FRIENDSHIP FOREVER - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 48

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video from the channel, you're in for a treat. In this epi...
FRIENDSHIP FOREVER - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 48
FRIENDSHIP FOREVER - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 48

FRIENDSHIP FOREVER - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 48

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neebs: Hey Appsro, did you see that episode of 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls? It was hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that was epic! I loved how you struggled with the horde base, Appsro.

appsro: Hey, it's not my fault the zombies kept breaking in! But Neebs, your trader missions were a riot!

neebs: Thanks Appsro, but let's be real, Simon's commentary during the episode was pure gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video from the channel, you're in for a treat. In this episode of Darkness Falls, Appsro encounters some unexpected challenges with the horde base, while Neebs and Simon team up to tackle some trader missions together. The dynamic between these guys is always a blast to watch, and you never know what kind of hilarious situations they'll find themselves in next.

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yes says uh concrete Cobblestone wood10.2194.901
yep those are the three items I'm gonna13.24.079
need the most to upgrade this place okay15.124.68
I thought the Cobblestone wood was like17.2794.281
a new item like it's Cobblestone19.83.96
Cobblestone and wood I tried to fit the21.563.58
and in there and it just wouldn't fit23.763.839
okay well well I'm going I'm doing Stone25.144.559
you know what neeb saw me neebs taught27.5995.041
me that this gives me stone well yeah I29.6995.04
mean look at it it's Stone I know well32.644.14
it's well it's it's actually bricks and34.7394.98
what looks like rotted wood and uh but36.784.56
only a thing that's Stone I'm seeing is39.7193.961
like bricks yeah but I see the bricks41.343.66
and I think that's a good pile of stone43.683.12
okay and there is some Stone yeah but45.05.78
I'm a monkey you are say46.83.98
oh that's good neebs you ready to roll51.184.199
okay are we taking we're not taking this53.2194.081
car are we I mean we could take that car55.3793.84
I've got the dune buggy over here we57.33.54
should take a fast one I think yeah the59.2193.421
Buggy's fastest yeah that's that's what60.843.179
I came over here and I don't know why62.642.94
you brought that but okay I just didn't64.0193.481
want to walk so uh we'll take this one65.584.14
all right you drive I'll go in the back67.55.1
we're gonna get you concrete Cobblestone69.725.28
wood got you she's gonna leave this car72.65.339
here well he is parked in the middle yep75.04.619
that's what he did we'll see you later77.9394.261
with Cobblestone wood okay looking79.6196.781
forward to it idiots we heard that82.27.2
all right so are we gonna do like a89.43.6
fetch or that's the only one I remember91.383.84
that we'd normally do oh yeah fetches93.04.74
I'm not a I'm not a seasoned Trader guy95.224.68
I'm usually farming yeah well I'm not a97.744.019
seasoned person either let's see I'm99.94.259
gonna talk to you my friend do you have101.7595.161
any jobs sure you do so we've got yeah104.1596.42
these are all twos tier twos Fetch and106.926.479
clear buried supplies fetch fetch clear110.5795.4
fetch clear so I'll go for the closest113.3995.941
one at 211 meters I'm gonna accept that115.9795.881
bad boy now you get one all right we'll119.344.44
both grab one and we'll Fetch and clear121.864.02
yeah just don't grab one that's too far123.786.899
won't be a sucker 1.1 kilometers no 200125.887.2
yards 200 meters that's right those are130.6794.741
maters yeah I saw one and I thought it133.084.379
was less than 200. that's why you're the135.425.76
math guy yeah yeah that's right first137.4596.301
grade math I passed that [ __ ] yep141.185.3
all right this will be phase two148.78.16
boo I'll go ahead and wire you to you152.8799.5
bang and then over here you will be156.8611.34
phase three bang I'm gonna wire U to U162.3798.621
all right so yeah during the thing168.25.88
everybody in here and171.03.08
oh it's this face now go yeah oh that's174.148.44
gonna be sweet wait did I put one of179.5194.621
these generators higher than the other I182.583.72
did didn't I184.145.28
God can I move it I can't pick it up can186.34.56
I you should be able to pick up a189.423.84
generator I'm leaving it I'm leaving it190.865.72
I don't care I don't care193.263.32
this is it huh uh yeah I mean we could198.425.52
have walked well I did you know you left201.725.28
without me all right sorry do you want203.944.32
to go in two different ways or go in207.02.58
uh I don't mind going in two different209.583.239
ways I'll go in the back door okay210.9593.481
you're getting plays let me know all212.8193.661
right so we'll we'll enter at the same214.444.799
time yeah that's what that's what he216.485.28
said all right I'm ready to go in219.2396.481
reaching three two one boom reaching221.767.259
breached okay all right front room I'm225.725.099
seeing glowies how are you doing I'm229.0193.421
locked in the bathroom oh they're230.8193.721
running to me all right let them run to232.444.26
you now I'm out of the bathroom hello234.545.88
everyone go down football man oh he's236.75.64
tough how's your guy I don't have240.424.5
anybody nurse no not one nurse nothing242.345.16
okay all right football man down good244.924.679
for you all right there we go clear two247.54.26
uh-huh I'm get breaking out I'm going249.5994.941
into the kitchen yep oh me too oh nice251.766.479
hey this is great this is nice all right254.547.36
did we do it no I'm I'm guessing so this258.2396.721
is a tier one Mission this is like baby261.94.859
[ __ ] did I choose this or did you you264.963.6
did because I don't you don't do this266.7593.541
stuff that's why you're tier one okay268.564.44
you do that door here all right you want270.34.08
me to do this door I'll do the other273.03.6
door all right that's yours and I'll do274.383.36
this one we'll meet back in the middle276.64.2
ready and go yep oh my God I already got277.746.12
blocked bedroom is clear all bedrooms280.85.7
clear but I got an upstairs here oh yeah283.865.88
I do I'm going into the attic I've got a286.56.78
whoa there's a man in the closet and289.745.58
behind me there's a lady I'm in the293.283.74
anybody up here hello oh we got some297.027.0
damage we got some [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]301.026.66
come on baby yeah yeah I think so kind304.025.82
of good I got a bag all right good for307.686.12
you ooh pants Oh and cloth what kind are309.845.34
they are they are they denim they're313.83.959
denim but to roll up high waters I like315.184.5
it it's always better to have a high317.7594.921
water than have a low water that's a319.685.04
thing did your mom say that she always322.684.859
did before I went to school Simon it's324.724.44
better to have a high water than a low327.5393.961
water eats your biscuits did you go329.164.8
upstairs no uh yeah I'm upstairs and331.54.08
there's nothing here there was just a333.963.84
couple of zombs oh there you are where'd335.586.02
he go again huh together again337.87.32
leaves and salmon till the end to the341.67.06
end gonna live together do you think we345.126.54
should live together until the end or348.667.379
until we kill each other or until we351.667.099
just move somewhere else and it's356.0396.061
inconvenient yeah I love you love you358.7594.321
bam we're in uh-huh I'm going in hey363.086.94
[ __ ] hey hey watch out don't shoot367.863.96
me okay good there's someone in front of370.022.78
and that happens I'm just saying there372.86.37
we go yeah return to Trader375.53918.861
all right this is uh it's convenient394.44.18
yeah I could have walked here again397.2594.321
that's we were just there yeah this is a398.584.8
tier two neebs there's a tougher huh401.584.38
yeah you'd think you want to check this403.383.9
if you check this vehicle for good luck405.962.88
oh check it before before we start407.283.24
checking okay go in there you're gonna408.843.479
find something good less less card chart410.524.019
I think I got like 16 nine mil that's uh412.3194.801
your gambling habit yeah gotcha it's a414.5395.641
good oh it's an auger hey you can get a417.125.04
lot of good [ __ ] because there's an ax420.184.56
you want an ax no no I got a good accent422.164.5
never used okay all right we're ready424.746.06
start it started and slam get it you426.666.24
want to go in just go in hard yeah well430.84.619
let's go together yep I got this lady oh432.94.2
you do you start opening that door I'll435.4193.241
take care of her all right I'll do that437.14.4
let's do this438.662.84
give it up man metal oh yeah oh it's441.685.799
unlocked now okay hello I taught her445.2594.681
unless yeah he did what lesson was it447.4794.62
math or science or it wasn't math you449.944.14
know that no all right you could be452.0994.201
teaching her like it's a zomb so could454.084.619
you be like basic math sometimes I mess456.35.459
that up man yeah that's okay you're good458.6994.801
at other things oh yeah there's I got a461.7593.601
guy all right I'm searching a bag even463.53.72
though I shouldn't I got yeast that's465.364.04
what she said that is what she said467.224.8
explains a lot469.44.419
oh there you are oh about hit you with472.025.1
my ex oh my god oh hello oh she's the473.8197.021
parkour lady here we go I like it nice477.125.82
Simon all right anyone else up here we480.843.96
got some cousins some uncles some482.944.319
sisters I'll stay behind you stay behind484.84.14
me when you get together with your487.2594.021
families is it just like mad house does488.944.8
your family reproduce a lot well no not491.284.02
too crazy I think the most there ever493.744.679
was was like four in one family four so495.34.679
that's not too bad and then I came from498.4193.96
a family of three four kids oh three499.9794.44
four kids and then I came from three502.3794.621
kids I was the youngest gotcha you're an504.4195.22
only one I got a bunch of families so it507.03.66
depends on which family you're talking509.6392.4
about all right so your family but510.662.879
you're an only child so but your family512.0395.041
and from my mother yeah yeah is uh big a513.5396.0
lot of kids too or not uh yeah my family517.085.459
big yeah like what kind of family519.5394.86
members has the most kids like I don't522.5393.121
know all their names like that's what524.3994.021
I'm saying wow that's a lot yep you know525.665.28
what man I'm on my uh the Irish ones yep528.424.68
they were they were kind nutty they I530.944.68
think one of them had like eight kids in533.14.32
one of the families yep that's a lot535.624.08
it's a lot he ran out of names at that537.423.96
point I know you gotta use the same name539.74.89
and birthdays forget about it541.385.579
come on jump out you little shits let's546.9595.161
do some exercise let's get on the uh oh549.064.76
is he down yep he's down553.825.079
I ain't messing around yep you got this556.55.1
yeah yeah oh we gotta find supplies now558.8994.801
oh good561.64.08
I'm always the worst at finding this563.74.68
really it's embarrassing is it behind565.686.06
his picture oh wait yep Curry or Satchel568.386.36
behind the picture mom was what I never571.744.6
would have found that574.746.18
this is gonna be a Hot Zone isn't it oh580.924.02
boy this is oh God I jumped out way too583.084.08
early whoa crap584.944.76
in the bed587.162.54
what I do I hit a damn light pole592.87.92
awesome sauce all right now I need cars597.424.919
hey lady600.724.44
your BMW down here it better be cause602.3395.341
I'm about to rob it oh yeah let's see605.164.739
that's a school bus607.683.96
yeah that's a I was hoping a lot more609.8993.901
cars would be on the top deck611.643.48
ought to get a few engines out of this615.124.26
oh boy there we go oh wow okay yeah we616.27.34
got a crowd y'all come on up here619.384.16
there you go thank you for your service624.185.3
oh boy oh boy it's getting hot625.563.92
cramp crap crap okay here we go what's630.545.22
my health what's my health 93 I got this633.724.82
come here big boy635.762.78
all right where's my shoddy where's my640.444.32
shotgun that puts you away I did let me642.8394.56
pull you out there you are644.765.04
get up close and personal647.3994.261
any more yeah649.84.08
any more down here651.664.679
God my frame rate's awful in this city653.883.54
come on anything good in here oh damn657.424.26
that's a nice ratchet and some ammo I'll659.5195.341
take that ammo all right but I came here661.685.46
because I need engines not I don't need664.864.02
to use the nail gun that's the thing I'm667.142.699
come on look at this school bus it's669.8395.541
probably got six engines in it671.763.62
sure okay680.484.96
um hey what's up Joe so he's gonna give682.84.8
me a reward right yeah you go in there685.443.24
it should be right off the bat you687.62.64
should be able to see it it's all trash688.683.54
yeah like what's the best piece of trash690.244.08
that he's offering you it's all bad okay692.224.32
I know but tell me what the best thing694.323.959
is and I'll tell you what my best thing696.544.38
is maybe a structural brace mod what698.2795.221
he's not offering you like even like a700.925.58
machete or a steel round 762 which I can703.55.1
make the good stuff leather leg armor a706.54.44
pickaxe and a wooden boat how many how708.64.799
many uh 762 steel I can make the high710.945.82
high power 21. okay 21. get out take713.3994.68
whatever you want I'm getting the price716.763.9
mod good brace mod complete am I making718.0794.801
money me you know what I got to choose720.663.84
from what the best shitty thing is oh722.883.12
wait there's two because there's a724.53.66
there's the two things we did okay well726.04.98
here I'm getting my iron crossbow bolts728.165.52
they come in handy 97 of them I'll take730.984.32
it if you're gonna use those I'll get733.683.48
them too okay there you go and I'm and735.34.02
I'm getting uh an iron fire ax because737.164.2
you know what they don't suck I'm happy739.324.5
with that okay well try to be positive741.365.58
there you go all right uh Joel that was743.825.639
yeah okay anyway yeah Joel seriously746.943.78
though I'm trying to be positive but749.4592.581
you're still a [ __ ] cheap ass750.724.02
[ __ ] yeah and if you need a place to752.045.46
stay but days Inn's open yeah and it's754.746.12
gonna be not cheap like your rewards757.57.29
right burned him right handed760.8613.76
you're not worried about these uh fences774.624.48
being exposed uh no not the Outer777.123.959
Perimeter one yeah those are like the779.13.84
end of the line okay it doesn't matter781.0794.44
gotcha it's the inner ones that are uh a782.943.899
little bit hey can you come here and785.5192.82
help me with something how do I get786.8392.401
um over here yep oh oh okay yeah what is789.244.98
it okay792.8394.56
um this generator should be powering all794.224.619
of these797.3993.661
blade traps right here can you do me a798.8394.321
favor in there turn that uh the left801.064.38
side generator on uh left side generator803.163.54
um oh up here here we go ready yep clear806.75.22
all right so now turn the power switch809.5796.06
on oh oh I see what you mean hold on811.926.12
generator generator Zone already okay815.6394.44
it's on yep all right turn that power818.044.68
switch off okay now it's off why ain't820.0794.981
it working let me take a look I'm a822.725.4
scientist you know yeah okay so it goes825.065.399
there to the switch and then from the828.124.32
switch from the switch it pops out here830.4594.021
now one bit of the switch goes to these832.443.899
electric traps the other bit goes to834.483.96
this first blade trap to this first836.3394.981
blade trap is connected to all of these838.444.56
other blade traps on this side that one841.323.48
did that one that one did this one to843.04.8
this one right and then it's done it is844.85.279
done okay I didn't go over the wattage847.85.219
no so yeah if I'm looking at here hold850.0795.281
on be uh stand clear853.0195.461
or yeah let me flip the switch855.364.8
no it's not saying there's getting any858.483.06
damn wattage what's going on with this860.163.72
damn switch is it this switch I don't861.544.56
know I got a farm to check on though go863.884.579
for it866.12.359
better be some corn growing or some868.925.7
potatoes is this thing even working871.448.88
come on man corn seed corn seed really I874.627.2
don't even think this is working880.324.139
crap we're gonna have to grow corn and881.825.4
potatoes hey nibs hey man look at that884.4594.261
some squeezing in I'm such a good driver887.223.359
be careful I got stuff growing here I888.723.299
know well no you don't that's the890.5793.241
problem I know I'm supposed to yeah I892.0193.541
could cheer you up yeah you want me to893.823.18
cheer you up sure why don't you go over895.564.019
by that uh that bridge over there and897.04.5
like Crouch down right in the middle of899.5793.901
the bridge that I'm driving towards901.53.66
right now I'm gonna jump you it's gonna903.484.14
be great oh get ready for the stunt of a905.165.1
lifetime okay come on it'll cheer you up907.624.019
yep I'll be there in just a few minutes910.263.24
it'll make you forget all about the fact911.6394.26
that you can't grow [ __ ] got it be right913.54.4
I'm from the East I want you to be920.223.54
trying to be directly in the center of922.0792.94
that because if I hit you I just923.763.72
realized it's gonna it's gonna hurt me I925.0194.68
see you and I'm in the center all right927.484.5
so Crouch you ready yup929.6994.981
coming baby this is good this is perfect931.985.219
you you are not in the middle oh wait it934.684.56
stopped it stopped yeah that was937.1994.861
horrible yeah that was very bad I don't939.245.219
think crouching help no I think that it942.064.2
won't let me go up this very fast944.4593.481
because it knows it'd be awesome let's946.263.48
try it one more time can you see me go947.944.32
back to the center I I do okay I don't949.744.26
wanna I don't want to hurt you in the952.264.199
middle ready ready954.06.24
and Zumba come on baby come on don't956.4596.201
slow down go fast all the way960.245.599
no you did it962.665.2
yes I did965.8394.421
it was amazing watch this get out of the967.863.9
way this is gonna get whacked get out of970.265.24
the way jumping this time yep here we go971.767.04
oh I jumped you975.56.48
oh yeah978.83.18
it's great y'all having a good time yes984.246.899
yes we are I'm glad I'm super glad986.766.6
what is this hey did you take this down991.1395.221
to the simplest form like just just the993.365.039
generator and one thing but no I didn't996.363.419
take it down I can't even hook these998.3993.0
damn things oh you can't even hope yeah999.7793.661
the internet says left click to unhook1001.3994.201
don't even work wires won't even come up1003.444.44
right this is broken this is1005.64.32
oh that unhooked because it doesn't have1007.884.319
power now uh but it doesn't it's the1009.923.479
wire's still there it's like I'm still1012.1993.241
seeing the damn wire going oh God this1013.3994.141
is so frustrating what if you like one1015.443.48
of those ones that's not working you1017.543.539
hook this other generator to like the1018.924.26
first oh you got the stuff on no it's1021.0794.201
not on no it's not on and now everything1023.185.399
it's a mess and I'm pissed off okay so1025.285.22
this goes to where what's the first one1028.5794.26
it goes to this one uh yes from the1030.53.959
switch it should go to this one let's go1032.8392.941
to the other let's go from the other1034.4594.021
generator to that one try that huh okay1035.784.26
but the other generators wild up too are1038.483.18
we gonna mess up the other ones now I1040.043.12
don't know yeah yeah that's the thing1041.663.179
none of the wires are damn working okay1043.163.6
an hour is already like like this is1044.8393.901
already okay I just unwired that but1046.764.32
then boom oh like now I wired it again1048.744.38
okay okay so wait I'm gonna just leave1051.084.14
the electricity on hold on a second so1053.125.1
if I go from there to go from this other1055.224.5
generator to the ones that aren't1058.222.94
working and see if they work wait so now1059.723.0
wait hold on a second Eve so click that1061.164.56
all right get ready on that uh that um1062.725.52
right side switch right side switch yeah1065.724.38
okay uh throw the right side switch1068.244.86
throwing it on see no I'm looking at1070.14.56
this and it's yellow like it's on but1073.13.48
the damn blade trap's not spinning off1074.664.74
yeah turn it on you getting duped man1076.585.28
where'd you buy these I don't know if1079.43.84
this horde Knight's [ __ ] it's not my1081.863.36
fault it's the game's fault I'm with you1083.244.559
hey this is [ __ ] that happened last1085.224.44
time too with doors build didn't it1087.7993.901
maybe none of them freaking work God1089.666.0
damn it Kane Kane I like this we have a1091.77.26
common enemy yes sure Kane loves that1095.6627.559

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Neebs Gaming is hands down the most entertaining channel for watching gameplay content. Their videos are like watching a TV show - high quality production, dynamic characters, and nonstop laughs. I'm always so pumped when I see they've uploaded a new video. Whether it's 7 Days to Die, GTA V, Scrap Mechanic, or any other game, their unique brand of cinematic comedy gameplay is the absolute best. Neebs Gaming is awesome and their videos are always a highlight of my day!

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