The Great Potato Famine - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 49

Today in Darkness Falls, the gang struggles to fix their food supply. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►SUPPORT us on PATREON https://www...
The Great Potato Famine - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 49
The Great Potato Famine - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 49

The Great Potato Famine - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 49

Neebs Gaming

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Today's episode of Darkness Falls is an absolute rollercoaster of emotions as the gang tries to figure out how to fix their dwindling food supply. You won't want to miss this one, trust me.

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yes sir I'm making a blank class paper11.125.44
you know what I'm talking about I do14.584.76
actually I don't know how to make one16.565.639
it's so that you can become another like19.345.26
class yeah I'm gonna be a scavenger I22.1994.861
want to do that too which part I want to24.64.2
get the papers or I want to be a27.063.059
scavenger I don't want to put the [ __ ]28.83.42
together with a scavenger probably but30.1193.6
there's other things to be too yeah32.222.94
there is I just look for like the33.7193.241
benefits of you know because I'm selfish35.164.32
and that's going to benefit you yeah to36.963.9
be that because you get to upgrade39.483.12
better things oh I don't know but40.864.8
there's you do what it's good trust me42.65.04
if you get perks by having another thing45.663.78
there's almost enough stuff in this uh47.644.2
book stuff thing to have another what49.444.08
I'm doing yeah I wouldn't want to do51.844.26
that then yeah for sure I'm doing it I'm53.524.62
doing it hitting it hitting it hit it56.13.479
and quit it I better have to put my hot58.142.52
bar it's probably one of those things59.5792.881
okay and then after you're done if I can60.663.12
bend over give me a little smack in the62.464.68
butt nope no one sec little gentle smack63.785.04
I'll do I will thank you67.146.36
give me an S give me a c give me an a do68.827.86
it just do it give me V how do I do it73.56.0
and then there's a is it e or a after76.685.04
that then give me an N everybody79.55.159
remember give me a G how to do give me81.726.74
an e and an R stop that spell stop it84.6596.78
spells scavenger [ __ ]88.465.76
anybody remember91.4392.781
hey Dora hey hey did you make a book I95.1195.801
did you got to put it in your hot bar99.4794.861
and use it yeah that's what I was it's100.927.26
spelled I got it you did yeah I'm gonna104.346.239
craft the scavenger book I'm not that108.183.899
dumb after all there you go then you110.5793.601
gotta put the book in your hot bar and112.0793.841
you gotta do it I'll catch y'all later114.183.36
I'm going to work on the base thanks115.922.54
what is going on here this whole world120.924.96
is in danger no one even realizes it123.427.319
potato shortage uh oh thank God here we125.887.14
go why are potatoes growing I think130.7393.481
there was a movie about this wasn't133.023.06
there was this the this might have been134.223.42
the plot of interstellar136.083.72
oh God I hope I'm Matthew McConaughey137.644.2
people like him139.84.019
I have not seen this many potato it's141.846.18
always corn this is great okay ah I143.8197.201
wonder what's in that Barn Silo it was148.026.68
some concrete or something I give abstra151.023.68
hello oh there you are oh boys two of155.946.24
you okay you guys got any concrete or159.843.539
we have really gotten strong165.5997.261
yep there you go potatoes okay oh I'll168.367.2
take this money oh I'm not even done172.867.44
potatoes metal okay upstairs here we go175.566.92
what we got180.36.299
so how's the bird182.488.8
home run baby okay here we go oh crap I186.5997.801
even saw that dummy can I parkour up191.285.039
here yeah194.44.979
it does yeah we're like tomorrow okay196.3195.221
we're like The Avengers but clumsy come199.3793.36
there here we go and up okay potatoes202.7399.36
I hear you back there bring out your210.2398.341
potatoes oh my gosh look at you nuts oh212.0996.481
who's next man I love this Patel whoa219.848.539
there he goes stay down nope sir222.485.899
wow she's back I counted her out but she228.867.299
still got some fight in her okay that's233.45.699
it Miss this would make my day if he had236.1594.361
where you going tubs going to Subway246.787.08
oh Windy's down okay249.626.459
all right let me see I have rewired253.867.08
everything let's give phase one a test256.0796.9
generator on260.944.02
generator on262.9796.121
generator on so phase one264.967.1
boom boom boom269.15.76
Oh wait so I'm still not spinning272.065.26
where are you guys spinning let's hold274.863.54
one whole side here just not even277.322.34
shut it down oh wait oh because I didn't279.665.759
turn that up there we go there all right281.586.36
let's see let me get a look up top285.4194.981
how we doing how we doing oh yeah yeah287.947.88
yeah I'm chewing some zombie booty290.45.42
okay phase one's looking pretty good I295.945.819
hey oh what's up Dora listen I'm uh302.044.8
gonna be a scavenger now thanks to your305.13.539
help and stuff this is looking great by306.843.6
the way thank you it's uh it's coming308.6393.361
along it's probably gonna be like my310.443.06
last project it's gonna fail immediately312.03.6
but I have several points of failure313.54.62
this time sure did you clear the top of315.64.92
this building uh the very top yes names318.123.66
and I went up there there's a penthouse320.523.36
up there that's sweet oh really you know321.784.68
what because weirdly um you know I kind323.883.96
of have to like start from scratch when326.463.0
I do this new uh now that I got327.843.48
scavenger stuff right right and one of329.463.84
the things I just had to do was make331.324.68
um oh I have to make 150 frame shapes oh333.35.04
my God and then place a hundred well I336.03.78
can do the plays 100 and then I'll make338.343.24
50 more oh you gotta Place 100 of them339.784.199
isn't that weird for a a thing Daddy341.585.1
yeah it's yeah I don't care for it yeah343.9794.381
but uh I feel like they're treating me346.682.82
like a child again like I don't know how348.362.76
to do this you know at this point in the349.53.78
game it's pretty late yeah oh did you351.123.299
say you just get a nerd pole up there353.283.6
place in a hundred taking a peek at the354.4194.441
at the suite and probably placing356.884.259
another hundred oh that's not a frame358.865.04
shape though is it what a frame shape in361.1394.261
the frame shape just like the basic one363.93.66
or does it matter oh I made it I made365.44.38
the wrong ones maybe [ __ ] I think you367.563.9
made wood but but does it count because369.783.12
are those wood frame shapes what are371.462.7
they called that you're dropping right372.94.859
now what did I make oh let's see yeah I374.165.7
made wood cubes what an idiot yeah you377.7593.481
need to make frame shapes you're damn379.863.48
right I do I'm glad I said something me381.244.44
too um you think I can survive this drop383.344.74
with my skills oh absolutely go for it385.684.2
yeah that's nothing388.083.72
boom look at you you're fine I'm389.884.259
absolutely fine you look fine you look391.84.92
fine you look good I mean let's just394.1394.5
stop at the front no I like that come396.725.18
here I gotta get more um398.6393.261
oh yeah406.344.56
I got a base to build oh408.247.14
yeah exit smack it smack it smack it410.98.799
Smack It smash it oh yeah smack it oh415.387.2
yeah that's a good wood oh yeah not419.6995.241
[ __ ] okay yep that was I should have429.3196.16
realized that was very obvious I uh I432.37.32
had the exploding crossbow bolts and435.4796.361
then I saw a zombie and then I shot at439.624.859
it forgetting that it was the exploding441.845.34
crossbow did you break anything no no I444.4794.741
killed the zombie but it was it was loud447.185.4
and surprised no one else came are you449.225.28
not worried about the potato shortage I452.583.78
feel like everyone's just relaxed like454.53.3
there's not something wrong going on up456.364.92
here no I mean I I I'm kind of concerned457.85.64
about it because you are potatoes are in461.285.039
everything right I'm glad everyone's so463.444.56
calm well what do you want me to do you466.3193.961
want me to freak out squirt [ __ ] milk468.04.38
out of my nips what do you want quit470.285.28
eating quit eating that'd help so you472.386.719
want us to starve okay hey go out and475.565.759
find potatoes all right go where do I479.0994.261
find them buddy they got wiped481.3195.88
you know just walk the land green yeah483.366.0
white flower green leaves white flowers487.1994.021
but there's grass too that does that so489.364.14
don't be fooled green leaves white491.225.34
flowers you got it I'll go walk the493.53.69
yo what's up baby you think I can make507.2593.821
this jump509.7595.821
um yes I I don't no you can do it oh we511.086.12
gotta try right oh that's easy because515.583.24
you got the uh you got the perk and you517.23.12
got the boots right yeah I'm gonna even518.824.26
add a jump to it ready yeah do it here520.325.06
we go523.082.3
you're fine wow I'm down to 130 from uh527.67.419
260 or so that's fine you're good I told532.564.08
you you could make it yeah my head's a535.0193.961
little just ringing a bit gotcha you're536.643.9
gonna leave that uh that big thing there538.984.14
huh oh here I'll uh I'll do this for you540.543.359
can I take these out let's see bam there543.8995.701
we go oh that's fun oh yeah look at that547.087.04
oh yeah ow ow ow549.64.52
all right buddy listen pal I don't need556.226.04
no trouble you understand I'm just560.166.239
trying to find some potatoes562.264.139
anything around here oh hello566.4598.581
here they're glowing right there are you571.268.28
oh [ __ ] hey oh damn okay waking you up I575.047.38
knew up oh God what was that that579.544.739
sounded like an explosion582.424.14
I just want some potatoes you happen to584.2794.981
know where any potatoes are oh geez come586.565.6
out geez could you scared the589.266.36
jimmys out of me oh wow there's there's592.166.28
some hairy [ __ ] going on over here595.624.92
I don't think I like it598.444.74
damn it I missed you603.184.74
trying to be quiet605.765.22
damn it I missed you again you are lucky607.925.28
one more shot I'm Gonna Let You Go if I610.984.14
miss all right I didn't let it I didn't613.23.18
let it happen615.124.1
oh wow Army dude what are you doing here616.387.86
what is going on you too please this is619.227.179
a crazy is there some like experiments624.243.84
going on in the farm626.3994.88
this is interesting628.088.28
oh yeah I don't like this at all let's631.2796.581
go loud636.364.02
yeah you I don't like get away from me640.386.72
this is not smart to do but I'm doing it644.34.08
I don't care647.15.46
leave me be if a screamer comes I'm just648.387.5
gonna run you you you652.567.14
damn you all right I'm Going Quiet again655.886.399
I think I panicked I didn't need to but659.73.98
I should load it662.2794.441
I swear there better be a freaking663.686.46
potato at this Farm666.725.94
if there isn't I'm gonna throw a fit670.144.8
because I'm an old man that plays games672.664.63
for 11. come on potato674.948.0
okay it is getting out of hand who's682.945.56
that neebs yep sir what's up you've685.564.8
heard about the potato problem right I688.53.18
feel like yeah I've heard you mention it690.362.94
what's going on with the potatoes is691.684.02
this water just gonna keep growing water693.34.5
growing yeah I'm making a roof uh roof695.73.72
roof Farm oh697.83.779
oh there we are I don't understand how699.423.96
is the water growing yeah it just keeps701.5793.781
like look at it man water in this game's703.383.959
always been just such a cluster I want705.363.3
to plant some potatoes up here so we707.3393.24
don't starve to death you know um yeah I708.663.239
would I would like not to starve to710.5793.421
death so if I go here I'm gonna do one711.8994.38
of these oh well I know I got a ton of714.03.959
meat I mean I know it doesn't feel fill716.2794.081
us up as good as the other stuff but are717.9594.081
we really gonna starve to death I mean720.363.96
do you want to eat 50 meat a day no I722.045.96
don't I go and can I is that gonna grow724.325.94
maybe you mean you're the one been doing728.03.64
this yeah nothing's been growing it's730.263.54
like all of a sudden there's uh the731.644.439
dirt's no good or something and you bet733.84.68
you've been tilling the dirt right736.0794.32
you just you just saw me do it right738.483.72
yeah I mean again you've been doing this740.3993.241
I have and I am not the expert at742.23.12
farming this game let's go look at the743.642.699
farm over there and see if that's745.322.28
growing you ready oh yeah the one you746.3394.201
built yeah we go didn't you have a pie747.65.4
I'm out there I did and I think what I750.543.72
might have been doing wrong is I didn't753.04.86
have water right here by the uh the754.267.259
receiver yeah so hmm are these they look757.865.099
like they're finally this corn is761.5193.241
growing finally okay so if the corn is762.9594.261
growing then is this potato yeah these764.764.68
are growing767.225.88
so crisis averted I hope so you should769.445.16
have a lot more than this right I mean773.13.299
how long how far down can you extend774.63.66
this I'm gonna now that it's working I'm776.3994.021
gonna uh make it go further yeah I say778.263.66
you make this this like yeah you should780.423.419
go crazy with yeah farming over here but781.923.539
all the other Farms they just quit783.8393.321
growing yeah it doesn't make any sense785.4595.101
all right sleep easy tonight okay um I787.166.16
will how about some uh hobo stew oh yeah790.564.92
coming up I'm gonna be at the cafe later793.323.71
I'll see you at clutters795.483.32
stop rabbit stop right there oh I missed798.86.159
a rabbit all right I want to kill the802.264.5
stop right there806.764.139
you're lucky behind forget it forget808.565.339
that I'm going come on potato come on810.8997.261
potato give me cotton and [ __ ]813.8996.231
but that looks like potato number one823.85.45
gotten nice826.9410.339
they need yeah Hey listen I got five839.365.56
potatoes for you okay listen the842.4594.32
potatoes at the Garden over there are844.925.219
growing so oh wait wait wait so you I846.7794.86
thought that there was a big deal going850.1393.601
on here and you're like you weren't851.6394.801
grown before but they are now let's see853.744.8
those potatoes sounds dirty when you say856.443.6
it like that well I could say anything858.544.26
and you would say that so okay there's860.044.08
some potatoes and you know what else I862.84.56
got uh-huh what carrots yeah I've never864.125.519
found these for carrots yeah well I'll867.363.479
take them though because it would be869.6393.721
rude to not take them yeah it would be870.8394.321
and you know what here here hold on hold873.364.38
on yep get back up here take my take my875.164.799
tomatoes too just take them because it's877.745.64
kind yep and say thank you yep thank you879.9595.461
Simon for my tomatoes thank you for883.384.56
everything we're gonna eat salmon okay885.424.02
thank you887.944.42
it's a waste of my afternoon889.4411.79
you gave me Tomatoes I made tomato juice908.7794.661
oh thank you okay here's what we do this911.164.56
is my new hotel but days in all right I913.444.259
like it are there bidets915.723.419
um there's gonna be we gotta renovate917.6994.681
okay but now we go in we both have four919.1395.401
contact grenades I don't want to use922.383.72
grenades we're going to use contact924.544.38
grenades and you can't use your gun or926.14.26
anything else until you've used all four928.924.08
grenades yeah well what do you mean when930.364.32
we go in and we see a threat we use the933.03.24
grenades first when we're out of934.682.82
grenades then we can switch to other936.243.48
weapons so as it hold to hold left click937.54.079
I don't know I think we just figured out939.723.479
when we get in there I think that if I941.5793.901
hurt you accidentally then I'm gonna try943.1993.601
not to do that don't throw grenades945.483.18
towards each other right like I'll go946.83.12
left you go right when we get in there948.663.84
oh my God you feel good about this no949.925.099
okay let's do it all right I go left you952.56.18
go right okay okay hmm you know what955.0196.481
right is right yep okay oh boy I'm958.684.019
already at a dead end how's you looking961.54.98
dead end really yeah but there's doors962.6995.58
here so the threats are going to come966.484.14
out the doors okay maybe you would think968.2794.081
oh wait can I get a grenade through970.623.779
there here we go I'm gonna try one all972.362.88
um okay and what how do you do that okay975.246.18
how did you do that uh did the left one979.0194.921
is she not dead I did the left one then981.425.279
the right one okay pull the pin yep hold983.944.759
them with the left986.6996.0
okay can I get her I think I got one all988.6995.921
right now your turn all right hold on992.6995.521
all right in there hold the pin with the994.625.339
left yep throw it with the right do you998.223.84
see a zombie no but I don't see a zombie999.9593.541
and and the left didn't pull the pin1002.063.54
you're just holding a lap grenade wow1003.54.56
okay you see him I threw it no you're1005.64.32
native all right hold on no because1008.063.42
you're running in that direction he's1009.923.419
nowhere near me no he's right behind you1011.484.46
yep okay1013.3392.601
got him really uh I mean I also hurt1016.426.159
myself he's still up yep I just drew two1019.944.44
grenades I'm leaving1022.5795.22
watch out I tried1024.385.64
I threw the grenades and then it and1027.7993.54
then they didn't go off why didn't they1030.023.299
go off did you pull the pin I thought I1031.3394.74
probably do that probably not and oh1033.3195.821
good for you okay that hurt all right I1036.0795.1
got one left what do you got I threw all1039.143.48
my grenades that's a good way to get rid1041.1793.421
of them you just throw them and then1042.623.839
this way nobody really gets hurt except1044.64.44
for me because I'm hurt all right well I1046.4594.621
got one more I'm going back in good for1049.044.32
you I'm glad this is your dumb idea hey1051.085.16
you lived I did didn't get that smokey1053.365.88
guy Smokey green coming at you have a1056.245.16
match yet oh crap there's so many you1059.244.2
did and I would help you if I cared but1061.43.84
I don't know I do care it's all right1063.444.14
you ready back up here we go yep get him1065.245.42
you got it1067.583.08
was that his body that was his body1072.525.32
that's amazing I'm glad I got to see1075.23.67

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