Under The Sea - Sea of Thieves

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? Captain Barbossa, Will Turner, and Elizabeth S...
Under The Sea - Sea of Thieves
Under The Sea - Sea of Thieves

Under The Sea - Sea of Thieves

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about why this Under The Sea video is our favorite. I mean, who doesn't love sailing off the edge of the map and finding Jack Sparrow?

simon: Oh yeah, definitely! And let's not forget about navigating treachery and betrayal, that's always a good time. Plus, making final alliances for a decisive battle? Sign me up!

appsro: Haha, you guys are too much. But seriously, the sea of thieves is where it's at. And with Captain Barbossa, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann leading the way, you know it's gonna be a wild ride.

neebs: Absolutely! And don't forget to hit that subscribe button and support us on Patreon if you want to see more crazy adventures like this. Thanks for watching, and we'll see you next time on Neebs Gaming!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? Captain Barbossa, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann are back at it again, sailing off the edge of the map in search of Jack Sparrow. It's all about navigating treachery, betrayal, and making those final alliances for the ultimate battle. If you're a fan of adventure, action, and just a touch of humor, this video is definitely for you!

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So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for another epic adventure with Neebs and the gang. And don't forget to thank Zapsplat.com for providing those awesome sound effects that really bring the game to life. Enjoy!

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all right we've completed our first1.5993.521
disney [ __ ]3.6794.801
yeah whoa yeah baby5.126.08
oh oh everybody look come here come here8.484.319
what am i looking at12.7994.56
oh steering wheel oh wait what do they14.925.4
call it it's the game's wheel yeah yeah17.3595.68
the helm what the hell mary mr vic the20.324.799
helm i feel like there's another name23.0394.48
anyway that's awesome yeah no the the25.1193.92
more disney [ __ ] we do i think the27.5193.361
better my ship gets we're gonna have a29.0395.121
mouse in the front a what a mouse mickey30.885.679
look golly37.447.36
i'm not doing it do it simon do it40.485.52
you can do it44.82.48
you can do it46.04.16
give us a golly47.282.88
all right let's do more disney [ __ ]52.324.919
okay and now you understand the truth70.845.72
because of the treasure he stole76.568.0
jack sparrow lost him freedom and now79.7599.04
that same thing come for us all84.567.36
if dave dunes is not stopped this world88.7996.081
will sink into shadow91.926.96
take these papers and studied him94.887.68
then dive into the deep and find the98.886.32
heart of the sunken pearl before the102.565.36
dark water swallows her105.24.559
you see this mr neebs yeah i forget how109.7594.961
to do that book oh you just got a whole112.0794.241
cue and then you find it in your stuff114.723.439
and then you can read it like a nerd116.325.119
right yeah okay all right mr thick get118.1595.121
out of the map room and find me old121.4393.441
salsa tool123.282.96
hmm did you say salsa is delicious he126.244.799
said nothing about salsa i love sauce129.1193.921
that old salted toast what's his book131.0394.641
say this is far in the world blah blah133.044.48
blah blah blah the important thing is we135.684.4
need to find old salta told and off the137.525.76
shores of that we might find the resting140.085.6
place of the black pearl the black143.283.679
salts atoll yeah i thought you said146.9594.721
salsa too i was excited no nothing to do149.124.479
with salsa salts do you think in that151.684.0
book about salsa we want to do a goddamn153.5993.841
thing in this book about salsa plunder155.684.4
valley plunder outpost well we we have157.444.0
to go160.084.799
south west okay all right front and mid161.445.28
sails all the way down and crank them to164.8794.321
the left all the way down crank it to166.724.19
the left169.27.96
hey good job crew180.563.759
all right i think we'll go around these182.723.2
rocks and then we'll turn towards the184.3194.881
light i think i see uh is that a sloop185.925.599
might be a little tiny sloop over there189.23.92
at that island yep191.5192.8
i can't tell if they're going the other193.122.32
way yeah they look like they're coming194.3193.92
right at us doesn't it195.442.799
ass eaters we do play it cool well we'll199.844.399
play it cool until they don't play it202.723.439
cool but they might be [ __ ] off well204.2393.601
if they come up on our ass we're not206.1593.521
gonna be able to do anything207.843.119
they're coming right at us they're209.682.88
coming out i mean it seems that way210.9592.801
doesn't it212.562.72
wait it turned213.763.6
yeah they turned to aim their cannons at215.284.48
us oh that's probably true isn't it well217.363.76
they can't well one of their cannons is219.763.119
pointed up it's usually a sign of peace221.123.839
but hey is the sea of thieves222.8794.08
well if he gets close enough i mean224.9593.521
can't we all just i mean i should be226.9594.321
able to shoot him let's not shoot yet228.484.959
slick johnny says i have a storage crate231.283.2
for y'all233.4393.121
was that slick johnny back there i guess234.484.08
so all right everybody make sure you got236.563.12
weapons loaded because we're going to238.562.399
stop we're going to see what slick239.683.119
johnny does there's only one slick240.9594.401
johnny and there's four of us so he242.7994.401
better not try any [ __ ] all right who's245.363.2
slick johnny i'm not saying there's a247.23.759
guy chasing us mr simon uh okay i didn't248.563.92
realize you knew his name i've just been250.9593.441
paying so much attention to them wasn't252.485.119
really listening to you guys254.43.199
we're like right here captain okay i'm263.684.4
starting to see debris in the water oh266.323.599
yeah yeah yeah all right prepare268.084.24
somebody keep it down slick johnny quick273.9194.481
quick no just drop it jesus christ drop275.844.0
anchor okay278.43.2
what's good johnny doing i don't know279.843.68
good we missed that by a mile by a281.64.4
goddamn mile wow yep all right283.524.72
bring it up all right anchor right here286.03.12
captain oh you have to understand we289.123.359
haven't played this in a little while291.1993.601
right right292.4792.321
listen earlier295.122.96
we both went to dropbanker at the same296.083.76
time and then one of us started to raise298.082.88
it again299.843.04
all right we're aimed at the light oh300.963.84
man is that what is slick johnny doing302.883.759
he's coming at us he might have a thing304.83.6
for us league johnny we got to stay306.6393.441
separated so he can't kill us all at the308.43.28
same time310.082.959
we can revive each other but i'm going311.682.959
to need one of you to prepare to drop313.0393.841
anchor again ready all right we're314.6393.84
pretty much just right in front of the316.886.08
debris all right drop anchor okay drop318.4797.681
hey good work mr simon all righty oh322.964.799
what is all this [ __ ]326.164.319
yes a bunch of [ __ ] all right so that's327.7594.72
the sloop right in front of us uh yep330.4794.321
that's slick johnny all right well let's332.4793.841
see if slick i should get on a334.83.36
cannonball shouldn't i uh maybe maybe336.324.48
not well let's do this hey go over and338.165.2
see if you can get a crate from him okay340.83.36
what about sharks uh he might be okay344.163.759
which way is he going uh he's turning i346.03.12
don't think slick johnny knows what the347.9192.801
[ __ ] slick johnny wants to do he's not349.123.28
in the water is he he's gonna sneak up350.723.759
on us oh has he been typing to us i'll352.44.16
type to him yar you know we could354.4794.321
harpoon that schooner if he gets close356.563.759
enough right358.84.72
hey this is i this storage crate is full360.3194.801
take this off me363.523.92
oh there he is365.123.919
all right yep367.443.28
oh there he is369.0394.081
keep an eye on him keep an eye on him370.723.28
i get it yep looks like he gave it to374.04.319
you tell him thank you thank you thank376.04.16
you i kind of want to shoot him with the378.3194.401
that would bring him on the ship mr382.883.36
simon i know but then we can say hi to384.243.84
him where'd he go mr neebs386.244.079
slick johnny yeah he's just riding off388.085.6
like a cowboy i mean no he was mr neebs390.3194.88
huh oh my god you weren't paying393.683.68
attention at all he was right down here395.1995.361
who slick johnny who what he397.364.959
the [ __ ] you talking about who he's not400.563.359
in that boat no he wasn't in the boat he402.3193.041
was in the [ __ ] water what's he doing403.9193.601
his boat's just going he gave mr thick a405.364.08
crate what did he give us a crate of407.523.679
do you want to open this thing yeah409.443.12
let's see what's in it hopefully it's411.1994.081
not a bomb412.562.72
uh oh it's just some uh supplies let's415.7593.921
cannonballs fireworks420.724.4
yeah you know what i'll fire off one of423.0395.201
these fireworks at him425.123.12
oh look at that i had like the shape of435.524.16
a deer or something hey do you think i437.523.679
can grab this stuff with the harpoon the439.683.28
glowing [ __ ] well i don't think we need441.1993.44
the glowing [ __ ] i think we're gonna442.964.0
have to swim down under444.6394.4
yep i think you're right what you446.964.239
thinking mr neebs you hey you just449.0394.0
yelled at me so you you decided you451.1992.881
because you're a [ __ ] idiot the guy453.0392.16
was right in the water didn't even see454.082.959
him i'm just saying tell me what to do455.1994.481
i'm a team player all right everybody457.0395.121
get food in their pocket and we're going459.686.16
under all right462.163.68
we see something i think i think i see484.724.08
the pearl487.362.559
oh yeah yeah it just lit up didn't it489.9194.72
look at that492.3194.081
that's pretty awesome yeah it is pretty494.6393.361
but where do we need to be498.04.16
no one's drowning500.83.36
not yet no i'm not drowning seem to be502.164.64
doing all right which is insane yes that504.163.759
light does506.82.399
air mr neebs so now i guess the next509.1994.32
thing is what the [ __ ] are we supposed512.1593.521
to do here uh you think we would be513.5194.4
looking for something on the ship yeah515.683.68
everyone look around the ship a little517.9194.321
bit tell me if you see anything um519.365.76
nothing in here i don't think i have to522.245.44
move debris you got some debris in there525.126.399
mr saw i see you mr simon that's right527.687.12
hey mr simon hello531.5196.32
hey mr dick hey hello is there anything534.85.92
in there boys well i i wish that i could537.8394.56
move this debris doesn't give me a540.723.76
prompt to do it like the other stuff you542.3994.401
see anything in there mr neebs i'm544.484.24
behind y'all oh move debris right here546.83.36
no i'm in the window mr neebs i'm548.723.36
looking at you hey look at you there we550.165.359
go yep we got it oh i see something552.085.04
glowing i555.5194.081
would be glowing in there mr thick557.123.68
pearl key what the hell did you pick it560.83.76
up black pearl563.123.76
that's it the key you see it564.564.719
i got it nice you need a key for a boat566.884.48
black pearl569.2793.281
maybe it's a key to the captain's571.362.479
ah all right i'm going in here i wonder573.8396.241
all right in the captain's quarters578.03.36
what's this580.083.6
what a what is that uh that be jack581.364.64
sparrow's compass583.684.08
oh you know what i've heard dale587.766.079
of this once proud vessel i590.3996.161
they fought so bravely you saying that593.8396.56
but now they are capped596.563.839
that which you now possess will guide601.8394.401
you onward604.485.359
i shall use what little influence i have606.246.8
to light your way she's an influencer609.8394.961
i've heard tale of this compass this613.045.28
compass points ye to what you want most614.85.36
and what i want most is to be done with618.325.36
this disney [ __ ] so uh so it's either620.166.16
anaheim or orlando right this way this623.685.3
way everybody626.3211.12
oh here we go a ladder637.444.0
that's what i thought639.65.04
you were so close now shut up please641.445.28
just a little farther okay yeah we know644.643.6
we're looking god damn you gave us a646.723.76
compass chatty [ __ ] at least it was648.244.32
quick i mean that was just two sentences650.483.52
yeah thank god652.564.56
oh all right what we got yeah654.06.16
big old room this is the final step of657.124.56
your journey660.164.72
for this is where my ocean crawlers661.686.159
shall destroy oh okay664.885.519
oh crap guys667.8394.801
what's going on there's an ammo box over670.3994.56
here if672.642.319
oh yeah there you go sniper mr simon i'm680.325.44
gonna try oh yep mr neems what gun do682.565.2
you have i got the sniper rifle all685.763.68
right mr simon you have the sniper rifle687.763.44
yes sir all right i'll be down here in689.443.839
the [ __ ] mr thick what do you got sniper691.24.4
rifle go ahead sniper rifles693.2794.321
goddamn it okay695.63.76
i'm down here in the [ __ ] you keep me697.63.919
covered don't hit the don't hit the ammo699.364.719
job he's a fast boy oh [ __ ] i just shot701.5194.32
you that i don't hurt you do i don't704.0794.961
think so good yeah die creature of the705.8396.401
foul stinky ocean [ __ ]709.046.599
there we go712.243.399
i'll [ __ ] her in her butt728.9594.241
you have no idea how old she is so i731.044.88
mean like i would hope733.24.4
just be careful735.923.52
what's this i don't know it's gold and737.65.2
shiny hey everyone look yeah a heart of739.446.079
a siren that's bad usually742.84.88
bad usually that is bad sirens are745.5194.401
definitely nasty name one siren that's747.685.68
good um i got tornado siren yeah but749.925.039
that means something bad's coming right753.363.76
but it keeps you alive it lets you know754.9593.921
bad coming all right757.124.48
okay return the heart of a siren that758.884.8
thing's gonna end up killing us761.65.679
oh up top water's coming in yeah763.687.88
out the nostrils oh boy767.2794.281
oh oh geyser whoa779.65.44
hey just pop me up here782.884.0
yep that's what you want jump on this785.044.239
here we go786.882.399
all right793.363.2
i didn't think he's gonna grab me uh oh794.325.92
enemies ammo right here enemies796.565.279
come on [ __ ]800.244.56
got him heal people yep heal if you need801.8394.881
oh [ __ ] here you're going right in front806.722.96
of me808.6393.681
okay yep i just got to let you know809.685.279
and again too you want to hit those812.324.959
electric guys from a distance i was just814.9594.161
trying to get ammo oh big guy's getting817.2794.881
close yeah he is nice shot dick819.127.719
yeah take that you electric horror822.164.679
if you understood what we had lost and834.486.0
all that we seek to reclaim you would837.765.519
never have trespassed here you stupid840.484.88
[ __ ] i'm just trying to get the [ __ ] is843.2794.8
not your world845.366.56
good you exist here only as long as i am848.0797.241
oh my god851.923.4
all right let me put this heart in the859.1992.801
siren over here860.564.639
all right that's glowing862.03.199
at least this one we're gonna be bathing868.323.759
and throw up instead of the neti pot870.165.64
juice thank god872.0793.721
right behind you mr vick mr simon all888.0794.161
right i'd be platforming better than890.322.879
he doing great893.1993.721
oh wow look at this skull901.5193.76
that's crazy looking in it mr neebs903.683.68
looks like a baby hey look what i found905.2793.36
i tried907.362.56
oh boy908.6392.961
was that noise you guys can get some909.923.039
there's some over here everybody gets911.63.359
one that's a weapon912.9594.0
oh i tried it914.9593.361
what's that noise916.9592.961
i don't know something nasty can we use918.324.24
this oh jesus christ where's her name it919.924.08
shoots i know922.563.519
clearly oh you know oh [ __ ] that's a big924.05.36
damn octopus where play with my greatest926.0795.12
oh god929.363.76
leave this fire immediately and931.1995.121
surrender yourself to my royal guard933.125.92
no we're here for the ship936.326.079
ah the crack and ran away939.043.359
oh [ __ ] what sirens942.486.56
so what do we do shoot him [ __ ] okay945.5194.801
[ __ ]950.322.24
i don't even know how you shoot with951.443.04
this [ __ ] trident um952.564.32
you hold left click954.484.159
oh that's what it is you gotta hold the956.883.759
thing charge it and shoot958.6394.241
oh i think i hit one i just i killed one960.6395.311
two killed or hit962.884.319
upon killed me yeah967.1993.841
very well969.62.799
all right we're fighting these [ __ ]971.042.88
off pretty good no mr thank what you're972.3994.24
doing i don't know stick his nail gone i973.924.88
got him i got him he's well caught your976.6396.32
[ __ ] is getting me i'm scared of trying978.84.159
oh man are we running out of oxygen984.82.88
where's air can we get back into where986.323.519
we came from i don't know oh [ __ ] you987.683.76
can't can you swim989.8393.281
to the bottom okay991.444.079
there's air i see shiny things down here993.124.8
guys i think i'm gonna die yep it's not995.5194.721
looking good for any of us [ __ ] oh god997.924.08
all right i gotta let go of that oh i1000.244.88
just made a banana oh no no oh i see mr1002.05.279
thick i'm out of food1005.126.519
oh do you respawn right there1007.2794.36
oh boy okay good i'm glad other people1014.84.719
are here yeah all right we gotta fight1017.2794.321
off all these damn mer people we're1019.5193.76
gonna need a place to breathe right all1021.63.439
right yeah i think i saw a little shiny1023.2793.76
area near the bottom okay let's see uh1025.0394.241
we'll see where we respawn maybe we can1027.0394.081
set up a defensive perimeter yeah yeah1029.283.519
and also hopefully get food because i1031.123.679
don't have any left see ya see you there1032.7994.0
all right1034.7994.64
okay i'm in where am i all right that's1036.7994.721
food down here checking the barrels oh1039.4393.841
they're gonna get me it's got five1041.523.6
bananas all right look we got barrels1043.283.519
and we got ammo yes all right let's1045.124.16
fight these damn mer people off1046.7994.481
the protect stay around the oxygen we'll1049.285.759
give these stupid fish people a what for1051.286.639
boom make a damn head boom1055.0394.481
what is that1057.9193.521
yeah he dropped something mr thick does1059.524.0
it try to never hear about the barrels1061.443.84
all right i'll grab your neebs all right1065.284.24
it's another damn siren heart lead the1067.25.04
way headway uh mr simon you gotta get a1069.525.519
trident you got one yes sir mr neebs yep1072.244.72
grab a trident yes sir1075.0394.321
you boys are on protection duty got it1076.965.68
follow me all right1079.363.28
tried and steal a gum still a gum isn't1082.883.76
it but imagine1084.7994.721
a lot of gums nowadays ice1086.644.56
oh there's there's so many you never1089.523.36
freaked out oh yeah i remember fruit1091.23.76
stripe gum lasted about five seconds1092.883.76
gross it was it was delicious but it was1094.963.76
gross it's still around1096.643.6
i know yeah you can go to world market1098.724.24
you'll find that stuff world market yeah1100.244.799
okay hold on i see1102.967.04
two statues oh hi mr thick1105.0394.961
that's it1111.25.44
i do it baby you hit it looks like a big1113.764.56
light shine1116.643.9
the door opens1118.325.31
all right1123.845.0
follow me boys1125.23.64

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