What Is Hidden in the Hedges??? - Grounded

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! If you love uncovering mysteries and exploring hidden secrets, then you definitely need to check out the lates...
What Is Hidden in the Hedges??? - Grounded
What Is Hidden in the Hedges??? - Grounded

What Is Hidden in the Hedges??? - Grounded

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neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! So today we're talking about our favorite video, 'What Is Hidden in the Hedges???' - Grounded. And let me tell you, the mystery in those hedges had me on the edge of my seat!

simon: Oh, come on Neebs, you were probably hiding in those hedges yourself, trying to scare everyone with your bushy beard!

neebs: Ha! Very funny, Simon. But seriously, that video was a blast to film. I mean, who knew hedges could hold so many secrets?

appsro: I still can't believe we found a treasure map hidden in those hedges! And Neebs, your reaction when you saw it was priceless. Pure gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! If you love uncovering mysteries and exploring hidden secrets, then you definitely need to check out the latest video from the channel. In this exciting episode, the team sets out to unravel the secrets hidden in the Hedges of their backyard. Who knows what they'll discover?

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oh geez yeah I I hate this just as much1.466.16
as you do yep we know what's happening5.167.1
right oh wow look at this dub7.624.64
in that door yeah got him hang up check24.3596.84
all right that was a really bad truck29.0995.881
keep chugging yeah yeah there you go31.1996.481
Dora there we go what a great hook got34.985.46
it yeah this is uh not a very efficient37.685.219
way to do it I disagree yeah look at it40.443.72
I mean it's teamwork isn't it it's like42.8993.18
we knock it down and we pick it up then44.164.8
we Chuck check it to me no they were I46.0794.861
did I did already buddy that's your48.964.02
check yay that's their hook I gotta run50.944.2
over to their huh you gotta run over to52.983.3
this one that's what I'm saying the55.143.599
system's no do you need another okay I56.284.5
shouldn't do well I can solve it but go58.7394.021
ahead Bubba60.784.68
this is working good guys yo throw that62.764.26
one at a time right there we'll have a65.463.839
base in no time yeah let us know what do67.023.3
you think you got enough of their names69.2995.64
okay this one's about full yep70.326.78
I got it from here okay you got it from74.9394.141
here hey Dora yeah you feel like uh77.13.659
Jordan and me on an adventure to the79.084.14
hedges every single time all right yeah80.7594.561
you and me buddy it's a ways away but uh83.223.6
let me get some water real quick all85.322.939
right yeah grab some water grab whatever86.823.54
you need and we will sit out soon how88.2594.261
you doing Simon yeah shut up90.365.55
oh wow yeah check this out a hot dog98.526.54
looks like a piece of a hot dog that is102.843.54
a hot dog105.063.84
Simon should be here but he's not it's106.385.04
our hot dog holy look can we Harvest108.95.82
this I am gonna chop a higher tier tool111.425.58
it's a hot dog oh we need a higher tier114.724.5
tool to chop into this hot this is a hot117.03.72
dog yeah that's ridiculous this little119.223.24
ax we got you know a lot of chopping of120.723.6
this hot dog because hot dog yeah122.464.38
because hot dog it's got a little string124.327.7
of mustard on it hot dog hot dog hot dog126.847.5
you need to upgrade uh spend some of our134.346.42
science brain stuff right here huh136.926.959
okay here we go science shop that's us140.766.72
right I don't know multi-story bases uh143.8796.541
here we go half the ceiling floors that147.484.259
looks good right that's what we want150.423.3
yeah we want to have a really tall base151.7394.261
hopefully yeah I'm buying this okay yeah153.724.8
I'll give you permission it's a thousand156.04.379
points all right how many points we got158.524.56
uh we had enough so hey that should uh160.3794.021
that should allow us to build better163.083.78
stuff okay so can we do it all out of164.45.28
grass uh no weed stem grass is weak166.864.56
wheat stem is strong so what the hell169.683.24
are we cutting all the grass for uh171.423.78
because roofs and stuff stuff like that172.923.84
so we do need it so good to know we have175.24.14
weak roofs and weak stuff like that yeah176.764.86
there's a granola bar here oh it's one181.623.78
of the chair too you grab that one oh183.483.96
thank you yeah all right so we got some185.43.839
some food for the journey and it says187.443.54
it's unpowered yeah that thing's not189.2393.601
powered okay so then I couldn't check190.983.36
anyway oh yeah that's what I could check192.844.2
Let's see we need to find the Hedge lab194.344.74
I guess you know what follow me let's197.044.08
head up into the hedges yeah that makes199.083.78
sense yeah heads left gotta be in the201.123.899
head you somewhere sure sure oh wait202.865.519
look oh205.0193.36
science science210.05.289
yes always behind you it seems like okay215.95.68
so the uh you know the dandelions that219.483.539
you like you you blow you make a wish221.583.84
yeah I know that's one of them yeah that223.0194.86
one I could recognize from my life right225.424.08
so uh that's what we're looking for227.8793.601
that's what this came from okay and then229.53.78
where did where's there's another one231.483.479
though what do you mean there's another233.284.56
weed right that does the same thing uh I234.9594.5
don't know this is all I know right now237.844.259
oh okay so grab these and then this will239.4594.941
make a better like structures242.0995.461
scaffolding how many dandelions did you244.45.919
chop for to get these ten uh just two247.565.039
okay so five a piece just like grass250.3194.14
there might be more that's all we can252.5994.38
carry I think254.4595.161
uh how's your water256.9795.401
um bad okay that's yours so bad thank259.626.0
you for asking oh there you go there you262.385.52
go oh boy look at this265.624.7
um I'll go first you ready go for it267.96.54
oh yeah that's fun it looks fun okay all270.326.099
right I'm safe274.444.02
here we are278.463.12
um we should double back and get this281.583.54
science right yeah yeah we gotta be why282.724.5
not oh it's science go in this door is285.125.31
this the Hedge lab okay oh hell yeah287.227.22
all right294.445.1
oh no what dora299.546.04
I misjudged something and almost jumped303.024.36
off you better be careful back there I I305.586.48
agree all right oh what is in this dump307.386.3
probably some stuff this is a head's312.063.359
laughing ain't much of one there's313.686.48
something I might oh God hello315.4194.741
yeah these guys are tough they are tough330.4197.081
oh [ __ ] out333.1394.361
okay that's not working too good what338.15.4
about an ax uh hammer I tried a hammer340.325.04
oh you did oh that looked like it hit343.54.74
him oh that one's down oh Wow Let's Get345.365.779
Down yeah348.242.899
oh yeah there you go oh my God351.666.42
well screw those guys hey door look355.563.96
there's a loot chest right over there358.082.88
yeah that's what I was looking at before359.523.6
we got attacked by robots oh what's in360.963.9
it I didn't look363.123.98
stems I'm gonna place them here all367.884.24
right this will be like the foundation370.622.94
and then we'll go bigger than this372.123.66
though right oh well yeah I would say I373.563.9
mean if we're doing weed stems what do I375.783.18
want to do just hit eat a build yeah377.464.26
okay there you go this one this one oh378.964.2
you know what I think the grass goes on381.723.66
top of this like a floor yes so we do383.165.4
need the grass yeah good I like that385.384.92
there we go all right so then why don't388.564.32
we realistically what we need to do at390.34.32
least quite at least three more of what392.883.48
you just did so we'll need 12 more394.624.079
foundations okay so there's gonna be a396.364.26
square this will give us four of these398.6994.081
four of those all right so dandelions400.626.66
dandelions all right hook up careful I402.787.28
tried to hit you407.282.78
well then412.16.34
say it all right414.566.24
um all right418.445.699
okay oh look at this what what do we got420.85.38
uh behind you there's a big old switch424.1393.751
oh pull it426.1810.56
hey guys we're getting cable436.746.2
gonna watch movie channels439.443.5
all right well I guess this is this part449.7593.301
yeah we should keep pushing on how's451.745.84
your water uh it's not good453.064.52
neeps yeah I found a sack Club sap Clump459.028.98
yes I've been finding a lot of sap yeah464.587.44
my friend like Sapp is is Moya patante468.07.259
all that sap look at all that sap nice472.024.799
think about my friend because guess what475.2593.601
uh right now I've already got 19 like476.8193.361
sap for me has been one of the hard478.862.94
things for me to keep usually I just use480.183.0
it and then it you know I've got nothing481.84.019
again uh-huh see these are new to me too483.184.26
these acorns but you guys have been485.8193.6
doing that for a while acorns and sap487.444.02
yeah what's that that's it baby I've not489.4195.041
seen one dandelion in the distance no491.464.079
they're all over there in the grass494.463.299
fields you gotta go back into the grass495.5395.16
jungle do we have uh uh coordinates I497.7594.921
don't even I hate this map it makes me500.6993.601
we just push around trees over there502.684.019
grass over their house so I'm sorry so504.34.38
you're saying but how can I see the506.6995.421
fields it's right there508.683.44
yeah that's in the heads lab I don't513.024.18
know what is I mean this is yeah the515.2794.741
spider lingis down there uh just run for517.24.079
the door when we get there maybe I don't520.023.98
know yeah right behind you all right oh521.2796.921
it's a good one that's okay524.06.94
biometric scanner here okay I've got528.25.079
I've got a bunch of stuff to scan door530.945.64
system override Mash Keys oh I did it533.2795.881
okay wait we gotta find the terminal536.585.34
password all right is it on the tape539.166.48
yeah look at look at this what you got541.925.88
this big piece of paper right here545.645.819
that says password behind you dude um I547.85.64
was oh wow look at that yeah exactly551.4594.32
that's what I was saying yeah yeah so oh553.444.14
I order probably another room might have555.7793.06
another piece of paper probably let me557.583.42
get this water oh my god oh there's558.8397.261
water whoa oh holy moly oh yeah oh561.07.26
there's a water cooler here oh give me566.15.76
oh man we can just live here ah I feel568.265.639
so much better just here let's stay here571.863.78
and eat granola bars and slurp on this573.8993.781
water I'm ready for adventure now oh575.644.34
after I get this science577.684.74
I'm gonna yell this one oh I'm gonna579.984.56
yell it so hard582.424.5
science science584.544.62
ah [ __ ] me oh geez yeah I I hate this589.166.7
just as much as you do yep we know593.824.579
what's happening595.862.539
nothing yet but I just was getting ready601.4597.621
for it right oh wow look at this dump604.264.82
that was not a good start okay I614.34.599
actually think you know what hold on let617.2793.201
me do something here618.8994.021
oh he's resistant to getting stabbing620.484.9
he's weak against spicy the [ __ ]622.923.9
spicy we don't need to be stabbing this625.383.42
guy little [ __ ] let's try it try to626.822.94
hit him with something else like maybe628.84.46
it acts okay629.763.5
got his little buddy633.57.5
ah how are we dead halfway dead636.729.14
oh yeah look it's stunned him yep yep oh641.09.06
no oh God oh God damn it645.864.2
get up here Dora oh god I think I'm665.245.26
poisoned oh me too hey come on get up667.625.219
let me oh take advantage you got a670.54.62
bandage take one bandage it'll uh and672.8393.661
then we need to we need to chill for a675.124.32
minute let our health get up I think I676.53.959
may have to put a waypoint over there679.446.38
accidentally my bad okay foreign680.4598.101
you got grass I do I'm gonna do right685.823.519
boom yeah now we're talking I got a real689.3395.521
base now we are talking we should talk692.764.44
more often yeah how you been694.864.919
okay how about yourself good anything on697.26.24
your mind uh yeah water and food and699.7795.821
being tiny and and been confused about703.444.56
why we're here I got you that canteen to705.63.9
that solve all your problems it708.03.779
certainly helped quite a bit like I've709.54.98
got one in the chamber if you will yeah711.7794.441
that feels good doesn't it yeah you ever714.484.02
refer to your poop is uh having One in716.224.08
the Chamber you ever say that yep One in718.54.019
the Chamber I had a friend that like720.33.96
he's like oh man I gotta poop but it's722.5194.26
not like a good time to and he's like724.264.319
maybe I can squeeze a fart around it and726.7793.781
I buy some time you ever heard that no728.5794.081
never and that's such a tricky move730.564.26
because for obvious reasons right yeah732.664.2
it could go bad of course it can you734.824.32
ever use the term oh uh what the hell is736.864.26
it I mean I'm forgetting it's been so739.143.72
long it's like that you know when you're741.123.6
gonna poop your pants it's like uh the742.863.24
turtles poking its head out or something744.724.08
yep yep heard that it's touching cotton746.15.94
yep heard that got it748.85.4
this is all worldwide isn't it yeah I752.043.84
guess you know you know what I'd like to754.23.9
hear all of all of everyone else's I755.883.78
wish there was a place that people can758.15.479
leave those we could only dream yeah759.663.919
oh you're right yeah look at this that763.925.099
five eight you think that's just it just767.14.14
two numbers no that'd be done that'd be769.0193.481
the worst password in the [ __ ]771.242.88
history of passwords I'll remember five772.53.959
eight this place is creepy as [ __ ] I774.124.32
don't like it okay so this is just a776.4594.38
dead end let me get that uh oh wait if778.444.98
you hit that stuff away pull it open oh780.8393.841
yeah all right rock and roll you know783.423.18
there's something in there yeah probably784.683.35
we know786.63.859
there's a robot robot robot okay tell790.4596.18
you what I'm gonna peek this guy794.3995.101
oh your Hammer use your hammer on this796.6395.7
guy that's what I was doing799.52.839
all right use the bandage if you need to802.944.87
boy okay come on guys809.064.26
all right pull back ow God damn it pull813.864.12
back use a bandage pull back use a816.484.5
bandage ah all right we'll we'll be back817.985.76
all right heal up all right let yeah820.985.28
come on Elo no more robots Jesus those823.745.039
guys are tough yeah they suck God oh826.264.73
well at least we got water yeah828.7797.14
excuse me836.484.419
you stuck oh he's eating my arms hang on838.624.14
Simon I'll try to get to you he's eating840.8994.801
my [ __ ] okay is he leaving bro we842.765.759
just look too clean does it say I don't845.73.72
um I think it is safe come here hold on849.424.44
I think it's safe there you are oh how851.2794.881
almost there857.185.62
gotcha okay all right all right perfect859.764.9
there you go you went that way I think862.84.08
oh yeah this way this way coming back864.664.679
he's coming back oh there's a sting bug866.885.759
he can still smell my butt oh [ __ ] I869.3395.461
could see the Badness happening from you872.6395.101
no split up Thomas oh I'm already up oh874.86.14
whoa okay you know what oh crap mistakes877.746.0
that spider should be all stunk up880.944.24
where's the spider maybe we can leave883.743.18
the stink bug to the spider885.183.599
um no I mean this big bug and the spider886.923.9
were together yep had to fighting each888.7794.8
other oh good this is perfect yay I'm890.825.94
gonna heal up yay maybe we can uh steal893.5795.94
parts of the whoever loses I hope so I'm896.764.86
hitting the [ __ ] thing to pick up the899.5193.361
water no901.623.659
permit there it is they're still902.885.459
fighting Simon good oh this big spider905.2796.18
just won killed the stink bug oh he ran908.3396.0
off oh I got it Simon we got new new911.4595.401
parts I love it coming back to you all914.3394.261
right come back to me it's it's nice and916.864.4
safe over here918.62.66
let's get him all right I'm gonna927.363.719
surprise him do you see you yep he sees928.984.219
gotta hits hard yeah933.545.539
oh that was a good one935.483.599
stupid what a dummy Bud okay oh another965.365.64
yeah there you go how you like that978.867.659
Wally [ __ ] oh whoa look at all this982.387.319
what are these blueberries oh can we eat986.5195.701
this oh wow989.6994.621
it's like this is weird get that science992.224.46
oh yeah I'm absolutely994.325.42
science science996.683.06
yeah that's it how's that feel it feels1003.225.2
good it's like a dance floor it really1006.53.779
does paint the paint to the painting1008.423.479
you'll be doing some Saturday Night1010.2793.901
Fever [ __ ] up in this if it was like1011.8994.021
lighting up these little squares right1014.183.779
you and I I remember that from when I1015.925.099
was like back in my 30s your 30s huh1017.9595.341
that's when the 70s things were pumping1021.0195.4
yeah man it didn't matter way back when1023.35.539
Studio 541026.4196.241
cocaine right yeah maybe not cocaine1028.8396.161
maybe we should cut that part out yeah1032.664.58
party time man it was a good time baby1035.05.28
yeah that's right something in the 80s1037.245.98
yeah well that was the 70s right 70s1040.285.94
yeah the studio 54. that closed down in1043.225.699
80. did you carry uh what do you call it1046.225.699
what's inside is that a gun yeah I1048.9194.921
carried a gun but I didn't I didn't call1051.9193.601
that maybe that's what it's called1053.843.48
everyone carried a gun back then yeah1055.524.68
yeah my mom gave me my first gun for my1057.325.76
13th birthday right yeah but I got one1060.25.219
when I was six from my brother yeah it1063.083.04
was a musket1065.4193.791
okay oh look at this material I know I1070.525.6
love it oh1073.645.82
look at it get it wow yeah yeah yeah1076.125.62
yeah yeah yeah yeah snatch it up1079.465.459
sap stuff quartz this this stuff will1081.745.46
come in handy for sure for sure sure oh1084.9195.101
it's these grubs what are they okay [ __ ]1087.24.62
yeah get all that I don't wanna I can't1090.023.659
carry that [ __ ] yeah I mean I don't know1091.823.42
what we're gonna do right now with stems1093.6793.601
and [ __ ] well didn't you need some stems1095.243.84
or something no I needed some of these1097.284.44
to make a safe Point perfect [ __ ] yes1099.084.979
now we can hold on yeah can I come out1101.724.92
here oh man I can't really make it onto1104.0595.281
a branch unless I take we still haven't1106.644.919
found the password though no we haven't1109.344.68
okay but I tell you what at least we can1111.5594.141
take this zip line down to that Branch1114.024.5
you tell me if I should follow1115.74.16
yes we got a save point Dora ah1119.864.199
beautiful all right1122.4194.38
now we're in action let's find this1124.0594.921
I'm gonna try to do this I'm gonna try1130.13.54
to freaking kill this [ __ ] spider1132.23.719
come on [ __ ] even had a block yeah I do1133.645.22
yeah there's a block [ __ ] he's coming1135.9194.921
for you can't block him as soon as you1138.863.72
block good three hit combo what's the1140.843.78
three hit combo what do you mean okay1142.584.56
hitting here three times yeah in other1144.625.1
words hit them ah crap okay how how1147.145.279
strong is he what's he at I don't know1149.725.78
oh yeah I blocked him okay1152.4197.201
is he a is this a oh is this a oh yeah1155.56.6
he's strong1159.622.48
what's he say uh it's not tell me what1164.145.56
it is no okay I'm stuck in papers oh now1166.824.739
look at me floating oh you are vlogged1169.73.42
are you still are you okay with me can I1171.5593.12
get I gotta use this guy first well1173.124.679
there's an ant oh the answer don't die1174.6795.701
don't die uh six seconds six seconds1177.7995.341
five okay we're losing him am I losing1180.386.14
him yeah you are three1183.143.38
are you dead yep I'm dead it's okay1188.9194.861
there we go all right can I grab this1196.4195.081
boom all right that's another piece of1199.4194.181
the password torn up a piece of paper1201.53.96
with something on it that says y1203.64.079
followed by half an illegible character1205.465.339
okay babe oh wait look at this what this1207.6795.821
is that uh resource surveyor resource1210.7996.541
surveyor oh interesting okay is it I1213.55.82
think so yeah this will allow us like if1217.343.0
we're looking for something in1219.323.66
particular like uh sap we can input sap1220.343.78
into this thing and this will tell us1222.983.66
where sap is nearby shut up I will not1224.124.98
I think he's asleep really so can we1229.14.62
sneak up on him uh yeah do you want to1231.324.5
uh I want to try maybe I use bow and1233.723.72
arrow and you get in all right I'm gonna1235.824.08
try to sneak up on him okay drop down1237.444.8
I'll get you okay right and then I'm so1239.94.62
I'm a little bit farther away yep I'm1242.244.799
gonna go right on the butt right sleepy1244.524.56
sleepy combo that's my bag don't touch1247.0393.901
it that's three just do three swings1249.082.959
oh I did it I hit three times and then1252.0395.081
it didn't work there you go get on it1254.964.98
man okay when I hit him with the boat1257.124.74
hitting them with the bow yeah I'm gonna1259.945.04
die watch lots of things I'm not blocked1261.865.939
when you attacks he's backing off oh he1264.984.86
knows he knows we're on him a little1267.7994.62
[ __ ] come on there we go he's halfway1269.845.3
dead yeah are you okay1272.4195.521
[ __ ] oh there we go oh he didn't1275.144.419
know what to do Simon hang in there all1277.943.72
right guys1279.5594.98
hang on I see you shooting man oh my God1281.666.78
stamina oh no all right don't die I'm1284.5397.081
going 14 seconds 14 seconds yo okay I1288.444.619
think we can do this I think you're1291.622.58
doing good1293.0593.381
you're doing great1294.24.4
coming in with a1298.65.579
that's right that's right1308.26.88
yes you [ __ ] killed it and I'm stuck1311.865.02
in the web that's right how funny is it1315.084.68
that I got stuck on the way now it's1316.885.84
over that's right1319.765.46
okay there's a robot across the way and1322.725.22
I see another note I'm going for it1325.228.52
oh okay oh I gotta pull up this day1327.945.8
you just fell in a [ __ ] hole1337.06.76
who puts holes there uh I don't know all1339.746.6
right I'm under your ass I see your game1343.768.0
yeah oh there we go come on1346.345.42
yes [ __ ]1358.1593.601
grab that let's get the [ __ ] out of here1359.7994.481
all right let's just grab this oh wait1361.763.539
we got it all1364.282.879
at all yeah all right so now we just1365.2993.841
gotta get back which is uh we could go1367.1594.38
the way I fell is actually kind of uh1369.143.72
kind of really handy yeah it's probably1371.5392.76
the best way all right I'm right behind1372.863.559
all right1381.083.9
so I think we have all the pieces Nora1382.74.5
yeah the honors enter the password okay1384.984.26
all right okay1387.25.82
yeah and that openness okay you do the1389.245.04
oh wow let's see what we got here uh oh1394.285.16
this is that super chip we're supposed1397.943.96
to bring to burgle you do them right yes1399.444.619
okay so sweet we can go talk to his1401.94.56
stupid ass gotta get back all right we1404.0594.681
returned that to Virgo wow so it's1406.463.36
pretty awesome that we were actually1408.742.819
able to get down here and get it we did1409.823.66
it good morning what a battle hey while1411.5594.341
we're here1413.482.42
oh yeah yeah1416.123.14

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