We're GALACTIC GIRLSCOUTS! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out their latest video on "Pulsar: Lost Colony"? If not, you're in for a treat! This ga...
We're GALACTIC GIRLSCOUTS! - Pulsar: Lost Colony
We're GALACTIC GIRLSCOUTS! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

We're GALACTIC GIRLSCOUTS! - Pulsar: Lost Colony

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neebs: Hey there, Galactic Girlscouts! Can you believe this is our favorite video? I mean, who knew we were smart enough to play Pulsar: Lost Colony?

simon: Haha, I know right?! I never thought we'd be able to navigate through space like this. But hey, we're the Galactic Girlscouts, we can do anything!

appsro: You guys crack me up! I mean, who needs actual scouting skills when you have a spaceship, right? But seriously, this game is a blast, and I'm glad it's our favorite video!

neebs: Absolutely! I mean, who needs to sell cookies when you can explore the galaxy and encounter all sorts of crazy adventures? Pulsar: Lost Colony is definitely our jam as Galactic Girlscouts!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fan! Have you checked out their latest video on "Pulsar: Lost Colony"? If not, you're in for a treat! This game looks like a real brain-teaser, and the Neebs crew is diving in head-first to see if they're smart enough to conquer it. I can't wait to see how they handle the challenges and work together to navigate through the galaxy.

The Neebs Gaming team always brings such a fun energy to their gameplay videos, and I know this one will be no different. From Simon's hilarious antics to Doraleous' strategic thinking, each member of the crew adds something special to the mix. I love watching them tackle new games and seeing how they interact with each other in the process. It's like hanging out with a group of friends and joining in on the adventure.

And don't even get me started on the Neebs Gaming Coffee! I've heard it's delicious and perfect for fueling those late-night gaming sessions. Plus, knowing that they're powered by Xidax PCs just adds to the excitement. Those machines are top-notch, and I'm sure they'll help the crew as they navigate the challenges of "Pulsar: Lost Colony." I can't wait to see how they handle the game and what kind of shenanigans they get into along the way.

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all right welcome hey7.25.2
hey yeah so this is our crew yes sir9.365.52
minus one we're short a science officer12.44.24
yeah looking at resumes he'll be here14.883.6
tomorrow okay are we all sure we want16.642.96
well i may have a choice yeah19.64.08
if we had a choice then no i mean do you21.923.679
really want me as pilot i mean come on23.683.28
well yes25.5993.6
we have no standards simon i trust you26.964.239
as pilot you've been practicing i've29.1994.401
seen it you look good oh cool well thank31.1994.561
you thank you that does look good nice33.63.76
yeah so where do we get a science35.764.0
officer from like do you hire one or37.363.84
yeah we can we can have a bot do it can39.763.44
we just keep the bot well wait like me41.23.679
kind of bot or like somebody that looks43.24.8
like a person no an ai generated but and44.8794.401
then we're going to be like grace and48.02.719
get here and it's going to be like well49.283.36
we should go back to the bot yeah yeah50.7193.601
well i mean we'll really tell we're52.643.04
playing this game we'll cover that later54.323.36
look okay let me let me bring this in55.684.24
i'm the captain now all right behind me57.684.879
is the sales leader board for fluffy59.925.12
biscuits which is also our job to sell62.5594.24
biscuits yes65.043.2
we're gonna be the best damn biscuit66.7994.0
salesman in the galaxy yeah yeah we're68.244.559
we're at number 13 right now zero we70.7992.881
sold anything it's us well we're brand73.684.479
new so that's fine we're gonna kick ass75.686.4
all right listen i'm a new captain so78.1596.241
be patient with you yeah no no no no not82.084.16
doing it okay that's like a t-shirt i'm84.44.24
new captain deal with it let's see i86.244.72
have captain things to do yeah hey88.643.76
captain you tell me where to fly and90.963.36
i'll and i'll and i'll fly for you tell92.43.44
me what to shoot and i'm gonna shoot it94.322.96
i'm the engineer i'm just gonna make95.843.44
sure the ship doesn't blow up or try my97.284.08
best okay uh99.284.24
yellow alert101.363.52
what the hell does that mean why are we103.522.959
in yellow alert i don't know man i'm a104.883.599
new captain okay yellow alert i'm going106.4794.64
to the that means we're busy do stuff108.4794.32
okay i'm going down engineering all111.1192.401
yeah cool tell me where to go captain113.523.76
let me get on the gun get on the guns115.7593.04
and i'm gonna fly wherever you taught me117.284.159
to fly give me a place to like go to and118.7995.92
warp to are we gonna warp121.4395.36
man a lot of questions i shouldn't be124.7195.08
that's a big [ __ ]157.685.04
these are the voyages of the160.564.48
the ss lightning shark162.723.36
yeah yeah okay166.084.879
it's three-part mission168.566.24
to sell [ __ ] loads of biscuits170.9593.841
seek out the fabled lost colony174.9593.92
and boldly murder everyone in their way179.2815.44
gonna throw up captain pilot yeah do you196.84.079
need to be doing this right now no i'm199.283.84
just what i'm just trying to practice200.8795.761
you know i'm new at this like down up203.125.28
all around okay yeah we know the206.643.679
directions all right so okay captain208.43.04
first thing i think we're gonna need a210.3193.041
science officer right oh yeah that's211.443.359
right so let's get him in here science213.363.04
officer add a science bot there you go214.7994.401
yeah do it there uh there he is216.45.6
it's a silvassi oh just like me oh man219.24.88
he looks weird to me don't don't be mean222.04.56
to him he has no body where's he going224.083.92
yeah it's great all right he's fine all226.563.28
right he's gonna be fine228.03.76
all right so where are we going we want229.843.36
to go sell biscuits right we'll sell231.763.039
biscuits and find the lost colony so233.22.72
what yeah234.7992.481
yeah i guess we got to find a lost235.923.12
colony too we got that message all right237.284.0
let's see there's two places close239.044.08
eerier system should we just try that241.283.519
see what we got there yeah let's go to a243.123.92
system we can uh we can go down on the244.7993.52
planet and see if we can sell biscuits247.043.759
to people i've marked the system so now248.3195.2
back out of here system oh wait this is250.7994.961
your job after you got to prep the warp253.5194.4
oh yeah yeah yeah hold up hey appsro255.764.8
yeah i'm already there baby oh257.9195.28
okay i'm initiating the warp drive we're260.565.04
charging the warp drive baby oh yeah and263.1995.121
i'll fly once that's charged you uh let265.64.319
me know i want to get in the seat and i268.323.2
want to stay engaged when we do that269.9193.041
cause that's okay it's gonna be charged271.523.44
yeah very very very soon okay i'm272.963.679
sitting down so yeah we should be274.963.36
pointed at the right sector right there276.6393.921
simon oh of course sir it's marked278.324.56
clearly right charging warp drive warp280.565.04
drive is completely charged okay say it282.884.24
neebs uh285.64.879
pilot engage287.123.359
and engage293.63.12
she said the pilot to do it it's the295.363.44
engineer's job engineer engage there we296.724.96
go okay yeah yeah298.86.48
we're space traveling boys301.685.84
yep oh wow we just got a long range305.284.0
communication from the fluffy biscuit307.523.6
company what do they want somebody's309.284.0
ordered three crates of biscuits yeah311.124.72
nice we're like space girl scouts this313.283.84
is awesome that's what we're gonna call315.843.84
this series space girl scouts oh screw317.124.48
that that's a racket they're like the319.685.84
mob so wait should we accept it i mean321.65.68
i would say yes i would say yeah i want325.523.04
to be one of those cool captains where327.283.68
if we go hey i like input all right yes328.563.28
so let's330.962.4
accept that we'll make that delivery331.843.28
next we'll go to this system first right333.363.04
yeah i mean i don't want ya you're the335.123.6
captain all right new mission nice i336.44.0
like hey after we338.723.84
uh exit warp here i'm just gonna get on340.43.44
the guns just in case we got some342.563.28
hostiles you know you never know we'll343.843.76
be at a warp in two minutes and 50345.843.04
i'm taking a break yeah it's [ __ ] time348.884.96
[ __ ] time351.0392.801
okay hey hey simonbot what's up i was354.724.88
lit look we all have lockers here oh you357.365.6
see your locker it says uh cybots oh359.65.84
yeah simon's locker yeah there cool look362.965.2
okay yeah store [ __ ] that's cool so it365.444.64
is cool but all right so i got uh368.163.92
nothing in here370.083.6
a simon bot i feel like you and me are372.083.119
gonna be good friends i have a feeling373.683.44
we might too you're you're a handsome375.1994.081
devil you're a handsome robot377.124.0
i'm feeling this like i've never been379.284.88
attracted to a robot but it's happening381.124.48
really yeah384.163.2
man i wish i had that type of385.63.76
programming that gave a [ __ ] you know387.363.44
but but maybe one day remember one day389.363.04
i'll buy you a program maybe you can390.83.04
advance me to make me like because i392.43.12
could recognize that you're good-looking393.843.199
but i you don't make any i don't have395.522.72
anything that tingles you know what i'm397.0393.361
saying gotcha listen i'll i'll i can buy398.244.959
some [ __ ] software and install it uh400.44.639
that's not gonna make me tingle i mean403.1993.601
would it make me you're gonna be my405.0394.241
robot friend oh boy406.85.28
oh boy409.282.8
captain we're coming out of warp in 28413.7594.961
seconds thanks uh engineer right415.367.72
perfect i sound like a captain418.724.36
there we go all right428.243.92
look at this dump hey can we do a scan429.9194.081
of the area just make sure we don't have432.164.159
any bogeys around come on thick that's434.05.44
me that's my thing i say that i mean436.3194.561
well he's suggesting it there's no439.442.64
there's nothing wrong with you yeah like440.883.039
what do you think you got a question a442.083.679
science buck can we do a scan of the443.9193.84
area i don't think there's socket spots445.7593.521
not here447.7594.16
listen i'm kind of glad because now449.284.0
this doesn't have very large shoes to451.9193.921
fill oh [ __ ] sorry453.283.759
i think what are you doing i455.843.359
accidentally shot a planet all right457.0394.16
well that's fine just try we don't know459.1993.601
if you you hopefully didn't kill461.1993.201
anything on the planet462.83.36
you see any other ships in the area ah464.43.76
here wait how do i scan well your466.164.08
sensors are right here right so we can468.163.439
put the sensors on the planet well i470.242.48
thought we were looking for stuff like471.5992.801
we know well yeah the sensors aren't472.723.199
detecting another ship planet's right474.43.12
because yeah because the sensors are475.9193.28
detecting two things in this sector yeah477.523.84
us and the planet okay let's look at the479.1993.361
planet right481.363.04
planets uh temperature482.563.12
location of uh485.684.72
climates sorry pilot stop sorry captain490.845.24
bring it down buddy sorry sorry494.04.639
it's a temperate climate location of a496.085.36
bulb tooth harvesting station498.6395.12
hey silvasi cipher detect thick you're a501.443.4
ah oh he's here now yeah hey buddy where504.845.96
were you we were doing your job can you508.3194.241
see what's going on here yeah i can't510.83.599
see his body i told you i didn't like it512.563.12
there we go that's what you're supposed514.3994.32
to look like yeah look515.686.4
i'm the lead savasi here so watch518.7194.8
watch yourself523.5193.361
or i'll blow your [ __ ] head off i524.883.76
like it i like it establish dominance526.883.6
that's right i'm gonna pee on them too528.643.759
you're kind of establishing insecurity530.482.88
as well532.3992.401
all right where are you at where are you533.364.32
at i will blow your [ __ ] head off wow534.84.159
captain do you want who you want going537.683.04
on down onto the planet tell you what538.9593.921
let's send our weapons guy540.724.96
and then uh maybe i'd say science guy542.884.079
but crap545.683.44
he's worthless no he's he's a piece of546.9593.361
[ __ ]549.123.36
yeah do i need to take the actual550.324.24
biscuits with me down there no no we all552.483.919
have a biscuit gun oh tell you what554.564.88
abstract you and thick you and thick556.3994.721
that's it all right we're going to the559.443.44
teleporter we're going down the planet561.124.32
all right all right okay we'll be back562.886.48
all right me and you simon oh okay565.445.36
all right thick you want to hit the569.362.64
teleport button to get down to the570.83.36
planet sure go572.03.279
oh there you go and i'm right behind you575.2793.601
oh did you put a suit on no he said585.764.72
we scanned the surface it said it was a588.883.2
temperate climate it don't need it looks590.483.76
[ __ ] ice cold here no it's temperate592.083.199
you know it looks cold but this is nice595.2794.081
all right well let's see man do you have597.5193.76
a scanner i don't have a scanner that's599.363.36
one thing i really wish you know maybe601.2792.881
if we go to port maybe i can buy a602.723.04
scanner but i see something i see a604.164.64
structure over here oh spider605.764.0
oh no608.84.719
i guess we got to watch out yeah yeah609.766.56
cap captain uh-huh captain i i'd like to613.5195.521
uh propose something that we616.325.12
kind of like just always do on the ship619.044.88
like something like uh maybe a procedure621.443.76
if you will623.924.08
and is it okay if i do my pitch yeah625.24.96
it's very short very simple yeah okay i628.04.24
think that we should have everyone630.164.239
should be on the same page and we should632.244.24
always say like when we get to where we634.3995.201
gotta go we have an a i j636.486.32
a i j stands for always initiate jump639.65.76
gotcha always like right now perfect642.85.44
example boom over there645.364.88
jump you know why648.244.64
you're ready to go you never know yeah650.244.32
okay look i'm a new captain so i don't652.883.12
know if there's a downside of that there654.563.92
might be like maybe maybe it draws power656.04.0
that we need for shields or weapons or658.483.12
something ah660.04.399
now until we until we learn that let's661.65.84
be ready i love it until we learn that664.3994.641
we will be ready and you tell the other667.443.36
guys they need to be on the same page669.043.76
because anyone can initiate jump yeah670.84.719
we'll call that the simon law yes672.85.279
yeah i love it all right i've i feel675.5194.801
like i've contributed slightly we're a678.0794.641
team yeah baby and you are my captain680.324.48
you'll always be my captain i love this682.725.04
i don't even care if you get like not684.84.64
captain anymore and then and then687.763.759
someone else takes over you'll always be689.444.079
mine i don't know that was a possibility691.5193.361
no well i mean693.5192.721
they've been talking about it already694.882.88
but i mean696.244.32
always mine okay697.764.88
hey uh captain come in700.564.8
go ahead um your engineer right yes i'm702.644.48
engineer yep uh this plant is kind of a705.363.36
bust nobody wanted biscuits but we did707.123.12
rob some people708.723.44
you robbed people yeah yeah we we took710.243.36
you know we found a bunker a guy's712.163.28
asleep he's living with a robot it's713.64.08
probably a sex thing okay um so we're715.444.0
just gonna steal his stuff717.683.44
we live with the robot all right but719.442.88
let's don't do that because i think721.122.399
there's you know722.322.88
reputations and stuff well that's the723.5193.041
thing you what you need to do if you're725.23.12
gonna rob people we need to have a take726.564.8
off your uniform policy does your728.325.199
uniform say fluffy biscuit on it uh i731.364.64
don't it might thick does my uniform say733.5193.76
fluffy biscuit736.02.72
it doesn't it okay yours does my gun has738.725.28
it okay my gun has it does that count742.163.359
yeah that counts yeah744.03.6
then they say they stole our stuff all745.5193.44
right well look we just won't tell747.62.88
anybody but uh i think we're done here748.9592.801
on this planet you want us back on the750.483.039
ship yeah bring it back751.763.28
all right dick let's get out of here753.5194.0
okay i think i just sold this robot's755.045.599
biscuits oh wait you did maybe so yeah757.5194.56
no that's what we're here to we're here760.6392.961
to do we're here to solve ourselves762.0793.2
bought seven biscuits [ __ ] yeah we763.64.64
talking names yeah kevin we sold some765.2794.961
biscuits oh hold up did we get credits768.244.64
already check i'm working770.246.8
i've sold 38 biscuits 31 biscuits oh my772.885.92
goodness oh777.044.32
baby baby yeah you can either hard sell778.84.88
or soft sell i'm i'm gonna try to get no781.364.08
he's not interested he's asleep thick783.684.0
all right all right i'm just trying but785.443.68
hey that's exciting this is our first787.683.44
biscuit sale okay we're heading back to789.126.24
the ship well done gentlemen 31 biscuits791.127.279
what a start good day cat795.366.64
great day simon yeah stealing last but798.3996.921
great day802.03.32
captain's log815.364.64
we are almost to our first warp break we816.884.72
don't know what's going to be there820.03.36
could be no i think you do that in the821.64.0
captain's room like at the end of the823.364.8
day well look not just here okay you825.64.479
also have to record it maybe your other828.163.28
captains did but830.0793.681
look we're almost there okay okay i831.443.36
think you're actually writing a log833.762.639
you're just sitting there i know but i834.82.399
i don't think the other guys do it837.1992.481
either they don't write it no they838.482.88
record it never seen it written down839.683.12
anywhere are you recording it somewhere841.362.88
yeah i'm just saying it oh if i were842.83.92
captain i i would have tons of logs you844.244.399
can't be captain you're nuts well lots846.723.84
of captains are nuts that needed to be848.6393.601
said absolutely captain crunch850.563.12
crazy these little nuts look i think852.242.959
we're coming out of warp here in like853.682.959
yeah five seconds yeah that was a part855.1993.681
of the captain's log okay so everyone856.6393.681
had attention i would imagine you ready858.883.68
yeah you're ready i'm ready pilot be860.323.04
what's that above us863.363.52
science man what's that what is that864.9594.961
whoa i see a structure with mines all866.885.04
around it looks like we can get some869.924.0
whoa whoa whoa hey i'm just moving i'm871.923.84
not i'm not moving away i'm not moving873.923.44
closer to it i want to get a better view875.763.12
hey guys i'm gonna do captain stuff now877.363.599
okay okay sorry all right i wanna878.884.72
investigate this ship uh thick can you880.9594.081
start targeting those mines and clearing883.63.359
them out so we can move in closer i can885.043.68
yes yeah captain i see a little blue886.9593.281
thing in there i think that's scrap we888.723.2
picked that stuff up yeah we can use890.242.8
that to uh891.923.599
oh wow that explosion hit us uh really893.044.239
uh oh yeah new repairs check the ship895.5192.88
for a year yeah yeah i'll go to the897.2793.761
engineering all right so i'll be moving898.3994.161
a little farther and we'll be seeing901.043.28
what we can do so you know we're in red902.563.92
alert we don't need to be in red alert i904.324.24
didn't do that i know we did it because906.483.359
we got hit by something it's an908.563.12
automatic thing there you go thank you909.8394.081
i'm going the wrong direction aren't i911.683.68
wait can you try not to blow up stuff913.923.039
that's right near us915.363.839
just i felt like it was far away so it916.9594.88
didn't seem like it was like right now919.1994.32
we're pretty far away can you still921.8393.841
shoot things from there i could try hold923.5194.56
on captain i'm in the back we look925.684.64
pretty good you didn't see any fires no928.0793.601
we don't have any fires back here930.322.4
engineering looks good we're still in931.682.88
red alert you know how to take us out i932.723.359
did take us out i went like this and i934.563.839
hit green alert okay gotcha i still feel936.0793.601
like it's blinking red down here man938.3993.12
we're still getting hit by probably six939.683.599
laser bombs i'm not no941.5192.641
shouldn't be required944.162.88
again because we're too close to these945.5194.081
mines blowing up okay that's why i asked947.044.96
you i got a weapon system fired but that949.64.239
doesn't make any sense yeah we got to be952.03.199
getting debris from these mines maybe we953.8392.641
should just back off from the mines a955.1993.281
little bit pilot that's you buddy that's956.484.88
me guess what i'm moving a good bit away958.485.039
right now i think you should have clear961.364.88
shots i mean not really i mean i see a963.5195.521
little we're966.242.8
i want to get closer i can't though they972.164.0
keep on saying i gotta get farther away974.164.799
that's insane well we're getting damaged976.164.88
captain how are we getting damage from978.9594.88
this look how far away we are yeah no981.045.039
i'm seeing that that is insane983.8394.0
it's almost cleared out though so hold986.0793.841
hold tight okay hold your little titty987.8393.44
biscuits maybe it's just because the989.923.44
weapon system's firing it thinks like oh991.2794.48
the weapon system fire go to red alert i993.364.479
don't see any mines right now okay why995.7593.681
don't you take us close997.8393.68
so we can get some of this scrap more999.444.0
power in the weapons all right so am i1001.5194.081
going over to that like blue glowing1003.443.6
thing over here1005.62.32
all right1007.041.919
go to it i'm still getting used to this1008.9595.041
captain you're doing great simon bot you1011.683.44
are oh1014.03.36
you grabbed it oh what's reverse control1015.124.56
oh there are some mines up in there okay1017.364.56
backing up backing up backing up okay1019.683.279
all right so uh1022.9593.761
what else there's there's more right we1024.43.679
should get more scraps oh yeah we should1026.722.64
get scraps1028.0793.6
like space currency right exactly i just1029.364.079
don't i just don't see any others so1031.6793.841
just go around and if you guys see1033.4393.12
damn i'm just happy to see one it's1036.5594.48
above us above us there are some more1038.44.96
mines in there let's let's go in closer1041.0393.76
be careful though1043.363.839
that's what i'm going to try to do1044.7993.681
oh [ __ ]1048.482.24
hey captain1049.63.36
yeah um i don't i don't have a repair1050.724.8
tool you don't yeah no i think we need1052.964.4
to go to port that's on the point i1055.523.279
thought the fluffy biscuit gun was the1057.363.52
repair tool is it is it not no that's1058.7993.601
for selling biscuits1060.883.12
is something broke1062.43.68
no nothing's broke okay i just say i i1064.04.559
thought i would have a repair tool1066.084.16
i heard i heard thick say the fluffy1068.5594.0
biscuit tool was a repair tool oh maybe1070.244.319
he's right i'll try it next time next1072.5594.561
time we get damaged oh [ __ ] okay what1074.5594.081
sorry i'm gonna back up there's a mine1078.646.0
right down there i'm gonna do this1080.965.76
there you go thick1086.725.199
good job thank you red alert again1088.45.12
all right now wait i got another mine1091.9193.521
right here you do that you can hit1093.526.24
unless you have the full mine targeted1095.446.8
you won't hit it well i can get closer1099.764.24
yeah simon bott take us in a little1102.244.08
closer all right come on baby1104.03.84
there we go i got that one there we go1106.323.52
there we go all right all right so so1107.844.16
now yeah just just bring us in and i see1109.844.24
this scoop up this cr this cram scrap1112.03.76
that's what i'm trying to do let's see1114.083.52
clear oh there's a lot of scrap in here1115.767.0
this is great okay hold on back it up1117.65.16
yeah you got to be close1124.482.72
i think you got the bottom one didn't1126.02.799
you i did okay1127.23.04
i do see a mine1128.7994.081
or it did a lot close enough come on1130.245.12
baby come on oh yeah there we go we got1132.883.679
that one1135.363.36
do i go farther up or what1136.5594.401
i can't see much pat oh i think i see1138.723.6
some blue over there there's more in1140.962.32
here yeah1142.322.719
oh [ __ ] what was that1143.283.44
how's our hole and everything did i just1145.0394.241
hit something yeah but the holes1146.724.319
oh yeah but yeah we had shields up i1149.283.92
think we're fine okay um i don't see a1151.0394.481
way where i could fit through1153.23.92
my brain's having a heart and i need to1155.523.12
[ __ ] where'd you get this robot cam i i1158.644.56
have super hearing because i'm a robot i1161.284.24
hear you talking [ __ ] yeah no astro it1163.24.479
was this oh we got it we got that one1165.523.68
yeah yeah1167.6793.36
for shooting robots pretty good it was1169.23.44
him can you imagine him doing1171.0393.361
engineering or science1172.643.2
like this was the easiest job yeah1174.42.72
you're right all right all right sorry1175.843.28
for even bringing it up yeah you son of1177.123.84
a [ __ ] i'm just the way it is it's your1179.124.08
robot there's no emotions remember close1180.964.24
by i know i'm trying to turn towards it1183.23.76
by the way are you trying to get turned1185.22.56
come on1187.762.4
baby right i'm gonna go back into1190.843.64
engineering keep an eye on our reactor1192.962.32
we took no damage though there you go1195.284.16
yeah shields are up so we should be all1197.6794.401
right i'm being solved um i hope i'm not1199.444.0
screwing myself here but i'm just gonna1202.083.52
try to go around1203.443.599
oh boy oh1205.64.079
[ __ ] okay just don't hit it1207.0395.441
no i'm gonna do twist1209.6794.561
you think you got it1212.483.6
well if i shoot it is it gonna [ __ ]1214.243.2
don't shoot at this clock i'm not and1216.083.12
that's what i'm saying okay i was about1217.443.28
to say if i shoot it1219.23.52
we'll we'll get damaged1220.723.52
i think i think we should just get out1222.723.12
of here simon of course that's what i1224.243.439
said did we get all the scrap cap i1225.843.92
don't see any more all right i'm back in1227.6794.24
engineering and uh yeah we look great i1229.765.44
can't see where i'm going i'm all turned1231.9194.801
that was a hit we hit the wall like we1236.723.36
ran straight into the wall yeah it's not1238.5593.441
it's probably real dark in here isn't it1240.083.839
oh it is just1242.03.919
back straight up maybe i'm just trying1243.9195.201
to see my way out but i can't see1245.9195.841
oh oh [ __ ] i feel like i'm so close to1249.123.84
the thing1251.764.08
[ __ ] how do i get out of here hold on i1252.964.4
might be able to help you1255.843.28
okay if i hop on the other gun i think i1257.363.28
can light this place up a little better1259.122.799
so thick you have a flashlight on that1260.642.24
gun right1261.9193.601
yeah i think i do too so turned around i1262.884.159
don't know if i'm supposed to oh that's1265.523.36
the way we need to go simon that way1267.0394.0
you're facing the laser yeah1268.884.4
follow the laser that way okay sorry1271.0394.241
wrong way1273.284.399
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah1275.285.04
yeah yeah oh oh oh yeah steve one hey1277.6794.48
slow down slow down buddy you getting1280.325.2
little yeah yep okay1282.1597.4
this is really tight quarters1285.524.039
all right1292.083.599
oh wait did we did we charge the warp uh1293.444.32
i'm charging the warp right now you can1295.6794.321
probably take us to green dude i'm out1297.763.36
of here1300.02.64
of course should already be set line us1301.123.439
up captain let me know engineer when1302.643.2
we're ready1304.5593.041
linus you're the cap1305.844.0
pilot i meant pilot1307.66.12
my first day is captain1309.843.88

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