WHY are there SO MANY PHANTOMS?! - (Minecraft Ep 4)

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Appsro's tree house and Dora's new face - it's so exciting! I abs...
WHY are there SO MANY PHANTOMS?! - (Minecraft Ep 4)
WHY are there SO MANY PHANTOMS?! - (Minecraft Ep 4)

WHY are there SO MANY PHANTOMS?! - (Minecraft Ep 4)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen that Minecraft episode where we were attacked by a swarm of phantoms?

appsro: Oh yeah, that was hilarious! I still can't believe how many of those things came out of nowhere.

neebs: And remember when Dora got a new face? That was the best part!

appsro: Ha, yeah, she looked like a whole new llama! That's why this is definitely my favorite video.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Appsro's tree house and Dora's new face - it's so exciting! I absolutely love following their Minecraft adventures, and this one is no exception. At night, they have to deal with a flock of phantoms, but during the day, they're surrounded by a menagerie of farm animals. It's always a rollercoaster of emotions with these guys, and I can't get enough of it.

If you're curious about the mods they're using in the video, they've even provided a link for you to check them out and use them in your own game. And don't forget to join their Discord server to connect with other fans and stay updated on all their latest content. They even have their own brand of coffee now - Neebs Gaming Coffee - so you can fuel your gaming sessions in style.

The music they use in their videos always sets the perfect mood, and this one is no exception. From "Hip Bone" to "White Hats," the soundtrack adds an extra layer of fun to the gameplay. And let's not forget about their Patreon, Twitch channel, and merchandise - there are so many ways to support these guys and show your love for Neebs Gaming.

I can't recommend subscribing to their channel enough - their content is always entertaining and full of surprises. So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, settle in, and enjoy the ride with Neebs, Appsro, and the rest of the gang in their Minecraft adventures. Trust me, you won't regret it!

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Simon yeah what'd you do to those guys I0.1994.901
didn't do anything man look like they're3.482.279
holding you hostage5.11.59
oh they're turning around who they5.7592.491
looking at you now who do you think6.693.09
you're looking at who they have8.253.719
crossbows he's careful they've shot me9.785.309
yeah hey try to shoot me I dare you up11.9695.371
big 44 you can't shoot me from here you15.0896.231
don't have to say who you are everything17.343.98
they don't give a crap21.714.389
they don't care thick they do care I24.183.81
wouldn't care it's like a powerup it's26.0994.471
like yeah anyways we got to take care of27.994.74
these guys I brought a sword I have a30.575.13
sword as well - a crossbow fight yep I32.734.62
got a sore - do you want to take these35.73.929
guys down Neves yeah man I'll do it hold37.355.549
on Russia with that we're backs our turn39.6295.401
to you sign them I'm flying with that I42.8994.111
don't mind hitting man in the back all45.034.11
right you like a battle screen they're47.0119.35
not but they're not yeah of course I49.1419.229
killed that one guy leaves you look66.364.02
wounded quicker than little you guys68.3696.051
killed that one I'm a master today70.384.04
okay now say telling we've done good110.097.03
work cuz it's pouring right around this113.885.9
corner as you'll see little bit up oh117.127.35
boy how bit our really I was really119.786.52
hoping that be a bigger vein meow oh124.474.53
wait look at hidden back here meow two126.39.33
more I'm part of the Diamond Club no get129.07.74
used to staying in here mister blue135.632.7
t-bone you are gonna be an outside dog136.744.02
this is not a house yet so it's not138.335.19
technically inside that's once it's done140.764.38
you stand downstairs in your dog house143.525.25
dr. B pooping on my floors I'm really145.145.819
glad you guys are here but I mean dude148.774.38
do people just walk in now without150.9594.711
knocking oh yeah yeah we're friends if153.154.68
that's okay I did a survival world yeah155.673.57
and I did look through so many years I157.833.72
saw you looking through and I was about159.244.58
to have a panic attack well I know I161.555.79
didn't I need to string like well listen163.826.4
um I don't have string but I got some167.345.01
bread so there's some bread man making170.224.23
it rain neebs yeah I got a fish and chip172.355.04
shop really yeah do you fish yeah you174.454.89
want a fish yeah okay177.394.92
I've had fish yet fish and chips there179.343.47
we go182.313.209
gonna rain thank you make it rain I182.813.49
appreciate that185.5193.901
come on hey guys hungry oh hello DRI yes186.35.39
alright what's in here can i lock doors189.426.57
what do I need you know what for the196.314.36
last piece though I'm gonna need199.263.509
something special and that's gonna take200.674.319
a little bit of work mr. moody bone202.7693.991
you're still behind me I'm just going204.9893.211
down oh you just popped right there good206.764.47
oh well you guys follow follow people208.24.259
pretty well oh yeah okay so you just211.232.64
bounce all over the place that's how you212.4593.721
follow which I'm not complaining it's213.873.45
better than getting stuck on something216.184.05
like animals and some games but tell you217.325.04
what come over here got a piece of meat220.235.4
huge a pickup me here you go sit222.365.34
alright you stay right there I got to go225.634.59
into town go talk to neebs and I got to227.75.069
get some stuff so uh guard the place230.224.739
Simon comes up just Park at him buddies232.7694.37
in Eve's lap sorrow that's gravel be240.538.049
serious gravel gravel buddy knock and245.9394.08
just leave the I mean look the gates248.5793.36
open things could have walked in yeah250.0193.931
yeah you have sand or gravel what do you251.9393.841
need well look yeah I've got stuff you253.953.45
got a box over here anything here this255.783.03
is where sand and gravel is oh you do257.44.589
have sand and gravel yep Oh 16 sayin I258.814.65
need a lot more than that and a lot more261.9893.361
gravel - all right looks like I'm going263.463.9
mining you didn't say a thing about the265.354.11
house not a thing come here look at this267.364.05
can all these fancy blocks I've built269.463.989
with my new saw uh-huh271.414.35
see the base the foundation there yeah273.4493.661
it's really the sidewalk275.762.64
yeah right now I'm going into the mines277.113.15
any ground meat metal so I'll see you278.42.07
oh hey Nick you know our desert SAP I do280.473.75
you know what I'm going with you I'm282.513.81
going with thick oh good maybe I need a284.223.509
desert show me which way to a desert286.323.599
thick come on get my boat thanks for the287.7293.0
Sam Nate289.9193.631
don't forget to knock next time what's290.7296.211
up guys I mean how you do I do good yeah293.556.06
good that's your place yeah that's your296.943.66
tree yeah299.613.929
wow it happened already dude that's it300.66.15
fast yeah what's the check this out I'm303.5395.281
checking it out man I just planted this306.754.11
thing like two minutes ago you must use308.825.159
Miracle Grow clearly obviously look at310.868.07
this this isn't gonna be a thing I think313.9796.781
this is good I didn't realize I'm gonna318.934.23
step it up we're gonna have the stairway320.766.15
of trees okay well there you are yeah323.166.75
that's gonna be a thing I I need326.915.31
saplings I just found this this thing329.913.75
and I didn't think it was gonna grow to332.223.33
be that big is it doesn't get bigger do333.663.9
you know can you say stairway trees335.553.929
stairway of trees cuz there's a337.566.69
neighborhood there's no HOA right in339.4797.231
front of my house I think we need is344.253.62
showing need346.713.32
is exactly who you don't want in your347.874.08
neighborhood he is I mean could the350.033.78
stairway turn the other way or something351.954.26
just oh I don't even know what I'm gonna353.816.48
do yet you know what I won't do356.215.58
uh you know what I'll stay away from360.293.9
I'll stay about three blocks clear of361.793.84
the border of your home you know what364.193.51
that is that's on your fence line buddy365.633.42
all right I can see what kind of367.77.53
neighbors I got away I'm glad I'm across369.058.97
a body of water I know all right I swear375.234.32
to God neighbors ma'am maybe we should378.024.05
start HOA so we kick this guy out okay379.5511.04
yeah listen Neves I'm just playing you382.0711.67
know I love you you know it you know it390.596.5
Simon what he's got a go man I know393.745.52
we'll make it happen we'll just pretend397.095.08
like we we're not we could start his399.2611.76
house on fire okay let's get drunk later402.1718.36
okay okay we'll talk yeah all right411.0213.14
after oh yeah lots of sand what are you420.537.05
making concrete oh okay we're gonna make424.164.02
I need sand and ID gravel well here's as428.185.7
much sand as you want man it's sweet431.755.31
there's a ways out here yeah it is this433.883.9
is gorgeous437.062.01
I thought this was like an interesting437.784.98
place you know I mean it's a desert yeah439.075.34
you thought it was interested eh442.763.84
yeah looks like a village up on that444.415.52
mountain yonder oh wow yeah that's446.65.7
pretty cool yeah let's go visit those449.935.25
guys but uh maybe later I'm here I'm a452.35.19
man on a mission okay I'm just gonna455.184.58
have a look around okay you look around457.494.13
meet back at the boat around sundown459.7614.79
sounds good alright what is this what is461.6220.43
this temple oh I felt no you know come474.559.09
here come here482.055.67
yeah die by my sword why are you so483.649.06
tough okay anything else over here any487.728.76
boogers ha ha no boogers okay not this492.78.19
thing out that leads down okay all right496.486.87
and I think this pressure plate will500.893.98
make things explode503.356.0
excellent golden horse armor saddle ha504.875.44
looks like apt rose missing out on all510.314.94
this good stuff512.892.36
we built our house up here crazy517.1498.31
camo camo there we go hello I am from Oh521.0798.581
God really it's a canyon here you guys525.4595.79
put their house in a stupid place you529.666.57
know that okay sunset yet I got a minute531.2497.791
come down here do it all over again536.236.2
stupid house location what's upstairs539.045.62
take it out some of your Mountain my way542.435.529
you know by let's see all right I'm544.664.83
gonna make this look ugly because I just547.9592.79
I don't I don't care I just want to get549.4913.23
up there so high why so high up here hey550.74913.411
how you doing562.724.369
I have journeyed from afar to uh564.165.19
possibly steal your watermelons and see567.0894.24
if you have any gravel what do you want569.353.779
you got leather give me that emeralds571.3293.48
you'll give me a letter Nicholas died573.1293.9
okay alright so no gravel I'm in search574.8094.111
of gravel but I think I read I have to577.0295.04
go mine for it but uh hey thanks for the578.924.74
watermelon I'm gonna hit it with my map582.0693.471
you don't mind me stealing these right583.664.5
yeah I'd feel bad if it's your only food585.546.099
source and you got some planted over588.165.489
here so you'll be fine we find for the591.6394.74
for the winter I'm gonna call you George593.6495.19
I like your place here George let me let596.3795.64
me check honey made treasures what's598.8394.92
this oh your bread yeah else I'll steal602.0195.581
your bread let's see anything over here603.7597.111
just the bed alright George it was a607.65.339
pleasure to meet you but honest to god610.874.29
put some stairs to get here what no one612.9396.62
likes to visit you George615.164.399
step Nick hey I hit the jackpot I got619.7095.951
into a temple got some TNT some622.8395.04
gunpowder all sorts of goodies gold625.664.44
emeralds diamonds I like all of that oh627.8794.68
yeah I got my say and I admit a jerk630.14.859
named George no did you kill him632.5594.981
no why would I do that well get rid of634.9595.75
the jerks stole his watermelon his bread637.545.88
you're an idiot George take us home late640.7095.23
it's dark Oh Kathy can you find your way643.426.31
home in this note on I mean hold on645.9398.241
sorry what's that lit up in the distance649.736.729
that's glass achoo sits that's my home654.184.469
that's achoo sit I'd like it it's one of656.4594.081
my homes I mean you know just kind of a658.6493.901
place to get away relax660.544.56
but yeah so Kay what can i bunk up there662.554.409
for the night absolutely man you're more665.13.45
than welcome sweet you got a spare bed666.9595.07
no but we can probably I might have some668.555.009
more wool so we can make some that's672.02910.461
alright if we can't we'll party Oh Simon673.55915.181
the bats are back I'm um in a place682.4913.3
where I up here heaven supplying bad you688.749.48
said that I know you well I mean I was695.793.839
outside the other day with nothing698.222.399
attacked me699.6295.25
well we whatever what's happening this700.6196.09
pig is right on top of me704.8795.161
really I'm not fighting you it's I don't706.7096.651
know what it is doing what is this doing710.045.58
you're not getting hurt I don't know713.365.74
what this is in front of me it looks715.627.439
like it's just waving its719.17.379
okay if I turn the light on that'd be723.0595.7
good if I had a torch let me see I don't726.4793.84
have I don't have a torch can I make a728.7593.48
torch should I come to you I don't wanna730.3193.71
see that could I do this torch thing732.2394.47
give an egg and a piece of coal do I734.0295.08
need to have a I don't have cold I'm736.7094.62
coming to you I got a zombies everywhere739.1096.09
what in the world it's not I mean I741.3297.44
guess something there's like a whole745.1996.42
flock of oh ok there is a whole bunch of748.7696.23
them was that one okay751.6193.38
go inside763.376.25
over there there's a zombie oh I'm gonna764.8797.291
die I thought I would shake those up hi769.628.279
I forgot we leave that's horrifying772.179.0
no don't go outside I'm outside don't go777.8996.091
outside I'm going inside okay all right781.175.01
hey oh hey Simon hey how are you all783.994.949
right I died I heard I already forgot786.185.55
how to had a no don't go that way788.9394.731
no okay but just as a more dangerous791.734.109
weapon go out the front door and take a793.672.8
do you have faint so you think I died796.473.659
that way I know you got that good cuz798.0894.35
I'm bluelist I don't even remember where800.1294.591
I was at my place that's where you were802.4394.981
and I jump yeah go Simon are you okay in804.725.869
your head no isn't it obvious807.426.149
don't stand there spill well I'm coming810.5895.081
back in damn might be a good call so we813.5694.531
go to bed I mean it's my stuff can also815.674.289
yeah right behind your zombie is my818.14.349
stuff gonna disappear eventually yes and819.9594.531
I just have to go and find right you822.4493.45
might have to do should we do this824.494.019
what follow me I'll be your escort you825.8997.021
are amazing follow me oh you go out that828.5096.481
door yes this time I am okay where you832.924.169
shut it behind me please yes there's a834.994.589
creeper not far all right follow me all837.0895.67
right right over here with me yeah I say839.5795.161
here we go all right we're gonna take842.7594.38
one quick stop on the way goes one quick844.745.579
stop we get an ice cream yeah oh847.1396.231
that thing huh850.3193.051
add some your stuff hi guys and then854.575.62
zombies nips oh there it is what's up857.494.77
we're gonna be good I don't want it860.194.56
Dave's yeah can I come in your house so862.263.93
I guess I'm gonna go home okay one of864.757.32
the gates let's go back look at you it866.197.41
was like it was going that day and man872.079.12
pray there we go I might have got some873.610.16
air stuffs you've got a little whoopee881.1910.14
that's a good little cat that's that's883.769.94
meows a tongue I'm gonna call you puppy891.334.61
I was really looking for a sheep but I924.865.24
got plenty so there you go928.224.83
don't follow me cuz yep you just stay930.15.56
here there's a sheep hey buddy933.055.43
looking for a sheep from a little farm935.665.4
oh he does like wheat cool follow me938.485.22
this way I made a little place give any941.065.22
friends or just you you know see943.74.86
anything all right follow me this way946.284.37
okay I'm just looking for sheep so948.565.31
there's a cow another cow and a pig950.658.08
where does shape go crap sheep what are953.877.02
you doing you're not getting this wheat958.734.2
and tea come to my house wonder if you960.893.6
can build white vans in this game oh962.936.27
maybe I can pep-pep there you go whoa964.497.95
all this dog got a dog it's hard to tell969.24.35
all right972.4410.29
quit it shape shape okay look no I don't973.5513.02
have any more wheat go away shape see982.736.65
who's here986.576.33
come on man how could I not see a white989.386.4
sheet than this green grass you'll see992.98.09
the sheep yeah why is there wool here995.789.92
why is there mutton did the wolf do that1000.998.74
did you ate my shape huh you look guilty1005.75.62
look at you you won't even look at me1009.734.11
you ate my shake didn't you well I got1011.325.79
the meat so joke's on you you got a fun1013.843.9
another one1017.115.33
you're welcome cow family hey doraleous1017.748.76
- you said you had a tamed horse yes1022.447.3
Shane yes and it's got a gold horse arm1026.55.88
it's just kind of lying and wait and and1029.747.38
you need a saddle right I do today is1032.387.23
your lucky day my friend dude just what1037.126.0
can I give you I would like a horse I've1039.615.19
got way more I've got a ton of saddles1043.124.26
well then uh oh you do yeah you like the1044.85.55
saddle man and a little man Jones saddle1047.384.62
saddle man Jones I also have golden1050.353.37
horse armor as well so1052.04.51
hey yeah you're all this way is where1053.724.949
the well there's a horse yep there's a1056.514.649
lot in there how do I tame it you you do1058.6694.351
you know your love languages yeah I do1061.1594.76
one has got to be gifting gifting and1063.026.33
and physical touch it's physical touch1065.9196.161
whoa physical God I'm in a corner here1069.355.579
hutch oh okay well but you lost1072.084.44
definitely gifts yeah they're gifts1074.9293.691
let's find my book let's find my boy1076.524.86
your boy okay hey you are pretty easy1078.627.919
oh look good really let's join the biker1081.388.1
gang well I need a horse - well good one1086.5394.531
now how do I get how do I get one1089.484.38
ah you ride them you just let them the1091.074.32
buck you off and then you ride them in1093.862.939
the buck you off and then ride him1095.393.51
oh you off all right I'll get1096.7993.75
where's that white horse where do you go1098.95.31
right here beautiful stay ha no I got to1100.5495.581
think of a name - what's your horse's1104.214.41
name I haven't named it yet oh wow look1106.134.77
that's how you start okay you're doing1108.629.75
great yeah okay got enough sand and1110.99.75
gravel but now I need to make a1118.375.36
composter so I can make some bone meal1120.656.08
let's see hold on a second can I make1123.736.16
they call those tubes one of those tubes1126.734.78
called I've seen them where they at1129.892.43
where they at1131.513.779
funnel uh hopper what do I need I need1132.325.66
iron and the chess I don't have all that1135.2895.25
okay that's okay all right let's go1137.985.71
downstairs go see dog put my composter1140.5396.841
down hey puppy I'm gonna put this big1143.695.609
box of turds over here by you I hope1147.385.549
that's okay and let's see okay all right1149.2994.771
so there's a different way to use it1152.9293.331
yeah I need one of those funnels any one1154.073.39
of those fun I got to make a funnel1156.263.539
which means I need metal I wonder if1157.464.14
needs has metal look I see need see if1159.7995.941
he has metal come here buddy there we go1161.69.63
you owe me watch your step hazards here1165.749.63
need yeah hey do you have any metal at1171.235.91
your house yeah a little bit1175.373.93
what's a little bit like maybe a dozen1177.144.32
okay Kay do you think I could purchase1179.34.95
maybe like six off yeah yeah a little1181.463.9
barter system I got some watermelon1184.253.84
seeds oh well I mean I have a I'm pretty1185.365.7
abundant and everything but sure cool1188.096.3
Wow horses that lets either a thick or a1191.065.13
license that's nice ready1194.393.51
write it over to your house hey you know1196.193.75
what I'll trade you the metal for it1197.95.13
what metal the metal II just asked for1199.945.46
you'll trade for the for the seeds no1203.034.26
for the horse oh yeah sure1205.44.26
Cheers cool absolutely that's a good1207.294.65
deal Thanks it's your horse now alright1209.664.47
so uh let's see1211.943.93
just take my new horse in here your1214.134.02
metalman here can I jump over this get1215.875.49
it out should be near the oven you just1218.159.9
jump over fences come on baby baby metal1221.369.39
in here oh is it on my person maybe hold1228.053.45
on alright1230.753.21
oh I forgot I'm doing a sheep hold on1231.55.46
I'll get off this horse there we go meet1233.965.52
me in my little perform CPR getting out1236.965.18
now come on guys1239.487.26
Astro it's a mess there we go yeah yeah1242.149.49
but okay chickens are good man this all1246.746.69
right here what are you looking for of1251.633.84
the middle med horse oh I got 28 medal1253.434.05
here I'll give you half awesome thank1255.475.19
you sir you go Boop enjoy the horse yep1257.485.36
wish me luck with these animals luck1260.664.61
okay so uh I don't want it this yours is1265.276.4
it white but isn't fixed white fix was1269.574.35
white I don't want the same color okay1271.674.62
there's a spotted one over here there's1273.924.83
a black one yeah black well what colors1276.295.31
mine yours is black there's some white1278.753.42
maybe Oh cuz I'm looking at come over1282.173.45
here as a spotted one1284.632.79
okay as long as it's you I'm1285.624.11
following you you know that I like it is1287.424.32
that this is a lot of spots1289.734.02
alright this is good that kind of looks1291.744.32
stupid start riding by jumping note1293.754.62
right-click right-click BAM look at that1296.065.79
and you'll get bucked oh yeah yep he1298.375.61
likes you oh yeah like it come on baby1301.853.99
doing it1303.984.23
okay yep go ahead show it show it who's1305.845.04
the master I'm the master right I'm the1308.213.3
maybe one more time yeah yeah there's1311.515.129
love throw that saddle on you got a1315.1693.72
horse there you go good job Simon thank1316.6393.691
you very much thank you for it for1318.8894.14
teaching me my ladder what I hit the do1320.334.62
I hit him with the saddle nope1323.0294.971
I'm right clicking well hop off great1324.955.67
hop off the horse how do you help office1328.05.769
that now that's roller skate well great1330.626.6
or Cheryl the shift one of those button1333.7695.551
ten minutes late hit him both control1337.223.78
hit and control hit and shows I just1339.323.719
took a up shift and then I hopped right1341.04.86
off control shift control easy just hit1343.0394.89
shift shift left shift to this left1345.864.679
shift just hit the button control left1347.9294.5
shift left shift on the keys you walk1350.5392.581
toward the left1352.42910.081
yep left shift yep Joe it's SH is CSD1353.1211.97
left shift be fine at the same time not1362.518.49
just one but another left shift and a1365.098.73
mid spacebar and a mitten oh I'm gonna1371.05.07
come into the I'm gonna come over in PC1373.824.64
but do you understand get over here1376.075.88
I'm sorry boy what oh come on smarty boy1378.466.64
come on smonny boy get over here here we1381.953.569
okay here we are so what happened to you1385.5195.971
oh we're locked up you're locked up so1389.1494.41
strange but what you do you locked up1391.494.86
okay know how how surprising is that and1393.5594.201
like I didn't just spend the last minute1396.353.03
telling you here would you do is that1397.766.68
strange let's move on to the next thing1399.388.22
yeah remember you turned your left shift1404.447.479
and to run yeah you need to rebind get1407.66.15
off the horse button you didn't mention1411.9194.35
that part time what oh yeah like I'd1413.754.8
know Brody controls1416.2698.451
yep back to game no no shake controls1418.556.17
controls come on baby give it to me1430.05.95
straight right left backward sneak jump1433.495.43
scroll down scrolling down attack1435.955.13
destroy pick chop1438.923.8
what about looking for good dismount1441.083.81
Simon what's your sneak what's sneak1442.726.88
bound to see there okay try see see off1444.897.919
the horse that was so much fun we got1449.63.72
through it1452.8094.351
saddle to our right click it that's your1453.326.21
left I know I did right-click first and1457.164.5
then it did this oh there's creeper1459.5323.25
creeper creeper great greatest moments1461.6623.58
to ever happen my craft I have no idea1482.786.95
what is because that was just great oh1485.2412.5
my god that's the end that's the end1489.738.01

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