These Shoes Make Me Invisible?! - (Minecraft Ep 10)

Hey guys, I am so excited to tell you all about the latest episode from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel! In this video, Thick discovers sho...
These Shoes Make Me Invisible?! - (Minecraft Ep 10)
These Shoes Make Me Invisible?! - (Minecraft Ep 10)

These Shoes Make Me Invisible?! - (Minecraft Ep 10)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen this video where we find these crazy shoes that make me pretend to be invisible in Minecraft? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a good one! I still can't believe you thought you were actually invisible with those shoes on, Neebs.

appsro: I know, right? And then Thick finds shoes that freeze water? What a wild episode. Definitely one of my favorites.

neebs: Haha, yeah, and let's not forget Dora working on her secret project in the background. I can't wait to see what she's up to.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, I am so excited to tell you all about the latest episode from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel! In this video, Thick discovers shoes that can freeze water, while Neebs gets his hands on some shoes that make him feel invisible - how cool is that? Appsro and Simon are digging away, and Dora is working on a secret project that we don't get to see just yet - the suspense is killing me!

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you'll definitely want to check out their mod setup in the video linked in the description. And don't forget to subscribe to their channel if you haven't already - they always have such entertaining content that never fails to make me smile.

I love that Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs, and you can even join their Discord server to chat with other fans. Plus, they have their own coffee blend - Neebs Gaming Coffee, which I definitely need to try out soon. And if you're a Minecraft fan, they have a whole playlist dedicated to their Minecraft adventures that you won't want to miss.

The music in this video is always on point, and I love how they credit the artists in the description. It really shows how much they care about the content they create.

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all right one more chest I'm a treasure1.464.69
map oh boy4.716.12
okay Oh hates women why's it so hard I'm6.157.52
swimming battlefield10.832.84
Oh boots I don't want to drown let's see13.8412.279
Tory frost wha-oh frost Walker I heard21.27.919
about these okay I want to go undone26.1195.961
let's see third person can I do it oh29.11910.26
sweet ice yes like ice man this is great32.089.4
what happens if I do this chap chap chap39.3792.551
chap chap41.485.94
oh I sank so I sang song Sun sank this41.938.43
is awesome I could walk this whole place47.426.599
and just ice it over if I want it to you50.365.339
see if I can trap this squid under ice54.0194.941
not that I'm a sick individual but Oh55.6996.93
yep yep there we go come on come on58.967.81
are you stuck oh oh oh it's disappearing62.6296.901
okay so it melts makes sense mount the66.777.08
Sun this is awesome though whew I need69.536.769
to find some drowns for you and drowns73.857.189
icewalker ice Walker Texas Ranger76.2994.74
nice landing Simon thank you sir98.084.72
all right hey you want to see what I've101.34.56
been working on sure okay so it's102.85.79
nighttime you get afraid and you can't105.864.92
make it to your house uh-huh you're over108.594.86
here right say like your a your us110.784.68
creeper or your a skeleton and I'm like113.453.66
Oh up you can't get me I'm running like115.463.63
this right and then I run around and117.113.51
then you're a dumb skeleton so you're119.093.69
like I know a shortcut I'll cut straight120.623.78
through but then you fall into my cactus122.783.33
trap you think that's gonna work124.43.779
yeah you think that they're gonna try to126.114.23
cut through it's quicker in it I mean it128.1794.411
is but I mean I'll be curious to see it130.344.05
work would that be cool though it would132.593.93
be and then listen let's say you're134.393.75
running around and I don't know you fall136.524.23
in you like up I'm as dumb as a skeleton138.144.32
I fell in you come over here there's a140.754.47
door go in the door shut that open the142.464.65
gate shut the gate front stairs up145.223.81
there's a hatch boom Wow147.114.89
I'm safe again it's amazing yeah like149.036.03
you are an amazing individual I should152.05.31
probably work in national security Shh155.064.86
don't tell anybody that's Emily that's157.314.74
how they control you but I would be the159.924.17
one controlling cuz I'm Oh cuz you're so162.054.32
okay well good yeah just take care of me164.094.38
yeah I'm going to oh you know what166.375.94
no Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing it's raining168.475.43
bread I'm gonna go steal some of that172.314.2
thing you got growing what oh you mean173.94.98
my bamboo yep let me take some okay but176.514.86
thanks you replant it yeah I just gave178.884.26
you bread there shouldn't be a181.3715.66
you know rules hey you know that mine183.1420.34
you found with the rails yeah where are197.039.03
you I'm outside your house looking up at203.484.92
it oh nothing yell this much anymore206.066.09
yeah I see on the roof I think hey how208.45.91
are you good you want that down there uh212.154.53
yeah where's your mind I will bring you214.314.05
there in a moment216.686.12
oh okay um let me uh yes let me um yes218.366.59
okay I will let you um yes thank you I222.88.01
will just sit here why um yes hi are you224.9516.09
doing yeah but let me just I want it230.8113.44
since their stuff let me just burn and I241.045.25
don't need to burp okay no more that244.2511.94
reverb come over here good ink sac seeds246.2913.05
flower alright you ready sure you got256.194.289
any more stuff you want to throw out I259.342.399
kind of want to just put this in my260.4793.121
chest and it's on the way so follow me261.7393.961
okay okay yeah just need to know where263.63.6
it's at yeah I know I know265.72.67
well I kind of want to go down there267.23.05
with you because I'm out of everything268.373.99
through half of what you had out well270.256.45
that's just materials down this hatch272.367.11
nope nope that's my man cave I'm working276.75.23
on that stay out oh I will stay out okay279.473.15
I'm ready follow me all right hey Katie282.624.74
we got to push where we going this way284.724.89
right here how you been I'm good man287.364.26
just working on the you know trying to289.613.84
make the comfort comfortable home291.624.41
setting yeah yeah I get it I'm working293.455.37
on a big Mayan you know with with rails296.035.34
oh so I need rails and usually these298.823.78
little mines that I know you have found301.373.51
they have rails yes plenty there are302.63.99
rails down here and this for the most304.884.47
parts untapped I mean died down here I306.594.34
think once thick maybe did about309.353.379
eight times I'm not sure you guys went310.932.97
all the way to the bedrock huh312.7293.181
uh-huh I forget what number it is I313.93.9
think it's like 12 it's a it's like the315.914.14
lava bed like that's the safest place to317.84.26
dig down to okay because then he could320.053.679
dig straight you won't hit lava yeah322.065.01
okay this is where we're pick and I got323.7295.021
we've got a little crafting table here327.074.53
forged as well thick made perfect I'm328.755.52
here nothing in that chest but yeah we331.64.349
got a spawner right here that we've334.273.899
blocked off will spider spawner oh thank335.9494.771
you haste bodies there's the rails man338.1696.72
yeah go to town I'll see you in a little340.725.97
bit I'm in your butt yeah I need you I344.8893.0
need you to move so you don't suck the346.692.97
rails in your butt uh-huh you're still347.8894.141
okay thank you for that rail sir thank349.664.44
you don't you don't be mad I brought not352.033.419
bad I'm just saying you were sucking it354.13.3
in your butt and I need the rails355.4494.261
okay suck em in my butt yeah suck em up357.44.049
to that but that button takes a lot done359.713.66
it ooh hey good luck361.4493.9
thank you but sucker yeah well that363.377.729
sucked the but first is that thing Oh365.34910.861
see it's like a wobble call waterfall371.0998.711
but lava in a weird structure to Lava376.217.679
Falls huh this is like part of Mustafar379.818.31
you see let me see this it's a point of383.8898.191
interest of swartz hello Anakin obi-wan388.127.65
you hear ground get your legs chopped392.086.72
off this place is interesting yeah it's395.774.98
almost like a paradise to me398.85.22
whoo I want to climb this jump off the400.757.28
top into the water I'm gonna do that404.024.01
Donna yeah can I have a little more410.236.04
bamboo and some string oh yeah I've got413.335.25
a lot of both how do I separate them in416.276.48
my door just here shift-drag I'm just418.585.79
gonna do that I'll give you back what I422.753.48
don't use good and I'll give you that424.373.84
some of that there's a whole lot of each426.233.24
of them perfect428.213.18
so with bamboo you can make some called429.475.85
scaffolding and let's make no no wait431.397.08
can only make six wait nope here we'll435.324.68
make it we'll make it doesn't and we'll438.472.04
try that out440.02.94
okay sure scaffolding sounds good you440.515.28
coming yeah okay so I assume it's442.944.95
scaffolding like scaffolding what do you445.794.62
want to build scaffold your place I mean447.894.74
I don't I don't really I don't really450.414.59
need scaffolding well we should learn452.633.03
how it works455.02.28
shouldn't we yeah well then do it next455.665.79
to it we'll see come on okay so hmm457.288.25
let's say we're working here yeah oh so461.458.22
it's just basically a block oh do you465.535.82
like this I was trying to build around469.673.48
you just click the wait hold on break471.355.37
these there we go break this oh crap I473.156.33
broke all of it Simon yeah okay so let's476.724.95
say we're working here you just keep is479.484.77
it just going up well it's just like a481.674.41
block yeah but I just click the bottom484.253.27
and it goes up you don't have to bike486.085.55
aim up oh okay hold on now and now this487.525.85
is something you climb how does it work491.633.3
I assume you can just like go up and493.373.6
like work on it can you give it how do I494.934.2
get on it try space-like go maybe hit496.973.6
space like a ladder or something499.134.74
spacebar yep you're going up this is500.576.0
good now come down um503.876.45
like maybe Crouch now stop now go like506.575.28
right left can you go right and left or510.325.099
yep if I'm here go at this oh now you511.855.19
don't need to have two of them in it but515.4193.331
look you can go you can cross sideways517.044.35
if you had to all right so well imagine518.754.229
you had a whole wall of these I gotta521.393.71
listen so computer what's that money pay522.9795.761
scaffolding ah yeah neat sound real525.15.32
quick I owe you something from our528.744.16
adventure okay so back up neebs530.426.54
yeah what are you doing now532.96.13
ah did I get it nope I think Simon got536.963.27
him those are your three diamonds from539.031.6
all right540.232.74
ah found them down on the mines that540.635.34
doraleous had built diamonds like542.973.539
really yeah I felt like 12 of them546.5094.38
aren't they like is it's their minds548.3393.12
though right550.8893.481
yeah good for you abstract yo if you551.4595.341
give me two diamonds I'll give you a554.376.449
turtle helmet deal that was easy for now556.86.24
I can make a pickaxe560.8194.291
good deal now about that turtle helmet563.045.7
yep there you go BAM up yeah alright so565.115.43
what do I do with my diamonds what's the568.743.87
best thing for me to do a pickaxe sword570.544.32
but really the best thing is the572.614.02
durability just last forever alright I574.864.11
got I got stuff to do things to do so576.634.139
see you guys see ya I got a turtle578.974.89
helmet to make and a diamond pickaxe580.7694.8
thank you you're welcome to noobs you583.863.209
should make me a turtle helmet585.5694.561
actually what make that diamond pickaxe587.0695.551
then meet me at my house okay I got590.133.329
oh man this is high up wait I wonder if593.4599.81
I have these boots on if I'm gonna make601.564.8
ice if I fall and then I break my legs I603.2696.211
can see some face some villages a temple606.366.99
man this place is great all right here609.485.99
we go613.352.12
that what get that pickax yeah let's do627.934.69
let's do it all right I need you feel632.623.839
the last leg of this race all right it's634.455.759
a race yeah it's it's a project go get a636.4595.401
little bit quicker fan one more hand640.2093.991
well I'm beat I'd be proud to be your641.864.11
right-hand man644.24.11
thank you that's all for Conda yeah well645.973.869
that's what I'm here to do I'm here to648.313.54
be kind today oh you're in it you're in649.8394.711
that mood huh I'm in a great mood yeah I651.853.69
built this tunnel654.553.27
it's pretty long tunnel but I and655.543.27
obviously I'm gonna be able to rail657.822.79
system and I'll show you where it's658.813.089
gonna hopefully take us660.613.3
okay wait speed it up it's run a little661.8994.651
bit all right running wait as soon as663.914.44
you say run you stop feel that no yeah666.552.909
I'm sorry I was just looking at stuff668.354.02
all right looking good man like this is669.4597.07
really nice very impressive thank you672.378.0
hello hey Ellie hi I just made a iron676.5296.881
block like a whole block of iron is that680.374.92
what you need to make a Belvedere683.419.359
yeah all right it's night time we got a685.299.76
bodyguard we should call him Kevin692.7694.531
Costner what are we gonna call this guy695.056.24
Kevin Costner do you like that nope how697.35.46
you gonna act it's exciting huh701.295.58
I like this my friend Kevin few funny of702.765.55
everybody fought that way when they706.873.329
fought both arms straight up and down708.312.94
two hands710.1993.421
yeah I bet Kevin peed his pants all the711.254.74
way his ankle off a bed so hey a cat713.624.5
there's a creeper right down here names715.994.32
right by whatever this magic test you've718.122.54
in here Kevin just saved your life mine720.664.53
yep uh-huh right here you see where I'm722.944.23
looking creeper yeah you might want this725.193.57
not here cuz it's gonna surprise buddy727.173.87
he's locked on me yeah he's happy there728.763.54
oh you won't leave him731.043.48
yep okay well I'll make him come out732.33.87
here then I can't wait for it to make734.522.22
you gonna take him towards Kevin does736.743.78
Kevin fight these I don't know Kevin get738.274.02
him why wouldn't he does he not740.524.14
recognize him at all it has no beef with742.295.01
creepers what's up with that laid him744.664.8
into the ax trap you already tried that747.32.88
okay maybe I did it wrong alright this750.184.5
is your problem I'm leaving should hop752.823.54
in the top it hop down in there754.684.59
Kevin come on you just walked right by756.365.94
yeah okay have a good night noobs yep be759.273.57
you too you had a lot to work on Kevin762.844.79
hit that with a pickaxe Ford well come771.628.04
on now is this what we're doing yeah775.564.1
there is what Oh remember that's right792.538.02
my rail cart should take me all the way797.674.47
down here to this river and I'll800.553.03
building a little station down there802.143.42
I'll be able to haul in resources like803.583.06
wood because I don't know if he can805.5611.94
really look around here but what do you806.6413.41
think you're doing what do you think get817.54.32
going you hitting him with a shovel Wow820.055.64
very nice okay all right just eat some821.827.62
bread some and you'll be fine whoops825.696.139
you have a problem with that don't you I831.8294.281
do I constantly don't know how to eat833.5094.74
yeah this is gonna be the start of836.114.329
something awesome Simon yes it is I'm838.2496.39
gonna transform this place and I'm gonna840.4396.84
be your helper and you're gonna pay me844.6395.55
and die but we got digging for diamonds847.2795.011
but you don't have much diamonds we're850.1894.231
gonna pay me and die listen I'll pay you852.294.019
and Dom is if you actually help I will854.423.089
of course I'll help856.3093.81
okay okay hey might have a deal I'm a857.5094.86
good helper yeah I just want to have860.1194.26
more diamonds than neebs can ever get on862.3694.68
his own that might be tough come on hey864.3794.11
you might go down in the mines with me867.0493.27
cuz I am gonna need some materials to868.4893.9
make this rail track I need a bunch of870.3196.671
materials I can be your little baby boy872.3897.691
are you stuff grows like crazy what what885.1298.05
oh okay so uh you have any metal very893.1796.15
little why I thought we'd build an anvil897.1994.35
see what we can do with it um I think899.3297.911
I've got to iron three you got two oh I901.5497.741
don't see how we're gonna do business907.244.209
you got two I didn't think we had a plan909.294.829
I had to make some good tools what kind911.4494.521
of tools are you making the basic914.1196.33
pickaxe shovel sword what okay yeah I915.977.0
just didn't realize oh wow worried about920.4494.56
my tools what's his table work it's an922.972.729
enchanting table925.0095.94
he put Luna Luba Xue Xue xue's oh um I925.6997.23
just had this weird voice in my head930.9493.99
that said put bookshelves around it I'll932.9293.66
put bookshelves around can we make our934.9395.07
own books hello dick hey we're in936.5895.94
Darrell's house you are yeah hey do you940.0094.2
know how to use this thing oh the942.5293.691
enchanting I've used it before it's yeah944.2094.141
probably not to its lips nah that's the946.223.839
wrong button all right I'm not gonna948.352.19
shoot you950.0593.541
uh yeah put the thing in here do you950.544.649
have an enchanted do you enchant books953.63.51
here or do you have to have an enchanted955.1894.861
book oh wait a minute chicken or egg has957.114.47
nope can't do it yeah you need the960.055.28
lipids got that the Lupus see me lupus961.585.37
it seemed clear when we said think you965.333.98
know how to use it because I'm using966.955.04
listen I've used it there's something969.314.72
else that I've used but he's sorted oh971.992.64
so I'm getting sharpness one or sharpest974.634.95
one look at that enchanted it used it976.824.65
chanted so are done979.583.93
noobs use your ears I still don't981.474.56
understand what you said I put the blue983.514.77
stuff where it shows to put the blue986.033.84
stuff and then you put your sword in the988.283.21
other slot or whatever yeah I'm gonna989.873.48
get blue stuff I've got blue stuff for991.493.6
you okay let me do my make you some your993.355.1
blue stuff then I'll put it in I can is995.095.79
it in there nope well then get out real998.453.75
quick okay I don't know if it'll stay1000.883.54
maybe have to hand it to you1002.23.3
alright go ahead and look in there now1004.423.15
did you hand it to me no okay it didn't1005.54.56
stay all right here we go Lupe's OOP is1007.573.3
I can pay you back1010.062.52
boobs oobs I got some of this myself1010.873.45
diamonds are cool so I go like this and1012.584.05
then I put it like a sort of here that's1014.325.91
a brand new one up oh crap I didn't mean1016.634.65
it just wow1020.232.76
you click on it as done doesn't it yeah1021.283.75
because that means you wanted that well1022.994.41
I wanted I wanted to read more though1025.034.2
you collected anyway it was your lupus1027.44.41
lupus so what's the thing you need to to1029.234.08
enchant things wouldn't you have a book1031.813.84
is that an amble I don't know but yeah1033.313.629
you should build some bookshelves I1035.653.419
threw your stuff back there okay anyway1036.9394.65
that's I guess that's all right thanks1039.0694.62
noobs got a sword now it's sharp be1041.5894.591
careful okay you can uh wonder you can1043.6894.65
have these boots there enchanted oh wow1046.183.72
I don't know what they mean I haven't1048.3393.361
tried them on kind of about vanishing1049.95.22
did I get them I don't know today or1051.75.4
possibly unlucky day leather boots curse1055.124.41
of vanishing what's that when on feet1057.15.16
went on feet feel like I'm being trolled1059.535.13
here it says person it I've got boots on1062.263.93
right now that makes the ice under my1064.662.7
feet when I walks on water1066.192.7
come on1067.365.43
you can vanish run go I'm gonna watch1068.898.31
you run kid you're right you're1072.7921.6
invisible where'd he go me I can't see1077.221.69
him oops a trap you'll die1094.398.97
ooh what what's happening here they1098.896.029
wouldn't fall in it so I thought if I1103.362.88
put Finn's here uh-huh1104.9193.451
they'd be confused they'd go oh I1106.244.2
usually can't go over fence and then be1108.374.62
tempted to go over it oh it's a sure1110.446.359
plan okay bye see ya but you won't see1112.9911.22
me hey boo I dubbed this the cyber taps1116.7999.691
for a mud hole very nice all right I'm1124.213.93
gonna give you a lesson in mining1126.493.75
efficiency Simon all right so I've1128.143.84
obviously dug a little ways down here1130.242.67
but uh1131.982.699
so you basically you can pick either1132.914.17
side I'm gonna pick the right side okay1134.6794.651
so here's what you start doing you start1137.083.87
just carving all right and then you1139.334.29
carve as far as you want to go uh-huh1140.955.9
then you take a lift and then you carve1143.627.08
three blocks over and then you come back1146.855.98
and then you keep on going keep on going1150.76.359
keep on going oh okay and then this and1152.835.699
then you're out okay so the reason this1157.0593.12
is efficient is because you get to see1158.5294.26
all the blocks around you I like it so1160.1796.45
right here there you go okay and I and I1162.7897.411
choose the amount that I want to go in1166.6295.55
yeah you can go as far as you want to1170.23.809
now you said make a left but if I wanted1172.1793.69
to match up at the same place I would1174.0093.841
make it right I would take a right and1175.8695.52
you said three blocks very dark in here1177.858.899
put a torch down boom boom all right huh1181.3897.321
mmm going over1186.7495.441
uh-huh and then come back and come on1188.716.569
back come on come out come in come on I1192.195.64
should see you I'm starting to see stuff1195.2795.46
you should pop out yeah they are1197.835.219
boom yeah and Simon what we're looking1200.7395.4
for is gold all right any gold you find1203.0494.74
I'm gonna need the goal to complete the1206.1393.331
track but guess what we're also deep1207.7894.23
enough Simon will you like fine diamond1209.476.269
that's it oh boy oh I love what you did1212.0197.98
do it old timey guy me too Simon you're1215.7397.32
gonna find the diamond Oh diamonds here1219.9995.701
we come all right start digging Bubba1223.0594.651
you got1225.724.979
good good dude dude dude that's wrong1250.67911.261
yeah I found is it it's it like a1258.258.4
turquoise greenish is that time in how1261.947.469
do I tell whole lawns your pickaxe I was1266.655.97
uh come on oh wait a second what did I1269.4098.4
pick up I don't know um what is it I1272.626.51
don't know1277.8093.72
pick it up well I thought I did pick it1279.135.96
up tonight not pick it up hold on boy1281.52911.041
just we be patient diamond yes then1285.0910.209
there's one hold on a second1292.5710.8
got three four five diamond oh man this1295.29910.86
is good good1303.375.7
that's right now I don't even need to be1306.1596.931
nice to anybody anymore that's right I1309.076.02
love money and what it does to our1313.0910.98
personalities yeah some just snuck up on1315.099.76
me okay1324.074.77
got a couple zombies incoming okay okay1324.856.0
let me get my shield there's a spider1328.844.469
horse there's a spider now what to kill1330.8511.569
this one oh boy there's a skeleton now1333.3099.11
okay.what spider no the spiders gonna1343.894.21
fall for this he's like you can climb1346.5393.39
walls and stuff I just like watch me1348.14.29
that's a fast little spider yes thank1349.9297.591
God come on hey here we go it's dead on1352.397.35
this side thick confuse them how's the1357.527.7
cactus thing working noobs yep working1359.747.77
effective this is great1365.225.89
Wow smart enough now base go back to1367.515.46
zombie school well they're going to1371.113.33
zombie heaven right now1372.974.679
okay well done thanks Travis we're proud1374.445.31
of your noobs you look so dumb earlier1377.6498.181
and now just half dumb yep1379.756.08

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