Simon's Chicken Problem Is Getting Worse. (Minecraft Ep 21)

Minecraft - Appsro and Simon get ready to build a villager railway, Neebs builds a barn, Thick and Dora dink around in a cave with a talking creeper, ...
Simon's Chicken Problem Is Getting Worse. (Minecraft Ep 21)
Simon's Chicken Problem Is Getting Worse. (Minecraft Ep 21)

Simon's Chicken Problem Is Getting Worse. (Minecraft Ep 21)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and can't get enough of the hilarious adventures on the YouTube channel, then you're going to love the latest Minecraft video. In this episode, Appsro and Simon are gearing up to build a villager railway, Neebs is working on a barn, and Thick and Dora are exploring a cave with a talking creeper. And let's not forget that Appsro is giving his castle a much-needed update!

The video description also includes a link to some awesome merch - the Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt. I don't know about you, but I definitely need to add that to my collection. Plus, they give a shoutout to their mod setup for anyone who wants to try it out for themselves. And don't forget to subscribe to Neebs Gaming for more epic content!

I love how the Neebs Gaming crew always includes links to their Discord server, their coffee, and even their Patreon page. It really shows how much they care about their fans and want to keep the community engaged. And let's not overlook the awesome Minecraft playlist they've put together - hours of entertainment right at our fingertips.

The video also features a list of the music used, which is a nice touch. It's cool to see the behind-the-scenes details of how they put together their videos. And of course, they end with a heartfelt thank you for watching. It's little touches like these that make me proud to be a part of the Neebs Gaming family. Can't wait to see what they come up with next! #Minecraft #Raytracing #Neebs

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good egy buy this shirt7.625.519
ahoy there neighbor15.1193.761
hey Travis how's it going pretty good17.053.959
man hey can you stand in the front yard18.883.989
I'm trying to get this centered you know21.0093.991
I'm saying alright that's a thing okay22.8694.41
yeah you're dead center this is dead so25.03.48
this should be a wait wait wait27.2793.0
okay yeah you're dead center so this28.483.419
should be a flat piece and then another30.2794.771
piece they are going to yes yeah that's31.8995.131
a sharp-looking barn what's up with your35.054.829
like hodgepodge choice of like blocks37.036.149
it's still in construction the dirt is39.8796.27
placeholders Oh it'll be concrete once43.1794.621
we get it all sorted that's all just46.1492.91
gonna fall down when you take them out47.83.509
is it uh well I never use concrete49.0594.32
before you have to put water you know51.3094.111
there's concrete in this this red stuff53.3794.8
is concrete oh wow Fletcher he's55.424.529
starting to get a vinter a little bit58.1793.48
he's a bit of a shut-in and his start59.9493.12
looks like he's taking a leak on the61.6593.54
wall oh yeah yeah I don't know that is63.0693.451
venturing out he's trying to hide that65.1992.611
he's taking a piss on the wall I don't66.523.69
know if we have bathroom so yeah you67.813.96
should have come here to cast a little70.213.81
bit better you're right Fletcher working71.774.89
on bathrooms next so just try to hold it74.025.79
Fletcher we saw that hide better don't76.665.94
make this place stinky you late hey you79.814.44
didn't take those pants off the wall did82.63.87
you right I'm sure it was Simon just84.253.12
thought I'd ask86.471.89
I don't even know what that means87.372.82
Pennsylvania we have a wall of pants on88.363.6
the front gate I didn't know that if you90.193.09
have pants you don't need put them on91.963.3
there it's a thing I always need my93.282.64
all right Simon we are well below my108.775.56
castle here yes we are so I figured it111.63.75
started in mind so look what I've made114.333.21
over here real quick we got a you know115.354.5
basic crafting table got it117.543.99
and the challenges who can get the most119.854.159
metal yeah I've been doing good so far121.535.43
how much do you have right now six oh go124.0094.241
ahead and stick it in the Forge okay126.963.029
because needs has tasked us with the128.254.47
task of kidnapping the villager in order129.9894.261
to do that now I need to make a rail132.727.41
system okay hey Boris heck okay you're134.258.25
bored as heck yes board is hacked so go140.133.21
detain yourself142.53.66
yeah like hang out with us stuff oh okay143.345.04
have to buddy can oh that's not a bad146.164.29
thing you know I actually what you know148.383.84
what I think I'm gonna do today one of150.453.33
two things I mean they're gonna build a152.223.72
stronghold or I'm gonna start the153.784.5
largest forest fire I'll be yeah I'll155.943.24
keep you posted158.283.9
oh just don't start it at my treehouse159.184.44
okay I don't even know where that's162.182.73
perfect good163.623.36
yeah large forest fire it sounds fun164.913.18
yeah that's the way to go166.982.67
all right Simon you remember the168.093.989
serpentine rule uh yeah it's like gene169.655.58
gene gene gene gene gene gene your mind172.0795.311
you ready here Jing you start at one175.233.66
spot you go all the way down then you177.393.48
find two over then you come all the way178.893.54
back oh is that it180.873.0
yeah you remember that right of course182.433.54
that's the best way to do it of course183.873.179
it is because this way you're not185.973.359
wasting all the time yeah so before we187.0493.541
do that why don't we why don't we dig189.3293.301
this a little bit further down a uh-huh190.594.47
so we have lots of mud in space all192.634.199
right lots of money Spacey and then you195.063.57
work on the right you work on the left196.8294.291
what we're doing well you're it's198.634.02
happening well I thought it looked like201.122.91
you were shooting you know I thought you202.653.66
were doing me that's what she said I204.034.71
thought you were doing this side nope206.314.86
just a little bit right so then now we208.744.5
start doing the two for two for two oh211.173.99
yeah that's good but they don't count213.243.81
yes all right stop right there yeah215.163.78
starting now whoa it doesn't chance217.053.54
anyone started this is our this is the218.944.14
main hold well Ike this counts no it220.594.56
doesn't dammit it does I'm hitting this223.083.6
iron I'm getting it no matter what this225.155.76
is a freaking gold or iron mine hey yes226.686.09
it is an iron mine right alright230.913.93
technically all right fine it started232.774.35
good stuff okay good started by a minute234.849.75
ago and eve's yeah then I came to a237.1210.29
realization that uh I mean diamond now244.594.95
I'm not asking you for diamond uh-huh247.414.53
I'm gonna get diamond okay something I249.544.71
just have it I haven't much you know251.944.32
okay and I just built a bunch of just254.254.23
want to let you know in case in case I256.265.16
never come back are you going mining258.484.74
yeah I'm just gonna like head that way261.426.0
and find the first mine ish area okay263.226.81
but if I don't come back I love you guys267.424.92
you know oh okay I love you too you're270.033.18
taking that with you272.344.62
that's your lucky mining doll yeah273.215.88
apparently this is a great lucky mining276.963.84
doll for your information do you know279.094.38
what these do something to do with dying280.84.17
and you get like bringing it back to283.473.09
life having fixed your hair yet have you284.973.69
no you don't like it now because you286.565.04
look like a tower at a castle hey guys288.669.18
okay Nick Dallas is leaving so well it's291.68.58
been real no no I I don't care if I297.845.4
don't come back so I'm happy to go with300.184.89
you I was I was gonna do it I was either303.243.72
gonna do make a forest fire build a305.073.54
stronghold but it's not bettering my306.965.19
diamonds no well no this is no I don't308.615.88
care about diamonds really no I don't312.153.57
that's like a the best thing in the game314.493.54
in it the uninstall button is the best315.725.85
thing in the game okay318.037.92
oh yeah BAM yeah go ahead and tell tell321.576.819
neebs how nice is tom how nice325.959.07
Lux his wife my barn tell me how nice my328.38910.221
barn looks oh yeah it says barn here335.028.73
tell you know it's not done see what338.616.76
it's done do you not how was that not343.752.819
the first thing you said when you walked345.374.44
up okay y'all go look for diamonds all346.5694.34
right let's go349.813.9
Fletcher this barn is I mean just other350.9095.591
than little touch-ups it's kind of what353.716.299
its gonna be so if you have any requests356.54.889
other than bathroom still we're gonna360.0094.111
bathroom so cut down here I think I can361.3895.52
write jump on this cow okay364.125.19
still hurt a little bit but we're gonna366.9094.021
get you some friends so the other guys369.313.99
are gonna go yep okay I wasn't talking370.933.63
nevermind you don't care373.32.82
we'll keep building we got a bathroom374.566.409
mate all right where we are and three376.127.56
nope whoops I saved the screen I saved380.9695.67
two screen shots cool we needed those383.686.0
there's a minute done so oh I meant uh386.6396.25
two too low to bow too low pull back389.684.889
don't back up pull out and pulling out392.8893.39
I'll be right down this way394.5695.46
and so on sit direction okay you go the396.2795.94
opposite way okay these contests are400.0294.531
great when the audience loves them it's402.2195.431
a contest I didn't well 12 11 12 or 13404.565.31
what is it what I find okay407.6512.78
good luck out there kid man hey boy what409.8713.919
are you looking at yeah what nothing420.4316.859
nothing much oh wait oh oh I got it haha423.78919.68
I am equipped for come on oh you you437.2899.35
wait and see you guys Mackey here we go443.4697.19
ow boom ow ha446.6397.761
oh no I'm David there we go450.6593.741
sorry yeah found a dungeon Wow okay okay457.3896.27
I see the spawner not sure what we're461.863.779
dealing with oh I don't see anything yet463.6594.711
see if I can cover it before hold on all465.6393.09
I'm holding babe think of I think I468.7293.451
might have gotten it really yeah I'll470.653.269
put more light up just in case well that472.182.19
was easy473.9191.861
look at that look at look I kind of474.373.9
looks like a skeleton spawner yeah475.784.409
that's a skeleton spawner all right and478.273.84
they suck so good that they're not480.18923.311
spawning yourself let me into a trap go482.1127.359
up here there's so much for you okay503.58.46
there were creepers and you were there509.4696.841
and I was not looking at you so move511.967.879
along are we took the block okay okay516.316.12
yep I know I'm sorry519.8395.311
forget about it take the block and go522.436.02
look at these guys seriously not gonna525.1511.82
let this go oh okay oh he's back play528.4512.69
with this right here we go oh yeah let536.974.49
it go541.142.09
creeper don't worry I'm in the chicken543.235.83
pit Oh cramp547.444.32
okay I'm just gonna give fake chickens549.064.23
you all right551.764.38
step up there let's go get some pushes553.295.73
down here these bushes happen what is he556.147.699
doing okay I'm gonna go back up here559.029.9
yeah oh crap get out of this thing hurry563.8398.531
up okay yeah there you are right there568.926.24
the print how's he doing this come572.375.4
around come around what's hurting me575.165.51
what is this what is this577.7711.75
that was something invisible where sami580.6711.289
life would be so much easier without him589.526.21
all right come here591.9593.771
I got stuff come back I dare you right596.236.39
now I'm looking right at you yep I got599.417.38
you I got ya get in line I can kill602.6214.0
people all day it's a drive-up window no606.7914.54
it's like it's leaking leaking zombies616.628.86
it's a it's a damn dungeon over here no621.336.61
not when they're just pouring out no not625.484.53
that part of it though you see what I627.943.9
can do here oh there's one right a630.016.69
chicken Oh God oh you know what631.847.92
it's a spawner oh there we go there we636.79.27
go they're not gonna get me you're tiny639.769.36
not a man you're a boy boy zombie I645.9710.23
found a music disc the hell here we come649.1210.5
I'm ready for you baby come on come on656.26.27
okay you you right here here come on man659.625.19
nope nope nope just the crap I need to662.476.66
do this to do their areas what else we664.818.54
got what else we got oh come on669.135.73
it's too much crap in there okay you674.864.56
okay nobody else yeah no but I didn't679.426.37
hurt him685.162.52
whew oh did you get hit by the thing685.796.72
okay nice every single night and we687.688.61
sleep oh there he is come on come on692.519.6
okay around no no no god it's gonna be a696.2910.98
longer haul link okay what if I come in702.118.01
oh no don't get stuck in me come in come707.279.6
in okay okay you stay in there we710.1210.18
staying nope nobody can come in716.876.51
and your room with the chickens okay you723.63.78
know how to use that door please tell me726.0296.451
you don't yeah you're mine baby I'm727.387.319
making potions and you are gonna be732.485.49
Fletcher's best friend love it734.6994.501
I'm waiting here till morning737.974.419
all right so you want me to put him in851.594.11
here put what in there oh that's a853.843.45
record player yeah I was gonna try this855.73.54
disc oh yeah do they do the disc I got857.294.35
the I still got 55 ingot for you or859.242.88
alright see what this one sounds like862.126.95
alright yeah that's awful863.52911.851
whoo wants to be a church oh yeah yep869.079.73
this is about when the nun smacks me875.386.58
you for the bad boy it sounded bad Oh878.85.59
God all right yeah yes yes Christ881.965.13
forgive me Father for I have sinned884.394.2
stick this in here though they like crap887.093.63
I don't want I'm gonna give you uh give888.593.93
you anything that I have do you need any890.723.48
material other than the metal that I can892.524.05
help you with listen whatever you mind894.24.32
it's that's yours from everything yeah896.573.87
that's yours you're you're very handsome898.524.56
man now you got stuff so don't lose it900.444.65
you know what go back to your house and903.084.59
make chests and put it in chests yep and905.093.84
I'm gonna try to remember how to get907.671.89
well it's easy adventure yeah you'll be909.563.66
able to find it alright see you later911.843.81
see ya hey that was fun that was fun913.224.05
alright I might come back for you later915.654.53
gonna make some rails kisses baby kisses917.274.35
I'm gonna work on this place this place920.182.25
is gonna be awesome921.622.76
I know it will because you're an awesome922.435.06
man alright see ya924.383.11
he's gone928.217.23
alright look at this I can fun of my way930.7612.15
because I am smart so my mother says935.447.47
easy peasy back home baby I'm not that945.238.73
in confident today noobs yeah man I got949.617.05
55 metal ingot is that what they're953.966.54
called iron ingot okay and I'm feeling956.665.94
pretty accomplished where you at in my960.53.81
house okay962.63.15
I thought you ever get in a villager964.313.78
well we were good metal weren't we know965.754.59
your thought well I suppose probably968.093.24
gonna build a train to bring the970.342.43
villager back that the plan was a971.334.89
villager oh you know me I mean I've972.775.79
forgot that probably the first couple976.223.69
minutes okay well I'm working on a978.563.09
potion because I trapped a zombie979.914.62
villager you did yep you coming yes sir981.655.55
all right we're going to the potion room984.534.23
all right987.22.94
any particular reason why it's988.763.54
downstairs because it's in the potion990.144.65
room okay this is the this is where992.34.89
drivers built it Oh perfect yes oh this994.794.02
is very nice I forget that you guys have997.194.65
connected look it looky yep fix the sale998.815.04
spruced up the room using your stuff ate1001.844.29
up an incubator these are so nice I've1003.854.17
never seen these guys swimming down here1006.133.42
I don't think what are you talking about1008.024.08
oh they always down here every time you1009.554.5
know what you know it's nice baby today1012.13.15
I'm just being a little bit more aware1014.053.12
of noobs okay a little bit more1015.254.59
conscious conscious conscious conscious1017.177.26
of what's going on yeah oh the kitty I1019.847.05
just heard a kitty you heard a kitty1024.433.66
let's probably drown this he lives1026.891.65
Oh doraleous meows like a kitty yeah1028.545.85
okay so this is gonna take me a minute I1031.416.25
gotta read rallies hey will you just be1034.396.3
out like kitty yeah whoa I like coming1037.665.55
in like that um it's nice no kitty what1040.694.83
you tried to start a kitty that's all no1043.214.08
it's moving from upstairs that's all low1045.523.74
on the couldn't find one diamond not one1047.293.81
not me me neither1049.263.64
got over a hundred iron no and what's1051.15.01
thirty what over a hundred yeah all1052.95.16
right good to see you guys I forgot to1056.113.96
tell think that I left I hope he's okay1058.0612.6
you don't really care come on baby back1060.0712.87
to Pennsylvania anybody wants to see a1070.665.1
villager get change but come on party1072.946.15
time nobody nobody's gonna be there1075.766.33
with me okay hey names absolute oh hey1079.097.32
what's up listen where's mom where is he1082.095.91
we're - what do you talk about man there1086.412.97
was a zombie villager in here1088.03.48
we're here in Simon's house I didn't see1089.383.63
him he's got here I'm trying to plot a1091.484.08
course okay hey if a rail were to come1093.013.72
up here where would you want it to come1095.562.49
up back cuz I was kind of thinking over1096.733.69
here Oh from underground yeah and then1098.055.7
land like right here can you build like1100.424.8
a little wall around this this will be1103.753.51
like a little rail house you can't bring1105.223.99
in villagers you make this a train depot1107.263.18
yeah but make sure they can't get out1109.212.49
that's what I'm saying it I need1110.442.58
somewhere where I can kind of fence in1111.73.54
it fits it in yeah alright this is gonna1113.023.99
be it yeah this will be the train depot1115.244.98
okay gotta look for this man don't tell1117.015.07
me this guy's gone what are you doing my1120.223.78
house there was a zombie villager in1122.085.43
here oh nice under there I don't know1124.05.31
what I'm saying oh he's got to be down1127.514.98
there right right in was he downstairs1129.315.4
or was he in the upstairs he was in the1132.494.08
upstairs play he could be anywhere he's1134.713.3
probably just chilling with the chickens1136.573.9
alright Simon don't console me cuz you1138.014.83
don't know you're talking about do you1140.473.99
worried about there be another zombie1142.843.96
villager down here me yeah is that bad1144.465.19
because he will kill you why cuz he's a1146.83.42
give me why okay well let's see what1150.224.59
happens man with life is this the last1152.535.7
room no is this this is a foyer you keep1154.815.61
growing trees down course I am yeah1158.234.56
wouldn't it be those chickens down here1160.426.18
they need trees no one knows that go1162.794.74
there we go how deep does this go it1167.535.49
goes it's beautiful something down here1169.936.72
not when it's like this free we're a1173.026.39
zombie villager guys if you guys see the1176.655.04
zombie villager running man this guy's1179.415.43
gone I didn't do it I'm gonna do it1181.695.43
so say probably these fall under Sun1184.844.59
that's horrible man we through all that1187.122.97
listen man why are you down here you1190.092.52
might want to kill some of these1191.652.58
chickens they're delicious1192.615.85
yeah I'm good man okay I'm going up get1194.2311.04
up get that throw we lost him but I got1198.469.66
my potions for next time and I got a1205.276.35
trap oh I thought you were in this hole1208.127.67
okay noobs you let the gate open yep no1211.626.19
you don't do that1215.794.48
alright you show me what you mean and I1217.813.84
won't do it next time this gate right1220.274.47
here yep got it never happen again sorry1221.655.37
you're the best man you're so smart you1224.743.69
want to tell me that all right that's it1227.022.68
I hate you1228.4310.69

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