There's a KILLER BUNNY in Minecraft! - (Minecraft Ep 11)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the Minecraft series on their YouTube channel, you're in for a treat with the...
There's a KILLER BUNNY in Minecraft! - (Minecraft Ep 11)
There's a KILLER BUNNY in Minecraft! - (Minecraft Ep 11)

There's a KILLER BUNNY in Minecraft! - (Minecraft Ep 11)

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neebs: Hey Appsro, did you see that killer bunny in Minecraft Ep 11? That thing was hopping mad!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs, that killer bunny was no joke! I almost lost my carrots trying to outrun it!

neebs: Ha! Thick kept getting in touch with nature while we were facing down that beast. Classic Thick move.

appsro: Yeah, and Simon's old friend just kept on trucking through the chaos. Nothing can stop that guy!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're a fan of the Minecraft series on their YouTube channel, you're in for a treat with the latest episode. The boys are taking on a killer rabbit in this one, and things are getting pretty intense. Appsro finally finishes his railway project, Neebs manages to catch a zombie villager, Simon's old friend is still on his epic journey, Dora discovers the first slime, and Thick has some hilarious encounters with nature.

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what whoa whoa whoa2.6894.201
Galia stuck there what you doing buddy13.1996.521
you know getting some stuff in order15.914.89
what are you doing buddy19.724.979
looking to go on an adventure yes the20.86.42
southeast I believe has not been yes24.6994.83
that's close thank you I'm down for that27.223.569
can I show you something real quick yeah29.5292.791
follow me okay30.7893.421
might as well it's gonna be fun love32.323.629
hurt is it huh it's not gonna hurt is it34.214.559
no my dogs won't get you either or your35.9494.471
cat oh they get along that's good yeah38.7693.421
they all get along great come down here40.4212.12
man cave and cave okay look at this then42.1912.689
come here oh my god you could you could52.544.399
charge people to come here I want to54.87910.231
let's go how much you got nice place Hey56.93910.57
hope you don't mind I was I cannot right65.113.299
there yeah67.5092.581
oh wow would you put that there like a68.4093.57
manhole in your yard I just did it I70.093.0
hope you don't mind it's not that71.9792.581
intrusive right Wow73.093.18
no because I have a way to your house74.563.3
now exactly yeah76.274.02
goes right down into the man cave so so77.864.11
if doraleous needs anything you just go80.294.47
through his tunnel no going through your81.974.53
stuff yeah go enjoy noobs I want to see84.765.27
you from right here okay86.53.53
for non Club members okay I'll work on97.154.2
cool Adventure Time adventure time101.353.71
Simon just fell again man yeah I was121.025.919
doing science okay so I don't mind dying124.06.33
is that a big deal in this game a chance126.9396.181
stuff yeah I got away if yours did130.335.67
anyway you can never die guaranteed that133.126.33
seems silly um so yeah sure do you have136.06.69
a way I'll let you do that okay if you139.455.64
fixed my sword for me I don't know if I142.694.59
can do that but I'll try okay hold on so145.094.83
here's I'm gonna do I'm gonna well this147.285.67
work mm let's get rid of this do that149.926.0
that's a vine Simon okay I'm gonna plant152.955.7
vines everywhere now then they grow they155.926.599
just grow like crazy Oh perfect but can158.655.85
you plant the vines what is that sound162.5194.821
beholden look at his hand you see this164.54.11
Lea didn't it is it a lead you don't168.615.909
need that lady or zombie oh okay all170.8294.88
eggs and okay Simon you here yeah I'm175.7098.65
right here did you have this did you182.683.63
have to stop doing what you were doing I184.3594.141
mean the gate right there right lead186.315.19
this is gold this it wasn't gonna drop188.54.079
the lead yeah191.53.389
I've got a lead so proud of you buddy192.5793.601
all right where were we194.8893.481
I don't know you were you I'm serious196.186.3
abd lost his lead then you wouldn't have198.378.429
a lead exactly okay yeah a couple days202.485.939
here we'll just put them everywhere see206.79912.361
what happens right oh no gold gold208.41913.771
all right this is what daddy f throw me219.164.949
baby all right how much have I got so222.193.629
far six that's it224.1094.53
I'm gonna need a lot more hey hop did225.81910.23
you forget to turn yourself off I'm just228.63910.281
I'm just mining for gold and metal so236.0496.11
just come back at me later238.9212.549
let's go off he's nice huh yeah should242.15910.961
get one of these yeah I wouldn't mind251.4694.47
one of those often II think Simon's253.126.66
fallen who probably whenever he got255.9395.64
close I took about I would probably fall259.786.93
on it too so wampie it looks quite261.5797.741
swampy indeed we know it comes with266.717.94
swamps frogs yep all the frogs uh and269.328.849
witches look at that whoa274.654.75
all right should we leave the horses278.1693.75
here and yeah let's go with my foot I279.45.46
don't want you to yeah Oh crazy woman281.9197.05
all right don't see her take her easy284.866.239
take her easy I think it are easy can't288.9695.25
wait to looter place yeah Oh291.0995.851
what what what hold on hold on what's it294.2193.63
about what's the button296.953.74
she might be booting a boot you see her297.8497.261
don't neither just this pig this pig300.697.51
might be her you know witches yeah well305.114.559
no it's in water so it would have308.25.79
probably burst into flames okay well she309.6699.24
there no I didn't see her Oh can't you313.998.04
climb up vines ha ha there we go yeah318.9097.081
she there ah no oh you can steal322.035.819
everything there's nothing there's325.993.75
nothing in here just a mushroom and oh327.8495.401
well that was lackluster indeed me me329.744.53
should we hunt her down333.253.51
I suppose so we can't we can't let her334.276.63
like Old Salem witch hunt come out now336.768.519
which one out Bernie a mistake I see a340.96.59
Oh Oh I'm going up on that whoops348.754.77
I'll get it from the back you get it352.233.69
from the front oh wow nope is that how353.524.14
you want to do this seems like good355.923.87
strategy yeah I don't know where their357.665.07
front is now where'd you go I I was oh359.795.7
I'm looking at her she's heading toward362.7329.07
me I'll lure her oh she got a bunny kill365.4928.85
her bunny Wow391.88.49
sorry think you died from a bunny that's394.346.91
a shame400.294.62
I'll watch your stuff neebs401.257.38
yeah I was killed by killer bunny oh wow404.915.31
wouldn't tell anybody that yeah I need408.634.17
my horse okay thank you410.225.88
oh my horse huh yeah I don't mind how412.84.59
come I can't ride it because there's no416.15.49
saddle no there's another one yeah this417.396.6
is am I am i poisoned wipe things coming421.594.35
off me you have a mohawk does that count423.994.89
no no I've got oh yeah I've got like no425.945.07
oh it's like I'm still poisoned you need428.883.72
to drink milk you need to make a bucket431.013.57
you need to go find a cow and drink some432.62.22
need to go get my stuff okay cow for434.825.099
bunnies very funny bunny is on the money437.111.819
nope sure is sunny feel like I've been439.91913.411
off more like at you with this track I448.9195.971
always feel like oh yeah I have enough453.333.18
rail to finish this side a bit it's not454.894.89
to be it run out it really makes me456.515.37
respect the guy felt like the railroad459.784.56
you know it's holy crap461.884.319
lay all that track across the entire464.344.56
entire country that would have been a466.1994.651
ton of work I'm just trying to go for my468.92.87
house to a mountain470.853.39
I'm out except for power is crap them487.787.18
right here come on man alright steed a491.35.369
little bit more metal a couple more494.965.6
rails and boom we're at the mountain496.6696.09
castle have sure it's gonna look great500.565.4
it's gotta get here should I feel like a502.75912.27
subway station around is that funny505.9612.129
oh no I know it was hilarious I wouldn't515.0296.361
tell anyone that oh I told needs I think518.08911.25
oh hey can you see me No ah yeah come to521.399.21
me okay529.3393.0
we might have to hole up in the witch's530.64.049
house a little hot I'm gonna burn that532.3394.201
place down well let's stay through the534.6493.571
night for I follow these torches it's536.544.109
straight down the torches okay and then538.224.94
I'll meet you in the hut okay okay540.6495.071
alright nope and you can't you killed543.164.119
the bunny yeah I'm gonna give you that545.724.23
meat oh okay thank you that make you547.2793.481
feel a bit better549.953.449
yes yes that would make me feel550.765.67
wonderful okay okay553.3995.43
thank you yeah thank you I didn't do556.434.29
anything now is hilarious he died from a558.8296.121
bunny okay it was a little bunny I know560.7213.47
rhymes are funny not funny hey seven564.9515.12
yeah I really feel like associations574.198.339
write like this like this the whole like580.074.35
I mean the first was bad but this is582.5294.68
like next-level bad listen this is why I584.425.359
moved here cuz there no homeowners587.2094.231
ahankhah pshh589.7793.37
you're right though this is why they591.444.43
have them for crazy people like me yeah593.1495.341
you want to put an old boat that doesn't595.874.719
run for ten years somewhere in the yard598.495.339
I heard you guys talking about having600.5895.25
like places connected to your place so I603.8294.021
figured I connect two apps Rose place605.8393.661
from my place607.853.15
yeah if like tunnel would have been the609.57.59
way to go or this yeah okay well I'm611.09.78
gonna keep doing your vines and probably617.096.18
gonna jump on get a real estate agent620.784.59
look around I'm gonna need some vines623.275.15
along this whole thing that I just did625.379.26
yeah okay so you know all right628.426.21
gorgeous sure thank you ah you gonna lay634.8712.7
down thick yeah my still bubbling on645.623.81
your screen I'm gonna get out of bed in647.573.72
one second I was pretty comfy you see649.433.57
I'm still bubbling on my screen you're651.294.35
not bubbling on mine oh well yeah I653.05.28
guess I'll lay down yeah I'm sure the655.644.62
other guys aren't gonna lay down okay if658.283.78
I burn this place down after we're done660.263.57
sleeping sure that makes sense to me662.064.62
okay because of the bunny bunny yeah663.835.31
good night Alice yeah good night thick666.685.1
you fall asleep you'd count rabbits669.145.25
jumping over your head maybe yeah I671.784.32
don't appreciate that it's a little674.395.55
fluffy fluffy rabbit with red eyes spawn676.16.06
from hell you might have PTSD after this679.943.84
actually gonna need some time to rally682.163.89
for any more jokes remind me not to683.785.64
spend Easter with you mister that could686.054.27
be a nightmare man689.423.48
Easter nightmare good night buddy good690.3212.03
night here comes Peter Cottontail Papa692.913.35
teeth is gonna die I swear I'm gonna702.359.96
kill you you could have used help you706.257.68
know like there's a creeper behind you712.315.07
well me whoa look at this uh what'd you713.933.84
call it717.383.69
wait that's one of those it's a villager717.775.85
we gotta trap this guy oh really all721.074.11
right you ready yeah you gotta build a723.623.06
trap oh crap725.183.96
so hey bud we gotta bring it bring him726.683.69
maybe we can trap in that little dirt729.143.33
hut we can built there okay hold on I'm730.373.63
right behind you okay all right hey732.473.42
buddy buddy hey come over here734.03.9
yep you lead them in I'll close it off735.893.81
I'll lead them in come on737.95.25
follow me into here is he after me okay739.74.71
ready left you come on743.153.72
so let me just uh ready help me build744.414.59
don't be billed no no I'll just get them746.875.97
in here watch come on welcome in one749.04.53
more thing like that752.844.41
alright one more move yep come on oh753.535.1
he's after me okay can you jump this757.254.82
block can he jump a book like back okay758.636.18
okay yeah run the other side by the side762.074.63
no he went out you came out the front764.814.74
cray alright we got this we got this yep766.75.22
listen I'm gonna lure min alright okay769.554.71
and then you are gonna block them in771.925.49
okay Mun get in here yep uh-huh did that774.265.13
uh-huh and you're coming out this way777.414.44
he's on me okay I'm gonna be trapped in779.394.17
here yep go ahead welcome in I think we781.853.45
did it I think we did it look at that783.562.58
now we just got to survive the night786.146.0
that's that's easy so easy we gotta787.46.57
build something I think well I could792.143.39
just go to my house well I'm afraid793.973.47
he'll despawn if I get too far away okay795.533.99
okay you got a bad things right okay797.444.21
I'll just stay here okay just stay here799.523.75
with you lock ourselves in we get weird801.654.08
good good night yeah we do we do each803.274.32
other's nails all right nothing right I805.734.83
can't see anything hold on torch huh807.594.98
yeah perfect man thanks for all your810.563.81
help tonight hey that's what I'm here812.572.13
all right now we wait tomorrow we Kyra814.75.1
zombie villager it's gonna be amazing817.555.19
the reveal is gonna be astounding in the819.810.11
morning okay let's let's light this822.7410.51
place up a little more829.916.909
a little bit more here in the bedroom833.257.769
and I put oh yeah right here in the bed836.8196.991
I can blow oh no wait other side boom841.0194.891
blow it out at night when I'm ready to843.817.86
sleep like good night oh yeah that's845.918.09
safe to come out uh yeah right yep okay888.77.06
you you check I'll stay here yeah we're893.095.13
clear man okay folks you don't know that895.764.74
for real today I know but daytime898.224.44
morning you know right sometimes things900.55.28
are flying okay so our zombie villager902.665.58
is still here I think we have to feed905.783.78
him we'll look it up but I think it's908.244.35
like a gold napping909.565.1
or do you yes I've been saving it that's912.593.69
my other trap looking what are some914.663.24
arrows down there do you want a golden916.284.56
apple yeah you got it on you yes okay917.93.87
let me grab these arrows real quick920.842.22
there we go921.773.54
oh I shouldn't have done this should923.064.35
I've done this I have no idea I'm in my925.313.78
menu oh you know what I'll nerd pull out927.412.1
of here929.094.2
why not okay cuz my ladder goes where I929.517.26
don't want to go okay not Bill here not933.296.18
bill and slab Oh can I give him this936.775.4
Apple I'm stuck down here hold on I'm939.474.86
trying to get out of here this is dumb942.174.23
am I gonna end up in the yep I'm in the944.334.46
house with him now yeah this is bad946.47.359
ruined it we gotta cover him you're958.935.14
gonna say we've ruined it great we did961.165.64
there I can't build in here these slabs964.075.28
I've done oh sorry so I got your stuff966.84.17
situation to be in974.113.24
thank you all right we're stupid980.536.7
I mean I'm stupid right you are but but983.845.34
I can't remember where I I don't even987.233.39
know how to get back to where I'm at989.184.68
there it is that's how dumb I am I'm new990.623.63
at this993.868.01
I'm not yeah yeah we're gonna get this994.2511.52
right oh yeah slime yeah but we do with1001.876.75
it uh probably kill it right don't you1005.774.49
kill it just in case it turns into a1008.624.6
scary situation all right1010.266.44
I just Oh what oh yeah I hit it and it1013.225.33
turned into two slimes yep they do that1016.74.74
mm-hmm okay okay1018.556.279
yay Oh black cat1021.445.94
what black cat a black is that good oh1024.8295.13
my God look at that cat where's the1027.384.68
kitty right here there's a kick kick1029.9592.75
kick kick1032.063.75
that's I'm looking at a cow um it's1032.7097.36
theirs okay I don't see that Oh Oh kitty1035.815.19
do you have anything for it like a watch1041.04.709
what do you mean I don't know what do1044.063.12
they I forget I've got a cat but I1045.7093.241
forgot how I got it yeah I don't know I1047.183.6
don't know how to get cats what was it1048.956.96
what was it oh yeah fish fish they like1050.787.68
it the fish where's it at I don't know I1055.916.39
just feel very trapped there it is kitty1058.465.73
you get it kitty can I give it to you do1062.34.65
you have a the other fish yeah I just1064.195.43
have a cooked fish maybe you can't give1066.954.35
it a cooked officially not a cooked fish1069.623.96
all right well let me go catch up yeah1071.36.89
trap the cat let me get a fish beer back1073.584.61
yeah see put a little bit there Oh can I1083.327.47
make it all the way where I want to go1087.263.53
another one yes I think this is it I1091.069.15
think this is it baby and oh yeah yeah1094.5510.86
yes ma'am boo this will be where I take1100.217.51
off a little uh like a little train1105.414.82
yeah oh man this beats walking1111.289.33
this beats walking so much1116.873.74
oh hey hey yes hey I've got one of these1136.412.07
uh trader guys here where where where1146.045.19
what he's up up by me out by the water1148.474.68
hello sir a lot of water around here1151.236.42
yeah by where us fishing with me there1153.154.92
we go1157.656.69
oh yes look at those look we can get1158.078.28
those I don't know if we can get them1164.344.95
but I just got to packed ice all right I1166.354.8
remember AB sorrow mentioning that he1169.293.54
wanted some yeah I don't know what to do1171.154.2
with that but I want one of these these1172.834.68
little great I don't know that we can1175.353.9
get them can we1177.515.37
I'm just gonna try something right you1179.255.01
are I'll bet you are1182.887.68
oh whoa whoa what just you kill him1184.268.79
what's still hitting me arrows1190.565.4
what from what no we spit now down and1193.055.39
spin to meet spin-dry notches hilarious1195.965.52
you're gonna die from one of these and1198.446.55
Antle Abbot in the same 24 hours killing1201.487.17
I this is great I don't want to1204.996.439
oh man look at my day Oh spit huh run1211.42910.261
that was a good one ah well guess we're1217.5996.13
both not getting one well I have a lead1221.698.159
can I can I can we can we get this did1223.72911.76
you get it this is the cat dude I'm so1229.8497.92
glad you pissed off the one yeah well1235.4895.341
yeah didn't mean to but I'm glad that1237.7694.59
you made fun of me during the whole time1240.832.969
I was spitting to me it was hilarious1242.3595.28
there probably was was this glorious yes1243.7996.33
I get a slime ball awesome1247.6395.071
yeah all right you good day I want to go1250.1294.29
home okay1252.713.24
I'll come back and burn this place you1254.4195.67
don't want the cat I have my hands full1255.955.939
you won't get the cab that will follow1260.0893.75
you over to got a cab do you want this1261.88915.66
and I'll get the cat yeah I've got a1263.83916.71
lead right here cute Oh give me lead1277.5496.72
okay whoops oh my god okay great alright1280.5497.811
now cat trying to give it this fish1284.2697.181
follow me to church okay1296.3495.05
this pig gets out of my way I know how1299.3593.93
to pick one up on the hill by the horse1301.3994.791
cake all right1303.2892.901
okay Simon I hope you're ready for this1307.7794.921
I'm as ready as you're gonna get1309.956.66
first off check this out bang that is a1312.75.29
minecart with a chest in it1316.613.24
alright so I can open it and all this1317.994.11
stone stuff I've built that I need to1319.854.53
use for the castle throw it in there hit1322.16.24
the button boom it's off Wow look at1324.384.38
alright now let me go get a few more1328.764.049
things all right my inventory was full1330.743.929
I'm kind of impressed and just staring1332.8093.12
at this thing should I lay down this1334.6693.63
this cart that I have yeah if you want1335.9293.661
to go ahead and let your cart down go1338.2994.081
for it alright down I'm gonna click in1339.596.38
it okay and I got all my other stuff and1342.386.299
let's see alright you go ahead and hit1345.974.0
the button and I'm right behind you1348.6793.0
alright hold on we'll hit the button1349.977.98
boom yeah this is nice come on now woo1351.67910.73
man it's beautiful1357.954.459
alright I'm liking it it's great thank1363.113.96
worth every bit of your work yeah I'm1367.074.829
catching up to you I just went right1369.714.23
through you I did technically helped1371.89910.681
with this did not you did wow that is so1373.949.62
I love that you can felt inside me boy1383.5613.29
it's long in it go backwards now1390.7312.15
backwards okay I don't know but let me1396.859.84
push me oh yeah head this is a1402.885.52
problem okay no we're good we're good1406.694.44
shift what the hell happened well I ran1408.44.56
into another cart that was coming back1411.134.53
oh wait now I'm turning okay so then1412.964.85
that way we need to go back that way1415.665.13
right way that yeah yeah yeah I'll push1417.814.06
you I'll give you a little shove here1420.792.55
should give me I'll give you a ship1421.873.06
give you a show that worked out there1423.343.84
you go look at that this is it we're1424.935.04
almost towards the Anna hope think so I1427.185.79
can't go I don't know is it in my1429.977.89
inventory it's kind of like the oh no oh1432.978.55
no what backing it up yeah are you1437.865.19
running into the first part is that1441.523.18
what's happening ass I thought I made1443.054.17
that clear okay yeah the first card slow1444.74.95
well the carts coming back down pull1447.224.8
back yeah pull back here I'll catch you1449.655.01
I can't you man gotcha alright alright1452.023.87
now I'll push you forward again yeah1454.662.88
we're almost there but yeah that oh that1455.894.8
first card is slow well it's not slow I1457.544.62
mean yeah of course it is it's still1460.693.51
work it's getting to the end yeah there1462.167.23
it's coming back holy what the jeez oh1464.27.32
now you're back okay good I got you see1469.394.08
you shoving you I like it though oh I1471.525.21
don't think I can shove you up there1473.473.26
all right come on come on all right stay1477.27.39
right there okay oh here stay what let1482.195.4
me bring you back okay members trying to1484.594.62
stop you just trying to stop your Simon1487.592.82
I don't know what to do besides just1489.212.16
stay here stay here1490.413.41
okay now you sit there a minute let me1491.375.13
alright that I'm perfect that I do it's1493.825.34
okay let's make it see okay boom and1501.356.1
going backwards yep going backwards see1504.94.62
ecords okay you got you all right well1507.453.57
just hop off now you're fine that's1509.526.0
there guys doraleous yeah Oh what's up I1511.025.37
got lost1515.523.84
oh well good and I lost I had a llama or1516.395.1
something and I lost that it's a good1519.362.67
yeah I don't know where I came from and1522.035.01
I lost Nick he died from a bunny by the1524.254.2
way I know I heard1527.043.75
so did I this is where my castles gonna1528.454.05
be doraleous that's great I need this1530.793.72
llama you'll find that llama I don't1532.55.55
know where'd you come from a swamp Oh1534.516.69
probably eat it that way right1538.055.55
take the left you'll be fine Oh Simon1541.25.28
shut it okay all right you know what was1543.64.2
happening right what I thought was1546.481.86
wait it was coming to the end and then1548.343.81
bouncing back gotcha all right so we1549.94.35
need to correct that well I think you1552.154.23
were bouncing off a disc cart know why I1554.253.93
was bouncing off the cart but the reason1556.383.24
why I was bouncing off the cart is cuz1558.184.35
your first initial cart that you sent it1559.625.22
went to the very end and then bounced1562.534.5
and then started to go backwards because1564.844.11
right now if you went back you were in1567.033.96
into it if you went backwards right now1568.954.17
and just rolled down I bet you'd go all1570.993.72
the way back cuz that's what he was1573.123.36
doing we should do science right I mean1574.713.21
that's what you know it does that right1576.483.42
oh yeah okay I'll figure all that out1577.923.27
later I just want to get all the stuff1579.93.03
out of here get it out put it in the1581.194.47
thing but points and stuff yeah points1582.935.58
and stuff all right yeah we're looking1585.664.68
good Simon damn right we are1588.514.95
I'm eating fish I'm feeling good feeling1590.345.43
fine I'm feeling I'm feeling alive1593.465.04
you know yeah never feel alive to the1595.774.02
point where you just want to kill1598.54.56
something oh you feel so alive you want1599.795.25
to take something's life yeah what do1603.063.75
you want to kill oh I don't know man but1605.043.57
something's got to die I feel so alive1606.812.32
a fish maybe finder a Lisa's llama he1609.134.08
went that way I wish I could find that1611.413.63
llama I really feel like killing a lung1613.215.46
I'll kill that llama oh man oh man this1615.047.08
is gonna be good all right well can I1618.679.72
kill can I kill whoa whoa no are you1622.127.49
are you busy on me you're on me hey1629.618.1
you're off me what the heck is your name1635.375.36
again slip up the game1637.717.74
slowpoke McGee look at you should I kill1640.737.33
you I was just looking at kill so maybe1645.453.78
I'll just kill a horse1648.064.04
you're lucky buddy1649.232.87

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