SEAMOTH ADVENTURE! | Subnautica #6

Hey guys, it's me, your friendly neighborhood Neebs Gaming superfan! I just watched their latest Subnautica Log and let me tell you, it's a ...
SEAMOTH ADVENTURE! | Subnautica #6
SEAMOTH ADVENTURE! | Subnautica #6

SEAMOTH ADVENTURE! | Subnautica #6

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why the Seamoth Adventure in Subnautica is our favorite video. And let me tell you, it's because I look like a total boss driving that thing!

simon: Oh come on, Neebs! We all know the real reason this is our favorite video is because I kept crashing the Seamoth into everything and making everyone laugh. It was comedy gold!

appsro: Ha, you guys crack me up. But let's be real, the real highlight of this video was when I accidentally released a Reaper Leviathan right in front of us and we all screamed like little girls. Good times, good times.

neebs: Oh yeah, that was a classic moment! And don't forget when Simon got stuck in a cave and couldn't find his way out for like half an hour. Man, we really are a bunch of pros at this game, aren't we?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, it's me, your friendly neighborhood Neebs Gaming superfan! I just watched their latest Subnautica Log and let me tell you, it's a wild ride. Those guys are still stuck on that crazy planet, trying to build a Seamoth so they can explore the depths of the ocean. I can't wait to see what kind of adventures they get into next!

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And let's not forget about their epic playlist of gaming content. From Battlefield 4 to Grand Theft Auto 5, these guys know how to keep us entertained. Plus, their music choices are always on point, with tracks like "Pamgaea" and "Inspired" setting the perfect tone for their adventures. I can't get enough of their creativity and humor. Neebs Gaming truly is a gem in the YouTube gaming community.

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please start look good - got a chair got14.585.55
a poster with green plants on the wall17.524.64
got a window it's like a lookout to see20.135.76
keep loading [ __ ] to cut my drag enjoy22.169.07
my hat oh oh yeah I'm feeling good all25.896.869
right what do I want to accomplish today31.235.009
got my bit what is it life pod 13 carry32.7597.561
and Mongolia what a Mongolian emissary36.2397.791
oh we missed you GU I was really racing40.325.759
all right I got I got to stop doing44.034.17
stuff like that there talking to myself46.0794.651
let's come to unmet Simon might be right48.24.24
like oh you're going crazy now now he's50.734.8
crazy he's out right no no you might be52.445.009
no no he's not55.534.89
I mean you're stranded all along on a57.4495.971
planet all about yourself you might be60.425.73
slowly losing your mind no no I'm not63.425.46
I'm good I'm real good66.156.3
holy [ __ ] this guy's deep whoa what are68.885.989
these things72.452.419
Oh hundred meters it doesn't feel good75.746.57
this doesn't feel good this is really80.47914.601
neat really really neat mushroom for82.3116.5
what do we got is this ultra glide fin95.0812.55
oh all right hey you still alive anymore98.8114.239
ha Jesus every pot every pot Wow107.6315.21
feasting hey hey oh boy hey hey113.04921.341
Oh get it Hey oh let's gain a broken my122.8415.3
scanner working awfully this is my134.398.42
flashlight I lose this mcafee of mine138.144.67
ladies unity room hello it's you good150.655.68
hi buddy who is it156.337.38
hello fix is that bro yeah no exactly no159.216.21
oh yeah half the guys that call me that163.713.03
are new don't know what the [ __ ] going165.421.98
on over there166.743.48
hopping on your conversation we're167.45.34
talking to you and I just wanted to170.223.99
check on you man172.743.9
what conversation you're talking to174.216.27
yourself no no no I wasn't okay I may176.647.02
have been it was like back hey listen I180.487.68
mean Chinese last night yeah yeah I'm183.667.35
having a weird day ah but hey I got a188.166.03
big oh hello [ __ ] you we got a base set191.016.57
up I got a desk man I got a chair gonna194.195.79
keep composter I'm doing okay197.583.93
but yeah you don't being alone being199.984.2
isolated on this planet might be getting201.514.92
into my brain a little bit but I'm gonna204.182.79
be all right206.432.94
the cabin get out of here 11 years LM206.975.84
[ __ ] been like a month ha209.376.78
11 years yeah so you guys can come pick212.815.47
me up unless I can find the blueprint216.153.72
for a rocket ship that I can build to218.282.34
get me out of here219.872.64
that'd be great tell me what lemon220.625.339
Cheers with me eleven half last I talked222.514.71
to him you guys are in the process in225.9593.0
the process of sending the ship and227.224.739
eleven years for premium comes when you228.9594.861
talk about premium the other passengers231.9594.201
stranded on a lien planet I wanted to233.826.27
see that we can do is we come for free236.166.18
to take this survey which can [ __ ] you240.094.02
up to a premium service it's a quick242.343.78
survey just about Marcus or a service244.114.53
and how we can be okay so I can take I246.125.04
take the customer survey and you guys248.644.71
just did a shift quicker right is that251.164.5
what you just told me all right yes fine253.354.859
I'll take the survey in the meantime I'm255.663.99
going to do something productive I'm258.2093.241
gonna work on building a mobile vehicle259.655.51
thing well I could go to submarine261.453.71
I need to build a mobile vehicle Bay265.827.08
I need a creepvine seed cluster to make270.954.26
lubricant pretty define right now the272.94.29
right in front of my face my black blood275.216.57
on my flashlight works it is not a277.199.93
standard okay you want to start the281.787.77
[ __ ] survey I go for it okay I'm287.124.16
everything that we talked about is291.285.89
recorded and we may be knowing three293.276.99
information to other companies all of297.175.1
them comfortable with that it'll get you300.263.69
up this plan a little bit quick I find302.274.98
sell my dad okay um first of all state303.953.81
your name307.254.32
anthro passenger number 0 0 fu okay what307.767.41
is your I know I love a burger ugly the311.575.88
table September baby then forego I never315.173.57
followed that [ __ ] that just looks317.455.64
stupid as [ __ ] to me alright your height318.745.85
ice about 5 foot 11323.095.04
wait that's 200 pounds with me Oh wha324.595.73
what does that mean no forgotten328.134.5
sprinting on island you seem to be330.324.41
pretty healthy well I was 200 pairs what332.634.2
I left I haven't made a [ __ ] scale334.736.6
yet yeah yeah whatever like you know336.836.24
what kind of move they have not in the341.334.56
water clean fish yeah Oh fish and343.076.48
nutrient blocks today behind cholesterol345.895.37
you want to be careful I don't hear the349.553.42
other predator bottom I'd rather watch351.264.74
what [ __ ] way is it okay moving on352.974.5
you're smoking with a couple of our356.03.69
representatives in the past so on a357.474.05
scale of one to ten how would you rate359.696.51
our service um three three yeah pretty361.528.43
low okay well hey listen I'd be okay366.25.91
until the bubble vehicle plane which me369.953.57
look at this thing it's billion it like373.5216.769
a Tron bite hey oh where are you going377.1218.63
oh hey this thing floats by the way oh390.28914.791
I assume it's good followed it okay hold395.7515.27
on okay you premium member know hey I405.087.679
just saw the mobile vehicle and I'm411.023.0
trying to figure out how to use it412.75910.111
oh I can build vehicles with it Enoch C414.0210.649
Mon holy crap I think I can actually422.873.389
make all this this is actually that's424.6692.97
not it's not as hard as I thought it's426.2593.301
always gonna be like no kind of crazy427.6393.451
amount of [ __ ] you kill the make one429.564.32
vehicle now I can make a two right now I431.096.24
got the seamoth and a prawn suit fron433.885.879
see what the hell now project a little437.336.17
bit trickier what the [ __ ] is aerogel439.7596.72
plasteel ingot aluminum oxide crystal443.56.19
toy boy fraud suit leaves a lot more446.4795.701
materials with a seam on now CMOS is449.695.099
very obtainable very soon I chained him452.186.09
ingot powerful glass and head sweet KY454.7895.441
jelly all right458.274.24
I want to go back down there some460.234.44
streaming maybe a launderette462.518.73
that's worm terrifying Atheneum ingot464.677.77
power still471.243.45
I need a Power Cell I think I think I472.443.72
got a couple of those yeah474.694.23
Power Cell lubricant hi Sadie being it's476.163.63
Power Cell478.924.65
what was the last thing collapsing [ __ ]479.797.83
true no blue our cell at a vegan483.575.49
hey you looking up you got a computer487.622.82
there right you are489.066.42
I gave you make ourself glass glass that490.446.9
was the one they can have blast yes I495.484.5
got glad you're gonna pick me up right497.343.0
I am about to build a vehicle man all500.344.16
right here we go502.9811.54
team ah whoa a girl504.510.02
oh man look at this thing possible I a522.679.84
little one-man submersible do you529.874.32
remember that cartoon again532.519.3
yeah jet blue car534.1911.76
oh man Power Cell okay we got that power541.815.79
fill to charge these damn things545.9511.61
okay good to know Tommy oh man Oh like a547.611.34
dream will she's fast557.565.14
oh boy558.945.339
can you leave her how beautiful oh man564.2798.321
now now we're about to do some serious570.835.19
deep exploration man okay but what I'm572.66.06
gonna have to ask you just don't576.025.46
continue going crazy that's a thick yeah578.665.31
after this we'll take that CMOS out581.485.7
we're gonna be you look down there right583.976.63
cut yeah good I can't wait to hear about587.188.45
all your adventures yeah my life blows590.68.46
it looks like it's my wiener I've got a595.6312.16
knife for a weird mugger599.0623.4
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I see ghetto [ __ ] Anna607.7923.46
where's your buddy worm meet you I would622.4610.47
love to kill one of those find a rock631.253.899
and I just throw it at it632.937.43
come here come here come here you'll bet635.1495.211
oh-so-special my SEMA641.3193.75
hey hey hey wait look645.1298.491
you ever see mom hey647.611.06
oh [ __ ] I pick it up and it all got653.627.56
enough [ __ ] worm you know if we see658.666.26
moth it's built the same661.183.74
come on yeah oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] you667.3821.09
don't sound are you okay no feel like674.2116.6
you cannot drag you to be in Jersey mom688.475.73
all right Jordan something not to drag690.815.37
out on our own hands they're gonna 30694.23.54
seconds of oxygen rim you're like a baby696.185.18
I did not share that on the road697.747.14
woody not dead I don't think so701.368.41
oh man accomplishment all right704.889.09
C Mon C Mon C Mon C Mon all right in the709.775.49
seam ah damn it713.974.08
C mops helps at 85% a little word with Q715.265.58
it on it oh man all right fine I'll get718.053.7
out of here720.846.929
I dick yeah down the hole okay I'm going734.2696.921
into the hole I would go into them738.5895.75
everything looked pretty good so far744.915.49
think of D747.675.859
motion arcing safeness okay the CMOS759.129.42
does not go as deep as I wanted to764.563.98
dude there's like these giant glowing773.135.64
jellyfish down here and it's like huge775.925.61
underwater cave guys it's like its own778.774.8
separate vial but you can only come so781.532.52
yeah I can't worms down here annoying784.056.87
hold on the conditions of this cave may788.574.96
support a microcosm of unique possibly790.923.93
predatory life-forms793.533.27
try to counter unadmitted hit them to794.855.43
unanticipated red Camry this guy might796.85.67
some stronger weapons down there buddy800.285.55
yeah and it's unfortunately I can't go I802.475.82
can't go much deeper all right go back805.835.19
up all right mere that oh that my pot I808.295.4
went to earlier I'm going to go back to811.026.24
that area and check it out let's tell813.696.3
you what this the stream on needs power817.265.25
filled to charge it you cannot repair it819.999.26
I can repair it oh yeah beautiful822.5110.44
hey I repaired - C Mon that's beautiful829.256.46
oh I like that it's the light stays on832.956.36
that's convenient all right CMOS Oh take835.716.32
power cells so before I go down there I839.315.88
want to grab a spare power cell and I'm842.036.91
pretty sure a half one on a hand845.196.96
now we're still laying around how do I848.945.04
build a power power still need another852.152.69
one of those853.982.9
I can imagine formation for you unless854.844.14
you can as well I can't sue Power Cell856.884.52
who to batteries and silicone rubber858.985.76
silicone rubber silicone rubber the861.46.46
basic material and pretty sure silicone864.746.48
rubber to creepvine seed clusters easy867.863.78
I know where that's at all right I'm871.648.22
gonna make a Power Cell does it have a877.316.51
spare one right yeah thank you can now879.866.27
one's good for now okay I'm gonna cut883.829.38
out that long worm god damn it886.137.07
good lord895.0295.491
use a gravity gun896.8393.681
Oh first working for company we're906.7314.28
getting oh [ __ ] hell man ah did you911.512.57
not grab the gun no I have a propulsion921.016.06
cannon that's all I got and that doesn't924.077.68
do anything residue [ __ ] oh oh927.077.079
fish check I'm in serious trouble I'm931.754.92
just forget about the survey material934.1494.021
cycle you're gonna die936.673.779
I have here you really took a bite out938.173.659
on me man my help it940.4495.491
turning spin Oh God okay I need I need a941.8295.971
health pack hell I don't have any health945.944.23
pack here it's probably time we should947.84.17
we should just tell each other my950.174.14
secrets this thing because they were951.973.989
free wait now hold on hold on I can get954.313.42
out of it I can get out of it955.9595.041
where's my habits that builder I'm not957.736.349
mistaken they can pick up help attack961.08.43
fabricator yeah I've got fiber mesh964.0798.26
excuse except my stadium lifetime here969.435.82
huh you're done oh I mean I'll go first972.3394.921
I'm a huge Kelly Clarkson man I've never975.253.66
told that to anybody okay hold on977.262.879
keeping on978.913.27
I don't give a [ __ ] [ __ ] about Kelly980.1394.2
Clarkson all right with CMOS right up982.184.74
there if I get to my CMOS get out of984.3395.521
here and get back to I get back to my986.924.0
pot I know there's a989.865.61
Hill oh you little [ __ ] get away from it990.924.55
worms god I hate that day try not to die1003.587.75
try not to go crazy try not to let the1009.413.96
voices in your head just come back and1011.334.35
talk you into complete insanity1013.375.27
I won't you will1015.689.09
whoa oh there we go1018.6410.57
oh yeah okay I'll Bailey's does feel1024.777.26
better about myself now feel like you're1029.2110.56
gonna die freeze nah I'm fine now I got1032.0311.19
coordinates from my pod 19 I'm gonna go1039.776.96
check those guys out yes Lord how many1043.225.43
life pods are out there a lot I'm1046.733.48
getting getting ridiculous1048.654.32
well can't be with that much I can't1050.215.34
tell you something else with that I got1052.974.74
a girl one time and enter can why are1055.554.08
you talking about banging girl I thought1057.713.54
you were asking me a survey so I could1059.633.45
get a sip real quick just figured you're1061.254.02
gonna die so why bother with the survey1063.084.17
done let you get some things out there1065.273.9
how do I view little anybody any of1067.252.52
these things1069.172.31
all right I have rated your organization1069.773.54
what three I'm bumping that down to a1071.486.66
two now I've got [ __ ] surveys all1073.317.05
right I'm gonna go see if I can find1078.146.51
life on 19 second officer Keane cops are1080.366.9
keen yeah second officers keen last1084.656.54
broadcast location god oh you knew you1087.266.39
knew him yes okay well I'm going to go1091.194.68
check his life pod and I brag about1093.652.87
well yeah you are whatever you want to1100.433.42
tell everybody about it1102.533.09
but what made it luck she was his1103.853.39
personality yeah I'll do that1105.625.48
oh man ud I'll be honest with you I'll1107.245.43
not okay1111.13.76
justify I mean he was very mean to us1112.674.26
here they just wanted to clone a1114.864.4
oh yeah he's d be able to get you think1126.5312.33
so 500 meters down yeah okay alright1134.964.29
here we go1138.863.42
no one day alright now what test this1139.2510.14
red over up this whoops morning maximum1142.2815.15
next week holy [ __ ]1149.399.63
alright I think I'm gonna have to go out1157.435.87
and swim to him right soomi's down here1159.0210.86
[ __ ] oh thanks Ted what that I can't1163.310.92
see him now the crevasse1169.884.34
well I wouldn't suggest at this point1175.037.78
time you get out do it and confirm that1178.7910.41
you need a corpse okay alright I'm going1182.818.72
to do it1189.22.33
oh god the depth is crushing ah okay I'm1194.5615.03
down ah just in like a little Oh was1201.79.24
that what was that what was that1209.594.41
Oh what is that what is that I'm1210.945.64
fighting me what is this on my own so1214.06.78
much [ __ ] on right ah1216.589.36
all right check it out is God all right1220.7812.66
I got a PDA in here oh no my pot has a1225.949.33
hole in it like every other [ __ ] like1233.445.91
pot here we dumb ass heading back up to1235.279.83
the damn steam op god hate this planet1239.355.75
your officer key I got a message to all1248.754.799
crew if you're reading this then you1251.63.54
have followed the automatic distress1253.5493.271
signal broadcast by the flight pod on1255.143.21
more computer time period of protocol1256.824.02
and forced to evacuate your orders are1258.353.9
disregarded by safety an attempt to1260.842.55
reach the designated rendezvous1262.251.919
at the nearest land man I hope to see1264.1696.651
you there we might be alive1266.577.83
maybe gonna head back to base when kind1270.825.05
of get my [ __ ] together can reorganize I1274.43.659
mean to drink thirteen hi Christian1275.877.559
I know I'm dehydrated your son Wow what1278.0597.591
the hell is that I think I just ran into1283.42911.461
another fish see ah you poor sick yeah1285.6512.509
I'm gonna attempt something crazy we're1294.898.54
trying to run over this worm roadkill1298.1598.201
real pleasure1303.432.93
is that enough enemy die without a fight1316.876.75

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