Unstoppable Cybernetic Ant Horde!!! - Grounded

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video they just uploaded? It's all about the activation of the Coffee Pot and ...
Unstoppable Cybernetic Ant Horde!!! - Grounded
Unstoppable Cybernetic Ant Horde!!! - Grounded

Unstoppable Cybernetic Ant Horde!!! - Grounded

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Neebs Gaming video! Today we're talking about the unstoppable cybernetic ant horde in Grounded. Can you believe those little buggers are causing so much chaos?

simon: Oh man, I remember that video! The activation of the Coffee Pot bringing in the ORC horde was just insane. I couldn't stop laughing at the chaos.

appsro: Haha, yeah, those ants sure know how to cause a ruckus. But hey, at least we had our ugly sweaters on to keep us looking stylish while we fought them off!

neebs: That's right, Appsro! And don't forget about our new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster. We may need some magical help to deal with those cybernetic ants next time!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video they just uploaded? It's all about the activation of the Coffee Pot and how it has brought the ORC horde upon them! I was on the edge of my seat watching this one, let me tell you. If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely need to head over to their YouTube channel and give it a watch.

And speaking of watching their videos, have you seen the new merch they just dropped? Ugly Sweaters - perfect for the holiday season! I can't wait to get my hands on one of those. Plus, have you seen their new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's filled with even more hilarious content that I know you'll love.

If you're a die-hard Neebs Gaming fan like me, you should definitely consider supporting them on Patreon. They work so hard to bring us amazing content, and it's great to be able to give back and show them some love. And don't forget to check out their merch, too - I've got a whole collection of Neebs Gaming shirts and hoodies that I wear proudly.

I also love that Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs - those things are top of the line! And let's not forget about the coffee. Use code NEEBS10 at checkout for 10% off your order at Player One Coffee. It's the perfect fuel for all those late-night gaming sessions. Make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media channels, too - you won't want to miss out on any updates or behind-the-scenes content. And if you're looking for more NEEBS videos to binge-watch, check out their playlists on their channel. From cartoons to Minecraft, they've got something for everyone. Happy gaming, friends!

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oh god oh oh they're here don't do that1.0796.361
that's GNA make me4.882.56
do oh God that's oh no oh they're awful7.765.44
neebs gaming ugly sweaters available for10.923.879
time um hey guys so we accidentally14.7995.161
skipped an episode of grounded and17.763.439
that's the episode you're about to watch19.963.44
today this one goes before the one that21.1994.961
came out last week we're idiots yeah23.45.52
Simon is an idiot yep asro is an idiot26.165.039
door is an idiot yeah Anthony is an28.926.159
idiot we're idiots31.1993.88
sorry I could devour a billy hog right49.966.079
about now man I swear to God if he says53.444.959
that Billy hog line one more time I'm56.0393.52
going to I'm going to break his little58.3992.881
head cage I don't hear him like you do59.5594.361
and that's good all right so there's the61.284.92
coffee maker way up there oh cool it's a63.925.12
zipline oh hell yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah66.27.959
what what what yeah yeah and kaboo Amber69.049.2
PL come on Dr T let's go freak man74.1597.721
dropping an F bomb on it yeah oh wow so78.247.239
this is the Java mtic oh get out of my81.885.919
weirdo so okay big calculator here I see87.929.08
some science up top all right let me see92.4398.0
can we oh oh you see this broken bit97.05.32
here D yeah I do what if we can get in100.4393.68
that way oh check this out like right102.323.759
here then right here parkour yeah yeah104.1195.32
yeah yeah yeah yeah ha I got a bomb Oh106.0795.64
run run run run run run run109.4394.36
yeah I did it okay we're in113.7997.611
stop come123.0393.161
on and then all right oh okay the igging126.328.639
cell is in place we're almost ready to131.5995.801
commence Brewing perfect this is the134.9594.401
ening cell which we already had from137.44.04
long time ago uhhuh now all we got to do139.364.76
is uh make that ening cocktail uh-huh141.444.799
and uh yeah I think we can Brew us a144.124.199
potion to get out of here we're that146.2395.841
close I think so what I know seems crazy148.3197.481
right a little bit yeah seems easy152.087.6
almost too easy155.83.88
right all right I got a couple gifts to164.084.799
hand out o166.927.36
o let's see what what's that floating168.8798.041
what you never seen that you you have oh174.284.12
hey yeah that's right you weren't here176.923.36
last week were you Simon no you missed a178.44.559
lot you missed a lot you did apparently180.284.84
yeah so what the hell is that floating182.9593.601
don't worry about that's Dr185.125.399
Tully oh oh there's a person yeah that's186.565.679
kind of crazy there's a mustache and190.5195.561
glasses yeah yeah Gibs Gibs Gibs Gibs192.2396.321
Christmas it's the crossbow Black Black199.086.32
Arrow crossbow something like that and202.5994.72
the need take off that dingy armor205.46.72
you're wearing okay got gifts oh Simon207.3196.2
I'm sorry I don't have anything to give212.123.0
you but I did make you that armor yes213.5195.64
you did very much and yeah and Dr Tully215.125.64
will be your friend if you want oh that219.1593.64
sounds good it's not creepy at all yeah220.764.479
you doing okay doc yeah he's doing fine222.7994.961
how's this look uh ladybug chest plate225.2396.84
to boom yeah that's great new legs oh227.766.08
yeah oh step over the light so I can see232.0795.08
a little better yeah yeah come over here233.845.56
check this out [ __ ] out of the way oh237.1595.841
yeah you look great yep yep man if I get239.45.839
one more pupil leather I can make my243.04.4
wasp armor and I'll be a a finished245.2395.601
Beast oh wow okay hey who wants crossbow247.45.28
the other one um I I don't but I am250.844.84
stuck is anyone else get stuck in here252.684.48
stuck in the chair well you're crouching255.683.76
right now does that make a difference oh257.164.28
okay I'll un Crouch quit playing around259.443.68
Simon get out of that chair quit messing261.445.88
around control nothing I'm in space bar263.126.04
nothing well here let me try to move the267.326.08
chair okay yeah hey we go all right269.167.12
thank you all I did was get out all273.45.04
right thank you weird creepy yes thank276.287.0
you guy and you too floating head sweet278.446.28
yep everybody enjoy theirselves till283.283.08
morning then we'll get stuff done I need284.725.039
a toenail I need pupil286.366.88
leather I need a289.7593.481
oh crap yeah he saw us Ox beetles on us301.164.36
yeah you think we can take this guy by304.324.159
ourselves uh yeah I do I'll get behind305.525.64
him he's on you all right on his butt on308.4795.881
the butt on the butt oh yeah there we go311.164.8
right okay I'm314.365.559
blocking oh yeah there's my dude315.967.92
okay still on me still on me oh yeah you319.9196.161
ain't got nothing on323.886.599
me okay that hurt hurt a little bit326.088.36
oh my my buddy oh is he down yeah he330.4795.16
doesn't last334.443.8
long okay that's cool man that's a cool335.6394.321
mutation box Beetle's halfway down I338.244.64
want to get behind him uh here we go339.964.959
there we go back here oh yeah here he342.884.72
goes was your buddy back already yeah344.9195.12
good yes I know yeah yeah that mean it's347.65.599
pretty pretty op mutation he was just350.0398.401
here oh no you don't yeah and boom piz353.1997.601
nice oh358.446.4
man that guy is a nut ah so360.87.16
dramatic I like him you okay Dr Tully364.844.6
yeah I've noticed Dr Tully sometimes367.965.04
he'll fire at things too oh really yeah369.445.64
well thank you Dr Tully let's see all373.04.919
right I came out here not too long ago375.084.959
and I discovered this field station but377.9194.0
that's not why I brought you out here380.0394.481
okay let's see if I can find it again it381.9195.321
was oh yeah it's right over here uhhuh I384.525.28
was like oh Field Station cool but I387.247.399
wonder what this is and then I see this389.87.64
oh a bottle full of teeth how do you get394.6396.081
in there we you suppose huh it looks397.445.319
like there's an entry way like there at400.724.36
the end but who the hell knows where the402.7594.681
entrance is like a hole in the ground405.085.2
yeah um yep you're right that does look407.444.199
like a hole in there did you really have410.283.56
to pull out your binoculars for that oh411.6393.881
are you just your eyeballs are like413.843.68
Eagle yeah I mean look right there it's415.523.32
like a hole in the ground it's all brown417.523.04
there's no cont it all Blends together418.842.799
bet all you got to do is walk back and420.562.759
forth and you can clearly see the dip421.6394.521
okay oh yeah it's a good trick life hack423.3194.681
so we need to figure out how to get in426.164.28
there cuz that's a lot of teeth one two428.04.36
that's four five teeth you know what we430.444.52
can do with five432.362.6
teeth hey Simon yeah B since we're435.085.32
waiting for that to turn into the well438.163.56
I'm waiting for it to turn into the440.43.32
leather right the hide hanging on the441.725.039
rack since you're a crossbowman now oh443.725.199
yes I am and I've not used this on a446.7594.681
living thing well I mean the the pupil448.9194.241
was but you know what I mean like not451.443.92
fighting back thing uh-huh what if I453.164.92
lure up one of these suckers um I don't455.364.239
see I don't see what you're talking458.083.88
about but okay oh man I just got to hit459.5995.081
it that's the thing what uh yeah all461.965.239
right mosquito oh mosquit oh yeah look464.684.76
at that look at that that hurt did that467.1994.28
hurt wait was that one shot and dead no469.443.479
it's not dead but like that was a lot of471.4794.72
damage on that sucker okay what a sucker472.9195.24
you suck look at it's not even did it go476.1994.241
home what' you go home are you scared478.1594.281
how do you scar how so scared what's the480.444.8
matter do we need to give you a Huggy oh482.445.68
suck a move there suck ass a Huggy where485.244.6
you at yeah where is it at we're going488.123.199
to give you a little sweet little489.843.24
Embrace down there and just just going491.3194.521
to hide forever is you okay so okay all493.084.76
we got another coming another couple495.847.56
ining are oh yeah look at oh oh yeah oh497.8410.84
and this one's bye and bye bye almost503.49.519
bye yeah nice try you idiot oh in the508.686.52
face oh get it Simon take it home oh in512.9194.161
the face oh just take it home okay I'm515.24.56
going to take face kind of hurt good job517.084.8
buddy hey good science yep y I'm going519.763.839
to go get those arrows you might see521.883.519
that other one down there that ran with523.5995.36
its tail between its legs oh well I'll525.3994.961
I'll I'll hit you'll use your your a528.9593.081
crossbowman yeah I'll do that all right530.364.76
see you in a few532.043.08
okay well I think I know how I died you535.167.72
died no no it oh it yeah oh there's gum538.5197.0
yeah it ain't gum that's that'd be my542.883.84
guess I don't think you're supposed to545.5194.0
feed a hamster gum okay uh let Dr knees546.724.52
in here uh549.5194.0
scalpel uh551.245.96
forceps uh that's the only two tools I553.5197.681
know um yeah me too do oh you got an ant557.26.879
oh nope no you don't I'll dig you to561.26.0
death Dr T get in here fight that in t564.0795.601
do something trying to get gum567.24.0
oh wow569.683.12
jeez oh God careful yeah you better572.86.56
run okay yeah every time he makes such a579.927.08
scene doesn't he oh neeps yeah over583.886.399
here ooh this has potential oh is this587.06.68
it it has potential yeah this looks like590.2795.321
it'd be it right yeah oh and I don't593.683.8
know if you noticed my torch I made an595.66.239
Ever Char torch uh-uh yeah uses a piece597.487.039
of charcoal okay that's pretty cool yeah601.8394.761
and it lasts longer I604.5195.241
think o hello this looks like an ant606.64.88
cave or something maybe oh man we should609.763.84
get more ant eggs been a while what do611.486.12
we oh yeah yeah little ant Army yep is613.66.679
that that a ball that's a617.65.44
ball huh can you do anything with that620.2795.12
uh well not right off hand you think you623.043.799
can't I mean we can't climb up there625.3994.521
anyway nope oh man uh-huh this feels626.8395.841
like a trap doesn't it uh oh look at all629.924.56
that good stuff across the way all right632.685.159
I'm dropping down oo it's pretty in here634.486.799
yep does Dr toally do anything yes637.8394.56
sometimes when you're fighting ants641.2794.281
he'll uh like shoot electric powers at642.3994.841
think he can help with directions and645.564.04
stuff came here to the ball can we push647.243.68
ball push the ball it's650.927.32
moving here we go yeah okay oh so wait653.8396.161
can we stand on it now now and roll it658.243.76
around is this this the same ball or a660.03.839
different ball this is the same ball662.05.079
same ball okay oh Telly what let's here663.8395.161
we going to push it into this room okay667.0794.76
oh then we get up yeah it's puzzle669.05.36
solving yeah this is neat we can't break671.8395.521
the ball can we um oh yep oh wow yeah I674.365.2
got up here677.366.52
okay uhhuh get this stuff Supreme marble679.566.92
yeah n this is great stuff I can't reach683.885.24
the top of the ball crap okay well you686.486.08
have fun up there uh oh can you uh if I689.124.76
stand on the ball can you knock it692.563.519
towards the tooth uh yep and the tooth693.886.36
is right this way yeah696.0794.161
okay there it701.8394.721
is okay so yeah this isn't the hole we703.766.0
wanted but hey cool ball puzzle yep hey706.565.48
that's what she said I think it all709.763.8
works there that's fine everything you712.045.599
said worked I could devour a billy hog713.567.399
right about now717.6393.32
man hey Simon hey this is like end game724.8395.8
for me this is like I'm done cuz I don't728.63.4
think I want to get rid of my apid730.6393.681
slippers they're so flipping fast you732.04.92
know right but this I think I think this734.323.6
it I think I think that's it for me like737.926.24
I think I'm maxed out wow let me tell741.6394.32
you that's one impressive top do you744.164.56
like that yeah it's a wasp top that's745.9594.961
that's that's very classy oh good I'm748.723.84
glad you think so now I just want to750.924.84
kick some butt your whole look works man752.566.04
oh you're liking that yeah good good755.764.639
thank you I mean you look sharp as the758.63.84
Dickens well I appreciate that but no760.3994.24
you're definitely uh I don't know like762.444.72
more of like the the one that's walking764.6394.76
up the runway like the latest the767.164.64
hottest Fashions I just drop I didn't769.3994.401
mean to drop that was that can I you771.83.64
yeah that just ruined how cool I looked773.83.68
because I dropped something oh no not775.443.8
for me but then if like you that777.483.88
probably looks good with that too oh779.244.64
that's high fashion that is high that's781.365.2
man I'm I'm getting don't tell me you783.884.44
don't have to tell me don't tell you786.563.48
yeah I just want to get up with those788.323.199
guys now and and fight stuff you know790.044.599
what I mean all right F okay yeah do it791.5197.88
again Mama I will not it794.6394.76
tease oh Lees Yep this has potential is799.687.68
this that's just the hole huh maybe all804.3995.24
right I'm slinking down T's already in807.365.039
there yeah look at him okay I'll SL down809.6396.0
go doct go all right oh man oh some812.3995.721
here yeah there you go sweet level three818.127.839
x you're a lumberjack yeah waa skeleton822.245.12
that's a little baby skeleton the hell825.9593.68
is this oh man he's got a little lean to827.364.68
and everything this is a person Tully829.6395.64
you know this guy tly any ideas you know832.046.0
anything about this that's interesting835.2794.201
you know he does oh we can rumage838.044.32
through it what has he got um inter839.485.12
badge a badge from ominent oh it842.363.76
increases your hauling strength and844.64.28
movement speed door might like that okay846.125.68
and then what is this loyal848.886.56
subjects oh words probably interesting851.85.479
to somebody where's he hiding this stuff855.443.68
he's a skeleton I know I don't see857.2793.721
anything on this thing well I guess he859.124.04
had a badge on increases your hauling861.03.92
strength I don't know how that works863.164.239
well explain the science behind that864.925.839
going deeper huh yep oh wait is this867.3996.56
this is it this is it we in the bottle870.7595.681
look at all these teeth we can make a873.9595.521
mouth out of this holy [ __ ] GES this is876.446.199
a damn jackpot I got a you know what I879.484.76
haven't leveled up in a while I bet I882.6393.64
got points coming out my ears oh man884.243.399
tell you what yeah this is perfect we'll886.2792.68
get this and then we'll go back to that887.6394.081
Science Station we can level ourselves888.9595.0
up okay and then I can do a I can do a891.724.119
search for toenails see if there's any893.9594.761
toenails nearby oh yeah I want to895.8395.321
toenails no I don't want toenails here898.724.359
it is get it all baby oh yeah we're901.164.039
getting it oh man we're going to all be903.0794.56
able to level up this is sweet I can't905.1993.801
decide if I want to put it into health907.6393.161
or if I want to put it into uh more909.04.16
mutations what to do there's so many910.84.279
choices there really is what's it going913.165.359
to be don't know it's not Christmas all915.0795.161
right sweet good job let's get out of918.5195.721
here yep let's do it come on Tully you920.246.92
weirdo probably the reason we're here oh924.246.36
I think he absolutely is927.163.44
there we go not a problem there look at931.3194.041
that all right you with me yes you're932.9594.761
killing it killing it listen you know935.365.959
traversing is my is my confirmation name937.725.84
your confirmation name yep did you have941.3194.361
a confirmation name uh I think it was943.564.88
just uh Nate my actual name name yeah945.685.04
confirmation name we we had that like948.443.879
Catholics they they give you an extra950.723.72
name when you're like 13 or something oh952.3194.08
that's weird [ __ ] it is let me know if954.444.639
you see a pine cone okay we should be up956.3995.0
on them not too far from here and959.0793.721
they're big right you can't really miss961.3992.721
them yeah it should be yeah it should be962.83.279
a nice big pine cone oh look at that hot964.123.839
dog is that a sandwich you think966.0794.801
everyone knows yeah it's true everyone967.9596.601
knows true okay there's a pine cone970.885.48
right there dude yep look at that think974.564.519
I only need five I'm going to beat this976.363.68
[ __ ]979.0796.721
up hit smack it [ __ ] what did you forget980.049.08
your tool no I have an axe985.85.479
that should be fine why are you saying989.124.0
oh [ __ ] because I don't have a level991.2793.441
Hammer oh which is what you need I think994.726.16
only abster is the only998.445.68
one see that the army guy yeah yeah and1000.884.519
you know what there's some signs back1004.123.36
there man think we can get to it we1005.3993.761
should try oh wow there's a couple of1007.484.039
army guys here oh it's just up above him1009.164.52
yeah we can get this come up here see1011.5193.961
yeah go for it I'm watching you up on1013.684.56
the back maybe nope not there okay maybe1015.485.08
the grass the grass yeah jump on the1018.245.52
blade of grass yep I'll try can I1020.566.519
squeeze oh it's tight in here I'm trying1023.764.76
you make it I might have to chop1027.0793.84
something down uh no no no there's1028.524.679
another blade of grass right there okay1030.9194.361
what about here oh okay you think you1033.1995.201
got something go for it CRA that that1035.284.36
was looking better though I like where1038.42.96
you were going That's it man that's1039.644.12
going to do it I think oh can I climb1041.365.0
this stuff about right here what's that1043.764.439
I hear something I heard something too1046.363.8
okay here we1048.1994.641
go science1050.164.759
science oh jeez we got something coming1052.843.44
let's bail out nebes what you got down1054.9192.64
there what is it it's a it's a damn1056.283.279
ladybird but let's go here follow me1057.5596.201
real quick on on your six t let's hit it1059.5596.681
ah you son of a I know I know they're on1063.764.84
me too annoying but I got to get that I1066.244.0
got to get that I got to get the stuff1068.65.28
oh hey zamon hey hey whoa whoa whoa hey1070.245.76
Absol perfect hey let me borrow that uh1073.883.32
hammer let me borrow that hammer I'll1076.03.24
promise I'll bring it right back1077.23.599
okay tell you what yeah you borrow the1079.243.24
hammer I'm going to run to base and get1080.7993.641
something and then everybody meet at the1082.483.12
pot coffee pot no one knows what the1085.65.04
coffee pot is okay uh you see the1088.24.719
exclamation mark on you guys' screen1090.643.2
yeah give me the hammer and I'll meet1092.9193.961
you at the meet there okay okay meet1093.846.12
there I'll trust that that's there okay1096.884.0
one one hammer beautiful see you at the1100.886.44
cop pot y see you1103.765.279
what you doing up there uh well I think1109.0395.481
uh all the ingredients I got if I put1112.485.28
them into this Java magic we'll be able1114.526.0
to make uh the cocktail that'll power1117.766.36
the lasers that can make us big again1120.527.44
really okay so uh it's going to be made1124.127.08
in the in the coffee pot I think so was1127.964.68
kind of waiting for D nees to get here1131.24.16
and then I'm going to fire this bad boy1132.647.159
up devil hurry up n I'm coming I didn't1135.365.52
know there was a zipline here I didn't1139.7993.161
make this one yeah I know it was just1140.885.279
here I'm the zipy guy yeah we yep all1142.964.28
right yeah you guys want to just hang1146.1595.281
out down there is that yeah I guess okay1147.245.84
yeah cuz I'm about to stick we got all1151.444.28
the ingredients okay five Berry leather1153.085.32
five fish scales five gum nuggets five1155.726.24
toenails and some grilled science okay1158.45.68
all right you1161.965.12
okay the mixture seems right well done1170.0396.841
oh perhaps you could get a job at the K1174.1594.481
jet as a1176.884.08
barista we got to turn on the javel1178.644.88
Matic Simon the buttons on the1180.966.88
calculator oh okay looks like it's right1183.527.48
here then yep yep yep yeah hit it e a1187.848.079
start oh oh okay okay1191.09.24
woo fire up baby fire up1195.9194.321
how do you like your copy burn1200.327.0
insufficient power son of a damn B come1203.327.56
on you piece of1207.323.56
[ __ ] ow crap it looks like there are1213.06.679
still a few bugs left in the1216.286.56
system it was an ant we'll need to get1219.6795.24
down there and repair those mixer1222.844.64
modules oh we got to we got to repair1224.9194.24
those mixer mod modules those pink1227.485.84
things out there okay don't sigh I it1229.1596.441
was too late I sighed yeah it happened1233.324.52
accept it can you just go up to it and1235.64.48
say repair or do you have to get stuff I1237.845.199
don't know let's go take a1240.082.959
peek oh yeah look at this idiot who we1243.285.16
got H an ant chewing on these power1246.287.56
cables [ __ ] you monkey oh one are these1248.448.16
oh T's on him oh yeah get him Tully I1253.845.52
mean I can oh wow dude that crossbow is1256.64.36
sick yeah I mean there was damage done1259.364.72
but it's pretty nice okay so if I look1260.964.92
at this thing and I pull out my repair1264.085.24
tool yep oh yeah look at that repared it1265.884.76
all right got to check the other ones or1269.323.8
no yeah check the other ones oh yeah oh1270.644.76
yeah get that an off that come on now1273.123.919
come on come on come on what are you1275.44.2
doing you're a bad bad bad boy there you1277.0395.201
go knock nice good job Simon and I am1279.65.76
repairing okay next B all right got here1282.245.52
too got another jackass over here come1285.363.96
there we all right hands down was that1289.326.12
it three of them yeah that was1291.886.88
nothing all right now we got to speak1295.445.239
with Dr Tully at the Java mtic back to1298.764.799
the calculator that was1300.6795.721
okay we'll need to defend those mixer1303.5595.72
modules for as long as it takes if the1306.45.92
Orcs destroy them they'll take down the1309.2795.921
entire system all right well let's get1312.326.52
started for science science science1315.25.959
science science all right let's Brew1318.845.839
this bad boy I'm doing it okay oh here1321.1595.321
we go1324.6794.24
oo all right we got to go protect those1326.484.4
purple things let's go boys protect the1328.9194.36
purp where we just came from we came1330.885.36
from talking about didn't what what oh1333.2794.161
god I don't know what's going Hang on1336.245.039
we're coming prepare yourself large1337.445.4
incoming yeah oh yeah bring it out woo1342.848.199
holy crap there l oh boy all right help1347.365.439
everyone take one of these things all1351.0395.0
right I got one I'll this oh I was he1352.7994.041
out that's not good all right I'm1356.844.28
getting staying on top of this one that1358.9194.801
might be oh my god wow there's there's a1361.125.12
oh boy oh Jes there's a lot there's a1363.724.76
lot I don't see how we're protecting1366.244.08
ourselves from look at all these damn1368.485.52
insects this is very bad1370.326.64
oh get up oh1374.04.52
[ __ ] oh my God there's so many oh so1378.526.399
many oh my God this is1381.726.0
insane holy crap I'm I'm I'm going die1384.9195.921
again don't die I don't want to I'm1387.724.439
trying to hold these ants off but1390.842.719
they're spitting in this bunch of them1392.1593.52
and it's not good oh my god oh wait1393.5593.561
they're going away why they going away1395.6793.721
oh crap cuz they broke the damn thing1397.123.84
they broke the thing we got to fix it1399.43.8
again yeah oh yeah look at them running1400.963.88
off but at least they're I mean they're1403.24.479
easy to fix right guys we can we can do1404.845.0
this better can't we like block it with1407.6794.6
stuff and spikes yeah we're going to1409.845.4
have to build some crazy defenses out1412.2795.76
here okay that makes more sense all1415.244.679
right that's a plan plan's to go home1418.0394.401
and regroup oh yeah we're going to need1419.9195.401
bricks get to work zimon yeah I'm I lay1422.445.2
a good1425.322.32

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