DEEP ALIEN DOOR | Subnautica #15

Hey there, fellow Subnautica enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? It's another Subnautica log where the...
DEEP ALIEN DOOR | Subnautica #15
DEEP ALIEN DOOR | Subnautica #15

DEEP ALIEN DOOR | Subnautica #15

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that DEEP ALIEN DOOR video on Subnautica? It's like we're exploring a whole new world down there!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! I love how we keep finding all this alien stuff underwater. It's like we're on a sci-fi adventure!

appsro: Guys, that DEEP ALIEN DOOR video is my favorite! I can't get enough of the crazy creatures we encounter in Subnautica. It's like a deep-sea safari!

neebs: I know, right? And the music in that video really sets the mood. It's like we're on a mission to uncover all the secrets of this alien ocean world!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Subnautica enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video from Neebs Gaming yet? It's another Subnautica log where they keep discovering more and more alien stuff. If you're like me and can't get enough of this game, then you definitely don't want to miss it. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more Subnautica content!

Subnautica is such a cool game, isn't it? I love the whole concept of exploring underwater worlds and discovering all the mysterious creatures and structures. From the sun-drenched coral reefs to the deep-sea trenches and bio-luminescent rivers, there's always something new and exciting to uncover. And with the game still in early access, there's even more to look forward to as it continues to develop.

I always find myself getting lost in the immersive world of Subnautica whenever I watch these videos. And with Neebs Gaming at the helm, you know you're in for a fun and entertaining ride. Plus, the music they use in their videos really sets the mood and adds to the whole experience. It's just one of the many reasons why I keep coming back for more. So, if you're a fan of Subnautica like I am, make sure to check out Neebs Gaming's latest video and join in on the adventure!

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these I think I just gonna have to run22.214.42
for it it's it's risky but it's the only24.174.26
option I have at this point if I stay26.633.59
here I'm going to accomplish nothing28.436.65
don't yeah I'm going for it30.229.22
the dial I miss Roger yeah maybe I can35.086.88
shoot something at this warper one over39.445.22
there I just disappeared41.968.099
maybe this is my jam right here matter44.669.179
you man okay OOP god I hate those things50.0595.551
all right heading to the life on I need53.8395.701
I need a health pack like back to where55.616.839
you go yeah yeah no I came wholly59.543.93
unprepared for this62.4492.28
we should probably also have more63.473.36
storage on your team on whatever64.7293.871
available you ride around is that is66.834.17
that it upgrade I'd be great68.67.49
they got me into the drug it around man71.08.31
okay made it back to life pot alright76.096.459
huh boy yeah BAM79.318.669
Nick kid oh yeah oh hey guy are you82.5497.561
having stored enough sometimes I keep87.9794.861
some of those stored this time yeah I90.113.869
really should make a medical kit92.843.72
fabricator at the base all right so we93.9798.581
got a purple artifact these I'm gonna96.566.989
head back to base102.563.0
and then we'll go back to me this is a103.5495.271
dick counter toward the open door105.568.45
I need Magby114.0113.94
let's made an absurd about you hmm121.326.63
my face was floating for a second a129.725.92
little bit of cook Hunter fish hover132.645.7
fish yeah okay135.646.42
hover face [ __ ] now I'm time to make a138.346.39
myth and you have a restaurant backyard142.066.42
yeah they're good idea since the 90s144.736.17
recipes are learning on their face mask148.487.56
fish surprise paper record all right150.97.33
even with as deep as we're going I think156.043.09
I would actually like to make a158.237.2
rebreather yeah the oxygen tanks take up159.137.92
a lot of space but often with storage I165.433.0
could put some more storage on the sea167.053.78
mods as well like and look at the168.434.14
modification station let's see how crazy170.832.34
this is172.572.79
oh man so full reinforcement would be173.174.92
good too that's only two titanium that175.365.16
season still is module 3 site 8 home I178.097.83
got 19 may actually 5 Titanium's whole180.528.22
reinforcement yep I'll make my CMOS a185.926.289
little stronger and storage module188.745.79
beautiful all right let me install these192.2095.911
gay doctor spaghetti is that grated194.536.54
engage tags198.127.36
yeah doctor spaghetti is also uh also201.079.11
leaking air leak here yeah205.484.7
and I'm excited dr. spaghetti got211.155.75
bubbles to an edit214.754.319
well it's funny216.94.66
oh yeah I don't mean I would have to219.0694.381
take this uh we're going to getting the221.565.22
water and repair simply that makes more223.458.67
sense that makes it tricky I'm fine I'm226.7812.45
fine I'm fine I am fine okay all right232.1211.52
looks better okay I plan yes239.237.71
playing ah scouts daughter skeleton Dora243.647.319
we got the artifact I really should have246.947.26
some meds yeah you need to be what does250.9595.4
it take to make a med kit family make an254.24.8
expense a let's look at it oh here we go256.3596.06
okay titanium I have I might be able to259.05.82
make a computer for quick fiber mesh262.4195.341
feel like it's a creepvine related I264.824.469
gotta go run up get some creep eyes real267.764.32
quick we look fiber mesh creep mine269.2895.671
samples - yeah that little you have at272.085.13
warper I think you should carry a lot274.966.06
more all right gonna get the fiber mesh277.218.22
real quick why it's not that hard I mean281.027.26
the things are right here we have a285.435.82
three four how many can I carry about288.2813.35
four right back I swear to God now I got291.2514.91
a read back just push it on my base go301.638.6
around go around your big dumb dick306.168.72
resources on packs some I can scare like310.239.53
what what what what was that oh [ __ ]314.888.1
it's a little plant it would spikes on319.766.13
it the spikes shoot out and shot me back322.985.43
to the damn right bag325.897.65
you think it's any more annoying no I328.417.29
don't have a rebreathers well I don't333.546.06
have a rebreather yeah I want to oh I335.76.09
want to make a rebreather what do I need339.64.85
to make a rebreather341.792.66
remind me what I need to make a wiring344.849.13
kit we have wine everything I really346.810.77
feel like we're not only just gathering353.975.1
yeah and I really feel like that's357.574.31
boring as hell okay really359.076.27
hey we're wearing this together lucky I361.887.57
don't yeah but you're not trying to365.3411.76
survive are you always the other thing369.459.21
we were making with the I went out for377.13.12
fibermesh to begin with now I'm off now378.665.52
most [ __ ] up oh yeah the rebreather380.227.53
yeah okay medical kit fabricator what I384.185.25
need for the art was focus it's do one387.753.93
thing at a time medical kit fabricators389.437.77
do that first yes yes computer computer391.687.35
chip is that if that has silver in it397.25.01
I'm gonna murder somebody Oh Mabel coral399.037.41
sample gold and copper wires that's easy402.214.86
get a sworn I brought back a bunch of407.077.5
table coral sample store let's start408.998.9
college I'm shopping for groceries414.573.32
get a bunch of tableful family I need422.26.0
it's needed all the time425.123.08
okay tell me how many people do you have434.36.33
stranded God guys are you confident as I436.4910.41
know one castrated let's go come on how440.638.12
many people have died on your watch446.94.17
kissing me please448.755.89
there are tenerife backs now yes try to451.075.43
[ __ ] my bangs okay454.646.51
we do you really hang on to have any for456.510.11
PTO's alright inspired one conduct or I461.157.23
don't know I just find it at the race466.615.04
bag I look like a gas torpedo okay good468.387.62
all right you can take it off seems to471.6512.42
be wiggling a little bit now now you476.012.87
just sorta wiggle still there welcome484.0712.18
aboard looks okay alright needs God488.8714.13
medical kit fabricators yeah yeah there496.259.18
it is right all right got its got a503.05.13
fabricate but now I am constantly making505.435.64
medical kit fabrication it seems to me508.136.0
if that 2% so now we want to make a511.074.86
rebreather real quick look if you are514.135.01
sure man was doing good deed 99 we need515.935.42
to go out of total run519.1410.54
where I wish they need go for more stuff529.687.38
fine gold all the time I wish I was back532.556.43
on if I was back on earth I'd be filthy537.063.77
[ __ ] rich538.985.54
silver there we go540.8310.78
I'm gonna pick it up yeah got another544.529.79
silver come out while I'm here I'm gonna551.616.74
grab it yeah don't worry554.3110.649
yeah yeah yeah we're good okay one558.3511.47
alright we're good in back oh please564.9598.461
yeah I think the respects leaving open569.824.56
there's another one it's heading573.424.41
straight for my cyclops hate these574.385.519
things I like them at first because they577.833.36
were big and friendly now they're just579.8995.161
annoying they're all over let me explain581.196.6
fish I'm gonna eat you585.065.969
yum-yum-yum you all right we ready boy587.7910.08
okay we're going down all right click my591.0299.651
radiation hell it off got a rebreather597.879.2
all right I don't think so story ready600.6812.01
like spaghetti I could just in case all607.077.269
right sticking my radiation helmet in612.696.51
the doctor spaghetti storage oh let's go614.33910.201
check Oh fabricate oh it should that's a619.26.62
honey % oh there we go624.545.549
all right got a med kit all right should625.825.92
I run back to the other Life pod and630.0893.481
grab the other one631.7414.159
all right knees I think I am ready645.8997.18
that's a couple health facts heading649.759.269
west of my life pod going back to that653.0798.13
scary underground place now just as the659.0194.471
sun's coming out I get to go to a place661.2096.75
where it's dark and terrifying yeah good663.498.76
night Astro sunshine smiley face [ __ ]667.9599.68
you get the [ __ ] out of here stop672.255.389
all right descending down into the687.09.2
depths of hell all right689.616.59
you kind of cool to have a base down703.434.89
here hey that'd be great705.784.62
flashing around back to you we have some708.324.66
medical line yeah thank you good power710.43.24
yeah we need like a probably meeting713.645.79
like a bioreactor yeah if I could find a715.238.76
thermal man all right approaching needs719.439.15
is a dig okay got your tag right yeah be723.996.06
pretty embarrassing if I came all the728.583.87
way without that huh happen here she is730.059.18
in a door through the door I have no732.4511.28
idea why we're here all right hopping739.2310.44
out artifact put the artifact what the743.7312.81
hell not working oh my god needs yeah I749.6710.95
think it's orange I thought it was where756.549.9
all the others have been purple uh no oh760.629.33
my god shut the [ __ ] up all right766.445.61
I don't let me run back up to the base I769.955.66
have an orange artifact in the bank772.053.56
de [ __ ] three [ __ ] eat/drink780.188.7
medkit orange artifact785.8415.64
let's go down these okay alright coming788.8817.91
up on Yves is a dick again look around801.4810.47
make sure I'll come on well there's one806.798.7
of those big brain alien crazy-looking811.955.73
thing let me get to the turtles icon815.494.86
right really air here we go yeah I'm817.683.09
get alert daughter's neck I have an820.775.54
orange artifact he's right above me822.637.47
don't have any torpedoes left doing all826.3110.72
that direct hey lamp what if they swim830.111.79
the surface it meets women well on a hit837.038.43
with a torpedo you ran off okay into841.896.99
that door answer go away go away845.467.37
alright mark dr. spaghetti again I848.885.76
wasn't in the artifact852.8316.14
okay work it on it I'm an extremely dry854.6417.48
hold on868.973.15
I'll need leaves it did look like one873.056.849
room please876.368.479
too late oh wow okay I can scan here879.8999.35
found an alien bone specimen884.8394.41
I found the data terminal oh good we got891.1211.219
some phone or reproductive data tool897.8997.86
gorta mór ion crystals or fuel crystals902.3396.591
what are the other I can't tell905.7598.63
pretty much I'm taking dr. spaghetti in908.9312.819
here we go so yeah just seems to be one914.38910.601
room see is there anything any good921.7495.851
information there we got life924.994.98
interesting the phone on this planet927.65.549
evolved with a single gender capable of929.976.39
both egg-laying and insemination yeah so933.1495.61
all the all the animals on this planet936.365.94
are basically asexual so they're male938.7595.851
and female they can both lay they they942.36.12
can reproduce they don't need to fly944.615.789
yeah I was too I mean the aliens the948.423.839
aliens are trying to obviously find a950.3993.12
cure I don't know if they did or not952.2596.211
sounds like they didn't I found some953.5196.751
Havering yeah but I never found nickel960.277.26
where is it oh you guys don't know what964.628.79
nickel looks like so yeah just amaura I967.537.83
mean the ion crystals they may come in973.413.69
handy especially since today we've975.364.56
discovered teleporters like a teleport977.112.33
my frickin seamoth they need to see a979.9215.18
hole that goes west Oh God I don't I989.4313.71
don't know oh wow I'm heading west holy995.112.87
crap if they're it's a crazy-looking1003.1410.29
tree an underwater amazing oh god okay I1007.978.25
am passing safe depth and I see mod for1013.437.53
this this thing is like 885 meters down1016.227.53
holy crap knees I wish you can see this1020.965.52
thing I got scarred trees it's a big1023.755.31
underwater tree when it looks like it's1026.484.229
holding an egg and it's surrounded by1029.065.01
these glowing manta rays yeah it's1030.7096.361
incredible looking in the tree I don't1034.075.93
know I can try1037.072.93
here we go Cynthia the data1041.358.71
giant co3 yes don't have a base right1043.9610.44
here too damn deep the build though I1050.069.54
mean yeah be cool to have a base damage1054.45.95
oh boy Nev just thing keeps on going1060.353.3
further west1062.726.93
oh [ __ ] needs I've gone as far as I can1063.6514.1
go yeah it goes deeper my seamoth can't1069.6510.31
handle it I got hungry1077.754.92
well the seamen we've updated the CMOS1079.967.69
as much as we can Braun suit and Cyclops1082.6712.27
I think both we think we can use the1087.658.82
Cyclops is like a mope you know1094.944.29
basically a mobile base it's got storage1096.475.0
containers and everything in there I1099.235.69
know I know1101.477.15
Thor a bit down here Cole [ __ ] I know1104.926.79
yeah damn nagging [ __ ] I'm going to1108.624.35
take my sea glide and I'm gonna see if1111.712.43
there's anything worth scanning down1112.975.73
here please mostly just the tree oh I'm1114.147.01
I found a deep shroom1124.473.38
oh yeah Oh1132.553.83
your neighbor Brent1137.949.51
well no no Oh need what Holly no alene1139.0212.42
ha ha lanlan lanlan River and1147.456.81
hydrochloric acid oh well we need1151.446.02
hydrochloric acid to make the call Emily1154.265.76
oh yeah three deep grooves but a salt1157.466.13
deposit oh [ __ ] black rapping Tim yeah1160.0210.71
yeah what having doctors getting your1163.599.78
story yeah no they haven't worked out1170.739.69
yeah wait yeah I forgot man what was it1173.378.28
what was it we were trying to make the1180.422.94
other day and we needed a file file1181.656.56
rumbling new places full of these things1183.366.81
forgot what it was we were trying to1188.214.48
make like we want to make something with1190.174.41
it in nerve is it into like the vehicle1192.693.81
modifications it was in something needed1194.584.5
for leveling but we just couldn't make1196.56.14
it was not the form1199.086.89
all right I'm full of these shrooms I1202.647.59
guess I'm gonna get the [ __ ] out of here1205.974.26
man I hope it comes in handy yeah let's1211.016.49
go figure out what we needed to make1216.214.47
that what we needed that for1217.58.789
I needs a back and face yeah thank you1227.229.12
thank you any time I go to that1231.816.9
underground cave system man I'm1236.343.47
yeah big time1239.817.27
oh that was it Aseema perimeter defenses1243.099.39
hon okay Paula ham lean prawn soup1247.0810.32
thermal reactor we should really upgrade1252.487.56
the prawns to next time make it so hard1257.43.99
with it as well right1260.044.35
I don't know Katie yeah you're right1261.396.99
I'll leave the magnet magnet for the1264.395.94
Cyclops ooh yeah I would like one of1268.384.98
those all right wow man good fine so I'm1270.334.89
gonna you know why I'll build more1273.364.14
storage containers and uh throw these1275.224.26
mushrooms I'll do all kinds of fun Qin I1277.54.77
need to maybe I'll storm on the Cyclops1279.484.76
we I want to make the Cyclops into a1282.274.26
rolling base thing1284.244.99
mobile base so so yeah I'm gonna go to1286.534.89
bed now but maybe if I talk to you1289.233.54
tomorrow we're gonna work specifically1291.424.23
on upgrading that Cyclops yeah maybe1292.774.5
while you're not talking to me you're1295.653.6
gathering materials can't promise1297.275.76
anything I'm a busy man man good night1299.256.8
[ __ ] you1303.033.02
a fight1314.4995.051
Matsuzaka clear1317.25.53

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