Hey guys, have you checked out the latest Subnautica log from Neebs Gaming? If not, you're missing out on some hilarious content! In this vi...


Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving deep into Subnautica and taking on the epic battle of Seamoth vs Crabsnake!

simon: Oh man, I love this video! The way you screamed when that Crabsnake appeared was priceless, Neebs!

neebs: Ha! Yeah, I wasn't expecting that sneaky little bugger to show up out of nowhere. But hey, it made for some great entertainment, right?

appsro: Definitely! And let's not forget the part where you tried to fight off those annoying worms. Classic Neebs move right there!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest Subnautica log from Neebs Gaming? If not, you're missing out on some hilarious content! In this video, the gang is dealing with those pesky worms and let me tell you, it's a riot. I won't spoil too much, but let's just say there are plenty of laughs and epic fails along the way.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know they always bring the energy and entertainment. And this video is no exception. From the witty banter to the epic gameplay, it's a wild ride from start to finish. Plus, you'll get to see all the crazy reactions and strategies as they navigate through the game.

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button so you never miss a new upload from Neebs Gaming. And if you want to catch them live, be sure to tune in to their Twitch stream every Thursday at 8:00 EST. Trust me, it's the world's greatest stream and you won't want to miss it. And if you want to show your support, check out their Spreadshirt shop for some awesome merch.

So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready to laugh your socks off with the latest Subnautica log from Neebs Gaming. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, but one thing's for sure - you're in for a good time. Let's dive in and see what kind of shenanigans the gang gets into this time!

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think yeah I'm going to attempt11.843.799
something crazy what are you going to do13.7193.921
I'm going to try to run over this worm15.6394.911
Road Kill Road17.646.179
Kill did that do24.05.279
anything think I knocked him Fu ow God26.1194.881
knocked him for29.2792.921
trying to hit him31.04.68
again yeah you little32.23.48
[ __ ] you are going to die I got him on37.363.879
Run come on just tell me weird store God41.2396.64
oh boy my health is at 48 yeah you're45.5594.48
going to die hey I ran him off I ran him47.8793.881
okay it's too bad you can't build a51.764.599
garage for that thing yeah no [ __ ] maybe53.764.76
how's that survey coming oh I stopped it63.485.2
I mean we can we can keep going just for66.1195.281
fun no yeah I don't I don't want it you68.683.72
you know you've gotten just as71.42.68
depressing assignment at this point72.43.2
you're going to die I have no confidence74.084.64
in you well I'm just a realist no it's75.65.28
not nice to hear when I'm I'm all alone78.724.079
trying to survive oh man it is beautiful80.883.559
out tonight hold on I need to get82.7994.481
bladder fish oh hey yeah I got a new84.4395.841
signal Aurora rondevo point oh wait wait87.284.56
I think it's that is that what ke left90.283.32
you no I think it's that other Island91.843.84
I've already been to the Jungle Island93.64.08
it's got to be Aurora Rendevous Point95.683.479
God I hope Keane's dead I've already97.682.759
been there should I go check see if99.1593.201
Keane's there yes hold on I'm going to100.4393.121
Simon hey Simon good news Keen might be103.569.44
send who's114.7197.121
that huh what are you looking at117.04.84
interesting I found a123.4794.721
bladderfish it has like green spots all125.844.32
it is it like uh just murdered it it's130.165.2
got okay we'll never know what what it133.165.0
was then I should have scanned that yep135.366.04
that was weird holy [ __ ] okay I'm I138.165.12
found a hoverfish with green spots on it141.44.559
as well this contaminated I don't know143.285.039
geted it oh it says145.9594.721
infected oh148.3194.801
it's got a disease get out of there man150.684.36
[ __ ] away from me man you're going to be153.125.56
infected yeah it says infected GH oh you155.046.279
[ __ ] the worm's back Oh I thought you158.684.919
were talking to me161.3196.081
oh he just got back to me about ke he's163.5995.72
got like some cracking up167.46.119
emojis LOLOLOL LOL he's laughing yeah I169.3196.401
yeah the Rondo Point took me to the183.043.0
okay is it giving you a waypoint to go187.765.32
to precisely yeah there's there is a190.25.8
waypoint okay I made it all right hold193.084.64
on let hop196.03.64
hello do you see ke's bloated corpse I199.646.12
don't hold203.04.439
hello hey anybody207.4395.561
yeah until we see his dead body I'm just211.043.88
going to assume that that fucker's still213.04.0
alive I mean it could have gotten eaten214.925.399
by a worm hope yeah I don't see any217.06.04
signs of him I mean there's that base up220.3194.161
there but I've already uh I've already223.044.0
been there okay I've already explored224.484.44
this place man I I found no signs of227.043.96
anyone called Keen well I'll go back to228.923.44
that Rendevous point and just check231.02.879
around one last232.366.079
time all right back at the rendevu233.8796.72
point all right238.4394.321
yeah just search240.5994.081
around hey I'm going to jump into this242.764.92
water oh how high how high up are you244.687.119
that's pretty high oh [ __ ] I fell ow god247.686.759
what the [ __ ] is wrong with you I don't251.7995.521
know you figure if somebody somebody254.4395.601
tells you to go somewhere that there257.324.639
would be something here right Kane's a260.044.76
[ __ ] troll in every sense of the word261.9595.761
yeah I think we may have been trolled ke264.84.76
I don't see a PDA I don't see anything267.723.36
like playing around I can only assume269.563.96
that that dick knows is still alive [ __ ]271.086.839
I guess I'll uh guess I'll head back to273.524.399
base all right thick I'm back at284.286.24
base I do not see oh yep yeah I287.126.56
do the [ __ ] was that oh samand shark290.525.08
leave me the [ __ ] alone would293.685.2
you good Lord get out of there I never295.65.599
have any I I I built this base298.884.44
specifically cuz I wanted somewhere301.1994.681
peaceful to hang out it's the opposite303.324.56
of what I wanted didn't work out for you305.884.4
sand sharks [ __ ]307.884.68
worms kill one of those worms one day310.284.44
it's be glorious I want to be there when312.563.84
you kill one of those worms I I want to314.723.64
kill one for you I want you to kill one316.44.519
for me I can't some days I just got to318.364.36
keep calm320.9195.12
man ABS uh hold on I'm taking a seat322.726.16
okay ah yeah what's up thick hey my326.0394.481
ship's over Dude328.883.4
okay I'm going to go join Simon all330.523.56
right you you guys are sending that ship332.284.039
though right like not 15 years like334.084.959
immediately yeah well I I mean I don't336.3195.081
that's up to neees no bump me to premium339.0394.481
all right man see what I can do yeah341.44.079
good talking to you thick good talk343.524.6
don't die I won't I won't I'm not going345.4795.121
to die not going to die I'm just yeah348.123.72
going to do my thing not going to be350.62.48
worried about sand sharks not going to351.842.4
be worried about353.083.72
worms I'm going to do just354.247.22
fine no you're not356.817.889
all right better get the day started377.845.919
let's see how things going out here the380.965.44
worms I383.7592.641
hope welcome aboard captain thank you386.9196.201
you [ __ ] all right I would like to go389.966.4
and check out that deep mushroom area I393.125.4
saw let's see if there's anything else396.364.399
there's see about 158 M408.247.84
down what we got412.563.52
H tree mushroom421.685.32
eh pretty cool he it looks like a kind423.7595.641
of looks like a Mickey427.05.68
mouth hey429.43.28
kids hey buddy I'm not going to hurt you433.7594.081
I just want to scan your436.287.24
butt come on buddy oo jelly437.845.68
Ray I like this little guy who's a cutie443.7594.761
he's a447.4794.921
cutie woo I am448.523.88
deep it's in the MS but it's closer like454.45.76
it's not all the way at the border hey458.3193.481
hello but near Cherokee you know460.163.759
Cherokee is hello they got a movie461.83.76
theater there and463.9194.361
everything so we went there to see the465.566.919
movies ow what the we went to hello have468.286.879
a train at R City in the summer mostly472.4797.081
you get ice cream and stuff hey heyes475.1597.281
hear that479.562.88
hey hello hey man who is this abro Z483.249.12
passenger 00 Fu the guy stranded oh did488.726.24
you call me no you called me I didn't492.365.36
call you yes you did oh you know what494.965.199
I'm sitting on my thing I butt dialed497.725.479
you oh okay great I didn't wake you up500.1595.361
did I no no I'm uh I was just exploring503.1993.321
a new505.525.16
area caution passing safe what was that506.525.759
oh sorry the sea moth was just talking510.683.56
to me I have a sea moth now you got a512.2795.2
sea moth yeah whoa hold on found514.245.32
something you pull up your files here517.4793.281
it's been a while since I've talked to519.563.399
you oh520.765.32
sweet what you got there it's a a whole522.9596.0
fragment for the Cyclops oh wow oh526.085.16
Cyclops neebs I wish you could see what528.9594.721
I'm seeing yeah I'm in this like531.244.719
underwater mushroom Forest I wish you533.683.68
could see what I'm seeing what are you535.9594.361
looking at civilization people537.366.32
mine's prettier okay seems lonely though540.327.12
super lonely so oh you spoke to543.686.04
representative thick 44 last time yeah547.445.0
yeah I talked to thick wow Simon before549.724.84
that they do not always fill in their552.444.88
notes like I like I wish they just you554.565.16
know regulate a system like Simon uses557.324.24
sticky notes and rappers to write his559.723.88
notes on thick uses the computer but he561.564.36
like pulls up a text document oh did563.65.44
thick make you do the survey yeah oh boy565.924.88
we never got through it though we we569.044.479
make $15 per survey he tries to pull570.85.08
that on everybody G I hate surveys but573.5193.88
you can get oh you're not even premium575.883.079
are you no it's what he was talking577.3993.88
about okay well you're still not578.9593.961
qualified for premium yet I should be581.2793.281
qualified for premium well when you582.923.52
signed up to go on the Aurora Mission it584.563.56
asked you do you want premium and you586.443.519
check no no you don't looking at it588.123.44
right here you shouldn't need premium589.9593.721
I'm if anybody crash lands it doesn't591.563.6
matter they're premium they're not593.684.64
premium you go and you help595.164.96
what we doing today are we going to try606.444.079
to build this uh Cyclops I don't know if607.8394.081
we're going to get to that today I might610.5194.76
just have to uh keep searching for more611.927.479
pieces okay oh [ __ ] what you got uh it's615.2796.521
one of those big big things that tried619.3994.841
to eat me my first day here big thing621.84.599
huh yeah the thing I wouldn't scan624.244.76
because it was huge oh yeah yeah bet you626.3994.801
wish you would have scann that now no I629.03.959
don't we not we might know what we're631.24.0
dealing with I've been on632.9595.401
vacation um now I feel like I'm playing635.24.68
ketchup you know what I'm saying yeah638.362.76
yeah where'd you go I went to the639.882.519
mountains how were the mountain they641.124.92
were good just saw some family uh I642.3996.24
watched Logan oh how was that it wasn't646.044.68
what I wanted but it was good okay like648.6393.44
I think they should have asked me how650.724.96
I'd have wrote it and let me write it652.0795.241
why don't you why don't you write it655.684.399
maybe I will yeah workan too657.326.92
go work for uh Holly weird what is going660.0798.32
on oh hey I'm losing my mind that664.245.48
happens to people sometimes when they668.3994.12
get stuck on planets I've seen it I669.724.64
should have came back on like a Saturday672.5193.481
you know you always need that buffer day674.363.52
yeah I know what you're saying come home676.04.44
lay off wash your clothes get back in677.884.72
the game yeah just I mean catching up on680.443.639
emails that's the worst when you come682.63.4
back from a vacation M I like what I684.0793.281
everything the whole day just catch up687.363.08
emails I found this big piece of the690.445.399
Aurora and I'm curious if there's a way692.67.28
to get inside of it so I'm going to695.8396.361
search around a minute is it separated699.884.72
from the the main part of the oh yeah702.24.4
big time this thing flew way out here704.64.56
hey maybe you can get that and attach it706.64.679
to the main piece fly yourself out of I709.164.0
don't think so this I mean this is a711.2793.68
really really big piece it's underwater713.163.04
though everything's lighter underwater714.9593.241
is it you just pick it up can't just716.24.319
pick it up no your physics don't work718.26.6
like that thing you're out of your mind720.5194.281
water oh ooh think I is that a PDA726.6398.281
no did you find a way in I did find a732.5194.601
way in734.926.12
okay we see just a bunch of junk right737.125.399
now hold on let me get my scanner out741.042.479
maybe I'll742.5193.68
this a wire here oh746.1998.08
found a bench o yeah now I can make a749.728.44
bench you can sit down now hell yeah oh754.2796.92
PDA that's handy yeah well some of these758.164.72
pdas have come in handy like when I went761.1994.281
to the Aurora the main ship uhhuh uh a762.884.0
lot of doors would like you had to you765.483.24
had to know the passcode to get766.883.759
in you know I mean is that why there's768.725.08
numbers all over these chocolate bar770.6395.76
rappers yeah so that I assume that's773.84.839
Simon's doing Simon has gotten like a776.3994.521
100 numberb is written everywhere oh boy778.6394.041
four digigit numbers yep that was780.923.88
it he is so784.85.279
oh little dangerous in790.763.84
here oh man I don't want to get a lost795.324.8
do you need these numbers should I keep798.6393.921
these I no don't don't keep them throw800.125.399
them out yeah hold on oh boy I'm802.565.44
getting oh I'm freaking out it's like he805.5194.801
stores his candy bars on the808.04.24
dashboard how is there this much810.323.56
chocolate on a812.245.24
wrapper just store it somewhere cool813.885.72
hold on hold on oh God I'm disoriented I817.484.359
am disoriented keeps him in his holy819.64.039
[ __ ] holy [ __ ] I got to get okay I got821.8393.12
to get out of here oh man my823.6396.2
claustrophobia kicked in Big Time824.9594.88
I keep finding these fish with like841.124.32
green spots all over them oh really yeah842.64.239
I scanned one the other day and it said845.442.319
it was846.8393.161
infected you didn't eat one did you no I847.7594.361
didn't I know I didn't eat one did you850.04.16
touch it no I didn't touch it I just852.123.92
picked it up with my propulsion854.164.0
Cannon I don't like the sounds of that856.043.359
actually I don't like the sounds of that858.162.679
either I mean you're in the same water859.3993.24
with that thing yeah I know that thing860.8393.601
poops in the water you swim in yeah862.6393.481
don't remind me you better get yourself864.443.48
checked out well I can't really run down866.123.48
to the doctor here can867.923.4
when you have like a medical scanner or869.66.08
something well I have my scanner scan871.324.36
yourself what that's said infected881.3995.201
no all right well that's not good you're887.87.12
infected scanner keeps saying infected892.0795.721
oh boy I want to cancel that rescue ship894.925.2
no send the rescue you can't be bringing897.84.68
infections back to our planet okay look900.124.68
I I'll research it I I'll figure out a902.484.44
cure all right I'll put things on hold904.83.64
till you figure this out no go ahead and906.923.839
start sending the ship fuel is really908.444.92
expensive abro if we send a ship halfway910.7594.08
there and have to turn around you must913.363.96
resources that is we wasted yeah but914.8394.0
it's worth it it's worth it for a human917.323.04
life right uh yeah it's worth it to918.8393.881
bring a uh a deadly disease back to kill920.363.839
Millions I mean you don't have to bring922.723.96
that back okay but if you're infected924.1994.521
and we bring you back we're bringing926.683.92
that back no don't bring that back but928.723.359
bring me back you're going to figure out930.63.359
what you're infected with if you can932.0794.481
cure it we'll come get you I had another933.9594.601
client want to Blue ship anyway actually936.565.0
freeze that up for that938.563.0
guy I'm not seeing anything down here948.04.04
nees well you've only been looking for950.1995.281
like 30 seconds o holy [ __ ] though I did952.046.0
find a really big chunk of the Aurora955.486.2
again oh yeah yeah all958.048.279
right oh Cyclops Bridge fragment yeah oh961.688.519
oh [ __ ] what what does it mean unpowered966.3195.721
man you're not charging your stuff hold970.1994.841
on what do you do all972.045.359
day there we go is that the first time975.043.68
you've had to put a new battery in that977.3992.761
yeah I mean this thing's been lasting a978.723.039
while or you had been scanning enough980.163.52
stuff cuz every time I ask you scan some981.7594.481
you hadn't all right when you go in this983.684.279
thing you got to keep your bearings986.244.279
about you I know987.9594.961
turn around oh it's easy to do I did it990.5194.161
at the other one cave diving is992.923.68
dangerous yeah I994.683.88
bet found the996.66.12
door cutting it open998.564.16
okay come up come on there we go all1003.366.719
right I'm keeping ey on your oxygen1007.884.12
levels you're down to 70 something all1010.0796.401
right thank you oh hey a cyclops Bridge1012.06.92
fragment all right hey I can make a1016.485.719
Cyclops Bridge oh man we racked up oh1018.924.76
hey prawn suit fragment I already got1022.1993.801
all that though yeah I I wish I could1023.684.519
ride one of those things pron suit yep1026.03.36
yeah I'm going to want to build it1028.1994.521
you're so lucky oh boy got turned around1029.365.0
in the head nope I'm1032.725.0
good yeah made it out did you made it1034.367.079
out good Hey listen 30 seconds if you're1037.725.76
going to die on this trip do it whenever1041.4394.281
uh on Simon or thick shift this looks1043.484.04
bad on me if it happens while I I'm1045.725.12
going to try not to die on anybody shift1047.525.88
okay hey found a nuclear reactor1050.845.04
fragment all right that'll be handy yeah1053.44.76
maybe I can blow this place to hell hey1055.885.52
good Hall got some good stuff huh yeah1058.165.519
oh man it is dark out1061.44.68
here okay I'm heading back uh heading1063.6795.88
back to the surface welcome aboard1066.083.479
Captain yeah1076.884.279
boo what' you do I built a vending1079.444.16
machine oh yeah yeah let's see you got1081.1595.321
any candy bars in there oh snacks snack1083.65.559
oh man this thing just dispenses snacks1086.485.12
like any oh wow1089.1595.0
sweet and you can eat them yeah oh they1091.64.4
don't give me much though how many more1094.1593.961
can I1096.06.76
get and they're free that's1098.124.64
cool they don't really do much for me1102.844.319
though well it's junk food it is junk1105.083.88
food it's awful go easy on it I would1107.1593.201
love to figure out a situation where I1108.962.92
could eat you know I didn't have to go1110.363.16
fishing all the damn time cuz I'm always1111.883.76
like I got to go get fish and water it's1113.526.08
annoying uh-huh neees yeah see a worm1115.646.72
out there oh really God I really want to1119.64.68
kill one of those guys think you can I'm1122.363.559
going to try to run him over I tried1124.283.68
this before it kind of worked run it1125.9194.401
over yeah run it over in the water yeah1127.964.88
in the water is that going to work I1130.324.599
don't know I'm going to do it okay1132.844.88
buckle up you little1134.9195.681
yeah [ __ ] you did you kill1140.67.36
it I got him on the Run Dees okay hit1143.966.959
him again Abra come1147.962.959
on I's running from1153.03.88
me oh1159.03.28
[ __ ] [ __ ] off AB is it working kind of1163.48.44
yeah love to kill him yeah come on is he1168.06.12
hurt oh he's twitching he's twitching1171.845.0
like a little flappy penis stay on him M1174.124.16
I'm going to do1176.844.44
it Health's at 48% on the sea moth I1178.284.2
don't want to damage it too much come1181.286.0
here you little yeah how you like me1182.488.76
now all right SE down 34% be careful1187.286.36
passenger you're not dying on my1191.244.84
watch wait till Salmon's on the phone1193.644.0
oh oh chasing1202.843.12
me come1207.488.04
on oh knes did you do it I killed the1209.765.76
worm [ __ ] you man make sure you tell him1215.884.72
I'm the best operator when you fill out1219.03.76
the survey hold on can I scan him oh1220.63.52
damn it won't let me scan him oh wait1222.764.88
yeah it will here we1224.126.52
woo there it is it's called a crab snake1231.1595.841
crab snake oh [ __ ] that thing yeah ah1233.248.0
gave to business hell yeah eat [ __ ]1237.08.2
worm oh man I feel so much better now1241.246.08
that was a long time coming1245.24.76
man all right repairing the seam off1247.325.32
getting her back in1249.962.68
shape now you know how to deal with1253.364.559
those guys yeah Ram them you should put1255.324.32
like a spear on the front of that thing1257.9193.721
yeah no [ __ ] that'd be awesome fabricate1259.643.84
a little like yeah Javelin or something1261.644.68
spear attachment hell yeah or an1263.485.24
axe man I feel good1266.324.56
now you know what I'm going to call it a1268.726.04
day after that I just want to hang out1270.885.64
just chill the rest of the day eat some1274.765.0
chips yeah you deserve it I do I do all1276.525.399
right well good I'm going to run too1279.764.12
because I just get back from vacation1281.9195.521
okay so uh all right yeah hey good talk1283.885.52
hey good talk you did well yeah see you1287.443.25

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