And The Winner is..??! - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish FINALE

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the channel yet? It's the finale of their "Alone-ish" series...
And The Winner is..??! - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish FINALE
And The Winner is..??! - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish FINALE

And The Winner is..??! - 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish FINALE

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about the epic finale of 7 Days To Die: Alone-ish. And the winner is... drum roll please!

simon: Oh man, this video is my favorite because I totally called the winner from the beginning. I mean, who can resist my psychic abilities?

appsro: Psychic abilities? More like dumb luck, Simon. But hey, I gotta admit, this finale had me on the edge of my seat. Who knew surviving in a zombie apocalypse could be so entertaining?

neebs: It's all about strategy, guys. And a little bit of luck. But seriously, this video had everything - suspense, action, and of course, our trademark Neebs Gaming humor. What more could you ask for?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video from the channel yet? It's the finale of their "Alone-ish" series in 7 Days to Die, and let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all the awesome content they release.

In this video, the gang faces off in a battle to see who will come out on top. Who will be the ultimate winner? The suspense is killing me! The energy and banter between the group is always entertaining, and this finale is no exception. You'll be on the edge of your seat the entire time, rooting for your favorite player to emerge victorious.

And don't forget to show your support by checking out their Patreon page. Every bit helps to keep the channel going strong and creating more amazing content for us to enjoy. Plus, they're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know they're serious about their gaming setup. You can also connect with them on social media to stay in the loop on all things Neebs Gaming.

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not a lot of time to talk today it's uh2.244.159
it's horde horde day horde night all4.3193.841
right it's day seven it's horde night6.3993.601
and uh i'm i'm feeling pretty confident8.164.72
right now there we go you know afro's a10.04.639
weird guy but he's been a great teammate12.883.2
this time he's gonna be chopping and14.6393.441
digging today and making that base over16.083.76
there we just gotta make it uh through18.083.6
the day i think we're in a good position19.843.76
we have a big building at least with21.685.95
walls around it boom boom boom boom23.68.709
wish me luck32.810.429
okay what time does it start 2200 is68.04.88
when the zombies70.082.8
i think we're going to be just fine okay75.043.36
um but yeah we need to wrap the entire76.4794.081
building in spikes yes we uh that the78.44.0
top needs to be fortified yep fortified80.563.28
also back door needs to be fortified82.43.12
before things start i want to make a83.842.88
trader run i'm going to sell some of85.523.04
this [ __ ] we got okay and i'll take the86.723.759
coins we got and i will try to buy us88.563.76
any extra food spikes whatever i can90.4793.6
find all right i have big x and repair92.322.88
kit i'm going to go chop down as many94.0794.601
trees as i can95.23.48
there you go thought you were gonna come105.7595.201
back nope108.02.96
this town a big enough for the two of us112.725.28
oh i see a chicken116.244.64
chicken chicken oh come on come on118.06.03
oh yes125.523.12
more charred meat bananas128.646.16
yes sir baby131.842.96
raw eggs charred meat135.24.08
raw corn137.685.24
breakfast of champions139.283.64
next where was i going yeah143.124.68
he's not dropping anything163.763.839
did he already drop a thing let's see it165.363.36
see that's the thing they don't put the167.5993.041
damn things on the map anymore oh look168.723.2
at this guy yeah i see him behind you170.643.12
behind you to the northeast oh god how171.923.92
far away are those adventure but hey i173.763.759
got to stay straight the smoke goes away175.845.28
on these [ __ ] oh there's a zombie177.5195.681
i mean i wasn't reloaded okay why are181.124.32
sticky keys keep coming on oh god oh god183.24.0
you need help no i'll be185.444.0
okay there we go jesus187.23.92
are you okay yeah i just didn't have the189.443.36
shotgun loaded you know it takes a long191.123.759
time okay yeah yeah yeah all right192.83.28
the whole thing [ __ ] i had to turn194.8794.0
around and look at you [ __ ] northeast we196.085.71
have a compass i know i know198.8797.981
whoop where's that208.566.08
ah where's the drop holy crap210.846.36
you drop it already214.645.519
i don't see i don't see the drop217.24.319
oh man220.1593.041
i don't even see the drop221.5193.761
it's not on the map oh223.24.24
how far is that225.284.239
this could be dumb i don't even know how227.444.64
far it is229.5192.561
looks like it's so far away234.485.119
geez what do i do237.763.759
this is gonna kill me isn't it you know239.5993.761
what there's no way i'm gonna find it i241.5193.841
just gotta stick the course243.365.04
keep chopping and building245.363.04
oh there it is what i see it i see it i250.1593.681
see it it's smoking oh it's out in the252.2393.84
open too okay [ __ ] yes oh it's way out253.844.16
there that thing okay yeah it's way out256.0795.041
there and it quit smoking like a [ __ ]258.06.16
all right we made it supplies cover me261.124.799
oh let's264.165.12
hey three pieces of cornbread whoa265.9195.201
we got a book bundle okay i can read269.284.0
some books and a can of pasta after i271.124.16
guess i'll i guess i'll read these books273.283.52
magnum influencer these books really275.283.28
don't help us for [ __ ] no but the276.85.28
cornbread like can i have that cornbread278.565.04
that's not where i fought that wolf is282.082.559
oh crap i see a wolf yep whoa288.248.36
holy crap oh no292.44.2
i thought i closed him in there he got298.242.64
ah man okay well300.884.1
you got something to eat303.7594.561
that scared me so close to horde and i308.324.56
thought i was gonna die310.43.84
now was there something in there there's312.883.28
a bag314.244.56
not the same place is it any more wolves316.164.56
oh there's some stuff318.86.0
come on back cooking pot grill320.726.72
cookie pot324.87.239
boiled eggs here we come327.444.599
yep that's the thunder anthony you know350.084.959
what that means rain yeah hey uh how352.244.239
many more spikes do you have do you have355.0395.201
any uh i have like 15 of them356.4795.84
oh my god what have you done in here i360.244.079
secured the door like you said clearly362.3193.281
yeah so now if they break through the364.3192.561
first door we got a second line yeah365.62.56
well i won't even i want to secure that366.882.879
first door even more we got to lock368.163.759
ourselves in here it's 1800 all right369.7594.241
i'm going to upgrade this door as well371.9195.84
you never know never know you don't374.03.759
i still have three still have three and378.165.52
i'm locked in so okay380.3195.041
yeah let's commit do it383.684.68
cooking pot in the cooking slot396.4794.321
there's my charred stuff we're gonna399.365.44
make our first boiled egg i can make one400.85.2
this is gonna taste so good406.04.96
here we go we got a bold egg turn that408.6394.161
off now let's take a look410.964.799
charred meat is a food of ten health of412.83.92
boiled egg food of ten that's not bad416.727.599
i just need that grill now421.123.199
i need to eat rock horn uh you can so427.7593.28
they don't give you much i'd say i'd429.7593.44
save the corn are you eating the corn431.0393.921
well i did i mean you said yes and then433.1993.921
said well actually so i ate one the434.964.56
answer is yes but you're good all right437.124.32
you got the [ __ ] soup and [ __ ] you439.525.59
shouldn't be eating raw don't have corn441.4422.79
the plants are in position and ready for470.245.399
battle [ __ ] you471.843.799
wandering horde you gotta be kidding me493.7597.761
i don't have time for this498.3193.201
oh man502.244.0
wandering horde504.163.92
this way folks506.245.6
come on i need this time for buildings508.086.72
i need it for building511.842.96
oh they're running515.685.76
come on folks this way right over here518.085.759
just get away from my base521.443.92
this can't be happening is this523.8393.281
happening to the other people it's just525.363.919
i'm feeling pretty good we got us uh we529.683.52
got us a nice little setup here yeah i531.5193.121
mean it's the first one this is first533.23.12
tornado but there are two of us i only534.643.6
have a shotgun so long range is not536.323.44
really an option but look i i got this538.243.76
man there's a hundred i have 180 bullets539.764.16
okay that should be good i got 48 iron542.03.92
arrows sitting on me i got 88 shotgun543.924.479
shells i am starving so yeah you are545.924.16
starving yes do you want another548.3993.601
cornbread if you have one sure i have a550.084.48
i should be building right now yeah557.765.519
all right you know what i can't can't561.23.92
deal with this right now i gotta build563.2796.361
don't just come on i gotta build565.124.52
go ahead and do the spikes and i'll make578.84.08
some more okay580.242.64
come on folks get the spikes please589.5193.841
oh boy he's on top598.323.519
over here over here602.725.44
come on605.62.56
i need that arrow back608.3992.961
arrows please thank you613.925.52
okay this this is the worst thing in the616.8395.881
world make it happen619.443.28
is it gonna thunder like right at 22.627.2794.68
okay it's on i see already something632.3994.88
from the northeast northeast over here634.9593.921
northeast northeast637.2793.281
all right we got to go down be careful638.883.84
uh-huh uh-huh640.564.48
is there a ladder on this side uh642.724.08
yep there we go i don't know if you can646.82.8
climb up from there you see i thought648.3992.721
you built this we could get up and down649.63.12
what the hell the first here651.123.36
you're on the wall not the above part652.722.96
yeah but you don't you want to be on the654.483.12
wall to be able to shoot down all right655.683.159
today of you hang657.65.919
on okay how we doing come on [ __ ]658.8394.68
oh that's a that's a whole bunch of them663.924.0
i'll be there to help in a second just666.643.439
going to chop a block of wood667.923.68
i can't yeah670.0792.721
oh man they're already coming through671.62.799
our spikes down here all right now you672.84.159
can get back up674.3992.56
stop it i'm behind you uh okay you're677.044.16
behind me okay over there perfect679.63.28
perfect you might want to move up a681.23.199
little so that i can shoot because i'm682.882.959
really afraid i'm going to kill you uh684.3992.56
well i'm kind of afraid they're going to685.8392.321
break the wall and i'm going to fall686.9592.32
because they're they're already chewing688.162.64
through these spikes and that wall oh689.2794.321
good so uh well it's a stone wall690.84.24
i can't see them going through it that693.65.12
quick i'm trying to keep them off of it695.043.68
all right you can come up okay698.884.16
all right i think we got him from that701.682.96
angle the moon looks cool i know that703.045.06
moon looks cool focus704.646.539
man you have horrible timing716.3994.641
absolutely horrible718.884.48
unless you brought me a gift721.043.76
what's in there723.362.56
wooden basic bow is that better than a725.924.96
bow i have take727.922.96
this is not going to end well at all i734.3995.521
want to cobblestone everything736.483.44
what a nightmare741.683.32
that's it that is it holy moly it's 22756.3995.201
i'm still outside building759.443.44
wrong i'm i'm already crapping the bed763.925.919
already crapping it nope nope nope oh no766.487.359
i'm already done i'm already done769.8394.0
well there you have782.884.72
it after a grueling week of survival for784.8394.761
neebs abser and anthony end up the787.63.76
winners so let's go see how the rest of789.64.61
their horde night goes791.365.999
up there's some on this side798.6394.481
oh i guess you could have gotten up yeah801.444.639
oh wait no you couldn't nope803.122.959
do you build me a damn death trap is807.043.76
there a way up here yes i i destroyed a808.484.479
block just for your own health810.84.0
this is kind of more than i thought for812.9593.281
a first night yeah i've seen first814.83.36
nights they were you know cake oh boy816.243.44
hey they're really they're really piling818.163.119
up over here819.682.8
oh boy821.2792.56
man they're like climbing on top of each822.486.52
other that son of a [ __ ] is up but oh823.8395.161
they're climbing on top of each other830.723.04
over here he's stuck like i got to832.04.0
repair this thing833.763.759
all right use your shotgun ammo i'm836.03.839
working on that ammo837.5194.081
they're climbing on each other yeah like839.8392.8
it looks like they're also coming from841.62.72
the southwest side what was the brad842.6394.56
pitt movie with the z uh844.324.56
yeah do you want to put like an extra848.883.28
block here so we can climb up if we need850.563.68
to oh well we have one man i really852.163.28
should have gone behind you and checked854.243.039
this whole thing there's some holy [ __ ]855.445.519
this is the one okay you jump down here857.2795.36
this is the wall we got to keep him off860.9593.041
the damn wall862.6392.481
how the [ __ ] am i supposed to do that864.04.399
out there by using a long-range weapon865.126.0
oh boy they're chewing at the bottom868.3994.081
uh ready871.122.56
i'm good872.482.159
i don't know874.6393.121
super disappointed but also you know875.63.84
grateful i made it to the horror night877.764.24
but my base was not ready i think even879.444.0
if i got inside it wouldn't last that882.03.04
long but at least would have liked to883.444.56
have got to fight for a second885.045.2
i don't know all kinds of emotions888.06.48
anyway team nipples this was fun890.244.24
oh man looks like they're coming from896.323.92
the northeast side897.442.8
all right killing yourself on spikes901.123.36
that's good that's good you dumb902.883.68
bastards just kill your damn selves on904.485.12
spike [ __ ] you hooker906.564.079
are you doing down there i don't have910.6393.841
any wood to build a thing okay don't912.323.6
worry about it i put a bunch of hay914.484.479
bales hopefully we'll be safe up here915.924.479
all right quit wasting time get up here918.9593.921
and help me920.3992.481
this is a lot holy [ __ ] this is a lot923.2794.56
supposed to be night one yeah i've seen925.444.319
night ones they're not this no yeah what927.8393.68
the [ __ ] is going on maybe it's because929.7594.241
it's me and it's you and a floating931.5194.401
third person just making a youtube video934.02.8
yeah yeah this seems excessive936.84.479
really are like right on that wall939.8393.92
though and they really are oh man okay941.2794.8
my ammo situation has gotten real bad943.7594.08
okay all right you're you need to take946.0793.12
over how much ammo you got left down947.8394.161
here i got the 71 shotgun show yeah you949.1994.161
need to start chewing at these [ __ ]952.02.72
who's alive i'm gonna go have you953.365.32
checked the back uh nope954.723.96
so i can find a shine993.684.159
oh yeah yeah they're chewing through the1003.2794.8
back too oh boy1004.9593.12
we are tall i think at some point we1008.243.839
might want to commit to take this ladder1010.6392.56
all right that [ __ ] is down hold on1013.1992.88
how's it going all right i'm gonna stay1014.6393.041
focused on the back back okay you stay1016.0793.361
focused on the front all right tag team1017.683.76
in this [ __ ]1019.443.839
started raining oh perfect does that1021.443.68
mean we win oh wait there is one she's1023.2793.04
hitting the wall you were supposed to be1025.123.36
doing this part oh i just left two1026.3194.0
seconds don't give me that [ __ ] there1028.483.359
you go gosh1030.3193.921
yeah go down suck that concrete you1031.8395.12
and this is where i had jack start1037.124.079
spawning in zombies1039.525.64
you know for fun1041.1993.961
the hell was that i think that fat [ __ ]1052.484.48
just exploded into what cheeseburger1054.165.04
yes little bags of cheeseburgers went1056.963.599
let's go check the backside1060.5593.281
looks good1064.724.48
oh god no it doesn't what oh god over1066.964.079
there over here i think this is just1069.23.2
like a wandering horde they're slow1071.0393.601
they're not running1072.44.24
and then jack spawned some more1074.644.2
spikes are doing their job oh yeah hey1076.646.08
lois peter1078.847.079
season one and two we're good1082.723.199
did she get through all right she's dead1086.643.52
you got her you can't all right i see1088.323.599
one [ __ ] out there bending over1090.163.28
probably sucking his own dick i'm gonna1091.9193.521
see if i can hit him1093.443.52
zombies tend to do that a lot i went1095.443.04
right over him oh that's a jumper and1096.963.76
then jack spawned some more inside their1098.483.28
for fun got his attention yeah watch out1101.763.919
for him there's one inside there's one1104.03.44
inside side the back back oh my god1105.6793.841
they're down they're down below how many1107.444.72
uh several several right here1109.524.96
all right all right all right1112.165.12
oh boy that's1114.482.8
okay here they come oh boy1117.524.8
[ __ ]1120.02.32
oh god that's gonna be a broken leg1148.5592.48
right right right right right right1149.844.24
right right right right right right1151.0393.041
buy me some time buy me some time buy me1156.7994.081
some time [ __ ] it anthony where did they1158.7994.081
come from how the [ __ ] did they get in1160.883.039
there must have been a side that we were1162.882.32
paying attention to but i swear we paid1163.9194.081
attention the whole time1165.22.8
do we have any wood do we have anything1169.25.04
spikes can i make spikes what do i need1172.163.04
to make1174.245.439
uh iron spikes forged iron might1175.24.479
never carry recoil oh wait do i need a1184.7994.481
workbench spikes spikes1186.326.239
spikes iron spike i got the ford1189.286.8
what am i doing huh what am i doing1192.5593.521
oh boy1197.63.439
oh this is not good what do i oh god i1198.644.32
should have it i have shotgun shells but1201.0394.561
a lot of good that'll do me1202.965.599
i can't build anything1205.65.439
this is it this is how i go out isn't it1208.5594.161
god damn it1211.0393.281
i'm gonna pick up the land flame block1212.723.52
use the land claim buck okay it's just1214.323.76
gonna have to be a fight1216.243.679
uh oh wait i can use this damage1218.084.4
take advantage take it back take take1222.963.839
the bandage take the bait stick the band1224.963.199
get your helped up1226.7993.681
[ __ ] fight1228.1594.241
[ __ ] fight oh god i'm in a corner [ __ ]1232.45.92
i'm in a corner and i can't get out1235.363.84
[ __ ] you [ __ ] you1239.23.76
abstro guess what what we won1243.123.63
yeah okay that makes a little more sense1257.283.519
i was like where the [ __ ] do they all1260.7992.561
come from1262.1592.721
all right that was a silly prank oh at1263.363.28
the end so you knew about it i might1264.884.32
have been here when i saw neebs die1266.646.0
we've been lying to you for hours okay1269.25.359
i was wondering i was i was like junior1272.643.519
like god damn why are they throwing so1274.5593.36
many zombies out it was perfect you were1276.1594.081
panicking i was last stand we were we1277.9194.081
were a [ __ ] good team good team what1280.244.4
did we win a trip to myrtle beach1282.04.48
we're gonna get airbrushed t-shirts oh1284.643.68
we're gonna get some greasy shitty food1286.483.439
yeah we're gonna go to ripley's believe1288.323.04
it or not oh i don't believe it do you1289.9193.841
believe it i don't know it's [ __ ]1291.364.24
yeah this is all [ __ ] we're gonna1293.763.76
play quad quack1295.65.8
oh myrtle beach1297.523.88

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