A Good Morning for Hunting Bees!!! - Grounded

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about hunting bees and let me tell you, it's an absolute blast! The tea...
A Good Morning for Hunting Bees!!! - Grounded
A Good Morning for Hunting Bees!!! - Grounded

A Good Morning for Hunting Bees!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why this bee hunting video is our favorite. And let me tell you, it's a good morning for hunting bees!

simon: Oh yeah, definitely a good morning for hunting bees! I mean, who doesn't love a little bee hunting action to start their day, am I right?

appsro: Absolutely, guys! Bee hunting is where it's at. And this video captures the thrill of the hunt like no other. Plus, the extended bee hunting scene is just icing on the cake!

neebs: Couldn't agree more, Appsro! And don't forget to hit that subscribe button and check out our merch for some epic bee hunting gear. It's a good morning for hunting bees, so let's make the most of it!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about hunting bees and let me tell you, it's an absolute blast! The team at Neebs Gaming always knows how to bring the fun and make you laugh, and this video is no exception.

In this extended bee hunting scene, you'll see the crew on a mission to catch some bees and the chaos that ensures is just too funny. From unexpected twists to hilarious mishaps, this video will have you in stitches from start to finish. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one!

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, make sure to hit that subscribe button and show them some love on Patreon. And don't forget to check out their awesome merch - I've already got my eye on a few items! Plus, they're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know their content is top-notch.

For more amazing videos from Neebs, be sure to check out their playlists. Whether you're into cartoons, survival games like 7 Days to Die, or open-world adventures like GTA V, they've got something for everyone. So grab some snacks, get comfy, and get ready to laugh your socks off with Neebs Gaming!

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it's good yeah well it's gonna look good21.324.959
shall we yeah let's just uh yeah start24.5394.261
adding uh-huh we'll chop some stuff down26.2794.441
uh-huh hopefully we can get up there and28.84.8
is that the sandbox up there it is it30.724.92
it'll make things easier if we can kind33.64.44
of see everything oh yeah it's our world35.644.68
man we go where we want all right38.044.44
hopefully once we get to that height we40.325.28
can just uh get over the hump there42.485.52
what's it like over there uh it's45.64.979
sweltering yeah um yeah if you were in48.04.62
the sunlight on the sand you're going to50.5793.721
die if you stay too long I like52.623.84
sweltering I thrive in that kind of54.34.98
condition it's just weird that you do so56.465.46
much but yeah that sucks and there's uh59.284.919
what are they ant lions come out of the61.925.04
sand and mess up your world ant lion huh64.1995.941
yeah well not not a great place I like66.965.519
ants and lions so yeah they don't go70.144.08
together well though sounds like a72.4793.901
magical Wonderland oh my God it's not74.224.22
you're foolish to think so76.384.62
so what you think Simon I think that81.04.759
that guy really is stuck I ran out there83.464.56
pretty close to him and I was like oh85.7594.061
look at that and he turned around like88.023.9
that not that guy what you think about89.824.979
my uh balcony oh what we're standing on91.925.22
yeah make this made it wrap around the94.7994.86
whole second floor okay let me check it97.145.76
out okay I'm a big fan of this99.6595.82
wraparound balcony porch thing yeah now102.94.259
check this out this is kind of tough but105.4793.121
uh this little stick that you can climb107.1593.661
into the pond on I kind of I left this108.63.839
part blank because boy you can get right110.825.659
up there ah that is nice112.4394.04
definitely he's glitched out yeah that's117.0793.82
weird you want to see how close I can119.642.939
get to it like if it's gonna do anything120.8993.301
you want to do something um yeah yeah122.5793.061
I'll watch you from the balcony the124.23.599
sweet balcony I made sure I mean I might125.643.72
be able to get it right up to it you127.7994.08
know and then like who knows oh yeah129.365.94
there you go all right hey guy I see I131.8795.401
see that's what you do but you can't135.33.5
seem to leave137.285.3
see me let's see let's see138.87.6
huh they seems stuck yeah and I thought142.585.26
maybe I might be able to get them out if146.44.979
I get so close he's gonna oh yep oh wow147.845.759
yeah no he's stuck yeah can't do nothing151.3795.661
you are oh153.5993.441
he's doing he's on he's on I'm jumping157.444.799
in here all right looks like he may be160.3194.5
retreating though yeah it's uh it's yeah162.2394.981
yeah all right he's out he's out you're164.8194.741
welcome spider remember that I saved167.224.5
your life it's like I'm the thorn the169.563.72
the guy that pulls the throne out of the171.724.2
lion that's a thing right Dave is that173.284.86
David and Goliath no no no that's just175.924.5
an animal I know this story you're178.145.16
talking about did they have names it was180.424.679
just the dude that poured that pulled183.34.26
the thorn out of the Lion's ball yeah185.0994.561
there was an animal that was that's the187.564.679
proper name it was Aesop's Fables the uh189.665.579
the dude that pulled might have been it192.2394.92
might have been a fable it sounds very195.2393.901
fabolish yeah all right stop come here197.1593.601
let's prep for tomorrow we're gonna have199.143.48
some fun all right all right I gotta go200.763.84
back in202.629.039
is that gonna do it we're gonna find out213.547.04
aren't we yeah so all right hey heads up215.345.24
boy yeah man you can run it from there221.284.92
huh oh this is awesome this is where you224.1594.021
were huh it is down in down in there226.24.679
sure this seems nice yeah why don't you228.183.6
like it230.8792.881
because this isn't where it kills you oh231.783.42
really it's the part that kills you I233.762.88
don't like if I go down this can I get235.22.759
back up that's a great question we just236.642.76
did it didn't we you did we can get back237.9593.92
out over here can you get back up here239.46.119
uh yup okay cool let's do it then this241.8796.461
is this is great I love uh not having to245.5194.561
come in from the other way so down here248.343.179
is wonderful man that looks like250.082.939
Margaritaville down there yeah that's251.5193.121
not Margaritaville no253.0193.9
um but it's not bad in there there's a254.644.08
bunch of stuff we we probably didn't get256.9194.5
here yet right yeah so this is great and258.724.32
you can get down by that uh see that261.4194.56
blue shovel up to the left that's a good263.045.64
place to get down okay yeah sweet we got265.9794.44
access to all this stuff now yeah this268.686.32
is great well done yeah we're survivors270.4194.581
I am Gathering grass like a good boy oh277.825.319
I love it hey when you get a chance come281.463.299
up to the second floor we got a quick283.1394.141
Mission uh quick Mission yeah it's a284.7594.141
little quickie just a little quickie oh287.287.34
that's what she said a second floor yes288.95.72
not the bottom again listen this is not297.025.8
a good [ __ ] system we got going no300.63.599
yeah we might have to build a spiral302.823.12
step I mean I appreciate neeb's idea304.1992.641
you all right I know you do you know306.843.299
what you got to do just go straight just308.463.36
go straight not that way God damn it310.1394.641
it's the last thing you did last time311.827.58
I got this right okay yeah314.784.62
okay all right come over here I've319.945.38
created you a third dummy yeah yes now322.565.28
this one's gonna be your Pawn dummy uh325.324.8
this one's my Ollie of my pod now yeah327.843.78
with the flippers and the Breather so330.122.88
I'm doing that right now yeah put it on331.623.48
your bottom dummy and swap it I just did333.04.199
right or deposit you gotta hold it you335.14.02
gotta hold it boom I did that oh yeah337.1993.601
now she geared up for the pawn all right339.123.48
I've actually made a really cool headset340.84.739
here and this is my Pawn dummy boom you342.64.74
see this headset345.5394.5
um the headset I see I see your what347.344.56
you're wearing on your head yeah it's a350.0393.421
bubble helmet all right what does that351.93.66
do check this out you're gonna love this353.464.679
where's the pond it's this way355.568.1
yeah okay all right ow [ __ ] okay oh you358.1398.28
did you hit a rock maybe all right so363.664.56
didn't do what you wanted it to do did366.4193.84
you jump in here with me no I was in368.226.06
here watching you and then oh yeah see370.2596.361
exactly damn it now you see my headset374.284.259
yeah you called it a headset I call it a376.623.54
helmet my helmet does it have a bubble378.5393.181
yeah it does that's what I'm talking380.163.659
about I'm a bubble head I love it oh I381.723.479
should probably look at my oxygen yeah383.8192.94
that's that's important keep an eye on385.1993.421
your oxygen let's go this way you386.7593.72
already got a job and a mission all388.623.419
right oh we're gonna need to swim fast390.4794.081
I'm I'm trying to is the ship make392.0394.321
things faster all right stay here and394.563.66
let's suck a bubble suck a bubble got a396.366.2
bubble oh boy oh no oh no problem398.224.34
follow me follow me I I lost you dude403.465.739
I'm holding the light you didn't I see406.445.42
you you're up409.1992.661
you went way down I'm down buddy oh guys414.445.94
all right screw it I'll do it solo424.023.619
sweet muscle sprouts445.8194.201
guess what I spy napes uh succulents yes450.786.66
yeah but but other than that like a is454.1394.68
there something cool up here yeah you457.442.64
look at right in the middle I knew there458.8192.94
was gonna be something in here460.083.78
um right in the middle oh that one of461.7594.201
those two things a golden tooth yeah463.864.2
that's like really good yeah do you have465.965.519
the thing to bust it no okay says me yes468.066.479
yeah yeah good I'd realize thank you I471.4794.381
mean you knew it had to be something474.5393.0
here do these all hurt is there anything475.864.619
else these other ones to uh let's see477.5394.741
nothing in you480.4794.021
oh yeah I kind of just like doing that482.284.68
like leave it huh like what like do it484.54.919
like this just so it's a light source we486.964.92
think I like that a lot but what a light489.4193.961
source for what just for when we're up491.883.18
here looking at the plants yeah but493.384.2
we're not gonna be so take it yeah take495.066.5
that okay get it yeah I got the glow497.587.1
hell yeah501.565.68
show enough a lot of people don't know504.684.239
what that is but it's okay all right507.243.66
don't worry about it ah anything else in508.9193.721
here how about that other this is510.92.879
probably the only thing up here in the512.642.759
pot yeah when I ever do it in the pot do513.7795.101
you nah that's it for the pot in the the515.3996.781
parts okay so that's it yeah I mean yeah518.886.62
what else do you want to do oh522.183.32
show no who's the master Sho no525.665.359
super relevant oh super cool531.66.96
Simon now normally if you make smoothies538.564.62
you they want you to use grub sludge but540.7794.56
you can also use this stuff muscle543.184.56
sprouts and so that's getting Soul545.3394.081
Sprouts yeah that's gonna give us an547.743.96
extra meaty Health bonus so oh we're549.423.599
gonna need more mic fuzz but I'm gonna551.73.06
craft all the ones I could possibly553.0194.021
craft right now yeah and then I'll stick554.765.04
this in the uh Health stuff oh God I got557.044.08
a lot of this so I tell you what I'm559.82.58
gonna stick five of them in there you561.123.24
grab that five that stuff will heal the562.384.8
[ __ ] out of you wow when your Health's564.365.34
low drink it that's a lot I appreciate567.184.2
that it's also going to increase your569.74.92
max Health it does wonders oh I like571.385.7
this is we should make an infomercial574.624.38
for this now we're not gonna do that but577.083.78
what we are going to do today is you and579.05.1
I are gonna go hunt some bees bee580.866.9
hunting is my middle name which is kind584.16.12
of weird because my mother wanted it to587.765.46
be Joseph but then she went with bee590.224.679
hunter do I can't blame her B Hunter is593.223.36
awesome isn't it yeah it's definitely594.8994.56
better than Joseph all right and I got596.584.62
one more thing to give you this is going599.4594.5
to help you with the bees all right a601.26.259
kiss I bestow Onto You Simon603.9597.681
oh wow that's a mosquito needle holy607.4595.741
[ __ ] all right I'm hitting wrong buttons611.643.18
give me a second613.24.8
I forgot here I'm gonna NAB it it says614.825.76
never seen anybody take so long to pick618.04.2
up a sword I'm hitting620.583.06
o needle NAB can't do it your inventory623.645.52
full maybe no I don't think it's full626.945.16
it's not bad is it is it called the629.166.0
mosquito needle yeah yeah632.15.82
just NAB them hit me in there oh because635.164.859
it's gonna have maybe you know why637.924.02
I know why and you didn't tell me you640.0194.081
should have told me watch this641.944.38
nope are you close enough644.14.02
it's giving me the prompt to NAB646.323.18
wouldn't you think I'm close enough648.125.1
mosquito needle nib can I NAB it649.56.12
I nabbed it yeah I don't know why I can653.224.08
that but put it down over here maybe655.623.42
it's a weird glitchy thing657.33.539
I swear to God how did you always manage659.043.479
to find problems uh you know what660.8394.141
because that's you know the way my life662.5194.861
is and how about you appreciate me for664.985.039
the one that sucks the problems up and667.385.1
and and that maybe it means you don't670.0194.141
have as many672.483.66
how about that no I didn't say I didn't674.163.54
appreciate it okay well thank you I'm676.143.78
pretty appreciative of your Insanity677.76.62
yeah and and my lack of luck679.924.4
stupid game thing not a stupid you thing686.2795.761
no it was not debatable I have proof688.84.57
Anthony saw it692.0410.18
that is an ant hill I'm sure I ran past708.565.14
it um scared for my life but not because711.484.68
of the ants we should uh go in there huh713.74.8
you think so huh I'm gonna go and see if716.164.02
I can land in it with my tuft of718.53.839
dandelion yeah you hold shift for that720.186.18
right yeah you ready yeah here goes722.3396.321
all right726.364.919
it's gonna be a hole in one Why didn't728.664.359
it I'm dropping731.2794.56
I'm in I got really hurt there oh did733.0194.621
you not dandelion it no I didn't it735.8393.24
didn't oh I sizzled a bit did you get737.644.02
any Sizzle oh did I you step in here739.0795.581
okay never mind trust me oh this is neat741.667.2
what up fine fine hole744.666.14
um let me know if you see anything good748.864.919
which would be just any anything really750.85.2
like this what's this oh753.7794.441
this is like a broken field station or756.03.36
it almost happened759.364.2
it's pretty uh pretty light in the761.124.54
traffic area isn't it yeah763.565.82
I don't hate that nope nice and quiet765.666.08
hello friend769.385.22
just just tourists we got some light up771.746.219
ahead yeah hello Carrie's friend just774.64.739
tourists what's all this stuff on the777.9592.761
ground I don't know779.3393.721
can we just cookie snack bits sandwich780.725.28
Bits good Heavens I'm grabbing the bits783.065.219
I could use that too oh with that we786.03.779
could yeah get some of these so I can788.2793.36
make some of that there's tons of the789.7792.701
lots of sandwiches792.483.2
there's enough this is like lit like798.35.219
humans lit it it's got a string of801.04.38
lights along this hallway up here oh803.5193.961
string of lights yeah like mounted to805.383.899
the top I'm just up here so let's see807.483.72
yeah you remember this way gotcha809.2792.941
do the sword uh if you want to they818.67.799
don't like axes okay okay I got Max822.07.68
[ __ ] sometimes oh you need to Shield826.3995.5
your hand Bubba oh God I just noticed I829.685.159
forgot where the shield is uh [ __ ]831.8994.801
access your inventory and put it in your834.8393.721
secondary slot in your hand there it is836.74.079
all right good come on you idiot all838.563.62
right come on840.7795.041
Long Time come on now come on yeah you842.186.219
want to get me come on do it do it do it845.824.98
ah God does it one move it gets around848.3995.281
here I got him I got him I got a little850.84.43
oh it's gonna be dead soon oh crap Simon856.445.399
we gotta run all right stink bugs oh859.445.1
stick bug okay are you behind me I'm861.8394.201
right behind you all right yeah we just864.544.02
gotta book it yep [ __ ] it I'm yeah866.044.739
I'm faster than you by a lot we're going868.564.399
for that take cassette we got it baby870.7795.401
I'm gonna be right there oh and the bees872.9595.921
are right here too oh yeah no I I know a876.184.26
good spot to fight bees we just gotta878.883.8
get there880.442.24
now surely a small person did this right885.865.74
not a full-size that would be a small889.325.579
person yep oh should we make a break for891.64.56
that this guy's not friendly the894.8993.0
research place where are you you want to896.163.179
break for the research place we should897.8993.0
probably take this is that research899.3394.021
please okay look at this okay there's900.8994.341
doors and doors903.364.5
can you get in it no yep that didn't905.244.36
work now what no not that one well there907.863.36
was another door we gotta fight this909.63.599
Australis oh boy that means there's911.223.14
gonna be two913.1994.94
we're gonna have to fight quick914.363.779
fight back I don't want to okay918.926.94
these guys are tough man I don't think923.064.719
I'm gonna be able to do it really I925.863.12
don't know what else to do then we have927.7793.901
to run if it's just quite a run okay you928.984.02
hold them off I'll look for uh somewhere931.683.42
to escape too okay okay933.06.92
anything in here come here come on935.14.82
I'm not sure how to get in here okay941.163.419
maybe we just have to leave and I don't942.8995.161
know okay oh boy um oh boy yeah I guess944.5796.741
we'll come back yeah let's come back948.063.26
come on952.163.479
say look you and me we are a team you957.985.26
and me me and you would just shut that961.444.8
out for no reason all right yeah get963.244.5
more of those arrows yeah pick those966.243.719
arrows up let's see can we see any more967.745.219
from here oh oh I got one man all right969.9596.301
okay well damn it be number two electric972.9596.421
damn beef Boogaloo that's it let's do976.265.879
this arrows because that's the thing oh979.387.28
he's doing a thing back up yeah982.1394.521
you keep shooting no he's got buddies986.8993.88
coming in I don't like this no I don't989.163.119
like everybody's come in because I don't990.7792.761
have nothing I don't like buddies coming992.2793.541
in either nope okay that one's [ __ ]993.545.28
out now that one's yeah cause he's a995.826.92
[ __ ] I like it I like it I like it998.826.42
oh what do you guys think about it do1002.744.27
you think1005.245.039
you killed my buddy1034.483.719
somebody okay1038.2993.14
oh god oh no all things have gone to1041.4396.601
[ __ ] oh1045.3192.721
we're back we got just one yeah you baby1052.95.5
come on we got both man they're both1056.0594.98
coming aren't they step step okay pull1058.44.62
back hold on back the other one didn't1061.0394.441
see us come on bring them back come back1063.024.5
me okay I did a block it's on the Block1065.484.64
right it's all right1067.522.6
here we go1078.885.52
oh yeah1081.742.66
okay come on come on back yeah you come1086.1793.961
back don't tell you Brandon got nothing1088.943.02
to say1090.146.44
I respect you black and friends1091.964.62
you got the parts yeah I grabbed them1098.324.359
okay okay1100.644.5
we did it we did do it now we gotta deal1102.6794.131
with the sandbox1105.145.7
what do we do can I jump on okay1110.845.94
and then crap okay hold on jump over the1113.265.26
crack Crouch okay1116.784.8
come over this is your bag it's your bag1118.525.1
your stupid bag lady that you knew that1121.583.9
that because I didn't even know okay all1123.623.6
right got it now we gotta get to mine1125.483.72
all right got a gift of my stuff why1127.225.04
don't I have oh God stuff in my uh get1129.25.28
on all right I need to have a weapon1132.263.72
what would be the best weapon why are1134.482.88
you mumbling back there help me get my1135.983.42
[ __ ] I'll help you no we're not we're1137.363.36
not using weapons this is a sneak1139.42.94
operation if it goes bad we jump off the1140.725.42
picnic table okay okay1142.343.8
hi hey I'm glad that there's no reason1146.64.74
for me to be here I should just jump1149.844.26
down I should just jump down I'm1151.345.1
jeopardizing the entire Mission shut up1154.14.76
your mule1156.442.42
I love it when you called me all right I1158.964.32
got my backpack all right oh God there's1161.4194.14
a beef just flew up there1163.284.38
all right all right yeah just fall back1165.5594.441
to the campsite fall back to the1167.666.08
campsites hey fine let's do it oh1170.06.059
geez you scared me what the hell made1173.744.24
you go whoo I heard flapping feet1176.0594.681
flapping all right well easy now1177.985.6
you didn't even react no I know because1183.983.72
you were trying to make me react I was1186.024.76
damn it you knew1187.73.08
chill here for the night all right chill1190.824.979
well or Crouch really all night no no1192.746.86
we're fine here we're fine here oh good1195.7993.801
all right what kind of part that we have1200.785.34
there I'm gonna Blackhand head analyzing1202.525.3
we're common1206.124.679
black ant shovel black worker ant mount1207.825.14
stuff black worker ant1210.7994.081
um the shovel that's what we need that's1212.963.3
gonna be good stuff we got one more1214.882.88
piece here okay1216.263.68
um the black ant mandibles1217.765.419
and also common big surprise uh-huh1219.947.9
black ant sword sword wow crazy all1223.1796.101
right shovel's what we need for the gum1227.843.9
though right yeah that's the next good1229.286.0
shovel huh okay yeah all right we gotta1231.745.88
get more uh like health and stuff I1235.283.66
don't have any more of those shakes or1237.623.0
bandages so I don't either are we going1238.943.239
home then we gotta go to that blue1240.623.54
shovel yeah that's just like cutting1242.1795.181
across and I'm not good at it1244.163.2
yes it is it's also a good moaning for1254.4197.581
killing bees well that's1258.23.8
and it's a good morning for eating1267.285.8
chicken okay that was easy yeah let's1269.786.6
see and folks get up on this book made1273.086.479
in a good old USA that's right is that1276.385.58
North Carolina State University I don't1279.5594.921
know that no that's uh I used to do that1281.964.38
when I was in high school on [ __ ] I1284.483.24
don't even know what the hell it stands1286.344.68
for okay from the 80s oh I think I see1287.725.76
the jar of honey Simon yeah that's what1291.024.74
it is right there delicious delicious1293.484.8
honey all right okay yeah can I get up1295.763.899
here no we're gonna have to go over here1298.284.019
to do that let's see so we want to pull1299.6595.281
them away from the honey just one at a1302.2994.38
time and find them on our terms yeah all1304.943.78
right so come on what do we do an arrow1306.6794.201
time yeah I think you with the arrow and1308.723.36
uh I'm actually gonna you remember this1310.884.5
poison dagger I made I I slightly all1312.085.459
right slightly okay well I'm gonna try1315.383.72
to use that on them see if we can't kill1317.5394.88
them faster oh that's1319.13.319
because I need the shield gotta go to1330.584.12
the shield then you should put the1333.384.08
shield in your hot bar well uh yeah sure1334.74.62
you know I mean that way when you need1337.463.24
the shield boom it's in your hot bar1339.323.479
right all right what's the main weapon1340.76.26
that I need now uh you can use your ass1342.7994.161
one shot here let's try this you're just1347.55.08
back you're behind me just mumbling1350.963.54
about what you ought to be doing yeah I1352.583.839
just realized I should just relax while1354.54.2
I'm doing this I'm usually stressed out1356.4195.521
oh my God so we gotta be real careful1358.74.56
about jumping in front of me like that I1361.943.9
have a poisonous uh dagger you know what1363.265.24
I mean sorry1365.842.66
you know what and that's what gaming is1376.365.439
it's it's kicking ass and taking names1378.986.059
the name of this is uh Mrs B1381.7996.481
Mrs B what Mrs B that's the name we we1385.0396.181
kicked ass and took its name Mrs B dead1388.286.6
yep exactly all right we need more B1391.226.74
Simon yep take one all right1394.885.64
boom I was like he wanted to do it all1397.965.88
right get behind him yes1400.523.32
you really gotta learn new to high bars1406.244.0
I do oh he's gonna do his thing back up1408.6793.541
a little bit yeah we gotta go and put1410.243.9
this uh yeah you want to try to slow me1412.224.14
down you can't slow me down I'm just1414.144.5
gonna bang your face faster than I was a1416.363.199
yeah oh yeah so Tom you gotta be careful1419.5596.0
that all right now come on1421.883.679
oh you're coming after me yeah oh yes1441.7994.401
she is1444.25.12
oh you're about to die1446.26.16
be careful Simon1449.326.04
yeah drink one of your health things we1469.5395.321
got more big killing to do all right yum1472.0395.761
yum in my tum1474.8624.62

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