How To Get a Big, Burly Blacksmith - Enshrouded

Hey, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on Steam called Enshrouded? If not, you're missing out on some epic g...
How To Get a Big, Burly Blacksmith  -  Enshrouded
How To Get a Big, Burly Blacksmith - Enshrouded

How To Get a Big, Burly Blacksmith - Enshrouded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey there, folks! Today we're talking about why 'How To Get a Big, Burly Blacksmith' is our favorite video. And let me tell you, it's because we get to see Simon here try to lift that massive hammer!

simon: Oh, come on, Neebs! You know I can handle that hammer like a pro. But the real reason this video is my favorite is because Appsro keeps getting in the way and making us all laugh with his clumsy moves.

appsro: Hey, I may be clumsy, but at least I provide some comic relief in this intense rescue mission. And the reason this video is my favorite is because we finally get to see Neebs try to forge a sword with that big, burly blacksmith!

neebs: Oh, don't remind me of that disaster, Appsro! But hey, it's all in good fun, and that's why this video is a classic in our book. Plus, who doesn't love a big, burly blacksmith in action?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on Steam called Enshrouded? If not, you're missing out on some epic gameplay where they have to rescue the Blacksmith and try their best not to meet a horrific end. Trust me, it's a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement that you won't want to miss!

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this episode of enshrouded is sponsored0.243.92
by Keen games creators of enshrouded1.7194.201
explore the vast and I'm serious when I4.163.36
say this I mean vast it's got Hills5.923.52
forest desert Villages tombs whole7.523.64
freaking towns explore the vast world of9.443.8
imil as you fight survive and build in11.163.88
this glorious open world and if you love13.243.28
building games you need to get this one15.042.8
I mean look at this this is my dumb16.522.919
wizard tower I love it look at this A17.842.88
buddy of mine built this into the side19.4393.961
of a mountain it's insane oh check this20.724.84
out it's a room I haven't finished yet23.43.48
but it's going to be epic so if you like25.562.959
action adventure and an insane amount of26.883.2
things to build with and grab and shroud28.5193.08
today there's a link right in the30.083.96
box last time all34.164.879
enshrouded oh that's going to hurt39.0394.2
that's going to40.842.399
good oh he's almost no my babies I don't44.926.0
think I can get back to you all right49.165.919
tactical Retreat everyone dad abandoned50.927.159
oh yeah all right yeah so what happened64.7997.081
there we died and we were abandoned yeah68.964.72
where's pops what are you guys doing71.884.64
back here where you at I'm up here above73.684.36
and I'm buil working on the roof right76.523.8
now oh gotcha hey this is looking great78.045.2
thank you all right I like the wood80.325.4
thank you very much all right Simon what83.245.199
let's get back there stat all right stat85.725.24
follow uh what a stat uh stand for88.4395.601
something I don't90.963.08
know hey Boos hey hi all right we're94.1195.161
going to approach things quite97.7993.761
differently this time right first thing99.286.28
Dora yes build a flame101.569.28
altar chapter 7 now we have a respawn105.565.28
Point all right door round two right um112.4398.441
this time I'm more ready um and I will116.646.439
pretend to do something got a shot good120.884.599
shot yep lure him out all right maybe123.0795.001
I'll try to sneak behind all right oh125.4795.081
there's the problem is there's two of128.085.56
them running running jumping right into130.565.24
them that didn't133.645.64
work NOP135.88.079
s how you doing Dora139.284.599
fine I ain't even I'm a little scared144.3194.481
okay you keep fighting I'll try to get147.364.0
Simon okay why that we have the thing148.83.28
here oh yeah right that's true that's152.085.72
why we put that there yep so whichever155.05.959
but and oh the problem is my health is157.87.32
already very low and I'm that's okay we160.9595.761
got this thing right here yeah all day165.123.8
long with this let's build this by every166.724.599
fight we ever168.925.16
do H got one down171.3196.28
nice s all right I'm back174.086.32
and get him saon oh okay177.5995.36
oh while he's180.42.559
celebrating just respawn my baby there184.085.92
you go yeah I I'm coming back with like186.5995.961
I my Health's not too bad oh here let me190.05.28
give you a hit all right oh thank you so192.564.92
Daddy are we198.124.28
looting uh yeah may as well see what199.9594.92
they got around here this uh looks like202.46.16
they got books and Pages oh red Barrel204.8795.72
Simon hit it yeah but oh you got to hit208.564.28
the barrel yeah hit the barrel oh yeah210.5994.28
that makes sense all212.844.039
son this is why I don't trust216.8797.08
you you'll learn to trust daddy in due220.645.44
time nope here you go hey you want to223.9593.64
learn how to be a wizard like a great226.084.04
wizard like227.5995.72
me yeah sure yeah look I'll train you to230.124.759
be a wizard Simon then you'll be able to233.3193.961
heal and like have powers and stuff I234.8795.321
don't believe you for good reason will237.284.44
you're going to get skills and wizard240.23.36
points it's going to be great all right241.724.32
we we will243.566.239
see chapter 8 baby neees gets a246.047.36
visit oh God okay where did this guy249.7995.64
come from okay those are not my weapons253.44.32
this is a freaking pickaxe take this255.4395.441
outside sir in our house okay hold up I257.724.28
need to switch260.884.64
to there we go and boom all right my262.07.84
first fight o265.527.44
oh okay I thing takes a lot of stamina I269.847.12
guess okay come at me buddy come on272.968.44
and Y oh God he hit me oh crap okay oh276.966.56
that hurt me bad didn't it can I like I281.44.12
just don't get hit again don't get hit283.523.679
this there we go nice fantastic what's287.1996.161
this guy going to give me some oh cloth291.285.44
I need that I'm making beds here we293.365.559
go yeah we're sleeping on your cloth296.724.919
tonight thank you298.9192.72
oh I see a baddy should I lure out said305.6396.361
baddy lure him308.63.4
shoot except for the missing the missing315.7595.801
part wasn't nice he's coming in there318.084.679
you go321.566.04
s got to whack in there322.7594.841
yeah there's that teamwork nice I'll329.844.799
take that [ __ ] guys are growing up so332.7595.56
fast we are we're big boys oh334.6398.12
look that's the egg oh yeah perfect oh338.3197.6
very nice touch the egg342.7595.401
Okay um awaken the Survivor348.166.08
yes now he's not going to come out he's351.964.4
basically in our pocket but once we get354.245.519
back home we will summon the blacksmith356.366.08
exciting [ __ ] yeah recipe unlocked359.7594.361
follow me back home boys you don't want362.444.24
to look at this stuff come on now oh he364.124.799
just disappeared all right well I don't366.683.48
know how to do368.9193.041
that hey neebs hey oh God okay what I371.967.44
just didn't hear you come in oh I we377.564.44
just teleported in gotcha all right yeah379.44.44
all these flame things we can fast382.04.919
travel too okay why oh my feet were383.845.84
glowing for some reason glowy feet yeah386.9195.801
it sounds like a disease wa no nope it's389.684.76
not a disease I just when you turned392.724.44
your back my feet were glowing so look394.445.44
at here tell you what this is it's cozy397.164.759
looking spot and I didn't think it399.884.159
wouldn't be where's dor and Simon I401.9193.921
thought they were right behind me404.0394.361
chapter 9 it's basic fast travel I mean405.844.759
damn all you do is go to the map just408.45.72
click the [ __ ] ah410.5999.241
hey a [ __ ] Simon what I just fast Trav414.127.919
to this last altar we made I think we419.843.96
were supposed to fast travel422.0394.361
home I don't know how to fast travel go423.86.119
to the map map I see426.47.04
you ancient Vault blacksmith it's where429.9196.081
I'm at right433.444.599
Tombstone oh436.06.24
them [ __ ] I don't n438.0398.241
aha I'll see you there442.244.04
maybe hey Dora ha nice D you got any447.446.479
more more that cloth torn cloth yeah I451.0395.201
got I got cloth all right good that453.9194.921
means you'll have a bed tonight oh456.244.519
good damn458.845.4
it I came back to the same place Dora460.7596.481
[ __ ] all right hey Dora yeah out of all467.284.28
the stuff we have see if you can make a469.965.48
summoning staff oo is that just on the471.565.52
person do I make it yeah yeah should475.443.159
just be at the workbench I'll bet I477.082.88
we're on the person what up478.5993.6
I only need479.965.88
Twigs here we go Twigs in there is there482.1996.041
yeah I just put some in there oh there485.845.919
he is hey Salon Salon yeah get get used488.244.959
to fast traveling it's going to happen a491.7593.321
lot in this game yeah salmon you got493.1997.201
torn cloth do I have what cloth cloth uh495.086.6
don't even know how to get to my500.42.88
inventory right now I put six in there I501.683.639
put six in the chest that's backpack uh503.284.08
no don't have [ __ ] still okay you're505.3195.801
sleeping on the floor then507.363.76
come on now hey Dora how's that511.3193.681
summoning staff coming really good513.4794.321
thanks for asking um that's what she515.07.039
said what about the summoning staff well517.86.44
she'd say that wouldn't she that work522.0397.041
perfect sweet all right summon the524.244.84
blacksmith yes okay he's definitely529.125.159
sleeping on the531.762.519
floor all right we got a blacksmith hey534.447.56
all right let me see I'll talk to him540.164.32
real fast what have you come for me all542.03.839
right so we we can come up to the544.482.76
blacksmith and you can actually craft545.8393.44
stuff oh yeah we can make a Forge547.244.599
charcoal kill Nails out of a metal scrap549.2794.401
ooh he's quite551.8397.721
Burly let's see hey hey see you553.685.88
there chapter 10 baby neebs builds a560.129.399
wolf oh WF I was building563.647.8
him oh I'm not a good fighter I'm not a569.5193.241
good fighter you're not a good fighter571.443.92
no I'm not ow hold on help me baby neees572.763.96
I got575.365.32
it get yes there it is all right let's576.727.359
try that again chapter 10 baby neebs580.687.0
builds a kill killing is a silly584.0797.2
word yeah587.687.36
and ooh there we go we got a kill I591.2795.481
think uh I think you put it backwards595.043.28
though I know I didn't know how to spin596.766.28
it hold on um just pick up there you go598.327.639
and then when I go to spin it it says603.045.08
rotate right trigger yeah if you hold605.9593.841
right trigger then I think tap right on608.122.36
d-pad right try that okay which one's610.486.96
first d-pad or right hold right trigger614.485.28
and then yes puts it down instantly617.444.04
right trigger puts it down619.763.48
instantly just read read the621.483.12
instructions down there at the bottom623.242.68
damn right on the screen looking at okay624.63.0
look what does it say rotate right625.923.84
trigger Plus627.64.919
L and there's an arrow yeah probably629.765.04
left on the d-pad right on the d-pad632.5194.44
right what the hell are you doing I've634.85.56
rebound stuff oh God Place item yep okay636.9595.12
so you rebound stuff and now you're640.363.24
going to complain because you not you642.0794.641
don't know how to do it I like the way I643.66.12
fight and I want trigger to be my646.724.4
striking button all right well now you649.722.559
got to sit here all day and figure out651.122.64
how to spin that damn thing okay I got652.2793.281
to rebind some stuff but for the653.767.48
meantime this is what you get fine655.565.68
and there's nothing around661.6396.521
here search that that here we go oh look663.6398.721
at that torn cloth finally my first668.168.52
finding of that that was that worth672.367.039
seeing probably not probably wasn't but676.684.44
I'm happy about679.3995.56
it I rebound some stuff all right think681.126.12
you got it I don't know let's try um684.9593.961
pick it up wait we're crafting stuff I687.242.64
can't pick it688.922.32
yeah I'm not wasting time waiting for689.883.399
you I started crafting charcoal okay691.243.64
well I want to pull the stuff out take693.2794.36
it all out picking it up there we go all694.886.199
right boom you got it now okay so rotate697.6397.681
now should be left bumper oh there we go701.0796.721
oh is that the front is that the front705.325.56
yeah that's the front Okay yeah that707.84.96
looks better okay cool all right put the710.884.8
stuff back in oh yeah there we go and712.764.639
you want a rock and dirt right rocking715.684.0
dirt and what are we making charcoal yep717.3993.761
making charcoal we're going to need it719.683.76
hey Norah hey oh look you got a shield I721.164.4
found a shield you found it huh well I723.443.399
was just over in this little village725.563.719
over here in an enshrouded part and I726.8394.201
killed a bad guy and got a shield I love729.2793.68
it you're a natural Explorer I am such a731.043.96
natural tell you what what I want to732.9594.44
send you and baby neebs on a quest I'll735.04.48
protect neebs exactly you guys go737.3993.721
together and uh yeah and I'll do stuff739.484.159
with Simon come over here follow me both741.124.44
of us right here yeah look you see that743.6395.56
big big tower off in the distance barely745.565.8
climb it climb the tower yes I need you749.1994.121
two to get to the top of the tower oh751.364.56
yes all right is that all that's it753.324.72
sounds too easy ready and break you755.925.2
ready okay yeah let's go like right758.045.12
you're already ready ready yep oh hell761.125.6
yeah last one there's a uh someone who763.167.52
doesn't wear a shirt right where' s go766.725.2
oh hey770.684.92
boo you trying to scare Daddy I was you771.926.359
Can't Scare daddy oh please don't Simon775.65.52
I'll be right back778.2792.841
okay hey hey hey what are you doing here789.1996.521
already just came to remind you about794.244.88
fast travel oh oh you fast I saw you795.725.04
guys take off and probably run through799.123.719
the entire shroud as a guy that doesn't800.763.92
wear shirts I don't believe in fast802.8393.56
travel well you should it's the easiest804.683.399
way to get around that's really dumb806.3993.88
nebs so yeah don't we put a fast travel808.0793.88
point over here so yeah don't forget to810.2793.881
use it811.9594.761
byebye thanks abstra I feel like there's814.165.6
a problem M what's that like look people816.724.239
can't even tell how to get to the819.762.36
grocery store any more because they rely820.9593.481
on GPS it's stuff I'm talking about yeah822.125.519
but but we got to be smarter yeah fast824.445.12
travel smarter I can roll my own window827.6393.64
down I don't need electric windows but829.563.6
they're nice aren't they don't need it831.2796.24
okay you're okay833.164.359
looks pretty tall it does um is it going839.725.52
to have like ladder stuff on it You'842.727.239
imagine so let's see there's a wall and845.246.36
then what's over849.9597.281
here this is a burning cauldron up there851.67.56
okay you know what I got those grenades857.244.24
do you think it'll work on this thing I859.164.16
you'd hope so yeah I got a couple those861.484.44
too if we need them for later um do I863.326.6
just that didn't work nope hm didn't865.925.52
does it just doesn't open does it you869.924.32
knock I didn't knock does it open I871.444.6
don't think so can874.244.039
we just got some scrap876.045.719
metal uh try chop it all we could try878.2798.201
chopping it or set it on fire881.7594.721
mhm there we go hey oh there we go a886.68.88
thing does it need a pick ooh crackling891.246.8
wand you got a crackling wand yeah I got895.484.32
a crackling wand you got such a good898.043.32
weapon already look at you wait you899.82.76
fight that guy I'll go check out my901.362.479
crackling wand yeah you enjoy your902.562.56
wand chapter 11905.124.48
wands so Simon what are your goals today910.7595.401
well you know what i' would like to do914.124.399
is just get a wand is my first goal oh916.163.919
you want to make your own wand I just918.5193.841
crafted my first wand cuz I I have the920.0796.081
bones to do it ooh let's see it so okay922.367.8
so uh wand oh so it's in the that hold926.168.4
on let me I'll tab that boom930.168.28
wand yeah so I haven't seen this but it934.566.079
it's the never ending there we go938.444.04
perfect oh940.6393.921
Abracadabra oh oh he's right there yep944.566.88
oh is that oh there it goes he's just948.045.279
going to all right we'll just wait this951.443.92
out then I guess just sit here until he953.3194.32
he down huh yeah I don't know why not955.364.52
cuz you don't run out of ammo957.6394.721
wow maybe he's been told to not leave959.885.079
you know yep like Mom said don't leave962.365.159
the yard hope he not friendly he doesn't964.9594.36
there's nothing about him967.5195.361
friendly he moved wow what a Twist there969.3198.801
you go okay only a few more okay what a972.887.519
fight not a bad fight huh I'm at the978.123.32
edge of my980.3994.44
seat hey pal how do you like how do you981.446.28
like the taste of my one get984.8397.48
him yeah oh yeah look that's right baby987.725.88
you keep this up you're going to be a992.3193.401
full-fledged wizard look at you oh look993.65.039
at me listen not one miss no man you995.724.72
were dead on with that I'm so look at998.6396.56
this I've got some torn cloth some runes1000.447.72
a a ring sure I'll take it all yeah put1005.1994.08
that ring on that probably does1008.162.08
special do you have something to help1011.9594.32
out or no I I'm not going to waste my1014.05.0
arrows okay there we go all right all1016.2795.161
right hey may we enter thank you when1019.03.8
thr ass though I single-handedly1021.446.759
defeated this guy okay all right um okay1022.88.639
to read this letter there's a letter yep1028.1996.961
okay yep there it goes mhm mhm very nice1031.4395.12
yeah right right right sure but you get1035.164.519
XP for it so that's good yeah wow look1036.5594.681
at this this is a pretty sweet little1039.6794.16
place oh there's a guy1041.248.12
there top is he uh he's up there1043.8397.761
oh oh perfect for you I don't know if1049.363.8
I'm hitting him though yeah it doesn't1051.63.079
look like it can we get I'm going to go1053.162.759
up and take him out yeah I'll uh1054.6793.681
distract him I'll get him he's doing the1055.9193.521
same thing to me he's probably shooting1058.362.12
floor did he fall I think I'm breaking1060.485.8
his stuff oh he's he's big1062.966.56
yep there it goes get him1066.286.04
whoa yeah get1069.526.12
him still focused on you he looked1072.324.8
really neat I wish I could take that1075.644.6
whatever he was using1077.125.16
go to your uh yeah go to your character1080.245.24
yep yep hold on hold on I'm it's not I1082.284.8
oh it is that1085.483.92
character learning to navigate see1087.084.44
there's probably a place for Rings is1089.44.48
there is a place for Rings what's the1091.524.44
ring do I'm going to click click on that1093.884.679
it's a Sigil ring of the Elder guard1095.964.719
plus eight stamina plus 10 Health oh1098.5595.561
that's good so I guess it's equipped now1100.6794.561
it sure1104.124.12
is is it yes I don't even know how that1105.244.52
happened I just hit buttons and then it1108.244.799
seemed to do itself Simon yes you're1109.766.32
going to be a great wizard my son and I1113.0394.64
can call you1116.084.8
papa I prefer Daddy but you can call me1117.6796.641
Papa yeah Papa's less1120.886.4
creepy no okay but no see the amount of1124.325.08
kisses when I'm calling your papa Papa1127.284.8
loves his baby Diamond Papa loves his1129.44.84
Diamond okay could you show me how to1134.243.72
get out of here yeah just just the same1136.282.96
damn way we came in1137.962.839
okay good see I got turned around very1139.244.919
quickly I went down up see I forget1140.7996.401
Papa's Got a special1144.1593.041
baby you sure1147.243.559
do we going to go to the top we going to1154.084.88
go to the top of the Spire we going to1157.24.16
go to the top we going to go to the top1158.964.76
of the Spire we going to go to the top1161.364.199
going to the top of the spy spy Spy we1163.724.76
going to go to the top spy SP spy SP spy1165.5595.401
Spy we going to go to the top we going1168.484.6
to go to the top we going to go to the1170.964.88
top we going to go to the top we going1173.085.04
to go to the top going to go to the top1175.844.839
of the going to go1178.125.72
top let's see if I1180.6796.161
can you all1183.847.0
right yes1186.844.0

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