The First Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 6

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button because you do not want to miss o...
The First Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 6
The First Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 6

The First Horde - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 6

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another thrilling episode of 7 Days to Die in Darkness Falls! Today, we're facing the first horde and boy, are we hungry!

simon: That's right, Neebs! We're so hungry, we might just eat each other before the zombies get to us!

appsro: Haha, let's hope it doesn't come to that! But seriously, this video is our favorite because it perfectly captures the chaos and hunger of surviving the zombie apocalypse!

neebs: And let's not forget the amazing soundtrack that accompanies our starvation and impending doom. Doctor True and Ella Vater really set the mood!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button because you do not want to miss out on the latest video from the crew. Today, they find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation as they face starvation while a horde of enemies approaches in Darkness Falls.

As the tension rises and the stakes get higher, the Neebs Gaming crew must band together to survive the impending horde. It's always a rollercoaster of emotions watching these guys navigate through dangerous situations with their unique blend of humor and teamwork.

And don't forget to show your support on Patreon if you want to help them continue creating awesome content for all of us fans. They are also powered by Xidax PCs, so be sure to check them out if you're in need of some top-notch gaming gear.

Plus, the music in this video is on point! From Doctor True to Ella Vater, the soundtrack really adds to the intensity of the gameplay. And if you're a fan of their music choices, you can find the full list in the description to jam out to your favorite tunes.

Looking for more Neebs Gaming content to binge-watch? Check out their playlists for cartoons, 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for another epic adventure with the Neebs Gaming crew.

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oh i think that's the morning sounds10.165.12
good morning good morning good morning12.325.68
it's officially hoard day poor day uh we15.284.72
really gotta fortify this base i am18.04.64
going to work um on an outer wall simon20.04.48
your hodgepodge of a wall i will try my22.644.16
best to fix and build it up to the so24.484.0
the zombies can't just climb straight up26.83.84
the damn thing well yeah i mean i laid28.484.4
the base you know what i'm saying sure30.644.32
yeah yes i'm going to get a lot of wood32.883.6
spikes you know what i mean just yeah we34.963.279
need yeah we need a ton of spikes god we36.484.079
need uh our biggest thing is food yeah38.2394.241
yeah i put a little bit more in the food40.5593.601
thing and some baked potatoes and42.483.759
grilled yucca and [ __ ] awesome thank you44.163.68
uh neebs you want to focus on trying to46.2393.761
get a farm or do you want to help secure47.843.76
the base the farm's not going to help us50.03.44
today no because it's going to take time51.63.92
to grow i think i should help fortify53.443.52
yeah i guess fortification i feel like55.523.28
one of us should hunt try to gather food56.963.52
i'll hunt all right dick you're on58.83.52
hunting duty sick come with me okay okay60.482.64
you know what yeah you know what62.322.479
doraleous you thick you guys are on food63.123.52
duty trying to bring back a good chunk64.7994.721
um hey one concern yeah are zombies66.644.88
possibly gonna come from below i think69.523.84
so we got to put some doors down there71.523.68
and block off that oh man i know that73.363.28
thinking about that oh i can put my75.23.68
little uh dick puncher i'll do that i'll76.643.839
build this that's me well i think i78.882.64
think we're going to be fighting on the80.4792.801
roof so hopefully they don't even come81.523.84
oh they're going to come up83.284.479
neebs i'll help you fortify okay big85.364.799
follow me all right good luck guys i'm87.7594.0
hungry you better bring back some food90.1594.161
otherwise i'm eating thick sweet ass91.7595.201
i can't wait94.322.64
all right neebs i'm at the front door go99.284.24
out the front door hang around out the101.23.52
front door103.522.879
hanging right and you're gonna go around104.724.719
to the side of the house okay side back106.3996.241
side just oh wait side wait a second109.4395.04
between our house and our neighbor there112.643.519
should be like a hole in the ground yep114.4793.28
i see it oh there you go right here i116.1592.881
was looking around the house i didn't117.7592.801
realize this big hole we got to fill119.043.359
that hole in i'll put some boxes and120.563.12
reinforce them and over here we're going122.3993.921
to have like a a door in the cave you123.684.799
know the cave down here okay hopefully126.323.2
they don't come in through there and if128.4793.281
they do they hit this this fortified129.524.64
wall here yeah yeah no that sounds good131.764.88
what do you want me to uh just like what134.164.719
fill this with i mean if you were like a136.644.16
regular player i'd say fill it with dirt138.8794.561
oh but that's probably a tall order you140.85.12
know what well if i pick up dirt i don't143.444.56
think i've ever like tried to take dirt145.923.76
usually it's like clay right i was just148.02.879
that was wishful thing i know that's149.683.919
never gonna happen so damn it yeah just150.8794.64
hey i'm glad you found it let's just153.5993.441
build let's work fortified all right155.5192.641
well you know what a little i'm gonna157.043.6
give myself a little little goal of158.164.64
trying to do this dirt thing you make160.644.8
dirt man that's gonna blow my mind162.85.439
really yeah okay i'm gonna try all right165.445.88
all right all right yeah baby168.2396.201
first of all thick yeah i just locked174.483.6
picked that atm machine over by the176.484.0
passing gas yeah i got eleven hundred178.084.48
and forty seven dollars holy [ __ ] isn't180.483.839
that crazy that's nuts i didn't even182.563.52
know you could do that i know i know184.3193.441
it's not so anyway you see that that186.083.68
dangly box well hey guys187.763.839
thank you guys for coming out so we can189.764.0
just get you out of the way for our our191.5993.601
loot sesh193.762.96
hey we can reach them they're being nice195.23.679
there's an opening on the uh oh yeah but196.723.599
they're gonna they're gonna come get us198.8793.601
you know so this is very kind of this is200.3193.601
easy yeah202.482.88
come here ashley203.923.92
you look great bud tell your family said205.363.36
uh yeah there's an opening over here to208.724.72
the left okay uh so we don't really have211.23.119
bust through anything okay and we'll go214.3194.721
for that because up in the top of the uh217.124.0
the barn there's also other stuff and219.044.24
you know some like um food crates and221.125.28
[ __ ] so yeah this corn field is amazing223.286.239
it's quite nice isn't it shut up amazing226.44.559
maze oh229.5194.161
god damn it230.9592.721
i can cover you if you uh want a nerd237.925.36
pull up there's stuff up there you see i240.45.36
did i dealt with this uh very same kind243.285.039
of poi on the other side of town and245.764.08
there was a chicken that could kill over248.3193.12
here i already killed the pig all right249.844.8
they're ow what'd you do stepped on251.4396.161
something explosive oh are you know that254.645.599
hurt a lot well hey i guess we'll take257.65.039
care of these guys and then we'll get260.2395.841
the stuff boom smack262.6393.441
hey neebs yeah i gotta think of bee267.125.44
after me oh really yeah where you at269.685.12
right outside the house oh god okay i272.564.639
see the bee that's that's [ __ ] up274.84.24
ain't it it just kind of came down and277.1993.841
stung me really are you uh are you279.044.4
allergic i and yes as a matter of fact281.044.879
oh no that's not good but not not in not283.444.479
in the game though oh real okay so that285.9193.601
works out but that's kind of weird man287.9193.28
it just like hit me it looks like he289.523.44
coming for you again can you pop him i291.1993.761
i'm gonna try and pop i don't want to be292.964.4
wasting my bullets though294.964.4
okay pop them with a gun i'm with you i297.364.08
got a bow and arrow yeah hold on oh god299.363.92
i hit him with that oh [ __ ] come right301.444.56
at me jesus okay303.284.72
get him get him simon [ __ ] this man he306.04.8
he's not wanting no uh like be affected308.04.08
by me310.83.839
oh yeah there you go there you go312.085.679
holy [ __ ] that's a goddamn is that a bee314.6395.201
it looks like a hornet it's insane is317.7594.72
what it is sir listen i've really had319.845.199
enough right now i don't need you i322.4794.72
don't need you here i've been stung325.0394.16
twice oh he's getting up get him dick327.1994.321
[ __ ] [ __ ] cool i don't have time for329.1994.481
this i gotta make dirt right how's the331.523.92
hell okay what are you guys up to well333.683.12
making dirt here come here let me show335.443.84
you okay i'm real busy but okay i know336.84.32
you just asked me a question uh look339.283.28
neebs was gonna he's gonna be very341.122.56
look i've already like almost filled in343.683.12
and i just need a little bit more i'm345.364.399
making dirt filling holes i'm being a a346.85.36
member of society helping cool she was349.7593.44
you brought me over here to show me your352.163.44
dirt hole yes did simon actually make353.1994.961
dirk i guess so yeah i can't see through355.64.8
the hole anymore yeah buddy i did it358.164.64
okay cool hey girly molly he gives a360.45.12
[ __ ] how does he make dirt hey hey neebs362.84.72
do you still have my money yep still got365.523.6
it give me my [ __ ] money well of367.522.959
course i'm gonna give you your money i369.124.24
got something to do370.4792.881
you ready sick yeah shamway box oh i'll373.7595.521
guess what was in there uh i hope a377.124.24
thousand bullets a single murky water379.283.199
jesus okay382.4794.401
is there okay i got these two here384.04.16
yeah we might have a couple zombies386.884.24
popping down okay you got him388.165.2
oh god i forgot about oh no there's a391.123.28
bird i just beat up this cheerleader394.43.76
no not no398.165.84
holy [ __ ] i'm at 16 health okay coming400.085.92
out to help you okay404.04.4
and reinforce chest406.04.96
one lock pick to go come on baby baby408.44.0
baby baby come on all right i'm gonna410.962.639
clear out the rest of this place while412.43.199
you're doing that if you run out of lock413.5994.241
picks let me know i'll come up and and415.5994.401
pick it you're doing it you're doing oh417.844.72
[ __ ] and other good things420.05.759
including gold and some shotgun stuff422.566.4
nice hey not bad no no we need food425.7595.041
though yeah we're gonna go to the uh428.963.84
trader and use all this money and buy430.85.2
everything they have432.84.08
yeah trader joe actually trader bob's436.883.28
i don't want to see bob i completely440.163.84
forgot and i may have cheated because i442.04.72
watched the first episode about the lady444.03.919
the medical lady what was your name i447.9195.041
completely forgot about you white river450.963.76
what are you looking for oh i need a452.964.4
cast and please tell me you have a cast454.724.96
show me your inventory457.365.76
god damn okay i saw a cast it was a cast459.685.44
you you don't have a cast anymore463.124.4
sterile bandage what does that do465.124.88
abrasion healing speed we got abrasions467.523.44
tara honey painkillers a splint swaggy470.966.079
bye bye474.162.879
maybe bob has a cast maybe bob has a477.285.599
cast i have 191 hours of broken leg i479.524.88
don't know what my leg looks like but i482.8794.16
imagine it's just like a dangly gross484.44.96
pile just running behind me probably487.0394.88
leaving a trail of blood bob i really489.364.0
need you to have a cab491.9193.28
yeah i'm not doing it bob let me see493.363.119
your inventory495.1992.241
cast come on497.445.84
dora absorb dora hey hey do you have a500.45.6
cast no ah damn503.285.359
so bad let's see i'll search for506.05.12
yes no it's just old cash old cash is508.6394.64
all he has son of a gun damn it this is511.123.76
bad all right well at least i'll buy us513.2794.0
some food yeah i'm gonna buy a bunch too514.884.8
four maybe a coffee three517.2794.801
he has a lot of food actually okay i'm519.683.76
gonna get everything out of the vending522.083.36
machine first it's cheaper oh damn it i523.445.56
didn't do that okay i'll do it525.449.13
thick yes sick uh539.044.799
you have nothing on you that you can541.445.2
give me that has like zero chance of543.8394.401
you know getting me food poisoning come546.643.199
over here looks like there's some sort548.243.36
of a tree okay549.8393.201
yeah there's a couple orange trees over551.62.799
here i could553.043.6
use this orange trees well there's an554.3994.88
orange right there orange tree those556.644.4
have what we call oranges in the559.2794.24
business this is a first for me but i'm561.044.56
it's not saying pick me i see the orange563.5194.241
tree but it's not giving me do i have to565.64.64
uh whack it i guess okay jesus i'll567.764.48
whack it with my pickaxe i don't even570.244.24
have oh damn it there it is572.243.76
all right so i chopped down the tree574.483.84
there you go there you go three oranges576.03.839
now what's the chance of them getting me578.324.639
sick uh ten percent so i just did one579.8395.12
i'm doing one more and it only gave me582.9593.761
it's not even worth it like where are584.9593.841
you at where are you at with uh seven586.724.0
it's worth it at this point everything's588.83.52
worth it for me i shouldn't even be out590.724.32
here right now yep damn it i'm going to592.325.12
this drop is it really far away i595.044.32
thought it was a lot closer i can't tell597.444.16
i think i see one of the boxes possibly599.363.76
i'm hoping it's going to have good stuff601.63.679
and i can take it for myself yeah i'm603.124.0
selfish like that605.2793.601
yeah well if there was food i'd eat it607.123.12
right away you're gonna have to give me608.883.84
any food if it's in there like good food610.245.039
if it's filet mignon it's yours thank612.723.44
all right let's get this [ __ ]616.164.799
and get home i got the one on the left618.644.48
you get the one on the right620.9594.641
okay look at your compass yes i see them623.123.76
but i didn't see them that close you625.62.64
said which one am i getting i'm getting626.882.88
the one on the right you get the one on628.242.88
the right i'll get the one on the left629.763.28
beauty on i gotta break into it631.124.8
untouched come on give me some sugar no633.045.76
food but good stuff maybe635.926.88
it's me oh another wolf get get get nope638.88.279
come on come on [ __ ]642.84.279
hey neebs dick what happened to you man653.2794.401
i got killed by a wolf gotta go get my655.764.24
stuff good luck i think it was a657.684.64
simultaneous kill for kill oh you killed660.04.32
him too maybe you see the other guy huh662.324.32
yeah right balance you upstairs i'm way664.324.4
out back why are you making 30 bowls of666.645.52
water i didn't oh i made them why so we668.726.799
can make recipes food recipes that'll do672.165.359
what much better for us health-wise i675.5193.44
don't think you need water do you just677.5193.521
the bowl the bowl and the food i don't678.9594.56
know got 30 bowls of water now we're681.045.68
lucky absolutely you hear this uh yeah683.5194.721
that's a lot of that's a lot of bowls we686.722.96
don't need bowls of water do it no688.243.599
cancel the bowls they're already done oh689.683.92
now we got 30 bowls of water that's a691.8393.761
that's a lot of bowls of water drink it693.63.44
okay we can drink it but we need to use695.63.52
those bowls like neebs do you see the697.043.6
canned food that dora and i dropped off699.124.0
oh i'm having to make new new bowls now700.643.759
oh because the old bowls are full of703.123.279
water yeah goddamn it who do made all704.3993.68
the water bowls dick made all the water706.3992.88
come on what do you make out of708.0792.241
thick stop making water bowls never710.325.0
all right [ __ ] you got freaking chicken724.164.0
soup now are you breaking into my food726.563.519
already yeah i already had pasta yeah i728.163.76
thought you were the i'm just gonna die730.0794.801
and respond guy no no i thought well i731.925.2
mean now i'm going why not just try to734.884.72
stay alive i ate the pasta and it was737.124.56
good and now i have 28 but i'm gonna739.63.44
need more food but i'm not getting741.682.959
greedy i'm just checking it out save me743.043.599
some it just seems like uh save me some744.6394.401
too i had one bowl of pasta i mean all746.6395.041
our damn food simon i know one bowl it749.044.08
feels like uh you know throwing good751.683.52
money after a bad situation no i'm still753.124.48
alive though and it's good to be in his755.24.879
and now the pipes have rusted and if i757.65.039
die now he's eating chili dying my whole760.0794.721
health thing gets lower so i got to keep762.6394.801
that in check too gotcha okay just just764.85.279
remember there's a lot of us here i know767.444.48
and i have bad luck do some good stuff770.0794.241
today salmon i did do good stuff i got i771.924.96
made dirt filled a hole i take it back774.324.0
you're amazing we need more wood and776.882.959
more cobblestone because i'm laying778.323.36
these blocks but uh we got to like you779.8392.721
actually do something with them and you782.563.36
know what i found a couple of like i784.3993.361
went to the drop and made it back alive785.923.84
i'm like thick i have stuff to deliver787.764.24
so that's a contribution dora yeah i was789.767.639
just messing yeah give me some food792.05.399
everyone get down here right get inside805.23.84
sun's going down get inside we need to807.443.44
get on the roof right well i mean we got809.043.76
food we got to figure that out because i810.883.519
need food and i'm not i'm not going to812.83.599
be blamed as a hob all the foods in the814.3994.0
food box just we got to divide it up816.3994.321
exactly so let's do it who's doing it i818.3993.44
just took a little grilled meat out of820.722.799
this campfire so you guys divide that up821.8393.921
i'm at 36 right now 63 water i think823.5194.241
i'll be okay until the end of fortnight825.763.439
we got to reinforce this right here827.763.199
right oh yeah like829.1993.921
materials though dick do you have any uh830.9594.081
i've got i've got wood that's it all833.123.76
right we'll reinforce these two things835.043.359
down here but then yeah we need to get836.883.28
on the roof sun is going down quick all838.3994.081
right i'm climbing up top oh boy uh we840.164.32
reinforce what we can but842.483.28
sorry door i got a broken leg i just844.483.12
need to shoot if i can back up real845.764.48
quick okay i've double reinforced this847.65.12
uh oh there's already somebody in there850.243.68
can we go852.724.64
from downstairs downstairs oh hold on853.927.44
[ __ ] uh boys i'm gonna let her in okay857.365.68
cause she's already messing stuff up861.363.2
kill her i'm hoping she'll follow my863.044.239
spikes come on lady oh she's confused864.563.92
i've really got something good going867.2792.321
what are you doing i'm laughing or i869.62.16
just don't want to kill myself on the870.723.119
spikes there we go you're whapping her871.764.319
she got wept good is it reinforced down873.8393.841
there yeah it's pretty good all right876.0793.44
get up here neebs it's almost dark man877.683.68
these spikes are good879.5193.521
these spikes are gonna hurt somebody i'm881.363.68
yep here it is game on okay here they885.045.919
come uh yep northwest i see a dog three887.765.199
four five zombies i'm watching that890.9593.601
front door thank you for your service892.9594.56
sir oh got some greenies this my shotgun894.564.719
should do something from here right897.5194.401
it'll do a little bit jumper guy jumper899.2795.281
guy huh you know those got a green one901.924.8
oh boy all right who's gotta he's got904.563.68
good ammo we're gonna keep him up906.724.16
they're gonna get in so quick908.244.8
all right just yeah conserve your ammo914.04.639
may your shots be true yeah you are so916.04.72
close to the edge dora yep now you918.6393.44
remember you should be able to shoot920.723.359
directly down oh yeah there's that oh922.0793.76
yeah they're uh they're they're chewing924.0793.2
through already925.8392.961
that's not good and quick927.2793.68
oh god they're in oh my god they're928.84.479
right are they in already they look like930.9595.041
they could be army guy i'm able to shoot933.2794.161
through these slats right yes you can936.02.959
shoot through the slats oh there's a937.445.44
foot that's doraleous just put yeah938.9595.841
what's that who just shot me942.884.319
oh [ __ ] um944.84.88
right on your knees oh [ __ ] puncher pull947.1994.56
three vultures949.685.399
i don't wanna951.7593.32
another five they're they're coming in955.1993.841
vultures coming in right at the dick957.2794.081
punchers too oh that one got me watch959.046.159
out buddy no hold up961.366.719
no no no watch out965.1992.88
man huge mistake994.566.16
i can't get up who took away that996.3994.321
oh my god1001.045.12
this is hell oh my god oh my god i'm1002.725.52
just gonna stay here and crouch see if1006.165.039
they don't notice me1008.244.48
means what are we doing here alice i1011.1992.721
just i don't know i just panicked and i1012.722.799
ran down here there's i don't know what1013.922.56
i can do1015.5192.56
i'm trying to save you salmon oh god i1016.483.84
think they're going on you they found me1018.0795.68
oh stop it oh god okay [ __ ] i shouldn't1020.325.04
have run let's crouch over here get up1023.7593.92
here where how to the roof i don't know1025.364.559
i can't i don't have anything on me okay1027.6794.64
okay oh god there's a ton of them coming1029.9194.961
from the north dallas yeah see that and1032.3194.401
the ground don't step on that oh that1034.884.0
away oh no1050.963.92
bring him into that spike because he did1052.963.68
i did i just killed him simon watch out1054.883.039
for the spikes there's a spike right1056.642.72
here on the ground okay did you shut the1057.9193.201
door i'm just get right here in the1059.363.199
middle can i1061.122.32
we just hide right here oh like oh you1063.444.8
know don't step on the spike though okay1066.083.76
wait don't don't open the second move1068.242.64
stop moving1069.842.959
get inside go in simon what are y'all1070.884.0
doing it's not safe there either he just1072.7994.641
said to go in here in the middle okay1074.885.2
right in the middle yes help this is us1077.444.64
right here all night long did somebody1080.084.32
hear thick say help yeah1082.084.0
why don't we answer him we'll be right1084.43.519
there thick we're coming things no we're1086.083.839
not dog dogs anyone have a weapon mother1087.9194.481
weapon no i don't have a weapon my fists1089.9194.481
oh god oh god door i thought you were a1092.47.04
dog [ __ ] it's through oh god i'm sorry1094.48.72
that's fine leave that open all right1099.443.68
what have you done1103.9192.801
what happened you blocked us in here and1105.123.439
there's a thing in it all right i'm1106.724.4
going to close it again sorry i tried1108.5593.841
i can't wait1111.123.28
to swing oh god i'm just going to hang1112.44.56
out up here1114.43.92
oh boy1116.964.68
oh boy1118.323.32
are you guys in the house next door1122.962.959
because that's where all the zombies are1124.483.76
running i'm in the house next door oh1125.9194.64
how you doing dick i'm good is that you1128.244.24
fighting yep that's me fighting you1130.5593.521
fight you're fighting the damn thing oh1132.485.36
boy i think i'm gonna die1134.083.76
the jig is up it's been oh [ __ ] i'm out1138.725.44
the door oh this is not good simon yeah1141.524.64
lure boy lure my way you're doing great1144.163.84
laura of away yeah1146.164.0
okay sidekick we're gonna get me out of1148.04.16
here okay i'm on the street yeah i see1150.163.36
you simon1152.163.759
away all right come on you [ __ ] yeah1153.524.32
there you go there you go lure them out1155.9194.321
come on you little [ __ ]1157.846.16
come on come and get me1160.247.36
oh crap i must have lost my bed crap1164.05.84
where was that dog oh boy can i get in1167.63.87
this place ah it's boarded1169.843.199
oh there's a light here oh there's no1173.0393.361
way this is not gonna be good they're1174.7995.201
just gonna follow me in is there oh1176.44.56
boy okay come on back out we're gonna1182.483.12
uh not there1185.64.0
not there there's nowhere to hide crap1187.0394.0
[ __ ] [ __ ]1189.63.52
dick where you at i'm1191.0393.601
trying to get in this house and then got1193.122.32
are you in the house next door uh who1195.442.96
just ran oh it was that you running out1197.0394.401
of the house yeah you got one two1198.45.519
three four five six1201.444.239
yeah you got a pile of them chasing you1203.9192.801
i do1205.6794.401
oh boy is my close i think i'm close1206.725.92
yep i've been i've spawned in the woods1210.084.56
i feel like we live around here oh yeah1212.643.279
you might want to throw a bedroll down1214.643.919
yeah i gotta make one that's easy just1215.9194.401
do it real quick yeah i'm being chased1218.5593.841
oh well hey yeah come to the front door1220.323.599
i can uh i can shoot the things chasing1222.43.519
you all right neebs nothing's chasing1223.9193.921
you okay yeah stay right there make it1225.9193.681
make a bed roll and i'll keep him up you1227.844.0
you got one coming in but i can take her1231.843.36
i can take her oh crap i don't have1233.763.52
enough plant fibers shoot1235.23.28
maybe there's a bed in here shoot it oh1238.484.079
boy there's thick oh there's some money1239.9194.161
he's coming at you i got him i got him i1242.5593.441
got him i got it okay uh plant fibers1244.083.76
there we go those plant fibers needs1246.04.72
camo all right [ __ ] um i got some blocks1247.844.88
oh god they're everywhere yep names1250.723.839
right holy crap which way we try to go1252.723.6
inside is the way again uh oh no don't1254.5594.321
go inside i'm luring them away yeah i1256.324.16
need you to lure them away too try to1258.883.679
throw your bedroll down yep i took a1260.484.24
couple of mafia if you run back by the1262.5593.761
house i can try to take a couple more1264.723.839
oh come on neebs1269.9193.441
okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah what's1271.64.319
happening run by run by oh sticky keys1273.364.0
crap thank you okay1275.9193.12
we're good oh there's so many of them1277.363.36
i'm trying to help but there's so many1279.0394.081
of them i slowed them down though yeah1280.724.24
put your bedroll down names oh right1283.123.039
yeah i'll put it right here in the1284.962.88
street and then run back down1286.1594.081
okay you know what i'm a fence hopper oh1290.244.24
they're fence hoppers too1292.243.439
all right running back oh yeah yeah yeah1294.482.96
you're doing good hey how's it looking1295.6794.161
out front uh it's clear right now neebs1297.444.16
is uh luring it back and forth all right1299.843.36
so can i get in1301.64.559
maybe give it a shot okay oh hold it1303.25.44
right on your butt simon okay are they1306.1595.52
oh oh oh gosh i made it i found the1308.644.32
hey you didn't leave them away for you1312.963.76
to get up here did you i don't think so1314.484.72
okay cool i don't know though they truth1316.725.68
oh the sun is on the way up so okay yeah1319.24.959
moon's going down just a few more1322.44.159
minutes a few more minutes found these1324.1594.721
corkscrew knuckles if they come up here1326.5593.6
they're going to get it over there the1328.883.12
face full of scissors who's over that1330.1593.921
roof yeah you got that radioactive one1332.03.52
right below you yeah it's neebs over1334.085.28
there dora oh hey hey doraleous1335.523.84
i love it1342.882.799
oh that's it i'm hopping down this1343.9194.0
lady's getting it give her the business1345.6794.801
all right clean up duty everybody1347.9195.76
come here lady bam take that1350.487.12
hey i'm sure i've found a cast what1353.6793.921
oh my god i want that cat so bad i have1358.485.12
252 hours of a broken leg not anymore my1360.525.159
friend oh my god they chewed the [ __ ]1363.64.48
out of our house yeah oh hook your1365.6794.88
brother up hook a brother up thick oh1368.085.21
god thank you i want to kiss kiss you so1370.5595.79
that's enough1384.7993.24

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