HOW TO BUILD A SPACE ALIEN | Subnautica: Below Zero (Finale)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest Subnautica Log video? I am absolutely hooked on this series and I can't wait...
HOW TO BUILD A SPACE ALIEN |  Subnautica: Below Zero (Finale)
HOW TO BUILD A SPACE ALIEN | Subnautica: Below Zero (Finale)

HOW TO BUILD A SPACE ALIEN | Subnautica: Below Zero (Finale)

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about our favorite video, 'HOW TO BUILD A SPACE ALIEN | Subnautica: Below Zero (Finale)'

simon: Oh man, that video was a blast! I mean, who doesn't want to build their own space alien, right?

appsro: Haha, yeah, it was so much fun! I still can't believe we managed to pull it off in the end. And the music in that video was epic!

neebs: Definitely! And let's not forget about the 'FINGERBANG' tune by Drayton Tunes. That song really set the tone for our space alien building adventure.

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest Subnautica Log video? I am absolutely hooked on this series and I can't wait to see what happens next. The team is almost done with their latest adventure and the suspense is killing me!

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found uh12.885.28
cool looking facility15.044.319
what is this18.163.44
this is the components19.3595.201
oh names yeah i found fabricators for21.64.56
the parts i need to build that's24.563.28
so you don't have the parts i don't know27.842.88
let's take a peek29.3593.841
all right neebs get out of notepad okay30.724.48
oh boy yeah i knew there was gonna be33.23.68
some [ __ ] down here well it couldn't35.22.8
have been easy36.885.32
couldn't have been easy could it38.04.2
yeah i remember seeing okay boom look at47.682.96
architect tissues architect skeleton and50.644.8
architect organs okay good because my53.283.68
font was way too playful for the55.442.959
situation we're in so it looks like for56.963.04
the organs we're gonna need ion cube58.3993.521
ribbon plant kyanite60.03.84
architect skeleton polyethylene diamond61.924.239
plastil ingot architect tissues root63.843.52
pustule i remember getting that66.1594.081
synthetic fibers we can make in gel sacs67.364.96
[ __ ] may have to go all the way back up70.243.76
yeah i think root pustle is something72.325.04
that they eat in asian cultures as well74.04.88
hey tell you what maybe we'll get lucky77.363.119
maybe i can find some of that [ __ ] down78.884.599
all right neebs i'm out of the red89.845.04
region okay uh that red crystal region91.27.84
uh i'm gonna put down the other beacon94.885.84
yeah red region beacon that's actually99.043.52
kind of cool isn't it yeah100.723.439
here we go104.1592.481
red region beacon109.523.68
all right so have my beacon for the111.284.799
crystal entrance red region beacon yep113.24.879
all right i'm gonna take uh grumpy buns116.0793.441
back to dr boo boom we're gonna head118.0793.441
back up make all the [ __ ] we need then119.523.84
we're coming back we're going shopping121.523.12
oh god123.362.88
knew there was gonna be some [ __ ]124.642.72
knew there was gonna be some damn126.242.879
[ __ ] you were right hey what do i127.363.2
need to make polyaniline i don't want to129.1193.12
get up there and be like oh [ __ ] i'm130.563.28
missing something okay so you're going132.2395.121
to need uh gold okay and hydrochloric133.845.44
acid oh god why don't i need to make137.365.599
hydrochloric acid139.283.679
and if not i can go get some just got to146.644.48
make the [ __ ] and avoid big monsters148.564.16
back doctor boom boom162.05.12
putting the prawn suit in the back164.45.52
front suit is back hopping in167.125.63
yes sir getting the hell out of here169.925.76
oh god what alan we have gathered the175.684.08
necessary components to begin178.04.8
constructing my body yeah no [ __ ] it's179.765.44
what sort of a do it all day alan182.84.48
first you must find the fabrication185.23.84
facility yeah i already did that it was187.284.0
concealed at some point yeah i know i189.044.08
was there alan which begs the question191.283.44
why the hell do you guys have a facility193.123.6
like that anyway it is a standard194.725.12
medical facility okay a standard medical196.725.519
facility where you have to rebuild your199.843.28
that doesn't sound very standard to me203.123.92
ours was a research mission of the205.284.64
highest importance okay so what were you207.045.52
like a damn scientist or something i am209.925.039
a scientist no well then answer me this212.564.319
einstein what the hell are you doing214.9594.0
with the facility where you you have the216.8793.36
find the facility and construct the body220.2394.481
okay one already found the facility222.9594.0
we've been over that and two hell yeah224.723.84
i've constructed this body i gotta get226.9593.92
you the [ __ ] out of my head alan228.563.679
was allen just telling you to do232.2393.121
everything you just did yeah he seems as233.4395.651
forgetful as simon oh boy235.3612.07
yeah but that may just be a symptom of248.03.12
being in my hand like you might build249.283.92
that body and he's like who are you251.123.52
are you a threat253.23.039
if you build the body i'd make it like254.644.08
small so you could like attack anything256.2394.321
you know if i have a choice okay i also258.723.759
hope this is a good idea hopefully that260.563.6
turn on me or some [ __ ] you know you262.4793.28
build it with a bomb on it not a bad264.165.16
idea oh265.7593.561
i thought you were going to drill stuff286.03.52
if it got you man i am not in the prime287.284.24
suit i am in the sea truck i don't have289.523.6
a drill on the t-truck okay cause you291.525.959
were pretty cocky about it earlier293.124.359
i do have something on the sea truck299.122.96
that's supposed to be some sort of300.563.76
perimeter defense how do i activate that302.084.16
look that up how do i use perimeter uh304.323.92
the perimeter defense system got it306.244.239
all right c truck is repaired i'm gonna322.164.8
check all the modules make sure they're324.962.799
yep yep yep yep how are you doing prawn327.7594.961
suits looking good see a few gel sacks330.324.159
here we need two of them to make one of332.723.199
these parts i'm gonna go ahead and grab334.4794.241
them neebs okay now do you have the335.9194.961
perimeter defense system yes it's338.725.039
installed okay so it can be used by left340.884.64
clicking after selecting the icon with343.7593.601
one of the hotkeys one through four oh345.523.6
my god what oh347.364.16
one two four so let me let me try that349.124.56
okay maybe i just351.526.0
one of the hot keys one through four353.686.799
oh so it's number two in my hot keys oh357.525.28
and then360.4792.321
okay all right okay all right all right363.7595.201
okay i didn't know about that that's366.964.32
nice yeah uh didn't suck a little bit of368.964.0
power though okay371.284.0
okay all right heading back got the jail372.964.32
sacks think i can make everything back375.285.68
to base if i can't i'm just gonna slit377.283.68
all right neebs back at hiddenberg391.444.96
welcome back captain all right let me394.05.199
detach this396.44.88
from the sea truck399.1994.321
disconnecting the modules taking the sea401.283.759
truck putting it in the moon pool so it403.523.2
can recharge405.0394.801
good idea406.723.12
seek fluid intake all right we need to409.9195.12
take inventory412.242.799
so let's see first off root pustules let415.524.239
me eat real quick where's that paper i418.164.8
made earlier yeah i'm gonna chow419.7593.201
all right so root pustules430.4794.72
yes got two of them sweet432.84.32
got it wait next that wasn't a root435.1994.161
pustule that's a flowering spore437.125.04
oh no what's a root pustle ah do you439.364.48
need me to look that up no you know what442.163.039
i think i know what they are i think443.842.88
there's those damn things in monkey445.1993.761
caves monkey caves yeah i think we're446.723.919
gonna have to go back into monkey caves448.963.44
oh boy all right no not a big deal450.6393.521
synthetic fibers all right what is452.43.519
synthetic five i know i need a couple of454.163.039
diamond that's455.9193.201
two diamond457.1994.241
oh boy okay i still how many cotton459.125.12
anemones you said i need kind of what461.444.159
young cotton anemones to make the464.242.959
hydrochloric acid i have one ribbon465.5993.201
plant i know i need that so what for the467.1993.521
gold and hydrochloric acid but for the470.723.599
hydrochloric acid [ __ ] i need three472.44.4
cotton anemones only have two and a salt474.3195.041
you're gonna have to just start doing479.363.76
some uh what do you call it harvesting481.0394.241
for a bit oh that's exactly what i gotta483.123.919
do i gotta go all over the place i gotta485.283.84
go in the monkey caves to get the the487.0394.241
pustules yep i'm gonna have to go deep489.125.199
to get uh the the cotton491.284.96
and i need a piece of diamond and some494.3193.201
lead i know i have uh [ __ ]497.524.399
all right boom500.4793.12
okay good i only need one spiral plant501.9194.161
give it so i gotta find a ruby okay all503.5994.481
right neebs let's do one thing at a time506.084.32
yep monkey cave monkey cave first508.084.56
heading to the monkey cave we're going510.44.559
to the monkey cave the monkey cave the512.644.72
monkey cave we're going to the monkey514.9596.161
cave monkey games are fun no they're not517.3612.64
hell yeah hell yeah530.9595.681
good news good news oops slow down i hit534.245.2
the boost there we go536.642.8
all right ribbon plant540.084.16
got all our ribbon plants we needed two542.562.959
of those oh wow we actually have enough544.243.599
to make the lungs oh yeah yeah oh we're545.5194.241
making the bugs yeah it kind of looks547.8393.841
like lungs heart and549.764.8
skin maybe i don't know okay i forgot551.684.159
what they said they were all right i554.562.48
don't need to go back to the hidden bird555.8392.801
going to monkey caves557.043.919
hey making progress slow and steady it's558.644.72
fun to get things done it is it is560.9595.041
okay is that a monkey hole567.363.68
that's what she said571.683.12
yeah this looks like an entrance to a573.442.959
monkey hole okay574.84.08
all right and i think it's this stuff576.3994.641
right here578.884.24
okay do i hit it or just grab it root581.044.239
pustle one583.124.08
inventory pull are you serious did i not585.2794.0
drop off [ __ ] oh god i didn't drop off587.24.48
[ __ ] and i bet you you only brought the589.2794.641
truck i'll drink a water and then i'll591.683.279
that okay594.9593.761
root pustle got it you got a storage596.564.64
module in your truck uh not maybe in the598.723.52
yeah i actually did in the truck but i602.243.279
just brought the thing that's okay i'm603.763.04
going to go back and store what i got605.5192.161
because i kind of got to go that606.82.88
direction anyway okay because i got to607.683.76
head down to that [ __ ] red region609.684.08
just to get a young cotton underneath611.444.399
but that's going to be easy i think613.763.759
so all right shoot back to hittenburg615.8393.201
put stuff in a617.5192.56
it'll be all right620.0792.721
alien park can is that all i can type624.643.36
all right alien part whatever gets the626.3993.841
job done and i'm gonna stick the stuff628.05.12
we need in here for that there you go630.245.12
all right keep it all in one place right633.123.92
i need to get more cotton anemone that635.363.52
should be good for now gotta make the637.043.919
plastil ingot i need another diamond i638.883.44
can look for a diamond while i'm down640.9593.041
there got the kyanite i need to make the642.323.6
synthetic fiber which i need the ruby644.04.0
all right we need a ruby we need a645.923.599
little bit of lithium you're gonna take648.03.44
your storage module on the truck uh yeah649.5194.241
you know what i may as well651.443.36
i guess it's one of those things it's653.762.4
better to have it not needed and needed654.82.96
to not have it right yeah i bet you'll656.162.88
need it657.762.48
maybe not because i'm only i'm only659.043.2
getting a couple things yeah but you're660.244.4
a bit of a hoarder a little bit662.244.24
well you kind of need to be down here664.644.08
right yeah but on your person666.483.68
seem like you carry a lot of stuff yeah668.723.52
i do stuff piles up easy you're like a670.164.0
underwater bag lady man672.243.599
it's crazy how slower this thing is once674.163.28
you have all the [ __ ] on your back oh675.8394.721
yeah oh yeah big time i just noticed it677.4411.57
i gotta get off this ship man yeah it690.0794.401
sounds like a mess up there yeah i'd692.484.56
like to get fired if i get fired you694.484.64
know i get maybe a severance severance697.044.16
severance package yeah yeah if i just699.123.839
quit oh yeah no you don't want to just701.24.4
quit yeah you want a graceful exit god i702.9594.88
gotta get off the ship guys why i just705.63.12
i don't enjoy my work it doesn't show708.725.84
yeah i try to make it not show okay711.8394.641
you're doing a great job thank you just714.563.76
keep smiling oh so this is where you716.483.12
went what's up718.323.92
do you know that you still owe me money719.64.64
you owe me money for these shoes yeah722.243.52
well it doesn't matter that doesn't mean724.242.96
the fact that we were just gambling725.763.12
downstairs you can't just walk away from727.24.4
a poker team i had a job to do yeah well728.884.8
that's the end and your job is to pay me731.65.52
the 650 dollars that you owe the pot733.686.24
650 bucks damn god i always feel like737.124.8
gambling's not even a real thing but it739.924.4
is it is real thing you guys seem to741.924.96
think so don't you but if i mean yeah744.324.0
you know if you're in a poker match and746.882.959
that's the pot that's the pot that's748.323.28
what a lot of people say that's what749.8393.761
everybody said yes751.64.32
that's the point of poker ah i don't753.64.16
know i'm on the phone don't think that755.923.76
you're gonna get out of this pal757.763.759
well i'll tell you what i'm awfully busy759.684.08
right now had to take a little break did761.5193.681
i just overhear you saying that you763.763.12
weren't gonna be here you know you're765.24.56
gonna be maybe leaving i i feel like my766.886.28
days are numbered769.763.4
yeah three times today three and then783.25.6
you put puke paper down785.683.12
all right neebs i see some young cotton794.6395.76
num num knees okay uh what else is down797.685.2
here those boards i still need to find800.3996.801
yes all right sweet ruby as well okay802.886.079
so boom all right we got a little bit of807.24.079
ruby ruby we got the young cotton808.9594.32
anemone i think we only needed one i'm811.2793.921
going to take a couple just in case that813.2793.601
they want to throw something crazy at me815.24.24
you brought a storage module816.884.319
an anemone it's an enemy819.444.32
and what an enemy an enemy821.1994.161
just grab a bunch of it823.765.6
like it sounds like enemy an enemy825.365.44
like whatever you were saying was wrong829.363.2
what was i saying oh god that [ __ ]830.84.08
[ __ ] you clear your mind and say it an832.564.959
an enemy anemone an enemy an enemy838.06.0
an enemy an enemy841.5194.56
why are you good at saying that word844.05.04
my bad he was right846.0792.961
so it was an anemone yeah850.564.8
through life i'm getting worse at what i856.323.12
was really good at858.03.199
that's the way it goes i like that you859.444.16
correct people though with confidence i861.1995.681
did i had a lot of confidence863.65.2
all right i don't see any damn gold866.883.519
around here maybe in some of those868.83.599
monkey caves up oh wait870.3993.601
hold up is that gold872.3993.68
hold up hold up neebs874.03.68
uh i hope so876.0793.76
he's either gold or copper okay but i877.685.159
have a prawn suit with a drill879.8395.201
arm something for doraleous he has a lot882.8394.44
of debt i'll tell you what if there's885.044.64
people ever hearing these audio files887.2793.761
they're probably screaming when i was889.682.88
saying that891.043.2
um i don't think anyone will ever hear892.562.959
it's gold please be killed please895.5193.521
here we go902.883.84
yeah all right gold added the vehicle oh906.724.559
this is a great way to get gold it's one909.444.0
of those big deposits yeah big deposit911.2794.321
full of gold yeah the chances you send913.443.839
just a little bit back915.63.12
of that917.2793.041
i mean i can bring some listen i am918.722.72
probably going to need a ride out of920.325.08
here i i'd love that i've got some debts921.448.899
thank you all right let's see class931.8394.481
still ingot934.0795.601
yes one plastic ingot936.325.519
got it942.0792.481
all right so the [ __ ] i don't need i'm942.9594.56
going to store which i don't need944.564.0
i think947.5194.0
yeah i use the ruby to make that stuff948.564.279
i have two951.5194.641
pustules check i have two952.8397.721
gel sacks check and then i just need956.166.16
those all right i need inventory i need960.564.0
inventory space so let me move962.323.92
let me move some of this diamond out oh964.563.6
i needed three diamond i don't need this966.243.92
silver in my pocket or this titanium or968.165.119
the gold or the lead970.164.4
the two pieces of that the three pieces974.565.519
of that we are green neebs yes sir977.1994.961
we're doing it we got all the pieces to980.0794.401
make the alien body yeah i'm gonna get982.165.359
food food and water i'll take the water984.484.799
right now let me get full on food and987.5193.12
then we're going and then we're989.2793.36
traveling back to the990.6393.601
alien body unit yep that's way down deep994.244.56
conveniently love that they put that997.043.44
down there what were they thinking i998.83.2
know honest to god why not build a1000.483.76
facility like that up top where it's1002.03.92
easy to get to no we're gonna build it1004.243.92
down deep because we're [ __ ] stupid1005.924.24
maybe they were hiding1008.163.44
from what1010.163.039
hey neebs1011.64.32
hey simon hey i found a broom1013.1994.88
a broom yeah1015.925.279
really where it was in the gym1018.0795.44
behind the medicine balls1021.1995.441
and there was a lot of [ __ ] back there1023.5194.001
like a lot of [ __ ]1027.524.64
like a lot of human [ __ ] yeah mr ali1029.525.039
says she's the one that shits back there1032.164.56
yeah you just told me earlier today1034.5594.24
did i miss that doraleous takes a [ __ ]1036.724.719
in the gym by the medicine balls okay i1038.7994.24
must have been wildly distracted while1041.4393.281
that was that conversation was how did1043.0393.76
you not hear that i mean probably being1044.724.079
eaten by a monster maybe i don't know1046.7994.161
how much this boy shits but let me tell1048.7994.961
you it looked like hundreds like1050.966.079
literally hundreds of very large shits1053.765.039
all fresh no1057.0392.801
so no1058.7993.041
like months old you do the math if he1059.844.079
does one a day or there's a lot of1061.844.16
people doing this so this space station1063.9194.241
you're on has puke everywhere1066.03.919
that the janitor won't clean up clean up1068.163.84
and the janitor is also taking a dump in1069.9195.601
the gym in a corner right wow wow1072.06.32
god damn wow i'm getting fired soon one1075.524.64
way or the other well i'm gonna i'm1078.323.76
gonna sweep this vomit out for you neebs1080.164.0
i apologize1082.084.16
does a damn broom work on vomit when1084.164.24
there's enough oatmeal and flour mixed1086.244.64
in yup and paper yeah the loose leaf1088.44.159
really does help the cleaning process1090.884.24
just get a smear but whatever go for it1092.5594.801
wish my candles would come in i got some1095.124.32
patchouli incense in my office if you1097.363.439
want some1099.443.2
i like to vomit better1100.7995.081
me too1102.643.24
all right neebs yeah back in the crystal1122.244.559
area defense system1124.724.48
primed ah that's right1126.7995.921
i'm gonna be able to shock this [ __ ]1129.23.52
[ __ ]1149.0392.801
500 meters all right1152.964.48
here we go red ridge beacon we're on the1155.445.0
i tell you what this sea truck's been so1164.02.88
[ __ ] handy1165.443.28
dr boom boom you're awesome couldn't1166.884.56
have done it without you no no kidding1168.724.4
all right time for old grumpy buns1171.443.119
all right what's the power 80 80 all1174.5594.321
right grumpy buns is at 80 percent1177.23.92
should be plenty to get me down to red1178.885.2
region beacon and back welcome1181.125.36
thank you got it all right1184.083.28
80 here we go1187.363.28
going deeper hey guys1191.23.599
hey doraleous1193.443.92
simon filled your turd stash he what1194.7993.76
yeah he was i don't know if he was1197.363.04
working out or what he was in the gym i1198.5593.36
could have swore someone was looking at1200.42.48
the gym seems like it'd have less1202.883.6
privacy to me it seems like nobody uses1204.483.28
the gym1206.482.96
yeah i guess that's right yeah1207.763.84
everyone's so sick right now but uh i1209.444.56
realized something there's cameras all1211.65.28
over this place yeah this is a thing1214.04.32
that has just now dumbed on you1216.883.6
doraleous camera's yeah1218.324.4
yeah i mean i work i was i was i worked1220.484.4
at a pizza place you know what i mean1222.723.92
the one camera we had didn't work oh1224.885.84
yeah maybe nobody's seen the cameras1226.645.76
i'm gonna go wipe dookie on each of1230.724.0
those lenses rub real quick1232.45.36
i'm just going to smear a little duke1234.724.319
they're going to see you1237.763.52
doing that i'm just that'd be the last1239.0395.281
thing now man too late now right1241.286.279
i guess1244.323.239
oh god big guy all right don't see me1259.123.84
can i hide under something what can i1261.283.36
hide under is there a crystal i can hide1262.963.599
under what about this can it get me1264.643.84
under here1266.5594.561
you can [ __ ] off [ __ ] on off go the1268.485.04
other way go some go go go some other1271.125.6
way is he going the other way no he's1273.525.519
not you can't get me i'll drill your ass1276.725.04
i swear to god i'll give it to him1279.0394.64
you [ __ ] are you drilling him oh yeah1281.764.159
drilled his ass okay running running1283.6794.081
okay 701285.9194.801
ah come on spider-man yeah1287.765.44
close enough1290.722.48
here we go swinging swinging like a1293.524.8
madman you're swinging1295.765.039
okay i think i see the facility down1298.323.28
he'll chase me can i take the prawn suit1302.643.84
into this facility1304.244.48
okay okay come on come on i don't know1306.485.439
oh yeah big guy i see him1308.725.04
take come on get in here bronzoo can you1311.9193.921
not go was this it is this as far as you1313.764.56
go yep yeah can't take the front suit in1315.844.079
for some reason okay it's safe in there1318.324.4
though right i hope so all right here we1319.9195.281
go get you repaired get you all repaired1322.723.28
pretty cool thank you repair tool here1326.05.76
we go we're 89 901328.484.96
all right1331.762.48
okay all the parts1336.086.079
let's build this body1339.123.039
all right first component right here1342.246.0
this is crazy right like your build a1346.44.639
body yep crafting the skeleton1348.244.96
okay alan so what were you guys doing1351.0394.321
down here you were trying to find a cure1353.25.839
i was a researcher okay researching the1355.364.24
my kara1359.0392.721
regarded my scientific contributions1359.64.8
with particular interests oh so you're1361.764.96
like a space dr falchi if that is your1364.43.68
okay so how did your scientific mind end1368.084.64
up infected not my mind1370.483.92
my body1372.723.12
perhaps you should build the next1374.43.84
component oh yeah no [ __ ]1375.843.76
oh yeah wow1378.243.28
this skeleton looks pretty cool oh yeah1379.63.68
yeah maybe you can make me one no i'm1381.523.279
not gonna do that all right i am1383.283.56
fabricating his uh1384.7994.961
tissues so uh alan you came here in1386.845.959
search of a cure right1389.763.039
you left the mission so what'd you do1393.0394.321
you let the virus out alan this subject1395.124.16
is uncomfortable1397.363.52
if you would like to know more i will1399.283.519
ask that you first construct the final1400.883.919
being real chicken cheeky names i think1406.1593.52
allen might have been the reason the1408.03.36
bacteria got out1409.6792.88
okay yeah i think he's kind of ashamed1412.5594.081
of it maybe he sounds a lot like dora1414.083.92
yeah kind of1416.643.44
he's kind of bad at his work yep pooping1418.03.52
in the gym and1420.083.76
let bacteria go everywhere yep covered1421.524.08
it with tacked in the last piece the1423.844.48
architect organs this is the monster1425.65.36
yeah no [ __ ]1428.322.64
you're sorry1438.1593.281
what are you sorry for alan i feel like1439.2794.0
you're not telling me everything it is1441.444.64
hard for me to find the words1443.2794.801
i must collect my thoughts1446.084.079
i'll help you with your words we have1448.084.079
all the necessary components1450.1594.081
you may initiate body fabrication1452.1594.161
sequence from the top okay you can owe1454.245.6
me big for this by the way1456.323.52
do you1461.0395.441
oh man i hope this is a good idea babes1462.244.24
yeah i don't feel like you've done too1467.0393.601
you've put too much thought into this1470.643.84
have you no no i just i just want to1472.484.4
make an alien so he can transfer himself1474.484.48
out of my brain into his own [ __ ]1476.883.84
right you just this is more about you1478.963.36
you're yeah you're not wrong1480.723.199
all right1482.324.8
i'm building this body oh boy please be1483.9195.76
a good idea1487.122.559
the mistake of the bacteria was an1492.323.44
i thought my solution was foolproof1495.763.84
so uh you caused the accident didn't you1500.324.32
oh [ __ ] that sucks1504.883.52
but yeah i can see how that would be a1509.65.199
touchy subject1511.6795.201
okay it's looking pretty good names1514.7993.76
yeah wow1516.885.76
a real life architect oh okay hey1518.5596.401
all right are you out of my brain1522.644.88
maybe i'm gonna scan this thing1524.964.48
research [ __ ] you've been living1527.523.68
in my head for like a month you can let1529.445.28
me do it scan your stupid ass1531.23.52
all right names i'm gonna initiate this1539.9195.36
transfer okay oh boy please be a good1542.085.52
okay get out alan come on oh god oh god1547.66.12
did it work1559.442.56
holy [ __ ]1562.322.64
it has been some time since i last1567.364.16
stretched out in so many dimensions1569.24.32
that's what she said like waking from a1571.523.84
tree oh yeah1573.523.12
what are you doing here well okay1578.03.6
cool hey hey alan1582.845.8
kind of got a doc vibe going on here1586.7993.921
with all this [ __ ] dude1588.644.48
that's some crazy ass arms so uh you're1590.724.4
out of my head right there are some1593.124.24
remnants okay would you like your1595.123.52
memories of me1597.363.12
as well yeah you know what no you've1598.643.279
been rooting around in there long enough1600.483.199
i think i'm gonna go for a hard pass on1601.9193.681
that also you owe me the end of your uh1603.6792.88
[ __ ]1605.64.0
story i told you i must return home1606.5595.921
right all right you gotta tell everybody1614.7993.441
you're sorry but what are you sorry for1616.244.319
when the bacteria escaped it was my1618.244.16
i disobeyed the directive from my1622.43.04
oh and all you guys are networked1625.443.68
together oh yeah okay so yeah they're1627.126.32
gonna be pissed huh oh holy [ __ ]1629.126.559
we noticed that a species of leviathan1633.443.92
young produced an enzyme that is1635.6793.921
efficient against the bacteria1637.363.12
i thought if we incubated sea dragon x1640.485.679
we might expedite that hatching1643.0394.88
i was wrong1646.1592.88
it would appear that sea dragon parents1649.0393.921
are stronger and more motivated than our1651.125.2
facility was rated to handle uh so mama1652.966.24
c dragon tore up the place got it yeah1656.325.12
yeah gotta say that pretty big [ __ ] up1659.24.0
allen but uh1661.443.92
now what finally the gate when you are1663.24.479
ready the gate what game in the meantime1665.365.679
i must prepare oh okay signal location1667.6796.72
uploaded to pda1671.0393.36
all right we're cool1676.1594.801
neebs yeah aliens out of my head1678.5594.561
congratulations thank you thank you i1680.964.719
guess uh he pointed me to a gate to meet1683.123.76
him at1685.6792.88
you know he i think he's gonna go back1686.884.24
to his home planet uh-huh so hey good1688.5594.881
for him yeah all right1691.124.24
okay so all i got to do now this thing1693.444.0
looks like it's up top so i just got to1695.363.52
get it i just got to get the [ __ ] out of1697.443.2
here yeah gotcha1698.883.12
all right1700.644.32
should i call a rescue ship where is my1702.05.6
prawn suit1704.962.64
where is the front suit1707.9193.921
oh god oh god oh god1712.06.0
okay hey hey hey okay did he get my1714.885.279
bronze suit where the [ __ ] is my prawn1718.04.159
suit your promise is gone my prawn1720.1595.361
suit's gone oh boy1722.1595.191
so it's a gone suit1725.523.44
hey dailies hey guys1728.963.959
you got enough air1738.723.6
that is a very good question neebs that1740.084.64
is a very good question hey guys what's1742.324.479
what's up everything looks grim look1744.724.72
down what what's happening if she was in1746.7994.161
a situation i'm in a really bad1749.443.28
situation i gotta make it ten thousand1750.964.64
meters to dr boom boom boy1752.725.92
yeah is he exaggerating again i think so1755.64.48
not this time1758.643.919
he does tend to exaggerate it seems so1760.084.24
like he was like oh no i'm gonna die i'm1762.5595.0
gonna die1764.323.239
it sounds like it's on me doesn't it1780.963.92
don't look bad just keep swimming1782.484.319
try to stay underneath things uh i'm1784.884.96
doing my best 800 meters to dr boom boom1786.7993.921
is there a certain whitney houston song1790.723.04
no i got1792.482.799
whitney houston song i just want to1793.762.96
focus okay1795.2793.28
so just pick one at random1796.723.679
keeping all my oxygen names1798.5595.6
oh yeah right uh 180.1800.3995.441
what song would you recommend doraleous1804.1593.361
i don't remember1805.844.0
a different band maybe we need something1807.523.92
other than whitney houston just1809.844.16
motivation something soothing maybe he's1811.445.52
really stressed right now1814.02.96
sounds quiet1818.644.0
it's super quiet knocks great oxygen's1820.085.199
159 i know oh come on just get back to1822.644.96
doctor boom boom 650 meters from doctor1825.2794.481
boom boom go straight straight live i1827.64.0
know i'm trying i got to get out of this1829.763.12
we started at a thousand meters so the1832.883.039
fact that i'm halfway on oxygen we're at1834.3993.841
600 this is all right listen all right1835.9193.681
i'm not i'm not even halfway on oxygen1838.242.64
so if we get to 500 this is going to1839.63.92
feel pretty good come on dr boom boom do1840.884.88
you think rock the kaz bob might be1843.524.159
fitting do you know the first few words1845.764.88
i don't want to start medicine1847.6792.961
and then we're going to try to get into1860.7993.12
the words and then that might bring it1862.242.559
i don't know i i really don't like it1864.7994.561
marie don't like it marie don't like it1872.7994.321
what are they saying at the top of that1875.63.12
i'm kind of curious oh wait i just1877.123.6
looked it up what is it now the king1878.724.4
told the boogeyman no not that part the1880.724.799
chorus what else to let that ragged drop1883.124.08
what is the course yeah the chorus1885.5194.64
though sharif don't like it1887.24.959
sharif i don't know i had marie i was1890.1593.841
close sharif1892.1594.4
sharif don't like it1894.03.679
i thought yeah1896.5593.36
sharif is 200 meters away from dr boom1897.6794.401
oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god no no1902.1594.961
what's up god damn it oh that's a big1905.6792.321
or something i'm bored i'm as low as i1908.03.84
can i'm hoping he thought a bottom1910.083.439
feeder there you go with the crystals1911.843.12
you got 100 meters from dr boom boom1914.963.28
all right i see it i see it hell yeah1918.243.87
this is looking good neebs1920.7993.841
i think i made it1924.644.08
holy [ __ ] i think i made it 57 and1926.05.6
oxygen your health looks good yeah1928.725.92
good thing we made those tanks1931.65.36
still assuming that was probably a1938.3994.561
pretty easy feat all right all right1939.764.159
some people just need attention could1943.9195.381
have been bad could have been bad1945.367.06
gotta tell you1957.443.119
it's nice to have this damn alien out of1958.964.24
my brain yeah yeah1960.5593.921
that was kind of messing with you wasn't1963.22.64
it oh yeah no the fact that he could1964.483.439
just talk any [ __ ] time he wanted1965.844.319
yeah just drove on and on and on and on1967.9195.12
no private time now repeating itself and1970.1594.88
uh hey i'm back at crystal entrance we1973.0395.281
are out of the scary monster region1975.0395.281
so do i head back to base you know what1978.323.44
screw heading back to base i'm just1980.323.599
gonna go over here and uh meet alan at1981.762.96
phase gate facility okay seems like1984.724.16
y'all could have carpooled huh yeah so1986.963.439
you're gonna send a ship soon is that1988.882.88
what i'm doing yeah i'm gonna need a1990.3992.961
ship i need a way out of here i mean1991.763.519
it's not gonna be a secret once i do1993.363.52
that yeah well i mean i don't care at1995.2792.961
this point because i gotta get off this1996.884.56
planet okay but uh1998.247.4
yeah yeah i can set that up2001.444.2
and okay so you want the ship sent there2017.845.52
yeah i guess so it's uh it's my only way2020.7994.401
out of here okay so it's about a2023.363.84
thousand meters from where you are okay2025.24.079
i've set it up all right all the cameras2027.23.359
are covered2029.2793.841
hey guys uh what cameras are you talking2030.5594.24
about oh just the security cameras i had2033.123.6
to cover with with [ __ ] right you2034.7993.521
smeared [ __ ] all over the camera2036.724.24
security yeah yeah that's what it smells2038.324.959
everywhere it already did yeah and2040.964.719
there's a fire in the kitchen by the way2043.2794.961
from i think the toaster2045.6794.4
somebody was trying to make steak in the2048.244.48
[ __ ] toaster steak and a toaster was2050.0794.401
that you who the hell makes steak in a2052.723.76
toaster hey there's people who do it2054.483.679
online trust me there's some good2056.483.679
recipes out there you ever throw a2058.1594.72
a steak in a in a dryer2060.1595.92
no no what in a dryer it takes a long2062.8794.72
time and you hear it flop around a bit2066.0793.201
but uh it does warm it up sounds like it2067.5993.201
would ruin your dryer2069.283.2
you know they've got those racks that2070.83.599
you could put your shoes in the dryer2072.483.52
and it doesn't flop them around and just2074.3993.44
use the hot air that's when you put your2076.04.879
steak on the shoes hey2077.8394.881
hey i just had to put on a fire in the2080.8793.52
kitchen someone tried to cook a [ __ ]2082.724.56
steak in the toaster is that thick yes2084.3994.561
it's thick hey thick2087.283.839
what the hell is going on here i come in2088.963.84
this place is covered in vomit and2091.1194.641
oatmeal right i'll go try to i'll take2092.85.12
care of the i best get out of here and2095.764.88
who's been [ __ ] in the gym what i2097.924.88
came in to work out oh that's doraleous2100.644.479
hey neebs yeah i'm uh pretty close to2102.83.84
this phase gate i think i have to hop2105.1194.881
out though i'm gonna dead in uh i think2106.646.08
where are we2110.02.72
oh yeah2113.1195.041
who are you talking to oh um2115.1194.081
no i i heard some it was wait i'm2119.23.76
talking to me sir2121.3595.201
is that absorb uh yeah there's your fu2122.965.52
hey dick are you doing an unauthorized2126.563.44
mission yeah company wouldn't tell me2128.483.119
what the hell happened to my damn sister2130.03.119
so i came out down here to figure it out2131.5994.081
myself you still sending that ship neebs2133.1194.561
uh thick can we authorize a ship to pick2135.684.08
up abstract no2137.683.36
can we get more towels what do you mean2139.763.599
no i need a ship hell no i could give a2141.044.88
[ __ ] what happens to you we've got we've2143.3593.76
got plenty of2145.923.04
idiots like you that we can put out on2147.1193.841
missions you're pretty expendable2148.964.24
matter of fact you're fired2150.963.76
what i didn't work here to begin with2153.23.84
double matter of fact you're all fired2154.723.6
what oh2157.043.2
they're [ __ ] and vomiting i was2158.323.84
looking for a soda machine now you're2160.243.92
firing me firing all of you2162.167.199
get out and absorb what what hey hey hey2164.166.4
[ __ ] off2169.3594.161
oh okay i'm gonna go [ __ ] your sister2170.565.92
she she's dead i know2173.524.559
good talking to you thick2176.484.16
oh boy the [ __ ] if i get that get out of2178.0795.561
oh yeah i remember all this i couldn't2188.243.359
get into this facility2189.923.04
long time ago2191.5993.121
not too long ago felt like a long time2192.962.96
ago though2194.723.119
hey uh alan you here2195.923.52
hey look man i may need to ride out of2197.8393.52
here if you don't mind2199.444.24
take me back to earth2201.3593.201
what uh what are you doing in here uh2204.564.16
getting ready to take off yes2206.165.52
there is much to do2208.722.96
wow this seems uh2214.724.56
jesus christ this seems real2217.3594.0
elaborate alan2219.284.72
oh my god2221.3592.641
ash are you there oh yeah needs hey hey2226.05.68
how great is this how great he's what i2229.763.599
just got fired that's not great at all i2231.683.52
don't have a [ __ ] are you still can you2233.3593.681
manage this in the ship somehow uh no i2235.23.28
don't have authorization they took all2237.043.36
that okay well i guess i'm gonna try to2238.483.119
get out of here with alan maybe he'll2240.43.28
drop me off god i don't know2241.5994.081
hey where's the shot listen man i am2243.684.56
packing my stuff i'm heading back home2245.685.36
and i'm gonna go to denny's and get some2248.244.879
fixings that's what excites you going to2251.044.559
a denny's i don't know why people give2253.1194.561
denny's such a bad rap okay well i mean2255.5993.52
it's not that good it's not that good of2257.683.2
a restaurant right beef stew or just2259.1193.841
some sides mashed potatoes and gravy2260.883.52
okay listen hey if you want to stay on2262.964.0
the line i'm talking to alan here okay2264.45.28
hey alan so uh are you getting2266.964.879
brother up with that ride right2269.684.0
is that what you're gonna do2271.8394.481
do you still wish to leave with me2273.685.04
be on this teleporter there is no timing2276.324.24
back oh you want to go to your plane at2278.723.119
first see i was seeing i would see it if2280.563.6
you could just drop me off but uh i mean2281.8394.801
i'll go with you if you want but2284.164.72
we will find better okay the others may2286.643.199
be sick2288.883.6
or angry2289.8392.641
i'm sure they're fine so tell you what2293.22.48
yeah we'll pop over there we'll check2294.42.64
out them real quick and then we can2295.683.52
bounce yeah2297.043.36
yeah i hope so2299.23.04
please complete any business you still2300.44.4
have on this planet okay join me on the2302.246.24
other side when you are ready to leave2304.83.68
jesus fast all right any other business2309.25.12
i have here hidden bird dr boom boom you2311.764.0
were great crystal entrance you were2314.322.4
okay i think i'm getting all right i2316.723.52
think allen's agreed to give me a ride2318.723.44
neve so okay you're going with ellen so2320.244.8
uh is this goodbye uh2322.164.16
yeah maybe i want to go through this2325.043.44
portal see what's on the other side2326.325.2
oh boy here we go2328.483.04
oh yeah okay yeah2332.04.079
geez now i want to throw up you still2334.562.72
can you hear me yeah can you hear me2337.284.319
yeah hello rock and roll2339.283.36
what the heck what are we doing2342.644.24
what's going on up here man what are you2345.1193.441
looking at2346.884.16
you're just in time the phase gate is2348.563.68
the phase gate you've been having a face2352.243.599
gate here2354.723.119
this whole [ __ ] time2355.8394.561
only for the last millennium2357.8394.081
it will lead us2360.43.52
okay but why the hell did you hide it2361.923.6
for so long2363.923.679
it was imperative to keep the homeworld2365.523.44
in hopes that the others survived oh you2368.965.28
didn't want the bacteria getting through2371.3594.561
it's like shutting down a space airport2374.243.119
in it2375.924.919
holy [ __ ]2377.3593.48
will you help me prepare the ship2386.244.96
the energy masks must be moved into2389.044.319
oh okay2393.3593.601
oh oh2395.044.64
this is new2396.962.72
names yeah allen had a damn spaceship2403.764.72
hidden under the uh under the ice here2406.485.2
ah sneaky yeah and he gave me some uh i2408.485.44
guess i got arms now and i'm helping him2411.683.6
prepare the ship2413.923.52
so yeah i guess so once once i've got2415.283.92
this thing repaired we're out of here2417.443.44
right alan2419.24.32
yeah i'm gonna go with you on a space2420.883.6
that's just what i wanted to do just2424.483.52
what i [ __ ] wanted to do you could2426.3193.681
swing by the office help me pack up yeah2428.03.44
maybe so2430.04.8
all right so what am i supposed to do2431.443.36
all right do i grab this thing2436.0795.441
you might want to make sure he needs all2442.03.839
this stuff oh okay2443.524.48
oh boy all right2445.8394.24
these arms are pretty cool yeah yeah2448.04.64
wish i had them the entire time2450.0794.481
all right i think i'm helping him to get2452.643.679
all these pillars in place2454.564.16
there's one any more down oh yeah one2456.3194.481
over here2458.724.24
so uh2460.83.279
what are you gonna do when you get home2462.962.639
other than go to danny's2464.0792.481
i don't know probably2466.564.72
see some old friends visit family2468.167.439
watch a few movies sounds awesome2471.284.319
almost dropped this thing okay you get2477.8394.711
right there2481.043.84
very good2485.763.52
return to me and i will initiate the2487.283.76
shape assembly2489.283.36
all right i think we're assembling2491.044.4
something i'm not entirely sure but uh i2492.644.959
think this may be goodbye neebs2495.444.399
labs it's been a pleasure it's it's it's2497.5994.161
been the complete opposite of a pleasure2499.8394.161
for me but2501.764.16
thanks for being here2504.03.119
good time2505.923.76
good times good times any time2507.1194.561
absolutely all right alan here's your2509.684.88
arms back the masks are in place okay2511.685.439
the energy field is ready2514.564.799
there is no time to lose2517.1194.72
jeez you're fast2519.3593.76
going down there now do i have to hit a2521.8394.721
button all right going down there2523.1193.441
did you see this thing neebs it's nuts2526.647.199
ship yeah and alan all of it whoa2529.284.559
what are you doing buddy2535.922.96
what so what am i doing do i just stay2540.84.559
here whoa he just materialized the damn2542.884.32
ship out of nothing actually i guess he2545.3595.161
used the pillars2547.23.32
all right you gonna beat me up we doing2551.1192.801
join me2553.923.76
hey if there's any way to write send me2555.923.84
a postcard uh i'll try hopefully i'll be2557.684.72
back soon we'll see okay so long for an2559.765.64
yeah i can uh i can see that is this2576.05.359
permanent nothing is permanent2578.3195.441
are you ready to go ah no no i'm not2581.3594.401
ready to go that's why i walked up here2583.763.599
and helped you put the ship together and2585.763.76
now i've crawled into it yeah no i'm not2587.3594.0
ready to go ella what do you think of2589.523.839
course i'm ready to go let's pop over to2591.3593.521
your planet make sure your people are2593.3593.681
good okay check them out2594.884.32
off to earth good2597.043.92
please brace yourself and then we will2599.23.84
brace myself what am i going to brace2603.045.12
myself on oh this convenient bar2604.3195.361
shoot this is a neat way to drive just2608.165.76
plug yourself up all right i'm bracing2609.684.24
in three2615.3593.201
oh hey allen if you still have my pda2621.3593.281
files in your head there's a song in2623.1194.0
there could you play it for me2624.644.8
keep listening keep listening2641.043.799
the words are [ __ ] awesome is what2659.683.6
the words are maybe we can get down here2661.043.68
and uh play this song with all your new2663.283.52
oh we're gonna speak about it everyone2666.83.6
on this planet is gonna know this2669.043.84
[ __ ] song you piece of [ __ ]2670.46.56
look at that g-string sliding2672.884.08
now i got you on my knees and things are2682.3195.921
going all right2685.23.04
i don't want you to fret cause i can2688.86.16
keep this tempo all night2691.23.76
but then i throw a little change in my2695.445.44
fingers style i bend it just a bit cause2697.765.68
it makes me smile then i'm back finger2700.884.719

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