Why is This Game So Cruel? - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you seen the latest video yet? You know, the one where everyone thought we wouldn't survive long, b...
Why is This Game So Cruel?  - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
Why is This Game So Cruel? - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Why is This Game So Cruel? - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into The Long Dark: PERMADEATH. And let me tell you, this game is just so cruel!

simon: Oh man, Neebs, you're right! This game is a real test of our survival skills. I mean, who knew we'd struggle this much just to stay alive in a virtual world?

neebs: I know, right? It's like the game developers just want to watch us suffer. But hey, that's what makes it so entertaining for our viewers, am I right?

simon: Absolutely! And the best part is, we keep coming back for more punishment because deep down, we love the challenge. Who needs an easy game when you can have The Long Dark: PERMADEATH, am I right?

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yeah I'm living in this house on a hill23.6993.0
oh so that's your permanent residence26.6993.541
yeah oh you know what28.144.38
I just remembered like I hear a dove or30.244.74
something I have a crowbar I think32.525.84
how do I access my crowbar34.983.38
you could do that oh man I'm finding45.04.86
ketchup chips another Sports socks heck46.5595.881
yeah man this house I found is a is a49.865.3
treasure trove52.442.72
oh yeah oh I wish I could read yeah I58.57.219
know you're dumb63.02.719
man I hope there's some good stuff in79.6193.36
I'm going straight in82.9794.5
oh wait this door is kind of snow oh84.964.56
yeah it snowed in but87.4793.901
how do I open it if you got the pry bar89.526.779
just open it forcing it there you go yep91.386.72
get it I'm in you would hope there'd be96.2993.841
some good food in there98.14.559
okay well let's see there's a oh there's100.143.96
a gum machine102.6594.381
nope it's empty I guess104.15.22
I got a pile of clothes on the floor so107.044.2
I just scattered about where's my109.324.14
clothes I'll make this my clothes holder111.244.32
you're gonna find some salty crackers113.463.9
yeah I actually have some in my pocket115.563.72
salty cracker they'll give you like 600117.364.079
calories you're right yeah they're good119.284.32
you are such a nerd to know that number121.4394.381
exactly I just I opened it and looked at123.63.659
it okay125.824.279
you're cool then127.2592.84
yeah all right I'm a little you know130.3194.081
what since it is daylight out I actually132.423.84
am going to peek out a little bit uh134.43.12
let's see I think I got my weight under136.264.26
control yeah weights looking good so I137.525.34
at least can explore the perimeter of140.523.78
the farmhouse142.863.62
my temperature's not going down as fast147.143.64
now because I got a little bit more149.4594.081
warmth on me yes that's great it's nice150.784.92
here I'm gonna put a little X right here153.544.32
on the Orca station155.73.84
got everything out of there already well157.863.599
I just don't want to forget that I've159.543.18
been here161.4593.601
I may have though162.724.98
yeah I may as well survey this area165.064.259
while I'm oh God167.74.74
temperatures going down quick all right169.3195.401
Community Halls over there with all my172.443.96
stuff I've searched that town I walked174.723.18
all the way over here to The Farmhouse176.44.5
and look at arm's right out there oh man177.94.26
now my temperature is already halfway180.93.86
day halfway down182.165.159
because oh184.765.86
one two three four five wolves out there187.3197.021
that's great were you in danger no I190.625.64
don't think so they're not by the house194.343.479
hey it's bright out here today197.8193.321
flares and food have been the best201.3793.94
things I've gotten in a car so far203.73.959
mostly in the front205.3194.321
like should I look in the back seat207.6594.681
yeah you can try the trunk oh the trunk209.644.34
oh he's my pry bar again213.984.38
there we go218.4594.92
a fleece cowl hey that's220.3194.741
that's a cow223.3793.301
I've never heard of that word but my225.063.539
life really226.683.419
really what do you mean really yeah I've228.5993.601
heard of Cal that's like a it's kind of230.0993.481
like a hoodie right have you heard of it232.23.0
in games or in everyday conversation233.584.519
mostly in games most235.22.899
okay a vampire put his cowl on oh yes241.144.019
it's never like hey Mom where's my cow243.364.98
oh yeah no it's definitely245.1596.481
okay let's see can I put this cowl on248.346.24
oh wait so I've got a simp wait what is251.645.46
this it's a scarf254.584.68
so to compare the two257.13.9
what's the what's the best number to259.264.28
look at all right look at temperature261.04.86
and that's uh263.543.7
looks like a little throttle265.863.96
so it's what's below it yeah yeah so the267.246.12
very first one plus point two yeah 1.4269.826.78
so the cows better yeah Mom where's my273.366.72
cow please okay I found a little Barn276.65.819
not too far from the house and I am280.084.08
already freezing cold please don't be282.4193.241
cold in the barn please be warm in the284.162.599
uh all right sweet warm in the barn oh286.7594.72
maybe I can find some good stuff here289.624.98
hey bullets accelerate291.4795.401
anything in this metal container294.63.72
holy [ __ ] I found a flashlight298.323.56
yeah I did302.184.6
lucky though oh man no that's not bad304.1994.56
I'll take a flashlight306.783.54
I guess I can only use that so much308.7593.421
though I've never seen a battery in this310.324.5
game flare312.184.2
good stuff314.823.74
I'm gonna grab this jerky and I'm gonna321.4794.44
head out of here I think I got oh wait323.463.9
storm Lantern325.9192.941
can I take that oh you got a storm327.364.38
Lantern yeah that's great I about missed328.867.279
that too okay I gotta get going331.744.399
well I did but that just means I've been338.6994.861
here gotcha all right all right I see341.343.84
what your thought process okay I don't343.563.06
understand it I'm gonna head back to my345.184.079
house copy that I'm wanna I guess I need346.625.06
to warm up in this bar in a little bit349.2594.861
yeah I got a couple pieces of firewood351.683.76
yeah I'm gonna start a fire and just get354.124.82
a little warm take that charcoal355.443.5
over there and I want to get into that368.964.2
weather's turning bad on me out here376.9194.021
um yeah I'm not too far from shelter382.565.82
also not too far from wolves385.9794.001
I see a radio tower388.384.14
I don't know I wonder if there's a392.523.78
building attached to it393.963.85
oh wait oh wait is that I already see399.4194.4
got him like a parrot I love crackers so404.342.77
[ __ ] much406.2592.641
it looks like it goes to maybe a radio408.95.04
tower really I wonder if I can make it411.124.62
tonight because the sun oh wait nope I413.943.539
see a radio tower415.744.079
surely it's not the same one mine's on417.4794.5
top of a hill419.8193.901
on top well this I'm near the town of421.9794.041
okay that's for tomorrow maybe I'll go426.4794.081
check that out tomorrow428.945.0
wolves you stay over there430.563.38
I'm making a lot of noise435.83.66
nothing damn it did farmers have439.564.02
anything come on don't you keep your gun442.023.06
in your trunk443.584.08
a car battery used in abandoned vehicles445.084.86
batteries can Harvest it for I'm not447.664.68
there yet I don't have anything crafting449.944.14
table but I gotta see what I can craft452.345.34
on that thing okay454.083.6
Barn Bridge Towns over there459.244.92
radio tower462.183.78
I might explore465.965.12
that way and borrow468.2595.38
for tonight go inside cook coffee and471.085.16
read books473.6392.601
coffee attic leaves479.463.9
oh wait what481.683.959
holy crap that's I didn't know the game483.365.1
did this this is interesting if you have485.6396.0
a cup of tea even nearest stove it heats488.465.28
up oh really I put a cup of tea right491.6394.141
beside the stove and it's still heating493.744.32
up so I've got a cup of coffee I'm495.784.38
inventory there can I put that near the498.064.44
stove yeah give it a shot take your cup500.163.9
of coffee and maybe put it on the floor502.52.52
inside the stove505.024.56
so I dropped my coffee I pick it up506.8194.861
oh it goes right on the thing yeah it509.583.64
can go right on the thing but511.684.14
uh right here on the counter yeah518.0993.86
yeah there it goes522.065.6
warming 14 minutes yeah524.1593.501
I did not know that I wonder if you528.7794.881
could do that by your campfire530.4593.201
oh let's see I should probably make a539.584.14
little water since we're here yeah let's541.743.84
melt some snow543.723.48
why not545.584.56
um oh wait yeah I found a cooking pot547.24.74
yeah you can take this cooking pot put551.943.36
this here now you can make a lot of553.744.32
water at once yeah I can make like half555.34.74
a gallon of water in this thing558.064.2
takes an hour so as long as I got fuel560.043.7
for the fire562.263.72
all right abstra man I'm doing great565.984.56
look I even uh because I'm doing like568.0196.241
I've kept myself well fed I got a bonus570.546.06
and how much health I have so if I look574.263.42
at me576.65.0
how do I know if I'm doing good577.683.92
oh yeah I think I have that582.8395.161
sprain risk that's probably because586.263.36
you're carrying too much [ __ ] okay I588.03.18
need to put some stuff away yeah it589.623.659
sucks to do but uh yeah you really gotta591.184.44
work on um Inventory management that's593.2794.201
all right I got a table here for food595.624.02
hold on I'm gonna put this down597.485.16
storm Lantern can I repair that599.644.319
because that said it was at like 20602.642.72
something percent603.9593.541
hold on what do I need to repair that605.364.06
let's look at this607.53.899
storm Lantern where are you at I guess609.424.32
you would be in tools storm Lantern611.3996.721
actions repair I need scrap metal613.746.24
that's all I need I've seen scrap metal618.123.96
just gotta find some scrap metal laying619.984.2
around all right now I have a use for my622.083.24
scrap metal624.183.06
the storm Lantern repaired so the625.325.3
lantern I've found how do I use that627.243.38
hold the space bar and go to your light634.624.28
sources uh-huh okay636.04.22
pull it out and it's just like lighting640.223.7
to match642.724.5
okay should I do it do it643.926.74
do it let me just click yeah647.223.44
I don't want to waste all the oil yeah651.33.479
that's what you got to be careful of but653.4592.761
now if you right click you can like654.7794.161
place it on a table656.222.72
yeah okay659.042.359
you can give yourself a little light at662.72.879
night yeah it's great okay I want to put663.63.179
this out because I don't need it right665.5793.921
now yeah no666.7792.721
hair hmm oh I need simple tools [ __ ]672.665.54
I have simple tools back at the other678.484.32
place okay I need to make a run to the680.644.139
other place tomorrow well I just burnt682.84.26
some meat somehow because it man you684.7793.841
took it too long well it told me you had687.063.899
like 30 minutes till it was cooked and688.623.779
here we go it might have been 30 minutes690.9594.741
until it was uh burnt inedible I ate one692.3996.06
of them though anyway I might it's not695.73.84
good to drink coffee before you go to698.4593.861
bed is it that way699.542.78
nope I'll drink that in the morning702.9592.88
you drink that halfway through the day705.8392.821
when you're getting tired I think I'm707.223.48
gonna go find a bed and go to sleep all708.664.46
right good idea710.72.42
well it's a new day720.565.519
Sun's up I'm gonna head up this hill723.324.84
there was a sign up here for a radio726.0794.121
tower all right you going for the tower728.164.98
yeah did you make it to your radio tower730.25.54
ah man I am733.142.6
still sounds like [ __ ] out here let me736.24.16
take a peek737.822.54
yep I cannot go out the day I am stuck741.384.92
in the house745.23.96
okay which is which stinks because I746.35.32
need to get out and try to find food oh749.164.32
man that sucks751.624.92
it sucks neebs753.485.46
I hate it for you yeah I mean listen I756.544.859
can spend the day chopping you know um758.945.82
breaking down things for wood uh I can761.3995.461
prepare my clothing so I'll stay764.763.78
productive but yeah I really wanted to766.863.0
get out768.543.78
I'm hoping I can make it up to that769.867.08
Tower this looks steep772.326.6
maybe there's a way to go up here to the776.943.54
is that a dead end780.483.84
careful exploring don't forget to you781.983.18
to nav to do your navigation every now785.163.84
and then oh yeah and kind of map the786.8995.041
place out you know by uh doing the map789.04.74
well no you have to have charcoal have791.943.12
you been taking charcoals from your793.743.779
fires nope take some charcoal every now795.064.019
and then from your fires because yeah797.5193.12
you can use the charcoal to draw your799.0793.541
map I've never built a fire800.6395.041
you have never yeah at your house you802.624.44
built several fires Oh I thought you805.682.7
meant like a like a fire on the ground807.064.16
no no you can take it out808.382.84
so yes take your charcoal and keep a814.924.02
bell I used to try to keep about five on816.8994.201
me right now yeah they've been good to818.945.42
know earlier I'm sorry821.13.26
so I don't know if I can get to this824.5793.181
I'm trying yeah was there a road or827.764.56
something did you miss well I know it's830.822.759
hard to see because of the snow but832.322.94
there might be a road I thought I was on833.5795.161
a road go anywhere yep be careful this835.266.3
goes into some rocks all right838.745.42
oh wait841.562.6
hold on you may have calmed down out844.53.839
a little drink real quick come on848.3395.101
a drink full850.745.0
pieces of food here853.446.38
ketchup chips keep my food back up855.746.64
is that the last of my food God that is859.827.06
the last of my food syrup and milk862.386.12
all right I gotta make it out to the866.884.259
other place to get the other food I had868.54.079
um I'll take you just in case for871.1393.661
emergency calories872.5794.141
peek out come on come on be nice out874.84.94
here be nice out here876.723.02
oh yeah temperature is it's windy it880.885.92
goes down quick yeah I got a hypothermia883.924.44
risk I'm gonna go back to the house and886.83.12
grab some of that charcoal888.362.94
you're about889.924.32
stove up for a second yep I'm gonna head891.35.58
back into uh that little town I came894.244.14
I know I had a I had a fire pit on the898.385.699
uh on the road I can at least make it to901.1396.541
that I can uh fire that up warm up a904.0794.921
let some sticks while I'm out and I909.04.199
should have brought a little more wood910.745.42
I just need to make it to town913.1992.961
yeah those wolves are still out there917.2793.361
campfire was further away than I thought927.064.26
I might have to make another one because928.984.32
I did not factor in the fact that I had931.323.42
to walk directly into the wind all damn933.32.339
oh [ __ ] you know what With the Wind all935.6393.541
right man if I'm gonna start a campfire937.863.659
I gotta it would probably go out oh yeah939.183.899
I gotta start a campfire but I gotta get941.5195.76
behind like [ __ ] wolf no no okay over943.0797.141
here over here behind this rock947.2795.041
damn it950.225.0
damn it damn it952.322.9
I just want to get back to town955.384.639
shouldn't have deviated from the path956.4593.56
okay here wait is the wind going away961.445.54
to put them on the stove966.985.08
now do that970.443.06
um yeah you can put them on the stuff I972.063.3
gotta drop them first is that right no973.53.12
you should be able to click on the uh975.362.58
the item on the stove and there's a cook976.622.64
option and you should be able to find977.944.38
the beads that way cooking slot okay and979.265.04
then find your beans that way yeah all982.323.139
okay let's get a stick in there985.4596.161
come on come on warm me up warm me up oh989.164.26
man my Health's going down neebs because991.624.079
it's hot oh there we go993.425.76
this coffee is boiling like is this995.6996.2
gonna burn my mouth999.182.719
will it say too hot because1002.365.099
I'm not gonna burn my mouth I don't1005.7792.701
think so because I don't have coffee1007.4594.341
mouth like some people I understand1008.483.32
put a little coffee here warm this1012.683.0
coffee up1014.362.76
because I could use the energy and the1015.682.7
warmth bonus1017.123.06
the temperature's going up pretty good I1018.384.56
got an hour may as well read a book1020.185.76
hoping they'd be circling a body maybe a1029.8396.321
wolf carcass great would that be1032.124.04
glad to hear it1039.0795.1
okay beans are ready I'm gonna eat these1041.05.819
got it now listen I can take a torch1044.1794.801
from this stove you know1046.8193.961
you know yeah1048.984.14
yeah um wait where'd the torch go1050.784.8
where is it if the fire went out you1053.124.08
can't take a torch anymore no it's still1055.582.88
um don't I just click it1058.465.28
what do I do1060.7994.561
um try this uh do you have anything in1063.745.16
your hand in my hand yeah so hit age1065.365.64
oh H there we go yeah now look at the1068.93.54
stove yep now see if you can take the1071.03.78
torch add fuel cook water your stove may1072.443.239
take a torch1075.6794.921
add fuel1078.085.94
um Hadfield okay let's try that1080.65.939
oh take torch it's in there1084.024.62
boom all right it's also right here for1086.5394.201
me like if I click the fire it's a very1088.643.659
obvious tick torch button yeah I don't1090.743.72
think mine has that I think it's got to1092.2993.421
be a certain temperature1094.463.66
going back out with a torch and with a1095.725.9
belly full of beans and a coffee1098.123.5
I think I see a church1107.844.5
really yep nice maybe there's a gun in1109.466.12
there is that where guns are sometimes1112.345.16
look how crazy the preacher is doesn't1115.585.88
it yeah I'm leaving Milton1117.56.44
all right just be careful don't get lost1121.467.099
no I'm on a road you're good1123.944.619
give me something good oh you're getting1129.884.539
a trunk too it's like in that movie ah I1132.025.64
got nothing what'd you get uh boots hey1134.4195.101
all right you had a better score than I1137.664.08
did in water1139.524.62
I'm gonna put those on right now1141.744.319
and temperature is great out here right1144.144.74
now so let's yeah let's move we are1146.0595.061
um I don't know1156.382.539
oh isn't that the American Tail a little1160.823.45
yeah it was better than that but yeah1166.483.699
it's it's that1168.53.66
I'm wearing these boots didn't it feel1170.1793.24
like that though like you and I are1172.163.12
separated by distance but we're both1173.4195.361
looking at a trunk1175.283.5
town man that was man I really did walk1180.264.76
the distance1182.62.42
when I get to town and then get back1186.866.059
over there today up what is that what1188.725.88
is that a wolf1192.9195.481
pretty sure I see a wolf between me1194.63.8
the church1198.742.48
all right you got some options turn1201.54.44
around and go the other way1203.783.96
or you might be able to like pull a1205.943.479
flare out a flare will keep the wolf at1207.743.179
distance and if you throw it at him it1209.4193.241
may even scare him1210.9194.921
huh I kind of want to get to that church1212.665.28
can I build a fire1215.846.26
yeah and use that as a as a defense1217.944.16
the fire how do I build the fire uh1223.344.86
behold space bar okay bottom left should1225.7994.681
be like a camp craft option I see it and1228.23.78
a little fire just place it on the1230.483.18
ground where you want to build it1231.983.3
can I1233.662.82
he doesn't want me to build it on the1235.282.0
oh pretty close to me that makes sense1237.283.88
all right wolf1241.165.16
close right here1243.56.12
okay start fire come on baby oh boy I1246.324.5
can't even see him now look at the1249.622.939
I hope this works first time it does too1252.5594.801
if I hear him how do I get out of this1255.624.02
fire build menu Escape1257.364.679
failed yeah I1262.0392.781
mean oh that's that's your habit yeah1265.762.82
I'll back up a few steps and build this1268.582.56
all right good news I've made it back to1280.764.62
town but I am hungry but I know I have1283.224.079
food at this uh1285.384.38
Community Center yeah1287.2994.26
toss that don't need that [ __ ] anymore1289.765.899
good old Thompson's Crossing1291.5594.1
good job okay so I can go to this fire1297.265.22
take a torch1299.9196.24
will the torch keep him away from me1302.483.679
oh I heard him he barking he coming he's1306.886.52
oh thank God1315.1593.421
you're gonna get1318.765.86
growling yeah I know1321.7994.681
he's not running though he's just slowly1324.625.179
walking over here1326.483.319
and she go out fire1330.262.899
what are you gonna do what are you gonna1333.644.62
oh he's looking right at me1338.864.319
I can't use this torch as a weapon oh oh1344.365.699
he's backing off yeah I'm chasing I'm1347.05.6
good okay so1350.0592.541
yeah you're gonna get it baby1355.47.32
it's neebs take friends I don't taste1359.4194.321
okay all right let's see uh take that1363.744.679
book uh all right you know what I'll1365.94.86
need these simple tools quality tools1368.4194.26
what's the difference1370.764.38
good quality tools for crafting1372.6794.5
simple tools used for basic crafting1375.143.659
repair well I guess I'll take the1377.1794.681
quality ones but can I fix my oh I left1378.7994.921
it back there didn't I1381.864.38
okay but can I repair it scrap metal1383.724.62
okay yeah all right I'll take the good1386.244.439
tools because those [ __ ] are heavy1388.344.5
how's that wolf going neebs1390.6795.281
I'm in the church my torch just went out1392.843.9
it's cold but I'm doing all right and I1396.745.939
would love to find a gun in here1400.1595.101
wait here's a book can I read this one1402.6795.901
nope sure can't1405.263.32
concerned for me1414.085.16
oh there's a campfire already in here so1415.885.1
why would you think I wouldn't need to1419.244.08
find a gun right no you need to find a1420.984.34
gun too1423.326.859
hunting rifle you son of a [ __ ]1425.327.66
that preacher must have been crazy all1430.1794.601
right uh equip it1432.984.14
equip it1434.784.379
is there any is there any ammo how do I1437.123.6
tell look around to see if you have ammo1439.1593.601
so the guns are normally empty yeah you1440.723.72
can usually1442.763.0
usually you have in it now you got to be1444.443.18
careful with guns especially a rifle a1445.763.6
rifle is heavy it is really going to1447.623.539
weigh you down you may want to consider1449.363.9
shedding some wood1451.1593.961
or uh I don't know something unless you1453.263.24
can I mean you can walk back the tail1455.123.36
just keep in mind it is going to eat1456.55.58
into your tiredness all day gotcha okay1458.486.54
so I will not carry this with me 24 7.1462.085.78
okay I have1465.026.77
let's see I'm Gonna Leave the town1467.865.1
I think I got all the food out of there1472.965.8
I got the tools I got extra wood in case1475.944.739
you need to make fire on the way pick1478.764.62
this town over I'm pretty sure I want to1480.6795.701
add fuel to this fire1483.386.06
sure there we oh that's warm I'm gonna1486.386.0
get my temperature up and maybe drop1489.445.46
some weight and make my way back to my1492.385.64
house okay sounds good I'm gonna go back1494.95.7
to The Farmhouse but I think I'm gonna1498.024.68
up the road and travel North a little1500.64.28
is that something nope there's more1510.523.88
oh oh what are you1514.43.74
what are you oh I think I might have1520.345.1
found a few houses but damn I think1522.984.559
they're destroyed1525.445.719
the lonely Homestead1527.5393.62
man maybe they left some food [ __ ] I see1532.343.66
a bear in the woods1534.5593.561
okay we gotta pick over this quick1536.06.6
lonely Homestead can I get in here no1538.126.48
so like what's the point of this place1542.67.64
I'm a [ __ ] bear oh I see okay okay1544.65.64
bear go away go away bear go away bear1552.325.959
go away bear go the other way bear1560.126.14
oh no no no no no no no1562.943.32
[ __ ]1575.7795.49
oh you're getting closer than I want and1586.6593.941
you're right in between me and the way I1588.982.88
need to go1590.65.04
think yeah that's true1591.867.16
right back up slowly1595.643.38
God he's gonna get my scent isn't he1601.1593.62
you go that way bear1606.623.02
figure out my weight situation with this1618.7994.141
gun you know yeah that sounds great1621.084.4
hmm I think I just avoided a bear1629.244.039
yeah there was a body I wanted to search1634.523.659
but it was too close all right I gotta1636.383.96
get out of these Woods what is this1638.1793.541
Birch Park1640.343.86
lightweight flammable1641.724.62
healing tea with that actually that's1644.24.3
good oh [ __ ] you know what I'm gonna get1646.344.38
what Burke bark as I can1648.56.02
healing tea sounds wonderful1650.723.8
so I went to the house1661.847.74
I dropped off some stuff1665.6593.921
I'm still in cumber though aren't I yeah1670.14.74
this gun's heavy okay so I got it I1672.144.62
think I got my ammo1674.843.74
I got five bullets1676.764.62
oh you actually found bullets I've had1678.585.199
bullets yeah just nice1681.385.94
just didn't have a gun well now1683.7795.52
and hunt deer and defend yourself from1687.324.859
wolves wins picking up might be not1689.2994.441
being a good hunting day yeah what's1692.1794.441
your food situation I mean I'm good I1693.745.16
think for a little while anyway okay1696.624.26
pretty full right now I got more food in1698.94.159
the house1700.882.179
now it is not an easy gun to shoot I'll1705.9196.601
tell you that why's that it's1709.525.539
okay well1715.644.08
if you're gonna shoot a deer or a wolf1717.743.9
you want to try to get close to it like1719.723.6
I wouldn't shoot at a wolf unless you1721.644.139
know you see the white in its eyes that1723.325.28
close huh yeah just wait till it's close1725.7795.121
yeah this weather1728.66.059
okay maybe it's not too bad1730.96.639
how do I make all right I picked up some1734.6594.441
of that barch1737.5394.081
prepared birch bark okay I can craft1739.15.34
this birch bark1741.624.559
and then I can use it I bet in a can if1746.1795.521
I cook yeah birch bark1749.05.88
all right I'm making some birch bark tea1751.75.82
and I think if I uh that actually heals1754.882.76
I'm not because my food situation is uh1759.7994.321
uh I got a couple of cattails1764.125.88
and they don't give me [ __ ]1767.1795.781
oh I see the wolf1770.02.96
try to shoot it I think1773.843.9
you know what I'm gonna try to Light My1776.1793.801
and then approach the wolf1780.023.74
it's too windy crap can't oh yeah the1787.825.28
weather's bad yep1790.74.32
do you think I should try to shoot it1793.14.679
um in your situation probably not I1795.023.84
would like1797.7793.12
understand you got five bullets what do1798.865.6
you mean by my my situation well1800.8993.561
well space good weapons oh there it is1811.346.02
oh boy he's coming1814.365.799
coming up Sir okay wait till it gets1817.364.919
did you get him yeah nice job dude1822.646.82
okay uh maybe I should build it oh it's1827.1793.961
too windy too windy to build fire there1829.462.939
but now you got a wolf car because that1831.142.639
you can Harvest from meat should I do it1832.3994.041
real quick um1833.7792.661
okay Harvest I'll do uh oh nope what's1837.864.919
better Hatchet or knife I don't know1841.342.699
it'll tell you how long it's gonna take1842.7793.361
with one or the other oh wait I gotta1844.0393.841
pick yeah you got to pick something okay1846.145.82
four minutes versus 15 and eight that's1847.886.48
what I mean1851.964.5
there we go1854.363.72
there we go I got a piece I'll come back1858.084.14
okay this this snow should keep it yeah1862.224.28
I'm a survivor1867.3993.601
killing wolf I'm making tea1871.646.38
God I wish I had a gun1874.73.32

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