How to SEAMLESSLY Capture a Villager (Minecraft Ep 23)

Minecraft - Today Appsro and Simon SEAMLESSLY capture a villager, Thick and Dora continue searching for a trident, and Neebs attempts to build a mob f...
How to SEAMLESSLY Capture a Villager (Minecraft Ep 23)
How to SEAMLESSLY Capture a Villager (Minecraft Ep 23)

How to SEAMLESSLY Capture a Villager (Minecraft Ep 23)

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't checked out the latest Minecraft video yet, you're in for a treat. In this episode, Appsro and Simon are on a mission to capture a villager seamlessly, while Thick and Dora continue their quest to find a trident. And of course, Neebs is hard at work trying to build a mob farm - the dedication is real!

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okay salmon yes yes kidnapped villager0.776.489
all right I'm down here to the river5.463.51
throw the boat in and I think I know7.2592.581
where the village is8.972.94
listen this is gonna be one of those9.845.4
things that we do so seamlessly that it11.916.18
shocks even us yeah I've never captured15.246.9
a village before well you know what yeah18.095.31
I kind of feel like I should build a22.142.91
boathouse damn I should have done this23.42.25
oh boy yeah I need to build like a25.654.59
little a cage you just bring the boat in27.514.679
and trap the villager well I just said30.243.72
that this was gonna be seamless and32.1894.05
we've already hit a seam yeah but that's33.964.02
okay I can get stoned we can do this36.2393.291
real quick and then we're off yeah we're37.983.96
gonna get a villager no don't worry it's39.534.689
a thin seam that you barely see hey41.943.99
check this out actually you see this44.2194.59
pickaxe I got yeah chanted this bad boy45.934.949
with efficiency come watch this okay48.8093.781
this is amazing let me just pick a spot50.8794.981
here on the track you see how amazing oh52.596.0
look how fast Wow got fastest goal55.866.629
that's amazing big forever okay all58.595.49
right I just need a but stall and we're62.4891.95
Oh God the seam just got very big this64.4395.97
seam is not it's been it's forget it no66.995.22
seamless we'll get there we'll get there70.4094.821
yeah it's a big seamed thing72.213.35
what what what what what what my boat my94.6798.351
boat's gone nope sobbing what what just99.495.76
happened I don't know I know103.035.009
are you down below no I swam back up but105.253.959
what the hell just happened the votes108.0393.75
just disappeared hold on is Erika some109.2095.22
sort of vortex sucking them down bubbles111.7895.911
here this is freaky hold on you you114.4294.591
don't have a helmet it allows you to go117.73.419
under for a period of time do you I've119.024.47
got a glowy helmet I don't think it does121.1199.721
that boats down here really close123.4910.35
Oh God Oh guys this may be a mistake to130.847.32
come back up it looks like I can go down133.848.85
wow this is a cool crevasse are you up138.167.409
oh yeah back up now okay geez142.694.799
all right so like glowstone down there145.5694.081
it Starbucks right under yeah so I've147.4894.5
actually got another boat I've got two149.655.82
boats you want me to like yeah you have151.9895.25
two boats throw it throw one out well155.473.239
wait I could ride with you you know or157.2393.301
you can ride with me here just hop in oh158.7093.331
I like that because I've been having a160.543.63
hard time yes all right we just got out162.043.87
we just kind of mark that area let's164.174.439
mark it holy Crockett with a market with165.914.799
a B isn't that a thing no I'll just stay168.6093.96
on the coast what is that thing what170.7095.731
would it be what something bounce up for172.5695.64
you and me I don't know what you're176.444.65
talking about of thing that patty-cake178.2096.15
like market where the B and I'll stick181.095.549
on it twice something like that no never184.3593.63
heard of this there's so just like a186.6394.47
crap mark to beat and I bail yeah I tell187.9894.68
you everyone in the college is gonna191.1093.391
know and they're gonna tell me what it192.6694.231
is the baby nope194.53.959
all right all right I think the village196.93.72
if I'm not mistaken it's somewhere up198.4593.641
here in these hills200.6220.51
doraleous you gonna tackle this boat221.133.3
well I don't know if I could tigress I223.023.3
can't breathe so long but I did see a224.433.93
chest that I could probably reach and226.326.42
make it back up at that day do it go228.369.3
faster oh that's a Oh got this did I232.747.14
grab it off ready grab it all I don't237.666.51
know you baby can't hold on that might239.8810.14
be a different game altogether I'm going244.178.49
with you I'm just gonna watch Oh master250.025.22
the master Chester is that all these252.664.53
books and buried treasure255.245.46
I just I'm going up don't want to eat257.195.7
all that you have but I got a treasure260.77.85
map but you want to go in further yep262.895.66
karates all right cool come back there274.459.7
we go hey I got a couple carrots that282.262.43
was about it284.154.65
no there was a bust no drowns ah none oh284.695.67
boy this is wearing on that we've done288.83.9
so far I know we're gonna end up like290.363.57
back home if we keep going in this292.77.59
circle I have no idea okay no nor do I293.939.72
very treasure map well that yeah I mean300.295.4
could always do the treasure thing but303.658.43
let's just go yeah all right you know305.698.13
what we're gonna park right here this312.085.01
little sandy beach huh get out out out313.825.37
see Daisy all right we got to look317.093.18
around I know it's around here319.192.01
maybe over here by this mountain I like321.24.77
having a torch out during the day why I323.065.43
don't know cuz it's it doesn't matter it325.975.34
doesn't run out does it I don't think so328.495.61
like that see if we can get a bird's-eye331.314.86
Oh yep we found it here we are334.15.04
okay village okay and look couple336.174.71
villagers here already hey guys hey339.144.83
what's up all right okay now we got to340.886.44
figure out a path okay now how do we343.976.27
forget we got to put a boat down on the347.324.45
on the ground on the ground and the350.243.3
villagers got to get in it and then we351.774.17
have to guide that villager down to the353.545.25
one so should I give like like a boat355.944.59
maybe maybe you can do it on this uh358.794.17
I think if we do it on this yellow stuff360.534.32
this path yeah362.963.24
might be able to get down there all364.853.12
right so how about how about I do it366.24.08
close though because right here I can367.974.26
put it here pull it away I can put a370.284.62
boat here these guys will hop in it all372.233.63
right come on hop in374.95.0
boom that's not a torch that's a torch375.867.04
pick that they pick the thing up and put398.63.88
it down yeah you know what you let me do400.953.21
it damn it of course sorry that was what402.483.12
we should have done to begin with I'm404.164.74
incompetent watch out yeah yeah yeah all405.66.14
right now hey don't you get in there408.97.71
getting that boat no it's right here411.747.24
hey it's right here right here mom you416.613.27
know what you're gonna do418.984.17
get in the boat the boat go get in the419.886.03
boat the boat yeah you got a boat come423.155.34
on come on come on this way in the boat425.913.81
hey you know what if you get in that429.722.55
boat I pray you know what I'm gonna do430.83.69
I'm gonna uh I'll give you a little back432.274.11
yeah I got him in the boat oh you're434.494.35
good okay some now can't get two guys in436.385.34
the boat can we nope so now I can drive438.845.73
the boat down the path all right I got441.727.65
him out anyway yep you missed out all444.577.32
right Simon do you have a shovel uh yes449.374.65
I do but are gonna be the path guy all451.893.42
right well let me tell you I have454.022.88
actually you know what let's trade roles455.313.42
yeah you should not be the pack you know456.93.57
I should not be this guy can't get458.733.36
enough of me all right right-click on460.473.51
that okay so all right good to stay462.093.09
right there don't move until I tell you463.984.71
you're gonna follow this pack is it465.185.19
possible that this little guy is gonna468.693.42
follow us and if we add another boat we470.373.18
can get him to go in it we'd have to472.114.23
very possible very very pop out you said473.556.21
very very that kind of makes me excited476.344.62
they kind of they kind of feel like they479.762.55
want to be together don't think they do480.963.06
I think they might be they might be482.313.93
together might be a couple might be be484.023.81
cool you know we'll have we'll have our486.245.13
first gig oh yeah progressively sweet487.835.64
well that's also being presumptuous then491.373.9
it might not be gay that's true they493.473.9
might just be I don't know what you know495.273.87
cuz they're different than me straight497.373.36
right now stay there stay there we gotta499.143.09
lay wait for this grass to grow so that500.733.39
I can feel that it oh this is exciting502.234.47
no it's not it's I want to start working504.123.87
this way you just hang out there Simon506.74.46
let's see I love my job507.993.17
just you and me today Fletcher oh and512.7695.92
mr. teeth face I didn't forget you but515.6596.24
you're a donkey so you used to get left518.6896.361
out probably so this is gonna be a mob521.8996.54
thing where enemies will spawn in here525.055.069
and then I'll make a way to kill them528.4393.601
their feet like we did over at Simon's530.1194.08
glass room you know I'm saying and then532.044.409
I'll get all the experience and all in534.1993.99
chant I mean I might even make a536.4495.041
enchanted donkey saddle or of whatever538.1896.12
enchanted Fletcher table so we'll keep541.496.75
it up don't mind the path that's gonna544.3095.851
be fixed just takes a while to do the548.245.61
rock think what I gotta do is I mean I550.166.089
love this bamboo stuff there we go553.854.95
you got to make floors in here think I556.2495.101
think they like spawn on floors so we558.84.589
use the cheap stuff which is the561.354.079
cobblestone and we make like little563.3895.49
floors like this they'll just be like565.4295.931
all these levels it's gonna be awesome568.8795.971
okay the dirt and I might switch that571.365.139
for saying or something so it matches574.857.919
yeah okay everybody back to work all576.4999.14
right just take him down river down582.7698.961
river you're gonna go down585.6396.091
is that a real song no oh it's not okay591.914.53
but no I never know because you know594.6994.07
songs from like the turn-of-the-century596.449.709
20s because you were like 30 down river598.7697.38
that's young person music the twist it's614.7097.021
too much you clued to wacky crazy619.3294.231
alright so now hold on let me you say621.733.27
hang out there for a second okay hang623.564.469
out hang out hang in the only hang town625.08.55
to break this let me get pigtail yep all628.0298.911
right bring her in all right come on633.555.969
Hank town you can do it I believe in you636.944.139
all right looks like it's a little639.5192.971
narrow but yeah okay yeah bring him641.0792.641
bring on it all right now don't get out642.493.95
yet I'm not getting now get out yet and643.725.22
let me make sure that we're covered646.445.44
there's no way he can escape I am going648.944.829
to fill this in even more just for the651.886.66
time being and okay tell me what you653.7696.831
know what better do this just for now658.545.46
all right you're good get it I can get660.65.409
out you can get out Hank town664.04.5
out good job Hank town thank you right666.0094.02
Liat let's leave him in the boat for a668.53.99
second right and you know what you you670.0294.891
stay here Simon I need to go get a672.494.68
button and lay a minecart and then we're674.923.719
gonna take him over to the village why677.173.359
is it that when we're together we work678.6393.151
so well together680.5292.881
uh because you let me do all the work681.795.25
and you stay still I love it we should683.415.11
write that in a book and sell it687.043.68
oh boy690.729.41
let your night time get inside okay697.24.95
hello it's like an elevator700.134.42
zombies are coming at me which is stored702.153.36
you'll never catch me I pledge Oh705.517.38
spiders could use some string yeah give707.678.67
me some string yep got it okay712.895.94
we're inside Fletch are you in bed you716.343.3
better be in bed718.833.75
yes sir attaboy all right when this719.645.82
assignment is a glass fort we'd ever722.585.82
thought it'd be a glass port all right725.466.68
yeah we should be safe we slept so728.46.99
there's actually no phantoms tonight hmm732.146.94
okay you know what an autonomy okay if735.395.16
you hear something Fletcher don't worry739.085.7
it's just me taunting me you're nothing740.557.07
oh wait you know what744.786.08
trap they are back747.627.23
all right come on zombies over here the750.866.23
all right folks759.389.49
your am get man yeah which is smart760.9512.99
she's smart few guys yep these guys are768.878.03
seen Bruce Lee hey come on there we go773.9410.77
Hammet I wish that was got it all right776.99.61
drop pants next time784.715.84
this is Pennsylvania be respectful786.514.04
all right Simon yes survived the night797.557.06
very nicely I might add alright and now801.0096.421
we just got a coax this guy under this804.613.36
alright and that shouldn't be too hard807.975.459
theoretically so a way to do that would810.724.959
be how to destroy the boat I think we813.4293.541
just did so watch out watch out it's815.6793.301
alright so I think if I take the axe and816.976.51
hit the back of the boat I'm sorry sorry818.986.12
didn't mean alright we're friends823.483.63
grab that boat and then say hey buddy825.14.38
hey you wanna come over here come over827.115.759
here come on come on come on over here829.4811.789
over here you know come on just kidding832.86910.77
Manny's getting on me just get just a841.2695.221
little some some hmm look at me getting843.6394.95
in here look at me you want to get my846.496.449
face oh shut up don't you go what no no848.5899.211
no alright don't worry no back back back852.9396.601
again you piece of857.84.409
go back open the door Simon okay hold on859.545.339
there we go come on get ya the doors862.2095.13
open come on open it you didn't get him864.8796.12
get it that way damn it damn it damn it867.3395.91
damn it moves loose damn you to hell870.9996.93
come on we got this we got it this way873.2496.871
come back okay come on877.9296.78
you know crap Oh son of a880.129.42
see you see all right it really does884.7096.81
happen in the game go back we get889.543.93
another villager and I won't put in a891.5195.581
pin door oh beep it for John forgotten893.476.49
could open doors oh I'm stupid897.15.999
before you think Vic I think we should911.923.64
go after him it's gonna be tough because914.34.31
there there's two of them but ya might915.565.43
does any do either of them have a I918.614.78
tried in I don't know all right I'm920.994.02
gonna go forward and around the back end923.394.11
okay I'll just circle I just jumped out925.015.13
you did Brown yeah927.54.14
all right I'm gonna circle around them930.143.75
try to get their attention we might go931.644.68
two pounds get their attention there we933.893.27
go I got it936.322.49
oh they don't know they don't know what937.163.3
they don't know what to do this is funny938.812.46
they're going crazy right now trying to941.274.26
figure out a strategy freaking out oh my943.076.71
god they're losing their minds yeah yeah945.5313.71
you didn't know oh nice Oh coming in you949.7811.05
don't need to I don't know I want to959.244.02
know and look what you did right you're960.835.43
sup man you're an it yeah but it's your963.265.7
monster I love it and get nothing you966.264.65
did it right you ain't get nothing968.964.32
did you get anything no I just said970.914.02
twice I didn't get enough all right I973.283.62
thought you said I did not ask me again974.933.77
to get anything976.910.47
no I didn't are you ready salmon yep I'm978.711.53
coming in and we got a little crazy987.374.78
water thing going on here that's all990.234.02
right all right fill it in uh-huh okay992.153.18
jump it in994.253.96
okay I'm gonna try to fill in god I'm995.335.52
not good at this all right stuck out998.216.03
here that's kind of kind of done all1000.856.54
right bill did how's that that's perfect1004.248.37
yeah I'm out okay take two node or node1007.398.34
or there's no way he can get out okay1012.614.5
this is gonna work all right I'm gonna1015.733.39
break this always hurts him there's no1017.113.21
way to do it without getting it all1019.123.69
right now hey get in get in does that1020.324.42
girl get in1022.815.389
don't even get in the face get in the1024.745.439
thing I got all day Bubba come on get in1028.1992.521
Oh dirt man push the back yeah hey1030.728.219
there's only one way out why won't he1033.0896.48
get in1038.9393.27
Hey look how much fun I'm having in here1039.5694.26
don't you want to get in get in there1042.2096.301
how nice it is here in the minecart all1043.8297.081
right I just date belle of the ball1048.515.13
do I need to hit you in there don't you1050.914.47
could do this easy way or the hard way1053.643.48
well we thought oh you know what hold on1055.383.87
oh you are in it's Alice you know we're1057.124.919
gonna do looks come on get up get up1059.256.74
there get up there you little come on1062.0399.211
why do this I know they can do this1065.998.919
hey damn it oh really all right we're1071.255.28
doing something wrong we'll try an1074.9093.841
experiment but if I take a minecart and1076.532.879
right-click on it1078.756.419
Oh looky eat my cookie monster name1079.4098.041
kooky we gonna call him Cookie Monster1085.1695.941
Oh cookie I like kooky cookie Oh baby1087.455.4
right there right there get in there are1091.114.47
you in it oh he wants to like raise you1092.855.459
so bad look at him yeah in the car get1095.584.77
in all right huh don't you want to get1098.3092.791
on the brown1100.353.569
all right rail rail get out of this get1101.14.74
in a corner get on the rail you go1103.9196.781
that's it Oh okay pick it up okay it's1105.845.73
all right it's all right we'll get him1110.72.01
back on the rail and try it again1111.574.17
come on Wow is it because it's the red1112.718.61
rail maybe try that oh oh wait okay well1115.748.549
all right we got okay he's in maybe yes1121.324.56
maybe they hit they hate the red rail1124.2893.661
okay all right but now we got to push1125.883.539
him back watch outside watching would1127.952.849
you do it watch out watch it I'm1129.4193.99
watching and I'm out come on come on1130.7996.661
gosh yeah we finally did it1133.4096.27
good all right Simon do you have a1137.464.8
minecart no but they're in one of these1139.6794.531
things they should be should be one in1142.264.26
there can you get one sure all right I'm1144.213.36
gonna send him first1146.522.909
I'm gonna go immediately after and then1147.573.54
you follow after that all right that1149.4294.261
sounds good here we go all right kooky1151.113.63
cookie I'm right behind cookie Wow that1154.7415.84
was good yeah then wouldn't have lasted1164.78.16
anyway man we can do this all day you1170.583.9
and I would be getting kidnapped like1172.863.6
four or five next time I think that we1174.484.5
should be doing this on a regular basis1176.468.1
yeah should take us right to the village1178.986.96
now I've never gone to the village this1184.563.09
way so let's uh hope hope we don't get1185.944.65
cooked up well we'll see maybe we don't1187.654.77
want to count my dead chickens before1190.593.45
they die yeah1192.424.44
hopefully it works like a charm I still1194.044.65
don't understand the charm thing yeah1196.864.65
he's a weird it's like a charmer1198.694.83
like what like witchcraft terms are1201.513.99
supposed to be lucky I guess you have a1203.524.14
little one like a rabbit's foot it's1205.53.3
supposed to bring you it's supposed to1207.663.3
work but that doesn't work so it works1208.84.68
like a charm doesn't really work because1210.964.95
charms are bull but yeah but do you even1213.484.05
know if that's what it is or if they1215.913.42
talk about works like a charm like works1217.533.84
like a witchcraft charm like you've been1219.333.84
charm that doesn't make any sense either1221.373.3
what do you mean it works like a charm1223.173.9
like it works like magic yeah baby works1224.675.43
like magic would make more sins might be1227.075.28
derived from that I'm gonna stop saying1230.13.12
it works like a cure1232.352.37
all right you really don't believe I1233.224.23
don't like this conversation and this is1234.724.02
working great1237.453.6
we're almost there Simon good luck a1238.747.31
twist eh this is wonderful1241.055.0
okay I'm getting ready to do a thing1248.3895.92
okay but I got into a thing I'll see you1251.9296.37
in a second is my thing not count1254.3095.131
because I'm doing things1258.2992.88
Oh we'll do your thing afterwards I1259.445.459
thought you'd be off how about this Wow1261.1795.19
we're only great we've only just1264.8994.921
provided 50% of the villagers I'm going1266.3695.69
all right absolutely look hold on I'm1275.965.559
trying to get the damn village jeez I'm1279.1494.801
like a step kid over here give me a1281.5195.76
second there you go cookie welcome to1283.956.66
your new home yeah oh yeah look at this1287.2795.791
thing it's gonna like do mobs and stuff1290.614.559
hopefully do mobs and stuff yeah1293.075.25
hopefully hopefully okay get ready to1295.1696.09
seal it up so there is a go here I'm1298.326.479
gonna drop down now it's sealed it's all1301.2594.351
dark in here1304.7992.58
all right so theoretically mobs spawn in1305.613.299
there and then what and then they go to1307.3795.04
the bottom and and then we oh look I1308.9098.01
think a mob was already in here okay and1312.4196.09
then we chop their feet up you know same1316.9193.33
thing that's it what it means that it1318.5093.54
okay okay you built this whole thing1320.2492.88
just for that and then you get1322.0492.73
experience does it need to be so big1323.1294.41
yeah so a bunch of spawn okay that's the1324.7794.801
theory huh yeah you go like this and1327.5393.811
then you sort out and you go chop chop1329.585.819
chop and then you make a super helmet1331.355.49
and this works during the day as well1335.3993.75
should okay cool1336.844.14
all right let's go meet this villager oh1339.1494.35
yeah his name's kookie kookie yeah1340.984.409
the kooky monster sure all right1343.4993.54
Fletcher come on man1345.3895.64
we got new residents named kookie all1347.0396.0
right look at this guy do you1351.0294.78
I can't tell who's who what do you mean1353.0395.231
oh they all look the same to me it looks1355.8094.081
way different I know but he's got like1358.274.17
an eyepatch red jacket on they all look1359.895.009
the same to me there's a red jacket on1362.444.859
yep anyone got any flint and steel hold1364.8994.26
on now we do the big thing what1367.2994.051
so I've already built a bid now look1369.1597.081
this guy loves carrots I don't think he1371.356.89
likes carrots at all carrots all right1376.244.5
listen he's stubborn he would not get1378.243.58
into a minecart1380.743.45
look it's forever yeah you got him all1381.824.109
right now I think we give Fletcher1384.193.93
carrots oh and then they make and they1385.9294.651
make more the big baby's supposed to out1388.124.169
of their butts how works1390.585.699
Fletcher come here there we go1392.2896.691
he's up okay is this working think so1396.2794.321
and then we got a mixer it's enough beds1398.983.689
I got two down already maybe I need more1400.610.47
I don't know in Simon's house yep so we1402.66910.74
got three beds in town yep okay what did1411.074.89
you put two in this in this house yep I1413.4093.451
just do that1415.963.0
I'll do it downstairs yeah a downstairs1416.864.41
bed all right right behind the dining1418.964.199
room table yeah perfect sense1421.274.2
have a wait all right sure they don't1423.1594.051
need more carrots I don't know what are1425.473.39
we waiting for now they should talk to1427.214.199
each other and and make more villagers1428.864.35
and make more villagers with each other1431.4094.591
yeah okay I don't know kooky seems kind1433.214.77
of cold wait is well I'm male/female not1436.03.96
that it matters our villagers asexual1437.984.14
how does this work oh no just watch and1439.965.52
see hey can I see your junk yeah let me1442.125.88
think a peek take a peek at this it1445.484.77
might be very different looking junk we1448.03.87
don't know this world hmm1450.253.09
maybe like chickens where they have that1451.874.559
uh the corkscrew that's a duck nope I'm1453.344.439
thinking I'm talking chickens I know1456.4293.63
sorry got it confused there really you1457.7794.02
know close to each other I think they1460.0593.24
just have a squishy place they mesh1461.7993.811
together that's how they make I'm not1463.2994.531
sure what's going on here a little1465.615.37
little it might be asexual wait Kim1467.835.01
should we push them together does that1470.983.84
work mate well maybe if we get them1472.843.059
closer okay1474.822.25
I'll push Fletcher1475.8992.991
come on you gotta meet Fletcher your1478.894.38
stubborn little easy1480.9294.471
sorry Cooky's been stubborn all day but1483.273.45
we don't need to force it wouldn't you1485.43.57
be stubborn we took we took cookie1486.724.14
that's here go being shy what are you1488.973.72
doing you gotta get out of the cows you1490.863.75
start an act weird true villager love1492.692.4
ml cooky listen Fletcher's a good guy1495.095.31
girl not sure it's a good thing whatever1497.734.47
things you are are you gonna rub your1500.43.09
little nubs together it's gonna be1502.22.94
all right why don't you push straight1505.143.45
and then I'll try to push you're in or1506.54912.661
him or it right here stop kooky okay you1508.5911.339
drive me crazy1519.213.599
hey make it open okay hey this is this1519.9293.931
is gonna think I think we're getting1522.8091.5
all right you know what hey Fletcher hey1524.30911.641
cookie they look almost identical they1526.2312.21
look nothing like so much alike cooky is1535.956.59
clearly the bottom do you have no idea1538.444.1
this is amazing when can we start to1546.476.55
meet that little thing we can't go1550.444.05
overboard it can't be like the chickens1553.023.24
and cows also do these guys running1554.494.14
around I think you can quit jumping on1556.265.51
the bed you little bastard1558.633.14

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