Ranch Sim Supercut

Hey guys, guess what? The latest Neebs Gaming video is out and it's a wild one! Dora, Simon, and Mayor Appsro are back at it again on the fa...
Ranch Sim Supercut
Ranch Sim Supercut

Ranch Sim Supercut

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen that Ranch Sim Supercut video? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is a riot! Mayor Appsro is such a weirdo, but in a good way.

appsro: Hey, I heard you two talking about me! You know I'm the star of the show in that video.

neebs: Of course, Mayor Appsro, you always steal the spotlight with your creepy antics on the farm.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, guess what? The latest Neebs Gaming video is out and it's a wild one! Dora, Simon, and Mayor Appsro are back at it again on the farm in Ranch Sim. If you're a fan of their hilarious antics and crazy adventures, you won't want to miss this one.

In this video, the gang takes on the challenges of farm life in Ranch Sim. From wrangling animals to dealing with their eccentric neighbor Mayor Appsro, there's never a dull moment. Plus, there's even some creepy stuff that'll make you jump out of your seat - Mayor Appsro is definitely up to something!

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oh boy here we are yep here we are which0.525.16
one of our relatives died again this was4.044.2
our grandfather we were all very close5.684.08
yes of course that's right I remember8.244.12
him now okay he always played with me9.764.6
and never hit me he might have hit me oh12.364.52
my god look how beautiful this mountain14.364.2
is right behind here as I'm saying this16.884.04
area is badass this is gorgeous so this18.565.08
was Grandpa's Place yeah this is now our20.924.04
place though you know that where's the23.643.559
house is that his house over here yeah24.964.159
but should we go to where the blue dot27.1994.761
it's a letter Simon oh it is from44.324.8
Grandpa hello grandchildren even though46.684.199
it just says it's to me if you read this49.122.919
letter then you agreed to fulfill my50.8792.84
last will and I and came to our family52.0393.441
ranch it is desolate because I did not53.7193.32
have the time and opportunity to deal55.483.079
with it I heard he was a procrastinator57.0393.36
plus a big drinker for sure come into58.5593.241
the house I left a few things in the60.3992.921
Attic that will help you I believe in61.83.92
you your loving grandfather that's nice63.324.479
first Quest completed hey let's check65.724.96
out that [ __ ] house yeah um there's67.7994.561
our tent salmon we'll be staying there70.683.4
in the meantime I think but uh we save72.364.799
our games there too okay this is a nice74.086.039
looking ranch house it's got potential77.1595.561
it's got a lot of potential Jesus Christ80.1195.64
grandpa I love the design of this thing82.725.719
good Lord this is a death trap yep so85.7594.561
let's be careful every time we we walk88.4394.601
in for oops oh God and the floor's too90.324.4
my goodness okay they're looking pretty93.043.079
rough holy [ __ ] yeah you're going to FL94.722.56
right you're going to fall right through96.1192.921
potentially oh boy you really got to97.283.72
watch where you seven oh look at that99.044.16
mat that [ __ ] stained I mean it looks101.03.84
more like black mold okay that's103.23.36
probably black mold yeah we can sleep on104.843.36
that no problem yeah yeah yeah to the106.564.28
tent to the tent I'll race you I'll race108.25.239
you to the tent oh race just like when110.843.919
we were kids growing up and having fun113.4393.481
and playing yeah Grandpa would throw114.7594.68
stones at us he did throw stones you can116.924.04
sleep until morning and save your119.4393.881
progress anytime perfect oh I got to120.964.56
hold yeah get up Simon we've got work to123.324.32
do oh okay second floor of the house it125.525.079
says where see there yeah remove the127.645.2
obstacle and find the chest yeah all130.5993.841
right I'm going to remove this obstacle132.844.56
which is a [ __ ] covered mattress [ __ ]134.445.92
covered mattress demolish remove item s137.44.8
should have never separated from you140.363.599
hold tab well you're getting a layout of142.23.48
the house so you know for both of us143.9594.081
holding Tab and is that demolish I'm145.685.04
going to demolish it demolish it I did148.044.04
good still trying to find a way to get150.723.04
upstairs y I'll see you up here I'm in152.083.12
the attic remember when we used to play153.762.6
in the Attic that's where he used to155.23.8
throw darts at me oh he was a big156.365.56
throwing things at kids guy bad aim159.05.12
thankfully no [ __ ] clue how to get161.924.0
upstairs and I'm probably running in the164.124.52
same places over and over time come up165.924.36
here I'm on the second floor you said168.643.2
you're on the third floor I'm in the170.283.12
attic well is that the third floor or171.843.759
the fourth floor the top floor I know173.44.36
you know is do I have one more floor to175.5994.801
go I wasn't I see you see177.765.72
you see me now I see you man you always180.44.919
were the dumb kid Granda would have183.484.039
thrown so many things at you right now185.3193.84
all right I'm got to open the chest oh187.5193.561
there you go I couldn't ooh good there's189.1594.041
a gun get it pick it up that's grandpa's191.084.36
gun yeah but he'd never shoot it he'd193.24.679
just throw it yeah and look at this it's195.444.64
got some cash and then there's a note E197.8794.0
to read go ahead read it take this200.083.48
revolver in the forest and there are201.8793.92
many wild animals that can cause you203.564.319
trouble I've left some money and ammo205.7994.041
one more thing you'll need a car yeah in207.8793.72
the garage at the entrance to the ranch209.844.28
there's an old UTV you will need to use211.5996.081
spare parts to fix it up okay oh look at214.126.6
this beew oh what a car yeah what a car217.684.6
so hey but there are all these things220.723.48
that you go up to when you go up to them222.283.76
yeah it doesn't say pick it up uh some224.23.119
of them you do like this one I'm looking226.043.399
at a there it is tire and then I'm going227.3194.12
to bring it here and you just hit e to229.4393.841
install it so yep I already got a tire231.4393.281
hold on E233.285.0
install all right all234.723.56
I'm going to get this tire by the house241.5994.321
all right and I got this243.4396.921
log oh hey y'all oh hello oh hey buddy245.926.08
how you doing hey what you were you guys250.363.719
trespassing what's going on here no this252.04.799
was our our Grandpa's place oh gotcha254.0795.321
you the you the kids yeah yep yep the256.7995.16
grand the the grandbabies yeah that's us259.44.12
all right yeah hey I'm a neighbor I just261.9593.081
came over here to see what all the fuss263.523.88
was about there was fuss well I heard265.044.439
you know noise and oh yeah yeah oh being267.43.68
a good neighbor get it got it good269.4793.321
checking out this is a small community a271.083.36
bunch of tight-knit people we check on272.83.48
each other we rub each other we have a274.444.16
good time well it is a pleasure sir276.285.44
fixing up the uh the old car I see yeah278.65.159
if you could call it that yep oh your281.723.96
granddaddy loved this vehicle he ran283.7593.521
over many children with it that sounds285.683.44
about right I think he ran me over at287.283.359
least once what you doing with that log289.123.44
boy I was trying to install it but it290.6393.681
won't install install the log you're292.563.479
putting a log on the car s it says294.324.08
install I thought may I could pick it up296.0394.081
I wasn't sure yeah we're not going to298.44.0
want that on our car Simon's not the I'm300.123.96
going to guess you're the smart one yeah302.43.6
so how far from here do you live yeah I304.083.64
live with my wife kind of up near the306.03.88
lake oh you're married yeah I'm married307.725.64
I got a wife that's309.883.48
great oh yeah yeah good job313.4798.401
boys yeah there you go yeah yeah that318.4796.16
thing's just like new oh man the weather321.884.84
has turned to [ __ ] out324.6395.161
here oh [ __ ] Diamond God damn it we got326.724.8
go to the gas station okay where's the329.84.04
gas station I'll bet you see a blue331.525.2
dot hang on to something back there or333.847.32
not ah [ __ ] oh easy there easy336.727.919
easy okay I don't see the the dot you341.164.8
guys said you were leading the way yeah344.6392.921
go go straight down this road son345.963.4
straight down this road yeah down the347.563.52
road I've been down this road so many349.364.52
times I'll bet you live here I do gas351.084.28
station's right up here on your left353.887.039
buddy boy and perfect ah yeah okay I355.368.48
love this old place you do all right so360.9194.801
I got the gas all right salmon you go363.843.6
for it where do you it's telling me that365.723.84
I can flip the car which of course I367.443.96
don't want to we don't need the flip so369.564.199
where is the gas hey put the gas in the371.43.56
car that's something you might have373.7593.201
looked at before you grab the handle you374.965.04
know all right so I'll release the gas I376.964.16
wouldn't leave that on the ground like380.03.16
all right let me go Simon like you see381.123.6
the blue we got to you have to start383.163.52
paying attention to blue dots all right384.724.199
Blue Dot oh there was something in the386.684.4
back there we're refueling thank388.9194.441
goodness you said I was the dumb one I'm391.084.72
smart enough to know that okay got that393.363.8
Jerry can't fill but the car is not395.83.519
filled car is not filled where's the397.163.96
this looks like it would be a gas tank399.3193.401
right there doesn't it because it's a401.124.0
gas tank man you are a douchy neighbor402.724.72
well I'm just saying yeah I405.125.16
know uh I noticed a blue dot down that407.446.479
way all right I see it 249 M do you410.286.319
drink Mister oh all the time all right413.9196.201
so are you drinking now yep oh shots416.5998.28
before I came over boy oh what well I'd420.128.04
say that'd be an upgrade huh oh yeah424.8795.561
that's nice one car here at the lot huh428.164.2
oh yeah oh and here's Tammy hey Tammy430.443.8
Tammy's my employee oh you own this432.363.679
place I own this place also own the gas434.243.76
station and you're just telling us now436.0393.921
yeah interesting I'm kind of the mayor438.04.56
oh oh God I must give you construction439.963.959
manual this book help you rebuild your442.562.359
Ranch keep in mind the construction is443.9192.56
only permitted on your Ranch territory444.9193.081
that makes sense why would okay well446.4792.601
that's what I wanted to tell you good448.02.96
luck with your Ranch thank you Tammy we449.083.28
can build [ __ ] now son yeah you got a450.963.359
building book okay so now we talk with452.364.48
the car salesperson how's business sir454.3194.32
Todd don't live in them money for new C456.843.0
we install radio players in their458.6394.041
four-wheelers for only $10 okay it is459.845.24
dark dark very dark listen it gets dark462.684.56
out here in the country yeah it gets465.084.079
dark everywhere in the world yep467.243.679
especially at night yeah at night time469.1594.121
I've noticed that Williams Garage who's470.9194.72
William William yeah that's me oh you're473.285.4
will we didn't hello William pleasure to475.6394.641
meet you that's not my name that's you478.682.959
know I wanted something friendly480.283.479
sounding my legal name is [ __ ]481.6395.4
you click an upgrade but it says 0 you483.7594.88
got to have money for the upgrade yeah487.0393.481
we understand how that but I thought go488.6394.0
you get it well I'll490.525.639
see oh there there you go oh so I have492.6395.56
to pull out and pull back exas none you496.1593.561
switch to radio and then you click498.1993.521
upgrade that was Simon's fault it said I499.724.36
had no money though let's move on from501.724.759
that move on seriously though are you504.083.799
going to be with us like the whole damn506.4793.641
time yeah I like you both boys are you507.8794.121
going to the General Store the hardware510.123.64
store yes go to the hardware store at512.03.36
night why not oh I can guide you to the513.763.44
hardware store all right well I can515.363.679
follow the blue dot too sir thanks all517.23.8
right take a ride here in the for oh519.0395.681
there's a okay oh god let's wait till521.05.279
the morning hey come on you know what I524.723.2
own a burger joint over here let's get526.2793.321
some midnight food we can sleep in The527.924.29
Burger Joint529.68.84
all right boys to the hardware store545.367.0
yeah so William I mean [ __ ] you yeah um547.86.4
wife wasn't concerned you didn't make it552.364.96
home no she's fine she's old forgets oh554.24.44
yep oh hey we're here at the hardware557.323.36
store we really could have just walked558.644.36
here in like 20 seconds last time well560.684.36
look I'm look I'm a businessman you know563.04.12
I own a gas station yep I want people to565.043.52
buy fuel don't want to put things too567.123.2
close together you know what I mean no568.564.32
employees huh no uh no not here this is570.324.519
kind of a DIY place you know what I mean572.886.199
oh zon yeah we have 676 bucks and we are574.8396.961
to buy an ax a crowbar and a cheap table579.0794.76
saw ooh those are all good items I581.84.279
believe it table saw is great yeah this583.8393.881
is a cheap one yep there's all your586.0793.921
items out there right I think you got to587.724.72
hold down right click ah and then you590.03.88
left click when you're happy and it's592.445.639
green oh yeah I like that yeah yeah all593.885.72
right table saw we're going to to the598.0794.76
general store now shaid works there599.64.56
shaed shaed sha yeah s h i t h e a d604.168.44
shaed [ __ ]609.726.559
shaed ah the General Store what a lovely612.66.08
General Store yeah oh yeah they're open616.2795.201
you'd think you'd know shaed welcome to618.684.8
make a purchase use the terminal in the621.483.08
Next Room all right I'm going to use the623.483.52
terminal uh egg basket and two chickens624.564.0
oh you got getting into the chicken627.03.36
business I guess yes we are oh we're628.564.279
going to mate chickens oh they're630.363.719
adorable what you going to name them632.8392.921
this one we're going to name blackie634.0793.921
blackie and Whitey Blackie and Whitey635.765.04
okay that'll be easy to remember okay oh638.06.399
got Blackie in there do you yep don't I640.86.56
yep you do is he in there for you yep644.3994.68
all right I'm just seeing weird [ __ ]647.364.44
that's okay William yep don't step on649.0794.841
the chickens now okay I'll try not to651.85.12
we're going to head back to the ranch653.926.27
okay all right656.926.509
you hanging on663.6392.64
Blackie suon I'm thinking we should use666.684.399
this building right over here so the669.24.52
chickens don't escape oh for now we671.0795.361
could build a coupe later or something673.725.72
right do I need this or there's feed676.444.88
right oh I there's some chicken feed in679.444.36
this uh old beat up refrigerator oh I681.324.319
remember this you refrigerator your683.83.56
grandpappy would lock your grandma up in685.6394.32
this when she got mouthy really yeah wow687.364.2
that adds up Grandma liked to get tied689.9593.44
up too how'd you know that Grandpa691.564.079
talked a lot when he drank there's feed693.3995.081
for you chickies a Blacky Whitey what do695.6395.161
you think yum yum so this is the water698.484.479
tank I we call these coolers where we're700.84.08
from oh yeah I think I would call that a702.9593.641
cooler too I would never call this a704.885.8
water tank no not once I got a706.66.08
bucket oh no salmon our chicken's710.683.88
getting away just eat to712.683.839
install God damn714.565.04
it y'all suck at this where do you think716.5196.401
Simon uh you know what uh right next to719.66.0
the right next to it yeah yeah go for722.924.599
how right there sure oo that'll be a725.63.479
good spot for a checken clop so where727.5194.281
should we put the table sace Sam uh729.0795.801
there do it I'm going to grab some fuel731.85.52
oh yeah okay here we go all right oh734.885.44
good oh yeah what do I do it says e to737.327.68
install do it yeah yeah there you go rip740.326.68
it man it doesn't it's on it you don't745.04.6
even have to push it nope and then Bo oh747.04.88
planks holy [ __ ] we got two all right749.65.56
hold on let me find some more751.883.28
logs is this it is this the last of the766.125.32
wood last one all right by the768.486.2
way thank you for your help oh771.446.48
absolutely oh there you go what a nice774.685.599
chicken cap press to open the door I'm777.924.0
opening the door let's give these guys a780.2794.12
new home oh [ __ ] oh they're gone no781.924.039
they're not I'm looking at one oh okay I784.3992.841
was just trying to act like they were785.9595.921
gone oh oh yeah oh dropped them down787.247.0
there I can I can tell you guys are new791.884.519
chickens see drop him there shut you in796.3996.12
there we already got eggs Simon oh yeah800.3993.761
that is an that's two eggs you got two802.5193.521
eggs already yeah yeah you don't want to804.164.0
break those be careful well you're806.044.4
Simon's stepping on it sorry Simon did808.164.119
you see what our next thing is demolish810.443.72
house oh yeah I would recommend it that812.2793.68
thing's a piece of [ __ ] that sounds like814.162.919
actually so wait how you oh [ __ ] you817.0794.681
just whacking yeah hold down the tab you819.9593.841
got your thing okay it'll show what you821.766.28
can holy crap that's amazing that that823.85.599
is oh yeah that's looking good829.3994.12
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] all right damn one hell of853.925.039
Simon yeah you comfy I am wet my friend882.326.12
maybe we can sleep somewhere not like886.8393.161
this tomorrow night yeah this is888.443.959
horrible like anywhere right y'all know890.06.48
you left the table s ah892.3994.081
[ __ ]898.044.44
all right ah rise and shine hey good899.8395.24
morning I'm turning this off hey good902.486.799
call let's go finish the house Simon905.0797.2
woo oh God it's done yeah916.324.8
congratulations you completed the quest919.0793.721
you are now free to explore the open921.123.519
world build additional facilities922.83.8
purchase and breed animals obtain new924.6394.68
vehicles go hunting all kinds of fun926.65.0
stuff starting our new life here Simon929.3194.2
together pretending to be brothers I931.63.96
mean being Brothers I'm so glad you guys933.5194.0
moved into town shouldn't you go home at935.564.279
some point zamon yo yo we should build a937.5193.921
house I know what do you think I'm939.8395.201
ripping this wood for so take a look at941.446.199
what our options are I really like the945.043.96
retro and I also like The Farmhouse is949.05.88
that a ghost what is that it's the ghost953.2794.24
of your grand peppy no I'm just kidding954.886.04
it's me oh God peace957.5193.401
y'all building the house huh attempting975.163.44
to yeah we're going to at least get it976.9593.36
started ah the bigger the better in my978.64.08
opinion we know that we can at least get980.3194.76
the Farmhouse PH2 that could be like the982.683.519
I like it I don't want to sleep in the985.0792.801
same room as you though all right so986.1993.401
we'll do the one with the Le right now987.883.28
cuz this will be the first house you're989.62.719
right yeah you need at least two991.162.919
bedrooms maybe a guest room for your992.3194.281
buddy here no listen you barely are994.0794.481
welcome on the property I mean just for996.64.599
a little bit um where's the about like998.566.959
right just for a little bit ooh ooh I1001.1996.32
like the position of this and wait so I1005.5193.721
can walk in and see the floor plan you1007.5193.401
can kind of see the skeleton so what is1009.243.68
there two bedrooms upstairs or is it one1010.924.2
down one up I think it's just one up but1012.923.76
you know what hey stay right here I'll1015.122.92
be right back we'll at least put the1016.682.719
wood that we got in1018.043.719
yes so listen you said you're married1019.3995.081
right oh yeah now is there a good chance1021.7594.481
that your wife is maybe dead and buried1024.483.319
in your basement no she lives up on the1026.242.959
hill matter of fact if you boys need1027.7993.441
money we can go see her really oh yeah1029.1993.401
she's always got jobs wanting to do1031.243.719
around the1032.62.359
house oh there we go yep yep yep yep1035.3197.201
look at that yep bam hold on let me in1037.9597.041
inserted oh yeah look at this it's1042.524.679
amazing how far one plank will go these1045.04.4
days it really is1047.1993.661
this is this is this is good1049.46.46
times e oh boom you got the frame1068.324.64
already all right it's great some metal1070.764.399
and concrete well we we're not there yet1072.963.88
but this is inspiring well if you need a1075.1593.041
little bit of extra scratch to buy1076.843.28
concrete let's let's go yeah that's it1078.23.839
Simon I was also thinking um if it is1080.123.4
like a one-bedroom we'll just make two1082.0394.0
of these it's our world man that's true1083.525.24
maybe three1086.0396.0
nope take a right at the1088.765.84
road and take a1092.0395.0
lift hang1094.65.559
G easy doing1097.0396.441
great take it1100.1593.321
right and take a1103.886.12
right hang on do1106.125.6
right at the top of the hill this is1110.04.4
lovely this is a nice gravel path oh I1111.724.959
know I built this path myself [ __ ] I1114.44.519
don't believe that is this your home1116.6795.681
yeah this is my house Mary Joe hey baby1118.9196.521
hello oh there she is hey Mary Joe1122.365.0
enjoying your day ma'am all right Mary1125.443.4
now you better be nice to these people1127.363.24
well of course she said hi you better be1128.843.44
[ __ ] nice you better be [ __ ] nice1130.63.559
to these people Mary Joe listen blink1132.284.08
twice if you're in trouble see so she1134.1594.921
brings up breakfast cleaning and an1136.365.52
foxes oh yeah the foxes the foxes are1139.085.36
always causing us trouble around yeah1141.884.52
and she said those damn foxes killed all1144.443.719
my chickens I'm sure they're still1146.43.48
around somewhere could you deal with1148.1595.0
them yes we could1149.883.279
absolutely oh I see a fox oh [ __ ] you do1155.245.559
two Fox oh that's damn oh yeah1158.6793.88
[ __ ] all right I have an eye on1160.7993.12
one all right so which one take the one1162.5592.521
on the left I'll take the one on the1163.9192.521
right okay I'm taking the one on the1165.083.32
left hold on oh it's already running1166.444.04
okay hold hold on that was foolish of me1168.44.48
so let's Crouch is there a Crouch yep1170.485.319
where's the [ __ ] Crouch uh C almost1172.885.159
every game nope control is most of the1175.7995.281
time [ __ ] he's a good second option to1178.0395.441
try all right well oh then Fox is done1181.085.44
running into them heels I know it [ __ ]1183.484.96
[ __ ] I hate that I wasn't crouching1186.524.159
first no it's okay we got this this is1188.444.479
more fun this way this is exciting for1190.6794.081
me been want God where the hell you oh1192.9194.441
Jesus he's right behind us always right1194.764.64
behind us no I've been hating these1197.364.48
foxes for years now why is it that you1199.44.72
didn't try to shoot them yourself I did1201.844.64
I'm a bad aim I'm an alcoholic my1204.125.76
handshake I got1206.486.319
you probably back at the house now you1209.885.76
think I don't1212.7992.841
know oh oh oh okay hey hey what what1217.04.64
what what I got a line I got a line two1219.724.079
of them right over here crouch1221.645.039
crouch see damn it I'm telling myself1223.7994.641
that all right right where I'm facing1226.6793.48
there's two of them all right they're1228.444.68
like golden oh yeah right there wood red1230.1594.52
yeah that's it so there's two of them1233.124.0
right there so you got one to the right1234.6794.841
one to the left yep yep yep I can go for1237.124.039
the one on the left we should be1239.523.84
shooting at the same time the gun's1241.1594.961
going to spook them agreed you ready yep1243.366.76
one how about 3 2 1 shoot go you do it 31246.127.6
2 1 shoot o oh wait I got to reload hold1250.125.36
on me too thank1253.724.4
God y'all's the worst damn Hunters I've1255.485.48
ever seen drunk ass [ __ ] you1258.128.36
can't even do it 2 1 shoot oh no I think1260.967.599
he I think I got mine I think I I pulled1266.483.88
the trigger too hard oh [ __ ] I didn't1268.5594.36
get mine you did no he's running one's1270.364.24
running up into the hills I see him1272.9194.24
running I see it too but he's coming1274.65.04
back what are the odds of getting this1277.1594.64
[ __ ] did you get yours no he's1279.643.88
right up in the hills I see oh there he1281.7995.0
goes yeah nice all right skin yours1283.526.44
Simon skin it okay skin mine man I've1286.7995.961
been hating these damn Fox bastards oh1289.966.079
[ __ ] what you doing stop you stop it1292.765.2
doing he's shooting the freaking dead1296.0395.361
fox stop it good job boys let's go tell1297.966.68
the MS about our1301.45.32
thank for you damn [ __ ] oh I love1306.728.73
all right here's the General Store put1321.483.72
all the meat in that little shopping1323.6793.24
cart and then go in there and use the1325.24.2
vending machine next to miss your th and1326.9194.481
S them well you know what I'm going to1329.44.32
sell these eggs first there you1331.45.24
go all right stick all that meat on that1333.725.24
plate we do things weird in this town1336.644.24
you sure as [ __ ] do you do no wonder1338.963.959
you're the mayor you that vending1340.886.2
machine yep three eggs six bucks uh 181342.9198.481
total yeah wild me time 460 bucks $181347.087.16
yeah nice $60 we got a good chunk of1351.45.25
money Simon yeah we1354.245.66
do Simon yeah Bubba our chickens are1369.126.679
dead what yeah oh you got dead chickens1371.9196.961
yeah how did Blackie white I'm guessing1375.7994.88
feed down here I feel like every new1378.883.399
Rancher learns this lesson you have to1380.6793.88
feed the animals yeah well at least we1382.2793.841
got some chicken can we sell the1384.5593.961
chickens look at that that is nice oh1386.125.439
that's a handsome bird rest in peace1388.527.88
rest in 20 pieace rest in 20 peace peace1391.5597.12
like chicken nugget hey to the hardware1396.45.44
store yeah remember this Simon K okay 151398.6797.801
metal 80 concrete 1580 baby81401.849.4
concrete stupid song 15801406.4812.72
baby 1580 baby Simon Road over road kill1411.247.96
r okay there's the hardware store yes1437.445.56
sir there it is with two deer just1441.03.48
hanging out running right in front of us1443.03.84
hit those deer I will not we tried that1444.484.64
sorry all right here we go it's a lot of1446.844.28
money I know we just got $200 for1449.123.64
killing two Fox yeah and we just have to1451.123.84
kill more [ __ ] all right so take out1452.765.32
that feedback take chicken out yeah oh1454.964.719
yeah maybe these can stack you going to1458.083.76
leave the chickens here oh hold on no1459.6794.441
I'm just taking Stacks oh it does stack1461.844.12
all right so then we can get see I could1464.123.84
put chicken on top of the concrete oh1465.966.079
hell yeah yeah oh that is effici yes it1467.965.599
is I mean you you guys should at some1472.0394.601
point just look into buy a trailer woo1473.5597.72
Dam it yes be careful1476.644.639
no Sav it yes sir these chickens can1481.725.439
wait a little bit cuz this is even more1484.7995.201
exciting yes it is you going to do it I1487.1596.321
that's okay do it all right ready and1490.08.48
what what wow what done y'all y'all did1493.487.439
that fairly quickly give me the tour1498.487.12
okay hey check out our new home oh what1500.9197.841
a lovely couch a couch listen to your1505.65.12
favorite Radio Show in there it's my1508.764.32
favorite floor Herring bone there's a1510.725.8
cow on the oh I love it there some1513.085.44
lights for you closet this is closet1516.523.8
that's easily a bedroom for me I could1518.523.36
sleep in there comfortably Simon we're1520.323.12
not sleeping in a tent tonight I'll tell1521.883.48
you that much no we're not we're1523.444.44
snugging together is what we're doing oh1525.364.96
yes and look nothing's better than like1527.884.679
the skull of a dead animal in your room1530.323.76
it really brings it all together doesn't1532.5594.561
it yeah tonight Simon we should watch1534.086.04
some television space man we here at1537.125.039
nebs gaming don't conform to fancy FBS1540.123.679
like timeliness and relevance which is1542.1593.281
why we present to you the official space1543.7994.36
Mammoth t-shirt space Mammoth get you a1545.444.64
space Mammoth t-shirt right now space1548.1592.961
Mammoth t-shirts are actually available1550.081.959
at the link in the description below1551.122.039
this is not just a gag for the video get1552.0393.031
yours while supplies last space1553.1594.081
oh you're doing1568.486.76
great oh boy I thought i' could sneak on1571.6795.561
through that yep I'm thinking maybe you1575.243.96
could have just picked up the chickens1577.245.039
yeah but why why I don't know efficiency1579.24.88
you're going to tell me about efficiency1582.2793.161
baby they they you don't have to close1585.443.88
the door they'll go in out on their own1587.523.32
okay well do we want them to go in and1589.323.16
out on their own yeah they can yeah I'll1590.844.92
put some feed up on here bam nice feed1592.484.84
in the corner maybe they won't die a1595.763.32
slow painful death like the first two1597.323.92
they're not going to die Simon yeah I'm1599.084.479
starting to be a big fan of the matching1601.243.799
idea what do you think I like it it's1605.0394.601
kind of dope yeah and you want to do the1607.844.34
same house yeah yeah why1609.647.6
all right yeah well that's a good start1620.444.719
on that it is Simon yeah how would you1622.124.84
like to make some more money oh yeah I1625.1593.801
know I know of a very good Hunter hot1626.963.8
dick Rick up in the mountains hot dick1628.964.12
Rick what would we do with hot dick Rick1630.764.36
well he might ask you to go out and kill1633.085.28
something oh I want to meet him are you1635.125.76
already drunk today yep okay does he1638.364.24
literally have a hot dick yeah why do1640.883.6
why is his name that I don't know did1642.64.84
you name him that nope okay his mom did1644.484.14
take it right1647.443.52
oh is this his place yep y this is hot1650.964.599
Nick Rick's cabin now this is a hunting1653.324.959
lodge if I ever saw one yes it is what's1655.5596.12
up HDR been a long time hunt Nimble1658.2796.041
rabbits shooting Predators guess let's1661.6794.201
start with the top one we just need1664.324.359
eight wild meat Simon eight wild meat1665.884.48
keep your eyes1668.6795.48
open nope abs abs stop I'm just testing1670.365.64
my aim remember1674.1595.36
drunk guys peeled boys oh my eyes are so1676.05.919
peeled I doubt that you couldn't peel my1679.5194.76
eyes any more than they are M they are1681.9194.961
so peeled so you said we need three1684.2794.361
eight dear up in the woods to the left1688.645.44
wood to the left I jumped out okay he's1691.5594.921
up on that Hill shoot1694.086.76
it yeah yeah keep your eyes peeled so I1696.486.76
can uh oh my eyes are so peeled you1700.844.0
couldn't peel them anymore I should have1703.243.88
said that again they are so1704.845.28
holy [ __ ] where are we1713.2793.76
hunting hell yeah oh I like to come out1717.0395.64
here on occasion and do what sit I got1719.7996.6
you drink sure beat your wife not here1722.6796.761
all right do that indoors here we go we1726.3995.4
got this hang on boys I'm1729.445.359
hanging yep okay1731.7996.521
okay oh we lost one I'm on I'm on most1734.7996.201
part that was a success saw fox in the1738.324.68
road hold on stop to the right oh yeah1741.06.2
you see it see it s no but you do hold1743.08.48
on W come on what are you doing you me1747.26.24
what I didn't shoot no I didn't shoot1751.483.76
him oh there's a1753.444.88
deer waiting got the damn deer oh1755.244.48
there's a fox right behind it too you1758.324.0
see it Dora I see him I'm going shoot1759.725.16
him from here bam1762.327.4
missed bam missed missed1764.888.639
yeah you got him um hey could you revive1769.725.48
y hold on hold on hold on there we go1775.26.4
there we go now I got a good shot at1779.125.399
you yeah here we go oh God that freaking1781.64.72
man all right one more piece of meat1791.326.88
just this one 1 2 3 4 6 7 yeah all right1794.085.24
so I'm going to put this back in the1798.23.12
truck exctly you can sell that talk to1799.324.239
Rick I'm going to talk to him I got this1801.326.04
hey Rick I brought the meat Bo1803.5596.48
$200 wow that was a lot of work for $2001807.366.039
it really was hot dick I hope we uh see1810.0395.48
each other soon oh we'll come back we'll1813.3994.28
abolutely come1815.5195.241
backck guys let's let's go home yeah1817.6794.6
it's dark let's go see if you chickens1820.763.36
are dead would you like me to drop you1822.2793.961
off at your home no I'll spend night1824.124.32
with y'all but would you like me to drop1826.243.64
no no I'll just crash with you boys1828.443.76
tonight tell you what drop you off at1829.884.2
your place yeah yeah but I don't mind1832.23.56
staying all right we'll we'll drop you1834.084.199
yeah Simon hey we need uh metal and1838.325.959
concrete to finish the second house feel1841.6794.561
like we need to build a barn as well1844.2794.12
okay it's time to start dealing with uh1846.245.2
pigs and cows and yeah no I mean that1848.3994.921
sounds good what the this is what I'm1851.444.079
thinking you can't no no you're not1853.324.199
allowed to that's so much bigger than1855.5193.52
ours we don't that's obnoxious and1857.5192.921
you're not all you're right it's in the1859.0394.0
wrong spot yeah it's on our property1860.443.959
yeah it's in the wrong spot that would1863.0392.911
be our property yeah1864.39913.841
right do we even want this piece of [ __ ]1879.6395.201
bam oh look at that you I didn't even1884.844.079
get my crowbar1887.1594.76
bam get out of here pretty sure that's1888.9194.521
where your daddy was1891.9194.921
conceived you going to pick a barn pick1893.446.839
Barn front Barn Back Barn middle what1896.845.24
front back middle of the barn all right1900.2793.64
well this looks like the proper place1902.083.8
for a1903.9198.921
front o okay and wow we're getting there1905.8810.96
bam that' be a nice Barn I1912.845.21
is that of gas is it out of gas did it1936.444.119
just run out cuz I don't know I me I I1938.3995.64
still don't nope [ __ ] it picked it up oh1940.5595.24
keep on [ __ ] doing the wrong buttons1944.0394.441
man drivve me crazy yep y laugh on the1945.7994.401
ranch is hard why don't you guys go and1948.483.6
get some gas oh yeah all right you're1950.22.839
Simon all right so is this place close1953.0396.921
oh yeah super close oh [ __ ] you good1955.7211.119
God gas station right here all right so1967.05.679
let me see here hit the1970.844.16
praks what I got to do I click it over1972.6794.161
[ __ ] e to start refueling there you1987.086.68
go good that took way too long but I1990.488.96
yeah hey hey hello I barely made it back1999.447.16
man it got dark quick yeah I almost took2003.845.36
this uh whole thing out out oh gotcha2006.64.16
yeah yeah I'm pretty sure that's where2009.23.64
your Grandmama was conceived oh really2010.765.56
yep so Grandma was conceived here and2012.845.88
then the man that Grandma ended up2016.324.68
marrying happened to also be conceived2018.724.6
in a building right next door mhm we2021.04.799
should go to2023.322.479
bed oh Simon oh good morning you look2030.6396.88
weird um really you're not even facing2034.9194.801
me me oh so how do I see you I don't2037.5194.0
know but I but the back of your neck2039.724.64
looks oh yeah sweaty yeah I am looking2041.5196.361
this way I just assume you look2044.363.52
weird rise and shine now okay I got a2049.8795.601
serious question for you sir yeah why2053.1194.161
don't you ever leave I like it here I2055.484.08
like you guys is it because your wife2057.285.079
doesn't allow you to be home nearly as2059.565.039
much because you drive her crazy oh2062.3593.961
Bobby Joe does she like it when you're2064.5993.28
home oh hell no don't you have have2066.324.95
mayoral duties yep2067.8798.941
okay yeah wow what a barn okay it's done2077.8796.28
we're going to need some fence out front2082.483.359
and stuff like that we'll figure that2084.1594.2
out that's fantastic yeah now it's ready2085.8395.24
for some pigs for some Hogs oh the Hogs2088.3594.201
and a2091.0793.921
pig and the chicken Coupe now the2092.564.68
chickens don't have feed I have no idea2095.03.72
where they went we're going to take care2097.243.52
of it bam that's where our new chicken2098.724.08
Coop's going to go it's medium size2100.763.599
here's one of2102.83.76
them oh there's going to be some happy2104.3595.081
fat ass stupid chickens thatat dumb2106.565.84
chickens can I [ __ ] that chicken no no2109.447.84
you can't okay oh yeah Simon yeah that2112.46.6
looks like the beginning of something2117.286.16
buddy I couldn't agree more bam look at2119.07.96
that nice beauti that is a nice fence2123.444.88
boys all right right let's chop some2126.964.44
more wood2128.323.08
we're out of gas [ __ ] [ __ ] that is a lot2159.246.4
of ripping that's a lot of2162.5995.52
ripping what's the gas on the uh the2165.646.959
cart oh [ __ ] I can't2168.1194.48
look breaks and left see that's a nice2174.1196.161
thing about living in a small town Simon2178.3593.72
you get to know the place I'm usually2180.283.799
not good at that you know yeah but2182.0793.961
there's not much here it's just a tiny2184.0794.201
little quiet town full of per per verts2186.044.8
full of perverts yeah lots of2188.286.149
perverts pick this up see look you're an2195.445.399
expert now I am you did that so much2198.284.52
faster than last time any I didn't do it2200.8395.0
though and don't boom it does reach it's2202.85.12
it's stretched H to hell but it reaches2205.8393.801
it does we're not going to be able to go2207.923.12
sell this [ __ ] we're going to be in the2209.645.4
dark we don't need to go see shed until2211.044.0
hey home sweet home he welcome back2222.525.68
welcome back welcome welcome back let's2225.44.919
go to bed all right bedtime we got a2228.24.48
surprise for you in the morning 's make2230.3196.601
sure it's not a wet Wily with my dick2232.684.24
oh good morning Simon good morning I'm2241.3195.241
eating some cashews oh okay you want2243.923.9
some no2246.563.68
morning good morning if you'll notice I2251.0796.321
was able to take this down oh yeah all2254.764.12
right Simon rip the rest of this wood we2257.43.0
got to finish these before we go get2258.885.31
metal and God I pick it up every2260.416.04
oo it's a stormy day boys dude is it2282.644.479
always this stormy here it's crazy oh2285.043.319
yeah down here in the valley you just2287.1194.281
get storms Jesus okay we need um roughly2288.3596.401
20 metal and 60 concrete to finish house2291.45.12
number two and everything else on the2294.763.76
barn with the coup all right um let's2296.524.799
see what we can sell and let's take it2298.525.96
from there all2301.3193.161
right whoop oh hey oh dear beautiful2306.447.24
that's how you put a damn trailer on you2311.26.52
done Riders on the2313.687.159
Storm I did some stuff and things and2317.726.04
I'm building me a ranch have sex with2320.8397.721
your mom no I will not get the [ __ ]2323.768.44
out yeah baby what do I chopp it with2328.565.88
crowbar have you ever in your life2332.24.24
chopped up a deer with a2334.445.0
here we are beautiful sell some2343.928.76
[ __ ] oh meat sell all 105 bucks yeah2348.485.8
nice but we're going to need more2352.683.6
bullets oo I like that and we're going2354.285.16
to need feed y oh my bad yeah don't2356.285.36
shoot indoors2359.444.919
please so sir where you from originally2361.644.479
oh I was born and raised here oh you2364.3594.48
were yeah grew up in a cave in a cave2366.1195.521
mhm who raised you my daddy Mama too Mom2368.8394.681
and Daddy were cave people mhm I was2371.644.12
pharoh for many years Simon though this2373.524.76
is what you need to buy look at this oh2375.764.04
yeah you guys are rocking this piece of2378.285.079
[ __ ] but this so what yeah we can't get2379.85.6
everything no we can't so the second2383.3593.441
house just won't be done yet until we2385.43.32
can afford more concrete could go see my2386.83.6
wife she might have another job for us2388.723.0
that's what I was thinking and Hunt2390.43.199
everything on the damn way until we run2391.724.599
out of bullets which will be2393.5995.72
how you doing oh [ __ ] that's a bear that2399.645.88
is a bear oh [ __ ] we should kill that2403.05.48
for me let's get2405.522.96
it yeah bear hunt come on come on come2408.566.68
on can I shoot through this I hope I can2413.26.8
oh yeah come on reload I reload [ __ ]2415.247.72
[ __ ] oh it killed the dear okay that's2420.04.8
good though oh my God it's taking2422.964.92
forever Jesus Christ2424.87.36
oh that's some meat you just shot me I2427.886.32
get you baby don't worry let me reload2432.164.32
oh look at all that meat can someone2434.24.84
bring the vehicle around yeah man you2436.485.28
got to stop shooting me man but it's fun2439.044.88
it's not it2441.764.599
is oh yeah it is kind of fun you're2443.923.28
right told2446.3595.891
you oh2453.03.16
shaed shaed we got be meat we got to be2459.0795.481
saving up for this saw man please let2462.3593.801
that be one of the things that you can2464.563.6
also do some jobs around town go see my2466.164.24
wife and go see my husband2468.164.56
wait the first time you brought up the2470.44.16
husband was your wife know your husband2472.724.599
okay doing great2481.724.32
all right hey let's do this oh is that2491.246.56
going to complete the CP2495.287.68
um oh yeah co co look at that happy fat2497.87.96
ass plump ass chicken and that door's2502.966.359
done and that door's done all right I'm2505.764.96
taking the basket I'm going to pretend2509.3192.841
like I'm doing something by putting it2510.725.599
over here do it oh yeah 600 yeah look at2512.165.88
this [ __ ] I didn't even realized that2516.3193.881
this door had two sections it opens up2518.044.76
in two sections I love it Farm doors do2520.26.08
I know I love that is that chicken dead2522.85.88
we got a dead chicken [ __ ] he's moving2526.286.319
but he ain't moving a lot hold to skin a2528.686.76
wait is the other one dead yeah oh so2532.5994.48
that's four chickens that starved to2535.444.28
death so far that's true we have got an2537.0795.681
enclosed barn with a fence this is2539.725.28
amazing it's hog time now right pretty2542.764.88
close yeah get some money get a hog2545.04.559
I want a hog then a table saw I feel2547.644.0
like we've done really good [ __ ] yeah2549.5594.241
Betty bedtime see you boys in the2551.643.56
morning I'll see you in the where you2553.83.6
going oh I'm going to sleep in his house2555.25.87
Simon that's your house it is isn't2557.46.32
it Simon yeah I don't know why you're2563.724.44
letting him sleep in your house you know2566.1194.081
what I feel safer in here with you2568.163.199
sleeping in a2570.23.359
puddle hey good2571.3596.521
morning what the hell where'd you go2573.5595.881
I got2577.883.8
teleported what hey there's somebody2579.444.879
running over there oh that's you yeah I2581.685.2
got teleported oh yeah2584.3195.361
that hey things are magical sometimes2586.884.88
out here on the ranch clearly let's go2589.685.12
see your wife and her husband2591.766.079
yeah oh see that bright yellow path it's2594.84.72
hard to miss yep go up that bright2597.8393.921
path the hell of a path it really is2601.765.48
yeah that's weird it's like the the2605.5995.48
lighting is just not affecting the2607.246.96
path oh yeah this is a nice don't drive2611.0796.28
in the damn field now well it's too late2614.24.919
oh I bet he's hanging out on the porch2617.3595.0
yep I see his ass Hey Joe Bobby all2619.1195.24
right we got deconstruction under2622.3594.121
construction trailer Delivery Treasures2624.3594.72
of the Ancients um I guess starting at2626.484.8
the top deconstruction the old barn2629.0793.961
behind me needs to be demolished I'm fed2631.283.44
up looking at it can you help oh yeah2633.042.88
I've been sick of looking at that thing2634.723.359
for years why didn't you do the Honeydew2635.927.439
stuff then what was that okay bam we're2638.0797.361
really good at the Destruction part been2643.3594.121
wanting to tear this thing up for years2645.443.399
baby oh yeah there we oh oh yeah get the2648.8396.841
hell out of here oh2652.0797.081
yeah getting the midsummer vibe from you2655.686.24
sir Midsummer yeah what's a midsummer2659.165.0
it's a movie and things get weird things2661.924.48
get real weird what happens in the movie2664.165.959
a celebration where [ __ ] gets2666.43.719
weird there you go all right let's see2674.245.119
for that Hey Hey Joe Bobby you pay them2677.5593.601
you 400 bucks who yeah that's what I'm2681.165.959
talking about you do a good job you get2685.244.16
paid does he have any other jobs trailer2687.1194.0
Delivery I'm really good at driving2689.43.8
trailers yeah trailer Delivery um could2691.1193.881
you pick up my fuel trailer from the gas2693.23.44
station you could leave this trailer2695.03.24
here cuz cuz you got to come back for it2696.643.0
and then Simon and I can stay here and2698.243.52
watch the trailer this is going to be2699.646.76
great I'll be back you guys have fun all2701.766.72
right all right don't cut through the2706.44.36
field so like do you fish in here oh no2713.5596.791
all the fish in here2717.685.86
well it's not really filled with dead2729.963.44
fish right there's just no fish no no we2731.684.0
killed them all okay why is that threw2733.43.8
dynamite in there you threw enough2735.684.0
dynamite in here to kill all the fish2737.23.919
yeah it was several years where we2739.682.8
discovered we could easily hunt fish2741.1193.24
with dynamite killed every damn one of2742.483.85
them it's sad There It2744.3595.09
is this guy loaded like should we be2760.764.079
doing like all of his jobs right like2762.44.159
loaded I'm I'm kind of the sugar daddy2764.8393.841
in the situation if you know what I mean2766.5594.481
really do you want to give us some money2768.683.93
that's a weird thing to ask a man2771.046.899
right oh I see a big old red tank coming2779.3196.28
not through the damn field jeez2782.286.319
man that is that that's the big flame on2785.5997.96
the side holy jeez nice all right um2788.5997.681
where do I put this oh drive it out I2793.5595.721
mean damn he can see it we had stuff in2796.285.039
here I just flipped it still in there2799.283.6
good all right you figure that's that's2801.3194.201
a $600 job but you just didn't that's a2802.885.0
dangerous uh that's a hazardous load2805.523.319
yeah don't forget to give him a little2807.883.0
Hazard pay there Joe I brought the2808.8395.881
trailer 120 for that what I mean it is2810.886.479
just driving it is just what do we do we2814.725.399
we just smacked this building around for2817.3594.76
that that was actual labor I mean [ __ ]2820.1194.041
just driving how much you expect to get2822.1195.48
paid just sitting on your ass 600 yeah2824.165.88
get it up right now no no no need for2827.5994.441
that by Jo I love2830.045.0
you go such a good not to the damn the2832.046.0
field I'm sorry why don't you go ahead2835.044.72
and do the honor Simon it's right in the2838.043.68
back of the truck well whatever the hell2839.766.599
that is okay pick that up mhm and eat it2841.727.04
that looks nice I'm sleeping here2848.763.64
tonight I'm sick of that tent I'm sick2850.82.92
of the tent too all right but where we2852.43.53
put in my2853.7214.509
place hey let's go to hot dick Rick make2869.1195.121
a little bit money yeah let's go see hot2872.26.56
dick Rick hey watch it with that thing2874.247.2
oh yeah Simon yeah hop on out and check2878.765.04
that little sign behind us there oh this2881.445.32
one right here dub wham's Ranch I like2883.86.44
that I do too well sir yep I've been2886.765.72
thinking well curious I don't know what2890.245.079
state we're in but you think it'd be not2892.485.44
legal to have a husband and a wife uh it2895.3193.881
might not2897.923.72
be God I wish I could take your gun from2899.25.08
you D no no no no no no no will you do2901.645.36
me a favor oh [ __ ] what we have a2904.285.44
whopping 24 bucks oh where' all your2907.05.2
money go bullets are 40 well I bought2909.725.24
the those materials2912.25.919
oh sorry guys let's not start this guy I2914.965.159
needed to send a message we should2918.1194.081
probably conserve our ammo so we can2920.1194.401
kill some deer and make money should we2922.24.6
leave them I mean no pick me up I want2924.524.319
to go I bet my wife or husband's got2926.83.999
jobs we can make some easy money all2928.8394.76
right you're not going to shoot me2930.7996.28
anymore right yeah keep doing that m2933.5996.24
okay stop it2937.0795.28
yeah you know my husband's place is back2939.8394.28
that way yeah I know but the gas is up2942.3593.881
here I was just looking at the tank2944.1194.601
three four oh man that's going quick I2946.244.96
know 24 you say turn it off no we're2948.724.56
using it all it's only 24 bucks you2951.24.599
broke yep boys are2953.285.64
broke oh [ __ ] Dam you are2955.7998.201
squirly oh hit the I want to them the2958.9210.399
two I want to oh be true be true got it2964.06.599
there we2969.3193.511
yeah holy crap Jes what is that that is2974.686.439
a do oh [ __ ] ohy I got the dog yeah you2977.766.44
did woo I'm a damn Hunter all right we2981.1195.321
we have collectively two bullets left2984.23.52
okay we got one bullet left did you just2987.726.16
shoot him no never put your gun up Sir2990.7997.841
all right you son of a [ __ ]2993.884.76
taking a2998.726.16
shortcut you ever taking this one it's3000.885.439
wow oh there's the path it is the golden3006.3194.971
path golden3009.684.72
path well I'd say something but you3014.44.12
don't have to you're not going to listen3017.05.24
n it's all right oh Joe Bobby okay he3018.525.48
just sits here every day huh yeah he's3022.243.68
paralyzed from the waist down oh I'm so3024.03.799
sorry to hear that what happened I don't3025.924.08
remember did you do it maybe under3027.7993.921
construction I've decided to build a new3030.03.559
barn could you bring me some planks3031.726.28
please planks 64 planks woo your boys3033.5595.8
better get the chopping cuz you sure3038.02.72
ain't going to get to3039.3594.161
buying why'd you do that ton uh last3040.725.24
bullet and he was an [ __ ] just feels3043.525.96
good I get that yeah yeah at least you3045.965.839
can give him a little taste I do like it3049.485.0
yeah let's go to the general store and3051.7994.841
then head home rip the wood we need okay3054.485.44
going to sell this meat3056.643.28
yeah how you doing honey you know she's3062.7995.241
paralyzed from the waist down she is too3065.5595.881
yeah did you do this one maybe 120 there3068.045.799
you go maybe buy some bullets yep I wish3071.444.84
I didn't have to give them to you what3073.8394.52
are you3076.284.64
doing was this a Mexican standoff it3078.3596.96
feels it there you go oo huh it's like a3080.926.679
cowboy movie yeah you know like the one3085.3193.401
with the skinnny guy and the other3087.5993.441
skinny guy little little fat guy yeah3088.723.76
except for in this movie no one's going3091.044.24
to make out with3092.482.8
well out of guess we ripped the last3119.525.16
pieces there yeah that's using the old3122.3194.28
noodle you damn right it is let's go to3124.684.56
bed in our house3126.5997.24
yeah oh and he's right here with me hi3129.247.48
good night good3133.8392.881
night hey I'm3137.526.319
out good morning yep3140.3198.081
morning well hey Thon yeah H hey you3143.8396.841
want to come back to bed no thank you3148.44.159
let's leave without him let's leave3150.683.84
him that gas is so expensive though it's3154.525.079
so expensive you believe our president3157.5995.52
did that full of damn lever pulled the3159.5995.401
Le and said I want gas to be more3163.1195.561
expensive what the hell ain't my3165.06.4
president all right I can't believe that3168.684.28
damn thing reaches that part yeah every3171.44.04
time it reaches that part do3172.965.599
it that you do yeah yeah that that'll be3175.446.44
just fine stop it stop okay w w w I'm3178.5596.441
not going anywhere I'm just no [ __ ] very3181.885.0
difficult for me to okay why you get out3185.06.2
of get out out get out got out3186.887.32
okay get the hell out of3194.966.879
here oh3198.523.319
[ __ ] I love how the wood stayed in the3202.3196.121
back it's great3204.7993.641
oh oh hey Jo3216.06.28
Bobby is that all so that was 60 exactly3219.3195.76
you need four four here we go setting up3222.286.16
shop right there hey baby who's my Joe3225.0797.881
bobie who's my Joe bobie oh yeah you3228.447.0
want a little tickle you want Little3232.965.48
yeah hey 250 all right that ain't bad3238.7996.32
you know it's a common way for people to3243.3194.401
be paralyzed Dora what The Gunshot to3245.1194.761
the spine what you insinuate I'm3247.723.96
insinuating that you are shooting your3249.884.04
friends put your gun up please all right3251.684.8
what to stop3253.922.56
insinuate HDR Nimble rabbits and3256.527.24
shooting Predators or just hunt rabbits3260.444.6
we you haven't hunted rabbit mble3263.763.44
rabbits my rabbits are all over the3265.043.72
place can you catch them and bring them3267.23.08
back to me we just got to catch them and3268.763.039
bring them back we don't kill them catch3270.283.079
them and bring them back I guess we just3271.7993.76
catch them all right so was rabbits are3273.3594.881
somewhere around here huh I mean I guess3275.5594.961
and we don't kill them I guess not kill3278.245.319
them I haven't seen one rabbit yet they3280.524.279
might be3283.5593.721
everywhere oh there's a rabbit I just I3284.7993.8
was about to say I think I've seen a3287.283.279
rabbit don't shoot it there it is Catch3288.5994.801
it can you catch it man he's so fast3290.5594.681
they're very Nimble chase him to the top3293.43.399
of the mountain that's where it's going3295.243.079
oh God there's a wolf up there oh wait I3296.7993.241
do have it3298.3194.721
Wolfie got wol thing I got I killed the3300.044.799
wolf nice did you get the rabbit bring3303.043.759
him that meat I'm going to it didn't let3304.8393.921
me grab it I might have to shoot it oh3306.7993.601
there's the damn rabbit I've seen it3308.763.16
I've seen it I seen it I seen it it's3310.42.719
way you son of a3313.1196.48
[ __ ] oh hold3315.5598.04
on oh man I shot him twice oh my God I3319.5996.791
think we just have to catch him hold on3323.5995.281
killed it yeah I don't think we were3328.883.32
supposed to kill it it's going to roll3330.763.88
for a while I want to see how long going3332.23.2
roll roll rabbit roll roll rabbit roll3335.48.159
roll rabbit roll roll rabbit roll roll3339.8397.2
rabbit roll roll rabbit roll roll rabbit3343.5597.401
roll roll rabbit roll roll rabbit oh3347.0397.56
wait what R meat roll all3350.965.96
right yeah we're going to have to catch3354.5994.841
the rabbit rabbit rabbit right here3356.925.04
right here damn rabbit rabbit grabbit3359.444.56
I'm going to try I'm try oh yeah there's3361.963.359
a there's a prompt you got to click your3364.03.559
mouse I see I didn't see damn it where3365.3196.52
are you there he is yep get get St I'm3367.5597.04
right here come on cck it got him yeah3371.8395.401
Simon caught his damn3374.5995.44
rabbit Simon caught a rabbit going to be3377.244.319
hot deck3380.0394.08
happen can to give it to him or do I put3381.5593.961
it on the thing maybe you can put it up3384.1192.72
there I give it to him yeah give it to3385.523.599
you cuz if you put it on the thing gone3386.8395.24
he's gone he's G because oh I got his3389.1194.68
ass I not I dropped him I dropped get3392.0794.121
that rabbit son why wouldn't I drop it3393.7994.56
at his lap because it's alive it's going3396.26.48
to run now now go talk to the man Jesus3398.3596.641
I brought the rabbit3402.685.32
yeah wa wo I was jumping in the back I3409.5998.301
see that wow yeah holy jeez crap3413.3597.83
that was a that was a pretty good day3421.8395.081
yeah I'd say very uh productive got a3423.925.96
lot done one of our better days3426.925.439
absolutely where you where you going to3429.885.439
sleep I'm going in with you man you have3432.3595.601
your own house I listen this was my3435.3194.881
house yours was the first one I went to3437.964.839
the first one oh damn it I went to the3440.24.96
wrong one3442.7993.701
hey Simon yeah how you doing oh I'm good3451.26.28
okay morning morning morning what you3458.3194.72
doing kind of building what I you know3461.3593.601
like a little s little side house you3463.0393.76
know what at this point I'm fine with3464.963.04
yeah I don't even I don't even give a3466.7992.641
[ __ ] yeah I don't want you sleeping in3468.03.68
my bed just something simple you know3469.443.879
that's fine now we're going to go and3471.683.159
pick out an animal yeah we'll see what3473.3193.361
we have the options for see you with3474.8393.52
that revolver there don't don't be3476.684.159
thinking anything silly I was reloading3478.3593.76
I'm sure you3480.8395.48
were God damn it why just why he pointed3482.1195.801
a gun at me well because he knew you3486.3192.921
were going to shoot3487.925.399
him thank you Dora revive me not him I3489.245.44
think I'm going to go get these animals3493.3193.76
come don't you dare I Didn't Do It3494.684.28
revive us he shot himself is that what3497.0795.0
you're saying shot I didn't shoot him he3498.965.0
killer what what happened I just pointed3502.0793.441
the gun he pointed the gun at me I shot3503.964.24
him yes self-defense he was pointing it3505.524.799
at me and I pointed it at him my gun was3508.24.04
unarmed he's faking it oh that's3510.3194.52
[ __ ] thank you Dora thank you don't3512.245.0
even let him in come on leave him be let3514.8394.401
him lay here let's do this on our own3517.244.96
come take no let's do this on our own3519.245.119
let's get our animals pleas take me3522.24.44
thank you wake me up hold3524.3594.24
on thank3526.646.56
you run over his [ __ ] body Oh Come3528.5997.52
On's us we'll be right back hey you3533.24.96
going to need me you can't do it without3536.1193.44
me we're going to buy animals without3538.164.52
you thanks oh I've never felt closer to3539.5595.8
you isn't it nice that he's not here oh3542.684.879
this is the best I can3545.3596.2
breathe thank you for shooting him3547.5594.0
too all right Simon now we've got3555.927.32
$683 a dairy cow is3560.286.799
$650 oh we can get a mail and a female3563.246.48
pig o we should get a male and female3567.0794.96
pig yeah we're bringing two pigs back3569.725.079
and we are completely broke right now3572.0395.56
yeah but we're used to that do they eat3574.7995.641
wheat I don't know I didn't think about3577.5996.041
the food oh look they're outside yeah3580.448.24
yes yay so we still got that water oh3583.647.12
I'm managing the pig what does that mean3588.684.72
you're tied to it yeah I hit e to manage3590.764.64
it and now I've got a rope around one of3593.43.959
them's neck we might have to walk him3595.45.399
home really3597.3596.081
maybe okay well listen I'll walk him3600.7994.601
home can I wel them both on them3603.443.48
doubtful damn it we could have really3605.45.32
used him oh [ __ ] Simon oh3606.928.399
god oh yeah who leaves who in what Ranch3610.727.0
now I better hear some goddamn apologies3615.3195.161
happening sir can we stop this we got3617.727.24
pigs to tend to oh man pigs okay real3620.487.359
quick though yep uh stick your tongue3624.965.079
out I will I will not stick your tongue3627.8394.841
out I'm not going to do it there we go3630.0394.161
all right enough of3632.683.24
[ __ ] son of a [ __ ] can you guys both3635.924.879
walk these pigs back you want me to walk3638.923.679
the pig back with him we can't put him3640.7994.721
in the trailer I don't I don't know how3642.5994.561
you do just says manage him and then you3645.523.88
tie him up guys just let's go yeah let's3647.164.56
go come on I'm going to follow you Dora3649.44.24
I'll just go nice and slow you look at3651.723.359
the map you don't I you don't need to3653.642.52
I'll just meet you back there what do3655.0792.76
you what do what do you have to do I'll3656.163.399
see you back there all right I don't3657.8393.921
know where I'm going but okay follow him3659.5594.441
he's the mayor you dropped your piggy uh3661.764.2
didn't let go of them I don't think I3664.03.599
think it's got to be slow going you know3665.963.92
you can't run really yeah you know their3667.5994.041
little legs just can't keep up come on3669.884.84
fatty you twoo3671.643.08
Piggies what you going to name yours3677.485.0
Simon uh deer deer no we have nowhere to3679.3594.96
carry the meat oh yeah yeah we don't3682.483.079
want to do that right now unless you3684.3192.24
want to kill chill it and leave the meat3685.5592.76
in the road for later oh damn my thing3686.5594.48
mhm I kind of found if you crouch and3695.0396.0
walk it's slow but it works yep I just3697.8395.96
walk and then stop walk and then stop3701.0394.961
works pretty good so did you guys even3703.7994.721
try to walk these pigs up to the vehicle3706.04.559
uh I don't know let's find out now that3708.525.48
we're home hey guys3710.5597.201
hey o3714.04.94
Christ it's crazy to me you can't pick3720.45.36
this son of a [ __ ] crazy oh no look3722.964.8
right in the back of this what press e3725.765.2
to transport animals son of a3727.766.24
[ __ ] walk the whole damn Pig home press3730.966.119
eat a transport animal okay well let's3734.05.4
bring them in you're looking to your new3737.0794.401
a there you go yep he's going to need3741.485.2
lots of grain look at me hungry well3744.763.799
where's the other one why didn't you3746.683.679
guys grab the other one I didn't grab it3748.5594.361
I just watched you don't give us [ __ ]3750.3594.841
why we know why all the way home I don't3752.923.6
know why you wouldn't have grabbed the3755.23.2
well because can you open the gate for3756.526.2
me just yep come on in man you can't do3758.46.32
anything can you well you're not doing3762.724.48
anything let the other Pig Out Pig got3764.726.52
out yeah yeah all right yay got water we3767.26.28
got feed so how much the hog cost you3771.245.599
say one 300 300 for one one the only3773.484.68
reason why I said buy a male and a3776.8393.121
female so we can meet them hey we're3778.163.919
just starting on the ranch life Simon3779.964.56
okay hey good work female pigs can be3782.0793.841
purchased from the General Store and can3784.523.44
be bred with the males well there we go3785.924.04
after a while the pregnant female pigs3787.964.119
will give birth to the piglets that will3789.963.8
depend on the mother for food whilst3792.0793.641
they grow there we're in the pig3793.764.16
business that's right and I just saw one3795.724.119
get bigger like literally like right in3797.924.119
front of you yeah like it ate and it got3799.8393.801
bigger oh yeah we're going to need lots3802.0393.28
of grain to keep these little fatties3803.644.12
good morning3831.243.039
all right boys what do you think I don't3840.3193.681
hate it it's not intrusive like the3842.444.28
other idea you had yeah boom it's3844.03.88
finished and I'm going to put a little3846.723.16
bed in here and decorate it it'll look3847.885.239
nice okay that'll work that's fine look3849.885.479
yeah just a little G [ __ ] listen as long3853.1193.68
as I don't have to sleep with you I'm3855.3593.081
fine he's got a convenient creeper3856.7993.121
window right here looking at your room3858.444.08
but whatever yes I do so how about no3859.927.399
more murder right why because it's funny3862.527.64
yeah it's a little funny get him up we3867.3195.921
got a big day ahead of us yeah it's3870.165.879
true welcome back3873.247.559
buddy no no God3876.0399.681
damn let's save those bullets okay and3880.7994.921
then and that's all [ __ ] for my ass3885.7995.121
rubbing on your shoulder cuz I didn't3888.7995.841
wipe for a week grow up you3890.926.0
idiots com hey I thought we were3894.644.639
grinding come here come here okay what3896.924.8
other things to look at piglets and such3899.2794.881
yeah piglet three little piglets piglets3901.725.24
I've been sleeping with3904.162.8
them is the are you dead is this one3921.484.879
dead oh yeah that one's dead oh my good3924.1195.96
well let's see holy [ __ ] my God that's a3926.3595.801
lot of meat yep well here let's put some3930.0795.72
food in here bam water's good here check3932.165.04
chickies oh yeah I got some eggs to sell3937.25.56
too oh yeah where's the food for the3940.3593.881
chickies oh we're going to have to buy3942.763.319
some more food probably I mean doesn't3944.243.92
it usually look like a mound do you not3946.0794.161
see these feeders back here now well I3948.164.199
do see the feeders but they're EMP so I3950.243.76
don't know the one on the left's empty3952.3592.881
the one on the right's full is that3954.03.52
water and food yes all right well you3955.244.28
need more food one on the lift empty for3957.524.96
sure I yes you guys are very observant3959.524.64
you know what what the [ __ ] are you3962.483.28
going to do you going to like say like3964.163.52
basically hey what don't you not notice3965.763.359
and then give me [ __ ] for it all right3967.682.76
Simon I got something that'll shut you3969.1194.041
up come here yeah I doubt it wait3970.443.839
where'd it3973.163.72
go oh you put it up already great3974.2796.08
surprise open your own surprise put up3976.885.56
who put what up maybe I did I don't know3980.3594.68
yeah maybe you did that's the advanced3982.445.52
one that's great you get this that cost3985.0394.961
a lot of money I I hunted all night and3987.964.72
got bit by Wolves but it just makes it3990.05.0
faster Simon Okay well I'm glad but3992.683.56
again don't give me [ __ ] for putting3995.02.44
down something I'll give you [ __ ] for3996.242.64
what I want to give you [ __ ] for how3997.443.32
about this I'll give you [ __ ] right now3998.884.0
okay he a squirtle come on I named all4000.765.079
the little ones after Pokemon this one's4002.886.8
Squirtle this one's Pikachu hey Squirtle4005.8395.96
stop it leave leave them boys Alone come4009.684.08
here come here little [ __ ] come over4011.7993.441
here hang out with your brother charm4013.762.4
you going to remember this well it is4016.163.679
hard to tell which one's which right you4017.7995.081
know but they all feel the same oh god4019.8395.561
let's not be uh [ __ ] the livestock4022.885.56
that's a rule yeah that is a rule wo4025.46.24
that's going to fet a fine price4028.445.919
agreed I'd like to propose something4031.645.479
what's that keeping things civil saving4034.3595.561
ammo oh I'm I'm a big fan of Civility4037.1195.24
Dora you got my word I do have a4039.924.199
question though could I hire you boys to4042.3594.121
kill my wife I'm not going to have any4044.1195.881
part of that hey hey ched how much we4046.486.4
get for all that meat the pork Oh my God4050.05.0
what $700 some4052.885.239
dollar baby that just paid for the table4055.05.92
saw oh we going to kill Pikachu soon all4058.1195.2
right I'm going to buy another uh gas4060.923.72
thing so we can run both of those4063.3193.121
suckers some more feed we're going to4064.643.159
need it for little fatties for the4066.444.82
chickens too what going on out4067.7995.52
there make a hole sir make a oh I will4073.3195.561
I'm just enjoying your haunted cart who4076.5994.401
is it being weird for you oh4078.883.8
quite than God I just saw what he sees4082.685.04
it's like in the building like I'm the4085.885.919
one really yeah oh no I love this crazy4087.726.92
something special I kind of missed one4091.7994.88
cuz last week for me was crazy too I4094.644.4
kind of missed it hop on in boys all4096.6794.68
right I don't think I can until things4099.044.6
situated no4104.1595.321
no not yet oh it leaves tie tracks on4106.6794.6
the that's like4109.483.679
graffiti y'all going to have to clean4111.2793.841
up this vehicle is something special4115.124.32
it's got some issues and we could use4117.7193.401
another one hey we might be getting to4119.443.48
that soon you know maybe you're looking4121.124.159
at like the upside down like in stranger4122.924.759
things maybe so oh no I got to play4125.2795.281
music so VNA doesn't get me all right we4127.6795.411
got to buy another gas tank right4130.563.88
all right I think it's that all4137.126.4
right hop on in now I'm kind of in oh4139.3198.761
there I go oh yeah o I like your Tokyo4143.527.04
Drift tell you what out here some oh4148.084.239
look at that wol that [ __ ] was4150.564.679
biting me last night can we shoot4152.3197.36
him where'd he go hey all right be true4155.2397.0
God you suck yep why do I have to reload4159.6794.721
every time because it's a gun and it's4162.2394.401
empty well good job Master Huntsman4164.43.319
go all right let's get some gas you up4167.7196.161
boys God I love this4171.1995.361
country I like your floating trick there4173.886.08
we go oh4176.566.199
yeah now is it that you're falling out4179.965.08
of love with your wife oh no no she has4182.7594.4
a life insurance policy on her oh dear4185.043.759
I'll make a [ __ ] ton of money if she4187.1593.801
dies you shouldn't be so open about this4188.7994.561
yeah I don't see the Big Damn4190.965.6
deal all right Simon what go ahead and4193.364.56
get to ripping man we got a bunch of4196.563.24
stuff to like put wood in oh by the way4197.924.84
abro yeah I finished your bed oh thank4199.84.52
you you're welcome I'm going to go rip4202.763.479
some wood I'm going to bring this saw to4204.323.6
the woods I want to see this new one in4206.2394.681
action me too it's faster all right it's4207.925.84
here you go I give you some light thank4210.925.4
you come on come4213.765.32
on all right let's see how much faster4216.323.839
[ __ ] wrong button yep all right4222.085.24
yep that is marginally faster isn't it I4228.524.639
like marginally yes it is I'm happy4230.645.12
though this is good if you guys see a oh4233.1593.881
there's the chicken thought we had a4235.762.13
chicken get4237.047.4
away go to bed all right going to4244.446.66
bed good morning hey yo how was your4254.2397.281
sleep in the new place that's pretty4259.44.759
good damn rain all the time though all4261.526.24
the time oo it's a mean old storm this4264.1597.321
morning any Hogs dead Charmander yeah4267.766.0
this pig seems to be like full health4271.483.32
we're going to need another one for it4273.763.04
to mate with do we know if this is a4274.83.96
male or female uh I don't know I just4276.83.76
assumed mama was the one that died4278.763.68
that's a female cuz look at those those4280.564.8
tips we can grab another male I guess4282.444.52
when it dies look how much money we get4285.363.28
that's a good investment 300 bucks that4286.964.239
turns into about 700 yeah no that sounds4288.644.64
fantastic so I'm having an issue over4291.1994.0
here what's that this is like a garage4293.285.08
idea right park the cars whatever and4295.1994.401
and if you come in you got a little4298.364.279
hangout up top there yeah but um it's4299.66.2
not taking any of the wood really maybe4302.6396.241
the foundation first that is so smart I4305.86.04
forgot there was a foundation found I'm4308.884.48
going to try to build a wall without a4311.843.52
damn Foundation yeah pretty dumb that's4313.364.68
what it was4315.362.68
dumb I'd like to do a test and see how4323.085.079
much faster one saw is than the other4325.7196.841
yeah yeah ready yep 3 2 one hit it log4328.1597.161
race log race log race log race come on4332.565.159
baby oh4335.326.0
yeah boom that one's done twice as fast4337.7196.041
easily twice as fast more than twice as4341.324.72
fast potentially yes can you sell the4343.764.52
old one4346.045.599
probably oh4348.283.359
yeah hey Chanda who's my little boo boo4357.05.6
who's my little boo boo with a cute pink4360.485.04
butt you my little boo boo are you4362.65.72
hungry trough right over there what's up4365.524.88
mama Bulbasaur I named the mama4368.324.16
Bulbasaur because of these big bulby4370.43.72
tits I love4372.484.64
Dora yeah we're being stalked don't take4396.1998.201
that all right did you get them yep job4399.967.48
one shot Charlie a little dough and its4404.46.319
mouth is like really weirdly opening and4407.445.32
closing it4410.7196.321
says shut the [ __ ] up4412.764.28
whoa how the gas door4421.884.92
okay oo it's nice in here is it is it4426.86.399
yeah yeah we got a little what a little4430.764.64
deck out here yeah put some rail there4433.1994.04
maybe a chair good job good work good4435.44.88
day yeah and what's with the well I mean4437.2394.641
it's going to be a well but what do we4440.284.439
need concrete okay yeah concrete hey you4441.884.44
left the piggy out oh there's a pig oh4444.7193.92
oh no I got him what you do it oh I know4446.325.04
what he's doing come here I'll see you4448.6394.481
boys in the4451.366.67
morning Jesus who's my little Jiggly4453.1210.029
hello good morning hey oh hey AB I uh4468.126.28
hey hey I'm out early where's is the pig4472.084.0
in here yeah Jigglypuff yeah you want to4474.43.2
bring it back to the no I'll just keep4476.083.52
him here what can't eat here that's what4477.63.44
I was thinking go to the general store4479.63.72
today buy a little food here you go4481.045.88
buddy this is not a a house pet and it4483.326.28
is not your pet you know how they say4486.925.12
Pokemon I choose you I feel like he4489.63.44
me tell you what we can go do do a job4493.046.36
for my wife today Hey Hey Hey listen he4495.85.32
just he just took the pig again I'm4499.43.96
keeping jiggling look we go by we just4501.123.88
little food leave it here until we have4503.363.76
the food no I can get the food he's full4505.03.679
he got a full belly we just need to get4507.123.28
a little food today I can put it in here4508.6793.48
he'll be fine all already got him a4510.43.68
water bucket if we're doing a job for4512.1594.48
your wife that money is is for the job4514.084.159
it's not for paying for the pig it'll4516.6394.08
help pay for the pig no it won't4518.2394.161
actually cuz it's completely separate4520.7193.52
don't worry jiggly puff will be fine4522.45.4
won't you my little Jiggly4524.2393.561
Puff remember when you used to sit in4528.564.88
the front seat salmon yeah I do and now4530.964.56
I'm in the back and I actually like this4533.444.84
cuz I like not having our friend behind4535.524.75
me oh4538.285.639
okay morning sh good morning shed uhhuh4546.565.4
how's that vegetable sandwich or4550.323.319
whatever the [ __ ] you4551.964.56
ate get little bit little food bag of4553.6395.161
feed feed bag so I can feed my fat4556.524.88
little fatty jiggly jiggly poof um4558.84.72
should we go ahead and grab a male Pig4561.44.44
yeah why not how much car do we have now4563.525.199
um 558 at the4565.845.399
cart all right oh I think I see the4568.7196.241
little piggy uh yep hey you want to walk4571.2396.4
that all the way home4574.962.679
Simon so dumb so weren't you you were4578.06.76
able to pick them up I know you could4583.1993.401
put put him in but don't okay so here it4584.764.84
is right just got to bring them right by4586.66.72
it yeah uh do the front the vehic yeah4589.65.16
do yeah do the back of that one doing4593.322.359
okay has4602.527.6
that oh yes there you go and then boom4605.6796.321
yeah right all right we still going to4610.123.72
see Bobby Joe4612.04.48
yep what we going to name this pig I4613.843.92
don't I'm not even going to name him4616.483.8
anymore I'm thinking Mewtwo okay like a4617.765.85
big big kitty cat I like me4620.285.32
too okay hello hey Bob4625.68.36
Jo how you doing you dumb [ __ ]4630.325.839
seriously Bobby Joe how are you doing4633.963.759
I'm worried about you we're both worried4636.1594.961
about you um breakfast cleaning annoying4637.7195.561
foxes don't you say a goddamn we've done4641.125.039
the foxes how about don't you say4643.284.8
goddamn thing cleaning oh little4646.1593.801
cleaning yeah yeah we got to do a little4648.084.44
cleaning she said due to my age I can't4649.964.92
take her my ranches before could you4652.525.0
clean up the garage of my territory oh4654.885.0
yes and could you also demolish old wood4657.525.719
meal too please yeah UHD be cool if your4659.885.56
husband did that huh yeah seems like a4663.2394.881
thing wow yeah this is nice i' been back4668.446.96
here all right so demolishing time4671.7196.041
yeah oh man I used to hang back here all4675.44.839
the time the [ __ ] is this4677.765.2
stuff all right so this is so we got to4680.2394.281
pick up the trash before we demolish I'm4682.963.239
demolishing all the trash those my4684.523.88
little Trash heaps sometimes you know I4686.1994.04
go on a tear I leave a lot of trash4688.44.04
around wait so we're not demolishing4690.2393.92
This Barn we're just cleaning up around4692.444.199
here I guess make sure it's all clean4694.1593.721
around there yeah she just wanted you to4696.6392.841
get rid of some of my trash but you do4697.883.68
need to take this damn windmill down go4699.484.159
for it she's been asking me to do that4701.565.24
[ __ ] for 5 years now you need to get rid4703.6396.201
of that old wind shut the [ __ ] up I know4706.85.04
I need to get rid of it you damn old4709.845.16
[ __ ] okay calm down sir seriously I4711.845.16
remember it being much more satisfying4715.03.92
when I when I hit them before you know4717.03.96
when we did demolishing before not doing4718.924.08
it for you no it's just disappearing4720.964.52
with a click yeah it's just how good you4723.06.84
are that's it clean it up quick4725.484.36
yeah nice man fantastic okay that was it4736.285.359
for that uh let's look into this4739.6393.641
breakfast thing I guess she wants4741.6393.641
breakfast I guess she wants breakfast4743.284.76
breakfast yeah God just door Dash it you4745.285.52
dumb [ __ ] you guys got door dash out4748.045.0
here fu yeah we got d d out here our4750.84.76
cleaning is complete and we got 3004753.044.599
bucks for that very nice boom that goes4755.564.639
towards Jigglypuff could you bring me4757.6396.04
some eggs and pork for my breakfast eggs4760.1996.48
and what pork pork we got the pork you4763.6794.56
just killed the [ __ ] pig we got the4766.6795.48
pork [ __ ] she wanted bacon that4768.2397.721
was not your pig to kill wow hey what4772.1596.321
what what exactly is it huh we needed4775.964.56
the pork we got look here how much pork4778.484.56
she won't I'd like to propose something4780.525.24
what's that keeping things civil saving4783.046.0
ammo let's get in that hog get that4785.764.919
there you go all you had to do is get4789.042.4
hog yeah that was frustrating wasn't it4791.445.92
yeah had to scin the4794.522.84
hog that tickles good God4804.845.12
hey Simon yes sir I think we can expect4825.44.839
him to like randomly show up somewhere4828.324.2
and try to murder us oh you think yeah4830.2395.041
cuz he's done it4832.522.76
before well I mean I didn't kill him no4837.05.52
I did I think what he did was wrong yeah4840.1993.921
it was wrong without our permission that4842.523.719
was our Pig yeah he should say this is4844.123.64
what you need to do maybe that was what4846.2393.801
we should have done but it's our choice4847.764.24
I don't think that was the one we were4850.044.32
bringing back oh here he is hey holy4852.05.239
[ __ ] hey hey so can we disagree don't4854.364.839
kill our animals I'm sorry about the pig4857.2393.841
thing I should have asked you but look4859.1993.881
pork delivered yeah I know that we4861.083.8
weren't ready for the rest of the stuff4863.083.68
you know I'll pay you for that pig don't4864.883.759
worry about it you won't no you will not4866.763.64
yeah look Bobby Joe's going to pay you4868.6395.201
good for this breakfast let's4870.43.44
go want to get this guy real quick who's4874.926.12
got it who's got it I got it I got it oh4877.885.0
slow down for4881.045.679
me damn it all got to reload reload yeah4882.887.44
uh-oh it's going easy yeah oh4886.7199.121
oh oh yeah there you go yeah there4890.325.52
see wo oh coming in hot hey sh I'm4896.527.08
surprised y'all don't sell [ __ ] eggs4901.845.04
here sell chicken sell4903.63.28
eggs let's load them up oo one more hog4907.046.96
couple more hands get in there fatty all4911.284.04
right what you going to name your4914.03.0
chickens I'm not naming them we ought to4915.323.399
name them after something like' 80s4917.04.04
movies I don't want to name this could4918.7194.161
be Total Recall and then this one over4921.044.56
here is maybe like mannequin put pig in4922.886.6
Pig in oh pig is in all right I'll take4925.69.4
it hold on Mewtwo two meww two meww4929.485.52
two all right R4939.925.12
here you go jiggly puff come on baby all4945.045.679
right allor right allor right all right4948.883.839
and there you go all the food you can4950.7195.281
handle Jigglypuff all right come in with4952.7196.321
me come on come on baby get in there mew4956.05.76
two two come on all right close the door4959.044.96
there you go Bulbasaur is getting real4961.765.24
big ain't she should I shoot her nope no4964.05.56
okay just check it I checked this time4967.04.719
all right we're good there we need five4969.564.96
more eggs maybe by tomorrow morning hey4971.7195.681
let's finish up this4974.522.88
thing let go to bed y'all4990.48.0
yep you're going there I'm going here oh5000.1994.96
wait now it's the opposite all yeah yeah5002.884.64
get out of5005.1592.361
here you better wake up we got a big old5013.6796.121
day today want to finish a bar there you5017.325.879
go get your day started lazy damn5019.86.08
hog I love you see you5023.1995.841
tonight not sure where I would see the5025.885.04
eggs I'm guessing you see them in there5029.044.159
and they would look like eggs yeah of5030.924.279
course I don't see any if you see any5033.1993.921
[ __ ] in there too please remove that I5035.1994.401
don't see any5037.125.48
[ __ ] all right e fill the water that's5039.64.8
look at me I'm doing things I just put5042.64.68
water in there you're a Rancher I am a5044.45.96
Rancher and then I'll put this down yeah5047.285.72
just says one egg of 30 and there's5050.364.52
nothing yeah that's just the one that's5053.04.97
in the basket good morning5054.885.319
Bulbasaur let's head on out to the store5060.1996.121
guys I like our little circle back here5062.847.08
yeah no that's nice5066.323.6
yeah about that abro you okay no I'm5076.6395.201
fine all right so we're getting rid of5079.7194.96
the old table saw that's good hey baby5081.845.56
good morning shed 75 bucks for that5084.6795.121
piece of [ __ ] what yeah I wouldn't even5087.44.48
pay that to be honest good God all right5089.83.52
better than5091.885.08
nothing oh God I hate this load up that5093.325.64
feed let's swing by the hardware store5096.965.279
quick how much is the 30 a bag all right5098.967.52
feed the pigs 30 a bag don't [ __ ] the5102.23910.281
pigs 30 30 30 a bag worst goddamn song5106.487.84
from that Mary Poppins movie I don't5112.523.04
think that was in the movie though it5114.324.359
wouldn't feed the birds topin a bag toin5115.565.8
a bag it's not to a bag what is it then5118.6794.48
I don't know I don't think it's that5121.365.12
though I I directed that you did not no5123.1596.48
I didn't but I was touched by Dick Van5126.486.719
djk no you weren't no I5129.6393.56
wasn't oh it's not toin it's tuppin all5134.325.24
right at the time the British tuppin was5137.525.36
equal to about 4 cents okay so was the5139.565.36
cost of a bag of5142.884.6
breadcrumbs okay you're doing5144.924.96
great you the other night up in these5147.485.199
parts I uh killed a deer couldn't find5149.886.4
it got attacked by a wolf oh wolf5152.6796.321
wolf that was that5156.285.08
wolf where you at oh [ __ ] where'd he go5159.04.719
oh there he is he's coming for you me oh5161.366.12
[ __ ] oh boy niy that's how it done5163.7195.361
that's right like you got him with the5167.483.639
first shot and then pump two more into5169.085.48
him didn't you well I was5171.1193.441
scared oh is that another wolf yeah off5175.085.079
to the right and a deer attacking a deer5177.45.839
a deer and a wolf go get him5180.1594.681
[ __ ] I don't see got the deer got the5184.843.399
nice I'm a crack damn shot I think the5188.2395.601
deer disappeared what cuz the wolf the5191.6395.361
wolf damn ate it you son of a [ __ ] stop5193.846.04
it there right there oh yeah oh [ __ ]5197.05.04
on no more more that's a good chunk of5202.65.0
meat right 40 you have 45 concrete yep5205.1194.761
and I need 50 I thought you needed 605207.64.0
you need I thought you only needed 405209.883.359
okay maybe you're right I hope you're5211.64.639
oh boy you fine you're doing5216.523.679
great come on baby oh final bag come on5222.410.04
and Bo we got a little whale that is a5228.366.12
well oh I can't wait to lose children5232.445.32
down it Jigglypuff you see this well5234.485.4
look look at5237.764.6
it hey is there is there an empty Bucket5239.884.799
over there uh an empty bucket5242.364.48
yes there is bring it over here yep yep5244.6794.44
yep all right yeah pop it on popping5246.845.16
this on here attaching the buckets going5249.1195.201
down oh yep it's going down so now I5252.05.52
think uh you grab the handle yes sir and5254.325.399
then rotate the5257.526.08
mouse yeah that's bringing up the bucket5259.7195.96
uhhuh okay is the bucket yeah the5263.63.559
bucket's full of water bucket's full of5265.6793.361
water you want to grab the bucket yep I5267.1595.241
got the bucket Romeo oh Romeo where fall5269.044.92
out there D you remember the part of5272.44.6
that play when Romeo [ __ ] a pig to I5273.965.679
it's my favorite5277.02.639
part all right ready to go to bed yeah5279.7194.041
let's go to bed I got to clean up this5282.1594.08
[ __ ] in here no one else5283.766.08
does is that pig dead no he's sleeping5286.2395.601
don't don't wake him all right you're5289.844.54
Jesus morning5298.966.48
morning oh please come on chicky chicks5302.444.32
come on5305.444.36
chicks just some [ __ ] I don't think I've5306.765.479
noticed the the the bird [ __ ] yeah I5309.85.2
know well good for you there's uh pig5312.2395.561
[ __ ] all around5315.02.8
too there you go picked up your first5323.364.4
piece of [ __ ] good job yeah look at that5326.085.119
let me get this one too there you5327.763.439
[ __ ] that looks good yeah can you put5360.484.32
any on the the house you got enough5363.6392.921
materials to at least put a couple uh5364.83.16
yeah go go ahead you place one on the5366.562.96
house wherever you want if if it works5367.965.32
Simon I've never uh never do it time5369.525.84
light you know what I'm going to put it5373.285.28
right where the damn actual lamps are5375.364.799
wait do they not turn on they don't turn5378.565.04
on never tried tell me you probably5380.1595.48
their damn lights well when I go up to5383.63.68
it it's not telling me doesn't give you5385.6394.801
a prompt but I am holding the you know5387.285.28
so whichever here I'm going to put it up5390.443.719
here anyway is there a light switch5392.564.24
inside anywhere inside oh yeah what5394.1594.361
this oh yeah the light switch inside5398.524.28
turns the lights on there you go then5401.043.32
they already work I already placed one5402.83.319
on top of a light that already Works5404.363.48
take it off all right yeah you put one5406.1197.401
on an ab's place oh yeah and there we go5407.847.64
yeah oh that looks great yeah thank you5415.487.199
boys I can't believe I'm just staring at5420.484.639
chickens uh yep maybe if I stare with5422.6795.281
you I'll stare too probably help a lot5425.1195.161
come on you little5427.965.84
shits two eggs wow what was that all5430.285.439
about I was trying to scare the chickens5433.83.8
I'm sorry I guess the Ricochet must have5435.7194.281
hit him or you shot him point blank no5437.65.0
no I shot near the chicken bullet5440.05.119
bounced off hit him right in the head I5442.64.4
don't believe5445.1195.6
that need to do5447.03.719
oh we've got two eggs two eggs was it5459.044.72
poop it might have been [ __ ] it was5461.763.8
probably [ __ ] that's what it was not5463.764.64
even one egg sorry yeah no it was [ __ ]5465.564.38
just a couple5468.413.96
shits all right5482.367.52
[ __ ] oh we got eggs yeah there5485.926.96
you go two eggs three eggs actually they5489.885.12
might be pieces of [ __ ] nope they're5492.884.759
eggs they're white they're oval and5495.06.71
white all right let's go see Bobby5497.6395.311
Joe I bet she hungry you think it's been5509.925.56
3 days right yeah probably not she ought5513.44.2
to be full of [ __ ]5515.485.12
yeah hey Bobby5521.328.44
Joe here we go we got some eggs for5524.410.64
you oh 180 for that breakfast0 smackers5529.768.12
wow and now we can take the the meat5535.044.8
back wait did you leave four pieces of5537.884.799
meat well no she gave us the money yeah5539.846.56
we got the money meet sorry trying to5542.6796.921
there we go wow she's scile huh oh big5546.46.08
time okay have a good day ma'am dumb5549.65.16
damn [ __ ] yep your husband's asked us5552.484.159
to kill you just to let you know it's5554.764.84
true so you do what you will with that5556.6394.401
won't do anything she's going to forget5559.63.039
you said it in about 5 minutes aren't5561.046.0
you dummy God damn you're so dumb stupid5562.6397.921
[ __ ] easy don't worry she' be like5567.045.32
where'd that bullet hole come5570.565.2
from you're doing great shut it what are5572.365.92
you doing over here what are you doing5575.764.08
over here you5578.284.52
little got a Wily Pig they're known for5579.845.56
that are they yeah cuz they're so smart5582.86.16
they know that this life sucks for them5585.46.0
yeah why do you think uh they're hating5588.963.719
their life so much you think it's cuz of5591.42.719
our neighbor that and the fact that5592.6793.201
people just eat them oh yeah there's5594.1193.991
hey boys hey I got a pig problem in my5612.045.28
house what does that mean I think jiggly5615.044.44
puff cloned himself there's two pigs in5617.325.799
here but you only had one oh you got a5619.486.12
ghost Pig I got a phantom P oh yeah I5623.1194.08
wonder if I should shoot it the ghost5625.63.68
Pig the ghost Pig should I shoot it try5627.1994.241
it try F I'm going to do5629.284.879
it nothing bullets go right through wow5631.445.16
go figure now we know I need some food5634.1593.841
by the way yeah I know we're going to5636.64.039
grab some food hey there's a bank we can5638.04.0
take out a5640.6392.841
loan hey by the way that cooler you're5643.484.8
standing next to abro you can put 125645.84.28
pieces of meat in there apparently o5648.284.32
yeah sell that to The Burger Joint oh5650.085.2
man the bank's so close oh they know5652.64.4
they make it easy for you to take money5655.284.359
out yeah you guys remember this Tammy5657.06.4
and Tom Tammy and Tom yeah hey Tom so5659.6395.56
this is Tom's Place this is the auto5663.44.08
mechanic or the auto dealership yeah I'm5665.1994.96
at the bank we talked5667.485.52
about yeah so the banks over here yay5670.1595.641
remodeled hey Tammy hey Simon why don't5673.04.36
you take a look at that uh screen and5675.85.52
see what kind of loan we want uh huh so5677.368.48
get a big one 2500 get a big big loan5681.327.48
the 2500 seems to be for I guess a5685.846.279
30-day duration interest rates 25% that5688.86.64
seems good and we have to pay back 86 a5692.1196.04
day o I don't think we make that a day5695.446.759
but we we aim to we we aim to I wonder5698.1595.881
when uh they're going to end up coming5702.1993.401
for the money oh they're going to come5704.043.32
quick this is my bank God we could be5705.64.16
your typical American and go buy a5707.365.08
vehicle you know how Americans be yep5709.764.72
saddled with debt no one has any damn5712.443.88
responsibility tell you what you keep5714.484.0
people like me fed though so I love it5716.323.839
get the biggest loan with the highest5718.484.08
interest rate you can sir did you get it5720.1594.321
I didn't get it get it there's nothing5722.564.0
to click on I bet there is all right5724.483.04
is take the credit oh boy we're loading5727.528.159
we're loaded we got so much5731.526.28
Mone let's check out that burger joint5735.6794.401
and see what that entails yeah we slept5737.84.08
here the first night or something yeah5740.084.119
they won't open in but they open now who5741.886.16
works in here oo oh yeah I'm just5744.1996.401
curious why where these people are I5748.043.92
don't know but I'm eating their food5750.63.559
soon I kind of wanted too right oh5751.964.88
today's specials required products one5754.1595.361
rooster meat two Che oh my God three5756.844.879
eggs well you just took out a loan to5759.524.76
buy a cow yeah get some milk make some5761.7194.4
cheese we probably have to walk that cow5764.283.399
back we don't have a trailer for it that5766.1193.161
we can't put a cow in the trailer that5767.6793.44
we had the trailer we had that little5769.283.8
piece of [ __ ] for a cow yeah for a cow5771.1193.681
you know cows aren't that big and we're5773.083.599
not very damn huge what did have you5774.84.0
ever seen a cow you course I have five5776.6793.361
people could fit in that trailer you're5778.82.879
not going to fit a cow in that trailer5780.043.96
one cow I'm talking about one cow hell5781.6794.081
no a pig didn't fit in the trailer of5784.03.28
course a pig did5785.765.52
didn't car trailer oh my God animal5791.285.68
trailer [ __ ] oh you can put that back on5794.7193.681
the vehicle you got it's5796.963.719
$1,500 maybe we should get the pig5798.44.16
before we make any purchase and we see5800.6795.321
the cow I know but well after the cow5802.565.079
don't get a trailer is what I'm saying5806.03.99
I'll walk the cow back this time5807.6394.881
hey abser yo another rule God we should5815.1994.881
get that too dear to our5818.364.16
right oh I seen5820.086.159
him oh oh man that's a okay I think yep5822.525.52
I got5826.2395.281
him yeah that's5828.047.04
it uh but after what I was saying was uh5831.526.679
don't [ __ ] the cow oh no interest okay5835.087.159
good too big hey CH how you doing today5838.1995.681
dairy cow let's do a dairy cow cow there5842.2393.841
we go small bucket or a milk can now is5843.883.52
there anything in there that might make5846.084.44
cheese for making white mold cheese mold5847.45.759
white mold cow white mold cheese that5850.524.599
sounds fancy I bet we could sell that to5853.1595.761
the city we just spent 910 of our loan5855.1196.761
ooh and we got a cow coming back here5858.924.96
how you doing girl so I'm going to have5861.884.359
to walk that home and yes you are okay5863.885.4
I'll unmanage set it free load up the5866.2396.201
can I got the white mold all right guys5869.286.0
I'll uh5872.445.52
yeah what you going to name it I don't5875.284.72
that's insane you really should name her5877.965.31
we'll see you in hav back at the5880.05.88
franch I have no idea how to get home5885.884.56
I'll just drive you'll end up somewhere5888.846.56
there's a cow over here oh [ __ ] I was5890.444.96
crouched I was crouched yes I'm sure you5895.766.6
were you've gone5899.42.96
LIF and then yeah that Tower take a5908.964.32
leftt fence is looking good yes it is5921.1994.641
got a little bit more on the back though5924.6393.48
we need to finish you want to bang that5925.844.879
out uh sure yeah it's going to take a5928.1194.0
minute for door to get back with that5930.7193.211
little moooo but boo5932.1194.99
all right habari we're almost there we5941.844.08
got a nice place I think you'll enjoy it5944.085.519
there is one guy that yeah just you5945.926.679
you'll avoid5949.5993.0
and boom fence complete good job sir it5964.845.68
feels more like a ranch with a fence5968.83.879
around it doesn't it it really does oh5970.524.119
the moon's coming out what a pleasant5972.6793.841
evening it really is and to say that5974.6395.48
with you here is odd hey y hey I tell5976.525.56
you what you haven't lived unless you've5980.1193.801
walked a cow on a leash across the5982.084.119
county well I did walk a pig across the5983.923.799
county well but you haven't lived unless5986.1993.801
it was a cow I guess does it make it any5987.7193.761
better all right y'all ready to go to5990.03.199
bed I got to I got to put the cow up I5991.483.8
just got here all right all right I got5993.1994.081
to check on my little Jiggly jiggly puff5995.284.16
it's so damn bright oh are you guys5997.284.959
sleeping hold the skin oh no we got dead5999.445.12
pigs got dead pigs you kid your pig stop6002.2394.44
to death oh God hold on let me check on6004.564.159
my oh God where's the big one the big6006.6795.361
one's dead too jiggly no oh eat a manage6008.7194.96
just sleeping only one dead that's not6012.043.4
too bad oh Jiggly Puff's about to starve6013.6794.44
to death I need food I need food now oh6015.446.04
[ __ ] we don't have oh God F we need to6018.1195.321
this has to happen we might need to do6021.484.239
an emergency run there's some right here6023.443.84
but actually see that's a problem is6025.7194.081
you're a food hog we need that out here6027.284.56
I got to feed jiggly pleas jig okay6029.84.24
jiggly needs to come in here and we can6031.843.6
go we can go to the store tomorrow and6034.043.599
get more feed oh just a you got plenty6035.443.199
money here you go jiggly here you go6038.6394.641
pour this on the ground oh yeah there6041.443.96
you go how's your water you got water6043.284.64
okay you sleeping yeah you'll get up in6045.44.08
the morning and eat we ready to go to6047.924.84
bed no you done e this one's dead this6049.484.4
one just died6052.763.879
so there were two abro yeah you just6053.884.64
took the [ __ ] feed that would have6056.6394.0
saved all these pigs we need the feed6058.524.079
back oh it's twoo late now yeah feed6060.6393.681
down you're about to get kicked off this6062.5995.201
property sir what do you want me to do6064.325.56
you got to you got to buy more food God6067.83.76
this one's starving too oh they're going6069.884.279
to die all of them [ __ ] basket go6071.564.0
where' the basket go you steal the6074.1594.201
basket abso I ain't touched the basket6075.565.4
don't believe6078.362.6
all right guys time to go time to roll6090.5995.321
out who's going where I'll take the6092.085.76
stuff I don't know what you can do about6095.923.16
the pigs but you want to stay back and6097.843.72
just keep an ite on okay good morning6099.084.119
okay everything's alive right now that6101.563.639
is a great start yep you better run and6103.1995.0
get that feed I'm going to keeping on in6105.1995.201
pig salmon all right I'll be back6108.1994.04
Jigglypuff enjoy your6110.44.839
oh that should have killed it should6116.5996.361
have killed it oh he liming6118.968.08
though all right okay you got sliver of6122.968.239
food down on some water you are full6127.046.76
which where am I sick guys am I already6131.1996.161
missing one did one die already thought6133.86.12
I had two bad ones you're full get that6137.364.799
feed all right selling that pork don't6139.923.92
sell sell the pork to the Burger Joint6142.1593.921
right time is of the essence okay we're6143.845.12
back in the positive okay sh it's a [ __ ]6146.084.559
show all their Hogs are starving to6148.963.48
death they never they never remember to6150.6393.961
buy food qu talking6152.447.44
[ __ ] damn it son of a [ __ ] [ __ ]6159.888.0
dead D how much is speed 30 bucks 306164.484.759
bucks so yeah why don't every day you6167.882.92
just buy like three of them why don't6169.2393.081
every day you buy like three of them but6170.83.0
then you just stack them why don't every6172.322.76
day you buy like three of them well6173.82.96
every day you just get three of them6175.083.44
that way you just have a bunch I'm sick6176.763.2
of you telling me what to do this is our6178.523.32
Ranch you ever heard the phrase if you6179.964.32
got one you got none that deer right6181.845.08
here where right6184.284.959
here oh sure oh that might have been the6186.924.719
one you hit nope I killed that one see6189.2393.841
if the pigs will eat deare me well you6191.6393.08
just help me put it in the cooler you6193.083.8
never help with [ __ ] sir well it's not6194.7197.4
my damn Ranch well oh by the way Pig's6196.886.799
[ __ ] all6203.6795.56
right oh damn I think that was Squirtle6205.885.96
yep aren't you happy that you put food6209.2395.041
in your place oh I love that thank you6211.845.08
abro oh God I got to check on Jigglypuff6214.284.439
I can't jump over this [ __ ] thing I6216.925.4
put the cooler in there Simon oh it's in6218.7193.601
there jig Jigglypuff don't you don't6222.887.52
even Jigglypuff no he starved to death6226.445.48
or maybe thirst to death I don't know6230.43.719
Jigglypuff's dead are you telling me6231.925.48
that you took food what you do I think I6234.1197.241
think he overate God he was always a6237.47.799
glutton this is you are not allowed to6241.367.48
have any animals ever again I don't want6245.1995.721
any animals not after this I can't take6248.844.25
it anymore I love6250.927.779
them what the hell are you doing with6259.364.879
that meat6261.44.68
what are you doing with that meat I'm6264.2393.321
going to I'm going to bury he loveed6266.083.68
this well Jigglypuff I'm burying him in6267.565.679
the well you are a killer of our animals6269.766.64
there you go it's enough of that there6273.2394.36
go oh my6277.5995.64
God you know he likes that you're giving6280.445.4
him a treat I kind of like it too get6283.2394.88
back here coola boy we might want to buy6285.843.759
another cooler a lot of things dying6288.1193.08
around here lately maybe just buy more6289.5994.161
feed shut up dummy all right if you wake6291.1994.161
me up I'll start helping out more I6293.764.359
promise yeah yeah go grab that bucket6295.364.68
out of his place suon no that's my piss6298.1196.321
bucket that explains why Jigglypuff6300.044.4
died Simon yes sir I'm about to uh go6306.1994.801
sell this meat get some more stuff so we6309.1594.0
can like actually Advance I'd love to go6311.03.52
with you I want to see how much money6313.1592.921
you get for the meat at the Burger J no6314.523.24
no no don't go with me grab a bucket6316.084.119
bring it up to the cow see if um grab6317.764.439
one of those no no no no no no the metal6320.1993.721
ones okay there you go these ones right6322.1993.681
here yes sir yeah grab a big one go up6323.925.0
to the cow see if it works okay what's6325.886.359
it say uh it's saying install okay all6328.926.08
right I've installed it uh-huh doesn't6332.2395.641
like give me hold on start milking there6335.05.0
you go hold are you milking a cow Sal it6337.884.839
hold on I oh I am hold on I got to do it6340.05.04
with a and d That's all right you figure6342.7197.121
it out okay yeah I'll be back dude6345.044.8
okay okay oh [ __ ] yet okay A6351.49.96
B A is this not working oh God I think I6356.366.2
just got6361.363.96
kicked oh what you doing salimon I'm6362.565.559
stuck in the wall oh yeah I see you what6365.325.0
a predicament it is a very weird6368.1197.0
predicament can you crouch uh that is6370.327.56
the O looks like you're floating I can6375.1194.921
Crouch and I can turn around think I6377.884.52
need you to shoot me in the head done6380.044.28
ready hold on I'm going to get you no6382.43.36
well if you get me there's no way I can6384.323.68
get you I know so go ahead kill me don't6385.764.839
you pull that trigger kill me don't kill6388.05.599
me oh I got to reload kill me don't hit6390.5995.12
the animals I'm going to oh that's right6393.5993.721
all right just kill me all right stay6395.7193.721
still stay Ste stay still jeez really oh6397.323.72
God I don't want to hit the animal stay6399.443.719
still stay still all6401.044.48
right I just shot you like 10 times6403.1594.401
that's blood everywhere will you stop6405.525.28
wasting ammo what just you asked me to6407.566.0
shoot you boy I I did not ask you to6410.84.799
waste ammo hold on let me let me see if6413.563.92
I can shoot you from the back yeah try6415.5994.841
yeah I'll try to shoot you from the back6417.485.199
and there it goes all right all right6420.444.4
your body is still in the wall though6422.6794.401
all right maybe you could revive me6424.843.759
maybe I'll pop out of there I kind of6427.084.32
don't want to this is funny no come6428.5997.401
on oh and the cow says hello oh hello6431.48.52
cow I don't think I can get to6436.08.84
you what say that again6439.924.92
hey he's back hey yeah yeah yeah I got6449.6794.96
to try to figure out this milking6452.286.16
thing okay start milking I'm hitting e6454.6396.161
oh yeah there you go now I've got this6458.446.04
lit so I hold it's I see an A and A D6460.86.72
and D is illuminated on my screen so hit6464.487.48
d right now A I'm hitting a and it's6467.526.199
back and forth yeah but it wasn't doing6471.963.8
it it's weird well now it's doing it oh6473.7193.801
yeah that bucket's filling right up oh6475.765.479
yeah oh you getting lots of milk now M6477.525.48
all right so I'm going to stop6481.2395.0
milking okay oh yeah filled up seven out6483.04.76
of seven for mil now can you take the6486.2393.4
milk and put it in this uh here6487.766.68
container e pour milk you bet you yeah6489.6397.08
hey what's up what's up what's up [ __ ]6496.7197.561
holy damn salmon yeah waa whoa waa w6499.767.959
what you have a fre look at that that is6504.285.359
a but but my goodness I feel like you6507.7194.48
should have should have consulted me n6509.6394.321
you guys make horrible decisions this6512.1994.321
can carry cows and everything okay no6513.965.679
that's great how much did it cost 15006516.525.56
okay 1,500 1,00 something like that but6519.6394.361
yeah now you can buy more cows make more6522.084.8
cheese dude we needed it yeah no I think6524.04.4
that that's a good idea for that amount6526.884.56
of money for6528.43.04
see I want to see how it it drives well6538.366.319
it drives you want to I mean I'm kind of6542.045.47
the best driver6544.6794.201
here oh [ __ ] [ __ ] you are the best6548.884.719
driver oh boy oh6554.326.0
jeez oo it's got some speed to it yeah6556.566.33
we look good you know I like this6560.325.889
this oh6566.486.4
[ __ ] this is6569.443.44
all right guys rallied up come here we6599.324.48
got to have a talk okay all right are6600.965.4
our animals safe right now with foodwise6603.84.48
the very minimal amount of animals we6606.363.96
have now are I know how to make cheese6608.285.24
now ooh oh you cheesy boy oh I'm a6610.325.2
cheesy cheesy boy but got to get a6613.523.719
couple of those like crockpot looking6615.523.96
things and then we can use the ovens the6617.2394.4
stoves or whatever in our in our houses6619.485.8
oh stoves I can I make a cake6621.6396.121
no looks like the ghost is gone6625.284.56
Jigglypuff has finally ascended into6627.764.16
heaven I think goodness I was thinking6629.843.96
we could rename the ranch nope6631.924.199
Jigglypuff Memorial Ranch yeah we're not6633.84.2
going to do that think about6636.1194.281
it all right where you going I'm just6638.03.52
going to grab a couple of those6640.42.4
crockpots and we're going to get that6641.524.079
started we need money yeah you do6642.85.08
otherwise I'm going to own this Ranch6645.5995.881
the Jigglypuff Memorial6647.883.6
hey there ched how how how have you been6667.46.4
okay okay I should get a few of these6670.6795.52
and we always need6673.84.839
feed do we want a rooster we probably6676.1994.681
could use a rooster [ __ ] now that makes6678.6394.841
us broke that's it thank you C you look6680.885.16
lovely today Simon you ever tried to6683.486.52
milk a hog uh no no this hog said she6686.048.61
wants milking really yeah milk that6690.09.52
hog you said it says to milk it yeah6699.524.92
milk it yeah but it doesn't say to milk6702.283.76
hey h there he is bring some milk abso6707.6798.201
grab an egg I'll meet you guys in the6712.046.639
okay milk adding milk adding milk put6718.6798.4
down the eggs please yes sir right next6724.6794.801
to you yep there's one I'm putting an6727.0794.761
egg in one all right I don't understand6729.484.159
it but I'm doing it I guess it makes the6731.845.72
money better and then add the mold add6733.6398.121
the mold so milk egg mold oh press e to6737.566.92
start cooking press e to start cooking6741.765.72
look at this oo it's already at 20% and6744.485.44
then you got to like set it on the rack6747.484.28
is that in here yeah we can put it on6749.923.88
these racks in this closet really you6751.764.16
set the cheese on the racks to cool when6753.84.0
it's done on the oven which it's almost6755.923.92
done we set it on there to cool and take6757.83.76
some time and then we sell that for6759.844.08
sweet sweet cash oh I cannot wait to6761.565.079
find out oh look at that look at this oh6763.924.6
is that is that your big old cheese pile6766.6394.921
Oh that's a big cheese wheel excuse me I6768.525.32
want to taste some of that that [ __ ] it6771.563.679
looks like blue cheese what's you think6773.843.12
it is blue I guess you make the most6775.2393.48
money with the blue it is expensive6776.963.6
cheese it's the it's the yuppies of6778.7194.52
cheese oh I do love me some blue cheese6780.564.48
mhm we just keep making it you know what6783.2393.241
we're going to do some science this is6785.043.039
the wallpaper and paintings you guys6786.483.08
decided to put in6788.0793.201
what so we're doing science here this6791.284.72
one does not have the egg added we're6793.923.36
going to see what the price difference6796.04.32
is when we do sell them ooh no egg I6797.284.72
didn't even know you can make cheese6800.323.319
without egg I didn't know it was6802.03.92
involved at all you brought this up6803.6395.161
before there sir getting a lawn mower6805.924.719
yeah I mean the grass is a little long6808.84.319
oh I forgot that you could do that I6810.6393.761
would like to at least do it for a6813.1193.0
little while yes we might be able to do6814.43.52
that with our sweet cheese6816.1196.04
money hey let's go to bed we got a few6817.925.64
minutes you guys can go ahead and get6822.1592.361
out of here now I thought we were6823.562.48
drinking at your house tonight nah not6824.523.159
tonight we'll drink when we get profits6826.042.92
from cheese how about that yeah we6827.6792.881
should stay awake all night though yeah6828.964.58
we could do a party maybe a nice radio6830.565.639
drama good morning doctor you're here6836.1996.241
early good morning your cake is ready my6839.1196.681
cake yes your cake but I didn't order a6842.446.759
cake I ordered a loaf of bread well um6845.87.24
we don't make bread here doctor we just6849.1996.681
make cake well that's funny considering6853.045.559
this is a shoe repair shop I believe6855.884.88
I've caught you in a f have this C6858.5995.0
wrapped in Grandma's sheet6860.765.399
too doctor considering you're not even a6863.5995.681
doctor you're right I'm not a doctor let6866.1595.401
me take a look at that cake and how much6869.285.2
is it no I I'd be happy to to give you a6871.565.0
a very good price if we could just make6874.486.92
this all go away I'm willing to consider6876.564.84
it 60% nice and that's 60 out of 100%6881.568.24
they make uh clear to say right cuz you6887.1194.96
never know yeah we could paint these6889.85.08
truck too and and and your place if you6892.0796.16
want buy some paint ooh yeah I'd give it6894.884.88
a paint job wouldn't that be nice to do6898.2394.44
too yeah hey Dora yeah thought you were6899.764.56
going to teach me how to make cheese6902.6793.721
come on are you in my place I am and I'm6904.324.24
just kidding cuz guess what what I just6906.46.4
made some cheese yeah he's a cheese Bing6908.567.96
F you are funny okay here we go put in6912.85.52
here we go did made my first I didn't6916.525.84
realize it's super simple babies what6918.326.52
there there's baby pigs we got baby pigs6922.364.68
baby pigs oh I'm going to name them Ash6924.844.359
and Misty they're my favorite characters6927.044.4
from Pokémon okay so they just follow6929.1993.92
Mama around which I guess makes damn6931.443.88
sense it does I start worrying when they6933.1195.201
follow you I'll Be Your Mama come here6935.326.08
we got cheese we got6938.327.399
cheese beautiful beautiful cheese oh my6941.48.36
goodness how it look wow that does look6945.7196.321
good is that nice that's a lot that's a6949.764.68
lot that's a big ass wheel of cheese I6952.044.039
tell you that thing that thing should6954.444.84
bring us I'm guessing about 250 bucks a6956.0794.721
freaking roll or whatever you want to6959.284.12
call that wheel yep that's a wheel Simon6960.84.96
they got these two the two stacker those6963.45.4
are the ones made with egg okay good6965.764.12
we're not going to wait for these other6968.83.279
two cuz one's at 81% so we're going to6969.884.839
go see what's up we're to do science yes6972.0794.961
let's do6974.7192.321
it it I got God this thing's got a6980.6395.6
little bit more weight you're doing6984.923.319
yeah um where should we set yeah should6988.2394.081
we do it at the we should do both we6990.843.08
should do one at the Burger Joint one at6992.323.04
the market and see what you get the most6993.924.799
money for loading area oh I've never6995.366.44
been in here I don't I'm just curious6998.7195.48
why where these people are I don't know7001.84.12
but I'm eating their food soon I kind of7004.1995.361
want to too right so 165 a piece for the7005.926.159
ones with the egg Simon you yeah you a7009.565.48
away way too high cheap you get $15 more7012.0796.361
dollars per uh per cheese yeah per wheel7015.046.76
oh that's not worth you add an7018.443.36
egg staying dry on this trip Abra yep7022.1195.201
you're getting my truck wet it's all7025.7194.4
right it smells though like especially7027.325.279
bad with Bo when's the last time you've7030.1194.681
showered it's been a minute also I7032.5996.361
rubbed cheese on myself last night oh7034.87.12
hey yeah blue cheese is the best it cost7038.965.44
more for the uh for the mold but the7041.924.159
payoff is better sometimes you got to7044.44.98
spend money to make money that's so7046.0799.07
true riding lawnmower where you at where7055.6794.281
you at7058.6795.241
$1,000 oo how much you got $648 abro7059.965.36
yeah you want to figure out this color7063.922.84
machine bring some paint back for your7065.325.799
place ooh give me giveme give7066.765.919
yeah I mean yeah I mean one way to get7072.6795.641
in and out is the dumbest [ __ ]7075.03.32
ever what color you going to paint7079.6397.44
it yeah oh yeah now that looks that7082.1197.161
looks all right that's that's uh it's7087.0793.52
going to stick out at night a lot more7089.283.919
I'll tell you that much that's a7090.5994.881
color it's already growing on me it's7093.1994.761
yeah oh hit eat a paint that's black7097.965.32
that's that's not blue didn't you buy7101.965.08
blue I thought I bought blue but just an7103.285.52
evil dark7107.045.599
house yeah perfect I like7108.87.879
that I can paint paint this gate oh yeah7112.6396.681
that look good yeah that shows you like7116.6795.0
that's where the damn gate is oh perfect7119.323.24
call waa there's a l in stone whoa you7122.567.559
look crazy on my screen right now who7126.6796.081
you you are holding pain7130.1194.721
this is some like floating in the air7132.764.28
stranger thing [ __ ] I told you my wife7134.846.2
Curts this belly this is7137.044.0
crazy oh he's back you're back now7142.925.799
you're you're moving look move do you7146.365.12
see this Dora no I didn't see anything7148.7193.92
weird you don't see anything right in7151.484.36
front of you I see him okay I see him7152.6396.401
too all7155.843.2
guys bedtime ready for bed yep yep B bed7169.765.62
b bed bed7172.526.16
yep how many cheeses do we have that are7182.445.159
ready h two so it's like we're going to7185.1995.0
need our cheese game better um we could7187.5994.56
use another cow that's the best money7190.1993.601
making game you got okay well what if7192.1594.281
you go up and do uh wild dick Rick maybe7193.84.399
one more hunting mission of his oh now7196.444.27
we can go hunting now uh don't kill each7198.1993.761
other I'm sure you're going to have to7201.965.239
guide me oh to the hunting ranch yeah7204.325.12
everywhere Simon two deer to our left7210.2394.96
two deer to the left oh there's three7213.03.48
damn it's right here I know I know it's7215.1992.4
like it's a bab they're all sitting7216.482.4
still let's I'm going to the one in the7217.5992.961
middle okay okay and I'm going for the7218.884.08
one on the far right right a three yep7220.567.0
one two three boom [ __ ] I didn't reload7222.966.279
yeah that's why you need to reload and I7227.564.32
killed two of7229.2392.641
them oh7247.0793.361
says hunt Nimble rabbits shooting7253.964.279
Predators let's shoot some predators7256.043.48
yeah I like that I mean [ __ ] we already7258.2393.121
hunting rabbits could you shoot at least7259.523.84
five of any of these Predators for this7261.365.52
I'll reward you uh with one of my guns a7263.365.839
gun all right so I'm going to hit accept7270.84.359
and Dora just got stuff at the General7273.2396.48
Store 200 okay we got to kill five7275.1597.721
predators oh salmon yeah what come up to7279.7196.121
me here I see a wolf okay all right7282.884.199
we're going to hit him at the same time7285.844.68
you ready that's right all right 3 2 one7287.0795.481
five oh7290.525.759
nice oh come on come on baby7297.928.239
what yeah there we go well it took you7303.524.92
shots I might see a wolf okay could have7310.845.96
also been a rock all right damn it that7314.1196.801
was a rock back to back back over here7316.84.12
[ __ ] oh two wolves two wolves oh God one7323.84.08
of them's coming right at us all right7326.5994.321
[ __ ] uh get the gun get come at me come7327.884.16
at me come where7330.923.719
you that's right that's right where's7332.044.159
that oh guess what I'm going to shoot at7334.6394.121
it oh I missed him oh that we right by7336.1994.561
my damn head damn it how is that not7338.764.399
hitting them I'm going get oh God that7340.764.36
right by my head again7343.1596.681
finally oh this is we near my spanking7349.845.319
cabin you have a spanking cabin yeah is7352.285.439
it only for spanking yeah I see I would7355.1595.361
enjoy either spanking or getting spanked7357.7194.44
in one of these trailers yeah it's not7360.523.4
bad my personal favorite is the tent or7362.1593.311
you'd go down to the7363.926.92
let's cut through these Woods right like7373.764.0
this yeah sure you screw it why not all7375.523.88
right what about what go straight up the7377.762.919
mountain no no I wouldn't say go up the7379.43.279
mountain probably no damn well there's7380.6793.681
that was pretty much left well I said7382.6792.92
through the woods through the woods I7384.364.12
didn't say up the7385.5992.881
mountain how much you pay for gas like7393.926.84
50 bucks good Lord let's go Brandon am I7396.565.72
I swear I love that I got the T-shirt I7402.286.319
got the hat I got the flag sure you do I7405.2398.201
love that so let's go Brandon7408.5994.841
right I want to turn the headlights on7419.965.639
Simon oh what is that uh Lake yeah oh7422.0797.52
yeah now we can see a little better7425.5994.0
oh see some lights down there what's7443.0795.441
that ooh I see him7444.83.72
too oh I think that's dalius that's got7452.86.879
to be yeah he's out in the7455.843.839
[ __ ] getting hurt and I don't know why7478.7195.681
where you at son uh was going up the7482.2395.32
mountain wait oh I see you light yeah7484.45.08
all right oh oh getting hurt again oh7487.5595.04
you got a wolf on you oh I do damn got7489.485.639
yeah there we go son of a [ __ ] the7492.5997.12
night hunt was a success it7495.1194.6
was got behind you oh I got to7503.884.759
reload I got him thank God here we go I7508.846.839
killed the Predators can I have the7513.1995.601
hunting ride full yeah Quest completed7515.6796.56
shooting Predators sure okay now where7518.85.96
do I have like a hunting rifle on me7522.2396.721
damn I got a hunting rifle look at7524.764.2
this oh salimon it's the same way you do7529.1994.841
the revolver except now now there's a7532.2396.36
hunt rifle oh yeah thank you hot dick oh7534.047.519
man we can hunt all kinds of predators7538.5997.08
oh yeah we can have all sorts of fun7541.5597.801
y'all gather around oh hello Romeo oh7545.6796.601
hello Juliet I guess you would be jul7549.365.239
I mix those up all the time yeah me too7552.284.879
cuz I'm gender equal sure there you are7554.5995.671
sure guys yeah I need a7557.15915.41
vacation I'm going to do a little RNR7573.283.76
but I trust you guys with the ranch7575.43.4
today and I've I've set things into7577.043.28
place I got another cow there's a7578.83.24
rooster in there a couple more chickens7580.323.48
I got some cheese going I want you guys7582.043.4
to be in charge of the ranch while I do7583.83.919
my little R&R vacation got you Simon7585.443.799
you're in charge of the ranch today how7587.7194.84
you feel uh I feel like I'm unprepared7589.2395.801
and don't expect for hardly anything to7592.5595.201
get done and if things die it's on you7595.045.48
on who you why cuz you just you just7597.764.879
sprung this on me you know how to do7600.523.8
this you're a [ __ ] Pro I've got like7602.6393.361
the feed and the water filled and7604.323.12
everything like all of the food is7606.03.52
filled up yeah and there's a bunch of uh7607.443.679
spare food back there and everything can7609.524.0
I have some of the spare food in case I7611.1195.401
get hungry no okay I'm going to take the7613.524.92
little cart I'm so happy that you're7616.524.92
going on vacation by yourself and this7618.444.84
is the first I'm hearing about it great7621.442.799
what are you going to do now you going7623.284.279
to shoot me oh you see something oh oh7624.2396.521
wait for it yeah that's what I'm talking7627.5595.761
about oh I'll grab that on my way out7630.765.359
okay okay girl great and now he looks7633.325.72
like this crazy thing again all over oh7636.1194.401
pardon me you're doing great get that7644.366.759
gate behind me I believe in you yeah all7647.1995.48
right where's that butt Simon I'm going7651.1193.721
to start sniffing yep you're still7652.6796.201
floating in that one spot give it to7654.847.839
me there's cheese are cooking7658.885.92
whatever Simon you're like a fairy7662.6795.201
princess right now really H how so you7664.84.64
just all the animals are around you and7667.883.92
they're attracted to you oh wow that is7669.444.639
kind of weird if you're right by me7671.83.359
you're going to have to do something7674.0792.52
different cuz you're still floating over7675.1593.241
there oh now you're floating over here7676.5996.801
next to me W yeah no nope no now the7678.47.199
rifle's floating right over here like7683.44.36
where I'm where I'm jumping oh does the7685.5995.281
rifle move around nope what if I shot a7687.765.799
chicken uh I I I say no don't shoot a7690.885.239
chicken one chicken nope put your face7693.5595.6
right in front of my gun oh like kill me7696.1194.841
maybe it'll reset me yeah put your face7699.1593.4
right in front of hold on hold on I want7700.963.4
I want the Barrel in my mouth yeah hold7702.5593.68
on let's do that ready all right Barrels7704.363.839
in my mouth ready go okay wa there's a7706.2393.041
pig in front of me I just want to make7708.1994.641
sure and7709.283.56
die oh oh that that felt so7714.1998.74
good all right hello sir listen I've had7727.486.92
my eye on this for quite some time and I7731.6795.241
can't wait to do it by myself little7734.44.36
piece of quiet you know what I mean uh7736.922.92
did you know that the Warriors from7738.762.64
distant Northern lands once traveled7739.842.92
through our mountainous region if you7741.42.799
can find these three hidden treasures7742.763.359
from the ancient warriors I will reward7744.1992.761
generously you found your guy I'm like a7746.965.0
Indiana Jones of sorts dagger helmet and7749.363.79
goblet on its7751.967.52
way when you going to finish this7759.484.36
windmill no I mean I was just about to7761.44.759
ask I'm like wait damn it are you still7763.844.839
ghost yeah I really would like to talk7766.1594.52
to you all right hold on let's try this7768.6794.841
I'll get in the car I'll get out the car7770.6796.681
see me now y hey I'm back baby good so7773.525.84
we need metal all we got to do drop down7777.364.799
to the hardware store and buy what 1507779.365.359
metal yeah did Doris say how long he was7782.1595.361
going to be um you know on vacation yeah7784.7193.761
okay oh damn it o doing great yep I7790.0796.401
know yeah hardware store straight ahead7807.323.919
you remember how to pull around back7809.6794.121
yeah yes I do yes I do yes I do all7811.2394.681
right so brakes where are the brakes7813.85.439
damn it doing great all right so metal7815.926.4
plates it it just said metal do we need7819.2395.161
metal plates yeah we need metal plates7822.324.48
for 10 metal plates it's 100 bucks and7824.46.159
for 50 it's 500 bucks well we need 1507826.85.96
that was metal plates yep I only have7830.5595.361
enough money to buy some metal like one37832.764.12
we'll do7835.924.84
it oh man oh this is a horrible time to7836.886.719
be doing this [ __ ] I know it was so7840.767.439
close to dark God7843.5994.6
whoa what would Indie do7849.523.719
I can't see a [ __ ]7858.5997.08
thing [ __ ] where would I put a7861.08.159
goblet did I just find my way back home7865.6796.801
you did that's no I didn't did I you did7869.1595.56
this is insane you did give meit a7872.484.119
second am I lost I feeling I'm already7874.7193.52
lost again cuz I can't get on keep7876.5993.161
getting off the path I know cuz it's7878.2393.641
it's hard to drive this yeah you one7879.765.2
damn way it's in that it's dark out oh7881.887.679
my God this is never going to happen7884.964.599
again I want to tell you the story of7906.525.639
Simon who went to the hardware store and7908.86.08
purchased metal and then didn't put it7912.1594.881
in the back of the truck7914.885.12
oh oh that sucks and then he found his7917.045.76
way home yeah that part I like but that7920.05.079
Metal's not going to disappear is it for7922.87.12
Simon I hope not I hope7925.0794.841
not oh7931.5994.6
okay um I don't need the my hand7938.286.08
yep picking up I got a7942.364.839
helmet only the problem is I don't have7944.366.0
my vehicle I don't know where I don't7947.1996.88
know where it is I lost it in the7950.363.719
dark oh good did you turn on the lights7954.84.879
no I turned on my headlight oh good what7957.364.16
how do you turn on the lights of the car7959.6794.0
turn the damn headlights on okay oh [ __ ]7961.527.4
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] Che boa l l for7963.6799.44
lights yeah there you go7968.924.199
yeah oh there's the metal7973.285.01
metal look at7975.845.63
this oh oh there you are oh God yes7981.6796.241
sweet I'm like a mountain7989.6393.801
goat oh7993.525.52
god oh7995.83.24
boy oh boy oh God okay okay easy easy7999.1596.641
easy who8004.324.2
easy nice and8005.86.359
easy there oh8008.523.639
boy don't mind if I do uh the Goblet got8049.045.079
Goblet in the8054.1193.281
oh okay quick8073.767.839
quick come on I know you're guarding the8077.288.359
ancient yeah8081.5994.04
all right we're at uh 7 and 8% on the8093.524.679
new cheese all right and we got the8096.1594.761
other cheese we got like four four rolls8098.1995.241
or wheels back here wheels of cheese8100.924.639
yeah man I love cheese I love to smear8103.444.96
it on a woman smear it really yeah are8105.5594.761
you sure that cheese in the back is good8108.45.52
it looks nasty it it does look nasty8110.325.04
doesn't it well let's go see what the8113.924.639
General Store take for8115.363.199
it oh boy doing great8118.924.04
okay all8123.843.279
clear the final piece the dagger of8127.767.839
dookie okay Where'd I8132.5996.161
park how much you get for that cheese8135.5995.721
all right so I've got it says Cow Cheese8138.766.799
egg time 2 140 and then I got Cow Cheese8141.327.6
egg Blue Mold those were 175 got that's8145.5595.481
why it looked gross yeah those are8148.925.48
expensive 175 eacho oh man y'all need to8151.045.32
be making all of that and the I'm8154.44.56
getting 490 looks like household Balance8156.367.86
5 528 and now I can go get another 508158.9619.44
metal hey you doing what's up Sons of8178.45.12
Guns yeah getting some metal what are8181.285.08
you doing uh just enjoying my vacation8183.525.28
really yeah what you been doing on your8186.364.48
business none of my8188.85.519
business all right so cart there you go8190.846.479
check out thank you for your purchase o8194.3195.16
hey now you're in trouble though why cuz8197.3194.641
now your household balance is uh $28 you8199.4794.08
got to pay the bank in the morning in8201.964.8
the morning yeah oh [ __ ] they expect $898203.5596.281
I expect $89 every day in my8206.766.08
someone else is eating into some8217.83.4
funs oh see a deer I see a deer yeah8224.124.7
let's get8227.35910.16
it oh come on come on now yeah8237.5195.681
bow of your8241.5595.84
master come on there he is there you go8243.26.319
you should be dead one shot Charlie him8247.3993.841
I don't think you hit him I saw the8249.5194.2
yep you8254.26.199
missed yeah there it8256.7199.201
is hello sir I did it I found the Hidden8260.3998.04
Treasures of the ancient8265.925.629
warriors oh yeah thank you than8268.4396.269
you how much you get for that meat uh 758287.3195.36
bucks but wait a second it just what it8290.7195.121
says our household balance is 2698 bucks8292.6795.441
oh wait what it just went down it just8295.846.92
went down $1,000 $1,0008298.124.64
oh who whoa whoa whoa slow down slow8305.4394.521
down slow down what you got there oh8307.085.72
that looks like a nice John Deere look8309.964.599
at that make some room in the back I bet8312.83.759
we can hopefully we can put in the back8314.5594.08
well I'm going to get some metal while8316.5593.96
I'm here no you need like a trailer with8318.6393.401
a ramp on it well we're going to have to8320.5193.441
drive it home8322.045.96
then abro yep drive it8323.967.399
home all right good time see you back8328.04.92
home see you in a8331.3594.921
bit have fun8332.923.36
abroo oh yeah I like this I love a slow8347.128.399
driving grass cutting8351.5593.96
machine you ready to do this Simon yeah8356.4795.641
go ahead you put in yours bam go ahead8359.5197.08
you put in yours boom heck yeah hey8362.126.92
we're an official Ranch now yeah it's a8366.5994.521
windmill yeah all right let's get8369.044.679
everything else8371.122.599
situated all right the feeders are empty8381.884.719
Simon come on yeah listen what the8384.084.64
feeders you they were fed up this8386.5994.641
morning Fed Up weren't they I don't know8388.724.88
I I was on vacay you filled them before8391.244.64
you left now you're back to work hey I8393.63.719
can't stop working really I was kind of8395.883.2
working on my vacation anyway so yeah8397.3193.12
what were you working on we got a whole8399.083.56
bunch of money I mean yeah 2500 bucks I8400.4395.0
found some ancient artifacts hey boys8402.644.679
hey there he8405.4394.641
is is it doing it yeah like you drove8407.3195.16
over see this little like it's doing it8410.085.319
much no no it's not doing it much but no8412.4794.601
it's not even doing it the flowers are8415.3993.481
disappearing after he goes over Flowers8417.083.399
that's uh it's telling me that just goes8418.884.12
on running over damn flowers disa I'm8420.4794.201
going I mean this does not look like I'm8423.03.72
cutting grass it does not look at all8424.684.08
like I don't think the blades are down8426.724.52
but you can see the path no you can't I8428.765.48
can I can't at all see these flowers8431.244.6
these white flowers right here right8434.243.119
he's going to the flowers he's going to8435.843.36
prove it all well the flowers go away8437.3594.601
but the grass it's a lawn mower yeah but8439.26.239
not the grass it's not a flower mower8441.965.6
check your settings oh I'm going to get8445.4393.401
does it look like it's cutting the grass8447.563.759
on his angle yeah what you see is not8448.844.559
what we see well friend check your8451.3196.601
settings look foliage on Epic [ __ ]8453.3996.361
all right even though I can't see it I'm8457.923.439
going to try to draw a dingdong well I8459.764.24
must be on my way I wish you the finest8461.3595.601
of evenings before you leave doctor8464.05.68
would you like to see our cakes we have8466.966.04
three of them cakes you actually make8469.687.24
cakes yes we do doctor banking actually8473.07.24
has a lot in common with shoe repair H8476.925.72
let me see these cakes here's the first8480.246.079
one doctor it's got a marble of8482.646.12
sorts looks like there's cinnamon in8486.3194.721
there there's not there's not cinnamon8488.764.88
in there at all doctor here's the second8491.045.24
one it's sort of like a pound cake8493.645.16
though a bit lighter mayhaps very much8496.285.36
lighter and the third H do you fancy the8498.85.76
third the third that's not even a cake8501.645.4
you're very perceptive doctor for it's8504.565.32
obviously just a package a package I'd8507.044.84
like you to deler delivered to the mayor8509.884.68
this evening the mayor I'm not sure I'll8511.885.08
be seeing the mayor this evening oh I'm8514.565.2
sure you will be I had a feeling you'd8516.966.08
be going to his Gala a Gala full of the8519.765.88
notable characters in this sad little8523.045.399
town including doctors or those who8525.645.759
falsely claim to be put it in a bag8528.4395.941
along with the cinnamon8531.3998.121
morning good morning hey what's going on8549.927.24
guys so many things you haven't noticed8554.564.28
anything yet8557.164.4
um I noticed the vehicles are gone well8558.845.12
they're in the garage as intended so8561.565.52
noticing things how about the maybe the8563.966.08
grass is completely cut uh doesn't look8567.084.08
Cut to me8570.044.88
looks long on my end really yeah that is8571.167.08
straight [ __ ] it is come look at my8574.925.519
screen okay all right hold on let's get8578.244.239
up let's go over here oh that looks nice8580.4394.241
on your screen yeah you did good this is8582.4795.081
bull yeah that's [ __ ] some [ __ ]8584.685.32
anyway moving on if youall follow me8587.564.28
right over here we're going to make a8590.04.64
Greenery and what this does is it allows8591.845.36
us to come up and and just hold down e8594.645.4
here and it fills all the local troughs8597.25.04
oh a't that neat and we don't have to go8600.044.359
to any of the stores to buy feed either8602.244.039
we can just replenish it right here8604.3993.681
question when do we kill a hog for meat8606.2793.361
let's make sure we picked the right one8608.083.44
have you noticed all the piglets oh yeah8609.644.4
see we got tons of hogs yeah end it8611.525.04
Simon be true right in the8614.046.76
eye oh sorry everyone oh boy that's you8616.566.28
know what next time we take it away from8620.84.32
the yeah no no I like this I want I want8622.844.24
the little ones to see what happens all8625.123.44
right hey let me grab the cooler go8627.084.84
ahead and cut it up oh that's awful that8628.564.68
was pretty bad we really should have8631.923.64
thought that through yeah I I8633.244.56
didn't all right guys let me grab a8635.565.16
there's a lot I know man that was8637.85.559
fatty s will you do me a favor yeah grab8640.724.44
the cool out of this one and grab the8643.3593.521
rest of that meat if you can you got it8645.164.04
you can grab my meat Simon I know you'd8646.884.36
love that wouldn't you boy oh boy I8649.25.52
would you talking about your dick8651.246.0
yeah you see this you smell your wife8654.724.639
what do she okay I'm8657.243.76
all right what am I doing with this meat8661.03.96
put it in this grinder okay we got to gr8662.3996.321
we making sausage sausages wow now use8664.966.08
it okay I'm going to use it go for it8668.723.52
all right kind of like the well I8671.044.319
suppose it's going toilet oh oh that's8672.245.68
not going in there is it [ __ ] is it not8675.3594.641
no so what do you got to do I mean I8677.923.28
like what you had before that should8680.02.84
have [ __ ] worked8681.25.76
yeah is it going in uh no the bucket is8682.847.08
0.0 do I need a special [ __ ] bucket8686.964.359
oh yeah this this will work oh the8689.924.32
cheese pot will work for the8691.3199.0
meat oh yeah [ __ ] and now do I put it in8694.249.199
here it's underneath the table oh little8700.3196.441
sausage ball yeah and then it drops that8703.4395.88
huh [ __ ] I'm missing one piece aren't I8706.764.48
probably do I have to stuff this in did8709.3193.721
I I missed something well we're going to8711.243.72
go to the store I I'll put this right8713.043.88
there I like it it looks like a little8714.964.359
snowman yeah little meat man that's8716.923.72
pretty cute I'm going to name him8719.3193.351
okay o o o o ow all right yeah fun8746.06.24
go ahead I mean look at it God what a8752.64.759
dumb creature I know right not talking8755.243.84
about the deer why are you not using the8757.3594.04
hunting rifle I forgot you're shooting8759.084.44
at a different deer oh yeah that one God8761.3994.681
what a dumb creature oh yeah you better8763.524.36
make that money I think you still owe me8766.085.6
like over a grand8767.883.8
hey what do we miss with the sausage why8778.86.4
am I using that wrong tiing I'mma tickle8781.765.8
your nose with it casing I don't see any8785.23.96
casing is that8787.565.16
tickle abro yep what are you doing8789.164.45
[ __ ] wish8792.722.96
your jump on the fence yo oh damn that8795.685.719
would have been badass you know what I8799.642.799
was thinking about these trees are8801.3992.88
horrible too yeah they are we could8802.4393.551
oh 67 Simon what what is uh 125 minus 678811.3198.201
67 uh 30 I think it's like 73 it's8819.526.28
either 73 or 67 I think I'm going to8823.3594.281
need an actual answer I already forgot8825.84.479
the two numbers you told me to do so8827.645.96
you're the math guy 127 minus 67 okay8830.2797.361
678 125 - 67 I can't do math now Under8833.66.96
Pressure it's it's silly do it now 678837.644.639
that's what it is that's my guess is8840.564.08
that right it's 67 right you give guess8842.2794.641
is it is it is it is it right I got my8844.646.0
gun Lo load M too yeah God the answer is8846.926.6
58 you damn fool you damn fool all right8850.645.4
this is going to cost a lot of8853.525.24
money if you was so easy you should have8856.044.88
[ __ ] done the math yourself I you I8858.764.08
asked you to do one [ __ ] you I couldn't8860.923.84
do it under it you could have done it8862.844.76
[ __ ] you [ __ ] you do the math choked oh8864.765.16
I asked you to do one thing the math8867.63.839
well yeah you think I'm going to shut up8869.923.359
about this I'm not do you shut up about8871.4395.481
anything [ __ ]8873.2793.641
you what you need to know that number8877.163.8
for by the way you see how many I had to8879.25.079
buy still oh gotcha oh [ __ ] oh you just8880.964.84
caught on to this did8884.2795.641
you did that affect your math8885.84.12
Simon got oh8893.083.76
my I'll [ __ ] revive this8897.845.28
[ __ ] wh where am I going I'm not8900.644.56
doing this all right well something's8903.124.84
happening good it's [ __ ] Karma man8905.25.44
I'm not doing this doing that it's karma8907.965.0
do I jump oh there we go all right don't8910.647.36
[ __ ] shoot you son of a [ __ ]8912.965.04
a you guys back uh yeah I'm back I want8929.047.04
to clarify something here okay yesterday8932.964.84
yeah you know you you must have thought8936.083.76
I did something wrong to shoot me right8937.83.559
I was just tired of both of your8939.843.599
childish Antics right and then abro he8941.3593.601
thought something was wrong with me like8943.4393.04
to shoot me and you thought that was8944.963.76
okay and what did I do wrong what I did8946.4794.88
wrong was I got a math problem wrong and8948.725.4
you gave me [ __ ] and then he shot me and8951.3594.761
somehow I'm the dick you're both the8954.124.76
dicks no I'm not the I'm not actually I8956.124.12
think I think I might need a little8958.883.84
break I really I think I might because8960.245.239
you know what I I don't need that [ __ ]8962.725.36
comprende I don't need to be [ __ ] on8965.4795.361
yeah go ahead go ahead go ahead no go8968.086.52
ahead my friend abser8970.843.76
don't it's a8975.523.36
twist all right I hope we've all learned8980.245.079
a lesson here we8982.3996.121
haven't all right8985.3196.921
baby yeah oh nice that's it look at that8988.526.28
Phil feeder with food 200 bucks that's8992.244.159
going to we didn't need to buy that8994.82.88
other feed feel like I would have put8996.3993.561
that in the you know what I mean what8997.683.639
feel like I want to put that in the bag8999.962.56
like you know you're driving up to the9001.3192.881
ranch for the first time you know9002.523.6
companies coming first damn thing they9004.23.72
see is a big old hunk of metal which is9006.123.279
going to look like [ __ ] in a few years9007.922.88
let's be honest it's all right maybe9009.3993.401
something okay this isn't your Ranch so9010.83.72
don't worry about it look at this9012.85.2
filling all troths right there bam Simon9014.524.959
you want to take a little breather yeah9018.02.52
but my Brea9019.4793.161
involved like me leaving yeah but9020.523.24
remember when I left it was still9022.643.92
beneficial to all of us yeah I do I'm9023.764.36
going to bed all right you figured this9026.565.08
out yet no might be time for me to watch9028.127.67
a video gotcha I'll be right9031.6410.28
back oh9041.923.359
yeah oh what we got up here who's little9045.845.04
sweepy boy9049.2794.801
boy he so cute when you're9050.8815.68
sweeping oh I think I might have figured9066.564.32
yeah hey you got you think you figured9074.924.359
out what he was the sausage yeah dummy9077.123.96
needed to watch video I'm going to leave9079.2793.521
this here as a surprise for him when he9081.083.96
comes back don't tell him all right I9082.83.8
won't say anything where'd he go where'd9085.044.64
he go I want to watch him do9086.63.08
it well well whoops what have I got in9090.087.16
my hand what what have I got you guys9094.3995.601
are making some sausage we sure did what9097.244.159
did you have to do straight from the pot9100.02.68
into this thing yep straight from the9101.3992.721
pot that's the step you miss so this is9102.683.799
just a waste of can you even sell this9104.124.04
no that's Charlie can I keep him you9106.4793.121
can't you want me to put him in your9108.163.199
place yeah put Charlie in my place I'll9109.63.52
put Charlie in your place good job do9111.3593.601
you guys know where to hang the sausages9113.124.04
no no hang them right here oh wait I can9114.965.96
hang these I just hung that one no9117.163.76
Charlie oh poor Charlie I barely knew9121.25.04
hey what we got a dead pig we have a9155.567.12
dead one yeah dead Big Boy yummy how I9158.3596.881
don't know I thought everything was full9162.685.639
it was full that's that's unfortunate it9165.246.72
really is okay bam oh that's adorable9168.3195.281
put a little sign in my living room9171.964.399
what's it say Ranch9173.66.0
family we really are a family aren't we9176.3596.401
Boom o what you doing over there abro9179.66.44
making a sign big daddy abro is bust a9182.766.679
nut in the butt Hut9186.046.8
really yeah you just got to put it out9189.4396.361
there huh yep who wants to come in I'm9192.843.41
all right thank you Sam let's go to9201.244.87
bed good morning all right we're sausage9217.125.68
salesman I'll see you tonight9220.045.8
Charlie o man I'm excited look at all9222.85.36
do you think Charlie is a beef meatball9231.885.479
no oh but it's not beef that's the9234.684.4
problem yeah no exactly he's pork9237.3594.561
meatball all right pork sausage salami9239.086.0
those are salamis oh nice oo um six of9241.926.2
them got us 540 bucks they're 90 a piece9245.085.88
damn bad you still owe me a grand what9248.125.44
oh [ __ ] and Bam you guys actually might9250.963.73
pull this [ __ ]9253.564.4
off yep9257.966.8
uh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh oh [ __ ]9261.246.199
got to reload9264.766.559
damn get on the roof oh damn it one day9267.4395.361
one day I'm going to jump from the car9271.3192.921
to the roof yeah we got to buy the9272.83.24
fastest car at some point and just hit9274.243.92
that like a champ yeah take out a real9276.045.439
big loan that sounds fun hey I can't9278.165.42
sell that feed9281.4797.07
[ __ ]9288.647.329
oh what's going on in there what's going9299.525.04
on in here what there's a9300.966.8
ghost where in there can y' y'all see it9304.566.32
oh I do it's just the the trailer the9307.764.88
trailer's like flipped upside down and9310.884.559
moving did you take Charlie no where's9312.646.0
Charlie is Charlie gone Charlie's9315.4394.801
hey what you doing well cutting the9320.244.199
grass I think it sinked up for me now9321.884.8
hell yeah yeah no it looks good for me9324.4395.481
too oh good it's about time yep there's9326.684.639
a little patch right here I wanted to9329.923.96
get good eye yep yep yep yep oh boy this9331.3195.16
is exciting it goes away yeah that's9333.885.32
nice W oh it works9336.4798.061
all right we got a busy day I I can see9352.83.559
that what are you building back here9354.83.519
well we're going to get those horses uh9356.3593.92
I got us a bunch of money we're going to9358.3194.04
go to the horse auction eventually oh9360.2794.721
the horse auction yeah you can look back9362.3594.08
into the barn and there's a couple9365.03.72
Stables I have ready for us to make for9366.4394.441
um we're going to get two horses I love9368.724.4
it o let's get one like that's skinny9370.883.76
and sick I think we're going to get9373.123.159
probably the worst horses they they go9374.643.839
for a pretty penny the good ones but9376.2793.881
this training uh9378.4794.081
whatever yeah I think if you like jump9380.164.52
these when it's made you can like power9382.564.04
up the horses like get them better oh9384.683.48
that's cool we got to start ripping some9386.62.839
wood I've got a bunch ready though9388.164.22
that's it 100 Wood rip away you sexy9389.4394.121
boy oh my good we got a bunch of piglets9393.565.839
oh little baby piggies it's getting a9397.164.48
little full in here ooh I'm hungry I'm9399.3994.92
ready for bacon H abster can you put9401.645.92
that uh the lawn mower away9404.3196.441
please sure9407.5621.8
you finish this in the morning it's very9438.4393.601
dark all right going to bed let's go to9440.164.88
bed let's do it sweet dreams everyone9442.046.04
sweet dreams good9445.043.04
night and a good morning yo morning all9448.966.2
right let's knock this crap out we got9453.683.56
to take a little trip I heard it's oh9455.164.72
good morning animals they all woke up at9457.244.72
the same exact time it's kind of amazing9459.884.599
did they yeah holy [ __ ] wow there's a9461.964.76
lot of piggies yeah there really is damn9464.4794.361
I heard it's tourist season abro how you9466.723.88
feel about that what do you mean isn't9468.843.32
this the season all the tourists come to9470.63.679
town no hell no we don't have such a9472.165.4
thing around here not what I9474.2793.281
heard good God these piglets are are9485.244.72
good at one thing and that's pooping lot9487.884.12
of poop lot of poop that also going to9489.965.2
mean lot of pigs what was that you said9492.05.6
PS lost9497.887.16
out of PE do you have a stroke sir9500.084.96
Y come on there we go look at that look9508.965.92
at that [ __ ] out [ __ ] see if I can keep9512.246.6
going with that just define gravity come9514.886.84
on yeah I want to see that go for9518.844.4
Infinity I know you do but it's not9521.724.12
going to9523.242.6
this is9533.22.36
itle come on baby I'm9537.4394.281
and these are nice Gates yeah they are9545.85.36
this are nice fence yeah Simon think you9548.524.759
can jump this yes I do with the wood in9551.164.279
my hand yep do9553.2793.721
boom W that was really impressive9557.05.64
right going around again is9559.924.66
yeah holy jeez what what what what what9567.245.72
tourist season you that's right oh no I9570.563.96
don't like this at all I didn't think9572.964.2
you would9574.525.48
[ __ ] what is this by the way is this it9577.165.119
looks like it could be oil like burnt9580.05.84
soil maybe or maybe a body pit but I9582.2797.08
don't know Simon yeah take a truck9585.846.0
running into one of these9589.3594.96
people okay where did9591.845.12
you where he at where he at where you9594.3194.96
where's the where is the traffic there's9596.964.359
one up to the right oh there he is9599.2794.681
nailing all right here we go hello sir9601.3195.441
or ma'am9603.965.399
okay look who's the boss of this road9606.764.44
hold I'm going to see if I can get on it9609.3595.361
try to get on oh yeah that's it listen9611.25.279
you're not welcome here yeah that's9614.723.4
right what are you doing Ry F can we9616.4794.0
stop harassing The Tourist9618.123.56
actually tomorrow why don't we have like9620.4792.92
a we could have a hunting challenge see9621.683.759
you gets the most kills like doing a9623.3994.92
loop oh riding on a tourist car yeah oh9625.4395.401
that sounds9628.3192.521
fun okay easy easy we know that it does9631.85.76
nothing quick was ammo that's a sturdy9634.3595.241
vehicle all right I'm coming coming9637.563.919
coming coming coming9639.66.44
coming yep yep yep come on come on fat9641.4799.081
ass chubby ass I'm in good I into that9646.046.92
oh that's a good one 332 bucks for that9650.564.32
cheese got to love it yeah we're almost9652.964.12
at six man did you say we almost have9654.884.64
six grand yeah isn't that amazing that9657.084.0
is I've been a busy boy while you guys9659.524.24
have been seepy boys all right that9661.084.359
one's done9663.765.639
ooh oh look at this we are so freaking9665.4396.321
we're really we're really a farm so you9669.3993.761
going to put the horses in here with all9671.763.92
the hog [ __ ] we got to clean up the hog9673.164.88
[ __ ] why don't you help me with9675.685.799
that okay oh we need water like a pig9678.045.52
digest food but it's going to kill the9681.4794.081
horse you guys didn't hear the water9683.564.96
thing that we needed no you guys ready9685.564.839
to get horses yes we going to do that9688.523.32
today probably not a lot of sunlight9690.3993.481
left should we wait until okay I mean I9691.843.599
would I want to go in here in the barn9693.883.64
and watch your little dancing uh trailer9695.4393.441
yeah let's do that first thing in the9697.522.879
morning okay I'm going to watch the9698.883.28
Dancing trailer too though I guess I'll9700.3994.361
milk the9702.162.6
hey guys what's happening over here yeah9717.4393.561
go ahead and distract them what's going9719.63.28
on with9721.04.64
daddy in the butt oh what's going on9722.884.76
with daddy is daddy dead daddy's already9725.644.2
dead hey they didn't react yay that was9727.644.04
far enough away good good good oh you9729.843.559
scared yeah you knew what happened yeah9731.683.88
CLE the little one let him know it's9733.3994.761
going to be okay it9735.564.879
isn't can I push9738.166.119
this yeah yeah get over get there that's9740.4396.561
where you go now all right oh yeah we'll9744.2794.281
get a good night's sleep where is the9747.03.24
horse auction it's right down the road9748.563.0
we can actually walk there and we will9750.243.4
be oh yeah when it's nice and Misty9751.564.4
outside you smell you know the de on9753.645.96
your feet de feet yeah you get the de9755.968.24
feet all right okay good9759.64.6
night Simon yeah why do you have feet by9765.124.92
your bed9768.63.799
wait what why do you have feed by your9770.046.04
bed feed by my bed feed I don't know9772.3995.201
okay but either way look at look what I9776.084.52
found it's Charlie that is Charlie it9777.65.92
was out by the gate really yeah some9780.65.12
weird shit's going on dude that is weird9783.523.56
weird [ __ ] I'm just going to keep it9785.723.4
there hey rest well buddy okay9787.086.44
tomorrow's a fun horse day can't9789.124.4
morning let's do9803.965.2
this raise you all9806.525.24
wow we're very similar Runners yeah hey9811.765.679
guess what yeah we're at the horse9815.926.2
auction no wow cost 50 to go um I guess9817.4397.761
I'll go first all right nothing over9822.125.44
2,000 I'd guess yeah we're looking for9825.23.64
something scrawny doesn't mind eating9827.565.64
[ __ ] [ __ ] 1,500 to 2,000 oh well okay9828.847.36
I'm at the auction next I'm going I like9833.25.36
this magical teleport I'm going to skip9836.23.92
this horse I'm going to oh this is9838.563.879
expensive $77,000 horse I'm going to9840.124.44
skip it I don't understand what's happen9842.4395.0
4,000 I'm going to skip that yeah 7,0009844.564.919
skipping he's looking at horses 6,0009847.4394.561
ooh 1,267 what a beautiful horse I'm9849.4793.84
going bid on this one I'm going to get9852.03.04
sucker oh yeah 1200 that's good 14 69855.046.16
come on now I want it I want it I want9859.564.839
it we got9861.23.199
4 pretty good the stamina is zero9864.87.76
zero out not a9869.847.24
good I got it whoa you got it you got a9872.567.56
horse with zero stamina that's something9877.085.399
it's already tired I mean it's prety9880.124.159
than I thought it be it's a pretty horse9882.4793.481
so to call your horse aim the cursor at9884.2793.12
it and press h to whistle it will then9885.964.6
follow you around for orip9887.3994.441
oh this thing is not going to follow9890.562.759
around anybody it looks like it's about9891.845.08
to throw up wait Jesus Christ look at it9893.3195.241
I didn't even know I'm staring at this9896.924.68
thing how long you been back9898.566.12
woo oh Simon go ahead and get a horse9901.65.92
between the th000 to $2,000 range see if9904.685.639
they have a stanky9907.522.799
one oh my God this pitiful thing what9910.4395.201
are you going to name it I don't know is9914.084.0
pitiful an option yeah you know what I9915.646.719
like it I'm on a [ __ ] $1,800 horse all9918.086.56
right go for it all right now it's9922.3594.96
fitting come on come on just give it to9924.646.2
me damn it it's already 2200 okay keep9927.3198.08
going now it's at 2600 it do it oh did I9930.847.32
get it you got an identical Horse no9935.3995.321
it's not identical it's oh it wow damn I9938.163.88
think yep it is identical yeah it's9940.723.0
identical oh damn it now we don't know9942.043.68
which one's pitiful and which one's9943.724.16
pathetic that's a good name for it what9945.723.719
in the world9947.885.16
here we go let's go train them hey those9949.4396.121
actually they look like they right okay9953.045.399
yeah oh yeah come on pitiful come on9955.565.28
pathetic let's see how this9958.4395.361
goes oh yeah that's all right that's all9960.847.0
right yeah oh [ __ ] I didn't make9963.88.4
it oh yeah oh that was a nice9967.844.36
one yeah what is the point of this um9973.4795.641
doesn't it level it up somehow that's9977.523.48
what I heard but I doesn't seem to be9979.122.84
[ __ ] there you go there you go9981.965.6
woooo holy [ __ ] I'm I'm up on top of the9987.965.12
pig yeah you9991.04.68
are no don't get out don't get out no9993.084.16
don't get9995.684.36
out good God this is this is rough in9997.245.88
here Yep this is a this is a problem10000.044.279
yeah because you're surrounded by little10003.123.68
piglets and big old fat ass Hogs and big10004.3194.16
pigs and a lot of [ __ ] a lot of [ __ ] on10006.83.08
the ground I feel like you should have10008.4793.601
build a separate bar for the horses oh10009.885.92
oh do you yeah yeah me too go you got it10012.085.84
you got it there you go you got it s10015.83.92
yeah all right now you little little one10017.924.439
stay back you guys want to go ride some10019.724.48
uh tourist Vehicles oh yeah tourist10022.3593.641
hunting yes let's do it how do you think10024.23.52
we should do it we should have a10026.03.76
challenge damn you know what I wish I10027.724.16
had asked before we put the horses up is10029.764.599
can you shoot from the horses because10031.885.64
imagine a horse on top of a10034.3596.04
car yeah yeah now we're going somewhere10037.524.879
whoa whoa whoa whoa10040.3995.241
whoo oh you can't pull out a gun oh yeah10042.3996.361
yeah now this is it oh okay no hang hang10045.644.92
on there hang on I'm hang I'm hanging10048.766.36
okay easy who dely okay sorry doing10050.567.12
great easy easy easy oh looks like10055.124.12
you're off on my screen oh I know I10057.683.799
hopped off okay all right so what are10059.244.48
you thinking dor oh I want to get on top10061.4794.401
of this Winnebago oh yeah yeah get pull10063.723.96
up oh yep all right I think I'm on the10065.884.28
Winnebago you are10067.684.719
oh now it's coming okay that's a good10070.163.84
spot after I like that it is I'm happy10072.3993.681
up here crap I hate that we have the10074.04.359
now is10080.04.64
it I just want to see it take you away10081.843.96
never see you10084.644.719
again oh I'm jumping oh oh damn it you10085.85.599
missed it I want to do I want to try10089.3594.801
that again damn10091.3992.761
it yeah Bo10096.685.48
okay I'm on the win Bago yeah I I don't10099.244.199
well there's a car behind me you can get10102.163.6
on that10103.4392.321
one all right I'm on this one yeah we10110.3996.161
just got to shoot an animal from the10114.04.76
slowest moving goddamn Vehicles I've10116.565.28
ever been on10118.763.08
right hey but look we're stopping10124.764.519
traffic behind us yeah we are that's10126.924.33
good we're creating traffic that's10129.2795.3
nice oh looks like you're going faster10136.164.159
right now say no we're going downhill10138.63.799
now yeah we're getting some speed like10140.3194.601
in that movie with Sandra Bullock Matrix10142.3995.96
that was a good movie it was a great10144.923.439
movie oh my God look at this what this10153.125.64
how slow it moving oh yeah this is bad10156.764.479
bad very10158.762.479
bad oh oh now we're going downhill oh my10178.4395.8
goodness look at this oh this is just10181.25.64
I'm s buic this time still ain't seen a10184.2396.401
damn animal all day10186.843.8
up de where where right running across10193.83.76
right here I'm going to get it on the10196.046.56
Run oh [ __ ] I missed [ __ ] [ __ ] all right10197.566.28
this is more of a challenge than I10202.62.48
thought since we got a little speed10203.842.32
now yeah now we're going like 15 miles10206.164.68
hour eyes10213.088.6
peeled oh hey Dora hey guys10216.3595.321
hey that was worth it that was all so10223.047.439
worth it challenge is over what's up10227.046.319
buddy just that's is like oh he's10230.4793.96
getting run10233.3594.201
over by the train it's the best day ever10234.4395.681
that is pretty10237.566.679
cool catch you on the flip10240.126.8
yep I sure am glad you boys are enjoying10244.2394.361
this radio drama it was my favor10246.923.519
favorite when I was a kid it's good I10248.64.679
like it I know it10250.4392.84
is so there I was mingling at the gala10253.925.6
though I couldn't get that strange10257.964.24
little man from the shop out of my mind10259.525.28
mostly due to him octo doing me10262.24.92
addressing me as a doctor eight separate10264.84.92
times knowing full well I wasn't one on10267.124.72
my line of work this would be concerning10269.724.24
but perhaps I have nothing to fear the10271.844.519
cinnamon cake was delicious my stomach10273.965.2
is a little achy though oh well I have a10276.3594.641
gift to deliver and I'm looking to have10279.164.199
a good time speaking of there's the10281.05.08
mayor oh mayor how are you this evening10283.3595.04
and what a wonderful Galla save me10286.085.84
children save me bring me back to save10288.3997.721
you look up at fromstein Wheels waiting10291.928.16
save me yeah it's probably time for bed10296.127.159
huh Simon what are you do what that was10300.085.399
Grandpa you think that was Grandpa he's10303.2794.04
dead you know I know of course I know10305.4794.401
he's dead what the club you but I mean10307.3194.04
don't you believe in ghosts what's all10309.883.96
that sexy Whispering going on over there10311.3595.061
oh God y'all getting10313.8414.799
sexy I just think he was born we're in10329.65.04
trouble like he wants to save us yeah10331.964.8
like that's weird but yeah I'm assuming10334.644.759
it's from this psychopath oh Oh you mean10336.765.2
Absa of course ABS who else would we be10339.3994.761
in trouble for like sh sh sh sh good10341.965.2
morning hello [ __ ] cute little ranch10344.165.36
boys he's we got to do this somewhere10347.164.04
else you know that hey Piggy pigs y'all10349.523.32
seen the ranch boys we got to get them10351.23.199
out of our our sight for a little while10352.843.639
okay yeah how we going to do that he10354.3994.761
never leaves hey good morning abroo oh10356.4795.88
oh hey there you is hey how are you do10359.165.44
go look at Romeo and Juliet up there10362.3594.241
yeah that's why would we both be up here10364.64.639
if it was Romeo and Juliet because Romeo10366.64.759
climbed up the balcony well let's face10369.2394.2
it we were just trying to uh fool with10371.3595.361
you but um listen we got a message that10373.4396.92
you got a A package right your wife your10376.725.55
wife said you got a big package10380.3593.561
big but but literally though like at10383.926.28
actual package it came in from uh Amazon10386.4396.081
or something it's leaking apparently oh10390.23.4
yeah yeah you should get all right so I10392.522.839
need to go see Bobby Joe yeah go get10393.63.36
your package damn it can I steal one of10395.3593.401
your vehicles you can take the truck we10396.965.12
got horses now the truck all right we'll10398.764.599
see you a little later we're just going10402.083.399
to hang around here and do ranchy things10403.3594.321
sounds good all right I do like I do got10405.4795.561
that big package though I bet you do I10407.685.4
go I go down to the bridge and I take a10411.044.279
piss off the bridge and I go woo that10413.086.56
water's cold it's funny my dick's big10415.3196.361
that's a dumb old joke yeah let's go10419.644.719
somewhere safer he can't find us10421.687.48
yeah honk hwk big dick coming through oh10424.3597.161
beep yeah this is how big dong drives10436.2394.921
you like10439.525.04
that yeah you10441.163.4
do oh momy Jo I'm here to get that10449.565.64
what's that there's no package they lied10460.85.28
to me so listen we've got to do10464.043.68
something about this what are we10466.083.359
supposed to do well Grandpa was dropped10467.722.92
a clue do you remember what he said on10469.4393.561
the radio I I don't remember you know10470.644.48
that I don't something about from when10473.04.359
thine Wheels wait I'm guessing that's10475.124.68
either vehicles or cheese wheels like10477.3594.0
one of the two yeah but what are we10479.83.12
supposed to do with with that10481.3593.12
information I don't know I'm just going10482.924.04
by what grandpa said yeah but I mean if10484.4795.441
this guy's so bad yeah shouldn't we just10486.964.88
I don't know kill him well but then he10489.923.399
just comes back I don't know what to do10491.844.599
about this I don't know either this10493.3195.761
sucks oh my10496.4396.281
God Simon hey boys it's time to go I10499.086.6
noticed you lying to me leave us alone10502.724.8
man yeah yeah just leave us alone it's10505.684.08
okay we we'll talk to you later oh we10507.524.759
ain't leaving us alone where'd y'all go10509.767.0
oh hey oh [ __ ] Simon watch out10512.2797.04
buddy get away from me me this horse is10516.765.08
so sad they're the worst horses yeah10519.3194.16
y'all think it's cute lying to me about10521.842.76
package stop it listen we we were just10524.64.639
playing a friendly prank that's all oh10527.04.2
yeah it didn't seem real friendly stop10529.2395.521
it leave us alone please oh10531.26.6
jeez o that was close we should have got10534.765.32
better horses Simon yeah that's what I10537.85.4
said well I'm getting a running10540.087.159
start no no no no no get out of the10543.26.92
oh I forgot I could run on the horse and10550.127.8
look at myself damn it what come on Dora10552.849.88
we got this I know I'm go come on baby10557.929.16
pitiful pathetic watch out watch10562.724.36
out wait oh that's water oh10567.66.28
no perfect Simon what he's in the river10570.65.08
oh nice back to the ranch we got to10573.883.359
figure out these10575.683.29
save me children save me bring me back10581.3196.521
to save you look up it from when thine10584.727.559
Wheels wait and save me shve me so from10587.846.88
when thine Wheels wait is it cheese10592.2794.96
wheels let's look inside here from look10594.725.16
look upth this is where the cheese10597.2395.361
wheels nothing nothing let's check yours10599.885.12
it's check yours all right is it going10602.64.759
to [ __ ] rain of course it's going to10605.03.76
oh wait I don't want to go go to his10607.3593.681
place all right Jee see anything up10608.765.719
there oh jeez looking up in the Cheese10611.045.399
room I don't see anything in here so10614.4793.321
does he mean like Wheels like like10616.4392.8
vehicle should we look in the let's10617.85.04
check out the garage right o Yeahs10619.2396.16
wheels wheels then look up oh man look10622.844.96
at a pig [ __ ] in here up here there is10625.3994.281
[ __ ] in here who's [ __ ] in the10627.86.439
garage upstairs look up right sure all10629.687.08
right so look up oh look down where the10634.2396.281
grain is found that's that's a clue well10636.765.719
we got a Greenery we have a gra or by10640.524.52
the troths or The Grainery over there10642.4794.601
The Silo thing isn't that a yeah yeah10645.045.04
we'll check that yeah all right okay why10647.085.04
why didn't he just like say what to do10650.083.44
why is he playing this game are you10652.123.76
telling me that our dead grandfather10653.525.44
came in here and put up physical signs I10655.884.32
didn't put up the10658.963.12
signs look10660.24.44
down look10662.084.96
down down by the gra we got something we10664.644.719
got something oh okay okay look behind10667.047.04
the cow who watch cook th what Grandpa10669.3598.321
never talked like this no and I I don't10674.085.399
understand also the simple clue well10677.683.639
cook where do we cook we cook in the10679.4794.281
kitchen remember the little cow figurine10681.3198.401
on the wall no you don't no follow me we10683.768.2
both have one yeah no you look at the10689.724.719
deet man how do you not remember okay10691.964.96
well I never looked at it really like to10694.4394.121
actually look at something thing like10696.923.92
there's a cow look at this10698.566.0
cow cook vow okay behind Okay so we're10700.846.439
here behind behind it would be anything10704.564.52
yours no you tell me cuz makes me think10709.087.0
phys o what what if it's behind the the10713.3194.241
like the house like the wall yeah that's10716.082.88
what I was thinking oh you were why10717.563.0
didn't you say that because I said you10718.963.64
check over there there we go and here it10720.566.839
is look right from where the evil plight10722.66.04
look right10727.3993.281
from where the evil plight the only evil10728.644.759
here is abro I know so look right where10730.684.92
the evil plight he plight from I don't10733.3993.96
know what the hell plight is isn't that10735.64.96
like plan planning look right from the10737.3595.601
plan from where the from where the from10740.568.08
where look right oh who's this10742.968.76
what that's right of his house yeah yeah10748.645.24
yeah what come here there's like there's10751.724.16
signs over here there's signs on the10753.884.359
other side of this fence okay get out10755.885.32
I'm trying get man we should have more10758.2395.721
fences what I'm just saying you make you10761.25.199
make a really good point [ __ ] what now10763.963.84
I'm just not jumping those things10766.3992.641
anymore you don't have to you don't have10767.83.479
to timing's not good here we go all10769.045.08
right okay hold on here all right go to10771.2795.481
the soil where the fire was10774.126.56
stricken fall to a knee give you a10776.765.84
chicken do you remember that like burnt10780.683.32
spot that we10782.65.28
saw just say yes yes yeah I'm thinking10784.07.12
it's it's there do you yeah well damn10787.886.04
let's go I know exactly where it is grab10791.126.08
a chicken10793.923.28
sure uh take a knee at set okay um ooh10814.4397.651
all right well all10819.967.66
right grandpa is that our grandpa of10828.2794.96
course it's our grandpa he looks weird10830.965.92
dad that's it boys listen to me I love10833.2396.761
you very much I used to throw things at10836.886.24
you because I'm bat ship crazy but I10840.06.359
still love you I don't know how long I10843.126.8
have so let me make this quick a man who10846.3597.241
has been lurking around like a parasite10849.927.8
is an evil evil man man who came to this10853.67.52
town only with the intention of being a10857.728.36
sadistic leader destroying friendships10861.128.52
relationships paralyzing the town folk10866.086.56
from the wayist down and cutting off10869.646.719
their tongues to ensure silence taking10872.646.799
advantage of UN contr trolling everyone10876.3596.12
and everything in this County including10879.4397.121
animals as I'm sure you know right he's10882.4797.281
a liar a demon who will stop and nothing10886.566.36
to get his way and stop everyone who10889.766.84
does which is why he had no problem10892.926.84
burning me to a Cris right here where I10896.66.44
stand when I confronted him I did10899.766.44
everything I could to warn you once you10903.046.399
came trying endlessly to rip through the10906.27.199
walls of this miserably dark and lonely10909.4397.84
afterlife he bound to me I even had to10913.3996.361
try to possess him one time or two and10917.2795.321
lead him off a cliff or something but he10919.766.0
was far too strong and simply got in and10922.66.12
out of the vehicle to break any class I10925.765.599
can muster it would kill me a second10928.724.96
time I guess you know because I'm dead10931.3595.601
you know to see you both suffer from the10933.685.96
same fate I mean it's obvious terrible10936.965.8
ranchers like terrible like the worst10939.646.56
possible ranchers alive in every way and10942.766.639
and I don't mean babies and rabbits and10946.25.92
anything that could you know not start a10949.3995.681
ranch it's you guys and then everything10952.125.88
else anyway I used to be the mayor of10955.085.96
this town he hated that I had a Gala10958.05.84
once and he had my best friend James10961.045.16
deliver a package of his own feces10963.845.96
inside not James's Fe pieces his anyways10966.26.68
James died from a poison cinnamon cake10969.85.639
the next day I told James you're you're10972.887.28
allergic to cinnamon and Cake10975.4399.88
idiot oh [ __ ] well well well easy look10980.169.4
who it is two dummies about to die it10985.3197.241
is yeah yeah oh10989.567.16
[ __ ] oh oh it dragging me to hell oh10992.566.48
this is like the 19 moving ghost with10996.725.32
Patrick swy God I love Patrick10999.046.48
swy the CR I make when I diean [ __ ]11002.047.399
[ __ ] hard is that too much11005.523.919
wa okay that's crazy time to get the11010.06.239
[ __ ] out of here yeah great seeing11014.122.91
Grandpa though11016.2394.99
yeah so what do you think now Simon uh I11023.3994.441
think all those animals are going to die11026.084.08
oh they're yeah they're as good as dead11027.844.28
yeah what do you want to do how about we11030.164.68
sell t-shirts like a ranch Sim shirt oh11032.125.279
that's perfect yeah yeah it's a great11034.843.68
way to make11037.3994.521
money and we'll offer like specials on11041.926.399
it no we won't no we11044.763.559

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