This Was a Bad Idea!!! - Grounded

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode from Neebs Gaming? These guys are always up to something crazy, and this time they're trying to g...
This Was a Bad Idea!!! - Grounded
This Was a Bad Idea!!! - Grounded

This Was a Bad Idea!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of 'This Was a Bad Idea!' Did you see how we wasted our time trying to get spiders to jump on trampolines? Hilarious!

simon: Oh man, that was a disaster! But you know what, NEEBS, that's why it's my favorite YouTube video. Who knew spiders could be so uncooperative?

appsro: I have to agree with SIMON on this one. Watching you guys struggle with those spiders was pure entertainment. Definitely a bad idea, but a great video!

neebs: Well, at least we learned something from this experience, right? Spiders do not belong on trampolines. Lesson learned!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode from Neebs Gaming? These guys are always up to something crazy, and this time they're trying to get spiders to jump on trampolines! Can you imagine the chaos that ensues when a bunch of spiders are bouncing around? It's hilarious!

If you're a fan of science and gaming, make sure to check out their Science T-shirt - it's awesome! And don't forget to subscribe to their channel to see more of their wacky adventures. Plus, you can support them on Patreon if you want to help them keep creating these awesome videos.

I love how Neebs Gaming is always coming up with new and creative ideas for their content. From building in the upper yard to dealing with mystery attackers and infected spider attacks, every episode is filled with excitement and laughter. And let's not forget the Doraleous Castle - it's always a highlight!

If you're looking for more videos to binge-watch, Neebs has a ton of playlists to choose from. Whether you're into cartoons, survival games like 7 Days to Die, or exploring the depths of Subnautica, there's something for everyone. And with their hilarious commentary and entertaining gameplay, you'll be hooked in no time. So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for a wild ride with Neebs Gaming!

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all right Simon I think we need to start28.44.24
just building the bones of this place31.0193.901
all right so that thing over there that32.644.5
was just like symbolic I mean breaking34.924.02
ground I mean we don't want this is our37.143.9
floor do we I mean why wouldn't we this38.944.2
is a still it's a foundation it's a41.044.56
truck yes oh you mean why would we want43.144.259
to have rock as the foundation of our45.65.22
home I don't know that would look silly47.3996.421
mushroom brick Oh my God you are you are50.825.34
crazy but okay I'm gonna do this right53.824.259
we're gonna make this out scaffolding56.164.079
yeah we're gonna let's see oh my58.0794.46
we can still have this it'll be the62.63.28
basement this will be the nice cool64.1994.081
basement where we keep the wine and our65.884.8
ex-wife oh great why are we keeping the68.284.019
X-ray I don't know that's just where you70.683.24
keep them right72.2993.36
um I think somebody needs to check your73.923.3
basement all right hey75.6593.96
um we weed stems can you go out and77.224.14
start collecting weed stems I could do79.6193.481
that I'm actually pretty good at weed81.363.899
stem collecting all right I need you on83.14.08
wheat stem Duty now be careful out here85.2593.36
we are in the upper yard we don't know87.183.66
what's out here I ain't no fool you88.6194.5
ain't no fool you ain't no power nope it90.844.8
ain't no sucker yeah so let's do this93.1195.941
get it baby get it weed stem weed stem95.644.92
right there right now I'm looking at one99.064.98
is this is this weed stem yeah it is but100.565.58
like I said be careful there's dangers104.043.3
out there there is I think there's106.143.299
dangers like right here all right I'm107.345.54
just banging stuff down thank you109.4393.441
that's your place I am in place all116.964.06
right we're gonna just try this this119.463.54
isn't as big as one as I wanted but yeah121.024.08
yeah let's try it ready okay yeah I'm123.03.24
ready to try it all right you're gonna125.12.76
stay right in the middle there yeah I'll126.242.76
stay in the middle so I'm gonna jump127.863.84
over this and then is it oh come on129.06.06
spider come on now come on you look131.75.64
quick how's it gonna make this like win135.064.62
around them yep and then that was a that137.344.08
was a bad shot he's a little stamp on139.684.699
them step on them141.422.959
maybe he's just not big enough maybe but149.845.02
we've seen aphids jump on it yeah but152.766.92
come on come for it come forward yeah154.864.82
come on okay all right I want to see a159.84.079
okay let's finish him off163.8796.58
nobody likes you185.583.08
damn it hello listen man I just saw192.185.4
ladybug just dive at me like what the194.765.52
hell was that a ladybug Dove at you and197.584.799
it's gone oh yeah is this a ladybug oh200.283.84
no that's just a regular hand I swore202.3793.901
what came at me whoa I saw a ladybug204.124.14
watch your ass watch your ass oh larva206.284.5
damn it yeah this isn't good okay ready208.264.14
so let's focus on this larva first come210.784.679
on all right hold on uh I feel like I've212.45.759
lost where the hell is my freaking Arrow215.4596.301
oh good God he hits he hits it right218.1597.261
here I got a larva larva all right watch221.766.18
out for that ant all right they're gonna225.424.86
fight yeah let's watch out yeah yeah227.945.4
yeah oh larva versus ant right here230.286.48
right here oh it got knocked out233.344.56
you have money236.762.82
very much so I got two bucks on that end239.584.2
come on man all right come on man come241.623.899
on come on baby Laura you've got come on243.783.12
I love an underdog God I love an245.5193.421
underdog come on baby come on you keep246.93.899
it going you already knocked her ass out248.945.4
you got this oh no she's running oh yeah250.7995.28
this counts as a win if she runs away254.344.44
like a little oh no she's on it256.0795.72
hey run run258.783.019
trying to build the base okay263.6995.72
okay now we go all right here we go266.346.84
yeah sorry yeah all right now she's269.4195.881
trying to run273.187.14
I can't run don't run yeah275.37.66
all right I'll eat two bucks yes you do280.325.04
oh how you doing those come here oh282.964.58
yeah love him the longest they've I've288.124.5
had to save it for the longest well well290.7593.66
how long to just today right I just like292.624.92
a couple days two days I know they294.4196.481
usually last all of five minutes wow I297.547.7
might get attached to this one we'll see300.94.34
be honest you ready you know I am307.444.1
uh yep sweet okay I'm gonna try to draw312.126.12
them in okay did you see me315.064.5
what's he doing318.243.179
are you talking to me yeah you know what319.563.9
he's doing oh he went to sleep oh cause321.4195.881
I don't see you yep he's awake he hadn't323.465.519
quite drifted off yet oh God what's327.32.48
happening why can't I328.9791.861
oh God what's going on I feel like I'm a331.745.16
bit attacked by an invisible spider web334.1996.021
site okay336.95.88
you know me I take care of myself yeah340.226.3
but that was a lot of drama come here342.783.74
come on these guys are ruining science348.845.579
this could have been really easy yep351.66.84
okay jeez it's the mosquito's fault it354.4196.72
always is all right let me uh more358.444.68
mosquitoes now there's three of them oh361.1394.221
mosquitoes and everything I mean maybe369.746.459
what are you doing oh yeah I don't know373.44.6
how mosquitoes gonna be on a trampoline376.1993.481
but we'll find out it's not gonna be in378.04.5
it okay no no they don't want me I do379.684.5
not want me382.53.18
I think I'm about to see a bunch of384.185.459
mosquitoes kill us but yep I sure did385.686.42
yep ruined science389.6394.141
all right we're coming back early okay393.785.82
you ready yeah there you oh God why are395.6395.761
we doing why I don't know it just399.63.78
sometimes science isn't what you think401.43.9
you're all good that was some I'm good405.34.56
I'm good407.883.06
is he coming409.863.959
oh yeah shoot him I am I'm gonna as soon410.945.66
as he stops oh is it going home oh yeah413.8195.701
he saw me all right we got to take we416.65.319
gotta take our trampolines closer we do419.523.6
because you can't lure a spider don't423.125.66
you couldn't have it's not easy425.587.04
have you noticed a ladybug that when he432.625.32
gets close to you its eyes light up and435.843.78
tries to chase you because that's what I437.943.84
was reacting to before uh nah normally439.624.859
ladybugs are pretty chill watch this are441.785.1
you with me uh yeah is this the ladybug444.4794.321
you're talking about let's see yep446.884.159
this is this is not a ladybug this is a454.6995.5
lady bird okay457.624.62
but fresh okay yeah this is not a460.1994.321
friendly ladybug oh my God no it's very462.246.0
stinks a bowl it's very very bad I do464.525.88
not like it and I knew and I want to468.243.78
stop playing with it all right all right470.43.419
all right it seems to chill out though472.024.019
pretty quick it doesn't Chase it does it473.8194.1
does okay but man476.0394.741
okay yeah I'm very hurt I need a bandage477.9195.5
oh my God Lady Bird what do you think we480.784.8
get if we kill one of those bragging483.4193.961
rights and that's all I know because485.584.019
that thing's a beast yeah no that's487.383.96
insane how yeah how'd your help knocked489.5994.201
it down probably brought me down to 20491.345.46
oh okay so she hits 25 and I'm493.84.799
healing slowly right now but I wonder496.85.299
what kind of armor we make with her498.5993.5
yeah you see that spider oh yeah dude503.8794.861
it's an infected one he's coming I know506.6394.56
aren't you excited508.745.82
sort of I'm gonna shoot him okay oh511.1996.661
yeah yep oh there he's gonna blow up all514.567.219
this stuff it's gonna blow up the stuff517.863.919
hey revive me I know that's what I'm550.4595.161
gonna do okay553.0192.601
all right we gotta draw them over huh564.084.84
yeah I guess so okay you ready yeah566.166.299
um boom there we go all right568.925.539
oh he's back with that again okay at574.884.72
least there's no spiders in here yep577.863.68
this might be the spot579.64.859
did you see him jump no is it gone oh581.545.08
he's always on top he's on the roof I584.4593.721
don't know I gotta eat some food oh my586.623.3
stay right there there we go there I got589.925.359
a hit man he's so strong591.8393.44
you got a shot from there yeah okay595.3396.041
don't you want to see on the trampolines600.123.0
though well yeah I was thinking this601.383.6
would get it down yep all right you keep603.123.12
shooting for a second I'm gonna heal up604.984.74
a sec what are you doing you idiot606.245.039
what is that thing he dropped is that609.723.239
like a bomb that's gonna blow I don't611.2793.541
want to shoot it like I want to shoot it612.9594.681
but yeah what is that all right I ain't614.824.32
gonna run out there oh it just shot out617.642.52
okay yeah you run out there James go620.165.1
ahead okay give him a one four622.145.34
that was that bomb wasn't it that's what625.264.68
that was okay oh look he's put a bunch627.484.74
up there oh right by him he's got like629.945.399
Bombs all up there wow here we go again632.225.6
I feel like we just did this yeah we did635.3395.581
hey we saw a couple good jumps no yep at637.825.94
least we got that I'm gonna stand there640.925.84
oh yeah that hurt I ran into a little647.35.26
bubble thing don't touch those yeah I650.224.26
good morning by the way good morning654.486.24
for this so yeah might just head back657.0195.101
oh my God that was a jump wow662.125.399
that's not even work against this guy668.64.359
feels like okay I'm going home going670.685.399
home yeah all right never mind I went672.9594.44
down right here676.0794.32
all right I don't know if you notice691.923.419
what I'm going for here come down here693.64.14
Simon all right don't look at it don't695.3394.261
look at it I looked at it back up just a697.744.26
pinch okay back up just a pinch just to699.63.9
back up you're walking towards me oh702.04.1
yeah I'm sorry back up just a pitch703.55.339
you were backing up and it was good back706.14.66
up just a pitch a little more a little708.8394.381
more a little more a little more turn710.763.54
you recognize the design I do yeah716.3997.62
classic doralia's Castle yes that's720.724.799
right yeah that's just gonna be the724.0192.581
front entrance I mean I think we're725.5192.281
gonna have sides we're gonna have wings726.64.08
it'll be an expansion but yeah classic727.85.52
doralius design yes I love it it's730.685.279
beautiful great job it's looking really733.324.74
good yeah we need some stuff though we735.9594.261
need uh we need rope to finish the floor738.064.38
making the floor out of weeds we need740.224.679
grass yep we're gonna need well we've742.443.959
got plenty of grass oh yeah we got744.8993.481
plenty of grass grass so we're good okay746.3993.601
so and uh I think eventually we're gonna748.383.06
need a wall around this place because750.03.18
yeah some larva have gotten in the751.443.66
ladybugs yeah we're gonna need a little753.183.599
bit of Defense you know what I mean yeah755.13.9
I do so it's one hell of a project but756.7794.021
I'm excited about it we've been working759.05.04
or I've been working very hard you have760.85.88
for you yes because you're my friend764.044.38
tell you what if you wanted to make a766.684.32
couple an extra weed stem palette that768.424.74
might be nice a weed stem palette yeah771.03.959
because Yeah the more wind stems uh you773.162.88
can get the better I know you've cut774.9592.701
pretty much all of it is around actually776.044.5
you haven't hold on things over here777.665.64
there's plenty oh no this we yeah I780.544.799
think we need a level 3x to cut these783.34.32
these yeah those yeah these are fur785.3393.901
weeds we got a ton of weed stamps in787.623.36
these things yeah oh well then that'd be789.243.12
good oh and there's a there's a friend790.983.539
oh God now this is a this is a new type792.363.84
of ant I don't know if you noticed no794.5194.56
this is a damn fire ant oh I hate fire796.24.92
ants yeah me too it hurt like hell man799.0794.921
my health was low all right if my uh oh801.125.339
my health is very low too we got a tag804.05.339
team this little okay good yeah806.4594.801
knocked out we should be able to oh yeah809.3394.101
come on come on come on come on come on811.265.759
okay fire is not so bad hey man whatever813.445.079
we can make with this like head and817.0194.88
parts though I'm very hurt818.5193.38
all right we're gonna run across weed830.04.36
stem I gotta I lost a lot of weed stem832.323.9
around here just you know chopping and834.363.24
going where the hell is it like look at836.222.88
this there's like eight of them over837.63.84
here yeah all right I just discovered a839.14.62
fire ant head yeah we need to explore841.443.899
and these fire hands maybe we can make843.724.32
something cool with them yeah all right845.3394.921
all right back to the castle back to the848.044.52
see you guys you know I haven't for a861.624.659
minute but he was really coming by close864.243.899
like consistently like doing a patrol866.2793.961
down here now yeah we're not ready for868.1395.101
that guy yeah no yeah I assume we need870.245.039
better armor better weapons huh I guess873.245.52
I mean what other kind of what else can875.2796.18
we make I don't know hey neebs hey oh878.764.199
wow hey881.4593.841
um what are you guys doing uh we are882.9594.201
there's a spider and it keeps killing us885.33.719
so yeah well we were we were doing887.163.78
science with trampolines and spiders889.0193.841
that's what you guys did with your day890.945.399
trampoline trampolines day and then yeah892.866.18
okay okay it's red so it's fine hey we896.3394.5
need some stuff uh up where we're899.044.14
building the base I need a rope I need900.8395.041
Acorn shells and um yeah I guess that's903.185.459
it for now okay okay yeah bring that905.884.92
stuff whenever you start making your way908.6394.681
up there you know yeah yeah we'll do yep910.87.12
we'll do thank you oh913.3210.23
it's over944.04.779
see repairs all right so you want945.8397.56
mushroom and uh What uh Acorn shells and948.7797.68
rope Acorn and rope bring those first953.3994.861
yeah and any uh any bricks that have956.4594.861
done cooking all right yep see you see958.264.199
in the morning yep see you in the961.322.759
morning see you at the base oh there's962.4594.5
the infected spider oh yeah he nasty964.0797.581
looking yeah he Nast I'm gonna bug him966.9594.701
we'll get that bite I'm gonna get that971.7796.641
butt do you like a man in your butt this974.6996.241
is what gnats do you see how he's coming978.424.919
down here been doing that980.945.3
get out of here leave my friends alone983.3395.701
that's right that's right come back to986.246.399
your hole go back to your home yeah get989.046.0
out of here they'll come this way992.6394.32
otherwise I will bunk the out of995.042.64
bug I'm a nap997.685.999

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Man, the latest Neebs Gaming video is hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing as the guys tried to get spiders to jump on trampolines. Their antics and banter always crack me up.

At first, they were just goofing around building stuff in the Upper Yard. But then Thick had the crazy idea to try to get spiders to bounce. Of course, Appsro and Doraleous ran with it and before you know it, they'd built an elaborate spider bouncing contraption. The best part was watching their reactions when the spiders didn't quite perform as expected.

Things only got more absurd from there. Out of nowhere, Doraleous got attacked by a mystery bug! What was that thing? Then the guys started doing ridiculous "science" experiments like seeing if spiders can swim. I lost it when Thick kept insisting the gnats were "ladybirds." His confused ramblings are too funny.

The infected spider attack was intense! Neebs Gaming always finds ways to keep things exciting. And leave it to Doraleous to turn the base into his own bizarre castle. That dude cracks me up.

Overall, this was a classic Neebs video with huge laughs and crazy antics. These guys have mastered the art of cinematic gaming entertainment. No one does it better! Their blend of humor and adventure makes their videos as fun to watch as actually playing the games yourself. I could go on and on, but you really just need to check out their channel. Neebs Gaming is the best way to experience games without picking up a controller. Their grounded series is always a blast!

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