What Is Inside the Stump??? - Grounded

Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting video from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel! Today, we're diving into the mystery of what's hidde...
What Is Inside the Stump??? - Grounded
What Is Inside the Stump??? - Grounded

What Is Inside the Stump??? - Grounded

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neebs: Hey there, folks! Today we're gonna find out what's inside this mysterious stump! I've got my trusty shovel ready!

simon: Oh boy, I can't wait to see what's hidden in there! Do you think it's buried treasure or maybe some ancient relic?

appsro: Haha, knowing our luck, it's probably just a bunch of dirt and bugs! But hey, that's what makes it exciting, right?

neebs: Exactly! It's the thrill of the unknown that keeps us coming back for more. Who knows, maybe we'll uncover a portal to another dimension in there!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, welcome back to another exciting video from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel! Today, we're diving into the mystery of what's hidden inside that mysterious stump. I don't know about you, but I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what we're going to find in there!

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where is the lady bird Lady Bird yep1.03.359
she's on you this is good oh her little2.725.96
babies are on me oh boy I'm going to die4.3594.321
oh all right so do you think uh you19.724.96
think it's going to be a swisso from up22.724.08
here you think I think I think it's best24.684.08
shot contest and I've got a better shot26.83.959
after you'd make your shot28.765.08
okay well um for it I'm doing it first30.7595.32
shot this got to see first shot I'll do33.844.2
it all36.0796.601
right Miss missed okay you get oh [ __ ]38.046.48
what happened to you oh one second you42.684.32
lost your shot yeah cuz now I want to44.526.12
shoot again all you trying to do is47.03.64
slam oops oh you got to hook it forgot50.765.84
yeah I'm going to try that again boom sh53.7198.201
I got that one yeah you didoo yeah56.65.32
no going to62.63.2
do oh guys are just going to break our65.886.68
walls no we're good we're good what this68.7596.161
what all this RIT oh Lord the play we're72.566.879
playing some basketball Ro got that one74.927.68
that was nice yeah baby s d stop a79.4395.881
second look sorry sorry see you you guys82.64.36
are playing with the old stuff what you85.325.08
need is the new stuff baby oh [ __ ]86.966.0
oh damn look at me now all right well90.43.96
how are you I feel like an idiot92.963.96
bouncing that like a basketball I made a94.364.24
basketball out of pupil leather all96.924.559
right now you job do it let's see you go98.67.839
to the hoop take to the net and stop101.4797.401
yeah that was a solid shot that was106.4393.561
beautiful but you know when you were108.883.32
doing that you're doing that with the uh110.03.64
you know with the thing that that helps112.24.72
you fly like so on my on my screen I113.645.36
didn't see a basketball it looked quite116.924.559
oh you didn't see the basketball did you121.4793.96
pick the basketball up D I got no I123.324.36
don't think so yeah ne's in the house125.4394.401
now you're on the dandelion right now127.684.199
Abra that's what I was seeing you bounce129.843.84
go for it come on you got it he's off131.8795.241
off the bouncy and yep oh crap man133.686.199
blocked by Dora did I lose your ball you137.124.52
might have lost the ball I think it just139.8793.681
it hit the roof and then uh it rolled141.643.239
where where the hell did the ball go143.563.64
that's it went over the fence144.8795.161
great did it get the hell out of here oh147.24.48
I see it yeah it rolled all the way down150.043.52
here into the damn water here you go151.685.36
nebs sorry153.563.48
guys I see you hey stoping just a cute161.566.36
little girl I wanted to see what can I165.44.839
do for you well uh first off I want to167.923.239
show you what I've been working on170.2393.961
follow me all right me and Dr T been171.1594.321
hanging out I've been chatting to him174.23.72
way too much uh yeah I could see that175.484.56
happening yeah look how this is coming177.926.08
along ooh okay You' got uh so yeah you180.046.44
remember those three power points oh uh184.04.84
yes I do vaguely yeah so we got I got186.483.8
those pretty much wrapped up in Brick188.843.28
but I still need to make a ton of spikes190.283.56
I'm going to have this platform kind of192.123.119
running in between them all so when we193.843.24
fight we'll be able to run I guess where195.2394.321
we need to be oh that's cool okay so197.084.92
these things don't get broken easily um199.564.8
they might but hopefully they'll stand202.04.36
the test of time I guess we'll see I204.363.56
think their biggest threat might be206.364.0
mosquitoes all right well that's good207.924.44
well this is no this is this is great210.364.159
man yeah I still need a lot more bricks212.363.959
like a lot a lot more bricks what are214.5193.72
you going to you're going to double it216.3194.041
up oh yeah you see well look like even218.2394.441
look that way see that Alleyway uh-huh220.364.04
all right so should I be like just I222.685.36
don't mind being uh just a slave to224.45.52
getting mushroom chunk or whatever it is228.044.119
that you need o like a gopher I I'll do229.924.56
that yeah hey we need that right now I232.1595.72
need something else I need red ant or234.487.36
fire ant mandibles fireant Mand yeah and237.8795.841
I need you to back me up um I think241.844.679
there are some not too far away from us243.724.719
so yeah just follow me give me some246.5194.881
backup all248.4392.961
right all right I think a dandelion Tu253.25.039
fell yep I got a couple there oh there's256.05.199
a bunch what what cuz you need to make258.2395.121
more well since they changed it mine261.1993.361
keep going away I don't know what's263.363.16
going on well I got lucky as the Dickens264.564.04
cuz I've got like a an infinite one266.524.6
somehow yeah yeah yeah I guess it268.65.76
registers as a trinket but uh TR it's a271.125.56
fluffy dandelion Tu or something it's274.363.6
it's infinite I haven't had to change276.683.2
the thing all right you jump you jump277.963.76
down to me and use it well I mean it's279.884.08
it it it's used just like it always has281.725.039
been wow look at you I don't even see it283.964.92
oh well maybe286.7593.841
okay I like this better this is great290.65.8
why I don't know you just just like294.283.4
you're running you're like running in296.43.44
the air you didn't see it nope oh that's297.684.079
weird so they've really broken uh let's299.843.919
see let me look at mine the ones I just301.7594.761
picked up where does it even go now I303.7594.241
don't know I'm just glad I don't have to306.522.72
worry about it does it go where my TR308.03.28
does it go where your trinkets go I have309.244.64
not a clue mine is in311.285.199
my what is that spot I don't even know313.885.28
that spot fluffy dandelion TFT is what I316.4796.72
have I have SE it says seven left shift319.167.2
but it's not in my trinket spot you know323.1994.921
I hold on let me go up top let see what326.363.6
happens just wait there okay yeah yeah328.123.68
come on down to me we'll see if I can329.965.56
see it almost there why know you just331.85.959
left yep I just don't want you to lose335.525.119
you know patience I'm fine nothing to do337.7594.601
until we do something I've been gone for340.6394.241
a while so I get it I get that is pretty342.365.119
sweet huh which part the tower the344.884.56
ladder which part yeah all of it I'm I'm347.4793.56
looking at you right now it's is going349.444.879
to be like another Hub zipline Hub sure351.0396.961
okay left shift you ready here it354.3196.521
goes yeah it's working yeah I don't see358.04.319
it that is you're just running in the360.844.32
air that's silly okay so I assume let's362.3194.521
see what happens when I land I had seven365.162.36
them almost there God I definitely hear367.524.84
it too yeah am I just running in air369.86.0
that's a weird Okay that was a weirdly372.365.52
louder than should have been sound yep375.84.08
now I have six so I used up one of my377.884.28
Dand lines oh man what a pain in the ass379.884.719
why would they do that I just just said382.165.319
hey we got to ruin384.5992.88
man oh it comes my buddy oh yeah yeah I391.849.12
love this guy they are good oo come on395.686.88
okay he's running he's running all right400.964.639
easy easy easy402.563.039
man it's so dramatic what are you407.7594.601
at come on can we just get out of here412.887.2
no come on seriously you just insist he417.1994.801
could have just laughed hey no look we420.083.36
could use that stuff we can use that422.02.919
stuff to make good plating we can423.443.759
upgrade our armor we could use the bug424.9194.321
parts yeah cuz Lord knows we don't have427.1994.801
enough back at the place all right so429.245.28
these uh fire ant mandibles I need I432.05.16
believe at least according to the map434.525.2
they're like right here they must be437.167.36
inside this uh toolbox all right well um439.727.72
oh jeez come on now what are you444.525.92
again that's why I say y hey we didn't447.444.96
need you we took care of it ourselves go450.444.56
do the he just walking off I've never452.44.04
seen him that just walking around oh455.05.639
he's about to do a watch456.444.199
him see yeah but I like so461.125.519
dramatic oh wait Simon what right below467.525.0
us there might be some sort of entrance470.1995.921
here follow me okay oh I think you're472.526.6
right hold on let me oh yeah that's a476.125.759
damn D black widow oh come on now oh man479.124.6
who wants to do that I don't want to do481.8794.481
that now uhoh behind us okay oh hey how483.727.28
you doing sweetie ooh come on now stab486.367.399
that butt yep work together stab I get491.05.44
the butt get the butt you know what What493.7595.081
ladyb bird versus Black Widow let's make496.444.719
that happen okay all right burn her fat498.845.4
ass in here s all I'm doing it I'm doing501.1596.44
it how doing hey what's going on oh God504.245.0
oh God I got bit immediately where's507.5994.44
Lady Bird where is the ladyb bird Lady509.244.76
Bird yep she's on you this is good oh512.0393.961
our little babies are on me oh boy I'm514.04.36
going to die516.05.76
oh where that lady bird oh [ __ ] got you518.365.2
oh no I don't have my thing on oh crap521.763.72
crap crap crap I'll get you oh God let523.565.68
me put my fake on okay put your F on oh525.489.16
god oh oh Dr tul stuck in the web Dr T529.246.279
careful oh over here oh EV oh don't even535.5198.721
have my shield out dark wrench 12 the540.166.48
baby's coming back to me she's eating my544.245.719
head get off my head please mutations I546.646.319
need to turn on a friend go oh it's Pass549.9595.081
Me Now seconds I'm552.9594.601
try oh555.047.0
no got me oh557.564.48
all right there should be a science571.764.72
station up here oh crap whoa what what573.564.88
I'm good I just fell oh oh there you are576.484.88
oh hey guys hey what's up oh we just got578.445.68
a mauled by Black Widow fun why you581.364.599
fight a black widow without us there584.123.32
well we didn't intend to we tried to get585.9594.241
a lady listen it stuff happened that's587.444.92
an us thing that's like when you promise590.23.44
you going to watch a movie with somebody592.363.919
we try to get a ladybug to fight it triy593.644.6
is the key word okay we didn't really596.2793.56
miss out on anything NE yeah you didn't598.244.48
want to watch this movie okay well I do599.8394.961
now yeah what are you guys up to we're602.724.88
going to go that stump oh sweet I'm fire604.84.44
amp Parts yeah there's one of those uh607.63.52
what do you call them stumps no the609.243.4
things we're looking for oh yes burgle611.123.64
chips that's yeah good yeah you guys go612.643.879
go find that one oh hey since it's uh614.763.8
since we're all here uh here we got a616.5193.681
milk Muller upgrade we can do a mega618.563.0
milk Muller you guys want more620.23.639
consumables resources or arrows I don't621.565.36
know I don't care some consumables or623.8395.401
you know what let's do resources you got626.925.08
more storage space b629.246.68
boom bu boom all right Simon yeah follow632.05.959
me I got a new location to go let's do635.924.76
it we'll catch up with your boys later637.9596.721
be careful out there okay I will640.684.0
not um what do you think the best way in648.883.759
I don't know it almost looks like651.563.24
there's a I don't know you think there652.6393.921
at the bottom where the water meets what654.84.24
are we looking for again uh burgle trip656.565.519
chip chip inside eh maybe let's just I659.044.44
don't know this is inviting right here662.0794.681
let's take a look maybe I'm wrong no I I663.485.56
kind of felt that oh yeah this has got666.765.519
ways in oh yeah okay didn't it seem like669.046.12
could have swore there were wasps oh oh672.2796.601
you little you see you in there yeah you675.167.0
just messed with the wrong Duo sure oh678.885.84
hey well okay we were good we had this682.164.64
one all right thank you though yeah we684.725.52
didn't want to waste it on here686.85.64
looks like there's ticks in here it's690.244.44
not a very warm692.444.76
welcome worst welcome I've had yet I694.685.56
don't like it okay get on697.24.92
baby you know what I got to switch my700.243.64
mutation I don't I don't hate it when he702.124.959
shows up never703.885.759
have oh boy there's a wolf spider behind707.0796.041
you oh bring him in bring him in that709.6396.121
was get him boys I'll stab his pooper I713.125.959
got to heal up okay uh I'll hold him off715.764.6
while you heal up then we'll tag out719.0793.281
right yeah but you know how it takes a720.364.599
while man all I see is Pete's Health722.364.159
that's very annoying I'm ready to tag724.9594.161
out like anytime now all right you ready726.5196.281
yep tagging yeah we'll tag switching up729.126.159
hey drink me some drink oh that's some732.84.96
good drink right there oh oh that was a735.2795.081
good hit I got a bit of poison going so737.764.04
uh all right I think I'm good though740.364.64
coming in okay need sandwich forget that741.85.039
last one I don't see his health either745.04.36
do you no what is happening with game I746.8393.841
don't know it's knowing the [ __ ] out of749.364.44
me I they fixed it oh I'm getting all750.687.2
the hits all them hits woo oh you got a753.85.8
bunch of spiders helping out too all757.884.04
right we got it there we go now what are759.64.08
we dealing with here I don't know I need761.924.56
to heal again so there should be a763.685.76
burgle chip somewhere in all this mess766.485.28
probably underwater surrounded by evil769.446.519
things oh boy oh771.764.199
splinters nice morg yeah very nice uh so777.67.239
oh see I've never used these seeds782.764.28
before you pick them up anymore uh no I784.8393.601
think they're grass seeds I've never787.044.239
picked them up oh okay oh no come on but788.444.12
yeah I know we need to have my shield791.2793.68
out oh come on their spit is way there's792.563.92
one this all we this is perfect this is794.9593.161
it all right all right all right couple796.486.24
stabs in the butt huh in your eyes Dr798.126.48
tly you know you could help out I've802.723.799
seen you help out with other ants yeah804.64.88
come on now stabing in the eyes yes806.5196.641
perfect good job Simon eyes809.486.64
oh we'll take on all you idiots yeah we813.165.56
will you going to run you little [ __ ]816.123.8
yeah he's going to run watch out though818.723.08
you got two more behind you okay fine819.923.88
fine fine fine all right let's clean him821.84.32
up it's just an ant killing morning823.85.159
Simon yeah it is be nice if their parts826.125.519
were more useful oh we can make828.9594.161
something with them we can make831.6393.44
something but I mean like are we though833.123.56
cuz my goodness I haven't been doing835.0794.32
anything with these parts myself in fire836.685.76
ant armor Simon I is it these are okay839.3994.56
well I didn't realize that these are842.443.759
actually fire ants and not just red ants843.9594.24
that are annoying no yeah they are fire846.1994.88
ants all right they are like yeah worst848.1996.2
ants in the yard all851.0793.32
right hey do me a favor what uh well855.125.6
first watch your back mhm you too just858.2793.92
killed this idiot my God they're860.723.479
everywhere they won't stop862.1994.08
nope all right you know what here run864.1993.521
let's get let's get somewhere safe all866.2793.401
right let's get away from these867.724.679
there you go let see can we jump up here869.684.76
maybe and then maybe up onto this straw872.3994.961
and then yep o very okay little crawly874.444.92
crawl this is cool I don't think I can877.364.839
get it up there come [ __ ] it all right879.365.36
damn it hold on how you how did you you882.1994.601
get up the straw huh yeah that was it884.723.28
well yeah I jump to the leaf and then886.83.88
jump to the straw oh that's it the leaf888.04.16
is the890.684.719
action I know it's taking me a minute oh892.166.96
it's not easy to Traverse you got it895.3995.56
like that word yeah there you go Leaf899.125.04
there we go Leaf the leaf theop then to900.9596.401
the straw then to the904.163.2
lur down here where it should be huh all910.246.0
right so this is there a way into this914.163.52
thing I don't know I'm going to do a916.243.399
little round boot you do a roundabout917.684.76
I'll look over here um I'll poke my head919.6393.681
on the922.443.959
water oh so close I think I can do it oh923.324.56
there's another spider there's a bunch926.3993.12
of ticks hold on I'm going look under927.883.92
water oh I did it oh my God I'm glad I929.5194.8
didn't fall you did what I got to the931.85.0
top of this one okay is there something934.3195.921
to climb into a long ways down oh really936.86.36
yeah I almost fell a long ways down do940.245.44
you think that's the way to go I not943.164.96
really I don't know there'd be no way945.686.159
back up huh um nope there wouldn't be I948.126.48
see science down there it's incredibly951.8395.92
um intriguing oh man should we do it uh954.65.599
fall down here how'd you get up just I957.7594.121
jumped up yeah that was it but be960.1994.361
careful now right here huh yeah little961.883.759
divot and964.563.68
then okay all right yeah I did it twice965.6394.56
too how many how many times for you968.244.519
probably a bunch more okay okay and then970.1995.721
uh oh God yeah that's not going to do it972.7595.721
here we go and my apid slippers may have975.928.159
helped but there he is oh okay yeah go978.487.839
from side to side right984.0795.76
M I'm going to try it yep good986.3197.681
work you good yeah all right go a little989.8396.401
further I did it went a little further994.03.88
and a little further going a little996.244.12
further yep okay and that one hurt a997.884.959
little bit and I missed the science I1000.363.959
somehow missed the science you missed1002.8393.44
the science yeah don't you miss the1004.3194.44
science okay this is the way to go1006.2795.761
though right it's a way to go all right1008.7595.481
here goes get that science I'm going to1012.044.56
tuck it all the way down okay I'm going1014.245.159
to T it out can't wait to yell out1016.65.479
here it goes you missed the science no I1019.3997.121
didn't oh perfect science science1022.0796.801
science yep all right come on to the1026.525.24
leaf right and this time hold on I got1028.884.199
to have to run1031.763.799
in there you go hey let's get a view up1033.0795.321
here come on all right look at this1035.5596.24
careful careful I do not like just don't1038.45.639
run there you go1041.7994.64
wowo oh there's the stump that's where1044.0394.721
nebes and door are yeah and hey while1046.4394.281
you're here do me a favor uhhuh go into1048.764.6
your mutations there's one called Ant1050.724.44
Annihilator that's going to up your ant1053.364.36
damage all right1055.165.12
mutations Annihilator I think yeah it1057.724.4
looks like oh yeah I already found it1060.283.24
right away yeah turn one of the other1062.122.88
ones off and then turn that one on1063.523.279
that'll help you kick some ant butt all1065.04.559
right so what should I turn off I maybe1066.7994.801
the man cuz I got the man activated we1069.5593.321
don't need two of those idiots running1071.64.48
around do we uh that's the maner1072.885.279
stranger yeah just kill that all right1076.085.64
so some activate that boom that's it all1078.1597.201
right sweet let's continue our ant hunt1081.727.92
yes back down jeez careful careful1085.366.88
careful careful careful careful careful1089.645.72
careful careful careful careful careful1092.245.84
you idiot careful1095.366.16
careful careful1098.086.44
careful okay that was a horrible slide1105.0395.561
stump lab out post okay what are we1107.366.439
looking at here stump lab Outpost1110.66.52
interesting looking for a burgle1113.7996.601
chip okay more science up there this is1117.126.76
another ooh that one's locked this door1120.47.0
is locked yeah a we got to find a way to1123.886.72
open a huh I guess all right look around1127.45.399
a little1130.65.319
more boy this place is a mess this is1132.7996.36
crazy it's uh okay I'm up oh oh okay1135.9197.161
right behind you is this open I all of a1139.1596.161
sudden feel incredible oh look at that1143.087.2
back back behind us yep you're doing1145.324.96
great right behind you buddy okay sit1153.326.16
tight it goes back this way too see that1156.06.32
a little bit go back in behind there1159.486.12
take a oh take a got a chest oh really1162.325.359
is it open yeah it's got some grumbles1165.65.64
granola bar and beefy human food and uh1167.6797.721
right elf charm H that sounds important1171.247.96
did you grab it all I did1175.43.8
okay o Tower actually looks pretty cool1180.766.48
nees did a good job yeah no looks great1183.725.88
yeah I like that a lot all right so1187.244.04
what's on the top there is it like1189.64.92
turret things no no it's a zip lines oh1191.284.48
okay I think that's his plan he's going1194.523.6
to build more zip lines for us nice all1195.764.56
right all right so let's see hopefully I1198.125.24
did this right Simon I believe you did1200.326.12
cuz I I try to be encouraging to you1203.366.24
sometimes oh yeah I believe I made it1206.446.56
happen all right so now hold on holding1209.66.8
let's seeing got it1213.09.0
here and check this out oh wow huh go1216.46.759
out here I don't think I want to use1222.02.919
this in the1223.1595.201
house take care okay good thing things1224.9195.721
are happening Muller baby all right so1228.364.64
we got um just that way that doesn't go1230.643.88
anywhere okay good I'm glad we don't1233.03.679
have choices right now me too oh more1234.523.88
science there's so much1236.6794.721
science all right and push forward if1244.246.799
you can oh boy yep that hurt that was1247.446.56
too far yeah I didn't do that like1251.0397.481
that missed it crap okay oh man signs1254.07.679
there's a we're supposed to climb back1258.525.399
out I'll just take a look under here and1261.6795.401
make sure there's nothing yeah oh1263.9196.24
there's a mash keys I can Mash keys do1267.087.36
it okay mashing Keys level a granted oh1270.1596.601
that's the door we were at way back in1274.445.44
the the way back H that was way back it1276.766.799
was God1279.883.679
what what's going on with all that [ __ ]1289.25.84
M it's getting weird man yeah pretty1291.9195.64
weird kab wait how do you do this oh oh1297.5596.281
God how do that moly yes please do that1300.766.159
again and hit come on oh you didn't even1303.846.56
skip a beat do it again okay here we1306.9198.0
go come on okay you find them M all hit1310.46.639
him from a distance okay1314.9193.76
come on are you going to I wonder does1318.6795.6
it hurt me want to try I don't hell it1321.6794.841
doesn't hurt them okay well try to shoot1324.2794.041
this guy right here that's as much1326.523.519
damage as this does with all the [ __ ]1328.324.16
resources it takes well I'm just1330.0395.081
genuinely upset yeah look at this all1332.484.4
right so then right yeah you're chewing1335.124.72
oh man maybe I got to upgrade it Kaboom1336.885.76
Kaboom yeah we can pretend like my1339.845.04
stabbing didn't kill it and Kaboom dead1342.647.12
Kaboom Kaboom nothing oh well it hurt me1344.888.399
I found the Mantis research note nebes1349.765.6
awesome what's that do I think now we'll1353.2794.76
know what to use to lure out that one1355.365.48
mantis boss oh gotcha okay so I think1358.0394.601
this door that we uh activated is right1360.844.28
here behind me really yeah you coming1362.644.6
remember we walked in this way uh yeah I1365.123.76
thought we fell down from way up there1367.243.6
we did but this then we landed here oh1368.885.039
the other oh and this one no God1370.845.719
okay I didn't I want to go in there but1373.9195.601
on my own I'll do it okay all right just1376.5594.921
on that as a good start oh there's1379.525.44
another chest okay behind you chest with1381.487.6
things moth stuff and stuff moth stuff1384.967.0
yeah we Simon and I beat a moth okay hey1389.084.28
there's some stones to break over there1391.963.8
too hey guess what what there's a burgle1393.364.28
chip should I NAB it oh that's the1395.765.519
burgle chip NAB it baby naed burgle chip1397.647.279
burgle I don't think they're going to1401.2793.64
respond see it worked out well yeah they1406.885.2
just they were forced to really yeah1409.965.64
okay um is there more or did we did we1412.085.719
conquer I think we conquered I mean I1415.64.4
feel like we between those two things we1417.7994.24
conquered nothing over here huh I don't1420.04.08
know I'm not sure we can get out of here1422.0394.481
I think I found a way earlier that it's1424.085.079
possible it's just going to take oh look1426.524.519
at this oh oh a little1429.1597.201
hole science science that's1431.0395.321
science chck1436.526.7
papie all right things are going off the1439.4423.119

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