A Brutal Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 26

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already, make sure you hit that subscribe button because in the latest video, the 4th hor...
A Brutal Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 26
A Brutal Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 26

A Brutal Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 26

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Darkness Falls! Today, we've got a brutal horde to deal with. It's gonna be intense!

simon: Oh man, I love it when things get brutal. It really gets the blood pumping, you know?

appsro: Yeah, and this horde is no joke. They're coming in hot, ready to tear us apart. But hey, that's why we love this video, right?

neebs: Absolutely! Nothing like a good old horde to get the adrenaline flowing. Plus, it's always fun to see if we can survive the madness.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already, make sure you hit that subscribe button because in the latest video, the 4th horde is arriving in Darkness Falls. You definitely don't want to miss out on all the action and excitement that Neebs and the gang are getting into this time around.

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I don't know about you, but I always love hearing about the music choices in the videos. The soundtrack for this one includes some epic tunes like "To Weather a Storm" by Dan Lebowitz and "Strange Behaviour" by Matt Stewart Evans. It really adds to the atmosphere and makes the gaming experience even more immersive.

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that's some sick ink I like that does11.545.8
your work it's pretty dope whoa whoa14.5194.621
okay A little up and close and personal17.345.46
how's the messes she a zombie find that19.146.059
difficult you guys still hang all right22.85.52
let's see here buddy let me grab these25.1996.061
let's see I just need all the ammos I28.324.739
tell you what Bob I'm gonna go to the31.263.06
other place and get some other stuff but33.0593.301
before I leave I'm gonna rob you blind34.325.66
again so don't look outside36.368.4
all right get this sucker uh39.986.48
I will take that this is now mine Bob46.465.759
I'm just going to take two of these okay50.15.36
thank you52.2193.241
knees walk in huh I was torn between uh56.0397.381
Fort walks and walk in so went with59.345.88
walk-in I like walking I thought you63.423.9
were going for Walk and Roll oh no I65.223.48
wanted to have something to do with what67.323.42
it is you know it's a way to get into68.74.44
the uh right we walk in that place yeah70.745.04
I love it no no I get I get why he chose73.144.92
that I just I didn't know I didn't know75.784.019
he was going to do that78.064.8
and Simon well I mean rock and roll does79.7995.221
it make sense to have a Carrabba's does82.864.439
it yeah yeah it does it so guess what85.025.4
yes there were trees on the roof well it87.2994.68
doesn't matter it doesn't make sense to90.423.839
have a place called Carrabba's in this91.9795.161
world and it and walk in or [ __ ] Walk94.2595.341
and Roll okay same thing did you come97.144.26
here to talk about this or no it's like99.63.839
I'm gonna go through this can I should I101.45.1
just walk in here just walk in you don't103.4394.32
need to use that to get to the base just106.52.82
yet though you can come right over here107.7593.481
I have an entry point that uh we should109.323.839
be able to get into and then uh yeah111.244.019
lock ourselves in this tunnel's gonna113.1593.901
kill us by the way you think I already115.2593.601
told you it's not deep enough we'll see117.063.72
if it kills us it kills us did you say118.863.87
before you get walked in120.783.979
yeah but it works for that too you could124.7594.661
say like come on let's walk the door127.6194.2
yeah oh thank God you're putting spikes129.424.74
here oh yeah and I need more way more131.8194.081
listen that's what I'm here where I I134.163.84
already got I already got about 75 and135.95.0
I'm gonna make about another 250138.05.22
can you give me the 75 you got now seven140.94.059
hold on let me see what I got let me see143.223.54
how you did this corner too yeah no I've144.9593.661
done every damn Corner okay I got 70146.763.66
some as well oh yeah no you know just148.624.02
just wrap this place in spikes wait a150.423.66
second I call it the Dora technique you152.642.64
know just take your base wrap it in154.083.12
spikes but is it still making it now or155.283.599
for some reason it stopped at 30. oh157.24.02
it's making it now slowly here's 38.158.8794.561
I'll take 38. all right and now uh so I161.224.26
got others cooking and then I'll be I163.443.9
thought they'd be done by now chopping165.483.539
away Simon actually instead of getting167.342.88
wood I need you to go out and wrench169.0193.601
cars cars car car wrenches car wrenching170.223.42
I need gasoline we're gonna need172.622.04
gasoline for the power of these173.642.879
generators all right let me let me get174.665.48
on a bike somewhere I'll do it176.5193.621
all right let's try this again bam180.428.7
scooch on up here man this should be a184.4597.661
museum at some point the memories of189.125.58
flawlessness oh now I can take okay good192.127.5
yeah oh okay let me repair it194.77.259
how do I repair it199.627.88
how then repair it repair it no201.9595.541
oh maybe the other one let's try the210.04.26
other one212.763.72
haha take that one okay coming back with214.265.6
two [ __ ] it216.483.38
the wolf over here abstra where I don't220.0194.86
see it right behind this rock in front223.3194.92
of me oh okay rock rock okay yep we get224.8795.041
it it's right there should we take him228.2393.481
out because uh he's gonna come get us229.923.42
later yeah no yeah we should absolutely231.722.76
take the wolf out I don't want a wolf233.343.3
running around out here okay fine I234.483.66
don't see this I don't see this guy he's236.643.12
right behind us oh there we go there we238.143.739
go all right ready yep three two one239.765.28
there we go easy meat I'll cook him up241.8795.261
all right hey neebs yeah uh the tunnel245.043.54
tell you what you could do me a favor if247.143.12
you're not oh what do you have going on248.583.48
right now I'm just harvesting a wolf250.263.78
gotcha anything else252.064.019
um I'm worried about your tunnel okay um254.043.659
what the very end of the tunnel there's256.0793.301
a space I want to make sure we have one257.6993.66
for four thin rolls259.384.92
oh no that's gonna be a distraction oh261.3594.981
God uh maybe draw us to grab it and264.34.14
we'll uh we'll stay focused okay all266.343.419
right yeah I just I just want to make a268.442.58
space actually if you'll come here269.7594.38
uh-huh I'll be back where's my bike let271.024.8
me back bike Jesus right over there in274.1393.661
it God it's so tempting so tempting to275.823.599
just go for it I'm looking at it you277.83.54
stay on on the building oh yeah no I'm279.4195.881
not I I stay focused but uh281.345.639
nice real fast I wish you told me that285.32.76
when I was looking at my bicycle a286.9793.421
minute ago oh this base you rode your288.064.32
bike from here to there yeah okay yep290.44.14
right behind you so are you ignoring the292.383.66
tunnel thing because no not what about294.544.26
the tunnel thing yeah zombies look it296.044.68
might fail but I mean I honestly I think298.84.32
that the entrance is far enough away but300.723.78
I could be wrong I don't think it's deep303.122.7
enough remember the deep conversation304.53.6
the deep conversation okay well I mean305.824.62
it's too late now we've we've dug this308.14.2
hole haven't we what I want to do is I310.443.96
mean literally but I want to put doors I312.33.78
want to put doors I want to discourage314.44.14
them from coming this way well don't the316.085.04
doors doesn't that entice them ah at318.544.8
least put blocks up something okay I'll321.123.78
tell you what if you want to secure the323.343.299
tunnel best you can fine but this room324.94.859
right here I'm gonna go ahead uh this is326.6395.161
where our bedrooms are gonna be oh so we329.7593.841
die we're right here in the tunnel we331.83.66
can Boop respawn and climb right back up333.65.599
into the action okay gotcha335.463.739
all right I'll bet they were thinking I339.564.359
might come get it and they were right342.783.24
I mean yeah346.024.44
yeah whatever whatever we get this is347.6995.161
late all right now heading back now350.465.4
unless there's another drop all right352.864.92
let's do this357.782.9
hey hey what's up hey I got two turrets361.887.48
for you two turrets okay perfect uh I366.244.739
want to try to focus them on the369.363.96
vultures so that's an up top follow me370.9794.261
follow me okay373.325.52
all right okay uh I am thinking well I375.245.16
really want these turrets kind of a bird378.845.34
yeah sure so yeah maybe one right here380.46.18
and then we can put another one over384.184.68
here yeah and we just have them facing386.585.04
more or less less the sky yeah I mean388.864.98
they're gonna they don't point up yeah391.624.5
they do turrets yeah they should no they393.844.56
what kind of turrets are these oh all396.124.799
the turrets Point not to the sky well398.43.9
lay one down let me see what if I can400.9192.761
work my magic ah it's such a pain to402.32.58
pick them up I'd have to put down a403.682.82
clean block you know oh yeah no they're404.883.36
a pain in the butt anytime you want to406.52.94
take you want me to just hand them to408.242.399
you yeah just hand them all right why409.442.819
don't we do that putting a hatch at the410.6394.62
bottom too just in case okay okay what412.2596.321
kind of turret is this shotgun ah415.2597.321
smk okay so it takes nine mil all right418.585.98
and then I think I can use let's see422.583.3
which one of these this one has the most424.564.8
generators I can hook this up here and425.885.879
there let's see oh yeah remember when429.365.1
you said they aimed up yeah you see my431.7594.44
point right yeah but I thought you could434.464.079
go into the okay oh wait hold up and436.1994.581
what there you go I didn't know that441.04.74
[ __ ] I didn't think you did wow how443.0394.741
about you can't aim these up like I what445.743.66
life have I been living I don't know447.786.55
wait where hello hey Dora all right well449.46.26
okay and then you're doing one on the455.664.92
other side uh yeah so this one's here457.625.04
okay tell you what we'll face there how460.584.059
much ammo you got for this thing uh good462.664.2
amount let's let's see I'll put a hundy464.6394.081
in for now okay because it's for Birds466.864.2
it shouldn't be uh yeah for Birds it468.724.74
should be okay then yeah let's see God I471.063.96
hope Simon's out getting engines I need473.463.54
a couple more engines you're gonna turn475.023.899
it off gasoline so yeah let me I'm gonna477.04.319
can I turn that off you good turn it up478.9194.021
please all right all right she's off481.3194.921
Beauty what the hell oh this takes these482.945.64
take seven six two oh geez [ __ ] better486.245.899
go find some seven six two [ __ ]488.586.48
what are you doing big man what's what's492.1394.96
going on with your face why don't you495.063.9
leave me be buddy I don't I don't want497.0994.021
no trouble I don't need no beef with you498.965.76
oh you got me you son of a [ __ ] I gotta501.125.94
run oh God I gotta run away from a pig504.724.62
oh no this doesn't look like a good507.064.56
place to run you better not be able to509.346.18
bite me from here don't bite me pig you511.626.299
see oh man I wish I could kill you and515.525.459
eat you but I don't have the WHERE with517.9195.04
all the do so can I kill you with the520.9795.0
cart come on522.9593.02
that's right and you're coming back for526.885.38
more okay we're gonna make it a thing529.147.319
that's right a thing a thing for you to532.265.94
die don't it's gonna be interesting536.4594.401
tight turn tight turn tight turn okay538.24.8
this is probably gonna be more difficult540.864.3
but let's try to get tight turn tight543.05.88
dirt do I need to back into you yeah545.165.52
that's right I'll back over you you548.884.2
little [ __ ] I can kill a zombie I should550.686.54
be able to kill you come on okay see you553.086.84
later magic Pig you win I'm not dying to557.225.0
you today559.922.3
oh [ __ ] God Everybody Get Down everybody563.3994.141
get down don't make a sound don't make a565.863.72
sound lights off and Crouch oh come on567.544.56
no come on really right now all right569.585.22
I'm turning traps on all right [ __ ] turn572.14.859
the generators on upstairs uh yes sir574.83.96
all right I'm coming around a little576.9593.421
flank skis maybe I can lure them away a578.765.04
bit one on and two on this is ridiculous580.384.56
where are they at where are they at all583.82.219
right this would be good I want to see584.943.48
where they chewed586.0194.26
okay right here oh you guys are going588.424.2
for this immediately huh that's a good590.2795.901
plan that's your plan huh592.623.56
this game come on come on596.588.16
I can't die what this bird is like a600.0197.181
monster bird well I mean it's a halter604.744.62
but oh come on all right I think the uh607.24.079
the blade traps are working what is that609.363.96
thing oh God it's what it's a demon it's611.2794.56
a demon down here this is wait why can't613.325.459
I kill this where are you615.8395.581
Jesus what'd you find Rose I was618.7794.921
fighting like a giant vulture though it621.423.84
might have been a normal size vulture623.74.44
good God are we clear I think we're625.265.22
clear oh God yeah they chewed through628.143.66
some spikes though damn it all right630.483.06
I'll replace those okay awesome all631.83.12
right uh Neves turn all the generators633.542.94
off up top I'll get the ones downstairs634.923.3
door watch out for traps uh-huh636.483.96
generators going off638.226.059
hey guys I'm right here hey hey just640.445.7
French toy I heard you having issues644.2793.781
cool do you have any extra engines and646.144.74
gasoline Simon I have some I'm sure I648.064.32
will come to you and bring you what I650.884.079
have I've been wrenching oh [ __ ] [ __ ]652.384.92
sneaking up on me little [ __ ] get in654.9594.521
oh God what spitting Birds yeah are they659.5795.101
they're more well there's one here oh my662.5193.721
god dude I just dealt with one of those664.683.56
these things suck ass666.245.2
oh good job that was a lot quicker than671.484.599
when I did it674.223.2
buddy okay I'm coming I did a little uh683.7797.06
little Glock 9 base because uh we're688.445.16
both members of science okay good yep690.8395.221
all right how do I get in uh Straight693.64.08
Ahead see me I'm gonna park right here696.063.48
my traps are disappearing on my screen697.684.86
it's weird I don't like it uh yeah be699.545.1
careful okay walk straight through here702.543.66
uh yeah walk straight through here okay704.644.5
nothing's on yet do that boy nothing's706.26.06
on okay all right I just know how funny709.146.42
you guys can be sometimes okay I am712.265.94
locking Us in yeah I feel like a715.564.86
stripper up here how about you Simon yes718.25.34
brings me back to the 60s the bird cages720.425.64
if uh the birds come in on us and we got723.544.979
nowhere to go hop in a bird cage I can726.064.32
see myself just sitting here pecking728.5195.221
them off with my rifle yeah no I'm730.384.5
worried I was hoping they're they're733.743.06
gonna come straight down these paths but734.884.079
oh God I don't think they will736.85.76
man you just don't know you know I don't738.9595.461
air even if this fails I'm gonna learn742.562.64
that's right we turning everything on uh745.27.139
let's see I think everything's gassed up748.565.459
yeah let's uh I'm gonna go ahead and do752.3392.94
it I'm gonna turn all the ones on754.0193.841
downstairs fire them up upstairs I've755.2794.921
got some bandages some red tea some757.864.68
coffees and some hobo stew in this box760.23.68
for y'all762.543.9
where's that box oh right over there you763.885.56
got it in there all right traps are766.444.8
active or at least God I hope so there769.443.839
okay they're spinning I hear spinning771.243.3
that's good hopefully these electric773.2792.641
fence God it should have done another774.544.739
electric fence test only four up top uh775.925.58
yeah four up top four down below all779.2793.36
right they're on781.52.579
and now we just wait784.0793.621
oh oh yep790.443.38
West oh yeah here working already794.4597.68
wait a minute what how what what how oh798.56.0
it's a dog that's how oh802.1394.801
wow oh no it's not in but it did get804.56.04
close okay here we go oh boy oh I have a806.944.98
feeling I'm gonna want to be in one of810.543.479
these cages all the time oh man there's811.923.659
a lot more uh glowy guys I feel like814.0193.361
when they were like yeah oh for sure815.5793.26
every time817.384.5
another dog maybe got through all right818.8395.62
bad puppy bad puppy there's a bad bad821.883.77
you're probably right I'm just shooting832.044.84
away oh yeah there's some there's a dog834.34.26
right here against the window oh hey836.882.959
what's he doing okay yeah he's doing839.8393.94
better I thought it was right out of the842.5193.541
gate hell yeah yeah it looks like uh843.7794.5
north north side's where it's at yeah846.063.8
right now it is848.2794.081
cocktails oh yeah yeah that's a good849.863.76
time to use some of that you're right852.363.12
about that burn them up killer burn them853.625.48
up oh yeah855.483.62
and that looks nice y'all coming through859.224.54
oh nope where is he buying the other861.7794.381
dead dog oh there he is you're a dog863.766.06
Duty noobs need the dog catcher oh no866.165.28
okay God they're trying to breach the869.825.04
Eastern side he's just right oh there's871.446.139
so many dogs874.862.719
you got it no go down go down the wing880.3994.661
with the traps don't go over here why883.683.599
are they going right here oh of Me no885.066.5
the zombies oh god oh the engine oh [ __ ]887.2797.321
they chewed through the Eastern side oh891.566.3
boy downstairs894.63.26
yeah we know oh God and they've already899.483.76
chewed through this are y'all gonna come902.13.0
downstairs uh yeah I'm coming down oh903.244.32
God problem upstairs problem upstairs905.15.58
it's coming from downstairs oh [ __ ] oh907.565.639
no damn it I'm sorry guys this is gonna910.685.659
be a bust hey no no it's not over yet913.1997.401
which gonna be over is it916.3394.261
how do I get out of here the tunnels oh929.064.42
the tunnels the tunnels that's our only931.923.779
way out they're gonna follow us I know933.485.06
they're gonna follow us935.6992.841
up I'm out whoa940.924.74
failed way too quick man damn I'm sorry942.8996.18
guys whoa crap I gotta be surrounded945.664.739
listen learn949.0792.82
is around it950.3993.38
oh my God oh my God oh my God damn it955.766.639
yep yep I'm just backing away just960.123.899
shooting I must have killed about I962.3993.721
don't know 30 or 40 of these guys yeah964.0194.56
yeah I'm just waiting for my ammo to run966.124.38
out because I'm gonna die yeah I hear968.5793.32
you there970.54.68
whoa oh that's no good that's no good I971.8996.901
think I just crashed [ __ ]975.183.62
get in the base yeah oh yeah you might991.5194.361
be able to get into the the part that994.324.439
the zombie chewed through hey Dora good995.887.5
help me oh wow998.7594.621
oh boy they breached they breached the1005.8994.68
bottom again oh [ __ ] okay okay I'd1008.04.68
recommend getting on top of a1010.5794.2
a cage I don't have those parkour skills1012.683.959
you do1014.7793.781
dude no1016.6394.401
no no no no no no no1018.562.48
yeah I'm trying dude oh oh1021.2795.821
yeah oh no1028.4199.9
this is ridiculous no no oh no oh no1031.99.299
I'm gonna die somewhere1038.3197.801
oh no it's everybody else1041.1997.0
uh take advantage take advantage take1046.124.9
advantage bandage oh no I'm jumping that1048.1995.281
was dumb but I got two okay I know which1051.024.5
side they've reached because I know1053.483.66
which side you've reached oh God they're1055.522.94
behind me oh God they're behind me1057.142.46
they're going1058.462.599
you bastard stop stop1061.0595.641
this isn't good where am I going I don't1072.286.66
know where I'm going1076.282.66
get my stiff come on take off I'm back1084.6795.041
in the game baby1087.9193.601
[ __ ]1089.724.079
all right what side what side do they1091.523.84
breach you invisible faster you1093.7994.081
invisible faster [ __ ] off oh oh yeah1095.364.98
that is a bear that is a bear oh come in1097.884.38
on this side oh come in on this side oh1100.343.36
God oh God oh God oh God all right1102.265.299
they've reached right here yeah oh God1103.73.859
how you doing Simon I mean good I mean1110.5395.461
you know I mean I I ran I I panicked are1113.1794.921
you gonna spawn back in though no I mean1116.03.96
I'm still loading yeah no why would I1118.13.66
spawn back in I've already died once and1119.963.78
my bed isn't even there I I would go1121.763.36
back to the church and I'm not gonna1123.743.54
risk nothing yeah I wasn't gonna spawn1125.124.5
it either I just yeah well they must be1127.285.0
doing pretty good1129.622.66
all right where's my stuff where's my1132.5593.48
stuff where's my stuff come it's right1134.244.819
there it's right there by all that1136.0395.701
yeah take all again yeah all right I'm1139.0594.541
back in the game1141.745.0
right up top up top where are they where1143.65.12
I hear him1148.725.02
oh boy1151.124.84
okay where you at where are you oh1153.744.559
they're downstairs1155.963.68
jeez come on come on bring it home baby1159.644.96
oh God1162.5595.161
hey bring it up perfect nope break it1164.65.48
out break it out come out1167.726.06
right then oh oh hey it's almost morning1170.085.74
oh come on just gotta survive the1173.784.62
morning survive till morning survive two1175.823.9
more there's no way I'm gonna survive1178.43.18
till 40. there's no way I'm survived oh1179.723.6
God no way I'm surviving till morning1181.584.7
I've had a bandages1183.322.96
oh oh wait it's morning1186.745.64
oh okay1189.587.68
oh dogs dogs dogs bad dogs bad dogs1192.384.88
hey don't grab my [ __ ] I'm not grabbing1198.865.22
your [ __ ] all right I came back to help1201.445.7
you oh no it's morning I guess I missed1204.084.56
it oh man you missed so much action1207.143.32
Simon oh1208.6428.229

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, I am loving watching Neebs Gaming take on the epic challenge of surviving Darkness Falls! This new 7 Days to Die series has me on the edge of my seat with each intense horde battle.

The cinematic camera work makes it feel like you're right there in the action as the team frantically prepares their defenses and fends off waves of screaming zombies. It's crazy how creative they get, using everything from electric fences to pit traps to keep the undead horde at bay. And when those plans inevitably fall apart, the chaos and scrambling that follows is comedy gold.

But it's not all goofy hijinks - you really feel the progression as the team levels up skills, loots better gear, and constructs more elaborate bases. And the roleplaying elements like Simon's crazed scientist character add so much humor and immersion. It's like watching a zombie survival movie unfold.

For me, Neebs Gaming's 7 Days series is the absolute best way to experience this brutal, thrilling game without actually playing it yourself. Their storytelling and editing transforms it from a game into an engrossing cinematic adventure. And the way they pick each other up and work as a team through all the death and destruction reminds you that friendship and laughter can endure, even in the apocalypse.

If you're looking for an entertaining, binge-worthy gaming series with lots of heart, look no further than Neebs Gaming in Darkness Falls! Their brand of zany cooperative survival creates an experience you just can't find anywhere else.

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