A Destructive Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 44

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel, you're in for a treat. ...
A Destructive Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 44
A Destructive Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 44

A Destructive Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 44

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of A Destructive Horde in 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod! This is my favorite video because we face the 7th horde and things get crazy!

simon: Oh yeah, this is the one where I accidentally blew up our entire base, right? Classic Simon move, am I right?

appsro: Haha, yeah, I remember that. But hey, at least we had some epic battles and hilarious moments during this horde. Definitely one of my favorites too!

neebs: Absolutely, the chaos and destruction in this video make it so entertaining to watch. Plus, who doesn't love seeing us struggle to survive against hordes of zombies?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel, you're in for a treat. In this episode of Darkness Falls, the crew is up against the 7th horde - can you believe it? The action is intense, the banter is hilarious, and the team dynamic is as strong as ever. Trust me, you don't want to miss this.

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Now, let's talk about the music in this episode. From the suspenseful tones of "To Weather a Storm" by Dan Lebowitz to the upbeat vibes of "Bread & Breakfast" by Avner Kelmer, the soundtrack really sets the mood for the action-packed gameplay. And let's not forget the hilarious moments set to "I Don't Wanna Dream Alone" by Kyle Cox - it's the perfect background music for these gaming antics.

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I come bearing gifts really oh yeah20.65.86
check this out I want everyone to have24.04.019
one of these26.466.18
Bam Bam Kabam come get him all right I'm28.0196.481
right here picking up bags someone32.643.84
grabbed two I'll just grab two Simon I34.53.66
might okay well hold on the silencers36.484.259
for four whatever gun you're gonna use38.164.8
at the end of horde night oh past couple40.7393.48
horde nights right at the end what's42.962.759
happened to us every time yeah yeah44.2193.84
screamers yeah so we put these silence45.7194.02
room on on the gun we're gonna use at48.0594.621
the very end uh-huh great job seven on49.7394.8
dropping something yep52.684.92
yeah all right so so yeah after The54.5396.121
Horde no no loud guns silencer guns or57.65.34
melee weapons only copy neeves what are60.664.139
you getting into I'm just following you62.943.48
man okay I'm gonna I'm gonna go do what64.7993.36
little treasure maps we have see if we66.423.12
can scrounge up any more ammo we're68.1594.14
broke I'm not broke you got money hmm I69.545.52
got 20 silver four gold nine oh you know72.2994.32
that's not any money I mean that's75.063.72
things you could sell for money I got 7376.6194.381
bucks okay that's nothing we're broke I78.784.68
got 10 000 tokens okay yeah 10 only ten81.04.38
thousand yeah that might buy us okay all83.463.96
right we'll hit up a couple of uh uh85.383.54
treasure maps we'll hit up a couple87.424.92
Traders get the stuff hey get back at a88.924.8
reasonable time though you know do your92.343.599
best yes yeah I'll have neebs back um93.725.399
yeah both of you really all right see ya95.9395.82
me a gentlemen what does that mean I99.1193.781
don't know why would I want to be a101.7593.741
gentleman now102.92.6
all right oh there's the circle where uh108.24.48
right in front of me all right in front111.422.58
of you yeah you probably can't see it112.684.92
but yeah like right here okay the so the114.06.72
struggle starts here okay and it goes117.66.12
all the way over here so if you want to120.725.48
start over there just dig dig to me okay123.725.519
we'll sandwich this treasure gotcha all126.25.619
right so now as our resident scientist129.2394.381
you've learned how to make hollow point131.8195.161
ammo now that's right oh that's gonna be133.627.199
nice I've only got 40 some cooking but136.986.0
uh I think they're you know the damage140.8193.901
is like maybe 15 more or something like142.983.3
that yeah so yeah that's great that's144.723.42
what we need I feel like you and you and146.283.36
I need to go into like you know we'll148.143.36
make make like a factory like an ammo149.643.959
production factory yeah you know we got151.53.48
that little place downstairs but I feel153.5993.181
like we can expand it there's forges154.983.36
everywhere yeah that's what I'm saying156.783.599
yeah but we'll link more forges just158.344.679
like wow strictly quick don't you yeah160.3794.5
oh man I've got my uh digging maxed out163.0193.661
look at me I didn't do anything I don't164.8794.741
know let's see oh yeah no I don't want166.684.26
to hit you I don't want to hit you God I169.623.78
hate that mod I got the mod on yep doll170.944.98
Before You Dig dial what you know when173.43.9
they say that don't they say that dial175.922.94
no what does that mean if you're gonna177.33.6
dig call you don't want to hit power178.863.599
lines four one one yeah you don't want180.93.0
to hit power lines that's what you mean182.4593.021
dial before you dance183.93.78
with you I think it's like eight one one185.483.28
or something well it's one of the one187.684.08
ones oh there it is okay got it got it188.765.28
got it got it here we go all right it's191.763.899
gonna be a ton of ammo in here neebs194.045.04
gold silver good ammo though right man I195.6594.86
hope so maybe it's got some hollow point199.084.799
stuff right that'd be great come on baby200.5198.94
come on yeah holla Point uh I got some203.8798.841
decent mods a bandolier mod pocket mods209.4596.0
uh semi-automatic rifle oh man only212.726.099
seven seven six two that's not that good215.4596.541
weapons mod okay not terrible but not218.8195.7
great money money no money we can sell222.04.68
some of these mods for money okay that's224.5194.681
it that's it hear me that was226.685.059
give me give me some of those spikes why235.146.48
but go make Spike make your own spikes239.73.42
make your own spikes I'm not gonna give241.623.42
you the only 100 spikes I got hey make243.123.78
your own horde base hey I've been doing245.042.88
it listen to me what are you talking246.94.04
about I've been busting my ass247.923.02
so go I mean what you can't get your own251.73.119
wood what253.7993.12
what I did well then all right I'll use254.8194.501
my spikes Simon you I mean why would I256.9193.961
give you the only these spikes that I259.324.26
have I'm doing stuff I'm figuring spikes260.884.56
out too well and if I give it to you I'm263.583.059
gonna sit on my ass is that what you265.443.66
want I'm so confused what I thought we266.6393.661
were together I thought this was269.12.819
together but I didn't understand why270.33.48
you're asking me to give you the spikes271.9193.361
that's what I'm doing I'm just gonna273.783.24
give you the spikes I have nothing to do275.283.9
I was gonna feel just like a hundred I277.023.72
was gonna fill out that whole big front279.184.019
middle part around the prison area Strip280.745.04
House place I just have a hundred and I283.1994.681
thought you just said you had 600. this285.784.38
whole no I down287.884.44
down that drop Simon [ __ ] six go get290.164.319
the drops have it I will get it I'm292.323.659
gonna go get it give me the spikes294.4793.541
before you go you I don't think that you295.9794.861
even come close to appreciating I do no298.025.16
no you don't it's just gimme gimme take300.844.859
take just like other people in my life303.185.64
like Simon and ours yeah Joe yeah just305.6996.0
like me just like me in your life yeah308.826.24
yeah anyway drop yeah get that drop yeah311.6996.44
he's a good boy315.063.079
oh I see a drum oh yeah oh yeah yeah326.065.44
yeah yeah where'd that drop what are you329.6394.261
doing yeah yeah yeah hey oh yeah we're331.54.5
going to the drop son of a [ __ ] and you333.94.019
know you're faster than me so obviously336.03.6
you're gonna beat me what I'm not faster337.9192.821
than you what are you talking about are339.62.58
you talking about that I've been hearing340.743.78
that that thing's the fast vehicle342.184.16
thank you I saw you going this way all348.867.779
right drop drop anything good yeah sure352.026.54
there's some stuff nice how you being356.6394.201
productive today uh I was trying to358.564.079
freaking you know I put down I don't360.844.98
know maybe like 300 spikes today and362.6395.701
Dora took my last hundred gave me left365.824.62
me with nothing oh I got some spikes oh368.343.419
would you give them to me yeah hold up370.443.0
hold up look at this look at the here371.7594.081
yeah let's see I actually have let's see373.445.94
here's 66 iron spikes375.846.24
20 something wood spikes dude thank you379.384.56
so much now this Spike just showed up in382.084.14
my okay good thank you so much my friend383.943.78
all right put them in a good spot386.224.199
they're they're they're in my last hot387.724.74
bar spot is there a silencer on that390.4193.9
shotgun no where'd you put your silencer392.463.9
I didn't put it anywhere because you394.3194.621
know what I I don't know really how to396.364.559
do that yet okay click on the gun click398.943.599
modify you'll figure it out yeah yeah400.9194.801
yeah yeah you figure it is it's modify402.5395.1
I'll do that because that's I got to do405.724.38
that for after the horde right yeah or407.6394.381
you could do it before okay having a410.13.659
silencer is never a bad thing all right412.025.119
then I'll do that thank you sir413.7593.38
hey oh I see you got your silencer on425.94.78
look at this thing that's crazy right428.6394.141
yeah that looks like you've put a a430.684.92
spray paint can on the end of a magnum432.785.16
yeah that's pretty dumb see I put it you435.64.319
remember that like crazy awesome rare437.943.96
pistol I found you put it on that I put439.9193.9
it on that this this looks cool it's441.93.48
like a James Bond weapon or something443.8193.361
gotcha we'll also have because I already445.383.48
had a silencer I got one on this one too447.184.98
yeah what's this one look like oh that448.865.04
actually just looks like a what I would452.163.479
think a normal silencer would look like453.93.72
okay well this is my favorite yeah no455.6393.96
that's that's so ridiculous you can't457.624.5
help but love it a damn spray paint can459.5993.761
on the end of a magnum462.128.82
the sun's getting low Summit hey hey470.944.68
where do we need more spikes or anything473.584.44
uh I'm I'm I don't know I'm laying the475.623.66
ones that you gave me around these478.023.84
pillars here but there's a lot of the479.284.68
back area a lot of space back here just481.864.08
make it so that we can I guess we don't483.963.48
need to use those ladders that are on485.943.659
the back end Dewey Dora like the ladders487.443.479
that are here we don't need to we could489.5992.82
access them from the front so you could490.9193.301
block off this whole area as long as we492.4193.18
can get to these Towers you know what I494.224.199
mean okay I mean you listen you you do495.5994.981
what you think is best but last time we498.4194.081
closed a lot of this stuff in maybe we500.583.42
should leave these ladders open for at502.54.08
least like emergency well we jump we why504.03.66
would we we're not going to go the506.583.42
ladders we're gonna jump from there to507.664.14
there oh see I don't know the plan yet510.03.3
that's well that's why the platform's511.82.94
there from last time you see that513.33.239
platform with the ladders look at right514.743.239
right but I'm just saying if we fall516.5393.24
down here accidentally it's nice to have517.9793.961
these here so you know what I mean you519.7793.841
do you okay I'm Gonna Fill it in a521.943.42
little bit all right you need more523.623.899
spikes abstract uh do you have any I can525.364.74
throw a few down ow forgot about that527.5195.461
you're a drag door it works had to test530.13.72
so when these things fail we run into543.385.38
Kane's old base Kane and Simon's old546.05.279
base Kane and Simon's old base yes is548.764.8
that just uh like I I need to know my551.2795.341
path right are these traps on yeah well553.564.68
you haven't turned it's not moving oh556.623.12
[ __ ] I thought I just hit him but how558.243.06
are we supposed to get in the cave base559.744.02
if the traps are on what do you don't go561.33.599
through the traps you go down the563.763.9
catwalk again just I'm just I'm trying564.8995.521
to know past neeb's base okay so they567.664.56
won't jump up here we got a lot of Blade570.423.539
traps and then go up here okay all right572.223.36
all right I got a pass I just wanted to573.9594.081
know my damn [ __ ] I forgot about that575.585.34
God damn it the second time in like 15578.045.94
minutes why are they not on I don't know580.925.16
maybe a test would have been good no but583.984.02
they were tested already okay but then586.084.14
damn pull out your wire until look back588.03.48
trace it back590.223.179
all right guys let me know you see those591.484.74
traps I see I see at least one that593.3994.741
isn't rolling not working the blade596.223.48
traps yeah I don't see any blade traps598.144.16
working right now599.72.6
what'd you do606.34.44
probably why don't you you don't have608.824.019
anything to no I'm yourself I'm Banning610.744.32
I'm healing up but uh kind of wanting to612.8394.021
save that for The Horde you know yeah615.065.339
okay I gotta get back to my oh yep it's616.865.72
on it's on so these blade620.3996.901
I guess not [ __ ] okay come on oh boy622.586.759
here we go oh what are you doing out627.34.38
here you know what I'm not I'll stay629.3393.601
over here oh you do whatever you want631.683.96
yeah yeah yeah oh yeah vultures and632.945.7
birds already coming in yep635.646.18
oh boy and I'd like to thank our fine638.645.28
audience uh sorry about my frame rate641.824.38
I'm the host so if my frame rate's bad643.924.68
it's it's just bad yeah they're coming646.23.84
from my corner for sure648.63.0
for sure yep yep I'm trying to keep the650.043.9
vultures off yeah there's some big boys651.64.979
down there below Dallas oh hello Dora653.944.019
huh is that where they're going oh656.5794.681
there's a bomb guy oh yeah he's between657.9595.761
Dora and Simon oh should I kill him oh661.264.199
he's the truck no he's not dead he's663.723.059
getting back up don't shoot his bomb665.4594.56
shoot him in the legs the head just not666.7794.221
the bomb670.0194.741
oh boy yeah not good in here not good it671.06.459
isn't good is it I'm helping you oh674.764.259
there's a demon under there it was taken677.4593.601
down really quick oh [ __ ] let's go good679.0193.661
all right should we not be bothering681.063.42
with these I'm just gonna move back and682.683.899
and hopefully not die excuse me Simon684.484.74
yep excuse me686.5795.221
oh wow are these cages made of paper689.224.98
mache apparently Yep they're not [ __ ]691.84.62
that oh God it's not good yeah yeah694.25.12
things are bad696.422.9
I think yeah701.424.84
oh there's a really big guy under both703.83.96
of you yeah don't stay there too long706.264.319
guys under both of us looks like it I'm707.764.68
I'm at Gainesville basis it's already710.5793.841
[ __ ] Oh no you're a Cane's old base712.444.26
okay no no I was saying under Dora okay714.424.08
good I thought you guys were still over716.73.259
there my bad718.54.68
oh boy oh boy I just got spit on where'd719.9594.781
that come from723.184.14
uh cultures maybe vultures are not good724.744.5
either vote yet all right yeah I see727.323.48
vultures out there all right yeah729.242.94
they're coming uh they're coming here730.84.02
now ah [ __ ] this spitting asses oh732.184.02
yeah I see him walking up towards you734.822.9
that's a big guy going in there with you737.726.4
oh yeah it is way you see him noobs I740.224.92
don't know I was looking at the bottom744.124.04
guy just run guys745.145.58
you can fall back whatever you want man748.163.82
I kind of want to fall back from the750.724.5
beginning yep they got down almost come751.984.859
on come on stay out here a little longer755.225.1
if I can oh big guys down down I shoot756.8395.581
that [ __ ] and this bomb want to760.324.319
blow up I [ __ ] head shot to him bomb762.424.919
guys down yeah yeah yeah almost down no764.6394.5
he's not down it's being spread out it's767.3393.3
kind of confused him I like it I don't769.1393.901
mind that at all yep I don't like these770.6394.44
bomb guys oh he's right below me too773.044.62
crap oh yeah see him I'll try to help775.0794.5
you memes let me know if that bomb's777.663.9
gonna blow my run I'm gonna try to not779.5793.841
make the bomb blow trying to shoot him781.563.899
in the leg perfect is he still under me783.423.659
yeah he's still there I'm working on him785.4594.801
a lot of bomb guys good guy yeah all787.0795.341
right that bomb guys down maybe oh no790.263.72
he's getting back up you son of a [ __ ]792.425.0
just just go down just go down793.985.52
on me I'm gonna run797.426.82
okay good luck after oh thanks someone799.57.139
got tap here and throw some molotovs804.245.7
yeah can you throw it under uh throw one806.6395.281
under my um Tower here neebs hold on809.943.959
I'll try to get closer to you I'm coming811.924.08
what are you talking about uh just uh813.8993.781
under the tower I'm in right oh there's816.03.72
no uh maybe are there any are there any817.684.2
down there yes couple there we go there819.724.679
you go oh yeah I see a big [ __ ] on fire821.886.44
oh boy that block just got chewed away824.3993.921
thank you831.0195.801
yeah smell it oh I love the smell of a833.3996.261
zombie barbecue836.822.84
there you go you dumb [ __ ] oh we gotta841.746.32
blow it up down below844.563.5
yeah they have850.044.599
that's right these guys really chewing852.443.82
into this I'm running I'm gonna try to854.6393.481
hold out here as long as I can make sure856.264.5
you got a way back home oh well yeah I858.124.74
gotta figure it out860.764.68
oh [ __ ] oh did you just throw a bomb862.865.159
over here it was a Molotov that's me man865.444.8
you're burning me what do you mean I868.0193.961
what do you mean what do you why mean I870.243.0
didn't throw one there I'm on the roof871.983.479
I'll do it there guys what do you mean873.244.02
when it's clear what do you mean you875.4593.901
threw it and I'm you're on top of me and877.264.439
I was burning up all right you got me879.364.38
look at me though look at me right now I881.6993.241
don't care I'm looking at you I'm gonna883.743.719
light it and I'm gonna throw it great884.945.78
that one worked something else blew up887.4596.481
hey cocktails throw them under my thing890.724.859
uh you want me to come back over there893.944.8
you can hit it from there let's try boom895.5795.82
do a big old toss big old toss898.746.0
oh wow that went way over me too far way901.3996.101
too far here we go a little lower a904.745.219
little low please too far oh907.54.639
[ __ ] you hit me909.9594.94
lower lower912.1396.101
I'm gonna hit the wall that hit the wall914.8994.901
I really wish I knew what beneath me919.84.26
looked like922.1393.721
that can't be good you're right you924.063.899
wouldn't think because you think that925.863.719
they're they're trying to break [ __ ]927.9595.221
down below oh boy whatever that was929.5796.361
that's not good was that you no I'm not933.186.14
you uh foreign935.943.38
could you stop throwing fire needs it's943.5194.601
working so well though what do you mean946.443.48
I really think that you're burning me up948.123.779
man you're burning some more I did I949.924.26
almost I almost died again okay I'll951.8994.88
stop for now954.182.599
that might be what's getting me every964.6995.161
time neebs who knows let's go with that966.8997.041
oh boy oh that's collapsing oh boy oh no969.868.64
ah oh boy I'm in a [ __ ] spot973.944.56
oh God I can jump979.2793.781
nope oh boy let me run back the other987.0794.961
race that's what I'm doing here we go be989.823.48
careful though because there's a stuff992.044.02
on maybe going on the right the the old993.34.68
one yeah because the other one has blade996.063.42
traps and stuff yeah I think I'm good997.983.24
all right if you need to get in the999.483.419
other one it's got Blake traps and1001.223.0
fences and all kinds of good stuff1002.8993.86
unlike mine okay1004.226.059
crawling in here yeah there you are1006.7597.561
getting up getting up yep oh boy1010.2796.781
yes stupid you're doing great buddy whoa1014.324.9
It's got spit at all right you staying1017.063.5
trying to take some of these big boys1020.564.899
down man there they're me they need to1022.5196.54
get them yep thank you1025.4595.181
oh where's the guy up here with me1029.0594.321
there's a guy up there [ __ ] how do you1030.643.819
get up there I don't know if I just1033.383.179
batoned him off good for you I saw that1034.4595.161
epic oh [ __ ] neebs yeah I think I just1036.5595.76
shot you oh did you yep I'm bleeding uh1039.625.459
oh crap I meant to take that off sorry1042.3196.421
first aid yep I got first aid [ __ ] this1045.0795.521
guy right here that's a problem I'm1048.743.96
coming with you oh boy this is a demon I1050.64.14
think I can't do [ __ ] with uh with what1052.73.96
I have with the guys kind of invisible1054.743.48
oh boy he's got oh there's ladders they1056.663.18
kind of the ladders I just threw spikes1058.223.839
up too that's not good help me DP all1059.844.82
right uh1062.0592.601
oh there's a cap up here I'd help you1068.55.679
Mike they're coming up these I'm1071.664.74
shooting from down here neebs oh [ __ ]1074.1794.681
[ __ ] that that tick puncher is good1076.44.5
memes how are you up there now they keep1078.863.78
cutting the ladders oh you just keep1080.94.2
coming the ladders oh that [ __ ] went1082.645.34
flying yep that was awesome I'll clean1085.14.86
her up for you thank you where'd you go1087.983.74
where'd you go there you go1089.964.68
is my bed been broken oh God I didn't1091.728.22
put a bed down oh oh [ __ ]1094.645.3
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] they're right here1101.25.2
that's not good now it's time for1103.886.78
shotguns [ __ ] oh no where did I spawn oh1106.45.82
I'm starting to see some pink in the sky1110.664.46
this can't be a good place to spot1112.225.48
how you doing1115.125.439
up here oh something just went what the1117.75.68
hell was that bear I see him names1120.5594.821
there's a behemoth up there1123.386.32
baby oh yeah oh1125.384.32
well I died over there in the other1132.824.96
Tower oh gotcha it's good to see you1135.863.42
though oh yeah good to see you oh that's1137.784.44
why they were going to that Tower yep oh1139.284.86
oh no okay that collapsed it's morning1142.224.74
time switch the silencers silencers only1144.146.3
oh God how about silence sir [ __ ]1146.966.3
silencers only they're climbing up here1150.445.34
here we go oh yeah I got my big crazy1153.264.32
44. oh1155.783.899
are you up there above yeah right here1157.585.459
okay all right you good uh oh God just1159.6794.921
as you said that I saw that that wasn't1163.0393.661
me okay see that's fine drink something1164.64.74
drink something you gotta drink uh I1166.76.0
have tea there you go attaboy yep we1169.344.92
still got a good number of them has it1172.74.14
oh my God there's a guy right in here1176.844.56
with me didn't even see me can you help1178.75.46
you down there uh I am and he's dead he1181.44.68
had a boy oh my God he dropped a blue1184.163.6
bag I wonder if there's anything good in1186.083.06
here I would check it out it's not a1187.764.2
good time ah [ __ ] that1189.144.2
what the hell kill1191.963.599
Ed I have no idea what may it was so1193.343.719
weird it was like an explosion out of1195.5593.0
nowhere were you talking about blue1197.0592.581
balls from the sky or something1198.5593.901
Fireballs maybe there's no mines or1199.644.56
anything up here are there no the demons1202.463.42
shoot fire or something maybe but I mean1204.24.26
it was like an insta kill that was wild1205.884.88
let me get my [ __ ] back how we looking1208.464.44
we still got a good uh good number of1210.764.12
them down here it seems a little lighter1212.94.08
than last time right uh yes it does1214.884.62
because we have not triggered screamers1216.984.8
we're doing really good keep those1219.54.98
silence weapons kicking ass thank you1221.785.88
approach welcome baby1224.485.76
oh God we got a Wandering horde coming1227.664.98
in from the Northwest right down here1230.245.22
okay [ __ ] oh no they're tearing the damn1232.645.779
car all the pieces1235.462.959
this ain't breaking and I can't move why1240.644.3
can't I move the whole thing's grumbling1242.965.16
no the entire King's base is falling oh1244.946.84
God I can't tell where I'm at oh boy I'm1248.126.9
running okay I'm staying still because1251.786.3
oh no now I'm on the ground I gotta get1255.025.76
up hold on hold on I see you get out of1258.085.4
there okay gotta try to run boy 29 God1260.784.86
that ain't good all right I'm running1263.486.84
God I'm running I'm running please have1265.647.14
gas at this vehicle is there gas yes1270.323.62
there is1272.784.279
now what the hell oh boy exit David1273.945.22
there we go1277.0594.24
I'm sure you see a demon here underneath1279.165.019
me underneath you yeah that's a radiated1281.2995.581
Behemoth it's got black smoke1284.1794.86
I try to hit him with my knife oh God he1286.884.56
hits hard hey it's really damn hard hold1289.0394.5
on I'm gonna help you oh God I need help1291.443.979
oh God I don't have a health pack nope1295.4197.781
I'm really far away sorry Matt outfit1299.866.34
God damn it tactical Retreat okay1314.5397.581
screamer just just run they're1322.124.419
everywhere there's nowhere to run oh my1324.6794.041
God look at this1326.5394.62
I'm trying to come save you where you at1328.724.06
where you at please come get me I'm1331.1593.121
trying I'm trying I'm running to the1332.785.58
ramp to the ramp the ramp let's go let's1334.286.42
go you in there yep oh boy why don't you1338.364.02
have it in I tried that myself was doing1340.73.12
bandages I can't get in what's happening1342.383.26
I don't know oh there we go there we go1343.824.26
all right let's get out of here let's1345.643.64
see let's lead them away for a little1348.083.92
bit I'm with you successful horror night1349.285.58
uh kind of yeah it doesn't feel1352.04.96
successful it was for me the next one1354.864.76
should be easier1356.962.66

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