THIS PORTAL WORKS!? | Subnautica #14

Hey there, fellow Subnautica enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video yet? It's always exciting to see what new dis...
THIS PORTAL WORKS!? | Subnautica #14
THIS PORTAL WORKS!? | Subnautica #14

THIS PORTAL WORKS!? | Subnautica #14

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving deep into the mysterious world of Subnautica.

simon: Oh man, I love this game! The underwater world is so beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

appsro: I can't believe we found a working portal in this game! It's like we stumbled upon a secret treasure chest.

neebs: I know, right? And the best part is, we get to share all these crazy adventures with our awesome viewers. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Subnautica enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica Log video yet? It's always exciting to see what new discoveries are waiting for us in the depths of the alien ocean world. The narrator of the video mentions how the place seems to get stranger every day, which just adds to the mystery and intrigue of the game.

If you're as hooked on Subnautica as I am, don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more awesome content. The game, developed by Unknown Worlds, offers a truly immersive underwater exploration experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. From sun-drenched coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches and bio-luminescent underwater rivers, there's always something new and exciting to discover.

I love how the game is still in Early Access development, which means there's always new content being added and improvements being made. The attention to detail in Subnautica is truly impressive, from the stunning visuals to the atmospheric music that sets the tone for each underwater adventure. And let's not forget about the Xidax PCs that power Neebs Gaming – those machines definitely make the gameplay experience even more immersive.

So, if you're a fan of open-world exploration games and underwater adventures, definitely give Subnautica a try. Dive into the vast underwater world and see what surprises await you. And don't forget to stay informed by following Neebs Gaming on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates and behind-the-scenes peeks. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on all the excitement that Subnautica has to offer!

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ah alright wait what wait was that my0.026.4
dad my dad look different24.934.109
what's that what comes back oh my God26.44.32
why did you poison everything looks29.0393.27
different what is it why why is30.723.42
everything different I got a cold need32.3094.5
okay and I don't have a communications34.144.2
relay in here damn it36.8099.27
let's go to the life I see oh I got a38.348.129
well subject what what subject 1 17346.4696.921
hold on52.1111.07
leaves HQ HQ anybody please hey hey man53.3912.129
did you guys do anything to my user63.185.22
interface yeah okay that explains it I65.5194.411
was ok thought I was going crazy68.44.35
ah it looks nice it's still a little big69.9313.5
but that's ok oh you think so what I do72.7513.47
not want you like yo I do not want you83.436.899
guys singing me emojis no do not send me86.226.95
emojis ever90.3292.841
they also got another message subject101.645.2
one 173 destroyed any idea what that104.056.24
means new targets unaccounted for one106.845.31
any idea okay110.294.5
stop doing the [ __ ] emojis okay don't112.154.04
do the emoji114.794.74
no that's just today just never alright116.195.62
I got a goal I want to get down to needs119.533.66
of the dick and see if I can open that121.817.14
door oh yeah you play bacon yep123.198.61
skeleton door that's priceless yeah news128.956.54
of the day that was the door we found by131.85.31
the giant skeleton we needed these is a135.494.98
dick ah yeah I need to create a purple137.116.78
artifact man you kidding me maybe they140.476.54
got a reef bag just sitting he's kissing143.897.59
with Cyclops okay well then yeah guess147.015.64
I'll move in hold on151.483.69
Thank You Julian no I don't mind a Chur152.654.77
but when nature's dumbest [ __ ] it155.172.91
bothers me157.423.09
nature yeah but sometimes they do that158.085.57
really would be nature one yeah160.516.15
sometimes they're annoyingly dumb I feel163.656.01
like the reef backs and panda bears I166.668.72
don't see you stop sending the emojis169.668.1
alright should be out of the way of the175.385.65
dumbass reef baggie now this looks a177.765.88
little different to you I you guys guys181.034.89
I'm afraid of you I own the dams like up183.646.48
we did yeah I got like a radar that's185.925.22
pretty cool190.127.8
what is that oh oh yeah the camera191.147.58
okay got a couple of them198.725.45
Oh cameras have light zone - I might202.14.35
come in handy she'd read back for204.175.46
everywhere morning external all down to206.455.76
take external hole damage detectives209.635.22
right you run I might hit a reef back my212.213.21
right Arles name I don't see the reef215.424.56
back on the radar218.846.32
okay campers of the snake oh my god what219.988.37
what's wrong damage damage all over the225.166.4
place cuz hittin the reef back buddy228.355.55
I hold on I gotta get out the big pit is231.564.38
this thing really that sensitive I just233.95.88
ran into a reef bags yeah but it's also235.946.66
a giant metal submarines I just roll239.783.63
right through it242.62.16
alright I'm not seeing any external243.414.08
damage without looking oh all right yeah244.767.38
yeah I see a whole hair in it all right247.498.58
you know the hole oh yeah this reef back252.146.53
let's be tough256.072.6
all right yeah knees we're back in shape262.8896.191
yeah all good man265.665.16
what can we install some things on the269.084.35
Cyclops to uh shield it a little better270.825.7
ah I go to the engine room I know273.435.34
there's a yeah I feel the fabricator in276.526.38
the engine room whole module there we go278.777.31
increases baby dies in Death Valley282.96.16
it doesn't say rearranges the severing286.085.74
holes atomic structure to increase safe289.066.419
diving death shield generator sonar291.824.26
fire suppression system why is the fire296.087.41
suppression system an option okay so299.865.07
that tells me that if things just the303.493.42
big all giant piece of [ __ ] what's like304.933.45
every other shift your company makes306.9119.11
just gonna catch fire yeah today well I308.3821.21
would like to build a artifact so I need326.026.0
I know a new diamond crystal all right I329.594.56
need two diamonds you guys not know a332.024.8
mercury or is yeah all right I'm just334.155.31
saying I have no idea Marjorie orders336.827.83
anymore your next crystal everything339.466.9
looks different I don't know what what's344.653.49
what's what anymore346.366.05
grandpa makes her sleep348.147.81
female every clips different now I got352.416.12
to go out and find two diamonds okay so355.954.56
I guess that's what we're doing the best358.535.13
place I remember finding diamonds was at360.516.66
the place with the big alien gun we'll363.664.17
go there367.172.58
hey maybe I'll find a purple artifact367.833.33
laying around there that's full of alien369.757.8
[ __ ] anyway maybe I'll get lucky one no371.168.93
yeah we can make them but I need to done377.554.56
that's why I said I need to go to the380.093.94
gun range because the gun base is the382.113.78
last place I remember finding diamond in384.034.8
the mouth the gun vapors and if I don't385.894.92
find diamonds but it's also an alien388.834.11
facility maybe I'll get lucky I'll find390.814.2
a purple artifact which is the reason I392.945.12
need to go in the first place baby395.013.05
and I don't like with their you need404.414.53
Jerry I gotta tackle that monster really405.977.41
yeah I'm gonna try to be just like408.946.09
you're making a lot of noise are you413.383.66
trying to thrash around like being know415.035.13
trying to find [ __ ] Island okay they417.043.81
keep you quiet420.163.29
but you do that for the dangerous area420.8510.38
splashing around like a will conceal my423.459.52
name's I've made it to the area with a431.236.51
gun okay thanks yeah pretty sure in this432.978.69
mountain here there shot me diamond I437.7411.13
hope so [ __ ] what's up [ __ ] close what's441.669.22
up love what the [ __ ] what what is that448.875.1
I got out of my damn steam Oz in a450.884.65
teleporter just teleported right in453.974.5
front of me oh my god I am hurt oh my455.536.48
god I am hurt Oh oh god okay where's I458.475.33
know this place is full of crab snakes462.014.68
not cramp snakes a little bud cramps463.86.49
headaches better grab things and I got466.695.1
it I got like a whole generation shame470.293.98
it teleporter came out of nowhere471.795.46
Jesus see you're really hurt yeah I am474.277.5
I'm really hurt [ __ ] off for the emojis477.2511.76
twelve Oh trees looks like tasty yeah481.778.89
I've eaten those before on the other the489.019.24
other Island okay good figure I get my490.6610.62
food up a little bit oh oh and I got a498.2510.13
health pack oh yeah there we go oh yeah501.287.1
sounds of gold Charlotte yeah515.96.16
we don't leave gold we are looking for520.2296.991
diamond the propulsion cannons not522.0610.95
working caves just working no I like527.227.38
this happened last time I was here is533.012.58
like I tried to use the propulsion534.65.94
cannon inside the cave it's hard to tell535.596.69
because I don't see anything to grab540.548.66
hold on yeah works great outside of cave542.289.42
funnel let me see if I can did I bring a549.26.4
battery yeah not an extra battery I551.75.72
don't let me see if I can grab something555.63.0
all right557.425.23
boom I got something going into the cave558.611.64
I going into the cave seems to hold on562.6515.42
to it I can fire it Oh what why soon as570.249.78
I get like Beauty the exit of the cave578.074.71
it'll think it'll work cuz I'm in the580.028.91
cave walking [ __ ] great man I won't you582.789.18
work alright I'm not the knife all these588.937.76
[ __ ] cramping three the faster591.964.73
by your help Oh give me a struggle ha ha597.9610.63
yeah [ __ ] come at me bro604.4811.37
house [ __ ] yeah yeah well Andy they're608.5910.92
fighting some crap snakes everywhere615.858.4
now crab fighters [ __ ] hey I'm619.515.94
poking some other things you can't624.252.37
remember names off the top of my head625.452.36
all the time626.624.39
alright made it in a cave boy nasty some632.410.59
crabs crabs not to make crab sliders639.589.39
hold on help sup give my propulsion642.998.17
piano to work alright works in the water648.974.86
I don't know why I don't work in the651.168.07
cave I just [ __ ] the bed I'm looking653.837.71
jabbering should have brought my see659.236.27
glide I didn't have my feet wide yeah661.548.76
whole bunch of stuff yeah yeah I should665.57.11
have brought my see glide670.35.569
all right take it a bit of a risk here a672.617.55
little deeper into this cake put them675.8697.81
oxygen levels I don't see anything down680.166.269
here Nev okay683.6795.7
yep I think I have these high capacity686.42910.78
oxygen thing my batter just got him a689.37911.791
flashlight I do my kind of water to keep697.2096.961
that from my proposal cannon oh god I'm701.174.229
gonna have to replace it though I can't704.174.139
see I know I really should have prepared705.3995.521
more foam coming out fine diamond back708.3096.45
to me come back here scan this found710.925.909
these bats all about the fault that's714.7598.851
all that's all about crops to see the716.8298.43
assessments of my scanner says are good723.613.86
for finding gold diamond and uranium725.2595.281
that's exactly727.478.14
haha diamond baby's county FL 182 that's730.546.06
[ __ ] for the gold735.616.11
oh I see a basalt that's all an outcrop736.66.899
come on damn it741.728.44
Gold um go deeper into this cave but743.49910.55
dead in at the dam dead in need750.163.889
yeah go755.862.809
alien guns looking good today768.186.19
oh nice yeah I found the purple artifact770.52911.971
ah I don't need the diamond now I know774.379.84
it sometimes it works out that's why I782.58.04
wanted to come here yeah why not feel784.2110.23
like I'm on a path well yeah no but I790.545.22
mean there's there's like these little794.446.12
aliens like hey I guess markers markers795.768.31
they're leading me somewhere care clear800.564.83
that no I've never heard of the word804.071.89
I'm sure caught on hold on grab dinos805.966.56
yeah work sometimes these are Cairns you816.0299.941
ever gonna drill anything like stock824.085.28
these neck rocks - good god the trail825.979.0
it's call to carry sure oh yeah I'm in829.367.29
the cave now and the propulsion Canon834.977.38
does not work scared in the human-made836.658.85
pile or stack of stones the word gear842.355.429
comes from the Scottish Gaelic845.57.17
can okay there have been men are used847.7797.171
for a broad rowdy purposes prehistoric852.675.25
times to present okay reckon his854.957.1
landmarks snack a bunch of rocks doctor857.929.419
up down another diamond now back at this862.057.45
crazy-looking room that was inside this867.3396.841
mountain well it's a big crazy-looking869.56.36
room remember the Stargate thing in the874.183.96
know [ __ ] gotcha who is it the system875.863.24
you'll crystal get an eye on her I don't879.14.44
have no idea how to make a few fuel882.043.54
[ __ ] I have an eye on simple all883.543.24
right well I'm gonna head back out on a885.583.36
C Mon I got my diamond I found a purple886.784.29
artifact I think I'm good John you're my888.945.37
lineage well no it didn't say ion891.074.86
crystal it said few Crick do you ever894.314.53
have like a key just another card it895.933.54
just works898.849.6
hold on yeah yeah no sorry I was taking899.4712.15
care of a crab spider okay Tom never had908.445.73
that situation like oh look Mikey's at911.624.68
your house or monkey hits your car I'm914.175.52
weird okay I on crystal I mean I can't916.39.35
equip it awake [ __ ] mate market work919.699.03
what the [ __ ] man yeah good job929.9710.96
jamilka there you think if this thing938.464.93
says I want to feel frizzle it would say940.936.9
yo crystal we're about to work go in943.396.71
there where it's worth it gonna take you947.835.67
okay I don't even have my egg line I950.17.39
can't bring it back out here man get the953.57.4
puppy done later you sure about this one957.496.48
hand yeah Bobby's been brought you down960.95.14
back to her I'd be amazing if it brought963.974.97
me back to her we go get the puppy okay966.047.43
all right I'm going in968.944.53
here we go weird nice money974.336.03
yeah now's our come in yeah me hello986.367.71
oh yeah okay I got you lost you there991.4596.781
for a second huh where are you I'm in994.076.709
another cave998.245.52
yeah I'm in another cave are you in the1000.7795.711
same place no it seems to be a different1003.765.819
cave hold on let me look around a minute1006.498.07
can you still see your bacon oh yeah I1009.5797.461
still see what sea monsters is about1014.566.36
2,000 meters away do it Kalibak I seem1017.045.53
to have possibly teleported all right1020.924.83
let me look around I am following this1022.574.94
trail upward leaves1025.758.189
yeah Oh Oh waiter you needs I'm at that1027.519.87
Island that's a jungle island a1033.9395.461
different Island and you're on before1037.384.35
yes I'm at the jungle island remember1039.46.12
really yeah how does area Head Island1041.737.449
now you're the jungle on yeah hold on1045.525.399
let me confirm that I'm pretty sure1049.1796.24
though it's what it looked like oh yeah1050.9196.181
oh yeah this has got to be it I'm on the1055.4194.561
jungle island where I found that the de1057.16.84
gauzy base right make sure yeah okay1059.985.97
yeah there's the gauzy basically see it1063.945.19
holy [ __ ] let's swing it around1065.955.84
that's an incredible way to get around1069.134.98
okay well there's nothing on this island1071.794.629
I think I need yeah hey look you got to1074.115.04
not it's got a purple art bag right to1076.4193.871
go to the scallop store1079.152.76
yeah that's kind of what I want to do1080.294.47
okay let me find the cave here we go all1081.914.769
right I'm going to teleport back1084.765.68
yeah that's amazing all right going back1086.6798.35
to the teleporter names okay teleporter1090.449.27
have a definite side neither one I have1095.0297.081
no idea I wonder does it matter which1099.714.77
size you go Lidl it's two-sided I have1102.114.98
no idea I came out I came out of this1104.484.829
side portals can be weird1107.094.35
all right I'm gonna take a gamble and go1109.3094.37
through the side I didn't come out up1111.445.69
all right here we go1113.6793.451
come in yo these second year be a1123.066.94
Kinnear yeah oh yeah I'm back at the UH1126.676.03
I'm back at the place ain't playing yes1130.04.53
same place all right heading down1132.75.22
heading back down going to the C Mon1134.5310.03
alright back in the old SEMA hopefully1144.564.59
there's not a teleporter that's going to1147.713.95
appear in front of me1149.1510.71
warper what the [ __ ] what why this is1151.669.52
like hopping mice emails I get1159.866.33
teleported out of it why what i every1161.187.11
time i have in my SEMA i get teleported1166.193.41
out of it1168.297.35
hold on [ __ ] need them hurt yeah yeah1169.68.56
super low oh I don't have a health pack1175.643.84
I'll have a fabricator1178.168.27
I need they don't see them on a second1179.486.95
grandma [ __ ] I see one get out of here1189.285.91
damn it and it's gotten dark of course1200.37.74
[ __ ] I'm out of batteries man I came so1202.497.65
unprepared for this I thought it would1208.043.51
be easy it's like I'm just going over1210.144.11
the mountain to get diamonds uh started1211.556.54
to a nightmare needs I think I just1214.254.8
gonna have to run for it1218.093.54
it's risky but it's the only option I1219.054.68
have at this point if I stay here well I1221.636.27
mean I can eat Volvo trees but I stay1223.735.99
here I'm going to accomplish nothing1227.94.03
yeah I'm going for it1231.933.84
Bethenny what is fantasy1247.5496.341
what about a cyclops you starting to1249.9194.671

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