The Robots Have Us Trapped!!! - Generation Zero

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the team breaks into a robot bunker and has to find a way to escape? It's...
The Robots Have Us Trapped!!! - Generation Zero
The Robots Have Us Trapped!!! - Generation Zero

The Robots Have Us Trapped!!! - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that video where the robots have us trapped in Generation Zero? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is a classic! I love how we only have one option to escape... STICKERS!

appsro: Haha, I remember that! Who knew stickers were the key to survival in a robot bunker? Thanks, Neebs!

neebs: Anything for the team! And don't forget to check out our Spreadshirt shop for some sweet merch, 15% off for the first two weeks!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video where the team breaks into a robot bunker and has to find a way to escape? It's a wild ride full of action, suspense, and of course, plenty of laughs along the way. You won't want to miss this one!

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So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready to watch the Neebs Gaming team tackle their latest challenge in the robot bunker. It's going to be a wild ride you won't want to miss!

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all right sick boy so you're staying in0.324.08
here today yeah i don't think i have a1.8394.241
favorite what are you doing let's just4.43.92
keep the company get the spirits out6.084.08
yeah get your food8.324.399
okay stay all right you need to10.165.04
quarantine for what five days ago12.7193.601
something like that i don't know just15.22.64
whenever you feel better catch up with16.323.28
us god all right i'm not going to that17.843.279
room no i'm not getting anywhere like i19.63.12
don't know three weeks three weeks maybe21.1192.481
all right so we can see if we can find23.65.8
some lysol today yeah okay24.884.52
so what do you think happened55.683.519
well obviously robots got let loose but57.283.919
are they like are they like aliens maybe59.1994.081
ah or did the gut was the government61.1993.68
working on something it got out of hand63.284.159
the ai yeah they i mean yeah they're64.8794.081
definitely controlled by some sort of67.4393.04
artificial intelligence yeah they're68.963.519
kind of on their own now it seems it70.4794.081
could be the illuminati yeah y'all know72.4794.241
what happened what when you start being74.564.16
rude to alexa that's how it all starts76.724.56
no this is in the 80s news oh didn't78.725.12
have alexa back then yeah they had um81.284.479
what was a teddy ruxpin yeah they were83.844.16
mean to teddy ruxpin whatever it is85.7595.521
don't be mean to you know machines88.05.439
i'm going to kill you all probably91.284.32
pissed off at speaking spells93.4394.081
all right this town up ahead of us is95.64.24
called boo boo97.524.48
so i'm guessing it's haunted99.844.48
i heard it i heard a honk you heard a106.0796.0
hulk well no like a sound of a big108.246.159
careful nibs i'm looking112.0795.04
um lights off maybe uh yeah lights off114.3994.641
definitely this place is probably full117.1193.201
of damn ghost119.043.52
uh up on the hill right here to the120.324.56
right robot straight dog122.564.28
straight ahead i mean to the124.883.68
north right there126.843.32
try to take him out quickly do i have a128.563.36
silencer i hope i do all right ready130.164.24
three two one131.924.88
nope he's not down134.44.64
there he goes i'll do it that'll do it136.83.76
what was that we won combat140.564.72
we won it we beat the boss thought i142.84.72
heard a ghost no it's not everything's a145.283.92
ghost here y'all see that what's this147.523.84
red light right here is it that's dead149.24.16
right it's the robot that's the one we151.363.36
just shot yeah153.363.28
okay we got another robot up the road oh154.723.12
wait never mind i thought that was a156.642.64
robot that's just headlights from an157.845.119
upside down car right spooky very spooky159.286.16
okay according to the map we're trying162.9595.441
to get uh pretty far to the west we got165.444.96
some information about where the robots168.44.8
might be refueling oh oh man i never170.44.32
thought about that they got to go charge173.24.24
up uh right behind us guys okay see him174.724.72
yeah coming out from the woods yeah all177.447.159
right you ready yeah three two one179.445.159
should we loot this town a second yeah i189.843.44
think we should i'm gonna go in this191.443.28
house right here everybody split up for193.283.679
a second okay that's famous last horror194.725.12
movie words196.9592.881
i'm going into a horror house it looks201.044.24
yep this is spooky205.5193.44
oh i found a bunch of med209.045.279
bags spooky you guys have any luck210.845.64
yep i'm crossing the bridge right now214.3194.64
spooky there's a there's a spooky tower216.483.679
probably full of ghouls220.1594.961
oh boobron223.044.8
this place is called buberon225.124.72
man i bet there's some girls there's227.844.24
some big old titties living here yeah i229.844.16
don't know if you just assume on the232.084.239
because the place is called234.04.72
if you go to a water bill236.3196.321
i assume every girl there is moist yes238.723.92
wouldn't suggest that243.844.479
like burger rod what's that mean245.4394.561
there's a guy named ron248.3193.361
opened a burger shop250.03.84
so bubron is a guy named ron who has251.684.479
and he only invited women with big old256.724.239
titties that's not what burger ron was258.564.72
but that's what boobron is i just i want260.9594.081
the conversation to stop i guess i'm263.285.12
confused about it ron loves boobs oh i265.045.52
think i found boobron he's dead i got a268.44.56
grenade he did have some uh oh he did270.565.28
have a rocket launcher around on him272.964.64
guys there's a church across the bridge275.844.4
oh church is that a safe place maybe a277.64.879
lot of times they are safe houses280.244.32
yeah take take a look out to that field282.4795.44
when you're up there by the way284.564.8
sometimes there's a good gun at the top287.9193.441
of these churches oh289.364.399
i think i might have found ron's [ __ ]291.366.48
yep she had some big old kitties293.7595.281
there's fighting out there for sure299.045.999
is that you302.562.479
yeah it's a good time for that305.444.24
oh yeah i'm seeing that [ __ ] i'm bad307.0394.481
that's a big guy309.683.76
oh yeah they're going nuts311.523.519
there's two different warring robot313.443.68
factions that's fun so you think one's315.0393.841
aliens and maybe the others the317.124.48
government great question i i don't have318.885.8
a clue321.63.08
right through this field okay336.724.56
you guys with me oh what's that that339.684.0
light oh it's you i see a big boy oh341.284.639
yeah no we don't want to anger him343.683.6
several people oh there's one of those345.9193.84
beacons i wish they're dead right no not347.284.0
what that [ __ ] hanging about well349.7593.681
that's our job our job is to destroy our351.283.68
job right now is to go shut down the353.444.479
robot supply we can do that later gotcha354.964.88
yeah okay look if we can stop these357.9194.0
robots from you know getting supplied359.843.76
there'll be a lot you know a lot less361.9193.201
ammo out there shooting at us i like363.63.52
that but it sounded like like if a365.123.76
waiter said my job is to bring you food367.124.24
i'm like well what about my drink no i'm368.883.759
gonna bring the drink later you'll get371.362.88
your drink later yeah okay but then your372.6393.68
mouth gets dry and you're eating374.243.92
you know your mouth's gonna be wet after376.3195.201
i'm done with you doesn't make any sense378.165.28
now it's already wet is your mouth not381.523.04
yes your mouth wet384.564.4
drones to the southwest386.4794.801
everybody stay crouched is he coming our388.964.16
way he's looking at us it feels like oh391.282.88
that's not a drone that's one of those393.123.519
little rolly police oh okay okay yeah394.164.319
yeah it's coming in396.6393.041
combat kind of looks like you know what398.4793.601
i just said under combat oh it did yeah399.684.48
on my screen oh [ __ ] then we've entered402.083.6
okay let's get him does everyone404.163.039
everyone got a shot i'm gonna split up a405.683.28
little bit407.1993.12
oh shoot408.963.12
apparently he's shooting that is a loud410.3194.16
gun all right yeah you're right he's way412.084.48
too loud is he firing back oh he's not414.4794.0
firing back at all i think i killed his416.563.28
gun what's going on with this guy i know418.4792.801
his tank is around back i wish he would419.843.52
turn around but why would he421.284.08
do it that'll do it okay423.364.32
all right everybody crouch jesus christ425.365.839
crouching at times hey we won combat427.687.68
that was that wasn't too bad was it no431.1997.29
is your mouth not wet440.963.359
most people's mouths are wet445.364.239
robots robots coming through the field447.7593.921
hit z lay down lay down lay down how do449.5993.761
you do that again see451.682.88
thank you453.362.64
walk past us454.563.68
and walk past us456.04.4
oh boy oh boy458.243.84
past his dummies460.44.16
oh boy oh boy oh boy462.083.679
that's exciting464.562.639
i swear to god if one of you guys get465.7593.601
spotted dude i'm so far from getting467.1994.081
spotted i was right what if you get469.365.04
spotted [ __ ] face that's right mr dry471.284.319
oh i see you girl and napes you look475.5993.761
great thanks i've been working on my477.1993.12
i might be in the crawl of fame yeah i480.3195.6
like it that was for you dress oh482.725.7
oh boy485.9198.481
our objective we are getting actually494.44.079
pretty damn close to it496.723.44
yeah again this is where the robots have498.4794.321
been going to refuel and resupply that500.164.24
sounds like bad that just sounds like502.83.44
it's gonna be bad we might have to whoop504.43.28
some robot ace506.243.28
not the big ones not the big one i don't507.683.44
know i got i got seven rockets in my509.523.28
pocket yeah but have we taken out a big511.123.76
one yet yeah barely i think we have i512.83.599
think neebs took that one right i don't514.882.959
like to brag but516.3994.401
that's probably what happened517.8394.961
wait what am i seeing up here oh guys520.83.76
this looks like a bunker no lack of522.84.32
those here in sweden no yeah they seem524.564.48
to have a lot of damn bunkers527.124.48
uh robots out front though all right529.044.88
here we go big ones are one total three531.64.799
tiny guys tiny guys everyone crouch we533.924.96
want to try to do a lure and destroy536.3994.641
yeah we could yeah well you know what i538.884.48
got me an explosive gas tank maybe i put541.044.799
it over here in the road543.364.0
all right i'm putting down the radio you545.8394.721
ready guys yeah yep and video's down i'm547.365.52
what's that dummies555.123.839
taking notice yet they're coming towards557.23.76
it are they oh yeah558.9598.581
oh there's more i'm seeing more things570.04.0
oh god oh god there must have been more572.165.16
hiding oh574.03.32
there's more big ones guys yes come to597.764.48
the bunker coming to the bunker come600.484.479
baby i'm right602.242.719
what is that guy is that a sniper yeah i606.83.44
got sniped he almost took me out that's608.643.52
why i randomly hit [ __ ] why am i hiding610.243.839
back here jumping jumping jumping612.164.239
running to the bunker holy [ __ ] are you614.0794.561
in the poker dora i i i'm i'm stuck616.3994.961
behind this door618.642.72
that was me that was me it was taking me621.682.96
out oh god i was taking care of the guy623.362.88
the bunker624.643.28
why because i was stuck behind the door626.243.36
okay all right poker's open we're in the627.924.68
oh my god there's so many little642.886.24
spiders oh god get in the bunker644.8394.281
all right close it okay650.164.48
close it come on come on651.63.04
[ __ ] get in here654.724.44
let's find the fuel and let's shut it668.0793.281
down what happens apparently right here669.63.359
what or what is this671.363.36
they're everywhere oh it's a burnt674.723.6
manifest fragment thank god thank676.3993.44
goodness goodness678.323.84
oh um we did it mission complete that679.8395.12
was it i guess maybe we just oh i might682.164.0
have blown them up when i fired the684.9594.241
rocket in here perfect that's how you do686.165.52
it there's only one problem guys what's689.23.36
that's the only way out692.565.459
hey guys it's me uncle thick listen are700.0793.841
you poor702.243.36
i am too that's why i bought some703.923.52
stickers i got them from our spreadshirt705.64.239
site poor people love stickers because707.443.99
they're cheap709.8392.961
so follow the link in the description712.83.68
and get you some stickers look i'm gonna714.564.56
put one right here and right here and716.484.24
maybe over here719.124.8
maybe i'll put a camera on the toilet720.725.52
that's not a sticker sorry723.924.479
anyways go to our spreadshirt shop get726.244.0
some stickers stick these things all728.3994.801
over the world730.246.159
brought to you by blue crown air fly big733.27.28
fly blue run stickers736.3994.081
i got plenty we stand in this corner we743.443.92
put a explosion whatever we have745.923.52
explosive on the other side and when we747.363.76
let them in we're back in this corner749.443.68
that's good oh that's smart thinking751.123.6
there we go all right neebs what's your753.123.519
plan i think the door is like a choke754.723.52
point as they try to squeeze through we756.6393.2
pick them off until they're all dead we758.243.36
have to kill them yeah right you heard759.8393.68
about that one time i killed a big robot761.63.76
okay okay and i don't want to take all763.5193.76
the tension out of the room but we could765.364.32
just fast travel out of here767.2794.24
oh really [ __ ]769.684.08
i mean it's an option it's a damn it's a771.5194.161
damn option because of the field rating773.763.759
because well not the field radio we775.683.36
could fast travel back to the bunker we777.5193.44
started it we could just go to the map779.043.84
we could we could but i mean there is780.9593.761
that part of me i want to open the door782.883.28
and just see if we can [ __ ] survive784.723.679
come on that's plan b that's plan b plan786.164.08
b is we fast travel out of here plan a788.3993.921
we want to open the door oh yeah we do790.243.92
because we're trapped in here like rats792.323.68
and this is fun all right let's set a794.164.16
open the door neebs no i didn't get the798.84.64
cornered hat i'm opening both okay800.3995.361
you laid the radio down806.05.2
oh i hear him808.3992.801
you guys don't want to lay down hit z oh811.2794.161
yeah yeah you put a radio down right oh813.044.56
i see lights did he put a radio down no815.443.68
he didn't i thought he was like a damn817.62.88
air horn or something it was like an air819.123.279
horn it's so immediate it's not working820.483.2
yeah i thought you said it went for a822.3993.44
while it did one damn board dude i don't823.684.0
i didn't make it can you put a radio825.8393.761
down i can do a radio what's that over827.684.0
there oh there yeah see that's a big829.63.679
radio that'll go for a minute that's a831.683.599
boom box yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i like833.2795.201
this i like this here it goes and oh835.2794.721
all right come840.02.88
can they even enter the bunker well the858.884.56
little ones can what's going on out here860.3994.0
i see one oh god oh god i might have864.3993.44
been standing866.721.919
oh did you shoot me no we mean no you're869.764.56
all right names i didn't shoot you i'm872.6394.32
non-health that was him yes okay no that874.323.84
was definitely him because he brought me876.9592.88
down to nine health he's like the sniper878.163.28
i think he they can't come in here all879.8393.201
right you guys you guys lay down here881.443.68
i'll try to lure him okay883.043.919
i'm coming over here885.123.519
let's see see if i can do them this way886.9594.401
hey boys in here oh there goes a little888.6394.961
too big to enter the door because he has891.365.88
a bunch of uh893.63.64
that was a waste910.563.2
there you go912.482.64
where'd the big ones go they're still913.762.319
oh boy916.0792.88
that'll do it he's still there i'm sure919.2795.281
he is all right have a grenade buddy921.925.88
have two924.563.24
oh i know we didn't that guy's there939.1993.44
well i could have done that well i did946.03.04
if we do it949.042.32
that was so dumb okay what we've learned951.364.479
is these big guys cannot get in the damn953.445.28
bunker yeah which is great for us bad955.8394.721
for that plan yep958.722.72
all right960.563.88
now we can fast travel961.446.349
all right we've fast traveled back to968.0795.041
the safe house at storia drive oh and970.05.44
our next mission is at the airport973.124.719
called flying blind so we're heading975.444.639
south back to the airport boys977.8393.521
man i enjoy flying yeah those waitresses981.365.36
or what is stewart is this what do you985.2793.12
call it now what needs to be gender986.723.52
anyway i like their tits990.244.0
well some are men well i'm not talking992.04.72
about thems okay i'm talking about you994.244.88
know the flight attendant with the boobs996.723.6
all right999.122.719
thanks for flying boober on ah it's my1001.8394.961
kind of airline boom air fly boot run1004.05.8
we got a relay beacon near us yeah1018.244.959
straight ahead right the blinker1020.0793.12
yeah that blinker that's gotta be it is1023.2793.441
that our job right now uh yeah that's1024.9593.041
our job right now i mean it's on the way1026.722.56
to the airport we may as well hit it1028.03.12
right it's easier to do things when we1029.284.08
see them you know sometimes it's easier1031.123.919
like this is a relay beacon that's not1033.363.52
surrounded by a giant robot we don't1035.0393.361
have you remember that giant robot names1036.882.72
yeah it could be a giant robot right1038.43.439
over there if there is a giant robot1039.64.4
probably uh we'll probably piss off i'll1041.8393.921
kill it y'all destroy the beacon you1044.03.439
know what i'm gonna throw a flare at1045.763.919
knees let's see if they come over to him1047.4394.161
it's right at me isn't it yeah yeah hey1049.6793.681
you guys see that what's that come get1051.64.64
it is that a neebs go get that neebs1053.365.199
and see what it is over there is that1056.244.24
nibs in the field it's me they're not1058.5593.681
hurting me they're afraid they don't1060.483.84
even see it oh they see me is that1062.243.439
what's going on oh wait no i think their1064.322.88
light did turn yellow that means they're1065.6793.681
searching right uh it doesn't feel like1067.23.26
they're searching1069.363.28
let's see one two1072.643.84
three oh yeah1074.5593.201
they saw us1077.762.48
oh wow there's a lot more here than i1096.7993.921
one drone down1100.724.88
another drone down oh no1102.486.1
there we go there's that one that's not1132.5595.161
too bad1134.483.24
okay hey do not piss the giant robot to1142.725.36
the southwest off there's another one1146.164.32
coming from the southeast guys see what1148.083.92
you talking about oh no that one oh1150.483.6
southeast hey will you leave me the [ __ ]1152.03.2
he he didn't oh i got him hurt i got you1156.483.76
here we go i'm hurt1158.724.16
he's got a sniper we should run now huh1160.244.72
nope he's an easy guy look at him he's1162.883.679
just tiny's right there1164.963.839
i'm behind him1166.5593.921
he's down he's down that's right we can1168.7993.521
take that and take it1170.485.28
ah and hey here's the thing1172.323.44
no we already1175.9194.321
making sure making sure1177.64.64
all right let's get the hell out of here1180.245.319
to the airport1182.243.319

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