This is MADNESS - Helldivers 2

Hey guys, guess what? Today in Helldivers, the crew is taking on the bots at Malevelon Creek! It's going to be an epic battle, and I can't w...
This is MADNESS - Helldivers 2
This is MADNESS - Helldivers 2

This is MADNESS - Helldivers 2

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Appsro, have you seen the latest Helldivers video? It's pure madness!

appsro: Oh yeah, that one is a total blast! Taking the fight to the bots at Malevelon Creek was epic!

neebs: I love how we always end up in the craziest situations in that game. It's like controlled chaos!

appsro: Definitely! And the best part is, we always come out on top, even if it's by the skin of our teeth!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, guess what? Today in Helldivers, the crew is taking on the bots at Malevelon Creek! It's going to be an epic battle, and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. If you're as excited as I am, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss a single moment of the action.

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I guess this is where I live now no clue4.8394.361
where I'm6.7592.441
at at least I got you dookie10.444.199
Pooky Freedom's greetings I'm your host21.65.72
ketta Kelly with breaking news the24.5995.041
automatons have just launched surprise27.323.16
of multiple developed worlds in response30.484.84
the hell divers have been partially33.5593.881
redirected from operation Valiant35.324.68
enclosure to defend against the bot37.445.279
incursion that's Liberty's latest I'm40.05.12
Kelly o the robots are pushing into the45.65.36
Galaxy boys no oh you know what let's48.1994.561
take the fight to them let's go sabotage50.964.32
one of their air bases just one day some52.765.599
good news huh just it's non-stop right55.285.84
it is if it's not bugs it's Rob robots58.3596.281
throw robot bugs coming61.123.52
next really got to start car66.964.41
pulling all right yeah look how close we85.4395.32
are oh yeah not bad almost did that88.243.839
Robin Hood thing where the arrow splits90.7592.881
the arrow heck yeah we should probably92.0793.601
try to keep this Mission a little bit uh93.643.92
stealthy you know what I mean as much as95.684.04
we can let's see should I go ahead and97.565.76
bring in something yeah why not why99.723.6
not put them all together won't know103.964.08
what's what feel like I'm going to back105.966.56
up from this here they come one yep108.048.48
two three man I love it every time it's112.526.279
cool all right don't grab mine mine's116.524.879
over here oh yeah all right that'll I've118.7996.521
got one more to bring in guys sorry okay121.3996.521
uh we can run on ah head if you125.325.4
like oh we got everybody get down we got127.926.599
automatons coming in yep down [ __ ] oh130.725.32
they going to see us they'll probably134.5194.201
see this come in uh I feel like are they136.045.36
scanning me I'm moving away through the138.725.48
bushes go prone if you can okay uh how141.44.72
did that oh I just Dove that was144.24.28
probably loud no no no no no no I'm in146.124.88
the I'm in the grass they can't see148.485.44
me oh they see me they see me it's151.06.879
on oh [ __ ] we taking them153.927.36
out uh I suppose right oh God he's157.8799.401
too it's all on you D call us in I will161.286.0
evacuate didn't want to land here I172.02.879
don't think oh yeah I didn't want to173.922.92
land here either this the worst place to174.8795.561
land oh god oh this is madness it's not176.847.119
good get oh boy I'm evacuating I'm180.446.439
evacuating yeah me too why wouldn't183.9596.2
we got to call in my [ __ ] later I186.8795.44
guess come on190.1595.281
run oh God like you know how to192.3195.0
run got one195.445.079
chasing there we go oh went on went down197.3195.041
a whole lot easier than I thought all200.5195.121
right going for doing all right AB um202.365.92
yeah is neebs in uh no I'm calling him205.644.56
in right now okay I was just about I208.284.0
won't do that anymore [ __ ] I've got a210.24.119
lot of cool down I got 6 minutes till I212.285.84
can call in what I son of a214.3193.801
[ __ ] all218.5195.36
right thanks all right stealth stealth220.5998.121
great son of a [ __ ] I think door is223.8794.841
screwed D oh dris went down we're taking229.726.04
fire on the hill terminator's on the233.125.679
hill Oh Boy okay we good did you get him235.764.28
I think so all right all right I'll see238.7996.121
if I can call in um let's see240.044.88
reinforce throw them way out there see245.1594.521
happens there he is right in the250.047.68
water all right all right nees all right254.1596.64
look at the map uh uh Hey guys hey Dora257.725.039
coming in I want to go get my [ __ ] that260.7994.481
I called in oh really okay it looks like262.7596.16
it's to our uh I see I'm using the map265.284.919
as well you see268.9193.401
yeah Northwest oh boy it's not looking270.1994.241
good here all right let's try to stay272.324.24
stealthy we'll go Northwest we'll try to274.443.16
get your276.563.44
stuff why don't he go get his stuff and277.64.68
we go do the mission yeah that's that's280.04.919
an idea Sor I just took out a robot I282.284.44
just took out a robot oh we got incoming284.9194.241
fire we can take these guys we can take286.725.08
these guys oh they're coming from both289.167.28
sides though dropping what the hey291.86.72
I'm I'm just going to do the first one296.443.64
that I can do here we go go there's298.523.56
enemies over there if you're over there300.084.08
don't be over there oh pull back I just302.084.6
threw a thing304.162.52
down oh I'm running woo306.7598.671
okay oh my God all right okay this is315.9195.28
really hard right yeah abandon your319.723.88
stuff Dora what yeah we don't need that321.1994.081
[ __ ] mm-m all right everyone get323.64.68
stealthy okay and I'm stealthy run a325.284.72
good time first328.282.759
why are they shooting at us we're330.03.319
stealthy cuz they're robots all right331.0393.481
come on let's let's disappear into the333.3194.201
jungle knbs all right here we go dis334.525.36
disappearing into the jungle all right337.523.92
is that you asro I can't hardly tell339.883.039
what you're oh is that Dora Dora are you341.443.36
right in front of me yeah okay I'm342.9195.56
disappearing all right quit addressing344.87.32
me quit addressing me well quit348.4795.921
addressing all right this seems like a352.124.56
quiet spot let's take a knee take a look354.44.72
at the map oh behind us oh man I'm going356.685.92
to dis appear further into said359.126.76
jungle all right I think we're good now362.65.12
all right you took him down I think all365.884.08
right let me take a look at my map nebes367.725.84
uh oh I see diamonds to the Northwest I369.966.16
don't know if that's worth of [ __ ] all373.564.039
right but we're here let's stay focused376.124.44
we got a a sabotage and Air Base okay377.5994.04
I'm on your380.563.199
back just tell me when you're going and381.6393.441
where you going guys all right we're383.7594.361
going Northwest Northwest I can see on385.085.92
the map I'll uh all right keeping an eye388.124.88
out for robots if you see robots call391.05.08
them out uh I saw something down here393.05.759
hey supplies oh yeah supplies down here396.086.64
to everybody what's this take that stuff398.7596.921
grenades we go402.727.0
here Peacemaker mags oh wait can we open405.685.12
this box hold on I'm going to try to409.722.919
throw a grenade at this box go for it410.85.16
yeah that shouldn't alert a robot at412.6397.921
all oh it does open nothing yeah be on415.968.12
the lookout what is this an ark thrower420.565.319
that seems cool that sounds fun and a424.085.2
metal I like Metals I like metal too425.8797.201
what's this Ark thrower do uh-oh I hear429.286.359
I hear metal things walking where oh433.084.399
they're coming from the Northwest kind435.6394.56
of I wish I had my upper wait a second437.4795.081
there we go from the440.1994.921
West yeah they're coming from the West442.563.68
guys all445.124.639
right I'm going to throw out a mine m446.245.519
I'm going pull back a little bit because449.7595.041
no SS in dying again yep oh man these451.7594.921
guys got armor on the front Okay I got454.85.0
him in the back that's like an add at456.687.28
yeah oh wow okay grenade over there459.86.519
couple grenades this gun sucks ass guys463.965.519
you should pull back oh I'm trying to466.3195.961
shoot this gun well Heroes woo I think469.4795.041
my mindfield actually got him oh I'm472.284.44
going charge it and then come474.523.799
that's a ship that's not good guys oh480.283.8
God yeah we're getting out of here're482.243.079
getting out of here they're dropping in484.084.799
Back to the trees yeah back into the485.3193.56
trees all hey Mees hey should I call in493.445.479
something maybe could be a good time for496.83.839
it Eagle498.9194.72
cluster uh yeah do you see him uh I want500.6395.481
to move in oh I just canceled it didn't503.6396.201
I Yep they're shooting at us from uh uh506.124.799
what is that509.843.319
Northwest oh boy oh boy that's a510.9196.281
freaking ad at oh I'll go513.1597.401
around did I get him you did not oh yeah517.25.519
you did yeah he went down sweet Eagle520.565.64
cluster Baby Woo dous you good yeah I'm522.7195.201
getting my Supply pack and then I'm526.25.56
going to get my snipe on again oh no527.926.52
okay and I'll be right with531.765.68
you there we go534.446.399
oh mm-537.445.519
I got to540.8394.68
okay okay I think I'm okay I think I'm542.9594.361
okay all right I'm calling a machine gun545.5194.32
so I have extra fire power damn war zone547.324.759
this is awesome guys I threw down a549.8395.921
sniper rifle I don't see the sniper552.0797.521
rifle keep looking man no it's it didn't555.766.28
what happened here I throw it out of559.64.4
bounds maybe did you throw it in the562.044.239
no son of a oh wait to the Airfield you566.2797.041
find your sniper rifle and you meet us570.5195.0
there ah we got enemies to our right573.325.12
knees let's just stay low575.5195.121
Kate I don't know how good their vision578.445.04
is yeah it's a good idea a good idea580.646.879
yeah can we do map while we're583.489.24
crawling this is awesome this feels so587.5195.201
cool can't look at my map while I'm593.044.44
laying down oh really I think it's that595.244.92
way all right guys I'm making my way to597.485.72
you but I'm going to flank around you600.165.64
okay did you find your sniper rifle603.24.6
actually you're very close to me yeah I605.83.64
got a sniper rifle607.85.32
now and I've got some supplies should we609.446.16
need supplies I don't know how to drop613.125.159
them but I've got615.62.679
them this is crazy this is awesome I618.364.08
it all right we'll cross this River Yep622.445.959
looks like there is a robot Fortress or626.044.08
something to our628.3995.241
yeah see if we can't take it630.123.52
down how do I know if I have a grenade634.044.76
how to what I'm not sure if I have any637.163.64
grenades on me uh should we call in638.83.92
supplies man640.83.68
reinforcements I don't see thing that642.724.4
looks like a grenade in my wait one or644.486.76
four I might have one hey what hey hey647.127.08
what's up oh you got a pack on your bag651.244.68
yeah I've got supplies on my bag stem I654.23.48
could use an extra oh I think I just655.925.64
stemmed you I got eyes on the enemy657.685.48
ahead pull him back all right you know663.165.359
what screw these little bases nees Dora666.25.56
get on me oh NOP they're coming in cou668.5194.801
get down get down D oh [ __ ] yeah they671.764.519
are get down get down how Crouch um hold673.325.84
B I mean hold it Go Pro oh man there's676.2795.841
more there's a lot of them that's a679.166.76
whole any strikes available um I'm going682.127.399
to do an eagle air strike do it I that685.926.12
feel mm- m- m- are you getting ready to689.5194.521
air strike the base or the robots the692.045.96
robots here it comes694.043.96
yo that was perfect that was perfect698.326.4
reinforcements I see them going oh [ __ ]702.5193.641
yeah they don't like that um all right704.723.2
let's say what let's uh we are706.164.32
retreating South follow707.924.64
me oh710.483.88
oh follow me714.365.88
door all right oh get out of716.925.599
there I'm going to try to sneak in their720.245.2
base oh so let's Retreat South follow me722.5194.721
just didn't didn't ring in your ears hey725.443.68
I got my own platoon going over here727.244.2
they're coming at you you guys go nuts729.124.68
with it man you got a drop ship coming731.446.24
in you can't handle that they might see733.83.88
me oh I've outsmarted them I've taken738.766.879
cover you guys good I'm good I'm742.5194.44
creeping Through the Jungle trying to745.6394.32
get to our damn objective746.9595.56
are they coming across the749.9597.361
water oh yep I'll take that as a752.5194.801
yes oh boy they saw me okay I'm running759.6810.0
cool boy Whoa take that all764.6397.241
right can I call in something I'm going769.684.36
try come on oral St I don't think I775.03.6
threw that very far oh it's rolling back777.163.679
okay oh that was one of their grenades782.764.92
woo all right I think it took some on F785.124.64
oh no there's still plenty still plenty787.684.44
for you789.762.36
guys follow me and go south follow me793.8395.161
and go south it's all they had to do796.724.28
stay and fight robots now that's what799.04.44
we're going to801.02.44
do I hear804.326.44
you I hear you806.9593.801
woo thank you all right let's do813.85.159
this oh wait I'm not even in the combat816.883.759
zone which way is the combat zone oh818.9592.761
here we820.6393.481
go we're good okay get on821.725.08
meeses get down get down you nut yep824.125.159
okay get get a seen by robots again all826.84.24
right I was pretty sneaky I was almost829.2792.881
inside their base wouldn't that have831.041.799
cool yeah well I'm trying to get us to832.8394.041
the base we have an objective that I'd835.03.8
like to accomplish keep hearing noise836.884.959
boys all right you guys on my S uh yeah838.86.0
get on my six uh-huh oh there's someone841.8394.641
here already you guys get spotted844.84.12
already I've been laying here what else846.485.2
would I done my six I am laying here848.924.159
don't act like this is my oh there's a851.683.32
sword guy coming there he is there853.0795.481
there's a sword guy sorry we should run855.05.519
is a good we should probably run nobody858.564.44
likes a sword guy I don't know where860.5195.0
your six is863.02.519
anymore is that okay who's that is me865.8396.761
running okay where's your six abro it's869.166.56
it's right behind me872.66.52
uh-huh all right something straight875.729.039
ahead looks like some fuel what we got879.128.719
here I don't see any red robots this884.7594.76
good man this is you got to be so much889.5195.081
sneakier in this I feel like than the892.883.84
other ones all894.65.76
right hm it's kind of an empty Depot896.727.64
here what's this eyeball interact do not900.365.8
operate without a ground guide well904.364.2
thanks for906.162.4
that oh God okay got to get behind him910.448.6
get oh behind him okay just took down a913.87.32
walker all right I'm trying to make made919.044.84
up with you guys nope I mean I'm921.127.12
running nibs yeah I see you yep I'm923.886.759
coming your away okay I feel like we928.245.32
should like uh I think ammo is low I'm930.6395.241
going to call in some ammo okay I've got933.564.6
supplies on me too oh you do yeah I just935.884.0
don't know how to throw them let's let's938.165.359
figure that out okay all right you okay939.887.0
here let's try this out uhuh oh give943.5197.961
refill there you go and then oh God what946.888.56
what was that oh they found us okay you951.486.56
on them yeah but I'm behind them not955.443.879
they get him oh that's out of959.3194.401
ammo okay did you give me ammo cuz the966.444.72
gun I was shooting just ran out969.8392.92
immediately okay well you didn't reload971.165.239
it prior okay so yeah maybe you did972.7596.481
thank you abses abses what's going on976.3995.68
abso uh I found a rogue research station979.244.88
that we could potentially destroy but982.0795.2
it's guarded by robots Okay can you guys984.126.44
get to me trying but sounds like a solo987.2795.281
Mission doesn't it uh could be I might990.564.04
start sneaking in let's see we'll try to992.565.24
get eyes on you where' my sniper rifle994.66.359
go did I hm Dallas if you say where's my997.85.399
sniper rifle one more1000.9594.961
time yeah I God keep up with a sniper1003.1995.041
rifle you know what this looks like a1005.926.039
good thing to do a bomb on nebes1008.247.48
uhhuh like an orbital P an eagle air1011.9598.081
strike if you say so1015.726.64
I'm in the facility oh no I think I'm1020.044.48
I'm I'm about to be running he just1022.364.28
threw an air strike in your direction I1024.524.519
think that's going to help me oh wow1026.644.24
that like a cluster yeah I mean1029.0395.241
something anything really oh1030.886.959
boy uh-oh okay well I'll bring abso back1034.285.159
we're going to need okay you do that1037.8395.0
uhhuh I'll try to make my way down1039.4393.4
there all right back in the game [ __ ]1043.887.0
not a good that's a hot spot this whole1048.486.64
damn Island's a hot spot oh God stuck in1050.884.24
a all right maybe I just lay down and1055.7996.201
keep it cool oh you guys don't know I'm1058.64.16
here oh no is that a grenade that seems1062.766.96
like a bomb yep that was a1065.5597.291
bomb oh oh God I got to run1069.726.38
again okay [ __ ] run on the beach run on1077.46.32
the beach oh my god there are there's so1081.643.64
many of them there's so many of them1083.724.28
names hey you're on your own oh no y1085.285.96
thank you J can jve you can drive J can1088.06.44
jve go in1091.243.2
here okay they see me too1096.44.279
oh oh boy well they're on us they drop1107.326.08
us here yep had place to drop somebody1111.282.92
right start firing back yep it's the1114.25.64
only option we have now all1117.125.6
right oh God they're everywhere we1119.844.36
almost out of time like we're like1122.723.4
halfway through the time we got 161124.23.599
minutes we got all the time in the world1126.123.4
oh is that all the time in the world1127.7995.521
[ __ ] oh boy oh God I'm pushing closer to1129.526.92
the objective oh God boy I really wish I1133.325.16
had a different gun there's so many many1136.444.16
them oh1141.03.24
yeah okay let's see boop boop boop1144.368.76
um reinforc boom boom boom boom boom why1149.05.64
not this that'll be1153.126.32
funny oh God I'm taking fire1154.647.039
okay and are they1159.444.84
coming are you kidding who is it oh1161.6794.12
there he is who is it oh my God I'm1164.285.48
right in the middle of what get him Dr1165.7996.721
take him down I'm mowing him down God I1169.763.88
wish I could stay running oh I should1172.524.0
probably call abser in1173.642.88
too oh I got to wait a second crap oh my1176.6798.36
god oh D you fine no are you alive for1180.365.92
moment oh get out of there there's1186.285.72
orbital strike coming in ah should it1188.246.76
God woo oh crap he didn't die1195.364.88
all right can I call somebody in oh God1200.765.399
where is1204.245.0
he oh there's a bunch there's a bunch1206.1595.081
stand by all right we need to we need to1209.243.4
some sort of call in1211.246.0
something one second here we go and boom1212.648.32
boom boom boom boom get out there baby1217.247.679
oh that's not bad that might do oh1220.963.959
almost had him huh yeah yeah we almost1229.884.56
had him we did not uh I think we can do1231.6793.921
it I think we just got to play a little1234.443.28
bit smarter stick together a little more1235.63.48
be a little more stealthy you sure you1237.723.64
don't want to stick to bugs stick to bug1239.084.479
what bugs I mean you know you saw the1241.363.84
newscast yeah you saw the news the1243.5593.961
robots taken over son of a [ __ ] we got1245.23.92
to go fight the robots we're hell divers1247.523.72
let's get the robots let's get the robot1249.124.48
oh I forgot we' do that yeah1251.245.88
yeah fist of freedom1253.66.52
all right back in all right back in this1267.04.64
mess all right oh wait there's a little1269.44.12
thing right here already look at this we1271.643.96
landed beside some goodies good I'm1273.524.44
going to get my stuff that I'll lose1275.63.64
stems o extra grenades yeah this is good1279.244.0
hey neebs come down here help me open a1281.885.32
door uh-huh um okay I'll just find you1283.246.799
and come do that1287.22.839
oh here you go what do you need me to do1290.124.919
um get the other side of this door oh1292.525.92
I'll push a button yeah yeah okay1295.0395.561
and think you got your map out you need1298.444.4
to put your map away there you go that's1300.65.0
good inail D calling in good stuff up1302.845.6
there uh my sniper rifle and and pack1305.65.199
Supply pack love it so there's two1308.443.92
transmission towers right that we got to1310.7993.76
take out correct uh we going to maybe1312.364.0
I'll take one y'all two take the other1314.5594.0
uh that sounds good yeah we got one1316.363.6
pretty close to us to our West but if1318.5593.561
you want tohe go ahead and start heading1319.963.56
to the one that looks like it's to the1322.123.6
north go for it who am I going with uh1323.525.279
you can go with me all right all right1325.727.839
let's see recoil this oh there we go oh1328.7996.441
my goodness look at this yeah that's a1333.5597.6
big old yep uh-oh I hear1335.248.679
[ __ ] I see him on the radar heard y'all1341.1594.321
say you heard something I hear yeah I do1343.9193.88
hear robots but I have no visual contact1345.485.36
okay hey be safe all right let's see can1347.7996.081
we go oh I kind of see where they're at1350.846.56
on the map all right Dora on my six yeah1353.886.64
yeah I'm on your stinky1357.45.32
butt are y'all getting close to yours I1360.523.279
feel like mine's getting further and1362.722.48
further way no we're getting pretty1363.7994.161
close to ours it's uh yeah it's right up1365.24.56
this hill actually have you used a map1367.964.16
before nebs uh yeah I'm just there's a1369.764.0
lot of rocks a lot of rocks and trees to1372.123.76
go around okay but it doesn't make you1373.763.68
go backwards I know but sometimes you1375.883.6
have to go around rocks yeah but doesn't1377.445.92
make you go backwards okay all right so1379.485.52
I think we can come in here and destroy1383.363.04
the transmission network but there are a1385.03.44
lot of robots should we try to Sak got1386.44.08
air strikes don't we we do have air1388.444.68
strikes should we just light them up um1390.486.199
well let me see I've got my Snips uh1393.125.799
sniper rifle is no good here yeah should1396.6795.721
I break off to the H I'll break off to1398.9195.401
the right yeah go right go north a1402.44.879
little bit yeah give me a second to get1404.324.52
in a good position is I'm going to start1407.2795.441
crawling in yeah man this is quite a1408.846.88
long walk especially when you're1412.725.439
crouching I feel safe for1415.725.12
crouching Dora I could call in an air1418.1595.961
strike that'll bring them over that way1420.845.6
yeah if I call in an air strike it might1424.123.76
clear a lot of them out I'll call in the1426.442.599
air strike and then right after the air1427.882.72
strike we move in and we mop up what's1429.0395.201
left okay you ready yeah good luck boys1430.66.28
I'm going to wait for1434.244.799
boy oh boy1441.6797.321
that abro that didn't sound good I'll1445.9194.321
bring them right back I'm going to1449.02.799
circle around my camp and see if there's1450.244.4
a better way1451.7992.841
in God these guys are impossible1454.969.04
yeah we can do this can we yeah I'm just1459.27.04
going to do an air strike because I can1464.05.559
there we go oh just it in yeah beautiful1466.246.159
little Eagle yeah aw's [ __ ] with their1469.5594.48
world you know what I mean yeah no let's1472.3994.28
do it keep them on their toes uh-oh yeah1474.0393.921
and then they know exactly where you're1476.6793.201
at that's some Bullit that's what's1477.963.48
[ __ ] is doesn't make sense I threw1479.883.64
an orb all right I'm tossing out a1481.445.56
turret maybe that'll shoot some of them1483.524.92
let's see yeah1487.04.039
get all right yeah now we're taking some1488.444.88
of them1491.0392.281
down come on uh-oh run St oh oh boy lots1493.648.8
of Rocket fire okay I'm going in AB kind1498.447.16
of oh wait I got to reload oh oh yeah1502.446.239
don't forget to reload1505.65.959
Jesus I got eyes I'm holding though1508.6793.961
maybe you guys come help me with this1511.5593.321
when you're done with1512.647.12
yours wh big big rocket boy big rocket1514.888.12
boy how we doing Dora rocket1519.765.33
boy I mean I'm1523.03.679
there we1528.7993.841
go man this is like the Terminator game1530.125.52
I always wanted yeah oh God they spotted1532.648.68
me they always go okay took one down I'm1535.6410.56
running oh [ __ ] I'm okay I think I think1541.327.12
oh God just1546.26.04
Kidd get up and run you1548.443.8
idiot okay taking some guys down I got a1553.644.2
caught in an anti-personal mindfield1556.0394.321
maybe that'll oh God come on quick there1557.845.199
it go waa that's a grenade that's a1560.365.08
grenade it's going there it goes didn't1563.0395.76
get me sweet I found my Rockets oh here1565.444.5
we go come1568.7992.561
on oh heads up no don't take me don't1571.364.72
take me oh yeah they're all in the woods1574.244.28
air strike coming1576.085.76
in nice door there you1578.526.279
go woo they firing Rockets who's this we1581.845.439
got to go right there oh that's empty1584.7996.321
that is empty there he is where'd he go1587.2795.12
ah there's a bunch in there they're1591.124.4
everywhere better move oh I see a big1592.3996.16
one yes did you get him oh yep another1595.526.0
big one come on reload reload you1598.5596.561
idiot come on where's the Big Boy show1601.524.84
me the big boy show me the big boy show1605.125.36
me your face y okay okayo door I think1606.365.439
we may have cleared them off of this1610.484.079
objective I think so too I don't know1611.7994.841
how to destroy these antennas you think1614.5593.681
this would do it thr GR or something1616.643.72
[ __ ] that's going to1618.244.799
miss that was a Precision strike that's1620.365.0
uh not going to hit not very precise no1623.0393.801
well I mean have bounced off the1625.363.439
building that have been fun that have1626.848.28
been fun I mean just shoot him oh1628.7996.321
fine guess we should have tried that to1635.6794.36
begin with maybe did we get it was that1637.647.24
it uh this one there's some over here1640.0397.561
hey it we got it hey you need some ammo1644.884.48
I'll give you some ammo there you go1647.64.319
abro thank you1649.364.88
alloo doing better D we're getting1651.9194.12
better a little bit we're [ __ ] war1654.244.159
heroes man a little bit all right let's1656.0395.041
see looking on this we need to1658.3996.601
go uh Northeast on my six let's do it1661.086.24
gear quick they're on1665.05.32
me maybe I can melee this guy melee1667.325.079
melee oh1670.325.68
no oh they're coming in on us too oh y I1672.3995.681
think it's just a big guy yeah1676.04.64
ow I just got back blasted from your1678.084.16
[ __ ] sorry I didn't realize that was a I1680.644.84
know but it is a thing in real1682.243.24
life a common thing you yell out is back1686.885.0
blast area all clear copy oh yeah hold1689.443.92
up door I think I think I saw red in1691.883.32
front of1693.363.919
us okay all right tell you what let's1695.26.28
get neees back in here okay oh God door1697.2796.921
oh God what are1701.486.48
you [ __ ] psychopath oh my God get up1704.26.359
get up get up and1707.965.319
run here I'll cover our six with some uh1710.5595.96
with some mines okay yeah good luck1713.2795.321
[ __ ] oh boy I'm in but it's not in a1716.5195.64
good spot walk into that grenade oh yeah1718.65.559
baby nice1722.1594.0
one all right what else we got we got1724.1595.041
another Walker crap no he won't hit me1726.1598.201
you won't hit me I'm too divy I behind1729.25.16
[ __ ] oh God oh God no no no no no no no1739.486.42
get behind cover get behind cover1742.846.079
St let's see grenade oh no oh1748.9198.12
shoot oh yeah okay hey buddy then we're1763.726.52
playing time to do this right oh no what1767.06.24
we just got in I know oh they've been1770.244.439
following us I believe is this where we1773.243.279
came from be careful I put mines out1774.6793.681
everywhere over here oh1776.5194.561
[ __ ] all right keep running EES keep1778.364.72
running way too many lasers coming from1781.084.36
behind you what's our next objective1783.087.439
again it's to our uh North uh1785.447.88
Northeast all right just run into the1790.5195.0
woods hide from the1793.324.959
robots oh my God1795.5194.361
all right I think I might have lost him1798.2794.081
my on my end so I'll meet up with you in1799.885.32
a second1802.362.84
copy oh God they fail me oh God s back1805.329.32
oh there's a w is a bad place to be real1810.9195.12
bad place to be try to get out of there1814.643.56
Dees yep uh we'll just throw some1816.0395.681
grenades why not that's a bad1818.23.52
throw all right oh hello baby let's get1821.885.679
back out there you and me let's have a1826.03.12
time okay I can't tell if they're1829.126.559
shooting me Yep they're shooting oh God1832.125.72
sneaky wait door did you reinforce knees1839.085.92
I did oh so did I okay well hopefully we1841.6794.561
get two of them wouldn't that be great1845.03.519
two of me guys are just uh to up the1846.244.4
beach I'm I'm catching up to you okay1848.5195.601
hey D hey um oh we're pretty close huh1850.646.72
is that it right there yeah beautiful we1854.125.799
should all surround it and all call in1857.363.96
something at the same time I'm going to1859.9192.88
exactly I'm going to go up the coast1861.323.52
around even further get a head start1862.7994.201
okay okay I'm going to call in some1864.844.64
ammo I could have given you some okay1867.04.919
well you ran away I did1869.486.76
okay o i see a resupply that's mine1871.9196.041
let's see it come from space you need1876.244.679
some though I got extra yeah that looks1877.965.76
cool I'm almost around on the far side1880.9194.76
guys and I've got a couple good shots at1883.724.199
the uh satellite1885.6794.521
things uh-oh neees I think you've been1887.9196.521
spotted yep I sure have um jeez oh boy1890.25.479
start throwing1894.445.92
grenades oh God I'll try to help thank1895.6798.72
you that would help a1900.367.039
lot there's another1904.3995.601
grenade other gun maybe oh man I wish I1907.3994.561
had a sniper rifle right now I'd be1910.04.679
perfect okay and one last guy oh he's1911.965.839
got he's oh he about got me can't see1914.6794.96
guys I think I'm going to start taking1917.7994.0
at these towers you know what I1919.6395.481
mean oh yeah go for it why not right you1921.7995.561
first all right I took my guy down um1925.125.24
yeah if you need to go for1927.363.0
it oh1933.25.719
nice that's what's up good1935.66.52
job now I got to run my ass off is1938.9196.72
everything here Dead dris uh no I just1942.125.76
did the mission okay1945.6394.321
oh I see a bunch of robots don't see me1947.885.519
okay I'm running toward extraction guys1949.965.36
okay cuz I I don't want to Circle back1953.3994.361
around to you yeah sounds good I'll try1955.324.479
to do the same extractions that way all1957.764.919
right try to keep it stealthy boys1959.7996.6
yep oh boy that's a lot of1962.6797.641
them okay oh no no no no no no of course1966.3997.52
there's a damn patol right in front of1970.323.599
me are they moving maybe just lay down1975.6794.801
let them pass yeah they're1978.26.09
moving I got to patrol to1980.486.159
myth oh God that's a damn atat as well1986.6397.76
God I can't go that way I got to go this1990.726.76
way I'll meet you guys over at distra or1994.3994.201
distraction what an idiot I am uh1998.64.24
extraction because I'm sure we'll have2001.444.479
to clear it first I hear him walking2002.845.199
freaking me out man yep I see them in2005.9194.24
Horizon oh God they're everywhere I am2011.125.159
in I am in such a hot zone right now2014.364.039
what is that whoa what was that what was2016.2794.561
that I just saw booms up there booms but2018.3994.081
they're not shooting at me oh my God2020.843.92
they're destroying their own fence they2022.484.0
hate their own2024.764.2
fence all right where are we at oh God I2026.485.28
got to get that2028.962.8
way all right map am I going the right2034.5595.521
way this way2036.7993.281
gotcha that's a bunch of them kind of2042.0394.64
looking my2044.22.479
way just crawl into the woods crawling2048.446.12
no no no no no no no no no no no no2052.3993.541
crawl into the2054.564.499
woods did you crawl in the woods I'm2060.1594.48
trying to but I think they may or may2062.283.599
not have seen2064.6395.04
me tempted to book2065.8793.8
[ __ ] no don't come this way no crawl2073.6394.76
into the2077.5994.48
woods crawl into the woods damn2078.3998.401
it why can't you crawl in the woods I2082.0798.04
[ __ ] [ __ ]2092.6394.841
nope I'm taking fire boys after I think2094.964.879
I'm close to you oh yeah oh yep I see2097.485.44
you okay oh no I wish I had grenades oh2099.8395.841
God I just came up to you yep um oh2102.925.84
boy um oh2105.686.0
boy uh this is not good hold on can I2108.767.68
call in call up man oh [ __ ] I'll call it2111.687.96
a npalm strike okay oh that's a grenade2116.446.639
run I'll throw in something too oh God2119.646.76
yep oh they they can't oh boy wait did I2123.0795.721
just call2126.42.4
again all right we should have done that2134.0795.321
earlier huh we're closer now huh yeah2136.725.84
okay hold on coming to you oh yeah we're2139.45.04
not far from extraction at all are we no2142.562.799
no we're2144.443.72
not all right oh there who's this oh2145.3594.041
it's all of us we're here you guys2148.163.76
geared up for this or what let's gear up2149.45.64
yeah everybody gear up I2151.926.439
hear oh two are2155.046.72
Northeast there is a patrol yeah just a2158.3595.24
couple of them we should go west okay2161.765.079
I'm calling an anti-tank uh Rockets same2163.5995.401
n oh we're both getting those okay at2166.8394.441
least that won't get their attention hey2169.05.0
can D get this other one get what this2171.285.52
anti-tank rocket oh they're here they2174.05.079
guys yeah damn it already here huh can't2176.85.68
do Ste for [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I shot nees well2179.0795.361
damn it damn it damn it damn it now I2182.483.24
oh my God these guys are2193.46.009
terrifying go down go down just2201.29.05
God go down go down go down oh God thank2210.724.96
God [ __ ] is that a grenade that's a2213.524.559
BL up y all clear no2218.0797.121
okay see you down2221.8396.201
there good God oh God I just hide2225.25.159
somewhere oh wait this is the extraction2228.045.84
place are you at the you're at it I am2230.3595.281
all right I'm taking cover and hiding2233.886.56
like a [ __ ] can you bring nees back uh2235.644.8
[ __ ] oh boy yeah they2245.5996.041
are they're everywhere now man should we2248.685.28
activate the uh yeah do it do it if we2251.645.439
can oh boy I'm not to going to all right2253.965.6
thanks abro all right let's see uh2257.0795.481
activate this thing yes shall I do it2259.564.559
okay I'm throwing up a machine gun2262.564.36
Sentry yeah2264.1195.321
perfect and I'm throwing mines in that2266.923.6
activated robot down okay all right2270.527.72
sentes up all right we got 2 minutes2273.5997.281
okay there a bunch of them up there2278.247.24
aren't there yep there seem to be all2280.886.64
right I got mines to the West so watch2285.483.48
out if you go2287.524.52
west oh [ __ ] I don't have any ammo2288.966.08
minute and a half I'm the ammo guy what2292.046.2
I'm the ah2295.043.2
uh-oh minute and a half we got oh god2298.684.72
that hurt oh2301.564.559
boy mines running through mines there2303.45.439
there's a l coming down here uh-oh2306.1195.281
there's a lot behind us right I see it2308.8393.681
[ __ ]2311.44.16
ammo oh yeah oh are my mines down yet I2312.525.12
think they're down oh boy we got big2315.565.279
guys coming in mines are down oh boy get2317.646.8
down reload oh no this is good2320.8398.441
ah no jeez what was that St2324.449.56
names up there's so many they got me2329.284.72
oh my yeah let's [ __ ]2343.563.08
go oh my God why are there so many of2348.0795.0
them oh my God why are there so many of2350.445.679
them I got no cover I got nowhere to2353.0798.121
hide this sucks run get up oh my God why2356.1197.441
won't I just get up and2361.24.6
move do I have any ammo of course I2363.563.72
run run you2367.282.92
idiot is there a extraction ready uh2370.24.6
about 192373.284.76
seconds I'm not going to be here for it2374.85.799
that okay come back2378.044.96
abro oh God he sees me didn't he let's2380.5994.321
throw some grenades over there grenades2383.04.2
for everybody Ah that's a bunch that's a2384.925.08
bunch let me grab2387.22.8
this all right shuttle's going to come2391.724.44
in let's get to the shuttle okay where2393.8394.52
where the the light is yes oh my God oh2396.163.4
God oh I see it get to the shuttle get2399.564.68
to the shuttle2402.724.24
yep oh boy it's going to be a tough it's2404.244.48
going to be TP oh [ __ ] they just dropped2406.964.879
in a bunch get in there get in the2408.726.08
shuttle come on get in the shuttle2411.8397.841
evacuate I'm coming I'm in the shes I'm2414.89.279
trying okay you get in get in get2419.684.399
finally we did2427.563.48
it I need a cigarette yeah you don't2431.885.6

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