WILL HE SURVIVE the Fall?! - (Minecraft Ep 7)

Today Simon tries a new landing pad, Neebs makes turtle babies, Thick and Dora find a mineshaft, and Appsro takes Simon on an adventure far to the nor...
WILL HE SURVIVE the Fall?! - (Minecraft Ep 7)
WILL HE SURVIVE the Fall?! - (Minecraft Ep 7)

WILL HE SURVIVE the Fall?! - (Minecraft Ep 7)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's Minecraft episode is filled with all sorts of exciting adventures and shenanigans. Simon is trying out a new landing pad, Neebs is busy helping turtle babies hatch, Thick and Dora stumble upon a mysterious mineshaft, and Appsro takes Simon on a thrilling adventure up north. It's a jam-packed episode that you won't want to miss!

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Elias yes dick I was killed by a big1.227.089
bowl did you piss off the bowl I did I5.15.13
thought it was a transformer at first it8.3094.41
looked incredibly weird and scared the10.235.13
hell out of me but I made this oh dude12.7194.98
you're part of the shield Club I am I've15.364.35
got one I just don't pull it out like17.6993.631
all cocky like you know well now I was19.714.979
just this yeah no III kid I've got a21.336.9
gift for Simon we've all right yeah24.6895.941
Simon yes sir28.235.88
Simon yes oh that's a can I give you30.635.6
this sure34.116.59
here okay what's that hey yeah that is36.238.259
15 hey and guess what makes hey what or40.76.429
no sorry guess what hey makes well44.4895.431
landing pad does yeah I figured to get47.1294.32
down like it must be annoying as hell49.922.22
for you right51.4494.081
oh I thought that you've given me this52.145.43
because they they make bread that's a55.533.689
way for you to get down that's wheat57.573.48
oh that ever had you ever had bread made59.2194.261
of hay no no this is a game and I'm61.053.92
it's a landing pad that's an easy way64.974.509
down for you that's great I appreciate67.292.49
yeah you should let's try it well I'm69.783.36
not gonna know where to jump you will71.583.359
work yeah you're gonna look down you're73.143.06
gonna see us and we're gonna say jump74.9394.201
here how big the peg gonna bake 15 hey76.24.739
I'm not able to see anything but we'll79.1416.89
see you'll see this is it80.93919.271
okay you know Simon I'm doing good96.036.58
to be like my diving board maybe it can100.213.21
work like this102.619.45
Oh II see you yep here we go I think103.4211.369
you're going out too far maybe maybe not112.065.51
okay hard to tell from down here I'm114.7897.771
adjusting when I'm on that go oh maybe I117.575.56
got lucky122.5617.37
no he almost landed near hay bale hay123.1321.03
bale every time all right we know where139.936.8
to put the hay bail144.162.57
this is what are you doing165.039.22
you took my boat what that is crazy okay168.487.54
oh wow174.255.67
and with you in it now all right so if I176.028.73
Drive are we in this boat together with179.928.099
a turbo how come these eggs are hatching184.755.37
huh how long does this take188.0196.361
I could take you home with me I wanted190.126.42
to but I don't I'm starting a turtle194.383.09
do you notice how you guys made it197.476.09
before I got here so he's stuck in here199.665.73
what's going on probably get you out203.563.45
with sea grass for wanted to but kind of205.394.17
don't want to all right you sit tight207.015.6
I'm gonna keep working on this sanctuary209.566.03
enjoy the boat I'm sure you've been212.615.2
tired from flipping your flippers all215.595.7
day yeah let me know if these hatch we217.815.34
keep working on my little desert house221.2917.31
just the basics you know what's going on223.1517.25
here okay yeah there's just stuff Oh238.65.22
absolute sup thick not much240.45.07
doraleous has made a landing pad for243.824.47
Simon that he keeps missing yeah I can245.474.59
see that are you going to venture and I248.293.509
am I've got a shield I'm part of the250.064.2
shield Club doraleous says cool do you251.7993.961
want to go with me because I made this254.264.02
map of our area and we got a lot to fill255.765.67
out on it yeah I mean I want to go into258.286.36
a cave today oh okay oh you found the261.436.0
cave yep okay well you guys go cave it264.645.01
hey Simon what you want to come with me267.435.04
let's do a little exploration I'm doing269.655.01
science say hey guys you want to fill in272.474.08
those places that you conveniently left274.664.33
out of that hey I276.554.45
grab the one that needs had well did you278.994.14
not have enough to make no a full281.03.9
student why did you leave a space in the283.136.3
middle because he didn't have enough hey284.97.98
I'm not much of a landing point is it289.436.21
it's plenty yeah they put your room here292.885.07
we go this will seal the deal you're295.643.54
filling it in with something you should297.953.42
write filling it in nope not when299.183.78
someone shouldn't with something should301.374.02
something that's gonna protect me yeah302.968.28
all right one second and a bow perfect305.397.05
still got a couple holes there doraleous311.243.6
you'll have a couple holes you do I got312.446.09
one here too now and or six maybe314.844.92
because you haven't way more holes than318.5310.68
this has was right on it so too high319.7612.96
or maybe the hade he doesn't okay why329.214.71
wouldn't you just make a puddle of water332.723.69
it's not my problem I mean look there's333.923.87
a puddle of water right beside his damn336.414.56
place anyway Stella that'd be much337.794.89
easier trying to make a hay landing340.977.68
place yes alright well Simon tell you342.688.34
what you come with me I'll show you a348.654.2
trick that'll let you survive every time351.025.82
whatever sin 100% percent guarantee it's352.856.03
a huge guarantee guaranteed every time356.843.9
Simon after Oh selling a snake-oil oh358.885.76
boy lifetime guarantee one time only two360.7410.44
times only pillager I think we have364.648.7
pillagers Turtles stay put371.185.37
or run if you have to you hear me if I373.346.12
don't come back I'll be back I can you376.555.22
know what on the bed here you never made379.467.29
a bed here well what do i do sir it's a381.777.29
turtle sanctuary you're gonna have to386.754.35
ask you to leave cuz you don't seem389.064.89
turtle friendly are ya it's a crossbow391.15.66
I've laid out a shield Donna393.955.81
there's a shield it is this here do that396.763.81
like that399.762.58
and then I do like this and then I hit400.574.23
that there we go and now I'm armed402.346.09
completely armed okay sir is your chance404.84.47
to be friendly408.439.66
nope didn't do it okay to me and how do409.2714.67
not see oh oh yeah he's down Turtles I418.0910.61
don't there's more of them but he's down423.947.38
and I have these arrows why can't I have428.75.65
these little boys why cannot have these431.326.89
arrows that seems common sense right434.356.09
alright I think we're safe for now438.217.45
got any baby turtles why has our new440.4410.16
baby turtles keep waiting a guess445.664.94
Simon yeah it's a mound yeah it's just453.377.329
family Simon what my brain is going457.8794.801
crazy what what a place for like a460.6994.921
castle you mean like on top of that462.686.15
mound built the castle into it let's go465.625.099
to the top let's go to the top okay468.834.049
oh man see I see cool places like this470.7194.051
in Minecraft and I'm like oh I just want472.8793.51
to shape that I want to shape that into474.773.72
something okay you're gonna shape it476.3893.84
yeah that's that's what you're talking478.492.28
about all right480.2292.94
so into it shape it see if we can give480.775.399
it a taco is that what uh but your looks483.1694.771
like you might be getting distracted486.1693.691
oh yeah well this is I mean as part of487.944.199
filling our map this is a to our north I489.864.14
don't know hey to our north I don't know492.1394.02
how you got up there so quick yeah well494.03.599
now I'm having problems might have to do496.1594.741
a little uh alterations can I just stay497.5995.79
down here though while you Scout cuz me500.94.739
to go up there right now I mean I503.3894.381
support you and what you're doing okay505.6393.27
if you don't want to come up there507.773.66
that's fine I mean Oh what up you though508.9094.8
I'm sure it's nice but by the time I get511.435.13
up there it'll just be you know well513.7095.37
I'll tell you what though let's see so516.565.07
directly to our north these looks like519.0794.14
more land but there's a bigger ocean521.632.519
here too523.2193.151
what are we doing again you just told me524.1494.231
that I'm gonna be given something that526.373.87
you think will help me and I will never528.3811.28
die nope when we get back what we can530.2412.089
yeah I'm dragging you on my adventure539.665.31
first I need backup cuz you know Suns542.3294.44
gonna go down eventually I'll just be544.974.5
your backup I'm not gonna I don't want546.7694.471
to do this and then you'd be like tell549.473.33
me something really simple and then I'm551.241.94
gonna be552.82.72
why didn't you just tell me that I'll553.184.62
just be your backup okay yeah I mean555.524.26
I'll tell you eventually okay when we557.82.49
get back559.782.52
whichever you can tell me tomorrow well560.293.39
I kind of have to show you okay you562.32.97
could show me tomorrow no I'm gonna show563.683.24
you today okay well you could show me565.273.3
today once we get back all right let's566.924.83
keep the travel down keep going north I568.574.98
like that I am gonna make this place571.754.02
into something cool it's too awesome of573.553.99
a mountain not to do anything I believe575.775.31
you throwed Mount Apsara then unless I577.544.71
find a better mouth you should be581.083.48
carving your face into that thing ah582.254.11
feel like that's a little too584.562.82
yeah but mount apps ro is it alright587.387.53
thick yeah I feel like it's one of those592.725.04
mine mine mine mine places my mine mine594.919.78
mine mine mine wow this is oh yeah597.769.99
cuz I just yeah that's spiders oh boy604.697.11
okay a shield607.756.66
oh yeah the shield do I have mine what611.86.63
they have everywhere go ahead I might614.415.73
have lost my shield I think I lost it618.433.45
I'm not part of the shield club anymore620.145.76
thing no have to do I will be cannot get621.886.51
through here well it's a very tiny hole625.99.39
and oh here he is yeah okay sucka sucka628.399.36
ha okay so we should make this entrance635.296.41
better but hey this is a great find637.753.95
right Simon yeah put your stakes in this644.8394.781
furnace night grab them cuz I got plenty647.73.75
of plenty more food to cook nice I'm649.624.29
just lighting up the joint I mean yeah a651.454.86
little excessively - yeah right but but653.914.049
still you know what they say about656.315.49
lights right nowwhat informed me please657.9596.87
the more lights the better this says661.85.7
that my grandfather used to say that the664.8293.721
more lights the better667.52.399
Oh Jess your grandfather you said day668.554.17
implies my grandfather my grandfather's669.8996.0
wife and my grandfather's mistress all672.725.1
would say it but never together in the675.8994.611
same room you got grandfather issues677.824.35
yeah who doesn't680.519.46
Oh check this out it's very nice682.1710.53
gonna kill it down food oh that's a food689.974.32
from our that was a buy she gonna grow a692.73.87
little bored nothing like a fresh baby694.295.489
death to satisfy your cravings like a696.575.91
Snickers bar but like with the chicken699.7794.231
and a baby one at that702.483.51
right they should mark it Snickers like704.015.18
that with like pictures of dead chickens705.996.089
yeah right feeling angry kill a baby709.194.12
chicken and then eat it712.0793.481
something about crate yeah then there's713.315.6
a tagline we got to figure that out715.563.35
there's an down here - I know I don't727.974.51
know if I'm gonna make it731.5193.51
boy can you put a bed down oh there we732.4813.44
go okay I can see okay think I'm just735.02912.331
kind of gonna pull back a little bit745.925.3
poison Oh Mac Vic I'm coming good747.367.82
fighting him I know you are751.223.96
source for right Simon764.0497.98
yeah a belly full so uh Fahmy following767.3297.41
let's go quick come over here to the772.0295.02
lake all right and I'm gonna go ahead774.7394.68
and slap a boat oh boy a fill-in wrap up777.0494.05
and up and up wrap it up all right779.4195.1
slapping that in a boat that one got it781.0997.41
sweet yeah now we can just uh Oh cramp784.5195.52
but according to the map I thought there788.5092.85
was like an ocean here this is more of790.0393.12
just like a lake I thought I would be791.3593.93
able to go a lot farther so we're just793.1594.11
gonna hang out here until morning okay795.2895.31
is this nicer than the place that we797.2695.16
were just I mean we can see the stars800.5993.84
now all right well that's true yeah Oh802.4296.06
see we can find a constellation up found804.4397.59
it there's the areola it's that it is808.4895.64
yeah yeah it's right there see the mood812.0294.68
over there unusually long but I like it814.1295.6
like that you know816.7093.02
what's that I hear out there hello hello829.175.57
Oh babies hold on where's my seagrass832.26.329
okay up up up up where they go where'd834.7410.39
they go to the ocean838.5298.581
would you be able to stand for a minute845.133.54
you were just born stuck in the road847.113.599
they're gonna come back to pop a turtle848.674.68
oh here they go yep there we go oh I got850.7093.991
you now in the cross hairs853.353.87
oh I planted one okay this should not be854.73.54
this hard857.222.85
feeding a baby turtle should not be this858.2417.039
hard yep I got you are you serious you860.0717.85
think that boats big enough for you what875.2794.491
happens if I try to ride now877.924.64
this is probably a bad idea I get in879.774.92
there nope okay882.564.02
I'd be funny if all three of us won't a884.694.41
boat ride interesting I'm out baby's886.588.9
room look at you you look like Arab889.18.82
Junior don't know how to tell kids895.484.21
easily just pulled up my hand and say897.924.29
they're just old and height all right899.695.79
see grab there we go that stuff floats902.213.87
doesn't it905.485.34
um whoa new recipe unlocked I think that906.088.37
was a scoot we check this stuff I do910.827.05
know right turtle turn oh there it is914.456.24
what I got I got one ski oh that's how917.873.47
you spell it920.694.92
scoot one two three four five scoots all921.346.61
right for more scoots we got a turtle925.614.32
helmet so let's do it927.957.86
whoo looks like more trees more929.937.98
mountainous a lot of trees and mountains935.813.09
here to our north937.914.86
right nice if we can go skiing down the938.96.6
mountain yeah let's get to uh let's get942.774.2
to the top of this thing see we can see945.54.83
me a rugged terrain out here yeah it946.974.86
looks very interesting950.333.06
the hold water going down the951.833.6
mountainside yeah we can actually use953.393.57
that water to climb up the mountainside955.433.48
which is what we're gonna do right now956.966.27
Simon all right ready yeah go come on958.917.29
yeah Oh get under the water and climb963.236.48
straight up oh yeah I'm up beautiful not966.26.06
all the way up all right oh this is not969.714.44
easy all right this is yeah now we're972.263.12
gonna have to like kind of build our way974.156.51
up I'm doing my own thing all right you975.387.83
were you holding on to me no what's it980.664.8
holding on to you city I got you I got983.213.72
you said I'm watching you and I'm with985.463.03
you and I'm not leaving oh good well986.933.09
good because I'm your friend988.492.22
all right let's get to the top well I990.714.65
know but I'm breaking things in order to992.963.96
get to the top all right sweetie I'll995.362.37
meet you up here996.924.7
Oh Nick was blown up by a creeper oh boy997.736.06
well wonder how their adventure go it's1001.626.31
going made it we did it well actually1003.796.18
over here this is the northernmost tip1007.934.11
of our map thanks snowy mountains out1009.975.179
here that is very nice neebs would1012.045.34
probably not like it would hate this1015.1494.75
yeah but it's pretty this is a good spot1017.384.59
for a campsite should we do that1019.8993.871
sure you can't see if we put a fire here1021.973.69
man check this out I already got one in1023.774.549
my pocket look at this you're like oh1025.665.19
that's nice I got one of those of my1028.3194.181
beautiful majestic thing that I'm1030.853.03
building nice and look it's melting the1032.54.35
snow around it ah we just made a camp a1033.885.549
campsite yes we say northernmost point1036.855.37
of our map is Simon and afros glorious1039.4294.441
campsite that's nice we should make a1042.223.3
flag oh you know what1043.874.17
I'm gonna make a flag and yo I'm gonna1045.524.38
make some seats so we can sit down at1048.044.04
our campsite okay my flag will be lame1049.98.909
okay Elias I need your help1052.0811.59
okay well okay three times oh I know I1058.80910.411
saw it on the screen it's a shame but at1063.679.3
least your bed yeah yeah I see a1069.226.0
skeleton down there yeah I can run down1072.974.32
there Oh's your stuff down there1075.225.1
yeah Oh run down there then you jump1077.295.58
down get the get the skeleton as he1080.325.34
chases me I hear it go what there's no1082.877.189
zombie there - oh oh1085.664.399
no brass rallies no oh god I gotta get1095.2214.82
back up good sport can't see anything1103.959.409
worst date this might be number five1117.0211.95
that's a scoop hold on any five right1125.783.639
oh yeah turtle gear seagrasses on me1129.4196.841
he's got to make it back to my freakin1133.5597.681
toolbox thing okay red come on noobs1136.267.649
need to swim better take some swimming1141.245.419
lessons oh yeah more eggs or come in1143.9095.911
boats getting more ridiculous all right1146.6593.911
here we go1149.823.12
so I should be able to pop it here1150.575.339
turtle hat BAM1152.947.489
now oh I gotta put it on1155.9094.52
turtle hey okay turtle hat should be1162.096.46
equipped have some soggy bread come here1165.345.64
to the corner now should see a1168.558.04
difference in air come on oh yeah my1170.9833.63
bubbles aren't going down longer like a1176.5934.17
fish man be careful a bro gonna burn1204.617.89
yourself I don't want to it's time to1210.764.14
sit down and enjoy this I know you can't1212.54.26
actually sit but how do you like my flag1214.96.0
I mean it works I mean it's as good as I1216.765.4
mean the fact that it's shaped like a1220.93.21
flag and it's me certainly shaped like a1222.164.14
flag yeah you know I kind of like the1224.114.38
flag that's in like on the moon that we1226.33.78
probably never landed on cuz I'm a1228.493.24
conspiracy theorist no we definitely1230.083.96
land if I force we did but anyway does1231.734.11
it move you know right it'll be there1234.043.48
forever I mean it's easy to tear down1235.843.45
well why are we talking about arrow to1237.524.02
tear it down I love it I love it so much1239.294.92
you think it's great thank you this is1241.546.36
yeah whisper our northern campsite1244.218.04
that's it this is like the North Pole1247.98.88
kind of kind al we need to go west oh1252.255.58
wait okay1256.782.73
you mean like west back home or now1257.834.02
weird adventuring on we're adventuring1259.513.87
on you can go south back home if you1261.853.15
want but you don't have a map so stick1263.384.26
with me buddy of course of course then1265.03.9
when we get back I'm gonna teach you1267.642.67
that thing how two percent guarantee1268.93.42
yeah I don't really believe it but1270.313.96
that's ok I'm at fun but hey we're gonna1272.323.72
we're gonna cover this whole thing we're1274.273.78
gonna go all the way west then we're1276.043.03
gonna turn we're gonna go all the way1278.052.46
north and then we're gonna turn we're1279.072.55
gonna all the way east we're gonna make1280.514.11
a full circle so this is going on for1281.625.85
multiple episodes at least another or1284.625.28
one or two Wow I know what it's1287.474.68
adventure it is1289.95.55
look at this look at it I'm looking at1292.153.6
see look at the promise of adventure out1295.755.64
there excitement it is villages yes all1298.1810.89
right let's climb down a thick yeah I've1301.399.81
got a couple you know there's a whole1309.075.82
lot more mind system okay I've got some1311.26.36
routes blocked off like here is one if1314.895.7
you'll notice see this yeah you're not1317.564.5
you're not over there yeah no I'm1320.592.79
looking I'm looking like that's walked1322.062.79
off there's good things down there I'm1323.384.35
sure right down here1324.854.8
straight ahead good things down there I1327.734.53
see so those two I'm gonna go back but I1329.655.1
need to go back and yeah kinda me - hey1332.266.15
I'm also in a pinch and suspicious - I1334.754.59
already ate it1338.413.3
no I've got one as well okay how'd you1339.343.78
do how do you do with yours what are to1341.713.45
do it worked fine for me it filled me up1343.125.49
really let me just turn around okay just1345.165.55
in case yeah I'll look at you okay here1348.618.61
we go okay there's like a cell in the1350.718.43
corner it's a little weird but a sward1357.227.53
what the sward sword okay I'm good yeah1359.148.07
yeah it worked worked out alright just1364.753.93
checking yeah I know I'm glad you're1367.213.42
okay I gotta make a bunch of stuff and1368.682.91
we'll be back1370.635.04
oh yeah good fine good fine so close to1371.598.63
home and we get back1375.674.55

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