Sacrificial offerings (and loans)... - RANCH SIM

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's all about ranching, and let me tell you,...
Sacrificial offerings (and loans)... - RANCH SIM
Sacrificial offerings (and loans)... - RANCH SIM

Sacrificial offerings (and loans)... - RANCH SIM

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neebs: Hey there, Simon! Have you seen our latest video, 'Sacrificial offerings (and loans)... - RANCH SIM'? It's my new favorite, full of hard work and sacrifice!

simon: Oh, hey Neebs! Of course, I've seen it! It's hilarious how we struggle with ranching and loans. Definitely a top pick for me too!

neebs: I mean, who knew ranching could be so tough? But hey, at least we're entertaining our viewers with our sacrificial offerings, right?

simon: Absolutely! And let's not forget about those loans we're juggling. It's all part of the fun in this crazy ranch sim world. Can't wait for the next adventure!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel yet? It's all about ranching, and let me tell you, it takes a whole lot of hard work and sacrifice. The video, titled "Sacrificial offerings (and loans)... - RANCH SIM," follows the Neebs crew as they dive into the world of virtual ranching.

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In this video, you'll see the Neebs crew tackling the challenges of ranching, all while bringing their signature humor and entertainment to the game. From funny mishaps to epic successes, it's a wild ride from start to finish. And if you're a fan of their other series, like 7 Days to Die or Scrap Mechanic, you'll definitely want to check out this ranching adventure.

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you doing over here2.563.6
what are you doing over here you little4.3193.361
got a wily pig they're known for that7.684.56
are they yeah cause they're so smart10.04.92
they know that this life sucks for them12.244.48
why do you think uh they're hating their16.722.639
lives so much do you think it's because18.322.56
of our neighbor that the fact that19.3593.201
people just eat them oh yeah there's20.884.0
hey boys hey i got a pig problem in my38.84.88
house what does that mean i think41.844.0
jigglypuff clothed himself there's two43.685.199
pigs in here but you only had one45.845.28
oh you got a ghost pig i got a phantom48.8794.32
purge oh yeah i wonder if i should shoot51.124.24
it the ghost pig the ghost pig should i53.1994.481
shoot it try it okay fine i'm gonna do55.363.92
nothing bullets go right through them59.283.759
wow go figure now we know i need some60.7194.08
food by the way yeah i know we're gonna63.0394.4
grab some food hey there's a bank we can64.7994.091
take out a loan67.4393.761
hey by the way that cooler you're71.23.919
standing next to rapturo you can put 1272.644.08
pieces of meat in there apparently oh75.1194.161
yeah sell that to the burger joint76.725.36
man the bank's so close oh they know79.284.56
they make it easy for you to take money82.084.399
out yeah you guys remember this tammy83.846.4
and tom tammy and tom yeah hey tom so86.4795.441
this is tom's place this is the auto90.244.08
mechanic or the auto dealership yeah i'm91.925.76
at the bank we talked about94.323.36
yeah so the bank's over here yay97.924.72
remodeled hey tammy hey simon why don't99.7594.481
you take a look at that uh screen and102.644.96
see what kind of loan we want uh huh104.246.8
so get a big one uh 2500107.67.519
a big big loan the 2500 seems to be for111.046.32
i guess a 30-day duration interest115.1195.201
rate's 25 that seems good and we have to117.365.759
pay back 86 a day120.325.6
oof i don't think we make that a day but123.1194.081
we aim to125.923.92
we we aim to i wonder when uh they're127.24.56
gonna end up coming for the money oh129.843.68
they're gonna come quick this is my bank131.764.0
god we could be your typical american133.524.4
and go buy a vehicle you know how135.764.559
americans be yep saddled with debt no137.924.64
one has any damn responsibility tell you140.3194.0
what you keep people like me fed though142.564.0
so i love it get the biggest loan with144.3194.161
the highest interest rate you can sir146.563.759
did you get it i didn't get it get it148.483.92
simon there's nothing to click on i bet150.3193.711
there is all right there is152.42.88
take the credit155.282.56
we're loaded158.3192.881
we've got so much fun159.923.52
let's check out that burger joint and163.443.6
see what that entails yeah we slept here164.643.76
the first night167.042.479
yeah they won't open them but they're168.42.4
open now169.5193.601
who works in here oh170.83.519
i'm just curious why174.3193.601
where these people are i don't know but176.163.359
i'm eating their food soon i kind of177.924.399
want it too right oh today's specials179.5195.36
required products one rooster meat two182.3194.961
cheese oh my god three eggs well you184.8795.041
just took out a loan to buy a cow yeah187.284.48
get some milk make some cheese we'll189.923.36
probably have to walk that cow back we191.762.8
don't have a trailer for it that we193.282.959
can't put a cow in the trailer that we194.563.52
had the trailer we had that little piece196.2393.681
of [ __ ] for a cow yeah for a cow you198.083.68
know cows aren't that big and we're not199.923.36
going to grow the same huge what did201.763.6
have you ever seen a cow you know i have203.283.44
five people could fit in that trail205.362.959
you're not gonna fit a cow in that tree206.724.079
one cow i'm talking about one cow hell208.3194.241
no a pig didn't fit in the trailer of210.7993.371
course a pig did didn't212.566.56
car trailer oh my god animal trailer219.124.8
[ __ ] oh you can put that back on the222.083.36
vehicle you got it's fifteen hundred223.923.52
dollars maybe we should get the pig225.443.6
before we make any purchase and we'll227.445.439
see a cow i know but well after the cow229.045.44
don't get a trailer is what i'm saying232.8796.521
i'll walk the cow back this time fine234.484.92
y'all another rule god we should get243.044.72
that too dear to our right245.365.12
oh i seen him247.762.72
oh man that's all okay i think yep i got250.724.879
that's it256.9595.041
uh but after what i was saying was uh259.285.68
don't [ __ ] the cow oh no interest okay262.04.88
good too big264.964.64
hey shade how you doing today dairy cow266.884.56
let's do a dairy cow here we go small269.63.44
bucket or a milk can now is there271.443.52
anything in there that might make cheese273.044.56
for making white mold cheese mold white274.965.44
mold cow white mold cheese that sounds277.64.48
fancy i bet we could sell that to the280.45.28
city we just spent 910 of our loan282.084.399
and we got a cow coming back here how286.4794.401
are you doing girl so i'm gonna have to288.84.56
walk back home yes you are okay i'll290.884.8
unmanage you gotta go set it free load293.365.36
up the can i got the white mold all295.685.359
right guys i'll uh298.723.199
yeah oh what you gonna name it i don't301.9194.881
that's insane you really should name her304.723.52
we'll see you and havati back at the306.83.37
i have no idea how to get home don't313.63.599
just drive you'll end up somewhere315.844.0
there's a cow over here oh [ __ ]317.1995.44
i was crouched319.842.799
yes i'm sure you were you've gone five324.724.66
stayed left334.246.08
and then yeah that tower take a left336.723.6
this is looking good yes it is got a348.83.92
little bit more on the back though we351.62.96
need to finish what's up you want to352.723.599
bang that out uh354.563.28
sure yeah it's going to take a minute356.3192.801
for dora to get back with that little357.845.0
moo moo bada boo359.123.72
all right habarti we're almost there we368.6394.081
got a nice place i think you'll enjoy it370.882.8
there is372.723.68
one guy that yeah just373.686.76
you'll avoid them376.44.04
and boom it's complete good job sir391.445.92
it feels more like a ranch with a fence395.523.92
around it doesn't it it really does oh397.364.16
the moon's coming out what a pleasant399.444.08
evening it really is and say that with401.525.04
you here is todd hey y'all hey403.525.119
i tell you what you haven't lived unless406.564.0
you've walked a cow on a leash across408.6394.161
the county well i did walk a pig across410.563.759
the county well but you haven't lived412.83.519
unless it was a cow i guess didn't make414.3193.681
it any better all right you all ready to416.3193.681
go to bed i gotta check with the cow up418.04.0
i just got here all right all right i420.03.84
got to check on my little jig jiggly422.04.319
puff it's so damn bright oh are you guys423.845.199
sleeping hold the skin oh no we got dead426.3194.801
pigs got dead pigs you killed your pig429.0394.0
stomping death oh god hold on let me431.124.16
check on my oh god where's the big one433.0395.121
the big one's dead too jiggly no oh eat435.284.88
a manager just sleeping only one dad438.163.68
that's not too bad oh jigglypuff's about440.163.759
to starve to death i need food i need441.846.32
food now oh [ __ ] we don't have oh god no443.9196.321
this has to happen we might need to do448.164.319
an emergency run there's some right here450.245.04
but absolutely that's the problem452.4794.641
we need that out here i gotta feed455.283.12
okay jiggly needs to come in here we can458.44.0
go we can go to the stardom bar and get460.725.68
more feed just you got plenty of money462.46.239
here you go jigglypuff you go pour this466.44.32
on the ground oh yeah there you go how's468.6394.321
your water you got water okay you're470.724.159
sleeping yeah you'll get up in the472.965.679
morning to eat we ready to go to bed no474.8795.76
this one's dead this one just died yeah478.6393.84
so there were two apps480.6394.321
yeah you just took the [ __ ] feed that482.4794.56
would have saved all these pigs we need484.964.799
the feedback it's too late now487.0394.0
you're about to get kicked off this489.7593.041
property sir491.0393.521
what do you want me to do492.83.839
you gotta you gotta buy more food god494.563.919
this one's starving too oh they're gonna496.6394.641
die all of them [ __ ] basico or the498.4795.201
basketball steal the basket abstro i501.284.4
ain't touched the basket i don't believe503.684.16
all right guys time to go roll out who's517.365.2
going where i'll take the519.445.2
stuff i don't know what you can do about522.563.36
the pigs but you want to stay back and524.642.72
just keep an eye on them oh yeah okay525.923.44
good morning okay everything's alive527.364.159
right now that is a great start yep you529.364.96
better run and get that feed i'm gonna531.5194.721
keep an eye on him big simon534.324.079
all right i'll be back jigglypuff enjoy536.242.75
your meal538.3994.88
that should have killed it should have544.243.12
killed it546.04.24
oh he limping though547.362.88
all right okay you got550.725.6
a sliver of food down on some water552.885.12
you are full556.323.84
which were my sick guys558.04.56
why are you missing one did one die560.163.679
i thought i had two bad ones you're full563.8394.481
get that feed all right selling that566.323.76
pork don't sell the pork to the damn568.323.199
burger joint right time is of the570.083.52
essence okay now we're back in the571.5193.841
positive comment okay573.63.2
it's a [ __ ] show all their hogs are575.363.52
starving to death they never they never576.84.7
remember to buy food we're talking [ __ ]578.888.72
damn it son of a [ __ ] [ __ ] dead587.67.04
don't worry how much is feed 30 bucks 30592.244.24
bucks so yeah one every day you just buy594.643.52
like three off why don't every day you596.483.039
buy like three of them but then you just598.162.72
stack them up why don't every day you599.5192.88
buy like three of them every day you600.883.28
just get three of them that way you just602.3993.521
have a bunch i'm sick of you telling me604.163.52
what to do is our ranch you ever heard605.924.479
the phrase if you got one you got none607.686.96
that deer right here where right here610.3995.761
oh sure oh that might have been the one614.643.92
you hit nope i killed that one see if616.164.239
the pigs will eat dare me you just help618.563.44
me put it in the cooler you never help620.3995.361
with [ __ ] sir no it's not my damn ranch622.07.36
oh by the way pig's dead625.763.6
all right631.365.039
oh damn i think that was squirtle yep633.65.2
aren't you happy that you put food in636.3994.641
your place oh i love that thank you638.84.88
april oh god i gotta check on jigglypuff641.044.479
i can't jump over this [ __ ] thing i643.683.2
put the cooler in there so i'm oh it's645.5193.841
in there646.882.48
don't even jigglypuff652.883.199
he starved to death or maybe thirsty i656.0794.32
don't know jigglypuff's dead are you658.484.56
telling me that you took food what'd you660.3995.601
do i think i think he over ate god he663.044.44
was always a glutton666.04.32
you are not allowed to have any animals670.326.24
ever again i don't want any animals not674.0794.641
after this i can't take it anymore i676.563.43
loved him678.726.88
what the hell are you doing with that687.123.52
what are you doing with that meat i'm690.9593.841
gonna i'm gonna bury he love this well692.84.479
jigglypuff i'm burying him in the well694.86.039
you are killer of our animals there you697.2797.921
go enough of that there you go700.8397.401
oh my god705.25.04
you know he likes that you're giving him708.244.56
a treat i kind of like it too get back710.243.92
here cooler boy712.82.8
we might want to buy another cooler a714.163.44
lot of things dying around here lately715.64.32
buy more feed shut up dummy717.63.76
all right if you wake me up i'll start719.924.32
helping out more i promise yeah yeah go721.364.64
grab that bucket out of his place simon724.244.08
no that's my piss bucket that explains726.05.839
why jigglypuff died728.323.519
simon yes sir i'm about to uh go sell733.924.08
this meat get some more stuff so we can736.163.76
like actually advance i'd love to go738.03.36
with you i want to see how much money739.923.12
you get for the meat at the burger no no741.363.52
don't go with me grab a bucket bring it743.044.16
up to the cow see if um grab one of744.884.8
those no no no no no the metal ones okay747.24.079
there you go these ones right here yes749.683.44
sir yeah grab a big one go up to the cow751.2794.161
see if it works okay753.125.12
what's it say uh let's say an install755.446.0
okay all right i've installed it uh-huh758.245.52
doesn't like give me the hold on start761.444.56
milking there you go are you milking a763.765.28
cow salmon hold on i oh i am hold on i766.05.04
gotta do it with a and d that's all769.044.239
right you figure it out okay yeah i'll771.045.68
be back dude okay773.2793.441
okay oh [ __ ]779.122.88
okay a780.6393.361
is this not working785.5194.721
oh god i think i just got kicked787.125.519
oh what you doing simon i'm stuck in the790.244.56
wall oh yeah i see you792.6394.401
what a predicament it is a very weird794.84.24
predicament can you crouch797.043.359
that is800.3992.721
looks like you're floating i can crouch803.124.0
and i can turn around think i need you805.124.88
to shoot me in the head done ready hold807.124.56
on i'm gonna get you no whoa if you get810.03.519
me there's no way i can get you i know811.683.52
so go ahead kill me don't you pull that813.5193.681
trigger kill me don't815.23.04
kill me817.23.36
oh i gotta reload kill me don't hit the818.244.32
animals i'm gonna oh that's right all820.563.839
right just kill me all right stay still822.563.839
stay still stay still geez really good i824.3995.401
don't want to hit the animals826.3993.401
i just shot you like 10 times there's830.9594.081
blood everywhere will you stop wasting832.565.76
ammo what just don't ask me to shoot you835.046.56
boy i did not ask you to waste ammo hold838.324.8
on let me see if i can shoot you from841.63.359
the back yeah try yeah i'll try to shoot843.124.959
you from the back and844.9594.641
there it goes all right all right your848.0793.681
body's still in the wall though all849.64.56
right maybe you could revive me maybe851.764.079
i'll pop out i kind of don't want to854.164.96
this is funny ah come on855.8397.36
oh and the cow says hello oh holy cow859.127.92
whoop i don't think i can get to you863.1993.841
we'll say that again867.763.48
hey he's back hey yeah yeah yeah i gotta876.325.92
try to figure out this milking thing879.1996.32
okay start milking i'm hitting e oh yeah882.246.159
there you go now i've got this lit so i885.5196.88
hold it it's i see an a and a d and d is888.3996.961
illuminated on my screen so hit b right892.3994.481
now a895.364.0
yeah but it wasn't doing it it's weird899.363.44
well now it's doing oh yeah that901.5193.76
bucket's filling right up oh yeah oh902.85.36
you're getting lots of milk now mmm all905.2795.36
right so i'm gonna stop milking908.165.039
okay oh yeah filled up seven out of910.6394.481
seven now can you take the milk and put913.1995.921
it in this uh container eat poor milk915.126.959
you betcha yeah hey919.125.2
what's up what's up what's up [ __ ]924.3995.521
holy damn salmon yeah926.485.599
you have a freak932.0794.081
that is a beaut but my goodness i feel934.163.2
like you should have936.163.2
should have consulted me yeah you guys937.364.0
make horrible decisions this can carry939.364.719
cows and everything okay no that's great941.366.64
how much did it cost 1500 okay 15 1600944.0795.361
something like that but yeah now you can948.03.839
buy more cows make more cheese949.444.56
we needed it yeah no i think that that's951.8394.401
a good idea for that amount of money for954.04.639
see i want to see how it drives well965.125.68
it drives968.85.61
i mean i'm kind of the best driver here970.85.76
oh [ __ ]976.564.839
you're the best driver977.7593.64
oh boy jesus982.0794.721
it's got some speed to it984.6394.0
yeah we look good986.85.64
yeah no i like this988.6393.801
this is perfect997.123.48

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The Game

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Man, I just gotta say that watching Neebs Gaming play Rancher has been an absolute delight! Their funny and relaxed banter makes it feel like you're just hanging out with a group of buddies, taking it easy on the ranch.

And the way they edit the gameplay footage into little cinematic stories, with custom camera angles and everything, really takes it to the next level. Like when Thick44 was breaking that wild horse - the close ups and slow motion made it feel so epic! Or when Dora was shearing her sheep and it started going all slo-mo and dramatic with the music swelling. It's the best way to experience Rancher without actually playing it yourself.

I also love how they focus on the slower, more methodical parts of ranching. You really get a feel for the day-to-day grind - building fences, tending to animals, maintaining equipment. And they aren't afraid to show the struggles too, like when Appsro messed up that cattle drive real bad.

But through it all, their chemistry and jokes make even the mundane stuff fun and engaging to watch. These good ol' boys have such a contagious passion for gaming and entertaining. I always look forward to their Rancher episodes hitting my sub box!

Anyway, if you're looking for a more cinematic, personal way to enjoy Rancher that will make you laugh your ass off, Neebs Gaming is where it's at. They turn ranching into a dang good time!

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