Two Men In A Submarine!!! - Rust

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the guys take their adventures from underground to underwater? That...
Two Men In A Submarine!!! - Rust
Two Men In A Submarine!!! - Rust

Two Men In A Submarine!!! - Rust

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neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the glory of Two Men In A Submarine!!! - Rust? I mean, who wouldn't want to see us diving in the dark depths in a tiny submarine?

simon: Oh, come on Neebs! You know that video is my favorite because I get to show off my impeccable submarine piloting skills. I mean, who else can navigate those murky waters like me?

appsro: Ha! Simon, you may think you're the king of the deep sea, but we all know that I'm the real MVP in that video. Just look at my reaction when we encountered that giant squid! Classic Appsro moment right there.

neebs: Oh, Appsro, always stealing the spotlight! But hey, that's what makes our videos so entertaining, right? Two Men In A Submarine!!! - Rust is definitely a must-watch for anyone looking for some underwater shenanigans.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the guys take their adventures from underground to underwater? That's right, they bought a two-man sub and dove into the dark depths on Survival Servers. If you're interested in getting your own Rust server, make sure to check out the link in the description!

I couldn't stop laughing as I watched the guys explore the underwater world in their sub. The banter between them always cracks me up, and it's so cool to see them trying out new challenges and pushing the boundaries of their gameplay. Plus, the visuals are always stunning, especially when they're diving into the depths of the ocean.

If you're a huge fan like me, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and support the guys on Patreon. And shoutout to Xidax PCs for powering Neebs Gaming - their setups always look top-notch. Make sure to follow them on all their social media channels to stay up to date on all the latest videos and updates.

And if you're looking for more Neebs content to binge-watch, check out their playlists featuring cartoons, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for some epic adventures with the Neebs Gaming crew.

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this place a little big don't you think12.323.76
neebs i think it's the right size i i13.6794.321
wanted to put solar on the roof uh-huh16.084.88
no way now yeah you can no it's way way18.05.6
too hot no look come up here ladder it's20.964.079
like a castle live in the country no23.64.08
it's like a castle but it's too big25.0394.4
i really like it ten minutes to get to27.684.08
the roof i like him see look you're up29.4393.761
here uh-huh31.762.799
going with you33.23.519
access to the roof i love it well i34.5593.52
don't even know how to make a light so36.7192.721
that's kind of one of my goals i got to38.0793.281
unlock that tech tree that's fine well39.443.68
look uh today i'm done building the41.363.84
house so uh now it's just uh43.124.72
workstations and stuff we need okay i45.24.879
need scrap yeah so you know what i'd47.844.559
really like to do i'd like to go buy a50.0794.96
submarine and go to that underwater base52.3994.0
how much are they55.0393.761
200 scrap that's great to have that is56.3994.721
crazy uh let me see hold hold tight hold58.83.919
tight i have61.125.359
uh damn it 188 scrap here's 20. now you62.7195.44
got enough for a submarine oh sweet and66.4793.601
i had some too well we should also yeah68.1593.361
we should get more scrap anyway thick70.083.76
you want to go to find a recycler yeah71.524.639
okay well uh thick you and i let's go73.843.52
let's get our stuff together let's go to76.1593.921
that outpost okay you and me neebs77.365.759
you and me hey alice80.084.55
should have gone and got my horse stick123.63.839
well yeah i left him by a beach i hope125.363.36
he's okay127.4393.681
probably dad yeah maybe not horses don't128.724.0
seem to die in this game i don't they131.123.36
just stand out in the middle of fields132.723.92
nothing chases them huh well maybe i've134.483.839
seen a bear maybe go after a horse but136.643.599
they have not seen one die yet not138.3193.761
saying it's not impossible i think i140.2393.121
tried to shoot one in the head one time142.083.44
and just wouldn't let me oh or maybe i143.365.04
did and just still didn't die okay all145.524.079
right but i know in this outpost if148.42.64
we're gonna try to go to this underwater149.5993.041
base i think we're gonna need a blue key151.043.04
card i feel like i heard that in the152.643.599
through the grapevine yeah i think the154.084.4
kids on the street are saying it156.2395.121
those wacky kids and their tick tock yep158.484.96
they're rust is your kid into anything161.364.72
dumb oh yeah both of them are oh yeah163.444.799
what's the dumbest probably tick-tock166.084.48
tick-tock yeah also there's some funny168.2393.521
stuff on tickets yeah though i mean170.563.2
let's not knock it like neebs gaming171.764.16
needs gaming is on tick tock well i know173.764.72
it is follow us on tick tock175.924.0
if you have it178.483.44
now hold on wait a minute yeah let me179.923.679
look at this out you can look at these181.923.92
shops and see i don't see a damn key183.5993.441
card hold on let me look back at the185.842.56
bandit camp187.043.199
but oh god damn it yeah one blue key188.43.52
card 40 scrap at the band of camp we190.2394.241
didn't need to go to the outpost191.924.0
damn it anthony194.482.96
all right turning around going back to195.923.039
the bandit camp the kids on the street197.444.51
told us wrong stupid tick-tock198.9595.521
do you like it204.483.6
what like what the sun oh let's see let205.765.68
me get a step back208.083.36
yeah i like that who are you warning212.9593.601
just anybody that wants to attack us214.723.12
like they might think oh these are some216.562.959
noobs but then they see the sun and217.843.679
they're like ah never mind can you feed219.5193.841
it yeah221.5193.201
i think it's good it's more for their223.363.92
safety than ours right224.723.36
i researched some guns i learned how to228.084.719
make uh one of those big med kits oh230.085.92
perfect oh that's gonna be nice yeah232.7994.8
uh the rocket launcher is way down there236.03.84
man on the tech tree i'm sure it is237.5994.321
because it's a rocket launcher yeah best239.844.24
case we found one and then we research241.924.48
it yeah of course oh my god we need one244.085.04
we come on the universe has to smile at246.44.559
us every now and then maybe you and i go249.124.399
somewhere big and we get lucky yeah i250.9594.0
don't know why you pulled that out and253.5193.601
cocked it oh it's for a dramatic effect254.9594.96
well i yeah but it's that's a257.126.079
really good idea i also259.9194.961
whoops i just ate some uh anti-radiation264.885.039
pills i didn't mean to268.563.04
you should be269.9195.041
more careful whoops i just ate another271.65.599
[ __ ]274.962.239
we should go277.285.6
should probably go yes we should [ __ ]279.65.92
i'm loaded for radiation though okay282.886.24
pro gamer that's right285.523.6
all right nick you want to buy that blue290.962.4
uh yeah hey um i'm a little here hold293.364.16
and i'll buy it297.522.88
it says i can't afford it what are you298.963.2
talking about i thought it was only 40300.44.799
scrap yeah 40 scrap says can't afford302.164.72
what now something's going on yeah i've305.1994.401
got 193 scraps well it's only 40. you306.883.599
want to try309.62.8
uh yeah you want to give me your scrap310.4794.081
yeah here take my scrap so what's going312.43.6
on all right what are we doing wrong see314.563.76
if you can buy it316.05.28
blue key card add one318.326.56
add 140 scrap it's a blue key card can't321.286.08
afford but yeah do i have to drag the324.885.36
scrap into there no i just [ __ ] threw327.365.2
it there didn't i what is this [ __ ]330.244.88
well now hold on does this mean332.564.72
wait does one blue key card get us 40335.124.799
scrap is that what's happening oh337.283.84
it's like are we reading this all right339.9192.961
can we not buy it here341.123.519
uh there's vending machines at that342.883.92
first outpost we were going to my god do344.6395.681
we have to go back dewey346.83.52
shut up anthony all right let me let me350.563.44
go to the recycler352.4794.081
and take care of this [ __ ] and then354.03.52
we'll go356.565.96
yeah waste of time waste of time357.525.0
let's see one bluebee up there's a deer366.165.84
yep um just one bluebee way back there369.285.28
we got some cover right here where right372.05.12
here oh right okay on this wall yeah a374.564.639
little bit right okay all these things377.123.76
are kind of cover i mean should we go to379.1993.761
the top of one of these oh380.885.28
scope it out yeah yeah sure okay you got382.966.4
me yep yep yep yep here we go here we go386.166.64
go go um nothing really up here okay you389.365.52
see where i'm at man i tell you what392.83.679
like there's just not394.884.24
really good uh good views up there it's396.4794.081
not as good as you'd think because of399.123.6
all the okay coming down yep you look400.564.32
great you're doing great i'm pushing on402.724.08
this bluebee yeah i'm gonna come in with404.884.03
you okay mess him up406.84.72
oh yeah i think i see him thick what do411.522.72
you see413.362.72
the horse i left behind414.244.64
oh this is where nice all right yeah416.084.48
this is where doraleous i uh we went418.884.159
under into those tunnels got that train420.564.8
is that a pig or a bear [ __ ] hog hold423.0394.641
on i'm going to shotgun them in the face425.364.88
goddamn yeah427.684.16
hold on let me get this hot meat hog430.243.6
meat good meat431.844.32
but yeah so let me get this hog meat433.843.44
i'll grab that horse and we'll run over436.162.4
the fishing village all we gotta do is437.283.12
take that road all the way all the way438.563.28
to the left there's two horses over440.43.199
there oh i know one arm's doraleous he441.842.799
can come back for that one whenever he443.5993.44
wants okay but mine should be this sweet444.6395.921
white beauty over here oh boucephalus447.0395.841
lucepolis what a great name450.563.6
i feel like i've named it six different452.882.96
things since we've started okay well454.163.52
yeah come on yo455.842.799
come on457.685.639
there we go now we got some speed on us458.6394.68
oh i got eyes on him464.6394.0
you do yep466.8794.0
three two one go468.6393.361
and he didn't like it oh boy he's472.04.4
hurting yeah he's got a gun473.7595.601
oh wow i can't believe i didn't drop him476.44.32
well there's another one whoa we got479.362.239
oh there's a deer down crap okay oh yeah481.5996.16
i took one guy down okay sweet cool484.565.44
there he is ready yeah487.7593.301
get out of the load490.04.249
oh gosh right502.45.32
i know504.6393.081
you okay oh518.05.839
yeah well520.9592.88
just pegging a guy524.082.879
one more maybe528.323.199
yep got him530.083.759
now let's hope these scientists have531.5194.241
rocket launchers on them that would be533.8394.281
that would be incredibly helpful nope535.764.32
semi-automatic body538.124.279
good job dallas good job neebs we make a540.084.96
good team i agree542.3995.88
so far545.043.239
what did you have in mind548.485.6
a submarine with two seats bang okay550.86.159
300 scrap boom i got it find your boat554.084.4
just behind me be sure to leave in the556.9592.641
next five minutes or we'll have to558.483.6
repossess your purchase no refunds559.63.44
uh so right behind her huh oh yeah i see563.045.52
it looks like a piece of [ __ ] but yeah565.685.2
that just looks like a floating barrel571.364.56
yeah hey just in case i'm gonna get uh a573.2795.12
tank oh a scuba tank i already have a575.925.039
wetsuit okay hey grab me a tank too get578.3994.961
two tanks two tanks two tanks coming up580.9594.0
oh hey anthony583.364.64
i am oh i'm in can you get in uh let me584.9593.921
new theater mounts588.884.8
mount it get in this update591.044.4
no you getting this up593.683.76
no it's got to be a way in it's a595.443.76
two-seater i specifically said597.442.88
all right can i get out water after you601.63.84
get in603.8394.721
yeah i'm in okay then what can i get in605.445.44
oh swap seats it says oh608.563.6
okay so610.883.36
can you swap these from in there yeah612.163.919
and i'm putting some fuel in ah there we614.243.52
go all right yeah loaded up with fuel616.0795.2
yeah we got fuel okay 103.617.765.28
oh here we go621.2794.56
all right oh god i got out i got out623.045.039
don't do that625.8395.281
okay how do i go down would it be c do i628.0794.481
just look down631.122.88
i've never driven a submarine in this632.563.44
game before sick okay that turns that634.02.88
oh my god oh my goodness all right so636.884.88
how do i go down639.764.16
control oh it's control all right and641.764.8
then spacebar nope god damn it643.923.599
all right646.563.44
fish now how do i go back up is it shift647.5195.281
baby okay yeah shift in that's it650.05.279
all right we're off big all right nice i652.87.64
love this this is stupid this is dumb655.2795.161
oh boy661.364.4
this is high dorales yeah yeah are you662.566.56
how far are you from the top uh665.764.72
i'm in the dome669.123.839
okay well i'm i'm on the dome you're670.484.4
you're on the dome i'm on the very top672.9593.201
well i don't need to come there what's674.882.24
up there676.163.919
three military-looking crates677.126.24
okay this is the moment neebs ready yeah680.0797.361
crate number one okay scrap and uh got a683.367.76
cctv camera i'm sure we'll never use nah687.445.76
we want a rocket launcher i know box691.123.6
number two rocket launcher rocket693.22.639
it's the695.8393.281
got some scrap and another696.885.84
camera nope all right number three is699.126.399
the one come on baby um and this one702.725.359
neebs i got more scrap okay and then i705.5195.921
got uh a collection of random tech parts708.0794.801
yeah yeah we don't know what to do with711.442.32
yeah um but we got him713.763.36
man now i just wish i was down by you is717.124.32
that it that was it that's all that was719.125.279
the big catch on the top of the [ __ ]721.445.48
oh yeah i got a building here okay i can747.044.96
hardly see anything oh that's uh okay749.8394.481
gotta hit that gotta take us down taking752.05.12
us down oh yeah yeah you see it all754.324.8
right we gotta figure out the best way757.124.159
into this place well i'm gonna put my759.124.08
tank on hold on is that a moon pool over761.2794.24
there what a moon pool763.24.319
oh listen i'm an expert subnautica765.5193.921
player so this is like being home to me767.5194.241
oh yeah that's right let's see so we769.444.16
should be able to submerge771.763.44
underneath that right773.63.84
or maybe it might just be lights yeah775.23.92
okay it might not be a moon pool at all777.443.12
all right we got to figure out how to779.123.12
get into this thing you got a tank on780.563.839
yeah yeah i got everything on all right782.244.64
can you hop out784.3994.0
wow that made a noise786.883.759
okay can you see anything it's kind of788.3994.721
blurry i wish i'd purchased the goggles790.6395.041
uh i see a hatch here i'll try to get793.124.24
him to use this hedge can you see the795.683.279
light from my sub i'm lighting up the797.363.919
hatch let me see798.9593.68
man i hope there's no sharks in this801.2793.12
game yeah we're going to find out aren't802.6394.241
we i guess so oh i see you i see you're804.3995.521
looking good get to that hatch806.884.16
oh my god come on811.043.96
oh [ __ ] gunshots oh god really already823.65.359
oh i got him863.5192.241
okay i'm in i'm bleeding a little bit865.764.16
but i'm taking the fillers off yeah take867.925.68
the flippers off you good yeah869.926.08
look at us873.62.4
all right see that one names right876.3994.56
yeah i like your oh yeah he moved okay i878.724.16
made a bow too not as good as yours but880.9594.481
i feel like my smg doesn't have very882.884.16
good range i'm gonna get behind this885.444.639
rock okay yeah because it's an smg yeah887.044.799
but i mean it should be able to shoot890.0792.481
10 20 yards right you would hope it'd be892.564.959
you'd hope all right i'm gonna hit him894.9595.041
okay i missed him okay897.5194.401
there he is got him right in the head900.04.24
right in the head with him whoa901.923.84
you think that would have been904.244.719
yeah the head's a good spot to head905.763.199
oh boy oh keep it coming909.444.399
there we go oh boy got him we got him916.6395.44
yeah all right now sir can you please be919.125.04
carrying a what do we want rocket922.0794.721
launcher that's a pretty cool pickaxe924.164.96
though what is this thing flashlight for926.84.88
the weapon a flashlight for a weapon929.124.88
okay that's something all right it's on931.686.719
there how do i do it is it f oh yeah934.04.399
uh-huh yep938.8394.201
now your smg's worth something yeah all940.723.919
right eat a few mushrooms and let's go943.044.43
take out the rest of this crew okay944.6395.361
hey this is like we're like secret950.02.839
agents or something951.63.12
yep it's like a bond movie952.8393.881
call it bondage can we get up top oh954.723.44
yeah look we can climb up to the next956.722.96
level but yeah we should uh secure this958.163.919
level first yep clear it clear it959.684.8
boom green key card a green key card962.0794.0
yeah i've already got like a couple of964.483.279
those wait do we need a blue one we have966.0794.0
a blue one here here's the door go over967.7593.841
to this section okay all right i'm970.0793.361
leading the way i'm leading the charge971.64.08
all right okay i like it got my shotgun973.442.959
cop anybody in here where his head off976.3994.081
thick i think i found the mess hall981.364.8
party room video games chippy983.445.199
look thick yeah you're gonna play chippy986.164.64
play chippy let me clear this room first988.6393.681
before you start to dick around with the990.86.279
chippy oh i'm playing video games992.324.759
can you see uh can you see what i'm997.8393.601
doing thick uh hold on come on back999.1994.32
again i was clearing the room all right1001.444.24
oh i'm fighting a squid monster oh i see1003.5193.921
this is only level1007.445.04
one oh there you go if you just hold it1008.8395.481
nice oh man i'm an expert at chippy can1012.483.279
i go faster1014.323.68
chippy get him jiffy1015.7594.561
man tell you what chippy kind of sucks1018.03.92
okay all right game over you know what1020.323.92
i'm fine yeah [ __ ] chippy this place is1021.924.32
such a damn mess i don't know what's1024.244.4
music thick1030.9594.321
okay i can open up the oh there's a1033.0395.361
barbecue here if we if we had some meat1035.285.519
oh which we do oh well you want to oh1038.44.0
yeah cook yeah you want me to cook i1040.7993.201
would love you to cook all right fire it1042.43.439
up baby give me some uh give me some1044.05.76
meat uh you know what here's a wolf meat1045.8393.921
there's two bluebees to the right of the1057.283.2
building far back1058.644.0
far right to the right yep kind of1060.484.48
behind and right should i try to sneak1062.646.64
in yeah we'll sneak in oh nope1064.964.32
i think he saw probably saw me yeah man1070.04.799
so what what do you think their plan of1073.284.48
attack is uh sneak to sneak out as we're1074.7994.041
sneaking in1077.763.919
hmm i think more so they're going to1078.844.04
come back1081.6792.0
going to the door oh that's a good call1083.6794.481
all right coming in1085.282.88
you come in the same door as me yeah i'm1088.323.68
just loading my shotgun1090.44.399
cause i got a shotgun all right shut the1092.04.64
door behind you1094.7995.921
shut it close the door now we're in here1096.644.08
all right best i can tell there's one1102.086.479
two three four floors okay man you look1104.326.4
good in that tight wet soup thank you1108.5594.081
thank you tight whip come on down1110.724.72
delicious suit1112.645.12
oh this is the pool uh this is a pool1115.444.32
hey pool yeah i don't know if it's the1117.763.68
same one we came in on oh it actually1119.763.919
might be because the door's open uh it's1121.444.16
hard to say the place is kind of well up1123.6793.761
what was that it's me just getting some1125.63.12
fuel no there's something going on in1127.442.8
here it's like flashing you see that1128.722.8
let's see what did i see in here1131.526.32
oh yeah wow this place is out thick oh1134.964.48
you can knock on this door oh there's a1137.843.839
there's a do we have a fuse we might be1139.444.4
able to repair this i don't have a fuse1141.6795.281
okay we have a bunch beckett oh my god1143.844.24
that's usually how it works we should1146.962.719
look for a fuse anything in this what's1148.084.16
this uh scrap and a spring do i want a1149.6793.761
maybe i might throw that out later all1153.443.84
right well maybe there's a fuse in here1155.365.04
somewhere hey hey we can knock here1157.285.56
hello anybody in there i tried no one1160.44.88
answered so now we can come out here so1162.844.36
this is the first floor1165.283.519
let's clear it all right let's go this1167.23.68
way thick all right oh you can only1168.7993.841
knock on this too you can't use one of1170.884.08
these key cards here can you oh wait let1172.643.919
me see1174.964.32
uh do i do i put in my one of my slots1176.5594.801
or you should be able to use it you1179.283.759
would think like that looks like that'd1181.363.04
be green green1183.0392.64
card i don't know yeah i mean it's kind1184.42.8
of kind of what it looks like you have a1185.6793.441
green one yeah1187.24.64
maybe not oh hey there you go all right1189.124.0
look at all this oh my god another fuse1193.125.12
box yep man we should have brought 201195.65.04
fuses down here all the fuses all right1198.243.84
uh i'll tell you what we'll do we'll1200.646.2
move up to the third floor1202.084.76
look there's some stuff over here i'll1210.084.64
bet there is this is a well that's food1211.765.039
there's some food here1214.723.199
anything good1216.7993.36
a ladder i got a ladder that's not what1217.9194.0
we're looking for yeah but we gotta lab1220.1593.681
we can help it helps climb in any base1221.9194.0
yeah look at this though oh1223.843.44
come on1225.9192.64
come on be careful they're gonna see1227.283.279
your noggin up there i'm gonna crouch1228.5593.841
okay let me you probably don't need me1230.5593.921
up there okay i'll go look in this other1232.43.759
room all right i'm gonna sneak around up1234.483.92
here what's this place called a gas1236.1595.041
station nope oximes1238.45.36
i'm running for it running for it okay i1241.24.16
found a green chest1243.764.159
damn it what's in it you know scrapping1245.364.08
high quality metal okay well scrap1247.9193.521
school we can buy our way into a rocket1249.444.64
launcher well yeah man there is no1251.444.719
rocket launcher here no1254.083.92
all right all right doraleous let's run1256.1594.481
for it yeah i got some snack bars1258.04.559
clear clear ready we're going to run1260.644.08
back out the way we came in yep running1262.5594.721
and go i'm jumping off the roof1264.724.48
oh that hurt a bit okay i bet it did you1267.283.759
got it we got it i got bandages man when1269.23.599
they come back and they realize all1271.0393.801
their snack bars and apples are gone1272.7994.401
yeah they'll blame each other they'll1274.844.839
say steve you took my snack bar oh you1277.25.68
took my snack bar1279.6793.201
no enemy1285.762.24
i thought this place was going to be1286.7992.721
littered with enemies there was just one1288.03.52
guy one guy watching the play stick i1289.524.08
mean it's definitely littered oh there's1291.524.399
something up here ah come on just give1293.64.0
us a damn fuse1295.9195.441
oh what you get taking a [ __ ] okay1297.65.6
press this button1301.365.28
good god find anything nick1303.25.12
damn what do you eat1306.643.519
is that indian food that's that [ __ ] you1308.323.92
cooked that's true1310.1593.681
it's leaking right out of me1312.244.24
okay well oh [ __ ] oh boy i got the green1313.845.6
apple splatters wait a minute1316.485.6
oh there we go1319.442.64
come on come on all right i'm out use1322.45.04
your green card over here okay1324.485.439
radio oh there's a box up here oh sweet1327.443.52
thank god1329.9192.64
what is this1330.964.32
powered water purifier oh1332.5595.36
yeah are you [ __ ] again yeah1335.284.8
i have a spot back here he's gonna love1337.9194.801
that not your [ __ ] but oh baby1340.084.8
man come on oh i got it real what is1342.724.079
wrong with you1344.883.52
oh i got it bro1346.7993.781
your [ __ ] is haunted1348.44.24
yeah come on okay1352.644.159
oh thick i'm a stinker1354.7993.281
yeah you are1356.7993.281
all right last screen door on the floor1358.084.8
yeah if we don't find it a fuse in here1360.084.4
we'll go back to base1362.883.12
another floor to check out two other1364.483.92
floors i know but you go back to base1366.04.88
i'll keep scurry in this area oh thank1368.46.04
god another1370.883.56
oh my god1375.23.359
what the hell was in that food you gave1377.0393.201
me think1378.5595.061
look man i would just look woke me1380.245.2
all right come on1385.443.479

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