LET'S MAKE A PRAWN SUIT | Subnautica #8

Hey guys, guess what? Today's Subnautica log is all about exploring the Alien Base and getting a PRAWN suit! I couldn't be more excited abou...
LET'S MAKE A PRAWN SUIT | Subnautica #8
LET'S MAKE A PRAWN SUIT | Subnautica #8

LET'S MAKE A PRAWN SUIT | Subnautica #8

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest Subnautica video? It's all about making a PRAWN suit!

simon: Oh yeah, that's my favorite one! I mean, who wouldn't want a PRAWN suit? It's like the ultimate underwater fashion statement.

neebs: Exactly! I can just imagine us cruising around in those suits, causing chaos and looking fabulous at the same time.

simon: Ha, I can already see the headlines - 'Youtube stars wreak havoc in PRAWN suits, film it all for their adoring fans!'

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, guess what? Today's Subnautica log is all about exploring the Alien Base and getting a PRAWN suit! I couldn't be more excited about this - it's like a dream come true for a Subnautica fan like me. If you're not already subscribed to Neebs Gaming, you're seriously missing out. Trust me, you'll want to hit that subscribe button to catch all the latest updates and gameplay videos.

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oh boy I made a good decision installing19.646.84
that thing all right no worms no worms22.5194.84
worms I haven't seen a worm in a while27.3594.0
this is good this is good we having a29.5194.04
good time okay where do I want to go31.3594.401
today oh you know what I haven't taken33.5594.201
the seot down to that alien base I'm35.764.41
going to do that oh before I37.763.88
go welcome aboard Captain yeah before I41.644.919
go I want to45.23.999
grab this guy purple46.5595.961
artifact I'm going to an alien base with49.1997.241
my purple artifact keep52.523.92
uh passenger doufu come in hello this is64.4398.0
passenger Fu or 00 Fu 00f that's it68.525.2
that's how I should have said that right72.4393.241
hi yeah this is a new voice going on73.724.2
yeah yeah not much how you been Buddy75.684.52
I've been good cool uh it says that I'm77.925.36
to check in on you okay and uh I just80.25.48
want to make sure everything was good um83.284.159
where are you well I'm I'm on the I'm85.683.119
the passenger that crashed on the water87.4393.881
Planet water Planet you call me you88.7994.32
don't know my situation well they didn't91.323.759
leave me any notes and I cannot you93.1193.0
don't leave any notes you don't have a95.0793.641
filing system over there find the filing96.1194.28
system what about Simon's files it98.723.52
should be candy bar wrappers and sticky100.3995.08
sticky notes left everywhere Simon let's102.244.4
see don't even know you don't even know105.4794.32
who Simon is huh are you new no I've106.644.4
been here a while but I kind of made a109.7993.241
lateral move hey it's not important but111.044.64
um you said you're on vacation no I'm113.045.079
not on [ __ ] vacation I I was part of115.684.759
a ship called the Aurora I have crash118.1194.881
landed onto a planet that is mostly120.4395.32
water I'm on my way to uh oh God how do123.05.36
I even get into this I'm on my way to an125.7595.2
alien structure I found yeah there's128.364.84
aliens here somewhere wow that sounds130.9594.161
like an adventure I I wouldn't133.24.039
experience so if you think about it oh135.123.56
yeah it's been a shitty experience137.2393.601
there's aliens there's been giant worms138.683.76
I guess it depends on how you look at it140.843.44
huh yeah yeah I guess so if you think142.443.96
about it it's all Cosmic gravy my friend144.283.679
I don't know what that means Cosmic146.43.64
gravy just it's all butter about like147.9593.521
gravy on the Galaxy what are you talking150.043.4
about man it's all just like energy151.484.24
spiritual butter are you a foodie you're153.444.4
talking about food [ __ ] butter I'm155.724.159
talking about life or or the life that157.844.84
we perceive anyway you know chakras159.8796.801
medit like Just Energy brother okay so162.685.36
you got to look at things differently166.683.479
you ever meditate no not really although181.1594.761
I probably should also it's nice to feel183.924.28
the energy of others like when you do185.924.92
the is it oh God okay all right hold on188.25.2
hold on okay not the time right not the190.845.0
no not the time I'm looking at what193.44.88
would they call it a teleporter195.846.44
yeah teleporter yeah198.286.64
oh oh what was your name by the way oh202.285.64
I'm dalius Dalias yeah pleasure to meet204.925.879
youfu yeah [ __ ] ABS yeah they would207.925.36
that's not your name dou FU is it hey I210.7995.0
I found an entrance to this alien base213.284.519
to the water going in man you're so215.7993.44
lucky if I make it tell you what though217.7994.08
if I do make it out of this it will be a219.2394.321
it will be a tale that's for sure could221.8793.56
write a book I could write a book try to223.564.599
make some money off225.4392.72
this no I brought that artifact for a231.565.38
reason here we234.763.92
all right the artifact worked open the243.363.4
door hey that's245.044.68
awesome that's just awesome it is246.765.52
awesome life life's just a serious what249.725.96
the hell what what okay I stepped into252.285.16
this little thing and oh I'm floating255.684.16
I'm floating we all are brother we're257.443.919
all just floating no no I am physically259.844.079
floating right now copy261.3596.68
that oh okay wait a263.9196.481
minute I've been here yeah I've been268.0393.841
here before this is where the first door270.43.359
led me cuz you've been reincarnated my271.883.08
friend no I've not been [ __ ]273.7593.601
reincarnated man all right well I've274.963.6
already been here so I'm going to go277.362.76
back down to where I278.563.68
was wonder if I can get that artifact280.123.72
back use it in a different door if I282.246.64
find one okay God283.845.04
woo I wish I was in your shoes right now289.524.64
why I'm just kind of like staring at the292.283.639
wall you think it'd be exciting over294.163.52
there hey we have a passenger that's295.9193.681
crash landed he's found an alien297.684.56
structure that's news no one over there299.64.76
seems to give a [ __ ] I don't know why I302.243.16
just feel like everyone's kind of got304.362.64
their own thing going you305.44.6
okay yeah fine saw something funny yeah314.04.039
it was316.966.079
good hey all right found another purple318.0395.0
artifact my scans say the control room326.3194.0
to this uh this alien Tower which is328.563.199
also a gun by the way it blew the330.3193.841
Sunbeam out of the sky yeah if you guys331.7594.601
took notes you'd know that they're334.163.879
probably here somewhere yeah check him336.363.32
out but uh all right I'm going to try to338.0394.44
get into the control room of this thing339.684.44
so you can use the342.4794.0
weapon either that or disabling cuz if344.123.72
you guys come pick me up this thing346.4792.56
can't be active it's going to blow the347.842.88
damn ship out of the sky i' lean toward349.0393.481
the disabling option yeah I'm I'm going350.724.64
to disable this damn thing352.525.959
yeah sounds355.367.0
mean hey got you there right what well358.4796.041
that should be thankful for that day362.364.48
that's what put you into the364.525.239
situation what the aliens oh the big gun366.844.28
didn't that shoot you down yeah it shot369.7593.361
me down I me that's that's my guess it's371.123.76
not awesome awesome you get to373.124.0
experience this because of that gun hey374.883.719
if I get back and I can write a book and377.122.76
it's going to make me a million dollars378.5993.081
maybe I'll thank the gun one day hey379.884.439
maybe maybe leave the gun going and381.684.56
other people can share this with you you384.3193.801
know all right here's a button I'm going386.246.399
to try to disable the gun okay or that388.128.6
option oh oh god look he got my hand oh392.6395.921
okay there's a robot it's looking at me396.724.64
I'm tra ow what the hell man did you say398.567.72
hello no what the [ __ ] hold on the401.367.76
control panel is broadcasting a message406.285.84
translation reads warning infected409.126.0
individuals may not disable the weapon412.125.079
this planet is under415.123.919
quarantine did that say you were417.1994.12
infected ined yeah I'm419.0394.72
infected what what kind of infection I421.3194.521
don't know I scanned myself of available423.7594.72
alien data indicate the presence of a425.845.639
second facility Elsewhere on the planet428.4796.081
evidence suggests it is located 800 M431.4795.881
below sea level approximately 1 km434.565.16
Southwest of this installation437.365.64
information recorded to Data Bank 800 M439.727.479
South 800 M down Jesus a way huh the443.07.08
seamoth can only go 200447.1995.44
oh my God hold on I'm going to scan the450.084.48
energy core this okay so I can't I can't452.6394.84
disable this thing because I'm infected454.564.56
and you're not an alien it sounded like457.4793.44
and this planet's under quarantine459.123.919
sounds like a movie plot that sound like460.9194.56
a yeah I'm still infected can the463.0395.0
bacterial infection in your system has465.4795.28
progressed detecting skin irritation and468.0395.521
immune system response further data470.7596.041
required to identify bacterial strain oh473.565.72
boy okay so I got to cure myself now so476.85.239
so I can disable the [ __ ] gun it's479.285.12
always something isn't it though it is482.0393.241
all right I'm going to I'm going to get484.43.72
back down to the SE485.282.84
mod all right so I have to find a494.286.599
facility 800 M down oh my god oh wait a496.366.44
minute the prawn suit how deep can the500.8793.841
pra suit go I want to say the prawn suit502.83.839
can get like to like 1,000 M like that504.723.439
would be perfect that's like a shrimp506.6393.321
suit huh508.1592.76
you look like a shrimp when you're509.962.8
wearing it not a shrimp suit so no you510.9193.04
don't look like a shrimp when you wear a512.764.759
prawn suit no hey I found life pod 3 hey513.9595.481
the hull Integrity of a prom suit oh517.5193.841
congratulations thank you whatever that519.443.88
um holy [ __ ] you can walk on the ocean523.325.36
floor with this thing yeah the pra suit526.044.44
kind of look like a superhero and up to528.685.64
900 M perfect powered suit of armor yeah530.485.96
I want that do we make this yes you534.325.56
[ __ ] make it huh do your hands get536.445.48
all wrinkly down there no I got I got a539.883.84
suit on think if you didn't have wrinkly541.924.44
your hands oh yeah God I'd look gross I543.726.28
guess I I'd be in a prune546.366.44
suit that's really good550.04.959
hey I'm going to go tell some people552.83.56
that go for554.9594.44
it hey he said he was underwater without556.365.2
the gloves he'd being a prudent suit cuz559.3994.361
fingers oh [ __ ] H someone just got a565.05.6
looked at me569.24.68
weirdly hey Dal alas go right ahead I570.64.359
picked up a blueprint for a573.883.76
high-capacity air tank high capacity air574.9594.081
tank that sounds like it holds a lot of577.644.08
air does all I need is an O2 tank and579.044.76
two titanium I remembered that in my581.723.44
head if what if I can get the two583.83.12
titanium I can uh cuz I have two air585.163.88
tanks I wonder how much I can increase586.923.96
it did you know who's Janelle's birthday589.044.72
today who's Janelle she's over in PR590.886.16
just a doll okay tell her I said happy593.765.84
birthday I will the guy stranded love597.045.6
that H I can't figure out how to upgrade599.65.96
my O2 tanks do you have a modification602.645.4
station I don't I have a fabricator were605.564.279
you going to need a modification station608.043.56
for that son of a [ __ ] always something609.8393.601
it is always611.64.76
something but do do you have a cbase613.446.639
module c yeah I mean I have a cbase I've616.365.68
actually I've put a lot of work into it620.0793.76
recently while I haven't talked to you622.045.0
guys so either oh well good for you623.8395.841
welcome aboard Captain W thank you you627.045.44
[ __ ] Home Improvements and such yeah629.685.68
man I mean uh I I man let me tell you632.485.039
what the hell oh good I went out635.364.919
recently I found this underwater like uh637.5194.201
area kind of near like all these like640.2793.881
big purple glowy uh jelly mushrooms or641.724.559
whatever uhhuh but this underwater base644.163.52
was deep and I could only take the sea646.2793.721
moth so far so I had to get out and swim647.684.159
down and go inside it but I found all650.04.16
kinds of [ __ ] yeah I was able to find651.8395.281
blueprints for a power cell charger bed654.165.16
wow a bed yeah and I even install called657.125.719
a uh a water filtration machine so it659.325.199
gives it gives me filtered water so you662.8393.721
didn't have a bed prior to that no no I664.5193.88
was sleeping in a chair yeah I have this666.563.48
pressure compensator cuz I I still need668.3993.68
to build a a moon pool so I can install670.043.68
that no you don't need a moon pool for672.0793.641
that for the pressure compensator no not673.723.52
at all just throw it in the slot on the675.723.799
right inside your sea moth what do you677.244.399
mean slot inside the sea moth slot on679.5193.281
the right inside your sea moth just681.6393.841
throw it in there you don't need a m who682.85.159
told you that neees you're lucky dude685.486.4
neees you work here oh my God yeah687.9596.481
access upgrades you kidding me there it691.884.92
is huh it you find it oh my god dude694.443.56
it's been there the whole time I can go696.84.0
300 M down now still won't get me to698.04.959
that one place but 300 M is a whole lot700.83.52
better oh that would have been great at702.9593.081
that at that little underwater base I704.323.68
found it's another 100 me now I can go706.043.44
back there maybe I can search for the708.02.959
ingredients I need for the modification709.484.2
station now you're710.9592.721
oo holy [ __ ] what is this what is727.0796.2
what hold on I see a piece of734.6393.961
something it's not too specific is it oh739.2794.961
hell yeah Cyclops pressure compensator742.2794.641
fragment oh you're on your way oh hell744.245.159
yeah unlocked it nice I can build a746.925.279
pressure compensator for the Cyclops oh749.3994.281
what okay okay going on Jesus Jesus753.685.88
Jesus talk to me my friend oh God big762.246.279
underwater electric worm I don't even766.363.039
know how to describe it I don't even768.5192.32
know how to describe this769.3993.961
thing give anything to see what you see770.8393.68
no God you773.363.159
wouldn't all right looks like I got a774.5194.041
new a new type of worm to deal with what776.5195.081
the the hell is that thing oh it's gone778.564.0
all right I'm getting the hell out of781.64.16
here yeah doesn't sound782.563.2
safe is that it yeah I think that's it793.0795.361
is that it yeah I foundly underwater796.923.12
what yeah the one you were in telling me800.045.64
about earlier oxygen and all that cool803.63.96
now I know how to get out oh yeah man805.684.56
this woo and your SE moth reaches it now807.564.079
oh yeah the pressure compensator is810.243.52
working like a charm a fantastic yeah811.6394.921
this is brilliant I hear we make a good813.764.72
product yeah some of the stuff you guys816.563.6
make is pretty good818.483.88
yeah I don't mind working here I just a820.164.08
lot of this oh modif there we go822.364.76
modification station fragment okay oh824.244.32
now I can build it you can build the827.123.36
modification now I can build the damn828.564.8
thing still need silver though you met830.484.719
Toby no I haven't who who the [ __ ] is833.363.8
Toby Toby's going home he wanted to say835.1993.921
enjoy your vacation I'm not on vacation837.163.76
Toby well I told him earlier you were839.124.159
and then well now okay I'll tell him840.923.08
later we should write a song together ah849.8395.36
oh I just need two titanium that's it I852.7594.88
thought you had titanium I do855.1996.0
hey we can sing a song not going to sing857.6395.801
a song about the modification861.1994.2
station okay if that's what you want to863.444.24
do start singing I'm going to build865.3996.921
it vation station modifying things while867.688.519
you're on vacation got itation station872.324.84
all right it's876.1993.76
up when you're on vacation I'm not on877.165.56
vacation it's built879.9597.201
ooh hello air tank oh my goodness oh882.726.52
yeah okay high capacity tank I'm doing887.163.239
that I'm doing that that's the first889.242.159
thing I'm890.3994.201
doing Ah hell yeah here we go man yeah891.3995.201
high capacity tank sing a song about894.64.599
that no I'm good let's see Harden blade896.63.359
thermoblade hard thermoblade is a heated899.9594.401
blade wow Harden blade is a diamond902.3995.401
Harden blade oh man oh man oh man so904.364.8
tough isn't it it is it is this is a907.83.479
tough choice let's see hang on heated909.163.4
would be good just because it's you know911.2793.161
it's heated yeah let me find that for912.564.8
hard it would last longer I wonder if914.444.8
can you can you tell me what what does a917.363.64
thermoblade do is it just really tough919.243.159
pulling it up right921.05.04
now uh in general can be used for922.3995.44
harvesting or defense however its926.043.68
primary function is that it Cooks any927.8394.601
edible fish in one swipe oh it Cooks929.727.039
fish in one swipe I'm making a932.444.319
thermoblade look at this thing I can't938.0795.56
see it oh man it is uh oh it's hot all940.925.24
right so now I need to find a fish come943.6395.161
here come946.165.72
here yeah948.86.2
cooked yeah cooked perfect cuz I'm951.884.6
hungry oh955.05.0
man come here come here you you little956.485.88
[ __ ] oh this is great now I don't have960.04.56
to [ __ ] go back to the fabricator962.363.64
every time I want to eat I love this964.563.48
thing I got to get me one of those woo966.04.759
all right dude that is wonderful man968.044.44
I've made some progress today wonder if970.7593.481
you still get paid while you're down972.484.039
there are you still on the clock I would974.243.68
hope so I hope I hope I get a big976.5192.921
[ __ ] bonus at the end of all this977.922.68
it's a good question though isn't it979.443.56
it's a very good question but having a980.63.84
moonpool will be cool because then I can983.03.319
upgrade the sea moth maybe I can go even984.444.759
deeper if I can get the sea moth to go986.3195.52
what was it 800 800 oh my God see I989.1994.161
remember some stuff you do remember some991.8394.36
stuff better than I993.362.839
do what's going on I got a repair tool997.124.519
wiener what's that1001.683.519
mean ah nothing nothing it's just uh1005.5195.401
it's a thing my mind1008.165.56
does love to get a frawn suit1010.925.279
going what about the prun suit remember1013.724.919
that oh yeah that was good good stuff1016.1995.041
Wow Let's see prawn suit aluminum oxide1018.6396.44
crystals which I found two lubricants1021.247.36
plasti ingots and arrow Jael all right1025.0795.921
so I have those aluminum oxide crystals1028.65.52
okay I need two plasti plasti ingots and1031.04.679
arrow jails I'm going go figure out how1034.123.959
to make1035.6792.4
those can I uh make a confession yeah I1040.3197.801
don't work here you don't you don't work1045.365.439
there I deliver pizza and when I deliver1048.125.12
here sometimes I just stay and uh so I'm1050.7994.361
talking to the [ __ ] pizza guy I made1053.245.439
Jim Janelle Toby I made them all up but1055.165.6
but listen I'm helping you I'm helping1058.6793.641
you're the [ __ ] pizza guy who the1060.764.039
hell let you even have the C listen1062.325.84
security is not what you would think up1064.7996.081
here uh proba a cut back but this has1068.165.04
been really fun Budd oh oh God oh God my1070.885.2
power's going down oh [ __ ] it's night oh1073.24.839
and I've installed all this stuff oh1076.084.32
[ __ ]1078.0392.361
what's happening warning emergency power1080.648.8
only damn it okay I got1084.6797.0
oh oh is the sun coming up that might1089.444.32
have just been damn good time damn good1091.6795.401
timing systems online oh yep okay God1093.765.48
yeah sun's coming up you good to go I1097.083.0
so my God that was scary so what was1100.087.04
that last thing arog gel huh aroel oh1103.885.4
man I'm not sure what this aerogel stuff1107.124.36
is so I'm going to have to go out and1109.284.32
just scan1111.4810.45
[ __ ] oh sweet what's up I haven't found1126.245.439
any jelly things but I I unlocked the1129.523.72
blueprint for the uh Cyclops Hall1131.6793.961
fragment oh my God I think I have1133.244.28
everything for the Cyclops now no you1135.643.96
don't think I'm I think I might well1137.523.56
let's look into that n I'll do that1139.63.439
later I'm focused on finding jelly [ __ ]1141.083.04
now I want to build the prawn suit1143.0392.321
before anything I'll calm1144.129.449
down what's up oh gel sack I'm scan of1154.7999.201
this thing gel sack back I can pick it1159.966.959
up blue okay blueprint1164.08.12
acquired grap I found gel sacks huh1166.9198.481
maybe I can use these to make Arrow1172.126.84
gel hold on what was that1175.43.56
blueprint oh yeah arog gel there you go1179.25.92
sweet let's see resources Advanced1187.9196.76
Materials like ael's coming ael's coming1191.45.12
I need two of them right two of them all1194.6795.521
right there's one there's two then you1196.526.399
need uh yeah I think you got the makings1200.24.92
of a pron suit here so yeah two a lot1202.9194.961
okay so hold on hold1205.122.76
lubricant two plasti ingots two aluminum1210.325.479
oxide crystals yes1214.03.96
sir is this happening I think this is1215.7994.081
happening man I think this is [ __ ]1217.963.64
yeah yeah deris you ready yeah I'm ready1221.65.559
let's do it do1224.646.919
it one prawn suit coming up1227.1598.441
man oh look at this thing wish I1231.5596.36
could does it look like I mean you got1235.64.72
pictures of it yeah no I I oh wow oh1237.9194.801
it's thing in front of your face it's1240.324.68
different yeah1242.725.28
oh woo she's1245.05.64
wow I'm glad I got to experience this1250.644.08
with you oh man all right hold on I want1253.0396.12
to get income Captain oh dude voice wo1254.728.36
okay whoo whoo whoo whoo W Tru1259.1597.601
woo oh man walks on the bottom yeah it's1263.087.24
a it walks on the on the1266.763.56
surface I got Grabbers got Grabbers oh1270.645.44
man I got to I got to research this1273.9193.88
thing I need to learn how to use this1276.086.079
where's my base Okay jump oh it's okay I1277.7996.961
got a little Thruster there I see the1282.1595.4
percentage little shaky little shaky1284.766.68
certainly not as fast as a seao no oh1287.5596.041
boy but oh I can go down to 900 M with1291.448.4
this huh uh 900 yeah 900 wow wow jeez1293.68.52
tell you what though man yeah there's no1299.844.04
way I can walk down to where I need to1302.125.159
go no yeah I think what I need to do is1303.885.279
I need to build that Cyclops and then1307.2793.841
bring it down there with that yeah cuz I1309.1596.281
mean this thing this thing sinks big1311.128.64
time oh yeah she's a sinker w wow pretty1315.446.56
cool though trying to figure out does it1319.763.84
have a1322.03.84
battery charge in some way oh yeah here1323.63.8
we go power all right so I need power1325.844.56
cells to charge [ __ ] two power cells1327.46.159
yeah woo this thing's an energy sucker1330.45.84
yeah turn I guess you can dock it uh in1333.5595.321
the Cyclops and the moon pool okay so I1336.245.24
need to build a moon pool sure that1338.885.2
might be uh might be what I do soon you1341.485.48
know when that's fully upgraded uh you1344.087.04
can go up to 1700 M holy 1700 I don't1346.965.68
even know if I want to go that deep it1351.123.64
makes it the best deep exploration1352.645.639
vehicle that's that's that's crazy yeah1354.765.48
so check it out man this has been a lot1358.2795.121
of fun yeah been super great pizza guy1360.245.679
experiencing and don't tell but I gotta1363.45.879
go I gota get back to the other jobby1365.9195.921
job yeah you got to go deliver pizzas1369.2795.361
maybe couple left you know we'll see how1371.844.28
no you're going to deliver pizzas no my1374.643.36
phone's been blowing the [ __ ] up1376.123.679
probably shouldn't be here at all but1378.03.2
hey you get away with it you get away1379.7992.88
with it yeah I don't know who works1381.23.44
there but uh Jesus Christ I can't1382.6794.041
believe that let the pizza guy in talk1384.644.399
talk to the stranded guy Pinos there's1386.725.12
uh coupons here um listen enjoy your1389.0394.441
vacation I not it's not a [ __ ]1391.844.26
vacation Pizza Guy Cosmic1393.483.59
gravy food I1405.765.62

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