DEFEATING the Castle with BOMBS!!! - Conan Exiles

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I just watched the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast...
DEFEATING the Castle with BOMBS!!! - Conan Exiles
DEFEATING the Castle with BOMBS!!! - Conan Exiles

DEFEATING the Castle with BOMBS!!! - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, did you see our latest video, 'DEFEATING the Castle with BOMBS!!!'? That was epic!

simon: Oh yeah, that was so much fun! Especially when we blew up the castle boss with those bombs!

appsro: Haha, you guys are crazy! But seriously, that video was one of my favorites. We make a great bomb squad team!

neebs: Definitely! Who knew bombs could be so effective in Conan Exiles? We should do more bomb raids in the future!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! I just watched the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 and let me tell you, it was an absolute blast! The whole crew is on deck for this one as they take on a massive castle and then brace themselves for not just one, but two rounds of the dreaded purge. Talk about action-packed!

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you know that Neebs Gaming always brings their A-game when it comes to gameplay and entertainment. And this episode is no exception. From hilarious banter to epic battles, this video has it all. Plus, the team even has their own line of resort merch now - how cool is that?

And let's not forget about the timestamps - it's like a little preview of all the exciting moments you can look forward to in the video. Leaping into action, witty intros, bomb squads, and even some pillow pilfering - this episode has it all. And of course, who can resist the charm of Hot Dog Larry and the trio of Appsro, Appsro, and Appsro?

As a loyal fan, I always appreciate the effort Neebs Gaming puts into their content, from the music choices to the editing style. It's clear that they pour their hearts and souls into each and every video, and it really shows. So, if you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon for even more exclusive content. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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okay here we1.8395.72
go come on guys3.8395.92
baby that's7.5595.16
right enough of that guy oh come on suck9.7597.321
on that baby yeah oh12.7194.361
no one man down19.965.6
already uhuh22.083.48
ma'am little by little we take them down26.725.76
we Whittle them away like rocks all30.0395.121
right you got any spider32.485.88
balls got a flanked nice you guys are35.165.36
smart oh [ __ ] I got to go back and get38.365.359
my stuff get Salon Booyah there we go40.525.64
hey salmon hey oh [ __ ] okay somebody43.7195.801
knock off oh boy they're at our base too46.166.28
not our real base though which way guys49.523.879
it's fine they can have it we're going52.442.599
to take their actual base you ready to53.3993.32
keep going whack I'm ready whenever55.0393.761
you're ready loot looting which way56.7194.041
should we go yeah well yeah this is good58.83.8
stuff yeah of course we'll get it later60.763.16
all right where two where two let's62.63.28
climb right here oh but there's spiky on63.924.239
the wall but there's not oh but there65.884.36
it's just it's don't go don't go there68.1594.481
go go farther right Anthony so me this70.245.559
little little staircase oh boy we're in72.646.04
we in there we go uh top base is secure75.7994.921
coming in come on Simon done take my78.686.119
hand Simon I'm oh oh come on oh [ __ ] God80.726.96
no try again Simon we need you try yeah84.7994.881
follow following you whack once Simon's87.683.36
up yeah well I mean you guys could go89.683.439
I'll probably we don't want to lose you91.045.64
are we waiting for neebs or is he coming93.1195.721
his own way nees where are you I'm96.685.16
coming from Top base get in here we're98.845.239
up on the wall to the left of where101.844.44
you're coming from okay I I wasn't able104.0793.601
to make this jump before let me try106.284.92
again yep up okay I did it okay right107.685.36
behind you go up wall nids you're going111.24.16
to climb up right here buddy be I hear113.046.88
you but I don't oh it looks spiky115.364.56
let's see uh Winnie I'm thinking you136.47.72
might look good right here and boom yeah139.086.879
you know what I like that I like that I144.123.44
like where you were yeah it's like you145.9593.0
greet people when they come down the147.562.959
stairs like every time I come down the148.9593.881
stairs I'm going to say hey Winnie but150.5193.8
I'm I don't know you're feeling kind of152.843.92
lonely so look I got you a friend Boop154.3195.041
and that's Minnie Winnie and Minnie156.764.399
couple made in heaven also let me show159.363.28
you what else I made uh because I'm161.1593.681
constantly cold here wait did I not162.643.84
bring it oh I think I left it back at164.844.96
the base I made a hat out of a wolf skin166.485.16
it looked pretty cool and I didn't bring169.83.64
it because I'm an idiot but you guys171.643.679
have fun Min and Winnie coming back this173.444.439
place is looking really cool it's uh oh175.3194.361
man it's coming together I got a lot of177.8793.561
lot a lot of work to do and I'm slow cuz179.682.96
I'm over in covered cuz I got all the181.442.68
materials in but I don't care cuz I'm182.643.08
walking Sexy all right where's the184.125.32
button hit the button I'll see you185.726.36
later hey guys you see you see in the189.445.2
back of that cart right there yeah those192.085.0
those red things those are bombs sweet194.644.08
okay do we want them or avoid them we197.083.519
can we can take them yeah we should take198.724.28
them bom place them or what should we200.5994.521
kill the guys beond yeah how about more203.03.799
details whack we should take them and205.123.52
then do what press X and then blow up206.7993.561
the base we're going to get in with the208.644.08
treche no we'll we'll just Place some210.363.879
down all right well we got some people212.723.159
coming yeah I'm starting to feel like a214.2394.56
terrorist planting bombs now all right215.8795.36
Sky get away from me I guess Tarzan's218.7995.841
here oh boy there we go I'm working with221.2395.92
you Anthony thank you thank you one more224.645.08
under here227.1595.44
drunk there he229.727.76
goes and yeah oh again yeah you like232.5997.881
katas right I have yeah con are cool237.485.16
yeah yeah come here come here I'm going240.484.679
take down these these uh look at this242.645.0
suck oh they're coming in guys there's a245.1595.041
defend me whack I must look at my fancy247.646.84
sword o that's pretty good best K in250.25.92
game right there buddy guys I'm going254.483.52
back to my wee stuff let's do it I'm256.123.32
going to kill myself just trying to get258.03.56
up this damn wall what wall Simon the259.443.44
same wall that I was having a hard time261.563.359
with earlier did you die Simon yes I262.884.28
died okay all right all right I keep on264.9194.761
dying NES did you die too no that's267.164.0
that's me right down there all right I'm269.683.16
going to go get my stuff probably going271.164.64
to die I'm so sorry whack I I I272.845.48
shouldn't be wielding such power oh God275.85.48
it's it's pretty278.322.96
amazing yeah yeah you do look good doing281.85.72
it though thank you delius I'm sorry are285.04.84
you alive you know he's not I'll miss287.523.88
him one thing I really should have289.843.919
thought about was bringing meds oh we291.43.92
can replace Dora with Simon come on293.7596.44
Simon yeah hey and I'll take meds295.324.879
bend over Bobby I know you made friends301.43.88
with hot dog Larry but I I I want to I303.164.039
want to move this Stone and I can't move305.283.56
this Stone if Hot Dog Larry's laying on307.1993.321
it so I got to take hot dog's Larry's308.843.639
Soul it's all right we can get another310.524.519
hot dog Larry bend over Bobby so so just312.4794.601
you know say your goodbyes and uh as he315.0394.0
Withers away hot dog Larry don't you317.084.44
worry it'll be quick okay I promise just319.0394.6
it might pinch just a little bit but321.523.72
you've been great you've been here for323.6393.12
quite a while we've had a good time hot325.243.519
dog Larry but uh yep give me that sweet326.7594.841
sweet soul328.7597.241
yep mhm perfect just perfect so don't331.66.0
don't you worry B Bobby I'm going to get336.03.52
you someone new someone nice we're going337.63.0
to take you to the new place you're339.522.72
going to love the new place it's going340.62.84
to be great I don't know what I'm going342.242.44
to do with this place this place is343.444.24
still sweet but yeah new place new place344.685.519
going to be awesome all right now can I347.685.44
move this remove does it return to350.1994.361
inventory does it break it should353.123.48
probably take oh that's a yep take his354.566.52
soul and move placeable356.66.64
remove okay just put all the stuff in my361.083.559
inventory so sweet I can build a new one363.242.519
there and of course I've been covered364.6392.881
all right bend over Bobby I'll see you365.7593.801
later oh look at this I made a silly367.523.72
wolf hat because it's really cold where369.564.759
I'm going so uh we might have to change371.245.679
your outfit later but also Maybe not374.3195.28
maybe not damn I love looking at your376.9194.281
ass bend over379.5993.921
Bobby Yes Man383.524.32
all right what now they just keep coming395.3193.761
I guess we keep fighting we have to you396.964.72
ready yeah which way are we trying to go399.083.679
let's kill these guys and just keep401.683.44
pushing forward I guess okay I'm nebes402.7593.801
who are you you don't need to have the405.123.68
small talk just kill him okay well he406.564.039
want to know we're literally not moving408.84.16
forward until this guy's dead right I'm410.5994.201
kind of moving forward okay neebs you412.963.639
need some help yep here they come here414.83.079
they come oh yeah watch out another one416.5993.761
coming watch outs I'm417.8794.921
[ __ ] good hit double of them all right420.365.08
get him Dora whack you got this one I422.85.399
don't want to kill anybody got it got it425.444.92
yeah you want me to swing at this guy428.1994.56
I'll get out of the way go for right430.364.399
I'll finish him for you I didn't see him432.7595.921
did you yeah oh he who's got who's got434.7596.321
the bombs the bombs bombs nobody grabbed438.684.16
them yeah I didn't know we had bomb I441.084.559
grabbed the bombs I have the bombs oh442.844.72
Anthony go get bring the bombs when you445.6395.041
come back finish him Simon yeah yeah oh447.564.96
yeah baby [ __ ] I thought that was so450.683.4
these guys don't stop coming they're452.523.799
going to continue to to spawn in the454.084.72
entire time okay lead the way then let's456.3194.521
do it whack and seriously you should be458.84.799
using these bombs as much as possible460.844.759
yeah baby oh I got the finish and touch463.5994.32
on you465.5992.32
swee time for a spider ball yeah spider468.086.64
ball see a spider ball coming did yeah471.84.48
last time it attacked me let's hope that474.723.12
doesn't happen ooh I think I got the476.284.039
finishes baby oh watch out oh [ __ ] oh477.846.0
yeah raer down let grab it oh watch out480.3195.641
no no no get away from me dude somebody483.843.799
I need help I need bandages I wish I485.963.48
have bandages spider helping there are487.6395.641
so many guys oh I am so almost dead I'm489.446.319
going to die like any second run Simon493.284.72
okay I found an axe on the wall I can495.7593.16
the that498.9195.441
sucks oh sorry Anthony I didn't see you501.46.68
there buddy I'm504.366.559
nees oh mini winnie what you think this508.084.36
looks great this is a great placement510.9193.321
I'm going to surrounded with stuff but512.444.2
yeah I say this is a sacrificial chamber514.243.919
this is going to be great and from what516.642.959
wack said I think there's ponds and518.1592.921
stuff we can get kind of down the road519.5993.68
so yeah this should be easy all right I521.084.48
think this uh yeah this hat is keeping523.2794.081
me much warmer I haven't been cold the525.563.399
entire time I was here so this is527.363.36
working out great this is working out528.9594.56
great a it mini and Winnie I wow I need530.725.36
to go find the guys cuz I am talking to533.5194.481
myself I'm sitting here talking to two536.084.28
Taxidermy Bears that's what I'm doing538.03.36
I'm going go I'm going to go find the540.362.88
guys I I got to drop off some [ __ ] and541.364.599
find the guys going crazy hot dog Larry543.244.24
I'm going to stick you in this box hope545.9592.841
okay what's the effective way to use the548.85.52
shield right click just right click huh551.365.8
no not right click oh see oh god dude554.325.68
sorry that was right click what' you557.166.08
do I I I asked what how do I put out the560.05.16
shield and somebody said right click563.244.039
then you stand you said you you yourself565.163.84
said right click and did it somebody567.2793.841
said right right click it's on it's it's569.03.959
on it's recorded okay play it back571.123.279
what's the effective way to use the572.9593.721
shield right click just right click no574.3995.481
not right click oh see oh god dude sorry576.685.2
but did you did you left click no I579.884.72
right clicked right click does this and581.884.12
that stabbed them why would you do it584.63.56
again because nobody was there okay we586.04.8
all need to get away from him yeah yeah588.166.799
maybe come back damn it Simon sorry Dora590.86.12
I mean mine's bound to right click my594.9595.0
bad sorry Which Way W oh you well are we596.925.359
going to wait for Dora or catch up big599.9594.281
boy he's a big boy he a big boy all602.2794.921
right he's a big boy so the full frontal604.245.24
assault sucks so we're just going to607.24.72
climb it okay those are spikes just just609.485.479
follow my path okay it's a good view611.924.72
from down there just so you know I614.9594.241
thought we would destroy this ow616.644.24
somebody's shooting arrows yeah just619.24.44
keep going crawl in the620.884.959
corner what what have you done what do623.643.4
you mean what have I done me all the way625.8393.801
down I saw him fall come ones might be627.044.44
blaming you I was climbing I don't know629.645.319
what you're doing he's blaming you sorry631.485.72
do you hear that guy talking trash NE I634.9594.761
do what's he saying just a bunch of BL637.26.879
BL BL don't come take my stuff BL BL639.727.04
yeah okay well where do we go now okay644.0794.121
we're going this way you all right646.764.28
Anthony I'm good now yep is stay well oh648.25.72
there you are okay oh God I all right651.043.84
this is what we should have done from653.923.359
the beginning wack yeah well you know654.884.04
got to try things sometimes I really657.2792.841
don't feel good about this though I658.922.56
don't feel like a brave Warrior I feel660.124.0
great about it respawning sucks skull661.485.64
like a zamorian thief okay and be quiet664.124.959
about I don't know what that means wack667.124.64
it means do what I do not what he does669.0794.721
yeah do what I do not what I say okay671.764.199
we're going to go over here uhhuh and673.83.88
woo there's one guy right there but you677.683.8
could just leave him alone doesn't680.123.92
matter nope they're dying today get him681.484.52
get him okay do a bunch of little pokes684.043.4
in the686.03.6
face they're just going to re oh there687.444.72
you go got it okay yeah okay all right689.64.679
down down here please keep moving he's692.163.88
got some money we've collected a lot of694.2793.641
money from the corpses at least oh just696.044.039
wait till we get inside you'll get more697.923.96
money than you ever wanted I'm going to700.0793.281
take it back and put it in the purge all701.883.639
right I need bombers who's got the bombs703.364.56
bomb okay one bomb at a time we're going705.5194.56
to put it right here okay where I'm707.924.76
standing all right this everybody else710.0794.76
that's not placing bombs drop drop over712.684.839
the side over here where I amop yeah714.8393.601
come on up here where're the bomb717.5192.281
where're the bomb boys I thought it was718.442.959
just one guy you guys don't both want to719.83.839
be up there one time so everybody else721.3994.041
everybody that doesn't have bombs down723.6394.601
here all right jump the side there and725.444.72
just stand down there okay down there728.243.719
okay down okay do I just hit you're730.163.359
going to you're going to put one bomb731.9593.481
there do I hit the button and place it733.5193.12
yep yep all right I don't want to hit735.443.0
the button and have it just explode no736.6393.481
you're just going to place it for now738.444.0
bam all right okay now what now what you740.125.68
need to do is booty bump it so basically742.444.959
just run up and bump it and then you're745.83.039
going to jump over the side to where747.3993.481
every body else's all right you go down748.8395.161
I don't want you hurt what is a booty do750.884.36
I have to hit it with my butt just run754.04.0
into it and then and then drop755.246.159
did yep did you bump it I bumped it yeah758.04.48
it's on761.3994.24
fire is that open now okay go back up762.484.64
well one one person at a time not765.6393.281
everybody it's not it's not broke down767.124.04
cuz we're going to use all four of those768.924.359
bombs F all right all right771.164.0
misunderstood okay so let it burn a773.2793.761
little while and then place the other775.164.359
one bur do I have time to eat a sandwich777.045.28
yeah sure yes779.5196.521
okay oh my goodness what is all this oh782.326.48
what what what what what You Bad786.046.84
Kitty damn cats ruining my life oh like788.85.399
that blood was a little better yeah you792.883.0
go ahead and roll and then you stay794.1993.161
there and die I'm not even going to795.883.959
harvest you but look at this place wait797.364.36
is this their symbol symbol now four799.8393.761
claws are we the four claws did I miss801.723.32
out on that I've been I've been busy803.64.479
doing my own thing what's here this805.047.359
carpet stuff and that that's a pile of808.0796.921
pillows that is a ridiculous pile of812.3995.041
pillows why are there so many pillows815.05.519
and I'm taking them at least taking one817.445.36
yeah taking one pillow might use that820.5194.641
the paintings these are some822.85.32
nice was that an825.1611.64
explosion all right oh oh chunks fell836.86.0
yeah oh yeah not the right chunk not yet839.9595.721
at least huh still not open no what do842.85.12
we do now W we'll have to use845.685.04
this oh you just have that who's that847.925.2
well I got it in the one of the rooms850.724.119
down there can I can I say it can I say853.124.36
it guys go ahead start whacking I know854.8394.8
right I'm going to wait for the fire857.484.88
though oh what are you guys doing good859.6394.801
timing here we go we whacking baby862.364.44
whacking whack's whacking it you guys oh864.444.92
I see at the top of the castle yep see866.85.32
you too are you casting spells maybe see869.365.479
if I can get to you guys watch out he872.127.76
evil [ __ ] not [ __ ] it is here we874.8395.041
go you got this whack keep at it you're880.044.68
a strong girl put your back into it put882.683.8
your whack to884.725.2
it all right oh you're falling a little886.485.359
you going to make it uh I should be able889.923.64
to make it or at least get pretty close891.8395.68
come on come on here we go he good to893.565.56
see you boys oh I think I'm going to897.5193.481
have to land up top careful spikes899.124.159
everywhere oh god there really are oh no901.05.8
all right I'm good I'm good903.2793.521
hey there's a threat in there we're in907.9595.201
wait is this their Church there's a boss911.1995.241
in there and he hits ridiculously hard913.165.0
all right we doing it get him W we're916.445.6
going to hit careful kill each other off918.165.64
start it off baby can we lure him out922.043.239
watch out NES there we go we're we're923.82.68
just running in I guess we're running in925.2795.161
I guess out oh [ __ ] wa wa wait this is926.486.359
their Church fatal error somebody was on930.445.24
the roof doing [ __ ] that's me baby oh932.8394.401
okay this is sacred ground we're935.685.839
defiling their Sac Temple shut up bad937.247.079
people the hell out of941.5195.481
it oh my God they're throwing things oh944.3194.161
yeah baby I don't know if you've noticed947.03.24
but there's piles of gold on the ground948.484.839
you can take them really kind of really950.245.079
trying to fight the bad guys we're for953.3194.721
Rich yeah but you want to fight that955.3194.281
that means we won oh we did yeah baby959.65.84
yeah I killed the big guy if that was it963.3995.281
I finished him off damn s War good job965.444.839
you took this place yeah and then968.685.12
there's Gold Everywhere gold gold gold970.2795.48
take it take it take it take the gold NE973.85.08
sorry you had a fatal Air Buddy you okay975.7595.601
you can talk oh no it's all right oh man978.884.24
look at this look what I'm looking at981.364.399
it's [ __ ] man it's [ __ ] oh we983.124.639
really wore him out didn't we he needed985.7593.721
a rest yeah987.7594.961
yeah hey thanks for Lightning I I guess989.484.56
yeah I thought I thought it might help992.722.479
didn't can we can we take this place now995.1995.481
is it ours no why not cuz it was just to997.7595.08
come up here and get the gold oh I have1000.685.32
the gold I'm very heavy can barely bet1002.8394.8
are you saying we can never take this1006.04.36
place it'll never be ours it'll never be1007.6396.081
ours oh well what the okay we can't we1010.365.479
can't do it well take what you can fit1013.725.76
in your pockets I already have no ah1015.8397.321
lightning just struck and killed1019.483.68
me it was a happy ending after all1024.764.679
funny take his gold yeah no yeah don't1029.4395.15
leave that gold that's good1032.9195.3
stuff so guys we are getting rich over1043.4396.841
here yeah how rich are we well I mean1047.126.48
this thing has 1 2 3 41050.286.519
5 if I do a thing oh my God I'm1053.66.16
doing, 7111056.7995.24
12726 where does it say that okay when1059.763.96
you talk you go to the guy you can see1062.0393.361
the damn Cofer value I'm looking in the1063.724.079
Box yeah 1 21065.45.2
3 I'm not sure make sure double check1067.7995.681
all right there's a lot stand by one 21070.66.04
Dam ruining being rich Filthy Rich1073.485.76
that's that's that's the answer okay put1076.645.08
your bow down Dr do it okay I will do I1079.243.679
just do it1081.724.12
now do it let's do that come why not1082.9195.041
let's try a purge all right drag it out1085.844.56
more let's Purge it fairy Larry you1087.965.24
ready yeah puddles ready yeah yeah1090.45.32
puddles looks ready to go okay here we1093.25.16
go don't ask us if we're ready I'm going1095.724.12
to get up front do it I'm going to take1098.363.72
the section behind you abro we'll be1099.843.959
like the bosses they work their way1102.084.0
through us I'm I'm in my section right1103.7994.681
here you anony you grab my section you1106.084.76
guys don't sound ready I'm ready I'm not1108.484.24
hold on just one second one second all1110.843.44
right Simon you be this section I'll be1112.724.16
the final boss before the final boss oh1114.285.44
[ __ ] all right start it noobs okay1116.885.84
proclaiming wealth here we go baby yeah1119.725.079
confirm is it bad that I hear magic1122.723.52
noises and I look it is that's why I1124.7994.401
said I [ __ ] I haven't summoned it yet I1126.245.28
was waiting for them to appear ah where1129.24.599
are they where are they last time they1131.524.0
appeared over to the right oh I'm1133.7992.88
probably going to get struck by1135.523.6
lightning again yeah yeah look forward1136.6794.401
to getting struck by lightning sounds1139.124.559
like it'd be fun there we go what the1141.084.079
hell was that yep same place to the1143.6793.201
right to the right oh [ __ ] yeah they're1145.1593.921
putting up that's quick that's good work1146.883.799
all right man I should I should have1149.083.64
started over there huh already firing1150.6793.12
all right they're going to come around1152.724.12
to got tough a guy way in the back are1153.7995.601
we beating the boss I don't see anybody1156.844.16
yet where are the the threats you don't1159.44.68
see the big thing they'll come okay that1161.05.0
little C like that guy right there I see1164.083.92
think I'm going to kill the boss yeah1166.03.84
there's like Oney guy running oh no I1168.03.36
see more than that they all just popped1169.843.04
in I saw like eight of them watch out1171.363.6
watch out where you backing up watch out1172.884.2
where he going to go watch out there we1174.963.64
go yeah they're coming to the door here1177.083.479
we go1178.65.199
y watch out the storms are here wait he1180.5595.161
just opened the damn front door opened1183.7994.041
it up it just opened it just opened it1185.724.4
it just opened the damn1187.845.0
thing what's up with that God why are we1190.124.0
why did he just open why is he just1192.844.0
opening the door we not lock the door do1194.126.36
you have to lock the door the attacker1196.845.839
you idiots wack you said this would work1200.483.04
time Simon got his wish wack you're a1203.525.08
liar let let me try something wack1206.124.039
promised me that it would work this time1208.64.04
this happened last time guys wa that was1210.1596.361
good you liked it yeah God yeah all1212.645.96
right this is going pretty well yeah no1216.524.159
it already says that the C it's over we1218.64.959
failed no they move R we failed they1220.6795.321
retreated how was that retreated okay1223.5594.12
look we do a couple of extra things it's1226.03.88
all good oh sor sorry AB I just shot you1227.6794.12
why I thought never seen you before look1229.883.799
like that I thought eny oh because of1231.7993.521
the new hat yep yeah when our enemies1233.6793.041
can just open the damn door that's1235.323.28
really dumb nebs I know we should lock1236.723.48
the do yes we should Lo the do is that1238.62.8
option okay nebes we're going to try it1241.44.12
again all right okay it's getting1243.524.08
frustrating open I'm just going to hit1245.524.08
it I I don't even want to wait we're1247.63.6
just hit it you think they'll build the1249.64.199
same spot again probably they've done it1251.23.959
twice I'm going to do something dumb1253.7993.201
then you going to do it over there yeah1255.1594.121
those poor bastards why is that dumb uh1257.04.2
I don't know okay it seems like it might1259.284.32
be dumb I like it it seems good to me1261.24.359
all right good and dumb all right build1263.64.64
your stupid base you jerks come on get1265.5595.041
that get that analou get it AB anope you1268.244.16
might want to go it's going to get real1270.63.88
silly around1272.43.84
boy oh god wow oh you're you're holy1276.247.72
[ __ ] oh my god wow they just build it on1281.443.88
top of me that was1283.965.0
amazing come on everybody the front door1285.324.959
is it okay that I'm shooting the big1288.964.76
dude yeah go for it all right this guy's1290.2794.88
going to shoot at me are they going for1293.723.8
the walls I mean that that would make1295.1594.321
way more sense they're going around to1297.523.88
the front they're going nope they're not1299.484.0
they are dude I'm pegging away this big1301.44.879
dude in inide there oh maybe he's not1303.485.36
big he's not big peg him harder oh yeah1306.2794.76
you like that pegan Peggy Carter feel1308.844.12
like they built a lot closer this1311.0393.88
time here they come they're coming1312.964.719
through is that lightning maybe they're1314.9194.88
coming guys1317.6796.36
yeah FR him welcome back hey uhoh that1319.7996.961
the they really are should have died1324.0395.0
like right here stupid can they open the1326.763.919
door this time they1329.0394.401
open damn that's whack all right I'm1330.6794.681
ready to1333.445.04
fight get out of here you're doing great1335.364.96
okay so the lightning may have destroyed1338.484.319
a couple walls in the back uh-oh yeah oh1340.324.4
[ __ ] he's trying to open the door I see1342.7993.48
all right I'm protecting the walls I'm1344.724.52
protecting the door I feel like you it1346.2795.441
destroyed my bag too oh they're coming1349.243.919
oh no they're not all right I'm keeping1351.724.12
them off the door but they're persistent1353.1593.801
Simon it might be because we're in a1355.842.64
purge maybe you can't get your stuff1356.963.24
back nearing The Purge we got to guard1358.483.12
this section right here oh I know I'm1360.22.8
watching it with you names who's this1361.63.72
coward over here just cowering over by1363.04.48
the storage that's the guy the guy that1365.324.479
tells us how much money we got oh they1367.484.28
seem to be avoiding the hole in the wall1369.7994.76
oh right fo you get poked in the1371.767.08
toe oh that lighting lightning taking1374.5597.281
the walls out yeah I1378.845.719
know there's my body it finally showed1381.845.64
up keeping them off this1384.5595.081
door doing great Lightning's over all1387.483.439
right Lightning's over we can fight I'm1389.642.519
going to go out and fight here a little1390.9192.721
bit fight with the lightning what are1392.1593.961
you all about St in suit and kill people1393.645.24
com hard boss yeah that looks like a1396.125.64
boss yep that's a boss that's a boss all1398.884.159
right I can jump in and help you with1401.762.919
that it's all right you'll kill me okay1403.0395.24
I probably would how's it going guys all1404.6795.641
right cover me guys let a few through1408.2794.4
I'm getting bored I'm in their base oh1410.324.52
three yeah three just came in plus a ram1412.6794.281
dude are you calling more lightning1414.845.199
maybe I am a lightning rod I'm going for1416.967.319
the ram dude oh yeah let's do it I just1420.0397.271
took down the ram dude [ __ ]1424.2794.241
yeah I'm up in their1428.523.72
[ __ ] SP [ __ ] do it nice yeah g yeah g1432.487.24
now the lightning kills everybody I know1439.726.52
I love it yeah it's bad but I like it I1442.844.719
like the1446.244.16
chaos come on did you let a few through1447.5594.801
I'm kind of bored here at my post well1450.44.279
come yeah come over here take take the1452.364.439
fight to them what if they come in here1454.6793.561
now we're kicking ass over here all1456.7993.961
right I'm coming1458.242.52
in oh wow that caught me on fire that a1461.0394.801
that all we really had to build was some1463.9195.721
foundations or last ooo this guy's got a1465.848.12
peg leg a peg leg1469.647.12
really he's throwing fire fire and a peg1473.965.28
leg is a bad combination yeah oh he does1476.764.12
have a peg leg I'm going get him get him1479.243.6
oh wow oh God he got1480.885.399
me battering boys lot guys coming oh1482.846.48
[ __ ] where the hell did it spawn me ah1486.2795.481
damn it oh wait hey guys the the guy1489.324.599
that holds our treasure thing is gone1491.764.399
it's just a bag here now what you can1493.9193.921
hire another one it's just the bag well1496.1593.081
it's got all the treasure in it well1497.843.48
good how do you stop these guys from1501.324.56
coming with death oh yeah all right1503.5594.24
let's start killing oh the stigant hand1505.884.36
of War challenges us bring it on come on1507.7993.681
It him right here War yeah he looks and1511.487.559
to my ass fun what oh boy oh boy I'm1515.2796.64
coming in it gave up who gave up text it1519.0395.24
said they gave up why we just1521.9196.88
disappeared wait why' they give up ah1524.2798.161
a that was fun I take a drink I'm going1528.7997.0
to loot their base oh [ __ ] U I think the1532.445.44
lightning might have killed the guy with1535.7995.321
the treasure chest oops so I missed1537.886.2
it the lightning didn't yeah you missed1541.126.08
it great1544.0811.539

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