We have a HUGE Pillager PROBLEM! - (Minecraft Ep 6)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! If you haven't already seen the latest Minecraft video from the channel, you're in for a treat. Thi...
We have a HUGE Pillager PROBLEM! - (Minecraft Ep 6)
We have a HUGE Pillager PROBLEM! - (Minecraft Ep 6)

We have a HUGE Pillager PROBLEM! - (Minecraft Ep 6)

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest Minecraft episode? We have a HUGE Pillager PROBLEM!

simon: Oh yeah, I watched it! It was hilarious seeing you guys take on those pillagers with TNT. And poor Appsro, stuck babysitting you.

neebs: Hey, someone's gotta keep an eye on me! But seriously, that episode was epic. We really brought the heat to those pillagers.

simon: Definitely! And Neebs, your creativity with creating life in the game was impressive. Can't wait to see what we tackle next.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fanatics! If you haven't already seen the latest Minecraft video from the channel, you're in for a treat. Thick and Dora are taking on pillagers with TNT, while Neebs is busy creating life and Appsro is stuck babysitting Simon. It's all happening in today's epic war-filled episode!

And can we just take a moment to appreciate the power of those Xidax PCs that the Neebs Gaming crew is using? If you're curious about their setup, be sure to check out the link in the description to see what kind of magic they're working with.

Oh, and speaking of magic, have you checked out the Neebs Gaming Coffee yet? It's like a power-up for your gaming sessions and a great way to support the channel. Plus, if you want to copy their mod setup, there's a handy link for that too.

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The music in this video is on point as always, adding to the excitement of the gameplay. From "Video Game Soldiers" by Twin Musicom to "Lucky Rubber Ducky" by Quincas Moreira, each track sets the perfect tone for the action-packed scenes.

So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for another wild ride with Neebs, Thick, Dora, Neebs, and the rest of the crew in this Minecraft extravaganza.

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boy look at these guys I'm sorry okay2.998.83
I'm sorry I believe your friends up but9.243.269
you know what11.822.64
you can't just come by and be a mean to12.5093.451
everybody won't you try to make friends14.463.48
sometimes some people know me as the15.967.2
king of friendship Relius we gotta kill17.948.22
these guys oh no I'm the king of23.165.879
friendship by the way I know that Hey no26.165.279
idea what if we can get these guys29.0395.371
inside this building I can light it on31.4395.941
fire and then we close them in and make34.415.309
a fiery tomb it's messed up in a lovin37.385.16
note I love hiking this video and39.7194.431
subscribing to our Channel42.5449.6
geez look at the size of that thing92.146.22
hey names amen hold on yeah it's a94.615.549
random hole just out here yeah I'm98.363.149
trying to fix that look at this I'm100.1593.481
landscaping okay I'm kind of fighting it101.5094.53
out I'm gonna make you know like a safe103.644.56
place a place where people can raise a106.0392.94
what do you mean you know like if I108.9794.981
brought my front house there uh-huh112.344.139
like run same over here just run out the113.964.68
door and there's like a safe house I can116.4793.84
like do a thing Bam Bam and I'm in this118.643.6
house and it's like it just protects you120.3193.541
from mobs there's like all right if you122.242.73
know why can't your house for your safe123.863.929
house that's it that's where I live I'm124.974.92
talking like a like a safe house with127.7894.411
weapons and you know oh yeah you talk129.893.51
about something just specifically for132.23.63
kicking mob but to kill mobs yeah okay133.44.5
got you I'm gonna live in that we live135.833.93
in a peaceful fun place hey sounds good137.93.75
what's your what's your sheep situation139.763.449
because I don't start low little farm141.653.63
and I need animals got tons of oh man143.2094.051
yeah figured you did all I need is just145.284.019
a couple to keep breeding so yeah you147.264.05
mind if I take two I'm okay yeah go for149.2992.25
cool also got something for Simon is he151.5494.891
here so bad yeah are you and your uh are153.354.59
you and your I don't even know what to156.444.079
call this no I'm not in that thing I'm157.945.07
trying to get apples I got a giant turd160.5194.891
all the brown and green I think it looks163.013.0
turd house where are you at I'm right in166.013.69
front of your turd house all right well168.23.509
it's not a turd house I think it's quite169.74.44
nice and it's interesting it's it's a171.7095.221
conversation piece and I need food so174.145.069
I've been trying to pick apples tried176.934.95
okay why I was chopping I was chopping179.2094.171
the you know the leaves are on the trees181.883.329
and then to apples fell out and I'm like183.384.169
I was starving so I'm like oh great you185.2093.87
gotta learn to farm like oh yeah I know187.5495.331
a farmer's way more fish mammals all day189.0796.901
well I'm just trying to survive and I192.884.99
don't like to ask people for things cuz195.983.96
you give me a hard time give me a heart197.873.089
I'll give you a hard time picking apples199.942.699
that's crazier than like starting a farm200.9593.571
no I'll give you food that you pick202.6393.961
apples oh I think that's like saying I'm204.533.959
I don't want to start a farm gonna wait206.63.719
for seagulls to drop clams yeah what's208.4894.771
wrong with you what is that gonna happen210.3196.901
what if what if my job was to kill213.265.97
seagulls cuz I needed seagulls for217.223.599
something else and it's asked me for219.2312.81
food potatoes from neebs hey yeah220.81913.831
can you uh can you come up here I have a232.043.75
better idea now234.653.33
yeah I'm sure that'll be super easy yeah235.795.22
oh you're next to my tunnel I made a237.985.069
different tunnel oh if you go back up241.0113.099
there yeah nope243.04911.06
you see it yeah they don't like our257.19929.891
they do not okay here's what we do you287.094.17
come up to the top boom huh289.73.45
you find which there's a bunch of them291.263.96
in a hole huh it's like a bunch of293.155.94
Simon's hole is it must be this side295.226.38
over here there's one for Pete299.095.54
oh yeah at all - careful301.66.57
okay well I'm holding down shift alright304.6317.61
do it alright so back up presents more308.1716.77
backer alright wait a minute let me I322.244.86
haven't done anything yeah I'm gonna324.943.48
light these things they're gonna drop327.12.88
kill those guys328.424.62
then we run down this place on fire and329.984.62
get the hell out of here okay alright333.042.04
here we go334.62.37
Geordie loot it yes that's good oh335.083.06
there's not yeah336.973.89
alright here we go338.142.72
alright let's go down there's a few more368.433.699
lab that's okay we're gonna run from370.6293.78
them Oh what about the experience this372.1293.391
is a great experience374.4093.241
yeah I just well not just us enjoying375.524.32
this together but this lighting all377.659.18
right is it on fire pretty good I don't379.848.069
know I'm gonna see you soon386.833.209
I can go back out oh they're cool boy387.9097.79
they're onto that they're on me oh no oh390.03911.761
boy more fire do it Balmain fun395.6999.161
I'm coming oh what a beautiful sight401.810.229
yeah it's great alright did you get the404.869.959
experience I don't think I did a screw412.0294.35
it there's too many hanging around still414.8198.19
yeah okay oh right here yeah yeah how we416.3799.09
will plead yes we will flee like heroes423.0093.161
all right Simon Sami433.024.0
hey man Ivan this the first time I've434.983.48
actually seen I got a nice view of your437.023.6
place yeah you do come along in it438.464.29
that's a cute little place oh man it's440.623.42
gonna be great all right I'm still442.752.85
working on it it's still got lots to do444.042.37
me too445.62.19
I've only just begun this is my446.413.69
foundation this is your a I mean447.793.51
eventually you're gonna hit the ceiling450.13.6
of the world well we'll see okay but hey451.34.53
I wanted to uh give you a little453.73.42
something so check this out455.832.91
what's up I'm gonna build your next tree457.123.39
but instead of doing the regular oak458.742.43
I got a dark oak sapling so look at this461.173.9
oh it's like that uh-huh463.184.2
and it'll be a big tree you put four465.074.23
saplings together what's happens gonna467.383.48
be a big tree so you know over there by469.33.0
my house all those big trees gonna be470.862.73
hanging like now gonna be a big tree472.33.42
yeah well really you're a brute tree473.593.81
well that's nice I feel like you should475.723.71
have told me like a little bit before477.44.38
it's gonna be that big but I'm okay with479.434.24
it yep I'm okay with it but can I do the481.783.99
same thing can I just put four for those483.674.11
things we it has to be done no it can't485.773.3
be regular saplings it's gotta be the487.783.21
dark oh well what happens if I put four489.073.81
regular saplings yes a good question490.993.51
maybe consience that I will go to do it492.883.48
on the other server here okay all right494.54.46
revenge revenge496.3612.3
you had me oh there we go yeah just up498.9611.56
at the top of Yonder Mountain we're just508.663.84
planning on staying here tonight or well510.524.29
I figure I I got some stuff from that512.54.83
that place we referred down yeah see if514.817.38
I could trade yeah I feel like you and I517.337.98
we're like Angel pirates you know you're522.195.19
gonna have to explain that one well we525.314.38
do good things but kind of on our own527.382.91
wait rallies I'm gonna top the mountain530.295.4
well I'm at the village I was going to532.755.34
the top oh Yonder Mountain I don't535.694.35
yonder mountain top okay do you cut538.094.92
realities okay I'm I'll follow you you540.044.41
should have a leash for me well now I'm543.013.12
just we do this together I saw the544.453.27
village if we were gonna go to the angel546.132.45
I don't know how I feel about that one548.583.72
well feels like a Christian Crusaders my549.65.79
thing say raid this lobby your screen552.35.79
say raid yes and it it's getting bigger555.396.03
the line is what does it mean hey cool558.095.82
what's it mean I don't know oh it's full561.424.71
full bars okay what are we waiting for563.915.1
let's see anything are we safe and up566.134.5
here yeah probably569.013.9
are you guys cool villager sir hello570.635.28
hello there's a village down below yeah572.914.65
it's all in the same village now let's575.916.84
hop parkour parkour I hurt you did we're577.566.66
not good at it do you see anything a582.753.93
chicken I see a chicken oh hey buddy584.225.91
much of a raid Elias yes it's funny one586.685.22
when a game throws stuff at us and it's590.134.26
like yeah whatever yeah because we deal591.95.85
with it yeah as well oh I see an enemy594.396.66
oh just one a you're gonna need more597.756.08
than that and he's running coward oh601.055.7
come on try bring it got my shield603.835.17
shield I need a shield you do oh there's606.754.11
another one oh he's got a banner okay oh609.06.39
he just oh I got him got his banner610.866.87
alright I gotta I got this was that the615.393.96
raid that's hit oh no there's a little617.733.63
bit left see the bar yeah oh and I found619.354.71
some gold yeah this gold right on the621.364.92
side here little side gold we're lucky624.064.11
boys you're lucky boy I didn't find626.283.75
anything yet well I would share with you628.174.02
I know your kind630.034.17
angel pirate pirate angel or angel632.193.39
pirate which one do you like better I634.22.97
don't I don't know we got to talk about635.582.25
this later637.179.75
all right over here just up here camo637.8313.74
come on here camo camo now careful yep646.926.41
come on mama651.574.83
hey hey get up here I know you want this653.334.93
wait you want that's wait you better656.45.1
follow there you go come on mama come658.266.09
out camo come over here do defense661.56.96
see come on mama you want that sweet664.356.99
shove it in your face come on come on668.468.07
yeah come on in here yeah all right and671.349.12
food ah you two are the start of my mega676.536.51
cheap family oh you're the baby you're680.463.96
gonna you're gonna have to mate with683.044.82
Mama it's gonna be weird684.423.44
doraleous the rate bar went back up I688.464.84
saw that port is on my screen as well690.936.03
all right I guess we look for them yeah693.35.4
of course it'd be great if we could696.963.54
communicate with the golem I know I want698.73.39
to come fight with us yeah I just kind700.54.26
of like hanging by them feel safe you702.095.7
have a name for him I know you don't704.764.65
want to get close I don't want to get707.793.83
close I mean when we have our own golem709.415.36
mmm I like plural711.627.39
faces take a peek up up up topside yeah714.775.68
might be good to get a little719.013.87
verticality sure you like that word720.454.29
today verticality you ever get those722.885.7
calendars no those are great I already724.747.44
knew those words yeah I bet you did728.586.66
hey guys hello hello Raiders oh there732.183.45
they are735.243.3
really yeah look at them oh that's a735.635.55
horrible raid yeah oh man they are you738.544.32
have a crossbow or anything yeah741.183.96
no arrows all right do you have to load742.863.84
arrows yeah you do745.143.78
how many arrows did I just shoot one746.75.4
this be a fight I'm a shot I missed748.925.16
though right looked like you hit him I752.13.18
ate a potato ooh754.083.27
waterfall to swim are you gonna do that755.284.74
that's that seems dangerous I know good757.353.18
knowing you buddy760.022.07
well no we could we could probably760.533.93
strategize we're going on my calendar as762.094.689
well strategize yeah764.466.189
smart going ham horrible with this thing766.7796.691
come on yeah we got a hit here we go a770.6495.101
lot of amount of stuff getting dark but773.4718.059
you fight yam fight got one what are you775.7520.43
doing oh sorry uh I'm looking for string791.5296.271
I'm sorry I figured I was entitled to796.183.2
something I was trying to be sneaky uh797.84.08
well if you need string I don't think I799.385.38
have any okay a string would probably be801.885.639
in my plant stuff let's see I got804.764.74
miscellaneous here yeah I got two string807.5194.351
I mean how much you need hold on a809.55.61
second I think two or three well I'll811.874.89
give you two things that's the best I815.113.96
can do all I gots I wasn't I appreciate816.763.36
that very much819.075.13
hey yeah do you have any arrows arrows820.126.51
no no but I saw two in here but I didn't824.22.819
take them826.631.56
oh well take those things I could take827.0193.51
these yeah all right so that'll give me828.194.709
four arrows I don't even know four is830.5294.381
good enough by me it's good enough at832.8993.391
least I'll have a base for something834.913.299
right and I could use your can I use836.294.59
your uh I can use your stuff to build838.2094.62
stuff right oh yeah yeah my crafting840.883.959
table yeah IDs elf I need one more842.8294.801
string oh just one more I guess we got844.8393.75
to go fight a spider847.634.709
can we come on mr. booty bump come on848.5894.081
all right he'll keep us safe the dark852.675.849
time here in this field855.3995.611
oh all right take care of the skeleton858.5199.471
first all right I see the guy let me go861.016.98
there we go come on spring did I get868.358.17
string no check your inventory inventory873.854.11
but it's kind of kind of random no I876.524.2
still only have the to find a no spider877.964.35
at least I think I got a lot of stuff in880.723.96
there and I can't see all right see me I882.315.16
see you that's good - spiders across the884.684.41
river hold on a second can I eat eggs887.477.62
it's gonna give me food like okay okay889.097.38
I saw him across the river so we got a895.092.91
swim across the river all right Bobby896.477.26
I'm right behind ya all right skeleton898.06.93
we had a feel like skeletons are the903.732.52
worst they are rough904.933.39
oh speaking of let's keep this guy906.2513.13
alright yeah Oh leave me alone attack908.3214.46
River spider come on come on oh come on919.3816.99
come on okay come get your crap alright922.7816.05
oh no phantoms okay936.376.23
okay I'm going to I'm going home938.833.77
this torches nearest fire stuff Oh God944.957.24
oh I'm gonna die fish my last fish I948.026.45
need more fish [ __ ] [ __ ]952.194.2
Phillip Phillip he'll come on he'll come954.477.16
on still have no creeper oh god run956.395.24
there's a boat going on out here976.099.28
oh boy oh boy oh boy okay there we go980.725.97
I mean we should be lighting this stuff985.374.47
up cuz it's a point of interest oh look986.693.9
at you989.843.77
alright what no you're friendly990.597.41
interesting okay so um there's probably993.617.84
some treasure right light it up figured998.05.88
you'd be more uh you know ferocious I1001.454.41
don't trust you though I don't trust you1003.883.93
Oh yep I knew it1005.863.69
see I gave you a chance though dead now1007.814.44
his whole it's rebel not together wanna1009.556.62
be at home okay there we go1012.253.92
here we go potato hey handsome paper we1016.5511.55
warrior former great find1024.377.78
now what else some weird lights over1028.15.73
there you should probably take the boat1032.155.58
over okay I need a quick getaway mm1033.835.73
where'd that go get it1037.734.35
it's a here it's part of see a little1039.565.49
boat yeah1042.086.93
it says something all right going in all1045.054.35
go quick okay woman unless it is there's1049.410.41
gonna be a thing in it1058.554.59
come on get up there Wow can't tell if1059.814.56
there's something good down there or not1063.142.13
all right what time a quick come on1065.275.78
what'd you get1068.565.37
that's cold when that dude all right1071.054.2
does that work in the water1073.933.54
nope I don't know at this I mean it's1075.253.78
just a lie didn't it I'm gonna do the1077.474.23
light [ __ ] research this come on air1079.034.86
go back to the boat I'm gonna kill1081.74.13
myself over someone who know what it is1083.894.44
I'll look into it all right1085.839.15
to the desert all right dig it Oh bird1088.338.76
that's row yeah1094.984.99
where's my stuff please by the river1097.094.77
with mr. booth mr. booty bald how not1099.973.18
why are you not helping at all1101.864.23
I am I'm at your base right now yeah me1103.155.58
too I'm getting my stuff all right I see1106.095.07
a bunch of lights you're by the river by1108.734.05
the I don't know if it's by the row I1111.163.3
see you I see you follow me follow me1112.783.24
all right your stuffs this way okay1114.463.18
we're following it you know why are we1116.023.06
going back out because we're getting my1117.643.0
stuff and you're helping me all right1119.082.82
you see there's two lights across the1120.643.33
river yes so that's where your stuff is1121.99.51
okay okay all right my stuff's right1123.9710.08
there just get home and then go up to my1131.414.73
beautiful masterpiece that I felt oh1134.054.89
there's my light there's there's the1136.145.02
lights the lights are there where's my1138.944.08
stuff it's around here somewhere1141.1618.81
oh oh oh there's no way no come on I1143.0219.05
needed that string and I think I'm1159.973.9
running the wrong way I forget for that1162.076.57
there you are whoo okay please fine1163.875.49
thank you1168.643.78
there you are I see yeah keep going1169.364.92
across the river trying okay go across1172.423.99
that field all right going across the1174.286.6
field yeah Oh Oh take a look take a left1176.417.17
taking a left gonna get you got a spider1180.884.86
on you and skeletons of course I do but1183.584.77
you're laughs bigger left oh I'm in left1185.744.48
no oh man you're gonna have to do better1190.225.63
than this1195.114.98
stop stop stop you see me no right1195.856.819
beside you right beside come here hi1200.094.92
here right there you see that no the1202.6694.471
lights the lights across the river I see1205.016.419
that I see Benny lights okay that's1207.146.21
where you're stopping that's where my1211.4293.811
stuff is Ian I'm looking at your stuff1213.353.15
all right across the river right across1215.242.58
the ribs right on the edge of the river1216.53.39
all right my god is it right on the edge1217.824.37
of the river it's it's right there Oh1219.895.159
George grab it and run run back to my1222.194.82
how could I not see it oh there you are1230.325.14
there okay all right1233.1796.151
hide me come on follow me follow me look1235.466.27
at the whole upstairs huh no we need1239.333.719
these we need to get safe come here1241.738.689
this is insane kill the baby1243.0499.901
the dogs get all the dog caught him Oh1250.4194.331
kiss your food oh the dogs fight him oh1252.955.04
yeah okay Oh mr. boo t-bone you actually1254.755.1
proved your work for once are we safe1257.993.36
right now yeah we're gonna stay in the1259.853.03
dog house rest of the night well mr. boo1261.354.079
t-bone who's gonna be tight but it's1262.885.4
okay we're here ah yes did you get1265.4298.701
string I call I've got to string AG1268.2813.95
nabbit did you just see I will don't1274.1310.62
tell me what to do no I've got fourth1282.236.62
string there you go1284.754.1
oh it's a long night and rowing a boat1291.613.92
all night long1294.374.71
okay it's how to do just need to make a1295.537.24
marker so I know where I'm at mm okay1299.088.07
that's my boat now looking for oh wait1302.777.89
turtle hold on I think I know how to do1307.156.3
this crap yep1310.665.49
I'm a farmer so luckily I keep shears on1313.459.83
me oh yeah admit you're not the1316.1510.26
terminology calendar here we go so1323.285.83
should be able to are we looking we safe1326.418.61
okay Oh see grass and then I whoo we got1329.116.66
your attention1335.022.97
look at you somebody loves sea grass1335.773.6
all right turtles do it um1339.376.84
hey come here come here I'm like Cupid1343.056.03
wow they're really slow aren't they1346.215.96
didn't factor this in look at you1349.086.1
alright looking for you I'm patient you1352.174.6
could be making your way this way too1355.184.41
right so that's how this relationships1356.774.32
gonna go you're gonna let this one do1359.594.38
all the work yeah mama is hesitant to1361.095.19
start a family now but you are never1363.975.4
gonna make it okay almost here it's a1366.285.76
little closer all right so I have a1369.375.57
cigarette for you and a seagrass for you1372.048.13
look at this Oh Gail okay ignore me go1374.9410.12
do the baby thing it's nice in here1380.1710.59
yeah well tight it works what was that1385.068.82
creeper Oh what oh no I said a wolf was1390.7613.17
killed by a creek now mr. Bao no was he1393.8816.55
I have no idea no nonetheless still said1403.936.5
creepers ah I need another dog yep keep1410.7114.559
hearing a cat kitty kitty hello kitty1422.0596.171
oh I see you wanna be friends okay very1428.8998.671
well realest oh there's two of those1433.7597.76
idiots left I'm gonna get them let's go1437.577.949
Elias I think I can take two of them not1441.5196.73
if I do that here we go should get the1445.5194.951
high ground and obi-wan Kenobi these1448.2498.101
guys cut their arms and legs off look1450.479.299
like priests now they're in the water1456.3527.0
haha oh you drop an emerald I know there1459.76925.26
wasn't much left of him but I'm gonna1483.354.259
bury him with some wrong button wanted1485.0294.38
okay that's cute1487.6094.591
there you go mr. booty bone I'm gonna1489.4095.37
miss you I feel bad I mean I know I1492.24.319
didn't do anything but I just feel bad1494.7794.561
for you yeah it wasn't your fault it was1496.5194.47
the creepers fault I hate creepers more1499.344.26
than anything now I know you do1500.9896.521
may szene dog1503.67.21
good boy1507.515.82
mm-hmm you becoming brother I don't know1510.814.44
the rest of the song okay well I just1513.333.06
wanted to say one thing1515.256.12
what oh you better not oh you better not1516.396.3
oh you better not oh why you trying to1521.375.66
get revenge revenge - oh you're a baby1522.694.34
hello did you run away cowards1531.329.61
is it just you sir you brought a banner1537.267.15
to a sword fight let's go come on and1540.9315.99
get me get me come on back down yeah I1544.4120.43
win what is that oh he'll go what's on a1556.9210.64

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