A BEAST of an Episode - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest video where the Neebs crew plays a hilarious game of Last to Leave the Circl...
A BEAST of an Episode - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
A BEAST of an Episode - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

A BEAST of an Episode - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic episode of The Long Dark: PERMADEATH!

simon: Oh man, this is my favorite video because I love watching Neebs try to survive in the wild!

appsro: Yeah, and let's not forget the suspense of waiting to see if Neebs gets eaten by a bear or not!

neebs: Hey, I'll have you know that I am a survival expert in the virtual world, thank you very much!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest video where the Neebs crew plays a hilarious game of Last to Leave the Circle Doesn't Get Eaten by a Bear? If you haven't, you definitely need to check it out because it's an absolute riot! I mean, who wouldn't want to see our favorite gaming pals trying to outwit each other and avoid becoming bear food?

As always, the Neebs crew brings their A-game and keeps us entertained with their witty banter and epic fails. It's great to see them having so much fun together and it really feels like we're part of the action. Plus, the stakes are high in this challenge, so you know there's going to be some intense moments and plenty of laughs along the way.

And don't forget to show your support by subscribing to their channel and checking out their awesome merch. I mean, who wouldn't want to rock a Neebs Gaming t-shirt or hoodie? It's a great way to show your love for the channel and support the fantastic content they create for us. Plus, a huge shoutout to all the patrons who help make it all possible - we appreciate you!

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to watch the Neebs crew take on the ultimate challenge of avoiding a hungry bear. Trust me, you won't want to miss a minute of the action. And be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date on all the latest Neebs Gaming shenanigans. Let's show our favorite gaming crew some love and enjoy the ride together!

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hey neebs yeah I think I see my friend3.566.999
like a big old bear8.344.02
yeah he's hanging out there on the ice10.5593.421
it's the same one that got me uh yeah12.363.54
right over here at these cabins and13.984.32
he'll fall through it that'd be nice15.94.08
just take care of it for me yeah yeah18.34.38
like you did three times in a row well19.986.2
right beside the land you know sometimes22.683.5
I thought if I climbed out of the ice27.35.0
hole and then walked forward29.5195.101
I would you know it's like it just kept32.33.88
putting you know yeah you were panicking34.623.119
it happens it happens I don't think I36.182.879
panicked I think my reason it's37.7394.081
absolutely panicked I didn't Panic my39.0595.34
reasoning was wrong because I thought in41.824.32
my mind I climbed out of the hole and I44.3993.301
was on ice again I was in what forward46.143.3
to the land47.74.32
despair coming this way see I'm right49.444.2
here by the cabins where he attacked me52.023.059
that one time this is kind of my53.643.18
fallback position because I came to the55.0793.841
end of the road and now I'm gonna go56.823.54
this way and see if there's anything58.924.5
down here temperatures good Tire's good60.366.18
it is the middle of the day so yeah I'm63.424.92
just exploring some more what are you up66.543.92
get tutor got you what you playing70.684.619
tomorrow maybe go fishing there you go72.544.8
try to get some fish food and maybe that75.2993.601
Lake you're at is uh just full of77.344.44
delicious fat salmon I love salmon I78.95.759
love salmon too big on Sloppy pink81.788.36
salmon I'll get in it I lick it84.6595.481
be like say that more than me I think91.143.74
oh this is a man's a landslide at the105.027.32
end of this road too109.52.84
well I don't know let me navigate a114.183.719
little bit115.7995.301
a little surveying117.8996.241
vehicle what does that say rose hips can121.15.26
I maybe I can get around there's a car124.144.4
in this car how about a little snap what128.75.7
a candy bar a candy bar in here come on131.165.219
hey candy bar134.43.96
the energy bar sweet136.3794.44
that is an afternoon snack and I'm138.365.18
having it right now140.8192.721
I got a little bit of food on me is the143.763.54
weather gonna clear up well looks like145.683.059
the weather's gonna clear up and be nice147.34.86
to me today oh boy148.7396.981
see if I can get around this landslide152.163.56
this might lead me to another region160.683.059
okay I'm gonna peek I'm gonna peek I163.7394.801
don't want to get too far from166.7395.181
The Other Place yeah168.543.38
crumbling Highway oh God this doesn't172.8795.44
sound good does it176.046.26
no this is a mess178.3193.981
all right be good can I get under this186.95.16
oh yeah190.684.86
climbing under a rock oh yeah yeah are192.065.7
you squeezing under it yeah go pick up195.545.72
that firewood just in case197.763.5
tea bag like in any game I'm gonna find205.585.879
me a rabbit and do a little dipping208.083.379
go for it yep213.545.419
I'm gonna explore this man215.223.739
this place sucks219.5994.741
maybe there's a cabin or something up222.94.74
here I can find see circling Birds224.344.92
dead thing this is a really cool looking227.643.179
region though229.262.88
uh all right let me do a little230.8194.821
navigation so I'm out here232.143.5
huh oh there's a destroyed house I guess237.9595.101
this is the way I came from240.484.5
another region243.064.259
all right maybe more supplies I can pick244.984.679
up there's a car I can sleep in if it247.3194.821
gets too bad249.6592.481
the mail the tax forms W-2s in yet nope255.426.719
abandoned Harris home259.825.879
who the hell were the harrises262.1393.56
uh yeah pretty full sleep okay kisses266.344.44
it's home yeah you know I wonder if it's270.786.06
Mrs Harris well I think I just failed274.085.42
Papa Harris he ain't doing too hot276.845.88
when Mrs Harris went to Paris no what279.54.78
are you all about282.724.5
oh leave there's a basement here I know284.284.919
Mrs Harris went to Paris what is that oh287.224.74
she wanted a dress she just a simple289.1995.461
house cleaner and she wanted to her291.965.1
husband died before you know294.664.86
what is this from it's a movie297.064.8
is it called Mrs Harris went to Paris299.524.619
goes to Paris I think Mrs Harris goes to301.864.44
Paris the movie it's wonderful probably304.1393.721
the best movie ever made I'm gonna check306.33.66
this basement okay307.863.48
I think you realize destroyed houses309.963.78
could have basements okay she wanted one311.343.96
of those fancy dresses that only Rich313.744.14
ladies get she saved all her money oh my315.34.5
goodness a lantern fuel that's good317.884.56
another player God sorry I had to burp319.85.1
how about a rifle322.443.96
hey a fishing tackle you need one of326.43.92
you have a hook yeah you need to make a336.723.539
hook with metal scrap you got to do it338.942.54
at a workbench I'll make340.2594.69
a spray paint scrap metal345.4193.441
oh [ __ ] he has a Jerry Cannon here full348.963.9
of fuel351.123.98
my Lantern lit352.865.82
uh good stuff in this dryer355.17.12
this sucks whoa decent work pants358.6811.78
yeah these decent work pants are better370.464.239
than these jeans I got372.783.18
I'm wearing them that gives me another374.6993.301
like yeah the jeans I'm wearing375.964.56
I have a worth bonus of 1.7 these work378.04.8
pants give me a bonus of 2.1 switch them380.523.72
out man switching them out all right382.82.58
harvesting you for pot385.383.5
okay still don't see that fishing Hut392.09.419
three of them up I see one here we go396.724.699
try to get in there quick because it's401.943.62
yep here we go406.9794.021
there we go this one didn't have a door409.683.54
oh there's a tender plug I can use that411.03.78
I think I found a cave oh414.786.0
yep all right Bad Wolf417.94.68
I was wondering when y'all were gonna420.784.4
show up today422.582.6
exploring further but that's dumb isn't428.463.92
how's the fishing going433.465.019
revolver cartridge that's a bullet right436.624.32
that's not like a casing438.4794.381
a car yeah that's a bullet there's three440.944.56
there's three of them here on the ground442.865.059
I think I noticed that in the footage448.024.079
that you missed those uh-oh yeah those449.583.78
are good452.0993.481
um maybe I'll go to the next this one453.363.959
doesn't have a door I'd love to have a455.583.839
you being hunted uh yeah I got a wolf on459.4194.021
me I'm trying to decide if I want it in462.02.599
Denver yeah463.444.979
all right buddy all right come on come464.5996.0
oh you [ __ ]473.524.14
oh God damn it that doesn't sound good475.164.42
what happened ah he bit me a little bit477.663.599
but I did shoot him I got a little bit479.582.88
of blood loss but I should have a481.2593.681
no I'm okay helps down a little bit488.35.86
I got him he's bleeding oh yeah I'm491.944.319
following his little Blood Trail I'll494.163.9
find his corpse later is that a496.2594.16
different one498.062.359
yeah but he sees my gun and he's running504.063.979
too much about guns well this one does511.2595.28
see wolf now513.5394.261
but no things like that I'm actually516.5392.94
gonna try this if I pull this gun out517.83.26
like I'm looking at him519.4794.44
and see this521.064.719
all right it didn't work that time it523.9196.061
did not work that time right okay all525.7796.321
oh God damn it stop don't tell me you532.4595.201
got bit again hey not much not much I'm535.744.159
yeah I'm fine just a laceration I think540.364.979
I uh I had to put some antiseptic on it543.364.8
let me run away go somewhere else I just545.3395.221
wanted to see what was in this cave548.165.04
okay yeah I'm okay all right so I'm in550.565.04
this fishing Hut and I got some soup on553.25.46
the stove I got a fire going now I click555.66.179
on the ice hole yep and then uh ice hold558.664.56
break it561.7794.201
there we go recognize563.224.2
it's an icebreaker you have any good565.984.76
icebreakers you use at parties567.423.32
no I'm571.142.6
hey what's your sign hey baby hey this574.54.44
tomato soup's hot that means cooked577.383.42
right that means cooked yes you578.944.92
can oh my gosh580.86.14
I wish I had a grilled cheese583.863.08
oh that is some tasty stuff all right587.586.02
what have I got an infection risk oh man589.986.78
let's see some hell antiseptic use it on593.65.02
this stupid wolf bite596.763.6
the cable was a bust there's nothing in600.364.82
it but some firewood602.163.02
where you at I'll be around606.364.919
you're not around608.76.54
I'm gonna attempt to fish now one hour611.2796.661
is one hour a good time to fish615.244.98
yeah that's a good amount of time okay617.945.12
here goes620.222.84
tip pretty good oh okay well we got a623.885.34
fresh Lake white fish there you go you626.943.959
fishing boy now I'm gonna take that629.223.6
there we go630.8994.261
all right man so I got official632.825.16
inventory now yep right there look at635.166.179
that bad boy oh637.986.359
bad fishing bad news that's right let's641.3395.301
see can I walk across this log644.3396.74
it's an old burnt out house over here646.644.439
why is every house in this region all651.243.719
burnt a hill it's like they said fish652.865.42
got another fish yep good job654.9596.661
wolf carcass it's probably the one up661.623.98
shot in the head a second ago663.425.18
all right so I got two fish so maybe I669.0196.461
will just do a little uh have I done any673.0794.88
uh cartographing lately675.485.7
let's do one of these I don't know677.9594.921
that's a word neebs cartography681.184.14
cartography nothing682.883.81
do some mapping685.323.6
ah it's too too foggy crap688.925.159
I tried692.883.12
all right I'm gonna start heading back694.0795.7
towards the old cabin okay this region696.06.0
there's not much here but I do see is699.7793.721
this a mine702.02.959
oh God703.54.079
what am I doing why do I keep pressing704.9594.801
I'm getting way too far out babes710.5194.221
maybe did find a uh715.266.78
leave crumbling highway I found a a mine718.686.38
I'm just gonna check it out722.043.02
round and low visibility729.8993.321
I don't remember that dock which way did734.3394.701
I go736.742.3
boy I wish this fog would lift739.85.88
I don't know where this is743.044.62
this is it oh yeah this is somewhere745.683.839
else App Store747.665.16
did you get turned around yep that's not749.5195.341
good I mean I know where the lake is so752.825.9
if the fog lifts I can find my way back754.863.86
destroyed cabins here looks like there's759.03.56
one intact though760.84.38
all right this mine came to a dead end762.566.16
but I squeezed through this oh this this765.185.64
seems stupid there's a little a little768.723.66
hole here770.825.16
and I'm pushing through oh772.385.639
this is dumb right775.983.299
I don't know778.0194.701
usually add I don't know779.2793.441
oh boy don't get lost okay this way goes783.55.74
let's see789.242.599
yeah you may as well794.15.58
knock knock Nate's coming796.85.279
here we go let's hope there's nobody in799.684.2
here nope802.0794.38
oh this is cozy a lot of books803.885.399
wow Pages you know how good peaches are806.4595.581
peaches are delicious oh hey these green809.2795.06
boxes uh that you come across sometimes812.045.34
comment section says uh that if you814.3394.481
break them down a lot of times they'll817.384.38
have stuff in them oh really yeah I'm818.825.819
actually gonna try one probably helps if821.765.759
you have a hatchet huh yeah824.6396.301
July nothing in there827.5196.361
I'm drunk here830.944.56
there's got to be something good in this833.882.639
oh decent ski gloves hey that's all836.5193.721
compare these to my gloves all right my841.565.64
gloves uh plus four844.26.02
plus point four847.23.02
all right in the ski gloves850.385.1
plus point seven there you go yep an852.8994.261
extra warmth what are my own oh they855.483.24
look cool too857.165.34
man I look cool now pants and everything858.726.32
come on you gotta have an end to you oh865.623.36
all right I think I found the other end867.543.06
of this mine868.983.599
God I'm so far from home now this was870.66.179
stupid but uh whatever a minute now872.5796.361
anything good in you guys come on878.944.759
hunting knife880.683.019
I know886.765.22
all right where am I at888.663.32
oh wait a minute memes yeah I think I897.866.039
know where I'm at902.5792.341
oh yeah903.8993.24
yeah you remember the the first time I904.925.419
played before I brought you in907.1393.2
yeah yep I think I I think I'm in that910.685.279
same region wait913.624.38
so wait there was oh crap so there was915.9593.721
this this was right up here all along918.04.079
damn it919.684.56
yeah but I see the lighthouse922.0795.221
yeah it was absolutely desolation point924.245.76
oh man should I try to get to that927.35.0
yeah you know what I can get to the932.3394.081
lighthouse sleeping there for the night933.726.859
yeah sure why not I'm here936.424.159
if I remember this region correctly I945.7795.641
think yeah there's a boat948.664.799
stuck on the ice out there and if I951.423.779
remember it right that boat had a forge953.4592.181
in it955.1993.71
Forge I can make arrow tips960.35.52
well I can't make a bow and arrow but I963.9593.661
can make part of an arrow965.823.66
yeah I need to look into it967.622.94
I just want to get to this lighthouse969.483.87
first bunk up in here for the night970.565.16
the weather will be good to me tomorrow975.723.38
I might go check out that Forge tomorrow980.3993.56
what I can find all right Lighthouse984.663.179
you're gonna have a rifle in you aren't986.4593.12
charcoal oh yeah I see it yep yeah989.5795.401
there's the boat because if I remember992.6993.841
correctly there's also like a factory994.983.779
over there on the other side996.544.5
yep burnt out Church998.7594.561
yep we're in familiar territory neebs1001.045.219
good man yeah this is awesome I did find1003.325.04
another something else over here I guess1006.2593.301
I admitted this one because there's1008.363.86
still some uh beef jerky1009.565.279
you're finding a good chunk of good yep1012.226.359
I'm gonna eat that beef jerky right now1014.8393.74
oh yeah1019.222.84
revolver ammunition oh man you're gonna1025.645.22
kill all the Wolves oh Baby that that1028.164.679
alone was worth this trip1030.863.18
all right energy bar I'm Chow Down On1034.042.88
all right let's see I got plenty of1038.63.66
lantern fuel so1040.044.32
I don't mind doing this1042.264.86
so we can see in here all right come on1044.365.88
how about a rifle uh more Lantern fuel1047.124.32
chips on the floor1051.443.2
found a gun up here on my first run1056.124.46
oh no gun this time1060.6793.961
well we got some peaches and soda and oh1062.483.9
peanut butter all right so I did score a1064.643.539
little bit of food1066.384.08
player Lantern fuel got enough of that1068.1794.141
got enough of that1070.463.839
okay all right comment section I'm gonna1072.323.84
try these crates I got three green1074.2995.281
crates here I'm gonna break down one of1076.164.74
people are lying to me lies let me break1083.666.2
down another one1087.262.6
fives and lies1091.466.56
there we go repaired my shoes out1098.024.08
48 now that's better than it was okay1102.15.079
is this fish ready1107.1796.181
oh nice1110.124.74
calories you get out of that bad boy1113.363.98
let's see1114.865.04
576. it's better than nothing1117.345.62
so it's not good1119.95.519
what do you consider good1122.964.62
a thousand yeah like a McDonald's1127.586.0
cheeseburger or a Whopper1129.147.08
okay going back out man the fog is still1133.583.23
at least I can go from Cabin to cabin1142.0597.301
oh hear the birds oh see the birds1146.0594.86
because there was a1150.9194.5
I just saw him1153.53.44
where'd they go1155.4194.441
there was a a wolf carcass out here1156.944.3
it was pretty close to my house1161.243.32
tell me this is another fishing Hut1171.327.2
okay I think I've been to this one1174.9196.421
okay I can't be far from home because1178.526.08
I'm running the same Huts again1181.343.26
yeah I'm probably so close to home I1187.73.839
just can't see it1190.0393.841
find your way home I am extinguishing my1191.5393.481
and I'm going to bed1195.025.06
sweet dreams1197.1792.901
hope you catch them you got a dream1200.5393.0
catcher no1201.984.69
no yeah waste1203.53916.161
thank you1219.73.0
so you never know look at there1223.344.219
pretty responsible1227.64.68
but at least some bread crumbs1230.123.54
should have left I should have painted1232.284.58
the ice that's what I should have done1233.663.2
oh I see you Birds there you are I knew1243.324.04
there they are and here's the wolf1250.365.92
now I think1254.4193.841
my house is either that way1256.284.8
or that way1258.265.159
I should leave this here I'll leave this1261.084.5
here so I have something to look for all1263.4193.661
right I'm gonna go this way wolf you1265.583.12
don't go anywhere1267.085.82
and then hopefully my cabin is this way1268.77.7
Birds you too stay put1272.93.5
I don't remember if this broken tree was1287.863.939
should have paid more attention1291.7995.601
Lake yeah1294.383.02
this is where my cabin was oh yeah yep1297.625.1
yep yep okay1301.1594.221
was here wolf1302.722.66
quarter that wolf I'm too too heavy I1309.5594.201
get caught or something all right never1312.53.12
mind well back in a minute I gotta drop1313.763.24
some stuff off1315.624.4
break my ankles1317.03.02
it's a cold morning here but the weather1327.9194.921
looks A-Okay I'm gonna try to make it1330.143.96
out of that uh1332.843.0
that boat1334.13.8
check out that Forge1335.844.92
there you go1337.94.6
could make it over to that church as1340.764.02
well yeah well1342.54.02
temperature holds out I'll just bounce1344.783.84
around this region kind of scoop up all1346.524.44
the resources I can and then uh head1348.623.12
to my hanger okay I think that might be1351.745.34
my plan1354.7994.38
yeah I've got real far from my hangar1357.083.54
and even further from The Farmhouse I1359.1792.88
Missed The Farmhouse why don't you go1360.623.72
back there I I planned to yeah but I1362.0593.301
really want to go back to the hangar1364.341.92
because remember that's where I got1365.363.48
those wolf pelts cured okay yeah I was1366.264.08
making that wolf coat1368.844.92
oh how many wolf Felts is that four1370.344.98
Karen right now1375.326.68
17 cured yeah it takes a minute1377.64.4
oh I heard him1383.263.779
oh buddy if you want to mess with me you1390.53.6
can but uh you know I just picked up1392.5394.38
some uh some more ammo so probably not1394.15.34
in your best interest1396.9196.181
climb up here yeah yeah yeah yeah1399.445.52
I'm gonna head over here to this choice1403.13.78
I bet there's something good in the1404.963.06
you want to come up here too you want to1408.023.48
find Jesus1409.73.9
snarling [ __ ]1411.54.88
uh okay we're starting to get some light1417.884.299
snow here but the weather doesn't turn1420.23.66
on me today wow the temperature really1422.1793.841
just dropped I'm getting1423.864.98
three down and I'm bundled up that ain't1426.023.84
okay well at least I can get in this1429.864.679
church come on be something good here in1432.023.5
the church1434.5395.061
uh fire Barrel1435.524.08
oh okay got some rifle ammunition1439.848.079
oh I think the wolf just killed a rabbit1443.965.98
and the rabbit take it1447.9193.421
I feel like I did this before1451.344.5
let's see the rabbit or see a rabbit1453.444.739
don't see the wolf anymore though yeah1455.844.44
let him have the rabbit I don't need the1458.1795.421
rabbit right now doing good1460.283.32
he'll be full of rabbit1464.27.0
matches Hail Mary blah blah blah nothing1467.5395.701
on you1471.24.26
rifle in here1473.244.4
man I wish I could dig up these bodies1477.645.89
bet they got some good stuff on them1481.224.92
yeah a little graveyard here1486.143.26
don't like that this snow is getting a1490.763.299
little heavier1492.53.059
and I gotta yeah I gotta start a fire1494.0594.081
because I mean it really just1495.5594.62
you still killing rabbits1498.143.84
oh yeah he's still out there killing1500.1794.86
rabbits you know one was enough fatty1501.986.12
bloodness damn mule I don't blame1505.0394.561
want two rabbits1508.16.84
so I got 33 Cattail heads on me I don't1514.946.78
think I'm using these maybe oh I can use1519.744.2
it as Tinder I was thinking I could make1521.723.959
tender out of it I just use it as tender1523.943.9
it sounds like a lot it's 33. that is1527.846.3
that is a ton okay okay I mean I'm1531.53.9
realizing this1534.142.12
0.65 kilograms okay well that's not too1539.624.659
bad still I don't need to be carried1542.04.559
around 33 Cattail hands yeah well I'm1544.2794.461
gonna drop some that's probably smart1546.5594.921
I'll drop like a bunch of them maybe1548.744.72
all right1580.2993.181
the wrecking Viking let's1584.4194.921
see a little better1593.7996.88
all right what you got in here1597.264.7
good stuff1600.6796.921
good stuff matches not good stuff1601.965.64
let's see oh yeah1609.25.4
nope I think I found the captain1612.445.16
he ain't looking too hot1614.65.76
what's wrong with him dead1617.67.1
yep I was right there's a forge in here1620.364.34
Ford's temperature required oh man see1624.9193.12
that's the thing with a forge I got to1626.844.079
get the temperature up to 270 degrees1628.0394.201
that's that's gonna take a lot of wood1630.9193.541
huh that's gonna take a ton of wood a1632.245.34
ton of well there's some coal here1634.464.98
but let me real quick let me look at1637.584.56
what I can craft and a forge1639.445.94
fake like arrowheads yep I need a forge1642.144.8
oh and I also need a heavy I don't have1645.383.06
a damn hammer1646.943.239
[ __ ]1648.443.239
Hammer I don't have a hammer I guess I1650.1793.541
need a hammer man1651.6794.86
Hatchet I have a hatchet and you can't1653.724.26
use the back of it1656.5394.26
no crow feathers oh man making an arrow1657.984.559
shaft is like harder than I thought it1660.7993.541
was gonna be1662.5395.341
good yeah that's easy enough damn1664.345.52
I don't have a hammer I bet there's not1667.884.44
one laying around here1669.864.199
all right well this was a bust1674.0596.661
man it's still foggy out1677.085.74
yeah foggy region you're in I slept all1680.724.02
night I saw them the sun would burn it1682.823.66
well crap all right you know what I'm1686.485.22
gonna I think I can find this wolf again1688.765.779
hear the birds1691.72.839
they're getting louder1697.582.78
come on Bears1700.822.9
even the boat is uh yeah can't use that1704.66.36
Forge but didn't find some Peaches I1708.326.739
found the birds nice and the Wolf1710.964.099
good deal I'm gonna head over to this1717.223.339
Factory remember they're being some1719.243.72
decent supplies there okay I've not seen1720.5595.041
any other wolves out here so I'm gonna1722.964.199
how long is it gonna take the quarter1725.65.939
this thing bam one hour I think I'm warm1727.1596.801
enough to do this for an hour1731.5394.74
you're not far from a base1733.964.3
guys yeah I'm going for it1736.2793.78
you can't quarter a carcass that's more1738.265.519
than I gotta build a fire don't I1740.0595.941
it's already Frozen yeah he's [ __ ]1743.7794.621
oh I can't oh yeah yeah he's done you1746.03.9
gotta you gotta corner it while it's1748.42.519
can't even cut anything off of it1752.485.42
yeah I mean I think1755.0592.841
I think High quarter it haul it back1758.5395.101
can't do the hide uh yeah I think you1761.484.5
can do hide too all right come on can I1763.643.899
get up here come on let me cheat let me1765.984.74
cheat let me cheat yeah I remember this1767.5394.801
lots of trailers though okay yeah1774.54.14
hopefully this trailer's got some good1777.265.12
supplies in them because I need supplies1778.643.74
find some more wood you know I can't1783.325.599
even build a fire to thaw this thing out1785.0593.86
I'm gonna leave these peaches1799.943.78
hmm what are my pizzas at I don't want1801.625.22
my pizzas to go bad uh 26 percent1803.724.679
he had to gamble if you eat those you1806.844.02
risk food poisoning well I might as well1808.3994.26
just throw that out1810.864.5
yeah I'm gonna drop that right here1812.6594.201
I'm not taking the chances with that1815.364.939
wait where's my other peaches1816.863.439
where's my good peaches1821.144.3
oh there they are never mind1824.0594.401
everything's fine1825.443.02
a little bit of food in that trailer I'm1837.16.34
gonna go into this big uh1840.265.1
I think it's a whaling Factory neebs oh1845.363.84
yeah oh yeah probably because of the1847.644.46
whale bones everywhere1849.22.9
definitely a whaling Factory1852.9195.64
getting that sweet sweet oil that I'm1855.744.62
using on my Lantern right now oh yeah1858.5594.86
this place is cool yep whale processing1860.365.17
oh yeah1869.5394.62
bunked up for a minute it's uh it's like1870.826.88
a trip down memory lane for me oh names1874.1597.041
what you got we got us a hammer baby1877.75.94
oh my God it's four pounds it's so1881.25.32
[ __ ] heavy um and let's get up oh1883.644.48
yeah I'm overweight now1886.525.58
ah look at these peaches just standing1892.15.6
out here that's silly1894.263.44
I can I I'm gonna have to drop some1898.224.199
weight get as much scrap metal as I can1900.5593.84
go over there with as much wood as much1902.4194.14
coal to make hot fire okay I got some1904.3994.621
organizing to do neebs yeah yeah I'm1906.5593.6
gonna I'm gonna actually try to do it1909.023.24
make a few arrowheads before I return oh1910.1594.62
that's pretty cool we'll try to get the1912.264.799
uh the Pelt out of this wolf and I'll1914.7795.4
have two of them a good idea come on cat1917.0595.781
tail here don't film me now1920.1796.36
32 more if I need them1922.847.059
started perfect got some fuel1926.5396.441
boom boom boom1929.8993.081
all right 38 minutes on the Fire1933.266.779
okay 95 oh it's going down1937.14.86
stalling out1940.0396.061
well it says 94 Frozen 23 maybe add a1941.966.8
few more sticks1946.12.66
I'm hoping1951.623.36
. all right it's getting unfrozen that's1954.984.22
neeps also in this room I found a1960.624.32
it's good a hacksaw I can use a hacksaw1964.944.44
to break apart metal1966.745.76
yeah so like uh I think over here yeah1969.385.7
this metal Shelf so with a half hacksaw1972.56.32
yeah that's four scrap metal right there1975.083.74
yeah okay so now I got plenty of scrap1979.365.26
metal how much scrap metal do I need to1982.463.839
make those arrows because I got the1984.622.939
hammer now1986.2993.721
all right where was it arrows arrows1987.5595.401
Arrowhead two arrowheads yeah so that's1990.024.62
plenty of scrap metal I got the hammer1992.964.02
now I just need the forge so if I make a1994.644.2
few arrowheads1996.983.0
be good1998.843.059
oh yeah you're thinking long term aren't1999.983.299
you I'm thinking real long term I'm2001.8995.181
gonna survive so damn much2003.2793.801
oh crap2013.987.02
the weather's turned a little bit2016.744.26
I'm gonna risk it not too far from it so2021.0394.5
I'm just gonna walk out there and get to2023.5594.22
the boat2025.5392.24
get right into the wind and I'm heavy2027.824.26
come on I can do this2029.624.58
boat's right there so not too far away2032.086.719
now can I jump off this dock down under2034.27.07
the ice camo yeah2038.7994.201
come on right to the wind here we go2043.03.08
there you go we're gonna Forge some2046.086.16
arrows neebs oh2048.1596.781
all right the wolf's at 17 I just got2052.245.1
some more sticks what2054.949.719
so okay if I said Harvest or if I did2064.6593.901
takes an hour2068.564.74
looks like it would let me try it let me2070.784.859
add a little bit to this fire2073.33.799
good idea2075.6395.101
made it to the boat going inside the2077.0994.601
all right here we go it's2085.55.56
um only seven percent Frozen2088.3596.48
doing this doing quarter a quartering2091.064.7
it's like it's working2094.8394.041
oh yeah look at this I got bags of meat2098.885.5
Wolf Pelt oh a leg2101.85.22
um some guts all right yeah all right2104.386.959
good to know so you can oh wolf out yep2107.026.839
all right Forge furnace2111.3394.52
about to start a fire2113.8595.341
let's see all I got is a plug2115.8594.901
we'll start with some cedar firewood2119.24.39
come on baby2120.765.929
there we go I got so much wolf stuff2127.06.0
okay I'm heavy I just want to go over2131.23.06
here and see if I could do another2133.03.92
output's going up man early at 132139.5994.74
degrees Fahrenheit going around the2141.644.219
sheet of firewood2144.3394.401
geez I gotta get this really really hot2145.8595.321
keep climbing baby2148.744.619
cool over here yeah all right good2155.263.68
more coal over here on the side2159.47.8
about 216 and more fuel to the fire2162.767.02
come on get up to 270 baby2167.25.54
I'm gonna add this piece of firewood2169.788.22
not let me okay all right2172.748.859
yeah we're at 300 over 300 degrees okay2178.05.76
oh yeah okay so this will work how long2181.5994.621
Arrowhead uh I don't know2183.764.319
oh 11 hours2186.223.78
yeah so I'm good2188.0794.26
oh you got 11 hours yeah all I can make2190.05.22
an improvise and I've improvised Hatchet2192.3394.621
okay so I guess if my knife or hat2195.223.24
should ever break I'm coming back here2196.965.72
right all right arrowheads though2198.464.22
towards anything2206.922.48
I don't need an improvising knife uh2218.0794.621
yeah I'm gonna make as many arrowheads2220.5993.801
as I can2222.74.62
because I don't need a forge for the2224.44.719
rest of the arrow I do need other parts2227.323.18
that I'm gonna have to find out in the2229.1193.061
that's what she said oh oh oh2232.183.8
my damn it my Lantern went out okay2237.064.44
that's all right2240.045.1
uh water's running low2241.55.859
drink one of those [ __ ] it got really2245.144.56
dark in here I can't see my damn storm2247.3595.941
Lantern I don't know don't know where my2249.76.18
storm Lantern is neebs2253.34.319
the dark yeah I'm in the dark and I put2255.884.08
my storm Lantern on the ground and now I2257.6195.701
can't see it uh this is a perfect time2259.966.139
for a match2263.322.779
ah there you are you little bastard come2267.166.3
here come here you nut2268.964.5
s babes2276.524.62
crafted 10 arrowheads oh my goodness2277.966.68
seems like a good start yeah2281.143.5
crazy that you don't have uh you know2284.87.5
yeah well that's the next step2288.784.6
got the arrowheads now I gotta find a2293.383.0
we cannot find a bow already no I didn't2296.384.739
find a boat all right all right but I2298.424.98
can craft a boat that's good I think I2301.1195.161
gotta find some sort of uh maple2303.45.4
sap or something that I may have back at2306.284.44
one of the other places2308.84.62
but I can do this oh I'm crafting a bow2310.724.26
and arrow and I'm gonna I'm gonna kill a2313.423.9
deer with a bow and arrow neebs oh man I2314.984.68
cannot wait oh I'm gonna do it it's2317.323.539
gonna be awesome2319.664.62
okay it sounds like ass outside but I2320.8596.0
want to get back over to that uh2324.285.88
bandage hey I'll take that bandage buddy2326.8594.5
all right thanks for letting me use your2330.164.02
Forge I'm gonna fall him out2331.3594.26
all right is there anything else I want2334.184.32
to bake while I'm here no no okay so2335.6194.081
that's really all you can make here the2338.53.54
knife the hatchet and the arrowhead2339.73.6
all right tell you what I'm gonna do2342.043.12
this Hammer because it's so damn heavy2343.34.86
I'm gonna drop it as well as this uh2345.165.1
Hatchet and I'm just gonna leave them2348.164.62
here by the forge because that's only2350.265.4
when I need them true okay so if I ever2352.784.74
come back there here I think there's2355.663.419
some metal things I can break down in2357.524.14
here I ever need to craft an emergency2359.0795.821
Hatchet or more arrowheads so yeah I'm2361.664.699
not carrying that [ __ ] around2364.93.42
all right2366.3595.381
let's oh it sounds bad out there oh man2368.325.82
it sounds real bad out there2371.744.98
oh [ __ ] I didn't bring a bedroll yeah oh2374.145.719
my God let me take a peek2376.723.139
oh yeah2380.044.84
real oh no it's bad go for it all right2382.184.56
let's see all right well luckily going2384.884.92
into the win this time2386.745.76
and there's the boat don't get lost2389.86.26
[ __ ] this might be stupid2392.53.56
no that's a rock2403.146.459
over here2409.5993.301
oh man this is dumb I'm gonna be like2412.94.62
you I'm gonna get lost2416.263.18
we're at the boat there's okay I think I2417.524.339
see the boat2419.442.419
yeah oh wait there was a bed in the boat2423.3393.24
you know what yep I'm gonna bunk up in2424.8394.141
the boat because going out in this is uh2426.5794.171
yeah that's probably suicide2428.985.22
is the ass weather2434.23.02

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