FIRE AND WORMS | Subnautica #5

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? If you're a fan of Subnautica, you definitely need to check out Appsro's latest ...
FIRE AND WORMS | Subnautica #5
FIRE AND WORMS | Subnautica #5

FIRE AND WORMS | Subnautica #5

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Did you see the latest Subnautica video, 'FIRE AND WORMS'? It's hands down my favorite one yet!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That base we thought was safe turned out to be a hot mess with fire and worms everywhere. Classic Subnautica chaos!

neebs: I know, right? And the way we were scrambling to survive had me in stitches. It's like a comedy of errors under the sea!

appsro: Definitely! I couldn't stop laughing at our misadventures. Who knew building a base could be so hazardous and hilarious at the same time?

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? If you're a fan of Subnautica, you definitely need to check out Appsro's latest log. He thought he had built a base in a safe spot, but turns out he was wrong! The twists and turns in this game always keep you on your toes.

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So if you're a fan of Subnautica, Neebs Gaming, or just good old-fashioned fun, make sure to check out their latest video and get ready to dive into the depths of the ocean with Appsro. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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all right I like the place but it needs17.487.24
a lot of work well I'm busy20.437.37
warning emergency power firmly74.654.92
grep what is that101.1894.821
oh jesus oh Jesus indoors Oh God112.5718.69
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] where is it oh118.6625.35
god here you are yeah Oh God is fill131.2617.49
them out here 0qi yeah this is this is144.017.29
faster zero zero after you Jesus Christ148.754.65
yeah checking in on you apparently your151.35.55
idols are going crazy yeah um there's153.46.59
this large glowing worm try to eat me156.855.88
okay yeah well I can see whenever push159.994.33
yeah of course it would bother anybody162.736.39
right yeah I'm near my base so I was164.326.21
able to swim into my base with this169.123.48
little [ __ ] still out here hitting170.536.99
your base oh no I want to scare him off172.65.4
I'm trying to see if I can pick up178.03.3
anything with my propulsion cannon shoot179.294.669
it at this [ __ ]181.32.659
Wow god there's another one did I save187.116.97
them [ __ ] this place you know what why190.425.7
don't you just try be fast be passive194.084.53
yeah I'll never get anywhere on this on196.124.05
this place you'd be impassive I got to198.612.76
figure out how to fight these things200.176.63
yeah knowing are we down here about201.378.01
China other people will be on but you're206.84.92
right now Bri I okay yeah they just209.384.98
drugged us flying last week and I know211.724.53
they don't usually go they do like you214.363.629
read three months from what I heard cuz216.254.56
you know so now I know I'm currently I217.9894.011
do you know [ __ ] druggie druggie you222.05.91
said you got wasted on your work where225.93.53
you're at work and you're [ __ ] high227.915.43
nice a [ __ ] drug I really I really do229.437.18
absolutely is run you gotta get drunk233.344.41
Laura Turner236.613.44
they actually departed cue it down here237.754.77
once I screwed around with these guys240.054.48
are you leavin don't what the hell I do242.524.08
it Ahmad you go back to me over the244.534.14
Aurora yeah yeah you're trying to count246.63.54
me up they got stuff there you can248.674.11
search and you can find your space right250.145.52
I mean the Stoke guy in telling you this252.785.97
oh wait you mean actually go into the255.666.24
burning ship go to the or go inside up a258.754.89
burning ship you think that's a good261.93.9
idea to be fighting263.644.83
oh yeah I get the [ __ ] out of here you265.83.93
think you creep me the [ __ ] down268.4710.92
oh you're just doing that let's see all269.7311.7
right well powers at 25 percent unlike C279.393.57
glide I should probably grab a few of281.433.9
those spare batteries I really want to282.966.9
get rid of these worm yeah yeah but285.335.94
they're around my base I built my base289.863.059
in an area I thought was safe next thing291.276.03
I know glowing worms everywhere I hope292.9197.411
they leave they suck they're screaming297.36.06
gotta make the worst [ __ ] sound the300.335.28
mouth of the board talk [ __ ] you303.365.49
there's only one big worm left I'm still305.614.38
messing with the words because I also308.853.87
need to find a peon flatter fish because309.994.71
I'm thirsty here I'll go near the pod I312.724.13
know this bladder pitch by the pod314.74.65
yeah I can use bladder fish to make a316.854.0
little water bottle if I'm going to go319.353.15
try to get on the Aurore anyway I need320.853.36
to go to the pods going to go to the322.54.86
Aurora let's see what makes mine324.216.239
wait yeah why I can very good advice327.366.0
like now love that through glacial ice330.4497.081
one cabin rightly point two years Neal333.366.45
it's me hey listen I think I might be in337.534.02
love with her and I think I'm going to339.813.9
ask her to marry me and then I told him341.554.56
listen if you want to be tied down and343.714.32
be told what to do go ahead and do that346.115.16
if not don't work and make it doctor348.034.77
listen tell a good relationship advice351.273.149
they're like they like me they like me352.83.269
together now you love with her like354.4193.72
after that and after that he started356.0694.641
drinking it like went down the [ __ ] I358.1395.101
mean you're not convincing me that you360.714.09
gave good advice and sounds like a gave363.243.179
horrible advice to somebody that really364.84.079
likes somebody woulda stayed together366.4194.65
things we've gotten much worse I368.8799.331
guarantee how that'd like her oh she was371.06913.861
a [ __ ] so I'm gonna think I'm prepped378.219.87
I'm gonna try your idea of going to the384.935.13
Aurora and rooting around in their388.086.329
powers at 13% I have two spare batteries390.066.27
I feel like I might need a fire394.4093.271
extinguisher so I'm going to take that396.333.57
better back go ahead equipment all right397.686.599
signature their choice I got plenty of I399.96.419
got I got one oxygen tank I thought I404.2794.831
had to oh yeah okay I accidentally put406.3194.56
this extra oxygen tank in the storage409.114.589
container now I have it with me Oh hold410.8795.25
on I have a battery I just saw it's not413.6994.231
charged I made uh I made a battery416.1293.84
charger Simon so I can take the battery417.934.349
and I don't have charged and put them in419.9694.44
better charger and in the church so I422.2795.88
have batteries laying around information424.4095.551
light you have a battery charger and428.1593.901
then he explains me that you batteries429.964.949
battery joy listen I search anything432.065.279
that makes me excited I will explain to434.9094.591
you because nothing is not too much on437.3393.63
this planet that gets me going you know439.52.879
what I mean I do but you know how you440.9694.23
can have you noticed a change what you442.3795.03
mean change in your like you too445.1994.65
slowly because I heard there are people447.4093.82
here that tilt nightmares still very449.8493.241
neat oh they really do about people like451.2293.541
it better in your position that are left453.094.199
alone for really long time and smoothly454.774.29
your mind changes and you drive yourself457.2892.551
now you notice anything I I don't think459.845.21
though not yet I feel like you're461.75952.861
excited about no I'm ever been no you465.0550.95
won't be collecting these worms514.623.479
these are little worms you collected I'm516.06.3
sure with tiny oh okay hey general about518.0997.17
worm for a minute I have made it through522.311.09
the Aurora olive oily very cheap well Oh525.26911.961
what the hell with the help533.393.84
I'm sorry spider crabs oh jeez they're537.616.3
all over here piece of [ __ ]540.166.21
watch no not you these little crab worm543.914.23
things not crab where I'm sorry I'm546.374.53
still thinking about worms crab spiders548.148.7
crabs I forgot what they were called hey550.98.06
there's no things jump up and bite you556.844.59
Don let me see a fire in front of me I'm558.966.1
gonna pee pee on it now it kind of looks561.435.49
like I am because I think part of that565.063.51
madness you were talking about I can't566.924.92
see my fire extinguisher change yeah568.577.65
lovely changing hey Simon yeah I'm in571.847.32
the [ __ ] I told you as a guide yeah I576.225.19
don't know about that yet potion cannon579.163.45
fragment already got a propulsion581.413.39
kidding I'm now at homeland you know I582.616.08
can't see it people benefit businesses584.83.89
yeah I'm gonna read this PDA see if it's593.045.44
anything interesting yeah I can't read595.486.9
it it's too shaky in here no I'll need598.486.54
it later when I'm back back at baby what602.385.76
you're thinking about the cheese not605.027.89
going through exams where it next week608.148.54
stop getting negative Jilly612.913.77
wait hold on I think I can use this620.916.4
pulsing weekend and yeah hold on if you623.7610.84
clear this wreckage oh yeah yeah okay627.3111.73
hold on okay yeah hey I forgot bye634.66.81
all right going deeper deeper into the639.047.77
Aurora hello the door the door up here641.417.62
oh yeah there's a damn there's a damn646.813.21
okey oh my god what's the code alright650.028.12
but they were impose our will on Bronco659.4310.15
six six seven they were hold on dog [ __ ]663.7210.03
are in their room where are you reading669.586.63
this wrong my brain673.756.06
Oh like if I would've gotten but you676.215.49
don't know the [ __ ] code know what I679.814.11
mean really protocol nailed it bugging681.74.53
me I just found it five five three seven683.923.15
you [ __ ] with me686.236.21
yeah oh hey one of the PDAs I picked up687.078.31
just one for five for cargo bay code692.4414.21
that's quite no you didn't hey work this695.3815.39
nutrient is reapply you can eat it oh706.656.37
the block of nutrients with these710.777.34
nutrient nutrient density their713.0210.56
nutrients tell is a thing you know when718.116.4
you'll have to look it up I've never723.584.83
heard of a nutria like with like trees724.516.45
they what worked out that I found a lot728.416.6
of food and water bottles rewrite tree730.969.2
instead nutria yes fever oh yeah735.0110.04
I am smart huh no I'm going to any one740.1610.2
nutrient block yeah man delicious it's745.058.03
not a [ __ ] rat it's new free energy750.365.58
free energy triage753.085.5
no the bar is not made at a [ __ ] rat755.945.43
yeah very large Brooklyn where beaver758.585.22
actually with a rat like now destroy761.374.56
cost Louisiana chomping its way through763.83.9
the state's wetlands is the case you765.935.13
know that's depressing is depressing in767.75.75
your situation771.062.39
alright I've gotten to a point where782.516.78
there's water down here I'm jumping in785.074.22
yeah I got to a point in the ship where792.57.57
flooded out all right I'm gonna head to795.358.85
the prawn Bay what's the what's a prawn800.074.13
no I don't that sounds awful let me look804.7710.69
and go really me yeah it's a power to813.394.43
ooh oh [ __ ] yeah I think I'm looking at825.487.25
one right now831.335.64
bronze dude lifting a leg [ __ ] if I832.736.13
could find some nice can this thing836.973.84
there I could build one of my own838.869.66
oh yeah getting this thing sweet no840.8111.69
apparently I need to scan for more apart848.523.98
thanks eh852.928.59
yeah oh you know one holy [ __ ]854.4612.32
so yeah that'd be super useful fire861.515.27
extinguisher that is right yeah after868.1614.28
everything you say to me is like you892.825.02
have no responsibility for yourself eh I895.625.67
don't I mean I do do certain respect897.845.67
I've been in jail almost two years so I901.293.3
think I'm doing pretty good903.514.02
almost three years a few years I'm not904.594.74
yes you're doing great907.533.6
hey I got one more prostitute oh there's909.334.83
no one I'm racking up sevens we got two911.1313.53
or three that's three need one more yeah914.1611.49
Emma yeah but it's only got 52% to try925.659.2
let's do a exhaust at all931.113.74
exhausting here's enough yeah give it up936.1896.541
what would you say you Oh sirens yeah945.7598.591
at the last brother Frederick yes I951.475.489
could build one baby you'll need to954.354.289
build like a vehicle say I got a lot of956.9596.331
building to do like hold on please958.6397.56
stupid to climb ladders which introduce963.294.409
you to the toy laughs hey Claude that966.1993.48
ladder I'm too stupid although there's967.6995.76
another ladder here yes I'm too stupid969.6798.28
to climb this ladder I know I'm really973.4599.78
[ __ ] down nope too stupid to pick up977.95912.66
a bottle of wine OPA my guests uh sorry983.23911.31
set myself on fire oh wait no I'm too990.6195.34
stupid to pick up this bottle of liquor994.5493.72
hey I found the great uh found a pretty995.9595.34
funny poster it's a kitten and you got998.2694.41
like a little space helmet off and1001.2995.611
underneath it says Keep Calm ah I'm1002.6797.291
faking it too stupid to pick up a liquor1006.914.889
bottle but bucks I can't take the cheap1009.974.579
you're going into the ship seven copies1017.764.93
go I don't know until I get to a point1020.684.92
where Oh or I can't go any further about1022.695.16
another door with a key code on it oh1025.66.93
I'm glad I don't believe I have it all1027.856.69
right what what is it four six nine1032.5310.13
seven Oh a bell another code 1869 maybe1034.5417.07
not haha I had yet another six nine1042.6613.63
seven 1869 two numbers now I know that1051.616.42
sounds weird I'm gonna drop on these1056.294.23
oxygen tail yeah you know what actually1058.034.26
I want to put it in the bag it's all bag1060.524.53
over here I'm gonna put an oxygen tape1062.297.05
into a bag you come back from I can1065.056.51
always come back for it later yeah if I1069.345.58
want to come back here because I really1071.566.27
want this uh got a dragon point so1074.924.98
you're keeping the toy and getting rid1077.834.65
of the oxygen yeah I know I know that's1079.93.12
ooh - [ __ ] man it is JC here1091.1212.42
wait now the data terminal Aurora team1098.588.02
are you shut up this is an emergency1103.546.45
distress call Aurora is on collision1106.67.35
course with planet for 5 for 16 pending1109.997.08
all available environmental data these1113.957.41
finds survival solution alt we are RA HQ1117.077.14
keep up 8 out - any survivors of the1121.365.76
starship Aurora if you're hearing this1124.215.1
we will do everything in our power to1127.125.13
get you home a rescue mission would take1129.315.25
years to reach you out there but we1132.254.1
think we've got a better solution1134.566.6
alt erra HQ p sub a hug we receive your1136.357.21
environmental data and we've sent you a1141.164.68
blueprint for a specially designed ship1143.563.9
we think will be capable of breaking1145.843.84
orders and getting you back to the1147.464.98
nearest range game we calculate that you1149.684.74
can find the record with materials in1152.445.36
touching we are sure to tap it1154.426.47
construct a tower communications relay1157.87.98
online I just found the message that1160.896.78
said you guys might be able to send me a1165.783.96
blueprint to build my own space yet I1167.673.75
can get off of here quicker than you1169.744.68
guys get in here you're talking to you1171.4211.16
now yes you're allowed to talk now well1174.4211.73
I was trying to lessen like hold on1182.586.87
please yes sorry sir okay be nice don't1186.1510.5
be thick all right I'm seeing an energy1189.459.45
pulse origin of God of course there's1196.656.03
another door with another damn code I1198.98.09
have no idea energy pulse origin no idea1202.688.55
some damn long ways away though get out1206.997.98
Oh Simon yeah I made it back outside1211.239.63
yeah cool Mike clear this doorway oh I1214.9711.02
need to heal there we go no that worked1220.867.05
out but I am curious about this energy1225.995.42
pulse origin I'm gonna go check it out1227.913.5
hope not alright those worm I went those1233.1811.17
worms I sent those worried1240.668.04
I hate those words those worms piss me1244.359.27
the [ __ ] off hey yeah it's leading me1248.77.56
back to the gun everything cause it was1253.624.26
the gun that blew the Sun beam out of1256.264.56
the sky told me about that sounds like a1257.885.54
bad way1260.822.6
Hey another uh the broken artifact lay1264.198.25
in here I can't okay whatever wait a1268.846.14
already put it on it back then here1276.424.33
Simon I'm stressed out right now because1278.444.5
I know I'd open this door before right1280.754.95
now what you can't open yeah it looks1282.944.23
like it looks like something's in there1285.73.21
and then I see another artifact on the1287.175.87
beach and I'm too stupid to pick it up1288.917.53
it is on I can scan it1293.049.46
Oh got the titanium somehow [ __ ] is1296.448.51
wrong with me1302.52.45
no I cannot go in here all I do have1307.175.11
another artifact back at the pod can1310.04.05
always bring it and open it again but I1312.283.18
hate to waste it on the same [ __ ] you1314.053.08
know what I mean yeah but you know you1315.465.37
say you want to go back in there you're1317.136.82
right I just need to do it oh I'll do it1320.833.72
alright feel like doing it today I've1324.553.45
already had a crazy [ __ ] day and I1326.233.8
got I got I need to get back to the base1328.06.54
hopefully those worms are gone come on1330.039.22
be wormy wormy wormy no no worms either1334.547.32
it would be for you to accept as part of1339.254.29
your family because that's what they are1341.867.34
me you all the creatures Wow [ __ ] that1343.549.62
there was a little lot of fish1349.23.96
you collect nothing important yeah I1357.9113.67
recollect it say all that again1361.639.95
frisbee fruit my betrayal my greatest1372.277.65
insane why would you do that1376.453.47
forget it was fun and then I'm free the1381.184.63
dance do your breathing1384.134.38
no I wouldn't breathe and what when you1385.814.2
free the hands you can freeze him and1388.513.21
then after the phone app they come back1390.013.13
they come back1391.727.499
alright then we're back to bait all1400.8524.64
right seem to be worm free I heard1409.67920.97
something scream brush no I'm not my1425.497.669
base right now fine1430.6496.921
well visible dude1433.1594.411
I really like oh yeah I need to make1445.5499.75
another damn Locker1452.5492.75
and what about a face like mine is1467.4294.311
starting to live1470.3394.51

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