Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? Blade & Sorcery is back with part 2, and this ...


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Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Blade & Sorcery adventure! Today's video is all about that epic Dooku head chop! I mean, who doesn't love a good head chop in VR, am I right?

simon: Oh yeah, that head chop was legendary! But let's not forget the real star of the show, Neebs getting distracted by his own reflection in the mirror. Classic Neebs move right there!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! But seriously, that Dooku head chop was so satisfying to watch. And Neebs, next time, try not to get too caught up in your own good looks, okay?

neebs: Hey, I can't help it if I'm a handsome devil! But yeah, that head chop was definitely the highlight of the video. Can't wait to see what other shenanigans we get up to in the next Blade & Sorcery adventure!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? Blade & Sorcery is back with part 2, and this time Neebs joins the fun. But, there's a hilarious twist - he can't seem to get past looking at himself in the mirror. It's just classic Neebs humor at its finest!

If you missed part 1, don't worry, you can catch up by watching it here: [link to part 1 video]. The mods they're using in this video are from "The Outer Rim" by Kingo64, adding a whole new dimension to the gameplay.

The Blade & Sorcery playlist on Neebs Gaming is always a blast to watch, and if you're a fan of VR games, you'll definitely want to check out their VR playlist too. And let's not forget about the one-offs playlist, where you never know what kind of wacky adventure the crew will embark on next.

As a die-hard fan, I always love seeing Neebs Gaming collaborate with different creators and showcase new mods and games like they do in this video. Plus, the camaraderie and banter between the guys always makes for a fun and entertaining watch. And hey, if you're a coffee lover like me, don't forget to check out the Neebs Gaming Coffee!

So grab your favorite snack, kick back, and enjoy the latest Blade & Sorcery video on the Neebs Gaming channel. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs community on Patreon, Twitch, and Discord. Let's show our support for these awesome content creators who never fail to make us laugh and keep us entertained.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Blade & Sorcery is the ultimate medieval fantasy battle simulator in VR. With its advanced physics-based combat system, you truly feel immersed in hand-to-hand combat with swords, axes, maces, and more. As you slash, stab, bludgeon, and throw enemies around, it's the closest you can get to realistically wielding medieval weaponry without actually doing it.

In the latest Neebs Gaming video, they showcase the incredible Star Wars mod "The Outer Rim." This mod perfectly captures the look and feel of the Star Wars universe with stormtrooper armies, lightsabers, blasters, droids, and iconic locations. When Neebs equips that glowing lightsaber and force grips a stormtrooper, you feel like you've been transported onto the set of a Star Wars movie. The cinematic camera work amplifies this effect even more.

While playing Blade & Sorcery yourself in VR is an unforgettable experience, watching Neebs Gaming play it is the next best thing. Their cinematic approach makes you feel like you're watching a choreographed Star Wars battle sequence. The dynamic camera angles and edits highlight the most intense, hilarious, and jaw-dropping moments. And the Neebs crew's hilarious reactions and banter make it incredibly entertaining.

Overall, Neebs Gaming is the perfect channel to experience Blade & Sorcery vicariously. Their cinematic editing style, combined with their signature humor and enthusiasm, lets you live out your medieval and Star Wars battle fantasies without having to wear a chunky VR headset. So if you want to see epic lightsaber duels, force grips, and stormtrooper carnage, Neebs Gaming's Blade & Sorcery playlist is the definitive way to experience this incredible VR combat game.

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you looking good neebs18.43.56
oh yeah32.2393.241
doesn't do shoulders70.44.56
there's no shoulder action oh72.4793.031
i wish74.969.92
what else you got84.882.96
you oh let's see what other kind of toys112.845.16
we got man look at all these different116.7193.68
lightsabers this is nuts oh wait is that118.07.04
kylo bob's i'll take kylo bob's oh yeah120.3994.641
okay hold on both oh yeah126.324.8
hominins kylo ren i'm a better anakin131.124.8
than anakin133.282.64
and he tease up137.363.64
foul ball142.3192.881
all right come here you're coming with143.843.119
me i need you a second we're going to do145.24.399
some testing146.9592.64
we got to get over to the book though151.443.2
and it's a ways away can i jump and153.24.0
follow you yeah154.644.4
you can fly157.25.84
well not really but try that again159.044.0
you see that come here check this out165.846.039
grab you guys let me take you on a ride168.566.8
wowzy wosie wow171.8798.0
how crazy is that tomb175.364.519
this is beautiful185.844.16
i guess this is the book188.43.759
uh let's see190.04.72
oh god okay192.1594.241
let's just do uh194.725.04
let's do training cause i196.46.0
not good at this fight in progress199.764.0
i hear somebody hold on let me get this203.765.759
ready there we go206.2393.28
whoa god okay213.363.519
how about i kick you215.5193.201
no god all right hey216.8793.36
hold on give me a second give me a220.2395.761
second i gotta222.7995.681
boy gotta turn around226.04.72
and get this thing228.484.64
this will this will be good oh god230.724.879
give me it233.122.479
oh now it's can i ah i dropped it237.5197.44
why can't i do my power241.843.119
there's your arm247.8415.12
all right ada262.963.59
give me some latin265.044.789
it's all in the hips288.562.8
i don't think it's keeping up291.842.96
it's not keeping up295.63.599
vr hips aren't299.1995.961
is this tracker working301.363.8
is that what i think it is oh316.167.16
my goodness319.324.0
okay here we go325.64.0
so i got a minigun and then maybe oh327.444.319
maybe a cool light saber329.63.68
they got every lightsaber you could331.7594.401
possibly wait is that yoda's the little333.286.359
green lightsaber336.163.479
listen to it listen to it when it342.44.0
it sounds so puny346.44.239
all right cool349.283.44
all right i got yoda's lightsaber350.6394.56
and a minigun yeah that'll do it all352.724.4
right run355.1993.361
how you running this game is stupid357.123.28
you're supposed to swing your arms and358.565.56
it doesn't work for [ __ ]360.43.72
this looks pretty cool369.7594.321
what i'm doing doesn't look cool the372.3194.72
inside this this environment this looks374.084.32
pretty cool377.0393.921
i probably look like a [ __ ] idiot378.44.56
where the clones at [ __ ]380.964.239
got a clone war to start382.964.48
wait oh385.1995.041
now this is all kinds of pretty387.444.64
oh man390.243.679
well z wellesley oh i could have come392.082.8
look at this we got a computer oh man394.883.439
this is this much better than the book396.563.759
it's a [ __ ] computer makes more sense398.3193.041
you know400.3193.041
with this world401.364.8
all right troopers403.362.8
okay i'm sorry i did not ex406.964.959
okay this doesn't work410.083.679
yoda's lightsaber kind of sucks oh oh411.9194.481
there's more you413.7592.641
oh god i'm getting hit fast oh boy oh419.523.2
wow that's why i'm getting hit fast421.523.679
they're everywhere422.722.479
oh god did i what what what has happened429.9195.241
what has happened431.9193.241
come on [ __ ]436.885.039
man this light safe is a piece of [ __ ]438.563.359
slow motion443.444.56
yeah yeah come on you should've got it's445.7596.081
a damn lightsaber good god448.03.84
you did it was not expecting them to be454.565.84
naked with helmets though that was funny456.723.68
yep yep back up back up462.04.4
no good466.964.48
i can't do it469.1994.241
oh yep back up i gotta get i gotta throw471.443.84
you up thing i gotta throw you up this473.445.68
thing i got oh my god nope475.286.88
i don't want to go near that479.123.04
i got to do it486.963.84
right in your belly button488.86.16
right in your belly oh sorry490.84.16
all right hello496.564.079
big 44.498.8793.6
i want a different power500.6396.201
you know what i bet if i use this one502.4794.361
okay oh you508.43.359
hey simon510.083.199
with a man bun511.7593.361
hey you want some pasta513.2794.32
you want some pizza pie515.124.08
oh god519.22.639
simon you're a wily old goat522.566.959
if you oh i was gonna sorry525.926.24
he's gonna use this power529.5196.241
oh there we go oh come here532.165.2
yeah let's let's go backwards537.363.76
let's go backwards539.5193.041
there's a541.123.12
oh god542.564.8
that's my that's simon meet me544.245.599
oh my god550.244.48
this is so real551.762.96
it's so real555.123.52
hold on558.645.08
i need this560.243.48
oh boy567.924.06
i can't get in there569.2794.481
all right hey neebs yeah all right get573.764.56
your other foot in there576.03.519
hold on578.322.72
you could do it get your other foot in579.5193.281
there perfect come on go ahead get it in581.043.04
now i want you to be able to kind of do584.083.6
a little hop forward and i want to see586.082.8
if it moves587.683.839
does it move the whole damn thing588.884.959
holy ghost kind of591.5195.201
oh boy now it's through your feet593.8394.0
this is like some dave blaine [ __ ]597.8393.921
that's what it was602.162.799
how dare you take that off your foot607.365.12
that's an american treasure609.123.36
that's it612.9593.761
that's oh there we go614.246.08
you ruined it unfollow616.723.6
what the hell are you trying to do with622.483.28
that now just get it623.64.479
it's a dance floor not a basket there625.764.24
you go that's fine all right back to628.0794.921
there's something in here that's where633.5194.401
people used to keep other dead people635.123.52
chests in front of their bed638.644.24
hold on a second honey640.83.76
lost both my lightsabers can you do me a642.882.72
favor you mind going down there and644.563.279
getting them645.62.239
thank you648.0792.481
oh god i love the i love the high jump651.125.68
oh thick would throw up654.323.98
he probably already656.82.32
sprain has659.123.12
who's that663.62.479
he tripped over simon666.645.04
there we go671.684.0
anytime also you need me to uh feed you672.9595.361
a sip of beer i could be that guy675.685.44
it's almost empty678.324.16
right here681.122.56
all right i'm gonna drop you and then683.683.12
catch you okay honey this is gonna be685.042.56
and boom687.63.76
gotcha whoa i did it yeah i told you i'd689.23.84
save you all right now how close to the691.364.24
edge can i get without [ __ ]693.044.88
holy oh god oh god are you coming with695.63.2
you stupid [ __ ] this is your fault698.84.77
i'm in the water701.2794.161
give it sir just give me a second705.445.04
oh god708.723.44
short sword710.483.28
probably going to be a short joke in712.162.799
this oh713.763.68
can i just714.9594.721
stab you717.445.199
oh i'm dead719.682.959
oh my god is that a thermal detonator722.84.8
prime prime it oh727.65.2
there you go i'm gonna get back sit731.044.16
right there732.82.4
is that your arm what's that738.05.88
what's that740.6393.241
jesus christ what happened did you see744.563.519
that that was amazing hold on i got746.3994.24
something for you748.0792.56
there we go yep753.043.799
oh honey you're gonna love this763.8393.361
it's all crazy769.5192.961
mini gun face772.484.179
too much fun780.3992.88
oh i need help781.763.28
probably good timing785.044.16
because i feel sick786.884.959
all right i'm done789.22.639
i got an idea come here come here let me796.484.77
whisper i have an idea798.8395.46
okay what kind of chaos did i cause over817.763.68
here hey give me a sec819.444.399
oh it's a nice color company of bodies821.444.399
everywhere all right823.8394.491
that was satisfying but not quite825.8395.53
all right what is what is this wait what909.64.56
what is this913.1994.08
a lightsaber on a stick914.163.119
oh daddy likey922.04.48
what was that924.04.32
what the926.483.039
all right i'm not the only one that saw928.323.36
that right929.5193.841
tickle your whiskers little ball931.684.079
okay okay okay we got some we got some938.05.279
really weird weapons in this941.1993.841
all right let's go play let's go play943.2794.401
you're pretty945.042.64
it's just a light saber don't worry948.484.279
about it949.63.159
i mean you think this is a lightsaber957.442.959
your head ought to just like pop right958.84.0
off because you know it's a lightsaber960.3994.721
oh there we go let's get into it just962.85.68
just don't resist it just965.123.36
you're worthless to me971.922.96
see if i can shave your cooch while975.443.12
doing this976.883.28
nope missed978.563.68
oh myth don't worry i'm gonna give you a980.163.28
little landing strip it's gonna look982.242.8
there we go985.044.719
right there a little landing strip986.324.879
it tells the gentleman where to put the989.7593.281
tongue you know what i mean ladies991.1993.76
you know what i mean there we go993.045.44
you like it no you don't so long994.9596.481
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all right998.484.96
darth malek oh wow so they actually have1001.443.6
where's vader's1003.444.319
darth mauls now where's vader's i want1005.044.4
vader's lightsaber1007.7593.041
darth neil i don't even know who these1009.444.16
[ __ ] people are darth sidious oh1010.84.719
yeah i'll take a couple of darth sidious1013.63.52
is this what his lightsaber looked like1015.5193.281
god i don't remember that1017.123.279
that's like perfect for an [ __ ] isn't1018.83.76
okay here's my goal for this i want to1022.563.92
do like the darth's the piano where i1024.163.759
cut somebody's head off like they did in1026.484.079
that shitty third movie1027.9194.16
not the real third one i guess well i1030.5592.88
guess it was the third one actually the1032.0794.081
sixth one revenge of the whatever1033.4394.24
all right gotta do the head chop that's1036.163.519
what i'm gonna do head shot1037.6793.601
yeah i'm gonna head chop you like anakin1039.6793.28
skywalker did and you want to talk about1041.284.96
a shitty character anakin skywalker oh1042.9595.521
no my wife might die i guess i'll murder1046.244.0
children like whether you know where1048.485.76
does that even come from yes1050.244.0
and then1054.482.319
oh come on the head didn't come off this1059.9193.521
is a lightsaber1061.763.2
all right1063.442.4
i don't even think i'm gonna be able to1064.963.68
do this headshot1065.844.56
because that doesn't work right boom1068.644.399
come on all right maybe if i do it fast1074.5595.161
slow motion1076.483.24
ah not quite not quite1080.43.76
[ __ ]1087.764.56
slow motion holster out bam get behind1089.26.0
you goofy1092.322.88
you moved and it was your own damn fault1095.444.56
i'm just looking for a little1099.0392.88
consistency lady you know what i [ __ ]1100.04.48
mean just a little consistency get that1101.9196.601
tiny bit all right do your headshots1104.484.04
thank you sir you've been a sport1128.163.36
he's been a good sport ladies and1130.322.8
gentlemen he didn't help me do the dooku1131.523.68
head chat oh thank you1133.125.12
you sir are true gentlemen1135.24.88
it's a lightsaber1138.243.2
be cool if you could shave with these1140.082.8
all that scruff off1142.882.88
you got to meet my friend here he helped1147.843.92
me uh he helped me do the dooku head1149.843.6
shop you know maybe you guys could be an1151.763.919
item if you really think about it1153.443.84
yeah i mean look at him he's a little1155.6793.281
handsome he's a handsome little devil1157.283.6
you want to kiss him1158.966.76
oh it's a match made in heaven1160.884.84

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