DEEP HIDDEN BASE | Subnautica #13

Hey there, fellow Subnautica enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica log video yet? It seems like the Degasi crew has gone e...
DEEP HIDDEN BASE | Subnautica #13
DEEP HIDDEN BASE | Subnautica #13

DEEP HIDDEN BASE | Subnautica #13

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that DEEP HIDDEN BASE video in Subnautica? It's my favorite, mate!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is a real gem! Those Degasi crew members really know how to go deep, don't they?

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! But seriously, that video is epic. I love the underwater exploration in Subnautica.

neebs: Absolutely, it's like a whole new world down there! And the way they manage their oxygen supply is just genius.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Subnautica enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest Subnautica log video yet? It seems like the Degasi crew has gone even deeper this time. If you're as hooked on Subnautica as I am, you definitely don't want to miss this one. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more Subnautica content – trust me, you won't regret it!

For those of you who may not be familiar with Subnautica, let me give you a quick rundown. It's an open world, underwater exploration and adventure game being developed by the talented team at Unknown Worlds. The game is still in Early Access, but there's already a ton of content to dive into. From sun-drenched shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea trenches, Subnautica's underwater world is vast and full of surprises.

As you crash-land on an alien ocean world, your only option is to explore the depths below. From managing your oxygen supply to scavenging for resources and crafting tools to survive, Subnautica offers a truly immersive gaming experience. The ocean is teeming with life, some friendly and some not so much, so you'll need to stay on your toes as you navigate through kelp forests, plateaus, and winding cave systems. It's a thrilling adventure from start to finish!

And let's not forget about the awesome music that sets the tone for each Subnautica video. From "Giant Wyrm" to "Lightless Dawn," the soundtrack adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Plus, the team at Neebs Gaming always brings their A-game, providing entertaining commentary and gameplay that keeps you coming back for more. So, if you're looking for your next gaming obsession, look no further than Subnautica. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Neebs Gaming
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knees I found the door I don't have a32.598.25
purple artifact yeah it's one of those38.655.46
doors that needs an artifact yeah I'm40.847.38
gonna have to go build one yeah those44.116.21
purple artifacts yeah pretty sure know48.223.69
how to build them really50.324.02
I believe so if I'm not mistaken when we51.916.39
stand it artifacts yeah but you're54.346.48
probably get low on here anywhere water58.35.07
anyway yeah my food my water I should60.824.379
probably head back up let's do that63.3710.68
let's write the blind come back yes sir65.19910.981
yeah I still have the cheesy lots of74.0510.25
twists by yourself really really like a76.188.12
sea dragon skeleton oh but the dragon88.356.24
drinks my wings92.585.77
c-synch gigantic man dragon all right94.599.97
yeah let's get the [ __ ] out of here yeah98.357.65
oh wait needs you know I'm not have104.563.539
accidentally done looking at it now I106.03.41
think I put two beacons down108.0993.961
accidentally Helen gasps yeah that was109.4116.39
blackness I'm Terry you guys must have a112.0615.21
lot of pizzas that you just throw away125.83.299
from like wrong orders and [ __ ] what I127.273.39
want the whole round like on a pizza129.0993.541
like the actual cost of it's not much130.667.86
right yeah nice that's exactly what I132.6410.17
did but it got down to making I I did138.525.939
that yeah I'll take the other one but I142.812.91
still know how to get there it's not144.4593.151
that bad okay145.724.35
that's why your parents have case never147.615.52
hear about it I felt like I was kind of150.074.83
a naturally over to tell me work for153.134.44
free money paid for you're right yeah154.94.41
well you quit being a piece of man come157.573.12
work for the company159.315.16
yeah don't so much self shortage are ya160.693.99
trust me dryly I mean I've dealt with164.683.81
most people from the company you're more166.483.21
than qualified168.493.45
oh yeah you should have a hard time169.694.17
getting the job we should make it work171.946.56
here yeah yeah I'll be a reference173.866.9
that's true needs am I still getting178.54.57
paid for this believe me I'm not getting180.765.22
paid for this I'm working for the183.076.3
company no it should be vacation I'm185.985.01
scanning [ __ ] I'm sending you guys all189.374.04
this data we're spending a lot of money190.996.71
money money193.414.29
yeah yeah oh hey there alia they need a203.9448.72
nice freezer again246.675.99
yeah earlier today yeah yeah although254.949.84
their allies did help me build a proxy261.6095.971
that was you in Simon and it's264.785.22
all right back to base okay what a273.07.24
[ __ ] good I don't know I don't know I277.184.769
must've just [ __ ] my pants280.245.13
aha purple artifact ion crystalline -281.9498.101
done man one bit of alien technology so285.375.82
go back down there and open the door290.053.96
let's go back into the door291.198.1
alright certain the artifact300.757.18
alright yeah looks like the doors going303.37.739
away yeah all right307.937.19
okay all it's in here is a data terminal311.0399.731
patient or alien research data - ETA315.1210.329
Zeta Sigma for alien thermal plant added320.777.799
wait what plant okay Wow sounds like325.4495.041
this alien civilization was facing a328.5693.72
mass extinction event brought on by this330.494.38
bacteria one of the specimens on record332.2894.651
only one survived infection with the334.874.53
bacteria closest translation of their336.944.65
symbol for this specimen is the word339.47.29
emperor emperor trysting like the bad341.5910.889
guy in Star Wars guy me Lambert I think346.699.39
if the emperor in me I know know he like352.4796.151
Jodie Foster like - did you imagine they356.084.53
read in that movie with amber from Star358.637.71
Wars ever man working me that actually360.618.01
would be pretty funny - what366.344.08
and it says there's reference to an368.623.57
emperor containment facility okay so370.423.45
that so this Emperor or whatever it is372.194.32
was the only kind of creature to survive373.876.03
the infection this bacteria so obviously376.515.4
in its blood there may be a cure yeah379.94.62
what I'm reading there's a facility381.914.71
containing the data for the Emperor384.528.01
that's about 1200 meters deep that sucks386.628.34
ass all right and get the [ __ ] out here392.534.62
maybe I'm in Scrabble because you're394.963.69
about an arch yeah397.153.3
diamonds are scarce should I go further398.655.63
left you haven't looked at what yeah400.453.83
oh hey yeah me yeah I saw this that the415.8797.26
computer actually gave us the signal for421.2494.89
this alien thermal plan yeah it's way423.1394.351
down there though God how would I even426.1399.36
get there hundred yeah you think it's427.4910.59
reaching not was it no not with this435.4994.95
okay because yeah I mean it's I'm438.084.259
looking down it's 600 meters from where440.4494.28
I'm at and this is almost straight down442.3396.06
everybody in there yeah oh my god holy444.7295.71
crap there are some bones in here that448.3995.28
are just gigantic I hope I never run450.4398.37
into this creature well I mean there453.6796.36
could be more of them out on the hell458.8092.85
the creature this damn big get down here460.0398.041
anyway goodness man Eve do you know that461.6598.13
school I found earlier I was telling me468.083.989
about it was really big I found one even469.7895.791
bigger I can I can fit the seamoth472.0695.33
inside of this thing475.586.6
holy crap now this is easily the biggest477.3998.281
one I've seen this one is massive482.187.589
something this thing was alive till it485.687.93
got a disease die Hey489.7696.12
alright see you know where this goes and493.615.01
further south495.8896.941
not your energy on your CMOS interviews498.629.43
at 25 percent not a power so like yeah I502.836.84
could recharge it where I'm thinking508.052.16
we charge upon when you're not using we510.214.95
mean turn it off you power down kitchen512.315.73
yeah hold on okay I felt I found some515.166.69
more alien devices it looks like they518.045.37
were here they were like studying one of521.855.13
these giant skulls follow these wires523.419.71
that go anywhere up Neves what you got I526.989.51
found an entrance to a facility son of a533.125.13
[ __ ]536.495.15
leaking it yeah it's locked538.255.53
shoulda brought another one of those541.644.72
artifacts time same type tell you what543.785.1
though have a beacon I'll leave this546.364.8
beacon here548.884.53
I don't know kill it551.165.61
yeah yell within door yeah why not553.415.82
Kalinin the skeletons everywhere yeah556.775.97
but I know which one is possible I guess559.2312.57
I'll just say old or old or maybe why it562.7410.47
just needs to be a beacon it doesn't571.84.5
need to be fancy everything in the storm573.215.76
isn't it alright this is also related to576.35.16
our smiley Oh what do you want to name578.975.28
the damn face talent all right here hold581.466.95
on cuz we do exactly what that means584.256.72
door older than that one there I'll588.416.03
rename it now it's called leaves a dick590.976.96
yep yeah that means uh okay that's where594.445.17
the door was who a skeleton is needs is597.933.66
a dick the next time I need to go back599.613.54
to needs is a dick I know exactly where601.593.39
it is okay what's up you don't think um603.153.54
that some other place we all have to604.984.7
make a man no606.692.99
seems to be heading back up nice yeah615.8111.67
hold on I'm going up going up oh whoa619.69913.151
whoa oh these ya gotta base yeah family627.4814.19
underwater base okay buddy oh [ __ ] oh632.8513.109
[ __ ] oh god oh god okay641.677.05
my CMOS is dead oh there goes all got it645.9594.281
out here I'm out of here I'm out of here648.727.559
oh [ __ ] you hmm okay okay remember those650.247.029
things I was telling you about that656.2793.24
looked like a crazy sci-fi aliens yeah657.2697.711
they like know what is that oh gosh659.5198.521
warper thank keep it again their answers664.984.409
have time to have trying to have tried668.043.9
to I'm in this big underwater cave oh669.3893.901
wait here's a way up here the way up671.942.37
with your lamp673.293.21
oh look I know I'm trying to get out674.313.8
here kind of fair what the [ __ ] I am676.53.72
I'm gonna go back in there I'm gonna678.116.399
figure out what the [ __ ] this is all680.226.21
right 300 meters don't forget when that684.5093.361
is I'm not gonna forget that that's why686.432.579
I want to go up I want to figure out687.873.0
where this is because I'm not mistaken689.0094.051
it looked very similar to the place690.873.48
under that floating island where the693.064.5
ducati is so maybe that make underwater694.356.38
traits you just just runs that far697.567.079
alright about 100 meters approaching the700.7310.419
surface oh I was right leave ya there to704.6398.611
float it out you really thought you'd be711.1494.651
left right below that make it six713.254.23
direction yeah what I've seen those blue715.83.05
balls before717.485.18
talk okay cool I'm okay I'm food for now718.856.479
I'm okay on water we run down there real722.665.039
quick my only my only concern is those725.3295.611
big sci-fi looking creatures let's see727.6999.591
it's uh 80% yeah I guess it could hurt730.946.35
alright get prepared man739.875.26
I hate not being able to see the bottom743.633.03
but alright screw it I'm going back down745.133.509
there let's try to keep it together to746.664.65
make panicky laugh yeah it was also [ __ ]748.6394.021
coming at me everywhere I just wanted to751.314.44
get out of there freaking out - really752.668.28
I found it you got it yeah okay one of755.758.49
those creatures there 500 other meters760.946.48
right now yeah I'm about right about 500764.244.98
meters all right Steven boom I see you767.425.07
weigh in all right my dad's not away in769.224.83
hold on yeah772.495.279
well I'm looking looking maybe right774.055.099
there right you gonna get the clutch -777.7694.68
can okay all right watch it all right779.14910.081
close as I can real my boy speaking yeah782.44910.13
I made it keep it all my789.233.349
don't be a bid gotta go to warp or793.747.33
outside that coffee machine797.775.28
alright get it then in the copy machine801.075.67
all right Rob wait Jesus caffeine all803.059.69
right stay calm buddy what a reinforced806.748.34
dive suit fragments buzzing helped812.744.89
tickety shop got reinforced I already815.083.06
got it817.634.26
luggage bag I got luggage that liquor I818.144.86
want to take the liquor821.898.34
oh my oh god my Glock with my cycle with823.011.0
my cycle ah where's my cycle of feed830.236.48
where where where's what834.08.86
oh there it is oh oh my god836.719.09
the Cyclops helped at 13 percent okay842.865.72
yeah we were beating the [ __ ] out of it845.87.95
you would have a cyclops right now yeah848.585.86
you're correct853.752.22
all right hold on hold on I can repair854.445.13
it right now yeah I know I know I want855.974.98
to repair it anyway don't worry about it859.573.269
I I don't like having the seamoth down860.953.87
here man I want to get one I want to get862.8394.261
more oxygen into I think I might want to864.825.97
bring the Cyclops down here yeah867.17.83
Cyclops with torpedoes Oh daylight I see870.797.89
daylight me if it feels like you know874.936.93
yeah approving is not on your ghillie878.685.22
green public oh yeah we have to go to881.865.51
the island and just relax for a minute883.93.47
ah yeah feel better I got a little beach887.8410.13
here just relaxing it's a gorgeous day I893.666.54
needed this I needed this I was just in897.975.2
a scary terrifying cave thank you vendor900.23.75
right choice903.174.56
yeah doctor spaghetti looking nice down903.957.71
there in the water but I do need to go I907.736.87
need to go find some food and go back to911.6616.13
base yeah what I picked up a luggage bag914.613.19
you know we put like a few items in929.024.72
there like nine you look what nine items931.226.57
in it visibly fun taken what the luggage933.7411.48
bag ah takes up nine right so maybe937.799.54
consolidate things well I mean I would945.223.61
imagine ten operates like a storage947.335.04
locker right would you prefer to carry948.834.95
it around yeah but it's the place to put952.373.03
you know carry around I think that's my953.783.9
favorite yeah but you're gonna move nine955.45.64
thanks to a storage bag why would I just957.686.63
keep the nice things here mahasin oh you961.044.95
got a grocery store just carry964.313.24
everything you are never done what like965.993.21
if I wanted to accident like say I had967.553.72
one of those artifacts in my luggage and969.23.36
then I had the luggage no it had to I971.272.85
would have to go in here open the972.563.27
luggage put the luggage down and then974.123.66
open the luggage again to get the thing975.833.39
that I wanted when I could just keep the977.782.64
thing in my pocket979.224.62
Jesus works I know how backwards this is980.425.82
it doesn't work like a man listen I wish983.843.66
I could pick it up and it acted like a986.243.56
backpack and it gave me more space this987.54.71
kids just takes up a bunch of [ __ ]989.84.72
space well alright I'm not throwing it992.215.6
out I'm just gonna leave it on with this994.523.29
we got any weapons on this damn Fremont999.074.6
I don't know is that possible1001.93.81
gas torpedoes oh yeah tell torpedoes1003.674.26
only take two titanium I can whoop all1005.714.059
kinds of ass1007.934.629
alright so we need to put a damn torpedo1009.7695.521
system in the sea monster [ __ ] yeah and1012.5594.47
I think having that primitive instancing1015.294.32
would be good as well but I need what1017.0295.191
the [ __ ] is polyethylene oh my god I'm1019.613.149
I must not know how to make it must be I1022.7593.45
must have to find a blueprint for it1024.53.779
because I don't have magnetite and a1026.2094.5
computer chip now I think I've picked up1028.2796.06
some magnetite before or 15 yes I have1030.7096.151
magnetite yeah1034.3395.19
yes but some like important or penis I'm1036.8617.28
off module here we go negative oh hell1039.52916.831
kind of Torpedo with this needs what's1054.143.84
good you know miss creates a little like1056.363.36
I almost looks like a portal it's crazy1057.982.309
with you1059.723.329
looks like a package for you maybe I'll1060.2895.52
become vortex poor PTO's generates a1063.0494.74
localized gravity Distortion1065.8095.311
you have other types gas for pedo I need1067.7896.541
gas pods oh yeah spots I can go get gas1071.126.08
pods I know where they're at1074.332.87
hey don't you want to take a [ __ ] in the1081.12.86
come on take a [ __ ] some water dumb-dumb1083.965.24
yep look at me oh cool yeah there you go1086.247.89
fine fine yeah we're just hitting that1089.25.53
yeah who's a good stupid who's a good1094.734.77
damn stupid individual yeah well I went1096.6496.66
there to pick up Fork it'll do for now1099.55.76
you would have punched to be touches God1103.3095.011
you are you are you a hoarder I imagine1105.266.139
your house is full of [ __ ] okay1108.325.91
torpedoes here we go gas Latinos I'm1111.3995.471
gonna make three of them I have enough1114.235.59
to make three more let's see yes I am1116.877.42
I got two oxygen takes now so I should1119.826.63
be able to stay in that base a little1124.294.74
longer I don't forget your back I'm not1126.454.71
bringing the [ __ ] bag I have my1129.035.43
torpedoes armed and ready let's go see1131.166.71
how this uh how this works1134.463.41
oh okay I see a war fur god should I1142.868.61
shoot him yeah he's kind of a [ __ ] yes1147.1796.511
you should alright come at me1151.474.319
make sure it's direct yeah I'll wait1153.693.959
damn it oh god what is what are you1155.7894.171
doing what are you doing I've not done1157.6494.591
anything just tried it I just want to1159.964.4
make sure I get a good clean shot1162.246.2
turn around face me Oh1164.364.08
breakfast breakfast oh God oh okay oh1168.5298.591
[ __ ] one of those one of those uh sea1174.094.799
creatures with it hit with an emu1177.124.34
started back going back what happened to1178.8897.13
it it's gone it worked1181.464.559
where come on man1186.1394.681
will you [ __ ] off alright hop it out1188.376.179
gainer already got reinforced dives1190.828.26
through fragments already got that over1194.5498.041
here he must not want to get far away1199.087.199
from this thing do it do it do it it may1202.597.98
look like it's like a three-story face1206.2799.301
alright check every agree and a room1210.577.52
all right in a room fragment same for1219.979.51
size news got that horse die screams oh1223.459.02
Jesus God1229.482.99
oh hey oh god get it with my steam off1233.2895.071
you son of a [ __ ] what I got for skinny1235.5097.101
kind of cute is Maki okay1238.367.279
Dimas took a little damage Delta 87%1242.615.38
right put you retreat for a minute1245.6397.861
recovering hold on hold on preparing1247.9910.35
right nice work hamster okay [ __ ] god I1253.58.08
hate this warper hey how about you leave1258.346.86
me the [ __ ] alone you son of a [ __ ]1261.583.62
alright you disappeared Oh found a hatch1272.410.45
on the third floor hop it in got an1275.9511.07
aquarium in here yeah another skater1282.855.04
room fragment1287.0213.67
I guess these guys did oh not a PDA1287.8912.8
you're looking around man this family MP1303.914.74
[ __ ] again alright top floor has been1312.7313.05
explored CMOS looks okay oh [ __ ]1318.648.31
alright you know what I'm gonna fire1325.789.2
torpedo at this guy I'm 10 I miss I'm in1326.958.03
I hear a fire again direct Nick hey1335.3711.26
works I can't tell and then a cloud1342.996.61
using a cloud of gas Oh looks like he1346.633.92
ran off1349.65.19
yeah hey so coffee took off whoo back in1350.557.12
I'm going going going1354.794.56
no I have not done the second floor1357.673.75
that's where I'm heading now all right1359.354.56
well the second floor is that that's1361.426.389
another PDA Matt equipment he found some1363.917.71
lab equipment right right yeah I'm1367.8097.471
picking it up Oh another scanner room1371.627.35
and pieces of scanner room fragments all1375.285.34
right I've unlocked the scanner room1378.974.95
what does the scanner room see how much1380.629.42
lab equipment to carry Oh an orange1383.928.28
come on conditioning maybe so alright so1392.26.12
the first the first two floors I've1396.7894.77
searched so that just leads the bottom1398.326.02
floor which is a little bit bigger1401.5599.0
alright here we go get a room looks like1404.349.209
you don't like girls that's right what1410.5598.61
troll huh okay I'm too stupid to take1413.5499.431
liquor needs gonna be on my headstone I1419.1697.23
feel like anthro too stupid to take1422.986.59
liquor that's what you want1426.3993.171
be easy that's one of those warmers he's1430.548.01
coming after me all right you're done1435.525.34
there there right I am done I'm a1438.555.76
flashing [ __ ] you [ __ ]1440.866.84
all right now I just flashed my life in1444.313.87
this place1447.72.73
I just even okay yeah we're getting the1448.184.14
[ __ ] out of here for flashing people1450.434.59
like show your butt right oh my god yes1452.324.59
that was moving flashing as he shone1455.026.09
somebody from your flashes yeah you're1456.915.46
either showing someone your dick or1461.119.24
showing someone your axe wound hey me1462.3712.36
yeah man yes sir hey by the Gast man I1470.356.51
like it uh they didn't really go I was1474.733.36
hoping I would kill one of those guys1476.864.5
but one thing oh yeah he ran he ran like1478.095.28
little scared [ __ ] thank you my switch1481.364.83
to the other top decks see I don't know1483.374.53
yeah before the vortex is a sort of a1486.193.87
gravity torpedo just kind of hold things1487.96.09
there spotty god yeah all right all1490.065.58
right I'm heading to bed1493.994.8
all right absolutely a good day today1495.646.9
yeah I'm also the door we didn't go1498.795.28
through is that right that's right so1502.543.45
yeah man we need to uh maybe tomorrow1504.073.78
I'm going to wake up I need to make a1505.994.5
purple artifact and we need to go back1507.856.0
down to me from the big yes ah yeah I'll1510.495.4
call you tomorrow do that yep1513.854.05
all right man yep good night good night1515.893.1
about suspending that you've ever do it1522.534.45
better be nice1525.245.86
what about a paper ha ha ha1526.987.29

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