THIS is How We Get Villagers?! (Minecraft Ep 17)

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't already checked out the latest Minecraft video on the channel, you're in for a tre...
THIS is How We Get Villagers?! (Minecraft Ep 17)
THIS is How We Get Villagers?! (Minecraft Ep 17)

THIS is How We Get Villagers?! (Minecraft Ep 17)

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neebs: Hey Appsro, did you see that epic moment when we caught that villager in a boat? Pure genius!

simon: Oh please, Neebs, we all know the real highlight was me and Dora competing to find those diamonds. I totally beat her, by the way.

appsro: Ha! You guys are hilarious. But let's not forget about Thick finally making his way home. That was a journey in itself!

neebs: Thick taking forever to find his way home is the best part for sure. Classic Thick move!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't already checked out the latest Minecraft video on the channel, you're in for a treat. In this episode, Neebs and Appsro manage to catch a villager in a boat (classic Neebs move), while Simon and Dora engage in a friendly competition to see who can find diamonds first. And let's not forget about Thick, who finally makes his way back home after a long adventure.

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Overall, this Minecraft episode is packed with fun, laughter, and exciting gameplay. So grab your favorite snack, sit back, and enjoy the antics of Neebs, Appsro, Simon, Dora, and Thick as they navigate the world of Minecraft.

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what come on your games come on man3.026.22
you gonna miss it miss what oh the party6.0295.701
oh no let me let me attach most cephalus9.243.979
to the post11.733.989
great ouch you are never gonna believe13.2195.65
what I found in a mind what you ready15.7194.801
yeah I'm looking at you through glass18.8695.191
BAM carrots just one carrot I fall to20.525.519
zombie he was walking around with it can24.063.209
you believe that you built this whole26.0392.761
greenhouse for one carrot well there's27.2693.211
gonna be more carrots once it grows but28.83.99
still you made this you can string the30.484.56
space do you know how long I will hurt a32.792.73
I don't you've never had this35.523.059
conversation with me about carrots day37.143.54
one that was my dream to have a carrot38.5795.761
farm now I got one okay I'm glad dreams40.685.64
were dreams for me game over44.344.44
got you sorry I think Simon doraleous46.324.23
are off doing something using thick48.788.009
lately f3 numbers letters thousands of50.559.239
them wandered off you know wonder off of56.7896.45
me yeah I have a project I want to do59.7894.291
come in alright let's go put your horse64.083.719
away and we'll hit the river no just66.093.09
leave him right there hit the river yeah67.7998.761
let's do it alright thank you you ready69.189.9
for this Simon yeah alright how much76.564.08
time what do you mean79.084.17
reset time it's a challenge oh I thought80.644.65
it just could be like today now let's83.253.84
have a challenge who does who gets the85.293.57
best results in a certain amount of time87.094.069
how much time you want to I don't know88.865.73
15 minutes 15 minutes of just91.1595.581
straight-up mine 10 minutes 10 minutes94.595.73
maybe 10 minutes what do you think what96.744.51
does the winner get100.323.35
besides bragging rights that's it no101.254.979
what do you want the winner should get103.674.92
you thought the loser should should give108.834.56
something to the winner or the winner111.683.84
should get something which is gonna be113.393.96
from the loser nobody else gave me115.523.45
anything something we just don't know117.354.29
what but it's gotta be of me how about118.975.43
this how about like 20 iron121.647.2
30 iron no I've ever ever had that much124.46.48
yeah but you can make it you can go128.844.38
somebody you could get handed it to you130.883.33
tan of the two you want a bet or not134.216.12
yeah but how about just ten on ten iron136.496.42
ingot yep which we're gonna start which140.335.43
way they go in this way okay when the142.915.13
time starts let me get a timer out of145.763.96
timer where we doing at set let's do148.044.44
seven minutes seven seven what are we149.724.56
gonna do wait a minutes 10 minutes six152.488.28
minutes we're not gonna get that many154.287.98
ingots to give the loser we won't even160.764.29
have that money we're gonna owe it162.264.62
you're creating a debt off the bat yes165.054.32
of course that's what a challenge a debt166.886.39
that you could pay back tomorrow No ten169.376.75
minutes it is all right all right173.274.83
pulling up the stopwatch you can even176.123.72
talk to each other this is just above178.12.58
pull-up time we're gonna talk all right180.683.96
which way you billing on your business182.662.73
oh wow184.644.31
all right timer starts now boom go boom185.397.319
boom I can boom - boom all day I just188.956.52
did good what's this red stuff again yep192.7095.701
whoa hey oh you got some oh I was gonna195.474.89
go this way is it Mike getting diving198.413.6
right now that's iron right there yeah200.363.78
am I getting diamond right man that202.013.66
might have been diamond that's crazy204.145.849
oh geez these are diamonds well that's a205.676.42
good start for you good for you what in209.9895.881
the world looky looky got a cookie see212.097.13
him tan yeah215.873.35
where am I god I've been rock oh I wrote220.067.38
Skelly Clarkson you know it's kind of227.444.08
dumb is that we can't repair these boats229.635.01
and make them work I mean this one's got231.525.91
dirt in it and stuff but oh this is good234.645.64
this is good a door then yeah237.435.63
hello oh it's just meat dirt my god240.284.61
let's see243.065.7
dig dig dig dig dig oh it's just me244.895.86
concrete all right248.765.56
ooh a chest oh thank god tons of paper250.755.88
and a buried treasure map hello I can't254.325.07
wait to do nothing with this paper yeah256.635.73
all right can you get the paper app259.396.24
stroke can make a map or write up262.369.48
look let's see nothing else there may be265.6313.71
underwater anything on the poop deck271.849.75
set what they call it maybe I just made279.344.889
that up maybe may have dreamt that see281.597.5
more dirt hold on oh okay I could take a284.2296.511
different thing every time289.095.81
come on dirt dirt milk milk lemonade290.747.89
come on Oh Jesse there we go294.98.95
jackpot if you shift-click on those298.638.73
islands you'll get them quicker what303.854.59
could have been307.367.369
shift-click look at that it's like magic308.446.289
thank you spooky pervy ghost you see314.859.43
this episode I do it's a dead end322.094.35
that's why you put us in boats to bring324.283.66
me to a dead end I want to build a canal326.444.92
oh okay so it's like oh wow I just went327.946.42
flying you see that I didn't okay well331.365.34
my screen it was crazy okay oh maybe so334.363.9
like it look at this like this is back336.73.21
in the old days like when America was338.264.38
starting or Panama Canal or like339.913.81
anywhere where they would needed to342.642.64
build a canal so we build it because343.723.48
look there's another body of water just345.284.29
over oh wow okay it's a little further347.24.26
than I thought but we just got to do a349.573.11
little bit of digging oh god you want351.463.32
like this okay and then we can I think352.683.6
that takes us out to the ocean well354.782.729
doesn't the other way take us out to the356.282.609
ocean you don't have my map any more357.5092.461
than the other way it's why I was358.8892.701
looking for thick he has my map okay359.973.21
duplicate it but there's some like stuff361.593.389
out that way listen I just get the363.184.47
digging oh right sure I guess is this364.9794.951
clay cool I'm get some clay mixing367.652.609
uh-huh look at us digging a canal it's a370.2594.53
first carrots now this what it does not374.78910.31
take much to excite you Simon yeah five379.5310.16
five four three yes you one to one right385.0997.331
so listen let me let me be straight up389.695.56
up sorry ok that's your time it's392.434.98
official alright so the first ones that395.254.139
I saw like I knew which way I was gonna397.413.42
start but you know I was getting antsy399.3893.361
so before we started I said oh you know400.833.179
what we're gonna do I'm gonna start402.752.82
right over here and I just hit a few and404.0093.451
I said oh so I'll go here and iFit hit a405.574.17
few and almost immediately I saw a407.464.62
diamond and that seems rigged you didn't409.744.08
know that no I mean I didn't know it but412.083.99
I did it before we officially Sony knew413.823.96
they were right there I knew that there416.074.05
was a you're starting with a diamond417.785.609
right or two actually but okay we said420.125.85
turn to five so you don't see that as423.3895.52
fair so it's the me so I got five in the425.975.28
beginning so all we do is we eliminate428.9095.221
the five that I got is that fair so in431.254.86
other words the first five that I got434.133.84
which was in one place I actually knew436.114.619
that they were there we do away with437.974.979
those okay I didn't get any diamonds I440.7295.581
got 13 are you kidding me nope442.9499.301
I got 13 minutes eliminating the five no446.318.25
I have I had five in the beginning and452.253.81
then I got eight more so then their454.563.21
numbers eight my numbers eight but I456.063.24
have a total of thirteen where you457.772.73
didn't get I don't have to say thirteen459.34.02
you eliminated fun sorry I got a lot how460.54.5
much iron to get iron463.323.59
I got 32 okay465.04.28
41 I'm kidding I don't know if I got any466.913.93
iron I don't know how to do this469.284.2
challenge both challenges you won you470.843.03
I what yeah now I gotta give you on my473.875.12
urn that was fun475.883.11
thank you give me the iron right now479.533.88
yeah I'll get it to you later481.554.8
yeah no no no actually I let some iron483.415.01
down there I need to make it Hey486.354.41
30 iron know who's gonna be ten right488.424.11
don't be that guy490.763.6
I'm not you already were that guy you492.535.01
cheater I gave you stuff don't even you494.366.42
find it ADA ha find it where I gave him497.5418.77
stuff what's that mean desert oh stop oh500.7819.199
the goodies wow I didn't even know I had516.315.68
a carrot there's the map oh god I need519.9793.841
that mat need that map to get home521.995.13
that's potato okay I had potatoes god523.825.88
there's so much stuff can eat it okay527.126.48
I'm fine okay I wonder if that place529.77.08
burnt down horse all right Suns going533.66.03
down it's a deep cave but I don't really536.785.09
have any other options at this point539.636.33
let's go in and just make a home for a541.875.37
fantastic that wasn't too bad547.2412.16
nope engineering genius says all right554.397.29
boom now we're in Moore River and you559.44.41
say this dumps into an ocean it does I561.685.25
walk this the other day so it comes563.814.59
right out I figure we could build like a566.935.25
some sort of port entrance here yeah we568.45.28
can name it something but this is just572.184.35
go around huh it dumps into the same573.684.95
ocean that are the the other place576.533.54
dumped into why do you want to hate this578.631.89
so much580.073.15
well it's a shortcut is it because isn't580.524.14
the other entrance to the place like583.223.51
right over here maybe it's that bit is584.664.29
down a bit it's a bit it's not a bit586.735.7
here yeah but it's better to save us588.956.18
from having to go a bit okay592.434.98
pointless I like it alright pointless595.133.72
canal though alright it's getting dark597.414.02
what are we doing well I think there was598.855.19
a village over here that I'd heard about601.435.13
I think you okay yeah yeah yeah I got us604.044.789
I think was a polo fish or something606.564.74
alright there's a there's Nick's glass608.8296.341
place glass achoo sits yeah yeah so see611.36.0
that thing to the left I think that's a615.173.51
village but yeah it is you want to try617.33.029
to make it there it's dark we should618.683.57
yeah we should go we should go you have620.3293.841
to get dark quick okay622.253.51
yeah well just pull up here to the coast624.175.159
we'll jump out go to the village spend625.764.889
the night where you partner629.3292.851
uh hold on we get a torch out so I can630.6494.291
actually see part by you yeah yeah632.185.39
something where we park feeling we saved634.945.07
can save any time at all well we don't637.573.579
have to go big640.012.31
all right I'm making a little like path641.1493.24
yep right behind you you see the village642.325.009
I do see the twinkly lights I'm hoping644.3894.831
there's like a few villagers yeah maybe647.3293.541
they're there banging then we can get in649.224.92
and be like hey we're gonna join we come650.876.14
back tonight you guys good pig hello654.145.52
hello nothing657.014.689
I got watermelon right all right what's659.665.1
the bunk it up here mmm yeah you want to661.6995.221
see if anybody's here yeah well it's664.764.71
dark are you going to bed already just666.924.71
got dark yeah but you know in a second669.473.54
there's gonna be crap all over how old671.634.17
are you 190 no are you talking about you673.014.35
should go to bed at like after midnight675.82.969
but you understand it gets nuts out677.363.659
there you are young and spunky okay well678.7693.661
I got fully armored up so I guess681.0193.901
everybody here has thick and rally has682.434.08
killed every villager on his map yeah684.924.13
what in the world has happened here I686.518.67
made a mess you can't take me anywhere689.0512.88
oh where hey there you are they got a695.188.88
call and give you the Golem damn it I'm701.933.87
gonna die don't die key near the gallon704.063.45
nope no my hearts are all the way down705.83.69
I'm going to bed alright hey there's a707.514.16
villager in here709.494.8
well thanks for having us over711.679.31
ah it's weird for you weird for everyone714.2914.88
I think hey what's up brother oh just720.9810.71
wanted to propose something okay I'm I'm729.173.06
all ears731.692.73
double or nothing tell more nothing732.234.74
really yeah this was your plan all along734.424.77
wouldn't it as of the last five minutes736.973.36
yes okay739.193.87
so double or nothing on ten iron man you740.334.5
really are hard up huh well you know743.063.48
what I'm it's just I heard I kind of744.834.38
love that I got that much iron and we746.544.38
should do these challenges more often I749.213.33
mean I actually got four diamonds on our750.923.84
way back did you really yeah Wow752.543.45
do you want to throw some diamonds into754.765.1
that uh the ante oh man you're getting755.996.72
saucy well i-i've got myself a sword of759.865.49
pickaxe and a shovel now diamond because762.714.17
you know I'm rolling in it yeah I'm not765.356.54
so got seven left mm nothing in the766.886.03
morning huh771.893.93
double double or nothing plus two772.917.47
diamonds whoo so it'll be 20 silver two775.827.59
diamonds nothing now where are we gonna780.384.59
start this pups somewhere completely783.413.78
random somewhere completely random that784.974.11
we can actually did now this is what I787.193.39
want to go out kind of in the middle uh789.083.93
but it's gonna take time Vic just pissed790.584.95
off and undermanned you see that yeah793.016.12
I'm guessing he looked at up oh yeah so795.535.38
in the morning in the morning799.136.44
stupid Enderman can't oh my stuff Z is805.579.37
he gone let me see hold on I got to get812.05.25
my cut already everything should814.943.3
probably look at the ground while I817.254.32
ready everything inventory stupid818.245.4
Enderman I tell you what if I see you821.576.6
I'm gonna kill him ah okay okay okay I823.646.81
don't hear all right I think I'm good828.175.09
for right now okay830.452.81
oh let's forgot all right show your face833.548.97
probably killed himself afterwards in839.535.2
fear that I would come back and haunt842.514.58
he's a sound sleeper at knee you know850.574.6
him yeah didn't even move853.225.73
yeah hey wake up this morning855.175.25
it's mornings more this morning he's858.953.12
supposed to be a hard worker look at you860.424.26
you know last villager left can we find862.074.62
him another villager and like made him864.684.08
may I see it if they at least would have866.693.27
left you know you know what we should868.762.07
take him with us869.962.64
so we try to take him home can we I've870.833.78
heard you can like get on to get stuck872.65.34
in boats and like right on the way okay874.615.52
so if I do this boat where is he going877.945.1
where you going where you going yep yep880.136.66
nope okay yep huh you want to sit the883.046.9
boat you must sit nope is that really886.794.8
the strategy you just put a boat beside889.943.24
him I guess I don't know I've never done891.594.02
it oh we did it okay okay now what now893.183.87
we roll him out of here895.614.71
is he on okay yeah yeah he's on so I897.055.58
might need help okay can i push you I900.323.3
gotta get to the water902.632.82
maybe you gotta clear us a path oh is903.623.93
that what it is oh boy all right so yeah905.455.1
hold on hold on here um shovel broken907.555.7
you have a shovel um yep give me a910.553.0
hey up and all right if I do this will913.553.42
that work can you yep I'll just follow915.442.67
you back to the river916.973.03
all right River was this way correct918.113.45
yeah I think so yeah we're gonna turn920.03.75
around look at this yeah good day just921.563.99
turned out to be this is real stupid guy923.753.84
would have been here alone forever925.554.68
what can I go you stuck having a hard927.594.44
time moving let me yeah you probably930.233.99
stuck all this that's it there you have932.033.66
it you got it you got it all right just934.224.44
uh stay stay straight right here yep do935.6911.31
the river take a while stuck again all938.6611.58
right Simon yeah unn tapped territory947.05.7
right I like it yeah I'm happy we did950.244.89
before cuz obviously I got 13 I needed952.74.32
all that diamond I mean I really need a955.134.11
diamond in this case in case I lose cuz957.022.43
have one you only have one but you're959.452.88
gambling something you don't even have961.18.97
yet gambler all right okay all right so962.3310.59
I know which direction to go well go for970.074.89
it you know now I'm gonna go I'll let972.923.3
you choose first because I'm that kind974.964.2
of guy no I mean okay I know that's fine976.223.87
and here we go979.163.75
start and starting Boris started all980.093.18
Oh interesting choice oh yeah this way983.273.81
good luck out there kid986.094.89
adios bucko you're bucko oh diamond987.0812.09
really no see ship down there you got990.9810.02
your turtle helmet of course I got my999.174.83
turtle helmet on okay so we go down well1001.04.74
if you hop out will the villagers stay1004.04.38
in the boat no we gotta try you ready do1005.745.16
it up oh he's still in the boat he's1008.384.92
good yeah seems to be all right we split1010.95.19
whatever we find okay oh yeah sure1013.316.23
all right you ready yeah potatoes1016.0915.84
potatoes potatoes okay you can good1029.535.7
paper potatoes suspicious to some1031.934.08
leather boots1035.232.43
man I'm not being able to hold my breath1036.013.12
little mugger and still not lock it up1037.664.14
crazy that's why you failed yeah what'd1039.133.12
you find1041.82.28
well I limping the same throw-up air1042.257.56
hold on okay so tight isn't sting that's1044.086.15
Fitz and some some leather armor1050.234.35
enchanted leather over though yeah I1052.363.6
don't know what's enchanted with can't1054.582.64
really look at my inventory right now1055.962.94
because I'm focused on floating yeah1057.224.29
that seems like a crappy fine right what1058.93.72
was there more stuff down there what did1061.513.36
you find it funny thing I said we were1062.623.87
gonna split it and that's what we found1064.873.21
so there might be more stuff let's not1066.493.15
give up yet okay1068.083.15
I thought these ships just had one thing1069.644.71
let's do it dick dick dick dick dick1071.2316.19
dick cataracts1074.3516.59
anything don't know what's true I've1087.425.38
only known these ships to have liked one1090.944.83
thing ever oh boy okay I think that's it1092.83.39
yeah yeah I didn't find anything let's1096.193.09
get this villager back home1098.1111.7
I cannot afford to die right now a1099.2813.35
little bit sooner well you could have1109.814.62
started a timer on your own right1112.637.17
okay I'm back in the that's it all right1114.4311.33
I'm not sure exactly turn the timer up1119.87.17
be careful there's some zombies and1126.974.44
stuff down here now yes I know I've been1128.927.14
shot yeah um I'm not sure exactly how to1131.416.93
find you everything you get now doesn't1136.062.76
I'm not getting anything are you still1138.824.41
mining no I'm just waiting for you okay1140.836.48
but where we know that worked out we1143.235.46
should have let's go up and compare1147.314.59
notes okay okay are you all right this1148.694.05
is gonna be interesting1151.92.61
I just don't want to get attacked right1152.743.63
well is it nighttime it doesn't matter1154.513.09
there's zombies down there no matter1156.372.16
what okay1157.63.66
but is it night I have no idea okay yeah1158.533.93
well we're going to your house I knew it1161.262.55
yeah you lose track of time when you're1162.464.98
mining okay I am not happy with what I1163.816.09
got you were not happy with what I did1167.444.32
so much better the first round we1169.93.69
talking about what I just said1171.765.4
okay I only got four iron ore and eight1173.595.76
gold ore that's it well we were1177.164.35
measuring with diamonds oh no no I think1179.354.71
it was just everything really really we1181.514.08
never said diamond specifically I1184.063.9
haven't been picking up like where'd you1185.593.93
go what did I get1187.963.75
yeah do I hear eight up laughing in1189.523.72
there would you get I don't know what1191.713.54
the hell I got you think what did you1193.244.92
get any diamonds no did you get any iron1195.254.56
on not that I remember1198.165.22
Gold I have four gold on me I beat you1199.817.05
by four okay yeah you owe me what twenty1203.387.58
iron and two diamonds Simon what1206.866.56
No I thought this was just a diamond1210.964.5
thing if we didn't get diamonds it's a1213.424.56
time did we ever say that we didn't say1215.464.97
hey let's compare what's better like a1217.985.64
petition a system of like mining1220.434.21
what mining just mining for good stuff1224.645.88
yeah but that's not what we we said a1227.675.07
diamond what's a good last minute rule1230.523.69
for you and then what do you mean a good1232.744.17
last minute rule am I crazy here you1234.214.35
didn't get any diamonds do this did I1236.913.12
I'm thinking oh my god he's definitely1238.563.03
gonna get one diamond I didn't get one1240.033.03
died I knew they're gonna win by getting1241.593.51
a dime they've got other stuff I didn't1243.063.69
win a fight what if I just ignored1245.14.29
things I wasn't looking I was only1246.755.13
looking for blue baby I wasn't looking1249.395.52
for iron I don't give a [ __ ] about iron1251.885.79
yeah yeah irons worthless in this game1254.914.8
yeah well it is to be in a time the1257.674.56
competition fun you once you know what1259.714.47
it is diamond come okay you know what1262.234.59
I'm gonna do hey what happens no no no1264.184.5
no aw I'll get the news at ten iron and1266.823.33
we'll just move on from this like no1268.683.0
I'll get it you know what I don't want I1270.154.65
don't want this under me are you huh how1271.686.03
do I separate take the flour how do I1274.84.59
separate there we go1277.713.81
here just what we're gonna do look at1279.396.18
this kisses why'd you do that because I1281.527.49
love you too here let me give you this1285.5710.2
whoa Simon I'm okay I've moved too much1289.018.29
it'll be fun I'll throw it off too oh1295.772.94
never mind I'm good1297.33.48
two diamonds for you as I love my house1298.713.63
I'm gonna give you a bunch of iron don't1300.782.49
worry about it buddy1302.343.3
oh I know you're hey it's gifts gifts1303.278.58
okay nice good day good day are you1305.647.2
ready ready1311.854.68
think if I do this it's coming yep okay1312.845.43
oh it's watching all the flowers away we1316.533.66
go okay you're ready yeah come on up1318.275.22
come on good1320.196.29
this isn't good cool Oh what's happen oh1323.495.43
okay well he just follow us over there1326.484.24
maybe scoop that water up that seems to1328.923.27
be causing problems all right water1330.723.54
scoop let's see where he goes maybe1332.193.72
he'll come up we got a fish in there oh1334.263.33
yeah it was officially had in my bucket1335.913.6
I'll just leave him there all right uh1337.592.76
just make your way up the hill there I1340.353.68
got a farm you can live at for now1342.153.8
come on buddy there we go I got a lead1344.034.2
can I put a lead on him no I don't know1345.953.9
can you it'd be great if I could just1348.233.06
tie a rope around his neck just lead him1349.853.84
over there seems a bit offensive yeah1351.295.13
but he will then do it we want how's he1353.693.39
going that way1356.423.81
nope he's probably confused come this1357.084.77
way right right1360.233.75
hey you like carrots I'm gonna have some1361.854.65
oh hey Alice hey guys what are you doing1363.984.5
well we brought a villager to the you1366.53.21
guys I don't even wanna call it a1368.484.46
village here but what's his name1369.716.33
Fletcher okay hey Fletch when I select1372.944.84
what's up buddy I like that I like1376.044.26
Fletch I do too I enjoyed those movies1377.784.02
back when I was a kid so we're trying to1380.33.18
get him to go to the farm cuz he can1381.82.88
live there for now you don't look like1383.487.19
it wants to do anything does he God1384.6810.55
Enderman Slayer no the sleigh oh yeah1390.677.51
anyways yeah it's good to be home good1395.234.81
hey think you saw that man I do I'll1398.183.27
give it to me I need a duplicate it all1400.046.78
right hold on he just stands in the1401.458.28
water like a dummy dummy yeah in place1406.825.43
does he need to walk coz I've got the1409.734.62
boots yeah you use your boots oh you're1412.253.54
gonna get trappin I be frozen in the1414.355.85
water oh yeah there we go1415.796.63
he's up there now we can walk hey Fletch1420.23.69
what's that buddy would they be a mean1422.424.08
to you what's a being a mean to you we1423.894.35
freed him yeah we're talking about our1426.53.99
dummy as what do you mean freedom he was1428.244.05
trapped in a village alone where1430.493.99
somebody burn it down or he was living1432.293.63
there by himself because he wanted to1434.487.53
did you kidnap a man yes okay that's1435.929.11
exactly what we did1442.013.02

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