A Long Journey - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 3

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're in for a treat with their latest video on Darkness Falls. Thick and Neebs are em...
A Long Journey - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 3
A Long Journey - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 3

A Long Journey - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 3

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest video, 'A Long Journey - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 3'? It's my new favorite!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was hilarious! I loved watching you and Thick go on that crazy adventure.

neebs: I know, right? It was like watching Laurel and Hardy trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

simon: And the music choices were on point! I couldn't stop laughing at the dramatic soundtrack during your epic battles.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you're in for a treat with their latest video on Darkness Falls. Thick and Neebs are embarking on an epic adventure that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get into this time!

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I love how Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs, their graphics always look amazing. And the music in this video is spot on, setting the perfect mood for the adventure ahead. From Gustav Sting to Righteous, the soundtrack really adds to the overall experience.

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knock me off come on names i am trying4.884.76
up what have you done17.1993.201
i don't even have a good weapon you18.963.52
don't you're gonna fight it20.44.48
yeah i'm gonna fight a dog okay i just22.484.08
fought a dog do you hear the confidence24.883.36
in your voice though you've died like26.564.479
three times already died twice i don't28.245.36
know man twice could have been three31.0394.561
i got this fetch thing i need to do is33.64.4
this a real dog or a zombie dog a zombie35.64.24
dog we can't eat that no we can't eat it38.03.68
is your fetch up there uh i'm looking39.844.08
for it i think it's below it's in the41.684.559
house though it is in this house43.924.56
man i need to find some food i'll shoot46.2393.681
this zombie for you so he's not a48.483.12
problem okay49.923.279
yes sir nice form what do you leave me53.1996.401
he left me a shirt56.8795.2
a sweatshirt yeah nice if it gets cold59.65.12
i'm gonna wear that under my coat62.0795.44
i like layers64.722.799
what do you think huh think about those71.844.0
trees bubba we get a good look at you73.763.84
let me get a good look75.843.44
just very cautious77.64.24
very cautious this one yeah he looks so79.284.4
dumb i wish we could talk to these guys81.844.24
and trade with him oh83.684.88
here let me uh get out of your way sorry86.085.999
about that right so dora do you think uh88.565.68
let's see we're on day three already do92.0794.4
we just fortify the house we're staying94.244.8
in or do we build something like96.4794.881
on the exterior i you know i like the99.043.84
house for and it's not the best but i101.363.6
like that there's like a uh if we got102.883.519
animals we could put them in that fenced104.962.96
area out back you know if we're ever106.3993.521
getting that level okay yeah all right107.923.839
well then that's uh that's the deal109.923.76
we'll do that it's not a bad spot on the111.7593.921
outskirts there's just so much to to go113.684.0
after right from here as a central base115.683.68
true true and then yeah hopefully well117.682.88
if we can get to the point where we can119.363.92
make bikes we can get over to uh120.564.48
thick and needs yeah we're really close123.283.76
i mean we're close um i can make the125.045.04
bikes but i need the workbench simon god127.046.08
listen i am trying to move forward but i130.085.68
need some uh you guys got any bandages i133.124.16
don't have any cloth135.762.96
i have no bandages i have a bandage you137.283.039
need a bandage i would love a band i138.723.12
mean is it a bandage that's just a140.3195.601
medical one oh yes baby how sorry sorry141.846.08
jesus thank you i'll be back all right i145.923.84
want that [ __ ] workbench though today147.924.399
don't talk [ __ ] i am gonna talk [ __ ] to149.764.4
you until you get it done okay that's152.3193.601
fine actually i like it it motivates me154.165.65
thank you you're welcome all right break155.9225.92
john neebs okay i see him nice hey now181.844.08
that we're almost to the top of this184.8793.121
hill we can get a look at the sun yeah185.925.12
uh i think we only got a few hours left188.05.519
was a rabbit that's a rabbit okay yeah191.044.559
let's let's get that peak that we need193.5193.521
so we should probably195.5992.72
because man if it's gonna be nice soon i197.042.8
don't want to be stuck out in the woods198.3193.041
you want to build something and start to199.843.84
hunker down cook some of this meat yeah201.364.239
yeah we can do that or if we see some203.683.119
sort of a205.5994.56
dwelling that we can fortify a bit man206.7994.8
i'm just seeing mountains and more210.1593.761
mountains you know yeah what do you211.5993.681
think do we take our chances and go over213.923.679
the ridge or do we build something let's215.284.16
take our chances go over the ridge okay217.5994.161
but we're not going too far i'm with you219.444.56
and then we're building okay actually we221.763.44
gotta go this way to catch up with the224.03.08
others all right double time225.24.959
there's a bunch of zombies over there in230.563.92
that ditch simon uh231.844.88
ditch which which ditch yeah the one234.484.0
straight to the north oh yeah you know236.724.239
what follow me i want to try something238.485.2
oh by the way i did my stone and clay so240.9594.401
okay what are you gonna do now uh craft243.683.52
cobblestone shapes and place cobblestone245.363.76
shapes it just happened like a minute247.23.679
ago oh congratulations thank you very249.123.039
much yeah i gotta gather a few more250.8792.801
electrical parts that's what i got going252.1594.241
on okay but here i want to try something253.684.559
get sneaky get get sneaky all right hold256.43.839
on all right we don't want to piss off258.2394.481
the pile no all right260.2394.561
see i got this poo poo in my hand got262.725.36
this doo doo yeah i think if i throw the264.84.32
oh it bounced it did it bounced it269.123.84
looked like it hit the the light right271.043.84
it says it distracts zombies so let's272.963.519
get that dude all right get the dude get276.4793.44
that doo doo zombies go go go for the278.02.72
well that one guys went right to the280.723.6
doo-doo yeah he did and then he came282.323.84
over to us because he's he's walking in284.324.0
our direction scratching doing anything286.163.68
oh yeah we got more coming yeah there's288.323.68
a pile of them all right well i i don't289.843.68
want to be here anymore292.03.04
no yeah no i get it but it's also right293.522.56
in front of the house we gotta we295.042.64
probably gotta take him out okay because296.083.28
you know i guess i'll i'll i'll do some297.682.72
hey lady how you doing i'm gonna get300.44.88
this guy oh maybe not there we go watch302.325.12
out watch out here we go what happened305.284.4
wait a second i forgot i have a shotgun307.443.36
hey yeah yeah come on now i have a310.84.0
little party yep yep yep just clear it312.884.159
out there these are ditch zombies i got314.84.08
you we don't want them here because317.0393.521
they're ditch zombies in the318.882.879
bringing down the property value this321.7593.521
place was nice until the ditch zombies323.63.599
moved in yeah man it was a matter of325.283.34
time though zombies327.1994.61
oh yeah332.04.88
nice simon thank you all right rock and333.685.12
roll any of you guys got leather on you336.882.879
uh i don't think i have leather no i339.7594.481
just have uh what do they call that342.084.399
stuff the oh i do have leather can i344.244.16
just have it i feel like it's very346.4793.761
important for me to have some of it yeah348.45.04
but but how about i give you six okay is350.244.64
that good yeah it's great i'm gonna go353.443.12
cook a bunch of meat oh that's good i354.883.439
mean i haven't eaten any meat so it'd be356.563.759
nice to have some you seem to be quite358.3194.081
full i'm at like six right now i'm360.3194.641
starving always i'm cooking thank you362.44.239
how's that workbench coming simon uh364.963.519
well i don't know i've been trying to366.6393.601
craft things and do things i don't even368.4793.28
know what it is370.243.92
well you said i needed to do the things371.7594.401
right and then that will eventually make374.163.599
it so that i can do the other thing that376.162.64
you're talking about i don't even know377.7592.481
what you're talking about like i don't378.83.4
know i've never built a bench before380.246.32
yep he hit me you're shooting me yeah387.365.679
it hurt me crack i got it half health390.564.24
the bee has health393.0394.88
oh got the bee look at that thing394.85.6
back up back up okay all right oh god397.9195.041
what is that behind you buy you400.44.639
whoa crap see we should have built this402.963.519
house already yeah you're right you're405.0392.961
right you fight those i'm gonna see if406.4793.201
this okay i'll fight them you see if408.04.639
that thing okay honey let's run let's409.686.0
run yep running yep there was a bear so412.6395.361
stay to the right415.683.76
oh boy needs help418.05.319
oh my god oh man419.443.879
we should have built already all right433.364.559
well we can still build oh435.284.4
if i followed you437.9193.28
holy [ __ ]439.683.1
this is bad441.1996.14
i got look at this man i got jeans now450.884.96
jeans yeah i got jeans and i got a453.525.519
freaking helmet check this out boom ooh455.845.04
i got a t-shirt that's a nice that's a459.0393.801
nice bit of jeans dude check out my460.885.28
workbook oh right this is and here's my462.846.6
helmet bam simon yes466.164.96
that's badass can i just hand you this469.443.52
to uh seal up cause i know you're naked471.124.4
you're gonna need it oh yeah baby472.964.88
thank you and by the way i've also475.524.88
crafted a hundred cobblestone shapes and477.844.639
my next thing is to place them give me480.43.76
the rest of your leather okay you're a482.4793.84
good man look at that you you knew you484.164.56
knew you needed to give me something486.3194.0
sweet uh it's gonna get dark soon my488.723.12
proposal when it gets dark we turn these490.3194.16
fires out and uh cower on the roof again491.844.4
yes all right cowering on the roof i494.4793.601
like it god i need one more leather and496.243.44
i've got that whole all right498.083.839
i got you i got your leather oh wait one499.684.239
just one you got it you got it simon you501.9194.641
gonna give him i'm gonna give him yeah i503.9194.72
did it or one i gave him one okay let's506.565.44
go [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] oh508.6395.121
thick not off screen did you hear that512.04.24
damn it513.762.48
and uh hey518.1593.841
put a new mouse on the wish list yeah519.5994.641
you have anything to say i don't know532.482.56
i was good i was good we're both here535.047.28
with nothing hardly yeah538.646.319
but tomorrow's a new day yeah tomorrow's542.324.48
the day that i wanted to leave i think544.9594.88
yeah yeah we can do that546.83.039
guys yeah i did my uh you know the552.723.84
little things you got to do up in the555.363.36
right corner yeah the last one i did was556.563.52
crafting a bunch of leather stuff then558.722.799
they gave me this pipe rifle in a560.084.08
hundred rounds and my next thing is to561.5194.641
kill five zombies and five animals i564.163.28
mean that's it but they gave me this566.162.88
stuff damn567.443.44
all that gear you got on well no i made569.044.0
that found something okay but that's570.883.84
that is cool i love the fact that i got573.043.44
jeans and boots you don't understand how574.723.28
happy and there's a hole we heard him576.483.84
wait a second light oh my light doesn't578.04.959
work it's f oh is it f i was doing l580.324.72
yeah yeah there you go all right look at582.9594.721
that survivor down there where fighting585.044.88
zombies down there oh poor guy look at587.685.36
that poor guy oh wait i'll light him up589.925.28
yeah that did it i don't see a survivor593.043.28
in that car i don't i don't see it595.22.319
either well maybe there's not there's596.322.88
not it's just a pile of dumbass well597.5193.841
they're running back and forth as if599.24.24
yeah they're really dumb yeah super dumb601.365.12
there's my five zombies i could kill hmm603.444.88
that'd be dumb yeah that'd be super dumb606.483.12
okay i'm not gonna608.323.83
do it in the morning i'm gonna get them609.68.479
morning thick yep the bags are still618.0794.161
there do you want to run for it i do620.563.839
let's go let's go straight there don't622.244.08
don't stop nothing i really don't want624.3994.081
to start from scratch hope that wolf's626.325.199
gone yeah um and the bees i wonder if628.484.08
the bees are after you because you're631.5193.041
carrying honey or were you were you632.564.16
carrying honey probably was yeah i was634.564.399
all right guys i'm gonna start okay oh639.8394.721
yeah yeah go for it now you like this uh642.484.479
little thing up up there simon uh yeah644.564.16
are you talking about this rail yeah646.9593.361
yeah the railing that way you know we648.723.28
can look down and shoot these guys if650.322.8
they're trying to get in the basement652.03.2
which they are i love it it's starting653.123.44
to come together starting to feel like655.23.28
home you know what i'm saying yeah get656.564.56
there all right so you're doing that i'm658.484.56
coming down oh boy yeah they're coming661.124.24
in uh-huh are they like i can't come out663.044.16
the front door coming in yeah they've665.363.68
got a bunch of spikes there you kill the667.24.079
zombies with your pipe rifle yeah i do669.043.68
but you know671.2793.841
now i know i know all right well you're672.725.04
having to have you killed uh maybe two675.124.719
now like could i should i not kill any677.764.16
of that you get them i can get these679.8393.761
anytime i just wanted to start you know681.923.84
okay that's fine oops683.64.32
get this guy yeah i got that one okay685.764.48
okay yep i'm bringing him to you oh you687.926.0
got that guy good i'll take that one too690.243.68
beautiful all right i got my five694.883.68
zombies beautiful okay now i gotta get696.485.2
five animals and i'm gonna place these698.564.959
blocks all right i'm gonna go rinse701.684.48
refrigerators because i need forged iron703.5195.041
this way we grab mine then we head to709.5193.521
wherever you died711.364.56
oh yeah under those trees i assume that713.044.72
wolf lived or did you kill it i don't715.924.32
know man i think i killed it okay i717.764.48
don't see it okay you don't see a wolf720.243.76
do you oh wait wait oh nope that's a722.243.92
tree leaf watch my back yep i'm just724.04.24
gonna throw a little place to run to726.163.679
some spikes maybe728.244.64
okay on this rock can i climb up here729.8396.161
yep we got it take off yes732.885.36
thank goodness736.05.68
see my bag what killed you wolf a wolf738.245.12
does that mean there's a still wolf here741.682.8
hard to say743.362.8
here's what i'm going to do though i'm744.483.919
going to lay down a bedroll746.164.64
i'm just going to go to it good call748.3993.44
there we go751.8393.68
i'm watching you back there it is you753.045.28
got it all believe so yeah hey all right755.5194.481
let's clear this place out and uh you758.324.56
know set up regroup cook some food yeah760.05.519
we're back yeah we're back it's like we762.886.12
didn't even die765.5193.481
neebs yep drops okay there's one place781.365.599
of bed you know okay hurry up where'd784.3995.201
you go i'm i'm just outside of this786.9595.041
little uh place here this way okay there789.63.359
you go792.03.2
there you go buddy we're doing it we're792.9594.641
gonna get some weapons and maybe some795.26.639
first aid or maybe a motorcycle797.64.239
hey baby check out my new pistol so you802.324.8
crafted that thing yeah yeah it's my805.443.36
first one because i realized like i had807.123.36
some nine mil808.83.68
and look at this yeah810.483.919
sweet that'll call every zombie within a812.484.159
three block radius yep come on come at814.3993.44
come at me you sons of [ __ ]817.8394.401
yes ma'am i'm hungry for those for those822.245.36
yellow bags man i got one a little while825.5194.241
ago i got uh the hell did i get i got827.63.679
something good i got a helmet for you if829.763.36
you want it what kind of helmet uh i831.2793.441
don't know but it was a level 10 and it833.123.68
looked good but mine's at a level 11 and834.724.239
it has a light so okay yeah all right836.84.0
yeah we'll drop it i'll i'll take a peek838.9593.201
well it's in it's it i give you840.83.76
permission i'm the only unjammed box in842.163.76
there let's see i don't know i do like844.563.6
my hat though okay well your hat looks845.924.159
nice this one's black if you could paint848.164.08
it it would be good of course but i'll850.0793.921
take a peek at it all right you take it852.243.36
yeah i'm like i'm kind of at the point854.04.0
where i want to go into houses a little855.64.799
bit but yeah well i mean listen i am858.04.399
thirsty and i am hungry but i've been860.3993.44
thirstier and hungrier you want to go to862.3993.44
a place kind of close by yeah have we863.8393.36
done this blue one straight across the865.8393.36
street i have not i've been in the867.1994.241
garage but yeah why not all right let's869.1994.08
uh yeah let's peek in here yeah i was in871.444.56
the garage too873.2792.721
it was right to these trees man oh wait876.724.88
i see it though yeah okay yeah i meant878.9594.961
to have one uh i'll check it you ready881.64.32
yeah come on a cooking pot would be883.924.8
great who we got here uh oh there's885.925.279
electric baton what is that a bag of888.724.479
peanuts that excites you all right we'll891.1994.241
sort this later um the other one where's893.1993.681
the other one other ones over here all895.443.839
oh there's a bear out there too nope we899.2794.481
don't want that we don't we've got a big901.684.8
biker man we swing left oh yeah swing903.765.04
left what the hell is that box906.485.28
oh i see it oh that that bear's closed908.84.0
crouch oh wait i see the box am i in a912.84.479
better place to get it uh i think we're915.124.399
both all right you get it yeah i'll917.2794.641
fight this zombie off this is the day919.5194.241
thick 44921.924.8
dies by a bear oh yeah maybe i think923.764.16
you're fine926.723.6
you're all sneaky look at you uh-huh i927.924.4
just watched your bed oh wow930.324.4
got lots of stuff cooking pot i i didn't932.325.12
even look but i'm encumbered by 30 do i934.725.6
have steroids oh i got a dick puncher oh937.444.959
man just lots of stuff are we close to940.323.6
the other guys they're this way let's942.3993.921
just go let's just go943.923.27
all right taking point hello damn these952.884.56
[ __ ] doors956.0792.88
i'm not going to be opening any of these957.444.399
that's unlocked that's outside all right958.9596.161
okay this one here locked do we want to961.8396.24
do that we want to go downstairs all965.125.92
right you got them you got them one968.0794.481
oh yeah there you go all right i'm gonna973.7594.32
hit the cowboys getting up all right i'm976.244.08
gonna hit this guy oh yeah978.0794.641
all right me dude oh my god look what980.324.4
you did to that guy's face oh damn did982.725.039
you see that oh what you got984.723.039
all right you get that bag you deserve988.03.44
it thank you you deserve that bag oh i989.7593.921
got six bucks what a [ __ ] [ __ ] i know991.444.639
we can sell that for uh for money we can993.684.719
sell the money for more money okay it's996.0794.32
like finding six bitcoin all right well998.3994.161
i like that oh wait wait crouch crouch1000.3994.8
crap okay crouch crouch crap ooh i see a1002.564.88
[ __ ] over there in the corner1005.1993.041
all right1007.442.48
i'm gonna hit this [ __ ] in the head1008.244.08
can i swing while crouching i don't see1009.924.24
why not give give it a shot okay let me1012.323.519
try to hit this guy try to give him a1014.163.359
power move with the crouch1015.8394.0
hey buddy1017.5194.56
you absolutely care good1019.8393.601
all right looks like there's a way up to1022.0793.521
the roof hold on let me get this guy1023.444.32
sleeping going back in the club he's1025.64.16
dead look at all this excitement right1027.764.079
across the street from our place i know1029.763.36
it's wonderful i don't see anything in1031.8393.2
the fridge couple of murky waters hey1033.123.6
there's another cooking pot that's sweet1035.0393.28
i got something and there's a duffel bag1036.724.16
inside here i'm going for it uh oh i got1038.3195.36
a level 21 cr scrap iron spear hey1040.884.799
that's good all right i am going to get1043.6793.841
this refrigerator we got a guy we got a1045.6794.081
guy you got the guy mbj you might want1047.524.08
to stand up so you're more mobile okay1049.764.72
loud i'm already [ __ ] in the bed1051.64.4
running away i don't want to get hurt by1054.483.36
this guy okay hey leave my friend alone1056.04.0
you [ __ ] thank you here let me get him1057.845.68
i'ma [ __ ] him his little ass oh wow1060.07.4
you just pegged that [ __ ]1063.523.88
dick oh boy this uh yeah need to be1067.764.72
higher we're staying here yeah you do1070.884.4
that i got to put a ah we got a guy okay1072.484.4
you know what let me squeeze around you1075.284.24
don't shock me i like this little thing1076.884.64
so yeah we're not gonna make it today1079.523.76
all the way out there no no we're not1081.523.2
you shoot okay i was gonna say you could1083.282.88
shoot here you shoot from here i'll go1084.723.12
down there we should be in two different1086.163.92
places right nah there we go1087.844.8
above and beside how we looking let them1090.084.56
in hey oh there's two1092.643.44
i didn't realize there were two no1094.643.52
there's a bunch i thought it was sorry1096.084.0
close the door okay one second please1098.164.24
yep bam oh got some loot there's a bunch1100.084.88
more man yeah i would get building okay1102.44.08
i gotta tear this corner down what i1104.963.839
gotta do more luke you fighting them1106.484.48
yeah okay you know what let me get a1108.7993.921
block ready1110.963.2
gotta get that tourist out of here1112.722.88
they're making me nervous thick am i1114.163.92
safe yeah you're fine i see jumping and1115.65.52
stuff i know okay oh now they're it's1118.085.28
night time so they're gonna be faster i1121.123.76
don't know1123.363.28
okay we gotta kill these guys quick and1124.884.0
fill this hole oh man1126.645.52
just gotta chop this i need a better x1128.884.72
oh wow they're all coming up here1132.163.2
they're jumping right there i'll just do1133.63.84
that on top maybe that'll stop them oh1135.364.4
one's in they're coming oh they they1137.444.239
tore the thing up whoa keep shooting1139.764.799
buddy keep whoa please get up here hold1141.6795.281
on let me get around whoa boy1144.5594.801
oh boy they knocked me off come on names1146.963.44
okay i'm trying1149.363.84
i am trying1150.42.8
up here up here1153.9192.801
i'm gonna grab that maybe they can't1155.522.48
jump up1156.725.68
oh no we needed to reinforce more yeah1158.05.76
all right simon here's a hole i see a1162.43.44
[ __ ] i know and by the way1163.764.159
there's like a a closet thing that you1165.843.199
know like two of them are probably going1167.9192.721
to jump out of all right all right let's1169.0392.961
go down there and whoop them ass all1170.643.52
oh they didn't crouch oh crap oh wait no1174.5594.721
they're coming i saw yeah yeah there you1176.964.64
are all right smack her in the head all1179.285.36
right come on lady oh i'm a zombie1181.67.04
listen don't bother me oh nice all right1184.645.2
there's more in there aren't they1188.644.24
they're just chilling out let's see no1189.844.48
hey that's a that's a duffel bag1192.883.84
anything good in the duffel bag uh hey1194.324.479
that's a can of chili hey oh yeah hey if1196.724.8
you find canned food don't eat it i know1198.7994.88
wow it's so [ __ ] great to like not1201.523.6
have to eat canned food when you're1203.6793.681
starving but where's the good stuff i1205.124.4
don't know man oh there's ammo here oh1207.363.199
look at this1209.522.399
there's a lot of [ __ ] behind these1210.5594.081
paintings oh i got a level i do simon oh1211.9195.841
[ __ ] okay get me out of here oh here are1214.645.039
the goodies i found them oh good they1217.763.6
were in this room oh good the goodies oh1219.6794.081
watch this1221.362.4
come on all right all right all right1223.844.0
that's right don't get up now oh wow up1227.846.24
again really yeah now your head's off i1230.645.44
got some what is this a generic1234.084.32
schematic generic schematic paper used1236.084.479
for making notes when building complex1238.43.519
item okay1240.5594.641
and oh my god simon what good things1241.9196.521
sorry good thing i found me an1245.26.44
ak-47 holy and a little bit of1248.447.4
ammunition oh my goodness1251.644.2
i think the ak's russian actually okay1256.5594.761
i don't know how to do a russian accent1263.0394.64
dick yeah they came to the roof behind1270.485.199
us behind you oh i'm dead he's following1273.24.719
me shoot him or not shoot him or bow and1275.6795.12
arrow something okay moving yeah he's1277.9194.961
down okay fill this hole in where'd he1280.7994.161
get he came in over here somewhere right1282.882.88
we should crouch till morning okay [ __ ]1286.725.6
dora good job on the food today man i1293.523.6
just peeked in our trash can down there1295.283.36
good got it mighty you got a bunch of1297.123.76
meat dude i know and i got this silenced1298.644.56
rifle now i feel oh wait that's1300.884.0
so much better what is it where did you1303.23.44
get that from finishing all my hunter1304.884.0
quests oh it gave you a damn sniper1306.644.399
rifle yeah with a a silencer that's oh1308.883.679
that is nice1311.0393.041
i'm a little jealous yeah i mean i found1312.5593.281
an ak which is sweet too1314.083.839
that's nice too i'm just happy with my1315.844.88
my pipe pistol hey we all got guns1317.9195.441
yeah we do guns oh yeah all right so1320.724.8
we're going into day five i'm just going1323.363.76
to keep gathering wood i want to load1325.523.92
spikes all around this sumbitch yep yep1327.124.72
yep yep that's what we should be doing i1329.443.76
wonder when those1331.843.6
idiots will get close oh yeah what about1333.23.92
them i mean according to the map there1335.443.2
they're out there in the woods somewhere1337.123.36
so hopefully they'll get to us living1338.644.399
their best life yeah i'm sure they are1340.484.91
i'm sure they're getting along great1343.0397.03

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