We Can't Help You : Ark Survival Evolved

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel? It's all about Ark Survival Evolved Aberration and let me...
We Can't Help You : Ark Survival Evolved
We Can't Help You : Ark Survival Evolved

We Can't Help You : Ark Survival Evolved

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ark Survival Evolved! And today, we have a special treat for you - our favorite video, 'We Can't Help You'!

simon: Oh man, I love this one! It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, but with dinosaurs and survival instincts kicking in!

appsro: Haha, yeah, it's always a blast watching us try to help each other out in the game, only to end up causing chaos and confusion. Classic Neebs Gaming!

neebs: Exactly! Who needs help when you have us running around like headless dinos, right? It's all part of the fun and entertainment for our viewers!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel? It's all about Ark Survival Evolved Aberration and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew finds themselves in a bit of a tough spot. The title says it all - "We Can't Help You." But don't worry, that just means there's plenty of hilarious and epic moments in store for us as we watch our favorite gamers try to survive in this crazy world.

From battling dangerous creatures to navigating treacherous terrain, the Neebs Gaming team never fails to entertain. And let's not forget about the amazing Xidax PCs that power their adventures - these machines make everything look even more epic.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming family. And don't forget to check out their Patreon page for even more exclusive content. Trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment of the action on their new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster.

So grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for another thrilling episode of Ark Survival Evolved with Neebs Gaming. It's going to be a wild ride!

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his name is anybody copy yep I copied0.05.16
you get your stuff back I did and I made3.244.44
a little uh little walled in area are5.165.16
you coming back no no I'm not coming7.684.26
back oh you're not we gotta get you out10.323.42
I thought we were we wanted to live down11.943.899
here man I got three shotgun shells left13.744.08
I'm not going down there that's absurd15.8392.881
um look we've we live down there we need18.723.059
to approach it in a different way than20.583.42
we did before which we just dove in like21.7793.961
nuts well we just needed a better trap24.04.199
didn't we yeah anything I mean I know25.745.279
there's an area over that way where we28.1994.56
can like actually like climb down with31.0193.781
animals if we want to we need like three32.7595.541
spinos then go down there34.83.5
at the base alone but it looks really it42.445.639
looks great okay45.422.659
okay well I'm not worried about the48.2393.0
canoes I'm just worried about you guys49.7393.361
really well names is the one we need to51.2393.241
worry about how you getting out of there53.13.299
don't worry about being a warrior so uh54.484.46
I might look around56.3992.541
Diamond the news back to the PACE yep60.7194.64
I think we picked a good place to live98.424.6
this time yeah I really just like100.684.2
traveling up the river yeah both these103.024.26
River trips have been nice yeah I mean104.883.96
we got a few Raptors on the river but107.283.36
they didn't come after us I like an108.844.919
uneventful trip yeah see I'd be I'm110.645.04
curious to take this even further up the113.7593.841
river but see that's where the spinos115.683.6
and stuff are that that's where we would117.64.14
get eaten well I mean or could be very119.284.32
nice I'm willing to take the trip yeah121.744.46
speaking of spino is that spot123.66.18
hey what's up baby hi welcome back126.25.259
welcome welcome thank you thank you129.783.48
you're welcome yeah we do need more131.4593.661
spinos yes if we're gonna go down there133.263.78
in that crazy region spinos are the best135.124.259
thing we need to find a lovely lady made137.045.04
for spina bifida well you guys want to139.3794.681
try to work on that today yeah why not142.084.019
let's make some love yeah let's make144.063.78
some love let's do a little prep let's146.0993.421
see if we can't get it damn it stop it147.844.37
yeah I know149.524.079
yeah [ __ ] yeah right over there all153.5996.241
I don't think he's gonna let you being162.2392.58
near him163.3793.661
can I run by this guy164.8194.761
hey bear167.042.54
up this way and try to figure out where170.944.1
that waterfall is172.22.84
he there it is waterfall straight ahead176.226.42
now can I make this from here179.045.699
one of my climbing hooks is182.643.54
I don't want to use eight want to use186.183.08
hit it there we go man I love flying189.725.76
what is all that orange is that lava193.54.62
down there that looks crazy man I might195.484.2
just be able to make it I might not even198.124.02
have to land but to be safe I'm gonna go199.685.88
right over this Branch here yep oh yeah202.147.019
I'm gonna make it perfect out of the205.565.94
cave we gotta get some ammo209.1596.181
some more food some stuff I'll be back211.56.06
door I think I have a plan what you got215.344.259
uh what do you think about this we can217.564.62
utilize this gate we've already built oh219.5995.28
as a spino trap I love that all right so222.184.619
I'll build another gate like out here224.8794.021
where I'm standing yeah and then we can226.7994.141
build like walls to kind of uh and close228.94.5
it in you know what I call that230.944.82
I guess then it will just have to be236.943.18
quick with you running like you would238.563.539
have to lead a spino in here go through240.123.72
get through the gates and we have to242.0993.541
close the gate there you go I'd like to243.843.84
be on gate Duty because it's simple yeah245.643.78
all right you want to build a gate I can247.683.419
build the gate and be the person that249.423.539
opens and closes if you just get me251.0993.121
wooden rocks because we're gonna need a252.9592.401
ton of that because we need Gates and254.223.299
walls so wooden rock Simon one rock so I255.363.839
can do that all right and there's a257.5194.141
couple like uh low-level like things uh259.1994.44
we'd like a female spina bifida we're261.663.0
definitely like a female like I said263.6393.06
yeah you can find a female and start264.664.08
luring her out here all the way of266.6994.321
course I'm gonna get rid of268.745.38
to you yeah yeah wooden Rock All Right274.564.16
wood rock all right277.19914.2
thank you296.843.06
all right this is not going to be good303.58.4
what do you call these things307.584.32
how dare you320.543.999
what oh yeah322.744.019
look at that that's just a mess isn't it324.5395.041
yeah no it's it's overloaded freaking326.7595.361
oh that diamond it's a weird graphical332.245.14
effect it's really dumb yeah he'll spawn334.863.839
back in get his stuff yeah it's337.383.599
dangerous out here on this side yeah you338.6995.401
get your stuff back yeah bye how big340.9794.321
should we make this thing I mean it's344.13.48
got to hold a spino I mean finals aren't345.33.839
that big so I mean this right where347.583.24
you're at but we also have to funnel349.1393.961
Dora through this and then close both350.824.02
gates know what I mean yeah well I mean353.14.2
one will be closed already354.844.859
um so oh so door's gonna run into a357.34.08
U-turn run out we're gonna close it is359.6993.72
that the plan I mean yeah I mean or I'm361.384.02
kind of crazy what yeah why would they363.4194.921
both be open he runs through I didn't365.44.98
say both be open I said the one would be368.344.62
already closed how's Dora getting out I370.384.02
don't know that's what that's what I'm372.963.36
trying to figure out okay so you know374.44.859
what sorry I should have not spoken okay376.325.04
let's see Dora how much room you think379.2595.16
you need uh uh what what do you mean381.365.42
where where for what384.4195.761
for the Trap look at me got the Gateway386.785.56
down where are you yeah how much room do390.184.38
you think you need between that door and392.344.38
the other gate I still don't understand394.564.079
the question really really okay so396.723.66
because you're looking at what I've got398.6394.5
right that much room that much room400.384.8
that's hell yeah stay right there then403.1395.421
so if I put it right405.183.38
that doesn't seem like it's nearly big412.344.06
enough dude that's perfect it's only414.64.86
that length that's it yep because the416.44.739
other one won't be in yet okay yeah419.463.48
he'll run through we'll have somebody on421.1393.481
this gate but now we got to build a wall422.945.819
between here and here on both sides yeah424.627.019
so yeah more Stone more thatch all stuff428.7594.56
start building walls stone walls we need431.6394.081
a bunch of something all right well I433.3195.041
think that this is way too small but I435.724.979
must not understand yet another good438.364.619
buddy we're good we're good Thor says440.6994.081
we're good what could go wrong if we got442.9795.181
a good gate guy we're good444.783.38
oh I see you you want me don't you but448.285.74
you can't uh451.9193.361
where should I go I want to get some454.023.36
high ground and then I want to fly back455.284.859
to base can I climb trees yeah I think457.385.099
I'm gonna try to go across and get to a460.1395.241
tree and climb up462.4792.901
my tree467.582.48
hopefully they're not back oh yep they471.244.32
saw me473.584.5
man too bad you can't have some names475.564.979
because neebs is tasty478.084.38
all right get as high as I can hopefully480.5393.961
I can soar all the way back into oh not482.464.139
as high as I go okay484.54.62
here goes knees ready release Wings486.5995.04
don't dive down okay489.125.04
get away from those Raptors okay that's491.6394.381
not as high as I want to be I'm gonna go494.163.78
a little bit higher496.023.84
there we go497.943.9
we get higher on these rocks whoa what499.865.58
happened oh I'm running come on baby as501.845.82
we can get oh whoa there's nothing to505.443.84
grab onto okay507.663.36
I'm up to rain509.286.96
get to the top yep yep to the top511.028.16
okay crap River oh River's that way516.246.679
okay here we go519.183.739
I'm just getting me all the way home523.24.02
trees here we go524.485.979
how far do we live close oh there it is527.224.38
baby you guys home uh yeah on the531.64.98
backside we're making a wall where are534.7793.18
you I'm getting ready to do the most536.584.319
epic dive you've ever seen really here537.9595.701
we go uh judges get ready for this no540.8996.12
splash oh there you are he's coming in543.665.64
yeah it's very nice yeah no splash all547.0193.38
I give it a set it could have been more550.3993.94
straight yeah it was seven and a half I552.63.419
don't feel qualified to judge yep554.3394.281
something's after you well okay556.0194.5
geez you could have said that earlier558.625.32
put my shoes too oh my God I just killed560.5196.481
like 4 000 things I know I saw that one563.944.92
piranha is still there he's after you oh567.03.72
he's trying to nip in that spinal button568.864.44
well thanks Biff speaking of spinoves570.723.66
that's what we're working on we want to573.33.3
trap enough spino this dead spinal574.383.48
sitting over here yeah it was a level576.63.06
eight she did a good job but it wasn't577.864.62
the one man [ __ ] her to death huh no I579.665.94
I bit her oh okay good making a trap huh582.485.4
oh yeah all right I'm gonna go build585.66.72
some [ __ ] oh God oh God I'm a raptor587.887.16
come on come on595.14.93
where'd you go597.3828.78
thank you626.1613.519
there we go all right so listen up yeah649.446.839
there's a gorgeous blue look get the653.764.98
[ __ ] off me man yeah yeah there's so656.2794.321
many animals around here just stomp658.744.98
around so a gorgeous uh female blue660.65.94
spino down there low level however that663.724.92
could be if that doesn't go right I mean666.543.239
she might be no she's still there668.643.96
there's a higher level one just beyond669.7794.981
it but okay but that blue one is pretty672.64.2
it's so pretty I say we go for the674.763.84
pretty because why not let's go for the676.83.779
pretty we're shallow it's got your Gates678.64.919
figured out uh no not yet we need one so680.5794.2
but uh here's what here's what I'm683.5193.181
thinking uh Simon yeah I'm gonna give684.7793.961
you the easy gate which is this one this686.73.72
one here yeah so because tell you what688.743.36
if you open it close it but if you start690.423.12
closing it there's a little sneak around692.14.32
right here see yeah so yeah you just693.544.56
open there close the gate when the damn696.423.479
spinal comes through and sneak right698.14.799
back here yeah yeah I'll do uh I'll do699.8994.981
the more difficult gate on this side all702.8994.021
right that's fine with me you guys ready704.884.56
not yet hold on let me open the gate706.925.4
assistant and all right start hauling709.445.06
we might have a spino coming in if I723.624.24
can't close this gate on time well you726.422.64
want me to clear the animal what do you727.863.659
mean our animals yeah our animals uh are729.063.839
they under attack we probably should731.5192.82
have checked that too because that'll732.8993.541
cause issues right right here we go we734.3394.321
got we got contact we got contact here736.444.2
we go here we go he's out there he's738.663.54
he's going balls to the wall he doesn't740.644.199
care there we go guys be ready be ready742.24.5
oh [ __ ] there's a all right looks like744.8393.721
he's turning around lost interest all746.74.079
right good for you are you saying you748.563.899
want these animals outside of our gate750.7793.541
uh it might be safe to put them on the752.4594.081
other side of the gate just in case all754.324.38
right I'm just now hearing this come on756.543.479
come on758.73.18
come on760.0192.331
come on761.882.519
she gets so distracted like she walked764.3996.981
by a purse store okay767.3397.5
making progress oh here we go here we go771.385.82
here we go774.8392.361
come on and no no now he's she's writing777.745.02
oh my God781.0193.781
yeah there was a lot of [ __ ] in the way782.764.74
there it is right all right yeah I feel784.84.14
like night time came along and there's787.53.12
everything decided yeah I'm just gonna788.944.32
help her fight at least the sun's coming790.625.159
back up come on all right Smiley's out793.264.86
Smiley's out we got three animals out795.7794.5
here I'm closing the gate798.125.399
get away that Bronto is fighting her800.2796.06
yeah they're all quite yeah there you go803.5194.741
yeah that'll do well you gotta clear806.3394.8
this out distractions you see yeah and808.265.54
then this is your way of flirting to let811.1395.161
yeah she's gonna want to chase that knee813.86.18
come back to my place maybe816.33.68
it's going great status well I'm just821.064.719
trying to get the attention she's824.4593.421
playing aloof she's I think she's825.7794.921
fighting the uh the fish oh she's coming827.884.68
back now is she coming back all right830.74.22
come on832.562.36
now here we go835.3993.421
well she's gonna see this butt and then840.54.839
maybe make another effort you like shoot843.33.659
her from there that's what I've been845.3394.321
doing you see oh really okay damn oh wow846.9595.521
look the other one's coming in now too849.664.32
they're gonna kill her they're gonna852.483.12
kill him we don't want her it's true853.983.479
she's weak enough to die to a stego is855.63.359
she gonna die right now well she's been857.4593.18
fighting the whole time she's gonna die858.9594.261
oh damn it she's gorgeous there's a860.6394.741
better one behind her what level is she863.226.32
like four oh God oh God865.387.079
okay rest in peace we got another one869.545.26
coming guys hang on all right all that872.4594.38
work we were going after a four wraps874.84.5
row I told you this I feel like you may876.8394.081
have but I just I just parsed over it879.32.94
because I just got a guy that's so880.923.12
enamored with her beauty yes and you882.244.2
also just said low level so nothing less884.044.799
than 40. let's is 104 coming out but886.445.22
she's still alive damn okay now we're888.8395.641
talking okay come on here we go891.665.34
it's got to get her around the fence all894.484.799
right guys heads up I'm in place let's897.04.199
do this come on why why would you no no899.2794.261
don't give up on this I'm right here I'm901.1993.601
right here903.543.419
I'm right here you gotta come through904.83.96
here no no you don't have to beat906.9595.041
through that you idiot you idiot idiot908.766.18
so assistant just ignore other spinos912.05.22
come on come on come on come on come on914.944.56
you know this game is this a mechanic uh917.224.2
sometimes they won't attack uh you know919.53.839
larger animals so if you're on foot it921.424.2
probably would be easier oh yeah like923.3394.5
then you're on foot yeah all right see925.624.92
I'm just drinking this one right here so927.8395.421
should we come to you930.542.72
uh the fence the Spillers way down there936.665.82
yeah I know it's a Waze but it's pretty940.983.06
it's pretty clear in the way I just942.483.44
spent so much time doing all this stuff944.044.44
what am I supposed to do you know no I945.924.3
got you but damn I wanted to use this948.483.539
Alice you do what you got to do you950.224.679
bring that spider back well I've got um952.0195.94
four Trey arrows left and uh it's time954.8994.981
for a handoff can you see him with the957.9593.541
spice Coke their knees959.884.5
not too far Simon are you coming yeah961.54.5
I'm coming hold on I just gotta switch964.383.48
to the track hours I just ran out of966.04.62
trankies all right so right there all967.864.2
right hold on I'm gonna go over to970.623.18
closer to where you are so that's the972.063.18
case that comes to me you want to give973.83.12
me half your Twinkies uh I don't really975.243.899
have that many oh that's great I mean976.924.14
I've got 30. all right go ahead and pump979.1394.26
it in all right pumping them in981.064.98
names should we fly over there983.3994.321
do you have your wingsuit986.043.12
oh no it was on my other stuff oh yeah989.163.72
hold on I can get it okay991.1393.901
second one you guys are definitely using992.886.66
tranq arrows right yes absolutely 100995.049.18
sure 100 actually 98 let me go let me go999.547.62
check with the yes come with the tracks1004.224.38
we'd have it down by now if you came1007.163.599
yeah okay after those guys wingsuit1008.64.159
we're coming that's great1010.7595.041
oh it's running away run away is it1012.7595.26
coming it's coming coming at me Simon go1015.84.8
get safe no hold on he's being pranked1018.0195.82
still shooting at it and succeeding I1020.64.14
don't know what I'm doing I'm Gonna Keep1023.8393.301
Simon on my trade Heroes don't run1024.745.28
instead I'm still getting it yeah you1027.144.38
stay right here not gonna hurt you1030.023.0
you're not gonna hurt you you're not1031.524.62
gonna hurt you stay right there no don't1033.025.64
run we're friends we're friends you're1036.145.34
staying up heading your way guys is it1038.665.22
the yellow one yellow oh okay never mind1041.484.859
okay yeah the one without the damn oh1043.885.94
Gator Gator coming after their ass thank1046.3395.46
you let's focus on the prize I know I'm1049.824.88
just saying you have to1051.7992.901
she's coming this way1063.765.02
this way oh she's dead she's down baby1065.785.279
oh man I just got into position oh well1068.783.62
it took you long enough1071.0593.601
all right Dory you're on guard Duty baby1072.44.48
yeah sure as hell am and here we go1074.664.44
names you got any narcotics I threw them1076.883.78
in I threw him in oh man look at you got1079.13.48
any raw meat I had nothing I do I'm1080.663.8
throwing it in throwing it in1082.584.68
yeah baby all right I know you got a1084.466.04
good mate that's right another one oh1087.265.4
four it's not bad no that's I thought1090.54.32
you said 140. yeah I don't know what it1092.664.759
is 104. sure yeah but still that's good1094.824.92
104 is great1097.4195.441
thanks guys I love it you better prepare1099.744.679
that vagina we're making lots of babies1102.864.43
hot dang1104.4197.621

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