Returning to a 5-year-old Minecraft Map with Raytracing

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where the gang revisits their 5-year-old Neebsylvania map in Minec...
Returning to a 5-year-old Minecraft Map with Raytracing
Returning to a 5-year-old Minecraft Map with Raytracing

Returning to a 5-year-old Minecraft Map with Raytracing

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebsylvania! Today we're diving back into our 5-year-old Minecraft map with some fancy raytracing.

simon: Oh yeah, I remember this place! It's like visiting an old friend who's had a glow-up.

appsro: Haha, yeah, the locals are probably throwing a party now that we're back. They missed our shenanigans.

neebs: I mean, who wouldn't miss us? We bring the chaos and the laughter wherever we go.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video where the gang revisits their 5-year-old Neebsylvania map in Minecraft? It's such a blast from the past, and Adahop gets a break from editing for this one. The locals in Neebsylvania were thrilled to have the gang back, and the shenanigans are as hilarious as ever.

If you're curious about the mods they used in this video, there's a link in the description where you can copy their setup. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all things Neebs Gaming – you wouldn't want to miss out on any of their adventures!

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you ready should just be looking around0.743.91
look now can we look we're gonna look2.795.79
can we write hey it's us okay doesn't4.656.48
look familiar at all it's just a man8.584.92
craft well you know what I mean oh I11.134.29
know we're I know this is where we first13.52.549
oh this is fun16.0496.601
so much fishin did we say where we are20.825.459
yes we did no reason no Nev Sylvania new22.655.49
this is the old Nev Sylvania server26.2794.141
we're checking it out in there dead pig28.142.879
up here30.426.69
your lies pigs killed by oh so pigs31.0198.521
killed by fabs row yeah you made the37.115.449
tortured path did I remember any of this39.546.42
have any folks don't we have their boats42.5595.111
or something oh there's a lighthouse45.963.72
over here or something what is this you47.672.459
made it49.684.14
that's right I didn't make this realize50.1296.301
how bad our brains are yeah exactly53.824.35
well how long has it been it's been a56.434.469
minute year it's been not long enough58.174.709
yes right I made the path in the water I60.8994.201
see the I see the little red pieces of62.8794.831
wool there yeah same for anybody yeah if65.14.379
we ever spawn back here there should be67.713.54
boats in this jest I think so this is a69.4793.39
different episode of day because ADA71.254.259
hops got some holiday things to do some72.8694.081
family and stuff yeah so we're just75.50912.031
doing a quick trip down memory lane so76.9515.45
are we going to the town I think took us87.546.36
when I think back to what we've built92.43.39
I'm drawing a blank like I remember93.93.81
there was a spider castle in our95.793.84
unfinished castle I mean there's the97.7112.81
main street wait this is taking us to99.6312.3
the docks yeah there's the diving board110.522.879
remember yeah remember when ciao boy111.933.45
came in through the tunnel that goes113.3994.741
through yeah so we hear we had a little115.385.309
beach a beach town over here as well get118.144.53
a quick dive in as well I am worried120.6895.011
probably the castle I never finished122.673.81
if we've got any better or for exactly126.484.23
the same as you were I would say that128.824.95
we're much much much better should130.714.83
should we jump off this diving board for133.773.78
all time so if I can't get off135.545.09
so I'm worse again you have a button how137.556.23
forgot again that's it figure it out140.6314.65
beautiful you can do it yes yeah we143.7812.91
built the thing pretty tall dit way I155.283.36
feel like yeah I had a big breakup156.694.11
because of the spider Castle a big what158.645.13
a breakup a breakup I put too much time160.84.92
in family oh god you got you you lost163.773.78
you actually lost a girlfriend because165.723.27
we're spending too much time in167.554.92
Minecraft Barry it's an interesting168.995.99
Wow the trap in there oh I see the barn176.188.5
yeah yeah look at that awesome castle179.227.23
main street down there so Neve tree184.683.75
would be over there alright so we need a186.454.11
well we'll jump back down and we'll go I188.433.27
think there was a tunnel through the190.563.03
mountain right yeah all right who's191.74.5
going I'm jumping backwards do it so193.597.11
long feel fun I'm jumping forward here196.27.37
we go oh yeah it still makes my stomache200.75.22
things why jump backwards203.574.72
Simon together you ready just jump it205.924.77
yeah you ready three two one208.296.11
good boy210.693.71
so I'm wondering have we already built222.434.05
more in our new thing as we did in this224.594.08
I think so maybe I don't know we put a226.484.77
lot in this oh oh yeah what did we do228.673.54
all the time in here231.253.84
not much build anything good we would be232.215.16
the dragon though oh yeah that's right235.094.32
I don't think I hardly built anything no237.375.04
now I'm like a master builder no I am239.415.4
your name you're not you've seen what242.416.66
I've done in recently pretty amazing244.817.29
here we go yeah well that's where we249.074.71
killed Anthony cuz he did something252.13.69
stupid I remember the gallows right was253.783.63
that Jack frags roller coaster or Chow255.794.89
boys Jax yeah it's still going yeah it257.417.86
is still rocking shall we yeah [ __ ] ow260.686.54
memory lane gonna get our home first265.274.8
okay nobody are there gonna be crazy we267.2212.45
gotta let them go you know what yep this270.0711.34
is what we all live together that's279.674.08
awesome and go to sleep together oh yeah281.414.62
look at our organization system share283.755.13
hurricane look how happy he is to see us286.035.82
I know it's like where have you guys288.886.24
been I've been here for five five years291.8513.14
now in all honesty like I was there295.1211.76
gonna get something off wish we could304.993.54
take him with us there's still snow on306.888.79
the ground there's a snow band down here308.539.62
remember this is our enchanting table oh315.675.67
yeah the jackdaw okay this door led to318.157.48
Jack's house potions don't get lost in321.346.36
the mine see you guys this was that325.634.2
what's this sign say minds don't get327.73.24
lost you're [ __ ] idiot329.833.48
gotcha okay so remember should we go to330.944.5
Jack's house yeah yeah everybody okay333.314.74
Jack made a little tunnel actually I335.443.96
made the tunnel for me you made the338.052.37
tunnel okay339.43.21
this is Jack's Jack Frank's house340.425.12
basement okay342.612.93
this is dumb going up yeah check frags346.276.51 four sighs Jack frags that's349.9195.041
his house Yeah right and whose was this352.785.18
oh this is good times with scar yeah354.965.53
yeah yeah his house looks great357.964.81
still good look at me you own the roller360.494.679
coaster I am all right thanks crazy I362.774.38
don't remember I don't I thought I had365.1694.47
it mud hut didn't I no he tore your mud367.154.26
hut down cuz yeah you you had the mud369.6393.93
hut built here yeah it look like no it's371.413.15
over here innit373.5692.041
yeah that's right you started building374.564.41
it over here so that's this museum sorry375.615.25
the museum but that's okay378.974.71
oh I was their way to heaven look at380.864.799
this I remember when I was impressed383.683.78
with this look at guys I'm in heaven385.6594.611
what this is your stairway to heaven387.465.76
you label it as such that's right you390.275.139
made it so look at you guys look like393.224.74
ants from here I know right hey did you395.4097.951
see me barely it's me okay guys I'm up397.968.85
here crazy hey you guys remember this we403.365.22
built this so we can sacrifice Anthony406.814.47
yeah so let's go check out the accout408.589.63
see so Skaar built there this murderer411.288.609
was jack fret know whatever Bill here418.213.989
look at this lot yeah we have a lot of419.8897.37
empty lots um so this is an Roselle422.1995.06
mansion we got to sit in the jacuzzi oh427.685.289
yeah I miss a door though what's the up430.243.239
to nowadays432.9692.341
meeps farted in here have y'all ever433.4794.291
been to a real you could see like public435.316.99
bathhouse no no I mean I get the closest437.776.57
thing would be a gym I went to had a442.34.769
Jacuzzi in their washroom okay but two444.344.77
naked dudes just hanging out naked dudes447.0694.38
in the you could see yeah dryer only449.114.17
with the hairdryer why they being naked451.4493.81
it's don't naked dudes want to get a453.283.78
bathing suit oh you just hang out you're455.2593.331
in there you know shower off after your457.063.389
workout play racquetball yeah but I458.594.62
could wear a bathing suit all right I'm460.4495.37
just saying we're done here I believe so463.214.62
fantastic you don't want a little465.8194.261
bathing suits anymore I'm good I wear467.833.69
too now we have like an arrow470.084.17
competition or bow and arrow competition471.524.139
I was over here on gentleman there yes474.253.539
we should do a rematch I believe Simon475.6592.551
rematch this was Chow boys house yep478.214.679
it's pretty modern and like a nice480.343.24
straight up482.8892.761
I see neebs tree over there oh he's got483.584.17
TNT right here let's burn it now let's485.653.87
burn the tree yeah let's do it487.754.38
burn the tree no never gonna burn the489.523.149
burn the tree burn the tree I will show492.6694.171
you something over here by the tree come494.9193.261
check it out496.844.169
so look at this I remember someone this498.185.65
looks like something I would have made501.0095.101
yeah I did this oh yeah you screw you503.834.589
yep no all right come this way you'll506.114.41
follow me yes buddy watch out for the508.41910.381
holes right spot there we go510.5210.62
secret place it's my little secret pad518.86.93
you never saw lights in here when'd you521.147.02
do that just in between recordings I525.734.109
don't know just messing around got some528.166.48
gold this little R&R for it okay what529.8396.631
else did you do in here what's what's534.644.44
the point of up here I think it's where536.474.23
I hid lights I didn't like looking at539.083.78
torches so hit him I don't know if540.74.47
that's like place where you would go up542.864.229
and judge people from accent lights well545.173.51
that's anywhere it seems like a place I547.0895.571
gotta open my laptop and act like I'm548.683.98
all right party's over go home no what559.27911.531
does this say569.977.59
he might be queef No570.8111.699
neaten oh it might have been needs well577.566.87
the ends backwards that's oh yeah yeah582.5094.43
go the other side I think well no no584.434.56
okay yeah I don't know what it is586.9393.311
probably was Neves588.993.57
I think it was at one point wasn't era590.253.269
our reporter was over yep the nether593.5193.961
portal over here number alpha base queef594.935.099
one then here Oh another yeah oh we got597.4811.88
a visit there alphabet yep oh yeah queef600.02910.86
out sir Alpha sodon't forgot what we609.366.99
call it working so we got to build one610.8898.13
of these in our new our new world yeah616.356.12
yeah be good to have another base oh yes619.0195.55
I remember this place we had a great622.477.679
battle here someone doesn't like me624.5699.541
anymore held a grudge I'd say mean pigs630.1495.67
so does that mean if we go outside634.1110.169
they're all gonna care we got a look635.81912.151
quickly we go up what happens if when I644.2795.31
die I'll just go back home647.973.66
just like normal you might go back to649.5894.591
spawn so I don't see much out here no I651.634.559
mean yeah it was just a nether base it's654.183.87
a nice place yeah I've ever building it656.1895.311
this is cool old memory lane Oh memory658.055.789
lane there was a big old deal yeah all661.55.37
right I'm going back oh oh wait I've663.8396.11
always what I mean since we're here666.873.079
let's hit the tree yes that is what I'm670.167.84
talking about buddy done this at the675.8992.891
other video678.04.0
Oh feels so good that's okay that's okay678.795.46
it happens it's not even as big as I682.06.18
remember no Simon oh but well I'm gonna684.256.05
outdo Simon okay what's that sign say688.184.35
explorers they awesome guys690.35.26
Sam B so there's Sam B maybe it's been692.535.1
somebody we've spoke to at some point695.568.28
okay we remember you Sam B forget never697.639.32
remember castle castle703.845.82
how in the world did we get up up to the706.954.75
left okay yep stairs right there709.665.46
yeah the castle I'd never finished now711.75.94
look at you got a mountain base I've715.123.75
come a long way apps ro717.643.18
yeah I'm getting there I'm gonna finish718.876.18
that place though mm not this oh this720.827.67
looks more finished than I remember yeah725.056.6
looks very nice it is oh there's a728.495.47
waterslide thing down here water it was731.653.36
like oh yeah because this was our733.963.87
original base look outside yeah oh yeah735.015.7
what's he looking at oh yeah like this737.837.17
berry drove you nuts me yeah right yeah740.717.5
okay yep yes but all our food yeah this745.05.24
was like the first place we ever set up748.213.78
look at that view750.244.63
lovely damn that's why we set up here we751.995.1
like the view yeah okay so that place754.873.93
over there that's where we were like757.093.9
that's our Dereham ending with mobs yeah758.84.89
that little desert mob farm huh yep and760.994.56
I've got a cactus farm for some reason763.693.96
where's the barn back the other one see765.553.9
on the other side alright so maybe we767.654.23
maybe we end with the barn yeah yeah769.454.53
your trees all gone did we never like771.883.45
travel anywhere and build another773.983.75
settlement if we did I have completely775.333.78
forgotten about like we were in this777.734.4
thing for like a year this is all we did779.116.03
we did this but we did argue it a lot782.133.94
that's right785.143.03
arguing was most of it yeah I mean we786.073.78
did a lot of adventures and traveling788.172.92
out okay789.854.42
grab your torches look at the spider791.095.4
castle from here it's all lit up now794.275.88
yeah let me see796.495.19
oh yes the second floor I was working on800.156.11
oh yeah I don't even have any torch is801.686.96
okay spider castle does look cool at806.263.4
night yeah dude808.643.24
so does the bar not that area where'd809.663.03
you guys go811.882.73
oh you're looking at the barn in the812.694.68
spider castle Simon's never gonna find814.615.55
his way over here I'm sure yeah mmm-hmm817.375.46
think you can okay hope soon they'll820.163.27
find us822.833.87
no Simon I don't think I'm gonna find823.437.56
you only so many ways yep only so many826.77.05
ways shall we go to the spider castle830.994.83
make my make our way down through to my833.754.65
like little bottom exit up to the bottom835.828.49
right yeah down there some chickens up838.49.45
here no remember when you guys put a few844.3110.32
chickens in my place yeah yeah yeah you847.8510.86
remember the way in oh yeah spot a854.637.8
castle it's for you he had a booby trap858.715.79
didn't you he always won you didn't want862.433.6
us coming in here it's good to be864.53.66
careful when you can see Shh866.036.63
chickens in Aikido Cham torte yeah I868.166.15
don't have one and I have any torches oh872.663.75
yeah we do you guys salmon or give you a874.314.5
torch what just gave you one oh good876.414.43
thank you878.814.83
thank you yep I think you'd supposed to880.847.42
keep going like wherever the people in883.649.18
front of you went go there boom888.268.04
salmon yes are you yep892.826.75
up top coming up lead the way buddy me896.35.46
yep right up to the left899.575.34
go ahead by up here yeah that's the901.764.73
booby trap all right good good memory904.916.37
where'd you go well I was just looking918.944.12
up in here yeah I forgot how you get up920.965.67
in there okay okay is it once you up923.065.64
there moments yeah I mean you guys are926.633.57
[ __ ] so I was doing everything to928.74.26
prevent it what where'd you guys go930.24.77
we're still right below the spider932.965.04
oh well then we'll come oh you guys934.975.28
didn't go up this okay I hear you climb938.02.7
in here940.253.69
oh right here okay oh right there yeah940.74.77
get it tucked away that's what I was943.944.32
trying to find huh tuck away hole those945.474.92
little tuckies it's like when you go to948.263.51
a bathroom that has no door it's got950.395.13
like the oh that's my favorite when you951.775.79
when you got a crap in a place like that955.524.23
I can't believe how many people don't957.563.69
wash their hands after the bathroom it's959.752.1
oh yeah yep I was at Walmart the other961.855.34
day two in a row neither one of them Wow963.625.67
it's not that hard a little water little967.193.63
soap looks nice up here969.293.72
yeah we in the belly of the spider right970.824.5
now I'm gonna leave so yeah this is top973.017.62
of the spider yeah yeah hey sweet all975.326.81
the bars yeah the bar looks great like980.632.94
oh look how many lights around that982.133.09
thing look yeah we really lit that983.573.84
sucker off all the chickens this is985.223.6
where you throw the ender pearls from987.414.35
the teleport oh alright should we988.824.8
teleport close to the barn should I do991.765.25
it wait oh I fell on him water hold on993.626.67
boy guys doing it wait ender997.016.519
yeah I just throw it huh yeah with uh1000.296.359
with the right-click and I wait how do I1003.5295.4
know what uh where the throat wherever1006.6493.6
you want to hold off the edge1008.9294.77
okay throat it wait which ways the barn1010.2495.61
to the barn which ways the barn right1013.6994.58
there yep boom through it1015.8595.25
now what wait wait the land a TD1018.2796.701
teleport whoo I'm in the water thought1021.1095.57
you took damage you don't take damage I1024.984.229
didn't I didn't I just threw mine oh1026.6795.581
yeah look it's a little boathouse here1029.2099.48
yeah and the waters what is this thing1032.269.939
I'm looking at don't what is it1038.6897.171
oh it's attacking me but it's like a1042.1995.85
little purple thing oh that's it1045.864.189
I don't know still the top of the leg up1048.0496.99
he doesn't like me I know that through1050.04917.411
it stay there I felt born yeah barn yeah1055.03914.61
man it's right though over here to baron1067.464.65
de baron de baron de burden should have1069.6494.171
built a bridge right here yeah it's good1072.113.419
to it you think mr. teeth is still over1073.823.42
here I hope so all the pits1075.5294.801
yeah horses the donkey that's really1077.246.919
like living in this place these carrots1080.337.53
yeah this was a very nice place yes who1084.15915.211
do we have Smith and mr. T face nippy1087.8618.33
smooth move mr. t trigger chair yeah no1099.377.89
Ella Murray1106.195.63
oh oh look we still got our villager1107.268.31
yeah we got a ski alley1111.826.51
it's Derek Derek the clerics store in1115.575.79
prison okay I guess at one point we must1118.334.68
have named him Derek the cleric hello1121.362.19
good to see you again oh yes we didn't1123.555.37
even give him like a worktable did we1127.424.11
without a thing back then Oh Derek yeah1128.924.71
yeah I don't know you doing okay in1131.535.97
there Derek it's a fire the barn no1133.635.46
Derek the clerics house all that was1137.54.08
nice of you see in there yeah I love how1139.095.52
we left this fiery tomb this big Bank1141.587.2
for all the mobs to fall into our was1144.617.71
not a smart design um oh yeah all of our1148.786.03
colored sheep over here remember we1152.323.78
didn't know you could color a seat1154.815.88
yep and we monitor the ground too hard1156.17.98
it would appear remember we wanted to1160.696.03
make a red barn at wool and we've dyed1164.086.0
all the wool I individually yeah well we1166.724.59
could have just died the Sheep yeah1170.082.73
that'd have been the way to go I1171.314.26
remember that all the memories yeah this1172.813.27
was fun1175.572.82
good old trip down memory lane uh-huh1176.084.47
but is that it is that seriously all we1178.394.05
built yes yeah we didn't build that much1180.559.21
60 episodes all right hey guys hope you1182.449.27
enjoyed this trip down memory lane with1189.763.05
us today1191.714.89
minecraft will be mine hey where you at1192.815.62
hey minecraft will be back whoa whoa1196.66.15
regular next week yeah what happened1198.434.8
just now1202.754.11
fire thanks for watching everyone have a1203.235.81
great day1206.862.18

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