We Found a Rocket Launcher but the Robots Got Bigger - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out their latest video yet? It's titled "We Found a Rocket Launcher but the Rob...
We Found a Rocket Launcher but the Robots Got Bigger - Generation Zero
We Found a Rocket Launcher but the Robots Got Bigger - Generation Zero

We Found a Rocket Launcher but the Robots Got Bigger - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today's video is all about finding a rocket launcher but those pesky robots just keep getting bigger and bigger.

simon: Oh man, I couldn't stop laughing when we stumbled upon that rocket launcher. And those robots, they were like something out of a sci-fi movie!

appsro: Haha, yeah, it was a blast taking on those giant robots with our tiny rocket launcher. Who knew things could get so crazy in Generation Zero?

neebs: Don't forget to check out the hot dog song in the description, it's a real banger! And remember, if you want to support us, check out our Spreadshirt shop for some awesome merch.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out their latest video yet? It's titled "We Found a Rocket Launcher but the Robots Got Bigger!!!" and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish.

In this video, the Neebs crew stumbles upon a rocket launcher - how cool is that?! But of course, things never go smoothly for them, and soon enough, they find themselves facing off against some seriously massive robots. The action is intense, the humor is on point, and you'll be on the edge of your seat the whole time.

If you haven't already, make sure to listen to their catchy Hot Dog Song on Spotify - it's guaranteed to get stuck in your head in the best way possible. And don't forget to check out their exclusive Neebs Gaming merch on their Spreadshirt shop, with a special 15% discount for the first two weeks.

And of course, if you want to show your support for Neebs Gaming, consider becoming a Patreon member or checking out the Xidax PCs that power their gaming adventures. Plus, be sure to follow them on all their social media platforms for even more behind-the-scenes content and updates.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming, you'll definitely want to dive into their other playlists as well. From hilarious cartoons to thrilling gameplay of games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, and Subnautica, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for another epic adventure with the Neebs crew.

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oh [ __ ] whoa what was that what are you5.125.12
doing that you abstract yeah i was8.164.0
messing with simon yeah10.242.88
stop it that's a loud that's loud13.125.6
around here i think we're fine just went16.965.2
by them they're dead you're a nut oh18.725.36
what's up i see the big those big hunter22.164.959
things that are archipelago and the the24.084.8
divek's odd those giants yeah they're27.1193.521
right there in front of us dude if we28.883.76
could bring them to this red tank oh the30.643.84
one way back there they're a lot closer32.643.36
than the last thing i can hit one from34.483.2
here uh36.03.12
let's give it a shot all right let's37.683.44
booby trap that red tank first right39.125.88
yeah to make it blow up quicker41.123.88
this apparently when it gets hit is a69.364.16
battery emp so it should fire an70.7995.36
electromagnetic pulse73.524.56
and what don't don't these things make76.1593.681
guys so they don't go away put a bigger78.083.6
one i think that's overkill i mean79.843.52
that's uh that's explosives next to a81.683.52
big explosive hurry up83.365.04
i'm throwing the boom box down now do it85.24.8
it's all right do i have to activate it88.43.44
or does it just go i don't know should i90.03.28
take the shot91.842.319
it's going93.282.24
it's going yeah take the shot they're94.1593.6
coming anyway they're coming oh yeah we95.524.8
can't blow it from other ones or like97.7594.961
tinier robots we gotta save it for these100.323.6
all right i'm on the roof waiting for102.724.64
you guys to come running like cowards103.925.36
that one right there yep107.364.56
i'm right there109.282.64
oh we got little guys coming in behind112.05.439
you simon oh yeah i see him oh113.66.4
okay crap oh man listen you tell me117.4395.521
little one it's our little one120.04.159
why are we shooting the little one122.962.64
because we gotta kill the little one the124.1592.96
boombox brought the little one did all125.62.799
right well i thought the little ones and127.1193.601
the big ones could fight together128.3993.681
yeah okay130.723.36
no there's stuff everywhere now where's132.085.519
the big one it's still out there134.083.519
we got some more little ones oh here140.8794.481
comes a big one oh [ __ ] yep142.3195.201
my god i'm running running i hope that147.522.719
what the hell was that a damn missile150.2393.681
just by my head152.04.16
over there uh i think so yeah uh the153.924.48
tyrant uh-huh he's not by the tank156.164.24
though now he's not by the tape hey come158.43.28
by the tank what are you doing put160.43.04
another phone box down by the table you161.684.24
come upstairs163.442.48
simon how you doing i'm doing health167.763.69
packs right now169.5197.661
i think there's still another one here194.9593.761
though because uh196.2392.481
that thing sounds awesome i know i don't211.043.199
know what it is but we've got something212.8793.201
up here hey214.2394.801
whoa here comes incoming whoa oh god216.086.519
come on come on219.043.559
ah this might be shotgun time237.764.08
man where's some robot killing fools252.7993.761
that tank actually worked on the first255.043.439
robot that was amazing man where did we256.563.679
go from here today258.4794.241
nowhere but down nowhere but down pretty260.2393.651
yeah we were in this town before this is279.63.28
where uh neebs i think you blew up an281.283.04
entire warehouse282.882.96
oh yeah yeah they were made we're284.324.64
approaching from the other side though285.845.28
yeah this is where we were exactly yeah288.963.76
we got down over here291.124.16
perfect yep yep so i think there's a292.724.16
bunker on the other side of this295.283.12
building and that's where we're supposed296.884.8
to go careful careful okay that's it298.44.56
there's something right here might be up302.963.44
on the hill it might be everybody get in304.83.2
this is where i think the mission takes308.02.56
okay i'm pulling up my trusty shoddy no310.563.359
we can't get in no power all right i'm313.9194.56
just putting the shoddy away all right316.6393.12
we gotta figure out318.4792.961
another way into the bunker it looked319.7592.801
like there was one back there at the321.442.56
water but how would you get in that i322.563.199
don't know here's another door maybe324.03.68
right here oh it's a much bigger door325.7592.961
oh it's so big oh yeah look at that look328.723.919
at here now that's a damn door oh that's331.0393.841
that kind of door you want a man's door332.6394.081
oh there's no door it's just an opening334.883.36
even better it's like a woman that's a336.723.84
woman's door yeah that's even open this338.244.72
door all right switch the power back on340.564.079
in the bunker all right we know how to342.966.239
do this we do we we hit switches344.6394.56
okay here we go350.845.799
it's going to be in this one353.443.199
all right left clear358.44.16
right has action down the down the360.83.28
tunnel on the right side yep all right362.563.44
let's see the action what are we talking364.084.32
about oh he's big he's a big one he's366.04.56
pretty big that's why i'm about to sign368.44.799
a seven slot yeah and hold on and before370.563.919
anyone shoots so it's all due at the373.1992.961
same time right you can't throw this374.4793.041
you're getting pretty close there door376.162.72
you gotta set it up i'm gonna throw this377.523.44
all right i'm healing up too and then416.964.239
what's the plan um418.43.919
we gotta figure out how to take out that421.1993.681
big guy i gotta compress their tape422.3194.921
oh [ __ ] he is running424.886.319
like i'm gonna put that there427.243.959
wait beautiful he just jumped out he435.0393.521
just jumped out and i shot it436.725.36
oh hell yeah oh that was great it also438.566.479
blew the [ __ ] out of me442.082.959
all right now we gotta search around for445.7595.601
anything about the attack447.5996.481
you want to check out e4 yeah yeah451.364.72
yeah yeah you take point with that mean454.084.32
ass shotgun oh okay we got a couple over456.084.48
here oh yeah a little okay wow little458.44.239
guys i think we can handle that you and460.564.72
me yeah i think we can too all right462.6394.321
peek around there show them who's boss465.285.359
all right one's coming here we go466.963.679
[ __ ]472.966.04
come on baby can i show who's both sure474.244.76
all right you're trying to show who's481.843.919
well all right hey i'm boss482.8794.641
i thought there was two of them did you485.7593.761
get the first one no i think we were487.524.32
shooting at the same one okay let's push489.524.0
forward a little bit all right there's a491.844.72
door there we could go in but493.525.119
i think maybe there's one oh there he is496.563.759
hey buddy498.6393.601
i'm showing him his boss right there500.3195.841
yeah it's me by the way i'm the boss502.246.16
okay yeah i'm taking some of my balls506.164.8
back all right this is an exit this way508.44.879
i think these are all bedrooms might be510.963.28
nothing nothing you want to go in there515.24.079
and show them who's boss uh if i need to516.9595.44
go in here and show him who's balls519.2793.12
yeah i'm gonna show him who's ball i'm524.642.879
i might be boss too i'm with you guys527.5192.481
in that game where are you oh i might i530.05.2
might have found it532.484.56
this is sergeant johan anderson at the535.24.079
minkin command center i have seen the537.044.0
orders to evacuate south home and naval539.2794.401
base and fiscal back over here this is541.044.72
not in any known protocol have you543.684.4
received verbal orders from command over545.764.16
there was a contact548.083.439
i was informed that something was about549.923.599
to happen several days ago and now this551.5194.081
attack and these evacuation orders i553.5193.921
need to know what the hell is going on555.64.64
respond over557.442.8
that was it yeah i guess so that was it562.723.36
we know564.9593.361
uh i didn't learn anything new robots566.084.08
are attacking and they're evacuating568.326.199
yeah we got it fantastic570.164.359
hey guys what's going on it's such a582.323.92
thick i'm back from canada hey did you584.243.92
know that geese tastes delicious next586.244.32
time i'm gonna try to cook it588.164.4
anyways simon did a song something about590.565.12
a hot dog and a sandwich create hot dog592.565.2
perfection with the greatest595.684.719
[ __ ] condiment selection i597.765.04
don't know i think it's all innuendo for600.3994.081
wieners and butts602.84.32
people telling me you ain't a sandwich604.484.56
take out your dictionary so you can607.124.08
understand [ __ ] you know what just buy609.044.0
it you can get a cassette tape or an611.24.319
album or go into the future and get613.045.52
spotify or apple play or whatever you're615.5195.201
probably gonna rip it off anyway so i'ma618.564.719
tell you're a crook that sounds like a620.724.08
hot dog623.2794.961
unless you're a [ __ ] [ __ ]624.86.0
all robots know hot dogs are not628.245.56
damn it son of a [ __ ]642.04.48
oh god yeah that room's full of gas yeah644.724.72
okay okay yep yep yep gas mask helps a646.484.64
little bit yeah649.443.2
get away stop pushing me down there all651.123.279
right sorry sorry someone putting on a652.643.52
gas mask and doing the run for it i654.3994.0
don't have a gas mask i'm not it i'll656.165.64
i'll use mine658.3993.401
thank you bless you662.0794.561
i'm going in okay do it buddy you got it663.8394.321
come on666.642.96
remember you're still gonna get quite668.165.64
hurt yeah i know yep669.64.2
there we go674.564.399
um what is this what is this676.324.72
the naval bunker i got a weapon is that678.9594.32
a [ __ ] what is that681.042.79
mission boy687.2792.961
yeah we got a guess uh688.3993.601
[ __ ]692.02.24
he was going for you me i saved you696.483.919
thank you699.364.56
oh purple sneakers hell yeah simon i700.3995.281
picked up something cool too703.924.72
in the form of a rocket launcher oh no705.685.76
way oh yeah i'm jealous708.644.319
that's not a rocket launcher no i know i711.446.399
i i know uh that's not either nope712.9594.88
doesn't come in handy do you have any720.3993.761
ammo for it is it just the launcher uh722.05.2
wait i've got eight ammo in there724.164.479
yeah we want to go we want to see this727.25.199
in action right yes please728.6393.76
all right dora you see the big one oh733.924.24
how can i not really all right let him735.924.56
have it i'm going to because it's not738.163.679
like i have any zoom i'm going to move740.483.919
forward until he sees me yeah i mean741.8394.56
so when he starts coming toward me i'm744.3993.921
gonna let him have it okay oh all right746.3994.481
cause this this site is748.323.519
small you don't know the drop on it751.8393.361
either no idea753.63.6
i'm sure it's gonna go that far it's a755.24.24
rocket all right you ready yep oh yeah757.24.56
i'm ready759.442.32
oh my one shot and he's gone764.324.079
holy [ __ ] dude that's insane oh that's768.884.8
amazing okay so that was a [ __ ] but i771.5193.841
think yeah you know what let's keep773.684.48
traveling there's some like mean bots up775.365.11
ahead i'm all about it let's go get them778.163.6
next stop main batch imagine we have all781.765.6
of these or we all have one of these784.324.959
imagine when the robots have them can't787.363.44
but scary790.82.88
okay i think there's another weapon up805.5192.641
in the807.363.36
top uh maybe god maybe this is another808.164.08
safe house that'd be great that would be810.724.239
great make bikes we won't use yeah we812.244.24
need to start using them bikes [ __ ]814.9593.44
those bikes yeah they kind of suck well816.482.96
there you are what's going to say818.3992.8
where's some yeah hey neebs check out my819.443.28
oh they're green yeah i got green822.723.52
fingernails just for you you need to get824.6393.041
them too because that's what i wanted826.243.36
yeah they'd look good on you okay all827.683.76
right is this a safe yeah safe house829.64.4
unlocked hey oh yes oh that's great yeah831.444.72
this is way down here all right so yeah834.05.279
dora yeah this conqueror of this lawn836.165.6
robot it's out in the field to our like839.2794.881
north northeast okay841.764.879
uh there is a weapons box up here where844.164.4
you at upstairs yeah up in the up in the846.6393.041
hey we should learn hymns that we could849.683.839
sing you know we're part of that no him851.63.679
sucks yeah nobody wants to hear that853.5194.241
chance we can learn tongues855.2794.481
yeah now if we start at church let's do857.765.06
something fun like funky town859.765.68
won't you take me to876.9595.56
jesus town878.9593.56
all right anyone check in here no we885.64.0
don't have time888.163.44
no i didn't know but now we didn't have889.64.4
time to find ammo and [ __ ] we have time891.64.08
to make a bike we should probably give894.03.68
bikes another go right no this robot's895.683.599
like right out here in this field guys897.683.68
okay okay well then and then this more899.2793.12
is it just one so this is gonna be a lot902.3994.401
stronger than the one that got blown up904.884.16
well we'll see right yeah we'll see i906.83.92
feel like i could just run right up to909.044.08
it and just kind of do what i did910.724.08
i'm getting spotted up little guy right913.124.24
here now does it reload quickly because914.84.479
i'd be curious no it doesn't that's917.364.159
where i would be uh i'd be an issue919.2794.56
let's count it down yeah for what the921.5194.32
big guy the little little guy okay923.8393.921
little guy for little bullets all right925.8394.0
ready yeah yep one927.765.04
two three929.8392.961
he's like933.8392.961
whoa holy [ __ ]936.83.92
i see the big one yeah the big one's938.484.24
there that's yours go get them there's940.724.32
two big ones by the way there's two big942.724.4
that is a really [ __ ] big one oh it's945.044.479
big or big holy [ __ ] it's a it's a947.124.32
goddamn dinosaur to the north northeast949.5193.281
yeah let's get in there951.442.959
i'm gonna952.84.08
oh my god does anyone see the other one954.3994.24
that's right behind it of course we do956.883.84
how can we not well you're talking about958.6393.921
the one you keep on saying look at the960.723.6
one look at the one there's a mess962.566.68
[ __ ] two how did you miss it964.324.92
that's two shots on that boy and it's977.5195.481
still not down979.63.4
holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] come on come on come997.1992.32
oh god i don't see me don't see me don't999.5193.521
see me don't see me oh god run run run1001.123.68
run how are you doing1003.045.08
coming back1004.83.32
there we go1019.2793.24
uh one is gotta be close to dead jesus1030.0798.281
no i'm figuring there oh1034.04.36
oh it's time to run it's time to go to1041.0394.8
church and pray you gotta finish it hey1043.286.88
guys we all gotta get these [ __ ]1045.8397.761
i'm going to church always burning me1050.167.04
oh my god that was a big explosion1053.65.04
i got an adrenaline shot don't worry1057.22.8
about me1058.643.52
going to church yep going to church i'm1060.04.32
going to bunk it down feed me moo beep1062.165.16
hey quick heads up guys not gonna be a1071.283.68
generation zero next week because we're1073.284.0
going rtx and anthony's gotta go1074.963.68
somewhere so1077.283.41
see you in two weeks1078.6413.009

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Neebs Gaming's latest Scrap Mechanic escapade is an absolute delight! Their knack for creating captivating narratives shines through in this action-packed episode. From the opening scene of the crew gearing up with makeshift armor and weapons, you know you're in for an exhilarating ride.

As they venture out into the robot-infested wilderness, the tension ramps up exponentially. The harrowing encounter with the first giant robot had me on the edge of my seat! The way they strategically take down each mechanical monstrosity using their souped-up vehicles and increasingly destructive weapons is immensely satisfying.

The banter between the crew throughout adds so much humor and humanity to the experience. You really feel like you're right there with them, facing down an army of rampaging robots. And just when you think they've got the situation under control, an enormous rocket-launching robot appears to raise the stakes even higher!

Neebs Gaming has outdone themselves with the cinematic quality and compelling storyline of this Scrap Mechanic episode. It's a non-stop thrill ride that leaves you eager for more. Getting to tag along with this entertaining group of gamers without having to do any of the building or grinding yourself is really the ideal way to enjoy Scrap Mechanic.

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