We Built a Western Town! - Minecraft

Minecraft - Ooooo we built a western town! Hoooo boy! There's GOLD IN THEM THERE HILLS Y'ALL! Our Folding@Home team: https://stats.foldingathome.org/...
We Built a Western Town! - Minecraft
We Built a Western Town! - Minecraft

We Built a Western Town! - Minecraft

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest Minecraft video yet? Because let me tell you, it's a wild ride! The gang has gone and built themselves a whole western town, complete with gold mines and everything. Yeehaw!

If you're like me and love diving into the behind-the-scenes stuff, make sure to join our Folding@Home team and grab yourself a Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt. And hey, if you want to recreate the mod setup from the video, they've even provided a handy tutorial for you to follow along.

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And of course, a huge shoutout to the Neebs Gaming team for bringing us such entertaining content. From the hilarious commentary to the epic builds, they never fail to keep us entertained. So grab your pickaxe and get ready to mine some virtual gold in this wild west adventure. Thanks for watching, and remember - there's always more fun to be had with Neebs Gaming! 🚀 #Minecraft #RTX #Cinematic

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guys that's gonna kill mobs yeah it's2.786.76
like a horde based tower you know okay6.626.13
what ward face looks like a disaster Oh9.546.63
what do you mean it looks nice it looks12.754.08
I don't work I wouldn't say beautiful16.834.23
it's pretty oh you know it's rudimentary18.754.59
but like the thing is it just sounds21.063.45
like a fun night tonight's gonna be a23.343.029
fun night for me and whoever wants to24.515.25
join yeah I would love to join you needs26.3695.041
have you know have you noticed that I've29.764.95
almost fully enclosed at this very large31.415.309
building I have and you know what I34.713.84
brought you something you did you ready36.7194.77
yes I got all these colored blocks you38.554.68
can kind of spruce the place up a bit41.4897.711
yeah that's wool I mean that's kind of43.238.94
like you saying like hey yeah you might49.24.289
want to not you might want to do a52.173.42
better job than what you're doing no53.4899.421
it's like you have a home that didn't55.5910.92
blow at all that didn't blow oh okay I'm62.919.69
afraid doesn't like break it down hit66.517.56
something come and look at it hit this72.64.68
no do you have to light it maybe huh you74.075.58
do it with a are you hit yeah I'm back77.289.33
it away okay you got it so you got away79.658.94
with Lightfoot you might not want it86.613.18
certainly in the future of flint and88.593.27
steel stuff what Oh to light it and then89.793.869
send it probably yeah copy that makes91.863.18
sense that makes sense I'm gonna rebuild93.6593.271
this what good luck with that I'm gonna95.045.25
go check on afro and Anthony yeah can't96.937.29
wait to see that color yeah nice maybe100.295.55
ask if they want to spruce up their104.223.41
stuff invasively105.845.4
don't think I'm not gonna okay it's107.636.029
ding-ding-ding 14d Emma I'm here158.917.63
Oh Mike Mike prep about your court went162.6111.69
back sorry not my fault hey oh I like it166.5415.27
mix we wanna do do who wanna know me oh174.313.96
wait did you shoot me okay will do later181.818.58
look like you shot you own three draw188.2611.79
your wool I know it's a new place yeah190.3912.51
it's a home warming gift it's red the200.055.4
finest red wool oh I can make some good202.95.97
carpet out of this yes yes yes yellow we205.454.86
could carpet the inside of the clock208.877.11
tower yeah that's the only western movie210.319.33
he knows me know yeah we know he thought215.985.22
the song wipeout was from the game219.642.43
Donkey Kong221.24.41
he has no know the game wipeout okay222.074.44
it was a game okay I'm sure there's a226.516.72
game called wipeout I don't know yeah227.87.53
that's gonna be the clock tower so yeah233.234.05
what are you up to today Neves well I235.334.98
was uh there and now I'm here237.286.09
and actually I'm here to do science on240.315.28
most science is done in the desert243.374.79
that's where they blow up bombs so245.596.09
explosives no no just different science248.164.93
is there a place I can do experiments251.682.85
maybe yeah right here in the middle of253.093.3
the town needle yeah we can like watch254.533.36
the buildings fall over and like old256.392.88
black-and-white footage it'll be great257.892.909
what's your on about you are you blowing259.273.63
up anything now I'm building a portal Oh260.7994.801
oh that's not a nuke oh okay all right I262.94.74
got the perfect spot okay265.64.76
look back here see across that bridge267.645.66
yep yeah just go over there love it we270.365.07
need a name from my experiment like this273.34.739
the something experiment you know well275.434.139
sure I feel like it's your experiment278.0393.18
what are you name name it like that Nev279.5693.12
the Neves experiment the Eve's281.2193.961
experiments yep okay I like it it sounds282.6894.38
like a TV show but what if I do another285.183.539
experiment and then it's like which one287.0692.91
well then everyone will be like wow I288.7192.7
hope it's as good as the first I want289.9793.301
what you said this experiment involves291.4193.99
portals yeah I've never seen this but293.287.229
maybe it's been done but is it this big295.4098.431
to make a portal well it's like a 3/3300.5095.551
and - right - on top if you're doing it303.843.72
flat it probably doesn't matter I want306.064.319
to do it flat has that ever been oh is307.565.13
it like this yes three blocks and then310.3794.771
then two on top diagonal like that yeah312.694.439
so that'd be two and then fill this in315.154.829
yep yep yep that should do it huh if317.1297.051
this works I'm gonna be try it okay like319.9796.511
this deadlines up man I'm ready yeah324.183.419
light this thing up326.496.09
Oh think you have to light the block the327.5998.581
actual block top is the wrong size maybe332.585.579
on top but yeah it's three by three in336.185.459
it it's two by three one two three is a338.1595.551
four no I think this is the right size341.6395.64
is it yeah light more of it it's hard to343.716.72
tell what it's the ground like this what347.2795.73
it would have led by now absolutely350.434.139
would have lit don't add more fire that353.0094.37
might fix the problem yeah usually does354.5695.07
you know just just like the whole thing357.3793.82
up and we'll just keep it as a bonfire359.6393.601
make sure you document the process need361.1994.5
that's right scientists have no failures363.245.849
only data dad on this is your beast and365.6993.941
you failed369.0893.26
Simon yes sir372.3493.551
sometimes you got to do experiments to374.314.8
gather data okay uh I couldn't agree375.93.72
yeah what I did when I dropped that379.623.57
first one I thought it would hit a block381.5993.361
and maybe it's got to fall further so383.194.529
I've I've even confidently retrofitted384.965.34
my little base to have this drop387.7195.281
assuming it works okay okay so this this390.35.399
is the experiment basis yes this is just393.04.65
experiment right now ready okay which395.6993.931
should I go away or well like is this397.653.72
right here I've heard it's a bigger399.633.659
explosion but let's see all right401.378.909
oh come on baby come on baby I mean come403.2897.62
on baby410.2793.75
I forgot you know what by attested410.9095.16
lighting something yeah I think you414.0293.271
waiting is a good thing416.0692.611
you wouldn't think you would have to you417.34.019
know look at that well I mean I'm not I418.684.259
would think oh we need a bigger with a421.3192.91
half don't need a bigger drill light422.9394.2
bigger drop but note you don't need to424.2294.83
light the TNT I'm going one more block427.1392.941
one more block429.0593.63
that's all more block do it let's act430.084.589
like it didn't even happen okay look I432.6895.79
say set because it 2-1 reset to one all434.6696.96
right oh hey fYI there's a horse down438.4794.65
here but I'm sure the horse is gonna be441.6294.171
fine because there's like they've got443.1295.52
the like this the wall the you know what445.83.179
I mean448.6493.6
oh oh yeah I don't know I don't why you448.9795.16
lying to yourself that that horse is452.2493.72
gonna die no I don't think though no454.1393.24
problem okay all right455.9692.94
how do you think loading is good well457.3793.84
then let's have a little bet I bet the458.9095.85
horse is gonna die and I and I bet you461.2196.331
and I bet you I bet you a diamond I bet464.7596.44
you have one diamond that it's gonna die467.553.649
you're right472.613.94
well of course it is you all right but474.0593.96
did you I mean you want to move the476.554.649
horse out to care sure enough here we go478.0196.3
coming back thank God oh this is gonna481.1995.851
be great it's gonna be great or it's484.31912.06
gonna be a letdown again let's see come487.0511.69
on baby496.3792.361
what horse is alive yeah you owe me you499.0098.02
owe me three diamond yeah that was the504.8393.93
bet you need to pay more attention you507.0296.0
owe me three diamond right good good508.7697.161
test got the data513.0292.901
yeah gotcha524.028.23
was that you holy crap okay I was doing526.2797.951
an experiment I was gonna see if I could532.253.3
shoot this straight up in the air and534.232.97
light your portal oh really535.553.57
with a flaming arrow wait can you do537.24.41
that with an arrow I don't know hold on539.125.13
no yes should be able to right that'd be541.613.24
well is it even I made a bigger one just544.854.65
to see if yep it worked oh wow we got a546.657.43
big portal wonder where it goes549.54.58
we still shooting arrows at me I don't556.819.95
know good fun okay but was no right yeah559.710.24
oh do I love a fish front right in the569.986.19
middle of town huh you know we'll move574.643.0
it right now it's temporary have you576.173.09
ever cooked stuff on a campfire yeah577.643.93
yeah of course but it's cool I never579.263.6
knew you could put them on the side like581.574.14
that come on fish on the side cooking582.865.85
blip boom whoop oh yeah I already cooked585.714.92
if you call this a fish fry we're not588.713.48
really frying these things are we yeah I590.633.24
guess that's with oil do y'all have592.193.66
enough food out here not really we've593.873.45
been surviving on fish in the last595.852.85
remnants of bread world I've been eating597.322.37
a lot of cooked rabbit598.72.73
I just ate my last cook granddad no599.693.21
these things are done that's my last601.433.42
loaf of bread I think they pop off it's602.93.66
like a timely Bebe's have you been604.853.3
holding out on so we're starving it606.564.529
cause you were starving out here course608.156.03
he's loving food oh my god611.0894.891
oh yeah cook salmon just pops right off614.186.06
yeah carrots watermelon yeah yeah take615.986.93
it back take it back I don't appreciate620.247.14
all the food where's have any bread622.917.56
nobody's bread I sustained myself on627.385.76
nothing but bread okay and that's that's630.473.51
not our fault633.142.28
playing problem thank you I appreciate633.982.43
it but635.422.52
I want to eat some of the salmon right636.414.11
now Sam actually I'm not I just ate637.944.41
rabbit I can't eat anything I'm full640.523.66
whoa what an awful time for a fish fry642.354.8
yeah well that's your right might as644.184.86
well just end it all I mean mine as well647.154.56
I'm gonna warm my fanny it sounds like649.044.44
it's hurting but it's not it's not651.717.71
hurting you shot you it was a science653.487.85
all right so Simon yeah661.335.71
the drop is bigger now hopefully that'll665.34.56
be a bigger boom a little flying the667.044.02
wall might have whispered something in669.869.51
my ear said hey did they did they did671.069.81
they spit in your ear when they679.374.23
whispered - did you do you feel my spit680.873.66
near here683.63.21
I dunno what there's a little spit684.533.78
coming off my lips when I'm whispering686.814.28
right I know I know688.315.61
hey are you gonna are you gonna join me691.095.38
tonight I mean of course I mean I'm not693.924.53
doing anything else except for building696.474.2
the best house ever right that is the698.454.23
you're right that's the best house ever700.674.8
so far it's getting there yeah yeah it's702.684.5
getting there I'm proud of you Hey okay705.474.14
son zone downs going settle of cash you707.184.56
need to settle up get a bow and arrow or709.616.06
a crossbow and or nothing cuz I don't711.746.6
have those things cuz I'm a builder I'm715.676.06
not a fighter I I am a builder today I I718.345.91
will just go just go okay whatever721.733.63
whatever I'm not even gonna play that724.252.73
game okay go thank go thank you come725.363.21
back I'll see you up here there's a726.983.65
writer here look at Simon I don't want728.574.11
but since it's gonna be like three730.633.43
minutes from now yeah I'm gonna forget732.683.33
it Yeah right here you jump up and then734.063.48
come up here what if I don't forget oh736.014.56
please go you say something back go you737.545.01
son of I feel you son of a gun night740.575.25
tonight Oh what are you nuts742.5512.51
wrong game weird night have y'all seen a745.8213.74
Pigman run around no let him through we755.066.33
just came through the neebs experiment759.564.62
yeah yeah okay I thought you work in a761.394.83
name at that well I can come up nothing764.183.42
else be careful though apps are there766.221.799
there is767.62.609
science ahead I'll remember I'll I'll768.0193.48
change the name of the next experiment770.2092.97
okay because it bothers me that the771.4992.82
bottom is in the ground773.1793.33
okay well listen I want to try some what774.3195.43
if you what happens if I let water in776.5093.87
well that do a thing will you lit it on780.3795.67
fire so I'm assuming let watering we're782.545.82
like through the portal like if I were786.0496.39
to grab water can I put no down I think788.365.459
it's gonna put it out because he lit it792.4394.65
on fire just put the thing out try is it793.8195.64
hmm it's not leaking through the other797.0895.04
side no it's not going there is it so is799.4594.711
it going through the portal here I'll go802.1293.031
through the port I'll tell you what it804.174.019
looks like on the other side okay we the805.169.81
demons one true weakness there's no808.1899.481
water it's too close to her other portal814.974.289
it dumped me out at that one817.676.269
that's dumb oh now okay hold on I don't819.2596.69
know if I don't know if it's gonna put823.9395.01
me back at the town or back at the other825.9496.08
place okay all right find out all right828.9497.74
what am I wearing memes no no you're a832.0296.93
hillbilly mime I'm a train conductor836.6894.531
okay and I need you to dismantle this838.9594.42
because my one purpose in life is that841.224.859
train it's not telling stories silently843.3797.83
no okay definitely not at the western846.0796.81
town this is a good ways from the851.2093.36
western town why in the world would it852.8893.66
connected this one it's kind of crazy854.5694.38
all right so I need to go back there's856.5493.72
no way I can go back I gotta take the858.9491.89
I gotta take the train and it's getting860.8395.34
dark wait did Anthony put an e come on862.3998.16
Anthony oh not one damn mine cut no866.1796.96
wonder my cart the start of the Train870.5594.86
there should always be mine carts oh god873.1396.03
what is fit phantoms this early875.41913.741
it's not even nighttime yet yeah okay879.16912.061
I'm over at my place hold on hold up889.167.38
here guess that zombie evil demon horse891.236.56
was about to get you896.544.4
haha was it okay I'm on fire I thought897.795.4
okay look I didn't forget all right hey900.945.22
hey this is gonna be fun huh hey not903.1912.15
always I have no weapon it's not like No906.1614.28
come on no but if anything happens - we915.346.51
can lure them if we have to920.444.41
whoa who can create a pain like I could921.854.77
always lower people if you want but you924.853.6
know what we just kind of this is wait a926.623.6
little bit you know they just well I928.453.66
shouldn't have made so much light it's a930.223.09
lot of light they're not gonna come on932.113.39
white light are they well I mean what933.313.99
I've does it really actually stop them935.55.94
yeah yeah I mean that amount though but937.36.24
not a lot of light huh941.445.25
well so far it's like we're - we're too943.545.31
good pretty good for tonight yeah it's946.693.45
not a tonight though man oh it's948.851.71
this is terrifying look at it is turret950.565.25
horse right here summit that whole time953.027.13
what I've got a visual on a see if I can955.816.75
alright see are you gonna piss him off960.153.13
are you962.562.79
oh you see him if I could just lure in I963.283.57
hear we've got a game now we've got a965.353.3
game well I could I get a hit him why966.853.54
he's going Lord yeah I mean you could do968.653.75
that let's say safe yeah970.393.54
now it's mad now okay i just coming up972.44.32
cool okay alright I'm coming down no973.934.59
stay I don't know why976.726.96
hey hold on oh I know back stay back983.6811.13
Simon's no man you got in the way of the990.397.0
damn back okay994.816.04
okay so okay we've got this all right997.395.63
don't touch that until I say touch okay1003.024.6
I'm not touching it I don't even know1006.2092.731
how to touch it don't even tell me what1007.623.24
to do I'm not hearing it but you can see1008.944.29
it's choice right I mean it's super easy1010.864.02
though again by looking with your1013.235.4
eyeballs super easy okay really yeah so1014.887.26
even though I can't see you wait wait1018.635.28
until I tell you and do I hit it with my1022.145.16
shots oh there's one over here one over1023.915.279
here Simon push it this way hold on1027.33.42
ready for this way you still don't want1029.1893.091
it ready for this way if I push it down1030.7214.609
nope it really did Hey Hey look at you1032.2816.049
zombie boy oh we've got some zombie boy1045.3296.241
got more ammo we can make this happen1048.3294.921
nope we've got flying things coming in1051.574.53
Simon flying demon death bags yeah1053.255.79
they're fake it suck my nuggets if they1056.14.709
want to see it try to figure out the lip1059.044.41
right ready for a push Simon yeah yeah1060.8098.311
but which I don't know yeah pick it up1063.459.84
hmm tell me which way to put what oh I1069.126.48
don't even see a dynamite thing I didn't1073.294.71
put one down okay what's going on here1075.65.22
what's going on here so what do you I1078.05.85
don't know I'm looking are you are you1080.824.44
telling me that I should be doing1083.853.44
something other than bow1085.267.93
did he blow me up I might have blew1095.7224.5
myself up at least my beds good1102.1118.11
hey hillbilly mine get out here I'm1144.818.35
train boy Oh train boy with more1149.145.91
enthusiasm please1153.165.25
I like hillbilly mine better all right1155.057.13
Here I am hillbilly mine all right1158.416.84
are you want to duel no I just wanted to1162.184.27
- I just wonder where you were now you1165.252.76
have to duel for the scene to work noobs1166.453.12
oh really yeah you gotta say like I want1168.014.37
a duel go ahead I want a duel high1169.577.5
forfeit I blue wool you need to watch1172.386.22
Back to the Future three more often I've1177.074.05
seen it when how long ago probably when1178.65.07
it came out so my god in the theater I1181.124.56
did watch avatars for a second time1183.675.28
recently The Last Airbender or the blue1185.684.98
monkey people one blue monkey people1188.953.69
okay it's alright you idiots quit1190.663.51
talking about Back to the Future 3 and1192.643.75
blue monkey people okay I got a bunch of1194.174.17
T at T stacks in this mine ready to1196.396.06
light it are you light it let's do it we1198.347.16
do it with the flaming arrows oh can you1202.455.58
ready alright should we all three shoot1205.54.81
it at the same time let's do it ready1208.036.75
yep one two three and ha ha oh it's1210.316.21
working what do we do are we mining1214.784.05
what's going on1216.529.989

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