Trapped In the Fire Station - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 5

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for another epic adventure in Darkness Falls? In this video, the crew is gearing up for a massive...
Trapped In the Fire Station - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 5
Trapped In the Fire Station - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 5

Trapped In the Fire Station - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 5

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Darkness Falls! Today, we're trapped in the fire station, and let me tell you, it's getting hot in here!

simon: Oh man, I can feel the heat from that fire station all the way over here! But you know what, this is definitely my favorite episode so far. It's like a real-life action movie!

appsro: Ha! You guys are hilarious. I love how we're just casually preparing for the oncoming horde like it's no big deal. This is why I love this video, it's so absurdly entertaining!

neebs: Exactly! Who knew that being trapped in a fire station could be so much fun? Plus, the music in this episode really sets the mood. I mean, who doesn't love a good soundtrack while fighting off zombies?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for another epic adventure in Darkness Falls? In this video, the crew is gearing up for a massive horde that's about to descend upon them. The tension is high, the stakes are even higher, and our favorite gamers are ready to take on whatever comes their way.

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oh you gotta4.645.56
which girl boy towards me5.8394.361
door what you got planned today baby i18.643.2
need to get us meat man now that we have20.164.16
more miles to feed i need to go get me21.843.92
you're the hunter you're the meat man24.322.799
meat thick what's your plan to that25.763.759
bubble uh luton and spikes okay hey you27.1194.0
know it'd be great to loot a medical29.5193.841
facility to find daddy absolutely cass31.1194.241
because my leg's broken oh yeah you're33.365.28
dumb yeah i can't i can't run i can't35.365.68
jump i'm physically ill and horror38.643.84
horror nights tomorrow41.043.519
horror night42.484.16
for tonight's tomorrow night simon what44.5594.0
are you up to today baby uh i'm trying46.644.8
to gather forged iron and gather a48.5595.041
baseball bat all right rock and roll so51.443.36
everybody's got stuff to do but yeah53.63.279
here you go thick oh what did54.83.599
i know you needed that56.8793.761
yes hunting all right go hunt good for58.3993.68
you good luck all right i'm gonna spend60.643.44
my day kind of around the base prepping62.0794.641
cooking doing stuff you know yeah break64.085.52
break shake shut up shut up shut up okay66.726.52
you shut up shut up69.63.64
okay right in the head77.4394.161
and then here you go upset81.65.04
understandably oh84.845.56
i'm a master hunter y'all heard86.644.64
well zero drama there because91.285.68
okay can i get i can't get in there can94.243.68
i just96.962.799
okay there's probably a couple more of97.924.479
them around here but uh oh [ __ ] where99.7594.72
the how where'd you come from did you102.3996.72
guys just spawn [ __ ] [ __ ] oh104.4797.761
okay okay okay109.1196.601
getting that meat112.243.48
i'm excited what you excited about two116.03.84
reasons because i'm about to level up i118.1594.081
need forged iron i need my oil i need my119.844.8
springs and then my polymers boom level122.244.08
up baby level up level up level up level124.643.839
up what's that name i just finished my126.324.24
list of [ __ ] to do okay now the second128.4794.001
reason i'm excited is uh we need to work130.563.44
on the storage in here because this is132.483.52
this this is what i was gonna say i got134.03.36
clay i don't know where to put it clay136.02.72
should i put that in the forge no i tell137.364.08
you what um uh you know what i guess you138.724.8
know uh we're not gonna use this door141.443.439
tell you what i'm gonna start setting up143.523.12
right here i'm gonna put two of these144.8794.401
down here now these are fun because if i146.645.92
do this uh-huh crafting149.286.08
material you're right on them yeah there152.564.56
you go boom so yeah we'll be able to155.364.0
ride on these have a big stack of them157.124.08
right here beside the crafting bench159.364.64
okay and uh yeah uh maybe alleviate this161.25.52
mess yeah so my goal is to eventually164.04.8
like this mess doesn't even exist it's166.723.519
all over here it's all here in these two168.84.24
boxes yeah and uh who's we170.2395.28
fix got a bed roll here we got a bedroom173.043.36
here we might need to change the175.5192.481
bedrooms we just need to make this area176.43.52
storage you know what i mean yeah okay178.03.28
we'll need two more than two boxes179.922.319
though right yeah we're gonna need more181.282.64
than two boxes but i need to make nails182.2393.28
so i'm working on the forge again my183.923.36
legs broke so i'm just gonna like limp185.5194.481
around in here today yeah making stuff187.284.959
oh hey simon hey how you doing good i'm190.04.239
going with thick to try to find you okay192.2393.28
it's already gone i thought i was going194.2392.72
with it yeah i thought you were too but195.5192.881
you know you you dilly daddle in the196.9593.28
storage thick just goes he didn't say i198.43.36
know he doesn't he knows we're going he200.2393.441
never talks he just goes okay we should201.763.92
know this by now all right whoa easy now203.683.76
i gotta go i can go with you if you need205.683.76
some company i'm cooking some forged207.444.079
iron come on yeah you guys go find me a209.444.4
all right214.1596.481
what is that missile launcher holy use216.646.959
military apc locked220.645.04
uh okay hold on223.5994.481
dick you in here done over here come225.683.839
here i went in the hole in the wall228.084.4
where'd you go i'm outside outside look229.5196.321
yeah there's an apc out here well they232.486.64
got to be confused with acp235.845.2
does anybody have a lock pick hey i got239.124.56
one can you drop it yeah because i i can241.044.16
i've almost243.683.279
son of a [ __ ] why are you hitting what245.23.92
do you know why i'm hitting wow i246.9593.521
thought you were grabbing a lock pick249.123.759
yeah that's right250.484.0
you messed me up do you have one do you252.8794.001
know huh this thing's almost unlocked254.485.2
did you do the lock pick it broke uh-huh256.884.0
well we can sit here and chop it259.683.12
together if you want well no no if we260.883.28
can open it there's probably something262.83.04
good in here well can't you open it by264.163.68
chopping or does it just destroy it yeah265.843.919
i don't want to destroy it let's okay267.844.16
for lockpicks okay i'm sure there's one269.7594.16
just laying around yeah right well there272.03.44
might be it's a good fun goal you want273.9193.201
to get some lockpicks oh look at this275.443.68
the metal banging we got some we got277.123.92
some friends friends yeah i got to try279.123.76
this out281.043.04
nice nice282.883.52
amount of stamina all right cheerleader284.083.99
i can get her286.42.96
so hey we gotta get apps for a cast yeah290.244.48
that's the goal one of the goals one of292.884.0
the goals okay we've probably looked in294.724.4
here in in the crack of book yeah296.884.08
because that's where a cast would be299.123.44
yeah who the hell knows where a cast300.962.56
would be302.562.96
i would guess a medical facility let's303.523.76
go to the medical facility then thick305.524.72
let's bring us there neebs i'm coming307.284.0
thanks for letting me know you're310.243.44
leaving this time that's me because i311.285.52
care about my friends313.683.12
all right317.845.0
um i feel this is tight i hope this322.845.48
isn't a structural thing i'm gonna take326.324.08
a risk here come out328.324.56
come out330.42.48
okay okay okay my luck's changing my333.125.68
luck's changing today i can take this336.04.56
out i have a little bit more room i'm338.82.88
going to leave the middle one though340.562.639
that middle that's probably where all341.684.079
the structural integrity is lying343.1995.44
and if i just clear this up345.7594.16
things usually fall in this game what do349.9193.201
you attach to [ __ ] all right351.363.92
whatever i'll structurally fortify this353.124.48
with storage boxes355.285.199
god i'm sexy357.62.879
to maybe the fire station it's the360.723.28
closest thing to362.6393.84
you know rescue that i've seen yeah364.04.88
first responders now front door or is366.4794.321
there some kind of back way well let's368.882.8
just open oh it's locked it's locked371.684.959
some are not going around the right okay374.4794.881
uh back oh you just you go in the i'm376.6393.761
going through the window379.364.08
okay nice nice i'll fight the zombies380.44.88
off out here why don't you just come in383.443.92
here yeah because we're a team we could385.284.639
do a team let me stay outside yeah come387.365.52
on come on in okay when this guy gets up389.9194.56
and comes over here and jumps in this392.884.319
block and flanks you yeah all right if394.4794.0
you want to or you could just come in397.1993.44
here and watch watch our backs in here398.4794.801
nice job thick are you now where would400.6394.721
they keep the cast in this trash can i403.284.0
bet i'm gonna have to open every place405.364.239
but we have to wait see nothing seems to407.284.24
be attacking here okay look we got a409.5993.44
couple of guys in here they're gonna411.524.079
break down this door is the door open no413.0394.401
the doors it's gonna be open it's gonna415.5993.521
be open so let them do it thick you417.443.28
could do a little exploration going up419.123.44
there while we wait for these guys yeah420.723.36
thick you go look we'll hold them off422.563.44
there's a pool table is there a cast in424.083.679
it no nope426.03.919
oh [ __ ] man watch out simon i'm putting427.7594.0
spikes down okay well you said that429.9194.241
after you put the spike down okay i431.7593.601
didn't know why you wanted to get so434.163.439
close to it we say thick uh mess of435.364.16
zombies coming in uh437.5993.521
they're just breaking through you know439.523.44
know how they do simon i feel like i'm441.124.4
the adult on this trip you know you are442.964.4
you know how you sit you like who am i445.524.48
with who's the adult today it's you yeah447.364.72
if you're the one that's gonna end up450.04.08
getting very frustrated452.084.239
and we're gonna have a good time right454.084.32
and even if we cry we'll still have a456.3194.0
good time right and you'll come home458.44.079
oh i spent the last hour breaking this462.4794.321
down i had like a thousand like a465.124.079
thousand or seven thousand that's that's466.85.839
how much on the okay okay okay469.1995.44
ammo okay but then we got all this472.6394.321
weapons back come on come on come on474.6395.201
baby that's a lot of weapon stuff476.965.2
but can i put it together i don't know479.844.24
but i'm taking it of course did i take482.162.879
nope nope that's how you take it okay485.0396.401
come on food food food487.5993.841
come on491.522.66
a cast for abstro492.43.44
uh ammo pile give me lots of ammo495.843.6
[ __ ]499.443.759
and then mode give me a tv500.3195.361
okay books great i'm gonna go home with503.1995.761
22 meat i'm not the best hunter505.685.44
but i will be508.963.28
oh there's a fireman's pole512.244.479
[ __ ] i just fell down here listen up516.7194.481
we're looking for a cast i know and you519.123.839
know what i'm gonna look in the uh oh521.23.44
[ __ ] there's some zombies down here i'm522.9593.44
gonna have to take care of some business524.644.319
no sir we're full we're closed come back526.3994.321
all right guys i need some help in the528.9594.88
garage oh [ __ ] i really need some help530.725.44
guys all right i'm coming are you still533.8393.921
in the garage oh i see you in there oh536.164.0
yeah i'm not in good shape uh can you537.763.6
you can't bust your way through with540.163.119
your multi tool can you no i don't think541.363.12
i can543.2793.841
oh [ __ ] i'm coming oh he hit me again544.484.88
that's not good all right so i do have a547.124.96
a repair kit like are you guys at all549.364.64
able to maybe bust through and help me552.083.12
i'm going to try to bust you out of the554.03.839
garage whoa these guys still up stay555.24.16
down sir thank you557.8393.601
continue to try to do the cha-cha with559.365.2
them cha-cha it's a metal door simon it561.445.2
is isn't it i'm trying564.564.0
i got the window out i just got to break566.643.28
this little piece and then maybe you can568.563.52
jump it oh that would be wonderful you569.924.56
see me no but hold on i want to try to572.084.8
get her574.484.799
yeah i do oh crap okay they're coming576.884.959
out oh they're getting punched579.2794.641
wow neebs581.8395.12
my hero bring it on out baby oh please583.925.2
okay i'm not out of this yet yeah come586.9595.201
on you little [ __ ] come on589.125.52
oh good he's out take that baby don't592.165.6
come in here please don't come in here594.645.84
oh i dropped something drop some stuff597.765.6
no don't die right now can you get out600.485.039
[ __ ] hold on i can't get out603.364.0
all right i'm coming out coming out605.5194.401
coming out coming out you're coming out607.365.599
i'm so greedy i want to search the bags609.925.52
all right 100 wood i don't need it run612.9594.081
i saved you yes you did officially you617.044.56
are my my hero619.64.56
and i want to just go home now i'm going621.64.799
let's see i'll put that in the modding626.884.079
got a little bit of clothing here that629.443.92
goes in the clothing630.9594.401
a couple of crafting materials i stick633.363.36
that goes in the crafting materials635.363.039
we'll stick a little bit more of that in636.723.28
i put a land clean but can i scrap a640.03.2
land claim block641.763.44
no i cannot we already got a land claim643.23.759
block here uh645.24.639
i'll just stick it in this for now646.9594.32
crafting materials i guess i'll throw649.8393.281
those in there651.2794.56
okay okay this is starting to look good653.124.64
uh what's not looking good is our food655.8394.481
situation we have four pieces of meat657.765.12
and uh oh god i think i can eat this660.323.84
gives me three my food's at 38. water664.164.48
water is no problem we can make water666.883.92
for days but man we are really going to668.642.96
food what is that some corn on the cob671.63.04
okay i'll just take that and put it in674.643.6
the trash can i'm gonna eat a little676.884.72
corn on the cob i deserve it678.243.36
i need to eat what'd you eat yuck a684.245.2
fruit okay yucca i think that's actually686.484.799
how you pronounce it we always do it689.443.68
wrong so whichever way we do is wrong691.2793.841
i'm gonna eat some baked beans too i693.122.88
don't care695.122.159
cheese i don't care what happens i'm a696.03.68
gambler you are all right i see a guy697.2794.0
how you doing mister you trying to699.683.2
sneaky sneak701.2792.961
i'll shoot you702.884.0
i shoot you in the face more coming out704.244.08
more okay706.883.68
where where are they uh right in front708.324.24
of you what kind of building is this i710.563.92
don't know it looks like sort of office712.564.079
building maybe yeah i just came in the714.483.52
front it looks like it maybe it's like a716.6393.921
movie studio movie studio i don't know718.04.48
they got uh these are like movie posters720.564.8
oh okay lone wolf you ever seen that one722.485.68
oh lone wolf i love lone wolf hey it's725.365.279
starring you thick starring thick 44.728.164.72
that's right it's nice up here they got730.6394.561
a nice kitchen it's important yeah i732.885.6
said oh yeah and loot stuff boom boom735.26.24
boom oh yeah i love the boom boom boom738.486.0
oh boy oh boy's right oh [ __ ] getting741.445.28
hit neebs come upstairs i'm up here you744.483.76
guys i'll get you good [ __ ] just a746.723.44
couple of zombies you got this right no748.243.44
i know i'm just not hitting i'm not750.163.44
getting the right bullet he ran at you751.684.08
oh he's wearing a mask he's concerned753.64.08
dick you're good yeah i think so you755.764.0
don't seem like you're good there we go757.683.599
you can just help them if you want if759.763.6
you're concerned i didn't want to step761.2794.24
in front all right i don't feel like763.363.12
we're to a point where we're just765.5193.281
shooting bullets yet are we yep oh i am766.484.159
i keep on finding them oh you found a768.84.159
bunch okay yeah so i'm gonna use them770.6394.721
that's true why not well they attract772.9595.041
more zombies sorry and horde nights775.364.64
tomorrow that's a good reason why not778.03.6
those are both good reasons those are780.04.24
just two that i just threw out oh [ __ ]781.64.32
of pistols that are a lot better than784.243.12
what i have i just785.922.719
oh [ __ ]787.363.36
oh simon watch out oh you gotta788.6394.801
which girl boy run towards me you got it790.726.4
there you go holy [ __ ] you okay uh793.446.72
almost dead i'm packing myself up now797.125.36
all right800.162.32
last one dora804.484.24
boom yeah this looks great806.723.52
thank you yeah808.724.799
uh the the hunting didn't go that great810.245.839
okay yeah well um uh do you want to take813.5195.041
uh i made a cash money trader stuff box816.0793.361
we got a little bit of money in there818.562.16
you want to go to the trader try to buy819.442.8
some food yeah because we're really820.723.679
gonna need food yes and maybe on the way822.244.159
kill a chicken if we see a chicken for824.3993.68
sure yeah oh i'm not going i can't go826.3994.161
i'm a [ __ ] oh yeah yeah i'm going828.0793.841
[ __ ] i don't know where the trailer is830.562.56
oh yeah i remember the trailer yeah831.922.4
right out front and go straight down the833.122.0
i'm trying to block out that first night835.122.56
first night but there's so much we could837.683.44
probably sell here let me see yeah no if839.2794.161
you have things to sell sell it yep go841.124.079
to go now gotta get some some of those843.443.44
worthless tools what time is it you845.1993.361
i don't know i'm not i've been in the848.562.639
basement the whole time yeah it makes849.8393.281
sense i'm a little basement well now i'm851.1994.08
out sometime no no no i'm stuck here no853.123.279
stay here you know how hard it is to855.2793.36
walk upstairs yeah yeah856.3995.521
i'm going okay very soon all right can858.6395.76
leave soon861.922.479
all right simon yes trader joel yes yes864.6396.081
need to dump some stuff off and get some868.486.08
other stuff may we help you870.726.4
do you work here now i do874.564.399
how is it that you can go back there can877.123.76
you do anything with this safe now funny878.9593.921
you ask simon well if you had lockpicks880.885.6
um because night one uh we put trader882.885.759
bob in a precarious situation and the886.483.76
zombies came in here and and nearly888.6394.241
killed him so it was kind of our fault890.244.48
okay well i didn't realize that this892.883.519
could break and we could go there so894.724.16
great sell whatever you can buy the rest896.3994.56
of the food in this vending machine898.883.6
right out here because it's cheaper than900.9593.201
buying from him i'll see you back at the902.484.64
house okay thank you it's good advice it904.165.44
is i wish i was paying attention i said907.124.56
sell what you can and then buy all the909.63.919
food in this vending machine out here911.684.48
still in one ear out the other did he913.5195.44
say something who was that is what i916.164.18
need to know918.9594.481
dora what the hell just happened dora ah923.445.759
i i think i starved to death i feel much926.884.24
better now oh yeah okay yeah hey you929.1993.281
gotta keep an eye on your staff buddy931.122.8
yeah i know i saw him and i was trying932.484.159
to do okay yeah thanks for the advice933.925.2
yeah hey um have you looked at your park936.6394.161
tree about like traps and stuff because939.124.079
i know the hunter has like different940.84.56
[ __ ] oh look at that cool also do you943.1995.041
have a claw hammer i i do945.366.24
may we use it in the workbench yes948.244.8
hey i don't really use it so there you951.63.039
go thank you thank you thank you953.042.64
all right now this is going to be954.6392.721
interesting because955.683.44
put the hammer here957.363.36
and i'm going to sacrifice my wrench but959.125.12
i guess i can pull it out if i go to960.725.2
and then i guess i can put this right968.165.44
glory be972.322.879
check it out the [ __ ] is that it's a973.62.88
writing desk975.1992.801
it's it's a it's a thing we can make now978.04.079
i'm not entirely sure what it does but980.0793.2
if we982.0793.921
use it oh oh my god we can make books983.2795.201
okay so that's great for learning [ __ ]986.04.56
yeah we make our we teach ourselves we988.484.24
teach ourselves we write our own books990.563.76
we research oh wait you know what that992.722.96
that makes sense because i keep picking994.322.4
up these995.682.88
skill notes yeah but do you understand996.723.2
like this998.564.079
we teach ourselves by writing ourselves999.925.599
books yeah uh-huh we can make ink and1002.6394.401
quill and1005.5194.401
okay so we need skill notes to make uh1007.044.799
to make these books so while you're out1009.923.359
and about if you find notes that's what1011.8392.321
that's what you're doing we're putting1013.2793.041
together notes from old books and uh1014.164.16
stuff like that and we're recreating new1016.324.56
books you you don't see how silly that's1018.326.199
dumb as [ __ ] okay1020.883.639
oh god [ __ ] i ate something that1032.5594.721
poisoned me shirt1035.365.04
food health going down probably1037.286.799
[ __ ] do i have anything on me no i don't1040.45.36
it's probably right in front of me damn1044.0792.321
i'm gonna die don't don't just really do1046.45.12
i need to go down bring me down to two1049.124.24
bring me bring me down one just to hold1051.525.12
me at one oh god1053.363.28
hey neebs yeah one why is your health so1061.444.8
low uh food eating bad food or you need1063.64.16
food i've been able to get to 42 i've1066.243.439
been eating yucca and corn and eggs okay1067.764.24
gotcha hey look i'm you're you're our1069.6794.481
farmer right i guess so that's your1072.03.919
class you need to go into your perks i'm1074.163.92
looking at some of your perks here1075.9194.721
uh check it out okay right here right uh1078.084.719
yeah i hear zombies upstairs can someone1080.643.52
take care of that yeah i can't but hey1082.7992.961
listen somebody figure out who stole my1084.163.04
forge down because i need forge down and1085.762.4
i don't know1087.23.2
materials all right move timer we got1088.165.36
zombies all right okay so1090.45.279
perks yep and uh so you're the farmer so1093.524.08
go to the farmer tab there we go farmer1095.6793.441
all right so i don't know if you have1097.63.36
any points to spend but you see one that1099.123.919
says living off the land1100.964.32
uh do you see that first one hover over1103.0393.841
that and like read all the stuff that1105.282.96
will allow you to do you can craft a1106.884.56
mortum pestle scrap iron hoe animal feed1108.244.88
animal snare chicken1111.444.96
coop and seeds for aloe blueberry1113.125.36
chrysanthemum corn cotton rice and1116.44.159
mushrooms i think in order for us to1118.483.92
solve our food situation you're really1120.5594.0
going to need to hit that heart how do i1122.43.76
oh i can buy this i think you're going1124.5592.721
to have to yeah i think you're going to1126.162.56
have to rank up you don't technically1127.283.12
buy that that's something that gets1128.723.6
unlocked with uh your stuff what do you1130.44.24
need in your top right corner seeds the1132.323.92
seeds is what i'm gathering you know1134.643.52
what i made yucca seed1136.243.76
can i make golden hold on where's the1138.163.44
golden rod where'd it go it should be1140.03.36
i've put everything in the box that's1141.63.6
labeled food water and seeds that's your1143.363.92
box okay my box and yeah you're gonna1145.23.839
organize that however you want three go1147.284.08
rods six golden rods so if i go seeds1149.0394.64
has been the problem seed golden rod1151.365.199
seed can't craft it oh can craft it1153.6794.561
there we go all right i feel like i1156.5593.281
tried that earlier it didn't work okay1158.242.4
you were doing something wrong but1159.842.8
that's okay but hey yeah if you focus on1160.644.64
that i think you planting food and you1162.645.2
uh i i guess you can1165.285.12
maintain animals we've seen a cow before1167.844.719
yeah we killed it too but yeah and uh1170.44.0
the chicken coop is cool let's don't get1172.5593.521
ahead of ourselves let me get these uh1174.43.76
seeds and yuccas and seeds and yep i'm1176.083.76
on it all right rock and roll i like it1178.163.28
a man with a mission write a book about1179.844.4
it one day neebs1181.444.0
all right1184.243.36
got my lock picks1185.444.239
let's unlock this boy1187.64.0
missing required lock1189.6794.161
i just [ __ ] made them i forgot them1191.64.42
they're at the house [ __ ]1193.844.8
hey dick yeah how you doing doing all1198.645.12
right uh i'm a little hungry but i i1200.885.2
need to go back to the apc all right you1203.764.24
got those lock picks let's see yep yeah1206.083.839
i gave him them ah man i kind of want to1208.03.84
go with you is it night time1209.9194.401
okay it's foggy out i gotta walk i can't1211.845.04
run if i run [ __ ] goes bad yeah we spent1214.324.56
a lot of time looking for that damn cast1216.884.159
and i don't think it was worth it maybe1218.883.919
it'll be in that uh that thing oh that'd1221.0393.281
be something the tail would be so i1222.7994.24
would love that1224.324.56
all right here it is1227.0393.441
this thing right over here have you seen1228.883.039
this oh yeah yeah yeah saw this night1230.483.28
one oh you should have been here night1231.9195.841
one it was i'm in a car [ __ ] you1233.766.08
sorry just had flashbacks okay all right1241.526.8
let's go it's back to it's back to like1244.7994.561
all right so you got seven of them seven1250.483.36
chances roll that dice thick1252.04.4
single digits looking good feeling good1253.845.199
this is this is what is in here1256.44.96
what is it is it gonna do it yeah no1259.0394.64
right what's in there all right1261.364.48
so please be a cast1263.6795.601
[ __ ] [ __ ] scrap boots and scrap iron1265.845.44
arrows well scrap boots aren't bad what1269.284.0
are you wearing uh i'm wearing some1271.284.0
scrap boots you know what they're1273.283.519
they're better than the kind that i had1275.283.759
here you want those okay yeah yeah yeah1276.7994.0
yeah yeah yeah yeah hold on put them on1279.0394.721
right now bam yeah where how they look1280.7993.841
they look stupid cool all right1284.644.56
nighttime's coming soon time to go cower1286.964.24
in the house uh we gotta prep for horde1289.24.479
night tomorrow oh jeez yeah we are1291.24.56
screwed you know what we may as well do1293.6793.921
we may as well just all set up at the1295.763.68
front door of the house pull down our1297.63.68
pants and bend over and let the zombies1299.443.84
[ __ ] us i was kind of i was kind of1301.284.32
thinking of that anyways but yeah let's1303.283.66
do that1305.69.45

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