952.764.98
remember how it got weird though when28955.6384.26
structures plus kind of remember she28957.744.44
shot the bed yeah same place looks like28959.8985.282
a weird jigsaw why are you bringing back28962.186.68
bad memories that nobody want to28965.183.68
the cliff base where many miraculous28970.526.66
Feats were obtained and conquered like28973.587.5
the toilet and out to the swamps the28977.186.56
swamps of swappiness28981.087.26
and fear oh no guys my phone died I28983.746.638
can't hear any one of you see we're28988.343.36
recording this late at night that's28990.3783.42
right I'm offline there you go he's off28991.74.858
I remember the swamp how does he not28993.7985.222
know to charge that by now is that her28996.5585.102
first time it's like 10 o'clock at night28999.024.32
we're using out here this place okay29001.664.44
sometimes though bring a charger I29003.343.9
should have brought a charger you're29006.13.06
right you're right I apologize for this29007.243.898
sorry I can't hear any money I'm sure29009.164.08
whatever Simon Says really [ __ ]29011.1384.202
important I think in the end let's not29013.245.52
forget that Simon and I created a family29015.345.82
of T-Rexes that pretty much took us29018.764.98
through all of it hell yeah nobody saw29021.164.86
that coming nobody did family though oh29023.743.38
is and was and is let's not forget thank29027.126.04
castle that I think I saw once wait29030.4585.642
thick had a castle yeah barely saw it29033.165.28
there's like five wyverns on top of it29036.15.4
to establish dominance in in this land29038.447.438
uh let's also not forget the Courage the29041.56.478
strength and the fortitude that you all29045.8785.402
have along with uh the opportunity to29047.9785.462
still purchase Prime real estate here in29051.285.278
culo Del Mar wow that that really yeah29053.445.34
no that's good because let me tell you29056.5585.042
it's an opportunity that won't last long29058.785.58
time share these days wow what a smart29061.66.42
investment you know and last but not29064.366.68
least the big battles we've won together29068.026.84
such as the spider fight and just29071.047.358
recently the gorilla dragon and manicor29074.865.76
fight yeah you're here I can still hear29078.3983.48
your names because you're in the same29080.623.358
room that I am yep bring a charger buddy29081.8783.84
I will bring a charger but I mean come29083.9783.542
on this is late it's later than we29085.7186.122
normally go my phone I mean come my to29087.528.6
all the animals that will remain behind29091.844.28
We Salute You we do and we hope you good29096.368.58
fortune as we continue on yeah29100.789.14
Crystal Isles indeed29104.944.98
oh we're doing that bad [ __ ] I wasn't29110.823.7
ready because I couldn't hear anybody29113.322.78
talking yeah29114.523.9
I know I'm bringing a charger next time29116.14.538
seriously that's it we filmed we filmed29118.423.718
this series they're in a [ __ ]29120.6383.542
pandemic we're all separated it's weird29122.1383.402
shut up29124.183.06
animals except for that I don't know29127.243.0
this again I don't know who that is29128.743.54
because we're watching me you son of a29130.244.818
[ __ ] right [ __ ]29132.282.778

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