Things Were Going Well Until This Guy Showed Up - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 27

Today in Darkness Falls, Neebs begins his horde base idea. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►SUPPORT us on PATREON
Things Were Going Well Until This Guy Showed Up - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 27
Things Were Going Well Until This Guy Showed Up - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 27

Things Were Going Well Until This Guy Showed Up - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 27

Neebs Gaming

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so this is what I'm working with huh if11.124.9
you want to you you can take this and13.744.26
modify it uh I've been thinking about it16.023.42
a lot because this thing was an abject18.04.08
failure uh because yeah the zombies I19.444.74
mean what happened over here on the on22.084.08
this northeast side uh-huh they just24.183.66
chewed into it yeah and that's no good26.163.42
no I wanted him to go down these little27.843.839
little Pathways and I thought the spikes29.583.479
might help they did not but yeah they31.6793.481
got over here they started chewing and33.0595.821
boom got right on in yep there's a ball35.165.399
yeah so you can either start with this38.884.92
uh what I thought like come up here I40.5595.281
think I think if you were to take these43.84.56
sides and uh that I had spiked and trap45.844.68
and block them in like build like build48.364.019
a wall yeah you know what I mean so like50.523.359
this isn't even an option for them the52.3793.481
only option they have to get to us is to53.8793.901
go through the hallways of death gotcha55.863.78
okay that could work but I'm gonna let57.783.779
you do whatever you want to do it's your59.643.66
your turn to do The Horde base I may61.5594.021
build something new that falls back onto63.34.38
yours okay go for it so I can use part65.583.78
of what you got but uh try some new67.683.78
ideas okay rock and roll I'm gonna get69.364.439
into uh some vehicle construction I want71.464.44
to uh upgrade some stuff yeah you know73.7993.781
yeah get out and about explore a little75.94.02
bit all right build something cool man77.584.62
I'm gonna try okay yeah a tractor or a79.923.99
school bus82.22.959
all right oh the desert okay so I am hot85.15910.061
as balls right now hey a town and I91.087.98
believe that's where I can go oh yeah95.226.6
open trade routes perfect man I'm gonna99.065.699
open so many trade routes people's faces101.825.659
are gonna fall off104.7595.701
Simon yeah all of these jobs are like107.4795.861
six miles away that's the kilometers you110.464.979
mean kilometers but still you know yeah113.344.02
no that's a lot that's right we can't do115.4393.661
these yet not until we have like I don't117.363.539
know helicopters and [ __ ] oh yeah it's119.14.14
too far okay so where do we go to to get120.8994.201
ones let's just do it normal let's do a123.244.199
normal job with this coot up here all125.14.92
right you old coot he's a coot he's a127.4394.38
coot do you like what neebs did with the130.023.78
place what the neebs do this anymore he131.8194.021
did all this painting really no damn133.84.32
well this dude didn't all right any jobs135.844.979
yeah I like it it's got like a stripper138.125.64
club Vibe all right we got uh man this140.8194.801
one's real quick or a little fetch we143.763.24
can do a couple fetches today how about145.623.839
that yeah a couple fetches and then I147.04.44
want I want to see this guy take off his149.4594.381
clothes and walk this walk this little151.444.379
line right here I don't you know you153.843.72
sure come on Joe you know you want it155.8194.381
Baby Joe might but I don't know if Joe's157.564.48
having fun we're having fun right160.23.74
completed Quest open trading routes head165.7397.421
to Trader to another one seems [ __ ]169.7394.86
okay now I'm just looking at your belly173.165.219
button cool uh any you know I can't174.5997.741
afford [ __ ] right now oh God all right178.3796.621
I'ma go182.342.66
all right here we are Simon hello hello185.347.2
hello hello oh yeah I saw you share the188.347.319
mission mind if I join I do not mind if192.545.52
you join man I haven't looted in so long195.6594.381
you know doing that I know you're a busy198.064.74
boy yeah all right oh man I need200.044.02
mechanical Parts more than anything202.83.6
Simon you've been wrenching [ __ ] nah204.064.679
okay perfect I'm here to rent [ __ ] all206.43.78
right I was wrenching a little stuff I208.7393.0
gave it to you but that's it you guys210.183.839
ready let's fetch yeah let's fetch do211.7394.201
you mind if we go loud no go for it okay214.0195.781
thank you all right215.943.86
there they are football player I might220.344.72
be the first football player I've seen223.084.799
uh yeah all right falling back real225.063.98
yeah oh sorry I shot you in the head229.045.64
all right all right you guys take care235.8194.78
oh this is what I'm after television get238.3195.28
it get it get it oh boys240.5995.461
he's a very fast [ __ ] very fast he's got243.5995.7
a something to prove shut up yeah246.065.3
exactly oh this is what I'm after249.2995.061
oh yeah and then there's something in254.543.939
here I gotta catch that's right I gotta256.564.5
grab yeah it's a it's a fifth twist I258.4794.561
know it's a fetch but then I sometimes I261.063.66
think we're fetching something oh you263.043.48
know some zombie I feel like it's264.723.6
probably uh you feel like we're fetching266.523.54
a zombie yeah I feel like you're an268.324.68
[ __ ] just let it go just shut up270.064.98
we're fetching a zombie just be quiet273.06.0
never ever happen guys whatever got it275.045.52
look at this what was this bird thinking280.565.4
there is no way he's sleeping or keeping283.2594.861
eggs in there all right here's what we285.964.92
got I'm thinking two towers like this288.125.94
this will be separated like this little290.886.24
Bridge right here is temporary but we294.065.22
have some up here we're fighting zombies297.125.88
this way if this fails we fall back we299.286.359
fix and fall back this area so this is303.06.18
Plan B and the bases are linked yeah305.6396.241
there we go and this will have a lot of309.185.519
stuff out here I gotta okay got my shoes311.886.72
got my abilities I'm fine okay I gotta314.6995.761
duplicate that and build that out here318.64.22
we go320.462.36
I am making the parts and then the328.466.7
actual thing three wheels yep V8 engine331.627.38
what the can I make that V8 engine oh335.166.36
yeah I can make yeah but good oh my God339.05.759
oh my God okay silver I need 10 silver341.525.519
nuggets where the [ __ ] am I gonna get 10344.7595.121
silver nuggets347.0392.841
so I live here now what the hell can you349.9795.701
get a little river here okay in the353.6392.941
I guess someone will come pick me up356.584.74
oh hey I want to see how this pans out361.327.5
with uh oh don't force them go okay yep364.446.24
all right we'll head on to swivel here368.822.7
we go370.683.18
make you my [ __ ]373.864.559
yeah you talk to him that way I'll take375.98.04
care of it let's go one second man what378.4195.521
all right got some goodies oh yeah385.946.879
um all right I've got some stuff here390.843.9
I'm gonna go back to the Traders and392.8193.961
maybe wait for someone to come pick me394.743.72
up because I'm [ __ ] out in the middle396.783.12
of nowhere398.463.62
yeah I'm gonna grab it and hey why don't402.384.06
we come in from the top we'll just you405.03.539
know how we can jump so damn well yeah406.443.479
but I don't think I could oh you owe you408.5393.541
from the car from the car I'm gonna put409.9194.021
a thing I'm starting it all right start412.084.739
it all right go ahead you do that and413.944.879
I'll try to follow you this hover mobile416.8194.621
all right there we go oh you're doing418.8194.72
that because you're a smart guy smart421.446.42
smart all right oh yeah oh you just made423.5397.88
it too that's barely right427.863.559
oh yeah I accepted the mission you start435.9794.12
it yet uh yep no you didn't still438.363.66
bouncing I could have swore I hit yes it440.0993.781
says wait for activate yeah wait for442.024.44
activate oh [ __ ] what uh card443.885.7
disappeared well [ __ ] all right all446.465.28
right uh Dora yeah do you know of any449.584.08
Trader around here that has has uh451.744.799
silver I haven't been looking but it's453.665.159
possible I need 10 silver to build an456.5394.801
engine oh oh really that's interesting458.8194.44
yeah I didn't know engines were being461.343.9
made that way I did not either but463.2593.84
apparently I need silver to make the465.243.48
damn engine well let's shoot down on467.0993.901
these [ __ ] from up here man there's a468.724.86
a bunch yeah there seems to be a bunch471.04.44
there is also some radiated guys in here473.583.239
I can see the little smoky hands475.444.379
fantastic yeah it is fantastic of course476.8195.461
I brought an ax good for you yeah well479.8194.521
sometimes we have to chop down trees482.284.319
because there's a bunch I'm trying to484.344.96
get out yeah no that's fine oh yeah look486.5994.94
at that we're489.32.239
all right let's get some melee on Bring514.1595.201
It On You [ __ ] come on bring it on baby516.7195.461
oh [ __ ] another one coming out get out519.366.96
of here be there because oh god oh hey522.186.42
hey this is insane yeah that's pretty526.324.98
nuts yeah like for something like this a528.64.919
tier one right I don't know how that531.34.14
works yeah maybe because there are three533.5193.721
of us there's more than usual sit down535.444.8
you [ __ ] come on oh wow you are a Tuffy537.245.659
okay come on stamina come on stamina oh540.245.88
all right I'm in here oh there's some542.8994.721
good [ __ ] here crack a buck all that546.123.54
stuff good good547.623.659
pull up once downstairs I got some uh551.2795.101
iron uh silver nugs so I need those553.326.06
silver nuggets holy [ __ ] there are still556.385.04
like 10 of them downstairs by the way oh559.384.32
really open up from the top right above561.424.26
them oh yeah they're they're chewing up563.74.079
the uh the interior yeah it's gonna be565.683.659
good this is gonna be good oh yeah567.7793.68
you're nice569.3395.641
yeah I think that may have done it Dora571.4596.161
beautiful all right get the stuff and574.985.539
get the fetch oh this is what I'm after577.626.74
computers computers580.5193.841
here we go all right zombies will come586.146.0
up these steps here you need to look589.265.4
alive sir we'll have a hatch right here592.144.5
we'll be back here fighting like this594.664.679
bam bam this same thing will be right596.645.46
there on that one teammate Team B we599.3395.281
could have a run we fall back to602.16.48
abstra's base and then oh are they gonna604.627.279
jump from there to here they might okay608.586.98
gotta figure that out all right anyway611.8996.761
come on there we go all right let's615.566.3
let's keep working buddy618.663.2
oh my God Joe I am sorry yeah what what622.75.56
are you sorry about I mean this wait626.73.12
what has Neve's done to this place it628.264.079
got neebed oh yeah but I mean listen it629.824.74
needed color you can't deny that I mean632.3393.661
but apparently I don't know maybe I'm634.564.14
just not a big fan of purple on top of636.04.26
dirt all right go check his inventory638.74.079
officer oh but are you are you the best640.264.62
Trader oh I don't know okay well first642.7794.56
oh four first aid bandages yeah I don't644.883.72
know I'm gonna take that all right let647.3392.761
me see your inventory648.64.32
silver nuggets come on buddy silver no650.16.06
no silver what about your special silver652.925.099
no damn it you don't have any silver656.165.04
nuggets huh what if uh if I look in his658.0195.221
secret stash yeah I looked in his secret661.23.48
stash didn't see anything well I didn't663.243.599
know if I had more unlocked oh right664.684.14
yeah but I tell you what I do want to666.8393.961
knock out maybe one uh I bet I could668.823.6
pick up the rest of your silver nuggets670.84.8
if I did one um uh treasure map oh do672.424.74
you have a treasure map on you I do you675.63.359
gonna go dig at night we'll see how far677.162.71
it is678.9593.12
I think we should have our vehicle682.0793.361
closer it's a go ahead and you're just683.764.019
my eyes okay okay I'm your eyes okay685.444.019
yeah you let me know you let me know687.7793.601
yeah yeah you dig and I'll even I'll689.4593.721
stay right here that'll be fine okay and691.383.0
then you could just jump in on me693.183.659
because I'm gonna run yeah dude all694.384.62
right come on baby yeah let's make this696.8394.321
the quickest fine like I love it come on699.04.14
I have total faith in you fingers701.163.54
crossed there's just a couple of those703.143.48
silver nugs okay because whatever704.73.78
appstra is making I'm sure it's gonna be706.624.62
great it's getting pretty dark It's Not708.485.22
Dark Yet there's a nice deer hello got711.244.5
it dear you got it got it yeah yeah yeah713.74.62
baby oh do they all come in when I break715.745.099
in I forget come on lock picks please718.324.86
please please baby baby baby so far720.8394.761
we're looking pretty good723.187.64
come on baby baby baby come on baby 25725.68.739
uh silver Nuggie nugs yeah that is730.825.079
awesome all right get your cute little734.3394.5
took us up here working on it I mean how735.8994.981
far away are you you just yeah yeah738.8395.281
there you go come on oh take us home740.885.34
buddy wow you're like there we go arms744.123.719
are tight I don't want to drive all746.225.239
right buddy cops are going to be happy747.8393.62
terrible parkour753.8995.761
parkour yeah I'm gonna take care of this756.684.599
Sucka all right I live upon this roof762.668.64
moon is bright I've shown you who I am767.769.44
what I can do and abstro pick me up771.35.9
I did the treasure map oh and I got 25.781.3997.661
yes I know it I know it you just need785.8394.961
two yeah I have eight789.063.0
um I put them down there in my vehicle790.83.24
box here you go keep them coming because792.063.48
I can make more engines more Vehicles794.044.32
okay here uh take those I'll just turn795.545.52
yeah why don't you just yeah just here798.364.5
take them all thank you yeah honestly801.062.94
we're gonna we're gonna need them all802.863.06
for more Vehicles all right do you guys804.04.32
know where this bag came from uh yeah I805.924.38
shot a zombie okay I'm gonna get it808.325.1
there's an Amazon delivery Simon oh damn810.35.219
what's in it two I mean a scrap iron813.424.979
rinse it's better than mine 47 and some815.5194.5
another one too there's two of them818.3994.44
actually zombie zombie right on you820.0196.44
kidding why you son of a [ __ ] yeah822.8396.961
it was hilarious826.4596.301
wolf looks like his eyes are red oh man834.0196.701
base is not ready but I wonder are you837.65.76
ready DP pay attention all right840.724.08
sometimes you're looking off in the843.362.52
wrong direction844.84.26
yep there it comes there he comes there845.885.519
he comes oh you know what I bet he don't849.064.86
know how to calm the steps neebs yeah851.3994.44
what are you doing out here down there853.924.14
and you decided to shoot a loud gun well855.8395.281
I got a a halfway uh defense Bill oh858.065.339
yeah I see him climbing up there is he861.124.38
climbing oh looks like one Zombie's863.3993.661
going up the steps I need the wolf to865.53.54
come up oh if the wolf's gonna come up867.064.44
yeah that one zombies up there yes here869.044.62
you come get him DP standing up they're871.54.079
gonna get up again oh oh boy off they873.664.26
went uh go back around ma'am if you see875.5795.161
that wolf show them how to do steps yeah877.924.32
where is it oh yeah the wolf is he's880.743.06
going up the steps I see you oh okay get882.243.36
my door back up yep here he comes here883.85.219
he comes he's up there he goes oh yeah885.65.52
are they attacking my my oh here she889.0193.541
comes she's not attacking the ground891.123.24
they're uh they're really jumping up try892.563.66
to get you where'd that wolf go uh he's894.365.279
climbing the stairs again okay ma'am oh896.226.359
I told you I told you all right oh here899.6394.741
he comes902.5794.38
yep there he went okay did he get him904.384.56
nope he's still up okay he's gonna take906.9593.541
forever neebs yeah there's gonna be a908.943.78
catch a catch cage here next time when I910.54.26
build a little more oh full of like912.724.619
spikes and blades um yeah he going914.764.8
around uh no he's going back up back up917.3393.901
yeah he's going back up the stairs hey919.563.66
guys we got like a Wandering horde921.244.26
running in front of the the base right923.224.58
now oh that's not good925.56.12
they're moving past holy crap oh yeah a927.86.039
bunch of demons holy crap yeah it931.625.04
doesn't look pretty hey demons won't you933.8394.201
come over here to me936.663.179
leave the base alone938.044.5
hey oh wow that is uh that is a pile939.8395.961
album come on follow me boys942.543.26
home run948.484.049
where is the trainer because I need some952.946.48
food ah957.246.779
[ __ ] where am I God my throat feels like959.427.12
a bucket of sand964.0195.401
oh I think I know where I'm at okay966.544.5
come on baby969.426.68
come on the [ __ ] is that oh971.045.06
thank God979.323.78
thank God Trader Jen980.884.37
I'm here983.14.34
oh my God I didn't I had no all right987.448.579
calm down calm down oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]991.1999.181
holy crap all right oh [ __ ] that wasn't996.0199.041
ready either good God okay okay1000.388.0
oh there you are buddy1005.068.3
wow wow okay come on1008.387.6
I really want you to blow up that'd be1013.363.26
there you are oh1017.8997.44
that was fun that was fun not glad1021.826.519
you're out and about but uh still good1025.3394.921
all right Simon five four three two one1030.2610.559
boom we got a V8 engine yeah I don't see1035.9196.88
it yet ah it's the best engine available1040.8194.26
it holds more gasoline but also uses1042.7994.38
more can only be built by the mechanic1045.0794.921
that's me so now with this I can craft1047.1795.401
this and boom all right that's gonna1050.05.28
take about three and a half minutes oh1052.585.28
so we I so I can't see it for a reason1055.285.279
so that countdown to the three two one1057.864.38
yeah that was just to making it yes1060.5593.841
right oh so now we gotta make the other1062.243.9
thing okay I'm just saying that in the1064.43.06
future that wouldn't be a good time to1066.143.419
do a countdown because you expect to1067.464.26
have a reveal it was a reveal no no1069.5594.74
there was no reveal not for you for me1071.724.44
there was a reveal oh I got off you1074.2994.38
didn't get off right so you're selfish1076.164.2
aren't you you're a selfish lover1078.6794.561
sometimes yeah yeah I could see that in1080.365.12
all right Simon you want me counted down1087.946.54
this time uh sure three two one cup boom1090.389.0
our first gyrocopter look at that1094.487.72
it's beautiful what I'm thinking uh1099.384.44
where's the golf cart I can take the1102.23.359
golf cart pick it up and maybe do a1103.825.16
thick rescue I think Dora had it okay so1105.5595.761
yeah I could use that to rescue thick or1108.984.62
um or [ __ ] him but no no no let's not do1111.324.56
that [ __ ] him no no no no I don't want1113.64.56
to rescue him [ __ ] him no no I like the1115.884.26
rescue thing [ __ ] them why did you even1118.164.139
bring it up because [ __ ] him really yeah1120.147.26
[ __ ] him okay oh [ __ ] [ __ ]1122.2995.101

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