The Tomb of Floppy Peter - Minecraft

Minecraft - Today Neebs sets out on a quest for Floppy Peter's tomb, while Appsro and Anthony get ready to build their western town, and Simon and Dor...
The Tomb of Floppy Peter - Minecraft
The Tomb of Floppy Peter - Minecraft

The Tomb of Floppy Peter - Minecraft

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're as obsessed with Minecraft as I am, you're going to love the latest video from the gang. Neebs is on a mission to find Floppy Peter's tomb, while Appsro and Anthony are gearing up to construct their very own western town. And of course, we can always count on Simon and Dora to bring the laughs and chaos to the mix.

Don't forget to download the map featured in the video so you can explore it for yourself. Just unzip it into your Minecraft saves folder and follow the instructions in the video to ensure everything runs smoothly. And if you want to show your support for the channel, there's a cool Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt available for purchase. How awesome is that?

If you're curious about the music featured in the video, there's a handy list of all the tracks used. Plus, if you want to replicate the mods that Neebs and the gang are using, there's a video tutorial available for that too. And don't forget to check out their Folding@Home team and their Discord server for even more Neebs Gaming fun.

So grab your coffee, settle in, and get ready to embark on another epic Minecraft adventure with your favorite YouTube crew. From Apsro's Slum to Llama Rail Spicy, there's never a dull moment in the world of Neebs Gaming. Thanks for tuning in and supporting the channel - you rock! 🚀

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so Anthony is you can clearly see while13.0596.04
we were on our adventure the people of16.493.359
Africa Pia19.0992.581
well they just kept breeding and they19.8494.68
have expanded and now I have a slum yeah21.684.349
well you need somewhere to put them when24.5292.881
they're not you know working for you26.0293.511
well you're you're saying they could27.414.59
work for me yeah I think that's the29.543.24
because these people moved over here32.782.67
they start breeding they're breeding34.3992.671
like rabbits yeah they keep making more35.453.93
workers yeah oh it's an endless cycle37.074.11
that would be perfect for bread world's39.383.839
productivity that's why I'm thinking of41.184.05
bread world partnership with absoluto43.2193.721
Pia did you like the sample I gave you a45.234.32
bread all the sample was wonderful oh46.944.98
yes I'm gonna chew on it in a minute but49.554.56
I'm thinking of factory right here see51.924.26
everybody in the city has jobs but but54.113.6
these are these dirt people that moved56.182.73
in over here they don't have any jobs57.712.97
right they need a place to work yeah58.913.81
really just bring it down the place I60.684.14
don't like the overall feel right so we62.725.37
need a big dark evil factory to really64.825.31
lighten the mood yeah evil is the most68.093.9
important thing but yeah a factory right70.133.779
here to give these people some jobs yeah71.993.54
let's make a prototype be a great again73.9093.63
how can I do it and partnership between75.533.6
absolute Sophie and Fred well that77.5393.481
thinks the best way to do it huh it'll79.133.869
be great I love these wheat fields all81.023.989
right wheats see the people of our82.9993.72
village is gonna plan all this week85.0093.39
we're gonna make a factory we're gonna86.7193.451
be pumping out so much bread this is a88.3993.691
great new era for bread world90.174.85
cheers Cheers92.092.93
all right now what stop laughing95.3329.46
sorry beyond for you yep listen good I100.5826.91
realized I realized unless I I need to124.794.35
start with something so I'm just gonna127.494.43
start with just closing in the house129.145.73
okay and then block-by-block I'll try to131.924.84
figure out how I want to replace them134.875.55
and make it nice amazing like I just136.765.91
came up through the tunnel and now140.425.04
there's a roof are you in up through the142.674.47
tunnel like underneath my house again145.464.68
yeah he's in your house right now okay147.147.56
all right hey listen your buildings150.146.6
coming along actually putting working154.75.13
Wow I know I'm gonna actually finish156.746.05
this structure it will be enclosed159.837.02
completely hmm at some point so I'm just162.796.1
looking forward to it cool real quick I166.854.23
just want to say in the Indian forest168.894.02
behind your house there's treasure in171.084.44
there the fourth book behind bite what172.914.14
you mean like this way the way I'm175.523.3
looking this way yeah might be treasure177.052.88
in there all right come on anything178.824.26
might be your name Fred world quit score179.935.69
thank you183.082.54
I could check it out Simon if you'd like187.544.71
me to check it out before I build what190.6893.511
I'm gonna build next to you what do you192.254.049
well I couldn't I mean I mean we could194.23.869
check it out together I mean if there's196.2994.53
treasure oh boy I feel like this is some198.0693.661
it probably is noobs we might be201.735.399
diamonds yeah we'll be diamonds if204.734.11
there's three of them we all get it done207.1294.291
they're not gonna tell us what diamonds208.846.66
are bastards it's probably in a box what211.425.849
else could they store it in probably215.54.68
some thread back here it's bread I swear217.2694.321
I'm gonna kill everything they love you220.183.51
know what everything with bread then you221.593.42
guys go do your thing223.693.03
all right I'm gonna keep on building cuz225.014.229
I'm a man hey Simon we got pulled let226.724.379
out a howl or if it's diamonds and I229.2393.931
think the code word will be diamonds231.0999.51
oh okay that'll be good idiots okay233.179.78
bring him up here all right never tried240.6094.02
to bring a llama through a portal he's242.953.24
tethered to you so why don't you go244.6293.961
through and all right blue calm down246.194.68
anything hellish you're crazy look you248.594.019
don't know English you just well look250.873.39
his nose looks like a little sheep space252.6095.13
oh it does right that's hellish already254.265.969
you're perfect let's go all right there257.73911.761
it goes Anthony it's okay I think he260.22910.801
might be moving through get in there get269.56.419
in there he came through you're good the271.0310.109
lead yeah Oh wonderful come on lovely in275.9198.641
here Oh blue is curious he's looking all281.1394.021
yeah blues never seen anything like this285.163.27
he's probably frightened out of his286.92.67
little llama mind288.433.57
yeah probably scared beyond the point of289.575.339
rational thought absolutely got blue292.05.61
it's okay this is just this is just hell294.9095.311
welcome to keep an eye on them are you297.613.95
doing there buddy listen to300.225.419
crying back there don't worry blue301.566.06
getting such a chicken so we need blue305.6393.661
Blue's gonna help us carry some wood307.625.46
right believe so yeah that's the idea309.36.75
what oh yeah blue is a pack mule yeah313.084.86
we're working on western town finally I316.053.48
haven't finished the Train yet but it's317.943.0
getting close the tunnels there at least319.533.69
how sweet yeah so we could like you know320.945.9
at least go through it here a ghast323.225.97
those are gasps they're hellish326.843.91
creatures that sound like little babies329.193.21
which are also hellish creatures you330.756.03
know what that is blue yeah yeah a baby332.415.989
pig man baby let's get out of here this336.7812.359
place is hell348.3892.791
flu that's a baby pig man no don't look349.1393.84
at it blue those that's bad luck for at351.188.72
least 20 years come on Astro I'm coming352.9796.921
okay this the woods right what I think361.936.91
was that really that's a question like366.84.32
like the woods another's the what you368.844.98
know it's a woods absolute or they would371.124.38
well I don't know this is the woods373.823.48
behind his place or at least the closest375.54.68
thing to looking for treasure I've not377.36.45
been in this is great like it yeah it's380.186.14
like a what you call it botanical383.755.43
Arboretum surely there's what there's386.325.62
spider webs in here yeah my treasure389.184.53
I just just went right through one it's391.944.59
great yep in that fine don't you like393.715.4
feeling a spider web these days you can396.534.47
use it to build high I think that399.113.33
they're too they look great401.03.96
that's not I mean let's leave oh hey402.444.74
what I feel like we're in one of those404.965.82
movies like Narnia or neverending story407.185.97
just feel like we are going to go410.786.48
through what yes what is that something413.158.28
chewing it's a - no that's spider that's417.266.92
yeah this is weird to have this much421.435.55
spider stuff on a path like this this424.184.99
seems seems it yep426.984.65
I feel like I'm being set up here yep429.175.4
okay right behind you yeah okay this431.636.48
goes on forever doesn't it mm-hmm so434.577.38
thick Oh path off the path okay I feel438.115.31
like we should breadcrumb this huh441.953.48
well it's not that difficult it's443.424.2
probably took one turn yeah but I did445.434.89
write how could okay what the hell is447.623.63
going on here450.324.2
what kind of bushes are these I think I451.256.78
know what these are what I get sweet454.525.58
berries what what are they never had a458.032.94
sweet berry460.13.48
oh very it sounds wonderful I'm gonna460.973.93
get some more of these I'm going up here463.583.6
near desert going up here okay I'm464.94.11
watching yep everywhere like I don't467.184.47
know should have left Simon to do this I469.014.86
think what is that what's going on here471.656.45
hey hmm we got a structure up top okay473.876.84
ooh well we're getting close to absolute478.15.1
topia okay so there's spider webs all480.713.93
over this uh-huh483.23.57
going up this way you make of it I don't484.644.71
make anything of it486.773.93
treasure huh I feel like I'm gonna get490.76.49
what is that what wimp494.739.03
here we go hmm oh wait what something in497.199.96
his ho hold up up I just covered it up503.766.36
know what I mean to do okay okay I got507.153.48
the Jude510.125.31
I got Oh yep treasure that and hmm read510.638.099
this read this read this did you read it515.435.039
well no it's gonna stand back and like I518.7295.25
should go oh wait do I have to put it on520.4695.311
this or can I just read it never read523.9794.981
anything huh I'm taking a cover on this525.785.55
lectern I'm watching from here you might528.964.29
summon something remember like this531.334.5
might be like the end of Indiana Jones533.255.28
man like I'm gonna say a chant or535.834.11
something yeah and then and then your538.534.05
face is gonna melt hidden deep in the539.945.76
Necropolis of abstract Opia in the tomb542.588.66
of floppy Peter the legendary weapon I545.78.31
don't know how to turn pages okay oh551.247.36
it's one of one oh that's it554.016.69
hidden deep in the necropolis of Oz558.65.52
topia in the tomb of floppy Peter okay560.75.58
floppy Peter that's what we got that's564.124.65
underneath absurd topia can you remember566.283.63
that because I don't know how to pick568.775.94
this book up I couldn't oh hey that's569.916.84
great I'm friendly it's friendly okay574.7110.32
Simon just died all right well I'm 20%576.7510.28
all right after this is the beginning of587.034.51
the train station might lead to the589.263.93
western town but we should get wood591.543.63
first yeah no we'll drag blue over here593.195.13
Oh God butt hole that's a whole yard I595.174.95
pull the Simon Wow Wow598.323.57
holy moly fell right into that all right600.122.969
you know601.892.4
look we never think about Simon he603.0892.67
doesn't so often but that looks like it604.291.799
yeah with sand soft it was a softball606.0895.011
okay let's get I got all this bread to608.5195.79
keep me healthy hi available at bread611.15.339
world all right good job for fulfilling614.3092.97
your contract616.4392.94
all right now now this would I like this617.2794.081
would can is gonna let orange tip to it619.3793.741
well that's him that's a pillager Oh621.364.829
Turner we order him get murder in hi oh623.1211.5
god it was you there's more of them holy626.18912.181
crap I thought that would never live634.6221.36
here comes up I think it's over638.3718.6
I think it's over there's a bunny rabbit655.983.06
over there but it looks low threat okay656.973.869
oh wait there's one way in the distance659.045.01
oh I see him let's get him yeah almost660.8395.61
got him to chase him down kill him I am664.053.81
Pam Kay come on come on come on bring it666.4493.12
on ding-dong he's down he's down other667.864.319
one with a pop there's another one669.5695.13
inside inside yeah God did they just672.1794.35
keep respawning what's happening here674.6995.721
bird okay we do it I think we're good676.5296.41
get away they just keep respawning treat682.9395.14
retreat blue I thought that was held686.224.169
before this is hell yeah honestly we688.0795.25
just want wood wears blue lose over here690.3894.29
I left flew over here he's fine he's693.3291.651
okay there's two more chasing me I'm694.983.419
gonna murder them should be far enough696.5696.45
away maybe okay we good yes all right698.3995.28
all right I'll start harvesting these703.6794.16
trees time to be a lumberjack704.975.459
that's thunder well this day just keeps707.8395.321
going from bad to worse it's gonna start710.4294.91
boy it's rainin doraleous and that means716.227.05
mobs I hear phantoms in the sky but once719.365.35
we get down to topia we should go to723.274.86
beat like inside I think and there could724.715.64
be skeletons anywhere behind these trees728.135.55
as it's shaded but as far as this weapon730.354.83
like I thought it was treasure and we733.682.76
could split it but if it's just one735.185.94
weapon we may need to like flip for it736.447.26
or something okay do I always get him741.1223.7
what was that okay all right tell you743.723.49
what Simon it sure wasn't a treasure764.825.88
it wasn't no I was like it was like a767.196.15
some piece of paper that said where to770.74.56
go for the treasure so that's that's773.344.56
some crap in it oh really so it's775.264.47
directions like just something that you777.93.429
don't even know if you wanted779.733.43
you heard you heard him they said it was781.3294.17
there was a treasure in the woods yeah783.166.109
what is well is the treasure map of785.4996.861
something that's in the woods too789.2698.86
because then they'd be right Oh Simon792.367.229
good to see you all right horses I'm799.5896.73
sure you guys aren't glad that I'm here804.853.389
I'm sure after would hate the fact that806.3197.37
I'm here with his horses and creepers I808.2399.51
can run to the castle then I might blow813.6897.12
up his I'm doing it doing it shut the817.7498.46
door okay okay how many of those are820.80913.26
there two I can take two right there two826.20911.94
down and it's a pretty professional of834.0694.591
never fear horses took care of it I'm838.665.669
going in I gotta find this treasure841.4213.199
weapon kill one of these guys with the844.32914.73
flag I think it is the bad thing to do854.6196.18
but I forgot I killed him and now I got859.0593.24
that little icon the top right of my860.7993.301
screen is there I see one way over there862.2994.1
but take a sniper shot take the shot864.15.519
nope so is it something happening I866.3994.451
can't tell I don't know if that means a869.6193.89
raid I know I'm not a hundred percent870.857.649
now leave maybe like let's just go let's873.5096.04
just peace out878.4993.99
now we're fine we got the wood we're879.5495.22
good listen if they raid us we can882.4898.4
handle so you have a arrow and you're I884.7697.23
can't get it out of your shoulder I890.8892.581
worry about it don't worry about it891.9992.31
looks like it hurts893.472.399
I will shrug off the pain up there you894.3092.94
go eat a little bit of bread it's going895.8694.031
good for your nutrition good for help897.2494.001
right so all right what are we gonna do899.92.88
we're gonna put the llama on the on the901.252.94
track well maybe the track isn't902.783.12
finished but if you want to ride on it I904.193.72
have enough rails to kind of finish it905.94.23
on our way there okay so all right throw907.913.54
it down throw it down you got the card910.133.03
all right I have to mine cards right911.455.25
apps row yeah you me punk llama that one913.164.65
Hale should I just like pull the llama917.813.9
in and see what happens920.393.93
can you yeah but can you put the llama921.714.41
in the mine cart I don't know give me924.323.48
the lead can I attach wait I have a lead926.123.51
how long can I attach the lhamo up with927.83.75
the lead llama lead does it not work929.633.72
while you're a guy oh there you go and931.553.39
then I could just drag it at a very very933.353.36
fast pace well if you just do that all934.944.17
right yeah that works are there any like936.714.02
speed rails here yet no not yet939.113.99
what the hell am I in this thing cuz it940.734.65
looks funny all right hang on I got to943.13.63
get way ahead of you because I'm gonna945.383.12
start building a building the rail as946.734.74
you're on it oh that's what you're gonna948.59.6
do you're not wrong how long now951.478.04
question how long is it gonna take me to958.15.4
get to the end boy man you're slower959.517.98
than I and I got some crazy shader stuff963.57.05
going on it gets like dog back up yeah967.494.62
this is nuts970.555.79
oh nice of my screen whoop yeah look we972.115.76
got these wooden supports in here they976.344.77
keep it from collapsing on you yeah he's977.874.74
typical to the my oh my god there's a981.113.72
turn yes a turn Anthony oh my god you982.613.21
should have put you should have put me984.832.43
on this thing like five feet from where985.822.97
you want to continue it yeah we're not987.262.97
even like a quarter of the way are you988.794.56
stuck come on come on Astra come on blue990.235.52
okay can I can I get out my car run it993.354.79
over you stay in that minecart mister995.753.77
blue I'm sorry999.526.59
man this town is there needs to be like1009.147.48
a one-child policy in this place work1012.636.51
for China alright hey guys I'm looking1016.624.59
for like something underground I think1019.145.73
it's a tube and mmm1021.219.33
been that way knew who did that did I do1024.878.16
that this place is haunted1030.545.73
okay okay hmm1033.036.6
is this supposed to be looked like just1036.275.669
a bunch of rocks it's supposed to be a1039.635.25
graveyard put a sign on it or something1041.9396.991
where the dead okay there we go1044.888.31
this looks like a tomb said it those1048.936.87
boxes everywhere does this should like1053.194.05
this up just cuz you're dead don't mean1055.86.39
you don't like light no oh1057.247.53
because they're probably no yep it's1062.196.21
supposed to be a casket a bit umm what's1064.776.18
this a wishbone wow what is that1068.43.15
supposed to be1070.953.9
I better not be the treasure I better1071.557.52
not be the treasure there's more okay1074.856.96
oh here we go right here empty right Wow1081.8113.62
that's probably you're probably not1093.654.78
supposed to go down there okay boy they1095.437.16
really don't need it to be this deep huh1098.437.32
Peter family that was what it said right1102.596.01
should've took that book with me okay1105.756.54
Peter family it is yeah Peter family1108.65.19
that's what he said1112.294.38
Peter family now what was the first name1113.795.73
was it stiffy1116.676.47
tough Peter hungry Peter drippy Peter1119.525.25
crap I should have paid attention1123.144.77
throbbing Peter nutty Peter Lampe Peter1124.779.75
hairy Peter itchy Peter well I'll wait1127.918.14
floppy it's fluffy1134.528.4
oh hey diamond sword diamond Peter pick1136.0513.11
with efficiency one yes yes okay and the1142.928.61
rest of these are probably empty love it1149.163.84
gonna do a circle yep1151.534.32
did a circle whoa you wouldn't kid1153.06.29
that's pretty good treasure love it ah1155.858.1
friggin turkic okay okay I'm good1159.296.24
alright I got my boat1163.954.88
you can do this we're yet sir see ya oh1165.535.79
I can do that already really good of1168.836.99
this this yeah alright1171.3210.729
whoo what a day just go okay1175.826.229
this is a spooky1182.636.82
they make 2spooky like there's a dog in1186.516.659
here are you doing in here a weird place1189.456.26
to put a dog1193.1692.541
Simon yeah hi hey oh there you are you1198.0296.551
don't know what I'm doing do you know1203.114.23
okay so I was just kind of looking1204.584.38
through what you can build and I know1207.343.27
we're gonna have those little pieces1208.962.669
issue soon1210.613.75
I am so tomorrow night this will be on1211.6294.29
tomorrow night but I'm gonna make these1214.364.35
like cart minecart tracks down these1215.9194.921
little the legs and we're gonna be a1218.714.049
kind of like a seven days horde tower1220.845.85
you know and I make these TNT mine carts1222.7597.081
so okay we're gonna push them down when1226.695.16
when we see some baddies coming and1229.843.419
we'll see how they work that could be1231.854.019
fun right just something yeah that would1233.2596.931
be a lot of fun I got nowhere to go1235.8695.91
there's nowhere safe at my house because1240.194.979
down below the hall creepers and down1241.7795.46
below this creepers I got to go over1245.1694.291
here BAM and yes it's beautiful man this1247.2394.38
is really cool I mean it's getting there1249.464.5
but the thing is it's a death trap I've1251.6194.17
already lost all my stuff and my will to1253.963.569
play the game anymore it's a death trap1255.7895.791
right now right now yes but I'm dead and1257.5296.541
I have nothing yet again because this1261.586.27
stuff despawn so or wick yeah well I'm1264.075.88
gonna fight them with you tonight k we1267.854.97
go do you want to go down below yeah1269.955.01
skeleton what wait what1272.825.109
hey okay I don't know the stuff what you1274.965.579
get look at this diamond pickaxe and a1277.9295.791
diamond sword with stuff sharpen his own1280.5394.041
it uh-huh1283.723.779
another thing you found those what was1284.583.459
the treasure1287.4994.41
who's the treasure oh sure behind me no1288.0396.421
no I didn't know I didn't want to go hey1291.9093.36
look at this guy1294.468.459
good for you okay all right what what1295.2699.6
now I feel like I can scan your out1302.9196.24
Jesus can you can you help me put a door1304.8696.66
on this place right you'll help me clear1309.1594.02
out if you cleared out the bottom1311.5293.09
everything was opened before and it's1313.1793.72
just good for now huh no but that's the1314.6196.601
safe place oh actually here this is fine1316.8995.91
I could block it off with some dirt1321.224.709
probably did some adjust go in this hole1322.8094.371
yeah okay hung on he going to home1327.185.79
because because it's nighttime walk for1330.365.43
girls right forget that one but but but1332.975.37
but but you have a house like what do1335.794.89
you have a hole in your house building1338.344.38
it you if the house some building1340.685.58
there's a there's a front door open I1342.727.23
didn't have their fur layer today and1346.265.85
now I got a roof but this is my hole1349.956.47
that I hide in when it's nighttime1352.114.31
good bye bye it's gonna stay up here1358.344.27
where it's safe1361.85.19
leave yep get the hell out of my freakin1362.6113.83
house keep it down but almost there oh1366.9911.16
gee I wonder if you're gonna be able to1376.443.6
put the block down before I know it's1378.152.55
oh no going like 2 mile an hour one if1380.77.76
you don't mind what slow it down to one1385.356.33
come on Anthony got it you know what I1388.465.38
love you sometimes I just want to take1391.683.87
your head and slam it into a wall that's1393.848.28
fine I feel good and rip it off so we're1395.558.13
about to come up to where the first stop1402.124.08
will be on our first stop well this is1403.684.98
our our desert base right here right1406.24.17
here the silos and spotter and that's1408.663.87
gonna be a spa the stop all right am i1410.372.67
yeah no not just keep going okay we got1413.043.99
a head all the way to the western town1415.625.25
way out here yeah I know blue trust me1417.035.43
now you see we're coming to the end of1420.873.27
the tunnel up here and this is where it1422.463.18
actually opens up a bit and we're only1424.142.23
we're allowed to see the outside you1426.373.72
know what I love the desert at night you1428.683.45
can see all the stars yeah and all the1430.093.42
enemies that oh my god there's a zombie1432.132.64
out there oh yeah1433.514.23
shut up I'm hopping off come on blue1434.775.43
come on you'll be fine everything's fine1437.744.44
is a bird of them don't panic the tour1440.24.05
will continue in a moment the tour will1442.183.69
commence momentarily tours like a1444.253.809
Jurassic Park tour exactly yeah just1445.874.2
don't worry any illusion of danger is1448.0594.081
purely for spectacle Oh God1450.074.05
right it seems like there's a lot of1452.144.08
gain no no it's all first show it's all1454.123.42
for the show no hurry1456.224.98
oh damn it okay hang on hang on hang up1457.546.0
all right get back at that minecart get1461.23.66
back at that minecart I'm getting in1463.548.3
here there's more because they're like1464.866.98
okay God the tunnel is safe where are1497.524.82
I'm coming1515.773.7
yes eraill no yeah oh yeah I see you1517.254.02
here I got you covered Don't Look Back1519.474.92
man just run just run okay come on come1521.275.46
on come on my Kirk go go my card get in1524.394.05
there yep there yep I see it alright1526.733.15
just come on in come on nobody talk a1528.442.91
build a wall build a wall after a hurry1529.883.48
well I'm gonna cook okay hold on here we1531.3519.86
go bam bam why did you bring my card1533.3619.56
back I swear sometimes I just want to1551.213.72
slam your head up get up come right here1552.923.15
here comes blue you're about to go the1554.932.88
other direction yeah you are you stop it1556.075.34
right now bad blue bad bad bad bad llama1557.816.69
bad llama you get no cake go you get no1561.4111.16
cake later hey everyone if you want to1564.510.38
check out our Minecraft world go down to1572.574.2
the description box and you can download1574.883.45
it there's a link down there somewhere1576.773.39
I'm sure I'll put a link down there1578.332.94
somewhere I'm not putting a link down1580.162.43
there somewhere ate a hot date it's down1581.274.04
there go check it out1582.592.72

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