The Long Dark Supercut: Part 1

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're looking for a good dose of The Long Dark action, then you're in for a treat with this ...
The Long Dark Supercut: Part 1
The Long Dark Supercut: Part 1

The Long Dark Supercut: Part 1

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neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Just wanted to talk about why The Long Dark Supercut: Part 1 is my favorite video on our channel. I mean, who doesn't love a big ol' slice of our Long Dark adventure, am I right?

simon: Oh Neebs, you always have such a way with words. But let's be real, the real reason this is our favorite video is because it's where we truly shine. Our comedic timing is impeccable in this one!

appsro: Haha, you guys are too much. But seriously, this video is where our teamwork really shines through. We work together like a well-oiled machine, even if we do get eaten by wolves every now and then!

neebs: Well, that's all true, but let's not forget the real reason this is our favorite video - it's because it's where we first introduced the world to Neebs Magic Dumpster! Can't beat that kind of entertainment value.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you're looking for a good dose of The Long Dark action, then you're in for a treat with this video. It's like a big ol' slice of our adventurous journey through the game, and I can't wait for you to watch it and enjoy the ride with us.

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all right guys I am back in the long2.25.199
dark I'm going to try another perade run4.3594.641
the uh the only difference is I got a7.3994.041
buddy with me this time hey neebs hey9.04.519
all right well now this is a single11.444.56
player game so we're not really together13.5194.321
neebs is in his own world and neebs this16.04.039
is your first time playing the lock man17.844.0
I just downloaded it and you got me out20.0393.601
here in freezing cold I know you're21.844.839
welcome I spawned in in mountain town23.645.36
okay yeah that's the region you're in oh26.6795.321
man yeah um well get started start29.04.84
looking for shelter that's going to be32.04.36
your first thing uh you need to pick up33.844.879
sticks I see a school bus is that going36.365.199
to help me uh well you can search it38.7195.041
might be some food or something in there41.5594.881
I see rocks how do I pick things up you43.765.119
click on them you can look at them and46.444.72
then you going pick them up take it got48.8795.441
it all right I got two rocks uh I see uh51.165.039
Brit man my temperature is dropping so54.323.919
quick I'm on a slightly higher56.1994.481
difficulty than you are good I am on uh58.2394.921
interloper I think you're on Voyager how60.684.72
do I search this bus you might not be63.164.639
able to it won't let you just move65.44.8
on BET there was good stuff it be a very67.7995.801
clear like oh70.23.4
search oh see a rabbit oh man no it's73.924.8
too too early too early I need to focus76.923.879
on shelter oh but I've already found78.724.52
some rose hips you find rose hips that's80.7994.96
good stuff Nee that's a flower plant83.244.239
that I can eat yeah it's a plant it85.7593.72
looks like a berry you can't eat it but87.4795.081
you can use it to make a uh healing tea89.4794.561
I found a stick I'm going to break it92.564.559
down uh no no no do not uh uh focus on94.045.119
finding shelter first oh really cuz yeah97.1194.36
it would take you uh time is also a99.1594.561
factor in this game to break a stick101.4793.64
yeah it would take you 10 minutes I'm103.722.92
trying to get you to a point where you105.1193.441
can like at least have shelter I just106.646.479
pop it over my knee bam broke it okay oh108.568.08
I have found a little cabin it does not113.1195.64
look like a suitable Place ah I'm116.645.2
going to have to build a fire118.7593.081
Bridge Okay lots of wood around here123.25.44
let's see what's in this cabin oh found126.64.8
my first corpse oh and I found an axe128.645.2
that's a good F boom daddy got a hatchet131.44.36
in some133.844.6
firewood a rifle cartridge you have a135.764.04
rifle on138.445.68
you nothing okay can I build a fire in139.86.799
here all right so I've just come across144.124.96
a Orca gas station oh you got a gas146.5996.0
station yeah oh that is pretty cool and149.086.159
I'm just going to start searching wait152.5994.201
Hatchet just sitting here on the floor155.2393.64
oh boom so we uh that's good so we both156.83.84
already have a hatchet I don't know how158.8793.821
to use it but I got160.645.34
it so I'm sitting in a vehicle in the166.1595.0
back seat what are you doing in the back168.84.799
seat am I warmer in here or171.1595.36
no um you can tell by look look down at173.5994.801
your temperature gauge what does it say176.5193.761
it's uh178.43.8
is there an arrow pointing up or down180.284.319
down that means um yeah you're still182.24.2
getting cold in there okay I'm184.5994.28
leaving uh but car is uh getting to the186.45.24
front seat of the188.8792.761
car adding some fuel here got some191.7995.241
sticks hey I found a candy bar on the195.084.079
dashboard there you go and then you can197.044.919
also uh I think you can search the glove199.1595.8
searching empty but there's a spray can208.124.44
on the floor okay that's good for210.684.44
navigation got it so say if you searched212.564.36
this gas station and you've looted215.124.0
everything you could mark it with an X216.925.2
an X an X an X so you can mark it going219.124.36
like okay I've searched this there's222.122.92
nothing in here got you okay I'm going223.484.6
to move on into the uh Orca gas station225.045.199
shop hopefully there you go there you go228.085.439
nope it's locked it's locked oh no does230.2395.08
that mean I'm screwed or what no it233.5193.521
means you need to find like a pry bar or235.3193.56
something oh boy all right what's your237.043.6
temperature at right right now I don't238.8793.601
really know how to read it cuzz it it240.644.159
seems like it goes242.484.599
counterclockwise oh it does uh the white244.7994.36
okay so the more white you have in your247.0793.72
circle the better it is there's not a249.1593.241
whole lot of white all right well then250.7993.681
yeah you need to build a fire I don't252.44.0
have wood um have you picked up any254.483.8
sticks you told me not to break it down256.44.04
no what about little sticks I'll look258.284.639
around got a bunch of rocks yeah go find260.445.12
some trees and get some little sticks or262.9194.241
keep walking down the road and see if265.563.6
you can find another shelter somewhere267.163.12
all right269.162.64
I'm going to be dead before the day's270.284.44
over you're on an easier difficulty you271.85.08
should be all right just got here I274.723.52
don't know276.883.28
anything all right I need to focus on278.243.519
Survival for a minute I need to cook280.165.08
some water I got a recycle can all right281.7595.201
cooking some water anything else I can285.246.84
cook here no some more rose286.969.28
hips temperatures going up which is good292.088.399
that's what I need I think I see I see296.247.64
power lines over there okay that'll300.4795.681
hopefully lead to some shelter hey I303.884.8
think I found the mountain town oh yeah306.164.28
there's a lot of stuff around here okay308.684.72
maybe there's a some shelter for you let310.445.52
me check uh oh this place looks inviting313.45.04
right here got a Canadian flag on it yep315.964.28
open door I'm going in what's your318.443.36
temperature look like in320.244.6
there going up there you go so yeah that321.85.92
you have shelter now nice look at this324.845.84
there's a table there's a stove327.724.96
there's a330.685.92
microwave or there's a fridge I can332.686.48
search fresh rabbit cooked what you336.65.4
found rabbit yep man I'm just finding339.165.8
food I'm I'm in this little dinky ass342.05.96
cabin trying to warm up by this fire344.964.959
finding rabbit you should be in Mountain347.964.04
Town that's where all the action is hey349.9193.521
I would love to make it to mountain town352.03.24
I think I'm in Pleasant353.444.199
Valley okay come on oh man as soon as I355.243.72
step away from the fire it is357.6393.041
immediately freezing oh I found some358.965.0
wool socks socks that sounds good360.684.6
doesn't it it sounds great I wish I363.964.72
could find socks uh there you go you365.284.68
should have done in the easier mode like368.684.84
I did yeah I should have it's not as fun369.965.639
though how do I put these socks on all373.524.36
right so uh hit I for your inventory375.5994.841
uhhuh okay and I think on the your tabs377.883.96
at the top there's one that looks like a380.443.759
character a character like a little man381.844.359
yep okay yeah and uh okay so the next384.1993.521
one over I think is your clothing man386.1993.881
I'm look like a clown387.724.28
next one over is clothing got it sock390.084.2
all right so your socks uh yeah kind of392.04.88
down at the bottom right yeah you got394.284.6
like two slots for socks so those the396.883.92
socks you found click it oh these are398.883.48
the ones I found no those are the ones400.83.92
you already had okay so the ones you402.364.0
found like click on the other slot that404.724.12
doesn't have a sock in it click406.366.679
where where boom you got them on I don't408.845.199
understand that but okay what do you413.0392.361
mean don't understand it it look like414.0393.081
it's grayed out like I don't have it and415.44.079
no they're just gray socks oh are they417.123.759
yeah well that's419.4794.72
misleading okay do I have gray underwear420.8794.641
no that's great out you don't have any424.1992.84
underwear right there okay you see the425.523.16
do have a gray jacket up here do I have427.0393.44
three gray jackets and a gray hat no428.684.0
those are empty slots y you see what I'm430.4794.72
saying I I do but it's it's weird that432.684.6
you can't grasp435.1994.921
that man I found a sweater you son of a437.287.28
thick W sweater I'm boiling440.124.44
water I'm going to put it on I hope it's444.845.799
it's little toasty now son of a450.6398.761
okay H all right I've got454.967.239
to on all right I got to take a torch459.43.68
run oh my torch went out463.085.0
immediately it's so windy okay no I just465.364.119
got to book it for the road and hope I468.084.959
see something damn it already already469.4796.4
are you going to die maybe you can't die473.0394.56
cuz if you die that means what am I to475.8794.88
do I don't know oh man okay I'm at a477.5995.641
road I don't see480.7594.72
anything not a building is that a483.244.359
building down there okay I think I might485.4793.56
might see a487.5993.641
building okay I just got to I just got489.0393.201
go oh man oh God492.246.16
temperature so listen I know you're kind496.243.799
of stressed out right now but there's a498.44.759
toilet here and if I click on it it says500.0395.361
take right so the little arrow on the503.1594.641
right you can just you know you can505.44.079
dictate how many liters of water you507.85.039
want to take oh I see a barn I see a509.4795.04
barn are you saying I should drink this512.8393.56
toilet water you can drink that toilet514.5195.281
water so but you can take it take it516.3995.76
yeah how am I taking519.85.88
it what do I have like a a jug or522.1595.441
something yeah if you hold space bar525.685.96
uh-huh and think uh the water is up top527.68.04
left yeah and then drink it531.647.28
yeah water meter fill up oh my God EES535.647.639
this is is bad oh come on come on oh my538.925.52
temperature's all the way down I got543.2792.881
hypothermia risk already you should544.443.8
build a fire huh uh I can't it's too546.163.44
windy out548.245.279
here come on oh man come on what is this549.65.96
come on uh do I have time to stop for553.5194.401
this I don't I don't I don't I just555.566.2
found some painkillers cool I'm going to557.926.52
die and I wish you where I was cuz I561.764.44
just found a granola564.444.079
bar shut up you sound like you're having566.24.12
a bad day having a really bad time my568.5193.44
temperature is all the way down but I do570.323.639
see is that just another ratty ass571.9594.32
shelter I need okay Barn oh my God if573.9594.401
this Barn's locked I'm576.2794.8
come on get to the barn get to the578.364.68
barn please be warm in the barn please581.0795.601
be warm in the barn come on come on get583.046.96
to the barn get to the barn abro I just586.685.12
found a newspaper that I can use prender590.03.399
yeah you591.84.8
can come on almost there almost there593.3994.801
almost there almost there Barn Barn Barn596.63.919
Barn Barn Door made it to the598.24.6
barn oh please be warm in here please be600.5195.161
warm in here please be warm in here602.84.84
it's not warm in here and it's dark I605.683.64
see got one flare I'm using609.324.0
it okay come on got to be a place to616.324.88
maybe light a fire in619.125.88
here hey I need warm I need warm is this621.26.92
a fire Barrel fire Barrel what is this625.05.44
back here oh okay a wol scarf hold on628.124.719
maybe if I put that630.445.079
scar still not warming up hey I found635.5195.801
some matches good those are great got638.245.839
those yeah fire Barrel okay fire I need641.326.84
wood I need wood bad got the wood around644.0797.401
here Wet Stone I could use for later648.165.6
okay wood come651.486.479
on Start A Fire come on uh got one653.765.879
accelerant oh hate to use that657.9595.56
accelerate but I got to do it come659.6393.88
on let's add some668.3993.641
okay generate does that generate warmth676.324.68
for the whole Barn yeah okay looks like678.84.92
the whole Barn's warming up okay I think681.05.12
my hypothermia Situation's good683.725.0
painkillers yeah you going to make it I686.124.0
think I'm going to make it that's688.723.52
perfect so now I feel like I want to690.126.04
build a fire okay so I know how we'll go692.246.76
up to the fire uh-huh and then click it696.164.919
click it and then there's a should be a699.05.279
start fire option okay start a701.0799.241
fire pick my fuel Cedar Wood tender soda704.2798.24
uh yeah maybe either one of those but uh710.323.519
okay so if you look at the top right712.5193.0
there's the chance of success for your713.8395.761
fire 55% all right well click start fire715.5197.721
oh just click it yeah and good719.65.6
luck feeling pretty good like723.243.24
everything's going going right for me725.24.28
today you know yeah you're in a town726.485.479
you're finding729.485.24
clothing uh Hey Oh I got some dog731.9595.761
food o two cans of dog food oh yeah734.726.08
things are looking up for old737.723.08
abro did your fire start yeah I'm just744.245.159
sitting here with my rock I got B you746.883.92
don't want to hold the rock hit H that's749.3994.12
like hide stuff okay there we go what do750.84.68
I do with these books uh you can either753.5193.801
burn them but some books you pick up you755.484.84
can actually read they'll teach you uh757.324.4
they'll teach you about survival and760.323.24
they'll give you like better stats so I761.723.559
take it then I read it right yeah oh763.563.04
actually I just found a book I found a765.2793.12
book called stay on766.64.32
target yeah if I research this for 5768.3994.88
hours it'll make me a better um I guess770.924.56
Hunter with a bow stay on target isn't773.2794.92
that from Star Wars I think so stay on775.484.96
target I can't see them oh man I just778.1993.521
found some sweet780.444.959
gauntlets gauntlets oh gauntlets yeah781.725.88
how's your stats looking nebs well uh785.3994.481
temperature is great sleep looks good787.64.76
water everything's not too bad all right789.885.04
you're in a good situation yeah congrats792.364.24
I should be preparing somehow shouldn't794.923.64
I welcome to the long796.64.359
dark so I've checked most of the place I798.564.24
found some running shoes they're decent800.9595.0
running shoes but what am I wearing I'm802.85.64
already wearing shoes so what you can do805.9594.88
you can compare them oh yeah yeah so808.443.839
look at those shoes they have a bunch of810.8393.12
stats associated with them so we got to812.2793.8
pick up the other ones huh yeah take813.9595.201
them and then I look at the two shoes816.0795.681
the ones I'm wearing are they in yellow819.164.359
um no yellow that that yellow means821.764.12
they're degrading oh they're so every823.5195.201
item every uh clothing item has like a825.886.04
percentage on how well it's doing okay828.725.359
and uh let's see I should just go with831.924.64
the one with a better uh number right834.0795.601
better percentage uh yeah absolutely836.564.76
but there's also temperature oh man like839.683.959
these so for example I found these uh841.324.24
fleece mittens um that give you a843.6395.76
temperature boost of 9° f however these845.565.68
gauntlets I find I found give you a849.3995.44
temperature boost of 3.3 de F so those851.247.519
are much better and I look854.8396.641
stupid that's good okay how long does it858.7595.481
take me to break down okay to break down861.483.84
crate oh don't go out fire there you go865.327.12
all right we going to add that reclaim868.9595.761
wood okay now all right I'm going to get872.445.36
to cooking let's see I going to cook no874.724.96
cooking pots or cooking items877.87.959
in oh no oh no neees are you SC no are879.688.92
you going to die I left my can back at885.7596.32
that fire I made oh you're such a noob I888.66.0
had one can wait can I open the dog food892.0795.601
can yeah okay hold on opening the dog894.64.96
okay I eat the dog food yeah there we go899.565.12
all right eating the dog food now can I902.3995.281
use the dog food can yes okay all right904.684.519
I'm back in Action figured it out listen907.683.04
I think I still got some daylight so I'm909.1993.241
just going to go outside and I'm going910.724.479
to stay close to this house yeah maybe912.444.519
do some looting around this is where I'm915.1993.88
going to live forever right here and916.9593.521
then yeah I just look around there's919.0793.961
some cars and I see uh some buildings920.484.599
that are kind of run down yeah if you're923.043.479
thinking about long-term survival you925.0794.161
got to start thinking about supplies926.5196.161
I don't know how to equip my axe how do929.244.92
I put my axe in my hand well it's not932.682.92
really an equip thing it's more of a934.163.52
tool so if you come across some like935.65.2
sticks uhhuh uh when you came across937.685.12
that stick earlier uh with just your940.83.479
hands it would have taken 10 minutes to942.83.76
break down got but since you got an axe944.2794.721
you can break that down quicker I think946.565.719
I'm going to step outside too just for a949.06.0
minute okay I found a little stick good952.2794.961
for firewood there we go oh it's a955.04.8
gorgeous night here Nees really cold as957.244.279
hell but gorgeous I Can't Believe It's959.83.36
Not Dark here961.5194.56
yet what's in here963.168.159
anything God nothing not a damn966.0798.481
thing my torch went out it's too windy971.3194.44
pretty nice974.566.719
here two questions yeah I found a metal975.7598.481
pale um oh I got to have a haxa to break981.2797.321
that down right uh yes and I also found984.245.92
oh wait that's a container I'll search988.64.44
that but then I found some metal scrap990.165.72
metal well scrap Metal's great uh later993.045.159
on for uh995.885.16
like for making yeah metal tools so998.1993.721
don't worry about it right now I1001.043.239
wouldn't worry about it now but that's a1001.923.719
later on thing unless you just want to1004.2792.601
grab it and you can store it in your1005.6394.081
house well oh yeah I could just move it1006.885.04
to my house yeah okay there's a marine1009.725.2
flare in this box oh yeah take that take1011.924.919
that and then I'll grab this scrap metal1014.923.8
and I'll take it to my house where I1016.8393.601
forever okay burnt down house over here1020.446.2
come on maybe something there's a body1024.1994.081
give me a body give me1026.644.24
God this game's being mean to me again1030.885.52
neebs I wish you lived here with me it's1033.885.159
really nice I wish I lived there1036.46.279
too okay how's my water water's okay1039.0396.601
food's okay this Barn's pretty cool1042.6794.321
there's no way I can stay here I'm going1045.643.159
to have to move tomorrow going to live1047.04.96
in this town forever n sunsets this1048.7994.841
game's going to kill you eventually I1051.965.12
promise back in my house I think I'll1053.647.2
get a fire going I'll put my scrap metal1057.087.52
how do I store stuff you say okay so all1060.846.76
right go to your inventory mhm you can1064.65.24
click on something and then click the1067.65.0
drop button okay so I'm going to find my1069.845.92
scrap metal scrap metal found it all1072.66.559
right so now click drop drop now get out1075.765.72
of your menus uhuh so now if you look at1079.1593.561
it on the1081.484.76
ground and right click uh you pick it up1082.724.839
and from there you can put it anywhere1086.244.84
you want I pick it up oh oh I'm moving1087.5595.48
it now yeah so you can store it just uh1091.083.599
anywhere you got space I just put it on1093.0393.241
the counter yeah there you1094.6795.041
go there we go that's going to get messy1096.286.12
after a while probably is going to yeah1099.723.839
it's going to be really gross you're1102.43.11
going to look like a1103.5593.281
hoarder get dark in here yeah this game1106.845.8
this game gets really dark it is called1110.443.92
The Long Dark1112.646.279
but uh at night it's real can't see a1114.367.52
thing I'm going to hold space bar and1118.9194.801
I'm going to I guess the bean can is1121.886.48
your food yes hit that what's that oh F1123.726.52
I should eat that rabbit shouldn't I1128.363.52
probably the rabbit's going to go bad1130.244.36
pretty quick yeah eat1131.885.84
that that's taking me up to like 75%1134.65.8
full there you go I think I'm doing okay1137.726.0
too yeah um my food food could be better1140.45.04
but I have a couple of candy bars in my1143.724.92
pocket and I'm rocking some dog food so1145.446.599
not a not a bad first day you want to go1148.646.96
to sleep um I think you know what I got1152.0396.241
that book I found I'm actually going to1155.64.559
research it for an hour and improve my1158.284.08
archery skills1160.1596.241
boom yeah how do I do that do I oh1162.367.0
my fire went out1166.44.2
okay I'm going to have to crawl in my1169.365.0
bed roll feels like wait if I1170.66.199
sleep am I warming up okay good I was1174.363.92
just making sure I warm up in the bed1176.7993.281
roll God forbid I go to sleep and freeze1178.283.68
to death you know what I mean there's a1180.083.8
bed in here somewhere but it's so dark I1181.964.28
can't see it you got matches yeah hold1183.884.4
the hold space bar uh-huh and then click1186.243.64
on your light sources which I think is1188.286.0
the very top okay crap okay and then now1189.886.72
find your matches what is that wood1194.285.84
matches and cardboard matches1196.67.0
preference uh doesn't matter all1200.128.72
right light oh light oh there we go okay1203.68.0
oh yeah found my bed this place is so1208.845.88
nice shut up okay I just uh click on the1211.65.439
bed and go to sleep yeah I'm sleeping in1214.724.36
my uh little bag right now boom I'm1217.0394.201
sleeping for eight hours all right good1219.085.079
night's sleep8 hours that might be too1221.245.919
much anyway sleep good1224.1596.0
mm going take my can forget that and1232.67.64
taking my bed roll um my food I'm okay1236.485.24
on food all right I need to try to get1240.243.6
somewhere else did I ever I might not1241.723.92
have ever gotten in this car what's in1243.844.24
here come on food all right hey I got a1245.646.159
soda not a bad morning it's soda1248.087.719
morning okay I am leaving the1251.7996.601
barn and hopefully we'll find better1255.7995.081
shelter wish me luck all right you're a1258.44.84
muddy chaty morning person aren't you I1260.885.4
am that's a1263.245.88
no no no no1269.1210.2
okay do not see me do not see me do not1275.128.08
see me I oh no I might go back to sleep1279.326.12
cuz it's still dark1283.25.76
outside what do you think uh it's up to1285.445.44
you I'm being stalked by a bear don't1288.964.36
really care nebes okay good luck with1290.883.72
that bear I'm going to take another nap1293.323.719
good luck with that bear go youself1294.66.12
maybe two hours hey1297.0395.921
bear hey1300.728.36
bear not tired hey bear hey bear hey1302.966.12
huh okay just get to the road get to the1311.524.88
road hopefully roads lead to somewhere1314.44.08
that's usually my uh I feel like my1316.44.56
motto in this game nebs I feel like1318.484.96
roads always lead to somewhere except it1320.964.28
kind of bit me in the butt last time1323.443.04
like if you were to see a bunch of1325.242.96
famous quotes from people and that was1326.484.079
yours people would go this guy's dumber1328.24.28
than the rest of them yeah it usually1330.5593.521
works out pretty well for me in this1332.484.6
game except the one time it1334.084.839
baby okay think I may have gotten away1342.244.72
from the1345.884.08
sticks oh my God my temperature ah man1350.244.799
my temperature is1353.245.24
already almost all the way down one's1355.0395.24
all the way1358.485.92
up I got new socks new sweater mhm I got1360.2795.441
a hypothermia1364.44.24
risk oh man am I going to have to just1365.725.439
build a fire on the road I just left1368.645.399
holy crap any shelter up1371.1595.801
ahead oh no I don't see1374.0394.64
run all right stamina's low where did1378.6793.561
you sleep last night on the ground in1380.883.159
the yeah in the barn on the on the1382.245.16
ground okay I got a book 75% chance of1384.0395.401
success come on do you think you should1387.44.2
have just stayed at the barn no there1389.445.359
was no food there there there's nothing1391.64.679
I need to find a I need to find a place1394.7993.24
like you're in with a1396.2794.041
bed a place where I could store supplies1398.0396.64
you know a city a city yeah something1400.326.12
okay got a fire going let's add some1404.6794.921
fuel all I got1406.445.8
stick sticks I'm going to try to find my1409.64.16
way back to the toilet in the dark I1412.242.919
don't want to waste my1413.764.36
matches y I see windows so just here to1415.1596.921
the left Yep this is the bathroom scks1418.125.4
toilet should be1422.084.079
right I found the toilet in the dark1423.525.72
stick I'm going to right click1426.1597.12
and come on take some more water for1429.245.96
later I'm actually going to go ahead and1433.2794.081
drink some I think I'll find a bandage1435.24.8
just sitting here well that's great take1437.366.4
that got it what can I see had1440.07.0
anything no just a old desolate Road1443.766.48
wait is that a house I can't1447.06.159
tell damn1450.245.439
it am I not getting warm why am I not1453.1595.0
getting warm Mees I'm by a I'm right by1455.6794.201
a fire and I'm not warming up you1458.1594.0
probably shouldn't have left that1459.885.039
Barn take a torch is that warming me up1462.1595.201
wait what if I put my bed roll down bed1464.9193.561
roll bed roll1467.363.039
you ever watch a survival show and they1470.3992.921
say stay with the1471.963.439
vehicle don't go running off in the1473.324.079
wilderness like a crazy person if I1475.3995.241
sleep feels like neg3 out here crap nees1477.3995.841
I'm going to freeze to death you can't1480.644.919
freeze to death I know I need you I need1483.243.679
you to tell me what to do fire is not1485.5594.961
warming me up can I add any more1486.9193.601
fuel I don't want to burn this archery1490.7995.321
book is there any wood around me I1492.885.519
should have harvested more wood1496.123.799
this fire is not hot enough it's not1498.3993.681
doing anything for1499.9194.961
me all right put more clothes on that's1502.084.839
what I did I got all the clothes on I1504.884.12
have God even with these gauntlets are1506.9194.201
doing nothing for me all right come on1509.05.32
let's go up let's find something let's1511.125.48
something how's my oh man my Health's1517.2793.88
going down1519.6795.24
Mees don't tell me that I'm sure you1521.1594.921
can't die I don't know how to do1524.9193.681
anything in this game1526.085.88
I don't want to leave you alone come on1528.65.12
I'm going to put my head outside there's1531.965.12
got to be shelter or something1533.725.6
nearby oh yeah I just stepped out of the1537.084.36
you shouldn't be outside right now oh I1539.325.4
think I see a building it's a mess out1541.445.76
here uh it's a mess where you're at it's1544.724.079
not a mess where I'm at I don't have1547.24.0
time I see I think I see a building what1548.7994.961
is that a flag is that a building or not1551.25.479
oh no my God what am I seeing up1553.765.919
oh nebes I got buildings I got buildings1562.66.48
come on baby I hope it's warm oh yes1566.125.48
okay a building please be warm in this1569.085.839
building please be warm in this building1571.65.72
this this a little town oh if this is a1574.9194.041
little town I'm would be so1577.324.56
happy yeah neees found something good1578.965.199
Thompson's crossing looks like several1581.884.24
buildings a little church maybe a little1584.1594.281
Schoolhouse yeah okay okay come on get1586.125.159
in this building uh yeah Thompson's1588.444.839
Crossing please be warm in here please1591.2794.52
be warm in here please be warm in here1593.2793.961
on yes it's warming1597.246.679
here warming up yeah maybe look around1600.127.24
for more socks oh no kidding hey this is1603.9196.321
It's like a Community Hall is this a bed1607.364.6
already here yeah there's beds already1610.244.0
here yeah this is a good1611.965.12
find okie dokie what's the worst your1614.244.96
temperature temperature is the absolute1617.085.199
worst but hey okay I can loot this place1619.24.04
we got a1622.2794.081
soda oh man I think my toilet's1623.248.84
empty the toilet Runs Out of Water yeah1626.368.64
no crap what you expect I was going to1632.084.4
live here forever and just drink toilet1635.04.039
water hey I found some rabbit meat1636.486.28
rancid rabbit meat damn it come on1639.0397.0
anything good in this fridge water okay1642.766.2
well at least I can cook that rabbit1646.0395.281
meat more dog1648.964.599
food this is so much better than last1651.323.239
time I played1653.5594.801
neebs this is great this is great lots1654.5595.72
more cabinets here come on let's find1658.365.919
some good stuff yeah more tomato1660.2796.481
soup I need a can1664.2795.321
opener I've been sitting here all night1666.764.88
I'm just going to I'm getting tired I'm1669.63.799
sitting in the dark I'm going to run out1671.643.279
and see if I can't find another building1673.3994.321
jump into okay yeah go for it all right1674.9194.0
jumping out it's going to be dark in1677.723.04
that one though nothing in that big old1678.9194.88
trunk big old trunck nothing in it okay1680.766.519
still night still snowing um that's not1683.7994.841
a building I'm going to that's not a1687.2792.76
building I'm going1688.643.039
nope this one I think I did I try this1691.6798.401
one already yeah there's no way snowed1694.65.48
in this one what's boarded up this place1701.07.799
is boarded up abro uh1705.645.48
yeah maybe this1708.7995.521
one so many houses I can't get1711.126.48
into back1714.323.28
nope come on1720.368.439
oh papor oh more mittens great tools oh1723.66.76
this one looks1728.7994.88
promising yep I found one oh yeah I'm in1730.364.48
another place1733.6794.801
now of course it's dark well use your1734.847.439
matches all right light a1738.483.799
okay uh this only gives me a few seconds1745.444.959
of light doesn't it uh yeah they don't1747.766.32
last forever uh I don't see anything to1750.3995.241
start a fire1754.084.199
in Well yeah if uh you know search1755.645.48
cabinets for supplies light went out1758.2795.24
crap y it's not going to last long all1761.123.799
right with some of this food I'm1763.5193.321
actually going to yeah you know what I'm1764.9194.36
going to organize a little bit some1766.845.559
granola bars here nope Noe no NOP I1769.2794.4
didn't want to eat oh well what do you1772.3993.76
mean organize just organized like uh1773.6793.72
instead of carrying all this stuff1776.1593.041
around this stuff gets heavy you just1777.3993.601
place it on the cabinets so yeah well1779.23.44
I'm taking it out and I'm putting it on1781.04.12
the counters so you can kind of you know1782.644.44
keep stock your inventory and you don't1785.124.399
have a bunch of weight to carry around1787.083.88
well I think I've done everything in1789.5194.081
this house so I'm going to leave it and1790.964.599
can you tell me how to use the spray1793.64.799
paint uh yeah so go outside the house1795.5595.281
hold space bar okay and at the very1798.3994.28
bottom is a icon kind of looks like a1800.843.64
star that's your navigation icon so1802.6794.681
click that now click the spray paint1804.485.679
click searched so yeah now click uh and1807.365.6
yeah and now maybe confirm okay now hose1810.1594.481
it just put it wherever huh you got to1812.962.959
get close it might have to be on the1814.642.56
side or yeah right there there you go1815.9192.561
right there on the door1817.25.64
bam spray it I've already been1818.484.36
here man this is going so much better1825.845.92
for me than my first run I got rabbit I1828.445.56
got peaches temperature's still bad I1831.765.12
need clothing come on yeah let's eat1834.04.799
some rabbit meat how much is it going to1836.882.76
me man I was hoping it would do better1839.645.84
than that all right peaches Oh1841.965.8
no I got food1845.484.439
poisoning got food poisoning food1847.765.12
poisoning sh what' you eat I ate rabbit1849.9195.64
I thought it was good what' it say it1852.885.12
was it was a little low okay hold on let1855.5595.201
me food poisoning all right I can take1858.04.44
uh I can take a couple of antibiotics I1860.764.279
got some antibiotics come on let's do1862.444.8
this yeah come1865.0397.281
on do it all right come on one1867.248.679
more that treatment didn't do anything1872.326.599
CRA so you just going to puke until you1882.085.12
die is that what's going to happen my1884.364.039
it's going to be it's going to take me1887.24.76
10 hours you will weaken until you treat1888.3996.561
it it passes or you die1891.965.599
okay I think it's just going to chew in1894.964.959
what is it chewing into oh it's chewing1897.5594.041
into my uh1899.9194.521
sleep sleep it's making me tired it's1901.64.48
basically a bad stomach ache you're1904.443.719
going to rest I got to Mark these doors1906.084.719
I've uh I've checked this house it's got1908.1596.801
two doors there we go yep got it and1910.7997.48
then one more door right here here oh1914.965.52
man should I go out and see if I can1918.2793.871
find more1920.484.52
supplies I'm doing it my food and water1925.03.96
everything's good right now except for1927.483.159
my tiredness I'm going to risk it oh1928.964.199
crap I'm cold that's right I got to go1930.6395.28
inside yep I got watch that on your1933.1596.801
stuff oh boy1935.9196.72
here okay I'm getting1939.964.76
tired yep I'm going to have to go to1942.6394.801
sleep this damn uh food po poisoning is1944.725.16
eating into me I'm going to try to tear1947.444.52
through this Market real1949.884.08
fast I'm not going to be able to search1951.964.52
it all though oh hey a first aid kit any1953.965.959
antibiotics yes come on come on1956.485.079
antibiotics wait you know what I'm just1959.9192.681
going to rest it off I'm not going to1961.5593.161
waste my antibiotics that's1962.65.48
dumb container okay I got to get back1964.725.12
and sleep I'll come back into this1968.082.959
Market maybe1969.846.16
tomorrow um fiend sardines energy drink1971.0396.201
oh there's actually a lot of good food1976.03.24
in here oh there's more all right good1977.243.48
to know there's1979.243.919
more okay other than the food poisoning1980.725.4
I'm doing a okay I think yeah I'm just1983.1595.12
stacking all my sodas here by the fridge1986.123.72
there you go I'm just going to have a1988.2794.601
big you know Buffet line kind of going1989.844.4
here nice all right yep my tiredness is1994.247.159
all the way down I'm going to1998.886.08
bed sweet dreams thank you talk to you2001.3994.561
when I wake2004.964.0
so my house is there I have checked2010.765.24
pretty much this entire Street those2014.083.439
houses are just2016.04.08
broken um some of these houses I've2017.5196.721
marked X that I've already searched it2020.086.599
and there's a street just up2024.245.08
here see searched that2026.6796.24
house searched other house wait what is2029.326.239
this can I look at2032.9194.6
this probably can't can't get in there2035.5594.561
it's a post office probably not much in2037.5195.241
there anyway huh oh wait yeah it's a2040.124.96
office okay there's a candy2045.26.36
machine this is all right all right how2048.725.679
did I not see this last night so far2051.565.44
nothing good in2054.3997.041
here uh oh the backpack oh that's that's2057.06.639
that's soda yep taking2061.444.12
backpack empty see who keeps nothing in2065.565.359
backpack look at my hands they are all2074.0796.121
chapped got to find some2077.0795.051
gloves did I just hear2080.24.76
something thought I heard a howl or2084.964.119
something I hear in2090.283.44
okay so this street here this is where I2097.524.92
stopped everything this side of the2100.324.4
street I have not looked at2102.446.28
yet let's just start with this2104.724.0
side NOP this looks boarded2108.8394.24
up this place2115.1194.191
yeah oh oven maybe somebody left no crap2125.87.68
I was so lucky earlier today with the2131.5995.24
food the cooked2133.483.359
microwave nothing come in neebs morning2140.166.72
ABS hey good morning yeah I had a little2144.485.28
water my um food poisoning is gone all2146.885.32
cured okay that's good I'm trying to2149.764.24
decide what to have for breakfast tomato2152.25.76
soup a granola bar maybe some beef jerky2154.06.44
so tomato soup do you have to cook that2157.964.119
uh no you can eat it Rob but if you cook2160.443.8
it it gives you a warmth bonus oh really2162.0793.921
um yeah you know what this beef jerky is2164.243.04
getting stale I may as well eat it2166.03.52
before it goes completely bed please2167.284.24
don't give me food2169.525.559
poisoning yeah all right food look be2171.526.12
jerky goes bad everything goes bad in2175.0794.76
this game you think beef jerky been good2177.644.199
for months you you think it would but it2179.8394.28
will go bad eventually that's that's2181.8394.48
what I'm saying this game is designed to2184.1193.121
kill us2186.3193.28
and it2187.242.359
will feel like I'm hearing wolves all2190.765.64
right I got turned around okay thank so2194.1194.801
I've not checked that place over2196.45.439
there is that just the2198.925.8
wind maybe it's just a2201.8395.24
man so I don't have a weapon I don't2204.724.48
have any kind of weapon do I you said2207.0793.881
you picked up a hatchet right can I use2209.24.32
that as a weapon well if a wolf attacks2210.965.32
you you can uh the wolf off with it oh2213.525.48
it just I just saw a wolf it just killed2216.286.36
a rabbit be careful I'm going to run2219.06.0
back to that if it gets after2222.644.32
me I don't know if I can get in that2225.04.44
house over2226.962.48
there yeah he's just eating that rabbit2229.645.84
I kind of want to check this2232.766.4
cabin I'm going for the2235.483.68
cabin yeah2241.0796.121
okay I'm just going to go in here all2243.449.04
right all right you safe yep good job2247.25.28
nbes oh I see a little red thing in my2253.164.56
right corner is that weight uh yes you2255.484.72
probably picked up uh too much stuff so2257.723.92
you probably need to go home and drop2260.23.48
some stuff off I'll try to eat and drink2261.643.36
a little see if that helps and I'm going2263.683.56
to go for it I'm going to leave this2265.04.56
house you think that wolf would still be2267.245.8
there um maybe keep an eye out do they2269.565.799
eily stick around2273.044.92
sometimes uh if he got a rabbit he might2275.3596.361
be full he might be lucky yep yep yep2277.967.119
yep open the door safe yeah he was right2281.727.44
on my butt um what should I do okay do2285.0796.801
you have any rocks or flares I got uh2289.165.32
rocks and probably flares too now a2291.884.959
flare has the potential to scare a a2294.484.24
wolf off but uh you need to practice2296.8395.401
throwing so pull out a rock okay got a2298.725.8
rock yeah so if you hold down I think2302.246.4
right click and then and okay I think2304.526.12
press left click what would you say aim2308.643.959
is thumb thumb right above the thumb I'm2310.644.08
going to go Center2312.5994.641
window that was a little higher you can2314.724.28
uh I would recommend trying to throw a2317.244.48
flare at the wolf uhhuh worst case you2319.05.96
can throw a rock but yeah you you can2321.725.879
try to scare him off so I just your best2324.964.04
that's your best bet if he comes after2327.5992.841
you if I light this is it going to scare2329.03.96
him off you might want to light it and2330.446.6
then throw it at him oh really yeah I'm2332.966.399
going to try this side door here since2337.043.88
he was at the other door all right good2339.3593.081
luck I got a little bit more Daylight2340.923.84
out so I'm going to go out uh see if I2342.446.8
can loot some more houses here I2344.764.48
go okay I'm out the side door who I'm2352.0795.04
It Hat your hat Hatchet what do I do how2357.1193.921
do I select the2359.763.76
hatchet I'm clicking I'm clicking I'm2361.044.559
fighting I'm clicking and fighting did I2363.523.559
get him2365.5993.361
holy moly all right what are your uh2367.0793.561
getting to shelter what are your uh can2368.964.639
I go back to my house you think yeah go2370.644.439
back to your house rather be in my house2373.5993.961
than here just go somewhere where you're2375.0795.721
safe oh crap I got turned around shoot2377.565.16
man now I'm panicking somewhere safe2380.83.2
just get somewhere2382.724.08
safe you think he's coming right back2384.06.24
keep do get somewhere safe2386.86.039
yep all right all right you need to hit2390.244.44
I go into your inventory and look at2392.8393.76
your character the little man okay2394.683.36
little man all right what afflictions do2396.5994.321
you have his foot hurts he's got a2398.045.72
sprain risk any blood loss infection and2400.923.96
blood loss all right you need to take2403.762.8
care of the blood loss before anything2404.883.6
okay you need to do you have a bandage I2406.563.44
think so yeah all right use a bandage2408.484.879
soit Escape Escape all right space bar2410.05.44
uhhuh uh go to your medical on the left2413.3593.24
right got it all right do you have a2415.443.12
bandage y got a bunch the bandage use it2416.5994.161
on the blood loss right here and there2418.563.96
go all right now what did it heal it you2422.526.079
healed blood loss yes there you go all2426.723.56
right so now that the blood loss is2428.5993.201
taken care of look at your other2430.286.6
ailments okay go to man infection risk2431.86.88
and sprain risk all right so the2436.883.32
infection you need antiseptic do you2438.683.399
have any antiseptic2440.25.0
yep so I'll go to that and I'll go to2442.0795.641
antiseptic I'll use it yep that's you2445.24.0
can do it that way too I'll put it on2447.724.72
the wolf bite there you go and2449.26.2
use okay I'm feeling better about this2452.444.8
all right what other ailments you got2455.45.199
any uh yep I had three2457.246.119
things this is a sprain risk oh that's2460.5994.081
because of your weight that's still2463.3593.201
because you're heavy okay all right if I2464.684.28
were you do you know which way to turn2466.564.0
to get back to your home once you get2468.963.56
out of whatever cabin you're in if I can2470.565.519
go outside and not panic yes all right2472.526.96
you need to potentially just book it2476.0794.76
should I go unless unless you want to2479.484.48
like rest uh there's no B there's no bed2480.8395.561
you have a bed roll on you yeah you2483.963.879
might want to consider throwing down a2486.43.36
bed roll and resting there for the night2487.8394.641
give the give the wolf time to run2489.765.48
away man I don't want to stay in here2492.486.04
mother place has a fire and a bed I know2495.245.599
but uh food but you got to consider if2498.523.52
you go out and you get attacked by a2500.8395.121
wolf again you could die so resting will2502.046.68
let your health climb back up so2505.964.72
consider it is all I'm saying I wish it2508.723.0
was dark2510.683.639
already I'm wasting daylight right now2511.725.72
there's daylight out there2514.3195.601
okay so my food and water's2517.445.8
okay temperature's okay I just need to2519.926.08
sleep yeah get some rest uh heal up a2523.244.48
little bit before you go back out there2526.03.4
give that wolf time to you know bug her2527.724.08
off should I sleep like 8 hours or like2529.44.0
half a night um how whatever you're2531.84.44
comfortable with buddy this is what this2533.45.199
is what this game's about you have to uh2536.244.72
you have to make these decisions all2538.5994.801
right I'm going to sleep like uh 5 hours2540.963.8
all right sounds good I'll talk to you2543.43.19
in the morning good night2544.768.76
holy crap hey Nee you there yeah I just2553.526.599
woke up in the middle of the night all2558.44.36
the lights are on your lights are on my2560.1195.121
lights are on yeah I'm in the dark and2562.764.48
it's the Storm Out Hold on let me uh let2565.244.28
me go2567.242.28
outside yeah oh yeah there's some sort2570.524.599
of geomagnetic storm going on making all2572.83.88
the lights flicker2575.1194.121
ooh this is nice I feel like my2576.684.159
inventory is too full I don't know what2579.244.359
to get rid of uh well what I don't know2580.8396.121
what do you got I got2583.5996.881
accelerant pills pills I mean well the2586.964.92
little house you're in you could start2590.483.119
just stacking items if you have more2591.883.64
than one of something see I'm still2593.5993.52
stuck in this crap house I don't want to2595.524.68
live here okay well then move it's night2597.1195.041
I got to I got to get will sleep or pass2600.23.919
time until morning you don't understand2602.163.399
I do understand I've played this game2604.1192.96
more than you ja ass oh wait there is a2605.5593.841
bed right here oh it's a bed roll yeah2607.0794.0
that's your bed roll probably yeah2609.44.199
listen this is a different recording day2611.0793.921
oh wow look at this thing there's a2613.5993.24
tractor here Nee just going2615.05.839
nutso nut yeah that's2616.8396.041
awesome I got to get rid of something2620.8394.041
before I run home I2622.883.92
think there was a2624.884.0
wolf oh yeah you still got that wolf2626.84.279
outside I assume hey tell you what if2628.883.8
you sleep or pass time that wolf might2631.0795.921
go away might might might oh man you2632.686.879
know what what when you uh scroll down2637.04.96
on your inventory mhm it sounds like a2639.5593.881
snap okay I can hear it2643.444.08
like when you rap your arms around2650.445.2
me you give me2656.43.84
fever fever I love2663.724.28
it so I'm going to poke outside and see2674.045.68
if that wolf is still there good idea2677.25.359
all right here we2679.722.839
go there we go2683.8398.28
outside okay front door front porches2686.45.719
clear don't see the wolf all right right2693.924.6
hey that's great all right I need to get2696.244.96
back to the house I'm calling home nice2698.524.36
hey good job you survived your uh first2701.26.0
wolf attack that's right I did you did2702.885.4
all right I'm going to sleep for a few2707.22.6
hours get my energy up I need to get out2708.283.68
in the morning and see what I can find2709.84.2
night there's so many sounds like I hear2714.05.48
what is2717.445.04
this it's a frozen wolf2719.486.24
carcass how does a how does a wolf do2722.485.0
um what do I do oh Harvest with my2727.486.839
Hatchet heck yeah is that going to2730.924.639
nothing to2734.3194.0
harvest morning NES are you away good2735.5594.76
Hey listen I found a wolf carcass I2738.3194.201
can't Harvest it uh yeah you can I'm2740.3195.161
trying so all right so this is kind of2742.524.48
uh you have to play a Time game cuz2745.483.0
you're outside right you don't want to2747.03.52
freeze to death but uh you can pick um2748.484.48
you should have like meat hide and guts2750.524.0
oh I want meat I think all right so if2752.964.159
you want meat so uh right you have to2754.524.52
use the arrow to select how much meat2757.1193.44
you're going to take2759.044.84
okay I want all of it uh all right but I2760.5595.161
also keep keep in mind how long that's2763.884.4
going to take it should tell you you2765.723.76
know you don't want to harvest something2768.282.96
for an hour freeze to death are these2769.483.92
real minutes uh well they're ingame2771.244.119
minutes but no they're not real minutes2773.43.12
but it's going to take you that long but2775.3593.321
you got to you got to just factor in how2776.523.559
cold you're going to get in that period2778.683.56
of time I'm going to do uh 12 minutes2780.0795.0
there you go Harvest keeping on your2782.246.079
temperature oh it's low it's freezing2785.0796.0
see see see is it done yeah it's done so2788.3194.8
I would I would Now find uh go back to2791.0793.721
my house yeah find some shelter will2793.1193.041
that stay there can I come back and get2794.83.24
more yes you can go back and get more2796.163.8
I'd get in warm up and go back a lot of2798.043.64
the times what I do what I do beside a2799.963.639
carcus is I build a fire oh that's a2801.683.76
good idea yeah you build a fire and then2803.5993.76
yeah you were good to go okay I'm going2805.443.679
in my2807.3594.441
house heat up here we go all right2809.1195.281
warming up man it is so cold where I'm2811.84.6
at now it's snowing I have search that2814.43.919
place have I I may have picked through2816.45.159
this damn town already man you are2818.3195.601
wasteful so now I can cook this wolf2821.5594.201
beat on this stove right2823.923.72
75% 80% come on fire we got a fire baby2827.646.6
now you may want to add some more fuel2833.042.559
to keep it burning longer if you look at2834.242.92
the fire it'll tell you how long it'll2835.5994.081
burn it says 13 minutes yeah so you may2837.164.0
want to consider adding more fuel might2839.683.0
take longer than 13 minutes to cook some2841.164.32
wolf and do I click on it yeah and it2842.685.2
should an add option there it is there2845.484.32
you go look at you you're a professional2847.884.04
Survivor there we go throwing one of my2849.86.88
books in to eat some banged up condensed2851.928.199
milk me a lot of calories G G G oh man2856.686.04
that's good that's good2860.1195.041
Okay click on this I click2862.724.72
cook yep and you should be able to find2865.164.76
the wolf meat in your pocket there it is2867.444.879
I got two of them so I click on2869.925.6
that do I drag it or just should just2872.3195.081
click click on it click on2875.524.36
it oh there it went I double clicked it2877.46.76
nice oh yeah smell that smell that fresh2879.888.199
bacony goodness smell it from here2884.167.6
nebs okay I get all the in this2888.0796.881
church oh yeah there a cloth I'm going2891.765.96
to need that for a resource oh wait I2894.965.24
don't have anything to break that2897.725.359
down there's2900.25.08
books really wish I could clean this2903.0795.04
place up you know get this mess off the2905.285.44
floor put this door back on these2908.1194.96
cabinets kind of a messy area you're in2910.723.72
a little2913.0795.601
bit okay lots of hooks to burn yeah we2914.448.32
keep going oh man s a little windy2918.685.76
out let2922.764.599
check oh yeah better it didn't go out2924.445.24
today neebs is it bad out there it's bad2927.3594.841
out here but I'm going to need to go out2929.684.48
soon because I have picked over a lot of2932.23.48
these buildings and I am running out of2934.164.04
of resources I going to drop some stuff2935.687.159
on this table and then I am going to go2938.26.52
get some more wolf meat good idea2942.8393.081
remember what I said you can build a2944.723.24
small fire next to the wolf gotcha2945.925.0
that'll keep you warm keep you warm keep2947.966.98
you warm baby build a fire beside the2950.925.36
carcass it'll keep you warm ATN night2956.286.4
I'm harvesting wolf2959.5593.121
this is one of those days nees where2971.684.0
it's too windy so you just stay inside2973.245.72
and read books oh yeah have a nice story2975.685.56
time mhm I'm going to read some stay on2978.964.96
target research that for an hour that's2981.244.119
right stay on target you were tell me2983.925.439
about that boom uhhuh and then uh oh2985.3595.401
this will make me a better cook I should2989.3592.921
actually that's going to be more useful2990.763.24
than stay on target so yeah let me2992.283.44
research this a little bit I wish wish I2994.03.44
could read2995.724.16
books you just burn yours huh that's all2997.443.96
I can do it won't let me read them you2999.883.28
got to it's it's a specific book you got3001.44.199
to find well seems like you've got a3003.163.84
whole bunch of them yeah no I'm a walk3005.5993.76
in library right now but it's great I'm3007.03.68
going to need it this will make me a3009.3593.921
better cook so yeah once I'm out uh once3010.684.72
I'm out and about cooking uh my food3013.284.12
will be better it'll keep me full or3015.44.199
fill me up a little more than if I you3017.44.56
know was shittier cook so I got that3019.5994.121
going for me sounds like you're on top3021.964.2
of the world man man and so it's good3023.724.04
but these resources aren't going to last3026.164.919
forever so I need to think long term and3027.765.0
I need to go exploring but I can't with3031.0794.401
this damn weather3032.765.88
hey my wolf meat's cooked well3035.485.4
nice enjoy yourself a nice wolf meal I3038.644.919
just click on it and oh I can eat it3040.884.919
right here look at that just I think oh3043.5595.28
space to eat it okay I'm eating it all3045.7995.401
right how's your uh tummy feeling man I3048.8394.601
didn't I didn't even get full can you3051.24.8
believe that I can3053.444.76
wolf meat isn't uh isn't that3056.04.88
filling I bet it would be don't you3058.24.919
think it would be it's not as good as3060.885.04
deer meat oh boy okay I'm going to go3063.1195.801
get more of this unfilling wolf3065.927.36
meat okay need some water ooh it sounds3068.926.76
like the weather I was about to cook3073.286.44
some food but the weather calm3075.684.04
down uh no3081.165.08
well temperature is not no it's going3083.5994.361
down it's still too damn windy God I got3086.243.559
to get out and explore but I can't how3087.964.52
long will that wolf be there long time3089.7995.0
uh yeah but it'll go bad eventually okay3092.483.8
I think I might want to look for I feel3094.7993.52
like I should oh the birds are circling3096.283.279
does that mean they're going to eat it3098.3194.081
uh no but they will drop uh they'll drop3099.5594.321
feathers which you could use to craft3102.44.08
arrows we're ways away from that3103.884.64
though oh I hear3106.485.52
howling you better be careful man3108.526.2
Bubba I mean they could be far away too3112.04.72
can I hold my knife in my hand I feel3116.725.839
safer about a weapon is no you can't3118.726.56
okay let's see have I been in3122.5595.681
here uh I have damn3125.284.96
it I need to start you know what I need3128.243.4
to start doing it's dumb but I'm going3130.242.839
to start marking3131.643.8
cars keep getting in cars like have I3133.0794.681
been in here boom wait I found a big3135.445.8
house oh yeah hold3137.766.16
on this might have some good3141.246.119
stuff something following me swear I3143.926.399
hear just wolf sounds everywhere okay3147.3595.261
this is going to be the3150.3196.201
jackpot here we are look at this we got3156.686.399
a kitchen oh yeah they have a oh they3160.3594.24
got a stove too this could be my3163.0794.76
vacation home your vacation home just3164.5994.681
right down the road from your other Home3167.8392.921
Street they got3169.287.6
soda I'm taking that Summit soda3170.769.92
now cabinets cabinets for days a lot of3176.886.479
storage huh yep man I'm jealous the3180.686.28
house I found is all torn up oh crap3183.3595.681
what' you do I just set off my flare3186.964.68
trying to open a cabinet did you okay so3189.043.92
you had your flare in your hand for some3191.643.4
reason yeah I was cuz I was afraid of3192.964.44
wolves such a noob can I turn it off and3195.045.039
save it uh no once it's uh once you pop3197.45.56
it it's it's done ah man maybe you'll3200.0796.441
find another one what's this t plug3202.965.72
tender plug what's a tender plug use to3206.525.319
start fires oh usually plugs plug things3208.686.32
you know okay well might as well just3211.8395.441
enjoy the3215.04.72
light you know what I'm down the road a3217.285.079
little bit God I need to go back for3219.724.44
food D3222.3595.44
it I have yep I have picked this little3224.166.6
town apart oh yeah there's not much here3227.7995.201
anymore as far as there's no new food to3230.763.76
find so you're going to you're going to3233.03.48
make the voyage uh I'm going to have to3234.523.64
soon I need to start prepping I got3236.483.2
enough food to last me for maybe a3238.162.48
days but yeah if I'm thinking long term3240.646.479
I've got to go out and find something I3244.3594.76
need a weapon that's the other thing too3247.1193.281
this uh this town's great but there's3249.1192.761
nowhere to craft anything there's not3250.43.76
one damn crafting table I can find in3251.883.8
this town see I didn't even know there3254.164.48
were crafting tables there are crafting3255.685.52
tables well all these cab well I did get3258.644.52
a little syrup and a little bit of3261.25.68
food syrup syrup maple syrup what what3263.164.88
do you mean what I don't think I've ever3266.882.52
found syrup in this game I'm just3268.043.64
surprised you found syrup oh really yeah3269.44.6
that's special huh I guess cuz yeah not3271.684.2
not damn once in this game have I found3274.04.4
syrup all right what's for lunch today3275.885.8
maybe some ketchup chips3278.45.32
yeah all right I got to eat a little3281.683.879
more I think I'm going to get a fire3283.722.92
here let's see little Tinder plug 35%3286.645.679
chance of success that ain't good okay3290.244.68
55 not burning a book there we go come3292.3195.8
on come on baby come on baby come on I3294.925.0
need you to St baby I just found two3298.1193.96
more books I can't read all right well3299.924.159
you can burn them it'll keep the fires3302.0794.48
going a little longer I know that by now3304.0794.24
I'd like to find a book I can read it'll3306.5593.56
happen to you one day that one can't3308.3193.401
read it can't read this one you be able3310.1193.561
to read a book One Day I feel like3311.724.24
I found a thousand books more than you3313.683.96
and I can't read one of them no I found3315.963.159
a bunch of books too because I got a3317.643.36
bunch of them stacked over here oh you3319.1193.121
just don't say every time you find a3321.03.359
book like that yeah no I don't I go oh3322.244.559
that's a book I can burn great and I'll3324.3594.161
move on with life well next time you3326.7993.841
find a book try say it here's a book I3328.524.36
read oh it failed again crap I guess3335.0395.361
I'll try again is it using a book it's3338.724.24
not using a book every time I try is it3340.45.959
n sure we not come on3342.966.879
baby here it is3346.3593.48
smoking got a blue on it get some oxygen3352.727.16
in there come on don't you dare quit now3355.7997.081
yeah you got it there it is we got 143359.885.479
minutes okay let's get this cooking3362.886.36
we're going to cook this meat right3365.3598.641
here bam oh man I can cook six of these3369.246.64
all right so that's going to take 343374.03.64
minutes and this is going to run for 113375.885.36
so we got to add some fuel bam uh we'll3377.646.04
add these dumb books I can't read all3381.244.76
right and3383.685.56
how long's that give me 27 minutes 31 I3386.04.96
got to remember those3389.244.24
numbers add3390.966.2
fuel that's all I got Okay add it there3393.487.24
we go to break some stuff down all right3397.166.879
29 54 plenty of time get some wolves3400.724.48
here we3404.0394.921
go I'll be back wolf3405.23.76
meate all right still cold still got3411.1195.761
daylight uh my vitals are3413.768.12
good now keep an eye out for3416.887.76
wolves all right birds are still3421.886.36
there so the wolf is still3424.646.479
there I have searched that building3428.246.319
pretty sure I searched all3431.1193.44
those S what was that what was3435.967.159
okay keep on moving3443.1195.281
moving pretty healthy if I got attacked3445.766.24
maybe I could fight the wolf off with my3448.43.6
bullet here we go right here just one3453.965.28
we'll just do one piece of meat I3457.07.039
think yep all right nothing around3459.247.04
me let's do3464.0395.721
it okay we're going to do one thing of3466.286.0
meat and3469.764.799
harvest what's happened to my vital here3472.285.68
let see times oh that wasn't bad that3474.5595.161
was actually pretty I think I could do3477.968.079
another one we go oh oh KNE KN oh c the3479.729.079
knife Put The Knife knife don't C me a3486.0397.401
knife come on get on my wrist okay oh3488.7996.881
boy what what's happening blood lost3493.445.24
where the wolf where the3495.685.0
wolf I hear3498.684.56
him oh boy where'd he3500.686.04
go I'm hurt3503.243.48
there like a blood3507.8392.681
trail I'm going to go to my other3511.3195.181
house see if I'm3514.285.12
bleeding oh boy after you sleeping I3519.46.76
just woke up I prepared some rose hips I3523.764.359
got attacked by a wolf all right we've3526.163.72
been through this before you know it do3528.1194.48
I let go to body y my hand is blood3529.885.36
lossing okay you just need a bandage3532.5994.561
um is that a bandage nope it looks like3535.243.4
a bandage speaking of I'm going to crap3537.163.159
one just in case bandages are always3538.645.32
good to have bandage just hit use yep3540.3197.441
use it on the blood loss uh blood loss3543.966.44
use that should heal your blood loss I3547.764.72
got to learn how to fight the I broke my3550.44.439
gloves my brand new3552.484.599
gloves okay you might be able to repair3554.8393.561
them with a sewing kit do you have a3557.0793.881
sewing kit let me make sure I'm I'm good3558.44.24
infection risk uh do you have any3560.964.44
antiseptic uh that's that yep I think I3562.648.479
do let's see yep use it on that okay may3565.48.159
that wolf attack me and I didn't know3571.1194.44
what to do like I didn't know to click3573.5593.841
on the knife yeah so yeah what that's3575.5593.48
what happens when a when a wolf attacks3577.43.439
you have options based on whatever tools3579.0393.401
you have in your pocket okay so if you3580.8392.881
have a hatchet you can hit it with a3582.443.24
hatchet if you have a knife you can stab3583.724.2
it with a knife there's a good chance3585.684.0
since you stab that wolf with a knife it3587.923.96
might go and die somewhere he sounded3589.683.679
hurt matter of fact that wolf carcass3591.883.52
you found that first time might have3593.3594.48
been the one you hit oh before man3595.46.52
that's right I'm the lethal post killer3597.8395.48
yes now you're stabbing them and they're3601.923.0
bleeding to death see because they don't3603.3193.321
have the option to uh you know go home3604.925.28
and put a bandage on listen um are you3606.645.76
sitting down3610.25.68
um I yeah broke my pants I am running3612.48.08
around in thermal underwear okay so you3615.886.32
need to find pants well I should3620.483.639
probably I think I have a sewing kit3622.23.48
let's do the pants instead of the gloves3624.1193.801
probably okay can you uh find the pants3625.684.919
that broke do you still have them um so3627.924.399
I click on pant I'll click on this3630.5993.48
probably you have no clothing of this3632.3193.641
type look in your uh like your backpack3634.0793.841
your inventory3635.965.359
gotcha pants pants broken glove oh I see3637.925.399
a pair of broken pants so click on them3641.3195.72
and click actions yep H you you might3643.3195.441
not be able to repair them if you could3647.0394.121
repair them it would tell you I think3648.763.68
your only option since they're3651.164.76
completely ruined is to harvest them3652.445.72
so sorry neees I got to find pants3655.923.199
pantsless fixing my gloves right unless3659.1196.881
they're completely ruined actions 0% is3662.485.48
that how they're ruined ruined they're3666.03.96
completely ruined says3667.966.159
ruined crap man you're on3669.967.159
a you're on a lower difficulty than I am3674.1197.041
you're having a harder time oh3677.1194.041
this is good for making bandages I'm3690.1195.761
going to take this stuff oh damn it okay3692.0796.401
I need to make a fire what can I see up3695.884.4
no all right let's make a fire out here3702.3194.601
today nope nope don't want to let's3708.8396.161
start fire come on come come on get a3712.3194.321
going come on really need you to3716.646.679
start no just3719.926.919
start oh damn it fail attempt oh boy3723.3195.48
okay okay this is3726.8394.48
dangerous um H where's the wind which3728.7995.0
way is the wind coming from okay you3731.3195.081
know what sounds crazy but I might be3733.7994.721
shielded from the wind better from down3736.45.919
here is that a wolf3738.523.799
okay we're going to try to make it3742.5995.561
back or at least come over3744.7996.8
here oh rabbit oh yeah you know what3748.165.32
we're going to make it fire we're going3751.5993.52
to get a rabbit that's what we're going3753.484.879
to do today come on oh I need to warm up3755.1194.641
so bad come3758.3593.881
on come3759.765.72
on come3762.243.24
on yeah this is looking good damn it no3765.684.879
oh my God I'm going to freeze to death3769.3192.641
CU I can't make a fire do I have any3770.5594.48
acceler oh I got two come on I don't3771.964.52
want to use it I really don't want to3775.0393.641
use it unless I have3776.484.96
to come3778.689.0
on come on just do it Dam it no come on3781.447.8
why do I suck at making a fire all of a3787.686.399
sudden all right last time come on3789.248.079
should have brought more3794.0796.681
books hypothermia don't want3797.3195.361
hypothermia come on come on come on come3800.766.279
on do it do it do it do it yes just yes3802.687.599
okay here we go here we go let's3807.0397.28
add get some sticks there we go 2hour3810.2796.52
fire that needs to be a lot harder come3814.3194.881
on get up there in temperature cuz I3816.7997.32
need you 17 18 oh my God temperature's3819.26.96
not going up health is going down come3824.1193.881
fire add more3828.04.319
fuel let's make you hot I'm going to get3830.0395.56
you real hot there we go 40 okay there3832.3195.24
you go3835.5995.2
temperature okay damn let's see what3837.5595.72
have I got out here I see some3840.7996.881
wood okay stay away from that3843.2794.401
wolf okay he's over there hopefully3849.0794.441
that's where he's going to3851.8395.321
stay all right let's cook o I got a cup3853.525.44
of coffee I'm going to cook that cup of3857.164.24
coffee because that'll get me uh give me3858.964.839
a warmth bonus let pass time until it's3861.43.439
and we are going to drink this3864.8396.681
coffee here we go little bit of energy3867.26.839
yeah warming up3871.525.799
okay okay3874.0393.28
rabbit all right I'm pretty3880.3593.881
warm let's get this3885.926.6
rabbit come on3889.0393.481
come on rabbit oh get still get3897.5595.201
yes sorry buddy I don't like to do this3907.684.76
but victory3913.44.199
victory we're cooking some rabbit oh3918.684.8
wait I got to I but I have to harvest a3921.7993.161
I all right where is the meat where is3924.964.8
the rabbit meat probably under food yep3927.5994.76
we're going to harvest a rabbit for two3929.765.72
15 minutes 50 calories3932.3596.521
Burn yeah let's Harvest that rabbit3935.485.119
oh this is my kind of3940.5995.48
morning all right3943.686.56
cook bam oh it's going to taste so good3946.0796.76
37 minutes till ready may as well boil3950.244.119
some water you know what the let's do3952.8394.641
some let's make some rose hip3954.3596.72
tea uh-oh visibility is getting down a3957.486.119
little bit let me go to my3961.0794.881
navigation survey the local area a3963.5994.96
little bit I'm right on the river Yep3965.965.92
this river goes right back to town3968.5597.401
so okay rose hip go ahead and take that3971.886.88
save that for a rainy day cook some more3975.964.8
how's that rabbit 173978.764.24
minutes okay what about the3980.765.559
wolf yeah you stay over there3983.06.88
so I'm stuck here in the house my3986.3197.0
uh health is at like 40 something and I3989.885.52
don't I don't want to waste the day you3993.3195.081
know it's like bright outside yeah no I3995.45.28
I understand the feeling so maybe I3998.44.399
should just uh maybe break some chairs4000.683.56
down for wood or4002.7993.52
something and then take a4004.244.28
nap um you4006.3194.441
could what would you do just sit around4008.523.36
yeah you know yeah break some chairs4010.762.48
down yeah don't waste your day you don't4011.882.84
have anything to read4013.243.799
um repair your clothing uh break some4014.723.8
chairs down yeah those are all good4017.0392.841
ideas I think we decided I couldn't4018.523.319
repair my clothing didn't we well not4019.883.56
the clothing that's completely broke but4021.8392.72
what about the clothing that's not4023.443.2
completely broke okay so if I were to4024.5593.76
click on say this4026.644.439
sweater yeah oh hey I just found some4028.3195.04
Cattails oh y yeah you can Harvest4031.0794.601
Cattails the you can eat the stock for a4033.3594.72
little bit of food and the head works as4035.686.8
uh Tinder gotcha that's cool I've got a4038.0797.0
cloth and I'm going to repair my sweater4042.483.52
41% all4046.05.079
right oh neebs I'm about to eat some4048.444.52
rabbit oh man I wish that gave me a lot4052.965.44
more food than it did probably spend4055.525.16
more energy than you had yep no it's4058.44.159
better than nothing um I'll survive4060.684.48
another day so I'll take it repaired my4062.5595.161
sweater to 71% uh let's see how my4065.165.399
underwear if I lose those I'm really in4067.727.52
trouble actions repair yep4070.5597.0
it did you repair4079.45.24
it I think so I forgot to look at what4081.5994.921
they're at it'll tell you up top it'll4084.643.159
give you like a percentage Yeah I didn't4086.522.799
know if they were less than that before4087.7994.441
they probably were okay they 58 so do4089.3196.4
have 58 repair them again4092.247.559
okay oh what' you do oh God a4095.7196.04
wolf was just looking at me then what'd4099.7995.841
he do he L he left4101.7596.4
Jesus hey go away4105.645.8
off he didn't attack you uh no I'm by4111.7593.52
fire don't you go away no don't come4115.2794.52
here God that scared the absolute4121.487.08
out of me nees man you're lucky oh I4125.125.8
just turned the corner it just oh God4128.563.719
all right I got to come down off that4130.923.2
Jesus you just want to have a fire going4132.2794.96
huh woo uh yeah fires will scare them4134.125.08
away are you coming4137.2394.881
back buddy this fire will last for 24142.125.4
hours you want to stare at me for 24145.3594.081
hours you're more than welcome to I4147.524.48
don't think they'll attack me come on4149.446.759
hey no yeah that's right you don't like4152.07.759
this do you look at this take this torch4156.1996.52
on the hell out of4159.7594.761
okay okay we're going to play this game4164.522.96
we rock still I got you'll take a Boop4167.486.679
I'll take a little Boop yeah don't make4171.2397.12
me start booping and don't you get my4174.1594.2
rabbit did he go he went he went back4179.44.56
the way I need to go to get back to town4182.1993.96
son of a man we're both having4183.965.52
crazy days huh uh yeah me with my pants4186.1596.52
are you coming back you are you are not4189.485.6
giving up easy are you4192.6797.161
yeah uhhm oh my4195.084.76
God that4199.966.44
torch' he go where'd he4202.843.56
go all right what do we got here two4206.445.279
hours on the fire I can do this all day4208.526.639
buddy I'm nice and warm and cozy here4211.7196.161
and I notice you're4215.1592.721
not uhhuh uhhuh you like4218.67.04
okay oh I'm going to I really want to4226.043.96
just pop you on the nose once yeah come4228.443.759
on get get4230.06.44
get yep oh God oh God oh God whoa yeah4232.1995.921
go that way ooh this might be my chance4236.442.96
all right you know what we're grabbing a4238.123.76
torch getting the out of here how4239.44.48
you get torches uh you picked one up for4241.884.48
your from your campfire oh really grab4243.884.04
these Cattails there a little bit of4246.363.879
food it's right come on will the torch4247.926.68
beat the wolf away um yeah might4250.2395.881
that's a good question where did I kill4254.64.599
that rabbit by the way4256.125.36
it's oh you're going to follow me home4259.1995.081
huh oh yeah nebs I got a4261.485.08
buddy I do not like it you don't need4264.285.72
that buddy I don't want that buddy some4266.566.88
sticks sticks I got my torch though4270.05.36
uh-huh uh-huh4273.446.88
uh-huh all right I see town I see4275.369.28
Town mhm just stay back there4280.326.44
you just stay back there4284.646.12
Buddy's this torch got4286.764.0
running running running running4292.45.72
don't care if I get a little tired4295.047.0
running oh yeah you're stalking aren't4298.127.72
you there's nothing for you in this4302.048.599
town oh yeah MH mhm here we go here we4305.848.319
go I'm going to lose you okay come on4310.6396.121
come on come4314.1592.601
on think I may have gotten out of that4322.484.199
neeso good to hear abro CU I think I'm4326.6794.56
going to take a nap okay I didn't want4329.1595.801
to go to sleep while you were uh in4331.2393.721
danger you are still following me you4335.045.88
son of a4338.442.48
all right right I'll play you damn4342.2396.281
uhhuh torch is almost down torch lasted4353.6796.04
until here oh good I love that you're4356.65.72
out here now this town was a nice little4359.7195.721
safe get4362.328.359
away uhuh yeah going inside4365.448.96
now there's a wolf outside my damn4370.6796.441
place son of a so you made it home4374.45.279
huh made it home but yeah now I'm hoping4377.124.72
I can just stay in here for the4379.6794.641
day um let's see I ate that rabbit that4381.845.28
did not give me enough though4384.324.879
listen I'd love to chat but I'm really4387.126.0
tired go to bed I can't find it it's so4389.1996.0
dark I think I can find it without4393.125.76
wasting a match there it is good night4395.1996.0
good night4398.882.319
oh yeah I still got this rabbit oh yeah4404.083.48
I picked him up I was like where'd my4406.283.48
rabbit go that's right I can get the4407.564.159
guts and the hide I bet that's that's4409.764.68
what that wolf wanted oh yeah here we go4411.7196.121
you know what get this gut get this4414.448.52
hide yeah so now where is where's the4417.847.44
rabbit oh yeah here we are so that4422.964.12
rabbit pelt we're going to drop we're4425.285.359
going to drop these guts and now let's4427.086.48
put these guts over here let's put this4430.6396.321
rabbit pelt over here yeah all right we4433.564.48
curing some Pelt and gut I think I can4438.045.52
use those in crafting but damn do I need4441.883.24
a crafting bench because that's the one4443.564.52
thing this town doesn't4445.125.84
have let's see4448.086.52
1.1 oh you know what I think I can craft4450.967.36
yeah I can craft since I have the4454.67.48
cloth I can craft an improvised oh yeah4458.327.8
I'm doing that there we4462.084.04
go and then if I go to here you know4467.1595.401
what we're going to take this which only4470.846.359
gives me a 0. n we're going to harvest4472.564.639
mhm and then we are going to put on a4479.367.48
nice new head WP ooh look at me I look4483.045.36
dumb as4486.848.44
yeah all right surviving baby4488.46.88
have show you up uh yep trying to make a4497.965.679
fire so I woke up and I tried to I'm in4500.6796.201
the dark I tried to cook some meat and4503.6396.52
then uh I didn't have enough4506.885.92
fuel so it's like partially cooked and I4510.1594.56
can't break a chair down cuz there's no4512.84.919
light I need light to break a chair down4514.7194.721
all my books are at the other house yeah4517.7192.881
well you think it's safe to go how's4519.442.32
your health looking now you think it's4520.64.559
safe to leave um yeah it's uh it's at4521.767.56
like 90 80s something my God does not4525.1595.841
want to start a fire today let's4529.324.319
do this it's going to be cold though you4531.05.88
know right can I eat tomato I got a cook4533.6396.08
tomato soon uh you can eat it raw well4536.884.2
it's not really raw but you can eat it4539.7194.44
cold okay should be okay God damn it4541.085.88
start the fire I'm going to eat it use4544.1595.361
all my damn Tinder plugs I don't mind4546.965.8
cold soup did you find a can opener yet4549.524.88
yeah okay okay well that that actually4552.764.439
uh works well um if you didn't have a4554.44.36
can opener you would actually damage4557.1993.321
that tomato soup a little bit you would4558.764.399
spill it basically and then there we go4560.524.76
godam that's to far enough all right4563.1594.441
let's add book I assume my other beats4565.283.12
burned other meat oh yeah the one back4568.44.52
at your house town yeah4570.766.0
probably let's see new pork and beans uh4572.927.319
all right I'm eating dog food for4576.767.12
breakfast what what that location oh4580.2396.0
wait can I not cook dog food oh I guess4583.884.319
not I guess I just eat it I would want4586.2394.201
to cook dog food before I eat it may put4588.1995.081
some salt on it something yeah see I4590.444.64
don't have a can opener so yeah I will4593.283.64
not get as many calories from this as I4595.084.04
could I would love to find a can opener4596.924.52
though oh they did give me a good chunk4599.124.24
all right then let's eat some uh let's4601.444.799
eat some tomato soup4603.367.6
man oh boy my food supply I am so4606.2398.48
worried um how much daylight we got left4610.967.88
okay Sun's going down there's a wolf out4614.7194.121
there porking4618.885.48
beans okay oh wait I did get those I got4620.925.719
cat tails let's see gives me a little4624.364.52
bit it's not much but damn it's better4626.6394.52
than nothing so if I want to break a4628.885.24
curtain down yep and then I got cloth4631.1596.0
two 6 minutes 23 calories and a hunting4634.126.24
knife and then I hit break down4637.1597.841
yeah why is it going that I don't know4640.364.64
cuz you're in the dark maybe it didn't4645.1593.121
even say it just4646.6793.601
says when I tried to break the chair4648.283.399
down it said you're in the dark can't do4650.285.28
it maybe it's the same thing okay forget4651.6795.841
it yeah why don't you just just rest or4655.564.0
um waste time until morning I I just4657.524.36
slept 6 hours I know God I'm I'm sick of4659.563.8
this debate with you I don't4661.882.799
think that's a good thing to do you got4663.363.68
to be on a schedule okay well Cad and4664.6794.201
Rhythm man all right that's fine but you4667.042.96
know what I don't want to hear any more4668.882.759
of bitching about it what about the4670.03.679
books that I can't read you know the4671.6393.161
answer to that you don't want to hear4673.6794.201
that either nope start a list all right4674.84.96
tomato soup how you going to do me okay4677.884.88
that's good taking a nap warming up a4679.765.04
little bit I'm going to good night I'm4682.763.56
going to peek out where's this wolf he's4684.84.28
still out there no wolf no wolf you're4686.325.64
off already4689.082.88
right o and it's actually not that cold4694.6394.281
out here God right now is a good time to4697.484.56
get out in the B how tired am I not too4698.924.799
he you know4703.7194.281
what the4706.1594.281
wolf okay let's go up the road a little4708.03.96
bit all right what's mine I need to4710.442.719
fuel you're not going to believe this4713.1594.921
abro what's that uh my wolf meat was4714.964.88
cooked oh nice the fire must have gone4718.083.4
out before it burnt the whole night it4719.844.04
was cooked I could have eaten it well4721.484.36
ate it I'm going to that sounds like a4723.883.88
pretty decent breakfast if you ask me I4725.843.799
don't feel like the math added up but4727.763.0
cooked and now I've got a windstorm4730.764.919
oh yeah that's no good that's a that's4734.1593.721
definitely a stay inside day all right4735.6793.96
I'm going to break this chair down may4737.885.2
try this curtains again see what4739.6393.441
happens curtains work this time yep so4745.123.88
that's probably what it was it was in4747.884.52
the dark all right doing a4749.03.4
chair oh there's a deer I would love you4755.485.92
all right I'm going to venture a little4759.923.4
far from home which might be stupid but4761.43.36
I'm going to try to give myself enough4763.325.8
energy to get back no wolves no wolves4764.766.6
not today Town's right over there I'm4769.123.559
just going to follow the power lines4771.363.72
down the road I know there's a barn over4772.6795.121
this hill cuz I've been there and then4775.085.76
yep there's that little fire pit I made4777.85.28
oh God you scared the out of4780.845.52
me take it4783.083.28
easy come back to that fire if things4787.964.32
get desperate but man temperature out4790.1595.241
here right now now is4792.283.12
great all right let's get to the top of4797.766.08
this hill Oh My warming up expired but4800.1996.281
my temperature is still looking real4803.845.72
good I don't see a bear which is great4806.485.6
cuz I know there was a bear at that4809.564.92
Barn get to the top of this hill and see4812.085.48
if I can see anything worth the4814.487.159
dear oh man I want a rifle how good4817.567.04
would a rifle be4821.6395.881
um tracks I'm guessing those are deer4824.64.92
tracks I'm hoping those are deer4827.524.56
tracks let getting dark but man4829.524.6
good oh is that a structure I'm must see4834.125.519
it over4837.85.56
there not seeing over4839.6393.721
there man I'm getting4843.844.04
tired all right you know what let's just4845.965.759
peek let's just peek can't4847.886.359
hurt oh wait might be some cat tails4851.7194.401
right here I just failed to start a fire4854.2394.0
three times he tell me about it yeah it4856.124.44
happened to me earlier just keep trying4858.2394.041
huh yep just keep trying I think the4860.563.52
only thing you waste oh there we go the4862.284.0
only thing you waste is a Tinder plug I4864.084.0
don't have any Tinder plugs on me do I I4866.283.68
got news print uh yeah you might want to4868.083.159
make a Tinder plug they'll give you a4869.963.04
better chance of success oh I got one on4871.2394.881
the ground I'll take that here we4873.06.96
go ooh neebs yeah oh man I just I think4876.125.519
I might have just found a4879.966.4
farmhouse ooh one Farmhouse yeah but4881.6396.281
it's a place to potentially have food4886.363.799
and clothing which I4887.925.36
would love oh you know what I can sleep4890.1595.681
here tonight too cuz my uh yeah my4893.284.48
tiredness is getting4895.846.24
real come on fire nope can't can't be4897.766.72
done it can be done it's just yeah you4902.085.0
got to get better at it scrap metal4904.484.56
what's this o this place has a Sellar4907.084.159
nebs that's cool how do I get better at4909.044.4
it looks like an outdoor fire pit um4911.2393.681
you're going to hate this4913.445.12
answer find a book A book yeah of course4914.924.759
okay you know what I better get in this4918.564.28
house I'm not going to be able to see oh4919.6795.841
well it did pick up a flare and we got a4922.844.24
fire there you4925.524.32
go oh yeah I can't see a damn thing in4927.085.28
here we're having pork and4929.845.16
beans pork and beans on the fire I think4932.365.52
so sounds nummy that sounds yummy wolf4935.05.48
meat and pork and beans okay H three4937.884.08
flares you know what I'm going to light4940.485.32
one flare so I can loot this uh4941.963.84
Farmhouse oo oh what do we got is that4946.1996.241
peanut butter oh R 900 calories4949.765.479
yeah yeah I got por Bean 600 calories oh4952.444.4
man they were killing it4955.2394.48
soda oh wow they okay wow this Farmhouse4956.846.319
has a good stove too note left behind4959.7197.241
let's see bread blah blah okay whatever4963.1597.56
don't give me something good4966.967.64
baby oh damn it hey hey I found syrup oh4970.7196.601
I got syrup I know like I was surprised4974.66.039
by that earlier yes coffee I can make4977.326.76
coffee okay all right while we got light4980.6395.801
more milk yes nees this this house is4984.084.76
great so far I'm finding lots of food4986.444.08
listen I'm feeling pretty confident I'm4988.843.68
going to step outside again nice God yes4990.525.08
a can opener yes you just now4992.524.76
getting can opener I just now got a can4995.63.32
opener but I'm super happy about that4997.284.6
cuz I've been damaging a lot of food4998.926.12
gotcha okay I'm back outside I think5001.885.759
that wolf is that wolf gone nope it's5005.046.639
still here the carcass yeah nice maybe I5007.6396.52
could grab a piece of meat real quick5011.6795.921
huh I don't see any bad guys here we5014.1597.641
go let's do one Harvest that's a lot of5017.68.32
firewood holy crap damn I might move5021.86.76
here place is5025.924.759
nice oh it has a basement I'm going to5028.563.599
check the basement good luck in the5030.6793.401
basement I got some meat I'm going to5032.1594.961
make my way down the street oh yes a pry5034.086.079
bar I got two pry bars well I just found5037.126.079
my first one I'm super happy about it5040.1595.56
Jerry can with some Lantern fuel oh man5043.1994.081
if I could find a lantern how happy5045.7194.281
would I be so happy I would be extremely5047.286.16
happy all right medy freak some5050.05.8
antibiotics and bandage oh I bet okay5053.444.16
yep that leads outside that was the door5055.82.919
I saw5057.63.599
earlier let think over here she break5058.7195.641
the breakdown5061.1993.161
uh I can tear those up more matches5064.484.52
good come on clo give me some clo ooh a5069.06.639
simple par yes he that's great oh and I5073.04.52
got the pry bar now I can open this come5075.6395.361
up here come on come on come on uh flare5077.526.76
shell oh and a thick wool sweater yes at5081.06.679
a boy you're killing it who Okay WI a5084.286.56
crafting table oh yeah I don't even know5087.6794.801
if I'd know what that is if I saw it5090.843.319
okay it's yeah it's a little metal okay5092.483.88
I live here now this place has a stove5094.1594.721
this place has a crafting this is home5096.364.4
sweet I'm moving out I'm moving out of5098.883.68
the other Dum anything in the dryer come5100.765.359
on give me some clothing socks shirts oh5102.567.52
my God jackpot ah this is underwear this5106.1196.721
is the jackpot oh so jelly I did find a5110.083.639
little house though I'm going to go5112.844.96
check this one out in here oh yeah Wet5113.7195.96
Stone I'll be able to survive here for5117.84.52
days oh man I was already in this house5119.6794.52
this is the one that I was in I forgot5122.324.76
to mark it when the wolf had me trapped5124.1995.48
crap okay get my books though that I5127.085.4
can't read more tools plenty of wood5129.6794.52
this place is5132.483.92
great I am getting tired I'm going to5134.1994.321
have to go upstairs and go to sleep I'm5136.44.08
assuming this place has a5138.525.88
bed I mean it is a damn5140.483.92
house it doesn't should be able to sleep5144.484.48
on that damn couch I hope you got a de5147.1194.161
buddy yeah storm5148.963.84
oh that's great more sewing kit H mask5152.86.359
oh man and I'm going to mark this door5155.925.319
oh too far mark this door so I don't5159.1594.601
search it again does this place not have5161.2394.88
a bed this place doesn't have a bed I'm5163.763.16
to burn this house to the ground ah here5166.924.48
we go all right I got a bed there's5169.564.599
still a hole upstairs here to5171.45.36
loot all right I'm going to bed until5174.1594.641
morning hopefully that doesn't burn my5176.762.84
down uh let's see I got some water yeah5179.66.92
yeah maybe eat that jar of peanut butter5183.925.64
before I go to bed yeah that's 9005186.526.679
calories holy that's good oh my god5189.565.559
look oh my belly's5193.1995.241
full all right I am going to sleep and I5195.1198.721
am one happy woo good night5198.445.4
abro looks like I can search that house5204.043.4
there let's hope there's a big5207.446.759
jacket and some clothes5209.964.239
okay this one's not marked should be5214.6796.161
just for picking here we5217.325.48
okay there's an upstairs that's good5225.766.72
kitchen I think I'm going to go straight5230.763.84
upstairs CU I really want5232.486.639
clothes let's see here we go come on oh5234.66.76
man there's no furniture there's nothing5239.1194.161
chances they being there's no clothes in5241.364.839
here plastic container there we go5243.285.359
that's where you keep oh holy crap5246.1996.881
decent jeans taking them oh and nuts and5248.6398.921
stuff hold on let's put these on clothes5253.087.52
pants Oh wait what here oh there we go5257.565.84
it could be either one huh there we go5260.64.84
we got our pants5263.45.21
back yeah baby we got our pants5265.445.679
well it's not a bad day here in Milton5278.085.039
uh really yeah I'm living in this house5280.764.959
on a hill now oh so that's your5283.1194.52
permanent residence yeah oh you know5285.7194.48
what I just remembered it's like I hear5287.6394.721
a dove or something I have a crowbar I5290.1995.321
think how do I access my crowbar uh well5292.365.08
as long as you got it on you you can get5295.525.08
into any um uh locked buildings oh you5297.444.279
think about going to that gas station5300.63.28
aren't you yeah yeah you should do that5301.7194.761
oh man I'm finding ketchup chips another5303.885.6
Sports socks heck yeah man this house I5306.486.44
found is a is a treasure Trove sweet man5309.486.28
oh another damn ski jacket oh a book I5312.927.04
can read on sewing oh yeah uhoh I wish I5315.767.04
could read yeah I know you're dumb oh5319.965.98
well I've gotten this far without5322.87.06
I've reached the Orca gas5335.084.039
station man I hope there's some good5337.083.2
stuff in5339.1193.441
here I'm going straight5340.285.48
in oh wait this door is kind of snow oh5342.566.36
yeah it snowed in but how do I open it5345.765.04
if you got the pr bar just open it5348.925.92
foring it there you go yep come on get5350.85.839
it I'm in man you there' be some good5354.842.839
food in5356.6394.0
there okay well let's see there's a oh5357.6794.96
there's a gum machine5360.6393.801
nope it's empty I5362.6393.881
guess I got a pile of clothes on the5364.444.759
floor I just scatter them about where's5366.524.679
my clo oh I'll make this my clothes5369.1994.96
holder you ever find some salty crackers5371.1994.561
yeah I actually have some in my pocket5374.1592.921
salty cracker they have they give you5375.763.52
like 600 calories you're right yeah5377.084.28
they're good you are such a nerd to know5379.284.16
that number exactly I I just I opened it5381.364.6
and looked at it oh okay well you're5383.444.64
then yeah all right I'm a little you5388.084.36
know what since it is daylight out I5390.43.44
actually am going to peek out a little5392.443.04
bit uh let's see I think I got my weight5393.844.52
under control yeah weight's looking good5395.485.36
so I at least can explore the perimeter5398.364.759
of the5400.842.279
Farmhouse oh yeah it's a nice day H my5403.364.359
temperature is not going down as fast5406.1593.201
now cuz I got a little bit more warmth5407.7194.081
on me yes that's great it's nice here5409.364.359
too I'm going to put a little X right5411.85.0
here on the Orca station got everything5413.7195.201
out of there already well I just don't5416.84.08
want to forget that I've been here oh I5418.923.6
got you I may have though5420.883.799
pretty quick you know yeah I may as well5422.525.28
survey this area while I'm at oh God5424.6796.201
temperature's going down quick all right5427.85.08
Community Hall is over there with all my5430.883.64
stuff I've searched that town I walked5432.884.0
all the way over here to The Farmhouse I5434.524.639
know that Barn's right out there oh man5436.883.64
now my temperature is already halfway5439.1593.761
day halfway5440.524.36
down because5442.925.759
uhoh one two three four five wolves out5444.886.319
there that's great you Ser like are are5448.6794.681
you in danger no I don't think so5451.1994.0
they're not by the house5453.364.44
yet man it's bright out here today you5455.1995.321
ever get really lucky in a car flares5457.84.64
and food have been the best things I've5460.524.639
gotten out of car so far mostly in the5462.444.799
front like should I look in the back5465.1594.761
seat yeah you can try the trunk oh the5467.2394.681
okay oh here's my pry bar5471.928.719
again there we go a fleece cowl hey5476.07.639
that's a cowl cow that's all right I've5480.6394.961
never heard of that word in my life5483.6394.52
really cow what do you mean really yeah5485.64.599
I've heard of cow that's like a it's5488.1593.241
kind of like a hoodie right have you5490.1992.761
heard of it in games or in everyday5491.43.36
conversation mostly in games mostly in5492.963.4
like fantasy5494.764.84
stuff like you know an elf put a cowl on5496.365.16
okay or a vampire put his cowl on oh5499.63.599
yeah it's never like hey Mom where's my5501.524.04
cow no yeah no it's definitely in like5503.1994.681
fantasy media okay let's see can I put5505.563.639
this cowl5507.884.68
on oh wait so I've got a simp wait what5509.1995.321
is this it's a5512.565.8
scarf so to compare the two what's the5514.525.52
what's the best number to look at I5518.364.2
usually look at temperature temperature5520.044.76
and that's uh looks like a little5522.565.32
thermometer so it's what's below it yeah5524.87.8
the very first one plus2 or 1.4 so the5527.887.92
cow's better yeah Mom where's my cow5532.66.28
please okay I found a little Barn not5535.84.96
too far from the house and I am already5538.883.759
freezing cold please don't be cold in5540.764.04
the barn please be warm in the5542.6395.121
barn uh all right sweet warm in the barn5544.85.48
oh maybe I can find some good stuff here5547.765.64
hey bullets celerate anything in this5550.284.12
container matches holy I found a5554.48.279
flashlight n uhhuh nah yeah I did you5558.087.159
lucky do oh man no that's not bad I'll5562.6793.52
take a5565.2392.96
flashlight I guess I can only use that5566.1993.881
so much though I've never seen a battery5568.1993.96
in this game flare5570.085.68
there that's good5572.1593.601
stuff about missed this jerky on the5575.84.12
wall miss that jerky on the wall I'm5578.1193.441
going to grab this jerky and I'm going5579.924.0
to head out of here I think I got oh5581.565.04
wait storm Lantern can I take that oh5583.924.319
you got a storm Lantern yeah that's5586.65.28
great I about missed that too okay I got5588.2394.521
to get5591.883.48
going was that the gas station yeah5592.763.8
thought you already put the ax on the5595.363.4
gas station well I did but that just5596.564.679
means I've been here gotcha all right5598.763.6
all right I see where your thought5601.2392.841
process is I don't understand it I'm5602.363.879
going to head back to my house copy that5604.083.639
I'm going to I guess I need to warm up5606.2393.4
in this Barn a little5607.7194.241
bit yeah I got a couple pieces of5609.6393.6
firewood yeah I'm going to start a fire5611.964.759
and just get a little warm take that5613.2393.48
charcoal there a wol over there and I5626.364.2
want to get into that5628.485.08
weather's turning bad on me out here5635.445.799
neebs yeah you got shelter um yeah I'm5638.05.32
not too far from5641.2395.561
shelter also not too far from wolves I5643.326.48
see a radio tower up there what you5646.84.48
going do with the radio tower I don't5649.82.68
know I wonder if there's a building5651.285.52
attached to it to get up5652.486.84
there in here oh wait is that I already5656.86.24
see cracker box yes crackers God I'm5659.325.52
like a parrot I love crackers so5663.044.72
much crack I see a sign that looks like5664.846.48
it goes to maybe a radio tower really I5667.764.879
don't know if I can make it tonight cuz5671.323.56
the sun oh wait nope I see a radio tower5672.6395.121
oh surely it's not the same one mine's5674.884.839
on top of a hill mine's on top of a5677.764.16
mountain well this I'm near the town of5679.7194.241
Milton yeah I don't think I'm anywhere5681.924.719
near Milton okay that's for tomorrow5683.964.759
maybe I'll go check that out tomorrow5686.6394.921
all right woles you stay over there uh5688.7195.161
I'm going to open this truck come5691.565.48
on I'm making a lot of5693.886.359
noise nothing damn it two farmers have5697.044.72
anything come on don't you keep your gun5700.2394.92
in your trunk a car battery used in5701.764.8
abandoned vehicles batteries can5705.1593.801
harvested for I'm not there yet I don't5706.564.92
have anything crafting table but I got5708.964.96
to see what I can craft on that5711.485.28
okay Barn Bridge Town's over there radio5716.766.64
wolves I might5723.965.08
explore that way5726.285.2
tomorrow for tonight go inside cook5729.045.119
coffee and read5731.482.679
books I might be a coffee addict neebs5736.486.48
oh yeah yep oh wait what holy crap5739.365.4
that's I didn't know the game did this5742.964.239
this is interesting if you have a cup of5744.766.08
tea even near a stove it heats up oh5747.1995.0
really I put a cup of tea right beside5750.844.16
the stove and it's still heating up so5752.1994.161
I've got a cup of coffee in the5755.04.28
inventory can I put that near the stove5756.364.56
yeah give it a shot take your cup of5759.284.08
coffee and maybe put it on the floor or5760.925.759
beside the stove so I drop my coffee I5763.365.879
pick it up oh wait it goes right on the5766.6794.04
thing yeah it can go right on the thing5769.2393.641
but try to place it near the stove5770.7195.121
instead of directly on it5772.885.56
okay uh right here on the counter yeah5775.844.48
give it a5778.445.48
shot there he goes warming 14 minutes5780.325.04
yeah all right so that's a way you can5783.924.36
warm up tea and coffee did not know that5785.365.359
I wonder if you could do that by your5788.284.6
campfire maybe I I know you can5790.7194.241
certainly uh put a cup of coffee on the5792.884.759
rocks by your campfire5794.964.84
okay let's see I should probably make a5797.6394.281
little water since we're here yeah let's5799.83.359
melt some5801.925.96
snow why not um oh wait yeah I found a5803.1596.401
cooking pot5807.883.96
neebs yeah you can take this cooking pot5809.564.04
put this here he you can make a lot of5811.844.44
water at once yeah I can make like half5813.65.24
a gallon of water in this thing takes an5816.285.86
hour so long as I got fuel for the5818.844.44
fire doing all right ABS man I'm doing5823.285.359
great look I even uh because I'm doing5826.1195.52
like I've kept myself well fed I got a a5828.6395.881
bonus in how much health I have so if I5831.6395.961
look at me how do I know if I'm doing5834.524.76
good you you would have like a stat that5837.64.84
says well fed oh yeah I think I have5839.285.399
that awesome you have any other stats a5842.443.92
sprain risk that's probably cuz you're5844.6793.401
carrying too much okay I need to5846.363.759
put some stuff away yeah it sucks to do5848.084.48
but uh yeah you really got to work on um5850.1194.441
Inventory management that's all right I5852.563.639
got a table here for food hold on I'm5854.564.4
going to put this down storm Lantern can5856.1995.561
I repair that cuz that said it was at5858.964.44
like 20 something5861.763.879
per hold on what do I need to repair5863.45.36
that let's look at this storm Lantern5865.6394.56
where are you at I guess you would be in5868.765.72
tools storm Lantern actions repair I5870.1997.201
need scrap metal that's all I need I've5874.485.0
seen scrap metal just got to find some5877.44.279
scrap metal laying around all right now5879.484.36
I have a use for my scrap metal keeping5881.6794.281
storm Lantern repaired so the lantern I5883.843.52
found how do I use5885.964.639
that well you need to have oil for it it5887.365.12
might be some in it but uh the best way5890.5993.361
to do it is to hold space bar and go to5892.484.56
your light sources uh-huh okay and then5893.965.0
your storm Lantern should be an option5897.043.599
click it pull it out and it's just like5898.963.719
lighting a m you just kind of hold it oh5900.6394.441
okay should I do it do it yeah give it a5902.6796.04
shot and just click5905.086.039
yeah I don't want to waste all the the5908.7193.48
oil though yeah that's what you got to5911.1192.881
be careful of but now if you right click5912.1994.4
you can like place it on a table5914.05.04
okay so boom you can give yourself a5919.044.28
little light at night that's great okay5921.443.159
I'm going to put this out cuz I don't5923.323.279
need it right now yeah no uh yeah5924.5995.52
conserve your oil at my tool go5926.5998.801
actions ha H oh I need simple tools5930.1198.281
all right i' have simple tools back5935.45.12
at the other place okay I need to make a5938.44.04
run to the other place tomorrow well I5940.524.679
just burnt some meat somehow cuz it man5942.444.32
you cook it too long well it told me you5945.1993.48
had like 30 minutes till it was cooked5946.763.76
and here we go it might have been 305948.6794.881
minutes until it was uh burnt inedible I5950.525.119
ate one of them though anyway I might5953.563.8
drink sh it's not good to drink coffee5955.6393.241
before you get to bed is it not well5957.363.0
yeah that'll actually it'll boost your5958.883.64
uh eyeball meter NOP I'll drink that in5960.364.2
the morning exactly yeah or you drink5962.523.119
that halfway through the day when you're5964.562.48
getting tired I think I'm going to go5965.6393.52
find the bed and go to sleep all right5967.044.36
idea well it's a new5978.6395.52
day Sun's up I'm going to head up this5981.085.2
hill there was a sign up here for a5984.1594.04
radio tower all right you going for the5986.283.6
tower yeah did you make it your radio5988.1994.52
tower uh no um man I am halfway through5989.885.4
the day already and it still sounds like5992.7194.96
out here let me take a5995.287.68
peek um yep I cannot go out the day I am5997.6796.841
stuck in the6002.964.44
house okay which which stinks cuz I need6004.525.8
to get out and try to find food oh man6007.43.839
sucks it sucks6011.2395.44
neees I hate it for you yeah I mean6014.045.119
listen I can spend the day chopping you6016.6795.881
know um breaking down things for wood uh6019.1595.96
I can repair my clothing so I'll stay6022.564.119
productive but yeah I really wanted to6025.1192.321
out I'm hoping I can make it up to that6027.446.96
Tower this looks6030.6396.121
steep maybe there's a way to go up here6034.43.48
to the6036.764.08
left is that a dead end be careful6037.886.04
exploring don't forget to you know to na6040.845.08
to do your navigation every now and then6043.923.48
oh yeah hey you kind of map the place6045.924.84
out you know by uh doing the map well6047.44.6
now you have to have charcoal have you6050.763.56
been taking charcoals from your fires6052.03.84
nope take some charcoal every now and6054.323.12
then from your fires because yeah you6055.843.399
can use the charcoal to draw your map6057.444.239
I've never built a fire hey you have6059.2394.801
have I yeah at your house you built6061.6793.681
several fires Oh I thought you meant6064.043.0
like a like a fire on the ground no no6065.363.16
you can take it out of uh I'm pretty6067.042.679
sure you can take it out of the stove6068.522.719
let me look like if I go into my stove6069.7192.88
right here yeah take charcoal is an6071.2393.801
option so yes take your charcoal I keep6072.5994.361
about I usually try to keep about five6075.043.559
on me I got more than them right now6076.963.12
yeah that' been good to know earlier6078.5994.241
yeah I'm sorry6080.082.76
so I don't know if I can get to this6083.083.68
place I'm6085.1593.881
trying yeah was there a road or6086.763.879
something did you well I know it's hard6089.042.84
to see because of the snow but there6090.6392.921
might be a road I thought I was on a6091.884.839
road doesn't go anywhere yep be careful6093.565.48
this goes into some rocks all6096.7195.281
right oh6099.046.28
wait hold on it may have calmed down out6102.05.599
there let me get a little drink real6105.326.0
quick come on get my drink full all6107.5996.12
right got two pieces of food6111.326.6
here ketchup chips get my food back6113.7196.761
up is that the last of my food God that6117.926.48
is the last of my food syrup and6120.486.04
milk all right I got to make it out to6124.44.04
the other place to get the other food I6126.524.24
had um I'll take you just in case for6128.443.36
calories all right let's peek out come6131.84.0
on come on be nice out here be nice out6133.844.08
today oh yeah temperature is it's windy6138.925.48
it goes down quick yeah I got a6142.083.96
hypothermia risk I'm going to go back to6144.43.44
the house grab some of that charcoal you6146.044.36
were talking about and maybe stove up6147.845.0
for a second yep I'm going to head back6150.46.04
into uh that little town I came from6152.845.72
let's see I know I had a I had a fire6156.445.36
pit on the uh on the road I can at least6158.566.8
make it to that I can uh fire that up6161.84.6
warm up a6165.363.44
second collect some sticks while I'm out6166.44.4
I should have brought a little more wood6168.83.2
all right whatever I just need to make6170.83.48
it to6172.02.28
town yeah those wolves are still out6174.7194.351
there too6176.86.859
perfect oh my God that campfire was6183.6794.081
further away and I thought I might have6186.1594.48
to make another one cuz I did not factor6187.764.28
in the fact that I had to walk directly6190.6393.161
into the wind all damn day is that what6192.043.119
you been doing oh you know what6193.82.96
With the Wind ah man if I'm going to6195.1593.52
start a campfire I got to it would6196.763.6
probably go out oh yeah I got to start a6198.6794.121
campfire but I got to get behind like6200.366.359
wolf no no okay over here over here6202.87.96
behind this Rock God damn it damn it6206.7195.96
damn it damn6210.764.2
it just want to get back to town6212.6794.081
shouldn't have deviated From the6214.964.199
Path all6216.764.959
right okay here wait is the wind going6219.1595.641
away can't tell all oh man I'm eating6221.7194.721
these beans I meant for them to put them6224.82.919
on the6226.444.64
stove can I do that um yeah you can put6227.7194.601
them on the stove I got to drop them6231.082.88
first is that right no you should be6232.323.16
able to click on the uh the item on the6233.963.04
stove and there's a cook option and you6235.482.679
should be able to find the beans that6237.03.84
way cooking slot okay cook and then find6238.1595.48
your beans that way got all right6240.845.879
add okay let's get a stick in6243.6395.881
there come on come on warm me up warm me6246.7194.721
up oh man my Health's going down Lees6249.524.56
because it's hot oh there we go listen6251.445.84
this coffee is boiling like if is this6254.085.639
going to burn my mouth yeah if it gets6257.284.399
too hot it'll ruin it will it say too6259.7194.041
hot cuz no it'll just say hot it'll be6261.6793.761
fine I'm not going to burn my mouth I6263.763.04
don't think so cuz I don't have coffee6265.443.52
mouth like some people I understand6266.84.64
speaking of let's see put a little6268.965.32
coffee here warm this coffee up cuz I6271.444.239
could use the energy and the warmth6274.283.64
bonus my temperature is going up pretty6275.6794.721
good I got an hour may as well read a6277.926.6
book there an hour on this6280.44.12
wait just a6284.6394.801
I was hoping they'd be circling a6287.084.519
body maybe a wolf C6289.443.679
great would that6291.5993.961
be well the good news is the wind calmed6293.1193.401
down for6295.564.72
me glad to hear it yeah okay beans are6296.527.4
ready I'm going to eat these got it now6300.285.24
listen I can take a torch from this6303.925.84
stove yeah I know you knew yeah I did um6305.526.599
wait where did the torch go where is it6309.764.04
did the if if the fire went out you6312.1193.48
can't take a torch anymore no it's still6313.84.76
lit um don't I just click6315.5996.12
it what do I do6318.564.92
um try this uh do you have anything in6321.7194.801
your hand in my hand yeah so hit H to6323.484.6
hide whatever's in your hand oh H there6326.523.639
we go yeah now look at the stove now see6328.084.119
if you can take the torch add fuel cook6330.1593.681
water your stove may not be hot enough6332.1994.44
for you to take a torch is it going out6333.843.879
fuel um add fuel okay let's try6337.7196.361
that oh take torch it's in6341.565.119
there boom all right it's so right here6344.084.639
for me like if I click the fire it's a6346.6793.601
very obvious take torch button yeah I6348.7193.561
don't think think mine had that I think6350.283.8
it's got to be a certain temperature I'm6352.283.959
going back out with a torch and with a6354.084.2
belly full of beans and a coffee there6356.2394.201
go I think I see a church really yep6365.06.28
nice maybe there's a gun in there is6369.365.279
that where guns are sometimes dep on how6371.285.72
crazy the preacher is doesn't it yeah6374.6394.201
I'm leaving6377.04.239
Milton all right just be careful don't6378.843.2
lost no I'm on a road I'm good I've6382.044.88
searched you but I haven't got this6385.45.199
trunk G trunk fun oh you getting a trunk6386.925.84
too it's like in that movie I got6390.5995.761
nothing what'd you get uh boots hey all6392.765.56
right you had a better score than I did6396.364.759
in water I'm going to put those on right6398.325.2
now all right man temperature is great6401.1195.241
out here right now so let's yeah let's6403.525.599
move we are moving what movie is that6406.364.279
where they they're not with you each6409.1192.841
other but they're they're both looking6410.6392.881
at the same6411.965.759
stars um I don't know6413.524.199
somewhere oh isn't that the American6418.484.2
Tail that little6420.6793.92
mouse yeah it was better than that but6424.5994.64
yeah it's it's that I'm wearing these6426.6794.281
boots didn't it feel like that though6429.2393.641
like you and I are separated by distance6430.964.279
but we're both looking at a6432.884.719
sure little town man that was man I6437.5995.12
really did walk the distance6440.1194.201
care can I get to town and then get back6444.325.879
over there today oh what is that6447.06.76
what is that a wolf pretty sure I see a6450.1995.721
wolf between6453.765.24
me in the6455.925.92
church all right you got some options6459.05.88
turn around and go the other way or you6461.844.72
might be able to like pull a flare out a6464.883.359
flare will keep the wolf at distance and6466.563.28
if you throw it at him it may even scare6468.2393.0
huh I kind of want to get to that6471.2394.281
church can I build a6473.325.44
fire yeah and use that as a as a6475.525.48
defense uh yeah work for me wolves6478.763.839
usually don't approach the fire how do I6481.04.679
build a fire um you hold space bar okay6482.5994.801
bottom left should be like a camp craft6485.6794.0
option I see it and the little fire just6487.43.44
place it on the ground where you want to6489.6794.601
build it can I it doesn't want me to6490.844.44
build it on the road got to put it6494.282.8
pretty close to you oh pretty close to6495.286.319
me that makes sense okay all right well6497.089.24
oh he closed right here okay start fire6501.5996.761
come on baby oh boy I can't even see him6506.323.68
now I'm looking at the6508.364.4
ground I hope this works first time hope6510.05.199
it does too if if I hear him how do I6512.763.919
get out of this fire building menu6515.1995.281
Escape maybe maybe yeah I usually it6516.6795.641
failed yeah I usually don't try to get6520.483.52
out or build a fire with a wolf looking6522.323.399
at me oh that's that's your habit huh6524.04.36
yeah yeah yeah I'll back up a few steps6525.7195.681
and build this fire come6528.365.72
fire 35% success that's not6534.086.92
good all right good news I've made it6538.44.88
back to town but I am hungry but I know6541.06.239
I have food at this uh Community Center6543.286.24
yeah toss that don't need that6547.2395.241
anymore good old Thompson's Crossing6549.524.159
heard a6552.484.52
howl fire's lit though good job okay so6553.6797.241
I can go to this fire take a torch6557.08.04
will the torch keep him away from me6560.927.0
maybe oh I heard him he barking he6565.046.119
coming he's he's6567.925.279
uh oh thank6573.1993.44
God you going to6576.7195.361
get he's growling yeah I6579.045.159
know he's not running though he's just6582.085.4
slowly walking over6584.1997.92
here don't you go out fire6587.484.639
yeah what are you going to do what are6592.483.8
you going to6593.962.32
do oh he's looking right at6596.964.279
me I can't use this torch as a weapon oh6601.7196.721
oh he's backing off yeah I'm chasing oh6605.1994.761
good okay so yeah maybe he doesn't like6608.442.96
the torch that's good to know right I'm6609.963.96
running through the6611.42.52
church you going to get it Baby Woo it's6614.2397.0
names tell your friends I don't taste6617.966.04
good okay all right let's see I take6621.2395.721
that book uh all you know what I'll need6624.05.88
these simple tools quality tools what's6626.965.08
the difference good quality tools for6629.884.68
crafting and repair simple tools used6632.044.44
for basic crafting and repair well I6634.564.159
guess I'll take the quality ones but can6636.484.84
I fix my oh I left it back there didn't6638.7196.241
I okay but can I repair it scrap metal6641.325.359
okay yeah all right I'll take the good6644.964.52
tools cuz those are heavy how's6646.6795.48
that wolf going needs I'm in the church6649.486.52
my torch just went out um it's cold but6652.1596.681
I'm doing all right and I would love to6656.05.92
find a gun in here wait here's a book6658.846.44
can I read this one nope sure6661.925.799
can't yeah no I'm in a situation like I6665.284.879
need to find a gun otherwise6667.7195.041
starvation's uh becoming a real concern6670.1596.241
for me oh there's a campfire already in6672.766.12
here so why would you think I wouldn't6676.44.719
need to find a a gun right no you need6678.885.239
to find a gun too's this gun 42% 76681.1196.361
hunting rifle you son of a6684.1196.161
that that preacher must have been6687.486.96
crazy all right uh equip it equip6690.286.879
it is there any is there any ammo how do6694.444.12
I tell look around and see if you have6697.1593.761
ammo so the guns are normally empty yeah6698.563.72
you usually the bottom right will tell6700.922.84
you how much you have in it now you got6702.282.839
to be careful with guns especially a6703.763.72
rifle a rifle's heavy it is really going6705.1194.04
to weigh you down oh you may want to6707.483.08
consider shedding some6709.1594.04
wood or uh I don't know something unless6710.564.4
you can I mean you can walk back to town6713.1993.48
just keep in mind it is going to eat6714.965.4
into your tiredness all day gotcha okay6716.6795.881
so I will not carry this with me6720.367.239
24/7 okay I have uh let's see I'm going6722.566.96
to leave the6727.5995.801
town okay I think I got I got all6729.526.719
the food out of there I got tools I got6733.44.319
extra wood in case I need to make a fire6736.2393.721
on the way pick this town over and6737.7194.92
pretty sure I'm going to add fuel to6739.963.759
fire sure there we oh that's warm I'm6743.7196.681
going to get my temperature up and maybe6747.485.36
drop some weight and make my way back to6750.44.839
my house okay that sounds good I'm going6752.844.839
to go back to The Farmhouse but I think6755.2394.681
I'm going to stay off the road and6757.6795.241
travel North a little6759.923.0
bit wait is that something nope6766.885.04
there more6770.845.319
trees oh oh oh oh where are6771.924.239
you what are you oh I think I might have6777.845.759
found a few houses but damn I think6781.1993.801
destroyed the lonely6785.05.28
Homestead maybe there's some they left6788.1993.52
something huh man maybe they left some6790.284.56
food I see a bear in the woods okay6791.7195.561
we got to pick over this quick lonely6794.846.12
Homestead can I get in here no6797.286.439
so like what's the point of this place6800.968.48
oh bear oh I see okay okay6803.7195.721
wait bear go away go away bear go away6809.86.52
bear go away bear go the other way bear6817.567.32
oh no no no no no6821.443.44
oh you're getting closer than I6844.6393.641
want and you're right in between me and6846.84.64
the way I need to go I think yeah so6848.285.16
go back up6853.443.36
slowly God he's going to get my scent6858.444.4
he you go that way bear there you go6864.1195.441
well I'm leaving the6867.885.199
church I'm going to head back towards my6869.567.039
house and6873.0796.08
uh figure out my weight situation with6876.5995.281
this gun you know yep that sounds great6879.1595.721
okay I think I just avoided a bear6887.366.04
okay pretty close call huh yeah there6891.323.879
was a body I wanted to search but it was6893.43.239
too close all right I got to get out of6895.1994.92
these Woods what is this bir spark6896.6394.56
flammable oh I can make a healing tea6901.1994.561
with that actually that's good oh6903.6793.681
you know what I'm going to get a much b6905.766.6
spk as I can healing tea sounds6907.365.0
so I went to the house okay I uh dropped6920.566.76
off some6925.0794.401
stuff I'm still encumbered though aren't6927.325.6
I yeah this gun's heavy okay so I got it6929.487.239
I think I got my ammo I got five6932.926.4
bullets oh you actually found bullets6936.7195.52
I've had bullets yeah just oh nice just6939.326.279
didn't have a a gun well now uh now you6942.2395.521
can hunt deer and defend yourself from6945.5995.0
wolves wind's picking up might be not be6947.764.839
a good hunting day yeah what's your food6950.5994.56
situation I mean I'm good I think for a6952.5995.361
little while anyway okay I'm pretty full6955.1595.281
right now I got more food in the house6957.964.52
uh well yeah that's good um so yeah I6960.445.96
would use your uh gun now it is not an6962.486.04
easy gun to shoot I'll tell you that why6966.45.08
is that it's I know it's just6968.524.639
huh okay well yeah if uh if you're going6973.1595.281
to shoot a deer or a wolf you want to6976.763.52
try to get close to it like I wouldn't6978.444.0
shoot at a wolf unless you know you see6980.284.52
the white in its eyes that close huh6982.445.84
yeah just wait till it's close yeah this6984.86.72
weather H okay maybe it's not too6988.286.839
bad let's see how do I make all right I6991.526.44
picked up some of that barch prepared6995.1196.96
birch bark okay I can craft this birch6997.968.4
bark yeah and then I can use it I bet in7002.0798.12
a can if I cook yeah birch bark7006.365.92
all right I'm making some uh birch bark7010.1995.121
tea and I think if I uh that actually7012.286.24
heals you L you get cozy over there I'm7015.327.0
not because my food situation is uh7018.526.199
dwindling got a couple of7022.325.12
cattails and they don't give me7024.7195.841
oh I see the7027.445.12
wolf are you are you going to try to7030.564.72
shoot it I think you know what I'm going7032.564.92
to try to Light My7035.286.6
Fire and then approach the7037.484.4
wolf it's too windy crap can't oh yeah7045.05.48
the weather's bad7048.83.72
yep do you think I should try to shoot7050.485.52
it um in your situation probably not I7052.525.119
would like I you got to understand you7056.03.679
got five bullets what do you mean by my7057.6395.641
my situation well and I know um you said7059.6796.56
your food's good for now oh he I can't7063.284.319
pull my gun out why can't I pull my gun7066.2394.88
out he's running space good weapons yep7067.5997.56
click it oh there it goes oh boy he's7071.1196.881
coming he's coming after okay wait till7075.1594.841
he gets7078.06.04
close oh did you get him yeah nice job7080.07.4
dude woo okay uh maybe I should build it7084.044.84
oh it's too windy too windy to build a7087.42.64
fire there but now you got a wolf7088.882.64
carcass that you can Harvest from meat7090.043.84
should I do it real quick um you might7091.523.559
be able to get a little meat but just7093.883.04
keep an eye on your temperature remember7095.0794.52
okay Harvest I'll do uh oh nope what's7096.924.04
better Hatchet or knife I don't know7099.5992.52
it'll tell you how long it's going to7100.963.199
take with one or the other oh wait I got7102.1193.881
to pick yeah you got to pick something7104.1595.881
okay 4 minutes versus 15 and eight7106.05.32
that's what the hunting yeah I think the7110.042.48
hunting knife's going to be your best7111.322.799
choice there we go just keep an eye on7112.525.04
your temperature yep there we go I got a7114.1195.161
piece I'll come back7117.564.28
tomorrow it's okay this this snow should7119.286.0
keep it there killed a wolf yeah you did7121.846.48
look at you I'm a7125.284.6
he killing wolf I'm making7129.884.34
tea God I wish I had a7132.2398.38
gun if you need help with survival tips7141.0794.441
just you know don't be afraid to hit me7143.963.32
up no I won't yeah you're doing much7145.524.52
better than I am right now okay well at7147.285.16
least the day is7150.045.0
started let's see 300 calories from7152.445.36
sardines that's7155.045.599
breakfast um wor case scenario I'll take7157.84.52
this condensed milk that's a ton of7160.6394.52
calories this I'll leave here these two7162.324.2
items I'll leave here hopefully I'll7165.1593.08
find some stuff on the way I got plenty7166.525.719
of drink items healing stuff got7168.2398.321
coffee okay food I need food today7172.2396.681
today's got to be food it's either food7176.563.8
nothing all right I explored North a7180.365.16
little bit I'm going south come on7182.445.279
temperature not what is7185.525.28
that got a bear of course it's a bear oh7187.7194.841
is that Wolves of course it's7190.84.0
I'm going to7194.86.04
go oh you know what that radio tower7197.6794.721
that radio tower is where we're going to7200.843.92
try to make it today I keep my eyeballs7202.43.48
on this7204.764.72
meat I'm not taking my eyes off of it7205.886.799
okay it is cooked here we go click it7209.486.48
eat it that's going straight in the7212.6797.801
belly M Abra oh my goodness shut up that7215.967.4
was so good shut7220.486.08
up oh rabbit oh I would love to make a7229.485.159
rabbit trap but I need cured7232.325.399
gut I don't have any cured gut wait can7234.6394.721
I you know7237.7195.48
what oh how great would my morning be a7239.365.0
little little7243.1994.48
rabbit come back7244.366.759
here damn it7247.6793.44
you'll get still7251.766.28
again oh come on stay still stay7253.07.719
no get pretty close to these7260.7194.0
guys yes oh God rabbit rabbit rabbit7265.6797.04
rabbit um I didn't kill a7270.284.879
rabbit I killed a rabbit oh you killed a7272.7194.041
rabbit yes I did kill a rabbit oh that a7275.1594.761
boy okay good all right um7276.764.919
all right so I should go back and cook7279.924.92
that rabbit yeah it's too cold out here7281.6795.04
try yeah traveling right now is a dumb7284.843.52
idea first thing in the morning maybe7286.7193.4
it'll be warmer during the day but I got7288.363.92
a little food it's not much food but7290.1194.321
food 450 calories yes okay yeah I got7297.49.199
some rabbit in me okay all right so now7303.06.44
what um go back out see how the7306.5995.281
temperature is so I can make prepared RI7309.445.08
mushrooms but not tea yeah so you have7311.884.48
to prepare the mushrooms and then add7314.524.679
them to the tea okay so let's uh7316.365.44
let's I guess I can just do one I'll7319.1994.241
crafting oh7323.444.719
no I need to explore today no no no7325.564.2
no no no no I need to explore today you7328.1594.401
son of a what's wrong the wolf7329.765.08
where'd he go oh you're right in front7332.568.32
of me good see you mhm m7334.8410.0
damn it wolf is on my7340.883.96
ass what you going to do about it um7345.2394.761
well keep him away with a flare but7350.365.839
if he stalks me that7352.843.359
sucks might be able to scare him away7358.44.199
with a7360.322.279
rock you B of7363.6394.241
fire yeah that'll keep it well the flare7365.6395.08
will keep him at Bay okay okay I7367.884.56
got decision to make then I can't break7370.7193.641
down that shelf um man can I sneak out7372.444.759
the back if I go into the basement and I7374.364.6
sneak out the basement maybe he won't7377.1995.641
see me maybe he won't see me all right7378.965.92
get sneaky sneak out the7382.845.239
basement all right where he at where is7388.0794.761
at he's right there he's right7392.844.04
there he's looking at me all right I got7394.845.0
to do it like nope nope NOP no get in7396.885.12
the basement get the7399.845.48
basement right outside nebs7402.07.199
uhoh turn the house safe uh there's7405.325.279
nothing I can make is there there's not7409.1994.641
a weapon I can craft anyhow is there I7410.5994.881
don't have any sort of bow and7413.845.759
arrow hooks uh I can craft a hook yeah7415.485.88
they don't like hooks they don't like7419.5994.801
hooks Arrow what do I need for arrows I7421.365.6
need Arrow shaft cured Birch saplings oh7424.46.759
man I'm so far away yeah dog once uh my7426.965.599
dad was fishing and it caught him in the7431.1593.92
nose with the fishing hook oh that7432.5594.721
that's pitiful yeah we stayed there for7435.0793.361
like a week we had to kind of wait for7437.284.359
it to work it way out God poor7438.446.119
pup okay what is it all right middle of7441.6395.841
the day middle of the day what can I do7444.5595.201
anything in here maybe a gun hidden in a7447.484.159
corner so I can go out shoot that wolf7449.764.359
in the face that would be great give me7451.6394.281
some light let me search this place7454.1194.921
maybe there's a there's a gun back here7455.924.88
yeah come on where's a gun you think7459.043.199
you're going to find a gun right this7460.82.839
minute you've been out here for days7462.2393.84
uh-huh yeah I know this game hides stuff7463.6394.321
sometimes maybe there's a gun just7466.0793.08
hiding in a corner somewhere that I7467.963.36
can't see scrap7469.1596.0
metal come on you hide a gun somewhere7471.325.799
gun back here you giving up on the hook7475.1595.44
Theory yeah no I know I can't kill a w a7477.1196.201
wolf with a hook so yes I am giv up on7480.5996.161
your wolf hook7483.323.44
chair oh God yeah look rifle cartridge7490.445.159
yeah yeah bullets oh man imagine when7493.44.04
you get a rifle oh yeah no when I get a7495.5994.241
rifle I'm going be set I've got four7497.444.279
bullets left man see I got a bunch of7499.843.96
bullet oh see I even found 10 rounds of7501.7194.52
revolver ammunition there you go but I7503.84.96
can't find a damn revolver books and7506.2394.561
burn this you're investing in your7508.764.2
future this is your7510.85.879
401k if you live that7512.963.719
he still out7523.765.12
here temperature is great visibility is7525.1595.281
sadly a little7528.885.239
low okay I think the wolf's gone oh good7530.444.719
all right going start heading towards7534.1194.04
that radio tower man been pretty good at7535.1596.321
starting fires lately getting better huh7538.1595.801
I mean does that happen yeah no the more7541.483.92
you do things the better you do get at7543.964.88
them in this game add a little fuel7545.44.56
there we7548.844.359
go a little white now listen I got these7549.966.08
uh can't quite see oh I can just grab a7553.1996.48
torch there we go so good at this all7556.046.119
right um my visibility sucks but it is7559.6795.281
warm out here okay I think pretty sure7562.1596.841
over this hill there was a river okay so7564.966.119
I'm going to hit the river and I'm going7569.03.079
travel only on the7572.0796.801
river uh South uh but I need to give7574.6797.161
myself some sort of Mark of hey this is7578.887.52
where uh this is where home is turn7581.847.64
here Mark what do you mean by that um7586.48.239
okay so this tree perfect I take this7589.485.159
tree uh this confirm I'm going to put an7594.6797.601
arrow on this tree to say hey this is uh7598.885.48
this is the way home okay you can paint7602.284.72
trees cannot map in low visibility okay7604.364.52
yeah but I can paint on trees so if I7607.03.96
stay on the river when I'm coming back I7608.883.96
can see that Mark of like home is that7610.963.8
way that's a good tip I didn't think of7612.844.319
that yeah I'll cook some beans I'm going7614.764.2
e these beans now listen I got these uh7617.1594.841
10 10 of coffee what do I do with that7618.965.679
cook coffee like do I just put the the7622.06.119
beans on the stove um are you asking7624.6396.121
about beans or coffee it's well here let7628.1194.56
me eat my beans so they're not a part of7630.763.919
the here we yeah yeah let's take those7632.6793.601
out of the conversation let's focus on7634.6793.48
the coffee beans have been eatting I've7636.283.839
got a tin of coffee which I assume is7638.1593.56
like coffee grounds yeah so you have to7640.1194.241
make that in like a tin can so if you7641.7195.0
have um you should have tin can I mean7644.365.279
yeah you just ate a damn well I got I7646.7195.201
got a recycled can yes that so look at7649.6393.761
your stove and like click on one of the7651.924.0
slots okay and there should be an option7653.46.52
to like uh cook cook um pick a can can7655.927.52
select got it f can make some tea yeah7659.925.679
out of your mushrooms but I think with7663.443.799
coffee you have to have water on your7665.5993.12
person to add to the coffee you know7667.2392.88
what I mean gotcha you know what I'm7668.7193.48
going to wait to do this in the morning7670.1194.641
oh stoes out anyway I should go to sleep7672.1995.0
okay you want to do that go for it I'm7674.764.479
going to keep traveling along the river7677.1993.88
and hope I find Cattails cuz that's the7679.2393.561
only way I'm finding food7681.0794.361
today cuz I'm not getting off this River7682.85.2
God forbid I get lost you going to turn7685.445.08
into a cat tail yeah that's what my mom7688.03.76
used to say when I eat something all the7690.524.4
time yeah my mom did too or Grandma and7691.765.12
that's not real science I hear crows are7694.924.08
they circling7696.884.279
a carcass oh a deer carcass how great7699.05.04
would a deer carcass be right now good7701.1594.841
night I hope you get a deer7704.045.119
carcass let see7706.07.159
him let see him7709.1594.0
do where are7714.45.56
you where are you oh wait okay is that7716.5595.0
that little cabin yeah it's a cabin I7719.963.96
at oh there's a body in that cabin7724.325.799
damn it that's all this is7727.2396.041
okay well I can at least grab these rose7730.1196.12
hips okay I know there's nothing in that7733.284.919
cabin but there is a campfire that I7736.2393.201
yep okay so I can you know what let's go7739.444.44
back to the7742.85.12
river and we'll mark like7743.884.04
a oh that's a void Direction I don't7748.2394.44
mean to do7750.6395.641
that I'll know what that7752.6793.601
so that'll point me hey there's a fire7759.5994.48
pit back there let's keep heading on the7761.2398.241
river temperature's good food is7764.0795.401
not come on visibility you got to clear7772.2395.96
up sometime can't do this all day all7774.86.56
right good morning abro morning neebs so7778.1994.96
it's morning I don't want to waste the7781.365.56
dog food can I cook it on the stove um I7783.1595.361
no you can't cuz I tried to cook cooked7786.923.44
dog food not too long ago and found that7788.523.719
out really so what happened when you ate7790.364.52
dog food I just you you just eat dog7792.2394.761
food raw or not raw but just you just7794.884.199
eat the can of dog food me I'd rather7797.03.88
heat it up you know yeah me too I'm I'm7799.0795.321
kind of with you so here we are dog food7800.888.04
and I'm going to eat it 500 500 food 5007804.46.64
calories probably7808.925.12
okay 500 food yeah that's what it meant7811.046.199
well it's a game oh7814.045.84
damn it this was a waste of a damn day7819.885.679
oh can he can I lose him easier in this7823.044.88
visibility I'm7825.5596.08
running okay okay oh the temperature is7827.925.679
so good right now oh if the visibility7831.6393.6
would just clear up I could see some7833.5994.721
could go somewhere do7835.2396.96
something mhm cooking that tea all right7838.327.48
good so uh once I drink that that's7842.1995.841
going to give me some kind of buff maybe7845.83.879
um you should read what it does before7848.044.28
you consume7849.6792.641
it oh God that's a bear okay okay7854.1197.641
uhhuh do you see it do I see the Bear7859.1595.04
yes I see the bear maybe he'll scare the7861.764.64
wolf away does he see you he does see me7864.1994.561
you got a bear and a wolf yeah that's my7866.44.839
day I'm going to lose him though you7868.766.24
can't see uh yeah maybe he'll lose me7871.2398.0
okay come on get away from the bear7875.07.0
hey makes you feel any better my Tea's7879.2395.4
ready I'm going to drink it no it makes7882.03.84
me feel better know that you're uh7884.6394.121
you're doing good this tea has 100 food7885.844.64
oh nice what does it uh what does it do7888.763.879
read the description uh boosts the7890.483.48
immune system and demonstrates7892.6393.361
antibiotic like Behavior gotcha so you7893.964.4
may you know you may consider holding on7896.04.599
to it to use it as an antibiotic oh so I7898.363.96
can take it and heat it up later yeah7900.5993.04
that's what I'm going to do I'm going to7902.322.799
take it and I'm going to set it on this7903.6393.52
counter and drink it7905.1194.08
all right I think I lost both the bear7909.1996.561
and the Wolf which is7912.1993.561
great oh my God the visibility just gets7916.526.199
worse it's another beautiful day in7920.1594.801
Milton oh I see birds flying around7922.7194.081
should I go check it out well if you see7924.963.92
circling Birds absolutely yeah I'm7926.83.16
heading that way that could either be a7928.883.279
deer carcass wolf carcass maybe a human7929.964.159
body oh I just remembered I have a wolf7932.1593.841
over there that I could that I could7934.1195.48
Harvest oh okay I7936.06.32
found that's the way home oh look I can7939.5994.441
just follow my tracks back oh wait no7942.323.16
never mind cuz I would have gone down7944.043.76
there all right yeah if I go this way7945.483.679
should see7947.85.0
home hopefully no wolves no wolves man7949.1595.56
my temperature is great God it sucks the7952.84.279
V visibility is so right now hate7954.7194.201
that for you yeah like this would been a7957.0793.201
great time to get7958.924.319
out close of these bird just near a a7960.284.56
church that was burnt7963.2395.36
down all right what do you see um7964.844.759
is what are they7969.5994.681
circling got to be circling something7972.284.12
around there it's like right here7974.285.2
there's a little bit of a7976.43.08
structure man I'm just not seeing it I7980.445.0
feel like I'm right under7982.85.399
them no body on the ground7985.447.199
anywhere oh wait yep Frozen corpse7988.1996.161
are you okay wolf still at the house7994.365.56
all right just going to go in the back7998.763.56
just going to go in the7999.924.96
back came all the way out these birds8002.324.68
brought me out here for nothing nothing8004.884.64
in the body just an empty corpse oh8007.03.84
you know what I bet the animals were8009.523.159
hunting me I was dumb I bet I should8010.843.96
have gone to my food yeah you know what8012.6794.56
this rabbit I need to harvest its hiding8014.85.16
guts I had a had a rabbit carcass on me8017.2394.641
neebs oh that's why they were chasing8019.963.36
that was probably factoring into it I8021.883.4
bet they could smell me from a mile away8023.323.68
you just smell like rabbit don't you I8025.284.08
do okay I I need a place here to cure8027.04.559
some gut and hide well you know where I8029.364.52
should do it in the8031.5594.921
basement near the crafting table cuz8033.884.92
that's where I can use gut and hide it8036.484.8
takes so long8038.84.64
though I'm going to make my way back8041.283.52
across this8043.444.36
bridge and grab a few wolf Stakes nice8044.84.08
all right I'm going to just put my gut8047.83.759
and hide down leave that curing God I8048.885.239
should go back for that other hide and8051.5593.921
gut that was curing back of that other8054.1194.44
place it's so far away though God could8055.486.96
I find that no there's wolves out8058.5596.481
there I'm tired what are we oh yeah8062.443.88
Sun's going down there's no way I'm8065.042.48
doing that8066.323.68
today Wolf's still there birds are8067.524.679
circling it I'm going to eat my8070.05.159
condensed milk all right sounds good I8072.1995.321
might build a fire if I8075.1595.161
can ah I don't have the materials you8077.526.079
not have any Tinder plugs um maybe I can8080.324.68
craft a Tinder plug yeah you I know8083.5993.361
you've been picking up newspapers is8085.03.639
there not like a search I guess I can8086.963.279
click that Tinder plugs right there yeah8088.6393.761
craft the Tinder plug begin crafting8090.2393.601
yeah when whenever you leave the house8092.43.56
always make sure you have I'm cold yeah8093.845.279
it takes a minute okay yeah so now maybe8095.964.279
I can build this fire real quick yeah8099.1192.48
you better8100.2394.4
go build that start fire I should be8101.5995.321
good at this by now if it fails do you8104.6395.161
have any uh accelerate um yeah I do may8106.924.199
want to consider using one if you're8109.83.439
going to freeze to death build aemp okay8111.1197.241
so boom boom up boom boom how do I8113.2398.4
choose accelerant The Next Step um so at8118.365.239
the very bottom so you have the three8121.6394.241
things to light um there's there's an8123.5993.881
option for accelerate cuz you have8125.885.799
matches Tinder plug um wood uhhuh the8127.485.599
last one should be8131.6795.4
accelerate oh there it is start8133.0794.0
fire okay there we go all right I add8137.364.879
some fuel on that fire that's8140.1194.921
helping this was a was a bust of a day8142.2395.88
neebs sorry to hear that buddy maybe8145.044.4
tomorrow will be good for me cuz I got8148.1193.201
to find food if I don't find food I'm8149.443.88
gonna die I wish I could share this wolf8151.324.0
with you I wish you could too should I8153.324.68
wait until my temperature is warmer no8155.323.799
you can if you're as long as you're by8158.02.52
the fire you can start getting into that8159.1193.52
wolf so the time it'll take you to8160.523.679
harvest that wolf just make sure you8162.6393.92
have enough fuel on the fire you know to8164.1995.04
to match that time okay let's do this8166.5596.361
add fuel right now the fire is 578169.2396.641
minutes got8172.926.679
it and look at all this ammunition I got8175.885.239
all this8179.5995.201
ammunition nothing to use8181.1193.681
it morning neebs good morning man my8194.5995.84
food situation is getting real8198.126.199
bad I got a can of beans a can of soup8200.4396.841
some syrup and beef jerky and that's it8204.3194.881
man beans and syrup sound pretty good8207.284.52
that sounds gross what do you mean beans8209.24.319
and syrup like baked beans are sweet8211.83.24
aren't they yeah and then you would8213.5193.681
sweeten them with more syrup well no8215.043.639
want something salty if your beans8217.23.08
aren't sweet already put the syrup on8218.6793.04
them oh if they're not sweet but I'm8220.283.119
sure they're sweet new pork and beans8221.7194.041
let's see how is this man the maple8223.3994.441
syrup's good 850 calories that'll last8225.764.959
me a while okay I'm going to try it8227.844.36
sounds calm out there I'm going to try8230.7194.281
to make it to that radio tower and pray8232.26.04
there's some food there um let's see8235.05.76
I'll leave man I feel like I should take8238.244.319
all this food just in8240.763.919
case all right I'm going to do it it's a8242.5593.681
big Journey I'm going to bring all I'm8244.6793.081
going to bring all the food just in case8246.243.6
can't hurt right I mean unless you're8247.765.28
overweight you've sprain an8249.843.2
ankle okay not bad visibility is a8254.3596.481
little low but all right okay all right8257.5994.72
I'm going to start making the8260.843.559
journey all right I think I need to get8262.3194.561
to the road can't see the mountain the8264.3994.761
radio tower was on but I'm positive it8266.884.799
was this way I'm going to cook some wolf8269.164.88
meat I'm jealous I would love some wolf8271.6794.241
meat right now too bad we couldn't catch8274.044.359
up we'll have wolf meat and beans with a8275.924.32
little syrup on top now that sounds all8278.3993.801
right yeah yeah cuz the wolf meat8280.244.319
probably be a little salty that's right8282.24.359
yeah put some syrup on that there we go8284.5593.641
God I love some sausage and some syrup8286.5593.88
that's just the best is it sausage and8288.24.519
syrup is8290.4394.441
delicious I shouldn't be talking about8292.7194.321
food this is just going to make the day8294.884.2
oh maybe I could catch a rabbit cook a8299.083.72
little rabbit8301.244.119
breakfast oh man I should no I should8302.86.55
stay focused I got to get to that radio8305.3596.441
tower sizzling up real nice over here8311.85.28
up there's that damn radio tower it's a8320.3595.921
big tower should be very obvious oh it's8322.845.32
a sprain risk I'm walking walking up uh8326.283.84
walking up a8328.165.6
hill this could be dumb and my food is8330.124.84
about to give out I'm going to get to8333.763.28
the top of this hill see if I can see8334.965.479
anything where that radio tower8337.046.84
go where are you radio8340.4396.12
tower see it up8343.886.639
there there it is yes okay not too far8346.5595.521
from the radio tower nebes yeah you can8350.5193.16
reach it huh uh yeah looks like I'm8352.083.319
going to be able to reach it no problem8353.6793.92
yes radio towers are known for having8355.3994.561
food huh a maple sapling might take that8357.5994.76
make that out of something okay I'm8359.965.559
going to eat one of my8362.3593.16
Foods all right what's CH down on some8366.085.88
beef jerky no I'm hoping the radio tower8369.5595.04
has a building attached to it and maybe8371.964.519
there's like survival stuff in it I8374.5995.0
don't know I'm just taking a gamble here8376.4794.561
wait how come I can't grab a torch in8379.5993.88
this fire right here is there how many8381.044.359
how long is left on the fire uh 38383.4793.521
minutes so that's why the fire is not8385.3993.361
hot enough you need to make the fire8387.04.0
hotter I'm going add one more fuel oh8388.764.8
take torch all right I got a belly full8391.04.84
of wolf I'm going to leave this church8393.564.52
and head down the road do it I am8395.844.96
approaching the tower you yeah okay what8398.084.08
do we got8400.84.519
here there building the tach oh looks8402.165.76
like there is a little structure8405.3195.0
here oh my temperature how did my8407.923.76
temperature all of a sudden drop so8410.3193.16
quick oh God Is there a way there's got8411.683.4
to be a way in here right where's the8413.4796.0
gate is there a gate oh no how do I get8415.086.92
in here how do I get in here oh I see a8419.4795.481
way yes come on come on be warm in this8422.06.439
building be warm in this8424.963.479
building uh door door door door door8433.3195.601
door door yes yes yes yes okay did find8435.727.2
a building nees good get warm get fed8438.925.72
all right yeah warming up in here can't8442.923.399
see a damn8444.644.0
thing let's see I'm going to pull out8446.3194.521
matches right what do we got celerant8451.3196.361
food come on8455.27.159
food flare get a flare on your8457.686.88
food all right you know what doing8462.3593.921
the matches I got plenty of flares on me8464.564.2
I'm going to light8466.282.48
one a coffee coffee is good oh yes look8475.3999.401
sardines peaches milk a military grade8480.087.84
ration oh my god listen nothing you said8484.84.84
goes together I know listen it's not8487.923.08
going to make a good meal but man this8489.644.44
military grade uh this is a ration8491.06.04
1,750 calories that's a lot of calories8494.086.88
right water okay I see you wolf I see8497.046.72
you wolf I got a how long's my torch8500.964.76
going to last um usually it has a life8503.763.96
bar bottom right that white bar is so8505.726.04
low okay I'm running back up torch stay8507.725.08
please that's right I do have a gun I8512.87.559
have a gun oh boy oh crap gun8515.767.88
gun gun click it you got to click it SP8520.3596.521
bar click click click there you go8523.645.799
okay is he8526.886.599
coming oh boy you okay he he's might8529.4396.721
attack he might8533.4796.081
attack is wait am I loaded I don't know8536.164.84
I'm probably not loaded am I loaded I8539.564.2
don't know oh boy I'm better to be8541.07.16
loaded okay oh wait I think I got him8543.767.44
but he bit me are you okay I think I'm8548.165.4
bleeding there's a lot of blood check8551.24.72
yourself uh8553.564.28
space you can do that space and then8555.924.24
click on the little man in the middle oh8557.843.559
man in the8560.165.92
middle um I think I'm okay okay good job8561.3996.681
I'm not bleeding maybe I don't know8566.083.48
there's so much blood on the ground is8568.084.2
it his or yours it's right where I'm8569.565.68
standing maybe not though okay all right8572.285.28
let me search this place what I got find8575.244.68
some good8577.562.36
clothing man you just you're a wolf8580.23.44
killing machine over there nees I'm8582.163.279
getting tired of all this meat I want8583.643.92
some peaches and beans this perfect8585.4395.321
rifle ammunition oh oh my God maybe8587.564.44
there's a rifle8590.766.639
here H rifle cartridge Thief jerky huh8592.07.76
rifle where's a8597.3996.361
rifle NES get a gun I have entered the8599.766.679
age of the firearm you got a rifle I got8603.767.48
a revolver that's good too huh hell yes8606.4397.481
okay not as powerful as a rifle but8611.246.72
I will take it now I can hunt oh I'm8613.929.68
back baby I am back woohoo happy8617.965.64
all right I'm having some condensed milk8635.246.48
yes look at that oh that's so much8637.67.44
better oh little food food in your belly8641.724.44
just makes all the difference don't it8645.044.64
neees it does I get hangry sometimes I8646.165.68
know you do so I found like it almost8649.684.2
looks like a little construction trailer8651.843.08
with some8653.883.32
portons uh let see what we got in here8654.924.88
okay cool we're both finding good stuff8657.23.76
today this is8659.83.76
great I don't know if mine's good yet8660.965.319
wait workbench oh you finally found a8663.565.879
workbench yeah nice there you go what8666.2796.441
can I make in that well see one of the8669.4395.601
best things to make early on rabbit8672.725.92
traps rabbit traps yeah8675.046.319
okay but uh you need uh some gut for8678.644.56
that now have you um like your wolf8681.3593.761
carcasses have you been harvesting any8683.23.92
hide and gut no I saw the option and I8685.124.0
was like what do I want guts for so uh8687.123.48
yeah if you harvest that gut in that8689.122.96
hide you can put them on the ground in8690.64.92
your house and you can start curing them8692.084.92
okay and once they're uh once they're8695.523.44
cured you can use those in8697.04.439
crafting like you can make nice coats8698.964.56
you can make rabbit traps rabbits don't8701.4394.201
eat guts do they no you just use it for8703.525.759
the string oh string yeah gocha rabbits8705.646.24
eat carrots watch8709.2794.321
TV I actually don't think you're8711.884.2
supposed to feed rabbit carrots I yeah I8713.63.799
heard that from somebody well they might8716.083.44
eat the green part I have repaired these8717.3994.92
combat pants to 100% now let's see how8719.525.24
they stack the decent jeans I got give8722.3193.96
1.5 a warmth bonus of8726.2795.16
3.6 so I'm going to try to mark this8729.24.56
building that has the work table in it8731.4394.161
and I have these options of shapes like8733.764.28
maybe uh tools that might be a good way8735.65.32
to mark it uh yeah that's not a bad uh8738.044.68
it's not a bad way to do it all right8740.924.96
let's try this tools so I spray this8742.726.599
door with tools and then if I go to my8745.886.2
map I'll see like a little tool8749.3195.441
thing yeah now you know where you have8752.086.199
some tools about I I wish I would have8754.766.04
marked that church oh man I need some8758.2794.281
cloth I can't it's a shame it won't let8760.84.519
me break down this Canadian flag I need8762.564.6
just a little bit more cloth to uh8765.3193.04
something oh damn it now I don't want to8768.3594.841
break down this cardboard box unless8771.646.36
there's May something behind it okay8773.27.0
what's my weight like my weight's8778.06.68
bad I don't want to drop what can I8780.27.079
drop man this thing's great but it's 48784.684.88
lbs but I don't want to get rid of it8787.2794.641
but man that's heavy already got some8789.563.839
good stuff all right I'm actually going8791.924.32
to drop this military coat I found and8793.3994.521
I'll keep it in here I'll come back for8796.243.64
it maybe later if I get I don't know8797.924.439
better at stuff yeah it's just too damn8799.883.88
heavy to haul around right now8802.3592.681
especially with this revolver let me8803.763.48
look at this Revolver by the way oo and8805.045.279
I found some ammo 10 Rounds8807.245.32
needs that's good man I wish I had more8810.3194.921
bullets for my rifle damn wish you were8812.564.759
with me I found so much rifle ammunition8815.243.039
insane I'm going to keep pushing down8818.2794.601
the road I'm starting to get8820.3594.761
tired I'm hoping I can find a place with8822.884.92
a bed for tonight but if not I'm going8825.124.56
to return to that church yeah did you8827.84.16
bring your bed roll8829.684.24
maybe I8831.964.2
forget you can uh if you hold space bar8833.924.32
and look and uh bottom left campcraft8836.163.84
uhhuh you'll see if you have a bed roll8838.243.76
looks like I do okay so worst case you8840.04.0
can uh find a place make a fire put a8842.04.24
bed down but that's dangerous weather8844.06.08
can turn on you real fast in this8846.247.4
game let's hope it8850.083.56
doesn't you okay I thought I heard8857.245.52
something did I hear I hear a dog I8860.045.12
don't see a dog but I hear a dog all8862.763.599
right I'm going to put the rocks to my8865.162.319
where is that dog do I have to8867.4794.88
reload I feel like I never see a Reload8870.164.76
animation I mean you would hit R reloads8872.3594.521
I did hit it nothing happened okay then8874.923.04
good man I swear I heard a8877.965.88
okay I definitely hurt a8883.843.8
dog pushing forward please be a building8888.4796.84
up here all right good luck8891.66.4
buddy okay I'm going to lay down in here8895.3196.521
get my uh tiredness meter back up oh boy8898.06.24
burn some calories see you in the8901.845.12
morning good8904.247.4
night oh boy starting to get8906.967.359
colder colder getting tired I do have8911.644.639
food and water a little8914.3195.321
bit there's a bridge all right come on8916.2796.761
maybe this is the entrance to a8919.643.4
city something8925.084.76
it's like a8927.4794.601
river don't see anything there a bunch8929.843.8
of cars8932.084.56
though what's this stru okay Spruce8933.646.28
Falls bridge is this a8936.645.52
town I want to check these cars but I8939.924.76
really just want want to find shelter8942.165.8
what is that is that a bear is that a8944.687.16
bear nope that's a bear isn't8947.968.76
it yep that's a bear okay oh crap I'm8951.848.08
not ready for this it's getting late and8956.725.639
oh it's so cold crap can I get back to8959.923.12
church I hear you I'm not coming so8963.045.2
don't worry about8965.62.64
it I knew I took a risk of coming out8968.3998.201
here hypothermia risk crap okay just8971.886.32
keep walking NES we got to get back to8976.63.799
oh he's following me oh crap oh crap oh9005.767.04
crap on disappear the bear attack and9008.127.279
the gun there no option to fight it9012.84.92
there's no option to fight the bear9015.3993.601
fight the bear I don't know how there's9017.726.719
no option to oh God yeah9019.05.439
bear oh God he's going to he's going to9025.524.44
Dees Dees am I9040.2797.08
dead am I dead beses9044.124.96
I don't know if I'm dead get away from9047.3594.841
the bear I need this gun though uh take9049.085.319
it oh my gosh get away from the bear9052.24.44
find shelter okay I can't believe I'm9054.3994.721
not dead find shelter immediately it's9056.644.679
way this way I'm9059.126.12
running or walking crap if I can get9061.3196.641
back to the tool9065.246.199
Hut why wouldn't he eat me I'm so9067.965.56
tasty you got a bunch of clothes on9071.4394.481
maybe I don't know oh no do do I need to9073.524.6
like put bandages or something my health9075.924.519
is super low uh if you have a bandage9078.123.76
you might want to do it quick but you9080.4393.801
are your what's your are you freezing9081.884.72
use yeah do it quick but you're out the9084.243.88
cold you might freeze to death man yeah9086.62.56
no I'm9088.123.56
freezing I'm going as fast as I can go9089.163.72
have you have you picked up any9091.684.84
emergency stems stems probably okay9092.884.92
worst case you might be able to use one9096.524.0
of those is that a after I'm heard or9097.84.2
now worst case scenario like your9100.523.44
Health's all the way down pop it so9102.04.6
don't do it yet I'm like maybe you might9103.964.68
want to use it just to get9106.65.04
to uh your shelter should I use it9108.646.759
now I'm at like 5% Health probably man9111.645.92
maybe yeah use9119.525.28
it I would say yes you probably need it9121.524.28
use it that's going to give you a health9124.86.12
boost uh using it um oh crap what I just9125.88.8
do did I eat something there we go there9130.926.399
we go all right now go9134.64.56
okay I'm9137.3194.481
going where is that9139.165.279
place find shelter immediately and then9141.84.599
look at uh look at your9144.4395.601
wounds okay all9146.3993.641
right how far out did you go um I you9151.65.56
don't have time to look at the map go9155.82.4
okay it was just straight down the9158.23.88
road keep it on your head9164.643.6
help it's it's better than it was now9168.4394.241
I've taken that stem yeah but that9171.123.199
stem's going to eat into your sleepiness9172.683.719
meter so once you uh once you get in you9174.3194.481
need to bandage up and go to bed okay I9176.3994.441
see the building all right get there I9178.83.32
got to put a bed roll down there cuz9180.843.92
there's no bed9182.122.64
there oh boy all right I'm here still in9185.966.04
this place I go9189.686.04
outside F out here it's dark dark but9192.05.72
clear you make it to the building I just9195.723.759
got to the door going9197.724.8
in all9199.4795.441
right okay check your wounds start9202.524.4
bandaging yourself all right uh check9204.924.68
wounds um by going to the first aid9206.925.28
thing you can click on the little man9209.64.0
that's right all right so they'll tell9212.22.8
you what you need what do you got9213.63.719
hypothermia sprain risk infection risk9215.03.439
infection risk so you need some9217.3193.921
antiseptic yep all right just click on9218.4395.721
antiseptic and use uh yeah just find9221.244.48
find your antiseptic click it and use it9224.163.48
using it9225.726.0
okay bite oh he bit my left foot so I'll9227.647.88
click that use that on left foot do9231.723.8
it okay all right now look all right9235.684.599
look at your health or yeah look at what9238.765.2
else you got hypothermia risk all right9240.2794.961
so that just means you need to get warm9243.963.12
are you warm in the building and9245.243.52
temperature's going up okay so your9247.084.279
hypothermia risk should go away what9248.765.32
else you got I think that's it sprain9251.3594.0
risk and hypothermia risk all right9254.083.84
sprain risk is from being too heavy okay9255.3595.0
lay down get some sleep eat eat a good9257.924.2
meal drink some water I need to put the9260.3592.561
down was there not a bed in that9262.923.96
building uh not in the oh wait is this a9264.84.679
bed can I sleep in this oh yeah there is9266.884.32
yeah what's your food and water let me9269.4795.201
drink a little bit of something um here9271.26.68
I'll have uh some potato9274.685.84
chips I got to cook this meat in the9277.885.76
morning keep an eye on your help and9280.524.68
then I need some water yeah get some9283.643.04
water and then now later down go to9285.24.0
sleep yep sleep it off9286.685.28
nebs bear I cannot believe I'm alive9289.25.119
crazy final check of this place and then9306.047.399
I am getting out didn't miss a gun9309.126.52
anywhere all right nope I think I picked9313.4395.081
this place pretty damn clean getting out9315.643.96
here okay9319.66.719
oh okay o a little foggy this morning9322.525.799
which does kind of9326.3194.641
suck I think I should be able to find my9328.3195.521
way back I'm just going to retrace my9330.967.16
steps all right get My Revolver9333.846.32
out just in9338.125.159
case no wolves no wolves got to make it9340.166.6
back to the Farmhouse is this9343.2795.761
oh man I wish I had a climbing rope I9346.765.0
think yeah I had a climbing rope I could9349.044.48
stick that right there and go right down9351.765.639
there that'd be fantastic but no such9353.525.959
luck um9357.3994.241
H you know what I'm going to take a9359.4794.88
gamble instead of going down that way9361.644.839
which is the way I came I'm going to go9364.3593.281
down that9366.4794.441
way to the left of the9367.645.719
tower hopefully that isn't a dumb9370.924.84
decision cuz all I got all I should be9373.3593.681
able to do is find the road if I can9375.763.92
find the road I'm9377.042.64
good God okay Road's got to be somewhere9380.85.24
I just got to keep heading this way so9384.64.0
the Mountain's up there I just keep9386.045.2
going this way I should run into a road9388.64.16
Le you would9391.245.92
hope oh hey huh I found a climbing9392.768.599
rope yep yeah so where does it go um I9397.166.119
guess down which would actually help me9401.3593.761
cuz then I could go down and then get to9403.2794.561
the road cuz I think the road's that way9405.124.319
I'm also tempted while it's warm to9407.844.04
explore up here a little more but so9409.4394.96
damn foggy I don't see9411.885.599
anything yeah you know what I'm doing it9414.3995.121
I got enough stamina I9417.4794.441
yeah here we go oh my God this is higher9421.925.0
than I thought it was okay come on eat9424.3194.641
it it really eats into your tired9426.925.519
meter but hey it's good to know this is9428.967.56
here you're going down at huh going down9432.4395.561
then bam9438.05.52
what there's a bear yeah I don't9443.525.799
recommend Bears I know I know you don't9447.724.84
recommend Bears I don't recommend Bears9449.3196.281
either you got your gun out uh yeah you9452.564.32
got plenty of ammo I don't know what a9455.64.28
revolver will do against a bear9456.885.12
I don't want to climb back up I9459.884.32
mean I got to go this way anyway low9462.03.439
it's low visibility there's a good9464.22.52
chance he doesn't see me I'm just going9465.4393.721
to try to sneak past9466.724.559
him don't see9469.163.76
o okay all right the road's got to be9472.926.64
this way cuz the Mountain's up9476.23.36
there little quicker no running though I9481.686.16
want to make any more noise than I have9484.687.08
to oh God that's be tracks right9487.846.479
there I'm going to swing wide at the9491.766.36
Bear real wide of the9494.3193.801
bear it's been a very stressful day did9503.66.24
you say Berry I9506.83.04
did okay I decided to go back to the9515.887.04
church really I mean I the road goes9519.845.12
that way there's a bridge and a bear9522.923.96
guarding the bridge yeah that doesn't9524.965.12
seem like the best way to go okay uh9526.885.92
give me some water here all right I9530.085.16
managed to survive another day you know9532.83.92
picking up some food this uh this9535.243.159
military grade ration is great that's9536.723.04
going to be like my9538.3994.0
emergency food like I'll always have9539.764.28
that on me and I got some syrup which is9542.3993.361
still good and some uh Dusty pork and9544.044.439
beans but uh I am going to spend a9545.765.24
little bit of my day researching how to9548.4794.521
shoot this firearm so when I do pull the9551.06.439
trigger it'll hurt not me whatever I9553.06.38
at I may as well at this point read9563.3193.521
the whole book I'm reading the whole9565.723.639
damn book nebes oh yeah I start at one9566.843.84
page when you can read the whole book9569.3594.04
boom all right I've done that drop it so9570.685.0
now I can use that for fuel man I got a9573.3994.161
bunch of revolver ammunition too that9575.685.16
I've saved so this is sweet uh but this9577.565.919
revolver I should probably clean a9580.845.559
little bit I have a firearm cleaning kit9583.4796.281
let's yeah let's clean it up it's at 76%9586.3998.801
so it's not not bad could be9589.765.44
better yeah 81% that's not bad okay9595.3196.04
let's uh you know what I deserve a soda9599.3594.401
time for a nice9601.3595.761
soda all right I'm going to see if I9603.765.88
can't get outside and kill9607.124.44
something I know these wolves have been9609.645.08
stalking me around this house oh yeah I9611.565.04
see two of them out9614.726.44
there okay okay this is where daddy abro9616.65.96
revenge all the you've given9622.566.759
me all right I'm going to lure them9626.166.52
in lure them9629.3193.361
in hey9634.763.16
buddy just want one of you don't want9638.243.56
two of9640.726.8
you yeah hey what's this over here yeah9641.87.92
mhm come on I'm going to lure you over9647.524.36
here to the house what have I got over9649.724.08
here maybe I got some food maybe9651.883.24
okay come on come on you9660.3995.681
idiot right in the front yard right in9663.884.24
the front yard I want you to be dead in9666.083.44
the front yard so your brothers will9668.124.56
know you don't come near this9669.524.64
house okay9674.163.279
uhuh all9677.565.12
right and I think this is where I make9680.4396.281
my stand why just the teeth D through I9682.687.0
know come on okay come on9686.726.24
in come on9689.683.28
in get him I think I hit him hold9694.647.0
on you oh yeah Oh's9697.4796.441
bleeding you see did you see do you see9701.645.92
him uh I see yeah he's running off9703.925.399
oh how far you going to go did you do wh9707.562.56
of the9709.3192.601
teeth probably could have waited a9710.123.72
longer still got plenty of ammo though9713.844.76
oh he's running yeah you're not going to9716.843.8
be able to run for long you're going to9718.64.32
collapse from that blood loss I9720.646.88
bet okay okay but I got a brother9722.924.6
here yeah you got a brother there yeah9729.525.2
he's got a oh he's got a friend oh he9732.3593.601
has a friend yep I'm going to try to9734.723.559
lure him in too same thing wow God he is9735.965.56
running aways you think a bullet would9738.2794.841
stop him after a9741.523.959
while God he's going way up there to the9743.124.279
bottom of the mountain might have to eat9745.4793.0
brother I want his brother to run away9748.4794.481
too I need the9750.765.4
food make sure you you got the whites of9752.964.96
tee come9756.163.96
on all right you know what we going do9757.924.16
this right9760.125.88
here come on come on run at me what's9762.088.56
wrong hey come on you scared9766.07.0
hey you scared9770.646.839
neebs think so oh may9773.04.479
yeah there we go nice that's right I got9780.846.92
your brother you're eating steaks I got9784.725.36
steaks ready in 109787.767.719
minutes all right woo we're doing good9790.089.319
ha let's get a book going start a fire9795.4796.521
Harvest a wolf man I'm a happy9799.3995.841
congratulations got something to eat9805.243.239
with your beans and9806.884.88
peaches I'm going to go get water soon I9808.4794.8
haven't found water in a while yeah just9811.764.36
boil some water oh really yeah really9813.2795.241
what yeah I didn't TR to do that I've9816.126.159
never done that do that oh God what was9818.528.4
that oh we got bear nope I don't9822.2796.881
recommend Bears9826.924.76
remember uh I don't know if the9829.165.0
bear likes the9831.688.759
fire uh oh God come on9834.166.279
no Take a Shot get out of here oh no get9841.88.599
out of here get out of here get on9846.2797.321
him you run him off you're killing him9850.3995.721
shot him a bunch of times I got one9853.67.56
left uh-oh okay oh my my staks ready9856.1211.199
oh God Chase hold9861.168.68
on did I kill this9867.3195.721
bear I'm going after the Bear kns get it9869.845.639
buddy careful got to go inside real9873.045.8
quick ammo9875.4793.361
pop okay ammo ammo ammo uh bolver ammo9882.169.48
here we go okay yeah 22 bullets nees oh9886.567.2
really yeah holy moly oh if I can kill9891.644.6
that bear oh I got a sprain wrist though9893.764.92
now cuz I'm carrying so much waight what9896.244.68
can I drop off um flares going to drop a9898.684.679
couple these drop these tin cans9900.924.359
I'll pick all this stuff up later drop9903.3594.901
my pry bar won't need that there we9905.2794.921
go okay tracks I know I shot him I shot9910.25.4
him a couple times9913.884.0
all right that fire is going over there9915.65.96
oh did the tracks go away no wait where9917.886.76
was it where was it where was it where9921.566.919
was it okay he was over9924.645.88
blood damn9930.525.28
it I don't see any traces of the bear9933.523.08
neebs God he's like he was trackless9936.64.32
come on that ain't Fair yeah come out9938.724.88
look how big a bear is exactly what like9940.923.96
my tracks are still there where's the9943.64.56
bear tracks in the blood damn it oh9944.886.399
that's disappointing yeah9948.167.52
man okay hey at least I scared him off9951.2798.721
I'll take that okay let's see uh food is9955.685.799
bad okay I'm going to9960.03.68
go how much is left on this fire I'm9961.4794.241
going to go inside oh my God I need to9963.683.48
sleep I'm going to be too tired to9965.723.599
harvest this wolf9967.165.88
neebs too tired to harvest a wolf to you9969.3197.0
know listen it sounds dumb9973.044.96
Target these are all good I want to keep9976.3193.12
these all9978.03.92
right I'm going to go inside eat what I9979.4395.801
have and come out and harvest this wolf9981.925.479
damn I hate I lost that bear oh that9985.243.56
could have been great can you tell me9987.3993.641
how to drink snow um you need to get a9988.83.84
fire going you have a fire going in the9991.043.08
church I do yeah then that's fine go9992.643.08
back in the church well don't I need to9994.123.0
like get snow or something no just go in9995.722.96
the church what it'll get snow9997.123.48
automatically it saves you the hassle9998.684.48
you're welcome okay great now I'm just10000.64.64
pull it out of the whole immersion of it10003.163.4
all right I'm back in the church with10005.244.039
the fire all right click on um a cooking10006.566.48
slot yep water mhm you have a can yep10009.2796.401
select the can select it and then uh10013.043.88
just choose how much water you want to10015.683.32
put in the can little arrow okay we'll10016.925.76
just say uh half a liter there you go10019.08.8
cook okay well I guess I'm going to live10022.685.12
forever okay so I got my wolf steak get10032.526.2
ready to be eat my my snow says uh oh10035.168.239
what what what what what all right10038.727.32
I just heard growling the10043.3996.92
be what is the bear10046.044.279
back you find a bear I'm a bear killer10052.085.44
nebes you got the bear he came over here10054.724.48
and he collapsed from his10057.525.2
injuries oh my God I got a bear carcass10059.26.239
holy moly oh boy oh10062.724.559
no no no no no no no no stay away from10065.4394.641
me I know you don't like the fire big10067.2795.481
boy got now10070.085.319
wol get the out of here did you not10072.763.519
see the10075.3993.641
bear yeah oh God I'm surrounded by10076.2798.321
animals now y want a piece of me do10079.045.56
you oh man oh God I love this game man10085.926.359
you going to get10090.564.96
chubby can I drink boiling water10092.2794.921
Are you seriously coming back have you10095.523.04
not seen what I've done to your brothers10097.23.36
all goddamn day man what else you got10098.564.719
going on over there another wolf where10100.565.799
you living Zoo may as well they really10103.2794.721
they really want me but guess what you10106.3593.841
ain't going to get me you ain't going to10108.06.6
get me yeah come10110.24.4
on God I'm just oh God this is going to10115.85.84
attract so many10118.563.08
animals come on now10122.4795.521
all right I'm going to cook a little10126.05.24
meat start a butcher shop no all10128.05.439
right I'm leaving the church I'm full of10131.245.88
uh snow water and wolf10133.4396.201
meat actually I should probably go10137.123.88
Harvest a little more meat before I head10139.643.4
back to town yeah you are not coming10141.04.319
back you've seen what's happened to all10143.044.16
your friends don't tell me you got more10145.3197.721
wolves hey FG her off go go get get get10147.29.52
out of here10153.043.68
get damn it okay fine you want to play10158.685.32
game okay God I can't I can't harvest10167.3995.121
food in peace10170.086.48
nebs no respect man wolves10172.527.28
today all right I got to work quick he's10176.564.6
going to come back in10179.85.76
he 58 minutes 2 hours on that campire10181.166.84
fire you10185.564.64
man I'm going to waste all my ammo on10188.03.8
these damn10190.25.6
things I've only got three bullets in my10191.86.28
rifle I got another whole box of10195.84.4
revolver ammo10198.085.52
inside this is the last wolf10200.26.199
though all right yep you want to do this10203.65.4
you want to do10206.3992.601
this yeah all right there we go anybody10209.686.2
huh man I see a whole flock of elk out10215.886.2
here oh you better start hunting N I got10219.3196.281
I mean I got wolves just laying10222.086.84
around they look so peaceful and10225.67.52
happy Oh look at them I love it all10228.926.68
right back to10233.122.48
Milton okay how's this got on 23 minutes10238.3596.681
hour on the fire oh God God I'm going to10242.3594.681
get so wet and cold out here all right10245.045.8
fire stay burning stay burning oh my god10247.045.92
oh wait do I have an energy10250.845.84
drink wait yeah all right I'm busting10252.965.88
out an energy drink I got to stay awake10256.686.28
tonight woo oh yeah here we10258.844.12
go okay here's a nice thing about this10264.165.319
cabin is this cabin has this little area10267.086.48
here where I can keep the meat nice and10269.4798.361
cold won go bad it'll go bad uh not as10273.566.96
fast being out here cuz it's in the cold10277.844.12
and it's uh it's a nice little protected10280.523.28
area where animals can't get at it10281.963.68
really yep I can put my meat out in the10283.84.519
cold to be fine uh well it depends on10285.645.16
you know if it's in an open area where10288.3194.321
animals can get it10290.85.92
no okay what about you H meat how long10292.646.52
will it take to harvest a bear hide oh10296.725.32
God should build a fire there what's my10299.164.92
I need to go inside and get some wood I10302.044.76
need wood for these fires10304.086.48
immediately so I went back to Milton and10306.86.16
uh I'm going to take another road that I10310.565.52
saw and see I think this is a road10312.966.56
anyway yeah I think I see a bridge up10316.086.199
ahead I can find another town oh I do10319.523.759
see a10322.2793.761
structure yep there's like10323.2795.921
a h looks like an old barn or10326.046.359
something I'm going to push10329.26.52
in oh my God all the wolf bodies out10332.3994.801
here this is10335.723.679
insane okay wolf carcass let's get a10337.24.8
little wolf hide 45 minutes to harvest10339.3994.96
that o a minute till this meat's ready10342.04.08
that'll give me the energy an hour left10344.3594.161
on this10346.082.44
fire I'm going to have a full belly soon10348.686.96
uh-oh a risk of intestinal parasites man10351.87.479
what' you eat wolf uh avoid eating more10355.646.4
meat from carnivores what game meat from10359.2794.561
carnivorous animals may be infected with10362.044.52
parasite okay so I just got to10363.844.599
be careful about eating more okay that's10366.565.12
okay I can eat later I'm a big boy let's10368.4397.321
use 45 minutes to get this come10371.688.32
on oh man Energy's being sapped a little10375.767.479
bit oh wind's picking up damn it10380.05.04
can I get any more meat while I'm out10383.2394.841
here and that'll do me for the day yep10385.046.0
I'm too tired I got to go in and sleep10388.084.239
hopefully these animals will be here in10391.044.239
the morning take a nap I just found10392.3195.321
Paradise Meadow Farms I'm look10395.2794.841
Farmhouse you know there's going to be10400.124.96
ammo in this Farmhouse right I hope so10401.884.2
you ow it's locked wait you a pry10406.086.72
bar I10410.3996.201
do but doesn't it do it automatically is10412.85.599
it telling you anything it says requires10416.63.92
a farm key oh crap look10418.3994.801
around uh maybe there's a spare I bet10420.525.839
it's in this truck over here10423.23.159
oh I found some ragged driving10432.845.24
gloves that'll replace my mittens10435.724.679
probably won't be as warm but man is10438.085.88
there oh wait no key what under10440.3995.96
here man surely this key has got to be10443.963.96
in this truck10446.3593.761
somewhere key not in the10447.924.28
truck okay maybe just keep looking10450.126.159
around maybe you'll find it10452.24.079
oh man there's a bunch of rabbits out10459.4395.361
here look at them can I here we go I'm10462.2794.761
going look in the10464.85.24
tractor oh found it you got the key it10467.044.84
was in the tractor10470.044.239
nice read10471.886.2
text yep oh I knew that already okay10474.2797.881
taking it there are knives10478.086.399
everywhere how can I drive this that'd10482.163.56
great all right I'm going to head back10485.724.32
to that Farmhouse now okay I am uh10487.4794.121
boiling some water this morning the10490.044.96
weather sounds absolutely awful outside10491.66.639
let me see can I peek10495.03.239
out well at least my meat's still10498.2795.601
here yeah10501.3196.96
85% yeah 85% so yeah it's staying uh10503.885.76
cold but this sucks like uh man I10509.644.88
could have could have gotten more meat10512.723.0
out of those wolves if I could have10514.523.6
built a fire beside them and if their10515.724.08
carcasses weren't Frozen but there's no10518.124.52
way I could do it in this oh man I'm10519.84.12
still going to be able to get meat and10522.643.4
hide it's it's good but I it could have10523.924.88
been better okay maybe it'll clear10526.044.56
up by the end of the day and hopefully10528.84.32
nothing's out there eating it right now10530.64.08
close this door so they don't get this10533.124.199
meat this Farmhouse is pretty nice oh10534.686.0
yeah I mean this I love the stove and10537.3195.361
this refrigerator found a new place to10540.686.24
live um yeah at least a little10542.684.24
Outpost if I can find some food and10547.163.48
stuff in here oh yeah there's some chips10549.2792.08
in the10550.644.12
floor take a10551.3593.401
nap hey rifle cartridge is that just one10555.046.92
single bullet one bullet yeah one bullet10558.886.64
okay how many rounds have I got10561.963.56
left cool I got nine more rounds of10566.045.84
ammunition left oh wait maybe nine10568.765.92
actually more than that sweet so10571.884.92
that's my emergency situation God if I10574.684.12
can find a rifle got so much rifle ammo10576.84.2
it's stupid hey I got some10578.85.439
peaches peaches and parking10581.06.64
beans now we're10584.2393.401
talking man this bathroom I don't know10595.725.12
like this bathroom has walls but no10598.724.96
ceiling so the like if you're in here10600.844.399
and there's people in the living room10605.2394.841
like there's nothing above it E I don't10607.124.96
like that I mean it's like just having a10610.083.72
partition I mean I guess if you live10612.084.239
there on your own it's okay but still I10613.84.96
mean this house is big enough there's at10616.3195.04
least two people living here all right10618.765.24
got me a fire by a bear oh is it Frozen10621.3593.92
can I quarter it10624.04.84
yet still my oh it's 98 okay o quickly10625.2796.641
let's add some fire I need two10628.846.28
hours 4 hour fire oh yeah come on we're10631.924.0
going to10635.122.92
quarter you can't quarter a carcass that10635.924.439
has more than 50% Frozen10638.045.6
damn you weather ruined it could10640.3595.0
you build a fire beside it and like uh10643.644.639
Tha it out yep I can get some guts from10645.3595.281
it uh that bear hide though that'll be I10648.2794.481
can make a badass coat with10650.644.719
that let's see all right I'll harvest10652.765.599
the hide hey I found a thick thick wool10655.3595.601
sweater oh that's good can I wear two10658.3594.761
sweater let me hold on let me look at my10660.965.04
sweater situation10663.122.88
yeah I got a deer not too far from me if10666.644.799
uh if that thing's right where it10670.2394.481
doesn't want me to eat um like more10671.4395.721
carnivore meat which is dumb like you10674.724.32
can't eat more meat oh was it carnivore10677.164.96
meat or meat it's said carnivore meat10679.045.0
uh-huh so I'm thinking rabbit and deer10682.124.239
might be my uh cure I would think you'd10684.045.48
be looking for some beans and10686.3596.441
peaches yeah could get out later but I10689.525.12
really want to harvest what I can you10692.84.519
know yeah I found a ragged Parker I10694.644.52
wonder if this is as good as my other10697.3196.761
coat look at it put it on wait more flee10699.167.4
mittens sweet to replace your old ones10704.084.159
yep good job buddy I bet they're warmer10706.563.13
than the driving10708.2395.281
gloves oh really really how many of10713.526.759
you mother are out here10717.565.08
God you get get attacked by godamn10722.645.24
wolf f10729.3195.361
AB you10735.64.52
oh why did I choose the gun10737.843.519
why did I choose to beat him with the10740.123.0
gun and not stab his ass with the10741.3594.521
hatchet tried to piss away I did it was10743.126.2
a dumb decision10745.884.559
you you out of10750.4394.721
get the10755.162.8
out oh God what's wrong with10758.046.279
me what's going you bleeding you got to10762.04.52
check you got to check your stats man10764.3194.481
yep I know got to get warm this was10766.523.919
supposed to be a happy day where I got10768.83.639
to harvest all my bare10770.4395.0
here okay what is it h what is this G me10779.84.4
bare meat all right all right let me10783.125.68
drop that drop 65%10784.27.76
think your day is bad I just found10791.963.72
another book I can't brain ankle and10794.124.159
pain okay he didn't do too much damage10795.685.04
to me just hurts yeah how's your10798.2795.441
clothes you break your clothes pain10800.726.24
couple of painkillers here yeah10803.725.519
probably broke some clothing oh I think10806.963.72
I got water10809.2396.08
inside another book I can't read10810.687.639
another book I can't read okay10815.3195.881
cool hey two10818.3197.12
bullets yes please thank you love it oh10821.27.92
okay springed ankle I can deal with10825.4396.04
a spring ankle not letting go of this10829.124.56
meat damn it bel's halfway down he's10835.886.12
hopefully not coming back I can't run10840.3593.561
with a spring ankle but that's okay got10842.05.239
a fire right over here next to a bear10843.927.08
I'm going to get this yummy yummy bear10847.2393.761
ridiculous this going to be the book10854.644.36
right here nope can't read this10856.65.639
one all10859.03.239
right okay bare meat10865.926.399
cooked giving it a10868.883.439
all right still got a risk of10875.085.359
parasites okay but it just went up see I10877.65.28
I actually didn't get the parasites but10880.4394.081
the percentage of me getting them went10882.884.84
up like now I have a 4% chance to get10884.525.68
parasites it's pretty low man it's yeah10887.724.32
it's not bad I can deal with that uh10890.25.0
that'll that'll last me a few days okay10892.047.08
let's get this meat back over here and10895.26.92
let's see10904.3194.881
here let's drop what did I get oh yeah10906.26.4
that's we got a fresh bear hide we're10909.25.52
going to drop that we're going to drop10912.64.759
this gut we're going to drop this wolf10914.726.04
hide yeah makes a nice10917.3597.321
rug this gut over here so that's curing10920.765.08
oh I'm going to be able to make some10924.683.28
good stuff once this stuff cures nees10925.844.88
glad to hear it buddy yeah God damn10927.964.72
spring bleo you going to need eat a lot10930.723.519
now that you got worms you're you're10932.683.4
eating for two yep I'm going to try to10934.2393.321
go out I might try to go out and get10936.083.159
that deer again oh but if I get attacked10937.564.679
by a wolf no I ran that wolf off I got10939.2395.761
enough ammo I'm doing10942.2396.04
it oh yeah that's going to get me a10945.07.08
rabbit go out here and get a10948.2796.721
rabbit this fire still going by this10952.086.64
bear this bre10955.03.72
yeah okay10962.25.199
oh I'm tempted to get all the meat I10965.3195.761
can 25 minutes left on the10967.3997.96
fire 30 minutes of bare meat let's do10971.087.76
it I don't want this to waste I want10975.3596.241
this to go to waste all10978.845.68
right get the bare meat Back Store the10981.64.08
meat see if I can get a10985.685.84
deer can't10988.647.0
eat carnivore meat is that you10991.525.32
might get10995.643.88
worms you might get the worms look at10996.844.28
all this delicious carnivore meat I10999.523.839
eat this place is a mess I mean it's a11005.2796.0
cute place but it's a mess yeah like11008.564.12
there's just stuff all over the floor11011.2793.12
it's trash I wish I could pick this can11012.685.28
I read this book nope can't read the11014.3996.08
book abro you're going to find one one11017.965.519
day I don't think so I really don't11020.4794.241
looked at so many11023.4794.281
books okay all right11024.725.32
baby you and11027.764.4
me come11030.046.6
on it's so dumb you don't actually see11032.164.48
me how close can I get to you o o11037.4395.601
o damn11043.083.199
oh luck with the deer knees Sor to hear11054.86.28
that buddy much ammo do I have11057.27.96
left man my ammo is going fast all right11061.087.359
I can serve some ammo maybe I maybe I11065.164.68
injured him maybe I'll get lucky and11068.4393.391
find his carcass11069.847.72
later yeah there we go all right now I11077.564.799
can cook11080.764.719
you sorry11082.3595.641
buddy all right going inside cooking the11085.4795.88
rabbit then cooking some more meat I11088.06.319
guess that's how this works that's so11091.3596.161
dumb so dumb so11094.3195.561
dumb well I guess at least I decrease11097.524.12
the wolf population out here and the11099.883.88
Bear yeah they're probably extinct now11101.644.0
for you yeah I got that going for me11103.763.599
although I do know one's still out there11105.643.4
cuz I shot him and he ran11107.3594.92
off he'll be back though he'll be11109.045.72
back oh no if I could take the skin of11112.2795.481
his brothers and make a nice coat11114.765.479
that'll give him a good warning like hey11117.765.12
I'm wearing your11120.2392.641
mom all right my food's good my water's11138.65.92
good uh let's see I should probably take11141.685.24
this bare meat and stick it out on the11144.524.759
porch um wanted to check the temperature11146.925.12
outside cuz it's during the11149.2794.96
day yeah I'm going to try to get out and11152.044.52
explore a little bit I haven't been that11154.2394.641
way so that's where I'm going next let11156.565.2
me put this bare meat here with all this11158.884.519
other fresh meat I11161.764.599
got yeah put you down there keep you11163.3994.681
guys nice and cool out here so hopefully11166.3593.201
you don't de great as11168.084.84
fast and uh let's see I got food I got11169.565.44
water I can pick up sticks on the way to11172.924.359
make fires I got a11175.04.359
gun let's get out and explore a little11177.2795.721
bit get your exploring on I will out11179.3595.92
here behind this uh Farmhouse and11183.05.439
there's a bunch of like firewood and11185.2797.12
there is uh quality tools oh nice you11188.4396.641
can use that to repair any of your tools11192.3994.601
okay so uh like your can11195.085.56
opener also there's a wet stone yeah so11197.05.399
that's great if you uh do you have I11200.643.36
know you said you had hunting knives and11202.3993.721
uh I'm sure you you have a hatchet right11204.03.8
I got a hatchet yep so you can use the11206.123.52
Wet Stone to repair your knives and11207.83.679
Hatchet it'll sharpen them oh cool11209.643.599
there's also a Jerry11211.4794.96
can Jerry can fuel for oil lamps right11213.2395.08
so that's for your oil lantern perfect11216.4392.92
cuz I got an oil Lan and there's a11218.3193.441
mountaineering rope oh so if you you11219.3594.161
could attach uh the mountaineering rope11221.763.28
to a rock and climb down you remember11223.523.44
when I climbed down not too long ago11225.043.439
yeah well there was a so there was a11226.964.12
rope already there but uh you could also11228.4795.481
find rocks that don't have ropes on them11231.085.52
okay I see something out11233.966.16
there some sort of11236.63.52
okay it doesn't look like much just11241.924.12
looks like11243.884.92
a like anything oh wait there's another11246.045.359
structure that structure going to11248.83.32
one looks like one of those little uh11252.124.44
kind of an empty11254.684.04
cabin that's not going to do any good11256.564.44
here some more sticks need to make an11261.125.72
emergency fire as the day goes make some11263.66.04
coffee drink some11266.845.599
coffee anything in here oh I think I did11269.644.0
see a11272.4393.92
corpse yep found a body what you got on11273.645.44
you buddy food candy bar oh yeah some11276.3596.241
dog food baby and a flare oh uh a little11279.086.92
firewood that's good in here nope11282.65.0
container sorry11287.67.44
pal I'm sure I'm next11290.844.2
so if I want to use this Jerry can to11295.4795.601
fill my lamp up how would I put fuel in11298.045.56
his lamp oh as long as you have fuel on11301.083.92
you you go into your inventory and I11303.63.04
think there's an actions button on the11305.04.2
lamp Okay one of the action should be to11306.645.719
refuel it find the lamp click on it11309.26.52
actions refuel there we go there you11312.3596.801
go sweet that's great man I was getting11315.726.28
low love11319.166.239
it oh yeah here we go Cattails give me11322.05.76
some Tinder plugs come on little food11325.3995.0
little Tinder plugs I'll take it cuz I'm11327.765.0
going to have to start a fire aren't11330.3995.361
now the wind's coming right at me11337.524.759
from this way so when I build a fire yep11340.085.0
I know there's a hypothermia risk you11342.2795.401
jackass I build a fire where the wind11345.084.8
won't hit me which is like right here11347.684.4
pretty stupid Building A Fire on Ice but11349.883.76
I'm doing it11352.083.04
hey I feel like ice Fishers do it all11353.642.719
time so I got seven lers of water I'm11356.3595.601
cooking three11360.05.359
cans so these are ready they're pable11361.966.399
all right I'll just take that what I say11365.3594.0
lers uh yeah now let's look what I got11369.3598.12
eight and a half okay I'm going to take11374.085.279
that with11377.4793.641
me come11379.3594.361
on come on I want freeze to death out11381.127.159
here give me warmth give me warmth you11383.727.559
yes man I do not have enough11391.3996.481
fuel well that'll give me an hour you11395.564.2
know what may as well cook a11397.886.2
coffee here we go I'm fed I've got 8 and11399.767.599
1/2 lers of water I'm in my new Farm you11404.085.239
know what I'm going to navigate what do11407.3594.361
you call it Char this in I'm going to do11409.3194.561
the same thing since I'm here11411.724.4
warming up survey the11413.884.519
area man look at that and it looks like11416.124.48
a farm11418.3998.801
perfect drink my coffee yeah not a bad11420.66.6
day it's kind of too cold out here today11440.3194.681
to explore11442.924.399
but man I really want to see what's down11445.03.2
road uh yeah I know that11448.26.0
feeling it's uh it's part of the11450.924.8
decisions you have to make in this game11454.24.36
oh it's pretty out here is the wind died11455.726.28
down at all oh man it's so windy out11458.565.64
here today it's hard for me to get11462.05.279
warm um yeah I don't have any wood left11464.24.88
so I'm going to I get I'm going to have11467.2793.96
to go back to The11469.084.44
Farmhouse gather wood on the way cuz I'm11471.2394.04
not warming up fast enough out here damn11473.525.719
it all right taking a torch and I'm11475.2795.801
going yeah I'm just going to walk for a11479.2395.04
little bit and then uh turn around if I11481.085.64
lose about 30 C 30% of my heat or11484.2794.601
something like that yeah that's not a11486.724.24
bad idea so which way are you exploring11488.885.519
I guess I'm going uh south of Milton11490.965.319
okay south of Milton damn do I see a11494.3993.681
structure actually might see something11496.2794.521
up here oh God I'm taking a gamble um I11498.086.359
need sticks in case of an emergency fire11500.85.599
I go get some sticks in11504.4396.92
this wood uh all right deer I can't run11506.3998.401
anymore the house is over there I think11511.3596.721
yeah no it's over11514.83.28
there hey buddy you're lucky just found11518.3994.84
my first Cattail or at least I noticed11521.4394.521
my first cat tail oh did you get it yep11523.2395.401
yep oh God torch went out so11525.964.96
cold out here N I don't want to light11528.643.52
the torch I want to throw it out of my11530.925.0
hand no throw it all right I'll keep it11532.166.52
fine game let me get to the top of this11535.924.96
thing see if I can see anything maybe11538.683.599
there's some shelter oh God my11540.883.12
temperature is going down real real fast11542.2793.281
that's not good all right I'm just going11544.03.52
to take a11545.563.879
peek that's it's where you get in11547.523.12
trouble in this game you're always like11549.4392.721
oh just let me take a peek okay so11550.643.36
that's just a bridge I saw all11552.165.0
right not worth it Farmhouse11554.07.92
is that way yes that way oh God I got to11557.166.88
put it I I got okay do I have another C11561.925.24
cup of coffee in me drinking the coffee11564.045.68
giving myself a little energy11567.165.88
boost and we're off all right did the11569.725.559
way warming I had some tea earlier I11573.044.399
guess that just wore off I'm pretty sure11575.2796.481
I see wolves in the11577.4394.321
distance that looks like where's that11581.966.56
rabbits that could be a bad mistake to11586.3193.92
make huh what trying to go kill a wolf11588.523.4
no if wondering if they're rabbits are11590.2392.961
they look like they're hopping like11593.24.48
rabbits but they're kind of far11594.3193.361
away yep oh man I got to turn around11597.885.28
anyway yeah no it's kind of in the11601.044.84
situation it's like I got too far out11603.165.8
man so dumb those was are rabbits they11605.885.32
got rabbits it's so dumb why do I make11608.963.88
such dumb decisions11611.23.72
sometimes CU you don't be stuck in the11612.843.479
house do you no it's like I want to get11614.924.559
out and do stuff okay emergency sticks11616.3195.12
give me some emergency sticks in case I11619.4795.241
need to build a fire emergency sticks me11621.4397.761
emergency sticks me me emergency11624.724.48
sticks oh God I'm going to have to build11631.3193.281
a fire11633.523.919
okay I do have this little11634.65.28
shelter here bunk up here for the night11637.4393.361
but yeah boom I already got a11639.884.16
hypothermia risk I'm not I'm nowh near11640.87.08
home I'm yeah you know11644.046.52
what my my temper start dropping quick11647.886.12
once my tea wore off11650.565.48
that tea was helping a lot I guess here11654.05.319
we go come on come11656.045.319
on I guess I'm going to spend the night11659.3195.601
with a corpse I got that going for me11661.3596.12
least you're not11664.922.559
alone oh if the wind would just stop11675.646.36
come on wind just knock it off just11678.925.24
knock it off11682.05.72
come on I need a victory11684.163.56
here what you think11690.565.4
buddy I guess you11693.3595.92
don't God all right desperate move 5711695.966.08
minutes on that campfire I see some wood11699.2796.281
out there going for it this might11702.045.76
be dumb this might be dumb this might be11705.563.64
really really really really really11707.85.04
really dumb okay come on oh 45 minutes11709.26.159
wood come on get it get it get it get it11712.844.96
get it oh help heal going down heal11715.3596.0
going down okay okay that'll give me a11717.88.32
lot of heat come on come on come11721.3597.761
on okay yes11726.128.119
yeah had some fuel yeah there we go nice11729.128.52
hot yes three hour five God did I bring11734.2395.561
I didn't bring a bed roll did I no11737.642.88
didn't uh tiredness might become a11740.526.0
factor okay Heat's going up real good11744.125.56
now all right yeah yeah yeah heat all11746.525.839
the way up stamina all the way up and11749.684.96
then we run for the11752.3597.721
house why did I come out so late11754.645.44
oh no don't you start snowing11762.2395.921
okay that's going to decrease visibility11768.166.48
I must be somewhere in between this can11770.925.8
I do navigation at night probably not11774.644.32
it's not going to let me do it is it yep11776.723.8
nope load11778.963.76
visibility um11780.524.12
no okay I got to get out and11784.646.799
go it's got to be that way okay let's11787.4797.121
keep cooking a11791.4393.161
coffee oh11794.886.399
no I can't sleep11798.1996.08
all right Heat's almost all the way up 311805.845.8
hours still left on this fire11807.688.4
uh I wait I wait it could get worse if11811.648.48
it gets worse I'm stuck here without a11816.087.04
all right this will warm me up a11824.64.679
bit take my11830.84.0
hand oh this torch is going to go out11832.725.36
immediately isn't it all right I got to11834.85.92
all right think it's this11844.565.679
way came in from the back so it's got to11848.04.52
be this way got to find a11850.2396.0
road trees that Farmhouse is a very oh11852.526.759
no not11856.2393.04
here oh yeah okay I'm not okay I'm not11861.1996.961
far these trees look very11864.3993.761
house where are11872.1997.08
you oh the wind die down11875.1999.801
okay oh Farmhouse where are you see the11879.2795.721
trees no11890.525.28
no no no no11892.683.12
no I don't see11899.924.0
Farmhouse got my torch little life left11907.3995.96
in the11910.962.399
torch oh I see his eyes like11913.767.36
glowing farm house farmhous11918.06.04
God where is it where is it I got a11924.044.76
farmouse yeah I don't yeah I'm looking11926.564.52
for mine my weather's a little better so11928.83.639
I'm going to walk up this way I think11931.084.56
there was a carcass that I missed or a11932.4395.8
body see if he's got something on him11935.643.55
give me some11938.2394.06
bullets where you at11942.683.519
Wolf where is this11946.83.8
me hit the11956.2392.441
road I'm being stalk by a wolf in a11960.046.04
snowstorm neebs uhm yeah I don't like it11962.4396.121
either I don't recommend11966.085.88
it Farmhouse has got to be nearby though11968.565.2
oh okay I see power lines that's a good11971.965.319
sign isn't it I see a wolf11973.766.92
too it's uh in my farm oh I see my11977.2795.361
farmhouse okay thank God you got a wolf11980.683.639
in your farm I kind of feel like I want11982.643.719
to deal with him you11984.3194.801
know yeah kill him cuz I need to be you11986.3594.761
know I live here now oh he11989.125.6
running he sees me he scared of11991.127.199
you just one right I don't know I'm not11994.726.04
surrounded am I you might be God I was11998.3194.561
earlier okay there he12000.764.76
is he's12002.886.96
walking I see you I don't like this12005.527.879
hill all right circling12009.844.88
man why isn't he running he should be12013.3996.161
running by now oh here he comes bam hey12014.727.36
nice job neees I saw the wh in his12019.565.08
teeth okay I've made it back to my12022.086.92
farmhouse yes I'll throw that out there12024.646.52
then I'm going to laugh at the wolf12029.05.72
outside hey buddy you're safe huh ah yes12031.165.039
I made it all right I'm going to let12034.723.16
this wolf stay right there for a minute12036.1993.641
and I'm going to go look for this uh12037.884.319
body oo I'm going to eat this Emer or12039.843.639
this wolf12042.1994.321
meat oh my god it feels so good being12043.4795.641
full ah oh would still risk of12046.524.719
intestinal parasites how's that looking12049.124.48
oh now it's at 14% I should probably not12051.2395.16
eat any more wolf meat for a day or two12053.65.24
you need a balanced diet man I know well12056.3994.8
I had some12058.846.2
Cattails Cattails and meat yeah I got12061.1995.0
it's not12065.043.96
great God what a shitty day you think I12066.1994.641
can get in this12069.04.92
silo can you get in silos uh I don't12070.845.04
think so God I'm looking at a silo out12073.924.559
here man I got home just in time man the12075.884.88
wind really kicked12078.4794.96
up oh12080.767.12
man oo it's nasty out here looks pretty12083.4395.311
cool though with a12087.885.96
flare I found him I bet this is the12093.847.0
farmer you got a corpse there yeah why12098.3194.321
wouldn't you be in the house sitting out12100.843.559
here in the cold well he might have got12102.644.16
caught in a blizzard like this gotcha12104.3993.721
you get out of here and the blizzard12106.82.8
comes through your visibility is low12108.122.88
what are you going to do hey look he had12109.62.48
a rifle12111.03.56
cartridge just a cartridge and it12112.084.44
replaces the one I just12114.564.919
used that's not too bad I12116.527.08
guess not too bad not too bad at all12119.4797.0
well I guess uh I can't explore anymore12123.66.12
today so going inside getting some sleep12126.4794.88
yep you do that I'm going to grab some12129.722.599
wolf me12131.3593.88
have some dinner and call it a12132.3196.401
day don't get12135.2393.481
parasites looks like a war zone out here12145.724.28
nebs what happened all those wolves I12147.885.0
killed oh you're like Rambo yeah but12150.04.64
with Wolves the you know what the bad12152.884.439
thing is though the Bear's gone like a12154.644.679
bad thing I I get well where does a bear12157.3195.88
carcass go uh where do I be carcuses go12159.3195.721
well they don't just disappear sounds12163.1995.24
like a Disney movie it no it's not it's12165.045.159
is an I'm upset that I don't have a bear12168.4394.401
carcass anymore right you know what I12170.1994.841
see there's some circling birds not far12172.844.32
from the house I'm going to go check it12175.044.72
out what's out here think it's a bear12177.165.0
carcass if it's a bear carcass I'd be12179.764.16
surprised oh it looks like it might be a12182.165.8
deer carcass oh yeah nees I'm a lucky12183.927.399
lucky boy de carcass oh yeah that's good12187.965.16
because I can't keep eating wolf meat12191.3193.441
cuz I get penalized for it for some12193.124.64
reason penalized penalized penalize12194.764.84
that's what I say but penal I could see12197.764.29
you saying12199.610.679
penal o delicious delicious cooked12210.2797.811
venison what a fantastic12214.565.839
breakfast with side of cat tails maybe12220.3996.8
no no side of cattails you like12224.4395.561
peas uh yeah certain types of peas I12227.1995.441
don't like the little tiny green ones12230.04.16
you know which ones I'm talking about I12232.643.24
didn't know there was another kind yeah12234.163.0
there's all kinds of peas there's like12235.883.88
field peas why you about like little12237.165.079
like black ey peas yeah no no I'm not12239.764.0
talking about black eyy peas I'm talking12242.2393.641
about the little tiny circular green12243.763.479
peas I just don't really see those as12245.883.08
peas even though peas is in the name but12247.2393.321
they're peas if you say peas I'm12248.962.96
thinking green peas what's the12250.564.0
difference between a bean and a pee I12251.924.519
don't know like a blackeyed pee looks12254.563.4
like a bean to me it does but you don't12256.4393.281
call it a blackeyed bean you call it a12257.963.519
blackeyed pee you know what from this12259.725.2
day forward it's a blackeyed12261.4793.441
beam may as well eat you completely full12266.125.04
yeah yep my second wolf meat's ready I'm12271.164.48
going to eat that and then I'm going to12273.963.92
bed yeah you know what I'm out here and12275.644.839
the weather is clearing up on me I think12277.885.479
I'm going to explore let's see have I12280.4794.481
North let's see a farmhouse I went out12284.964.319
here yeah I'm going to go north a little12287.83.8
bit you go north a little bit yeah see12289.2797.561
what's out there in the great white12291.65.24
Yonder I bet I can12307.3594.721
shimmy oh maybe not12309.3996.441
shimmy over here oh yeah okay quick12312.087.08
Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy easy12315.846.92
easy easy easy shimmy easy shimmy okay12319.165.8
that's all right yep yep yep yep yep yep12322.766.36
yep yep and okay quality12324.968.239
shimmy God little burnt out cabin maybe12329.126.239
looks like there was a fire12333.1994.881
here is that a car is what am I looking12335.3595.04
here see bridge over there temperature12340.4796.361
still okay getting a little far out12343.886.24
though bet I can follow that River12346.846.28
boat oh I can make some more of that12354.164.0
Birch tea that's good12356.07.239
stuff okay oh man so just a burnt12358.167.44
house not a thing in12365.64.08
now do I keep pressing12372.526.12
North okay sleep set12375.964.96
halfway I can make a fire okay yeah12378.644.24
temperature is only going down now two12380.924.479
notches okay not three notches let's12382.884.04
come up here a little bit let's see12385.3994.201
what's in this Mount anything12386.925.68
anything oh hello little cabin hello12397.084.92
tucked away cabin oh can I get inside12402.04.84
you and get12404.885.2
warm AB yo having one of those like12406.844.88
electric storms you're talking about oh12410.083.92
you finally got one yeah there like a12411.725.36
the northern lights are going crazy yeah12414.05.52
hey I found a little like the tiniest12417.084.52
house ever out in the middle of nowhere12419.524.04
oh yeah that's getting big nowadays is12421.66.2
it tiny homes man I can go inside yeah I12423.568.44
get warm in here oh dude this12427.87.399
this is a it's a draft Dodgers cabin oh12432.05.0
yeah yeah come out here to dodge the12435.1994.721
draft ah where are you Russia may as12437.05.84
well be some stuff I can break down how12439.924.04
about a12442.843.439
rifle dra draft Dodgers should have a12443.964.0
rifle stored somewhere12446.2795.521
yeah draft Dodgers of the what was it12447.967.56
21st century the 21st and a half century12451.85.88
Duck Dodgers not draft Dodgers oh that'd12455.524.24
be a fun show though right draft Dodgers12457.684.639
oh yes peaches uhoh now I got a sprain12459.765.2
risk okay hey you know what I'm sitting12462.3194.681
up here for the day cuz I got plenty of12464.964.84
meat build a little fire outside and12467.05.319
cook some of this meat there was a wolf12469.86.36
out here and I can't remember it was12472.3196.481
close it was a dead it was a carcass I12476.164.279
just needed some more meat are you at12478.84.439
exploring uh no I just I I really got to12480.4395.721
pick up some food I've eaten all my food12483.2394.601
well that's not good and I know there's12486.164.84
a wolf out here that dead one you shot12487.844.24
I guess I've shot so many wolves I think12492.084.96
my number's higher a't it probably I12493.964.72
know you killed a bunch of wolves12497.043.68
recently I think I'm going to spend the12498.685.559
night here neees get my uh you know get12500.724.719
a good rest and I'm going to try to12504.2393.96
climb that rope tomorrow see where it12505.4396.081
goes yeah you know I want to uh I might12508.1995.28
try to fight that bear blocking that12511.524.12
bridge today oh really you got enough12513.4795.201
ammo for that I've got four bullets yeah12515.644.96
that's a dangerous uh it's a dangerous12518.684.24
Adventure okay I got to go warm up I12520.64.36
found the wolf though right beside the12522.924.24
house I should have looked here first12524.964.359
get some meat not yet I'm freezing build12527.165.64
a fire beside the wolf oh yeah uh that's12529.3195.521
the trick get the fire beside the wolf12532.84.0
harvest the wolf you'll warm up and get12534.844.04
meat build the12536.85.8
fire right there we go thanks for the12538.886.24
tip yeah oh look at this this is12542.66.639
pristine I love it out here12545.128.96
what ain't say anything NOP I got a12549.2394.841
buddy man come on come on12554.3197.201
man I know you want to go away is that12559.3193.681
another one out there oh yeah there's12561.524.04
two wolves12563.02.56
nearby dude go on I got a fire it's12566.525.839
going to last for 2 hours I'm going to12570.883.04
eat this meat and I'm going to go inside12572.3593.201
and go to sleep you're not going to get12573.923.479
a meal12575.566.2
tonight oh yeah I got a nice warm fire12577.3995.88
36 minutes of12581.765.36
campfire here we go let's get some12583.2796.16
meat oh wait are you no no you better12587.124.48
not get closer this guy's getting a12589.4394.361
little Brave neebs oh yeah does he know12591.65.28
he's messing with I don't think he does12593.85.16
God I don't want to waste any more12596.884.439
ammo don't want to waste any more ammo12598.964.2
with these12601.3194.841
uhhuh it takes an hour and 20 minutes to12606.163.88
what takes so long I don't know never12611.645.759
harvested guts you better not12614.526.56
buddy yeah there's an hour left on this12617.3999.321
fire M this deer meat smells so12621.085.64
good better keep that fire full of fuel12630.724.73
yeah get on out of12633.724.2
did you run them off yeah I ran them off12642.05.399
dumb bastards nice work they'll be back12644.565.08
though I know them God they'll be back12647.3994.0
oh man I found a rifle Shield right here12649.645.08
by the fire just laying in the snow can12651.3995.84
you believe that is that one you shot oh12654.725.0
casing that's not a bullet is it nope12657.2394.841
that's a12659.722.36
okay first thing in the morning oh God I12673.924.439
don't have any water on12676.4395.561
me let's see okay kind of a snowy day12678.3597.641
out here no Wolves yeah yeah yeah let's12682.07.72
get get a little fire going12686.08.439
here oh man I didn't get enough12689.724.719
wood this up here no wolves this12694.65.639
morning I got a coffee on me I could12698.044.319
drink but I don't want want to is that12700.2394.24
eating my health pretty12702.3595.441
quick get these12704.4793.321
sticks oh12716.885.59
you still out of12718.886.81
here nope nope nope nope can't get me12726.046.0
what's going on oh no the damn wolves12730.1993.12
are still out12732.044.52
there I I wanted to get out and start a12733.3195.401
fire but yeah with the Wolves there I12736.564.32
can't start a fire oh and I didn't bring12738.723.8
I should have brought more water I do12740.883.64
have two coffees though so I can drink a12742.524.52
coffee yeah can you like make some boil12744.523.44
snow not in here I don't have a stove12747.967.519
inside this little uh this little house12750.567.56
so I think Peaches I do have some12755.4793.92
Peaches I think they give me a little12758.123.079
bit of water I'm going to open these12759.3993.641
peaches and eat12761.1994.401
them all right come on give me a little12763.044.239
bit of hydration with the peaches there12765.64.759
we go all12767.2796.681
right okay I think I'm going to get out12770.3596.96
and make a run for that rope here I12773.966.0
go okay no wolves come on come on come12777.3195.04
on rope there's a rope there's a rope12779.965.319
there's a rope there's a12782.3592.92
rope can't get me up here can you losers12787.567.44
okay come on let's12792.3196.04
go come on come on oh wait my stamina12795.05.8
holy I shouldn't have ran I12798.3594.04
shouldn't have ran I should have12800.84.559
walked okay stamina you got to get back12802.3996.321
up see the wall they on12805.3596.161
you buggered12808.724.32
mm Stam12813.046.84
stamina okay uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh here I12816.925.8
go here I go come on stamina oh God12819.884.64
stamina's going down quick stamina's12822.723.88
going down real quick it Ain12824.525.12
good okay I shouldn't have ran I should12826.65.12
have walked to the Rope come on get up12829.645.92
there get up there get up there come on12831.724.88
on yep you can't get me12836.67.04
make it I made it yeah oh boy12839.929.2
what's up there peace let's see12843.647.599
um another damn12849.125.4
rope okay okay let me grab I need12851.2394.641
to get a little bit man temperature is12854.523.959
going down quick out here today in case12855.884.439
I need to build a fire which I may need12858.4794.441
to build anyway I'll grab some12860.3195.681
sticks oh God I am getting too far away12862.925.96
from home this might be dumb okay you12866.06.08
know what I'm going to have to build a12868.883.2
fire all right can I12874.685.88
cook yeah tell you what let me pick up12877.167.64
this this can I'm going to cook a12880.564.24
coffee climb this rope God I hope12887.084.8
there's something up there12889.1992.681
neebs I think that's that wolf at the12898.05.319
bottom of the cliff mad about it let's12900.046.76
hope so man I got just always overweight12903.3195.321
I don't know what to keep Simple I'm12906.83.88
just throwing everything out I can't be12908.643.599
carrying the stuff around well I mean12910.683.2
everything has like a number associated12912.2393.441
it'll tell you it's weight water is12913.883.319
definitely the12915.684.88
heaviest wait you said I could like uh12917.1996.801
turn my water into like a bottle oh12920.564.719
got have done that okay I12925.2793.801
it bam okay yeah I burnt my coffee12929.085.84
God damn it that was stupid then you12932.844.68
burnt your coffee I did I'm just making12934.924.88
water bottles I'm just going to put all12937.524.12
this water on my my counter yeah do it12939.82.88
if you're carrying around a bunch of12941.643.759
water just get rid of it12942.685.719
okay temperature is full all right how12945.3994.681
many what I got left on this fire 212948.3993.201
hours okay I'm going to try to climb up12950.083.239
this rope see if there's anything up12951.64.48
there if there's not I'm coming back12953.3195.641
down come on please be something got you12956.084.52
you know what I'm going to put my spare12958.964.239
pair of boots in the freezer um I'm12960.64.04
carrying two pair of shoes around the12963.1993.2
shoes are heavy yeah no shoes are12964.643.839
heavy okay I wanted to back up here12966.3993.84
though anyway don't let me forget I got12968.4793.281
shoes in the freezer okay shoes are in12970.2394.0
the freezer got it don't forget oh God12971.765.32
come on come on oh man my tired meter is12974.2395.24
going down a little too quick still too12977.084.319
heavy maybe there's something up here12979.4795.161
maybe there's a bed is there a12981.3998.88
bed come on come on God I really12984.647.44
up with that12990.2794.92
coffee and is there something up here12992.085.6
what's up12995.1992.481
safe what's going on no Wolves at13006.045.04
the top at the top where I came there's13009.1995.321
just wolves how many13011.089.04
two one okay that's good13014.525.6
okay God I'm so tired and I got13022.2794.641
nothing I wish I had a coffee do I have13025.4792.96
an energy13026.924.64
drink I got an emergency stem and13028.4396.241
I'm not using that okay let me just let13031.566.2
me go up here I can't run I'm overweight13034.684.84
I just there's got to be something up13037.765.2
here why would you drag me all the why13039.527.2
uh-uh no13042.966.76
no mhm13052.1994.321
nope God damn13056.525.839
it I just hear Two Shots yeah how many13059.05.199
bullets you13062.3594.161
got oh God you going to run right past13064.1994.641
me what are you doing I got six left and13066.523.64
that's it for my13068.844.559
bullets this was stupid this was dumb13070.165.079
could have just stayed at The Farmhouse13073.3995.721
today okay something up here a building13075.2398.04
anything this looks weird13079.124.159
oh oh13083.925.96
nebs you got this abro you fine I don't13086.4396.521
they're building up here but they're all13089.885.359
burnt every single building up here13092.964.239
there's been a forest fire think there13095.2394.521
be anything left13097.1996.801
maybe oh what are you oh hey buddy what13099.767.639
do you got on you a bed oh did I even13104.05.56
bring a bed roll did I didn't bring a13107.3994.8
bed roll okay hold13109.565.12
on I'm putting matches in the freezer13112.1996.881
don't me forget 15 sticks five cloth I13114.687.4
don't have that amount of cloth13119.085.08
okay what's in you anything an energy13122.089.56
energy drink come on food food's good13124.167.48
what is that I see something in the13132.124.72
distance I'm going to just pray to13135.4794.281
whatever God that exists that it's a13136.846.559
building I think I see13139.763.639
game oh are you limping you were limping13146.844.88
you were13149.967.04
you you you get him I think so13151.726.679
what is that is that a building please13157.03.12
be a building I see something orange in13158.3995.241
the distance how do I get there how do I13160.126.84
get there I go around this way I came13163.645.639
out way too far I may have I may have13166.963.76
myself don't talk like that I don't want13170.724.12
to talk like that but I I didn't bring a13172.645.24
bed I am exhausted there's a good chance13174.846.72
that I just pass out and freeze it13177.887.399
death come on abro pull it together get13181.566.16
somewhere warm eat some crackers warm is13185.2794.241
not the issue temperature is okay right13187.725.4
now okay sleep is the issue I can't13189.528.36
sleep out here what the hell happened13193.126.68
oh what the hell there's a13199.85.8
plane oh yeah there's a damn airplane13203.2393.281
here flying around no not flying around13206.524.4
damn it13209.3994.08
ground you search it yeah looks like13210.925.08
it's crashed oh God can I get inside is13213.4797.121
there a bed oh no come on wolves will13216.08.04
you off for like 5 minutes I think13220.66.32
I can get this plane oh please please be13224.046.08
a place to sleep place to sleep come on13226.929.6
get in yes oh sh this a there a13230.126.4
bed you inside I'm inside the plane is13237.164.8
it warm13239.86.16
no suitcase come on energy drink come on13241.967.84
cocaine did any of you guys have13245.967.439
cocaine oh my God yes this is a big old13249.85.84
wreckage I want to lay down I got13258.4796.521
nowhere to sleep nebs oh oh God I13261.725.679
just broke my ankle oh13265.06.359
no um how do you fix that13267.3996.88
ah can I get in the cabin can't get in13271.3596.08
the cabin I up man I up13274.2794.761
time okay get some may may you know what13279.046.92
if I can find enough sticks enough cloth13284.043.76
I can make an emergency bed I got to13285.965.519
stick here here got it come on take13287.86.399
you emergency bed is that different than13291.4795.641
a bed airline food gross oh I love13294.1994.881
airline food of course you do chicken13297.123.44
curry on an airplane13299.083.84
food corpse come on you got some clothes13300.565.32
on you nothing come on I need13302.925.64
cloth I need if I can get a good amount13305.883.559
cloth I might be able to make an13309.4395.241
emergency bed come on clothes clothes13311.65.759
that I can rip up the cloth yeah hat13314.687.44
come on nope okay all right13317.3598.08
temperature's okay right now scar okay13322.125.159
start breaking that stuff13325.4396.521
down come on13327.2794.681
mm please leave me13333.843.28
alone corpse you got stuff good good13339.2394.881
stuff on13342.1595.32
you is this a shortcut I might I don't13344.124.8
want to fall off of there that might be13347.4793.401
a shortcut I'm going to walk on the13348.926.559
river okay have fun I got one accelerate13350.886.84
some fuel are you building a fire and13360.644.96
putting a bed beside it uh that'd be an13362.4795.72
idea I need enough sticks and cloth13365.65.04
though cuz uh where is that emergency13368.1994.641
thing it's called a snow shelter but I13370.645.679
need 15 sticks and five cloth okay so13372.844.8
that's what you're doing that's what I'm13376.3194.88
going to try to do okay close close13377.644.799
where you13381.1995.641
at I picked you up it's harvest come on13382.4396.441
give that13386.845.04
uh what else did I get these shoes13391.885.359
Harvest that just gives me cured13395.1594.601
leather don't need that right now yeah I13397.2394.281
think this was a shortcut I'm underneath13399.764.679
the bridge from uh was it Milton the13401.524.28
ghost to the church I'm going to head13404.4394.521
back to the church all right sounds good13405.87.24
buddy I only have two cloth13408.966.04
need more13413.046.319
clothes okay suitcases suitcases come on13415.08.64
have clothes inside you here we13419.3594.281
go yeah to CL there we13432.06.92
go oh13435.683.24
no oh13439.2793.361
God what now wind picked up yeah I think13443.3996.08
the fire is actually in a safe spot13447.82.72
I'm kind of like being protected by a13450.526.32
hill oh good okay got I had more fuel13453.125.4
what have I got sticks I need the sticks13456.844.84
to make the shelter I need more13458.525.719
I think I have enough cloth I don't13464.2394.801
have enough sticks better find some13466.888.04
sticks come on sticks he over here13469.0412.08
sticks sticks sticks I need 15 that's13474.929.12
I can't jump over13481.125.279
this can you break down other stuff to13484.045.199
make sticks no I don't have anything on13486.3994.641
me do work that way13489.2393.881
uhuh here we go wait yeah I can bre13491.044.239
actually there is a little smaller stick13493.124.039
that it might be able to break down13495.2796.2
stick come on come on okay 5 minutes13497.1596.04
come on break that down man I found a13501.4794.321
car battery what's that good13503.1995.321
for oh this battery's heavy what are you13505.84.16
hauling around a battery for I don't13508.523.08
know I thought I might need it I need13509.963.08
two more sticks two more sticks and I13511.63.0
can make this damn13513.044.439
bed oh and I should probably get more13514.65.48
wood just to keep the fire13517.4795.76
roaring okay okay oh my God if I break13520.084.72
that down there's a chance I oh God13523.2394.12
where am I oh God don't get lost don't13524.84.08
get lost I came from okay Follow My13527.3592.92
back this will give me the sticks I need13530.2794.441
here okay okay temperature temperature's13535.685.759
bad got to get back to the fire got to13539.1994.761
get back to the13541.4392.521
fire got enough sticks I got enough13544.086.44
sticks to make the thing13546.886.359
where's the fire where's the fire13550.524.2
back to the church I'm going to uh's the13553.2392.881
fire set up at the church for a minute13554.722.88
yeah set up in the church13556.123.76
look mistakes were made today I got too13559.886.16
risky back fire I'm back to the fire oh13568.3594.84
man you know what I might be able to13572.1593.16
cook I'm going to cook this rose hip tea13573.1994.481
it'll give me a warm bonus oh13575.3196.04
God fire is not warming me up uh okay13577.686.36
hold on though13581.3595.04
Camp can I make this where can I where13584.045.88
can I put this emergency too close to13586.3996.681
another object too close to another13589.928.2
object oh right here right here okay13593.086.92
Build It come on build it oh my God my13598.123.88
Health's going down so quick my Health's13600.03.56
going down13602.05.68
okay and I got a snow shelter yeah you13603.567.2
in uh no I'm not in I need to come on13607.684.92
I burnt my tea did it took that13610.765.439
long to build you all right I need13612.65.16
I just want to I I want to warm up some13616.1993.321
tea oh wait you know what I'm going to13617.763.16
cook this birch bark tea cuz I think13619.523.0
that'll actually give me more help I'm13620.923.04
going drop this battery cuz who carries13622.524.24
a battery around warming up by this13623.967.56
fire torch Jesus13626.764.76
yes torch went out of course it13632.564.52
did fuel come on I got two more sticks13640.1596.28
to add oh wait why can't I add the fuel13642.926.92
it's too windy to sustain this fire no13646.4397.241
no no get your shelter be okay I I'm13649.846.359
going to have to okay I'm going to drink13653.683.639
tea yeah sure use it on the pain I don't13657.3194.201
care I just want a warm13660.043.8
bonus there's a good chance I freeze to13661.526.08
death in here no I don't want to but13663.846.2
wish me luck yeah I need you to talk me13667.64.96
through stuff13670.046.96
use okay okay wait can I not sleep in13672.567.879
here I can't sleep in here I thought I13677.05.6
could sleep in these I thought I could13680.4394.241
sleep in these are you warm at Le13682.65.0
oh you got to sleep don't13684.686.759
you I'm warming here13687.63.839
but I can't sleep why can't I sleep in13691.4797.281
here just let me sleep that is13693.65.16
if I die I'm not sleeping I'm13699.525.08
not sleeping it's it's a reason13702.84.12
maybe I'll just pass out in here and13704.64.2
it'll just let me sleep wake up with13706.923.8
worms snow13708.84.28
worms Oh God speaking13710.725.639
of drink a little13713.086.72
bit we go I do have have some of that13716.3594.601
deer meat on13719.85.519
me that gy venison yeah I'm going to eat13720.966.92
some of that well if I die it'll be with13725.3193.721
a full belly13727.883.76
neees that's the way to go out13729.047.319
buddy but don't die I don't want to I13731.646.759
really don't want13736.3595.04
to I should have brought a bed roll but13738.3995.08
even that oh God I would have died out13741.3994.641
here if I tried to sleep I may have been13743.4795.481
able to set up in the plane I don't know13746.045.279
check this car13758.925.96
out probably already checked13761.967.0
it huh flare all13764.884.08
right oh13770.965.56
paint oh nope just put my fire out that13773.3195.16
was dumb oh I can light this thing with13776.524.08
interesting how do I get that13780.64.12
okay hop in the back13784.727.12
seat ah I don't need these13787.724.12
things enj a couple of13794.843.84
cattails mhm Full13799.86.08
Belly full belly yeah a boy things13802.965.84
looking up uh nope I still look like ass13805.883.92
and I can't sleep in here for reasons13809.84.76
unbeknownst to me Hey listen I could13812.1994.921
probably put this torch out right and13814.565.0
then if I hear a wolf I light it with my13817.123.68
matches yeah yeah that should work13820.84.399
that's what I'll do I'll carry a torch13823.883.16
with yeah I think torches and flares13825.1994.921
work on wolves they don't like13827.043.08
them gather some sticks to get me13830.923.84
through the13833.125.119
night cook some stuff stay13834.766.479
oh I think the wind finally calmed down13842.1995.16
a little bit I think the storm may be13844.723.66
over but it still looks freezing out13851.04.56
there or was the wind just changing13853.523.24
directions and it's going to Blizzard13855.562.759
the okay yeah never mind never mind13856.762.88
she's going to Blizzard the other damn13858.3193.561
Direction yeah great are you still13859.644.08
haven't rested yet13861.885.84
no can't sleep in this comfy place to13863.726.519
sleep in13867.725.0
exit snow shelter sleeping goddamn snow13870.2394.601
shelter what they thinking I don't know13872.723.36
there's no reason I shouldn't be able to13874.842.479
sleep right here well they think13876.084.72
eskimo's did can't sleep in your igloo13877.3194.84
can't do13880.85.96
it all right I'm going to peek my head13882.1598.32
out okay temperature actually isn't13886.765.88
crazy all right let's explore a little13890.4794.281
bit maybe we can find some good13892.645.32
stuff okay maybe an energy13894.766.84
drink okay okay well I can't carry the13897.967.76
weight come on maybe up here the in this13901.65.36
uh in the back of the plane there'll be13905.723.88
a nice uh bed where the where the pilot13906.966.56
sleeps yeah yeah that's the ticket where13909.66.799
the pilot sleeps come on buddy you got13913.525.16
an energy drink on13916.3998.161
you oh it's an energy bar I'll take13918.688.679
that there another corpse come on energy13924.566.52
drink energy drink13927.3593.721
what's back13932.3194.96
here oh nothing but13933.66.679
all right13950.3195.441
nebes yeah man I got to make a move13952.3995.481
what's your move I think I'm going to13955.764.28
retrace my steps get get back to those13957.884.92
ropes crawl down the ropes even though13960.044.56
I'm exhausted I think I might be able to13962.84.96
do it and then get back to that little13964.65.04
cabin with the13967.764.399
bed all while being exhausted huh all13969.644.08
while being13972.1594.04
exhausted okay it's night time right now13973.724.16
it's cleared13976.1994.16
out and I'm just going to pop a flare13977.884.559
and start13980.3595.281
moving good13982.4393.201
retrace my13993.084.359
steps you know13995.565.4
what maybe I'll get lucky see I'm13997.4395.361
gambling at this point maybe there's14000.963.08
just something right around the corner14002.88.0
you know yeah might get lucky or I die14004.046.76
yep there's a deer carcass that'd be14010.844.639
delicious now this whole area sucks cuz14016.084.159
it looks like there was a plane14018.524.52
crash and then the plane just burnt14020.2395.24
everything oh yeah all the little houses14023.044.439
that are around here just they're done14025.4793.561
stuff you could have used huh stuff I14027.4794.201
absolutely could have used all right but14029.044.04
I'm heading in the direction this will14031.684.24
take me to the burnt out houses I14033.085.319
think either that it'll take me down the14035.924.0
mountain maybe I can just walk down the14038.3993.401
damn Mountain you know what that might14039.923.96
be a smarter idea might fall on that14041.85.359
rope it's true yeah this looks like a14043.884.8
path down the mountain so I'm just going14047.1594.521
to do this pick up sticks on the way in14048.686.16
case you need to build an emergency14051.685.92
fire that might be the better uh the14054.843.88
option listen I got to sleep I know14058.725.36
you're tired too but14061.3995.361
uh don't die while I'm sleep okay oh God14064.087.319
there's a log here okay I'll try my best14066.767.12
good night holy holy don't14071.3996.481
slip don't slip don't break your ankle14073.885.64
work my way down the mountain no ropes14079.525.799
no wolves14082.722.599
either what am I see it out there these14085.727.4
the burnt out houses okay yeah back14089.2397.0
here I think oh my God I'm going to get14093.125.68
lost I'm going to get14096.2395.92
so wait a14098.83.359
oh no no no no no okay you know14106.086.88
what I found this oh God which way did I14109.885.279
go this was all burnt out cuz this is14112.965.68
the river okay which way did I go from14115.1594.721
here did I go14118.646.04
up turned around so this is the river oh14119.887.439
that might Le back home cuz I came yeah14124.685.08
I shimmy down over there where's the14127.3194.561
river I can find the river I can get14129.764.2
home I heard wolf I don't see14133.966.0
good is14142.85.559
this this leave me back oh there you are14145.1994.841
mhm mhm oh God if he attacks me I'm14150.049.119
oh my health is not14154.4794.68
good oh please be please be the right14159.3195.84
way please be the right14161.85.92
way God do I have another14165.1594.831
I don't want to use any more of my14171.4793.601
bullets I don't want to use any more of14172.884.399
bullets can't run not going to14177.766.599
run temperature is at14180.4393.92
half I need a way up need a way up14188.126.4
flare that way one pop the other one no14197.4796.401
pop the other one come14200.3193.561
on we that flare14205.965.8
wolf yeah don't like that did you14208.524.08
coming F14212.66.04
you bridge come on please be the river14214.86.479
that goes by the house please be the14218.645.599
river that goes by the14221.2792.96
house get up right here should I get up14224.84.479
right here14228.3594.521
here PE the PE come on see something14229.2796.88
familiar God can't see anything F oh14232.886.0
wait look at the14236.1595.601
trees oh God I'm out here again okay14238.889.2
think I'm in the right area oh yes yes14241.766.32
yes oh God don't get turned around don't14249.3195.08
get turned around14251.722.679
now holy14256.1595.04
God what a worthless14261.1994.271
trip oh my14263.687.16
God I'm so14270.845.08
happy holy I love this14272.926.51
game we'll make our way to that bridge14285.4393.601
see if that Bear's still there morning14287.4393.401
abro you made it gu who made it back to14290.845.84
The Farmhouse you made it yep I am14293.724.32
boiling water I'm sitting for I don't14296.683.08
even want to go out today I'm like14298.044.199
stressed right now yeah yeah I got I got14299.764.399
enough food here man I got some uh some14302.2394.721
some of that venison I got I got this uh14304.1595.881
some airline food this chicken okay so14306.964.12
you know what I'm going to sit around14310.042.72
the house today I'm just going to repair14311.083.399
some clothing I'm going to break down14312.763.88
some stuff I'm going to take it easy all14314.4793.041
well don't get too comfy cuz you'll be14317.523.879
hungry again before you know it oh I14320.02.399
know it14321.3995.441
baby oh man there's a wolf in my path oh14322.3997.92
really yeah yep what this game does to14326.845.96
you you know what though I kept a14330.3195.16
torch oh wait my torches are14332.86.8
gone I thought I grabbed a torch14335.4795.72
okay I cannot spare any bullets on this14341.1994.441
wolf do you have any flares uh he sees14343.84.16
me do you have any flares uh yeah but14345.644.639
I'm AF raid I'm going to shoot if I need14347.965.76
to okay or can I get to the flare I'm14350.2794.601
afraid if I go to the menus he's going14353.723.719
to bite me you14354.884.72
know yeah hey man you do what you got to14357.4394.8
do to stay alive yeah oh he's pursuing14359.65.0
big time yeah see that's the thing a14362.2393.601
flare might run him off but that son of14364.62.48
a is probably going to come right14365.844.68
back soon as yeah crap what I would do14367.084.84
if I were you I know you were going out14370.523.36
for that bear uh-huh that would lure14371.923.88
this son of a closer to your base14373.884.88
I'm way far from my base oh okay then14375.85.679
there we go right in the face one shot14378.765.599
got him okay now I'm down a few bullets14381.4794.641
one bullet let's grab a piece of meat14384.3594.481
while we're here man oh I'm getting cold14386.126.4
too crap I got to build a fire clean my14388.846.319
firearm a little14392.525.32
bit yeah good god I've shot that thing14395.1594.521
enough it needs a good14397.844.76
cleaning B fire I'm cold14399.685.679
already don't do anything stupid uh what14402.66.04
do I need just sticks for a fire yeah14405.3595.361
yeah sticks and some tender you should14408.643.759
always go out with something to build a14410.724.679
fire yep you're right I am not seasoned14412.3995.241
this oh boy I didn't mean to hit that14419.684.559
now I'm really14422.1595.521
cold oh14424.2395.96
no this is supposed to be a bear fight14427.685.36
day not a freezing day listen going out14430.1995.12
after a bear is crazy anyway14433.045.319
well he's blocking the bridge I want to14435.3195.641
to go to the bridge go somewhere else I14438.3595.08
there nowhere else to go there got to be14440.964.0
that's where I need to14443.4396.72
go come on fire first first try14444.965.199
please I've already looked over Milton I14450.65.08
went to the farm I did the church this14452.924.96
seems like the the next logical way to14455.686.36
go you say so oh man the fire just14457.887.16
disappeared that means it failed try14462.046.48
again now it is insufficient ah I didn't14465.045.52
have enough Tinder again when you go out14468.523.24
you know what you need to go back to the14470.563.44
damn Church a crap go back to the damn14471.765.639
Church what a crap day it was a crap day14474.05.319
sometimes crap days happen I just had a14477.3994.161
crap day too yeah but I just started my14479.3193.761
day and it's crap already oh did you14481.564.32
walk like a half a mile from your14483.085.56
shelter at least did you have to sleep14485.884.279
next to a bunch of corpses in an14488.643.839
airplane I just there's corpses14490.1593.801
definitely I'm not sleeping next to them14492.4793.601
it's not that crap of a day my day was14493.965.16
bad too that was all I'm saying I'm it's14496.084.48
not a bad day supposed to be a bear14499.123.359
fight day it was crap day fight a bear14500.563.52
lady you shouldn't be fighting a bear14502.4794.891
out of your damn mind blocking the14504.088.239
bridge M bare14512.3196.84
meat a mean bare meat for breakfast hey14516.3594.721
I got it stored out here keeps okay14519.1593.601
still got that uh risk of intestinal14521.084.04
parasites but if I ate that I got a14522.765.08
piece of uh venison in my pocket and I14525.125.84
still got this nasty ass airline food so14527.844.68
I do have food on me but I think before14530.965.479
I leave I might take my uh my M the only14532.525.799
guy that likes airline food yeah that I14536.4394.121
know I've had good stuff on airplanes14538.3194.84
yeah but I feel like that's rare it's14540.564.16
like you you're you're bunching that one14543.1593.28
good meal into and like that that's all14544.725.08
airline food to your mind now okay well14546.4395.521
it's birds birds are circling oh there's14549.83.84
a wolf here oh you know what yeah I'll14551.964.519
just grab a quick piece of meat that's14553.644.679
probably the one you shot yep I do keep14556.4793.441
in mind when you got meat on you you uh14558.3194.281
you have a scent okay maybe I'll come14559.924.359
back for it then you know it's meat yeah14562.63.839
I'll stick to the mission okay I need to14564.2794.04
take some water I'll take a big bottle14566.4393.561
of water I'm going to take this MRE just14568.3193.481
in case cuz I'm going to get out and14570.04.12
explore okay I'm going to head off to14571.84.24
Thompson's Crossing I God I hope I got14574.124.079
everything I'm always double-checking14576.044.319
and thinking I got cans I should have14578.1994.681
cans yeah how many cans do I have I'm14580.3593.96
going to I'll take one more can you14582.882.519
never know when you might you might need14584.3194.201
a can you never can tell see what you14585.3994.721
did there and I appreciate it that was14588.522.78
from my friend14590.126.089
Ries I'm going to check this car and I14600.923.519
don't know if I've been doing this but14603.3992.121
I'm going to start leaving the like14604.4393.601
trunk and Hood up I don't know if you14605.524.679
can really I mean maybe so I'm at to14608.045.279
Market huh yeah maybe oh wait energy bar14610.1995.561
heck yeah there you go that's14613.3195.681
mine I was so low on food14615.765.0
man I'm tempted to shoot this deer out14619.03.76
here all right it's a long Farmhouse14620.765.439
I'll be back to you hopefully soon head14622.766.559
over to Thompson's Crossing and see if I14626.1995.16
have any bullets14629.3195.281
left yeah I'm going to shoot you in the14631.3595.721
head Bambi so the trunk doesn't stay14634.65.44
open it just kind of opens and shuts14637.084.84
again yeah so you know what I'm going to14640.044.88
mark it and then I'm going to see when I14641.925.08
come back if I come14644.924.559
back that hood still14647.05.8
up science I'm a man of science oh there14649.4796.241
okay there we go great it's good science14652.87.08
here thank you pushing forward gotta all14655.725.32
right I've made it out to the road14659.882.279
temperature is pretty good out here14661.043.72
today I'm a happy boy yeah not bad for14662.1594.401
me either got food got water yeah I'm14664.763.2
already at the14666.564.2
barn all right Which Way haven't I gone14667.964.479
all right going north cuz that's14670.763.76
just a big Rocky pile of mountains and a14672.4393.04
crash I don't think I've looked South a14675.4794.96
lot I went to that radio tower but I14678.524.08
haven't explored you know what while the14680.4394.361
weather's good oh it just started14682.64.679
dipping down a little more but I might14684.84.92
take a peek out here you never know you14687.2795.281
never know never can tell that's what14689.724.32
the old folks14692.564.799
say I've reached the bridge last time I14694.046.159
was here the bear was blocking the14697.3594.601
okay uh ton of cars that's good cuz I'm14701.966.6
hoping there's food in these cars all14706.3995.08
right any bears yes oh you do see the14708.564.639
bear I do see the14711.4793.641
bear okay feel like I should get the14713.1994.24
bear over with so I can relax and enjoy14715.125.319
the cars yeah because it's a bear oh14717.4394.521
crap wind just picked up on me14720.4393.92
temperature is going down all right my14721.964.64
exploration ideal has been tossed out14724.3593.321
the window I'm just running for14726.62.839
Thompson's Crossing I think it's time I14727.683.88
fight the bear good luck14729.4395.641
mes I'm just going to can I hit him from14731.566.4
this far away you think man you got what14735.085.76
Six Bullets yeah I you need to be you14737.964.68
need to make sure every shot counts you14740.843.96
know what I mean but I can't shoot him14742.643.96
from too far away14744.84.679
I maybe I don't know how your accuracy14746.66.879
is oh man I'm going for it he heard me14749.4796.92
that's one oh boying up he's coming in14753.4795.401
Quick's coming in quick the gun was14756.3994.92
reloading why was it reloading shouldn't14758.884.2
have been reloading not giv me any14761.3193.88
options it's not let let me fight back14763.083.88
with a knife or anything never does with14765.1994.641
a bear just play dead play dead okay I'm14766.964.439
dead I'm dying tell him you're done oh14771.3997.161
God oh God I'm14775.3996.641
dead am I still14778.563.48
playing I think he's buying14783.924.0
it he bought14788.4395.321
it I can't believe I survived two bear14790.4796.321
attacks my gun's on the14793.767.599
ground take it man wait oh crap I think14796.86.12
there might be wolves between me and14801.3594.161
Thompson's Crossing sir I didn't14802.924.6
even get the second shot14805.524.28
off like I thought I'd at least get two14807.525.679
shots off okay hold on I got to check my14809.85.96
health jeez yeah pat yourself up if you14813.1993.041
to crossing right there going around the14817.3195.201
Wolves going around the14819.3593.161
Wolves this a road where this goes nope14822.686.599
nope NOP NOP nope14826.2795.521
no what if I don't have a flare14829.2794.92
out a flare out only if I need to all14831.84.96
right where's my where where's my gun no14834.1994.2
I'm running I'm14836.764.96
running you got to catch me14838.3995.681
Okay I just put a bandage on infection14841.725.16
risk okay I need that stuff yeah you14844.084.119
going to try to heal yourself and then14846.883.319
go at the bear again I don't think I can14848.1994.321
man yeah that's probably a dumb idea14850.1994.12
what's your health like hold on I'm14852.524.0
getting this infection RIS taken care14854.3196.721
of okay blood lock okay looking better14856.526.719
health is low super low man yeah you14861.045.199
don't need to go after this bear how how14863.2395.281
am I supposed to fight this bear the gun14866.2394.521
takes man it takes like 10 minutes in14868.524.44
between each shot all right let me14870.765.28
search this car maybe some food oh14872.965.479
getting in car that that's neees what14876.043.68
you can take a shot at the bear and hop14878.4394.04
in a car will that work maybe but I mean14879.724.2
I wouldn't recommend doing it now but if14882.4793.76
you try it again do that okay made it to14883.924.16
Thompson Crossing and there is a wolf14886.2394.321
out there you're not getting me14888.084.6
holy crap that bear is right14890.564.4
there you're still around the bear he14892.683.84
wasn't this close a second ago you need14894.964.159
to get the out of there and yeah14896.524.28
look I know that I didn't know the bear14899.1193.801
was that14900.85.72
close okay maybe hop on a car if he14902.926.0
comes at14906.522.4
you yep I see him he is like so close14910.1595.28
I'm getting in this car oh damn it I did14913.3594.401
get that ammo oh crap all right it's14915.4395.241
nice being back here14917.762.92
anyway I can't tell oh he walked right14921.64.92
by he is right outside the car oh my God14924.1594.96
besbes you're insane what are you doing14926.524.639
I am sleeping in the car14929.1195.401
tonight my health is at like 10% and14931.1595.841
he's hey if he keeps going that way I14934.524.639
can continue on the way I want to go14937.03.8
across the bridge14939.1593.841
yeah so he's heading back the way you14940.83.76
yes this works out perfect he wins I win14944.565.879
everybody wins you get out you better14948.63.559
run you might want to run to another car14950.4393.521
you need to keep your eyes on that bear14952.1594.071
I'm yeah I can't look anywhere14953.965.399
else man he better not turn14959.3595.601
back I'm starting to think maybe I14963.083.93
should get out and go to the next14964.963.88
car all right I think I'm going to do it14968.844.96
I'm going to move to the next14972.044.92
car all right just keep an eye on him14973.84.35
here it goes14976.962.439
all right oh yeah oh yeah oh can't there14979.3997.201
we go oh yeah he's not even looking back14982.725.96
not even looking nice you better get the14986.65.2
hell out of there okay I got that one14988.685.28
energy bar I got some water God so14991.83.519
you're on the other side of the bridge14993.964.04
the Bear's back the way you came yeah oh14995.3194.92
god names all right good luck buddy14998.04.239
should I just keep going it's your15000.2393.761
decision um let me see if there's a town15002.2393.88
over here how do I get my health up15004.03.239
should I drink that tea you need to15006.1193.521
sleep yeah you need to like just rest oh15007.2394.96
yeah I can't sleep in the car can no15009.644.839
that's no it's crazy though right you15012.1993.601
should be able to yeah no I got kind of15014.4792.561
agree with that you should be able to15015.83.0
absolutely sleep in the car kind of like15017.042.92
I should have been able to sleep in that15018.84.76
little uh thing I made right look at15019.965.64
these rifle cartridges I don't have a15023.563.24
rifle cartridges I need revolver15026.85.479
ammunition damn15029.2397.2
it oh no what did I get turned15032.2798.04
around what there's no way there's the15036.4395.521
car wait a minute yeah okay so you're15040.3192.681
not on the side of the bridge you15041.962.56
thought you were that actually might be15043.04.199
a blessing how's that a blessing that's15044.524.08
a blessing because you don't know what's15047.1993.0
on the other side of that damn bridge15048.65.16
probably food probably a restaurant I15050.1996.401
don't I don't know maybe that sucks15053.766.92
though God for you all right you15056.67.799
know what I can eat some wolf and drink15060.685.759
my uh you need to get back to your15064.3993.88
nearest shelter and just yeah heal up15066.4393.88
for a little bit and hey look you put15068.2794.441
one bullet into this Bear right yeah15070.3194.16
heal up maybe you could try again15072.723.84
because I've shot a bear before and it15074.4794.041
died later from the wounds maybe it'll15076.563.44
die when I come back maybe you'll come15078.523.44
back to a bear Cass you don't know but15080.03.96
you need to focus on you right now you15081.964.04
need a spa day that's right go get you a15083.963.76
spa day I don't have enough food for a15086.05.159
spa day well try to15087.723.439
relax all right I have warmed up and I'm15095.524.799
going to try to get out I'm going to15098.923.04
follow that road I saw see if it takes15100.3192.681
me anywhere15101.963.96
new just kind of explore kind of to the15103.05.56
south of Thompson's15105.925.92
Crossing I haven't been up in these15108.565.599
Hills that way yeah I'm going to go this15111.843.68
way a little15114.1594.08
bit temperature's not bad out here yeah15115.525.12
let's just15118.2392.401
explore oh no come on man I just15123.645.639
got out15126.922.359
two of you man come on I just got15129.4394.561
expl game won never let me explore cuz15134.05.159
there's woundes yeah all I want to do is15136.963.68
cross a bridge but I can't remember15139.1593.681
which way the bridge15140.644.28
goes how many flares have I got I'm15142.843.68
tempted to just pop a flare and let them15144.922.399
me I've never been out here I just want15147.3194.12
to see what's out15149.525.2
here just hang15151.4396.201
back oh man I'm getting cold search is15154.726.16
right there man get in see I you start15157.644.679
freezing then it starts eating into your15160.885.08
health yep health is low I got to sleep15162.3196.0
come on baby here we go I'm15165.964.519
in all right this Wolf's foll me I'm15168.3196.721
going to try something uh boom if you15170.4796.8
have gut on you you can drop it as a15175.045.359
decoy oh nice yeah I just dropped some15177.2794.96
gut to see hopefully it'll stop that15180.3994.121
wolf he'll stop and eat those15182.2396.2
intestines yes you doing it yeah did it15184.527.2
can I do that for a bear um I don't know15188.4394.641
never tried it on a bear okay this is15191.722.84
that road I15193.083.64
found all right this fire is not going15194.564.2
to last long enough for this meat I need15196.724.759
to find something can I burn this book15198.764.439
can I read this15201.4793.96
book hey eventually a source of15203.1994.361
knowledge for now something to burn burn15205.4395.121
it a't that something still can't read a15207.565.04
book I know I am blown away by the fact15210.564.28
that you have not found one book is it15212.65.879
the the level that I'm playing no I no15214.844.92
because I've played on that level before15218.4794.161
and I found B and you could read okay15219.764.2
know what's it might just be the area15222.644.679
you're in where is this taking all right15223.965.199
climb up here can I see15227.3193.721
anything oh man this looks like it's15229.1593.32
just going to loop around let's do a15231.044.399
little navigation up15232.4792.96
here okay yeah the road just keeps going15236.1196.04
all right let going to Loop wait so if15240.64.599
it just loops around that's no good I15242.1594.561
don't want it to just loop around I want15245.1993.361
it to go15246.725.88
somewhere oh see some15248.566.44
benches oh circling15252.65.0
Birds yeah yeah something you killed you15255.05.88
think uh no probably15257.66.48
not it's probably a human corpse cuz I15260.886.88
don't see yep that's a human corpse D15264.087.48
have good well found a picnic spot a15267.765.359
revolver or something I found some beef15271.563.48
jerky beef jerk is good I'll do a little15273.1195.601
afternoon beef jerky snack hell yeah15275.045.239
hell to the15278.723.559
yeah all right buddy what have you15280.2794.321
dropped anything good well that's a nice15282.2794.2
piece of wood I'll take your15284.65.679
wood what you got on you pal nothing15286.4797.321
well just thanks for the wood let's see15290.2797.08
I'm going to mark this area picnic15293.83.559
Okay SPS here picnic spots here I'm15300.967.04
going to keep exploring up here and if15305.644.96
it starts dipping and getting too cold I15308.04.359
can run back to that barn or Thompson's15310.65.2
Crossing staying there for the night do15312.3595.401
have food on me I got water on me I'm15315.83.2
getting a little sleepy though but I got15317.763.08
my bed roll this time always have a bed15319.05.279
roll yeah learned that lesson Jesus and15320.845.319
or pants and shoes I don't have either15324.2793.401
of those right15326.1594.561
now you don't have any pants I don't15327.685.439
think so did the bear break your pants I15330.724.479
was wearing pants before the bear oh God15333.1194.561
so wow that's not good at all15335.1994.561
oh the're ruined oh my God the bear ah15337.686.32
Bo ruined have any15339.768.28
remember man wolf why you got to be15344.07.319
this way why you got to be like you15348.043.279
okay get down over here lose the15355.645.44
wolf oh wait I see something what is15358.644.479
that what is that cabin15361.084.84
oh what is15363.1195.801
pensive Pond found a15369.3994.521
pond is can I get in this building what15375.844.479
all right oh beses yeah I think I15385.3996.281
found a little fishing cabin oh yeah can15388.564.759
you fishing yeah there's a fishing hole15391.683.32
here oh my goodness you have fishing15393.3193.361
poow let's see don't have anything to15395.02.439
with maybe something15397.4396.641
here BL print no oh my God what I found15399.885.16
revolver shut up man you got a two15405.044.8
revolvers I got two revolvers and a15408.1593.16
bunch of rifle15409.844.68
ammo uh yeah no that's how this game's15411.3195.88
treating me a little stove15414.525.759
here and I just found a book I can read15417.1997.521
sorry come on fishing line ragged work15420.2797.441
gloves I can damn it all right listen15424.725.639
I'm going to eat this uh wolf meat and I15427.725.719
am going to take a nap I got to heal up15430.3596.321
that sounds great there we go all right15433.4396.081
let me look at my crafting what do I15436.686.16
good night neees a hook what do I need15439.524.919
two scrap metal and a workbench I got a15442.844.359
workbench back oh could i s start15444.4394.84
surviving on15447.1996.0
fish fishing tackle I need a line how do15449.2797.521
I make a line right here cured gut okay15453.1995.361
I got some cured gut back of the place15456.83.399
holy crap I think I can make a hook in a15458.564.879
line I can come back out here I can fish15460.1996.04
yes okay now I just got to make it15463.4395.401
back home all right wolf still out15466.2395.81
there okay yeah all right damn it damn15481.2396.0
it damn it damn it just leave me alone15483.3597.161
H actually I could kill this one Harvest15487.2395.481
meat five15493.2793.281
bullets okay come on buddy come on buddy15497.4397.281
I can cook some wolf meat here uhhuh15501.2795.601
uhhuh uh-huh where you going where you15504.725.28
going where you going oh Jesus oh15506.887.399
God damn it15510.04.279
yeah that'll learn you okay what he do15520.2795.84
to me what did he do do do anything ah15523.06.76
nothing nothing15526.1196.0
nothing there's more circling birds look15529.765.2
there's a body up here wolf body oh he's15532.1194.401
going to die later I lodged that bullet15534.963.88
right in his damn15536.525.959
head what we got here what we got here15538.846.8
yep another corpse there's that wolf15542.4796.0
blood if I could track15545.648.2
him yeah and track him he15548.4799.041
die he just went out here died how great15553.845.76
would that15557.524.4
be we15559.64.519
go blood15561.926.04
tracks where is it the same one God15564.1196.16
damn it that's a different one son of a15567.964.68
just keep inviting torture onto15570.2795.241
myself don't I okay all right all right15572.644.28
all right let's see let's search this15575.523.719
corpse what we got here some rocks15576.924.84
corpse corpse corpse where are you come15579.2395.16
here come here come here15581.764.96
nothing hey look fresh meat right here15584.3994.641
buddy well not fresh a little Frozen you15586.723.519
can do it15589.043.88
though can I fit a bed roll in this15590.2394.96
little this little15592.924.96
guy and is it warm in here when I close15595.1994.0
the door these are the next two15597.885.399
questions I'm asking myself mhm M MH15599.1997.0
oh boy oh boy oh boy is it warm in15603.2797.441
here yes it is woman here boom now can I15606.1997.521
put down bed15610.726.24
roll oh15613.723.24
yes oh you going hungry tonight Mr15618.566.799
Wolf but I can sleep out here no problem15622.3995.0
okay oh no all right temperature is15625.3595.8
going down in here but I did find that15627.3996.321
firewood take the charcoal I'm going to15631.1594.681
get a nice fire going and I'm going to15633.724.78
rest for a little15635.8421.0
bit what the hell what the15656.848.599
hell who whoa whoa whoa15662.2796.441
whoa GES yeah all right you want to hear15665.4395.84
something even really weird okay I am15668.724.16
out and it's one of those uh weird15671.2794.92
electric storms going on right there's a15672.885.2
wolf in front of me glowing15676.1995.401
green oh wow what the heck thank God I'm15678.085.159
not too far from15681.65.48
this why are you glowing15683.2393.841
green okay never never seen this15687.67.839
back to my little15697.682.719
Hut oh finally daytime you got daytime15712.567.44
huh yeah so uh I have no food I have got15716.1195.801
to get back to that wolf get some food15720.04.6
and get back here and cook this stuff15721.924.76
yeah that's probably a good idea all the15724.63.679
wolves are glowing green out here what15726.684.4
the hell's going on first time you ever15728.2795.601
seen that huh15731.082.8
yeah God he's coming at me from far away15735.1194.841
like I was even crouched oh man it's15737.684.32
crazy cold out15739.965.12
here you got a fire beside that wolf not15742.05.279
yet you might want to consider a fire I15745.085.56
might to find some like15747.2793.361
sticks some sticks I want a closer look15751.4793.88
at this wolf I don't want to waste any15753.964.399
more bullets though15755.3593.0
okay going in going in oh God I15758.524.52
just need to get out of15761.724.479
here I can't temperature's going down I15763.045.239
can't sleep oh boy yeah I got to make a15766.1994.481
move all right bed roll okay hopefully15768.2794.96
that scared off the Wolves bed rolls15770.684.519
coming with me see if we can make it to15773.2394.2
the barn cuz I think the Barn's just out15775.1994.481
straight God they start stalking me15780.3194.16
immediately all right Popp up there you15782.1994.681
carrying me around I do have a little15784.4794.401
on FL away there we go all right so15788.885.359
fishing pond15792.84.319
here going I'm going this way I think15794.2395.481
this way is the15797.1192.601
barn oh there's the radio oh15801.1195.761
wow the radio tower is actually on I see15804.3995.361
its lights oh yeah yeah maybe somebody's15806.884.239
there uh no it's probably this15809.763.88
electrical storm oh got you oh my God I15811.1193.961
see a bear in the distance the Bear's15813.643.28
glowing green too everything's growing15815.084.039
green everything's growing everything's15816.925.199
growing green nice15819.1193.0
try okay all right see the15823.1197.08
bridge that's the15826.83.399
Bridge wait is this is this the river15830.85.0
that goes by the house wait a minute15832.846.0
have I been out here I think think I was15835.84.92
out here once is my marker still over15838.845.519
here oh yep that's a green glowing15840.726.639
bear oh you stay over there oh yeah no I15844.3595.88
think I was absolutely out here yeah so15847.3595.361
this this will take me home I15850.2395.361
think I think this will take you home15852.725.439
uh-huh man I am going to starve to15858.3995.84
death where did my energy bar go I don't15861.3194.401
know have you gotten that wolf yet I15864.2393.281
just got to him I'm going to have enough15865.723.36
time to get like one thing of meat and15867.522.959
go eat I15869.084.8
think okay one thing of meat Harvest I15870.4794.88
mean here's what happens though like15873.883.04
once your food meter gets all the way15875.3593.96
down it turns red and then it starts15876.924.0
nipping into your health pool but it's15879.3192.721
not going to be immediate it's going to15880.923.279
be slow so you do have a little bit of15882.045.239
time okay uh feathers bunch of feathers15884.1994.481
laying around why are you distracting15887.2792.521
yourself with feathers you need to be15888.682.599
getting meat get the out of there I15889.82.72
thought it was a stick cuz I need to15891.2794.04
make a fire okay uh are you going to15892.524.28
build a fire beside the wolf and cook it15895.3193.281
there can I do that let's do that uh15896.83.24
yeah did you you got enough stuff to do15898.65.36
it I hope so let's see build a fire15900.046.52
build a fire looks like it let's get15903.963.88
close to this15906.565.52
wolf all right start fire here we go man15907.846.04
if I can just start cooking meat right15912.083.6
here I'll just I'll eat this whole wolf15913.885.519
man eat the whole wolf boil a bunch of15915.686.32
snow get fat and happy I like it I like15919.3995.0
that plan good deal I have made it back15922.04.119
to The15924.3995.481
Farmhouse glad you made it yeah me too15926.1195.401
all right but I'm excited though cuz now15929.883.0
that I'm back here I can make some15931.523.52
fishing line I think I might try to go15932.885.2
fishing tomorrow15935.043.04
Naes yeah oh my God that revolver I15945.06.52
found uh-huh it had ammo in it oh man15947.66.08
sweet unload it yes now I got a little15951.524.2
bit more you have two revolvers yes I15953.684.08
have two revolvers but I'll take the one15955.723.8
that's in the worst condition and I'm15957.765.359
going to drop it I'll put this uh where15959.524.879
should I put you know what I'll put this15963.1193.841
in The Gun Room makes the most sense I15964.3993.8
love that it's actually lit up in the15966.963.04
house right now that's pretty good15968.1994.24
listen man I just got a meat there we go15970.04.76
and it was like in a nick of15972.4396.121
time my food was down I'm cook another15974.766.439
one man I'm happy to hear it I'm going15978.564.44
to sit right here by this wolf and eat15981.1994.601
the whole thing I'm not even joking do15983.05.56
it man oh you're hungry I get it all15985.84.319
right I am super tired so I'm not going15988.563.08
to be able to do anything but man I love15990.1194.36
it lit up in here all right I am going15991.645.32
to bed you get you get full buddy15994.4795.281
I'm doing it I'm heating up I'm filling15996.964.76
up I'm drinking15999.766.76
up there we go ah perfect this is where16001.727.519
I live forever now if I can just build a16006.524.48
little yeah you're not going to last16009.2394.761
forever though I need some more wood16011.04.96
maybe I can get some of this over here16014.04.359
just keeping ey on your temp yep I'm16015.964.72
just going to how long's that to bre16018.3595.321
that's 45 minutes to break that down16020.686.16
no oh the wind's picking up16023.685.639
get back by the fire oh there's a stick16026.843.279
goodness and there's a stick okay more16030.11910.681
sticks oh boy yep get in here oh boy16035.2398.441
nope the fire is not doing it come on16040.84.639
baby don't go16043.687.04
out don't go out please I need16045.4395.281
you 9 Minutes 22 14 no16051.1997.16
why are you dying16056.84.2
campfire did it get too windy yes that16058.3594.641
wind might knock out your fire okay I'm16061.04.76
going to need to take this with16063.06.76
me crap I was going to live here16065.768.599
forever I got to go welcome to long dark16069.764.599
boy come on baby you near shelter yes16088.966.92
but my16094.05.6
stamina okay I'm going to make it good16095.886.479
deal just keep it together man you have16099.65.48
a you have a fire there not on the16102.3595.361
inside it's on the outside okay uh you16105.085.359
can build a fireplace uh in a place that16107.725.559
will be blocked from the wind oh yeah16110.4394.88
yeah your best bet might be to go back16113.2793.321
to your church right I know it's a16115.3192.521
little further away yeah I was just I16116.64.2
mean I was I was losing Health oh you16117.845.559
okay because you got so cold yeah16120.85.359
gotcha um so I mean you can go outside16123.3994.121
and factor in which way the wind's16126.1593.721
coming from and use that to Shield the16127.524.52
fire uhhuh so I could cook these outside16129.884.96
theoretically yeah all right I have16132.045.84
woken up and it sounds like ass outside16134.844.76
so I'm in the basement I'm going to see16137.885.239
if I can make a fishing hook and a line16139.66.28
let's see Hello cute little workbench16143.1194.481
see what kind of work we can do oh yeah16145.884.2
there's one16147.62.48
hook boom I got a hook and then now I16152.764.8
need a line one cured gut I've been16155.4394.281
curing some gut over here16157.565.839
yes huh one16159.725.84
line what do I get if I break a16163.3993.84
cardboard box down I think you get16165.563.919
Tinder plugs oh let's do that yeah let's16167.2394.761
break that16169.4792.521
down all right I can take this hook and16173.2394.601
this line and I can make a fishing16175.525.839
tackle crafting it16177.843.519
now you going be fish for you know it16181.524.44
man I would love to be eating some fish16184.1594.441
before I know it I guess I'm going to go16185.965.319
back outside and see if where the fire16188.64.4
is cuz there's like a little you know16191.2795.2
one of those fire barrels right can I16193.07.359
start the fire right here is uh okay if16196.4795.88
you look at the very top of your screen16200.3594.481
you might see like a little icon that16202.3595.0
looks like a shield yep see that okay16204.843.88
that means you are shielded from the16207.3593.76
wind there oh good so you should be able16208.725.679
to make a fire I'm going try all right16211.1194.841
well I'm not getting out the day but16214.3992.96
that's okay I got food water so I'm16215.963.0
going to break down these crates cuz I16217.3593.96
can use the reclaim16218.965.399
wood that up and let's16221.3195.96
cook can I cook two steaks on16224.3595.96
here there we go two steaks can't cook16227.2795.481
three can I nope all right two steaks16230.3195.481
cooking nice o I can make one more thing16232.765.8
grab this cured gut I got recla wood now16235.87.0
yes neebs y I'm making a rabbit snare oh16238.566.599
really yeah there you go I know they16242.84.479
like to hang out uh by the barn in front16245.1594.28
of the front of the Farmhouse I'm going16247.2793.401
to go out there and throw down a rabbit16249.4392.84
snare that way if I go out Explorer and16250.683.2
I can come back I can always check my16252.2793.92
snare that's perfect16253.885.76
yeah you're a good survivor man I I am16256.1995.881
blown away we've made it this long this16259.644.799
is uh this is yeah I thought this was16262.084.44
going to be a two episode series16264.4394.68
nope we're still going people are going16266.526.12
to start rooting for us to die pretty16269.1193.521
soon okay now here we go uh two cooked16278.011.52
meat there we go man my food was like16284.08.6
empty eating that feels good doesn't it16289.525.24
yeah that's got us up to uh I don't know16292.64.12
about what we call that16294.764.719
30% can I cook another one yeah let's do16296.724.88
you have another one yep yeah no yeah16299.4794.121
get your uh get your food16301.64.879
up wind calm down out here I'm going to16303.65.559
go see if I can set this rabbit trap no16306.4794.8
wolves no wolves wolves leave me alone16309.1595.361
today I also need pants like is this my16311.2794.92
existence just sitting out here living16314.524.36
in a trailer with no pants yeah yeah I16316.1995.28
guess so yeah you do need pants I mean16318.884.279
you could always go back to the town16321.4794.241
right Milton I don't I've already pick16323.1594.441
that place as complain man you don't16325.723.479
think there's one pair of pants and one16327.63.16
bed bedroom you might have16329.1994.561
maybe okay I16334.885.76
know right check it out yep all right16337.965.319
where do you guys like to run get out of16340.644.679
here get out of here there's those16343.2794.361
tracks all right so this is got some16345.3197.561
rabbit tracks here and I think H yeah a16347.649.519
snare if I put my snare right16352.888.0
here snare sit set it right on a pair of16357.1595.801
rabbit tracks so hopefully one of these16360.884.12
little bastards will walk through it and16362.964.199
I can have some rabbit for uh for16365.04.72
dessert get you some H fer I don't think16367.1594.08
I've heard that word before that's in16369.724.08
the The Bugs Bunny cartoons man hen16371.2395.04
Piper it means like rabbit pepper never16373.85.319
heard that phrase German h i mean16376.2796.16
clearly sounds like a German16379.1195.24
I'm going to try to make it over to that16388.8794.641
uh fishing hole cuz temperature's good16390.684.08
out here I'm a little tired but I can16393.522.72
put a bed roll down I brought my bed16394.763.039
roll right oh my God I brought my bed16396.243.559
roll right and we talked about this ear16397.7994.48
I I got my bed roll I'm good all right I16399.7993.762
can get down to the river I'll just16402.2793.201
follow the river like I did last time no16403.5614.718
wolves no bears maybe they're maybe16405.483.76
they're off today shouldn't16408.2792.961
Bears be hibernating in this anyway16409.244.399
this is hibernating weather Bears I16411.244.639
know listen here here's what's going to16413.6394.281
happen my meat's going to cook my16415.8793.601
water's going to boil I'm going to eat16417.922.719
that I'm going to drink that I have to16419.482.639
take a nap and when I wake up I'm going16420.6395.4
to be starving that's what's going to16422.1196.401
happen okay you got to decide what to do16426.0394.92
you either got to go uh bear hunting or16428.524.8
deer hunting yeah deer Hunt's probably16430.9594.521
easier although if I had the energy to16433.325.6
go back to that that bridge I think I16435.486.2
would try shooting hopping in the car16438.924.76
waiting and shooting again yeah that's16441.683.199
uh that seems like it could be a good16443.682.881
yep I mean if you go get a bear that's a16446.5613.759
ton of meat that's right um I'm going to16447.9594.881
eat this steak and take a nap cuz I'm16450.325.119
tired love16452.846.439
it all right let's try this fishing out16455.4395.92
here temperature's going up which is16461.3595.881
nice ice fishing hole 100% Frozen I can16463.485.399
break it with a16467.243.6
hatchet come16468.8795.441
on temperature going up that's good it's16470.846.48
taking a little bit of time that's16474.325.68
okay and boom all right I cleared the16477.325.92
fishing hole hours to fish one and I16480.06.439
have the hook start16483.243.199
fishing oh fresh I got a fish you did16486.7996.681
not I got a fish holy moly I've never16490.764.119
done this in the game that's actually16493.484.319
really cool man I'm jealous man I'm16494.8796.08
taking that fish anymore okay so now got16497.7996.121
me a fish let me start a16500.9596.24
fire oo16503.923.279
baby I've just been stuck here man in16507.7196.281
the same place between this church in16510.484.799
the little16514.03.799
workshed I got to break16515.2795.68
free what's your plan I got no plan man16517.7995.041
I'm not good at this I can't believe I'm16520.9594.041
not dead yet you got to form a plan you16522.844.519
got you got to think I had a plan I had16525.04.959
a plan the plan is kill the Bear get16527.3594.481
across the bridge so you're going back16529.9593.441
to the bear now no I mean that's what I16531.843.56
want to do but I keep running out of of16533.44.92
food and water and I get tired and I16535.44.44
just can't do16538.323.639
it and I got no16539.844.799
pants yeah that's a problem I wouldn't16541.9594.801
face a bear without pants okay so what16544.6394.841
are you doing now I'm going back to the16546.764.439
uh warm up for a minute and I guess go16551.1994.08
back like you said to go to the city and16553.7994.121
maybe that's not a wolf is that a wolf16555.2793.84
is that a16557.924.08
wolf I think that's a wolf near the16559.1194.32
church it might be good if I kill the16562.04.359
wolf near the church and then I I can16563.4394.881
eat off of it yeah that's true yeah you16566.3593.801
can just haul his uh haul his corpse16568.324.68
into the church yeah we can't do that16570.164.559
but you'll be able to uh get that wolf16573.02.959
hey hey crap when you want them they16575.9595.561
don't look at you let's see man I'm16579.085.799
cooking a fish oo 33 minutes I need to16581.526.279
reload I'm reloaded right okay I think16584.8794.521
so remember yeah you can see the the16587.7995.281
white means it's in the chamber yeah hey16589.47.52
wolf oh boy yep he sees me come back to16593.084.879
church come on back to the church16597.9595.641
baby church is16600.7999.92
there yeah okay oh boy don't blow this16603.67.119
needs need get more broken clothes or16610.845.16
remember white white to the eyes got16613.46.12
it come on I can't see here we16616.07.199
go yeah got him got him nice good job16619.525.96
nees right in front of the church yeah16623.1994.201
get you some meat go to that church fire16625.484.719
that's great oh should I okay I think16627.44.879
I'm warm enough I can uh yeah I can16630.1994.92
Harvest a piece of meat real quick here16632.2795.0
we go one of those16635.1194.401
Harvest there we go maybe I can get my16637.2795.201
strength up now as much as you16639.529.599
can ooh knes yeah M fresh Lake white16642.489.081
fish a bit tasteless but better than16649.1195.68
nothing ah 434 calories bam oh my God16651.5615.478
that so put some pepper on it like the16654.7993.721
Germans I was hoping to get a little16657.0395.6
more than that oh my you break B all16658.525.439
right I'm going to fish a little more16662.6393.8
come on something big I need a salmon16663.9594.08
now I already got one of those 53016666.4392.92
calories though that's not bad all right16668.0392.721
more give me give me some El give me16669.3595.051
some melt damn it okay well better than16670.765.16
nothing you I'm just going to survive on16675.924.439
fish the rest of my life you do it man16678.243.84
this is going great I'm going to survive16680.3593.121
on this wolf I'm going to get my16682.084.4
strength up and I'm Coming For That16683.487.399
here oh good16686.484.399
luck oh16694.65.08
crap well just woke up in the middle of16697.03.799
the night16699.684.56
freezing don't you hate that I do16700.7995.08
do you go back to sleep pretty16704.244.16
easy I can but uh it's freezing in here16705.8794.601
now so not mean like when you wake up in16708.44.039
the middle of the night oh absolutely16710.484.719
yeah if I wake up and go like a pee yep16712.4394.721
right back to bed no problem usually I16715.1993.92
do sometimes then you start thinking16717.163.959
about stuff oh that happens too but it's16719.1194.0
rare usually I'm like yep uh know what16721.1195.0
I'm I know what I got going16723.1193.0
on let's see how that's two hours on the16726.927.0
fire let's see if I got anything to cook16730.527.279
oh no I don't it's my food situation now16733.926.6
I still got some moldy venison H I16737.7994.08
should probably eat that before it gets16740.526.119
too bad and I got my MRE man16741.8796.56
that I'm going to try this uh airline16746.6396.121
food man it's good trust me let's16748.4397.481
see not bad not the best thing I've ever16752.765.279
had but certainly not the worst what's16755.925.039
your food right now uh my food right now16758.0395.92
I'm a little over halfway I'm16760.9597.281
25% yeah okay I got a steak cooking man16763.9595.84
some of these steaks maybe because the16768.243.92
fire is not hot enough tell you what16769.7994.32
I'll add some fuel see if that lowers it16772.162.799
what's your question what do you you16774.1192.52
doing the steak was like taking over an16774.9593.759
hour to cook well depends on like if16776.6394.841
it's a big chunk of steak like I guess16778.7184.24
it's a big chunk of meat that you16781.483.56
harvest from the wolf it can take a16782.9583.882
little longer I mean it's the same meat16785.044.4
no it actually um some meat is it's you16786.844.68
have to look at its stats there's more16789.443.72
calories in it than others well this16791.523.278
better fill me up this one this is16793.164.24
taking an hour to cook this a roast okay16794.7984.16
what should I do should I try to get16797.44.16
another fish how we got an hour on the16798.9586.562
fire break this ice again yeah middle of16801.565.238
the night little middle middle of the16805.523.72
night fishing let's do it for an hour16806.7985.602
come on H all right 470 calories come on16809.244.6
catch another catch another catch16812.44.558
another damn it need more than16813.845.92
that see cook this one though actually16816.9584.84
I'll keep this one cuz I got another16819.766.6
hour I'm going to oh temperature what16821.7989.322
uh-oh uh-oh neebs yeah my my16826.369.96
temperature is not going up16831.129.92
uhoh oh boy that's that's not good at16836.328.08
all that is very very16841.048.04
bad um are you indoors can I add this16844.46.16
fire hot oh16849.083.16
uh okay come on come on heat there we go16852.244.16
all right I am16855.283.0
indoors I don't think this thing was16856.45.08
just putting out enough heat two hours16858.285.32
okay two hours yeah I got two it's a16861.485.76
2hour fire adding 34° fah into this16863.65.24
little cabin I just think it's the16867.242.8
middle of the night there's a goddamn16868.843.44
blizzard outside so it's just it's16870.044.08
freezing in here yeah I can hear the16872.284.92
wind whipping out here16874.126.56
too C this16877.23.48
fish oh16882.045.04
temperature went down16884.65.68
again I'm not getting warm in16887.086.84
here this is not good this is not good16890.285.438
I need to drink16895.7182.602
this I might I'm going to have to like16901.25.96
run out oh wait could I16903.483.68
add oh man I could throw in one of these16907.6384.762
books okay yep it I just need I16912.764.28
need to get the heat on this thing up16915.563.56
there we go heating16917.043.918
okay 2 hours 29 minutes damn it I16920.9585.602
thought I was going to like this little16925.483.398
fishing cabin now I'm like stuck here16926.564.84
yeah yeah this kind of sucks not what16928.8784.402
you thought it'd be huh um I mean I like16931.43.8
the fish the fact that I can get fish is16933.284.56
easy but I don't get a lot of fish16935.25.758
gotcha okay listen this big pot roast is16937.846.76
done my food's just below16940.9585.962
25% I'm just going to click it I'm going16944.64.32
to hit space to eat it how many calories16946.924.28
is in that one uh 77 oh yeah so that16948.923.44
ought to fill you up a little bit all16951.22.96
right let's let's take a look let's just16952.364.2
half see if I go to sleep that'll all be16956.844.36
gone not all of it I mean when you sleep16959.363.4
you can dictate how long you sleep and16961.22.96
you can also like look at the calories16962.763.48
you'll burn sleep sleeping which isin't16964.163.32
a lot but I mean you're still burning16966.243.96
calories gotcha anyway I got to go to16967.485.68
sleep now so I guess I'll say good night16970.26.56
and wake up hungry damn it damn it damn16973.165.04
it damn it damn it all right wonder if I16976.763.52
can go out this torch is going to go out16978.24.8
immediately is16980.282.72
just run out and harvest some big wood16985.9586.722
got an hour and 44 left on that16989.243.44
fire yeah immediately okay uh all right16993.367.518
oh my God I'd get lost if I do this I'm16998.7183.722
going to get17000.8784.802
lost all any wood wood wood wood just17002.445.72
wood on the edge any wood here on the17005.685.56
edge come on just give me give me a big17008.166.32
old piece of wood yeah uhhuh oh don't17011.245.24
Don't Stray too far okay I can see the17014.484.92
little thing wood just give me a big old17016.485.2
log a big old fat log is what I need17019.46.8
right now God damn it God damn it17021.688.52
nothing nothing not a damn thing out17026.28.8
here come on big old piece of wood17030.28.4
break this Pier17035.07.04
down wood can I break that down no oh17038.66.198
God this sucks this sucks this sucks17042.045.32
about right up here any17044.7986.282
wood man it's everywhere when I'm like17047.366.278
walking around I don't see a bit oh God17051.085.12
okay oh don't get turned around okay17053.6385.08
there's the corpse Pond's down here17056.25.96
there's the pier I just got to get17058.7184.282
and get what warmth I can oh no I'm17063.06.52
going to freeze to death aren't I17066.9586.402
here no this is how I go out is it just17076.768.32
freeze to death in a damn fishing17080.6384.442
cabin feels like God no17086.086.2
it's bed warm bonus okay so it feels17089.085.878
like 31 is freezing in here I can sleep17092.287.0
for an hour that'll warm me up for an17094.9587.122
hour by the fire let's get warmed up for17099.285.04
an hour maybe the wind will calm down17102.086.48
come on wind I need you to calm down17104.326.84
please okay got a little bit more warmth17108.565.52
another hour left on the17111.162.92
fire feels like17114.66.16
29 bed warmth bonus adds17116.7187.282
seven oh oh still17120.767.16
bad okay okay what kind of fuel have I17124.08.4
got I just got this torch I don't want17127.926.64
to get rid of that or that I was reading17132.44.8
those worst case scenario I17134.564.96
can temperature is going down now damn17137.24.518
it all right I got to sleep for another17139.524.72
hour no the fire's going to go out all17141.7183.722
right what I got to use what little17144.245.6
warmth I got okay just go17145.446.16
straight just go straight I know I saw a17149.844.32
bunch of wood the way here those are cat17151.65.84
tails okay don't get17154.166.04
distracted see a little more out here17157.445.6
now oh God don't lose your way don't17160.25.36
lose your way17163.046.24
okay here we go got my temperature down17165.567.28
immediately sticks better than no sticks17169.285.96
help it's going17172.845.44
down Follow My Tracks back all the17175.246.6
tracks back see any more wood out17178.283.56
there this isn't17184.04.84
good this is not good okay yeah win17186.46.0
please calm down please calm down17188.847.36
okay three sticks17192.43.8
no okay that's warming up 42° fhe on the17198.71810.402
stove oh wind is finally calming down17204.64.52
okay all right lesson learn can't17209.8786.242
sleep in the fishing cabin you can sleep17213.283.678
in the17216.123.96
church I just slip it's still dark17216.9586.642
though but uh where's my fire it's17220.085.68
around here somewhere where oh oh n17223.63.118
that's a17225.765.56
torch ah campfire there we go start fire17226.7186.482
I just stepped outside and got a piece17231.325.04
of meat for breakfast it was windy all17233.25.56
night yeah you're telling me looks like17236.363.56
it's clearing up though and I'm seeing17238.763.72
the sun coming up and do I see wood out17239.924.6
there I need some like big chunks of17242.484.478
wood what do we got here we got an hour17244.524.32
14 left on the fire all right running17246.9583.76
out oh yeah immediately temperature17248.844.48
dropped all right that's okay Health's17250.7184.92
okay oh this is going to eat into my17253.324.558
health though but I need I need big wood17255.6384.722
big wood big wood give give Daddy Big17257.8786.602
Wood daddy need big wood 3 45 minutes17260.365.4
okay come on yep that's going to eat17264.483.96
into my health but that's okay am I17265.765.84
right okay okay this will make this fire17268.446.8
burn hot hot hot17271.63.64
hot there we go 4 hours on the fire 417276.165.76
hours yeah oh now now my temperature17280.083.6
shooting up real good yeah this is what17281.923.638
Daddy is after that's crazy I'm just17283.683.08
going to keep running outside and17285.5584.32
grabbing more meat going back17286.766.798
inside cuz it's cold out yeah and this17289.8785.602
wolf was nice enough to die right here17293.5584.24
in front of the church let's see I'm17295.484.36
going to try to get another fish come on17297.7985.76
come on big fish salmon oh what is this17299.845.2
that's a smallmouth17303.5583.602
1,468 Cal n that's a good fish oh my God17307.167.16
that's a good fish man congratulations17311.684.56
on your thank you oh now my17314.323.36
temperature's all the way up I should go17316.243.6
get more wood oh man but I'm getting17317.685.118
tired um do I have a17319.844.64
water oh I'm out of I'm out of17324.485.6
water okay okay you know what we're17327.163.798
going to have to do we're going to have17330.083.04
to get the hell out of here um we're17330.9584.92
going to cook that for an hour we need17333.125.36
to harvest some wood uh we're just going17335.8784.84
to have to get tired that sucks but it17338.483.96
is what it17340.7185.722
is sweet swe sweet temperature God damn17342.447.438
it temperature why you so mean oh no17346.446.56
okay can't run anymore can't run tell17349.8784.562
you what I seem to be really good at I'm17353.02.798
good at getting myself in the dumb17354.444.56
situations out here oh yeah yeah I don't17355.7986.16
know I'm pretty good at that17359.06.48
too okay 11 minutes until I get to eat a17361.9586.84
ton of smallmouth bass that's good17365.485.56
let's add I'm not want to add all this17368.7985.642
wood but 3 hours on the fire yeah yeah17371.046.48
oh man this thing's pumping out a ton of17374.447.04
heat that's great all17377.523.96
right oh my God that fish filled me up17382.244.36
all the way17385.64.118
almost no way man look at you I can't17386.64.358
seem to get over17389.7184.0
25% every time I eat I got to sleep and17390.9584.202
I just get hungry again yeah you got to17393.7182.84
eat something well I mean when you get17395.163.88
wolf get a lot of wolf well I've17396.5583.962
probably eaten17399.044.08
seven wolf steaks in the last couple17400.524.52
hours thank God you can't get worms I17403.123.88
don't think Wolf's very filling in this17405.044.04
game apparently not yeah it'll do the17407.04.52
job but it it's not that great so I17409.084.798
should go for a deer huh either that or17411.525.22
a bear well I got in no17413.8785.362
pants all right I got an hour 30 left on17419.245.28
this stove going to take actually I can17421.844.48
leave that can here I got I got plenty17424.524.0
of cans on me I am going to sleep I'm17426.324.88
going to risk itting sleep for 217428.525.32
hours come on get my get my little17431.25.28
eyeball meter up a little bit hopefully17433.844.44
the weather's going to be nice to me17436.484.2
crossed yes okay fire is out taking the17440.685.32
roll oh yeah and it's not that bad out17446.06.76
here okay where to next probably back to17448.66.88
The Farmhouse yeah that's going to I17452.765.198
could go sleep at Thompson's Crossing17455.485.76
yeah you know what cuz I got food on me17457.9586.242
go there sleep and then get out tomorrow17461.244.92
and explore more in that region I just17464.24.84
repaired my coat from 30% to 60 oh it17466.165.36
feels good doesn't it yep it failed the17469.044.8
first time still no17471.525.6
pants yeah you got to find pants man17473.845.44
well I do have two staks and the sun is17477.124.598
out at least okay let's eat these all17479.285.92
right I'm at like 15% food I'm going to17481.7189.24
eat this come on baby fill it up that's17485.25.758
25% still eating second17491.288.598
steak ah not even 50 not even 50% not17495.088.32
even 50 two stakes back to17499.8785.68
back yeah yeah you got you got to have17503.44.44
something other than wolf Meat Man Okay17505.5584.442
wolf meat is not doing the trick for you17507.844.4
let's hope it's warm out I got to go out17510.05.558
and find stuff all right good17512.246.88
luck no pants three arrows pointing down17515.5585.202
on temperature probably because of the17519.125.24
no pants thing yeah I guess I'm going to17520.765.44
go back to Milton17524.366.16
huh uh I I don't that would be my17526.26.48
recommendation go back to Milton and17530.524.038
just scour the place make sure there are17532.685.038
no pants okay well I got to run cuz it's17534.5585.442
cold got no pants I got no shoes I bet17537.7185.522
you look you got no shoes no no pants no17540.05.76
shoes that's right the bear service bear17543.244.718
tore all that up yeah you can't17545.764.48
repair it all the good stuff's up top I17547.9583.882
don't know why he was going for my legs17550.243.76
got bony legs I bet you look real silly17551.844.76
out there running around I bet you look17554.06.878
yeah Majestic with all your clothes and17556.66.68
fish all right I made it back to this17560.8784.802
road that goes to Thompson something17563.285.4
something is there anything up17565.685.72
here as well check while I'm out TI's17568.684.8
not too bad I got food and water I'm17571.43.158
yeah I better explore while the17573.484.52
temperature's good wait is17574.5587.08
that oh neees yeah I think that wolf I17578.06.04
shot okay not too long ago I think I17581.6383.962
found where he17584.046.28
died yes what you want P guts H yeah man17585.66.0
that's going to that's going to make me17590.324.76
overweight though isn't it17591.67.118
okay wolf pill in okay should I build a17595.087.12
fire beside you real fast oh man I'm17598.7185.962
tired though you know what I'm just17602.25.64
going to grab a little bit of17604.685.32
meat all right made it back to the17607.845.24
Milton Hilton ah God damn it I just I17610.07.52
sprung my ankle I'm I he sh I hear I17613.087.28
hear a wolf okay going inside going17617.525.76
inside I heard him17620.365.56
growling you going to make it yeah I'm17623.284.08
inside I'm a dog person I don't even17625.923.28
know why he would growl at17627.366.0
me oh my neees yeah I think I found a17629.27.48
deer carcass out here oh really is that17633.366.92
is that a cave no that ain't no cave is17636.684.76
that a17640.283.64
cave can't that might be a c cave is17641.445.72
that a cave that sounds fun oo it does17643.926.24
sound fun if it's warm in the cave hey17647.164.44
you know what that sounds fun what I had17650.163.798
some thermal underwear stored over here17651.65.198
I'm going to wear those and what else uh17653.9585.962
no gloves what about sneakers put on my17656.7984.882
running shoes oh so you did find some17659.924.038
stuff uh but this is back at the Milton17661.683.92
House gotcha well I mean it's better17663.9584.84
than nothing yep better than it was okay17665.65.4
yeah I'm going to check this cave out is17668.7985.482
it just like a little okay yeah warm in17671.07.0
here hell no it's not warm in here ah I17674.287.16
could just be so lucky oh found some17678.06.36
stuff though hey there a bed17681.446.08
roll and some books I can17684.366.56
read ah sounds nice what is17687.526.68
it what I've never found one of these in17690.926.08
the game this is a magnifying glass17694.24.24
what's that do it can be used to start17697.02.84
fires during17698.443.96
daytime okay and that's pretty17699.846.16
tits see little scarf uh I can break you17702.46.6
down oh was dog food hell yeah I'll eat17706.05.92
some dog food come on something good in17709.05.36
you oh wow and you know what it is warm17711.923.68
here oh does it stay warm in here like17715.66.4
can I can I sleep in here or is that a17719.443.76
idea the bed roll down that feels like17723.25.64
43° in here yeah I'm going to sleep for17726.484.68
a few hours there you go this is all17728.844.6
right before you sleep do I cook peaches17731.165.08
or just eat them you can do either I17733.443.96
would recommend cooking them to give you17736.242.99
a warmth bonus okay let me start a17737.49.44
fire should I grab some of that deer17746.844.08
meat and go back to Thompson's Crossing17749.044.518
and cook some deer meat cuz I'm not far17750.926.56
from Thompson's Crossing I am here17753.5586.122
Thompson's Crossing's just right there17757.484.92
yeah all right use what energy I have to17759.685.0
get a ton of hear me go back to17762.46.478
Thompson's Crossing and uh yeah enjoy17764.686.84
myself for the17768.8782.642
evening two only two lbs God damn17771.6388.282
it come on peaches oh oh no no no17775.65.76
no no no no17779.926.2
no is that a wolf that's a wolf flaring17781.367.48
up you want to shoot him and get some p17786.124.838
uh no17788.844.52
don't hey there's deer carcass right17790.9585.962
over there buddy there still some guts17793.365.64
oh wait I got some guts I could drop it17796.924.4
no I got a flare he won't come at me17799.04.04
with this17801.325.68
one yep okay that's cute that's really17803.046.918
cute yeah bark you guys should be scared17807.05.08
of me at this point I've murdered half17809.9584.642
of your damn trib's not the right would17812.085.24
pack all right I got two things of17814.65.64
peaches come on baby please get my food17817.324.88
up here we17820.245.398
go is this better than the wolf meat17822.24.92
where'd that get me oh man this is17825.6383.32
better than wolf meat there's not even17827.124.72
in protein and peaches okay let's eat17828.9585.482
this next one yeah a lot of calories17831.844.36
okay oh God can I run oh I can run wow17836.24.758
this is the fullest I've been in a long17839.364.72
time feels good doesn't it yep17840.9585.962
peaches power lines I see Thompson's17844.085.2
Crossing you got to be right over17846.924.84
here ooh I'm going to use that big ass17849.284.598
stove in there to cook some deer meat17851.764.64
and both17853.8782.522
meat so I'm going to look through this17873.5584.122
house maybe I'm just not I don't know17875.7984.242
where to look you know like is that can17877.685.198
you like look more in depth like behind17880.046.16
stuff or what what are you looking for17882.8786.242
like pants I mean pants you would17886.26.16
typically find in bedroom drawers yeah17889.126.92
yeah empty like can you look under beds17892.366.64
is that a thing you can like under17896.044.56
sometimes there's things under there17899.02.878
like how would I look under it I mean17900.63.6
you hit control to crouch okay and you17901.8784.442
just see if anything's under17904.25.84
there doesn't look like anything 2 hours17906.327.638
on the fire let's cook some uh oh no17910.046.64
no oh God okay that wolf meat I got is17913.9585.082
rancid so I don't want to cook well I17916.685.118
think when I cook that it's okay I'll17919.044.2
look at it oh I mean I'll cook it it's a17921.7983.202
big stove so may as well may as well17923.245.04
cook it all right right all right come17925.05.798
on how about a revolver under the bed17928.283.84
that'd be17930.7983.802
amazing see I was in this position not17932.123.88
too long ago where I'm just desperate17934.63.08
for anything and I just start scouring17936.04.718
the house I'm in uhhuh cuz it's uh yeah17937.684.44
that's what this game does to you it17940.7184.282
just makes you desperate and sad yeah i'17942.125.16
I've looked this place over pretty good17945.03.84
have you looked over I mean every17947.283.2
building in town I mean Milton's a I17948.843.36
mean that's pretty good town right yeah17950.483.2
like I kind of went through you know17952.23.598
like marking them and like yeah marked17953.684.52
each building okay yeah you're low on17955.7984.16
supplies um and what about that17958.23.92
Farmhouse you went to I looked at all17959.9584.722
pretty I mean you know I probably missed17962.123.838
something but I thought I did pretty17964.683.64
good yeah so your best bet is going to17965.9586.482
be the deer I think okay uh I'm tired I17968.327.16
got to go to bed do17972.443.04
it wolf17992.63.358
meat okay oh yep it gave me food17997.26.96
poisoning oh yeah that's what18001.525.56
I wanted to do today rest because of the18004.165.44
food poisoning hold on you got food18007.084.92
poisoning man I got food18009.64.958
poisoning what' you eat I eat cooked18012.04.76
peaches well they might have been bad I18014.5584.682
cooked them well I mean I cooked this18016.764.4
before eating it too but I think it was18019.245.8
because it was rancid this is crazy18021.167.16
all right okay so I do this and I go I18025.045.838
need this antibiotic just pop one of18028.324.238
those sometimes it works sometimes it's18030.8783.602
it doesn't food poisoning sometimes you18032.5584.16
just let you have to let it wear off18034.485.04
okay I think it worked or did it not18036.7184.92
sure should I take another one of those18039.524.16
antibiotics if you still have food18041.6384.762
poisoning you can try I think there's a18043.684.4
type of tea you can make too that'll18046.44.28
help okay let's try one more of these18048.084.84
antibiotics let's see yeah I might as18050.684.878
well pop some too antibiotics six of18052.924.84
them all right but food poisoning I18055.5583.32
think you just got to let it wear off18057.764.6
man health is so low now your your18058.8784.92
Health's low18062.364.04
yeah why why was your health low I don't18063.7984.442
know I woke up this18066.45.04
way I I assumed the food poisoning wait18068.244.84
did you sleep after the food poisoning18071.443.4
or before probably after I didn't even18073.084.36
know I had food poisoning oh so you18074.846.32
still have it yeah uhoh that ain't good18077.445.4
like if I click on my purse and food18081.164.0
poisoning I took the antibiotic no that18082.845.64
ain't good um what was the other18085.165.32
thing you can take it's some kind of tea18088.484.078
That's yellow is that a rushy tea why18090.483.8
doesn't it that tell you help me out18092.5583.722
here tea I no antibiotics or some sort18094.285.678
of oh damn it keep an eye on your health18096.285.08
cuz I mean if you got food poisoning18099.9582.76
yeah I mean I do too and it's slowly18101.363.72
eating into my health maybe take another18102.7185.322
antibiotic try it can't hurt all right I18105.085.32
got it wouldn't it be funny if that's18108.044.08
how this series ended both you and I die18110.43.72
of food poisoning that'd be wonderful18112.124.518
may be like Romeo and18114.124.72
Juliet they did Poison themselves didn't18116.6385.802
they uh-huh eh teenagers I'm tired again18118.846.0
man I slept I just slept like 7 hours18122.443.96
well that's the thing when you have uh18124.844.64
food food poisoning or any kind of um18126.44.64
disease like that it's going to just18129.483.96
chew into your tired meter yeah help me18131.044.56
remember how to make tea is a cook on18133.444.68
the thing herbal tea okay so that's the18135.64.44
one so I can cook that yeah cook some18138.124.04
herbal tea don't let it burn okay 1318140.044.8
minutes 34 minutes all right let's make18142.165.24
this tea then we'll go to bed again jeez18144.843.878
this is something in it what's going to18147.43.04
kill us the Wolves of the18148.7185.122
infection I don't know18150.445.32
I hope the Wolves I'd rather go out with18153.843.4
Wolves yeah I would rather go out with18155.763.72
Wolves too that would suck how did how18157.244.558
did your long dark run end I died from18159.484.56
an infection if I think this food poison18161.7983.282
is going to kill me I'm going back to18164.043.04
the bear yeah you may as well you got18165.083.28
nothing to lose at that point I'll take18167.084.16
him down with me I'll poison18168.365.37
him that's uh yeah that's18171.247.48
this thing looks creepy at18184.6384.32
night there's a deer head on the wall I18186.124.08
mean I get why people do that I've18188.9583.92
always found that tacky is that just me18190.25.518
uh yeah I'm not a real big heads of18192.8784.602
things on the wall guy either yeah I18195.7185.722
mean I get it you shot it it's cool but18197.488.04
yeah okay what time is it middle of the18201.446.96
night um I am fully rested my18205.524.84
temperature's great my water's great my18208.45.2
food's okay can I peek oh wait that's18210.366.518
the wrong place barely seeing here yeah18213.66.358
don't peek out and see what it looks18216.8787.402
like oh windy but temperature not bad18219.9587.242
starry night I can kind of see oh no18224.285.64
there it goes yeah going down three18227.26.64
three arrows all18229.926.92
right I'm going to wait until18233.846.52
morning I've explored that way now so I18236.845.56
think I'm going to keep traveling on the18240.365.278
road Road outside of Thompson's Crossing18242.44.6
I guess which way would that be that18245.6385.602
would be East yeah travel here found a18247.07.28
cave here so yeah I'm going to wait till18251.244.558
the morning and then I'm going to travel18254.284.76
east check out all that something18255.7985.882
Goods over18259.042.64
here okay my health is still low a18262.125.48
little more than it was but the sun's18265.085.6
out it's cold I don't have18267.67.358
pants but I need to find a deer huh oh I18270.688.44
hear a dog hear a dog you see a dog uh18274.9585.92
no I just hear18279.124.64
him holy moly where is he can he climb18280.8785.0
he can't climb oh it's18283.764.798
open where is18285.8786.122
He Man I hear him like he's right beside18288.5586.4
me but you don't see him18292.06.4
no back in the house front of the18294.9585.84
house where is this18298.44.88
dog oh I see him18300.7985.562
I see him oh18303.285.88
boy okay on the18306.365.12
porch you killed a wolf on the porch on18309.164.44
the porch what18311.485.12
yes this is only steps away from the18313.65.56
stove that's great18316.65.8
okay I guess I'm eating more wolf until18319.165.718
I find a18322.42.478
deer all right got food got water got18326.285.278
wood I am going to see what the18329.325.16
temperature looks like18331.5582.922
outside be a nice beautiful morning oh18334.8785.162
God visibility is kind of18337.7985.322
crap but temperature is only two arrows18340.044.4
down I'm going to explore across this18343.123.2
bridge a little bit hope the sun will18344.444.92
come up be a little warmer holy moly18346.325.478
what I found a book I can read oh my18349.364.68
really finally Wilderness kitchen there18351.7984.882
you oh that'll make you a better cook I18354.043.758
can't believe18356.683.48
it this is like man this is like a18357.7984.242
moment isn't it yeah like been I've been18360.163.88
surviving for like a18362.045.8
week okay research um what's this oh I18364.045.64
can pick how many hours I read it yeah I18367.843.878
usually read just one at a time let's18369.684.6
see have I gotten you probably have yeah18371.7185.84
I've gotten here damn it all right18374.286.24
Thompson's Crossing's right there uh I18377.5584.282
don't want to go up the road let me go18380.522.72
here maybe another fishing spot or a18383.245.52
deer carcus something good give me18386.03.798
something good18388.763.76
baby no wol though oh damn it now I got18389.7985.562
three arrows down on temperature18392.526.32
I won't go far I say I won't go far18395.365.0
and then I end up going far but no I18398.843.84
won't go far be I'm going be a good boy18400.364.16
I'll be a good boy today you be a oh18402.683.84
wait where' my sup18404.524.4
go oh I picked it up I meant to cook it18406.525.278
I found a soup in here oh that's good18408.924.798
get on there soup oh that's going to be18411.7984.76
good man a steak and a tomato soup yep18413.7186.16
oh two wolves immediately you got18416.5584.762
two bullets I18419.8783.882
oh damn it I really want to just see18423.763.68
what's out here guys all right flare18425.243.08
flare flares popping a flare and every18428.327.478
time I go to add fire you okay me yeah18432.085.44
I'm fine he got two wolves on me but I18435.7983.84
got a flare right just wanted to explore18437.523.6
out here a little bit make sure there's18439.6383.522
not anything good if you're not careful18441.123.32
you'll burn your books that you want to18443.164.44
read oh I know I've done that before all18444.445.16
right Thompson's Crossing's over there I18447.63.32
bet there's the18449.64.72
road oh just give me something game18450.927.4
right cabin big old fat cabin okay18454.325.88
Flare's halfway18458.324.92
down are you calling your friends you18460.25.84
better tell them the18463.246.2
off nothing out18466.045.8
here okay temperature is looking bad I'm18469.444.04
just going to peek18471.844.118
over what's up here Birch I see some18473.484.68
Birch maybe I can get some Birch tea18475.9584.202
Birch tea Birch18478.164.638
tea you running following me18480.165.08
pants another cave maybe oh what's18485.445.84
this mining18493.126.2
Road huh need yeah I found a mining Road18495.166.88
oh really is there a mine up here I mean18499.325.28
what you going to mine for nothing but18502.045.36
it might have resources in there hold on18504.64.48
okay temperature's getting bad but I can18507.44.96
make a fire if I need to let me see let18509.086.44
me see let me see is there a mine18512.364.438
where's a18515.524.438
mine got a mine said it was a mining18516.7986.242
Road the mining road goes to no18519.9585.322
mine okay yep it's18523.044.88
hypothermia oh what's this what's18527.925.16
this Le I think I found a mine oh yeah18533.365.24
maybe I hope there's more in there than18536.763.52
in the cave I hope the wolf can't follow18538.64.84
me in oh sh Wait can I get in18540.287.2
this oh yeah I can wa leave Pleasant18543.447.48
Valley all right going into the18547.483.44
mine what do you hopes in there like a a18551.26.598
tool uh a it's already worth it a18554.685.278
revolver cartridge two revolver18557.7984.322
cartridges and you have a revolver right18559.9584.76
ah yes I have a revolver so that's great18562.124.16
driving gloves I don't18564.7184.282
need oh coal Cole's great for starting18566.286.4
fires got so many steaks cooking cool18569.06.12
and hey it's warm in here and let's see18572.684.92
ah God I got one flare I'm going to push18575.125.32
in a little bit I do have an extra flare18577.64.84
and I do have my18580.445.92
um oil lantern uhuh18582.447.72
so uh oh I want to get lost though oh18586.367.68
okay go right I'll go right first18590.166.96
this has bit me in the ass18594.043.08
before oh I should have gone left is18601.046.48
that a candy bar what is that uhoh fl's18604.324.36
out come on stay lit flare stay lit just18608.685.76
a minute let me get over to this box if18612.43.318
I can get over to this box and find18614.444.08
another flare in the Box I bet oh oh my18615.7184.882
God I can't see oh God it's getting real18618.524.118
flare window18622.6383.562
out okay through the flare was I near18626.7987.242
that box18630.363.68
yes what is this emergency stem rifle18634.7185.122
ammo come on how about a flare extra18637.844.718
flare matches18639.845.24
okay all right we're going to have to18642.5585.16
whip this18645.082.638
out oh man that's a big old18652.084.558
okay back around18662.5587.562
here more coal that's18665.44.72
okay we go right18674.167.84
first nope okay there a18677.687.72
corpse okay I guess we're going18682.05.878
left trying to map this place in my head18685.45.68
as I go luckily I was born with a pretty18687.8784.962
solid sense of direction Direction so18691.084.04
yeah corpse should be right over18692.845.68
here the other side a sweet another18695.125.678
flare that's simple tools I got some of18698.523.8
those back at the house18700.7983.402
actually that didn't lead where I18702.325.28
thought maybe my sense of direction is18704.23.4
okay don't go near a bridge with a bear18711.484.92
you get all turned18714.286.598
around yeah that was a workbench18716.47.36
little beef jerky M new beef jerky I'm18723.766.118
eating it afternoon18727.685.72
snack man I might get 100% full here in18729.8786.68
a second oh man that's exciting let's18733.46.52
see oh I didn't bring my pry bar what's18736.5586.562
in here come on something good something18739.926.32
good nope that's crap I'm like uh I'd18743.125.56
say about 80 something per full hey18746.244.96
that's great from that wolf um yeah all18748.684.32
right how's your health doing uh health18751.24.24
is still low okay you well you need to18753.03.68
uh you probably need to do some more18755.443.4
sleeping get that Health up yep I'm18756.684.8
going to get some more water here and18758.845.0
take another nap I18761.485.96
guess okay Lantern is at half I don't18763.845.36
want to use all the lantern but good18767.445.0
news I picked up another flare okay left18769.24.4
right here's what we're going to do18772.443.518
we're going to put that down little18773.63.76
here this one okay confirm that's the18777.366.4
way we18781.42.36
came there we go got the18786.07.4
L uh o what's all this18789.687.0
then oh18793.43.28
wow this mine's a damn maze18796.925.4
nees you better leave some markers or18800.084.76
something I have been so kid I got come18802.325.96
on something good energy bar okay I'll18804.845.76
oh sweet hunting knife I haven't found a18812.324.0
hunting knife yet that's my first18815.243.92
hunting knife oh yeah oh and a chocolate18816.325.558
bar I'll take that hell yeah I've been18819.164.0
walking around with a knife since day18821.8784.362
one I think lucky you okay good God all18823.165.84
right I'm going to get lost all right18826.246.44
you down um wait I'll remember this room18829.06.638
so just want to make sure I remember the18832.685.958
didn't think I was going to go far today18849.165.16
here I go again all right should I check18851.086.798
take a peek up here up here I'll go this18854.325.558
way first all right I'm going to18857.8784.122
increase my speed a little bit this18859.8784.322
in I wonder if that dumps out the other18864.25.598
place okay so this is a dead end some18867.046.64
reclaimed wood take that18869.7983.882
okay I bet this wraps back around goes18879.324.68
back to the fence yep there's the fence18881.485.158
and my marker is right there okay so I18884.05.558
hav't been up here and to the18886.6385.92
okay oh I see some daylight mes yeah18897.247.44
yeah like another exit maybe yeah it's18901.05.718
another exit I wonder that's going going18904.683.68
to dump me all right couple containers18906.7184.402
here gloves I don't gloves good right18908.365.72
now nothing that was a Port-A-Potty18911.124.8
actually need to use the bathroom like18914.083.798
in real18915.926.76
life oh sweet Lantern fuel18917.8787.92
yes oo the game's being nice to me NES18922.686.16
sweet man okay let's see cloth can18925.7984.482
always use a little extra18928.844.48
cloth all right let's put this Lantern18930.286.04
up and let's see where the oh sweet18933.325.96
another flare thank you game where are18936.325.28
now I'm at a new region neebs called18946.924.798
Coastal Highway oh man I wish I was a18949.443.24
region I cannot leave here you getting18952.684.76
sick of Milton yeah you got to get out18954.9585.642
and explore I do and then what happens18957.445.32
well there pants attack my bear I know18960.64.64
well you went the direction of the18962.767.24
bear um oh wait going to bed hold on18965.246.8
good night wa is this the place I was at18970.04.638
in my first18972.042.598
run good night okay good night thank18975.9586.162
you all right don't want to get lost18980.083.878
don't want to get too far from the mine18982.124.32
where we at where we at oh a little18983.9585.522
trailer here perfect perfect perfect18986.446.64
perfect let me take a look18989.485.398
just want to take a quick peek oh let me18993.082.878
get on this18994.8785.042
rock yeah new area let's see what is18995.9586.722
there out there oh18999.926.6
wow that's of stuff19002.686.16
maybe can't tell if19006.524.92
this I don't think this is where I was19008.846.24
that one time I don't see a19011.443.64
lighthouse I do hear wolves so that's19015.124.92
good I don't see cuz yeah that place I19017.64.16
was at on my first run there was like a19020.043.838
ship out there in the water and I don't19021.764.32
see that oh I think I see a couple of19023.8784.202
more fishing19026.084.12
okay all right so now I have the choice19030.26.04
of do I push further into this place or19032.7187.542
do I go back to the safety of Thompson's19036.247.12
that way go back to the19060.367.198
mine yeah I've uh what is this is this19063.64.84
like a19067.5584.24
logging camp or something oh this is19068.445.0
neat oh is that a little house can I get19071.7983.16
there yeah I'm in a new area log19074.9588.802
sort okay heard of a log sort a log sort19078.7987.642
yeah well this I just found a log sort19083.764.48
oh sweet I got more spray paint it's19086.443.438
actually running low that's perfect oh19088.243.44
it's one of these nights oh you got one19089.8783.602
of those electrical nights going on19091.684.198
uhhuh this place is pretty out here at19093.483.92
night with all these lights on oh yeah19095.8783.84
no I love the way it looks all right19097.44.72
there's another little trailer there19099.7184.402
yeah man this place is great there's19102.123.678
like little fishing cabins all over the19104.124.72
place yeah oh and I think I see is that19105.7985.522
a house down there I think I see a cabin19108.843.878
on the lake down19111.323.84
there oh man I may have just discovered19112.7185.402
the damn jackpot oh well I see one two19115.166.16
three four wolves out there so I got19118.125.96
that to contend with this is cool though19121.326.36
a new area to explore I'm happy for you19124.085.558
I hope I get there one day I hope you do19127.684.76
too or some pants no I want you running19129.6384.362
around without pants for the rest of the19132.444.24
your run I think that's funny someone in19134.04.12
our community is going to draw that a19136.683.8
pantsless neees it's probably not the19138.123.91
first time19140.4810.2
okay come on come on give me a good19153.6384.92
cabin baby oh yeah this looks like a19156.05.16
cab there's a stove in here there's19158.5585.202
going to be a big stove and a workbench19161.165.36
and it's going to be perfect yeah yeah19163.765.64
nees yeah I'll probably still be here19166.524.84
cooking wolf meat and drinking water19169.45.6
with no pants for the rest of my life19171.364.48
you're going to have to get out19175.02.638
eventually that wolf meat's not going to19175.843.52
last for everybody you would think but19177.6383.722
they keep finding me yeah all right I19179.364.518
feel you on that one oh it's not a19181.365.438
cabin it's a series of19183.8786.282
cabins can I get inside them oh oh19186.7986.0
there's a workbench here hell yeah what19190.164.68
you going to make uh oh is that what I19192.7985.682
think it is oh 10 rounds of revolver19194.847.44
ammunition a look out oh I'm living here19198.486.158
now I got a workbench I got more19202.283.34
rounds let's see what's in these cabins19206.844.48
places to sleep got to be got to be19209.245.88
places to sleep yes19211.328.44
yes oo new lease on life nees19215.1214.62
fantastic oh that's that wolf you're19229.764.64
looking at a wolf okay I saw some birds19232.682.878
I was like is that something but I19234.42.64
remember I killed a wolf on the front19235.5583.882
porch yeah have you got all the meat out19237.045.48
of that wolf uh no I think I can get19239.446.198
more meat man there is a cabin on top of19242.527.08
this hill I don't did I go to that uh I19245.6385.202
don't know have you got into the hills19249.64.6
much no but like right beside Milton19250.847.2
there's a little frozen pond okay and I19254.25.88
don't feel like I've been to this place19258.043.72
somehow yeah man explore I mean that's19260.083.12
the thing this game hides stuff19261.763.72
everywhere it's not even hidden like how19263.25.358
did I not see this man I don't know your19265.485.68
vision flabber Gat me sometimes yeah hey19268.5584.522
consider yourself19271.164.52
lucky all right this there's no way I've19273.084.4
been here look at these19275.685.84
steps got steps yeah and the handrail19277.487.12
okay please tell me there's pants in19281.526.68
here no x on it no X out front nope oh19284.65.08
that's good oh there's a nice place to19288.24.16
sleep there you go this n there's some19289.685.4
good stuff in here there's a candy bars19292.364.278
oh yeah there you go a little bit of19295.083.52
food you need food don't you yep you19296.6384.882
were hungry boy bag in here come on19298.66.68
pants Quick Flame got some Quick Flame19301.525.68
let's see yeah I think I've rooted these19305.284.84
uh houses pretty well there's a lot of19307.24.32
wood around here though I'm tempted to19310.123.598
break some of it down to carry it with19311.523.72
me I'm kind of just waiting for it to be19313.7183.282
daytime um I do know there's some19315.244.718
fishing cabins out on this Lake and I'm19317.04.6
just kind of want to go check them see19319.9582.92
if there's any good stuff in them you19321.65.16
know yeah like fish um yeah fish would19322.8785.402
be good I could do a little fishing19326.765.32
tomorrow if uh yeah if it works how is19328.285.278
my food let's19332.083.96
see still caring man I should eat this19333.5585.08
meat before it gets too bad I'm doing19336.045.678
it that's what she said yep and now I'm19338.6384.762
not carrying as much meat on me so19341.7184.24
that'll uh you know the Wolves won't19343.44.6
smell me I don't think there's any pants19345.9584.722
in here man I'm looking everywhere no19348.05.12
pants for you nope look you're going to19350.684.198
find some one day and you're going to be19353.125.16
so excited if I'm alive yeah if you're19354.8784.962
alive it's going to be the best day ever19358.283.438
it be the pants day let's hope I make it19359.843.6
the pants day you're going to make it I19361.7183.142
believe in19363.444.92
you wow knes yeah man it really cleared19368.366.16
up for me here tonight it's a beautiful19371.7185.282
night like yeah I Can See For Miles out19374.525.68
here this is great man I should go check19377.04.558
these fishing cabs you know what yeah19380.22.8
I'm going to grab a torch temperature's19381.5584.122
pretty damn good I'm well clothed grab19383.05.4
my can torch yeah I'm going to run out19385.685.198
and check these uh these little cabins19388.44.72
on the lake why not I can't think of a19390.8783.962
reason do not want to get19394.844.64
lost what was19397.365.84
that heard that noise some sort of wild19399.485.92
bird maybe a seagull yeah watch out for19403.25.04
them seagull man the're rats with wings19405.44.318
there's some at the Burger King by my19408.243.0
house I swear to God they're completely19409.7182.84
different animal they're not seagulls19411.243.478
anymore they've morphed into this like19412.5583.842
fat blob of a bird I don't think they19414.7183.442
can fly anymore they're like something19416.44.36
between a seagull and a penguin right19418.164.718
yeah they're disgusting oh wait what I19420.765.798
got here a body I'm just walking around19422.8786.202
the middle of nowhere I found a body19426.5584.24
anything good in it probably me it's19429.083.638
probably one of those dreams you know oh19430.7984.562
a hat okay hey that's all right you got19432.7184.282
hats I'm pretty sure I'm already wearing19435.364.438
a hat I need19437.06.44
gloves like you need a bunch and19439.7985.84
pants I love that I can see my little19443.444.6
fire over at that camp from all the way19445.6384.08
over here hell's all that noise nothing19448.042.96
should be making that noise out here I19449.7182.722
don't see19451.05.32
anything wolf way over19452.446.278
there tell if that thing's moving or not19456.325.638
what am I looking at okay it all19458.7185.0
right what we got oh yes another19461.9583.042
cartridge so that's good anything in19465.05.28
here take that charcoal fishing spot I19467.484.078
might do some fishing19470.283.678
tomorrow that's good news print I can19471.5583.842
get some19473.9584.482
tender another revolver cartridge man19475.46.12
I'm oh God this is great no any more of19478.446.64
that all right no more fishing cabins19481.525.118
way uh so yeah we'll go back the way we19486.6384.522
came oh I wonder if there's anything at19489.683.68
the top of this hill I'm going to top of19491.164.44
hill are you running up that hill19495.8785.562
running up that hill oh wow19498.046.598
on a beach kind of nice Beach what's19501.446.0
this a cat how the hell did a cattail19504.6384.32
head get way out here did it just wash19507.443.6
up on this19508.9584.76
beach oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa19511.046.24
whoa woo what you doing ice is a little19513.7185.442
thin over there oh can you fall through19517.284.438
the ice it sounded like I was about to19519.164.28
fall through the ice and I saw a little19521.7183.92
uh icon come up that looked like hey you19523.443.76
might fall through that19525.6383.722
ice well that ruin your day yeah that19527.23.96
would absolutely ruin my day so we got19529.363.598
to be careful about19531.165.24
that what is this is this a19532.9586.282
container oh come on some food19536.46.28
maybe nothing puts a container out here19539.245.638
and leaves nothing in it oh those are19542.684.48
wolves those are wolves those are three19544.8784.442
wolves I don't have any meat on me so19547.163.92
maybe they won't smell me all right19549.327.76
I'm going to head back over here to Camp19551.088.52
oo oh man they hear19557.086.76
me F they heard me didn't they yep19559.66.8
making a lot of noise yep I got a buddy19563.844.24
that's okay cuz guess who just picked up19566.42.398
bullets I think I might lead him over to19568.7984.0
a campfire because I'm hungry for a19570.924.0
little wolf I don't see how wolves19572.7983.84
aren't extinct over there where you are19574.923.24
well I'm in a different region now now19576.6382.842
the region I came from they might be19578.165.12
damn extinct but not here oh yeah yeah19579.485.56
yeah you want to run over here buddy oh19583.284.278
I got something for you bring you over19585.045.24
here by my nice little fire are you19587.5584.282
carrying meat on you today no I don't19590.283.4
have any meat on me right now but I want19591.844.038
his meat I want his sweet wolf meat19593.683.6
temperature's good right now yeah come19595.8783.642
on come over here boy I thought you were19597.284.92
done eating wolf meat no I can still eat19599.524.438
a little bit I've been eating uh deer19602.23.96
meat and the uh candy bars for a while19603.9584.522
so I think I can have a little wolf meat19606.163.88
I think it'll be19608.484.2
okay wish I'd find a wild shrimp out19610.046.12
here you know a shrimp here I just like19612.686.64
shrimp your shrimp exist in cold19616.167.12
water prob not okay but if I can find19619.327.478
one all right I see the little shiny19623.286.24
Green in your eye come on come on come19626.7984.962
on come on come on right at19629.525.24
woo another wolf another wolf uh-oh saw19636.5585.762
some movement oh yeah is that your buddy19640.682.92
running off because she's a scared19642.323.44
little puss let's see oh and I got a19643.64.358
hunting knife now I think that actually19645.764.798
does that get oh yeah that's much better19647.9585.242
12 minutes let's get four pounds of meat19650.5584.922
temperature is dropping quick but that's19653.23.96
okay I can go start up I think my fire's19655.484.12
still going I hope my fire's still going19657.165.398
come on fire still going fire went19659.65.198
out oh19662.5584.922
uhhuh okay okay am I going to murder you19667.485.478
by the fire I'm going to murder you by19671.322.8
fire oh God come on what19674.126.92
happened he jumped out he got me a19678.8784.242
little M but uh I managed to stab him I19681.044.96
don't think he did any damage to19683.126.678
me okay campfire burned out can I start19686.06.08
a fire in this wind here19689.7987.802
uh-oh um uh-oh okay uh break that down19692.087.52
uh-oh temperature is dropping a little19697.65.56
bit right can I am I shielded19699.67.0
here well I'm pretty much where I19703.166.96
started okay uh I don't know if I can go19706.65.88
fur further did I try that already going19710.124.64
back past the gas station do I see19712.484.88
something over there nope just the gas19714.764.16
station you know what I should probably19717.364.56
stop here at my original house oh yeah19718.925.4
back at your original Place huh yep and19721.925.68
uh rest up eat yeah I'm going to do that19724.326.16
go for it all right let's see drink19727.65.88
drink a little water here M cooking some19730.485.84
wolf breakfast this ain't too bad of a a19733.485.158
morning I like this is all right this is19736.324.08
all right it's not even morning yet it's19738.6385.402
night time I'm having a good night19740.43.64
yeah Leeps I found some decent Trail19763.085.878
boots oh man yeah you know what I think19765.924.4
I've been wearing something stupid yet19768.9583.242
yeah I got these damn worn leather shoes19770.324.76
I'm wearing I'm going to drop those I'm19772.24.72
going to pop on yeah that'll be much19775.083.28
better for walking around these leather19776.923.68
shoes can off oh like I'm out here19778.364.96
tab dancing like a nut oh man tab19780.64.56
dancers are the nuttiest people aren't19783.323.36
they I19785.164.04
mean it's a it's a weird thing you know19786.684.6
I used to date a girl that was a clogger19789.23.92
uh-huh and uh yeah I went to a couple19791.283.8
clogging events and uh yeah it's like19793.124.438
tap dancing with fatter shoes it's19795.085.718
country T tap dancing yeah it was um it19797.5584.362
was something I broke up with her not19800.7982.442
too long after that oh really because of19801.923.718
the clogging all it's weird weird yeah19803.243.718
no I'm not going to any more clogging19805.6384.32
events right sorry I'm I'm a shallow19806.9586.0
oh come on Wolf meat I mean you19809.9585.282
know I'm pass time yeah let's eat some19812.9585.84
of that o Full Belly Full Belly Full19815.246.12
Belly okay little risk but I'm going to19818.7985.642
risk it for the full belly19821.366.198
biscuit okay19824.445.198
fantastic all right small risk of19827.5585.08
intestinal parasites I bet but if I look19829.6386.402
at my status oh yeah super small risk19832.6386.202
all right man what 4% I ain't even19836.044.2
worried I ain't worried about it getting19838.844.36
intestinal parasites from that you like19840.245.398
parasites don't mind them you know what19843.25.28
you know what I should do though NOP uh19845.6385.202
this wolf I should Harvest its19848.485.04
hide so I can19850.847.92
cure it's hide and make me a nice wolf19853.527.84
coat let's see yeah give me that hide19858.765.4
what is it 30 minutes I'll risk it19861.365.4
getting a little cold getting a lot cold19864.167.16
but that fire should stay warm and uh-oh19866.766.198
she started to19871.323.638
snow look like a blizzard might be19872.9585.122
coming in on my end oh yeah yep uhoh you19874.9584.722
going to Hung her down yeah I think I'm19878.083.96
going to have to but I got a full belly19879.683.958
I I got I can cook some water you know19882.043.04
what may as well cook some more water19883.6383.682
can't hurt right I think I got to get19885.084.478
rid of some stuff man got a lot of stuff19887.324.28
still yeah you know when you go out what19889.5584.122
I usually do is uh you know if I'm19891.63.72
planning an adventure I go all right19893.683.8
what's the most important thing to take19895.324.96
the problem is I'm a rambling man what19897.484.04
do you mean you've been in one damn town19900.282.438
this whole time yeah but you ain't19901.523.118
rambled at all okay but I have three19902.7183.24
houses in this one town tell me damn19904.6382.92
Rambling Man Ain rambling I've got the19905.9583.882
church uhhuh that's across the bridge19907.5583.482
yeah but that ain't far and then there's19909.843.36
a little work shed you ain't rambling I19911.044.04
don't know my stuff is spread out holy19913.23.76
that's a19915.084.0
okay water 16 minutes until my water's19921.68.64
boiled um oh boy oh boy oh19924.26.04
boy you coming over here buddy oh19930.9584.882
does he smell I don't have any meat on19933.9584.202
me still do I I ate all my wolf19935.846.32
meat yeah I didn't Harvest anymore buddy19938.166.638
you're going to need to19942.162.638
go yeah you know what19947.325.2
to get the door get the door get the19951.483.52
door open the19952.522.48
door NES I just shot a bear twice19956.286.16
holy I was just out trying to cook a19960.084.0
little water he's probably going to die19962.444.16
from that19964.082.52
right oh God this might be stupid I'm19967.164.92
leaving the19969.924.52
cabin what' you shoot him with a a19972.084.68
pistol yeah revolver okay so that might19974.444.48
not kill him huh you limping what are19976.763.798
you doing19978.923.56
you see him yeah he's walking away but19980.5583.602
he's walking funny like he's got a19982.483.158
bullet in his ass are you going to like19984.162.52
wait and see if he dies or going to19985.6383.32
shoot him again I Don't Want to Waste My19986.685.48
Bullets man I got 12 and there's so many19988.9584.522
around do want to get my water though19993.487.078
I'm going get my water oh he turned19996.686.4
around he's coming20000.5585.522
back what you going to do uh well I20003.084.96
might pop him20006.084.4
just made some coffee I'm think about20010.483.84
going out at night uh-huh20011.6385.682
okay open the door open the door open20018.25.64
the door did you hit him again I hope so20020.245.318
if I missed him with that good I mean20023.842.52
it's a20025.5584.442
bear Bear's not you know too hard to hit20026.366.48
cuz it's a bear CU they're big yeah yeah20030.05.0
I understand have you killed that bear20032.845.24
yet man I got bridge for all I know20035.06.08
maybe he's dead he's probably full on20038.084.84
pants his20041.085.0
pants no he's full on pants oh he's full20042.925.36
on pants yeah cuz he ate your pants oh20046.084.638
he he's got a belly full of neees pants20048.285.598
I hope he becomes my pants one day yeah20050.7184.202
wouldn't that be something all right20053.8783.362
going back20054.923.92
oo oh my God he's walking20058.847.68
away oh boy I hear multiple wolves okay20062.05.4
wolves how far away are you from are you20067.44.04
from from safety I got to go back to my20069.684.32
little house I'm never I'm I'm doomed to20071.443.92
my house20074.04.28
forever oh no it's a it's Aurora boralis20075.366.04
night okay oh no are they glowing maybe20078.284.88
yeah when I had that Aurora thing they20081.42.68
glowing yeah I should probably go back20084.084.878
home I tried to go out that was dumb I20086.244.478
don't know what I was thinking at night20088.9583.362
I mean yeah if you can go out at night20090.7182.92
when it's clear I've done it before just20092.322.8
did it not too long ago you know I had20093.6383.122
some coffee and I thought the weather20095.124.36
looks all right yeah and there's wolves20096.765.6
the way want to go crap you know what I20099.484.72
think I can go this other20102.364.0
way I'm going to go to my other house20104.24.72
with the dead wolf on the porch got you20106.365.56
I'm tempted to stalk this limping20108.927.48
bear see with another shot20111.926.2
maybe I thought it was going to be a20116.43.28
blizzard today but it's actually calmed20118.124.48
down oh did you turn around again oh you20119.684.8
really want it don't you buddy you20122.63.48
really want a bull another bullet to the20124.484.12
face how many bullets you going to20126.085.52
eat uh20128.66.32
uh what if I kill this bear I20131.65.6
can't what's it going to do for me other20134.923.6
than like I've killed the bear and he20137.23.88
won't stalk me20138.525.56
anymore oh boy my torches went out I20141.085.638
heard more20144.084.798
howling all right I got to put another20146.7184.762
one in his head is that no God damn it20148.8784.962
open the20151.482.36
door how's your wolf situation well I20155.8784.84
made it to my big house20158.64.44
and I'm just uh does my coffee like it20160.7183.84
will it just last forever or is it going20163.043.36
to get cold mean it'll get cold20164.5583.762
eventually it also go bad eventually20166.44.12
like everything else in this damn game20168.323.398
cuz I want to drink it but I don't want20170.523.118
to drink it unless I'm going to get to20171.7184.0
go outside with it20173.6384.482
right okay I think I've put four bullets20175.7184.962
in this bear I feel like I'm just20178.124.96
wasting bullets and time right I may20180.684.76
just uh I don't know all right tell you20183.085.478
what I'm going to break some down20185.444.56
improve my clothing and go to to bed20188.5582.852
hopefully the Bear's20190.04.889
gone all right let's check outside any20202.7186.802
Bear all right bear seems to have20206.46.0
buggered off but man I'm thirsty already20209.524.72
oh yeah I don't want to forget my20212.43.96
um that's that body over there all right20216.364.96
let's get out and check some of these20219.323.558
other fishing20221.323.638
cabins uh I need to drink a little20222.8784.722
something don't I may as well go ahead20224.9583.962
and kill this20227.63.958
soda I need to make some more water20228.925.68
tonight didn't make a bunch of tea I20231.5585.042
water check that one don't think I've20236.66.56
checked these two in the20240.22.96
distance wait is that a going right into20243.66.32
the wind I think I see a little cabin20247.085.52
out there on one of these Hills neebs oh20249.925.638
yeah yeah a new cabin maybe it looks20252.65.44
like a structure out there it's a long20255.5583.642
ways away20258.043.64
from Little comfortable area but I don't20259.25.758
have much there so I got my bed roll on20261.684.72
me yeah I'm going to travel and explore20264.9583.322
a little bit there you go you know what20266.44.6
this Wolf Pelt is 23% cured that takes a20268.285.16
while doesn't it um oh yeah big time20271.04.52
yeah any any pill you lay down like20273.445.04
takes days I'm going to take oh it's20275.525.278
snowy out20278.483.8
this game just keeps jamm you on the20280.7984.642
side doesn't it yep I can't seem to go20282.285.518
anywhere I'm just going to go you know20285.443.8
I'm temp to just go there with no pants20287.7983.92
and shoot that bear again oh that's a20289.244.04
that's a risk all right matches good I20291.7184.882
need those let's see come on something20293.286.08
good in this cover newspaper come20296.64.32
on something20299.363.96
good I can break that down for cloth20300.927.6
come on food damn it you lazy fishing20303.328.84
all right there oh there's a20308.526.48
structure on this hill too there's one20312.164.96
over there on that one and one on this20315.04.4
okay I'm going to check that these are20317.123.32
where those wolves were hanging out20319.42.72
earlier but I don't see them is this20320.444.118
where I live now is this home maybe20322.124.758
there's a a workbench and a forge and20324.5586.122
it's got everything I ever need and Ever20326.8783.802
Wanted oh my God you be he so mean to me20335.046.08
oh you so mean to20339.244.478
me damn20341.124.92
it this might be the worst cabin I've20343.7184.442
ever come across nebs you've some some20346.045.04
bad cabins too moldy salty crackers you20348.165.76
know what I'm eating them I'm20351.086.68
hungry uh yeah 600 calories they at 25%20353.925.24
oh God they eating in my water though20357.763.92
because they're salty ass20359.165.798
crackers what's your next step well I'm20361.685.36
just cooking a little water and you know20364.9585.0
what if the uh storm lets up I'm going20367.045.678
to make a run for somewhere it's still20369.9583.52
out where you going to make a run to you20373.4784.522
know like I don't know cuz I went that20376.04.32
way and I hit a mountain top and I saw a20378.05.878
radio C uh Tower I went that way and I20380.326.52
run into a bear I go that way there was20383.8785.282
the farm but nothing beyond that and20386.843.798
that I tried to go that way last night20389.163.88
and there was a you know Northern Lights20390.6385.282
and wolves gotcha so yeah you need to20393.044.438
head towards those man what's your20395.924.16
bullet situation20397.4784.562
well let's see I've20400.084.12
three you're getting low low on supplies20404.24.48
there buddy like I don't know where to20406.844.52
go if I get past that bear you know I20408.686.798
feel like oh there's still wolves20411.366.56
here yep they've learned where you20415.4786.24
live yeah this cabin was bunk oh wait oh20417.926.958
toilet water yes that actually works20421.7186.602
yeah take it all I need all that toilet20424.8786.442
yeah feels good to have all the water in20433.66.08
me temperature man I I am out here my20435.65.52
temperature is not even going down out20439.682.64
needes like I don't know if it's just20442.323.478
this region cuz it's well usually when20444.122.92
you're closer to the water I feel like20445.7983.522
it's colder but maybe because I'm like20447.044.758
lower in elevation the temperature out20449.325.478
here is great maybe you getting fat you20451.7984.802
all that insulation that's true I could20454.7985.202
just be chubbing up all right so oh I20456.65.958
think that's where I came in from right20460.05.08
over there cuz I went over to that camp20462.5585.762
I didn't explore right uh what do I see20465.085.878
oh I think I see another man this whole20468.325.398
place is littered with cabins that a yes20470.9584.442
that's a firearm cleaning kit I've20473.7182.92
actually been using my gun a lot20475.42.92
recently I need to clean20476.6384.32
it oh but now I got a risk of I'm20478.325.92
carrying too much fishing line20480.9584.68
don't need how about a little food how20484.244.0
about a candy bar you20485.6386.122
fisherman making me mad20488.248.36
neees yeah yeah all mad getting all20491.767.68
mad let see I am getting tired though20496.64.8
there's a good chance I set up in one of20499.444.72
these places oh this looks like a bigger20501.44.2
cabin this is this looks like it might20504.164.24
be a twostory20505.62.8
one okay cabin is a little smaller than20510.5583.882
I thought it would20513.25.0
be what a cute little tiny place though20514.446.118
where you at there20520.5586.762
you can I get where's it where entrance20523.845.84
to the cabin oh how do I get in this20527.324.8
cabin where do I oh20529.686.84
What's happen wolf got me again20537.246.318
yeah yeah but just oh God all right all20541.44.2
right all right where's it how do how do20543.5583.682
I get there we go damn it I went the20545.62.56
this sounding Reckless today I20549.922.92
can't see a20551.763.28
thing a man this20555.045.12
weather tell me about it all right put20557.7983.642
that down for a20560.163.44
second uh let's see what did he do to me20561.445.32
what did he do to me um blood loss okay20563.66.16
infection infection oh this ain't good20566.767.48
okay let's see let's use bandage oh20569.766.64
blood loss he bit my damn20574.244.36
head my head's bleeding you're going to20576.43.68
need that20578.65.24
let's use that oh he bit my left leg all20580.086.16
right not losing blood anymore so that's20583.844.92
good all right what else have I got okay20586.244.2
infection I need some20588.763.68
antiseptic yeah God I don't have much20590.445.198
antiseptic left oh W maple syrup has 85020592.445.358
calories that's pretty good that's20595.6384.562
feeling right there I'm eating Cattails20597.7985.122
until I need that well at least I found20600.24.56
some ketchup chips I'm eating those20602.924.68
those are a a reward for getting eaten20604.765.16
chewed on by a wolf20607.64.48
all right does this cabin have a stove20609.923.76
come on cabin give me a stove what do20612.083.68
you got here in this20613.685.4
kitchen stove that I can't use damn it20615.765.44
why can't you use it it's gas it's gas20619.084.478
powered okay and there is no gas or yeah20621.23.48
you know what I'm going to read a20631.63.68
chapter and then I'm going to go check20633.63.68
the weather and if it's storming I'm20635.283.08
going to come back and read another20637.283.48
hey not as20640.764.76
bad not as bad okay what do you think I20642.765.0
should do should I go south past the uh20645.525.16
Farmhouse go back towards the bear or20647.764.32
the wolves that I encountered last night20650.682.84
well with no pants yeah I would say20652.083.96
south towards the Farmhouse man cuz you20653.523.68
need to explore down there if you20656.043.678
haven't explored much that way okay cuz20657.24.48
going towards that bear just seems20659.7184.642
stupid well everything sounds stupid to20661.685.958
me okay yeah listen I'm exhausted and uh20664.365.438
I haven't looted this cabin yet but20667.6383.602
think I need to heal up oh wait do I20669.7983.282
have a herbal tea I think I made a20671.243.44
herbal tea I'm going to drink a nice20673.083.878
herbal tea and I'm going to get some20674.684.56
rest do you pronounce the h sometimes20676.9584.962
but not others herbal herbal hey I guess20679.245.96
I do oh wait nope put this out20681.925.72
first all right go to20685.24.518
bed okay weather is kind of cold should20689.7185.042
I drink my20693.123.64
coffee wonder if I should drink my20694.764.4
coffee maybe that'll keep me warmer20696.764.52
longer or I could stop in here warm up20699.163.28
for a20701.283.88
second let's do that let's run inside oh20702.443.76
that's a20705.163.08
wolf that is a20706.25.48
wolf I'll Circle this20708.245.92
way get in the house warm up see if20711.683.84
there's any food in there I can grab and20714.163.638
I'll head20715.524.438
south hopefully he won't smell me I20717.7984.322
don't have any meat on me this20719.9585.362
time okay here we20722.125.758
go oh he heard20725.326.44
me all right any food in here morning20727.8787.802
nees good morning abro cleaning my gun20731.767.958
I've uh sharpen my knives my Hatchet I'm20735.687.44
all healed up and uh yeah I may as well20739.7185.84
Loop this little cabin I'm in I found a20743.124.518
pair of driving gloves driving gloves20745.5583.842
yep that ain't bad they're in my old20747.6384.762
house your old house my Farmhouse oh20749.45.76
yeah yeah Farmhouse got you got20752.46.92
you just had a cup of coffee I see some20755.167.24
deer I could shoot the deer but I really20759.325.84
need to find another place you know yeah20762.44.96
what is this peanut butter man am I20765.163.96
having peanut butter for bre oh God damn20767.366.08
it 1% ruined peanut butter that is the20769.127.04
biggest kick in the breakfast dick I20773.446.88
might try to get my first rabbit do20776.164.16
it oh wow did you do it yeah I bounced20780.765.6
off the ground and got him hey really oh20784.163.478
nope he's running20786.364.438
now oh oh oh he was stunned he stunned20787.6385.642
him I should have moved in quicker I've20790.7983.882
never I've never actually done that you20793.284.72
bounced it off the ground yep okay20794.685.92
should I try again uh it's up to20798.05.04
you I'm probably getting distracted on20800.65.118
the the prize here do you know what's20803.043.48
prize oh that might have done it moving20806.526.278
in okay grab it I got it oh sorry Look20808.9586.642
Away folks uh-huh20812.7986.84
oh sorry okay it had be done but now20815.66.64
remember you got meat on you you're20819.6384.16
going to have a stink about you oh20822.244.36
that's right that's right but you can20823.7984.882
also use that rabbit as a decoy so if20826.64.278
wolves are coming at you you can drop20828.684.0
that little if you hit20830.8784.362
space yep like uh I think there there20832.684.68
should be an icon there for like drop20835.244.638
your decoy drop your decoy yeah man I20837.365.358
got turned around with that rabbit crap20839.8786.402
um the farm this way hey dear yep20842.7185.442
there's the farm never mind you're good20846.284.438
I got rabbit20848.162.558
D I'm I'm as fast as the deer is yeah20851.4784.642
God this this cabin was just as shitty20854.043.438
as the other20856.124.04
one nothing here but toilet water oh20857.4785.282
yeah yeah all right I'm leaving this20860.166.318
house let's see any God wolf wolf you20862.766.198
still out here oh man visibility is gone20866.4785.08
to I don't want to get out in this20868.9583.84
I can't get out in this I don't know20871.5584.282
where the hell I am oh wait here's20872.7986.602
something looks like a climbing rope20875.847.92
it goes down abso oh really20879.47.318
yeah okay this is new for20883.765.32
me so I'm looking20886.7186.402
out heavy got a lot of stuff on20889.087.478
me man I don't see nothing out20893.127.04
here nothing but20896.5583.602
death it's just there's nothing for me20901.366.358
down there I mean h you don't know that20904.325.318
but like maybe a cave at the bottom or20907.7184.802
something I mean uh who20909.6384.92
knows this might be where I climb down20912.524.6
to die are you going to try to climb20914.5584.442
down I mean what else would I do I don't20917.124.32
know what's your stamina is it good uh20919.04.638
where's stamina what's your eyeball well20921.444.6
now just keeping keep in mind once you20923.6383.84
start climbing down you're going to have20926.042.96
a stamina meter that'll tell you how20927.4783.442
long you can last eyeballs halfway but20929.03.68
it also chws into your eyeball so yeah20930.923.16
you could do it but you just got to you20932.683.48
know also got to keep in mind do you20934.084.6
want to climb back up so do you are are20936.164.558
you prepared enough to go down there you20938.684.118
see my options right there's bear20940.7184.402
there's Frozen all right go for it man20942.7983.76
nothing I mean there's nothing I don't20945.125.838
know what to do well try20946.5584.4
okay here we go two encumbered fantastic20954.447.76
oh you heavy yep I would recommend like20958.9585.76
maybe marking that area going back to20962.24.32
your Farmhouse and preparing for that20964.7185.322
Journey okay20966.528.8
here there charcoal Let's uh survey the20970.045.28
area man I was hoping there'd be a20976.04.558
Walmart over20977.9582.6
oh God oh God oh God20984.447.24
you damn wolf attack immediately20988.64.44
another wol son of a20991.684.038
there's a wolf over here between20993.043.838
where I need to20995.7185.122
go Cabin cab C Cab20996.8786.6
C oh God damn it yeah I think I I made21000.846.0
it to the cabin this is one of them21003.4785.882
days so there's a wolf that killed the21006.844.0
other deal that was that was racing21009.363.4
earlier okay and he's chewing on it I21010.843.0
kind of want to go that way I should21012.762.48
probably go around him21013.843.638
though I'm going to go around I got to21015.245.2
keep on bullets man yeah if you only got21017.4789.122
three I got three yeah septic use it on21020.449.76
that all right you got damn animals I'm21026.65.878
might have to take care of a21030.25.72
couple where they21032.4783.442
at oh God damn21039.6385.442
it how many times you're going to get21043.164.36
bit by wol a whole damn Bunch God he was21045.084.68
right outside the door oh no21047.524.0
that suck all right got to get in oh21049.764.44
that really hurt son of a that21051.526.24
really hurt all right bandage blood loss21054.27.16
you all right yeah I think I21057.767.038
could I'll be okay let's see21061.363.438
antiseptic damn it okay what do I got I21065.686.198
don't have any more bandages do I uh21068.286.24
cloth cloth cloth cloth there's got to21071.8786.042
be yeah here we go oh wait I probably21074.526.0
yeah come on break these21077.924.84
down dear I wouldn't go that way there's21080.525.16
a wolf I mean okay just don't don't turn21082.766.878
left some bandages21085.686.798
curtains they don't listen abro I know21089.6384.962
they don't well maybe actually turned21092.4783.922
back it might be all right God man now21094.63.118
I'm bleeding all over the place with21096.43.238
this one God look at all this pain I'm21097.7184.362
in damn21099.6385.0
it that treatment did not do anything21102.083.84
what's the point of a painkiller if you21104.6382.882
can't use it on the pain I'll take it21105.923.638
back get your money back let's see got21107.523.72
the receipt brain risk I can use a21109.5584.122
bandage all right pain I took the damn21111.244.44
painkillers I made it to the Farmhouse21113.684.08
treat it or let it heal okay you know21115.683.72
what it's it's just pain I'm just going21117.764.28
to have to deal with it causing blurred21119.44.52
vision or discomfort okay I can deal21122.043.598
with blurred vision and discomfort21123.923.84
sprain RIS use a21125.6384.362
bandage I'm going take all these torches21127.764.32
off the floor and I'm going to use them21130.06.12
as fuel for my fire is that a good idea21132.085.68
I don't know how long those will burn21136.123.28
but you can try I can break them down21137.763.28
though huh I think you can break them21139.43.398
down and get a stick all right if I can21141.044.438
start this fire I'm going to cook rabbit21142.7986.202
I'm going to cook deer I'm going to get21145.4786.24
full sounds good man and then I don't21149.04.2
know where I'm going to go I guess I'm21151.7183.0
going to have to sleep until the Wolves21153.25.358
off eating some milk and I guess21154.7186.0
I'm going to hobble my dumb ass upstairs21158.5584.482
and go to bed hope the Wolves aren't out21160.7185.722
tonight they will be good night godamn21163.045.35
it good21166.448.199
night see nees you ever run across uh21176.846.44
old man beards lyan l i c h en how would21179.685.32
you pronounce that word you know what I21183.284.08
just looked at my map and there's one21185.05.28
near me too yeah if you get three of21187.365.04
them let's see I got three of them right21190.285.24
now think you can make let me get over21192.44.8
here by my fire so I won't get jumped by21195.525.84
a wolf but I think you can craft yeah21197.27.84
old man's beard wound dressing so since21201.366.198
I'm running out of antiseptic if I have21205.045.518
a wound this will uh you21207.5585.4
know this will apply an antiseptic to21210.5585.08
that wound oh really so yeah when I get21212.9585.162
bit by a wolf again you know I don't21215.6385.122
have to use my antiseptic21218.1211.51
gotcha are sneaky on this mountain I21230.365.04
don't like them see some circling birds21232.65.16
not far from my little cabin is said21235.45.52
that wolf Quest daab great would that be21237.764.4
great more circling21242.165.92
Birds only has oh what are you21245.125.518
doing get T by wolf again trying not to21248.085.28
heard one spinon has less calories than21250.6383.602
syrup really yeah that's it's 321254.248.04
and uh actually this one has 44021259.05.92
calories I'm just going to fill21262.285.8
up all right Wolfie man tell you what21264.925.798
I'm about to get some damn21268.084.96
Revenge where you at I can't see him21270.7184.042
over this hill that's why I keep21273.043.32
with me all right I got a fire now21274.763.16
though so I know you're not going to21276.364.32
approach that are you21277.926.44
dummy man see I'm carrying gut on me21280.686.76
that's why he keeps following21284.363.08
me I'm going to go back out cuz I got21288.846.84
two rabbits on the stove go out take a21292.166.318
look okay sounds good I'm going shoot21295.684.798
face did I miss like I was right on him21300.4788.0
oh yeah he's yelling is he bleeding he21304.66.56
bleeding I don't see any blood all right21308.4784.32
you know what this might be my best21311.163.638
opportunity to get the out of here21312.7983.442
I'm going to head over to that fishing21314.7984.242
cabin all right get my21316.245.04
cans take a21319.044.598
torch let's go all right let's get the21321.283.96
out of21323.6384.362
here weather is clearing up a little bit21325.244.8
oh wait can I get down here Shimmy21328.04.76
Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy21330.046.64
Shimmy okay come on oo all right back on21332.765.32
the ice come on weather I really need21336.682.52
you to clear21338.083.84
up went back out tried to see if I can21339.25.08
go a little bit kind of Southwest just21341.925.798
mountains just nothing just run into a21344.285.358
wall everywhere I turn man yeah that21347.7185.202
happens sometimes circling birds not too21349.6385.962
far from this new cabin oh it kind of21352.924.718
looks like the other cabin oh man maybe21355.64.84
there's a stove in this one though what21357.6386.042
are we circling oh God is that that's a21360.446.198
deer carcass that's ravage two lounds of21363.686.24
meat it's better than nothing 10 minutes21366.6385.802
with that might as well Harvest a little21369.925.4
bit of meat it's getting dark so I can21372.446.84
make a fire this evening cook a little21375.325.76
meat all21379.284.92
right get some21381.085.798
sticks all right what is21384.25.16
huh you found21389.365.08
some yeah I just found like a couple of21391.64.958
houses but almost looks like a little21394.444.038
village there's mailboxes here anything21396.5583.762
in them no21398.4784.362
huh just didn't expect mailboxes one of21400.324.2
these houses is burnt completely to the21402.844.32
ground okay okay so yeah I guess there21404.524.76
isn't much here there's like one little21407.164.76
cabin and then another bigger cabin21409.286.48
check the little cabin first oh God21411.927.16
yep it's getting dark though let's21415.766.24
see all right anything in here some more21419.085.12
boots good newspaper who keeps newspaper21424.26.08
in a goddamn21427.283.0
cabinet got a little bit of food from21434.8783.76
this little21437.124.438
cabin actually that cabin had an21438.6386.92
upstairs but okay no man that's a21441.5585.882
magical cabin I was just in that cabin21445.5583.842
that's much bigger inside than what it21447.443.76
looks like on the outside oh yeah that's21449.44.36
ridiculous Tardis cabin yeah something21451.24.16
like that like I just stepped inside of21453.763.84
Mary popp's21455.364.96
Pur all right but this place oh yeah21457.65.878
this place is going to be good yeah nice21460.324.96
big inside it's going be a mansion21463.4783.962
inside there are a bunch of books in21465.284.88
this uh little Farmhouse ones you can21467.444.6
read uh no but I can at least burn them21470.163.96
huh oh yeah no they'll they'll add fuel21472.044.438
to the fire so yeah maybe I'll uh I'll21474.124.64
start a fire and I'll read some more of21476.4785.682
my book let's see start a fire damn it21478.766.68
not one of these cabins has just a stove21482.165.0
all I ever want it was just a stove I21485.443.92
use guess I'll drink a21490.084.638
soda yeah who's living in these cabins I21492.325.76
wonder I don't know21494.7186.0
stove let's see damn it I'm overweight21498.083.878
I'm starting to get heavy cuz I'm21500.7183.562
carrying too much around H yeah I21501.9584.082
got a lot of food on me don't I which is21504.283.438
actually it's a it's a great thing great21506.044.0
problem to21507.7182.322
have let's see all right I need to do a21510.283.88
little uh weight21512.683.84
management um what time is it's getting21514.163.76
late isn't21516.523.358
it all right you know what I'm going to21517.924.0
build a fire outside I'm going to cook21519.8784.6
some of this uh deer I21521.924.52
harvested and I guess I'll hang out here21524.4785.202
for the night okay that's uh yep that's21526.446.92
my plan and I'm sticking to it good21529.683.68
what the was21556.765.28
that what the oh God Daves yeah21558.47.12
bear be bear oh no my health was21562.046.2
down what the I oh I'm trying I'm21565.525.48
try I can't you know you know what21568.248.88
happens no no oh God I hope21571.06.12
I trying to play that it works for21577.8787.962
me don't let him make your21582.03.84
pants AB oh my God oh my God how am I21587.67.24
still alive how the I was so low on21591.9586.52
help that's my help where's the bear21594.846.878
Bear's right in front of me get moving21598.4786.362
back away get inside I was just trying21601.7187.362
to prepare some mushrooms holy21604.844.24
yeah what a day it has been for me21611.168.84
see do I have any bandages don't21617.284.96
have any bandages crafting bandage21620.03.718
bandage bandage let's craft some21622.243.52
bandages how's my health my Health's21623.7185.362
going down very quickly cuz I'm bleeding21625.765.08
okay bage bandage bandage21629.085.798
bandage left foot blood lost use come on21630.844.92
God heal blood loss21635.765.76
okay that same bear from earlier21638.7183.84
he found21641.524.56
me you and I got a bear problem I got a21642.5586.122
real bear Pro I got a health problem now21646.083.878
all right did he do anything else to me21648.683.798
what am I doing infection risk okay hey21649.9584.482
I'm going to try to use my uh beard21652.4785.522
wound dressing on the bear bite and did21654.444.96
work all right yeah it did okay that's21659.45.478
good these matches I'll take21662.327.0
matches okay well oh I want to go21664.8785.802
out there and get that venison that was21669.325.158
on that fire do it real quick real21670.686.36
quick real21674.4786.202
quick did it burn did it burn burnt21677.045.48
my damn21680.686.16
meat my health is bad oh my match just21682.526.038
went out okay okay look I got to take a21686.844.718
nap um you going to be okay uh I think21688.5586.202
I'm okay I'm going in here and yeah I'm21691.5585.802
just going to have to go to bed and God21694.764.038
yeah I can't leave for like a day my21697.364.358
Health's almost all the way down21698.7984.84
well get some rest God I thought I21701.7183.122
thought I was dead cuz my health was21703.6383.0
already at half I guess my clothing oh21704.843.92
my God my clothing what are we looking21706.6384.682
at here 35 okay yeah he tore some21708.766.08
up 95 98 that's good pants he did not21711.326.36
eat my pants luckily got a little Dam21714.845.718
though so yeah I'm staying inside21717.687.24
I'm uh yeah just repairing clothing and21720.5586.642
getting my health up all right I'm going21724.926.24
to bed good night good night me21727.26.56
okay we're going to go outside hopefully21749.04.478
bear okay Okay temperature is not21756.166.36
bad all right yeah let's get the21760.323.238
out of21762.524.6
here let's get the out of here I21763.5585.522
got food I got21767.124.96
water let's21769.085.878
see no bears today you know what if I do21772.084.718
see one I'll drop a decoy I think I got21774.9583.322
a little gun on me that son of a21776.7985.362
can have it all right this is the road21778.286.518
where do you go I'm so tempted to21782.165.638
explore that way but21784.7983.0
also got the Bears that way so you know21788.246.12
what I'm going back oh it's21790.927.16
cold cold day Baby it's cold today I'm21794.365.0
going to drink this coffee I'm going to21798.082.96
drink this coffee and I'm going to head21799.364.08
right back past the wolf head back past21801.044.758
the Wolves uh it's not warming me up21803.444.358
that's not warming me21805.7985.362
oh man is this wolf still21807.7983.362
here I'm just tired of being in this21811.246.04
house man I get it all right no no no no21813.46.92
no no no yep that's a wolf Dr my decoy21817.284.76
there you go fresh gut look at that21820.323.88
fresh gut oh God no he's coming right at21822.044.96
me is he gut look at that gut look at21824.24.88
that gut buddy I'm just going to lead21827.03.2
you to the gut and I'm going to run21829.083.478
right past you better pull this up with21830.25.4
Cas gut look at that gut look at that21832.5585.482
gut why you looking at the gut21835.66.92
you you and your wolf21838.044.48
Mom I don't want to waste any more21842.6384.442
bullets but I'm going to have two needs21844.9584.442
have you ever dropped gut and it worked21847.083.76
come on come on come on come on right at21849.45.52
me God damn it abro what is up with you21850.846.038
lately I don't know I I keep waiting for21854.923.4
him to get close all right he's just a21856.8783.0
little blood loss that's okay I got a21858.323.76
bandage Hey listen I know you're hurt21859.8784.0
right now but I'm getting ready to climb21862.086.04
this rope so just go for it huh uh yeah21863.8787.642
go good luck maybe I'll eat a chocolate21868.125.72
bar oh wait it's moldy oops too late21871.524.76
already eating21873.842.44
it okay here I go all right good luck21876.66.0
why are you looking at me no no no come21880.4784.48
on yeah that's right yeah you see this21882.63.878
gun yeah you know what it's about don't21884.9584.202
you yeah you starting to learn21886.4784.48
it's pretty high up21889.164.44
here is there could I I could jump off21890.9584.802
on this ledge if I wanted to huh I don't21893.64.32
know I don't want to but I'm saying if I21895.764.798
was tired I was climbing up21897.924.76
maybe there's no way there's anything21900.5584.24
good down here how's your stamina I21902.684.958
think it's oh yeah it's good I got21904.7986.122
coffee in me too okay now I'm on a Ledge21907.6385.362
oh so you're already down um the first21910.924.558
part of it oh wow so there's multiple21913.03.878
Parts there's multiple there's a lot21915.4783.802
going on21916.8782.402
here all right I don't see anything on21919.6385.122
this ledge I'm going to the next Road oh21922.364.48
cave so there is something yeah the21924.765.32
first rope leads to a cave okay here we21926.846.44
go are there usually bears in these21930.086.04
caves maybe I don't see21933.286.278
one may I should get my gun out in case21936.125.72
what is that that's just21939.5585.602
wood seeder fire please tell me oh21941.844.638
that's good that's good firewood there's21945.163.84
more than just wood in here though right21946.4785.48
is that it just21949.07.0
wood is this something just21951.9588.082
rocks abro yeah there's just wood in21956.08.08
here okay oh wow wait is this God damn21960.047.24
it why do you guys insist on just21964.085.92
ruining my day yeah you know what this21967.286.598
is you see this gun two of you I got to21970.06.76
go back to that cave freezing start a21973.8785.042
fire yeah you said you just got firewood21976.763.878
I know come21978.925.12
on come on dude you see this gun is that21980.6385.24
a gas station over there that's a gas21984.044.28
station holy DB I found a gas21985.8785.68
station yeah new gas station stay off21988.325.6
I'm looking at you coastal town oh wow I21991.5584.802
think I just found a coastal town a21993.925.038
coastal town maybe coastal town site21996.364.16
that's where I wish I was holy look21998.9583.962
at this place this place looks awesome22000.524.8
uh God all right all right come on stay22002.924.12
away wolf stay away wolf I'm just going22005.326.6
to get inside this place yes22007.044.88
wo oh yeah a gas station with lots of22012.4785.522
oh I'm living here for a couple days22018.04.08
how's your fire I mean your gas station22020.243.638
sounds better than what I'm doing but22022.085.24
yeah fire was a success okay got 1622023.8785.522
minutes on it I'm getting warmer now put22027.324.12
some of that cedar wood on that oh yeah22029.44.318
good idea Cedar Fire robbed this cash22031.445.0
register anything good nothing someone22033.7185.642
took all the22036.442.92
money all right I'm going to grab a22043.7185.202
torch out of this22046.45.84
fire here we go and I'm going for that22048.924.958
rope actually I'm going to extinguish22053.8784.242
this torch oh I threw it I got to22055.924.0
remember that's the wrong button there22058.125.04
we go okay22059.925.44
extinguish I can pull it out if I need22063.165.88
to all right second rope it's really22065.367.32
cold don't fall going22069.046.758
down okay from here I don't see any22072.684.6
threats I just see a bunch just sticks22075.7982.042
on the22077.282.48
ground and maybe there's a cave that I22079.764.48
couldn't see from the22081.924.76
top but man looking at it from up there22084.244.84
there was nothing down here there's no22086.684.118
way this was a good22089.085.478
idea it might it might not be but I22090.7985.322
don't know what choice you got go the22094.5583.042
direction of the bear or the direction22096.122.92
of not the bear well I think I'm going22097.63.68
to freeze down here you can always make22099.044.678
a fire just keep enough sticks on22101.286.198
you get a fire and I might run out of22103.7185.282
food might might be able to catch a22107.4783.572
rabbit or22109.04.52
something down some22113.523.92
Cattails oh there's a truck at the22115.524.32
bottom of the cliff there's a waterfall22117.444.4
and there's a truck at the bottom that's22119.843.84
cool let me get in here and see what's22121.845.08
going on man did they drive off of22123.686.56
that I don't see how you would park this22126.926.44
way oh and he had a wagon or22130.247.28
something yeah nothing on the wagon I he22133.366.518
was hauling those two rocks right22137.526.198
there so can I get in here22139.8787.6
yep okay wait are you in a vehicle yeah22143.7186.362
can you do me a favor22147.4785.602
sure uh hold space bar ooh fleece22150.085.16
mittens oh that's good hold space bar I22153.083.44
saw a comment where they say we could22155.243.558
actually sleep in the cars okay but I22156.523.56
don't know where it is but apparently22158.7983.962
it's somewhere in that radio wheel22160.084.0
select the bed roll while I'm in here it22162.762.6
shouldn't be the bed roll hold on let me22164.084.398
get in this car says rest % let's see22165.364.76
what space bar is there a rest22168.4784.802
navigation are you holding a bed roll I22170.125.518
have a bed roll can't try22173.284.0
rest oh yeah you can't sleep in the damn22177.284.64
car well that's pretty cool that is cool22180.03.2
but what if I didn't have a bed roll on22181.924.36
me uh maybe you can't well what22183.25.438
sense would that make I mean it's like22186.284.0
having a pillow or something yeah but22188.6383.802
you you remember that um that thing I22190.284.08
got into that I couldn't rest in when22192.443.438
you bu that little shelter that snow22194.362.96
shelter apparently could have rested in22195.8783.042
it well you didn't have a bed roll did22197.325.318
you uh I didn't but yeah so I guess22198.925.24
that's the next test yeah you know what22202.6382.92
I'm going to do a little science right22204.163.24
now no22205.5584.92
wolves I hear wolves I don't see wolf22207.45.36
all right so let's see maybe this is22210.4784.16
where I live in this truck22212.764.36
now yeah I'll just sit out here on the22214.6384.522
pond I'll try to kill rabbits and sleep22217.123.758
in that truck I'm going to get rid of my22219.163.76
bed roll don't have my bed roll getting22220.8784.482
into the vehicle hold space bar then I22222.924.558
go to uh22225.363.438
yeah I could absolutely sleep in here22227.4784.442
without the bed roll God damn22228.7986.962
it time y you live and you22231.923.84
learn where22237.683.44
where where the was he oh there he22244.66.44
is yeah mhm you know it would be real22248.165.16
good tonight A Little Wolf22251.044.56
meat actually you know what nope not22253.323.68
even I'm not even going to do I'm not22255.62.64
even going to deal with you I'm done22257.03.0
done with your ass today uh my22258.243.76
temperature is pretty low you might want22260.04.4
to consider Building A Fire somewhere22262.03.84
yep you know what I'm going to go back22264.42.72
to that truck I'm going build a fire22265.843.68
right next to it you think if I the fire22267.123.518
is next to the truck and I'm in the22269.523.16
truck it'll keep me warm uh that's a22270.6385.0
gamble we're going to22272.682.958
see here we go look at that I'm all the22282.6387.122
way warm I'm really hungry though oh boy22286.246.52
I didn't eat my syrup yet did22289.764.52
okay yeah was great I just took a 2hour22294.284.198
nap got all the way warm I got a little22296.8785.042
bit of energy I got to eat my syrup I22298.4786.602
got to I got some Cattails though let's22301.927.44
do it that should fill me up22305.087.84
good H almost half tell you what let's22309.365.92
grab a22312.924.48
torch and my gut tells me there's22315.284.4
nothing here like I should just climb22317.44.2
back up22319.685.278
there I have thr you around yeah I'm22321.65.72
around I'm just uh trying to organize22324.9584.282
some resources what is this a note22327.324.318
anything good blah blah blah blah blah22329.245.04
blah blah nothing wow what's what's22331.6384.282
going on with you man I just really hate22334.284.76
where I'm at it's uh I feel like I'm22335.925.878
just in a frozen River and there's no22339.044.88
anywhere like am I wasting my time man I22343.924.84
don't know I sometimes is what you got22346.9582.92
to do in this game you just got to get22348.762.48
out and explore that's how you find22349.8782.92
things like from the top of the cliff22351.245.638
overlooking this area I saw nothing well22352.7986.76
just keep exploring I guess I don't know22356.8784.362
I mean look at me sometimes I would just22359.5583.722
go out to to nothing but have you ever22361.244.36
stood on a cliff and could see all the22363.284.24
land in front of you and saw nothing but22365.63.92
Frozen nothing and thought that's where22367.524.84
I'm going to go no I can't say I've done22369.524.84
that so that's what I'm doing right now22372.364.438
okay well good luck like I shouldn't be22374.365.358
doing this right maybe man I mean that's22376.7984.482
the thing is like you might discover22379.7183.402
something you know I'm sure it's a22381.283.32
mountainous region right CU there might22383.123.88
be something behind a rock okay you22384.65.6
don't know someone do pushing forward22387.05.2
all right let's see if I man what is my22390.25.08
health should I do this get a wolf I22392.25.438
want another wolf22395.285.88
hide we got a22397.6383.522
little what the hell is that the damn22401.326.92
moose n moose I see a22405.165.44
moose never seen a moose out here never22408.243.68
seen a moose22410.63.92
either there's a damn moose over here22411.925.0
there's another cabin over there yeah22414.524.16
I lucked upon like yeah just a22416.924.52
little mountain22418.682.76
town okay should go out and get some of22423.085.16
these cabins I really want to get a wolf22426.124.758
hide though which is stupid but yeah22428.244.92
look at this22430.8784.402
moose my22433.163.76
is a majestic22436.922.92
creature oh oh22442.846.28
okay oh no moose is not friendly22446.045.48
moose is not friendly sh22449.125.08
you Chas my moose Chas my22451.526.198
moose what the okay yeah he charged22454.27.32
me oh okay don't mess with a moose huh22457.7185.92
tip if you see a moose do not go near22461.527.4
moose holy that was22463.6385.282
terrifying now I got to deal with is me22469.086.96
is me plural from moose me yeah mooses22472.446.4
no me is plural from hey I found half of22476.045.8
a cabin half of a cabin are those wolves22478.845.0
over there and I found a22481.844.118
deer uh you know what there's a little22483.843.798
bit of meat here but I'm going to leave22485.9583.362
that in case this uh yeah how is your22487.6383.722
temperature going down quicker not quick22489.326.6
no okay but maybe this cabin has there's22491.367.4
rabbit I think those are rabbits okay22495.925.638
you got a cabin yeah but it's like half22498.764.718
a cabin half a cabin like maybe there's22501.5584.24
something in it man I still forgot to22503.4784.16
put my mittens on maybe there's half22505.7984.76
resources yeah let's try it anything in22507.6387.602
this cils else soda I'll take a22510.5584.682
soda oh there a firewood bin what's in22516.126.32
here I think firewood yep firewood that22519.324.318
makes sense22522.445.24
right rose hips okay so in this cabin oh22523.6386.442
look at this little tiny okay now I22527.683.64
could make this22530.084.798
work there's a little tiny stove beef22531.326.04
jerky uh I'm never going to use that I'm22534.8785.242
going be dead before I get to that point22537.365.96
um oh orange soda you say that but man22540.125.12
we' we've lasted much longer than I22543.324.44
think anyone has expected us to yeah22545.244.16
well you know what this was a good find22547.764.28
found peaches two cans of peaches hell22549.43.88
yeah there you go see you found22552.042.838
something yeah I could probably live in22553.285.88
here for a couple what's this first aid22554.8784.282
kit I've already got some disinfectant I22562.43.558
probably don't need to be caring22565.043.96
anything else yeah well until you don't22565.9585.162
I found that out the hard way okay well22569.04.84
this is my base camp for today right22571.126.2
here um there's a deer over there you22573.844.84
know what I should probably go Harvest22577.324.398
that while I can before a storm BR blows22578.685.76
in and maybe I can kill them22581.7184.802
rabbits all right I'm going to I'm going22584.444.64
to harvest this deer over here do it22586.524.438
might want to build a fire beside it22589.085.92
okay it's not that cold right now22590.9585.962
really finding some pretty good22595.06.36
resources here this little guy scared to22596.927.558
go back outside though because of the22601.366.118
all right I got my bed set up by the22628.084.96
um wind is still22633.045.4
kicking yeah it's two arrows down over22636.045.32
here and I got Peach22638.442.92
boost but by the fire you're warm I22641.43.6
guess what you need22643.63.6
you're still out in the elements aren't22647.23.678
you yeah but when I'm in here I feel22648.4783.682
pretty good all right but you got to22650.8783.122
keep that fire rocking because what if a22652.165.84
blizzard comes along yeah like I mean I22654.05.2
don't know if I'm protected from the22658.03.24
wind in here and like this can go out I22659.23.598
do have some wood stored and I think I22661.243.36
got wood back22662.7984.322
here get all the wood you can oh wait no22664.65.118
I took all that wood maybe I should just22667.124.758
gather wood while I can it wouldn't be a22669.7184.84
bad idea because yeah yeah I can make22671.8785.362
some coffee hell yeah man nees I'm set22674.5584.522
up for a minute I got a good chunk of22677.246.16
food I'm making coffee and water okayo22679.085.36
all right I'm going to live in this22683.43.96
little town for at least a few days man22684.445.24
if I could get another wolf though yeah22687.364.8
I'm going to make that22689.686.36
hide be wearing wolf ass I'm jelly man I22692.165.84
wish I had some wolf22696.044.0
pants maybe I can get another piece of22698.04.798
meat off this deer before I go to bed22700.045.28
there you go see if I put this herbal te22702.7984.76
the side there this oh yeah it actually22705.324.72
works for a fire Barrel too put some22707.5583.962
herbal tea next to the fire barrel and22710.043.48
I'm warming it up just sitting next to22711.526.76
it yeah poot this Prim22713.527.198
there feels good to be in a cozy spot22718.285.56
for a minute like my pass yeah like22720.7185.16
those cabins were cool but they didn't22723.843.28
have a stove in them they didn't have a22725.8783.202
workbench so they were useless long term22727.123.92
but this this is a pretty cool place22729.084.878
long term long term ain't it like a day22731.045.48
uh at least a few I got enough food to22733.9583.68
last a few and there's still a couple22736.523.358
cabin around me I haven't searched I'm22737.6383.642
opening they got food and water in them22739.8782.882
I still haven't there's a gas station22741.283.84
next to me with soda still all in it22742.765.32
okay you sound like you said it's it's a22745.124.12
Comfort but it is nice for a minute cuz22749.245.28
I did get attacked by a bear earlier and22752.044.16
the bear is still out there the bear is22754.523.0
still out there even though I probably22756.23.518
put three bullets in it fat son of a22757.524.4
you think three bullets to the22759.7183.602
face of a bear ought to do them in22761.923.638
eventually right depends on the gun but22763.323.8
still he would die from the wounds22765.5583.482
eventually right or at least he have22767.124.04
trouble seeing you yeah internal22769.046.598
bleeding would get him but22771.164.478
no all right got my health back up let's22785.245.16
see I'm going to go and explore this22788.443.518
town a little22790.44.238
more yeah not too bad of a morning a22791.9585.562
little Snowy out I could deal with that22794.6384.84
these cars I hav't go into there's a22797.523.438
house over there I think I see some22799.4783.562
houses across the22800.9584.84
street moose is still in the middle22803.045.758
of town though stay away from that moose22805.7985.962
yeah no damn it okay so I guess that's22808.7985.642
just the downside of this town is uh hey22811.764.198
there are resources everywhere but guess22814.443.08
what there all so22815.9585.802
moose see I climb up here anything up22817.529.118
here okay burn out oh God nope that's a22821.767.44
me two of22826.6385.682
them come22829.26.08
on are you shoot more Wolves yeah I want22832.326.28
his hide I got him though he's22835.285.84
bleeding I might find him22838.64.6
later oh wait ises22841.124.838
that hold on I think I see a basement22843.24.64
can I get in that oh what a tease what a22845.9583.082
tease no basement uh yeah well basement22849.045.598
doors but yeah no22852.325.238
where where oh there uh-huh22866.8788.362
uh-huh uh-huh I got full health buddy22871.285.278
mhm mhm22875.244.12
M oh come22876.5585.522
on don't tell me you got bit by wolf I22879.364.4
he attacked me but I shot him and I22882.084.16
stabbed him oh yeah how far you going to22883.764.56
go until you die buddy I'm going to get22886.244.36
hide how much hide do you need uh I need22890.925.4
at least two I'm curing one oh two to22893.6385.562
make what uh to make a wolf coat a wolf22896.324.96
coat I think it's two let me check you22899.24.0
don't make pants out of wolf uh I don't22901.284.32
think so uh let's see head wrap where is22903.24.8
that wolf oh22905.65.48
wait I could make a moose22908.06.04
cloak or a moose hide Satchel how many22911.084.92
moose hides you need lightning the load22914.044.4
for oh a satchel I could carry way more22916.05.718
I would need one moose hiide all22918.444.96
right but yeah the wolf skin Co oh God22921.7184.322
damn it never mind I need four feel like22923.44.0
I knew that but damn I thought it was22926.045.0
just two a moose wolf four wolf four22927.46.28
wolf a lot of wolf that's a lot that is22931.044.838
a lot of wolf I might be able to pull it22933.685.48
off but a moose cloak that could be a22935.8784.442
changer tell you what if I got lucky22940.324.44
enough to find a hunting rifle in one of22943.082.96
these cabins I could could take down22944.764.038
that moose I bet cuz there's a22946.045.598
lot of places to get cover uh-huh so all22948.7985.242
right let me start looting these houses22951.6385.24
come on okay I need a rifle what is that22954.045.72
peaches I'll take peaches it ain't a22956.8785.84
rifle no I'm going to have to okay I22959.764.92
want to go to sleep I'm want to start a22962.7183.16
fire and go to sleep cuz it's22964.683.68
hypothermia time and I'm exhausted how22965.8783.92
much you got enough to make a good good22968.362.96
amount of fire yeah I've been collecting22969.7983.362
wood all day all right good so yeah just22971.324.638
get that fire roaring hot no much out22973.165.2
here abro frozen lake that's where I22975.9584.92
live and half a house all right well you22978.364.84
need to get out and explore beyond that22980.8785.6
yeah in the morning I yeah of course I22983.25.12
cook my my dinner first and I'm going to22986.4783.16
go to sleep she's got to survive the22988.323.478
night man you can do it I believe in you22989.6384.402
I'm pretty sure I'll survive tonight but22991.7985.362
uh tomorrow's a different22994.043.12
all right I'm going to go as far as I23007.444.92
can just going to take a23010.085.36
look extinguish this I didn't throw it23012.365.32
that time pretty impressed with23015.445.118
myself all right that's where I23017.685.68
live right23020.5584.842
pointy look at the pointy mountain and23025.43.88
turn to the23027.7984.642
left got23029.283.16
it Northern Lights again23033.443.96
o watch out for uh glowing green wolves23037.444.8
bears is that what I'm hearing right23042.244.16
now it might be up yep I see23050.127.56
wolves yeah are they harder to kill when23054.324.88
they're glowing you think man I have no23057.684.16
idea what the glowing thing means yeah I23059.24.32
don't want to test it it seems more23061.844.2
dangerous right just cuz yeah23063.524.8
a wolf cloes23066.046.16
green you would think a sick23068.323.88
one yep I'm not going to test23072.527.4
it scratch that plan going back to my23076.685.76
little half23079.922.52
house well the northern lights went away23090.25.8
and then it got colder again23093.63.72
really yeah like I was going to go try23096.03.638
to get that wool for something and now23097.324.84
it's freezing I got to build a fire23099.6385.122
again you still got plenty of wood not23102.165.24
plenty no but I can at least get warm23104.764.4
maybe enough to get through the storm go23107.44.28
for it all right I am curing two wolf23109.164.84
hide and two deer hide and a good pile23111.685.198
of gut I just need two more wolf hide23114.04.08
but damn it you know what I may actually23116.8784.442
have wolf hide back at that other place23118.085.36
but that is so far away yeah I got two23121.325.558
curing across town yeah it's like23123.445.24
part of me tempted to go back and just23126.8785.92
see but man what a journey I know maybe23128.685.64
but no there's still good wolf around23132.7984.562
here I got a good supply of food water23134.325.6
so I think I just uh yeah I'm going to23137.364.48
hang around here for a little bit also23139.923.36
the temperature around here seems to be23141.843.84
much nicer than the other place sit23143.284.48
tight huh yep I think I'm going to hit23145.683.56
yeah seems it seems like the smartest23147.762.68
idea is just to hang out here for a23149.244.8
little bit I got no choice yeah you're23150.446.76
in a you're in a desperate23154.043.16
situation it's a nice evening out here23162.923.958
my temperature is great so I just did a23165.282.48
exploring um just down the road from the23167.765.32
town found a a rock23170.245.52
slide cool anything in this car how23173.084.478
about something good oh man look that's23175.765.36
a granola bar this is a uh Frontier23177.5585.442
shooting guide oh yeah I think I have23181.124.28
that book oh I might have to read that I23183.03.36
think that might have been the one I23185.42.96
burned oh man flares tell you what I got23186.364.56
a thousand flares back at uh back at The23188.363.96
Hanger is what I'm going to call that23190.924.958
place yeah yeah which is good because if23192.327.92
I'm not mistaken I think right up here23195.8788.442
yeah that I think is where I came in so23200.246.478
if I were to come all the way back over23204.325.52
here I might be able to see oh I got a23206.7184.92
rabbit you got a rabbit yep hey there23209.844.0
you go can eat eat a little bit oh no he23211.6384.042
he he jumped up23213.844.0
come on got to get him quick got him23215.684.76
okay cornered him cornered him nope he's23217.844.038
crap got him ah come here I'm out of23221.8784.522
rocks already I thought out a bunch of23225.124.518
rocks crap those little bastards can be23226.47.078
sneaky okay so yeah so if I were to23229.6386.08
crawl back up wait what's23233.4784.562
that that's not where I came in at but23235.7184.442
that looks like a mine or something I23238.044.96
definitely came in right over here so if23240.165.36
I'm not mistaken oh circling Birds is23243.04.84
that a dead wolf over here maybe how23245.524.16
great would that23247.845.48
be uh yes there's my mark okay23249.686.798
awesome so from there if I went back up23253.326.36
I could get back to uh my23256.4785.4
original that original mine but I want23259.683.84
to check that other mine out what are23261.8785.402
you circling Birds what's over here23263.526.438
another piece of wolf hide I need for my23267.285.0
awesome awesome wolf Cape oh this23269.9587.082
is a road I wonder where you go23272.284.76
good ah dear carcass already got plenty23278.4786.802
of deer say what throwing rocks up my23282.045.08
stove now for some reason what you doing23285.284.358
that for I was trying to well I started23287.124.438
cooking peaches then it23289.6384.24
canceled all right now my rocks back23291.5584.08
there behind the stove oh there it is I23293.8784.882
got it don't worry I wasn't okay damn it23295.6387.122
I'm getting heavy because I'm tired damn23298.765.718
it okay I may as well head back to the23302.762.798
but it's cool to know where I'm at man I23305.5583.16
kind of want to check this other little23307.6384.0
mine over here23308.7182.92
though oh oh god wow this23324.67.16
is very heavily abandoned AAW maybe23327.527.08
there's a rifle in here oh this goes23331.765.48
deep this is stupid I just found a good23334.64.118
spot I don't need to be going in here23337.243.318
yet but all right tell you what I might23338.7184.122
save this for another day I need to go23340.5585.4
back and get rest and uh well at least I23342.844.6
can search this stuff come on how about23345.9584.882
a gun yeah decent work23347.445.88
gloves I got all that stuff I got all23350.844.68
this stuff I don't need23353.325.478
it you don't even need it do you nope23355.525.76
great I wonder if I should just run for23361.284.438
it now I'm just going to run right past23363.4784.682
where them wolves were I23365.7185.76
guess um that's still two arrows down I23368.164.92
got the peaches though the peach the23371.4784.562
heat peaches heat peaches23373.085.08
yep all right let's just see what I can23376.044.28
see best I probably should just go back23378.164.44
where I came from that waterfall get out23380.324.28
here get my better judgment too I'm23384.64.44
pushing deeper into this mine man this23387.083.16
not a good mine well I mean it's23390.245.16
just torn all the23393.286.198
H right let's see maybe someone what is23395.45.478
that a23399.4784.602
backpack any guns what's in this23400.8785.202
backpack come on give me something good23404.085.44
that be jerky I'll take23406.086.92
it I see a wolf to my right I'm going to23409.525.76
left uh got deer to my left are you23416.8785.362
heading way you've never been before23420.5583.442
yeah looking for a good place to die you23422.245.28
know oh yeah oh yeah I know if I had23424.05.32
more bullets I'd shoot one of these deer23427.524.6
that'd be cool uhoh what is23429.325.238
this elevator NE I found a damn elevator23434.5587.882
yeah take it can I no23438.326.158
power yeah I mean how the hell I'm23442.443.56
supposed to take this we would23444.4785.042
know wait I just had a crazy idea what23446.06.08
if I came up here during one of those uh23449.525.358
Aurora storms oh yeah I think it would23452.084.52
work might get some energy and work for23454.8783.76
you that'd be cool maybe but God talk23456.66.08
about a gamble because you take that and23458.6386.122
then what if it dumps you out somewhere23462.684.6
you don't want to be right all right all23464.764.08
right so at least I know what's in this23467.284.48
mine that's cool so I can uh all right23468.844.4
I'm going to go back but maybe I'll do23471.764.44
this one day when resources get low man23473.244.478
I'd love to know if that works I would23476.24.32
love to know too so uh yeah next time23477.7185.08
there's an aurora going on God I got to23480.523.6
be careful with that though because yeah23482.7982.562
I could get get up there and the23484.122.758
aar's gone and then I'm23485.365.358
stranded right oh a candy bar oh no I23486.8784.84
want to break that down I want that23490.7183.402
bar I wish I had candy bars yeah I wish23494.125.2
you did too all right I'm walking back23496.9583.962
to the hanger going try to go get some23499.323.72
sleep all right I'm going to push23500.924.878
on just in23503.044.56
case maybe there's something over here23505.7984.08
to the23507.62.278
left bu of rocks oh I need these sticks23510.166.68
cuz I'm sure I'm going to be freezing a23513.4783.362
minute there we go where's a wolf he's23518.7186.322
over there some more23522.366.0
rabbits yeah every place I go is a dead23525.045.358
end with23528.365.72
nothing there got to be something23530.3986.682
somewhere well what's that wolf23534.085.28
on probably want you you got a flare or23537.083.76
anything I bet he's going after one of23539.362.438
deers I deer's plural I don't need to23541.7985.722
waste my time time with the S do23544.243.28
I is he giving up on23547.5587.282
it he's not attacking now see this oh23550.447.24
wait see a23554.846.76
clearing maybe a Tawn yeah I think this23557.685.36
is a Natural23561.64.958
Bridge or an arch which one you think I23563.046.08
don't know I think Natural Bridges are23566.5585.122
caused by Rivers running through23569.126.278
them oh what23571.686.76
what happened flat and23575.3983.042
Frozen new location discovered oh you're23579.926.36
in a completely new area foror muskeg23582.6386.76
region all right that's good okay so I23586.285.64
should push there bound to be resources23589.3984.922
somewhere you think yeah maybe there's23591.924.44
another city up23594.324.36
here okay hold23596.365.4
on can I get down oh this is the things23598.684.878
you got to23601.764.68
climb grab these23603.5587.16
roots I'm all in now abro yeah you are23606.446.08
hey you made it to another region though23610.7183.722
yeah you're out of there yeah23612.525.32
that's exciting I can die23614.446.6
now listen again I'm proud of us we23617.845.6
should have been dead like two episodes23621.044.64
in fact that you and I both have made it23623.443.76
to another region now that's something23625.683.76
to celebrate nees that's right we're23627.25.8
survivors yeah we are if I can get this23629.445.56
route best goddamn Survivor Channel on23633.06.68
YouTube okay I just need to find my new23635.08.12
home all I see is23639.686.16
trees come on I guess I should go for23643.125.24
high ground so I can see higher all23645.843.798
right I'm going go up to the top of this23648.364.64
ledge see if I can see a town do23649.6386.282
it speaking of town it was a slow walk23653.05.718
but I am back at this little coastal23655.924.16
town and uh yeah I'm going to go in the23658.7183.92
hanger and go to sleep okay actually I23660.084.24
found a cave hey set up in there for a23662.6385.122
little a little bit here we23664.323.44
go oh wow yeah it's a stick I can break23668.765.16
down oh it's23671.8784.08
cold man it'd be great if there was23673.924.038
something in23675.9585.322
here uh you got flares or something uh23677.9584.76
yeah okay just you know don't you don't23681.282.88
want to go into a cave and the sun goes23682.7183.122
down you got no way to light your23684.164.88
way uh I got three flares you can also23685.845.32
build a fire there23689.044.918
go have you ever seen like threats in23691.165.28
the cave never not once really yep23693.9586.082
should be good wow this are you joking23696.444.84
you joking no no I'm serious you should23700.044.56
be fine in a cave there's a rope23701.285.8
here all right rope oh like a mountain23704.65.358
rope yeah this cave does I like I hear23707.084.84
an animals you're not no you're not23709.9583.362
going to get attacked in a cave I have23711.923.038
not once been attacked by a wolf in a23713.324.72
cave AB sure this cave is huge good23714.9584.962
maybe you can use that as at least a a23718.044.28
base to get you know23719.925.08
started right on23722.324.558
oh there's a23725.05.08
body please tell me he's wearing pants23726.8784.92
of course he's wearing pants23730.083.718
right yeah you ought to be able to take23731.7985.68
those man this this is insane I got to23733.7984.722
start painting stuff I'm going to get23737.4782.24
lost in23738.523.958
here all right let me see if this guy's23739.7187.042
got pants if he does it's party23742.4784.282
time hey buddy you don't have me pants I23747.285.8
can use do23750.62.48
soda I'll take it there's a bag23755.168.04
though more soda it's just diving out23759.6386.0
soda like nothing yep another sweater23763.26.278
though and stay on target there's a book23765.6385.402
hey a book you can23769.4783.642
read all right I guess I'm going to sit23771.044.04
up in here get some23773.124.64
sleep sweet good job you're surviving23775.084.08
man you23777.764.92
too D we're23779.163.52
oh boy how we23795.7185.16
temperature just spent my first night in23801.285.518
the cave how'd you sleep23803.3988.442
um yeah pretty good but it's dark now oh23806.7986.6
yeah so now it is probably night time23811.843.52
where you're at huh yeah hey and luckily23813.3983.32
there's like23815.364.198
a deer carcass right in23816.7185.522
here you slip next to a deer carcass23819.5585.482
yeah is that bad I mean I I I don't23822.245.0
guess I just feel like that' be stinky23825.044.28
well I'm going to put this fire up now23827.244.84
and I can man no Tinder roll oh wa I use23829.325.158
a cattail maybe you got a cattail head23832.084.318
should I use accelerate uh how much23834.4784.92
accelerate you got two it's up to you I23836.3984.922
mean accelerate to me is an emergency23839.3983.48
situation like I'm about to freeze to23841.323.04
death yeah this I don't think this is an23842.8784.162
emergency yeah how's your food doing not23844.365.278
good but I do have a deer it didn't23847.044.96
light maybe I can make a tnder I do have23849.6385.16
a deer carcass in here so my plan is to23852.04.478
eat on this thing and and explore the23854.7983.08
cave oh you get a fire going so you can23856.4785.362
get like a torch yep yeah I may as well23857.8786.162
let's see uh do I want to warm up any of23861.844.76
man I got food for days here I'm I'm23864.045.2
sitting pretty right now this is great23866.64.118
let's see I mean I got a bunch of food23869.243.0
here on the table I got a oh look at all23870.7182.882
this food in my pocket may as well put23872.243.68
some back on the table Yeah cuz I'm23873.64.038
going to be living here a minute peanut23875.923.44
butter 900 calories yep I'm having23877.6384.282
peanut butter for breakfast23879.366.438
M man I wish I had some bread some jelly23881.926.32
I'm jelly jelly of all that food you got23885.7984.332
you should be I got a23888.247.109
pile let's see oh starting to snow a23897.25.358
little bit but that's okay I saw a23900.045.96
road over here here on the side of town23902.5586.442
H temperature is dropping I won't go far23906.04.32
feel like I say that a lot but I'm not23909.03.52
going far neees just going to stick real23910.323.638
close are you yeah I'm just going to I'm23912.523.08
going to walk right up this hill I see a23913.9584.802
road I just want to see if it goes23915.63.16
anywhere all right little town I'm going23920.3983.362
to call that little town over there23922.763.44
moose BG because of the23923.765.118
Moose I like23926.25.72
it oh23928.8786.802
hey oh that's a bear23931.925.558
okay okay23935.683.44
six and I got 10 bullets okay can I get23940.684.56
to this trailer before the bear tries to23943.363.32
me hey bear I love that a bear's out23946.685.0
too all right yeah yeah yeah yeah23951.683.278
trailer trailer23953.6383.32
trailer I wonder if this is the same23954.9584.042
bear that got me earlier is he23956.9585.68
stalking me is he probably son of a23959.06.68
a bullet in his fat bear23962.6387.562
ass um oh yeah weather's turning on23965.688.32
me but I did find a little23970.26.198
trailer there you go you said you23974.05.44
weren't going far yeah it wasn't far see23976.3985.642
what's in here maybe a rifle how about a23979.445.198
rifle come on game this is the time to23982.044.08
give me a rifle I've been good this23984.6384.042
whole time what's up here some23986.126.438
jeans what is that a candy bar I'll take23988.687.32
that no right yet one of these days I'm23992.5586.122
going to find a rifle I use it to pop a23996.05.16
bear right in the face I just realized23998.684.84
my hatchets burn your what bro my24001.164.68
Hatchet your Hatchet oh no that's not24003.525.68
good yeah it says ruined oh completely24005.845.52
ruined that's not good at all should I24009.23.32
have done something to stop it from24011.363.518
getting ruined uh yeah I mean it it has24012.524.08
kind of a meter like anything else if24014.8783.202
you had found a wet stone you could have24016.63.358
sharpened it I think I even have a wet24018.085.52
stone oh man that sus yeah that's not24019.9585.44
good at all at all yep I just didn't24023.63.958
know to sharpen it okay so I mean yeah24025.3984.642
any of your uh tools um like your24027.5584.122
hatchets and your knives you want to24030.043.96
keep sharpen so this knife I'll hit24031.686.52
actions and sharpen okay now I know24034.06.638
crap maybe you can find another24038.25.16
Hatchet I hope so but yeah that sucks oh24040.6384.202
man for getting24043.363.68
wood that's going to really slow down24044.844.0
your wood harvesting24047.045.0
capabilities a man my fire went24048.847.0
out uh what do I do24052.043.8
uh pop a flare and explore the cave I24056.044.0
think that's what I do in that24058.24.92
situation oh no I burn that24060.045.438
meat sharpening my knife I sharpen my24063.124.16
knife I burn the meat oh knees man24065.4783.48
you're you're you're dropping the ball I24067.284.8
mean I still have the first meat there24068.9587.122
I'll eat that one24072.084.0
crap all right me look around this cave24078.444.08
a little bit all right since the weather24080.5584.482
turned on me so bad I might yeah I'm not24082.524.84
super tired but bear is outside I'm24085.043.518
going to let him off I'm going to24087.364.76
sleep for like 4 hours may as well24088.5586.202
right yeah I get some sleep I'm going to24092.124.358
look I'm going to poke my head a little24094.762.92
deeper in this24096.4784.762
cave that's the way I want to24097.685.76
go great there's just something really24101.244.76
big and awesome back24103.447.518
here oh man how many I don't want to get24106.09.12
lost so that's the way I came in24110.9587.44
oh what and this is a24115.127.04
maze what's this coal oh that'll keep a24118.3986.16
fire roaring those are great okay good24122.164.0
morning by the way I just woke up still24124.5583.84
outside take a24128.7985.6
peek oh yeah a lot of coal in here good24130.844.718
oh my24134.3983.282
wow yep I think I'm just going to sit my24137.684.76
happy ass in this trailer for a minute I24140.444.6
can't see out here24142.446.0
good God you got tons of food sit tight24145.045.28
yeah I may as well yeah I got food I got24148.443.958
water so yeah I mean no immediate danger24150.325.0
there is so much coal in here all right24152.3985.48
good that is Fant I can burn fires for24155.324.88
days huh yeah coal keep a fire burning24157.8785.642
for a while I just got to find food so24160.25.8
that ramp that that's how I got in the24163.525.08
cave uh there got to be a way out24166.04.878
somewhere oh I bet this kind of loops24168.64.08
keep an eyee on my24175.084.478
torch oh there's a bag all right come24176.3984.4
out I'm going to look at this bag I'm24179.5584.32
going to go back to my little base camp24180.7987.042
area oh a revolver really and a bag and24183.8786.362
a bag and it looks like bullets oh and24187.844.4
some chips okay oh hey if that was a24190.244.158
damn good bag right there okay I'm going24192.243.6
to go back to my little campfire eat24194.3983.522
these chips holy you got a revolver24195.843.76
now how many bullets you got for that24197.923.4
hold on I want to make sure I don't get24199.64.358
lost okay that's a great damn find can't24201.324.84
believe this thing burnt so quick I was24203.9583.802
just sharpening my knife well it wasn't24206.166.718
a lot of meat yeah okay so let's see the24207.767.16
bullets how do I look at the bullets24212.8783.482
well I mean you know same you can pull24214.922.76
your revolver out same way you can pull24216.363.038
your other gun out all right I'll just24217.682.6
pull it24219.3987.24
out boom ah I just dropped my torch okay24220.289.678
11 is that an 11 or is that just two is24226.6385.08
that an 11 what are you asking me I24229.9583.042
don't know if that's like a like a just24231.7183.322
a a slap meaning one bullet or if that's24233.04.28
two ones hit R have you have you loaded24235.045.678
the thing oh here we go reload24237.287.438
it yep n eight I think that was 11 oh24240.7187.08
sweet so you got 11 bullets that's great24244.7185.482
so I got five in the chamber is that24247.7984.6
right so yeah five in the yeah well six24250.25.12
in the chamber it's a Revol five five I24252.3984.922
got five left after I shoot six yes24255.323.12
that's how yeah that's how that's24257.324.36
working for you 6 plus 5 is what 1124258.447.64
there we go math it's so24261.684.4
silly abstra yeah how long these flares24277.126.72
last pretty long time like compared to a24280.9586.0
torch I feel like they last a24283.845.798
minute I think not an actual minute but24286.9584.082
yeah they will last much longer than a24289.6383.92
torch I think I might want to like can I24291.044.918
spray paint with a flare in my hand uh24293.5584.282
you can drop the flare spray paint and24295.9583.92
then pick the flare back up gotcha okay24297.845.558
I think I'm going to it is still like24299.8785.282
night time and I I really can't just24303.3984.0
wait around you know yeah no I feel you24305.165.0
it's night time here too I think I'm24307.3985.32
going to light a torch a flare and24310.164.16
explore this24312.7184.882
cave sound like a good plan yeah sounds24314.327.96
good okay now to light it oh I got to24317.67.16
hold it24322.284.48
all right flar is24324.765.08
lit all right I'm going to go24326.766.56
back down this24329.843.48
way all right I was here before I found24334.363.48
coal is that what you found the revolver24337.843.878
in the back no it was it down another24339.8783.962
tunnel okay yeah just don't get don't24341.7185.0
get lost so like if I threw this24343.845.68
down and then I add did a24346.7187.362
thing marker bam one of these shape is24349.528.4
not shown okay just this that's the way24354.085.558
out does it24357.923.68
rotate yeah I think you can rotate with24359.6384.562
the mouse wheel oh there we24361.67.278
go that's the way out needs here we24364.27.758
go grab24368.8785.84
this little24371.9585.722
deeper anything that's just a little24374.7186.522
n that's the way24377.683.56
out deep cave abro okay just be24381.287.96
careful yeah that flare should last a24385.044.2
minute oh24389.6384.402
wait almost look like there's an exit or24391.5586.482
something up here okay24394.044.0
good yeah this looks like oh Le cave yep24398.126.32
I just went out another24401.323.12
exit yep I'm24405.246.558
outside there's another uh thing here24408.245.84
okay temperature24411.7984.08
temperature's cold I'm going to I'm24414.083.318
going to oh there's some of that stuff I24415.8784.442
learned the other day old man's beard24417.3987.442
beard like it yep yeah you take that how24420.326.52
many of these I need to make something I24424.843.76
think you need three of them of course24426.844.6
there's only two all24428.65.08
right is there anything I can grab while24431.443.438
I'm out24433.682.798
something Cattails24436.4784.522
anything yeah I'm waiting till the Sun's24438.766.24
Up PR all right speaking of this I slept24441.06.28
through the night Sun's starting to come24445.05.0
up but damn it still sounds like hell24447.285.118
outside come on it can't be two days of24450.03.08
oh my God it's a it's a full-on24453.087.0
blizzard here Dees still blizzard huh24458.123.278
blizzard oh boy okay well how my food24461.3987.122
the water food the water is still okay I24465.7185.202
have this24468.522.4
soda tempted to just try to make24471.125.96
get no I'll get lost good God I can't go24474.084.28
out in24477.083.6
this I it was right down the road I24478.364.32
should be able to find it I just follow24480.683.68
the road think it's just right Beyond24482.682.798
Woods God I'm so tempted to get out but24485.4786.522
man that is stupid is it DB yeah no24488.285.24
that's dumb that's dumb I'm going to24492.03.798
play smart today yeah I'm going to be24493.523.958
old smart boy I'm going to put my point24495.7984.322
Dexter hat on I'm going to try to paint24497.4785.962
the snow paint the snow yeah I don't24500.124.4
know I just feel like I want to know24503.443.24
there's a cave entrance here maybe think24504.525.16
the side there rocks nearby well paint24506.685.48
rocks makes more sense paint I did it24509.686.56
didn't I okay yeah you did see what24512.164.08
happens yeah oh did the weather just24522.284.358
clear on24525.5584.642
me yeah I think it did how we doing out24526.6386.92
here oh yeah here we go now we can see24530.24.598
Daddy's back in24533.5584.24
Action all right so I came up the road24534.7985.042
the bear was to the24537.7983.84
uh oh God the Bear's still out there24541.6385.202
neees oh yeah can you kill him no I24544.364.32
can't kill him all right I'm not going24546.843.4
to go the way of the bear I'm going to24548.684.94
go the other way way of the not24550.244.68
bear he's going that way I don't have24554.925.16
anything on me he can smell so yeah keep24557.044.678
continuing up this way see if I find24560.085.04
anything that was a climbing24561.7183.402
dumb get to the Top If I don't see24574.3983.802
anything I'm I'm not going to push too24576.6383.402
far forward I don't want to abandon my24578.23.16
base I got too much food and water there24580.042.28
abandon yeah this is home for a24582.327.558
minute okay the Wolves the24585.66.44
Bears anything up24589.8784.642
huh not a whole lot of nothing up24594.526.438
here that was a double negative uh this24597.686.24
is not a lot of stuff up here listen I'm24600.9584.52
going to light one of these24603.923.638
matches just so I can get out of the24605.4784.842
cave I think if I can get out of the24607.5584.882
cave there's going to be enough light24610.324.238
outside well that doesn't help at all24612.444.518
does it I can just see barely match yeah24614.5584.92
go good24616.9582.52
luck what is that over there I think I24619.924.2
might see see some sort of Ranger24622.764.638
Station way in the distance oh I wonder24624.126.2
oh that's that road okay I got around24627.3983.922
bear what's that down there24631.325.0
nope nope nope nope nope no don't24636.325.8
want to deal with that24639.3982.722
today all right going I'm I'm going back24642.443.72
to the damn rope all right but I did see24644.5583.762
some sort of Ranger Station God it'd be24646.165.318
cool to get to that okay hey I found the24648.325.6
exit using matches24651.4785.4
oh just matches yep I me I kind of knew24653.924.68
where it was it was just hard to see24656.8783.162
okay yep all right I got a wolf all24658.62.52
right no no no no I'm not going to get24660.043.48
my stamina down you're not going to get24661.126.358
me I got a climbing rope buddy yeah24663.525.8
leave you up here chewing on this you24667.4783.642
stupid drooling24669.325.318
oh man it's cold abso is the sun24671.125.64
coming up yet uh24674.6385.562
yeah ah low visibility I can see enough24676.765.638
all right I was going to try to map sun24680.24.598
is coming up up but24682.3985.08
uh it's all right it's getting a little24684.7985.08
warmer it's two arrows down now that's24687.4783.442
bad got your bed roll right nope I plan24690.925.478
on coming back to this cave okay your uh24694.3983.122
caves are going to be your base of24696.3982.682
operation for a minute huh yeah I want24697.523.72
to mark this wall let's24699.085.68
see I'll just start using that triangle24701.245.0
materials for me that's going to mean24706.247.88
cave base I like it I love it some more24708.69.08
ruy I'm in the middle of nowhere it's24714.126.56
snowing there's low24717.686.84
visibility I got a thing of24720.683.84
crackers yeah it sounds like you're in a24724.66.24
situation man I'm sorry is that a24727.764.56
wait is that part of the town or that I24730.844.2
just discover another24732.324.88
cabin I may have found another cabin24735.045.678
needes you got one to spare I wish I did24737.25.198
at this point I wish I would see a wolf24740.7183.882
or something24742.3984.802
I don't even see a wolf is the Sun up24744.66.958
yet I mean according to uh you know the24747.27.0
the clock thing it's like half moon half24751.5586.24
Sun oh so the sun is coming up24754.26.04
yep all right the broken tree I know24757.7984.76
that's near the cave cave should be24760.245.2
right up here you going back to the cave24762.5584.122
I want to wait till visibility is a24765.443.038
little better yeah it's freezing yeah24766.684.32
I'd go into the cave start a24768.4786.122
fire maybe eat your bit of cracker I24771.05.798
don't know man yeah you need good24774.63.64
visibility conditions to get out and24776.7982.802
explore all right I don't think I've24779.66.278
been in here yeah Lantern fuel oh man24781.6386.0
rifle how about a rifle this is where24785.8783.84
you were hiding the rifle oh yeah more24787.6384.08
food more24789.7184.802
drink jeez this game's being too nice to24791.7185.522
me right now I'm not used to it it's24794.527.0
going to turn on you well it always24797.244.28
what do I see out here is that a wolf24817.366.24
that might be a wolf body come on oh a24820.525.48
little bit more wolf head would be24823.64.6
great that would be24826.04.798
three I we just need one24828.27.518
more I see a pack up over there24830.7984.92
oh yeah maybe this is the one I24836.64.76
shot last24838.762.6
night yeah D this also could have been24841.5586.24
one I shot earlier no he looks fresh oh24844.7186.602
you look pretty fresh yes oh yeah one24847.7987.802
hide 30 minutes oh let's keep an on temp24851.326.84
oh temperature's going down a little bit24855.65.24
it's okay though boom all right got24858.165.238
another hide and do I grab some meat24860.845.16
while I'm on here eh don't even need24863.3985.0
it may as well grab the gut though can24866.04.398
cure that 10 20 minutes yeah that's hard24868.3984.24
to set24870.3985.682
go come on come on come on24872.6387.882
sweet oo I got a stink about me now24876.084.44
though okay should I do some24883.764.798
fishing out here I guess I could oh24886.125.0
what's that is that a ranger station24888.5585.682
what is that way up there24891.126.72
oh man I want to get to that so24894.243.6
bad my temperature24897.8784.482
halfway that looks like one hell of a24900.363.4
though it is a clear day24903.765.52
though at least for now all right you24906.524.8
know what let's just go peek all right24909.284.0
over there's the log sort that's where I24911.325.318
came in I think so that cave entrance24913.286.278
should be up there let's see if there's24916.6384.802
like a quick path24919.5587.602
up ask a lot but maybe but I stink this24921.448.4
is stupid24927.162.68
right yeah there it24934.366.72
is there is a climbing rope whoa holy24937.7186.042
a couple cabins right here this24941.086.638
just worked out didn't it24943.763.958
huh couple cabins climbing rope oh my24947.9585.082
energy is good right now24951.03.558
just go up see if I can get into it24953.043.08
should I peek into these real quick no I24954.5584.042
tell you what these are my fallbacks24956.123.758
these are my24958.64.038
fallbacks there's a dead dude right here24959.8786.802
buddy how do you die with a pry bar what24962.6385.32
you got on you anything good A little24966.683.92
bit of food nothing all right energy is24967.9585.242
good temperature is a little low but24970.63.84
yeah you know what I'm going to go for24973.23.12
it I'm going to go for it when I get to24974.443.64
that thing I can fall back to those24976.324.76
little cabins though come on let's do it24978.086.638
yeah woo all right this is a big24981.088.478
climb here we go here we go come24984.7184.84
out uhhuh uhhuh oh yeah plenty of24991.686.4
stamina God I've Gotten Good at this all24994.846.36
right all right come on come come24998.086.318
on okay all right that thing was right25001.26.4
up there is there another rope way25004.3986.522
around this a25007.63.32
okay little cave all right extra wood25013.123.598
just in case this is another fallback25015.124.88
Point what you got on you buddy hey beef25016.7184.442
thanks um all right now how do I get up25021.166.84
there our way around here what you doing25024.7986.362
over there climbing yeah there's a it25028.04.558
almost look like a ranger station or25031.162.638
something right above me I'm trying to25032.5583.16
figure out how I can get to25033.7984.522
it okay Ranger Station I'm just going to25035.7184.522
I just took a nap I'm still I'm like I'm25038.323.88
not exhausted but I'm tired right this25040.243.44
day day time you know yeah no you don't25042.23.56
need to waste daytime so I'm just going25043.684.92
to go out here and looks like I can at25045.767.68
least walk hey hey radio tower oh there25048.67.24
you go hey you found something all right25053.446.198
waterfalls there radio Tower's there25055.846.36
come on25059.6382.562
baby there got to be a way up this way25063.64.84
right and there's birds flying around25065.9585.882
it that means probably meat it does25068.446.32
probably meat meat damn it I climbed up25071.846.48
this is this seriously just a a damn25074.766.118
climb to nowhere I don't see a way to25078.324.52
get up25080.8783.84
anymore that's what I've been doing for25082.845.36
a long time a big old tease just25084.7185.16
going to have to climb back25088.24.358
down I'm at the base of the radio tower25089.8784.442
I sprung my ankle you got25092.5584.0
to be careful man ow God damn it you're25094.323.078
wreck these birds are circling something25097.3983.922
right here at the radio25099.684.878
tower is it oh there a body any shelter25101.325.44
there is it just I don't see any shelter25104.5584.442
that's not good why is there not shelter25106.763.958
I don't know there's a bunch of boxes25109.04.12
that they crates you just yeah you can25110.7183.84
break those down for wood man I don't25113.124.08
want wood I want stuff in there is that25114.5584.602
something that's just25117.25.16
icle okay there's a body in a bag25119.165.96
though not a body in a bag a body and a25122.365.8
bag gotcha I'm hey ragged Trail boots oh25125.125.278
there you go that's not bad they're25128.165.28
ragged though but uh oh and charcoal all25130.3984.882
right and I got this bag oh wait that's25133.444.038
a that's like a candy bar oh a can I25135.284.48
already got a can opener I'll compare it25137.4785.282
to oh ski jacket that's pretty good is25139.764.48
that better than what I got got to look25142.763.92
at it Sports vest oh wow okay hey that's25144.243.92
a good chunk of clothing all right25146.684.798
that's energy bar yes sir hey there you25148.165.558
go Who's Back In Action well I mean I25151.4784.0
was hoping there was a building here25153.7184.722
right it's not great but better nothing25155.4784.722
man I just came into a cabin there's a25158.444.6
body in here a body in the cabin how the25160.25.24
hell you freeze to death in here buddy25163.043.838
okay well may as well search you you got25165.443.92
a gun on you shoes I don't need running25166.8784.76
shoes actually I can break those25169.365.08
apart uh let's see how about a gun you25171.6384.32
have a gun in here anywhere a moose25174.443.88
hunting gun a25175.9584.52
hoodie books to burn all right I'm going25178.324.12
to check the other cabins so what I want25180.4783.682
to look at is the which one the25182.443.038
temperature one I usually look at the25184.163.44
temperature one yeah so this one says +25185.4787.24
1° C okay the next one says + 1.9 there25187.66.358
you go that's a little better go with25192.7183.482
that one huh yeah I'd wear that boom25193.9585.322
what about this here this one says plus25196.25.04
1.8 plus25199.284.0
one plus25201.244.718
.1 am I carrying that much stuff around25203.284.04
yeah you need to break some of that down25205.9583.6
for a clock man you can use your you25207.324.158
know you can use the clock from the25209.5584.84
other ones to uh repair okay so this25211.4785.202
this plus point one I should take that25214.3984.882
one apart I guess yeah go for it that's25216.684.0
30 minutes maybe I should do that when I25219.286.04
get home gun think trash can put a gun25220.686.718
in that trash can you son of a25225.325.92
dream catcher you stupid bastard25227.3986.56
what about under here25231.245.04
guns hey a tent of coffee I can make25233.9583.84
more coffee that's good I'll take a book25236.283.56
for burning books are good for25237.7986.282
burning all right cabin number two no25239.847.798
gun no gun almost missed these two metal25244.085.398
containers I thought they were oh a25247.6384.122
flare great and some matches good you25249.4784.442
hang out caves a lot yes I25251.765.198
do more matches okay well that's good25253.924.68
glad I didn't cuz they look like crates25256.9583.882
to me almost they're green yeah little25258.63.278
metal containers I know what you're25260.842.798
talking about all right cabin number25261.8784.0
three this is where the gun's going to25263.6386.562
be come on what's In Here gun revolver25265.8786.402
ammunition look you got a deer head on25270.25.518
the wall or a deer25272.286.92
skull no gun God damn25275.7187.322
it no gun neees well you have a gun25279.26.0
right I do but I want another one you25283.044.32
just got a pistol yeah you got two guns25285.23.88
I got a pistol and a rifle exactly I25287.363.88
want I want that for myself yep they're25289.086.28
waying me down yeah no they are25291.244.12
heavy so there's a a campfire up here25295.526.358
that I didn't build really yeah someone25298.4784.842
must have been out there camping that's25301.8784.362
weird right super weird oh25303.327.0
wait I see something that looks uh25306.247.558
man-made it almost looks like train cars25310.326.078
or something or red containers you going25313.7985.202
to try to get to those tonight no not25316.3984.842
tonight all right well hey now at least25319.04.68
you got a goal oh wait how' I walk past25321.245.36
that what there's a freaking deer on the25323.685.6
ground you go get a little food how is25326.64.44
there so many deer just falling over25329.283.518
dead around here I don't know maybe25331.042.918
there's something in the25332.7985.0
water great or it's25333.9586.282
freezing okay can't get up that way25337.7984.962
trying to go around this way25340.243.76
temperature temperature is actually25342.763.56
going up for me right now yeah it's nice25344.05.398
out here I'm sleepy or I'm getting25346.325.88
sleepy I got food and water so yeah just25349.3985.122
really I want to get to this cabin can I25352.23.598
climb up this25354.524.56
way this game does not want me get up to25355.7984.322
cabin I'm going to try to climb this I25360.124.4
want you that25362.7184.24
cabin yeah this doesn't look too steep I25364.525.24
should be able to do25366.9582.802
this boy getting that stuff looks tough25370.8788.042
um I think there might have been another25374.6387.282
way the way way I came in cuz this looks25378.927.52
steep here I just don't know man oh25381.927.12
sprung sprung my ankle again did you25386.444.64
damn it yeah yeah no I'm taking a lot of25389.044.838
risk just trying to climb these damn25391.086.08
Hills I want to get through that thing25393.8785.6
though uh I might be getting too far25397.164.718
this could be getting dumb all right I'm25399.4783.642
just going to peek around this last25401.8783.722
corner see if there's a way up if not25403.123.88
I'm going to have to maybe maybe try to25405.63.118
go the other way fall back to those25407.02.718
cabins and then uh yeah at least I can25409.7185.402
sleep there I'm going to eat this m25412.124.438
tonight I've been carrying it around25415.123.4
forever and I'm just worried about it25416.5585.882
going bad oh wait a minute hold25418.528.32
on oh okay I know where I'm at now25422.445.958
this leads back to the uh the cave that25426.843.92
brought me into this region yeah yeah25428.3984.802
and I don't remember a way to the left25430.765.36
up there cuz when I came out of the cave25433.25.518
was it a straight shot down here or was25436.124.598
there a turn I don't25438.7184.68
remember yeah I'll check I'm going to25440.7184.942
hobble my dumb ass over there and25443.3985.442
check Okay so that might have been25453.245.2
the way is this the cave over here got25455.8786.802
to be got to be the cave yes okay25458.446.08
yes all right that's the cave so I came25462.685.56
in this way I went right oh if I go left25464.525.878
do I get to that Ranger Station got to25468.244.88
be yeah got to be got to25470.3985.122
be oh wait I wonder if this is the same25473.125.2
road that leads to town I bet it is it's25475.525.24
going that25478.325.6
way okay I'm starting to learn this area25480.766.48
a little bit neees sweet and it's a nice25483.925.2
sunny day it's cleared up other than the25487.243.238
pain and the sprung25489.124.438
ankle sor all right glad to hear it I'm25490.4785.122
going to take a torch out of this fire25493.5583.722
I'm going to leave this deer here I'm25495.65.48
going to try to remember this spot25497.286.76
tomorrow go see what those red things25501.084.04
are out25504.042.678
H all right get back for it get too dark25506.7186.042
yeah is this rer station's got to be up25515.66.4
here somewhere oh yes there you are ah25519.65.16
nees I think I made it yeah yeah there's25522.04.718
going to be a rifle here it it's going25524.765.36
to be worth the journey sure is by God25526.7184.76
is come on rifle uh food for25531.4789.0
forever R your25537.06.2
station be great if the radios work call25540.4785.722
for help abandoned outload oh boy25543.26.64
abandoned do feel any better oh25546.26.198
maybe there's a clim rope in there25549.844.24
because there's a place oh yeah that25552.3983.56
leads right down to that climbing rope I25554.084.638
was at those three cabins maybe I'll get25555.9584.322
lucky if I find a climbing rope in this25558.7183.882
station I can attach it I can get back25560.285.92
down are climbing ropes reusable uh no25562.64.958
once you attach it to a rock it's25566.25.24
attached there forever gotcha okay come25567.5588.282
on let's find a climbing rope let's find25571.446.4
the climbing rope there's a climbing25575.844.4
rope in the ranger station it's going to25577.845.4
be great ha ah25580.246.0
huh one revolver25586.445.64
cartridge there's got to be more here25590.044.72
than that oh wait what's under you25592.084.24
perfect rifle25594.763.4
rifle no rifle perfect perfect is there25598.167.638
wood okay Little Pork and25605.7984.722
no there's no rifle up here nees oh25612.447.48
really oh was a wet stone could use25615.7984.122
that orange soda oh okay two revolver25620.285.64
so a note left25625.923.798
behind not interested in notes unless is25630.7984.242
there secrets here25633.3984.042
or okay yeah25635.045.48
don't oh25637.445.198
nothing good in there I mean there's a25642.6383.602
little bit of food a little bit of drink25644.7183.042
but there's not a rifle at least I got a25646.244.44
couple revolver cartridge out of it no25647.766.16
not a total loss isn't it crazy that25650.685.6
there's no pants in this world in your25653.924.76
world yeah no you got it you got it bad25656.285.678
let's survey this area o abandoned25658.686.278
Lookout oh wow all right so okay moose25661.9584.882
ville's not too far I bet if I go out25664.9585.962
and I hit that uh I hit that road it'll25666.846.2
take me right back to mooseville and25670.923.84
hopefully there's not a bear in between25673.043.08
me and25674.763.28
wow this area looks awesome25678.044.12
though oh I think there might be a nice25691.7186.68
little wolf between me and moosberg25694.324.078
okay okay25700.127.46
okay you going to come at me uh-huh25702.246.88
uh-huh right all by yourself huh out25709.123.8
here all25712.084.52
alone out here all25712.923.68
alone you want a bullet to the face25716.9586.722
Bullet to the face ah25719.7187.122
yes oh that might be my fourth deer hide25723.685.36
Bullet to the face Bullet to the face25726.845.0
did you say deer hide wolf hide sorry25729.046.72
wolf hide oh yes wolf car is one hide25731.846.4
you know what may as well Harvest a25735.765.28
little yeah I can spin warm out here I25738.244.96
can spin an yeah less than an hour to25741.044.4
get all this come on it's going to be a25743.24.96
heavy walk back it it I can do25745.444.198
bam how's the temp temp's okay yeah as25749.6386.202
as well get the gut too give me25754.325.0
everything I want it all 20 minutes yes25755.847.08
yes your gut25759.326.6
all right okay almost back at the25762.925.798
hangeroo okay if I can just get back to25765.925.68
the hanger I'll have enough ooh I'll25768.7186.24
have enough wolf hiide to start25771.63.358
curing ooh I'm going to make me a wolf25775.684.198
needes cuz you already got pants is that25780.04.44
wof oh where where where where where25786.684.038
where you got more wolves got more25788.9583.642
wolves wait you know what I don't need25790.7184.92
to deal with him right25792.66.6
now all right flare keep him off me you25795.6384.92
need huh yeah I got all the hide I need25799.23.678
and I'm25800.5582.32
heavy where'd he go where'd you25804.8785.282
go yeah that's right that's right okay I25810.846.718
think this is the God I hope this is the25815.6384.602
same road it's got to be it's got to25817.5585.042
okay morning25822.65.16
tea you know what let's just go ahead25825.325.88
and drink this I'll keep us25827.767.32
warm got it and I'm going to grab War25831.26.758
benefits now we're talking let's grab a25835.085.36
torch got it and I'm just going to put25837.9584.44
it out that way I can light it if I need25840.444.0
to all right how's my temperature25842.3985.08
temperature's good all right let's hit25844.447.56
it what kind of day we ah it's cold25847.4787.0
it is25852.02.478
cold how25854.523.278
bad yep not a blizzard but it's25858.9585.282
bad okay now how do I get to those25865.245.96
containers can I climb down that way or25868.124.72
should I follow25871.25.678
this I guess this is like a frozen River25872.846.92
maybe wait did I grab my mat I didn't25876.8785.642
grab my mat did I25879.764.52
grab a25882.525.8
mat oh that's a bad thing abur you'd25884.286.24
grab your mat wouldn't you will you bed25888.324.04
roll if you were traveling a long way oh25890.522.92
yeah you don't know what you're25892.363.598
going to run into crap hold on go back25893.448.518
get that bed roll yep stupid stupid25895.9586.0
stupid okay here we go I'm tempted to25907.325.76
I have an energy drink can I just run25911.684.16
for a long way not entirely sure I mean25913.084.718
yeah it does I think it boosts mostly25915.844.48
your tired meter uhhuh but yeah it does25917.7984.962
give you a boost of stamina too okay25920.324.12
well you know what I'll I'll save that I25922.763.24
got two of them yeah you have any25924.444.24
emergency stems yeah I got at least one25926.06.16
okay sweet so you know you got something25928.685.878
you got something for just in case right25932.165.238
I on the prize all right I am curing25934.5585.4
four wolf pelts now neebs that'll make25937.3984.08
you a jacket that should make make me a25939.9584.84
jacket let me double check that let's25941.4786.522
see wolf where is it where is25944.7986.402
it wolf skin coat25948.05.68
yeah man that has a temperature bonus of25951.26.92
7.2 de F oh man that sounds fantastic o25953.686.878
I can't wait I can't wait that's going25958.126.278
to be so nice man I see are those power25960.5586.042
lines oh that's a good sign like I see25964.3984.282
power lines that's a really good sign25966.63.6
yeah it's probably a road you know what25968.683.038
we're going that direction25970.23.32
I think the red things I saw were that25971.7184.68
way I don't know which way that way is25973.526.76
but I can't step over that25976.3987.362
okay yeah power lines first and those25980.285.4
kind of lead towards the containers I25983.765.038
saw okay that's good I bet it's not even25985.685.44
containers man I'm bad at looking at25988.7985.362
stuff and figuring out what it25991.123.04
is could be a25994.245.28
Kmart would that be25996.6387.482
something i' get some oh wa okay gra25999.527.0
risk th I fell in the water I didn't26004.124.08
know that was a thing oh God that's not26006.523.64
good hypothermia risk okay oh get off26008.23.518
the ice I'm26010.164.08
going fell again Jesus Christ get out of26011.7184.122
the Ice D I mean I got to get I'm in the26014.244.558
middle of the river aren't I oh26015.844.92
it's going to happen again you watch26018.7984.322
fell again B get off the ice I would26020.763.798
to okay oh26024.5585.962
wait okay okay what's your situation I26027.28.198
got to get away I'm cold uh fire I would26030.526.118
like to get should I just do it right26035.3983.922
where I'm at uh maybe you got to cure26036.6385.24
that hypothermia right I would think26039.326.158
so all let's try this okay I got a26041.8785.882
little bit I hear howling26045.4784.202
now I didn't know I could fall through26047.764.56
the I look how cold it26049.685.92
is ah failed failed fire this may be one26052.325.238
of those uh accelerant situations you26055.65.44
know what I mean right accelerant mhm26057.5587.042
Tinder start fire yep that was quick you26061.046.28
got wood I got26064.65.64
coal and there we go yeah heat it up26067.325.398
baby it's got me an hour and26070.247.68
eight man I fell through the ice three26072.7189.362
times God damn dude okay I figure I can26077.926.08
walk around that26082.085.36
way man thought I was catching a26084.05.0
nope there's something I can cook yeah26089.04.04
you got any tea or anything you can heat26091.284.518
up uh rose26093.045.358
hips okay you can heat that up yeah do26095.7985.362
it okay War bonus is a warmth bonus take26098.3985.442
it jeez man things were things were26101.165.68
going so good you know were they I found26103.844.68
power lines I me yeah that that is26106.843.038
really good you got to get to those it26108.522.958
felt like I was having a moment and I26109.8783.202
wish I could give you some of my tea I26111.4784.042
got uh yeah I may have gone overboard on26113.086.16
this uh on my tea I got a lot little lot26115.527.278
of tea here I've got one26119.243.558
te so what are you going to do you're26133.62.798
going to try to get your heat all the26135.443.68
way up before you go what would you26136.3985.642
suggest well you're out in the open so26139.124.16
you're at the mercy of the weather if26142.042.88
the weather turns on you you could be26143.283.358
I would try to make it to those26144.924.28
power lines sooner rather than later so26146.6384.482
you go for it now huh I would go for it26149.24.0
now stay off the ice all right let me26151.125.08
drop any old torches I might have do I26153.26.278
have a torch in here all right I'll grab26156.26.758
a torch I'll grab my can I want to leave26159.4785.682
that I'll grab a torch and I'll run for26162.9584.68
it around the ice yep uh yeah I would26165.164.318
say around the ice or if you do go on26167.6383.92
the ice be super careful if you see it26169.4784.08
starting to break cuz I did that once I26171.5583.362
started to go on the ice and there's an26173.5583.562
icon that that appears yeah I saw it so26174.924.28
if you see that icon back off oh back26177.124.358
off oh yeah right makes sense sense yeah26179.24.48
I guess I mean it in real life I don't26181.4783.362
know if that makes sense but if that's26183.682.36
how the game26184.845.0
works all right grabing a26186.046.0
torch here we26189.844.44
go okay I'm going go around you just26192.044.0
going to try to hug the coast of what26194.283.72
wherever you got yeah I see it looks26196.045.838
like uh thicker thicker stuff26198.06.6
here here we26201.8785.92
go yep put that out I don't need that26204.64.72
now okay26209.324.36
we go this way straight towards the26211.9583.962
lines all right glad I had that te on me26217.05.44
it's keeping you warm it's helping sweet26220.445.278
it's two arrows down instead of26222.443.278
three it makes me tired when I run26226.24.16
doesn't it26228.324.0
yeah power lines they're going to lead26230.364.48
to a town beses biggest town you ever26232.324.318
found wait a minute what am I seeing26234.843.0
there oh I should probably Gras these26236.6385.24
rose hips make more tea yeah26237.846.798
um what do you see yeah it looks like26241.8784.962
what what looks to me like a26244.6385.442
container okay I think container like26246.844.878
like a train car or26250.085.24
something this might be a railroad track26251.7185.442
maybe hey that's going to lead to26257.164.558
something yeah I see a wolf uh Don't Go26259.164.16
Near that I see a couple wolves Don't Go26261.7184.042
Near them yep try to get to those26263.326.2
containers yep cuz it's26265.766.76
yeah this is definitely train tracks26275.765.48
cool that's that's actually really neat26278.9584.642
I should probably survey again huh uh26281.244.96
well wolves out there I mean they're not26283.64.24
i' I'd focus on getting to shelter but26286.23.16
that's me what if I look at my map and26287.842.84
figure out where I was and where I came26289.363.32
from get to the shelter then survey yeah26290.683.76
I don't even know if there26292.683.92
shelter containers can you get in the26294.444.358
containers let's26296.64.56
hope that'd be great pretty awesome you26298.7983.92
found train tracks26301.164.36
though wonder where they lead and what26302.7184.362
is that up ahead is that rocks or is26305.523.64
that something26307.084.12
Manion it's probably26311.23.438
rocks need a energy26315.285.518
bar food is slowly oh wait I picked up26317.923.958
that damn26320.7983.362
meat pick you up let's cook a little26321.8785.08
wolf meat why not yeah have a little26324.166.04
wolf meat get a little stomach intesting26326.9585.44
par sight why not reached the first26330.23.16
car okay and uh get in it it doesn't26333.365.438
look like it no that sucks you should be26336.685.08
able to get shelter in there I mean uh26338.7984.68
oh oh that was about that was about to26341.764.48
light my torch what's this oh firewood26343.4784.802
great I need26346.246.28
that um maybe some of26348.284.24
them come on at least what is this26353.124.04
something on the26356.04.558
ground hey tomato soup there you go and26357.164.238
soda what is that I26361.3983.922
can't okay more coal okay scrap metal26365.8786.362
which I'll leave there for26370.084.12
now man there's got to be something I26372.244.84
can get in here right I don't know been26374.25.8
there so it's just like a derailed26377.084.44
yeah and like nothing I can get inside26381.527.84
of I guess I got hide behind it from26384.8787.442
wind it's crazy there's no way to get in26389.366.038
it all those containers yeah tell me26392.325.28
it yeah I don't see anything well what26398.085.398
are you going to do now push forward I26401.4783.24
guess oh wait here's one of the doors26403.4782.722
open oh26404.7183.84
wait yeah on the other side does this26406.25.56
door shut be nice if that shut that26408.5585.042
stick there is it looks like a little26411.763.878
cooking place inside oh sweet there you26413.63.958
go yeah has a little fire26415.6383.84
Barrel little in his kitchen I'm pretty26417.5584.682
sure I read that already ready okay oh26419.4786.32
what's this uh a sweater oh wait two26422.246.8
rifle cartridges hell yeah all right all26425.7985.362
right now okay things are looking up26429.044.0
reclaim wood okay I should be able to26431.164.12
sit up here and get warm you know what26433.045.358
let's get that going start fire proud of26435.285.358
you nebes thanks man good Lord I should26438.3984.042
be dead by now you should have been dead26440.6386.442
a long time ago oh I'm a train26442.447.4
hobo still with no pants all the best26447.085.65
hobo don't have26449.8411.499
pants oh well hey there Mr bear that's26462.05.68
just decided to hang around my26464.9585.562
okay uh-huh26470.524.16
uh-huh what you going to do Winnie the26475.127.12
nope nope stay26483.125.838
back oh yeah yeah I'm big too okay I'm26485.65.68
not that26488.9582.322
big already oh I'll go out and find some26492.4784.882
cloth there's a bear knes yeah I got a26495.126.518
bear outside oh no how you doing um look26497.366.358
uh yeah I don't like this area that I'm26501.6384.92
in it's very this just like a frozen26503.7184.962
lake desolate might be the best word to26506.5583.722
describe it feel like I might get out26508.683.198
out of here uh well yeah you said you26510.283.438
found train tracks right I'm living on26511.8783.68
the train tracks like a hobo okay well26513.7183.92
your hobo butt needs to go hobo26515.5584.122
somewhere else right I think yep did26517.6384.402
that get boiled yeah here we go taking26519.685.6
this water okay I am heavy but yeah my26522.046.4
plan is to just keep on moving uh yeah26525.285.358
no yeah that is probably the best plan26528.444.64
in your situation um I'm here I'm still26530.6385.882
curing oh one of these deer hides cured26533.085.6
I'm still curing my wolf pelt make that26536.525.8
wolf coat and I I'm sitting pretty it's26538.685.44
kind of boring over here okay sitting26542.324.8
pretty I like that I'm uh I'm still26544.126.0
alive somehow so I'm I'm sitting Al26547.125.2
that's good so what's your plan follow26550.124.48
the train tracks to question mark yeah26552.324.04
I'm just going to I came in from that26554.63.08
way I'm just going to go to the train26556.363.84
and just head on down those tracks and26557.686.038
see what happens hey good26560.23.518
I'm tempted to try to kill a wolf and26575.363.8
get a lot of meat before I walk the26577.046.56
tracks you know oh wow okay how much uh26579.167.44
I've got I've got one can of tomato soup26583.64.4
and one energy bar okay so you don't26586.62.6
have a lot of food what's your bullet26588.06.878
situation I got three uh rifle ammo and26589.27.56
I found a pistol recently that's right26594.8783.362
oh that's right you got the pistol so26596.763.4
absolutely yeah get you some meat you26598.244.12
some meat baby you you need to go hunt26600.164.68
there were some wolves over here26602.364.88
oh oh yeah here we go curtains let's26604.844.36
break those down let's get some cloth oh26607.243.84
it's going to get dark here26609.24.16
soon what's the time of day where you're26611.085.638
at um it's either the sun's going up or26613.365.24
coming the sun's on the right uh it26616.7184.202
means it's going down going down gotta26618.64.08
are you going to spend the night in your26620.923.878
uh hobo encampment or you try to move26622.685.48
before I might spend the night okay got26624.7984.68
you if I could get some food and spend26628.162.6
the night that might best to leave in26629.4783.32
the morning yep I'm just going to break26630.763.52
down every curtain I26632.7984.282
see and uh yeah get as much cloth as I26634.285.24
can have some cloth back at base so I26637.084.718
can always keep my clothes repaired well26639.523.798
I've got eyes on a wolf but I think26641.7985.402
there's God there's at least26643.3183.882
two could be26648.083.44
three well here's here's the good news26651.6384.08
usually when you shoot the gun the the26653.7985.442
sound will scare them off yeah yeah so26655.7184.84
as long as you pick26659.245.12
one sure wish it was closer to the26660.5585.882
train maybe you can lure them to the26664.365.48
train know what I mean yep oh I'm tired26666.446.038
too man they're so close together this26669.846.878
seems dangerous oh yeah they're so close26672.4786.282
together got enough cloth oh it's26676.7184.322
getting dark I'm getting back to the26678.766.44
hanger no be no be that's a26681.046.438
Pac-Man that's a Pac-Man you hear what I26685.25.56
just said Pac-Man26687.4786.042
all right you know what what forget26690.765.118
those it's too many it's too dangerous26693.524.84
okay so man you're running low on food26695.8783.962
though aren't you yeah but maybe I can26698.364.118
find some Cattails or maybe oh boy26699.843.68
there'll be a wolf in the other26702.4782.882
direction yeah26703.524.92
maybe there okay I guess I could I've26705.364.958
explored this region pretty well though26708.443.6
I haven't haven't gone to the other end26710.3184.16
of the road in either direction so I26712.044.16
tell you what tomorrow I might you know26714.4783.0
get my health and food up as much as I26716.23.118
can and just walk down the road and see26717.4784.24
what I come across cross sounds like my26719.3184.122
plan the other thing I'm tempted to do26721.7183.442
is you remember that elevator I26723.444.56
found okay tempted to see if tonight's26725.165.478
one of those Aurora kns cuz if it is the26728.03.958
power might be on and I might be able to26730.6383.92
get into that elevator oh it work huh I26731.9584.282
I would love to try it there might be26734.5583.602
something like amazing like a rifle that26736.243.28
rifle I've been wanting the whole time26738.163.558
maybe a laser rifle a laser rifle yeah a26739.523.958
laser rifle what world do you think this26741.7184.92
is I don't know crazy world where wolves26743.4785.282
Go Glow green you know okay maybe I'll26746.6384.08
find a laser rifle just pict your lasers26748.764.23
being around here well use your26750.7185.431
imagination F Walking In The Wind how26763.285.96
your temp my temp is it's dropping but26766.9584.282
I'm just back to my little uh cabin my26769.244.318
little train cart is it warm inside the26771.245.8
train card um yeah okay well that's good26773.5585.522
it's not bad yeah all right I made it to26777.044.32
the mine26779.085.44
um no Aurora yet come on I hope this is26781.364.24
going to be one of those nights I wish26784.523.48
there were a way to tell early but I26785.65.16
guess it just happens mhm there was some26788.05.12
kind of wife's tail that's like hey yeah26790.764.24
guess sky is blue good for you right I26793.125.32
guess I can break down get some sticks26795.04.958
scared to spend too much time out here26798.444.32
because you know bear cuz a bear yeah26799.9584.84
how many cat tails you think I can eat26802.764.6
probably a bunch I got four left I just26804.7985.16
ate like four or five of them I26807.364.958
stomach's half full go all right let's26809.9583.962
do a test I'm pretty sure I can't build26812.3184.24
a fire in a mine but I'm going to try26813.926.0
it can build one in a cave uhuh ought to26816.5585.442
be able to build one oh God can't see a26819.924.2
thing all26822.05.638
right campfire yep cannot stop start26824.126.24
campfire indoors this is in a mine all26827.6384.84
right how do I find my way out oh tell26830.364.0
you what this is a fun trick oh wait no26832.4785.522
I can't do the trick damn26834.363.64
ohpe there it was26840.924.6
leave did you do it n no I didn't do it26842.7184.202
I'll just build a I can build a fire out26845.523.24
here the side the mine what was the26846.925.08
trick well the trick if you um if you go26848.765.76
to build a fire like if you're in a cave26852.03.958
and it gets really dark sometimes you26854.523.68
could use the fire to kind of highlight26855.9585.162
the side of the cave okay and uh I found26858.25.0
my way out of a couple places in the26861.125.758
past with that little trick okay all26863.26.678
right yeah I start a fire I'm just going26866.8785.962
to hang out by a fire cook some water I26869.8785.242
need to make a little water how's your26872.845.08
hobo train well it's uh it's cozy you26875.124.48
know if there was more out there I'd be26877.925.638
happy to live here but um there's not26879.65.958
much to eat except for those pack of26883.5584.042
wolves I'm afraid they would gang up on26885.5583.32
me and kill me you26887.63.56
know yeah I mean they're known to do26888.8784.76
that aren't they all right I got a nice26891.164.52
little hour fire here come on Aurora26893.6384.92
give me an aurora KN power this elevator26895.684.198
I want to see what's in the elevator26898.5583.362
elator you know what I got I got some26899.8784.402
coal I can throw a coal in there uh yeah26901.923.44
well you may want to you may want to26904.283.438
save your coal but I got six it may be26905.363.76
good oh God that's a lot of coal so yeah26907.7182.84
you can at least throw one and maybe get26909.122.838
a couple of hours of sleep cuz you need26910.5583.682
to get your rest too yeah I'm tired yeah26911.9584.162
not having enough uh sleep you won't be26914.245.0
able to run all right I've got26916.128.24
4 hours and 54 minutes on this fire you26919.247.68
think I could sleep 526924.365.278
hours yeah yeah for sure should I try26926.924.32
six or just leave at26929.6385.122
5 you can try I mean if I'm if I'm dying26931.245.68
while I'm sleeping will I wake up no26934.763.958
you'll freeze to death okay let's sleep26936.922.52
hours you may wake up if it gets too26939.446.038
cold I'm doing it good night good night26941.9585.162
wind picked up on26945.4784.282
me oh yeah it's blowing and I love how26947.123.438
wind kind of the smoke God it's a pretty26950.5586.32
oh D I think this wind's going to kill26963.443.958
fire went picked up huh yep did that's26967.3986.122
okay still no26971.3184.16
Aurora I'm going to walk over to this26973.523.92
lock sort I don't remember thought there26975.4783.602
was a trailer here I know there's a26977.444.438
trailer up there cuz that's where I came26979.085.28
in at there's a little trailer there was26981.8783.882
a building over here but I just don't26984.363.32
remember if I could get into it or26985.764.68
not let's see how my memory oh yeah26987.685.16
there's a little trailer cool well I can26990.444.518
go in there and sleep at least for the26992.844.08
night or at least a couple of hours to26994.9585.0
see if the Aurora pops up okay so I26996.926.798
slept okay um I just made some rose hip26999.9587.802
tea oh boy okay rose hip tea is ready27003.7187.08
take that um man can I just should I27007.764.52
just go for it I should go for it27010.7983.242
shouldn't I in the middle of the night27012.284.198
or sun coming up I mean it's middle of27014.045.598
the night oh boy wow okay the other I'm27016.4784.642
just going to be sitting here and yeah27019.6383.202
you're not wrong and getting hungry I27021.123.92
get it grab this bed roll I want to pick27022.846.44
it up uh I want to drink my tea27025.047.32
tea drink my tea it's going to give me a27029.284.84
heat boost too right if it's R give you27032.365.48
a warmth bonness okay I'm27034.123.72
going wow so you're just going to go in27039.25.72
the dark yeah man you're okay I mean the27041.165.36
weather's at least decent okay the27044.923.36
weather's decent yeah you're not wrong27046.523.72
maybe the sun will come up soon for you27048.283.88
my wait you gra your bed roll right I27050.246.398
did thank you for reminding me but I got27052.164.478
hey these train tracks are coming to a27082.3985.442
tunnel got a tunnel yeah train track27085.085.6
train tunnel oh cool is it going to get27087.844.6
dark in27090.684.198
here it's cold where I27092.446.68
was oh wait leave leave forlorn muskeg27094.8786.482
I'm leaving it oh W you're you're out of27099.124.198
the other region already done there man27101.364.84
holy crap where you at now now I'm at uh27103.3184.962
Lake what's the mystery ah probably a27108.286.278
creature in the water it's probably like27111.9584.642
a Nessie situation you know yeah it27114.5583.122
be I already like this better oh yeah27117.685.84
there's trees and there's not a frozen27120.9584.802
lake everywhere even though it's called27123.524.958
mystery Lake all right it's morning here27125.766.24
no aora last night um guess I'm leaving27128.4785.562
this trailer I'm tempted to just walk up27132.03.84
the road and see what I can find I know27134.043.12
there's those cabins down there but I27135.843.118
don't know what's beyond that all right27137.163.68
I got water I got a good pack of food27138.9584.082
still got that M yeah I'm going to do27140.844.36
some exploring you know what let's go27143.045.518
ahead and eat this stinky27145.26.64
meat okay no no parasites all right just27148.5585.362
risk of parasites I can do risk just27151.844.478
don't want them do you like stinky27153.926.12
Foods stinky Foods yeah like eggs cuz27156.3185.282
eggs can be stinky I mean they're kind27160.043.438
of stink like like blue cheese or goat27161.64.08
cheese oh yeah love it love goat cheese27163.4784.042
love feta cheese blue cheese all that27165.684.36
that's nice I like those things too mhm27167.524.0
every now and then I'm walking I see27170.043.8
like a little red indicator in the right27171.525.84
bottom corner okay I can't get to do it27173.846.118
again uh that probably means you're on a27177.363.88
hill or something that's usually what27179.9582.6
happens when you're overweight and27181.244.12
you're climbing a hill it's basically a27182.5584.122
indicator that you could possibly get a27185.364.48
springed ankle okay yeah like I think I27186.684.798
could do it if I try to climb up a hill27189.842.36
now where is it yeah yeah I see it27192.24.64
little red indicator yep yeah that means27194.8784.6
you risk of uh ankle spring gotcha cuz27196.844.68
I'm carrying just about everything I can27199.4784.4
yeah and I don't blame27201.525.68
you I wish I had a sled or a wagon or a27203.8785.68
pack mule something found anything yet27207.24.278
or just walking along Train tracks no27209.5584.722
I'm just seeing train tracks rocks27211.4784.562
you're doing it at night you can't see27214.284.198
well like it's not that dark of a27216.044.518
night you know okay yeah no I know i'27218.4784.762
I've had nice clear nights in this game27220.5585.522
but my Roose tips just wore off so I'm27223.244.92
going to find somewhere soon yeah what's27226.083.718
your warmth at right now27228.164.96
uh like 70 some per. okay that's not bad27229.7986.882
I do see looks like something ahead the27233.125.24
power lines take a right turn here and27236.683.6
go somewhere but they go straight okay27238.363.16
and I feel like I see either another27240.283.48
train car or some kind of structure27241.523.038
good I'm Roo for you man oh wait see a27244.5583.962
flag yep I'm going to Veer off to these27248.525.72
right uh the right power lines there's a27251.165.52
cabin we found a cabin with a Canadian27254.245.96
flag on it oh hell yeah Nees now we're27256.685.56
talking man if they got pants in there27260.24.118
I'm going to lose my mind I want them to27262.243.88
have pants so27264.3184.16
bad that looks like a lake that's27266.125.358
probably mystery Lake that makes sense27268.4786.4
right hold up what's this sign say what27271.4787.282
is this it's just a rock isn't it I27274.8785.562
don't know I'm not with you can't27278.764.558
interact with it mystery Lake uh oh and27280.446.24
it's in French lck27283.3183.362
mysty I bet I did that perfectly27286.7984.202
okay I'm going27291.5586.292
in man please be a a fire in here and a27293.047.358
bed oh yeah it's dark I can't see27300.3984.4
anything uh you got your either a27303.124.32
lantern flare I definitely have some27304.7984.562
matches oh match you can't see with27307.443.84
matches use a flare how many flares you27309.365.84
got uh let's see um27311.285.88
flare you're going to hate me but I've27315.23.56
already forgot how to do flare light27317.164.718
sour is very top yep okay I've only got27318.765.76
one marine and two regular oh chose a27321.8785.962
regular on this situation I mean do you27324.524.68
want to see in the damn house or not27327.842.798
feel like I could do that with a match27329.23.04
okay if you want to stumble around your27330.6383.642
damn house with a match go for it hey27332.243.6
you're the professional oh wow did it27334.284.0
just man it got really cold today whoa27335.844.84
whoa whoa whoa whoa my hypothermia my27338.284.16
temperature went all the way down27340.683.198
luckily I didn't go too far I'm out here27342.443.518
by these cabins well at least I27343.8784.08
took your advice and I did the flare so27345.9584.92
yeah you can see in there yeah oh wow27347.9584.162
this is a27350.8784.242
workbench yep there's a workbench I27352.125.08
don't want to leave oh there's a lantern27355.123.758
cuz that's great cuz I threw left mine27357.25.04
away somewhere H stack of27358.8785.6
papers we got a workbench in there27362.243.88
that's already pretty good there's a pot27364.4783.682
belly stove hell yeah there you go27366.123.358
that's good all right you found a pretty27368.163.158
sweet spot this there a27369.4785.16
laptop cool you can uh play M sweeper27371.3185.32
hey you know what's a fun game what's27374.6383.24
that uh Missile27376.6382.882
yeah yeah it's been a minute since I've27379.522.56
played good old Missile Command maybe27380.6383.16
you don't have that on there probably27382.084.04
won't probably have Minecraft though all27383.7985.282
right I'm going upstairs can rip that up27386.126.92
oh the antlers hey I found a laptop too27389.086.28
yep yeah maybe we can connect the KN oh27393.044.32
a bunk bed oh this is a better stove27395.364.198
upstairs we got two little cookers on it27397.365.16
and a cooking pot so you got beds and27399.5585.442
stoves Ben man that's that's home based27402.524.118
for you for a minute isn't it this will27405.04.08
hold me for a second I got to find food27406.6385.282
though a windbreaker I'm probably good27409.085.08
on jackets come on yeah start start27411.923.558
searching around is that they have a27414.164.44
kitchen anywhere I found some soda okay27415.4784.682
well that's27418.65.358
start where would I be if I was pants in27420.165.96
drawer oh decent27429.927.68
Jam basic denim jam oh yeah you got some27433.67.56
pants baby even says better than nothing27437.66.718
and you're right yeah put those on here27441.166.92
we go immediately uh where's my naked27444.3187.4
butt right here where ah you got pants27448.085.878
again how's it feel oh man I feel like I27451.7184.522
just won like an27453.9585.122
Oscar I'd like to thank my mom oh I'm so27456.244.96
happy for you dude and abro I didn't27459.083.16
know I didn't know if you were going to27461.23.92
make it out of there that's great yeah27462.248.478
okay perfect the series keeps going yep27465.125.598
whether you want it to or not no yep we27471.045.48
we're committed now it's going to be 10027473.127.8
episodes of this probably not God I hope27476.524.4
not okay down there hey some Cattails on27490.5586.4
that River there's the camp this is my27493.7186.482
little uh moose bird it's right27496.9587.042
here man I really like this region a27500.26.358
lot until it runs out of resources which27504.05.958
will probably be soon all right trunk27506.5585.202
anything in you I should have brought my27509.9585.122
pry bar it's heavy as what about in27511.767.038
here oh man my flare just went out crap27515.084.84
why don't you just hop in the bed and27518.7984.242
get some sleep until morning yeah I my27519.925.6
temperatures up my water oh I got to27523.044.598
drink something here we27525.524.24
I guess I'll drink one of these sodas27529.762.92
yeah you RN a27531.524.76
soda got a bunch of27532.683.6
them now can I27537.046.4
find upstairs oh I think I27540.126.278
can yep I'm going to sleep in a bed27543.444.358
tonight I've been sleeping on a bed roll27546.3983.4
for the last week it feels like yeah now27547.7985.042
you you deserve a nice bed here it is27549.7986.16
bunk bed there you go taking the top do27552.847.28
it D okay I just got to the end the road27555.9587.482
and seems to be a landslide blocking my27560.126.438
path is there any way27563.443.118
through just down power27566.8786.802
rockfall navigate27573.9583.482
it way around it rockfall there's got to27577.8784.242
be a way around27580.925.0
it let's see need to take the ice around27582.127.278
no that looks like too Rocky let's see27585.925.32
if there's anything up here go into the27589.3983.32
hills for a little bit not going to get27591.244.92
too far from the road oh don't spring my27592.7185.6
ankle no27596.164.9
springy no springy there we27598.3185.802
go oh27604.126.0
yeah sounds like a nice morning well27606.844.84
this bed had a dream catcher I could27610.123.838
have caught my dreams last night abso27611.684.32
those things are and now I just27613.9583.082
them okay uh27617.045.598
uh can I go outside I'm not even27619.67.118
encumbered for once really yeah cuz you27622.6385.402
actually got a full night's sleep27626.7184.402
probably maybe I am thirsty though27628.045.358
another soda I live on soda now yeah it27631.124.24
happens I just found a deer carcass but27633.3984.722
I don't need it can I get around this27635.364.4
way no that's probably back the way I27638.123.92
came isn't it yeah sure is trying to27639.763.44
find a way27642.043.48
around get to the other side of the road27643.25.48
but man I'm not having any luck nope boy27645.527.438
visibility here is not good I'll see you27648.686.0
but hey at least you found a place to27652.9584.0
live did you scour that house for food27654.686.198
um you know scour I wouldn't say scoured27656.9586.562
but I definitely looked at it I feel27660.8784.882
like I saw something out here on the ice27663.523.878
which I don't like being on the ice cuz27665.763.92
as you know yes be careful out there I27667.3983.962
fall on the ice remember if you see that27669.684.36
icon pop up you know back up yeah last27671.364.68
time I just kept pushing forward and27674.044.918
that strategy didn't work for me yeah27676.045.48
I'm going put my gun out just in case27678.9584.6
cuz I can't see like but a few feet in27681.523.84
front of me oh boy am I going to get27683.5585.282
turned around don't do that okay I've27685.365.358
climb up the hill I don't see a way up27688.845.16
I'm going to navigate up here survey27690.7186.84
this where am I okay there's the27694.05.798
rockfall came up this way there's not a27697.5584.202
way around the road maybe I'll try the27699.7985.642
ice that seems crazy though deer carcass27701.766.198
up here but yeah damn no way around got27705.445.72
a new strategy since it's so foggy out27707.9585.642
I'm going to stick to the power lines27711.165.44
that's a good idea oh and a cattail for27713.65.16
breakfast perfect hey you found some27716.64.68
mhm man I'm just walking into to nothing27725.3185.682
fog thank God for this train tracking27731.05.08
these power27733.4782.602
lines oh27737.043.32
you all right yeah I just found a train27740.65.878
car oh that's good I just found thin ice27743.165.68
oh you backed up though yeah I backed up27746.4783.802
there's there doesn't seem to be a way27748.845.52
around unless I here you hear that27750.286.08
sounds like a wolf is that what I'm27754.365.84
dealing with sounds like a wolf I see27756.365.72
birds circling something27760.25.96
ahead where's it oh I see the wolf yep27762.086.92
careful I think it's just one oh nope I27766.164.28
see another one down the street but he's27769.04.76
further away come here buddy oh man I27770.444.4
want if there's something to cook in27773.763.798
that with right in that train27774.847.638
car okay I think he's coming at27777.5589.482
me come on bud go for it going to27782.4786.802
do he's27787.046.32
running yep got him nice knes okay he's27789.286.438
down his buddies oh oh no here comes27793.366.68
another one he's coming oh boy oh boy he27795.7186.522
ran by he just ran away yeah The Gunshot27800.044.4
probably scared him yep he'll be back27802.245.12
though okay crap I wish he would have27804.445.56
ran at me I could take him down I was27807.365.0
afraid I was going to miss and lose the27810.05.398
bullet what's in here27812.365.48
nothing what a waste that is can I walk27815.3984.722
on this27817.842.28
tree I guess there was just two27820.63.798
wolves okay here we go I'm in the train27824.685.76
car ah there's a frozen corpse up here27827.084.798
man that's27831.8785.68
nasty you think good on him empty can27835.03.958
you believe that there's a box right27837.5582.562
beside I can't believe it the game will27838.9582.92
do that every now and then right okay27840.125.16
disinfect all right it's not bad feel27841.8785.962
like I got that though H so I need to27845.285.24
build a fire by this wolf yes Harvest27847.844.6
that wolf for any food and take it back27850.525.56
to maybe your cabin yep I mean I may27852.445.198
push forward and just what are those27856.083.878
birds C IR over there probably a body or27857.6384.08
a carcass that's usually what they're27859.9584.082
circling let me take a27861.7186.282
look get my gun out this27864.043.96
got I promise I know how to do that27868.67.278
um okay ah there's a27871.8786.322
deer a hunting knife which I already27875.8787.162
have oh flare oh there you go featherly27878.26.84
for your flare yep perfect now I'm glad27883.045.56
I used it oh yeah this guy Frozen is I27885.045.518
mean how much meat's left on it how do I27888.63.68
tell you click on it and you can see how27890.5583.522
much meat27892.286.72
M 1.8 that's not a lot not a lot huh27894.088.398
nope all right well it's some if I could27899.05.958
sit up27902.4782.48
here yeah let me get some meat that's27905.683.958
what I27908.4785.48
need oh oh man is that a wolf right27909.6386.882
there surrounded by27913.9585.68
Wolves wish I had more rifle cartridges27916.524.64
well you got that other gun right yeah I27919.6383.482
just I've never shot it before you know27921.164.158
uh yeah it shoots very similar to the27923.125.16
other ones though is it as powerful no27925.3184.24
it is not as27928.283.48
powerful all right I made it back to the27929.5584.602
fishing camp temperature is almost all27931.763.52
the way down so yeah I'm just going to27934.163.96
go inside and get warm that exploring27935.284.43
that way was a27938.126.358
bust all right it's it's on I got it uh27944.4788.722
16 minutes I've been grabbing27948.7186.802
sticks you're an expert fire Builder now27953.24.56
aren't you I'm getting better27955.527.08
man have you ever quartered one no I27957.767.76
have not it takes an hour is that a good27962.64.76
uh maybe I mean if you have an hour on27967.364.038
the fire you could do it I don't know if27970.123.72
that just Harvest everything yeah I've27971.3984.122
never tried it so why why don't you try27973.843.92
it this fire Will Keep the Wolves Away27975.524.08
right yes Fire Keep the Wolves Away and27977.764.798
if you uh yeah get it hot for at least27979.65.32
an hour all right got an hour 19 if I27982.5584.442
quarter this thing it's going to27984.925.68
take 1 hour should I do it give it a27987.05.558
shot let's see what happens current27990.64.52
calories 671 calories it'll take will be27992.5585.682
225 it should be good quartering27995.126.838
it oh I should have drank more oh boy27998.248.6
I'm really thirsty okay soda time here28001.9586.482
we go28006.844.24
so what happened all right I don't know28008.444.958
I was worried about my water um okay28011.086.12
wolf quarter wolf quarter take it look28013.3986.762
at this I've got all these wolf quarters28017.26.04
and I've got some fresh guts he got to28020.164.76
hide everything oh so it just broke28023.244.2
everything down for you yeah oh got the28024.925.12
whole wolf sweet go back home start28027.446.84
cooking right um yeah I think so think28030.045.758
so let's do that if you got a bunch of28034.284.198
stinky meat on you28035.7983.92
all right I'm going take careful I'm28038.4782.202
going to take this torch I'm going28039.7183.042
extinguish it if I see a wolf I'll light28040.685.48
it up again that's a good idea all yep I28042.767.36
see one already that didn't take long28046.165.12
keep him at28050.124.598
bait man you stay there you saw what28051.285.92
happened to your28054.7182.482
buddy he want to attack me with this28057.284.56
torch right uh I don't will he attack me28059.084.68
with this torch I don't know I don't28061.844.038
think so you think torch might keep him28063.766.038
at Bay right he is falling me so hard28065.8785.76
now should I try charging28071.6386.76
him I man you you got to make your own28075.924.6
decisions I don't know let me get closer28078.3984.32
to my house that way if I need to run28080.523.6
back and heal28082.7184.962
myself man he is following me home he28084.124.838
does not care about this torch much is28087.684.16
on the torch not much left charging oh28088.9587.44
I'm going to fight s him okay I think I28091.846.28
was I tore some clothes please don't be28096.3985.0
my pants please do not be my pants okay28098.125.0
I got my torch please be his pants28101.3983.92
please Lord be his pants all28103.125.08
right I don't see where he went I feel28105.3184.282
like if I switched a gun he just would28108.23.758
have attacked me anyway I don't know if28109.65.0
I did the right thing or not yeah I need28111.9584.84
to look at my my vitals don't I so yeah28114.63.52
he attacked you with a torch in your28116.7983.322
hand yeah okay so torches he might not28118.123.16
be afraid of I know they're usually28120.123.88
afraid of flares that's thing not all28121.285.438
the time some are afraid some aren't28124.05.16
right I don't see him28126.7184.642
now but I do need to look at myself and28129.166.718
make sure I'm not like bleeding or28131.364.518
something man I don't even think I got28136.04.52
that hurt about my28137.7984.52
clothes I don't think my clothes are28140.524.68
broke either okay well that's good yeah28142.3184.282
when you get back inside you may want to28145.22.72
look at all your clothing to make sure28146.63.278
you know it's tip toop shape yep do some28147.923.638
repairs yeah oh wow all right it's28149.8784.322
finally warm out here now um well damn28151.5584.84
now what do I do that way was a dead end28154.24.118
do I go all the way to the other28156.3984.802
side may as well what else I got going28158.3186.0
on got food actually let's28161.26.92
see got it I want to eat that sometime28164.3186.282
and I don't want to waste it I have a28168.123.96
little dog food this morning before I28170.64.76
set off got you well you know what I28172.084.798
don't think I saw this earlier cuz it28175.363.32
was so foggy28176.8786.642
out look like a body here too oh28178.687.36
really yep got a28183.525.92
carcass anything think good28186.046.24
uh Hey rifle cartridge hey that's good28189.444.72
I'll take it you just Ed one of those so28192.284.96
there has a nice replenish sweet here we28194.166.6
go back to my cabin start a fire cook28197.244.2
quarters and we're back in the28201.443.84
game H see some circling Birds28205.7187.122
too is that a28210.125.518
body okay yep I think I found the28212.845.36
body man got a body it's like at the28215.6385.24
bottom of of a wrecked28218.25.4
Bridge yep hey pal what you got on you28220.8783.722
good nothing nothing not a thing just28224.66.56
one old big pile of28229.24.118
disappointment you know what I think28231.165.558
I've got some food now so I can't cook28233.3185.042
hm what do I do with these quarters I28236.7183.84
got to drop them first I have no idea28238.364.08
again I have never done that I just lit28240.5584.602
a fire right but it doesn't give me the28242.445.16
option to well if you click on what28245.166.08
whatever you picked up does it I can hit28247.66.958
Harvest okay what does that do that28251.245.52
takes 13 minutes how long's my fire28254.5583.362
burning oh but that's cool because28256.764.24
you're yeah you're inside so yeah yeah28257.924.6
okay so let's do that let's do one of28261.04.36
these uh quarters28262.525.84
Harvest all right I'm going to do one of28268.447.24
these there did the whole thing people28272.3984.802
don't like it cuz I don't Harvest enough28275.684.92
you know yeah okay let's see man I got28277.25.92
two options option go back there wait28280.65.718
for the wait for the Aurora option TW is28283.124.518
go to the other end of the road and see28286.3182.882
if there's anything that28287.6384.122
tired let's all right I'm doing it I'm28291.765.198
going this way seeing if there's28293.765.48
anything wait what time is it no Sun's28296.9583.76
going down yeah you know what let's do28299.245.318
the Aurora change my mind come on Aurora28300.7185.76
I want you to happen tonight28304.5584.92
here we go it's later in the day sun is28318.365.358
pretty much setting but I can see28321.524.84
better yeah that's got to be one of28323.7186.08
those little fishing Huts right is that28326.365.92
a wolf I think I see a wolf crap I got28329.7984.0
meat on me28332.284.84
too but I did find that Bo oh Cattail28333.7987.16
yes sir sir Don't Mind If I Do mhm yes28337.124.72
you all28341.843.28
right yeah that was28345.365.958
definitely that is one28347.6387.482
wolf and I think I'm on a frozen28351.3187.682
lake oh yeah get you gun28355.123.88
out it's just this one here he comes he28360.68.43
coming I got three bullets28365.087.718
coming there we go that was cutting it28372.7983.882
neebs okay you got any friends with you28376.685.878
all right I'll be back for you killing28380.6385.882
more Wolves yeah nice oh I think I just28382.5587.16
heard of one uh yeah no Aurora tonight28386.525.72
but we do have a nice28389.7185.802
snowstorm yeah yeah it stinks man when28392.244.88
you want an aora where are they yeah28395.523.72
exactly exactly it's going to happen one28397.123.838
night it's going to be awesome when it28399.244.28
does all right well guess all I can28400.9584.322
really do is just bunk up in this28403.524.438
trailer get some more sleep till the28405.286.4
morning sometimes that's all you can do28407.9586.68
yep well this is a fishing Hut it looks28411.685.878
like oh nice you can go fishing I mean I28414.6385.76
I have a line do I need anything else uh28417.5584.482
yeah you need a hook I don't know how to28420.3983.32
do a hook I think with your workbench if28422.043.678
you find some scrap metal you can make a28423.7184.322
hook oh really yeah28425.7184.042
H I can at least search28428.045.16
it see there is a little pot belly stove28429.764.84
cupboard maybe there'll be a hook in28433.23.0
mittens oh scrap metal there you go you28436.25.4
use that to make a hook okay that'll28439.244.6
work I'll go back to the other place and28441.63.32
make a28443.845.08
hook so I can fish oh more line probably28444.925.24
should have just left28448.925.558
that more flares oh newspaper okay so28450.167.718
this is a oh yeah ice fishing hole28454.4785.0
yeah see I broke mine down with my28457.8784.202
Hatchet right I have a knife yeah so28459.4784.122
you'll have to use your knife to break28462.083.52
the fishing hole and then uh yeah if you28463.63.76
have a hook and a line I think you28465.63.6
should be able to craft yeah a fishing28467.364.598
line there is another fishing Hut out28469.26.16
here too I might just take a little look28471.9585.76
I do not like walking on ice anymore28475.364.72
yeah for last time don't blame me like28477.7184.84
people will drive cars on a lake that28480.085.0
sounds crazy to me does to me too but uh28482.5583.802
I mean if you grow up doing it and the28485.084.44
ice is you know thick enough makes sense28486.364.92
all right let's see what's it look like28489.524.438
here this morning n it's kind of28491.285.8
foggy okay today I'm going to follow the28493.9585.962
road to the other end to see where that28497.084.96
goes temperature's going down a little28499.925.16
bit but yeah let's hook it let's go28502.046.26
let's go wsro28505.0810.08
yeah hey nebes yeah I think I see my28515.167.798
friend like a big old bear bear yeah28519.64.84
he's hanging out there on the ice it's28522.9583.082
the same one that got me uh yeah right28524.443.518
over here at these cabins maybe he'll28526.044.518
fall through it that'd be nice just take28527.9584.882
care of it for me yeah like you did28530.5584.442
three times in a row well right beside28532.844.24
the land you know sometimes it takes a28535.04.718
couple lessons that's true I thought if28537.085.36
I climbed out of the ice hole and then28539.7184.042
forward I would you know it's like it28543.763.76
just kept putting you in the you were28546.03.2
panicking it happens it happens I don't28547.523.118
think I panicked I think my reasoning28549.24.04
you absolutely panicked I didn't panic I28550.6385.402
my reasoning was wrong cuz I thought in28553.244.558
my mind I climbed out of the hole and I28556.043.04
was on ice again I was going to walk28557.7983.482
forward to the land right all right is28559.084.398
this bear coming this way see I'm right28561.283.518
I'm right here by the cabins where he28563.4783.042
attacked me that one time this is kind28564.7983.562
of my fallback position cuz I came to28566.523.92
the end of the road and now I'm going to28568.363.958
go this way and see if there's anything28570.444.92
down here temperature's good tirs good28572.3185.762
it is the middle of the day so so yeah28575.364.48
I'm just exploring some more what are28578.083.318
you up to I'm getting tired but I'm just28579.843.798
trying to cook a little water and a Sak28581.3984.282
got you what you plan tomorrow man maybe28583.6383.92
go fishing there you go try to get some28585.683.6
fish food uh-huh yeah maybe that Lake28587.5583.602
you're at is uh just full of delicious28589.286.038
fat salmon love salmon I love salmon too28591.165.88
big old sloppy pink28595.3186.32
salmon I get in it I lick28597.044.598
it you like salmon more than me I28602.06.95
oh this doesn't look good there's a man28617.7183.92
there's a landslide at the end of this28620.243.638
too where to go well I don't know let me28624.044.88
navigate a little28627.085.12
bit little28628.923.28
surveying vehicle what does that say28632.445.118
rose hips can I maybe I can get around28634.6384.882
there's a car28637.5584.24
here good in this car how about a little28639.525.24
snap how about a candy bar a candy bar28641.7986.76
in here come on heyy candy bar energy28644.764.68
sweet that is an afternoon snack that28649.446.518
I'm having right now bam all right got a28652.365.278
little bit of food on me is the weather28655.9583.202
going to clear up oh looks like the28657.6382.84
weather's going to clear up and be nice28659.165.398
to me today oh boy see if I can get28660.4785.442
around this28664.5582.742
uh-oh I think this might lead me to28671.243.68
region okay I'm I'm going to peek I'm28674.924.08
going to peek I don't want to get too28677.246.28
far from The Other Place28679.04.52
yeah crumbling Highway oh God this28684.047.438
doesn't sound good does it does it no28687.66.278
this is a28691.4782.4
all right wind be good can I get under28698.7986.962
this oh yeah climbing under a rock oh28701.66.68
yeah yeah are you squeezing under it28705.764.958
yeah go pick up that firewood just in28708.284.518
case and they can squeeze under rocks28710.7183.042
yeah Crouch I just Crouch you going28713.765.198
under mhm there we go teabag like in any28716.684.0
game going to find me a rabbit and do a28718.9583.722
dipping okay I'm going to uh I'm going28722.684.6
to take a nap go for it yep get I'm28724.765.84
going to explore this28727.283.32
man this place28730.6385.362
sucks maybe there's a cabin or something28733.8785.44
up here I can find I see circling Birds28736.04.6
that's a dead thing this is a really28739.3184.0
cool looking region though uh all right28740.64.32
let me do a little navigation since I'm28743.3183.882
here uhhuh oh there's a destroyed house28748.845.24
I guess this is the way I came28752.045.838
from another region all right maybe more28754.086.558
supplies I can pick up there's a car I28757.8785.882
can sleep in if it gets too28760.6383.122
bad any mail any tax forms W2's in yet28766.248.36
nope abandoned Harris hole who the hell28770.766.798
were the harrises there we go all28774.65.92
rested oh yeah pretty full sleep28777.5586.042
harrises huh yeah it's the Harris home28780.525.798
yeah you know I wonder if it's Mrs28783.63.84
well I think I just found Papa Harris he28787.444.76
ain't doing too hot you remember when28789.6384.92
Mrs Harris went to Paris no what do you28792.23.198
about oh he there's a basement here and28795.3985.442
no Mrs Harris went to Paris what is that28798.844.44
oh she wanted a dress she was just a28800.845.16
simple house cleaner and she wanted to28803.286.038
her husband died in the war you know she28806.06.08
what is this from it's a movie is it28809.3184.882
called Mrs Harris went to Paris goes to28812.084.08
Paris I think Mrs Harris goes to Paris28814.24.0
the movie it's it's wonderful probably28816.163.44
the best movie ever made I'm going check28818.24.32
this basement okay I didn't even realize28819.65.24
destroyed houses can have basement okay28822.523.92
she wanted one of those fancy dresses28824.843.798
that only Rich ladies gets she saved all28826.444.76
her money oh my goodness Lantern fuel28828.6385.202
that's good another L got sorry I had to28831.24.56
burp how about a28833.843.52
container hey a fishing tackle you need28837.363.118
one of28839.524.32
these fishing tackle yeah now I have a28840.4788.122
fishing I got a already got fishing line28843.846.798
you have a hook yeah you need to make a28848.63.32
hook with metal scrap you got to do it28850.6384.482
at a workbench oh make a hook yep okay28851.924.478
that's what I'm going to do right now28855.124.24
let's see spray paint scrap28856.3986.042
metal uh oh you has a Jerry can in28859.364.16
here full of28862.443.92
fuel keep my Lantern28863.526.16
lit uh any good stuff in this28866.368.438
dryer F socks whoa decent work28869.688.118
pants wash machine anything good nothing28874.7984.382
let me check out these28877.7984.16
pants oh yeah these decent work pants28881.9584.882
are better than these jeans I got I'm28884.243.96
wearing them that gives me another like28886.843.4
yeah the jeans I'm wearing I have a28888.24.518
warmth bonus of 1.7 these workpants give28890.244.638
me a bonus of 2.1 switch them out man28892.7184.642
switching them out all right jeans28894.8785.402
harvesting you for28897.362.92
cl okay still don't see that fish in28903.4787.202
Hut there's three of them I oh I see one28907.3985.4
here we28910.686.44
go try to get in there quick cuz it's28912.7984.322
cold yep here we28918.085.478
go now this one didn't have a door oh28920.526.16
there's a tnder plug I can use that okay28923.5585.482
I think I found a28926.685.36
cave yep all right bad28929.045.04
wolf I was wondering when y'all were28932.043.518
going to show up28934.084.36
H I want to keep exploring further but28938.445.518
that's dumb isn't28941.282.678
it how's the fishing going good these28945.085.52
revolver cartridge that's a bullet right28948.683.32
that's not like a28950.63.878
casing a c yeah that's a bullet there's28952.04.638
three there's three of them here on the28954.4785.642
ground okay oh yeah I think I think I28956.6385.042
noticed that in the footage that you28960.125.278
missed those uhoh yeah those are good um28961.685.68
maybe I'll go to the next next this one28965.3984.92
doesn't have a door I'd love to have a28967.365.84
door you being hunted uh yeah I got a28970.3184.362
wolf on me I'm trying to decide if I28973.22.88
want to end him or yeah I'm going to28974.684.24
have to end him all right buddy all28976.085.238
right come on come28978.925.638
on come come here come28981.3185.362
here oh you28984.5584.722
oh God damn it that doesn't sound28986.684.56
good what happened H he bit me a little28989.283.598
bit but I did shoot him I got a little28991.242.96
bit of blood lost but I should have a28992.8785.162
bandage you're getting worse than this28994.27.598
you get worse at this eh no I'm okay28998.046.56
helps down a little bit but I got him29001.7984.562
he's bleeding oh yeah I'm following his29004.64.08
little Blood Trail I'll find his corpse29006.364.518
later is that a different29008.686.56
one are you a got another29010.8788.242
wolf yeah but he sees my gun and he's29015.247.238
running gun H think a wolf out in the29019.125.48
woods wouldn't know much about guns well29022.4784.642
this one does City wolf29024.64.56
now think they would know things like29027.123.358
this I'm actually going to try this if I29029.163.398
pull this gun out like I'm looking at29030.4785.762
him and see this all right it didn't29032.5586.642
work that time it did not work that29036.246.0
time okay crap crap crap all right I'm29039.24.72
going to Bullet you29042.245.318
too oh God damn it don't tell me you got29043.926.2
bit again hey not much not much I'm fine29047.5583.882
much yeah I'm fine just a laceration I29051.444.958
think I yeah I have to put some an29054.7984.042
septic on it D run away go somewhere29056.3984.16
else I just wanted to see what was in29058.842.84
cave okay yeah I'm okay all right so I'm29061.685.36
in this fishing Hut and I got some soup29064.685.4
on the stove I got a fire going now I29067.046.04
click on the ice hole yep and then I29070.086.638
iole break it okay there we go breaking29073.085.96
ice it's ice breaker you have any good29076.7184.322
ice breakers you use at29079.045.72
parties uh no I'm I'm I'm I'm very much29081.045.438
just hey my name's John how you doing29084.764.32
hey what you sign hey baby hey this29086.4784.24
tomato soup's hot that means cooked29089.083.08
right that means cooked yes you can eat29090.7185.402
it mhm oh my gosh tomato soup wish I had29092.165.76
a grilled cheese oh tomato soup and29096.123.598
grilled cheese I'm with you on that that29097.924.08
is some tasty stuff all right what have29099.7185.282
I got an infection risk oh29102.06.318
man let's see so he antiseptic use it on29105.07.2
this stupid wolf bite there we go all29108.3185.16
right this cave was a bust there's29112.23.24
nothing in it but some firewood I might29113.4784.522
as well just grab some in Pace all right29115.445.518
wolf where you at don't be around be not29118.05.6
around be not around I'm going to29120.9587.082
attempt to fish Now 1 hour mhm is 1 hour29123.65.56
a good time to29128.043.918
fish yeah that's a good amount of time29129.164.92
okay here it goes keep an eye on your29131.9586.0
temp and everything else pretty good oh29134.085.84
okay well we got a fresh Lake white fish29137.9584.082
there you go you fishing boy now I'm29139.924.32
going take that there we29142.044.918
go all right man I got a fish in my29144.245.398
inventory now yep right there look at29146.9583.76
that bad29149.6385.76
boy ooh a bad fishing man knes that's29150.7186.642
right let's see can I walk across this29155.3984.122
log is that dumb all right there's an29157.364.16
old burnt out house over29159.524.68
here like why is every house in this29161.525.0
region all burnt to hell it's like they29164.24.72
fish got another fish yep oh good29166.525.798
job thank you is that oh is that a dead29168.924.958
wolf oh yeah that's a frozen wolf29172.3183.24
carcass that's probably the one I shot29173.8786.0
in the head a second second ago29175.5584.32
idiot all right so I got two fish so29180.526.24
maybe I will just do a little uh have I29184.245.28
done any uh cograph29186.766.038
lately let's do one of these I don't29189.526.72
know that's a word nebs cograph cograph29192.7986.84
mapping do some29196.243.398
mapping ah it's too too foggy crap oh29200.126.598
well I tried all right I'm going to29204.445.4
start heading back towards the old cabin29206.7186.16
okay this region there's not much here29209.846.68
but I do see is this a mine oh29212.8786.0
God what am I doing why do I keep29216.524.76
forward I'm getting way too far out29221.4786.802
BS yeah think about turning back maybe I29224.847.32
did find a uh leave crumbling highway I29228.286.278
found a a a mine I'm just going to check29232.165.96
it out29234.5583.562
all right flare K flare I'm wandering29238.3986.08
around in low29241.7182.76
visibility I don't remember that dock29245.3185.362
which way did I29247.9582.722
go boy I wish this fog would29250.845.76
lift I don't know where this29254.045.4
is this isn't oh yeah this is somewhere29256.63.958
ABS what did you get turned around yep29260.5585.24
that's not good I mean I know where the29264.123.72
lake is so if the poog lifts I can find29265.7983.282
my way29267.843.478
back yeah there's a couple destroyed29269.083.6
cabins here looks like there's one29271.3184.722
intact though jeez all right this mine29272.685.638
came to a dead end but can I squeeze29276.045.4
through this oh this this seems stupid29278.3186.08
there's a little a little hole here and29281.445.518
I'm pushing through oh29284.3986.682
boy this is dumb right I don't know29286.9587.36
usually I I don't29291.083.238
know uh oh boy don't get lost okay this29294.764.878
way goes29297.8785.322
nowhere and I can29299.6383.562
see might as well check out this little29303.5585.202
cabin yeah you may as well here we go29305.64.878
knock knock n's29308.764.32
coming here we go let's hope there's29310.4786.32
nobody in here nope oh this is cozy a29313.087.28
lot of books wow peaches you know how29316.7986.242
good peaches are peaches are delicious29320.364.72
oh hey these green boxes uh that you29323.043.4
come across sometimes29325.083.84
uhhuh comment section says uh that if29326.443.84
you break them down a lot of the times29328.923.798
they'll have stuff in them oh really29330.283.598
yeah I'm going to I'm actually going to29332.7181.962
one probably helps if you have a hatchet29334.686.718
huh yeah well that was a lie nothing in29337.447.32
there there's a big trunk29341.3985.602
here there's got to be something good in29344.766.038
this trunk o decent ski gloves hey29347.07.398
that's all right H compare these to my29350.79810.362
gloves all right my gloves uh plus 429354.3989.48
plus4 all right and the ski uh ski29361.166.318
gloves plus7 there you go a bit extra29363.8785.76
warmth put them own oh they look cool29367.4785.84
too man I look cool now pants and29369.6386.68
sweet come on you got to have an end to29376.63.798
your oh all right I think I found the29378.9582.642
other end of this29380.3983.642
mine God I'm so far from home now this29381.65.08
was stupid but uh29384.045.56
whatever I'm in it now29386.686.278
oh see anything good in you guys come on29389.65.118
hunting knife already got one I don't29392.9585.44
need wood wood in a damn tool29394.7188.882
chest I know all right where am I29398.3985.202
desolation oh wait a minute neees yeah I29409.168.08
think I know where I'm at oh yeah yeah29413.845.32
you remember the the first time I played29417.244.318
before I brought you in one you died29419.165.718
like in a day yeah yep I think I I think29421.5586.682
I'm in that same region wait so wait29424.8785.44
there was the oh crap so there was this29428.244.88
this was right up here all along damnn29430.3186.122
it yeah but I see the lighthouse yeah it29433.126.72
was absolutely desolation Point oh29436.446.92
man should I try to get to that29439.845.32
Lighthouse yeah you know what I can get29443.364.16
to the lighthouse sleeping there for the29445.167.05
night yeah sure why not I'm29447.529.24
here if I remember this region uh29456.766.24
correctly I think yeah there's a boat29459.285.4
that's like stuck on the ice out there29463.03.36
and if I remember it right that boat had29464.682.98
a forge in29466.363.16
it and what's your goal with the forge29469.525.278
with the forge I can make arrow tips oh29472.044.48
make a bow and arrow uh well I can't29474.7983.242
make a bow and arrow but I can make part29476.524.798
of an arrow yeah I need to look into it29478.044.56
I just want to get to this lighthouse29481.3184.682
first and bunk up in here for the29482.65.44
night uh and hopefully the weather will29486.04.12
be good to me29488.045.08
tomorrow yeah I might go check out that29490.125.358
tomorrow see what I can find all right29495.523.48
Lighthouse you're going to have a rifle29497.7982.242
in you aren't29499.04.08
you wish I had more charcoal oh yeah I29500.046.16
see it yep yeah there's the29503.084.638
cuz if I remember correctly there's also29506.23.56
like a factory over there on the other29507.7184.442
side yep burnt out29509.765.038
Church yep we're in familiar territory29512.165.238
neees good man yeah this is awesome for29514.7984.562
you I did find another fish else over29517.3983.56
here I guess I haven't been in this one29519.363.56
cuz there's still some uh beef29520.9583.802
jerky there we go oh hey you're found29522.923.92
you're finding a good chunk of food yep29524.765.36
I'm going to eat that beef jerky right29526.843.28
now oh yeah I remember being in here29530.526.438
okay let's see what is this Revol oh 1029533.286.278
rounds of revolver ammunition oh man29536.9584.52
you're going to kill all the Wolves oo29539.5585.562
baby that that alone was worth this trip29541.4786.642
yes all right energy bar I'm Chow Down29545.124.358
you all right let's see I got plenty of29549.4783.682
lantern fuel29551.7985.08
so I don't mind doing this so we can see29553.166.6
in here all right come on how about a29556.8786.962
rifle uh more Lantern fuel okay chips on29559.764.798
found a gun up here on my first29568.047.04
run h a no gun this time oh got some29570.7986.362
peaches and soda and a peanut butter all29575.083.96
right so I did score a little bit of29577.164.96
food flare Lantern fuel got enough of29579.046.0
that got enough of that okay all right29582.124.48
comment section I'm going to try these29585.044.358
crates I got three green crates here I'm29586.66.718
going to break down one of29589.3983.92
them nothing you people are lying to me29593.367.68
lies lies let me I I break down another29597.169.08
one fibs still nothing and29601.045.2
lies there we go repaired my shoes AB29609.66.64
through 48% now that's better than it29613.244.478
okay okay is this fish29617.7186.76
ready oh yeah I'm cook one my fish oh29621.245.718
nice what C you get out of that bad boy29624.4786.602
uh let's see 576 that's better than29626.9586.36
nothing so it's not29631.086.0
good it's fine what do you consider good29633.3187.32
like thousand oh a thousand yeah like a29637.084.798
cheeseburger or a29641.8785.722
Whopper okay going back out man the fog29644.8785.042
is still29647.64.4
here you're going to die out on this29649.923.76
Lake just lost in the29652.05.2
Mist at least I can go from cabin to29653.686.92
cabin oh hear the birds oh see the29657.27.358
birds okay cuz there was29660.67.84
a I just saw him where' they29664.5587.642
go there was a a wolf carcass out here29668.446.33
before it was pretty close to my29672.27.19
house don't tell me this is another29682.125.12
fishing Hut29684.365.438
okay I think I've been to this29687.245.84
one okay I can't be far from home cuz29689.7985.802
I'm running the same Huts again well29693.085.798
that's good so you're only slightly29695.66.038
lost yeah I'm probably so close to home29698.8785.0
I just can't see it I hope you find your29701.6385.522
way home I am extinguishing my Lantern29703.8787.562
I'm going to bed sweet29707.164.28
dreams hope you catch them you got a29711.527.038
dream catcher no H29713.64.958
waste gun you never know look at29733.287.48
there I'm pretty29738.3984.802
responsible except I didn't leave some29740.764.198
breadcrumbs should have left I should29743.22.92
have painted the ice that's what I29744.9583.482
should have29746.122.32
done oh I see you Birds there you are I29754.367.118
knew it29757.7983.68
yeah there they are and here's the29761.7987.402
wolf now I think my house is either that29765.2387.08
way or that29769.25.8
way I should leave this here I'm leave29772.3183.842
this here here so I have something to29775.03.08
look for all right I'm going to go this29776.163.558
way wolf you don't go29778.084.96
anywhere and then hopefully my cabin is29779.7184.122
way Birds you too stay29783.844.118
cabin don't remember if this broken tree29799.3986.882
was here should have paid more attention29802.126.24
mystery Lake29806.286.48
yeah is this where my cabin was oh yep29808.367.32
yep yep yep okay it was here wolf I'm29812.764.558
back there we29817.3186.32
go going to quarter that wolf I'm too29820.3184.92
too heavy I can't quarter something all29823.6383.402
right never mind wolf back in a minute I29825.2384.582
got to drop some stuff off break my29827.047.16
it's a cold morning here but the weather29839.64.92
looks a okay I'm going to try to make it29841.847.52
out of that uh that boat check out that29844.527.038
Forge there you29849.364.76
go I could make it over to that church29851.5586.122
as well yeah well temperature holds out29854.125.64
I'll just bounce around this region try29857.683.84
to scoop up all the resources I can and29859.766.16
then uh head back to uh my hanger okay I29861.526.4
think that might be my29865.924.318
plan yeah I got I've gotten real far29867.923.798
from my hanger and even further from The29870.2383.362
Farmhouse I Missed The Farmhouse W you29871.7184.322
go back there I I plan to yeah but I29873.63.52
really want to go back to the hanger29876.042.0
because remember that's where I got29877.123.438
those wolf pelts curing okay yeah I was29878.045.48
making that wolf coat wolf how many wolf29880.5586.24
pelts is that four four yeah I've only29883.526.878
got one Pelt curing right now it's 17%29886.7986.84
cured yeah it takes a29890.3983.24
oh I heard29895.682.798
him oh buddy if you want to mess with me29901.5584.24
you can but uh you know I just picked up29904.04.638
some uh some more ammo so probably not29905.7984.322
in your best29908.6385.042
interest let me climb up here yeah yeah29910.126.0
yeah yeah I'm going to head over here to29913.684.718
this Cho I bet there's something good in29916.124.96
the Cho you want to come up here too you29918.3986.92
want to find Jesus snarling is29921.086.6
missing uh okay we're starting to get29929.284.24
some light snow here hope the weather29931.523.358
doesn't turn on me today wow and the29933.523.32
temperature really just dropped I'm29934.8784.202
getting I'm getting three down and I'm29936.844.36
bundled up that ain't29939.084.798
good okay at least I can get in this29941.24.96
church come on be something good here in29943.8783.882
church fire29947.763.4
Barrel okay got some rifle ammunition29951.847.398
oh I think the wolf just killed a rabbit29956.084.84
oh can you find the rabbit take it steal29959.2384.682
it maybe getting Deja Vu I feel like I29960.925.6
did this before oh I see the rabbit or I29963.924.6
see a rabbit I don't see the wolf29966.524.16
anymore though now let him have the29968.524.4
rabbit I don't need the rabbit right now29970.683.958
doing good you're fattening him up so29972.924.28
whenever you swoop in he's he'll be full29974.6383.522
rabbit take some29978.164.88
matches Hail Mary blah blah blah nothing29980.365.16
on you oh man I was hoping to find rifle29983.043.438
something man I wish I could dig up29989.2382.922
bodies bet they got some good stuff on29992.166.318
them you got a a graveyard yeah a little29995.3985.642
here don't like that this snow is30001.7183.202
getting a little30003.9583.042
heavier man I got to yeah I got to start30004.925.2
a fire cuz I mean it really just you30007.04.36
still killing30010.123.32
rabbits oh yeah he's still out there30011.364.08
killing rabbits you you know one was30013.445.118
enough fatty glut this damn mule I don't30015.446.08
blame him man sometimes I want two30018.5586.101
rabbits so I got 33 Cattail heads on me30025.7987.322
I don't think I'm using these maybe oh I30031.164.238
can use it as Tinder I was thinking I30033.123.92
can make tender out of it I just use it30035.3983.602
as tender yeah Cattail heads how many30037.043.918
Cattail heads you say it it sounds like30039.05.238
a lot it's 33 that is that is that is a30040.9585.6
ton of cat okay I mean I'm realizing30044.2385.962
this but how much weight is that just30046.5586.882
alone that's uh 1.65 kg okay well that's30050.25.358
not too bad but still you don't need to30053.444.438
be carried around 33 Cattail heads yeah30055.5584.32
well I'm going to drop some yeah that's30057.8784.52
probably smart I'll drop like a bunch of30059.8784.52
them maybe30062.3984.642
half 17 there we30064.3989.442
right the ricken30095.3986.522
Viking let's30098.5583.362
nope see a little30105.7985.482
better all right what you got in30108.3987.56
here come on good stuff good stuff30111.287.92
matches not good30115.9583.242
stuff let's see oh30120.166.478
yeah oh I think I found the captain he30123.5584.962
ain't looking too30126.6384.522
hot what's wrong with him30128.525.56
dead oh yep I was right there's a forge30131.165.158
in here30134.084.398
okay Forge temperature required oh man30136.3183.32
see that's the thing with a forge I got30138.4783.522
to get the temperature up to30139.6384.202
270° that's that's going to take a lot30142.03.36
of wood huh that's going to take a ton30143.845.44
of wood ton of there some coal here all30145.365.72
right but let me real quick let me look30149.283.518
at what I can craft in a30151.085.2
forge cuz I think like arrowe heads yep30152.7985.042
I need a forge oh and I also need a30156.283.24
heavy I don't have a damn30157.844.958
Hammer no Hammer huh I don't have a30159.525.92
hammer I guess I need a hammer but you30162.7985.322
have a hatchet I have a hatchet and you30165.445.32
can't use the back of it no crow30168.124.92
feathers oh man making an arrow shaft is30170.763.798
like harder than I thought it was going30173.042.4
be God that's easy enough30175.446.08
damn I don't have a hammer I bet there's30179.044.24
not one to lay around30181.523.68
crap all right well this was a bust no30185.26.198
Hammer was a thing man it's still foggy30188.085.878
out that's a foggy region you're in man30191.3984.56
I slept all night I thought the sun30193.9583.722
would burn it30195.9584.402
off well crap all right you know what30197.684.92
I'm going to think I can find this wolf30200.365.598
again he the30202.63.358
birds they're getting30208.526.16
louder come on30211.765.798
birds all right yep I'm leaving the boat30214.686.08
cuz uh yeah can't use that Forge but30217.5585.4
didn't find some Peaches I found the30220.765.84
birds nice and the30222.9583.642
wol good deal I'm going to head over to30228.763.478
this Factory I remember there being some30230.843.958
decent supplies there okay I've not seen30232.2384.602
any other wolves out here so I'm going30234.7984.08
to how long is it going to take to C to30236.846.44
this thing bam 1 hour I think I'm warm30238.8785.84
enough to do this for an30243.283.76
hour yep you're not you're not far from30244.7184.08
a base so you should be okay yeah I'm30247.044.358
going for it you can't quarter a carcass30248.7984.44
that's more than I got to build a fire30251.3983.84
don't I30253.2383.762
oh no if it's already Frozen yeah he's30255.2384.802
oh I can't no yeah yeah he's done30257.04.52
you got to you got to quarter it while30260.042.198
fresh ah can't even cut anything off of30262.2385.762
it I don't yeah I mean I think you can30265.7184.042
still get guts and like30268.04.398
meat you can't quarter it and haul it30269.765.478
back can't do the hide uh yeah I think30272.3985.042
you can do hide too all right come on30275.2383.802
can I get up here come on let me cheat30277.444.56
let me cheat let me cheat yeah oh I30279.044.12
remember this30282.04.36
dump ooo30283.165.84
lots of trailers though okay yeah30286.364.0
hopefully these trailers got some good30289.03.558
supplies in them cuz I need30290.364.958
supplies find some breakfast I got to go30292.5584.16
find some more wood you know I can't30295.3185.16
even build a fire to Tha this thing30296.7183.76
out damn these peaches I found they're30303.9586.28
at 27% if I eat30306.63.638
those I'm going to leave these peaches H30310.764.798
what are my peaches at I don't want my30314.043.678
peaches to go bad uh30315.5584.362
26% yeah it's a gamble if you eat those30317.7184.52
you risk uh food poisoning well I might30319.924.76
as well just throw that out y I'm going30322.2384.0
to drop that right30324.683.84
here I'm not taking the chances with30326.2386.362
that wait where's my other peaches30328.524.08
thanks where's my good30332.764.958
peaches oh there they are never mind30335.05.61
everything's fine thank30337.7185.68
got a little bit of food in that trailer30349.4785.08
now I'm going to go into this big30351.764.44
Factory I think it's a whaling Factory30356.24.598
neebs oh yeah oh yeah probably because30358.525.038
of the whalebones30360.7982.76
everywhere yep definitely a whaling30363.6386.402
Factory getting that sweet sweet oil30366.7185.16
that I'm using on my Lantern right now30370.044.64
oh yeah this place is cool yep whale30371.8783.92
okay oh yeah I remember this place30380.6385.16
bunked up for a minute this uh this is30383.165.88
like a trip down memory lane for Meo oh30385.7985.642
names what you got we got us a hammer30389.045.278
baby hot dog hot damn do oh my God it's30391.446.038
4 lb it's so heavy oh man let's30394.3186.722
get oh yeah I overweight now okay30397.4785.882
now I'm tempted to actually go make some30401.044.438
arrowe heads look at these peaches just30403.365.118
standing out here how silly let's think30405.4784.802
if I'm going to make a few Arrow kits30408.4783.882
can I I'm going to have to drop some30410.284.08
weight get as much scrap metal as I can30412.363.8
go over there with as much wood as much30414.363.92
coal to make a hot fire okay I got some30416.164.638
organizing to do nees yeah yeah I'm30418.283.56
going to I'm going to actually try to do30420.7983.042
it make a few arrowheads before I return30421.844.32
ooh that's pretty cool I'm going try to30423.844.76
get the uh the Pelt out of this wolf and30426.165.04
I'll have two of them that's a good idea30428.65.84
come on Cattail head don't fail me now30431.25.56
got 32 more if I need30434.445.76
them there we go started perfect add30436.767.558
some fuel boom boom boom30440.28.16
boom all right 38 minutes on the30444.3188.0
fire okay 95 oh it's going down It's Tha30448.366.198
out was that actually work well it says30452.3186.882
94% Frozen 93 maybe add a few more30454.5586.722
sticks Oh I thought once it was frozen30459.24.0
it was done can you thought out B corner30461.283.72
it I'm hoping30463.24.678
huh 92 it's all right it's getting30465.06.398
unfrozen that's cool and30467.8786.722
gross oh neees yeah also in this room I30471.3984.122
found a30474.63.198
hacksaw what that's good a hacksaw I can30475.525.56
use a hacksaw to to break apart metal oh30477.7986.362
really yeah so like uh I think over here30481.085.96
yeah this metal shelf so with a h hexa30484.166.318
yeah that's for scrap metal right30487.043.438
there yeah okay so now I got plenty of30490.8785.202
scrap metal how much scrap metal do I30493.844.24
need to make those arrows cuz I got the30496.085.08
hammer now all right where was it arrows30498.086.36
arrows Arrowhead two arrow heads yeah so30501.164.798
that's plenty of scrap metal I got the30504.443.958
hammer now I just need the forge so if I30505.9585.36
make a few arrow heads yeah that'll be30508.3985.122
good yeah you're thinking long term30511.3183.602
aren't you I'm thinking real long term30513.523.878
I'm going to survive so damn much I was30514.923.558
just starting to think I'm just going to30517.3984.642
be dead before there's ever bow and30518.4783.562
crap uh weather's turned a little30528.446.32
bit but I'm going to risk it not too far30531.6384.482
from it so I'm just going to walk out30534.763.32
there and get to the30536.124.16
boat oh man I'm walking right into the30538.084.36
wind and I'm heavy all right come on I30540.284.72
can do this yeah boat's right there so30542.444.72
not too far30545.05.76
away I jump off this dock down onto the30547.167.84
ice come on all right30550.766.92
come on right into the wind here we go30555.04.76
baby there you go we're going to forge30557.685.558
some arrows nebs yeah30559.766.638
boy all right the wolf's at 17% I just30563.2385.24
got some more sticks what percentage did30566.3984.202
it have to be unfrozen before you get30568.4783.24
quarter it oh I don't know you think I30570.62.6
can do it already try it I was waiting30571.7183.722
till zero try it now I think it was30573.24.88
after a certain amount so okay if I said30575.446.08
Harvest or if I did quarter takes an30578.086.08
hour it looks like it's it would let me30581.524.358
try it let me add a little bit to this30584.164.52
fire I don't yep good30585.8786.402
idea made it to the boat going inside30588.685.958
the boat30592.284.76
right all right here we go it's um only30597.045.0
Frozen doing this doing quarter30602.048.04
quartering look like it's working30605.684.4
nice oh yeah look at this I got bags of30610.527.0
meat wolf Bel oh leg um some guts all30613.2386.282
right yeah swe all right good to know so30617.524.92
you can Tha wolf out yep didn't know30619.526.6
that all right Forge furnace about to30622.444.84
start a30626.125.08
fire let's see oh all I got a t plug30627.288.16
start with some cedar firewood come on30631.24.24
baby there we go man I got so much wolf30638.06.6
stuff okay I'm heavy I just want to go30642.084.318
over here and see if I can do another30644.65.68
survey all right add a little30646.3986.4
fuel heat outputs going up man we're30650.284.48
only at 13°30652.7984.44
F another seat of30654.764.718
firewood jeez I got to get this really30657.2385.672
really hot oo keep climbing30659.4786.531
baby Some Coal over here yeah all right30666.046.918
good got some more coal over here on the30669.764.878
I'm at 216 add more fuel to the30674.6386.962
Fire come on get up to 270 baby I'm30678.2386.122
going to add this piece of30681.67.68
firewood not let me okay all30684.368.438
right yeah we're at 3 over 300° oh you30689.285.56
beat it okay oh yeah okay so this will30692.7985.44
work how long arrowead uh I don't know30694.847.36
oh 11 hours what yeah so I'm good 11 oh30698.2385.962
you got 11 hours yeah oh I can make an30702.24.198
improvised knife an improvised30704.24.4
Hatchet okay so I guess if my knife or30706.3984.442
Hatchet ever break I'm coming back here30708.64.878
right all right arrow heads30710.845.36
though here we go you know it's my first30713.4784.282
time doing this in this game that's30716.23.92
awesome I've never forged anything a lot30717.764.52
of first frust today yeah no30720.124.278
kidding first time I ever thought out a30722.284.118
wolf and then I quartered30724.3984.0
it all30726.3984.362
right let's see I I don't need an30728.3984.84
improvised knife ah yeah I'm going to30730.765.28
make as many arrowheads as I30733.2385.72
can cuz I don't need a forge for the30736.044.918
rest of the arrow I do need other parts30738.9583.122
that I'm going to have to find out in30740.9582.042
world that's what she said uh-oh30743.04.76
uh-oh oh my L damn it my Lantern went30748.3984.962
out okay that's all30750.9585.042
right water's running30753.365.438
low drink one of those it got30756.05.12
really dark in here can't see my damn30758.7983.642
Lantern don't know30762.443.278
don't know where my storm Lantern is30764.3983.802
nees what do you mean you're in the dark30765.7183.962
yeah I'm in the dark and I put my storm30768.23.678
Lantern on the ground and now I can't30769.687.958
see it uh this is a perfect time for a30771.8785.76
match ah there you are you little30778.24.598
bastard come here come here you little30780.164.88
nut all right beses I have crafted 1030787.046.598
arrowe heads oh my goodness seems like a30790.845.958
good Good Start yeah yeah it's a little30793.6387.6
crazy that you don't have a you know B30796.7988.722
yeah well that's the next step so got30801.2387.0
the arrowheads now I got to find a bow30805.524.48
wait did I find a bow already no I30808.2384.64
didn't find a bow all right but I can30810.05.36
craft a bow that's gut I think I got to30812.8785.76
find some sort of uh maple sap or30815.365.358
something that I may have back at one of30818.6383.042
the other30820.7184.202
places but I can do this oh I'm crafting30821.684.52
a bow and arrow and I'm going to I'm30824.922.52
going to kill a deer with a bow and30826.23.64
arrow knees oh man I cannot wait for30827.443.92
that day oh we're going to do it it's30829.844.638
going to be awesome okay it sounds like30831.365.4
ass outside but I want to get back over30834.4785.4
to that uh it's that bandage hey I'll30836.765.638
take that bandage buddy Sor right thanks30839.8784.402
for letting me use your Forge I don't30842.3984.522
fall him out all right is there anything30844.285.198
else I want to make while I'm here no no30846.924.24
okay so that's really all you can make30849.4783.202
here the knife the hatchet and the Arrow30851.163.68
Head all right tell you what I'm going30852.683.958
to do this Hammer because it's so damn30854.844.68
heavy I'm going to drop it as well as30856.6385.0
this uh Hatchet and I'm just going to30859.524.878
leave them here by the forge cuz that's30861.6385.6
only when I need them true okay so if I30864.3984.682
ever come back they're here I think30867.2383.24
there's some metal things I can break30869.084.12
down in here if I ever need to craft an30870.4785.362
emergency Hatchet or more arroe heads so30873.24.8
yeah I'm not carrying that30875.846.08
around all right let's ooh it sounds bad30878.07.04
out there oh man it's s real bad out30881.926.12
there oh I didn't bring a bed roll30885.046.198
y oh my God let me take a30888.046.8
peek get out there yeah good real oh no30891.2386.16
it's bad go for it all right let's see30894.844.36
all right luckily going into the wind30897.3983.202
time okay there's the boat don't get30900.65.52
lost this might be30903.763.958
um all right I'm just going to poop30907.7184.0
it over here30912.2384.362
here uh no that's a30914.5584.08
uh over30920.686.878
here this is dumb I'm this is dumb I'm30923.085.478
going to be like you I'm going to get30927.5583.442
lost where's the boat there's okay I30928.5584.962
think I see the30931.02.52
boat like me huh yeah oh wait there was30933.5584.042
a bed in the boat you know what yep I'm30936.043.56
going to bunk up in the boat cuz going30937.64.92
out in this is uh yeah it's probably30939.65.358
jeez nasty ass30944.9583.68
weather all right put a little more30958.845.76
water what's my food30962.165.84
situation I got peaches sardines man30964.65.798
nees yeah it's been a long time coming30968.04.318
this uh military great ration I found30970.3985.08
ages ago uh-huh I think I'm going to eat30972.3187.122
it okay so good yeah it's at 49% that's30975.4785.202
why I want to eat it now I don't want it30979.443.438
to get any worse gotcha I still got some30980.684.038
sardines and peaches and back at The30982.8783.882
Hanger I got more food but30984.7184.402
uh yeah I'm just going to need calories30986.765.76
for sleeping and getting back doing it a30989.125.678
long time coming but man it fills me up30992.524.358
big time first time you ate one of those30994.7984.402
yep look at that all these first for you30996.8785.6
I know all right just cooked two steaks30999.25.84
I'm going to take it and take it how31002.4785.522
much something this fire 4 minutes left31005.046.04
um nope I'm not adding anything you know31008.05.44
what there's still some daylight I think31011.083.96
how's my weight pretty good I think I'm31013.444.118
going to step outside and look around in31015.044.598
some different places gotcha all right I31017.5585.0
am going to go to bed and then try to31019.6386.84
yeah just get out tomorrow head back31022.5587.68
there you go look at this sunlight31026.4786.48
yes all right it's getting a little31030.2384.962
H okay I'll go up here to the top oh wow31035.26.8
let's see like uh on top of the mountain31039.64.798
there's like a one of those stations31042.03.958
like it's built on31044.3985.24
stilts I don't know how I'd get there31045.9585.92
huh man that's high I'm not getting31049.6384.642
there today hey let's try to map some31051.8785.162
stuff out right here before it gets to31054.286.72
uh the visibility is too31057.047.12
bad what we got here31061.04.6
there we ah there now I can see the31064.164.84
train tracks perfect train tracks31065.67.358
Lake oh yeah fishing hole sweet all31069.05.28
right see how far we can get before it31072.9581.762
gets too31074.2811.56
bad right it's a beautiful morning I'm31085.844.76
leaving the ship heading back over here31088.164.04
I'm going to scour this place for any31090.63.6
new supplies and then31092.23.198
yeah I'm going to try to head back to31094.24.438
the hanger back to the hanger huh yep I31095.3984.682
think that's my best option that's uh31098.6384.122
that's home base cuz I have been in this31100.085.0
region before this region sucks you went31102.764.038
there just for the boat I went there for31105.085.28
the boat and uh yeah this a factory over31106.7985.642
here oh yeah and there's another trailer31110.363.24
on the other side yeah I'm just going to31112.443.518
scour this Factory for uh supplies but31113.64.958
yeah finding that Forge was awesome that31115.9584.882
just unlocked a whole new crafting game31118.5583.68
oh crap cancel oh31126.7186.282
crap as I was doing survey came out of31129.6386.562
nowhere holy moly laceration minor31133.05.52
bruising okay that's not too bad come31136.25.758
back and fight like a wolf he running he31138.524.16
running okay I got to check31142.683.958
myself where we at Spring oh wait what's31147.045.64
this what's this on my oh that's just31150.6384.32
spring is that sprain yeah it's sprain31152.684.718
risk I wonder if I don't okay I don't31154.9584.642
think it hurt my clothes kind of31157.3983.602
laceration you might have a cut you31159.62.798
might need some31161.03.558
antiseptic it would say on my body31162.3983.4
though right yeah it would yeah if you31164.5583.482
needed it so you might not need it might31165.7984.122
be good I don't see anything got pretty31168.043.518
good at fighting off wolves I just31169.923.36
didn't know to click the thing before31171.5583.362
okay I'm going to track this guy he31173.282.438
ballsy what is this is this what I think31175.7184.282
it is what I just found 10 more rounds31177.845.08
of revolver ammunition oh really yeah31180.04.798
was in here like scouring this place a31182.924.16
little bit let's see it's dark in here31184.7983.52
I'm going to use a31187.083.44
flare yeah that's31188.3184.682
awesome woo yeah this again this whole31190.524.118
trip was worth it just for the ammo it's31193.03.238
going to keep me alive a little longer31194.6383.32
oh there's an energy bar yeah that's a31196.2384.522
snack and the tracks just tracks are31197.9585.642
being covered by more snow I know he ran31200.766.4
this way though oh wait I picked up the31203.66.038
track the track the tracks the trail I31207.166.0
don't know Trail yeah okay are you are31209.6384.562
you desperate for food why are you31213.162.88
hunting this guy man I just it's31214.25.678
personal you know sure you don't attack31216.046.918
a man when he's doing his Maps is that a31219.8784.92
is that a wolf on the ground up31222.9583.802
there you don't think I can kill it with31224.7985.722
just a knife do you I doubt it at some31226.765.198
point when the wolf's heal's low no it31230.524.118
runs away but if it's bleeding it might31231.9583.882
run away and31234.6384.202
die he was bleeding I saw there's they31235.846.478
are okay there's they are you heard me31238.847.44
all right got some more peaches some31242.3183.962
soda this31247.04.52
Locker bring up pry bar pry bars are so31248.9584.76
damn heavy I see something up here too31251.523.438
that I want to check out in the31253.7184.362
direction he ran like a camper or a31254.9585.84
caboose and it's yellow it's on the31258.086.04
tracks if I don't find this wolf and I31260.7985.322
need to I wonder if I can get in that31264.125.48
stay of the night man he ran ways so31266.124.72
you're still on the tracks moving31269.63.24
forward huh still on it let me just look31270.845.878
real real quick okay I can get in31272.843.878
here uh no place to build a fire I bet I31278.045.198
could build what's this anything worth31280.7984.16
of there revolver ammunition there31283.2384.08
you go and an energy bar there you go I31284.9585.402
just found the same damn thing oh wow31287.3187.042
chances all right you know what okay31290.366.118
hold on don't want to lose sight of this31294.365.518
wolf where you at Wolf I find him I can31296.4784.642
get another Pelt and that'll be three31299.8783.322
pelts yeah that's what I'm excited about31301.124.72
going back and seeing uh how cured those31303.25.4
pelts are all right I think I've scoured31305.846.6
this Factory at least I hope I have I am31308.67.118
leaving oh wait there was a guard house31312.445.08
over there too is there stairs here yeah31315.7184.042
there stairs here all right where was31317.526.24
that guardhouse okay over there been in31319.766.6
that trailer can I get through this gate31323.767.6
oh I think I see him is he dead31326.365.0
no careful how's my31331.64.0
H yep he's31336.285.278
howling he's a31339.3985.08
howler oh here he oh it's31341.5585.16
on here he31344.4785.24
ready boom nice D it's31349.7187.68
done rifle firearm uh novice 2 oh you're31353.2386.202
in noice at Firearms now31357.3986.0
uh-oh uh-oh now I'm getting it where you31359.446.68
at I got a flare out I'm not too worried31363.3984.16
order to come to this guard house see if31366.123.8
there's anything worth this in here31367.5584.76
nothing that a first a kit anything good31369.925.28
you painkillers get damn drug addicts31372.3186.0
all over this who good31375.23.118
God hey31379.2383.202
buddy yeah31383.523.4
off all good yeah I think I'm all good31386.9585.76
gra this flare back okay yeah you go31390.086.36
that that way idiot all right all right31392.7187.042
okay decent weather I am making the Trek31396.445.72
Back To The31399.762.4
Hanger let's see um I got hurt a bit um31404.3987.642
from the wolf oh there's another knife H31407.8785.722
don't need that you need a hatchet right31412.043.758
that's 79% I wonder what mine is let me31413.64.278
take that for a second yeah I do need a31415.7984.122
hatchet cool all right made it back to31417.8783.722
the lighthouse going to go in there real31419.924.038
fast pick up some stuff31421.65.6
man looks cool out here Grace guys Dam31423.9587.6
this is a pretty game bre soda and if I31427.26.438
can take an hour nap and if it doesn't31431.5584.16
get worse is it getting31433.6384.68
worse nope I don't think it is all right31435.7184.322
what did I leave here sewing kid that's31438.3184.202
fine Lantern fuel yeah take that31440.045.04
anything else uh I'll grab this Cedar31442.525.118
firewood I'll leave one a couple of31445.084.558
reclaimed wood yeah all right that's31447.6383.6
just in case to build a fire if the31449.6383.962
weather turns on me31451.2385.282
and I'm out out yeah I'm out man31453.65.038
beautiful weather today absolutely31456.523.84
beautiful here's how this going to go31458.6384.76
down after okay uh going to uh take an31460.366.08
hour nap I'm going to hope the weather's31463.3985.08
good and I'm going to go P to that31466.445.13
wolf yeah sounds good man here we31468.4789.992
go all right I see the wolf on my uh31479.7185.802
temperature is like full right now31483.3985.56
that's good but I got two arrows down31485.525.06
and I forget how long it takes to31488.9583.322
quarter it's had a wol in between me and31492.284.598
goal doing31496.8787.202
it oh it's dropping quick abso okay oh31500.125.96
careful with it it went way down all31504.084.52
right grabbing it all yeah I got three31506.085.6
pelts now I don't need those legs I31508.64.92
sweet all right back to the train for31513.523.278
night oh I'm heavy31516.7983.722
now yeah yep yep yep I'm just I'm just31520.7186.92
walking by leave me alone just get out31524.284.198
oh God damn it no31530.4786.202
after really yeah you think the first31533.365.518
gunshot would have scared him away oh31536.685.6
man and he sprung my ankle crap I'm okay31538.8785.0
though all right let's see let me check31542.284.56
myself real fast I got some pain well31543.8785.042
this place was full of31546.844.92
painkillers just take a few painkillers31548.925.798
use it on my31551.762.958
I am almost through the mine how's your31584.4786.882
situation well I am Fire's got 8 minutes31586.846.038
and I'm about halfway warm31592.8786.482
now so my plan is to go out and find31596.64.56
some more wood I31599.365.16
guess keep fire going or I could try to31601.164.44
make it31604.523.438
home yep I'm back in the crumbling31605.64.878
highway so yeah just got to keep31607.9585.84
walking oh this is a long31610.4785.602
trick saw a movement up ahead was that a31613.7983.642
rabbit or a31616.084.0
wolf I got a flare on31617.446.68
me oh that's just a w oh who's31620.087.44
a all right fire is31624.126.358
dying yep he's dead all right what your31627.526.24
move um I guess I'm G to go to the I31630.4785.042
might go to the old house see if I can31633.764.84
make it I'm so tired31635.525.32
though so yeah being tired means you31638.63.32
just can't31640.843.28
okay man want this water I can't wait 831644.125.678
minutes for this water can I still warm31646.764.44
right here though the Embers are keeping31649.7983.562
warm right here easy easy easy okay okay31653.848.28
uh Fire's out yeah I'm try to make it31659.045.598
back to the other cab all right good31662.123.758
luck so that's just right down the train31664.6384.562
tracks right I mean it's a bit of a walk31665.8785.882
but temperature right now I got I think31669.26.8
one arrow down and about 3/4 temperature31671.766.52
up all right so you might be okay I31676.05.238
think so yeah Moon looks amazing yeah31678.285.0
this game's pretty isn't it31681.2384.48
yeah I lucked out with this31683.285.56
weather it could have been really cold31685.7185.122
that would have been bad all right I'm31688.844.2
at the end of the crumbled Highway I am31690.845.478
crawling back under a rock I'm almost31693.045.56
there actually no once I get there then31696.3184.602
I got another mile to31698.64.718
walk sometimes you got to make some big31700.924.718
Journeys in this game when I climb down31703.3185.64
that rope into that Rocky ice31705.6385.122
River you didn't know what you were31708.9583.882
going to get into did you no that made31710.764.44
me real31712.842.36
oh the wind's picking up it's getting31730.845.798
colder think you be all right think so31733.285.72
um I should be turning up here pretty31736.6385.722
soon oh yeah and I feel like it's right31739.06.92
past this rock oh wow visibility here is31742.365.64
really nice today I see three deer out31745.924.36
there but I also see Mr bear God I want31748.05.52
to kill him so bad31750.285.8
oh how could I kill bear with your gun31753.525.878
right yeah I got a lot of ammo now if I31756.085.76
could get him near a car or a31759.3984.92
vehicle I might be able to hit him jump31761.845.24
in the vehicle jump out hit him again is31764.3186.442
that a deer dead deer no he's alive he31767.085.96
wasn't here earlier today that's31770.765.118
something I mean makes sense right I31773.045.518
mean yeah deers have legs but I just31775.8784.6
didn't expect to see31778.5587.08
that okay I see the cabin and I am super31780.4788.0
close and I'm moving so31785.6386.202
slow into the wind H I don't feel like31788.4785.08
it but yeah maybe oh man my31791.843.36
temperature's down the red31793.5584.122
now come on I'm so31795.26.038
close go legs come on oh yeah here's31797.686.32
some gut I dropped that one time pick it31801.2385.882
up try to scare a wolf yeah may as well31804.04.76
oh now I got a stink about me but that's31807.124.118
okay I can cure it back at the house31808.764.92
uh-oh I do see two wolves out there31811.2386.122
hypothermia risk a crap come on you're31813.686.6
almost there man you're almost there I31817.366.24
know oh come on nebes oh yeah I31820.284.48
shouldn't have picked up that gut as31823.63.4
soon as I did they start heading right31824.764.038
for me31827.04.28
okay yep you guys see this yep you know31828.7983.202
what that31831.282.438
is idiots okay I am like at the steps31833.7186.562
like how long can I go with this without31838.922.24
hypothermia there we go from the31841.164.0
side okay oh yeah getting warmer there31845.524.438
you go so the way hypothermia works like31848.164.44
if if you were to get it what okay oh31849.9585.202
you've come back huh you you I still31852.65.958
have the gun right still got the gun in31855.166.158
my hand like what are you going to do31858.5584.4
but yeah if you get hypothermia it31861.3183.4
basically gives you a permanent debuff31862.9584.202
to your health okay like it chews into31864.7184.0
it oh I don't want that yeah no you31867.162.638
don't want31868.7183.52
that I cannot see do I have I don't have31869.7985.6
have any torches or nothing do I matches31872.2385.48
I know matches suck got I got31875.3984.362
flares I kind of oh wait I see the31877.7183.76
stairs I got to get upstairs and build31879.765.76
the fire there you go all right Hangar I31881.4785.722
know you're up here good God this was a31885.523.56
long damn31887.25.678
walk I hear you buddy here we go all31889.086.04
right fire going got sticks in there I31892.8784.882
need to put uh where is it I got a31895.125.358
cooking pot somewhere that's a can all31897.765.558
right I'll start with that m bam got to31900.4784.442
get some water cooking I am completely31903.3182.682
out of31904.924.12
water I really don't have any water31906.06.0
completely out all right Moose's in31909.045.64
sight neebs so is another wolf Jesus31912.04.718
come on guys I kind of you know I don't31914.683.958
want to see it right now but I love to31916.7184.202
see another31918.6386.08
wol oh my God they're everywhere31920.925.92
surrounded leave me alone I just want to31924.7184.202
get inside I just want to get inside oh31926.846.038
boy oh god oh no31928.927.038
idiot okay get out of here where's the31932.8785.282
other's two of them the other were31935.9583.122
where's the31938.163.88
other oh no he's coming31942.045.48
in let him kill you right out here use31944.66.198
the meat Ed the31947.523.278
meat come come at me come at come at me31951.3186.042
there you go you31954.762.6
idiot thank goodness man like every time31959.844.558
you face down a wolf now you just get31962.5585.362
bit I know bit all right hey this works31964.3986.802